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Learning? personal best!
Newsletter Week #22

Reading Focus: Homework
RL1.1 –Students will answer and ask questions about  Read 15 minutes
details in a text. Monday
 Math and Reading Activities
 Read 15 minutes
Phonics – Weekly Words: Tuesday
 Math and Reading Activities
RF1.3c – Students will read long vowel words with a
Wednesda  Read 15 minutes
silent e. y  Math and Reading Activities
RF1.3g – Students will recognize and read irregularly
spelled words.  Read 15 minutes
Notes from your
 Math and teacher:
Reading Activities
Writing: Informative Writing Mon- PE Tues- Music, Wed- Art
(W1.2 – Students will learn about informative Thurs- Media, Fri- Art
writing, and apply what they’ve learned in order to Important Dates to
complete a non-fiction book about the animal they Remember:
 Piloting the recess change was a
great success! The students are
Math: Addition and Subtraction easier to supervise at recess, and
We’re learning about doubles, doubles +1, and we’re we are able to maximize our
revisiting our addition strategies from the earlier instruction time by eliminating the
“stop, clean-up, line-up”
portion of the year.
interruption. I’m especially
excited that we’re able to add
Social Studies more math activity time into our
block! Woohoo for more
Helping our community by conserving natural
movement with math!
 Feb 20th: Weather make-up day
 Feb 20-24: Feel the Love Week
o Monday: note home from kids
o Tuesday: note from teachers
o Wednesday: helpful parent
o Thursday: Call from
o Friday @ 8am in gym: muffin
breakfast for you and your
 Feb 27-Mar 3: Dr Seuss Week (see