-AMUSE: to make someone smile or laugh
Example: I thought this article might amuse you.

-VIE: to compete with other people to achieve or get something
Example: The two parents vied with each other in their attempts
to gain the children’s love.

-FEATURE: an important part of something

Example: This phone has some new features.

-SOAK: to put something in a liquid for a period of time.
Example: Soak the bread in the milk.

-SORT: a type of something

Example: We both like the same sort of music.

-DOUBT: a state of being uncertain about something, or
not trustingsomeone or something

Example: I have / some doubts about his ability to do the job.

-RECRUIT: to try to persuade someone to join an organization

Example: a new recruit.

-BREED:to keep animals in order to produce baby animals
Example: Rabbits breed and grow quickly.

-PAMPHLET: a very thin book with a paper cover that
gives information about something

Example: a political pamphlet.

VOCABULARY SANCHEZ MANRIQUE. etc. he remained calm. love. -FOCUS: to adjust something. -BUREAUCRATIC: a system for controlling or managing a country. company. -CHICK FLICK: a film about relationships. dirty hotel Example: We got a fleabag hotel -REMAIN: to continue to be in the same state Example: Despite the chaos around him. or organization that is operated by a large number of officials employedto follow rules carefully Example: I had to deal with the university’s bureaucracy when I was applying for financial aid. so that the picture is clear Example: This camera is easy to focus. such as a camera. JOSEPH INTERMEDIO 09 -FLEABAG: a cheap. . that attracts mainly women Example: The damas en guerra is a chick flick movie.