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February 22, 2017



The University of Iowa has served the State of Iowa for over 150 years by providing an
exceptional education to our students. Throughout our proud history, we have worked
relentlessly to make the Hawkeye educational experience accessible to all. Recent
reductions in state support have forced us to make difficult decisions about how we will
maintain our academic quality and affordable tuition. Consequently, we have
determined that, effective fall 2017, the ${AWARD} which you were awarded will be

It is with great disappointment that I share this news. Please know that the elimination
of this program in no way diminishes your admirable academic accomplishments.
Unfortunately, because of a shortfall in state revenues, the Iowa Legislature decreased
funding to the University of Iowa by eight million dollars. This devastating cut has
forced us to consider every expenditure and its contribution to our core educational
mission of education, research and discovery.

With our commitment to academic excellence guiding us, we dedicated the past 12
months to reviewing our budget line by line. The process highlighted opportunities that
require reinvesting in our core programs and strengths. Ultimately, these investments
will result in a superior academic experience for our students and greater success
following graduation.

Still, we understand and are empathetic to the hardship the immediate loss of the $
{AWARD} places upon you and your family. If you completed the 2017-2018 Free
Application for Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA), the UI Office of Student Financial Aid will
be revising your award notification. You will soon be receiving an email notifying you of
your award changes. We pledge to continue to operate as efficiently as possible to
ensure a world-class education at an affordable price, honoring the University of Iowa


Bruce Harreld