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Toke on o rockin' 26.2 or I3.1 historic A full-time deportment works yeor-round to generote extensive nolionol,

iourney through our Nqlion's Copitol ot regionol ond locol exposure vio print, rodio, television ond online medio coveroge.
lhe 6th Annuol Rock 'n' Roll DC Morothon
& 7z Morothon. Boosting revomped
courses with o slort line on Conslitution ln2O1 6, porlicipont ond spectotor spending generoted on estimoted $21.5 million*
Ave. surrounded by the sights of the in economic impoct over roce weekend.
White House, Smithsonion Librories ond *fconomic lmpocl numbers generoled by 201 6 Porliciponl Dofo. Son Diego Slole Universily

Woshington Monument, live bonds ond

cheer squods olong the course t l I\ l r !

culminoting with o post roce finish line Chority is the heort of Rock 'n' Rolll Officiol chorities hove roised over $325 million
concertl (net) for their respective couses through Rock 'n' Roll Morothon Series events since
the inception of the Series in I 998. There ore o group of chorities recruiting
r"1\ I | | t t',' porliciponts lo lroin ond fundroise together ond hove o life-chonging experience
Music ot every mile mokes up the heort while roising much needed funds ond oworeness for their chose couse. Pleose visit
ond "sole" of this event. Live bonds the chority poge on lhe event website for detoils.
performing o voriely of music from
olternotive to clossic rock, punk funk ond li $l {i.} {.1 1,{,l!, l' l'{ i {:. $,} t $,'N i,l $ ffi {,3'lf' $ i} s.!
blues to iazz il up. The bonds set the Every stote ond 5l countries were represented in the 20'l5 Rock 'n' Roll DC
tempo of the course! Morothon & 7z Morothon. Top Slqles' Virginio, DC, Morylond, New York,
Pennsylvonio, New .lersey, North Corolino, Mossochusetts, Colifornio, Texos
$1,1\ N Fl ili-{' { N\rri,;,4, pn ;;'rfi I il'1"'i Top Counlries: (not including U.S.) Mexico, Conodo, Greot Briloin, Nepol,
An extensive ond comprehensive yeor- Dominicon Republic, Brozil, Fronce.
round notionol, regionol ond locol
morketing plon includes print, rodio,
lelevision, online ond emoil odvertising,
sociol medio, in-store distribution, gross
roois eff orts in torget morkets, cross- fll rll ii

promotions with evenl sponsors ond o

notionol expo tour.
63% female,377o male Average Age: 38 Most Run Distance: Half
Sovce, 201 6 Porficiponf Dold

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District Suburbs

$14,5?2 ,521 $4,693,469

$8,497,724 $2,773,21A

$6,094,7?7 $'l ,960 ,259

$4A0,67 4 $t 49,628

20,109 (DC/ MD/ VA)

9,012 3,500
Rock 'n' Roll DC Road Closures - Saturday, March 11th,2017
lonstitution Ave NW lBoth courses lWhole Road 5th Street NW lgth Street NW lz:oo ntt 2:00 PL4

14th/12th/10th/9th Streets will be shut down to northlsouth vehicular traffic fron 5:30an to 12:O0pn
lonstitution Ave NW ]oth courses ^/liy
tVhole Road sth Street NW
1 l3rd Street NW i:00 AM 10:15 AM
/irqinia Ave NW Jotn courses ll/hole Road lonstitution Ave NW llst Street NW i:00 AM ):45 AM
18th Street NW Both courses Uhole Road /irqinia Ave NW : Street NW 00 Al\,,1 ):45 AM
E Street NW Both courses :astbound 1 8th Street NW 1gth Street NW i:00 Al/ ):45 AM
gth Street NW Both courses Vhole Road
1 Street NW )onstitution Ave NW i:00 AM 10:00 AM
23rd Street NW Both courses Mhole Road lonstitution Ave NW .00
-incoln lvlemorial Circle At\,'l 10:30 AM
Lincoln Memorial Circle Both courses Vhole Road l3rd Street NW )otomac Parkway i:00 Ai/ 10:30 Ai/
)arkway Drive Both courses Vhole Road -incoln l,,lemorial Circle Rock Creek Parlway i:00 AM 10:30 AM
Rock Creek Parkwav loth courses Vhole Road )otomac Parkway /irsinia Ave NW ):00 AM :00 AM
/irqinia Ave NW loth courses Vhole Road lock Creek Parkway NW St NW ;:00 Afi,4 :00 AM
St NW Joth courses ilhole Road l Ave NW )otomac Freewav i;00 Altj OO AI/
rotomac Freewav loth courses Whole Road SI NW 7th Street NW ;:00 A[,1 15 AIV
lock Creek Parkwav Jotn c0urses /Vhole Road /irqinia Ave NW ;horeham Drive NW i:00 AM 15 AIV
lhoreham Drive NW iolh courses Whole Road lock Creek Parkwav NW alvert Street NW ):30 Al\,1 :30 AM
lalvert St NW loth courses Whole Road Shoreham Drive NW rdams Mill Road NW ):30 AM :30 AM
\dams Mill Road NW Joth courses ilhole Road Calvert St NW lolumbia Rd NW i:30 AM 30 AIV
lolumbia Road NW loth Courses /Vhole Road Adams lvlill Road NW larvard Street NW :30 AM :45 AM
larvard Street NW loth Courses /Vhole Road lolumbia Road NW ith Street NW i:30 Al/ :00 PIV
ith Street NW / 4th Street NW loth Courses ilhole Road Harvard Street NW ru Sfteet NW 30 AIV :00 P[,1
lrvant Street NW loth courses ffhole Road 4th Street NE 'lorth Caoitol Street NW i:30 AM 2.15 PM
Capitol Street NW loth Courses iouthbound lryant Slreet NW ( Skeet NE i:30 AM 2:30 PM
( Street NE loth Courses ruhole Road ',lorth Caoitol Street NE Ith Street NE Z:00 A[,11 2.45 PM
Ith Slreet NE loth Coumes ruhole Road ( Street NE 1 Street NE 7:00 AM 2:45 P[/1

I Street NE Joth Courses ilhole Road th Street NE 13th Street NE 7:00 A[/ :00 PM
1 3th Street NE ]oth Courses rVhole Road I Street NE lonstitution Ave NE 7:00 AM '1:00 PM
)onstitution Ave NE ]oth courses Uhole Road 13th Sireei NE ,lorth Carolina Ave NE 7:00 AM 1:15 PM
,lorth Carolina Ave NE /2 l,4arathon ilestbound lonstitution Ave NE I Street NE 7:00 Al/ 1:15 PM
I Street NE /2 Marathon :astb0und Carolina Ave NE 2nd Street NE 7:00 AM 1:30 P1,,1
) Street NE /arathon/5k Mhole Road Capitol Street NE 1 st Street NE l:00 A[/ l:15 PM
l2nd Street NE /2 lVlarathon Vhole Road ) Street NE :ast Capitol Skeet NE 7:00 AM l:00 PL4

'lorth Carolina Ave NE /arathon Vhole Road 14th Street NE 3th Street NE l:30 AM 1'1:30 AM
3th Street NE ,4arathon fl/hole Road Carolina Ave NE ast Capitol Street SE i:30 AM
'lorth 11 :30 AM
ast CaDitol Street SE ,4arathon (hole Road 1 3th Skeet SE Ith Street SE i:30 Al/ 1 1:30 AM
1 th Street SE vlarathon ryhole Road :asl Capitol Street SE East Caoitol Street NE i:30 AM 1:30 AM
:ast Capitol Street NE i.4arathon Vhole Road 1th Street SE 3rd Street SE ):30 AM 2:00 Plt/
lrd Street SE vlarathon Vhole Road ast CaDitol Street NE Street SE i:30 AM I 2:00 PM
: Street SE vlarathon Vhole Road lrd Street SE Caoitol Street SW i:30 Ai/ 2:00 P[/
louth Capitol Street SW vlarathon iouthbound Street SE \.4alcolm X Ave SE i:30 A[,1 2:00 PM
iouth Caoitol Street SE !4arathon Vhole Road ilartin Luther Kino JrAve SE )ouolass Bridoe Access Road :00 AM 12:30 PN,1

)ouolass Bridoe Access Road vlarathon Vhole Road ;outh Capilol Slreet SE \nacostia Drive SE :00 AM 12:45 Plt4
\nacostia Drive SE vlarathon /Vhole Road )ouqlass Bridoe Access Road A[/
'licholson Street SE 00 5 PIV
'Jicholson Street SE vlarathon /Vhole Road \nacostia Drive SE :airlawn Ave SE :00 AM 5 PIV
:airlawn Ave SE vlarathon ( Sreet SE
ruhole Road 'licholson Street SE :30 AM 5 PIV
rennsylvania Ave SE
ryhole Road airlawn Ave SE L'Enfant Square SE 30 At/ 5PM
*Access lane provided
tor vehicles to exit Pennsylvania Ave to nofth bound 295
I Street SE ,4arathon rvhole Road :airlawn Ave SE
landle Circle SE 7:30 Al\,.I 1:15 PM
landle Circle SE ilarathon ilhole Road i Street SE :o( DuDont Dr SE 7:30 AM 1:15 PM
-ort :ort Davis Dr SE
Dupont Dr SE ilarathon &hole Road landle Circle SE 7:30 AM :'15 PM
:ort Davis Dr SE ,4arath on lt/hole Road :ort Dupont Dr SE ,15
tidoe Rd SE /:30 Alil PIV
tidqe Rd SE /arathon &hole Road :ort Davis Dr SE ly Place SE /:30 AM 1 :15 Pltj
:ly Place SE l/arathon ryhole Road lidoe Rd SE Iinnesota Ave SE :30 AM :45 PIV
/innesota Ave SE liarathon Vhole Road :ly Place SE ast Capitol Street Exit Ramp ':30 AM 45 PM
:ast Caoitol Street NE lvlarathon/5k ryestbound rlinnesota Ave / East Capitol Exit Ramp ) Street NE ;00 AM :45 PM
:ast Capitol Street NE l\.4arathon/Half/5k ryhole Road l2nd Sheet NE gth Street NE l:30 Al/ l:00 Pl/
ast Capitol Street SE lunner's Village astbound 9th Street SE Z2nd Street SE 30 AM 30 PM

Road closures and times a re subiect to chan qe









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;::;*; r i;i ilEit*ta{i;iE t it; E ;l
;i:i!iiaIs!itr fiiilgifiEiiii: i
Y *:*:iiit ;E ;'ilEii;i Iiiillii+li
'I'imes are approximale and subject to change. Roads reopen as last participant passes and
course materiels are removed, Officers
will direct traffic across tire course betv/een runners at designated meter points noted below and oo nap. Expect delays al peak
runner times. For a detaileci Iist of road closures/times and other event information, \,isit the website:

Area Areas Closed Time Closed Access lnformation

o Foggy Bottcm,
Ave NW
6:00 am
1Or30 am
- pedestrian traffic only on Constitution Ave ancl 1.4morial Bridge.
For fastest access. park outside the route before streets clcse,
To entery'exit the area north of Constitution Ave: Use K St NW or 3rd St,/395 Tunnel.
Rock Creek 6:00 am - Rock Creek parkway closed from Lincoln l{emorial Circle to Shoreham Dr NW
@ Pa rkvratr, 1i:30 am to enterkxit the areas around the course ihe following streets u/ill be open: K St NW,
Pennsylvania Ave NW Massachusetts Ave NW P St NW and Q St NW.

0 Adams
7:OO arn
12:OO Noon
- Pedestrian traffic only on Calvert, Columbia Rd, Harvard St, sth St NW & Bryant St NW.
For lastest access, park outsicle the roule before streets clcse
Ta enter/exit the area inside the course, use l4assachuss,its Ave NW or Rhode lsland Ave
Heights. NW

o North Capitol
Street NW
T]OO am
l2:OO Noon
- , Southbound lanes closed from Bryant St NW to K St NE.
. To enter^xit the area inside the course, use Rhode lsland Ave NW or New York Ave NW


5t NE, Union
7:3O am
li30 pm
- pedestrian traffic only on K 5t Ng & H St NE.
Access lane providecl at 4th & H St NE. N.leter point at sth & ti St NE.
To enter/exit the area ioside the course, use New York Ave NW of the 3rd 5t/395 Tunnel.

o Capitol llill 7130 am

12rOO Noon
- Fast Capitol St Ne closed irom 22nd St NE to 19th St NE and from ltth St SF to 3rd St SE.
To exit areas north of E Capitol St. use the 3rd St/395 Tunnel.
To exit areas south of E Capitol St, go south on 17lh St NE to 295 East OR 90 south or1
8th & 4th Streets SE to 695.
Officers will meter vehicles across E. Capitol St NE at 4th, 6th, Bth, & loth Sts.
S Capitol St 8:OO a'n - 'Southbound lanes of S Capitol St SW closed from E St 5E to Suitland parkway.
@ s!V/Douglass 1l5pm Northbound lanes open,
Anacostia Par!

o Minnesota Ave
SF (Fairlalvn,
Dupont Park
7:OO am
1:45 pm
Access lane on Pennsylvania Ave SF to exit to ncrthbound 295.
Vehicles v/ill be metered across lvlinnesota Av,. SE at B St SE.
To enter^xit the area inside the course, use 35th St SE,
& Ft Dupont). Access lane provided for vehicles exiting Texas Ave cnto Ridge Rd SE.
Pennsylvania Access lane provided tor northbound vehicls at Ranclle Circle lo [4assachuseits Ave SE
Ave SF

o East Capitol
Stadiu m
6:00 am -
2:OO pm
Westbound E Capitol St SE closed from l",linnesoia Ave,/E Capitol exit ramp
To exit areas wesL of RFK use lndependence Ave to E. Capitol St SE.
To exit areas north of RFK use Benning Rd,
to C St NlE.

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