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Annual4T c.F.R. $ 64.2009(e) cpNI certificationL Template

EB Docket 06-36

Annual 64.2009(e) cpNI certificationfor 2016 coverinLg

the prior: cy 2016
1. Datefiled: 0212212017
2' Name of Company(s) covered by this certification: Silv
C.mmunication Inc.
3. Form 499 Filer ID: g25gg0
4, Name of Signatory: Sk. Golam Ahia
5. Title of signatory: president ,

I, sk' Golam Ahia, certi$r that I am an officer of the company

named above, and acting
as an agent of the company.
Attached to accompanying statement explaining how the
company's the company is in cornpliance v,rith the requirements
set for in se f the Commission,s rulis.

Signed: /s/ Sk. Golam Ahia

Sk. Golam Ahia, President
Silv Communication Inc.

I-os Angeles, California 00010

Telephone: (213) 908. g0gg
I{arsimile (213) 381. 7Z1t
Electlonic Mail Acklress silycorumf@.r,a}oo.corn
Annual 47 C.F.R. g 64.2009(e) CFNI Certification
EB Docket 06-36
Attachment 1: statement concerning company procedures

I' Sk' Golam Ahia, an officer of Silv communication

Inc., affirmatively state that I have
personal knowledge thatlhe company
has establisrr.J"p"*tion prrocedures that
adequate to ensure compliance. are

Silv Communication Inc. (,,Company,,) has

which expressly prohibit,eleare tf iustom

es are strictly held to non_disclosure

CPNI data is accessible only to those e

serving current subscribers. The comp
other entities under any circumstances.
retention of electronic copies of .o--*i,
require al2proval of the officer responsible
es with the Commission,s CPNI

In the cY 2016, the company did not take

any action, proceedings :instituted or petitions
filed by the company at eittrer State Commission,
the court system, or at the Commission
against data brokers.
In the cY 2016, the company did not receive
any custorn-er compla:ints concerning the
unauthorized release of CpNI issues.


Bouleva,rd, SolA ffOg

Los Aageles, Califorrria 90010
Tolephono (2tB) 90B.Z0pz
n'acsimils (21S) S8t.Z?11
Eleotlonic lfail Address: si] vcornrn(rJ),ahoo.cour