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1st Time


MoZens Incs 1st Time Manager class or program is

designed to help you mange and attain your department Agenda
goals more effectively. We help you build new/stronger
skills required by successful managers. Understand your managerial responsibilities
to facilitate a quick, effective transition to this
Without guidance and support this can be a difficult new role by adopting a manager mind-set
transition fraught with daily challenges and barriers to Understand how to establish credibility
your success. To add complexity your former peers are Identify communication approaches to for
now your direct reports. So how do you lead your team, different styles and situations
attain their respect and support to get the work done and Build effective relationships and alliances with
how do you keep up or even increase productivity? peers, managers and staff
Master the basic management concepts of
New managers/supervisors often struggle with the new coaching, communication, motivation, delegation
job responsibilities as they acclimate to the new expec- and performance management
tations and resulting pressure. Some days you just feel Use a structured approach to plan/organize work
stressed, over whelmed and in your more truthful Set SMAAART goals (N.E. version) & initiatives
moments you may even admit you struggle to be the Practice your listening and feedback skills
boss! Become an effective team manager
Understand that each situation has options and
This management seminar provides you with easy-to-
different solutions possible.
apply new skills needed to make a successful transition
into your new role. MoZen Inc. Offers a 1 day MoZen Inc. provides practical, real world business
foundation class or an on-going program with individual coaching, executive education/development
coaching to help you master the practical management programs that deliver results.
skills, know-how and the confidence you want and need
to plan, organize, coach, engage, motivate, delegate, We make the complex simple and the difficult
overcome conflict as you successfully communicate to or overwhelming easy. We leverage your current
stakeholders in order to be a highly effective manager. knowledge and experience and build critical that
will take you to the next level.
You can demand, you can try to hide or you can build
and lead your high performing team, increasing MoZen Inc. (More Zen or more Balance)
engagement, commitment and business results.
MoZen Inc. (201) 337-6813