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37 ways for new

product ideas
Marc Heleven

Looking for new products or services,
check and imagine if one of the 37
ways is possible for your challenge.
Remarkable innovations combine
different ways!

01. Simplify

less is more / usability / service design / minimal

02. Add experience

5 senses / experience economy / exclusivity

7ideas. Co-branding co-creation / strategic alliances / open innovation . 03. . Low cost disruptive innovation / business model innovation www.7ideas.

net . Go green sustainability / cradle to cradle / eco-innovation www.7ideas. 05.

net .06. Disrupt your industry blue ocean or radical innovation www.7ideas.

Mass customization personalization / 3D-printing .07. . Build a community consumer tribes / personal branding www.7ideas.

Go back to history history watching / authenticity / retro marketing .7ideas.09.

7ideas. Make it smaller miniaturization / portability / less is more .

7ideas. Tell a story roots / authenticity / storytelling .11.

Make it multifunctional combination innovation .

Product extensions brand extensions / line extensions .7ideas.13.

14. Search for other uses multifunctional / unexpected uses .7ideas.

7ideas.15. New target groups segmentation / marketing / long tail .

net . Make new combinations smart combinations www.7ideas.16.

17. Reduce time instant / ready to / one minute / quick / hassle free .7ideas. .18. Customer in control prosumers / co-creation www.

Add some fun just fun .7ideas.

Do it yourself self service – DIY .prosumer .7ideas.

net .7ideas.21. New business models business model innovation www.

Make ‘impossible’ things Challenge yourself .

Make shortcuts direct / peer to peer / disintermediation .7ideas.

24. Crowd sourcing crowd funding / open innovation .

25. Access > ownership Access is more important then ownership .

net . Excellent service service innovation www.26.7ideas. .7ideas. Innovation ecosystems closed innovation platforms www.

Make products smarter internet of things / self learning . .7ideas. Low tech solutions frugal innovation www.

net .7ideas.30. Let nature inspire you biomimicry www.

Make it virtual virtualization / service innovation .7ideas.

net .7ideas. Other industries inspiration Look for inspiration in other branches or industries www.32. . Go for slow time / quality of life www.

7ideas. Temporary offerings limited / pop-up / exclusivity .34. . Go for hybrid solutions combination innovation / hybrid technologies www.7ideas.

net . Take it easy simple / convenience www.36.7ideas.

Start with a dream visionary leaders .


3 tips .Looking for more inspiration. .1. Six inspiration newsletter a year http://www.

Link festival .7ideas.2. . Workshops and keynotes Contact us for custom made sets and presentations for your industry marc@21lobsterstreet.