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The Leading Engine for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Sustainable Energy


How cool is
waste heat? About KIC InnoEnergy
KIC InnoEnergy SE is a European company
that fosters the knowledge triangle of

What if you could use waste or ecologically education, research and business in order to
boost innovation and entrepreneurship. Our
produced heat to power highly efficient strategic objective is to become the leading
engine for innovation and entrepreneurship in
cooling systems? In September 2013 one the field of sustainable energy in the world.
KIC InnoEnergy is, along with Climate and
of the first KIC InnoEnergy innovation ICT Labs, one of the three Knowledge and

projects, Storage, launched SolabCool, a Innovation Communities (KICs) created under
the leadership of the European Institute of
new business venture that brings to the Innovation and Technology (EIT). We are a
commercial company with 27 shareholders
market exactly that. that include top ranking industries, research
centres and universities - all of them key

Henk De Beijer, inventor and entrepreneur players in the energy field. More than 100
additional partners contribute to our activities,
in the energy market, spotted a hole in the forming a dynamic network that is always
open to new entrants that will further our
market in the Netherlands, where 500,000 pursuit of excellence.
KIC InnoEnergy is profit oriented, but has
homes are connected to a heat grid. The a “not for dividend” financial strategy; we

grid is highly efficient in the winter, but in reinvest any profits generated in our activities.

Foreseeable impact
the summer it can be hard to find customers If we take 100 as the cost of any good produced

with a need for the produced heat. or consumed in Europe, 27% is energy cost. Thus,
just 1% of reduction in the cost of energy will
represent €20B of savings, ensuring increased
competiveness in the European industry.

SolabCool’s preproduction plant was born. Starting 2015. The following target is the solar cooling market in the south of Europe. KIC team teamed up with TNO (a Dutch independent research organisation) InnoEnergy’s market network also played a role: at their Business and the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU Eindhoven) for one Booster event in Barcelona. producing both electricity and heat are perfectly suited for SolabCool’s systems. such as silica. “It’s very valuable to be able to check ideas and concepts with other scientists. The explains further. The first target will be the market in the If you would like to know more about KIC InnoEnergy´s Business Booster Netherlands. and the SolabChiller. the waste incineration plant in the village of Duiven in the Netherlands supplies 70MW of heat to dwellings and buildings in the winter and only 7MW in the summer.000. check: and the installation of air conditioning systems goes up by 4 to 5% each year. There are of course a few details that need to be adjusted and the United States. “A solid. industrially produced system and the prototypes. the necessary high temperatures and KIC InnoEnergy Powered the use of chemical fluids. a leading European energy utility company of KIC InnoEnergy’s first innovation projects. a modular SolabCool system for small companies. “The scientific support sped up the development process Armed with a strong concept and a business and sales plan.” Storage. then once the production process finishes. With a number of redefined. And voilá. and today The Future there are 7 people working in production. “SolabCool has one more year within the innovation project. connecting our incubated ventures with industry and investors. but De Beijer insists it makes perfect sense. I think The product is currently undergoing field-testing to iron out differences their future looks bright”. This is where Henk De Beijer and his team Henk De Beijer credits KIC InnoEnergy’s large knowledge network come in with their innovative idea.kic-innoenergybb. and to export cooling systems from Europe to China and well. the company has its eye on Germany.Success story. where the heat nets have a great surplus of heat in the summer. large-scale success may be just around the corner.” developed a small. SolabCool Heat for cooling? Using excess heat for cooling systems seems contradictory. from the surrounding area: the building or office that needs to be Thirdly. “Heat sales can be increased substantially if it is sold for cooling in the EUROPE · BENELUX · F R ANC E · GER MA N Y · I B E R I A · POLAND PLUS · SWEDEN KIC InnoEnergy receives funding from the European Institute of Innovation and Technology . Without any adjustments. where many buildings and cooled. adsorbs water damp. optimised for homes. De Beijer’s considerably and allowed us to deliver a higher quality product. we have a cool environment!” complexes are already attached to a CHP unit. but this is what field tests are for.” he explains. that heat can be transported through the same pipes to the same buildings. selling two products: SolabCascade. project coordinator of the Storage innovation project. the plant will go into full production. marketing and sales. between the new.” De Beijer clarifies. ‘Storage’. – states Aart de Geus.” new European laws for the protection of the ozone layer working to SolabCool’s advantage. rather than the other way round. if you wish to electricity. “We want to have a product that installers can get up and running De Beijer’s stated aim is to go quickly from selling 3. using plenty of waste heated until the water dampens out and condenses. These heat engines. www. due to the cost and size of the system. The silica is number of AC systems is rising in this region too. That heat comes hardly any adjustments to make it suitable for the solar application. Now. highly efficient and sustainable cooling system.” Aart De Geus. “To give you an example. an innovation project he affirms. Two years later. it will start standing on its own. Together they showed interest in the SolabCool technology. As SolabCool is driven by moderate temperatures it will require evaporate the water again. as instrumental in creating added value to the technology.000 systems a year independently from us. you will need to add heat. Currently this technique is only used in industrial environments. and used for cooling. event. “So far these tests are going to 100.