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The History of

Choice Based Art
TAB defines Choice-based art as education that “regards students as artists and offers them real
choices for responding to their own ideas and interests through the making of art. Choice-based art
education supports multiple modes of learning and assessment for the diverse needs of students”

Margaret Naumburg Based Art
The Walden School
Robinson Cole

Franz Cizek American 1920’s
Child Centered Movement

Alli Flores

Franz Cizek
Dr. Franz Cizek was one of Vienna’s Best known pedagogues of progressive art education.

His approach to teaching was hands off, which was in stark contrast to the rigid and skill
based programs in most primary schools at the time.

Wilheml Viola (1938) Child Art and Franz Cizek

Margaret Naumburg
Margaret was an educator and opened the
“Children’s School” in 1914 that was later
renamed the Walden School.

Her focus was on "the emotional development of
children, fostered through encouragement of
spontaneous creative expression and
self-motivated learning, should take precedence
over the traditional intellectual approach to the
teaching of a standardized curriculum.", as said
by Thomas Frank (1983).


Robinson Cole
Cole was an educator that liberally used art in
her classroom as a means of expression for
her students.

Her books were a great resource for educators
to incorporate art in their classrooms as well
as providing methods for students to freely
Choice based Art Today

Choice based art is relevant today as there is a

resurgence in child centered education.