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Temp: 101-102.5F Gestation: 144-151 days
Heat Cycle: 17 days. Typically cycle in the fall for Jan-May births

Rams, Ewes / Bucks, Does
 (Leptospirosis) Lepto-prevents abortions
 (Clostridial) Covexin 8 or CD/T -Primarily overeating disease and tetanus prevention
 (Campylobacter) Vibrio-prevents abortions

INITIAL, followed by booster:
 Tetanus Antitoxin- give at birth if mother was not vaccinated--give at
castration/dehorning/docking if mother was vaccinated.
 (Leptospirosis) Lepto- give at 6-8 weeks and boost in 30 days
 (Clostridial) Covexin 8 or CD/T - give at 6-8 weeks and boost in 30 days

Other vaccines/diseases to consider or discuss with your veterinarian:
 Rabies
 (Contagious Ecthyma) Sore Mouth
 Foot Rot
 Chlamydia

 De-worming. Begin at 6-8 weeks of age.
 Sheep/Goats on pasture should be dewormed every 8-10 weeks. Be sure to use a product
that kills liver flukes (Ivomec Plus or Valbazen*) from May through October.
 Coccidia-primarily a problem in young animals.
 Periodic fecal exams done by your veterinarian will identify the presence of coccidia in your
herd. De-wormers will not be effective, a coccidiostat must be used.
*Valbazen is not to be used in the first 45 days of pregnancy.
Selenium Supplementation
 Lambs/Kids-BoSe injection (1cc/40 lbs.) to be given at birth and again at marking time.
 Rams & Ewes/Bucks & Does-Should receive a feed supplement that is high in Selenium.
We carry a prescription mineral mix that is at the highest levels.

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