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1) Find words related to PERSONAL QUALITIES :

1. Someone who gives you a lot of presents and money.
3. He doesn't like speaking in public
8. Someone who believes in him/herself
9. Someone who is very helpful and cares about other people.
10. When I have a lot of work I feel .....................
11. Someone who studies a lot.

2. Someone who is relaxed and talent
4. Tending not to talk very much
5. He never spends money just saves it.
6. Someone who likes talking and meeting people.
7. Someone who never shares anything.

1) Rearrange the words to make correct sentences :

1. John dance can he but can’t sing.


Liz got has long hair brown blue eyes and. My singer favourite is Sting.He got has face a round and is tall very. 4. 3. 5. Wearing she blue blouse and skirt black and has she got curly dark hair long. 2 .2.