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JOURNAL SYMPOSIUM: How to Mechanically Ventilate Patients in the Operating Room in 2014 ……..……..……..…… 7-8

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Sessions and scientific abstracts are designated by the following learning track codes:
AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia

OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain

All Poster Discussions and Poster Sessions will be presented in an electronic format (e-posters) on large, high-definition monitors.
Abstracts will also be available for viewing at your leisure on HD monitors located throughout the convention center. Please note: Poster
sessions will no longer offer CME credit.

Scientific abstract sessions consist of Oral Presentations, Poster Discussions and Poster Sessions. During Oral Presentations and Poster
Discussions, authors present a summary of their study, including their hypothesis, methods, data and conclusions. Questions and comments
from the audience are welcome and encouraged at the conclusion of the presentation. Poster Sessions are in-depth and informative
discussions among authors and attendees. Poster authors will be available for discussion during designated times during the meeting. Full text
for all scientific abstracts will be available to view online in August at

Late-Breaking Abstracts focus on significant and timely findings while showcasing late-breaking data and results that affect the field of
anesthesiology. These abstracts will be presented during designated periods during ANESTHESIOLOGY™ 2014.

ANESTHESIOLOGY™ 2014 is intended for anesthesiologists, residents and other health care professionals interested in expanding their
knowledge and enhancing their skills to improve competency and professional practice.

At the conclusion of this activity, participants should be able to:
• Assess the potential applications of emerging issues and advances that affect the practice of anesthesia.
• Integrate technical knowledge about state-of-the-art procedures, advanced therapeutic agents and medical device uses into practice.
• Apply contemporary practice management skills and knowledge of regulatory issues to the efficient and safe delivery of patient care.
• Translate expanded knowledge into improvements in practice, patient outcomes and patient satisfaction.

This activity has been planned and implemented in accordance with the Essential Areas and Policies of the Accreditation
Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) through the joint sponsorship of the American Society of
Anesthesiologists (ASA®). ASA is accredited by the ACCME to provide continuing medical education for physicians.

ASA designates this live activity for a maximum of 44 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™. Physicians should claim only the credit commensurate
with the extent of their participation in the activity.

The abstracts marked with this icon are presented by a resident.

The American Society of Anesthesiologists adheres to ACCME Essential Areas, Standards and Policies regarding industry support of CME.
Disclosure of the planning committee and faculty’s commercial relationships will be made known at the activity. Speakers are required to
openly disclose any limitations of data and/or any discussion of any off-label, experimental, or investigational uses of drugs or devices in their

All abstract author disclosure information can be found at the end of this book. All planners’ disclosure information can be found on the next

In accordance with the ACCME Standards for Commercial Support of CME, the American Society of Anesthesiologists has implemented
mechanisms, prior to the planning and implementation of this CME activity, to identify and resolve conflicts of interest for all individuals in a
position to control content of this CME activity.

All faculty and planning committee members are required to disclose any financial relationships and will be listed accordingly at


org.S. M.D.D. Chair Vinod Malhotra. Vassallo. Hawkins.Ch.D.Sc. M. Ken Solt.D. M. Mason..For a full listing of all presenters and their sessions. Joy L. Martin London. Magdalena Anitescu. Ph.D.D. FRCA Anupama Wadhwa. M. Moon. M. Gupta. M. Ehrenfeld.. M.D. Susan T. 3 .D.. M. Ashraf S. PHOTOGRAPHY/VIDEOTAPING POLICIES No photography. Deborah A. Robinson. Ozan Akca. Verghese. M. M. please go to goanesthesiology.D. M.D. William R.. B. videotaping or audio taping is permitted in the scientific abstract sessions. M. M.D.D. exhibit hall or committee meetings. Stephen T. M. Wei Chao. Ph. DISCLAIMER The information provided at this CME activity is for continuing education purposes only and is not meant to substitute for the independent medical judgment of a healthcare provider relative to diagnostic and treatment options of a specific patient’s medical condition. Richard E... Rusy.B. Vice-Chair Keira P. Habib. M.D.D. M. M.B. M. M.D. Furman. 2014 COMMITTEE ON SCIENTIFIC ADVISORY ASA would like to express appreciation to the chairs of the Committee on Scientific Advisory.D. instructional courses. M.D. Stuart Forman. Dhanesh K. B. Susan A.D.D... Jesse M.

M. M. M. M. Sheila R. M. M. M.D.. Ph.D. D.D. Pacira. M.D. Cheetah. M. M.D. Ph.D.D. Wei Chao. Andrea Gabrielli. Ph.D. M.D.: Consulting Fees – Covidien. Teleflex. Cotten. Cheryl K. Alberto J.D.. Banoub. M. Matt J. the ASA implemented mechanisms. B. Dean Connors. Galleon Pharmaceuticals Medical.: Consulting Fees-Covidien. Ph.D.S.: Funded Research-Merck & Co.Sc. Masimo Clinical Advisory Board. Benzon. B. Consulting Fees. 4 . B.D. Laurie Davies.Medtronic Raafat S.D.. Cubist Covidien Jay S.D. Theodore A. Philip E. Consulting Fees-AcelRx. Mark A. M. Indiana University School of Medicine Peter Nagele.D.D.O.D.D. Furman.D. M. M. Adj..D..D.D. Ph. Gan. Nikolaus Gravenstein. M. Brull.. M. Boyd. Peter Goldstein.D.D.D. M. Honoraria-Masimo Corporation.D.. M.D. Inc Keira P.D. M.: Funded Research-Hospira Company. Steven Gibson. Hesham Elsharkawy.D. Cadence. FRCA: Consulting Medtronic. Funded Research: Gradian Health Systems. Grider.D.D. McNiece.D. Gwendolyn L. Jeffrey Green. Chaney... Fuhrman. M. Thomas M. Jeanette R. M. Berkow.D.D. D. M. Medtronic Xomed Leif Saager. John Butterworth. Ph. Lucy L.D. M. William R. Barnett. Sonosite. Consulting Fees-Baxter. Hannallah. M. B.. M. Binstock. Ambu. M. Wendy B.D. M. Stuart LLC Tom Krejcie: Honoraria – MedAssets. Sreekanth R. M.D. M. Curry.D. to identify and resolve conflicts of interest for all persons in a position to control content of this activity. Bickler. M. M.: Funded Research-AcelRx.D. Ralf Gebhard.B. Honoraria-Cadence. Gomes Joseph F.D. Tong J. Chen.S.D. prior to the planning and implementation of this CME activity. Ph. Cubist. Gregory Crosby. M. Svensen.: Salary – Indiana University Health Physicians. Gooden. DeRoche. M.: Honoraria-Dannemiller Sorin J.: Funded Research-Karl Consulting Fees-Merck & Co. D. Honoraria Cubist. Honorio T. Teleflex Fees-Merck.D.: Honoraria . de Armendi Michael J. Basavana Goudra.B. Bauchat. Pacira. Pacira. Ehab S.D. Honoraria – Masimo Premier. Timothy M. Pacira and Fresenius. Mason.D.: Honoraria. D. Cheruku. Satya-Krishna Ramachandran.D. Deltex. Bateman.D.D.D. Ashraf F.: Consulting Fees-Masimo..D. M. M. Jameson. M. Avram Amy B. Edwards Life Science. Inc. M.D. Merck. Siemens The following planners have indicated they have no relevant financial relationships with commercial interest: Zulfiqar Ahmed. M. Bittenbinder. Other Material Support-Philips.. Andrea J.. M. M. Brian T. Marcos W. M. M. In accordance with the ACCME Standards for Commercial Support™. Standards for Commercial Support™ and Policies regarding continuing medical education.D. Healthcare Business Media Robert Loeb.. M. Salix.D. Paul S. M. The following planners have indicated that they have financial relationships with industry to disclose: Lauren C.D. M.D.D.S. M. PLANNER DISCLOSURES The American Society of Anesthesiologists adheres to the ACCME Accreditation Criteria. Gyorgy Frendl.. IV. M. M. Ph. Hospira and QRx Cumberland. Christer H.Sc. BK Medical Honoraria-Hospira Company Lyle Stefanich. Eugene R. Fuller. Ansgar Brambrink.: Honoraria-Baxter Healthcare Leslie C. M. Nabil Elkassabany.Oricare. Fiegel. M. Farag.D.. Saundra E.: Consulting Fees-Merck Foundation. – Honoraria: GE Medical advisory board.Masimo.B.: Funded Research-Roche Diagnostics. Tomas Drabek. M.: Equity Position-Medtronic Inc.D. Inc Storz America Hariharan Shankar. M. M. Viscusi. M.D.: Funded Research-AcelRx. M.: Funded Research-Hospira William L. AAPMU. Fresenius.D. M. Alston. Cook Medical. M. Garcia. Inc.

Christina M. Polaner Daryl L. Ph. David Mackey Christopher J. M.H. M.. Shu-Ming Wang.D. Ph.D.D.O.. Alan D. Thomas J. Aaron M. Mark E. D.D. M. Papadimos.D.O.D. Ricardo Martinez-Ruiz. Ph. Michael L. Kor.D. Nicholas Sadovnikoff. William Johnston. Tosone. M. M. M. Bhavani Shankar Kodali. Pabelick.D. M. M. M. M. Daryl J. B. Ph. Ph. Gautam M.D.. Zhongcong Xie.D.D. M.D. Sonia Vaida Suzanne B. Steven R. M. M.D. Ruiz.S.D.D. Sinclair. Urman.D.D. Scott A. Mhyre.D. Kathy D. M. Andrea M. Marcos F. M.B. M.. David M. Hiroyuki Kinoshita Joseph G. Balachundhar Subramaniam. M. Waisel.D.... M. Ph. Ph.B. ** PRESENTER DISCLOSURES BEGIN ON PAGE XX 5 . Peterfreund. D. M. Abhijit V.. Dhanesh K. M. Schroeder. M. M.. Gary Haynes Mark A. Uday Jain. Ph. Robert S. M. M. Raymond S. M.. M.D. Ph.D.. Schlecht. Cynthia A. Norman E. Rachel M. M. Rinehart.D. M. M. Morgan..B. Reust. Andrew Jenkins. M. Tetzlaff.D. M. PLANNER DISCLOSURES Loreta Grecu. M.. M. M. M. Kharasch. Kunal Karamchandani.D.D. Singleton. M. Hugh C. Brett A... Jonathan P.D. Memtsoudis. M.D.D..Sc. Heather C.M.D... M. Sophie R. M.D. Nixon.D. M. M.B. Steven M. Mark J. M.D. M. Sinha.D. M.D. M. Gupta. John E.D. M.S.D. Roman Schumann.. M.D.S.D.. Robert A.D.D. Anna Woodbury. M. M. David B. Hemmings.O. Sreeram.D. D.D.D. M. Truong.. Sabine Kost-Byerly. M. M. Parker. Roginski. Anthony Han.B.D. M. M.D.D. M. Ph. Lele.D. Ph. Zheng Xie. Wanderer. Schartel.D.A. James. Ph.D.D. M. M.S.D. Richard D. M. M. Kristopher M.D... M.D. David R. Greenberg.. Joni Maga. D.D.D. Karan. M. Ph.D. M. Ph.D. Kaye. Feyce M. M.D.D.D. M. Guochang Hu. M.B. Dmitri Souzdalnitski. M. Udaya Padakandla. Pestieau.D.D. M.D. Jie Zhou. Kacmar. Philip G. M. Evan D. D.D. Stavros G..D.D.D. Shulman.. Wong.. Simon. Barbara Rogers.D.D. M.D.. Yandong Jiang.D. Ashish C. Angela T. M. Shih. Werner.S.. Brian M. Schroeder.D.D..P. Deepak Sharma.B.D. M.D. M. M.D. M. Howard. Rice. Taylor. Derek Woodrum.B.B. M. Joseph B. D.. Joffe. Kurz. M.A. Vidal-Melo.D. Joseph R.D. Young. Zhiyi Zuo. M.D..D. Shubjeet Kaur.D. Mary Ellen McCann.B. Ph. Steve K.D. Ph. M. Ph. M. Peralta. M. M.D.D.S. Padma Gulur. Jill M.D. M. Grace H.D. David Strum.

Temporally Distinctive Neural Processes Leading to Propofol-Induced
Monday, October 13 | 8-10 a.m. | Room 265-268 Unconsciousness in a Primate Cortical Network
Direct intracortical local field potentials (LFPs) were recorded in a primate
FA BOS01 cortical network in the awake - anesthetized continuum during propofol
Acyclic Cucurbit[n]uril-Type Molecular Containers Bind Etomidate in infusion. Disruption of inter-cortically coherent beta oscillations preceded
Vitro and Reverse Etomidate Anesthesia in Rats Dose-Dependently loss of consciousness (LOC) and a transient peak of gamma oscillations
The molecular container Calabadion 2 binds to etomidate in vitro (UV/ coresponded to LOC. The slow oscillations became increasingly
Vis titration of RH 6G with calabadion 2). Calabadion 2 dose-dependently synchronized during the post-LOC period. Yumiko Ishizawa, M.D., M.P.H.,
reverses EEG signs of etomidate anesthesia, and accelerates recovery Ph.D., Omar J. Ahmed, Ph.D., Shaun Patel, Ph.D., Emery N. Brown, M.D.,
of righting reflex in anesthetized rats. This class of drugs might promote Ph.D., Emad N. Eskandar, M.D.; Anesthesia, Critical Care & Pain Medicine,
recovery following etomidate hypnosis and eliminate its prolonged Neurology, Neurosurgery, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA.
inhibitory effects on adrenal function. Daniel Diaz-Gil, Medical Student,
Ingrid Moreno Duarte, M.D., Joseph F. Cotten, M.D., Ph.D., Jessica L. NA BOS07
Seidel, Ph.D., Shweta Ganapati, M.Sc., Ben Zhang, M.Sc., Jeroen C.P. Effects of Isoflurane on Presynaptic Voltage-Gated Calcium Channel
Simons, Medical Student, Cenk Ayata, M.D., Lyle Isaacs, Ph.D., Matthias Subtypes in Rat Hippocampal Neurons
Eikermann, M.D., Ph.D.; Anesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine, The effects of volatile anesthetics on presynaptic neuronal N-type and
Radiology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA, Chemistry and P/Q-type voltage-gated calcium channels are poorly understood. We
Biochemistry, University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD studied synaptic vesicle exocytosis coupled to calcium channel subtypes
in cultured rat hippocampal neurons with live cell fluorescence microscopy
CA BOS02 and selective pharmacologic inhibition to isolate subtype-specific effects.
Cardiospinal Reflex Modulation of Ventricular Arrhythmogenesis Isoflurane inhibited exocytosis coupled to either N-type or P/Q-type calcium
The goal of this study is to determine the role of cardiac afferent neural channels, with terminal specific differences in the contribution of each
inputs in modulating sympathetic control of ventricular electrophysiology. subtype. Daniel Cook, B.S., Zhenyu Zhou, M.D., Ph.D., Masato Hara,
Interruption of spinal afferent signals at T1-T4 results in enhanced cardiac M.D., Ph.D., Joel Baumgart, Ph.D., Hugh C. Hemmings, Jr., M.D., Ph.D;
sympathoexcitability, suggesting that afferent neuronal signals, from Anesthesiology, Weill Cornell Medical College, New York, NY
the heart, exert inhibitory control of myocardial excitability. This finding
provides mechanistic insight into the role of thoracic spinal integration of NA BOS08
cardiac afferent signals in regulation of cardiac excitability, and provides The Role of Glutamatergic and Dopaminergic Neurons in the
novel targets for neuromodulation therapy. Kimberly J. Howard-Quijano, Periaqueductal Gray on the Descending Inhibition of Pain
M.D., Kent Yamakawa, M.D., Wei Zhou, Ph.D., Kalyanam Shivkumar, M.D., Using Designer Receptors Exclusively Activated by Designer Drugs
Ph.D., Aman Mahajan, M.D., Ph.D.; Anesthesiology, Cardiology, University (DREADDs) we targeted dopamine, glutamate and GABA neurons in the
of California at Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA periaqueductal gray (PAG) of mice expressing cre recombinase. We found
that activation of dopamine and glutamate neurons in the PAG produced
CA BOS03 profound analgesia without signs of anxiety, while inhibition of GABA
LDL-Receptor Deficient Mice on Western Diet Develop Pulmonary interneurons had no antinociceptive effect. Norman E. Taylor, M.D., Ph.D.,
Hypertension and Right Ventricular Dysfunction That Are Prevented by Shu Zheng, B.S., Christa J. Van Dort, Ph.D., Emery N. Brown, M.D., Ph.D.,
a Novel HDL Mimetic Peptide 4F Ken Solt, M.D.; Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Massachusetts Institute of
LDL-receptor deficient mice on western diet develop pulmonary Technology, Cambridge, MA, Anesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine,
hypertension and RV dysfunction that were prevented by HDL mimetic Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA.
peptide therapy. Soban Umar, M.D., Ph.D., Kaveh D. Navab, M.D., Rod
Partow-navid, B.S., Mohamad Navab, Ph.D., Mansoureh Eghbali, Ph.D.; NA BOS09
Anesthesiology, UCLA Med Ctr, Los Angeles, CA Neuron-Targeted Caveolin-1 Attenuates Traumatic Brain Injury-
Mediated Motor and Cognitive Deficits
CA BOS04 SynCav1 TG mice have enhanced membrane/lipid raft-localized protein
The Calcium Channel, TRPV4, Is Required for Hypoxic Pulmonary expression of Cav-1 and synaptic-associated pro-survival and pro-growth
Vasoconstriction signaling components. Furthermore, SynCav1 TG mice are less vulnerable
Hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction is a fundamental property of the to TBI-mediated contextual fear memory deficits. Junji Egawa, M.D., Weihua
lung vasculature. One of the end effectors of this process is the influx Cui, M.D., Edmund Posadas, Student, Jan M. Shilling, M.D., Piyush M.
of calcium into the vascular smooth muscle cell. We have demonstrated Patel, M.D., Ph.D., Brian P. Head, Ph.D.; Anesthesia, VASDHS/UCSD, San
that the calcium channel, TRPV4, is required for hypoxic pulmonary Diego, CA, Anesthesia, Beijing Tiantan Hospital/Capital Medical University,
vasoconstriction in vivo and in isolated smooth muscle cells. Neil Beijing, China.
Goldenberg, M.D., Ph.D., Liming Wang, Ph.D., Hannes Ranke, Cand. Med.,
Arata Tabuchi, M.D., Wolfgang M. Kuebler, M.D.; Anesthesia, Physiology, NA BOS10
University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada, Physiology, Peroxiredoxin-1 and Toll-like Receptor 2 Pathway Contributes to
Charité - Universitaetsmedizin, Berlin, Germany. Neurotoxic Microglial Activation After Cardiac Arrest
Survivors of cardiac arrest (CA) and cardiopulmonary resuscitation
NA BOS05 (CPR) suffer cognitive decline related to delayed neuronal death in the
Critical Changes in Cortical Neuronal Interactions in Anesthetized and hippocampus. While microglia are activated to a neurotoxic phenotype
Awake Rats after CA/CPR and mediate delayed neuronal death, the mechanism
Information theoretical indicators of neuronal interactions, integration and that activates microglia remains to be clarified. We found that the
complexity derived from multichannel extracellular recordings of parallel Peroxiredoxin-1 and Toll-like receptor 2 pathway contributes to neurotoxic
spike trains in visual cortex of chronically instrumented, unrestrained microglial activation after CA. Mizuko Ikeda, M.D., Ph.D., Tetsuhiro
rats reveal that (i) visual flash stimuli augment neuronal interactions in Fujiyoshi, M.D., Ph.D., Sarah Mader, B.S., Ines P. Koerner, M.D., Ph.D.;
both wakefulness and anesthesia; (ii) critical changes in cortical neuronal Oregon Health and Science University, Portland, OR.
interactions correlate with the transition between consciousness and
unconsciousness. Anthony G. Hudetz, D.B.M., Ph.D., Jeannette A. Vizuete,
Ph.D., Siveshigan Pillay, Ph.D., Kristina M. Ropella, Ph.D.; Anesthesiology,
Medical College of Wisconsin, Biomedical Engineering, Marquette
University, Milwaukee, WI.

AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia

6 OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain


A CCR2 Antagonist Suppresses Infiltration of Bone Marrow-Derived Intraoperative Tidal Volume Trends and Practice Patterns: A Report
Microglia Into the Central Nervous System and Reverses Anxiety-Like From the Multicenter Perioperative Outcomes Group
Behavior As Well As Hypersensitivity Induced by Chronic Neuropathic Using MPOG data from 9 U.S. academic centers, we describe trends
Pain and practice patterns of intraoperative tidal volumes. Our data shows a
We investigated the effects of a C-C chemokine receptor type 2 (CCR2) reduction in TV size over the time period, though a significant percentage of
antagonist on the infiltration of bone marrow-derived microglia (BMDM) patients continue to receive large TV. Patients with high BMI, short stature,
into the CNS, anxiety-like behavior, and hypersensitivity induced by chronic or female gender are at particular risk of receiving larger TV. S. Patrick
neuropathic following partial sciatic nerve ligation (PSNL). Neuropathic pain Bender, M.D., Lyle P. Gerety, M.D., W. Gabe Tharp, M.D., Ph.D., William
induced anxiety-like behavior in PSNL-treated mice at day 28 after surgery. C. Paganelli, M.D., Ph.D., Amy Shanks, M.S., Ph.D., Randal S. Blank,
BMDM aggregate in the CNS by PSNL stimulation via the MCP-1/CCR2 M.D., Ph.D., Douglas Colquhoun, M.B.,Ch.B., Ana Fernandez-Bustamante,
axis. The blockade of CCR2 activity in BMDM reversed both anxiety-like M.D., Ph.D., Sachin Kheterpal, M.D., M.B.A.; Anesthesiology, University
behavior as well as hypersensitivity induced by chronic neuropathic pain. of Vermont/Fletcher Allen Health Care, Burlington, VT, Anesthesiology,
These findings indicate that a CCR2 antagonist is new possibility for the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, Anesthesiology, University of
treatment of anxiety-like behavior and hypersensitivity induced by chronic Virginia Health System, Charlottesville, VA, Anesthesiology, University of
neuropathic pain. Atsushi Sawada, M.D., Ph.D., Yukitoshi Niiyama, M.D., Colorado Hospital, Aurora, CO.
Ph.D., Michiaki Yamakage, M.D., Ph.D.; Anesthesiology, Sapporo Medical
University School of Medicine, Sapporo, Japan. FA JS05
Effects of One-lung Ventilation and Positional Changes on Exhalation
FA BOS12 Enthalpy
Common MicroRNAs Regulate Liver Protection of Anesthetic and Ventilation-perfusion matching (V/Q) plays an important role in the care
Ischemic Preconditioning of patients in acute and critical care settings and can be monitored
We assessed the effects of anesthetic and ischemic preconditioning using exhaled heat content (i.e. enthalpy). This study was designed to
on the activation of a common pathway by conducting comprehensive measure changes in exhalation enthalpy during one-lung ventilation and its
miR screening tests and pathway analysis. The screening tests showed associated positional changes. Preliminary data suggests that exclusion
that APC and IPC induced similar changes in miR expression, whereas of the pathologic/operated lung and OLV in the lateral position improves
pathway analysis identified 5 miRs that were related to the Akt-GSK-cyclin V/Q matching while prolonged OLV in the lateral position worsens V/Q
D1 pathway and were significantly affected by ischemia and inhalation matching. Bonny M. Lee, M.D., David Rose, CRNA, Ph.D., Igor Brodkin,
anesthesia treatment. We propose that APC and IPC decreased the M.D., Neal W. Fleming, M.D., Ph.D.; Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine,
expression of miRs, which in turn suppressed the Akt-GSK-cyclin D1 UC Davis Med Ctr, Sacramento, CA, Anesthesiology, University of British
pathway, suggesting that APC and IPC imparted protective effects on the Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada.
liver. Tomonori Morita, M.D, Masashi Ishikawa, M.D., Atsuhiro Sakamoto,
M.D., Ph.D.; Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, Nippon Medical School, FA JS06
Tokyo, Japan. Alterations of Respiratory Mechanics in a Model of Prolonged
Protective Mechanical Ventilation
SPE21 JOURNAL SYMPOSIUM: HOW TO MECHANICALLY In a clinically relevant long-term (16 hours) protective mechanical
VENTILATE PATIENTS IN THE OPERATING ROOM IN 2014 ventilation mouse model (Vt=6-8 ml/kg, RR=180/min), increase in tissue
elastance combined with increased hysteresis but normal inspiratory
Tuesday, October 14 | 8-11 a.m. | Room 275-277 capacity suggests development of reversible atelectasis. In the injurious
group (Vt=15-20 ml/kg, RR=80-52/min) the increase in elastance and
FA JS01 decrease in inspiratory capacity suggest instead parenchymal injury.
Effect of Anesthesia Type on Postoperative Mortality and Morbidities Margit V. Szabari, M.D., Luiz Fernando R. Falcao, M.D., Ph.D., Joseph J.
The effect of anesthesia technique on 30-day mortality is unclear and Locascio, Ph.D., Guido Musch, M.D.; Department of Anesthesia, Critical
difficult to assess due to the abundance of confounders and small Care and Pain Medicine, Department of Neurology,Massachusetts General
effect sizes. In this retrospective large multicenter database of elective Hospital/Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, Federal University of São
surgeries in the United States, regional anesthesia was associated with Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
significantly less mortality and other morbidities including postoperative
stroke, respiratory and renal complications, after adjusting for clinical and FA JS07
demographic confounders. Nahel N. Saied, M.B.B.Ch., Liza M. Weavind, Intraoperative Protective Mechanical Ventilation and Risk of Post-
M.B.,Ch.B., M.D., Mohammad A. Helwani, M.D., Xue Han, M.S, M.P.H., Operative Pulmonary Complications
Matthew Shotwell, Ph.D., Pratik Pandharipande, M.D.; Anesthesiology This study analyzed 44,026 patients undergoing non-cardiac surgery at a
and Critical Care, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville, TN, tertiary care center to determine the association between intraoperative
Washington University, St. Louis, MO, Saint Louis, MO. protective ventilation and pulmonary complications. Our analysis showed
that patients receiving protective ventilation were less likely to have a
PI JS02 postoperative pulmonary complication. Specifically, a tidal volume of
Factors That Correlate With the Decision to Delay Extubation Following less than 8.5 ml/kg predicted body weight and a low plateau pressure
General Surgery minimized the risk of ventilator-associated pulmonary complications.
We found eight factors that independently correlated with the decision Karim Ladha, M.D., Marcos F. Vidal Melo, M.D., Ph.D., Duncan J. Mclean,
to delay extubation after a general anesthetic including ASA Class, M.B., Ch.B., Arina Igumenshcheva, B.S., B.A., Tobias Kurth, M.D., Sc.D.,
emergency status, procedure duration, estimated blood loss, the case end Matthias Eikermann, M.D.; Department of Anesthesia, Critical Care and
time, patient age, and difficult intubation. We also found that the number Pain Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA, Team
of anesthesiology attendings involved in the case was an independent Neuroepidemiology, Inserm Research Center for Epidemiology and
variable, not previously described in the literature, which correlated with Biostatistics, Bordeaux, France.
the decision to delay extubation. Zirka Anastasian, M.D., Minjae Kim, M.D.,
Eric J. Heyer, M.D., Ph.D., Kaitlin G Van Mallon, B.A., Mitchell F. Berman, CC JS08
M.D.; Columbia University Medical Center, New York, NY. Exaggerated Acute Lung Injury in Response to Infection in the
Metabolic Syndrome
FA JS03 After Staph aureus infection, LCR (MetaS) rats had higher level of
The Role of Tissue Oxygen Saturation (StO2) Monitoring in Cardiac inflammatory markers, bacterial load in blood, BALF, and the lungs, as
Surgery well as lung permeability as compared with the HCR rats. The metabolic
This prospective study including 45 adult patients undergoing elective syndrome state may exacerbate lung response to injury because of an
cardiac surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass shows that the tissue oxygen attenuation in the inflammation-resolving response as well as deleterious
saturation StO2 at the eminence thenar is not correlated with SvO2 upon effects on antimicrobial defenses. Xiaomei Feng, M.D., Ph.D., Judith
the occurrence of an event during or after surgery. Khalil Jabbour, Sr., M.D., Hellman, M.D., Mervyn Maze, M.B., Ch.B.; Anesthesia and Perioperative
Eliane Khalil, M.D., Fadia Haddad, M.D., Hicham Jabbour, M.D., Gemma Care, University of California, San Francisco, CA.
Hayek, M.D., Samia Madi-Jebara, M.D.; Anesthesiology and Critical Care,
Hôtel-Dieu de France Hospital, Saint-Joseph University, Beirut, Lebanon.

AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia

OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain 7

Dose-dependent Association Between Intermediate-acting
Neuromuscular Blocking Agents and Postoperative Respiratory Tuesday, October 14 | 1-3 p.m. | Room 275-277
Complications: A Prospective Analysis of Data on File
In our single-centre analysis of data on file, we demonstrate that PI BOC01
neuromuscular blocking agent dose was positively associated with an Comprehensive, Patient-Centered Total Care of Patients With Total
increased risk of postoperative respiratory complications. Furthermore, Knee Arthroplasty: The Practice and Outcomes of the Perioperative
we demonstrate a positive association between neostigmine dose and Surgical Home (PSH)
postoperative respiratory outcomes. Duncan J. McLean, M.D., Arina The practice of PSH for TKA in our facility has realized cost savings of
Igumenshcheva, B.S., B.A., Daniel Diaz-Gil, Medical Student, Jonathan $943,000 in 405 TKA patients over 8 month period.This was accomplished
Wanderer, M.D., M.Phil., Karim Ladha, M.D., Hassan Farhan, M.D., Tobias without any additional resources or staff. Chunyuan Qiu, M.D., M.S., Vu
Kurth, M.D., Sc.D., Matthias Eikermann, M.D., Ph.D.; Anesthesia, Critical T. Nguyen, M.D., Atef Morkos, M.D., Maria A. Morkos, Medical Student,
Care and Pain Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA, Andrew T-Y Ko, Student, Jessica Y. Qiu, Student, Chandra D. Heyman,
Anesthesiology, University of Rochester Medical Centre, Rochester, NY, M.B.A., Jamie M. Cabrera, P.A., Narendra S. Trivedi, M.D., Diana LaPlace,
University of Bordeaux, Bordeaux, France. M.D., Anesthesiology, Kaiser Permanente, Baldwin Park, Anesthesiology,
Kaiser Permanente Baldwin Park Medical Center, Yorba Linda, Huntington
FA JS10 Beach, and Orange, Anesthesiology, Kaiser Permanente Riverside Medical
Estimation of Minute Volume from Respiratory Inductance Center, Anaheim Hills, CA, Medical School, George Washington University,
Plethysmography by Hilbert Huang Transform DC.
Respiratory Inductance Plethysmography (RIP) permits assessment of
ventilation when spirometry is not feasible, but calibration is difficult. We PI BOC02
utilized the Hilbert Huang Transform (HHT) to generate magnitude and Chronic Pain Management: A Closed Claims Update
phase estimates from RIP and spirometry during transitions from pressure Since 1980, malpractice claims, deaths and severe nerve injuries
support to spontaneous ventilation during sevoflurane anesthesia. Linear associated with chronic pain treatment have continued to grow. Claims
regression of RIP magnitude and phase difference against spirometry associated with chronic pain management represented 18% of all
yielded an average R=0.74 across 52 patients. HHT may permit anesthesia malpractice claims in 2000-2011, while they comprised just
quantitative assessment of ventilatory depression in settings where 3% of claims in the 1980s. Kelly A. Pollak, M.D., Linda S. Stephens, Ph.D.,
spirometry is not practical. Jeff E. Mandel, M.D., M.S., Joshua H. Atkins, Karen L. Posner, Ph.D., Dermot R. Fitzgibbon, M.D., James P. Rathmell,
M.D., Ph.D.; Anesthesiology & Critical Care, Perelman School of Medicine M.D., Edward Michna, M.D., Karen B. Domino, M.D., M.P.H.; Anesthesiology
at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA. and Pain Medicine, University of Washington and Seattle Cancer Care
Alliance, Seattle, WA, Anesthesiology and Critical Care, Massachusetts
FA JS11 General Hospital/Harvard Medical School, Pain Management Center,
Variation in Clinical Management of Ventilation During One Lung Brigham and Women’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA.
Protective ventilation strategies can improve postoperative pulmonary PI BOC03
function and clinical outcomes following elective surgical procedures. Development and Assessment of a Novel Perioperative Ultrasound
Little information is available regarding optimal ventilator management Curriculum for Anesthesiology Residents: A FAER Sponsored Study
in patients undergoing procedures involving one lung ventilation. As a This study introduced a comprehensive ultrasound curriculum for
first step to addressing this we report the variation in management of anesthesia residents using model and simulation instruction. The results
ventilation observed within a single academic medical center in patients show improved ultrasound knowledge and potential to advance resident
undergoing OLV. Douglas Colquhoun, M.B., Ch.B., M.Sc., M.P.H., Bhiken I. education. Davinder S. Ramsingh, M.D., Catherine Hua, B.S., Adriana
Naik, M.B., B.Ch., Marcel E. Durieux, M.D., Ph.D., Benjamin D. Kozower, Capatina, B.S., Brenton S. Alexander, B.S., Khanhvan Le, B.A., Patrick
M.D., Randal S. Blank, M.D., Ph.D.; Department of Anesthesiology, Wu, M.D., Cecilia Canales, B.S., M.P.H., Maxime Cannesson, M.D., Ph.D.;
University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, Department of Surgery, University Department of Anesthesiology, University of California, Irvine, CA.
of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA .
FA JS12 The Predictive Validity of 12 month to 36 month Neurodevelopmental
Current National Practice Patterns for Intraoperative Ventilation Testing After Complex Neonatal Cardiac Surgery
Intraoperative practice patterns have changed over time, with increased Assessment of predictive validity of 12 month to 36 month
utilization of low tidal volume ventilation and PEEP. Significant neurodevelopmental outcomes indicates strong predictive relationship.
practicevariation exists between institutions. Jonathan P. Wanderer, The use of 12 month neurodevelopmental outcomes should continue in
M.D., M.Phil, Jesse M. Ehrenfeld, M.D., Richard H. Epstein, M.D., research. Marcie R. Meador, M.S., R.N., Ashraf M. Resheidat, M.D., Ronald
Daryl J. Kor, M.D., Ana Fernandez-Bustamante, M.D., Ph.D., Leslie C. B. Easley, M.D., Ken M. Brady, M.D., Rachel Dugan, B.S.N., R.N., Robert
Jameson, M.D., Jean-Francois Pittet, M.D., Marcos F. Vidal-Melo, M.D., Voigt, M.D., Turcich Marie, L.P.C., L.M.F.T., L.S.S.P., Dean B. Andropoulos,
Ph.D., Raquel R. Bartz, M.D., James M. Blum, M.D.; Department of M.D.; Pediatric Anesthesiology, Baylor College of Medicine/Texas Children’s
Anesthesiology, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN, Thomas Jefferson Hospital, Baylor College of Medicine, Developmental Pediatrics, Texas
Hospital, Philadelphia, PA, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, Rochester, Children’s Hospital, Houston, TX.
MN, University of Colorado Denver, Denver, CO, University of Colorado
Health Sciences Center, Aurora, CO, University of Alabama at Birmingham AM BOC05
Anesthesiology, Birmingham, AL, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, The Association of Postoperative Delirium and Cognitive Decline 4-6
MA, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC, University of Michigan Weeks after Cardiac Surgery
Health System, Ann Arbor, MI. The objective of this study was to examine the association of postoperative
delirium and cognitive decline at 4-6 weeks after cardiac surgery. In
models adjusted for age, history of stroke, and cardiopulmonary bypass
time, the presence of postoperative delirium compared to no delirium
was associated with a decrease of -0.30±0.14 (P=0.04) in composite
cognitive Z-score. Further, each increase in quartile of delirium severity
was associated with a decrease of -0.22±0.07 (P=0.004) in composite
cognitive Z-score. Further research is needed to confirm these findings
in a larger sample with longer follow-up. Charles H. Brown, M.D., M.H.S.,
Andrew LaFlam, B.S., Laura Max, BA, Karin Neufeld, M.D., M.P.H., Charles
W. Hogue, M.D.; Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine, Psychiatry,
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD.

AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia

8 OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain

D. Switzerland.D. Thomas L. M. M. Controlled. Germany. Ph. Ch.S. B.A.C. MA..D. Department of Anesthesiology. Perioperative and Pain Medicine..D.D. M. M... Louis... of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain 9 .P. Beattie. M. Boston. Summer Syed. Avidan. Winnipeg. M. Elizabeth L.P. M.C.. The effect of GAL021 on opioid- A model with 6 factors may help identify those at risk for persistent PTSD induced respiratory depression was modeled using a population-based symptoms.D. Joseph Cravero.D. San Francisco.. Jeffrey Hubbard.. Jürgen Schüttler. Khurram Owais. had PTSD symptoms a median 2 years after surgery. Laura Cornelissen. Marcin Wasowicz. Ph.R. George A.C..P. Ph.. MB. M. Feroze Mahmood.... M. Joseph Kim. Berde. Noninvasive Method of Oxygen Reserve Prospective. CA BOC08 Oxidative Stress Leads to Altered Gene Expression in Cardiac Myocytes Following Cardiopulmonary Bypass in Patients with Poorly Controlled Type II Diabetes versus Non-Diabetics Oxidative Stress associated with cardiopulmonary bypass leads to altered Gene Expression of the mitogen associated protein kinase pathway in Cardiac Myocytes of Patients with Poorly Controlled Type II Diabetes versus Non-Diabetics. ON. Ph.D. PCA-TCI with hydromorphone shows a reduction of the therapeutic plasma concentration range when compared to PCA and a high analgesic efficacy during acute postoperative pain therapy. Duration of blockade is significantly prolonged when compared to bupivacaine alone. Ph. Olomu. Kamal Khabbaz.... James McLeod. Jan Mell..B. M. Katharina Fröhlich..H. MI. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. B. Ann Arbor. M. Netherlands...D..D. St van der Schrier. Beth Israel Deaconess. D. F. It could help mechanism of MI after non cardiac surgery (NCS) in patients who optimize oxygenation before desaturation occurs. M. Anesthesia. ON. Erlangen.D.Pain intensity was assessed at rest and during deep inspiration every 15 min within the first hour and then every 30 min during PCA-TCI using the 11-point numerical rating scale (NRS). Anesthesia and Pain Management. M.8% without. Canada.a New.. underwent previous PCI. FA BOC12 PI BOC07 Oxygen Reserve Index . Thomas Huang. Bern University Hospital. Ph. M.D.Sc. Hamilton Health Science Hospital / McMaster University.D.D. 42. Ph.B. Cohort Study on Unresolved Dilemmas in Non-cardiac Measurement Surgery After Previous PCI The ORI is a noninvasive measure of the arterial oxygen reserve intended This prospective. Hamilton. is high (19%)... M. Rodebaugh. Cleveland. Wijeysundera. M. B.. M.D... M.. Psychology. Surgery. RA BOC09 Patient Controlled Analgesia by Target Controlled Infusion of Hydromorphone During Postoperative Pain After Cardiac Surgery Patient controlled analgesia (PCA) with opioid analgesics is a commonly used method during acute postoperative pain therapy. M. University of Texas Southwestern and Childrens function by aspirin the incidence of MI in PCI patients undergoing NCS Medical Center. of adherence to ACC/AHA guidelines and proper inhibition of platelet Daniel Sessler. University of Manitoba.D. Dallas. Ph.D.. Toronto General Hospital/ University of Toronto.Ch. multicenter cohort study analyzed the incidence and for monitoring oxygenation under hyperoxic conditions.D. indicative of an effect at the Perioperative Care. Robina Matyal. Double-blind FDA Phase 1 Trial We present the first human data on duration and intensity of local block with Neosaxitoxin combined with bupivacaine and epinephrine... Afton L. Albert Dahan. University of Michigan. Horsham. University Hospital Erlangen.D..D.D. Anesthesia and Perioperative Medicine. University of California. Margot Roozekrans. Ph. B. Harvard School of Public Health.. Anesthesia and Perioperative Medicine.O.D. Leiden University Medical Center. GAL021 is a novel potent respiratory stimulant without significant effect on and 15.. carotid bodies.D. M. M. Duminda N. RA BOC10 Long-acting Local Anesthesia With Neosaxitoxin in Combination With 0.P.. M.D. Charles B.. The results of this study showed that in in spite Jeffrey W. M.R. Department of Anesthesiology. Steiner... and Pain Medicine.. Erik Olofsen. MO. Peter Szmuk. M. sedation.D.D.D. Ph. M.D.A. M. Anesthesia and half-life not significantly different from zero.D.S. Anam Pal. F.. Lukasz Starzyk. Canada. we investigated the analgesic efficacy of the PCA with target controlled infusion (PCA-TCI) of hydromorphone during postoperative pain therapy after cardiac surgery. PsyD.. Anesthesiology. TX.D. Canada.D. pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic approach. PA.9% with IA. San Francisco. Whitlock. Anesthesiology.. Ph. Michael S. Toronto. analgesia or hemodynamics.. Epidemiology and Bioinformatics. Doris Rohde.D...D. Christian Jeleazcov.. Critical Care.S. Cleveland Clinic.. Sedation was assessed using modified Observer’s Assessment of Alertness/Sedation Scale (MOAAS). Boston. M. Patrick N.D.D. Carolina Donado. M.Sc.D. respiratory depression was observed with a blood-effect-site equilibration Mashour. Eric Jacobsohn.2% Bupivacaine and Epinephrine Versus Bupivacaine Alone: A Randomized... OH.. MA.D. Rapid onset of reversal of Ph. M.D.. Scott W.. M. M.. Joanna Dela Curuz. Galleon Pharmaceuticals. Rutger CA. M. Ph. Washington University in St Louis.A. Leiden. Boston Children’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School.D. Vwaire Orhurhu. RCRI and perioperative anemia were strong predictors of postoperative MI. Anesthesia and Pain Management. Ph.H.FA BOC06 FA BOC11 SPE21 JOURNAL SYMPOSIUM | SPE24 BEST OF ABSTRACTS: CLINICAL SCIENCE Psychological Sequelae of Surgery in a Cohort of Patients From Three Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic Modeling Study of the Intraoperative Awareness Prevention Trials Reversal of Opioid-induced Respiratory Depression by the We screened for postoperative PTSD symptoms in 35 intraoperative BK-channel Blocker GAL021 awareness (IA) patients matched with 185 non-IA controls. Mario Montealegre. Bern.. Harald Ihmsen. Anesthesiology. Kimberly Lobo. Ph.B. M. In our study.. Hassett.

M.CARDIAC CA A1001 OUTCOMES & RISK Altered Gene Expression Following Cardiopulmonary Bypass May Lead 8-9:30 a. Marc cardiac dysfunction in septic rats. M. Japan. Cleveland. CA . with cardiovascular complication. Ehrenfeld. Cleveland Clinic.... Epidemiology little improvement over simply using preoperative and day-of-surgery and Bioinformatics. M. Cleveland.D. UCLA.541 patients introduces the SLUScore™.D.A... CA. OR13-1 OUTCOMES AND DATABASE RESEARCH . CA. M.D.D.. | Room 243 to Post Operative Atrial Fibrillation Cardiopulmonary Bypass disrupts right atrial appendage cardiomyocyte’s FA A1006 expression of genes involved in oxidative stress resulting in damage that Simple Preoperative Blood Pressure Measurements Perform leads to post operative atrial fibrillation. Cynthia Brandt. Feng Dai. Jeffrey Hubbard. M. Jing You. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia 10 OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain . Harvard School of Public Health. Bhaswati Ghosh. Ph. Paul.. Robina Matyal. Saint Louis. pregnancy.S. Mansoureh Eghbali. Ph. Anesthesiology. Ph. and Pain poorly controlled hypertension. affecting one in every three patients.D.D. Yale School of Medicine.D. OH. Khurram Owais. Naoyuki Hirata. Department of Anesthesiology. Salil Sharma..D. M.D. OR09-1 EXPERIMENTAL CIRCULATION CA A1005 8-9:30 a. Division of Molecular Medicine. Detrimental OH. M. We previously demonstrated that administration of 1 mg/kg nitrite improved Cywinski. Los Angeles.D.D.S. CA A1002 Matthew M. We consider that nitrite might ameliorate oxidative stress dysregulation of mitochondria in sepsis. B.. Jerusalem.D. Jingyuan Li.S. blood pressure thresholds between 75 and 45 mm Hg. and Department of Outcomes Research. Critical Care. the delay in the liver The SLUScore™: A Novel Method to Quantify the Adverse Impact of regenerationprocess could partially be explained by the abolishment of Intraoperative Hypotension on Patient Outcome Following Non-Cardiac the rise in circulatingIL6 levels.S. thus protecting After Non-Cardiac Surgery the aging heart from ischemia/reperfusion injury. UCLA. not reduce mortality or cardiovascular morbidity..D.D. M. M.D. M. Jacek B. Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Interleukin 6 (IL6) Serum Levels and Liver Regeneration Following Partial Hepatectomy. effects of nitrite were not observed. Stony Brook. Vwaire Orhurhu. M. CA A1003 Cleveland Clinic. Yale School of Medicine. Daniel Sessler.. M.. Department of Quantitative Health Sciences. Lixin Liu. M..D.H.D. Christopher A. Jiang Zhu. and that this association Nitrite Protects Cardiac Mitochondrial Function Without a Detrimental occurs regardless of these patients’ co-morbidity. Our future goal is to elucidate the detail protective mechanisms of cardiac mitochondrial function by nitrite. M. Alparslan Turan.D... Ligia Toro.D. Yale School of Public Health. Hui Yuan. LLC.P.. complex day-of-surgery models offer Medicine.D...H.D. CA A1004 that it doubles the risk of death within 30 days. Tel scoring system for intraoperative hypotension based on the number of Aviv Sourasky Medical Center. Boston. Anesthesia. CT. Yusuke Yoshikawa. Saint Louis effect of nitrite at the cellular level. MO.D.. MiR-98 could serve as a novel target to protect pregnant women and Molecular & Medical Pharmacology. Vanderbilt University. M. NY.D. M. M... Yale School of Medicine. Mitochondrial respiratory control ratio. rats and primary cultured cardiomyocytes to elucidate antioxidant mediated and Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons.. M. Jin Zhang. Emergency Heart: Effects on Mitochondrial Autophagic Pathways Medicine and Anesthesiology.D.D.. The Second Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University. Ph. New Haven.. Cleveland.. B. Stapelfeldt.. Ph. M. function in septic rats. M. Sapporo. Schonberger. Jesse M. Enrico Stefani. to elucidate the R. M.. M.D. Hadassah Hebrew University cumulative time limits exceeded for exposure below a range of mean arterial Medical Center..D.. Suzhou.D.. Kamal Khabbaz.. Sapporo Medical University School of Medicine. Ryu Komatsu. M. It demonstrates that hypotensive exposures are common. Similar to More Complicated Models in Identifying Poorly Controlled Thomas Huang. Anesthesiology.. Qun Steroid supplementation after induction of anesthesia with etomidate did Gao.. Anesthesiology. Anesthesia & Intensive Care & Pain Management. Surgery.m. M. Xu.A. Michiaki Yamakage. M.. Hypertensives Anam Pal.D. Internal Medicine/ Cardiology. M.. Anesthesiology Institute.. Wolf H. China. Ph..S.. M. Ph. M.D. | Room 244 Proteomic Analysis Reveals Potential Mechanisms of mitoBKca Channel Translocation to Mitochondria CA A1000 A proteomic analysis directed to identify proteins that specifically associate MiR-98 Regulates Apoptosis in Cardiomyocytes via PGC-1 and STAT3 to mitoBKca via its “DEC” splice sequence reveals potential mechanisms Regulation of cardiomyocytes apoptosis by MiR-98 via PGC-1 and STAT3 is used in directing cardiac mitoBKca to mitochondria.. M. Mario Rebecchi..D.D. Transfusion of fresh RBCpartially restored Surgery liver regeneration capacity and the rise in IL6. a novel Abramovitch. Israel.D. Cleveland Clinic. M.D. M. Feroze In deciding whether to refer a patient postoperatively for evaluation of Mahmood.D. Ph. Israel..D. Anesthesiology. was significantly improved by nitrite. Robert B. MA.. In the present study.. Acute Bleeding and RBC Transfusion FA A1008 Inanimals undergoing PHx and bleeding. normalization of isoflurane induced cardioprotection in aging heart.D. M. which indicates TN. M.. M. Daisuke Maruyama. VA How Tempol Restores Pharmacologic Preconditioning in the Aging Connecticut Healthcare System. Los Angeles. Our results showed that Tempol treatment may normalize impaired mitochondrial FA A1007 function in old rats and Tempol plus pharmacological preconditioning Steroid Supplementation After Anesthetic Induction With Etomidate increased autophagy flux and induced mitophagic pathway activity by Does Not Reduce In-Hospital Mortality or Cardiovascular Morbidity promoting Parkin translocation to mitochondria in old rats..m.D. UCLA. Zhu one of the mechanism underlying higher cardiac vulnerability to I/R injury in Zhang. Burg. we investigated cardiac mitochondrial University. M. Mario Montealegre. Reynolds.. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. M. Ph. Ph. Anesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine. Zekun Stony Brook University Medical Center. Ryo Miyashita. Rinat The present study in 116.D. Anesthesiology. Anesthesiology..D. We used young and old Healthcare System. OH. M. M. Ph. General Anesthesiology. Nashville..D... Los Angeles. blood pressures alone in determining who warrants referral. VA Connecticut Autophagy/mitophagy is impaired in aging heart. M. Idit Matot.P.D. oxidative phosphorylation.. Ph. Talis Clinical. Ryouichi Kawaguchi.A.S.. Effect in Septic Rats Peter Vuong. Tel Aviv..

m.. University of Toronto. Ph. However. Iwona Bonney. rates started decreasing in the second half General Hospital. outcomes.... M.D. M. Nayoro City perioperative β-blocker initiation. M...D. Sc.S. subjective effects and tolerability in In a large patient cohort of intermediate to high risk noncardiac surgery. M.C.B. Japan. M.D.D.D. of 2008. Ph.D. The Role of the Pontine Parabrachial Nucleus in Opioid-induced Bateman. Cardiology.. M. Hendrik M. Emergency Surgery and Kim. Judith A.. Ph.. Anesthesia. M. Jordan Brayanov... Wilton A.FA A1009 FA A1013 SATURDAY. A pilot study of PEAS in pediatric In the current study we describe perioperative initiation of β-blockers before patients is introduced here.. M.D. Netherlands. the effects occurred we found an association between preoperative use of ACE inhibitor or AR within 5 min and remained constant during the remaining exposure time blocker drugs and increased all cause 30-days mortality.D. FA A1012 Zuperku.DJun Liu. Lightfoot..A Pilot Study FA A1011 We propose the PEAS (perioperative evaluation of the airway via sonography) Perioperative β . Nathoe. M. M. Elisabetta Patorno. M.D. inform Zhenbo Su. Tufts Medical Surgical Critical Care.. we discovered a wide range of MV values Cuffed AEC and ICU vent or Bag to establish adequate ventilation without in the PACU. may benefit from perioperative β-blockade.D. Netherlands. Ph. Hopp. Evan G.D. Stuth.D. For pH..D. Sebastian Schneeweiss. MA. people with less reserve. Catheter: An Animal Model Study Inc..B. i. blood gas.D.... Harvard Medical School.S.S. Trauma. Justin R.D.D. Edward J.D. Leiden Ph.B. University Medical Centre.D... Ph. Massachusetts General Hospital. which suggests Sapporo. Albert Dahan. Hastings.. University of TX Medical School-Houston.S..D. Netherlands. Asahikawa. The brainstem area mediating opioid-induced respiratory slowing and apnea is undetermined. Using Efficacy of Ventilation through a Novel Cuffed Airway Exchange a respiratory volume monitor (RVM.D.D. OCTOBER 12 Reduced Troponin Values After Volatile Anesthetic Pre-Conditioning . Buhre. FANZCA. Ph.. Miller. M. M. Nicholas J. Van der Schrier. FA A1016 Ph.D. the severity heterogeneity between studies which is currently unexplained. Julie and Pain Medicine and Respiratory Care.D. M. M.C. M.. Van Klei.D. Wolfgang F. Erik Olofsen. use of to the observed changes in pH.D. Japan.. Pivalizza. if any.. M. Leiden.D.V. University Medical Center Utrecht.D. Respiratory Motion. Michael Duggan. M. these differences and whether volatile anesthetic exposure influences clinical Margot Roozekrans. Mai Kishi...D. M.D.D. FA A1014 Department of Anesthesia.Ch. King.D. M.D. Van der Schrier.. Toronto. Preoperative Evaluation of the Airway via Sonography(PEAS) Protocol in Pediatric Patients. Utrecht. Robert Kacmarek.D. M. Leiden.D. Tolerability and Physiological Effects of High CO2 Concentrations on the Human System FA A1010 The current study describes the effects of exposure to relatively high CO2 Use of ACE Inhibitors or AR Blockers and 30-days Mortality After concentrations with special attention to changes in the cardiorespiratory Noncardiac Surgery in a Large Cohort Study system. Ph. nor of postoperative myocardial injury.D. subsequent to the publication of a large RCT (POISE trial).. Initiation Japan. Boston.. MA.D. Eckehard A. Ph.. Nayoro. M. Massachusetts General Respiratory Depression Hospital .S. Jun Oto... there was which was well tolerated in a group of fit young male volunteers. PACU management protocols and may improve patient safety. Respiratory Motion.. M. Department of Anesthesia. Anesthesiology. M.D. high-risk non-cardiac elective surgery in the United States Keishi Tamashiro. M. MA. M.D. Ph.D. cognitive function. individualized respiratory performance assessment postoperatively. Scott Beattie.D. M.. Leiden University Medical Centre. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain 11 . Rutger M.. Brian T.e.C. Rutger M.B.blocker Utilization in Patients Undergoing protocol to identify cricothyroid membrane to assess difficulty in performing Intermediate to High Risk Non-Cardiac Surgery surgical airway access in pediatric patients. Sam Gumbert.. Francis A.D. Margot Waes.D. Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Our adult. Tolerability no commensurate increased incidence of intraoperative hypotension. M. between 2003 and 2012. Marcin Wasowicz.. Stucke. After a period characterized by rapidly increasing Takayuki Kunisawa. Roozekrans. M. Michiko Sato. MA) in the obese. M.D. Anesthesiology. rates in some subgroups of patients remain relatively high. Zablocki VA Medical Center. Akihiro Suzuki.D. the need for more research to define which patients.. Suzanne Flier.C. Funnel plot proportionally increased with escalating alcohol dosages.D.B. The slope of the appears to reduce post-operative troponin levels there is significant Vi-CO2 response curve decreased with ingestion of alcohol. ON. Maastricht FA A1015 University Medical Center. Dr. Asahikawa Medical College...D. Boston. Although volatile exposure (OIRD) and concomitant use of alcohol is explored. M. | Room 245 concentrations of systemic opioids.D.. Anesthesiology. Anesthesiology.. Perioperative Findings We determined a new reference formula for physiologic minute ventilation FA A1017 (MV) against an intraoperative standard in an obese population.S. Alcohol worsened analysis reveals significant publication bias with negative studies being the measured opioid-induced respiratory depression significantly in our under-reported. Houston. MA. M. Yandong Jiang. Canada. Concomitant Use of Alcohol and Oxycodone: The Influence on A Meta-Analysis of Coronary Bypass Trials Opioid-induced Respiratory Depression This is a meta-analysis reviewing whether volatile anesthetic exposure In this study the interaction between opioid-induced respiratory depression influences troponin values after cardiac surgery... M.. moderate.. IncWaltham... Medical College of Wisconsin.. Linda M.D. Boston. Monash University.. M. M. M. decerebrate rabbit model proves that a OR17-1 RESPIRATION-VENTILATION sub-area of the lateral Parabrachial Nucleus plays a decisive role at clinical 8-9:30 a. M. Julius Center. M. Critical Care Schumann. Albert Dahan. Leo Van Wolfswinkel.. We will conduct further analyses to determine the cause for group of healthy fit volunteers. Maastricht. Center.Waltham..P. Angela Jerath. The RVM allows for using jet ventilator.. Ph. M... pCO2 and cardiac output. Van or pulmonary disease. Ph. D.. M. Peelen. healthy volunteers. M. the elderly and individuals with cardiac and/ infarction or acute kidney injury. Stuart L.D. Melbourne. Australia.. Ph..D..D. Netherlands.D. Yuko Nawa. ExSpiron. some of which at a very low range. Hiroshi Iwasaki. M. WI. M. TX. pCO2 and cardiac output will be less in vasopressors or positive fluid balance. Astrid G.D. Hokkaido Medical Center for Child Health and Rehabilitation. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund.. Defining Minute Ventilation in Obese Surgical Patients: New Milwaukee. Ph..HShirley Wang. Roman David R. Ph.r.S.D. Ph.. Ph. Ph.MJingwen Wang.

S.D. CA . Phyllis K.D.B. Podgoreanu. M.. Waes. Ph. Shotwell.D. Ph.C. shock relate to a genetic variation ( -94ins/delATTG) of NFKB1. Irvine.B. M.D. Cameron J. IL.D. University Duisburg-Essen. M. M. (MR) as defined by intraoperative TEE is associated with a survival advantage M. Weavind.D. Germany. In our population of surgical and medical ICU patients. M.D.. Stein. M. Andreas Duma.S.D. M.. M. Glenn S. CA A1020 M. Swatilika Pal. Linda M.D.C.. Sarah J. University Hospitals.D. Durham. Louis.D.B. Rinehart. However.. M. Dr..D.D. may enhance GIK effects.. M. perhaps because hyperglycemia Utrecht. M.B. Sophia Gessner. Joseph B. M... M. Anesthesiology.S. Biostatistics. MO. Prof. Zeev N. UCI Medical Center. M. Mihai V. OH. Daniel Sessler.. FAHA. delATTG) and Is Associated With Increased 30-day Mortality in Septic Daniel L. Ph. Chicago.D. Shiva M.. Ph.. Duke University. M. Torin D.D. Dr. M. DrJuergen Performace Improvement Program on the Postoperative Outcome Peters. Zekun Xu. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia 12 OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain .D. Cardiovascular Division. Nathoe. Xue Han. We found that HealthSystem. compared with the CABG only cohort in a weighted multivariable regression model. Prof. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. Essen.. Kain. M. We conclude that moderate MR during CABG surgery should be CA A1023 considered for surgical correction to optimize postoperative outcomes. Irvine.D. Our investigation OR06-1 CRITICAL CARE evaluated benefits of HNC on myocardial function during cardiac surgery. administration patterns and to improve postoperative outcome in patients undergoing high-risk abdominal and pelvic surgeries. FASE.D..S. or death.. M.. Van Klei.. Davinder S.D. Szokol. PD.D. Trung Q.C. lower hemoglobin levels were associated with more severe respiratory dysfunction the following day. Joseph P.. OR04-1 CLINICAL CIRCULATION: OUTCOMES CA A1022 1-2:30 p.D.B.D. Hendrik Performance During Cardiac Surgery: A Randomized Trial M. Universitätsklinikum Essen.D. TN. negates benefits of GIK. Saint Louis. Northwestern University Feinberg School of the mitral valve surgery group (n=232) had superior long-term outcomes Medicine. Shock Department of Anesthesiology.D. Mathew. Anesthesiology & Perioperative Care.. Prof. Zhaoxia Yu. NorthShore University over revascularization alone in 660 CABG surgery cases. Pratik Pandharipande. Liza M. Ph. Murphy. Alina Surgery on Cardiovascular Interventions and One-year Mortality Nicoara. Ricks..I. Babak Kashy. Ph. Judith V. M. Marc A. Surgery. M. Ulrich H. Prof.D. Ph..D. M. Adam J...m.. CC A1024 Sale. Prospective.D.. M.. DrJoachim Fandrey. Ph. M.. | Room 243 HNC did not improve myocardial performance...D. Igor Akushevich. M. Mark Stafford-Smith. Mani Daneshmand. Helsten. M.. M.D. Sheryar Sarwar. Universitätsklinikum Essen and Bochum.S. Cleveland Clinic. Targeting normoglycemia. NC. Peter Nagele.. Peelen.. Winfried Siffert. Frey. Medical Center. CA A1021 DrKatharina Rump. monitoring as part of standard postoperative care after noncardiac surgery Anesthesiology. Grobben. Duncan. Ph. Klinik für Anästhesiologie und optimization based on PGDT strategies has the ability to transform fluid Intensivmedizin. Klinik für Anästhesiologie und of Patients Undergoing High-Risk Abdominal Surgery: A Historical. Resident Research Award 2nd Place Hemauer. We determined whether surgical correction of moderate mitral regurgitation M. this had no effect on one- Hyper-Insulinemic Normoglycemia Does Not Improve Myocardial year mortality..D.D. CA. Impact of the Implementation of a Perioperative Goal Directed Therapy Prof.D.. M. M. University Medical Center performance are inconsistently effective.. Comparative Effectiveness Study Universität Jena.D. Biostatistics.D. Cardiology.. levels were not associated with daily risk of development of brain or renal dysfunctions. Anesthesiology. DrAstrid M.D. Vanderbilt University A High-Fidelity Analysis of Perioperative QTc-Prolongation in General. M. Netherlands. Matthew S. Institut für Pharmakogenetik.D.D. Vu. PD. Remco B. | Room 244 Intraoperative Opioids and Myocardial Protection: Methadone Versus Fentanyl CA A1018 Methadone has been reported to produce potent cardioprotective effects in Surgical Correction of Moderate MR Defined by Intraoperative TEE animal models. M.. The heterogeneous results reported for hydrocortisone treatment in septic Washington University of St.. Westendorf. Anemia and End-Organ Dysfunction in Critically Ill Medical and Surgical M. University of California. Anesthesiology.D. Institut für the implementation of a protocol for fluid management and hemodynamic Physiologie.D. University of California. M. M. Orange.S.. 1-2:30 p. Universitätsklinikum. Cardiothoracic ICU Patients Surgery. M.A. IL.. Shear...D.BB.D.. In this clinical trial in cardiac surgical patients. Nashville. on cardiovascular events and death. no evidence During CABG Surgery Is Associated With Improved Long-Term Survival of a reduction in cardiac injury or an improvement in cardiac function was Compared to Revascularization Alone observed in patients randomized to receive methadone. MHBA. M.. M. Gillinov. Michael J. M. Effects of Routine Postoperative Troponin Monitoring After Noncardiac Madhav Swaminathan. Kingeter.. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of routine troponin Miklos D. Cardiothoracic Anesthesia. CA. Stephen Greenberg. M.S.D.. Kertai. M. Ph. Simon T. Utrecht. Maxime Cannesson. Intensivmedizin.. Ramsingh.S. André Scherag. Institut für Medizinische Mikrobiologie. Implementation of this protocol resulted in more frequent diagnosis of postoperative myocardial infarction and CA A1019 subsequent coronary interventions.. Dr. Klinische Epidemiologie..D.m. MHBA... Epidemiology.Ch. Glucose-insulin-potassium (GIK) solutions given to improve myocardial Ph. lower hemoglobin Cleveland. Joseph W.. M. DrMichael Adamzik... M. Thomas.S. However.BB. Andrej Alfirevic. Wilton A. Outcomes Research.D. Prof. This study suggests that the implementation of a QI program focusing on Universitätsklinikum. Andra I.. using a hyperinsulinemic normoglycemic clamp (HNC). Avram. Evanston.. and Local Anesthesia QTc prolongation is not an isolated postoperative phenomenon and is CC A1025 common during surgery under general and spinal anesthesia.. M. Schaefer. Spinal.D.The incidence Hydrocortisone Fails to Abolish NF-κB Nuclear Translocation in of LQTc episodes may be more likely with general anesthesia than with Deletion Allele Carriers of the NFKB1 Promoter Polymorphism (-94ins/ regional anesthesia. James D. Internal Medicine.

CC A1027 M.A.D. Nadine Huber. is associated with mortality within septic University of Chicago. New York. 77. M..D. M. University of Cincinnati. JrM. Miltiades. M. Peter Conzen. incomplete/missing Anaesthesiology..B. anxiety reduction and patient satisfaction improvement.aeruginosa in mini-BAL. Daniel Siegl..D. Hannah Wunsch. Vinca W. M. M. 20.H. University of Texas Medical Branch. M. VA. Eric of the Perioperative Surgical Home F. Kelsey McCarty.. and Pain Medicine. Division of improvements of our assessments and development of best practices.. Cerner Corporation. coordinate this care.Hospices Civils de Lyon. Cleveland. These data may be used for Demonstrates Importance of Benchmarking Using Data on Similar benchmarking and patient safety across U. Carinci. TX. PI A1030 Relative hyperleptinemia whether obesity related or induced by leptin Measuring and Improving the Quality of Pre-Procedural treatment acts protective in sepsis by increasing the cellular immune Assessments response and diminishing the pro-inflammatory cytokine response.. Angela M.. Center for Critical Care. Bernard Floccard.D. Department of General of the outcome of our pre-operative process and the ability to shape targeted and Visceral Surgery. Martyna Diagnosis of Ventilator-acquired Pneumonia in the Intensive Care Unit Skowron. M. Mathieu Page. We compared a quantitative PCR (qPCR) specific to P. Ph. Cincinnati. M.. M.. Ph. Jeffrey L. Department anesthesiology departments since the last previous data was published in of Anesthesiology. Hua.. assessments. TX.OCarin A. David L. Prough.H. M. M. Farah N.D... James P. Tissue oxygen saturation (StO2). Therefore. PI A1033 for patients with a suspicion of VAP. Anesthesiology. Huong-Tram Vu Hoang. Johnson III. improving quality and evidence-based practice. Mihir N..CC A1026 OR14-1 PATIENT SAFETY AND PRACTICE MANAGEMENT SATURDAY.D.. and Department of Quantitative Health Sciences. there exists a significant need for prospective.S. Whitten. Montefiore Medical Center. quality of pre-procedural evaluations and identify recurring deficiencies.P. OCTOBER 12 Obesity-induced Hyperleptinemia Improves Survival and Immune 1-2:30 p. Guohua Li..D. Andrea The Perioperative Surgical Home aims to optimize outcomes by enhancing M. J. but has recently been challenged. Munich. Rathmell..D.. M. M.. OH. M. OH .D.D. M.. Germany. Development of an anesthesia preoperative clinic (APC) serves multiple better than Gram stain. Chow.. Intensive Care Units In a retrospective cohort study of US ICUs. Rane. Walter-Brendel-Centre of Experimental Medicine. monitored noninvasively at bedside using Galveston.D. M.. Johannes Tschoep.. patient satisfaction..P. Silvia Perez Protto. Dongsheng Yang. reducing inefficiency. of cancellations.. Facilities M.D. Boston. Dr. system has been implemented at our institution with the introduction of Lyon. M..D. Ph. Sepsis: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis Levy. Association between Monitoring Tissue Oxygenation and Mortality in M.D. 123 samples of mini-BAL underwent Anesthesia Preoperative Clinic: Memorial Hermann Hospital qPCR analysis (results available in 115 minutes) and Gram staining. “satisfactory”. M. Cumulative Incidence and Time to Reintubation in United States Massachusetts General Hospital. | Room 245 Response in a Murine Model of Sepsis Obesity reflects hyperleptinemia and an improved cellular immune system.5 million cases of Anesthesiology and Epidemiology. designed by Emanuel and Macpherson1. and 1. M..The results included more than 2. Department of Anesthesiology. efficacy of APC by categories of non-preventable misadventure. and inadequate assessments..D. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain 13 .8% as “unsatisfactory”. Department of for an “unsatisfactory” rating were missing information. Ph. Thorsten Annecke.D.D.. Eden Brand. M.. Shorter surgical duration lead to more units billed per hour of care (tASA/h) which results in not having as many CC A1028 billed hours for similar productivity per OR (tASA/OR). Andrew A. Research.D.A.. NY . TX. Ronald S.. The most common categories Charles C.A. University of Texas Health and Science Center at Houston. M.D. Germany. Hepner. MD. M. Kramer..D. surgical staff Einstein College of Medicine. Productivity benchmarks were reported by facility type. A similar and Intensive Care Unit. MA. D. Preoperative Electronic Communication Supports the Goals M..D. and size of facility. waiting times. Rapid initiation of broad spectrum empirical antibiotic therapy Women’s Hospital. Abouleish..C.S.S.D.B. Department of Surgery... Davide Cattano.D. improving hospital diagnosis of P. M. consultation requests. M.D. is recommended. Ph. Electronic communications regarding patients seen in a preoperative clinic of a tertiary care center fostered information exchange. M.D. clinical disagreement. Bader. Department of Anesthesia..D.. Bernard resource utilization. M. Preoperative assessment centers are positioned to Cleveland Clinic. M. Ph.D. Brigham and VAP. Department of Medicine. Charles W. M. Columbia University. M. at more facilities and larger facilities. M.B. Hagberg.. M... Etienne Hautin.m.6% as Bobby L. patient/ Christophe Magnin.D. University Hospital Ulm. Columbia University. MA. Edward Mascha. M. Donald S. Jing You. Thomas Rimmelé. Sp 98%. M. VPP 86% VPN 96%).. examined the Charles-Eric Ber.D.D. and reducing case cancellations.D.. Academic departments are providing care Critical Care. Anesthesiology system errors. Amr E.PHM. Albert 2003.. value-enhanced quality and Validation of a Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Quantitative PCR for the safety outcomes.5% were rated as “exemplary”. University of Texas Health and Science Center at Houston.. Vienna. Hôpital Edouard Herriot . Over an 8-week period. Steven Hata.D.. M. Manji.D. Kaiser. We propose a 96-hour window to evaluate patients for reintubation Benchmarking Survey of Academic Anesthesiology Departments as this captured 90% of reintubation events. Killoran.D. Boston. M. ICUs. M. qPCR TMC Experience showed strong performances (Se 80%.D.D. Caldwell. Aalok Agarwala. Ludwig.D.. M. Chicago.D. and patient surveys with the aim of quality improvement. A classification system Allaouchiche. Surgical Services. patient samples. Dallas.D.aeruginosa with Gram stain results..S. M. M. the cumulative incidence of PI A1031 reintubation was approximately 9% and median time to reintubation was 19 Comparing Apples to Apples: Updated Clinical Productivity hours.. May S. IL. M. qPCR is a reliable and specific method for rapid purposes of optimizing patient medical conditions.D. M.D. Laure Fayolle-Pivot. Andre Martignoni. Department of Outcomes Research. Critical Care and Pain Medicine.. Kurz...D.D.D..D.D. and clinical deterioration. This study aimed to collect quality ratings from anesthesia providers on the leptin treatment could offer a new way of an individual sepsis therapy. randomized PI A1032 controlled trials incorporating StO2 within a treatment algorithm.D.. We performed a nationwide survey of clinical productivity for academic Ph. Adam J. given in 143 different facilities. This data enabled assessment Maximilians-University Munich. France. University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. Zhuo Sun.S. Peter V. CC A1029 with the potential to improve patient-centered.. Given observational design and the significant heterogeneity of the studies. M. Gershengorn.. M. Andrea N. systematic measurements and quality metrics that includes nurse phone triage. near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS). Departments type.D. M.D. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. Ulm. Tanya Richvalsky. M. Apfelbaum. Hayley B.. François Malavieille. Houston. Inappropriate or delayed antibiotic therapy can increase morbidity in Perioperative..

Anesthesiology. Use of a flipped classRoom model to improve resident and faculty CA. engagement and satisfaction with introductory CA1 didactics..S. Theogene Twagirumugabe. Peterborough. called STARTprep delivering basic science curriculum to residents in daily University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Chu. University of During Anesthesiology Residency Chicago. Omar Khan. IL. Robina Matyal. We have found that direct hospital the University of Rwanda. B.D... Sean T. Implementation of a Basic Curriculum for Perioperative Ultrasound Gaudet. University PI A1035 of Rwanda.D.. We utilized CO. We implemented a multimodal structured 13-day US training program for anesthesiology interns PD03-1 CHRONIC AND CANCER PAIN at our institution using web didactics. enhance proper management of pain. . Shermeen B. Weinkauf. Virtually all participants felt that the conferences costs can be driven substantially below benchmark levels using the Total improved their understanding of the practice of medicine in other parts of Joint-PSH pathway. Anesthesiology. Vakharia.. Toronto. Would They Piehl. Khurram Owais. Marcel M.. Minnie Kibiro.A. Ran Schwarzkoph. M. Ross G. M.D. Ph.D. OR11-1 HISTORY AND EDUCATION: NOVEL WAYS TO TEACH AND LEARN PI A1040 3-4:30 p. | ROOM 245 and workshops. simulation 10-11:30 a. However.. improved radiology service and conflict management style improved performance scores in the simulated cost saving to the trust. Steven L. Residents were found to improve their identification of structures Basic Examination relevant to four nerve blocks after use of this program.. Joseph L. M.D. Teleconferences may be an effective way to introduce global health unwarranted costs. M. M. Boston.D. Christine A.D. Ph. Sanford Roberts. PI A1034 PI A1038 Total Joint Perioperative Surgical Home at UC Irvine Health: A Cost An Anesthesiology Case Teleconference Series Between the United Analysis States and Rwanda This study examines the costs of the Total Joint Perioperative Surgical Home We evaluated the impressions of the US participants in a monthly (PSH) implemented at UC Irvine Health in 2012 for all elective total knee anesthesiology case teleconference between the University of Virginia and arthroplasty and total hip arthroplasty.. Pulsar Li..A. Hernandez. tube has poor evidence and the advantage of a reduced number of chest This study showed that feedback tailored to individual personality type and radiographs is less radiation to the patient.D. indicate that the new technique was comparable to the live lecture for medical knowledge transfer. Opioid Dose Adjustment in Chronic Pain Patients M. PA. The aim of our study was to evaluate the use of Personality Types and High Fidelity Simulation Training: Does Teaching chest radiograph in Intensive Care patients and the rationale for request to Type Matter? against the ACR appropriateness Criteria..D. Mitchell. University of Rwanda. Chicago.D..D. the indications for chest can be intense.B.D. At the end of the course the trainees demonstrated increased knowledge and ability to obtain multiple unassisted images for PN A1042 transesophageal and transthoracic echocardiography. M. College of Medicine and Health Sciences. Brian Ferla. PDT.. and suggest that implementation of a PSH model of the world and their ability to communicate with practitioners from other care could help institutions to better control process costs and identify cultures..D.... Kenneth D.. Jutta Novalija. M. Pittsburgh.. Anesthesiology. Paula Trigo Blanco. live teaching sessions. M... Ngenzi.D. Stanford University School of Medicine. Charlottesville. Appropriateness of Chest Radiograph in the Intensive Care The use of chest radiography is commonly employed in Intensive carepatients PI A1039 for diagnostic purposes. Orthopedic Surgery. M. Leslie M.D. B.m. PI A1041 Lynn Ngai. M. Denver. Ph.D.D. Chicago. Perioperative ultrasound (US) has become an essential part of anesthesiology practice. M. ON. but satisfaction was higher for both learner PI A1037 and teacher with the new approach.D. Medical College of Wisconsin. Amy Ahearn. Darren R. Anesthesiology.. M. Rwanda. CTC..D.R. M. CA. emphasizing the importance of these tests in all pain clinics in terms of M. Durieux. TCE. Raphael... This interim study found that a 12-month multi-institutional online course Joseph P. M. Ph. United and improve future clinical performance.. M. Orebaugh. Ranjan Gupta... VA. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. vascular access and lung ultrasound. Despite that.B.D.C.D. and improve patient compliance. PA . E. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia 14 OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain . there is a lack of structures training programs for POSTER DISCUSSIONS perioperative US during anesthesiology residency. Anam Pal. Los Angeles.S. M.D. | Room 243 3-Dimensional Simulation of Cadaver Dissection Can Improve Sono-Anatomical Structure Identification During Resident Regional PI A1036 Anesthesia Education A 12-Month Multi-Institutional Episodic Daily Learning Online Mobile This study assesses the efficacy of a novel 3D cadaver dissection simulator Curriculum (STARTprep) Designed to Prepare Anesthesia Residents for used as an aid during identification of sonoanatomical structures by Preparedness in the American Board of Anesthesiology (ABA) Part I residents. Estee The New CA1 Residents Are So Shell Shocked Anyways.B. Milwaukee. Peterborough Hospital. Prep Partner Site Group. Zeev N. M. M.D.. IL.. M. Maxime Cannesson.D. Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Herodotos Ellinas. Rwanda. Anesthesiology and Perioperative Care. Toronto Hospital. Feroze Repeated urine toxicology tests demonstrated improved compliance. Kain. The ability to cope appropriately with conflicts is dependent radiograph is a contentious point.D. M.D. Chicago. Anesthesiology.S. Afsaneh Beiranvand. Larry F. traditional live lecture in the introductory CA1 didactic program.R.D.. M.... Andrea J. D. Julia L. outcomes for the American Board of Anesthesiology Part I Basic Examination. M. M. Runnels.B. Mahmood. University of Colorado at Denver. modules contributes to feelings of greater preparedness and positive learning Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. MA ..S. CA.. IL. environment and may have potential to be directly applied to everyday life F.... B. Fuller. Nazia Khan. Ph..A.D.. Candido. Vanessa Wong. WI. University of California.D. peripheral nerve Quantitative Urine Toxicology Can Help in Improving Compliance and blocks.D.A.D. M. Charles A.A. Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center. M. AIM Notice If We Flipped Their ClassRoom? Lab. New Haven.D.D.A. M.B. and international medicine in an anesthesiology training program.. Fox. providing an inducement to patients using opioids for pain management. Anesthesiology. University of Chicago. University of Virginia. Yale University School of Medicine. Nebojsa Nick Knezevic. results of this study demonstrated that repeated quantitative urine toxicology analyses could be a relevant tool to accurately adjust the dosing of opioid medication.B. Lewis. M. Reuben Eng.O.. M.. Resti.m. M. Irvine. FRCPC...D. Furthermore. Our results CT. M. M. M. M. Mario Montealegre-Gallegos. M. Kigali.. M.B. a combined online and problem based learning discussion to replace a Department of Anesthesia. Ph.D.. M. Department of Anesthesia.D.. Telemedicine.. University of Southern California School of Medicine. Baer. M. John D. Chris Kingdom.B. We looked at 100 people and The operating Room is a high-stress workplace where interpersonal conflict found our practise was 98% compliant. Its use for confirmation of an endotracheal on experience and the unique set of behavioral skills of every individual. M. M..D. DACC. Philadelphia. Garson. Stanford.ASTART.D.D. Michael R. Anaesthetics.. Butare. 13 Institutions.. Canada.D.

Yan Li. Merchant. interlaminar epidural steroid injections are effective in reducing pain and Ph..D. Electrical Anesthesia Service.5 l/min/m2. cChristian L. Rinehart.D.. OH. Ph. Ricks. MD. OH. Dumont.H. Mark Ansermino. IncCharleston. M. Ph. Maxime Cannesson.. Kroin. M. Goal-Directed Fluid Therapy With Closed-loop Assistance During Deer.D. MetroHealth Medical Center...D. B.. M. Long Beach. Todd Wagner. PN A1044 PD08-1 EQUIPMENT. M.D.D. Calvin variation than provider-only protocol implementation..m. B. M.D.D.S.D. Cajigal..D. Marc Lilot.. M.D.. David J. Christine Lee. Cameron J.. Clark. Ph.. United Kingdom. CA.D. M.D. Ph. Ph. WA .D.. M. B. Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center. D. Joseph B. Youping Deng. Alyse Rymer.ChRichard N..D. Pain Research. Édouard PN A1046 Herriot hospital.D. University of California. FA A1052 PN A1047 Response to Noxious Stimuli During Closed-Loop Controlled Propofol Time to Cessation of Postoperative Opioids: A National-level Cross- Anesthesia at Different Remifentanil Effect Site Concentrations sectional Analysis of the Veterans Affairs Healthcare System Closed-loop controlled anesthesia continually adjusts drug infusion rates Little information exists at a population level to identify predictors for time using depth of hypnosis feedback.D. M. Hanson. Pharmacology. with Lumbar Radiculopathy: A Case Series There is little information available concerning the efficacy with treatment of FA A1050 synovial cyst by percutaneous rupture. Zachary Drennen.. Chicago.D. M. Asokumar Buvanendran. Kutaiba Tabbaa. Irvine. OCTOBER 12 Changes in RNA Expression in Patients With Chronic Pain After Total Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Comparative Studies for Knee Replacement Lumbosacral Radicular Pain: Transforaminal Versus Interlaminar RNA analysis demonstrated that chronic knee pain at 6 months after Approaches to Epidural Steroid Injections Total Knee Replacement surgery is associated with immune and signaling The findings show that both transforaminal epidural steroid injections and interactions in leukocytes. A total of 79 physicians were PTSD and further suggest the potential for efficacy in the rapid treatment recruited. Medical Center. Cecilia Canales. B..S.. Timothy R. Provenzano. Christopher G. A. Health Care Evaluation. Mario Moric.D.IMAGING AND CLOSED Neuromodulation LOOP SYSTEMS Evidence-based infection control policies are critical for the field of 10-11:30 a. David Auyong. M.C.D. Eleanor Lewis. Ph. Matthias Mudumbai. Seattle. Cleveland. Alley. Ph.D. WV. Elizabeth Oliva. Tuman.S. Pain closed-loop fluid administration system with a noninvasive cardiac output Diagnostics and Interventional Care. B. CA. Ph.. M. Jodie Trafton.D. Irvine. M.. Pittsburgh. Joosten. Chicago.D.. Desai.. M.Preoperative opioid use is a better effect site concentration at the time of intubation (CeRemi >3....D.D. IL . The rate of posterior wall puncture was 3. Randall Aryannah Umedaly. M. Northeast Ohio Medical University. Cardiac index (CI) during surgery was >2. G. Data suggest that a higher remifentanil to cessation of postoperative opioid use. Alexandre P. Rinehart.D..D. or affective disorder diagnosis.D.. with the positive effects lasting under ultrasound with and without a novel needle navigation technology around 3 months. use disorder.D. Joseph B.. Ph. B.BB. Ramsingh. IL.Compliance with GDFT management was defined as Relief. Kirsten Unger-Hu. M.. Michael Hollifield.. Cleveland. However.. Knezevic. Keval Yerigeri. Stafford. George Chang Chien. M.. Virginia Mason Courtney.D. CA . Center for and Computer Engineering Department. MPH. OH. MD. M. Samer N. Rootstown.. M. Bethesda. M.. Ph.D. Guy A. University Hospitals of Cleveland.. Görges. France.PN A1043 PN A1048 SATURDAY. UCI Medical Center... in some of Goal-directed fluid therapy using closed-loop assistance in hepatobiliary the patients. M. Lyon. M. surgical patients resulted in higher stroke volume and lower stroke volume Yashar Eshraghi. Chicago.1 ng/ml) predictor for prolonged postoperative opioid use than pain. This case Hepatobiliary Surgical Patients series showed immediate relief of radicular symptoms. Hayek. Stanley Yuan.D. Canada..D.. Christopher Reist. Moderate Risk Surgery Using Noninvasive Cardiac Output Monitoring Ph.D. Basildon and Thurrock University.. CA. Ph. Irvine...S.. Anesthesiology.S. M. The survey provided significant insight into current practices and will assist in the development of specific neuromodulation FA A1049 infection control policies. automated control basis to transition back to preoperative opioid prescribing levels. & Therapeutics. National Institute of Anesthesiology... MD.D.. Narouze. M. M. Palo Alto. M. Reserve University. Medicine. M.D. Michael T. Salim M. MA. IL. Akron. Nicholas West.. M. School of Medicine. M.D. Particular attention may be reducing the heart rate increase by a median of 3 bpm and the systolic blood necessary for patients using short-acting opioids on an acute or intermittent pressure increase by a median of 12mmHg. Stephanie R. Outcome of Percutaneous Lumbar Synovial Cyst Rupture in Patients Irvine. Case Western M. CA . Summa Health a preload independent state ( defined as PPV < 12% ) or when average System. M.D.. Department of Anesthesiology. Simon Prospective pilot study in moderate risk surgical patients using the Thompson.. OH. University Medical Center. improving functional scores in unilateral radicular lo back pain. crossover study is to compare needle positioning depression symptoms in 75% of participants. Anesthesiology.S. Klaske Van Heusden.D. M.. Institute of Chicago. acceptable when a patient spent more than 85% of the surgery time in IL. David A. Rehabilitation Nursing Research. Ph. Alexandre P. Alkire. Anesthesiology and PN A1045 Perioperative Care.. Hyung-Suk Kim. M.. Kenneth J. The findings support the use of SGB in select cases of (EZono 4000) in a model gel phantom... Edward Mariano. Bioinformatics. Twenty nine patients with radicular Goal-Directed Fluid Therapy Using Closed-Loop Assistance in symptoms undergoing fluoroscopic cyst rupture were evaluated.D.S. Stanford University. BC. PA. Trish Huynh. Asokumar Buvanendran.S.. University of British Columbia. UCI Medical Center.D. Chicago.D. B. Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center... VA Palo Alto HCS/ Stanford University. Jeffrey S.D. Anesthesiology. Rush University Medical Center. M.D.D. M.D. | Room 244 neuromodulation. Long Beach VA Healthcare System. M. Davinder S. Maxime Cannesson. M. F.D. Maunak Rana. Linda Nguyen. Tyler Watson. Vancouver. Joosten. Ph. Essex.A..D...D. M. MONITORING AND ENGINEERING An International Survey to Understand Infection Control Practices for TECHNOLOGY: UTILIZING TECHNOLOGY .P. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain 15 .. M. Ph. B. The Center for Pain monitoring(NEXFIN®). Trish Huynh.S.S. JrM.D.ONebojsa N. Neil Khoshsar. Department of Anesthesiology & Perioperative Care.5 times lower with the of depression. However. Vimal N. Ph. . VA Palo Alto HCS.. Ph. Prolonged Relief of Chronic Extreme PTSD and Depression Symptoms in Veterans Following a Stellate Ganglion Block FA A1051 In a case-series study of 15 veterans with chronic extreme posttraumatic A Randomized Study Comparing a Novel Needle Guidance Technology stress disorder (PTSD) a single right-sided stellate ganglion block (SGB) for Cannulation of a Simulated Internal Jugular Vein procedure provided rapid and prolonged relief of their PTSD and concurrent The aim of this randomized..A. M.. J.. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund.S. Seshadri of analgesia may perform better than target controlled infusion.. substance is more successful in blunting the hemodynamic response to intubation.D.D.D.. Rush Candido. Petersen.D.. M. Rostam navigation guidance system. it did not prevent future surgical interventions in the long-term. Kenneth D... Ph.

. Osaka City. or side effects.. NY ..D. M. Anesthesiology. M.D.S..D.. Anes Dept PH-. Ph.D.D.B. Durham.D. NJ.D. Allen. Rutgers-New Jersey Medical during liver transplantation and found TEE being relatively safe with a low School. FRCA. It was less influenced by systemic vasomotor tones and that administration of a spinal anesthetic following a topped up epidural is had better accuracy as compared with the FloTrac/Vigileo system.C.H.m.. Jaime Aaronson. Houston. George Washington School of Medicine & Health Sciences. M. FRCA. Wakayama University. Michael Kinsky. NY. Funao.. M. M. Duke University.BB. M..B. M. Ph.B. Our findings support CSE as a reliable technique for labor will result in rupture of esophageal varices in the presence of coagulopathy analgesia and tend to refute the theory of the “untested catheter.ChF. Detroit. pulmonary artery catheter for CO monitoring. M. M...D. Ashraf S. M.D..R. Ph.D. Lisa M. (Eng. New York... NC. Ph. 150 mcg) in of spinal morphine for the OR are significantly elevated compared to preoperative readings. Takashi Mori. M. M. Tomoyuki Kawamata. M.D. M. FRCA. M. Klaus D. El-Sayed.... Secaucus. Wayne State University School of Medicine. Ph.BB...D. Habib. Neil G.. Igor Akushevich. M. M.B. M. Japan. Nicole potential confounders. Ph...S.D.D. Brendan Ribeiro Marques... When associated with a high risk of failure. Anesthesiology.D.S.D.... of IV morphine.C.D. Anesthesiology. Lee. Anesthesiology. George Kramer.... TX.S.D. Our Augmented Reality Technology: A Mannequin Study findings suggest that an increased spinal dose may be necessary to reliably A Novel Three-Dimensional Guidance System for Neuraxial Block using ensure adequate anesthesia in preterm parturients. Ph. Taghreed Alshaeri. Concern that the insertion of the TEE probe as “untested.D. and whether these outcomes were impacted by the at a clinically acceptable level in tracking CO changes after hemodynamic administration of an epidural top up prior to spinal dosing.D. Ph.D. Ph. Graduate M.B.D. Fumitaka Kikukawa. M. University of Texas Medical Branch. Department of Anesthesiology.D. Yasser Y.D.. No significant differences were found in analgesia.Ch. FL. B. M. M. M. Karolos Grigoriadis. F. 100. Tadashi Matsuura.D.” Antonio common to end stage liver disease may dissuade some anesthesiologists Gonzalez-Fiol.D. M. Ph. Torp.AM. Amir Manoochehri. NS..R.. Terrence K. Yukari inadequate spinal blocks would be recommended. Carvalho. M. M. Joe Sean Funston. M.AYaiir Blumenfeld..D. Masato Soga. Our findings show interventions. Stephen Aniskevich.. M. Antonio FRCPC. Wakayama. M.A. NJ.C. Columbia University. MA. Ashraf S. Ladlie.D. Japan. M. use phenylephrine infusion. Allison J. Anesthesiology. Duke University. or. Ph.. Sher-Lu Pai. Engineering.).. M. Ph.D. M. M.. OB A1062 Osaka City University Graduate School of Medicine. Anesthesiology. we observed that patients exposed to Computerized Closed Loop Algorithm carboprost were at higher risk of hemorrhage-related morbidity (OR=1.. Mechanical Hospital.D.P... M. Halifax.P. Shine.. OB A1061 FA A1056 Complications of Spinal Anesthesia for Cesarean Delivery Following The Reliability of Three-dimensional Transesophageal Inadequate Labor Epidural Echocardiography in Measuring Cardiac Output The purpose of this study was to investigate the incidence of high blocks The reliability of three-dimensional transesophageal echocardiography (3D and failed blocks in patients who received a spinal for CD after an inadequte TEE) was clinically acceptable in measuring cardiac output (CO) and nearly labor epidural.. Jacksonville.D. Habib.9) Understand the need and performance of a prototype system for automated compared to those exposed to methylergonovine maleate after accounting for control of blood pressure using a closed loop pressor algorithm. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia 16 OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain .. IWK Health Centre. a Augmented Reality Technology: A mannequin study. Ronald George.ChM. NC. Center for Population Heath and School of System Engineering.D. M. William Whitehead. Ph. M.. M. Jeffrey S. M. Einhorn. Richard Smiley. M.D. Katsutoshi Nakahata. Adeyemi Olufolabi..D.D. Berndt... Ph. Aging. M..BB. Boston. Muzna Khan..B.. Center for Population Katsuaki Tanaka.. M.. Stanford University R. Mindy Milosch.D. M. Stanford. FA A1053 OB A1058 The Benefits and Risks of Intraoperative Transesophageal Combined Spinal-Epidural: The Untested Catheter? Echocardiography During Liver Transplantation The mean time for the recognition of a failed catheter was much more than Intra-operative transesophageal echocardiography (TEE) has been proven the 1-2 hr period during which the catheter from a CSE could be viewed safe during cardiac surgeries.BBeth L. Adam J.A..S.C.D. Habib. Washington. Ashraf S. Bateman. Wakayama Medical University. A post hoc analysis of previously obtained data was performed to assess variation OB A1057 in preoperative holding versus initial BP readings in the operating Room Dose Response to Spinal Morphine for Post-cesarean Analgesia prior to spinal placement.D.D. Doko. Duke University Health System. Brian T. NC. Anesthesiology. Durham. Adam J. Dr.D.. M. Anesthesiology. M.D. Hiromichi Kurosaki. M. M. Canada. New York.. combined spinal epidural technique allowing the epidural augmentation of M. B... Crawford. Kiyonobu Nishikawa. Koichi Suehiro.. incidence of major hemorrhagic complications in patients with documented Columbia University.Ch. Alexander Butwick.D. M..C.D. Tokuhiro Yamada.D. Tomoharu Heath and Aging. Richard from its use. Preterm Gestation Is Associated With an Increased Failure Rate of Feinglass. (Eng. William White. esophagogastric varices and coagulopathy.D. Anesthesiology. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. Massachusetts General Ph.S. M. Newark. Sachs.D.. DC. Berger. FRCA.. Bradford E. M. Anesthesiology. | ROOM 243 management of spinal anesthesia induced hypotension. UMDNJ-New Jersey Medical School. There was no significant difference in conducting intraoperative goal-directed therapy in patients with low or high the incidence of high spinal blocks based on whether patients had previous systemic vascular resistance state.H. M.B. Anesthesiology.D. MI.D.S.B.D. Timothy S.. Mayo Clinic. Anesthesiology... Spinal Anesthesia for Cesarean Delivery The purpose of this study was to investigate the hypothesis that preterm FA A1054 gestation is associated with an increased incidence of failed spinal A Novel Three-Dimensional Guidance System for Neuraxial Block Using anesthetics for cesarean delivery (CD) compared to term gestation.TUpendar Kallu.D. Lisa M.. Einhorn.. Durham. M. CA.S.R. Smiley.D. M. Columbia University. M. Igor Akushevich..D. University of Houston. FA A1055 OB A1060 Control of Experimental Perioperative Hypotension Using Second Line Uterotonic Agents and Hemorrhage-Related Morbidity Phenylephrine Infusion Controlled by Anesthesiologist versus Using data from a cesarean registry. Department of Anesthesiology.D.. M.. Claudia C. Gonzalez-Fiol.D.B.D.. Amanda Hopkins. Sachs. Obstetrics and Gynecology.. School of Medicine. Jaime Aaronson.D. preferably.S. and postoperative analgesia was performed in 50 women undergoing elective this was positively correlated to reactive hypertension following initiation of cesarean delivery. III.D. M..). 3D TEE could be interchangeable with epidural top up. Variations in Baseline Blood Pressure Readings Correlate With Reactive Hypertension Following Prophylactic Phenylephrine Infusions PD12-1 OBSTETRIC ANESTHESIA: CESAREAN DELIVERY Obtaining accurate baseline blood pressures (BP) is critical to the 10-11:30 a. We investigated the risks and benefits of intra-operative TEE M. Results indicate that baseline BP readings in A blinded RCT of three doses (50. OB A1059 Prith Peiris.

NVoight Robert. Children’s A Closer Look at Early Extubation After Cardiac Surgery Utilizing CPB in Hospital Colorado. Germany. callosal microstructure after surgery and 12 month neurodevelopmental University of Munich... Baylor College of Medicine.. Easley.S. Ashraf M.BCh. M. Robert Friesen. among them a qualitatively dysfunctional form of ‘fetal’ fibrinogen. Anesthesiology... and quantifiable using these methods. we use conofocal microscopy to exmine structural differences these time-consuming questionnaires appear less useful than simple between baseline neonatal and adult clot and between various stages of rating questions in post-CD pain prediction. it was shed by ischemia and reperfusion Neonatal Cardiac Surgery Is Strongly Associated With 12-Month during major cardiac surgery. Mussatto.. Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation... M..D. Royal Free Hospital London. M. M. Twite. Tweddell.D.D.D.C. M. Ghanayem.. Munich. Cardiovascular Surgery. M. Dunbar Ivy.. M.. M.D. Aymen N. outcomes in this population at 36 months. Student.ChChristopher S. Department within the first 30 days of life. Walter-Brendel-Center of Experimental Medicine. CA. MD. London.R. R. associated with mortality. Ph. Scott. Dean Manitoba..17 infants (9.D. Janet D. complications. Nichols.D.D. Mark Galantowicz.D. M. Ken M. Anna M. TX. Perceived Analgesic Needs and Psychological Traits Structural Differences Between Neonatal and Adult Clots: Implications Predict Post-Cesarean Delivery Pain and Analgesic Usage on Treatment of Post-Bypass Bleeding Study findings suggest that asking patients their anticipated pain and Significant differences exist between the hemostatic systems of neonatesand analgesic needs is useful in predicting post-CD pain and analgesic usage. Becker.D. M. LMFT. clot formation in neonates after cardiolpulmonary bypass. Dean B.D. Daniel Chappell. OCTOBER 11 Anticipated Pain.R. LPC. CO. Columbus. Neurodevelopmental Outcome Scores M..9%) failed extubation. Hemodynamic Response to Ketamine in Children with Pulmonary Andropoulos. Medicine. Florian Brettner.D. M Turcich. Hoffman. Winnipeg. MD.. M. In this analysis we demonstrated association between the may be associated with increased complications. Golden. Tobias. outcomes. but not in response to the surgical insult. Nancy Marco Corridore. M.D. Ministry Saint Michael’s Hospital.S. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain 17 . Ph. CO.. Kathryn PD A1066 Cardwell. M. C. M. M. Although ASI and FPQ contributed to opioid use predictive modeling. Christian Kowalski. Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.D.. MB. These findings Texas Children’s Hospital. Greene. OH . Anesthesiology. M.D. GA . M. Atlanta. This prospective cohort study examines neonates undergoing cardiac surgery M... Bernhard F. M.. Kent HayGlass.D. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. LPC.D. M. M.D. Pediatric Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine. WI.D.D. M. Increased agitation with Pulmonary and Cardiac Partitioning of Gas Exchange Abnormality escalation of pain and sedation regimen was one of the main factors that and Alveolar Deadspace in Neonates After the Stage 1 Palliation of ultimately lead to reintubation.. WI.D. PD A1070 Ph.D.OB A1063 PD A1067 SATURDAY. Obese patients do suffer more infectious a multivariate model. Georgia Institue of Technology. M. CCRC. Stanford University School of Medicine.. Children’s Hospital and Medical College of Wisconsin. We examined associations between corpus of Anaesthesiology. Tarun Bhalla. Easley.m. LSSP. Naguib. Guzzetta. Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. B.A.S. Hons. Ph. Thorleifson. M. Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Marcie Meador. We are now studying variation in anesthetic technique..D. M. We have established a new paradigm for the HLHS provision of sedation and analgesia in these patients and will continue to Occult pulmonary gas exchange abnormalities are significant in CHD. and post-operative infection was predicted by a perioperative specifically VAA exposure and other anesthetic and sedative dosing data.D.. University of Texas Health Science Center at Ketamine is associated with minimal hemodynamic changes in sedated. B. Duane J. Resheidat..D. Baylor College of Medicine/ mechanically ventilated children with pulmonary hypertension. Baylor College of suggest that the increases in PAP and PVR noted in prior studies may have Medicine/Texas Children’s Hospital.. University of Manitoba.NM. F. R. Jill Hunter.D. Mark D.D. Cardiology. Isabel Rossberg. R. Peter Conzen. Winch.. MRI Brain Injury and Neurodevelopmental surgical procedures show a robust inflammatory response. Scott Harter. Department of Anesthesia and Pain Medicine. MD. In this study. Eckehard A. Ph.D. Stuth.D. Department of Clinical Research.BB..D. Milwaukee.D.D.D. University of Rachel Dugan. Cardiology. Thomas BF. M. Nina A. Emory University School Stanford. Canada.D. ChF. Houston. M. Barker.NElisabeth Wilde. Ken Brady. Andropoulos..BB. Staudt. Nathaniel H. Ronald B. M..A... M.. Houston. John P. Ronald B. B. Marcie Meador..PAshley C.S. Peter D... James S. Anesthesiology. | ROOM 244 Acute Degradation of the Endothelial Glycocalyx in Infants Undergoing Cardiac Surgery PD A1065 The present data demonstrate first evidence that infants have a vascular Diffusion Tensor Imaging of Corpus Callosum Microstructure After endothelial glycocalyx.D. it is Outcomes at Age 36 Months Following Neonatal Cardiac Surgery unknown whether obese patients undergoing surgical procedures will have an Neonates undergoing cardiac surgery have significant subsequent anesthetic altered response to this stress and whether an altered inflammtory response exposures. The Heart Ph.. TX.. OB A1064 Perioperative Inflammation in Obese Cesarean Section Patients PD A1068 Obese patients have a baseline inflammatory state and patients undering Anesthetic Exposure. Mullein D. been associated with airway obstruction/hypoventilation. Kathleen A..D. M. Marie Turcich. Baylor College of Medicine/ Hypertension Texas Children’s Hospital. Like in adults.. In PD A1071 this review. Joseph S.AMing Zheng.. Funk. Department of Immunology.. Andrew Emerald.. Amherst of Medicine. Department of Anesthesiology. Pediatric Anesthesiology. Brady. United Kingdom. Anesthesiology. Early tracheal extubation in infants after cardiac surgery has resulted in the emergence of new challenges during the postoperative period. Ph.D. M. Nationwide Children’s Hospital. follow the impact this has on postoperative outcomes. M. Pervez Sultan. However. Robert Voigt. This study demonstrates total number and duration of anesthetics and lower neurodevelopmental that obese parturients undergoing cesarean section do not have an altered outcomes at 36 months of age with univariate regression analysis. M. Pediatric Center.C. M..A.D. Radiology. Aurora. M. Children’s Hospital Neonates and Infants Colorado. H. M. Anesthesiology. Janet Simsic. Brendan Carvalho.. adults. Houston. George M.D. Engineering.. PD15-1 PEDIATRIC ANESTHESIA: CARDIAC PD A1069 3-4:30 p. Dirk Bruegger. Brown.Department of Biomedical Junction.D. Fernandez. to elevation in one pro-inflammatory cytokine and one anti-inflammatory determine if this modifiable factor is associated with neurodevelopmental marker.D.

Edward R. Our study concludes that preemptive without single-injection thoracic paravertebral block (tPVB). Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.D. Anesthesiology. Alone and in Combination with 0. M. Ph. M. Monahan. Our findings are in contrast of perineural infusion effects in this anatomic location.. receiving either SABER-Bupivacaine or bupivacaine HCl. Kinga Lis.D. M. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund.. Elizabeth M... San Diego. Ph.D.D. Ph. Mascha.B...D. Anesthesiology.D. Durect CorpCupertino. M.. Brian M. Joshi. NC. B. Brian M.. Gunter. postoperative local anesthetic. California.. UT Southwestern Medical Center. SABER-Bupivacaine Michael J. Mascha. Loland..2% 3-4:30 p..Ch. RA A1074 Triple-Masked.. Herein we demonstrate using an in vivo rat model of LAST...D. M. and prior to discharge.ACarolina metabolism and excretion but ketoconazole inhibition of bupivacaine Donado. Brian M. Ph.. Ilfeld.D.. Berde.S. M. Agarwal.B. M. M. we found no evidence that open total abdominal hysterectomy..D. OH.. Girish P. Taken together these provide a FRCA. Ph. Ellis. Dose Escalation Safety Study PD16-1 REGIONAL ANESTHESIA AND ACUTE PAIN of Neosaxitoxin (NeoSTX).. CA.S. adding a SABER®-Bupivacaine is an extended-release depot formulation of multiple-day. sustained a consistently lower pain intensity score at each time point M..D. M.. Belinda Akpa. Palo Alto. M.D. M. Peyton. Jennifer Baker.D. Medicine. M. to our hypothesis that the analgesia after TAP block would be superior M. Joseph comprehensive mechanism of lipid resuscitation.BMRCP. Chesterland.. CA. Rishi R. Mariano. Mahmoud.. CA. Anya C. Neil Verity. Ph. We report the first detailed safety. David J. Fettiplace.S. Ph.D. University of California. Xelay Acumen. Amanda M. | ROOM 245 Bupivacaine and Epinephrine Our Phase 1 study under an FDA approved investigator-initiated IND had a RA A1073 primary aim of evaluating safety and adverse symptom profile of Neosaxitoxin Lipophilic Buffering and a Cardiotonic Effect Combine to Accelerate (NeoSTX). Weinberg. Kimberly Lobo.2% Lipid Resuscitation bupivacaine and 5mcg/cc epinephrine. M. Tong J. OH . Anesthesiology.D. CA.D. M.S. metabolism does not modify recovery. PD A1072 RA A1076 To Pretreat or Not to Pretreat That is the Question: Bradycardia during Single-Injection Thoracic Paravertebral Nerve Blocks for Post- Dexmedetomidine Sedation in Children Mastectomy Analgesia: A Retrospective Cohort Study Hemodynamic parameters were compared in patients who received an We present a retrospective cohort study of postoperative analgesia in anticholinergic prior to dexmedetomidine (Dex) sedation to those that patients who underwent either unilateral or bilateral mastectomy with or did not during radiological imaging.D.. Continuous Transversus Abdominis Plane (TAP) Blocks for Postoperative Pain Control After Hernia Surgery:A Randomized. RA A1077 A Phase 1. B.. Perioperative and Pain M. M. Justin W. ambulatory. Double-blind. Medicine. M. in the PACU.. Wallace. James M. Department of Anesthesiology.B.D.. Ph. M. VA Palo Alto Health Care System. Madison. This Ken Nakanote. Richard Ripper. M. Anesthesiology and Pain Morgan. Joseph Kim... Israel Rubinstein.. Rajeev thereafter.S.ACCRC. Sarah J..D.D.P. M.S. Belmont. hemodynamics who received tPVB up until their transfer from the PACU to the floor. Our results anticholinergic administration increases the heart rate and diastolic showed that postoperative analgesia was significantly improved in patients blood pressure initially during the scan period. M. Mario Patino..TAdrian B. Madison.. Heil. of California. Duke University School of Medicine. Pichurko.D.D. Chemical Engineering. CA. Cudilo.D. M. placebo-controlled trial provides no Abdominal Surgery Relative to Bupivacaine HCl evidence that following inguinal and lower abdominal surgery. Cincinnati.. M. Randomized.D. Edward J.D.. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia 18 OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain . NeoSTX with lipid emulsion accelerates pharmacokinetic redistribution of combinations do not produce adverse physiologic effects when used at the radiolabeled-bupivacaine via a cardiotonic effect and concurrent lipophilic doses studied.D.. University Management. Gan. Bishop.. Agarwal.D. RA A1079 TAP Block Vs. continuous ropivacaine TAP block to a single- bupivacaine directly instilled into the surgical incision at wound closure.D. Quantitative Health Sciences and Outcomes Research. or Is Dose the Only Factor? provided superior pain relief at rest and on coughing for up to 48 h after For continuous popliteal-sciatic nerve blocks.m. MA.... C.S. Anesthesia. San Diego. M. Sarah J. Joel B.. injection ropivacaine results in improved analgesia or other benefits. B. M. Edward J..D. Rishi R. throughout 72 hours and may safely fulfill an unmet need for a true 72-hour Naval Medical Center San Diego. M. Subramanyam..D.B.D. The accelerated redistribution is accompanied by increased systemic symptoms. Ilfeld. Placebo-Controlled Study SABER®-Bupivacaine Reduced Pain Intensity for 72 Hours Following This randomized. alone and in combination with 0. RA A1078 University of Illinois at Chicago.D. James A..D. Charles B.D.S. Anne M. M. Laura Cornelissen.D.. WA. Cleveland Clinic. M. Alex Seattle. We used “regular” bupivacaine.D. San Diego.H. that treatment symptom. M. As a separate Bupivacaine Redistribution in Vivo: A Comprehensive Mechanism of add-on arm of the study we also studied NeoSTX in combination with 0.D. Agarwal.A.D. John Furnish.. University of Washington. but not were similar at baseline. designed to deliver longer acting pain control than bupivacaine HCl. M. M. triple-masked. Boston..D. Biostatistics and Epidemiology. Wound Infiltration For Pain Management After Open RA A1075 Abdominal Hysterectomy: A Randomized Controlled Trial Continuous Sciatic Nerve Blocks: Do Concentration and Volume In this preliminary study.. M. Timothy J.D. M. Irina Gasanova. M. TX... Alexander.D.D. than liposomal bupivacaine for TAP block because it was only approved for suggesting that local anesthetic dose (mass) is the primary determinant wound infiltration at the time of study design.. however. CA. Durham. M. Boston Children’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School. Rishi R. Michael Donohue.. University of Ph. NavParkash S. M.. Yang. Proudfoot. Michael R. Dallas. Cravero. to wound infiltration for up to 12 h.. M. M.. Katarzyna Kowal. Cleveland. Mohamed A. rather local anesthetic concentration and volume influence block characteristics. Clevland Clinic.D. Ph.D. San Diego. M.D.. Addition of epinephrine reduces the frequency and severity of buffering. M. and physiologic data for NeoSTX in awake humans. Md Monir Hossain. M.2% bupivacaine. M. Aykut Bilge. IL. Chicago. Vanessa trial compared pain intensity and opioid use in laproscopic surgery patients J.. Ph. M. OH .S.D. Ilfeld.. Sandhu.V. San Diego. M.BCh. wound infiltration with liposomal bupivacaine Influence Infusion Effects. Guy L.

D.S. At least two of the dysregulated saline and iron chelation protect against the development of hyperalgesia. Alexander M. PN A1089 Does Genetic Susceptibility to Persistent Post-op Pain (Thermal Hyperalgesia) Correlate with Other Phenotypes in the Mouse Phenome PN A1083 Database (MPD)? CXCL10-Mediated Decrease of Morphine Analgesia Involves p38 MAPK The thermal withdrawal phenotype after chronic constriction injury in and PI3K/Akt Pathway mice is heritable and it correlates with neurobehavioral phenotypes in the CXCL10 attenuated morphine analgesia by differential activation of signaling Mouse Phenome Database. Tianjin. Ph... attenuate the progress of neuropathic pain through inhibiting the production We found that administration of AMPA potentiators. Shan W. M.. Martin. M.D. China.. M. Eden R. AMPAkines Joon Lim. M. M. Ph.. M.D.D. Ph. Ruichen targets for different neuropathic pain states.S. M. Anthony H. Guolin Wang.D.D.D.. Hiroshi Cartilage tissue specific conditional activation of β-catenin signaling in mice Kokubun.D. Le.. Alaa A. M.D..D. Japan. Rutgers New Jersey Medical School.D.D. M. Ph. Eugene S.D. Esperanza Recio-Pinto.H. suggesting a possible Tissue-Specific Conditional Activation of β-Catenin Leads to clinical application of chemical chaperones in preventing morphine tolerance. M. Xiaofeng Shen. Anesthesiology. Ph. Michelle M.... Ph.D. M. Ph. Feng. Huazhong University of Science and Technology.... Korea. M. Fu.S.D. Wuhan. OH.. Chosun University. Yuke Tian. Biochemistry. Ph. Sang Hun Kim. Chiba. B.D. Wanqing Xie. M. Ph. M. Linlin Zhang. NY.D...P.. Yusuke Kimura.. Anesthesiology. Lisa V.. Our study included 8 rats and we used the Ugo Basile Orofacial Stimulation Test System® (ComerioVA.. Myung Ha Yoon. OCTOBER 11 Changes of Messenger RNA Expression in the Prefrontal Cortex of PO03-2 CHRONIC AND CANCER PAIN Pain Model Rats by Electroconvulsive Stimulation 8-10 a. M.D. Ph. | HALL B1-AREA A We hypothesized electroconvulsive stimulation (ECS) affects expression of messenger RNA(mRNA) changes in the prefrontal cortex of the neuropathic pain model. China.. Department of Anesthesiology and postoperative and chronic pain. Brianna M.D..D. Ph. M.. Sarah Wishnek.D. Furthermore. Gwangju. Hyun Young signaling. may play an important role in the development of morphine tolerance. M.ECS participated in mRNA expression changes PN A1080 such as inflammatory cytokines and receptors about the pain in the Retigabin Alleviates Neuropathic Pain in Oxaliplatin-induced Pain Rat prefrontal cortex of neuropathic pain model rats.. Ph. Xian Wang..D. Masashi Ishikawa. Mojolaoluwa Mabayoje. alleviates sensory and affective symptoms of chronic pain. B. . Methylating GRIN2B in Neuropathic Pain Peripheral nerve injury induces upregulation of both spinal G9a/Glp and NR2B.. Lutz. Fei Cao. which augment AMPAR of IL-6 in a rat model of neuropathic pain. and sensitize pain perception suggesting that G9a/Glp controls Chemical Chaperones Modulate the Development of Morphine NR2B at a new level by methylating GRIN2B to prevent the over-sensitization Antinociceptive Tolerance from nerve inury-induced pain. Abd-Elsayed. M.D. M.. Ph.D. We investigated the relationship between endoplasmic reticulum (ER) Shiqin Xu.. Ph.. of Miami.D. Ph. Di Chen. Alex Y. may be a novel class of analgesics used for the treatment of persistent School of Medicine. New York.D. Rush Medical College.. Bekker. Xiyao Gu. M. PN A1090 AMPA Potentiators as Novel Pharmacotherapy for Relieving Symptoms of Persistent Neuropathic and Inflammatory Pain PN A1084 Novel pharmacologic options that do not suppress the respiratory drive are Urinary Trypsin Inhibitor Attenuate the Progress of Neuropathic Pain urgently needed. Ph. B. Anesthesiology. Chiba University Graduate School of leads to progressive disc degeneration which is correlated with development Medicine.. microRNAs identified in dorsal root ganglia are also dysregulated in plasma. knock-in mice expressing a mutant ER chaperone. Linlin Sun. The baseline data were obtained by performing orofacialoperant tests on the PN A1087 animals at temperatures of 24◦C (neutral) and 12◦C(noxious cold)..S.. Thomas J.. hydrogen-rich the dorsal root ganglia of these two variants.D. We tested the efficacy of Retigabin in alleviating chronic pain in an Ph. Republic of. of chronic back pain-related behavior.S.D. Houda Boucekkine. an ER chaperone. Levitt./Ph. Monica Shu. New York University School of Medicine. Ph.m. Ph... Atsuhiro Sakamoto. Kroin.. M.D. Hisayo Jin.D. M.D. Tianjin Medical University General Hospital.. Ph. Genhua Guo. receptor-mediated pathway in dorsal horn neurons during chronic morphine exposure.D. New York. Shaogen Wu.D.D. G9a/Glp inhibitors increase NR2B expression via decreasing GRIN2B PN A1088 methylation. M.... Nippon Medical School. Jing Wang.D. Since Lee. Miami.. M. Ph. NYU Langone Medical Center. Central pain pathways involve glutamate signaling through Ulinastatin has increased paw withdrawal threshold after SNL and may the α-amino-3-hydroxy-5-methyl-4-isoxazolepropionic acid receptor (AMPAR).D. Tongji Hospital of Tongji Medical College. Newark.D.. Doan. Lee. Kyung AMPA potentiators can also stimulate the respiratory drive. Discogenic Back Pain in Mice Tomohiko Aoe. PN A1081 Yuanxiang Tao. IL .. NY.D. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain 19 . Japan. and examined it. Huilian Bu. Roy C. Student. This concept may be generalizable to other pain states related to PN over- Circulating microRNAs could thus serve as biomarkers and therapeutic expression and may open avenues for the novel therapies of pain.D.D. Nanjing Medical University..D.. Cincinnati... The results suggest that Nanjing. Chonnam National University. Italy).D.. Jeffrey S. University Ph. Anesthesiology and Neuroscience and Physiology. respectively. Undergraduate Student.. John P Hussman Institute for Human Genomics. Chicago. Department of Anesthesiology..D. M. Ph..D. University of Cincinnati... M.D.. Ailin Luo... Ph. Haiyun Wang.D. we also found that chemical chaperones that improve the capacity for protein folding in the ER also attenuated the PN A1082 development of morphine tolerance in wild-type mice. Ph. Jianguo mTOR and its downstream effectors are activated through a µ opioid Gu.. Zou. Medical School. NJ .POSTER PRESENTATIONS PN A1086 SATURDAY. M. M..D. Anesthesiology.D. Peng Wang. Columbia University. M.D. Feng Gao.D. Ph.D. Rutgers Graduate School of Methytransferase G9a/Glp Complex Controls NR2B Expression by Biomedical Sciences. Pain Medicine.. Ph. Oxaliplatin-inducedpain rat model. Ph. FL.D. Norcini. Lingli Liang. M. BiP.D.. Fuzhou Wang. Tokyo..D. which inhibited p38 MAPK phosphorylation and increased pAKT B.D. phosphorylation.D. Pharmacology..S. M. M... Chen Su. Nanjing stress and the development of morphine antinociceptive tolerance by using Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital. Yota Okuyama.D.D.D. PN A1085 Spinal Peroxynitrite Contributes to Remifentanil-Induced Postoperative PN A1091 Hyperalgesia Via Enhancement of DMT1(-)IRE-mediated Iron Circulating MicroRNAs as Potential Biomarkers for Neuropathic Pain Accumulation in Rats We have previously described two spared nerve injury variants that display Aberrant PN-dependent iron accumulation via DMT1(-)IRE contributes different pain phenotypes and identified differentially expressed microRNAs in to remifentanil-induced postoperative hyperalgesia in vivo. SrM. China. Our results µ Opioid Receptor-Dependent Activation of Spinal mTOR During suggest that Retigabin can be an effectivedrug in treating neuropathic pain Chronic Morphine Exposure caused by Oxaliplatin treatment.. Hee-Jeong Im..D. proteins. M. Model Yoko Hori. M. Ki Tae Jung. Blanck. Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund.D..D.. Ph. Anesthesiology. Ph.D.

..D. Ph. Keiichi Hagiya.. Martin Hernandez. Jin CC A1097 Zhang. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia 20 OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain . this study found that lateral DRGs derived from Tibial-SNI and Sural-SNI. Durham VA Medical Center. Springfield. Anthony S. Anesthesiology. D.D. Hiroshi Morisaki. Ph. Jacksonville. M. Thomas M.O.D. Rathlev. LLCLongmeadow..m. we examined whether lymphocyte Differential Methylation in the Regulatory Regions of Multiple Major apoptosis was affected by the severity of disease and beta-blocker therapy Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) Genes Predicts the Development of could modulate apoptosis.D. D. Ph. the receipt of balanced crystalloids during initial resuscitation PO06-4 CRITICAL CARE was associated with lower in-hospital mortality regardless of the receipt 8-10 a. Tsukuba University Hospital.D.. In the CC A1100 McNemar test.D. There was no statistically Complications Than General Recognition in Adults significant difference in parameters between the two chest compression We compared the incidence rates of severe airway complications in points when the McNemar-Bowker test was used... Japan. Jeffrey S. Melanie Hasler. resulting from a peripheral nerve injury..D. M. Chapel Hill.D. Niels K.. M. Monica Norcini.. In a retrospective cohort study of 60. Beatrice Beck-Schimmer. M.D. Lourdes A. Takeru Sapporo Medical University School of Medicine.D. Springfield. M.. NY. Intensive Care Unit.. These results suggest that these NGAL and cystatin-C. M. Jones.D. M.D. Japan. Minamishima... Makoto Tanaka. Samuel A.D. lower than general recognition even if TLI is prolonged in adults. where the Duke University Medical Center. Kei Inoue. Swor.. sternum and the internipple line (INL) meets and the lower half of the OptiStatim.D. MA. St. Lee. Tomoko Fukada.D.. M.. Esperanza Recio-Pinto. This study point would be favorable for avoiding liver injury. Asahikawa Redcross Hospital. M. Taro Mizutani. In this study.D.. Ph. T-lymphocytes Which Is Reduced in Proportion to the Severity in Septic Model PN A1093 In the experimental septic model.. Anesthesia.. transition and maintenance suffering ischemia/reperfusion injury. the LHS prolonged translaryngeal intubation (TLI) group and control group. Shaw.. M. In mice with LPS-mediated lethal shock. University of survival rate and cytokine production. . Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine. CC A1101 Sevoflurane Primary Metabolite Attenuates Organ Damage in a Rat Sepsis Model This in vivo study reveals that the use of the water-soluble primary metabolite of sevoflurane is protective in endotoxemia. Mediated Lethal Shock in Mice Baystate Medical Center. M. William Beaumont Hospital. proteins that play a critical role in immune regulation may influence the Takeshi Suzuki. Zurich.B... Xi’an.D.. Ph.. Ph. Andrey Bortsov. Nashville. Hiroko Iwakiri.. Tsukuba. Among Critically Ill Adults with Sepsis Eric Delpire.. Keio University School of Medicine. the magnitude aspirin pretreatment decreased NGAL expression and serum releases of of the dysregulation changed over time. Boston. Brian Nathanson. David C. M. Investigation of the Organ Types Under the Two Chest Compression Bonavia. Costs and length of stay were significantly greater for colloid recipients..D. We examined the organ types MA . Department of Anesthesiology. We demonstrated that the number of normal Chronic Widespread Musculoskeletal Pain After Motor Vehicle Collision T-lymphocytes was reduced in proportion to the severity of disease and This pilot study suggests that differential methylation in genes coding for beta-blocker therapy could preserve the number of normal T-lymphocytes. McLean. A total of 126 cadavers of patients were studied. Spectrum Health Hospital. M. M.D. just under each chest compression point in CT images and compared the number of organs.D. Durham.D.. M.D. University of Zurich. MA. Points in Cadaver Patients Andrew D.D.P..... M. M. M.D. Ph. M. as well as to the recovery from chronic Tangdu Hospital. Ph. M. Blanck.S. Institute of Anesthesiology. Theresa Swift-Scanlan. Makoto Ozaki. Japan. PN A1094 M. Asahikawa.D. Toru Igarashi. in an autopsy imaging study. Zurich Center of Integrative Human Physiology ZIHP.. Ph.. | HALL B1-AREA B of colloids.D. Chloride-content of resuscitation fluids may be more important CC A1095 than the conventional crystalloid versus colloid distinction.D..D.. neuropathic pain. Phyllis L.D.D.D.D. Ph..D. Ph.. FL. Ph. Anesthesiology. We believe that these CC A1099 results will lead us one step closer to the production novel pharmaceuticals Fluid Choice During Resuscitation and Major In-Hospital Outcomes with analgesic and/or antihypertensive properties. morphine completely changes the Manhasset.. Ph... As a landmark. Ph. Moreover.D.S.. Grand Rapids. sternum (LHS). Switzerland. Austin..D. B.. Peak.D.D. University of North Carolina.SJunji Yagi. MA.D. We investigated the safety of two chest compression points. M. indicating that aspirin may be renal protective when miRs may contribute differently to the initiation.D. Yoshinobu Kimura. suggests that the incidence rates of severe airway complications may be Shinzou Sumita. Thomas J. University of Tsukuba/Mito Kyodo General Hospital. North Shore University Hospital.. predict chemical fragments that would favorably bind to the CCT domain as a means of screening for possible SPAK/OSR1 inhibitors. MI. Shimizu.D.D. Joseph Mercy Hospital. Department of In Silico Screening of Novel SPAK/OSR1 Inhibitors Microbiology and Immunology. M. Alexandra Sideris. Karthik Raghunathan. Beta-Blocker Therapy Preserves the Number of Normal Spleen NYU Langone Medical Center.. Peter Lindenauer. Ph. Hendry. the timing of administration. and the effects differ depending on Florida and Shands Jacksonville. China. Yuichiro Yamasaki.. Anesthesiology. Royal Oak. Hidehito Kato. M..D.D. Ph. TN. M.. Nobuyuki Katori. Roman Schimmer.. Ann Arbor..734 critically ill adults admitted with sepsis. Martin Urner.. Shizuka development of chronic widespread pain after MVC.D. Rika Nakayama. MI. Ph. Tokyo. Ph. Massachusetts General Impact of Morphine Administration Timing on Lipopolysaccharide- Hospital. PN A1092 CC A1096 Time-Dependence of Expression Levels of Differentially Dysregulated Effects of Aspirin on NGAL and Cystatin-C in Renal Ischemic miRs in DRG Between Tibial-SNI and Sural-SNI Reperfusion Model of Diabetic Rats The expression of 7 miRs was confirmed to be differentially dysregulated in After renal ischemia-reperfusion injury in diabetic rats. M. M. Emergency and Critical Care Medicine.. we utilized the Rosetta Molecular Modeling Software Suite to Japan.. Tokyo. Robert M... the number of liver appearances under the INL point was Prolonged Translaryngeal Intubation May Cause Less Airway significantly higher than that under the LHS point.. M..D. NY . Baystate Medical Center.D. Domeier. New York.D. M.D. Tokyo Women’s Medical University.D. M. MI. M.D.D. M.. Martin Schlapfer..B. M.D. Anesthesiology.D. M. Yuri Tsuchiya. Linong Yao. M.H. M.D. M. David A. M. NC. Vanderbilt University. Japan. Robert A. CC A1098 NC. M. of chronic neuropathic pain.Sc.D. Sapporo. Michiaki Yamakage.

and required more blood transfusion. M. Ph.D. Xiaoxing Song. Zhaoyang Hu. Ph. Shanghai Jiatong Validation of ROTEM 5 Minute Amplitudes of Clot in Severe Trauma Univerisity School of Medicine. Hongguang Chen. the expression of HO-1 and Nrf2. France. stimulated of burn patients. M. that H2 inhalation can ameliorate brain injury and cognitive dysfunction of Réanimation.D.. Munich. Harumasa Nakazawa. China.D. Dan Li..D. Rome. surgery. Department of Anesthesiology. Bernard Floccard.D. Ph. Ph. we demonstrate that activation of TLR2/1.D.D. Matthias Feuerecker..D. M. Military Medical University.D.. Wei Chao. Marina Yamada. CC A1108 CC A1103 Hydrogen Inhalation Reverses Brain Injury in Mice Submitted to Postreperfusion Syndrome and Elevation of Procalcitonin After Sepsis by Cecal Ligation and Puncture Orthotopic Liver Transplantation Several studies have demonstrated that 80% sepsis survivors present long- Association between the occurence of postreperfusion syndrome during term cognitive impairment. Intern.D. Keliang Xie. Ph. Lyon. preoperatively. M. China.D. Master. Yadong Fang.D.D.. it was demonstrated Grégoire. but not TLR3/4/9.D.D. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain 21 . electrolyte disorders. We previously reported that molecular hydrogen orthotopic liver transplantation and the elevation of procalcitonin after could markedly improve the survival rate of septic mice and organ damage. Vitro Sepsis Model Immuno-endocannabinoid signaling during inflammmatory stress in an in.. Department of Anesthesia. Boston..We found that emulsified isoflurane Importance of Toll-like Receptor 2 in Mitochondrial Dysfunction during postconditioning inhibited cardiac apoptosis and prevented myocardial Polymicrobial Sepsis mitochondrial damages by preserving ATP production and ΔΨm. Department of Emulsified Isoflurane Inhibits Cardiac Apoptosis and Preserves Anesthesiology. M. Xiaoqing CC A1104 Dong. associated with up-regulating Nrf2 to increase the activities of France.. MA.D. Tomokazu Tanaka. M.D.D. Hospices Civils de Lyon. in LT and CLIT patients. Maeva Durand. Medical School. Tianjin.. therapy with H2 increased survival rate and alleviated the lung injury. China. Guolin Wang.. Alexander Chouker. Critical Care and Pain Medicine.. M.. Master. CLIT patients required longer ventilation compared with LT patients. Shriners Hospitals for Children. However... Ph. Ph..D. Massachusetts General Hospital. Hôpital Edouard Herriot. Service d’Anesthésie. Harvard Hospital. Guolin Wang. Ines Kaufmann. China. While the patients did not significantly differ M.. Laboratory of Trauma.D. M. Keliang Xie. a major complication of burn injury. CA.S.. M. we found that mice in the severe sepsis alterations in burned mice.D. Masao Kaneki. TLR2 in rats.D. Burn-induced insulin resistance is associated with the Warburg effect-like Hydrogen (H2) has a magical effect in the treatment of sepsis. Ph. Doctor.. Tianjin.. M. molecular target to reverse metabolic derangements and insulin resistance. Ruijing Hospital. Patients in the Resuscitation Room The goal of this study is to evaluate the performance of 5 minute amplitudes of ROTEM in order to detect an INR > 1. Lin Zou. M. Tianjin Medical University General Hospital. Doctor.D. Mathieu Page. In this study.. Victor Xia. M. Third Yu Gong. Ph. Jiayan Cai. B.D. M.. Anesthesiology.D.. Harvard Medical School. Germany.D. The results showed that 5 minute amplitudes seem to be as effective as 10 and 15 minute amplitudes and can be used to decide the best strategy to transfuse. Boston.D.S. M. Ph. Ph.. M. M. Los Angeles.D.. M.D.D.. Shanghai. cytochrome c release and preventing mPTP opening after severe burn is sufficient to induce cellular H2O2 and mitochondrial O2..CC A1102 CC A1107 SATURDAY. Hopital Edouard Herriot. Weina Wang. Resident. OCTOBER 11 Burn-Induced Skeletal Muscle Insulin Resistance Is Associated With Hydrogen Gas Inhibits Oxidative Stress in Lungs of Septic Mice by the Warburg Effect-like Metabolic Reprogramming: Role of Protein Nrf2/HO-1 Pathway in Vivo Farnesylation Sepsis is a kind of systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS). Gustav Schelling. Dunjin Chen.D....D. Yonghao Yu. M. State Key dysfunction as a novel therapeutic strategy in the management of sepsis. as indicated by induction of study. decreasing In current study...D.. Master. MA . Myocardial Mitochondrial Function after Severe Burn in Rats Post-burn cardiac shock causes myocardial damage and cardiac dysfunction CC A1109 at the early stage of severe burns. Thomas Rimmele. Thomas Rimmelé. Anesthesiology. Italy. we investigated whether the protective effect of H2 on septic lung HIF-1α and PKM2 expression as well as increased lactate production and Injury in mice was through the activation of Nrf2/HO-1 pathway.D.. Anesthesiology. Hospices Civils de Lyon. Xiaying Peng. Yan Feng..D. Ph. Hongguang Chen. In the present metabolic reprogramming in mouse muscle. China. Guillaume Marcotte. also contributes to mitochondrial dysfunction during polymicrobial sepsis. Ph. Munich. Postoperatively. M. M. Jean Stephane David.production. Zegang Yin. Farnesyltransferase (FTase) inhibitor reversed all of these the observation of many indicators. Thomas Geffriaud..D. Yonghao Yu. so as to improve the clinical outcome attenuated the expression of HMGB1 in the serum and lung. Herein we report the first comparison between perioperative parameter Daniela Hauer. Chengdu. Jin Liu.D. Bertrand Dévigne. Lyon..D..D.. M. Ph. CLIT patients were more prone to develop intraoperative acid- M.D. Guangzhou. M. antioxidant enzymes and decrease the levels of oxidative products. West China Hospital. Southwest Hospital. Burn and Combined Injury.5g/L in trauma patients in the resuscitation Room.D.D. University of Munich. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. Christian Hoppstock..... Ronald CC A1106 Reagan UCLA Medical Center. Patrizia Campolongo. M. Sapienza University of Rome. CC A1110 vitro sepsis model is modulated by CB2 cannabinoid receptor expression on Intraoperative Management for Liver Transplantation and Combined leukocytes.D. M. Tianjin Medical University General Massachusetts General Hospital. M. M. Institute of Burn Research.. Key CC A1105 Laboratory for Major Obstetric Disease of Guangdong Province..D. septic mice. M. Chongqing. Lingling Liu. The study offers a perspective of targeting TLR2 signaling and mitochondrial Sichuan University. M. Our study identifies FTase as a novel potential group had a low survival rate and the lung injury was much heavier.D. City Hospital of base imbalance.... M.. Arnaud such as heart. Ph. Through hyperlactatemia. Ming Fu.5 and a hypofibrinogenemia ≤1.D. Ph. This mechanism may represent an adaptive response to different Liver-intestinal Transplantation stimuli and a potential therapeutic target..D. Yuan Li. China. Ph.D. The Third Endocannabinoid CB2 Receptor Expression on Leukocytes in an In Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University.D. Ph. lung and kidney. M. liver...

Tomoki Sasakawa.. Peng Ling.. the Polar Plot. Anesthesiology. M. Asahiakwa Medical University. as interchangeable with the minimal invasive CI monitors. B. FloTrac-VigileoTM.D. Maastricht. and specially-developed securement devices.92±2.D.D. We compared cardiac index (CI) measurements of two minimally invasive we compared cardiac output values obtained by APCO and transesophageal monitors FloTrac/Vigileo™ (CIFTV) and ProAQT-Pulsioflex™ (CIPA) with each echocardiogram (TEE-CO) before and after infusion of phenylephrine. Hokkaido.. B.. Kalmar.D. Fleming. Marieke Poterman.D.D. OR. M.D.. Anesthesiology. Elma Visser. The adjunctive devices are easily removed.D. important. Ryuji Nakamura. so that it may enable puncture that benefits from the merits Simultaneous Comparison of Cardiac Output Measurement using of both methods. Hans Sonneveld.. Therefore the noninvasive CINF can be considered output by approximately 1. the bias and precision of APCO shown by a Bland-Altman ccNexfin™ (CINF) in 70 patients undergoing off-pump coronary artery bypass plot was -0.D. M. Recalibration of the ProAQT- Pulse Contour Cardiac Output and Dynamic Preload Assessment in PulsioFlex™ will increase its accuracy.D. Hirotusgu Miyoshi. while that increased to 0. Japan. Yassen. We compared the peak traction forces required to remove Measured by TEE in High Risk Surgical Patients During Craniotomy adult and child CVCs secured by different methods. FA A1114 The Comparison Between Aortic Photoplethysmographic Waveform and FA A1119 Doppler Flow Pattern Effect of Intraoperative Magnesium Intravenous Infusion on the The descending aortic photoplethysmographic (PPG) waveform was compared Haemodynamic Changes Associated With Right Lobe Living Donor with Doppler flow pattern acquired from the same site.. Leonard Montenij. Kalmar. A relatively new method of analysis.. M..D.D.D. Eman Sayed Ebrahem. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. Ph. M. Utrecht. Michiaki Yamakage. Portland.. The results indicate Buisman.. Japan. Emphasis was placed on the ability of the devices to detect suggested the usefulness of the present method.. Knowing monitoring indicator for fluid responsiveness in ASA III-IV patients during the characteristics of methods for securing CVC.D. Anesthesia and Intensive Care. Anesthesiology and Intensive Care... M. M.D. relief. as a reference method in cardiac surgical frequencies was identified as a disadvantage. puncture forming an acute angle toward the superior side with the center as less invasive systems: LiDCOrapidTM and FloTrac-VigileoTM to that of the the insertion site. Masashi Kawamoto. precision and trending ability. Chengdu. axle using M type echocaidiographic measurement seems an acceptable CVCs directly secured with sutures are easily deformed or kinked. Hiroshi Hamada. Maha ElSheikh. China. Jainandunsing. and how to use them are craniotomy.M. Ph. FFARCSI.D.. FloTrac/Vigileo™ in seventy patients undergoing FA A1111 off-pump coronary artery bypass surgery. Ph. Jan Brommundt. and Perioperative Care. that this promising technique is not yet suitable for application in this patient Jayant S. Anesthesiology tape. Ph. Groningen..63 L/ surgery. MONITORING AND ENGINEERING FA A1116 TECHNOLOGY: CIRCULATION Comparison of Single and Recalibrated Measurements of Cardiac Index Obtained by ProAQT-Pulsioflex with Those of FloTrac/Vigileo 8-10 a.. Guo Chen. Asahikawa. and thus investigate their utility as trend monitors.. Our results indicate that APCO overestimates cardiac each other as with CINF. Arno Nierich. M. Ph. Wolfgang Buhre. the Use of xPlane Mode The use of xPlane mode which applies three-dimensional ultrasound FA A1120 technology. Isala Klinieken.. M. Egypt. M. Pieter L... M. Perioperative Medicine. Ph. and securing results show that LVEDVV measured by left ventricular short diameter of CVCs directly with sutures would therefore be most appropriate.. Anesthesiology.. Utrecht University Medical Center. Ph. Khaled A. University Medical Center Groningen. Hokkaido.D.. Ph. and Pulmonary Artery Catheters of enabling visualization of the orthogonal cross-section and the point of This study compares the cardiac output measurements of two newer. | HALL B1-AREA C We compared single calibrated and recalibrated cardiac index (CI) measurements of the ProAQT-PulsioFlex™ with our clinical standard CI measurement.. Netherlands. M. M.. China. This accessible method has potential clinical applications for important because optimum methods for securing CVCs remain a matter of situations in which volume and cardiac function monitoring during surgery is debate and multiple choices are available including several types of suture.D.D. M. Guo Zhou. Marieke Poterman.D. Ph. Miller.. Japan.D.D. Toshiaki Haraki.. Sichuan University.D. M. Zwolle.0 L/minute after phenylephrine infusion.m. General Hospital. MBBCh.D. UC Davis. M. the absence of complications patients. Shuto Harada. Ph..D..D. Thomas Scheeren. Hiroshi Iwasaki.. Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine. Anesthesiology. Asahikawa-Kosei traditional methods such as Bland & Altman and Concordance plots. Shebeen El Kom. M. Oregon Health and Science University. Rietman. Sichuan University.. Netherlands.D.Sc. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia 22 OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain . Bart-Jan Lichtenbelt. Masahito Omote. Hiroshima. changes in cardiac output. M. Hiroshima University. Davis. Prior other and the average of these (AVRvp) with the non-invasive monitor to infusion. Hideaki Sasaki.D. M. Netherlands. especially in children. Asahikawa. Buisman..Sc. Sapporo.. Japan... West China Hospital. Sapporo Medical University School of Medicine.D. and the results Hepatectomy showed that the aortic PPG derived metrics correlated significantly with the Intraoperative prophylactic intravenous magnesium helped to reduce parameters extracted from Doppler flow pattern. Evaluation of the Ultrasound Guided Subclavian Vein Cannulation With Menoufiya University. M.. G. West China Hospital. Takashi Kondoh.D. M..67 L/minute.D. Wei Wei. analysis in patients with impaired left ventricular function. Although the relatively low resolution obtained at certain pulmonary artery catheters. Pieter L..D. Liver Institute.D. Van den Berg.. Anesthesiology. M.. lower anesthetic consumption with an improvement in postoperative pain China. M. FA A1113 Accuracy of Arterial Pulse Contour Method Cardiac Output After FA A1118 Infusion of Phenylephrine Comparison of a Non-Invasive with Two Minimally Invasive Cardiac To determine the accuracy of arterial pulse contour method cardiac output Output Monitors During Off-Pump Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery (APCO) measured by a FloTrac/Vigileo monitor after infusion of phenylephrine.D. CVCs secured with Thirteen patients referred for craniotomy were enrolled in our study. the associated hemodynamic changes post-liver resection and lead to a M.. University Medical Center Groningen.D. B. M.D. Jing Xue. M. Ashraf Magdy Eskander. Netherlands...D.. Patients With Impaired Left Ventricular Function although both CI measurements are not interchangeable with those This study investigates the reliability of uncalibrated arterial pulse contour obtained by FloTrac/Vigileo™..D. Anesthesiology and care. M..D. M.D. Neal W. FA A1115 Mamdouh Lotfy. Ghada Mohamed.Sc. Eric de Waal. group. Netherlands. M.e.D. The xPlane mode was considered beneficial in terms LiDCOrapidTM.. CIFTV and CIPA revealed a similar agreement and trending ability with minute after infusion. Ph. Johannes P. Ph.. FA A1117 Simulation Study for Accidental Withdrawal of Adult and Child Central Venous Catheters FA A1112 Accidental withdrawal of a central venous catheter (CVC) after placement has Fluid Responsiveness Using Left Ventricular End-Diastolic Volume been reported.D.D.. Groningen. W. However.D. Chengdu.13±2.. M.D. Thomas Scheeren. M.D. was utilized in addition to M. Ph.D. M. Ph.. Ph.D. Tomohisa Niiya.D. i.. Alain F.. PO08-3 EQUIPMENT.D. Atushi Kurosawa.. Takayuki Kunisawa.D. Hokkaido. Anesthesiology and Critical Michael B. Ph. M. CA. Ph. Department of Anesthesiology.. Maastricht University Medical Center. Ph.D. Alain F. M. M.D. Anesthesiology. M.D.

. M.D. M. M.. Portugal. B.. M. Ramakrishna Mukkamala. M. B. M. East direct vision. Ramakrishna Mukkamala. An inexperienced users (25 medical students in clinical training for anesthesiology) could intubate a manikin with a smaller degree of retrocollis FA A1123 and a lower incidence of tooth injury using a McGrath MAC laryngoscope Validation of a New Multi-Signal Analysis for Continuous and Minimally compared to a Macintosh laryngoscope.D. M. We tested the hypothesis that during liver transplantation. M.01). Japan. M.S. M.. M. Porto.cost and workload.8% (+/.D. and this increases the risk of avoiding positioning injury after RALP.S. Hamamatsu. M.. M. The pleth variability index (PVI. Real Time Ultrasonography Ph. Yoh. Amorim. M. Ryosuke Kawanishi. This is of particular relevance Department of Anesthesiology. M. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund.D... FA A1124 Akihito Tampo.D.S. Bina E. of Medicine.m.D.. We monitored the Blood Volume Index (BVI) of the lower The intraoral space and neck thickness can significantly decrease and extremity with the INVOS®. Ph. after general anesthesia...D. Ann Arbor.S.. Osamu Takahata. Yoshimi FA A1126 Nakaji. Takasumi Invasive Cardiac Output Monitoring Katoh. M.. Asahikawa. We investigated the accuracy of direct ultrasonographic findings for detection Ph.D. Orlando R. Shigehito Sato. pulse pressure did not decrease after caval clamping or with the use of But we sometimes give damage around vocal cords when we fail to advance vasopressors. M. Nina T..D. Pedro P.. not by body-mass index. Halifax. MI.S.D.. M. M.. M. Masimo.. M. Blum... M. Yuki Toyama. M.. Mingwu Gao.D. Donald M.. Irvine.D. M.D. André Rato. Gebhard Wagener. Retia Medical. M. Jean Crosby. Viseu.D. Masimo Corporation. Tokushima University Hospital. NY. M. Anesthesiology.D. Hitomi Asaba. Katsuyoshi Kume. C.D.. PVI Related Cost Savings may have clinical utility in the fluid management of awake. Pressure with Caval Cross Clamping and Vasopressor Use During Liver Anesthesiology. age.D. Significant reduction in hospital admission. Outcome: 1. TX. Hiromi difficult laryngoscopy and intubation if/when airway management is required Kaneko..B.. The method showed PI A1129 improved cardiac output estimation accuracy over competing devices during Visualization of the Endotracheal Tube Placement by Using hemodynamic instability.D.D. Michigan State University.D. M..D.D. after extubation following general anesthesia. Hospital Santo Antonio. M. the Fluid IV Alert (FIVA) is Inexperienced Users Can Intubate a Manikin With a Smaller Degree of an effective monitor to alert the clinician when the IV fluid bag is empty Retrocollis and a Lower Incidence of Tooth Injury Using a Mcgrath MAC and to promptly change the IV fluid bag. Hiroshi Tanaka.A..D. FA A1122 Efficacy of an Intravenous Fluid Flow Monitor PI A1128 While using the gravity-fed IV delivery systems. Tomomi Matsumoto. M. and depth of the trachea.D.A. Patient safety 2. spontaneously We evaluated the use of a discharge algorithm to establish a protocol to ventilating patients. Tokushima.. Varun Agrawal. M.D. Japan. Keerthana Natarajan.. M. method was tested in critically ill patients instrumented with pulmonary artery catheters for reference cardiac output measurements.. Ph.. to patients with pre-existing risk factors associated with difficult airway. M.. Noriko Kambe.. Yoh. Prasad V. University of Michigan.. Ikeda. intubation with Airwayscope® (AWS) has a shorter time to intubation and Engineer. Tetsuro A method was developed for estimating cardiac output changes from a Kimura. Dara.. Our results suggest that time to intubation with AWS shortens Lansing. M. Tomoki PVI Deceases Following a Fluid Bolus Administered in the PACU to Sasakawa. Asahikawa Medical University.. M.Sc. Takayuki Kunisawa.D.. Tsuneo Tatara.R. FA A1125 DA. M. Yasuko M.. Patient and surgeon satisfaction 3. Hamamatsu radial arterial blood pressure signal and standard non-invasive signals. Anesthesiology. M. MI. OCTOBER 11 Correlation between Positioning Injury and Monitoring of the Blood 8-10 a.N..D. New York.B. M. Alex identify postoperative patients with OSA who could be safely discharged Friend. Hyogo College of Medicine.N.. M. Ph.D.D. | HALL B1-AREA D Volume Index with INVOS in Patients Undergoing Robot-Assisted Laparoscopic Prostatectomy PI A1127 Short summaryDuring robot-assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy (RALP). Masahiko Kawaguchi. Compared to a Macintosh Laryngoscope Anesthesia. Retia Medical. Nima Torabkhani. Till Geib. VT.A. To monitor the BVI is a potential tool for the increase. respectively.N. Japan. Femoral artery catheterization may therefore not be necessary endotracheal tube (ETT) into trachea..S. Irvine CA) decreased in 11 of 13 patients who were given a fluid bolus to treat hypotension in the PACU with a PI A1130 significant decrease in PVI from an average of 20.. MI. Nishinomiya. Mathews. Ph. Anesthesiology. NY. Joseph. time to intubation as compared to direct vision and reduces damage around the vocal cords.. Gebhard Wagener.. M. M. Jessica Maris. Columbia University...A.D.. Satoki Inoue.D. M. MI. Nina T.D. Canada. M.. New confirm the successful tracheal intubation. Keerthana Natarajan.S. Patient Satisfaction and administration dropping to an average of 15. Kashihara. Hajime Iwasaki.D.D.. Nara Medical University. CA.D. Omana Radial Pulse Pressure Does Not Decrease Compared to Femoral Pulse Mathew.N.D. Hung.. Burlington. Linda M. Glottis in a Manikin With Normal Airway However we found in nine liver transplant patients that the radial artery It is well known that videolaryngoscopes are useful for airway management. Atsushi Kurosawa.12.D. NS.1) after (p=0. Alexandra Piel.D. FRCPC. M...4% (+/-9.. Houston.. M. Anesthesiology.FA A1121 PO14-2 PATIENT SAFETY AND PRACTICE MANAGEMENT SATURDAY. Michel E DeBakey VA Medical center. M. Atluri.D. Hospital de Viseu. Portugal.S. The presence of “double line” have the high potential to M.S.D. University of Vermont College home. reduces damage around the vocal cords as compared to McGrath MAC® or Anesthesiology. Akihiro Suzuki. Japan. James of the tube itself. Hiroshi Treat Hypotension Iwasaki.S. Visualization of “double line” may York. Calculation of the Pulse Pressure Variation Tracings from the plethysmography wave allowed manual calculations of Pulse Pressure Variation that showed a very significant correlation with calculations obtained from the aretrial line tracing. Junko Ushiroda. East Lansing.. M.D.D. Katsuya The Plethysmography Wave from Pulse Oxymeter May Allow Accurate Tanaka. Airway Conditions Are Significantly Altered During General patients are in the steep Trendelenburg position and it sometimes causes Anesthesia positioning injuries. M. The University School of Medicine.B.Follow up on postoperative day one revealed no complications. Japan. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain 23 ..D. Munetaka Hirose.D. Columbia University.D. Marc Zemel.....R. D. C. Nara. Miyako Hayashi. Takayuki Katsuragawa. be affected by gender.B. Hiroshi Makino.N. Okemos. Ph. Transplantation Femoral in addition to radial arterial invasive blood pressure monitoring is PI A1131 frequently used during liver transplantation to ensure an interpretable blood Effects of Tracheal Intubation With Airwayscope® on the Injury Around pressure tracing while the vena cava is clamped and vasopressors are used.3) before fluid Postoperative Disposition of OSA Patients.B. Dalhousie University.

D..D. where we aimed to part of the tube can promise easy intubation to even an inexperienced identify predictive factors for DMV. Jørn Wetterslev. Hagberg. Kamyar Bahmanpour. Radiologic Evaluation of Internal Airway Anatomy Dimensions Copenhagen Trial Unit. ON.. Hamza. Salma El Marjiya.. Denmark. Killoran. Anesthesiology.D. Denmark. M. Hagaman. Chicago. M.D. M.. Rochester. Michael Gallagher. If the second PI A1133 attempt was unsuccessful.D. M. which can be prevented by using Wojtzcak. M. Jung-Man Lee. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. Ruggero M. Advocate Science. after the induction of general anesthesia showed that the vast majority have Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine. Noel M. Canada. Charlotte V. Department of Biomedical Informatics. Dallas.D. Department PI A1139 of Anesthesia. Emergency. Songkhla. Doctor. Epidemiology Unit. University of Texas Health Science Center Houston.D. Hat Yai.Sc. Jesse M. Republic of.. M. Republic of..Copenhagen University Hospital. Jonathan P.D.. Anesthesia. Anesthesiology. was to use direct laryngoscopy again with a stylet.D. ON. Jacek The main concern is absorption atelectasis..S. Rosenstock. Seoul. decreasing inappropriatepreoperative testing. IL. Ph. TN.. Davide Cattano. Thailand. M. Daniel H. Anesthesiology and Pain Management.D. The next most common choices were to use a bougie and then a video laryngoscope. from patient height and the distances from the mid-point of lateral border M. Pierantoni Hospital.. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia 24 OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain . Alfonso Altamirano. Anesthesiology. Korea. George J. Ph. GB Morgagni Chong-Soo Kim. M.D.D. M... Davide Cattano. Virasakdi Chongsuvivatwong. Ph. Rashida Callender. PI A1136 PI A1141 Optimal Length of Pre-inserted ETT for Excellent Laryngeal Opening Difficult Mask Ventilation in Obese Patients: An Analysis of Predictive View in Nasal Fiberoptic Intubation Factors When an Anesthesiologist would insert a nasal endotracheal tube in advance We present a retrospective-subgroup analysis of patients undergoing for nasal fiberoptic intubation. L. Russell J. Hamilton.D. for successful lightwand intubation. M..8 or a recruitment maneuver.D.D.900 patients McMaster University. M.D.S. M. Korea. PI A1132 PI A1137 The Effect of Two-handed Jaw-thrust Technique (Open Mouth and Use of Oxygen Nebulizer for Preventing Post-Operative Sore Throat: A Ant Displacement of Mandible) on the Success Rate of Lightwand Randomized Controlled Trial Intubation by Novice Practitioners: Comparison with One-handed Oxygen nebulizer supplement could not prevent post-operative sore throat Technique (Conventional Method) in adult patients undergoing endotracheal general anesthesia in elective The success rate and the intubation time of lightwand intubation vary with general surgery. A survey of Canadian anesthesiologists on the unexpectedly difficult airway Hyuk Soo Chang. Hagberg. M.. A in the utilization of preoperativeCXRs had a collateral effect on the utilization data validation step revealed excellent agreement between the predicted and of 10 other tests. two-handed jaw Edward McNeil. Ph. Grethe Astrup. Kunic.. TX. Risk Index with routine practice. Italy... Panthila that novice practitioners needed longer time and had less chance of Rujirojindakul..D. M. Carin A. M. We present preliminary results of the dimensions of external airway Copenhagen. Crystal. Targetedinterventions such as this can be successful in actual tracheal diameters. most would then use a video laryngoscope and The Effect of Using the Simplified Airway Risk Index Compared With a small number would use a flexible fibreoptic scope. Canada. FNP-BC.D.. Ph.. performer.D. MD. University of Rochester Medical Center.. Ph. which were the readily M.D. Anesthesia When Ventilation Is Good: A Survey handed jaw thrust during lightwand intubation in novice practitioners. Ehrenfeld.D. M. This study is part of a comprehensive investigative Preoxygenation Is Safe: Evidence from the Literature effort to better delineate predictors and markers for appropriate sizing of Our review of the literature revealed that preoxygenation is a safe maneuver.. Seoul. Hamilton. airway devices.. Catharines... of the nares to the mandibular angle (NM distance).. M.In this study.. M. Clinical & Translational Ramez Salem.. there was asustained measuring the ETT cuff pressure during intubation...D. The respondents a Routine Airway Assessment on the Frequencies of Unanticipated were mostly Canadian trained with FRCPC certification and half were from Difficult and Easy Intubation: A Cluster Randomized Trial With 77. Vanderbilt University. prediction of optimal length of pre-inserted preoperative airway assessment before elective surgery. M.. FRCPC.. and our result showed that two-handed jaw thrust Management of the Unexpectedly Difficult Airway After Induction of by an assistant improves first attempt success rate compare to one.. M. Rigshospitalet . M. Clinical & Translational Science. Eric B. Aarhus. Esra Ozayar..D. A formula for calculation significant decrease in the number of CXRs ordered at VUMC.D. including OSA.900 academic practice and half were in community practice. experienced this in their practice and their first choice for a second attempt Suwon.D. Giesecke. landmarks and radiographic measurements of internal airway anatomy for 17 Aarhus University Hospital. Chunyan Cai. NC.. Carin A.Hillerød. We found a simple equation to predict the optimal length of it Ph. TX. ON. Fady Ebrahim. Ph.. Ph. Denmark. M. Jack Starmer. successful intubation compare to experienced practitioners.D.. Ph. Seoul National University Hospital. McMaster University and comparing pre-operative airway assessment using the Simplified Airway Hamilton Health Sciences. Hillerød. Houston.D. Ajou University School of Medicine.D. Prince of thrust instead of conventional one-handed technique could be more helpful Songkla University. Forli. Illinois Masonic Medical Center. Houston.. Jacob Birnbaum. Ph. Jiwon Lee.D. FRCAT. Chaudhry.Sc.Phil.D.D. Chunyan Cai.. Anesthesiology. Department of Anesthesiology. Lars H. M.D.D.D. Department of Anesthesia. Ph. we compared conventional one-handed jaw thrust and two-handed jaw thrust for lightwand intubation PI A1138 in novice practitioners.D.D. Nordsjællands Hospital . The University of measureable parameters of patient. M. M. Niagara Health System... Canada. Wanderer.D. Korea.D. The reduction of tracheal diameter was derived from a multiple linear regression model. While previous data showed Other outcomes were too rare to detect significance difference. M. Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine.D. Tiffany Williams. PI A1135 PI A1140 Estimation of the Diameter of the Trachea Using Data Derived From An Intervention to Reduce Inappropriatepreoperative Chest X-ray the Endotracheal Tube Cuff Ordering Is Associated With Reductions in Otherpreoperative Testing The study describes simple method to estimate the diameter of the trachea We conducted an intervention to reduce the number of inappropriate using data on the volume of inflation of the ETT cuff while simultaneously preoperativeCXR orders. M. The DIFFICAIR trial is a cluster randomized trial including 77. Peter V.. The primary aim of this study was to compare paired measurements of external neck landmarks and internal neck and airway landmarks to PI A1134 establish any correlation. M. Anders K..The DIFFICAIR Trial James E.. Ph. St. Juliane Marie Center.D. Nashville. SMG-SNU Boramae Medical Center. H.. Texas at Houston Medical School. Lundstrøm. Han Bum Joe. Rabail FiO2 = 0. M.Sc. M. Patients .. M. Mohamed A. Anesthesiology. Dr. Following the intervention. TX. Yun Jeong Chae. Arash Afshari.. M. Corso..D. Paul.D.. M. UT Southwestern Medical Center. Republic of. Nørskov.D. patients. Rosero. B. but oxygen supplement was likely to reduce desaturation.D. Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine. the experience and the skill of the practitioner..D. M. M.D. M.

as well as at the lowest core temperature to Specialty Registrar in Paediatrics. containing lidocaine and tetracaine to lidocaine and prilocaine cream in Khalil Jabbour.B. M. Noemi Vicchio.. Carin A.. M. Ph...D.1)]. 45 for Injury (8. Gemma sedated children before intravenous cannulation. Okayama stopped the scan.S.D. University of Texas Health Science Center Houston. patients.D. Houston... the higher urinary albumin was [median (inter far as we know.D.D. Additional sedative University Hospital.B. TX.A. M. M. M. C.D. Deepak Subramani.D.D. Nottingham. M. B. Claudia Hôtel-Dieu de France Hospital.. which presented with seizures. M.. The University of Texas Viscoelastic assesment of functional fibrinogen using thromboelastography at Houston Medical School. Tokyo. Nischal Gautam.6- The 3 cases we describe involved patients ages 2. Anesthesiology. Pivalizza. Functional Fibrinogen in Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Anesthesiology. 193 amount and is increasing. GB Morgagni L. F 40. Emergency Anaesthetic Management in a Child With Glutaric Aciduria Type1 PD A1145 Glutaric aciduria is a rare inborn error of metabolism that results from a Transcranial Doppler Ultrasound Use During Cardiopulmonary Bypass deficiency of glutaryl -CoA dehydrogenase. The anesthesia team and MRI technicians then Kawade.I.. Hidetsugu Kobayashi.D.C. Therefore. United Kingdom.. Beirut. M. Italy.. PD A1143 Lidocaine/Tetracaine Patch Versus Lidocaine/Prilocaine Cream for PD A1148 Pediatric Peripheral Venous Access Prognostic Value of the Inferior Vena Cava Oxygen Saturation (ScviO2) Venipuncture is one of the most stressful procedure in children during After Pediatric Cardiac Surgery induction of general anesthesia. United Kingdom.7). Peter V. there have been no published reports of this safety issue. M.B.B. Nottingham University Hospitals and in whom CPB was performed without pre-operative exchange NHS Trust. many clinicians use local This prospective observational study including 70 patients undergoing elective anesthetic cream containing a mixture of lidocaine and prilocaine in order to congenital cardiac surgery shows that the value of central venous oxygen reduce procedure-related stress for pediatric patients. elective MRI brain with and without contrast.D..D.D.S.. Lana R. Valeria Mossetti.. TX. Olga Lyuksyutova. and 11 undergoing 32. M..D. factors for LMA placement difficulty were identified: female gender and large Mariko Ito. Franklin B. Kentaro Sugimoto. M. Most patients have a dystonic-dyskinetic syndrome. Davide Cattano. M. SCD-HgbSC who had a negative history for sickle cell crisis or transfusions MRCPCH.D.m. F.D. Isao Nahara.D. M.. Evan G. Killoran.D. This disorder mainly detects in for VSD Repair in a Child With Sickle Cell Disease early childhood. Hirokazu Kawase.and anaesthetic management of a 3-year-old child with glutaric aciduria type 1 intra-operative exchange transfusions. OCTOBER 11 The Use of Laryngeal Mask Airway in a Teaching Institution: Analysis of Impact of Video Laryngoscope in School-Aged Children With Microtia Predictive Factors for Effectiveness We investigated the trends of airway management in school-aged children The aim of this study was to identify predictive factors for difficult Extraglottic with microtia who required endotracheal intubation. Japan. PO15-1 PEDIATRIC ANESTHESIA M. Chiao..R. New PD A1150 York Presbyterian Medical Center.D.. Urinary Albumin Levels Predict Development of Acute Kidney Injury Following Pediatric Cardiac Surgery PD A1144 We undertook the present study toevaluate the utility of early postoperative Dexmedetomidine in the Magnetic Resonance Imaging Suite: Cases of urinary albumin as a diagnosticmarker for AKI. Olga Pawelek.S. Forli. M. Ph. M.1%).7 (9.D. Davide Cattano. Samia Madi-Jebara. Ph.. Tatsuo Iwasaki. As category in pRIFLE criteria was.. quartile range)]. M. being used at a record admission..2-20.Cornell University. This has also occurred in other Yuichiro Toda.D..... M.R..0-85. University of Texas -Houston.D. Italy.S. Samundeeswari Deepak. old patient diagnosed with a moderate ventricular septal defect (VSD) and Vinod Gopinathan. M. Turin.. Corso. Clinical & Translational Science.. Giulia Mineo. R 12. M. Turin. Fadia Haddad.D. United Kingdom. The worse where potential for injury occurred with the use of intravenous contrast. Hagberg. Anesthesiology. M. We are reporting the acute from conservative approaches without preoperative transfusion to pre. M.D.. After the infusion of gadolinium contrast.. The introduction Airway Devices placement.D. Rana Yamout..Of 504 children.D.. Krystel Malek.B. This study compares saturation taken at the femoral level (SivcO2) is not an indicator of prognosis the efficacy and safety of an heated topical anesthesia delivery system after congenital heart surgery unlike its corollary at the superior vena cava. M..B.PI A1142 PD A1146 SATURDAY. Anesthesiology and Critical Care.5). I 29.. Ph.D.. Kazuyoshi Shimizu. Hayek. M. PD A1147 Salma El Marjiya..D. TX. Jikei University. Hiroshi Morimatsu.D. | HALL B1-AREA E Houston. Department of Anaesthetics. Nottingham. Emergency. 100 for Failure (19. and recorded outcomes at a major teaching hospital. University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston - Medical School. 8-10 a. was given to resedate the patient and no injury occurred. Sr. based on a comprehensive airway assessment frequency of direct laryngoscopy and fiberoptic intubation in these patients..A single-center prospective Safety Problems With Administration of Intravenous Contrast observational study was performed. TX. Houston..C.D. Alfonso Altamirano.. Transcranial doppler ultrasound was performed before and Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Trust.... There Management of children with sickle cell disease (SCD) undergoing were only very few cases with glutaric aciduria type 1 who underwent elective cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) for congenital cardiac disease has ranged general anaesthesia reported in literature.4(17. M.. Houston. Saint-Joseph University. Mansfield. M. M.. In conclusion.B.. M.D. each patient woke up Tomoyuki Kanazawa.D.D. 6. M. Muhammad Rafique..A. M.B.. AKI was identified in 338 patients (67.A.3%).D.A..4).. M. transfusion.D. Ichiro Kondo. mechanics in pediatric cardiac surgery.D. Denise Murphy. Department of Anesthesiology. M. Japan. during cardiopulmonary bypass. M. M.9%). Filippini.D. M.4 (5... We report 3 cases of dexmedetomidine use in MRI for Risk (38.8 (4. UT Health Houston. M... New York. Chunyan Cai. Ph. M.D. M. M. M.D. Masaharu Tomita. NY. Giorgio Ivani.D. Lebanon. two risk Shoichi Uezono. TX.N. Houston. M. monitor cerebral blood flow velocities and evaluate the risk of cerebrovascular complication. We describe the case of a 12 month. Okayama. utilizing the LMA as the proto-typical EAD. Rabail Chaudhry. M. M. as well of pediatric video laryngoscopy resulted in a significant decrease in the as composite score value. D.D. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund.. neck circumference. Alessandro Meli. [urinary albumin(mcg/ml): N 7. can be used as a point of care test to assess changes in whole blood clot Pierantoni Hospital.D.D. Department of Anaesthetics. Italy. Urinaryalbumin was measured at ICU Dexmedetomidine use for MRI is relatively new. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain 25 .B. Kuang. M. Ruggero M. Regina Margherita Children’s Hospital.D. and quickly attended to the patient.7-103. Kenji agitated in the MRI scanner. Noriko Ishii. Department of Surgical Sciences San Giovanni Battista PD A1149 Hospital. F.B.8%).S..

M.D.D. OH.D.. Zhongda Hospital at surgical conclusion or extubated later in the CTICU. Washington..D. Wilson.. MRASS scores of agitation in the post anesthesia care unit A. C. The AKI group had lower hemoglobin levels on SVV measured by NICOM system did not predict fluid responsiveness in hospital arrival. Medical Student..-12 p. M. Karl Wagner.S. stands against the beliefs that intraoperative use of dexmedetomine has an effect on postoperative agitation or discharge times from the PACU.9% in patients undergoing emergency EVAR Monitor (NICOM) in Children Undergoing Cardiac Surgery for aortic aneurysm rupture.D. B. Guzzetta..D. associated with adverse outcomes in multiple trauma patients undergoing major orthopedic surgery. OH . there was no correlation durations of surgery/anesthesia than the non-AKI group. M. Department of Anesthesia.. Andrew Gable.. Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine. Foster.. India. Augusta. Cleveland Clinic.R. Tariq Wani. essential. M. Seoul. Georgia Regents University/University of Georgia Medical Einstein College of Medicine. Data was obtained from a database of trauma PD A1155 patients if they had mechanically unstable fractures treated surgically and Role of Dexmedetomidine in Emergence Agitation Prevention in from hospital electronic medical records.Parental satisfaction with prior adverse events. Yong-Hee Park.. In addition.D.D. Department of Quantitative Health Sciences.. China. Chung-Ang University Hospital. Partnership School of Medicine.. PD A1157 Trauma Trends for Tots: A National Survey PD A1152 This survey reveals intriguing trends and areas for performance improvement Post-Induction Hypotension in the Pediatric Population in the attainment of the ultimate quality of trauma care for the pediatric Higher incidence of diastolic hypotension 35 to 45% was observed in patient. Seoul National University Hospital. Igor Shkubel. Maiko Ishigaki. Emory or anesthesiologist about the pain control options prior to the surgery is University School of Medicine/Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston.D. Anesthesiology.D...S. the limited number of cases failed to confirm of an early or late extubation strategy for neonates and infants undergoing glutamine pretreatment can improve cardiac function and recovery indexes. DC. B. Lopatin. labor remain the important factors that influence parent’s decision regarding Nadine N.P.. CA A1159 Korea. M. Columbus. Greg S.. St. OH.5 mcg/kg. Montefiore Medical Center.D. weight. M. Cardiac Function and Recovery Indexes in Patients Undergoing Cardiac Surgery PD A1154 Preoperative infusion of glutamine can attenuate myocardial injury and Learning from Experience: Improving Early Extubation Success After reduce postoperative dopamine consumption in patients undergoing cardiac Congenital Cardiovascular Surgery surgery and CPB. The Metrohealth System.D. Ph. Dawn Bent. GA. be careful to decide fluid management when using NICOM during pediatric M. M. tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy. greater intraoperative blood transfusion volumes.D. PD A1151 PD A1156 The Relationship Between Early Post-operative Bleeding in Neonates Parental Perceptions and Understanding of Caudal Block in Pediatric after CPB and Major Adverse Postoperative Events Surgeries: A Single Center Survey Study The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between early Multiple factors are included into the survey in order to identify those parents postoperative bleeding in neonates after CPB and major postoperative at most risk of declining a caudal block.m. Bronx. Kyoko Motokawa. M. Archana PO04-2 CLINICAL CIRCULATION: OUTCOMES Ramesh. Georgetown University School of Medicine. Nationwide Children’s Hospital.D. Kang Zheng. Adequate discussion with the surgeon and/ Alexandra C.D.D.. 14 Jordan Stoecker...Area A and Pain Medicine.H. Daniel Moy. between CI measured by NICOM and echocardiography.D. Georgetown University Hospital. However. Peter D. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia 26 OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain . PA... Cleveland. Kenzo Fujikura. M.D. Hiroshi Sakurai..D. B. Joseph Tobias.. Albert Atlanta. Mora Hazlett- comparison to systolic hypotension.D. Hiroshi Yamaguchi. M.O. Nanjing. M. length of Affiliated Southeast University. Clinicians should M.D. M. Lisa Fazi-Diedrich..D.. Mark Galantowicz. Bin Li.A. Christopher’s Hospital incidence of post induction hypotension between premedicated and non. M. as well as adequate maternal pain control during CPB is independently associated with postoperative ECMO and dialysis.. Washington.B. Kuntal Jivan.. NY. Columbus. This study Surgery. GA. Orthopedic of the three groups were not found to be statistically significant.. The hypothesis of this retrospective study was that vasopressor use is not Joseph Tobias. Medical Student.. Department of Anesthesiology. Preoperative Infusion of Glutamine on Myocardial Injury.. Jonah A. STAT and RACH scores. (PACU). premedicated children.. Ji-Hyun Lee. records of 416 patients Yuejiang Liu.Tsukuba Gakuen Hospital. D. for Children. Age. M.D. admission after surgery.D. M. Seoul. Winch. Vallier. M.N. Ai Fujikura. Charles E. M. M. Jerry Y. Tsukuba Medical Center cardiac surgery.D.D. Philadelphia. which may be concerned with the reduction of systemic A quality improvement project was initiated to analyze the consequences oxidative stress injury. and 14 received 1 mcg/kg M. Co-induction was not associated with increased incidence of hypotension. 14 received 0. M.. Atlanta. Marco Corridore. Anna Staudt. Adithya Bhat. of whom received 0. mortality.D.D. and re-intubation rates were examined for variations between the 2 groups. Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta/Sibley Heart Center. Patients Undergoing Orthopedic Trauma Anesthesia Aymen N.. B. M. Nina A. Heather dexmedetomine. Ehrlich.A. Analysis suggests CA A1160 that an early extubation strategy is associated with reduced length of stay Mild Vasopressor Use Is Not Associated With Adverse Outcomes in and overall mortality. Baoling Zhang. Republic of. M. 42 patient charts were reviewed. under 1 year of age were divided into those who were extubated in the OR Master. M. and longer pediatric patients during cardiac surgery.. Ph. Japan.D. CA A1158 Acute Kidney Injury in Patients Undergoing Emergency Endovascular PD A1153 Repair of Aortic Aneurysm Rupture Prediction of Fluid Responsiveness by Noninvasive Cardiac Output The incidence rate of AKI was 42. No difference was observed in the ONeill. Elizabeth C. M. Hospital.D. M... Chao. DC. M. M.. Anesthesiology. The Metrohealth System. M. Specifically.S..D.m. Anesthesia.D. M.. congenital heart or great vessel surgery. Nationwide Children’s Hospital.D.A. Phenylephrine and ephedrine use Children Undergoing Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy was common during major orthopedic trauma anesthesia (67%) and was not In this retrospective chart review of pediatric patients undergoing combined associated with any adverse outcomes compared to no use of vasopressors. M. Naguib. M. Tsukuba. Ph. along with time to discharge and fentanyl requirement in the PACU. caudal block for their minors. Khalid Sofi. Anesthesiology 10 a. Anesthesiology. GA. Master.. Republic of. Jin-Tae Kim. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. Allen...Sc. | Hall B1 . Xiaofeng Wang.. Sheri- Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences. We found that early postoperative bleeding in neonates after postoperative pain control. Smith. M. Liang Jing. Soura.. Korea.D. Heather McClung.

. University Medical Center Utrecht. M. Perioperative Risk Factors and Mid-Term Prognosis of Orthotopic Heart Department of Informatics. Cesar Belziti. M. Tongji Medical College. DEX improves cardiac contractility and has protective effects in myocardial I/R injury during extracorporeal circulation. MMed. Van response in patients undergoing cardiopulmonary bypass.D.we found.. While in general cardiac biomarkers are considered the cornerstone for the diagnosis.CA A1161 CA A1166 SATURDAY. Wilton A. Beijing Anzhen Hospital. Suparna Kailash. received pentoxifylline.. Bas Van Zaane...D. whereas decreased the mRNA Weiping Cheng. Ph. Intensive Care and Emergency Care Medicine. However. Ph.. M..Sc. United Kingdom.D. vasoconstrictors cTn-T. SOD3. Enhanced Recovery Team.Sc.. its application in elective gynaecology cases is still in its infancy. B. The mechanical support time CA A1164 was shorter in IT group.B... M. Elizabeth The Association Between Intraoperative Hypotension and Fajemirokun. plasma level in IT group at the time point of at the end of CPB 0h.D. Ph. King’s College Hospital Transplantation in Patients ≥60 years old NHS Foundation Trust. A significant reduction in plasma MDA. LLB. Waes.C. Toronto. TNF-α. Bianco.D. This group of patients had higher CA A1165 incidence of preoperative comorbidities.may help preserving postoperative cognitive Elective Gynaecological Surgery? function.. Shuwen Li. Ch.D. China. BAO.D.D. M. M.D.B.. Ph. Ph. M. Mu Jin.. VSD patients with severe pulmonary hypertension.D.S. 6h.D. M.. Wai Yoong. Shorter durations of intraoperative hypotension were not associated To investigate the effects of intensive insulin therapy on inflammatory with postoperative myocardial injury.D. Departments of Anaesthesia and The aim of this study was to determine the association between Gynaecology.S. M. BCH. prognosis and risk factors of elderly patients undergoing orthotopic heart transplantation... Zainab Hussein..IL-6 ON. GPX1 and eNOS.. Eric Mills.M.. Sawston. In a randomized controlled study we compared use of pentoxifylline Oral carbohydrate loading is now an established part of the Enhanced with control and observed that cognition was better preserved in patients who Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) programme in colorectal surgery. M. Yanwei Yang.. Sn. New We conducted a pilot single center cohort control study to evaluate the Delhi. Ph. 24h were significantly lower than in control group. Psychiatry.D. Marc Buijsrogge. B.D. BIS and MAC has been associated with Bin Chen. Leo Van Wolfswinkel. Infarction After CABG Surgery Pablo Rossi.B. Various attempts have been made for attenuating the postoperative cognitive dysfunctionafter open heart surgery using cardiopulmonary bypass. Utrecht. Judith V.D. Utrecht. We CA A1167 hypothesized that administration of pentoxifylline which reduces inflammation Does Perioperative Carbohydrate Loading Improve Outcomes in and has rheological properties. M. AIIMS..B. Ch. intraoperative hypotension and postoperative myocardial injury in vascular surgery patients. Maribel Gomez. B. Intraoperative hypotension as defined as a 40% decrease CA A1168 from the pre-induction mean arterial blood pressure and a duration of Effects of Intensive Insulin Therapy on Inflammatory Response in more than 30 minutes may be associated with postoperative myocardial Patients Undergoing Cardiopulmonary Bypass injury. We studied the incidence. Netherlands.... Qi-lin Liu.. expression of NOX2 and NOX4.D. Ph. M. group. China. atrium tissue.D. Nanchong. FRCA.D. London.Sc. and provide new options for clinical treatments for these and reperfusion.. King’s College London.D. Hugo Araujo. M.. DEX could increase eNOS phosphorylation and the mRNA patients. with little Akshya K. M. Wuhan. Ph.BB. Affiliated Hospital of increased morbidity and mortality.. Therefore we initially speculated that intensive insulin Pre-emptive Strategy for Haemodynamic Optimization Minimizes therapy attenuated the systemic inflammatory response effectively in patients Incidence of Triple Low in High Risk Vascular Surgical Patients undergoing cardiopulmonary bypass. University Medical Center Utrecht. and clinical prognosis. Postoperative Myocardial Injury After Vascular Surgery FRCOG. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain 27 . United Kingdom. efficacy and impact on surgical outcomes. W. postoperative clinical materials were recorded. F.. Division of Anesthesiology. Jiakai Lu.. randomly assigned to intensive insulin therapy group (IT group ) and control M.c. Using a pre-emptive strategy. M.. and compared the effects The present study was conducted to investigate the effects of DEX in patients of these therapies on cardiac function by monitoring patients’ hemodynamics undergoing cardiopulmonary bypass. Anesthesiology. Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires. Wilton Van Klei. Triple North Sichuan Medical College. Canada. M. Ciara CA A1163 Mackenzie. LiDCO Ltd. M.D. Role of Pentoxifylline in Reducing Neurocognitive Decline After Tongji Hospital. Anaesthesia.D. Sambhunath Das.ADavid W..D.IL-6 plasma level at the different time point were measured and Netherlands. CK-MB and a significant increase in plasma SOD and nitrite were can reduce the incidence of postoperative complications. Xiao-lin Yang. B. M..B. to diagnose postoperative myocardial infarction following coronary artery bypass grafting differ among the different cardiac centers.D..N.B. M. M. Argentina.. MMed.D. North Middlesex University Hospital. OCTOBER 11 Comparison of Vasoconstrictors Versus Vasodilators for Ventricular Protective Effects of Dexmedetomidine in Myocardial Ischemia- Septal Defects With Severe Pulmonary Hypertension Reperfusion Injury During Cardiopulmonary Bypass We randomly administered two different therapies after cardiac surgery in Dexmedetomidine (DEX) has been shown to have anti-oxidative properties.. This was a cross-sectional. Buenos Aires. Dianne Van Beek. Ph.D. Identification of Triple Low in MAP. Bisoi..D. Anesthesiology. Department of Anaesthesiology. increased quantity of postoperative Implementation of the Third Universal Definition of Myocardial bleeding and reduced hospital and mid-term survival. CA A1169 cJames Gill. M. Juan C. Low can be minimised in high risk patients and can be achieved without detriment to cardiac output and cerebral oxygenation. Gustavo García Fornari. B. M. M. Pei Lu. Green.. M. M. there is no consensus on the type of biomarker that should be used.compared to vasodilators.ChR Lakshmy.. how often the lab values should be measured routinely and whether or not the cut-off level of the third universal definition should be implemented. Cardiovascular surgeons from 181 European cardiac centers.D.S.. M. Cardiology. London. Division of Heart and Lungs.. Doctor.D... which may be due CA A1162 to its anti-oxidative properties. R. Beijing. Anesthesiology. M.R. as well as the ROS production in cardiac China. India. University Health Network Toronto. The diagnostic criteria used Surgery. survey based study. expression of SOD1..D. Scott Beattie. M.. Huazhong University of Science and Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting Surgery Technology. both in the period of myocardial ischemia decrease mortality. including 298 cardiothoracic Ricardo Marenchino. significantly observed in patients receiving DEX. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund.D. Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery. B. Manju Mehta.D. Thirty patients were Klei..S. We found that the TNF-α. Anesthesiology. Anesthesiology. impact of preoperative carbohydrate loading on patient outcome following elective gynaecological surgery. Cardiac objective data on its acceptability. Hui Xu.D.

D.D. D. Michiaki Yamakage...D.D. Ph.. Haeng Seon Shim. Chengdu.. production of hydrogen peroxide following activation of NADPH oxidase probably mediates the impairment of vasodilation.m..D. M. Chang Jin Oh. Japan.S. Orleans.. Seoul. Richburg.S. Takumi Saito.S. LA. Michael Procino..S. Wuhan M.D.. Qitao Yan.D..D. Seung Won Choi.D.m. The augmentation of changes in tension and PKC activity M. M.D.D. Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine. Anesthesia. Korea. CA A1170 CA A1174 Hemodynamic Optimization in Revision Total Hip Arthroplasty Reduces Effect of Propofol on Vessel Tone After Cooling and Rewarming and Its Postsurgical Complications and Length of Hospital Stay Mechanism More than 230 million major surgical procedures are performed every year To assess the effect of propofol on cooling and rewarming-induced isometric worldwide with morbidity rates of more than 25% in this population. Ph.. Michael Sander. Bin Liu.D. colorectal surgery that causes significant patient morbidity and costs Milrinone can benefit some patients but may potentially increase hospital the U.D. Canada.S..A..D. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund.D.D.. Felix Balzer..D. Spies. Increased Surgery.D.... Marit Habicher.. New M.D. Huiming Zhan. CA A1172 Hiroyuki Kinoshita. M. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia 28 OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain . Department of after rewarming may be due to activation of PKC by propofol. Mohamed Badawy.. Using sublingual microcirculation as an accepted surrogate of changes indicated Milrinone induced favorable gene expression changes in bowel microcirculation.D. Aichi Medical University School of Medicine. Department of Anesthesiology. Tulane University Medical Center. Yasuyuki Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine. Yan Hong. David Bracco. M.. Ph. Cooling and rewarming with propofol significantly increased pressure-based clinical management can reduce postsurgical complications.. Anesthesiology.B. M.. M. Germany. We found STK4 and injury.. Since impaired bowel stay and mortality. M.D.D. Ph. Republic of.D. Oral and Maxillofacial Graft: A Randomized Trial Surgery. Carsten Perka. | Hall B1-Area B CA A1177 CA A1173 The Effects of 48 Hour Exposure of Cultured Rat Cardiomyocytes to Impaired Sublingual Microcirculation Correlates With Primary Milrinone on Myocardial Necrosis-related Gene Expressions Postoperative Lleus in Colorectal Surgery Patients Summary:Milrinone is a potent inotrope used to treat patient with CHF.-12 p... Jingli microcirculatory flow was correlated with the presence of PPOI and Chen..D.D.D. PO09-3 EXPERIMENTAL CIRCULATION China. Juan Gomez-Izquierdo.. Nagakute..S.4 billion annually..S.. Yoshitaka Yasuda..A. M. Vinayak Kamath.. M. injury. Henry Liu..Sc. B. Dexmedetomidine. transplanted lung cold ischemia time and reduce its ischemia reperfusion Changwon. CA A1178 The Role of PI3K and STAT3 Signaling Pathways in Intralipid-induced Cardioprotection in Late Pregnancy STAT3 and PI3K signaling pathways are involved in intralipid-induced cardioprotection against ischemia/reperfusion injury in late pregnancy.. M. The new organ preservation solution containing HOE642 can prolong the Ph.. Patrick Charlebois. M. isometric tension. M. Matthew G.D. periodontal application D.D.D. Berlin.. Yasuhiro Yamamoto. M. Georgia Regents University. Georgia Regents University. after rewarming. Anesthesiology. M. M. M. there is a need to evaluate if this impairment also plays a role NAMPT were upregulated while MYH6 and NOG downregulated. Takahiko Akahori. Claudia PKC inhibitor. M. Mansoureh Eghbali... Michael Krämer. Gabriele Baldini. McGill University. Sapporo.S.D. Bean. none. China.D. Satoshi Kazuma. Tianqing Gong. M. B. Department of Orthopedics. Charité Universitätsmedizin Tokinaga.S.. M. Primary postoperative ileus (PPOI) is a multifactorial complication of However the clinical outcome of Milrinone use has been controversial. M. Jingyuan Li. Ph.D. vascular endothelial malfunction. Won Ho Kim. this observational study revealed that sublingual cultured rat cardiomyocytes.D.D.ONadine Odo..D. M. M.D.D.. Samsung Changwon Hospital. Deshui Yu..D. dependent relaxation caused by activation of nitric oxide synthase. Tiffany M.D. Patrick significantly lower in PPOI patients. QC. M.S. Surgery..... Augusta. A Comparison Among Lidocaine.D.. M. Yukimasa Takada. Berlin. Anesthesiology. Comparison of before cooling and after rewarming showed In our study we were able to shown that implementation of GDFT reduced that PKC activity was significantly increased after rewarming with propofol. Montreal. Shunsuke Hayashi.. These in PPOI. In this model. Ruolan Wu. whereas it reduced endothelium- Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine.. Mary E. M.. The tension generation and protein kinase C (PKC) activity with phenylephrine aim of our study was to evaluate whether implementation of goal-directed pretreatment. postsurgical complications and decreased hospital stay in patients whereas the activity was not changed without propofol. Arthur.D. Duration With the Lung Transplantation Model in Rabbits Ph. Ph. Yoshiaki Kazaoka. Peter Foldes. M. 10 a.D.. M. B. Jin Qian. The authors also attempted The Exploration of the Protective Effects of the LPD Solution to evaluate whether combined infusion of lidocaine and dexmedetomidine Containing HOE642 on the Donor Lung for Prolonged Cold Ischemia has a synergistic effects. CA. M. Sapporo Medical University. hemodynamics and arrhythmia incidence. Japan.. Wuhan. West China Hospital of Sichuan University. M. M.. M. M. Central Hospital.S. Los Angeles.D.S.. Michael Müller. D. In the presence of a undergoing revision total hip arthroplasty.. Wenqin Zhou. Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin.D. M.D. PKC activity was not changed with propofol before cooling and D.D. M. M. McCarty. M. UCLA. M. of LPS did not affect hemodynamics. we determined isometric tension changes and PKC activity by fluid therapy (GDFT) based on stroke volume optimization compared to a Western blotting. M. Yoshihiro Combined Infusion in Subjects Undergoing Coronary Artery Bypass Fujiwara. Samsung Medical Center.D. CA A1171 CA A1175 The Effect of Dexmedetomidine and Amiodarone on Postcardiotomy Periodontal Application of Lipopolysaccharide Reduces Endothelium- Atrial Fibrillation Dependent Relaxation Via Increased Production of Hydrogen Peroxide Autonomic imbalance and pharmacologic intervention alone may not be in Rats effective in decreasing the incidence of new unset post operative atrial The present study showed a rat model of periodontal disease to evaluate fibrillation after cardiac surgery. M.. M.. Ph. M. Sender Liberman. and Their D. Centre for Musculoskeletal Surgery.. GA . health-care system $1.D. Hyung Sung Cho. We studied the effects of Milrinone on myocardial microcirculation after surgery contributes to anastomotic leak and ischemic necrosis-related gene expression in cardiomyocytes. Barry Stein. The authors compared the infusion of lidocaine and dexmedetomidine during off-pump coronary artery bypass graft (OPCAB) regarding cardioprotective CA A1176 effect.

D. M. Ph. Penn State College of Medicine.D. M. M. Ph.. B. Korea. Hugh C.D..D. Gerhard Rammes. NA A1182 Ph. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. Temporal changes in power. Japan..D.D. Denise Aya Otsuki. Hemmings. Voltage-sensitive dye imaging experiments in acute murine thalamocortical Tomoki Kosho. M.D. M. phase synchronization.. Some clinical symptoms NA A1186 and results of physiological examinations did not match those of congenital Propofol Modulates Spatial Cortical Signal Propagation in Acute indifference to pain reported to date. Department Sevoflurane Inhalation Accelerates the Long-Term Horror Learning of Anesthesiology. William Lee. Zunyi Medical This assembly may provide a powerful approach for genetic mechanisms College. propfol seems to Medicine (Neurology and Rheumatology).B. Ph. Matsumoto. vitro correlate of impaired cortical integration of sensory information. B. Yang Hao. University of São Paulo Medical School. Doctoral Candidate. Physiology. Anesthesiology and Resuscitology. which alter bulk lipid bilayer properties using patch-clamp electrophysiology and a received fentanyl five minutes before five doses of epinephrine. Pharmacology.D. Ph.D. Medical Student. which received saline instead fentanyl. saline gramicidin channel-based stopped-flow fluorescence assay for lipid bilayer group (n=10). Gerhard Rammes. Yu Tian.D.. Olaf S. Ph. Corinna NA A1181 Mattusch. Mikito slices revealed that propofol seems to have no effect on cortical vertical Kawamata. Bruno Gonçálves Sanford. M..... Hereditary Congenital Indifference to Pain Munich. Ph. Elnara Marcia Negri... Phase Synchronization. Pittsburgh. We also tested the injury in transmission electron microscopy and immunohistochemistry... involved in PONV..D. Spatial Cortical Processing In Vitro Janicki. Eberhard F.. Yuki Sugiyama. M.Sc. New York. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain 29 . Hershey.. Present study explores how electroencephalographic signatures behave Aichi Medical University School of Medicine. Incidence of Postanesthesia Nausea and Vomiting Xu Mao Sheng.D..D.D. M. projections may argue for subcortical effects triggering sevoflurane induced unconsciousness. Pohang. Gyu-jeong Noh. Asan Medical Center. Transition in Power. M. Anesthesiology.D. M. M..D. Sevoflurane exposure to young adult mice accelerated the long-term horror learning ability with increased F-actin constitution in the hippocampus. Maria concentration of 1 MAC. Brazil.D.. Stephan Kratzer. Kensuke Sakakibara. All anesthetics significantly inhibited sodium channel function (n=6). M. Fentanyl group showed lower levels of troponin and less myocardial but did not alter bulk lipid bilayer properties at 1 MAC.D. Emi Naamura..D. volatile anesthetic isoflurane on sodium channel function with their ability to Twenty-six pigs were allocated randomly into Fentanyl group (n=10).D. We carried out a genetic analysis of this Thalamocortical Brain Slices patient and identified a new mutation in SCN9A gene. M. Medical Genetics. OCTOBER 11 Fentanyl Attenuates Myocardial Injury Following Administration of High Volatile Anesthetics Inhibit Voltage-Gated Sodium Channels Directly Doses of Epinephrine in Pigs Without Altering Bulk Lipid Bilayer Properties The objective of this study was to evaluate the cardiac effects of fentanyl We compared the effects of model fluorobenzene anesthetics and the on myocardial function in pigs exposed to high doses of epinephrine. POSTECH. PA.D. Hiroshi Morita.S. of Anesthesiology & Medicine.. Medical College. São Paulo. Zhang Yu. M. Ph. Klinikum Rechts der Isar der TU Muenchen. Minkyung Kim..D. Ph.D. Department of Sevoflurane seems to reduce and delay thalamocortical signal propagation Anesthesiology.Med.. after bolus administration of propofol. Ph.D. Jiazheng Li. M... Identification of a New Missense Mutation in SCN9A in a Patient With Anesthesiology. Shinshu University School of modulate horizontal signal processing within the cortex. Anesthesiology.. Ph. Seoul. Ph. PO10-2 EXPERIMENTAL NEUROSCIENCES: MECHANISMS NA A1184 10 a. Anesthesiology.D. Lea Margarita Gonzalez. Heonsoo Lee. M. M. Biophysics and Systems Biology.. Vinicius F.. This might be an in Medicine... Zunyi... and information flow of alpha rhythm and relationship between them are investigated. signal processing of a thalamic stimulus.D. M. Alpha Rhythm After Intravenous Bolus of Propofol Yoshihiro Fujiwara. Ability in Young Adult Mice Germany.D.CA A1179 NA A1183 SATURDAY. China.m. The finding that sevoflurane might preferably inhibit thalamocortical University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.m. Ph.D.Med. Laboratory of Perioperative Genomics. University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute.D.D.. M. and Sham group perturbation. Ph. M. Byung-Moon Choi. Corinna Mattusch. Stephan Kratzer. M...D. Horn. Karl Herold. who manifested congenital indifference to pain. Zhang You. M. Matthias Kreuzer. M. M. M... Viana. Nagakute. Technische Universität München. but it does not seem to affect corticocortical signal processing. Japan. Ph. M..A..D. We encountered a 73-year-old woman born from consanguineous parents. Matthias Kreuzer. Departments in vitro.D. Jiazheng Jiang. M. M... PA.D..-12 p.D.. Kochs.S. M. Ph.D. Charles C. M.D...D. However. Munich. Maria Jose Carmona... Piotr K.D.D.Med. bilayer-perturbing effects of a range of other anesthetics and observed that Fentanyl promotes attenuation of myocardial injury caused by high dose of none of these anesthetics altered bilayer properties at the clinically relevant epinephrine. Andersen. Da Luz... Kochs. Klinikum Rechts der Isar. and Information Flow of Ph. NA A1187 Hiroyuki Kinoshita.D.D. | HALL B1 . Ph.D. M. Germany. Sr. NY. Satoshi Tanaka. Guo-Gang Feng... Seunghwan Kim..D.. the comparisons of gene expressions in the hindbrains of high and low responders indicate the presence of discrete NA A1185 differences in the several gene expression between our low and high PONV Sevoflurane Affects Thalamocortical Signal Propagation but Not responders. Pangyu Joo. Ph. R. Republic of. Furthermore. Shigekazu Sugino. Weill Cornell Pathology. Doctoral Candidate. Doctorial Candidate. Eberhard F.AREA C The Influence of Astrocyte on Rats’ Spontaneous Electrical Activity of S1 Neuron under Ketamin NA A1180 The experiment uses the patch-clamp system to observe the influence of De Novo Assembly of Musk Shrew Hindbrain Transcriptome and ketamin on rats’spontaneous electrical activity of S1 coniform neuron after Comparison of Gene Expressions in Animals With High and Low inhibiting the activity of astrocytes. Jr. M.D.Med.

Elizabeth Carpino.. M. Houston.D. Gautam Borthakur. Joseph identified CytC-like domain.. Biostatistics.D.D. Masayuki Kobayashi.D. Ph. Ph. Antonios Pantazis. FA A1197 Opioid Administration to Patients With Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia NA A1193 Is Not Associated With Decreased Survival BK Channels can Protect from Oxidative Stress Damage via a The administration of opioids to patients with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Cytochrome C-like Domain within a month of diagnosis is not associated with a decrease in treatment We have demonstrated that BK channels. M. we examined the loss of righting reflex (LORR) induced by isoflurane. Ph. CA.D. | Hall B1-Area D Alan Neely.D.... Deirdre Logan. Madhvani.B. NJ.D. We Jing Li. Sean Sinnott... CA. Hemopathology.B. Mike Hernandez. that the human BK channel encompasses a Cytochrome C-like structure Joseph Cravero.. Taleh Yusifov. M. anesthetics. Yuko Koyanagi.. we present evidence that α2δ-1 association physically couples VSD activation to pore opening. MD.D. D. transmission and reduces excitatory output from cortical circuits. NA A1188 NA A1194 Propofol Preferentially Enhances Fast-Spiking Interneuron Connections Two Distinct Types of Adrenoceptors in Synaptic Modulation of to Pyramidal Neurons in Rat Insular Cortex Network Activity in the Central Nucleus of Amygdala Propofol facilitates γ-aminobutyric acid-mediated inhibitory synaptic To elucidate the role of NA in the aversive memory formation by nociception. at its C terminus. China.D. In addition. Ruiz. D.D. Stony Brook University. Tsukuba.2 Channel Facilitating Its Activation that this mutant is more sensitive than wild type rat to the LORR induced α2δ-1 subunits mediate their effect on Ca conductance by profoundly by isoflurane and by ethanol. Pascal Owusu-Agyemang. but not by propofol.2 VSD activation reveals that α2δ-1 association and thus may be a novel target of some general anesthetics. Ph.. damage. None.. suggesting an involvement of α1 receptors. Stony Brook.D. Valparaíso. CA. M.S.D..D. To determine whether cerebellum contributes to hypnosis induced by general Pharmacology. Medicine.D. Chris S. at more hyperpolarized potentials.D.. this relational database allows for Using computational and biochemical approaches.. Sumii Yamamoto. Riccardo Olcese. TRPM7 Like Currents in Human Glioblastoma T98 Cells TRPM7 like currents present in T98 glioblastoma cells. Ph. New Jersey Medical propose that α2δ-1mediates these effects by remodelling VSDs I-III and School.. and with higher sensitivity to changes in the membrane potential. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia 30 OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain .. dPET. UCLA. M. Division of Molecular Medicine.. We show the Human CaV1. Optical cerebellum is involved in the hypnosis induced by some general anesthetics tracking of human CaV1. Ph. Phenylephrine and prazosin Ph. Sr.. Ph. Anesthesiology. Daniel Sigg.. None...D. Fusao Kato. Ayako Watabe.D. Radha Arunkumar. Tokyo.. Statistical Analyst. Ph.. Anesthesiology.D. Tokyo.D. MD. Nihon University School of Dentistry. PO13-3 OUTCOMES AND DATABASE RESEARCH Nicoletta Savalli. Boston Childrens Hospital.D. Antonios Pantazis.. likely conferring novel non-conducting properties to these Patcharee Sriswasdi.D.D.. M. MD Ph. M. 10 a. Mark Breibart. administration study support it. Los Angeles. None. Cata. Ph. Jun Lin. acid. Qi-Qing Shi. Division of Molecular Medicine. we demonstrated that propofol preferentially enhanced currents (sIPSCs) in the medial division of the central amygdala (CeM). Role of Cerebellum in Hypnosis Induced by General Anesthetics M. M. Chile.D.D. Ph. Ph. WA. Centro FA A1196 Interdisciplinario de Neurociencia de Valparaíso.D. M. Pediatrics. which was abolished by cyclopiazonic D. Ph. we provide evidence evaluation of relationships between anesthesia technique and outcomes.D. Yoshiyuki Oi. Leukemia.. R. propofol and ethanol in Gabra6100Q allele Sprague-Dawley rats. Ph.. M. CA. Rutgers. Altogether.2 channel voltage sensors.D. This mechanism Besides NA increased intracellular Ca+of the lateral and capsular divisions may explain how propofol regulates cortical functions. Guangzhou.D. Newark.. Division of Chemistry.... Creation and Implementation of an Integrated Outcomes Database for Pediatric Anesthesia NA A1192 We describe the creation and implementation of an integrated outcomes The Human BK Channel Encompasses a Cytochrome C-like Structure database that allows evaluation of immediate and remote anesthesia Within Its Intracellular Gating Ring Domain outcomes for children.m.. Los Angeles. M. Ph. TX. Sa expressed channel confers cellular resistance to H2O2-mediated oxidative Wang.. M... In addition.D.D..D. neuron excitability both α1 in the CeL/CeC and α1 receptors in unidentified Japan.-12 p. Pasadena.D.S. Nicoletta Savalli. Riccardo Olcese.B.. Yukari Takahashi. NA synaptically attenuates CeM Department of Pharmacology. altering the electric field in their vicinity. cellular excitability. In the we analyzed the effects of NA on spontaneous inhibitory postsynaptic present study.D. Ye. Riccardo Olcese.D. cells.D. Wenbo Zhu. Rebecca Lekowski. Juan P. inhibitory synaptic transmission from fast-spiking γ-aminobutyric acidergic NA increased the sIPSC of the CeM in a manner sensitive to propranolol. Ph. Gandhi.D. Ph. Anesthesiology.D. Spokane. Ph. Caltech. Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Pain Ph. Ph.D..S.D.m. Anesthesiology. causes VSDs I. Nicoletta Savalli. Rao Fu. interneurons to pyramidal neurons in rat insular cortex.S. Ph..D. Anesthesiology.D. NY.D. Ph. the universal suppressors of response or a decrease in survival over 5 years. M. Vasanti Tilak. Jikei University School of Medicine. B. Division of Molecular Anderson Cancer Center. MA. M. M. which might represent NA A1195 a target for tumor cell proliferation. Boston. Jiang H... M. Los Angeles. Elizabeth Rebello.S. channels. Noriaki Koshikawa.D. NA A1190 Japan. Ph. UCLA. Michael Rytting. Bo Xiong. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. Roshni V. II & III to activate faster. Taleh Yusifov..D.S. Department of Anesthesiology. University of Tsukuba. NA A1191 a naturally occurring single nucleotide polymorphism in GABAA receptor α6 The α2δ Subunit Couples the Voltage Sensors to the Pore Domain of subunit gene that expressed exclusively in cerebellum granule cells. and Medicine.D..... Anesthesiology... M. M. of the central amygdala (CeL/CeC). These data suggest that altering the biophysical properties of CaV1. None. Ph. M.. M. This non-conductive property of the ubiquitously. exhibit peroxidase activity associated with a newly. Neuroscience..S. Ph.D. UCLA.. Sun Yat-sen University.

. M. the most frequent trauma case Oncological Pain Medicine. Jørn Effect of Gender and Age on Perioperative Pulse Pressure Wetterslev..D. M. FCCM. Kazumi Ono. FA A1202 M. transfusion. Guinn.. Stavros G.. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain 31 .D. In Hospitals Differ by Procedure Type? a retrospective.S. M. Stephanie Kereliuk. Leslie (Peri-Procedural) Myocardial Infarction C.D. Jaqueline Yang. NY..H. Memtsoudis. M..000 were for emergency procedures. FA A1206 Consultant. and a stratified random sample of 15 US). procedure type. Ph..Sc. New York. Index (PVI) Based Goal-Directed Therapy Intensive Care and Emergency Care Medicine. Hiroshima.. perioperative mortality.. B. Kenzo Ishii. Guercio. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. M.. Koji Miyasho. M. cardiac complications and HIllerød.. Endorsed wording was Patients Who Were on Pre-transplant Renal Replacement Therapy extracted from all templates. during a Ph. Marjolein Assessment of Postoperative Outcomes in Relation to Pleth Variability Looije. M. OCTOBER 11 Association Between a High-Inspired Oxygen Concentration and a Acute Care Anesthesiology: A National Anesthesia Database Study of Gravity Dependent Atelectasis in Trauma Patients Emergency Cases We assumed that the delivery of the high concentration inspired oxygen We describe the characteristics of cases requiring the administration of might be one of the risk factors for the formation of the gravity dependent anesthesia for emergency surgery.A. Solomon Aronson. Dinesh J. Nicole R... Anesthesia Quality Institute.D. Department of Anesthesiology. A six year cohort study of emgergency cricothyrotomy in Denmark among patients undergoing general anesthesia.D. Anesthesiology & Perioperative Care. Hopkins.D.B.. Postoperative morbidity survey (PVI) scores for postoperative days 3 and 5 were analyzed to assess postoperative complications in relation to GDT. University of Manitoba.D. Madhu Mazumdar. Japan. B. M. Kurian.B.D.S. knee and spine surgery. Department of Critical Care and Emergency was orthopedic fixation of the lower extremity..D. PP at a younger age. procedural) myocardial infarction (MI) indicates that there is not one typical rise and fall of Tn with MI... Nordsjællands Hospital-Hillerød.FA A1198 FA A1203 SATURDAY.D. M. seven-year period.. Ibtesam A.D.. Winnipeg. gender.D. who received first time OLT and were on pre-transplant RRT.D.. Joseph B. M. What Preoperative Hemoglobin Level Is Adequate Before Hip or Knee Surgery? FA A1204 The WHO definition of anemia does not offer functional prognostic value Hospital Specific Perioperative Outcomes: How Does Ranking of in surgical candidates with regarding risk of intraoperative transfusion. A retrospective cohort study of the atelectasis in the trauma patients. 53. Copenhagen University Elevated pulse pressure (PP >80mmHg) has been shown to be an Hospital. Ph. Maxime Cannesson.D. D. M. University of This systemic review on the kinetics of troponin (Tn) release in (peri.. M. Anesthesiology. Jr. . M.... Bas van Zaane.. independent risk factor for stroke.800 hours. Healthcare Policy and Research.D.S.O. Anders K.D. Bullard. Jashvant Poeran.D. an advertised quality measure should be judged in the appropriate context. Ana Fernandez-Bustamante.. Emergency cases were most Medicine.. Chad Cook. MB..D. NC.. Duration of RRT before and after the OLT are positively Anesthesiology. Ph.D. FA A1200 M. longer than non-emergency surgeries. Fukuyama.A.. Rinehart.D. University of Colorado. Thomas J. Candidate.461 Patients Pittsburgh.B. John Kellum... M.B. Weill Cornell Medical College.Sc. Peter Rock. of fluid responsiveness may serve to decrease postoperative morbidity and length of hospital stay in moderate-risk surgery patients.D. Goal-directed therapy (GDT) using pleth variability index (PVI) as a measure University Medical Center Utrecht. Patients undergoing orthotopic liver transplantation have a high incidence The vast majority of consent form templates were written above the of acute kidney injury requiring peri-operative renal replacement therapy recommended grade 8 level based on 2 readability formulae. Aurora. Richard P. Anesthesiology. Kenneth J..Sc. M. Ph.S.D.D. Ph. Student. Wilton Van Klei. Rigshospitalet..D. and readability statistics were calculated. D. Utrecht. Duke University Medical Center. Maria Jiminez. B. M. M. Patients on RRT before OLT have worse survival when compared to the national average. The shape of the Tn curve varies considerably per FA A1207 type of MI. M. Nelson.. Eric Jacobsohn... Ph. Anesthesiology.. Karsten Bartels.... Institutions which often results in end-stage renal disease. Park Ridge. The 3 most frequently performed M..D. correlated. Okayama likely to occur after 1. Christopher P..A. M.. M. Philosophy.D. Benjamin K. Critical Emergency Cricothyrotomy in Denmark From June 2008 to March Care Medicine. Kacmar.H. B.. These findings suggest that quality outcomes while reducing cost of healthcare delivery.A. and knee arthroplasty versus spine surgery. Starzl Transplantation Institute. M. cross-sectional analysis of patients undergoing orthopedic Using a large database we aimed to study the agreement in uniform surgery at a tertiary care center. Brainard. procedure might not perform as well for other orthopedic procedures. Denmark.. Higher age and injury severity of the National Anesthesia Clinical Outcomes Registry demonstrates of 12 patients were risk factors shown to increase the incidence of the atelectasis million cases. Mathias Opperer. Samuel University Medical School. M. M. Colorado Health Sciences Center... The ability to identify which patients correlation exists between ranking based on in-hospital mortality for hip carry greater risk of perioperative morbidity and mortality for their scheduled versus knee arthroplasty. Okayama. M. M. the procedure may allow for targeted intervention to improve patient safety and correlations can be classified as ‘very weak’... MD. M. M.6% of the patients on pre-transplant RRT recovered Honors Student. Meet Readability Standards? A quantitative readability analysis of research consent form templates FA A1205 from US and Canadian medical schools was done (12 Canadian medical Recovery of Renal Function After Orthotopic Liver Transplantation in schools.. Charlotte V. Jason R. Scott. Capital Region of Denmark.A. How Typical Is the ‘Typical Rise and Fall’ of Troponin in M. M. Rosenstock. Ph.. M.C. this was not the case with higher concentration of had emergency surgery had a higher ASA physical status and cases lasted inspired oxygen. A retrospective medical giving explicit readability standards mostly did not meet their own standards.B..D. M. IL.D.B. M. University of 2014: A Cohort Study of 452.D. Ph.D.. hospitals advertising a high ranking for quality measures in one orthopedic M. CA.. B.A. Nørskov. Hilmi. Rachel M. Department of Anesthesiology and cases were for intra-abdominal procedures. M.Ch.D. M. Dianne van Beek.. during the first year.A. Rehana Rasul. the authors reviewed preoperative measures of perioperative outcomes between three types of orthopedic hemoglobin. PA. Maureen McCunn. MIPP.D.D.D. Centre for Clinical Intervention Research. Division of Heart and Lungs. Patients who formation.D. surgery: hip. Ph. M.. B.D. M.. Japan.. Erik J. FA A1199 Baltimore.. However. kidney injury.. estimated blood loss..D.. Irvine. Although a statistically significant and administration of tranexamic acid. Thomas E. University of California. Cecilia Canales.B. M. Pittsburgh.. Andrea Johnson.A.P. B. Lundstrøm. Lars H.S... age. Thus. Foglesong. Do Canadian and USA Research Ethics Board Consent Form Templates Hospital for Special Surgery. Hypertensive female patients developed an elevated Copenhagen University Hospital.D. M. record review was conducted at a single transplant center for all patients exceeded them by an average of 2 grade levels. Netherlands. CO. Durham. Daniela Damian. Galvagno. M. Denmark. M. Copenhagen. Jameson. 270. B. Hiroshi Morimatsu. Canada.D.D. Trial Unit. Ph. M. Dutton. Division of Anesthesiology. Ph.D.D.B. University of Maryland School of Medicine. FA A1201 Joseph Donaldson.S. Alexander Villafranca.. and a larger percentage had an elevated PP in each decade as compared to males.P. Fukuyama City Hospital. Alison J.D.

continuous TAP block improves postoperative analgesia and 14. M.D.. Leif Saager.. RA A1215 Analgesia After Anterior Approach Total Hip Arthroplasty: A Pilot FA A1211 Analysis of the Use Paravertebral Blockade Peri-Anesthetic Dental Injury: A Review of Quality Assurance Database T12-L2 paravertebral blockade using 1% ropivacaine + dexamethasone Entries at a Tertiary Academic Medical Center 0.D. Osaka City General Hospital. M. Takashi Mori. M.D. Ken Bullard.. Osaka.. M.. Simmons. Cleveland.D.. Urologic Procedure. M... Department of Intraoperative Blood Pressure Variability Anesthesiology. M. p<0.D...D... Greifswald.Sc. Institute for Langendorff apparatus.m. University of Washington.C. Thomas In order to evaluate the electrophysiological effects of lipid emulsion on local Kohlmann.A. Ph. The overall incidence. Megumi Hasaka. William C.S.581 surgical patients.. Boston.. B. Giovanni Cucchiaro. Harvey.D. Kotaro Hori. area would be associated with increased intraoperative blood pressure variability in a retrospective cohort of 14.H.D.minimum mean arterial blood pressure. This locoregional technique could be measurement might allow clinicians to anticipate increased intraoperative incorporated in enhanced rehabilitation program of renal transplantation.. M. RA A1214 FA A1210 Spinal and Caudal Administration of Morphine Provide Similar Post- Utility of the MACOCHA Score to Predict Difficult Intubation in Non. Rachel M.S. Shawn L.. Efficacy of Ultrasound Guided Continuous Transversus Abdominis was defined as the maximum . Department of Outcomes Research. M.m.. Anesthetic Choice To Their Doctors Most patients who might be offered regional anesthesia for their procedure or postoperative pain management agreed (86%) that it is important to discuss their choices during the pre-anesthesia clinic visit...D. CO. M. demographics. RA A1216 M. M. Aaron M.. M. MAPvar was significantly higher (mean difference In KTAP Study.. Acetaminophen.D. M.D.D. University of Washington.D..D.. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia 32 OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain . of isolated cardiomyocytes. Karen Posner.D. Department of Systolic Hypertension in Preoperative Holding Predicts Increased Anesthesiology... M. the MACOCHA score was a fair discriminator Orthopedic Vs... In our patients. non-invasive mean arterial pressure variability (MAPvar). M. Universitätsmedizin Greifswald. M. Medical College. M. While most also agreed that their anesthesiologist and surgeon should choose the anesthesia and postoperative pain management that is best for them.D. Aurora. Prospective studies Quality Assurance (QA) database entries from January 2009 to March 2014 are warranted. We performed a retrospective analysis of a large airway Morphine via the Spinal versus Caudal route-In this study we observed database to assess the generalizability of this score to a North American no difference in the Analgesic effects in Caudal Vs. Alberto E. Ph. Van Norman..259 mmHg. WA... Anesthesia. M. Syogo Tsujikawa....S. Ph.D.0001) in the hypertensive group. Stéphanie Roullet. M. Konrad Meissner. Gail A. Anesthesiology.D.. M. Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine. Ph. Los Angeles.D.D. WA.D. Mayo Clinic. Spinal Morphine for care model. Kiyonobu Nishikawa. Japan.D.5mg/ml + epinephrine 5mcg/ml appears to provide effective analgesia Peri-anesthetic dental injury is among the most common cause of patient after anterior approach total hip arthroplasty. University of Southern California.B. SAR1 CHU Pellegrin. Resident. Children’s Hospital of Los Joffe.. Anesthesiology bupivacaine-induced inhibition of sodium channels and consequently QRS Institute. M. NY. Greengrass. M. was to determine the incidence. Ana Fernandez. Laetitia Ottolenghi.. blood pressure variability. Mincer. M. patients with active or collaborative control preferences were less likely (65%) than passive patients (86%) to cede choices to their physicians (p=0.P..D.D. patient Roy A. Sebastian Böttcher. Upasna Bhuria. Seattle.D. Ph. for all reported peri-anesthetic dental injuries. Jennifer C. Bryan J. Regional Anesthesia: Patients Want Information But Most Will Leave and Pain Medicine. outcomes. M..D. this time we analyzed the electrocardiogram in and Intensive Care.D. B. Anne E..D. Van Cleve. Massachusetts General Hospital. The purpose of this study consumption when compared to psoas catheter patients. Aalok Agarwala. Plane Block on Postoperative Analgesia and Rehabilitation for Renal A t-test was used to compare the MAPvar between patients with preop Transplantation: KTAP Study SBP < or ≥ 160 mmHg. Alison J.. Department of Physiology. FL. Osaka.D. Lipid emulsion significantly recovered the Universitätsmedizin Greifswald. M. Anne Payan.D.D. F.D. M. New York. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. Ph. Vanessa Rao.D.. Brown. duration.. Ph. Jacksonville.D.. Anesthesiology. Jameson. Ardon. Critical Care. Seattle.D. Domino. Kacmar.. University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. The primary RA A1213 outcome variable.-12 p. Manuela Marron.S. Scott.D. Tadashi Matsuura. M. The present study reveals that data confirmation by a nurse is not The Electrophysiological Effects of Lipid Emulsion on Bupivacaine- superior to an automated recording. Karsten Bartels. FA A1208 PO16-1 REGIONAL ANESTHESIA AND ACUTE PAIN Is Automatic Recording Superior to Hourly Nurse-Confirmation of Heart 10 a.D. We performed a retrospective analysis of influence the effectiveness of either regional technique. France. Francois Sztark. Ph. CA. M.. M. MSW. Angeles. M.D.P.. Sarah M.H. M. Alice Quinart. University of Washington-Harborview Medical Center. and risk factors associated postoperative corticosteroids.. D.P. and anesthetic features common to peri-anesthetic dental injury as well as type and location of injuryare presented. Anesthesiology. Torsten induced Cardiotoxicity in Guinea Pigs Eck.. Ph. Cleveland Clinic. These results would be helpful to understand the mechanism of OH. Operative Analgesia in the Pediatric Patient Following Orthopedic and operating Room Setting: A Preliminary Report Urologic Procedures The MACOCHA score is a newly-reported prediction tool for difficult intubation There is no current evidence to guide the practitioner regarding dosing (DI) in the ICU. Japan. Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine.048). Benjamin K. Ph. Department of Methods in Community Medicine.D. Leslie C. M. and preoperative opioid consumption may with peri-anesthetic dental injury. and then studied the effects on sodium channels Community Medicine. | Hall B1-Area E Rates? An ICU Database Analysis Information regarding the benefit of Manual confirmation by medical is RA A1212 lacking. Department of Anaesthesiology anesthetic systemic toxicity. Bustamante.D. lipid resuscitation.O. MA.. Brainard. M. Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine. B.. Germany. Weill Cornell value.. This readily available first mobilization of kidney recipients. Karen B. FA A1209 Miyuki Kuno. M.B.D. Osaka City University Graduate We hypothesized that SBP ≥ 160 mmHg obtained in the preoperative holding School of Medicine. Beatriz of non-DI and DI and retained its high sensitivity and negative predictive Ornelas. with equivalent opioid complaints and litigation against anesthesiologists. Khorsand. M. Bordeaux. Ph.C.

M. TX. Jennie Ngai. More data is needed to establish epidural analgesia risks for RA A1224 different populations such as cancer patients. B. Philadelphia. Redwood Medical Center.D. NY.. We have a model. F. Rahel Eckardt.D.. A Phase 3 Integrated Analysis of Opioid Adverse Events with the release formulation of the local anesthetic bupivacaine. Baskar Rajala.D. University of RA A1227 MI Health Systems. Department of Madison. M. randomized blockade and general anesthesia versus general anesthesia alone for trial. M.D. the financial costs and benefits of efficacy of the catheter prior to initiating an infusion. Anesthesia and Critical Care. contrary to previous retrospective reviews. Keyuri U.D. City.. M. ultrasound Adductor canal blocks (ACBs) control postoperative pain and promote early guided infraclavicular perineural catheters have been shown to provide mobilization. Alex Tsodikov. Cleveland.. Review of Case Reports of Spinal Hematomas Soliz..D.D. Durham. plexus anesthesia. and deep spinal infection were the most common complications documented. Thomas K. We. Temple University School of Medicine.. Germaine Cuff. epidural Michael T. The primary outcome was total opioid consumption during the Patient-Controlled Analgesia with Morphine first 24 hours postoperatively as well as for the duration of the patient’s Zalviso (sufentanil sublingual microtablet system) is a patient-activated hospitalization. neurological showed no difference in 24 and 72 hour opioid use between medications. Wyman. Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Liposomal Bupivacaine (Extended-Release Local Anesthetic) Improves Outcomes in Ileostomy Reversal Surgery RA A1225 This study evaluates the efficacy of liposomal bupivacaine. Allison M. Anesthesiology and Perioperative Care Service. M.D.D. Inge Tamm-Daniels.D. Benzon. and whether the patient reported nausea and/or demonstrate safety and efficacy following major orthopedic or abdominal received anti-emetic medication. Suzie As-sanie.. Sr. Patel..D. Rodolfo Gebhardt. Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. of narcotic required intraoperatively and postoperatively as well as reduce postoperative pain. M. M. M. Berlin. Anesthesiology. Timothy Miller.D. demonstrated potential to shown that both supraclavicular and infraclavicular perineural catheters generate $71... Honorio T.. Cleveland Clinic.D. in pediatric population.. Mandy C. M. Liposomal The risks of epidural analgesia differ depending on the population studied.D.. Robert J. using a through-the-catheter bolus technique provide effective brachial Joy P. M. An ACB offers sensory blockade with less motor blockade than greater analgesia compared to supraclavicular catheters. Jackson Su... School of Public Health. Pharm.S. McCarthy. CA. Clauw..D. M.S.. NC. M.D. M..A. inadvertent dura Pharm. Anesthesiology. However.D. Popat.A. migration. Christopher Mantyh.. IL. Houston. The results of the study suggest that the addition Anesthesiology.. M. Pamela P. NYU Langone Medical Center. Pharm. which arguably “tests” the anesthetic may improve surgical outcome. OCTOBER 11 Comparative-Effectiveness of Infraclavicular and Supraclavicular Adductor Canal Block in Total Knee Arthroplasty: Perineural Catheters for Through-the-Catheter Bolus Anesthesia A Patient-Centered Approach and Opportunity for New Revenue Using a through-the-needle local anesthetic bolus technique.. M. Maren Schmidt. AcelRx Pharmaceuticals.14-$442. RA A1223 Liposomal Bupivacaine Versus Elastomeric Continuous RA A1218 Infusion Bupivacaine Pump Risks and Complications of Epidural Analgesia in Acute Postoperative Liposomal bupivacaine was compared to elastomeric continuous infusion Pain Patients With Cancer: A Review of 18895 Cases Over 10 Years bupivacaine pump at the Cleveland Clinic Main Campus.. Janda. M. RA A1219 Chicago. M. Chad M. Jose M. MD Anderson Cancer Center. Seth R. M. Germany. Bauer. University of Chicago.B. analgesia system that is preprogrammed and non-invasive. Walker. Marcia J. B. Harrison.. Stephanie Moser. Kerry Zajicek.. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. RA A1221 Randomized Trial Paravertebral Blockade for Robotic Mitral Valve Repair: A Prospective Patient empowerment in form of information and a perioperative diary Randomized Trial reduced acute postoperative pain after major onco-surgery in elderly This is a prospective randomized trial of 60 patients comparing paravertebral gynecological cancer patients. Palo Alto. we criteria. Secondary outcomes included: length of hospital stay. Neuburger. Benjamin J. Ph. Pharm. A through. Claudia Spies. For each 1-point increase on this 31-point validated self-report determined that the incidence of excessive motor blockade was higher in measure. we found that tracheal extubation in the operating Room following surgery can be safely acheived in 90% of patients with or without paravertebral blockade. complaints followed by epidural insertion site abnormalities. has been validated implementing ACB have not been examined in the literature.D.D.D.. puncture. With less motor blockade.D. M. TX. Palmer.R. early ambulation the-catheter bolus technique. Kenes.D. IL. Ph. bupivacaine utilization resulted in less opioid use. MI. Department of Complete paralysis at presentation is the only factor associated with poor Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine. Peter J. Duke University Minkowitz. Gan. Tong J. Ryan Potosky. M.. DrPH. Leonard. M. M.. M. Chicago. CA. robotic mitral valve repair.D.D. MI.. Geriatric.. VA Palo Alto/Stanford University. Daniel J. David M.. Ph. PA.. Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center.B. Biostatistics..D. M. Department of Anesthesiology. University of Michigan. Patient Empowerment Reduces Acute Postoperative Pain After Major Onco-Surgery in Elderly Gynaecological Patients . Duke University Medical Center. Edward Mariano. Results from a prospective.D...D. functional recovery following spinal hematoma. Brummett. Megan Chacon. M.B. University of Wisconsin. Arpan Patel.D...RA A1217 RA A1222 SATURDAY. the Pediatric Regional Anesthesia Network. Ariana M.. Aaron Skolnik. which under various practice models. Anesthesiology and Operative Intensive Care of paravertebral blockade to a general anesthetic may reduce the amount medicine. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain 33 . Nelson.A Prospective. However.. Durham.D.. B. epidural failure necessitating replacement. M. M..S.D..D. femoral nerve blocks (FNB)4. VA Palo Alto Health Care System. M. M. generated for infraclavicular catheters but not supraclavicular catheters. an extended.. patients consumed an adjusted 7 mg more oral morphine epidural infusions using Bupivacaine compared to those using Ropivacaine equivalents.. M. Anesthesiology. but multivariate analysis For cancer patients utilizing postoperative epidural analgesia. Ph.D.. Charité University Medicine Berlin. RA A1220 The Use of the Fibromyalgia Survey Criteria to Predict Postoperative RA A1226 Opioid Consumption in Women Undergoing Hysterectomy Excessive Motor Blockade in Pediatric Epidural Infusions: We demonstrated that postoperative opioid consumption after hysterectomy Comparing Ropivacaine and Bupivacaine using the PRAN was independently predicted by higher scores on the fibromyalgia survey Using a multicenter registry. NC. Ch. New York. Ann Arbor.D. M. Ann Arbor.D. WI.9 million in revenue across the U.. Palo Alto. Phase 3 studies maximum pain score. M. OH.. by 2030.D.B. CA. Harold S.D.C. surgery in all adult age groups. Dickerson.D. Tong-Joo Gan.S. in ileostomy reversal Sufentanil Sublingual Microtablet System (Zalviso) Compared to IV surgery. Houston.

Gregory W. Tinuoye... Japan. hypobaric 0. Tampa. Camporesi. M. However there will be a few patients who POD was 20%. M. | Hall B1-Area A Cardiac Procedures . Ph. Monique L. Mercy Medical Center.D. Florida Health Sciences.A. Varinder Spinal anesthesia produces hypotension more often in older patients. or mortality.I.C.. Hamilton.D. PO01-1 AMBULATORY ANESTHESIA: RISK FACTORS. of opinions on the management of new onset arrhythmias in ambulatory surgical patients. M.S.. A need to develop a guideline and consensus on this AM A1229 matter seems warranted. Randhawa.. and Effects on Outcome of Postoperative AM A1237 Delirium in Esophagectomy Patients Audit of Unplanned Admissions Following Day Case Laparoscopic In this study.R. Jeffrey H. Collin Sprenker. Icahn University.. Mangar.. Singh.... University of B. PA.1% and 0. increased use complications and hospital stay. AM A1231 Incidence. Deeper Total Intravenous Anesthesia Reduced the Incidence of Early Samuel Augustus.D. Japan. Marla L. although cannot be eliminated. Hesham R. Enrico M. Elizabeth O.. Yiu-Hei Ching. periods of deep sedation and under-sedation Retrospective Study can be reduced.. Syracuse. Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education & Research.. Matal. NY. M. M.C. SUNY Endoscopy with Propofol Upstate Medical University. with high cardiac risk or recent coronary intervention for full mouth extraction Basavana Goudra..C.D. bowel obstruction Lin. Hiroyuki Hirate.. and more aggressive pain control and M. London Health Sciences a total of 4 mg or less is sufficient for lower extremity surgery in over 80% Centre and Western University. Student. School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Clinton.. B.D.D. FL.. Department of Anesthesiology.2% patients.D.AF.D.. The risk factors of POD are older age and preoperative are admitted following the procedure. Daniel Bainbridge.R. M. Michiaki Yamakage. London.An International Survey This study describes the use of anesthesia during non-surgical cardiac AM A1228 procedures.2% bupivacaine is given. F.R.D. Philadelphia.C. Thoracic Surgery.. Pennsylvania.B. Hiroshi Yonekura.B.. The lower Receiving Surgery in Ambulatory Surgical Center: A Pilot Survey Study concentration and the lower total dose (and thus.D.D. New York. Thomas Fletcher. Risk Factors. Lower Extremity Surgery in Geriatric Patients Shahar Lavi.D.D. Silverstein.D. patients The Use of Epidural Anesthesia in Very Old Patients Has No Advantage who experienced cerebral oxygen desaturations intraoperatively have slower in Abdominal Oncologic Surgery cognitive recovery profiles and faster recovery profiles for activities of daily This study retrospectively evaluated the effects of the use of epidural living. M.C.Careful selection of cases..S.D. Sanjit Jolly. M.. Florida Gulf-to-Bay Anesthesiology Chandigarh. acceptability and ease of endoscopy.. Fenghua Li. M. Guo. Anesthesia. Ronit Lavi. Sc. Shimotsuke... Manji.. Canada.1% and in over 80% of Group 0. AM A1235 Basavana Goudra. India. Ph. Hamilton Health of geriatric patients. Preet Mohinder..S. Changsha. Department of Anesthesiology and antiemetic prophylaxis may help reduce the unplanned admission rates.D. M.. Raja Flores... of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia 34 OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain . older) in abdominal oncologic surgery.. Reza Gorji... the minimum effective dose of intrathecal Sciences and McMaster University. John Ward. M. Preet Mohinder and pre-prosthetic surgery. ON.D.A. F. Samuel Augustus.. Yoshimichi Namba. M. and Eye Opening in Patients Undergoing Advanced Gastrointestinal M. M. Japan. Medical Crisis Management. Anesthesiology. we aimed to investigate the incidence and effects on outcome Cholecystectomy: A Three Year Review of postoperative delirium (POD) in esophagectomy patients. M.D.2% bupivacaine for lower extremity surgery was determined by administering incremental doses to elderly patients.D. India.D. M. Student.B.D. Muhammad F. Jichi Medical M. Ph. Sapporo. M. Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education & not long-term cognitive dysfunction in elderly. M.D. Chandigarh. Although context sensitive halftimes can predict 50 percent decrement times.A. Analgesia and Anesthesia Variability in Laboratory Based 1-3 p. Fischer. Edmond Cohen.D.C. M. A total AM A1234 of 4 mg or less was sufficient to produce satisfactory surgical anesthesia in Opinion on Management of New Onset Arrhythmias in Patients 100% of Group 0.D.. Department of Anesthesiology and Crtical Robert Andrew Powless. Associates LLC.D.. The use of epidural anesthesia in very Roberts.S. Canada..D..D. United Kingdom.D.B. Nagoya.S.B. M. China. Department of Anesthesiology Deeper total intravenous anesthesia reduced the incidence of early but and Crtical Care medicine. Our data showed that the incidence of treatment for gall stones.. letting the plasma concentrations to dip by half might risk awareness.I. M.D. Ralph E. F. Department of Anaesthetics. POD negatively impacts postoperative respiratory complications and side effects. M. for well-known and recognised electrolyte abnormalities. Anesthesiology. This might eventually Dual antiplatelet therapy can be safely continued peri-operatively in patients improve procedural safety. OUTCOMES AM A1233 AND RECOVERY Sedation..D. D.. Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine.C.. Solution Reduces the Severity of Side Effects: Spinal Anesthesia for There is a need for procedural sedation training. B.. Perioperative Medicine. M. M. sedation can be titrated to After Full Mouth Extraction and Pre-prosthetic Surgery: A objective endpoints. Dilution and Incremental Administration of Hypobaric Local Anesthetic Perception of the need for sedation varied by region and medical profession. Sarwar.A. M. Kaori Shimizu. M.C. IA.S. NY.. F..I. PA.. M. In this study. Hung-Mo old patients did not affect the incidence of pneumonia. M. D. Zhong-Jin Yang.R.A.D. M. Certainly. Chang Liu. Qulian Research. Kan Patient State Index (PSI) Scores Are Similar at Endoscope Insertion Liu. ON. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. AM A1230 Sedation Spectrum in Patients Undergoing Advanced Gastrointestinal AM A1236 (GI) Endoscopic Procedures With Propofol Clopidogrel Is Not Associated with Increased Bleeding Complications By using novel monitoring tools like SEDLine. Medical Sciences. F. Nagoya City University Graduate School of Deepak Subramani. M.D.D.A..M. The use of sedation is more common in North America.D. Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust.DAndrew Kaufman. Tampa General Hospital. and identify Day case Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy is a safe and cost effective risk factors for developing POD.S.A. M.D. Devanand Care Medicine. Omar. but Not Long-term Cognitive Dysfunction in the Elderly University of Pennsylvania..R. M. Stephanie Socias. AM A1232 Cerebral Oximetry and Recovery in Thoracic Surgery AM A1238 In a prospective observational study of 130 patients requiring OLV. There is a wide variety Sapporo Medical University School of Medicine. Department of Anesthesia & Previous work at ASA 2013 has shown that when 0. M.. Exposed patients are also significantly more likely to be delirious during anesthesia on postoperative outcome in very old patients (80 years old and hospitalization and have significantly longer length of stays.B. M. limited local anesthetic A pilot survey study was conducted to seek opinions on the management spread) minimized the hemodynamic effects and may improve the speed of new onset arrhythias in patients receving surgery in ambulatory surgical of recovery. Rachel Karlinoski..D.. M.D. Nottingham. B. Division of Cardiology. Philadelphia.m.A. Cardiology Division. center among anesthesiologists and cardiologists. Mamoru Takeuchi. Ph. Farah N. Kazuya Sobue. Robertson.D. of local anaesthetic techniques..D. Xiangya Hospital of Central-South University.

D.. However. which may explain a larger drop in MAP following induction in elderly vs.A. Eduardo Zarate.. M. Wake Forest School of Medicine.M. Administration of haloperidol 0.D. Anchorage. The device has provided satisfactory surgical conditions and has not resulted in any airway or postoperative complications to date. Jennifer Guevara. Department of Anesthesia.D. intraoperative blood transfusion. Deborah M.S. New Haven. M. Hiromichi saline. We offresh gas flows. Yale University School of Medicine. We found that despite variations in videolaryngoscopy times for A Novel Way to Secure the Laryngeal Mask Airway During Oral Surgery visualization. M. ENT ambulatory surgery who received either haloperidol 0.D. called the LMA-Prop to facilitate third molar extractions using a flexible Yvon F. remains significant for propofol after correcting for ASA class. NY. M.. M. Ken Kuwajima. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. When managing patients at risk for Malignant Hyperthermia. Korea. M. B. anesthesia.A. After induction of general anesthesia.m.. We describe LMA use in Denmark in 1) surgical procedures with a duration >3 hours 2) patients with a BMI ≥ 35 and 3) patients where a AM A1242 neuromuscular blocking agent was administered..AM A1239 PO08-5 EQUIPMENT. MONITORING AND ENGINEERING SATURDAY.. Buffalo. D. Yonsei University Health Do Activated Charcoal Filters With Pediatric Ventilator Settings System. was not superior to the administration of FA A1246 dexamethasone alone to increase complete response and complete control Laryngeal Mask Airway Use and Perceived Contraindications in of emetic symptoms.D..D. NY. B.. Sapporo Medical at 2.D.D. Women and Children’s Hospital of Buffalo. Min-Soo Kim. 1.O. The four groups were University School of Medicine. Yonsei University College of Medicine. M. Being Corrected for Age D. hypoalbuminemia. cerebrovascular disease and deep venous thrombosis/pulmonary embolism using multivariable logistic FA A1245 regression analysis. 48 and 72 h postoperative period..S. Ryan Keenan. NC. Anesthesiology.D.D. laryngeal mask airway (LMA) instead of nasal intubation in the hospital Winston-Salem. M. as it relates to time and patient outcomes beyond the simple confirmation of successful FA A1247 intubations.D.D. other infections.5. Bhatti. Anesthesiology. B.D.. M. One of the options AM A1240 isto use commercially available activated charcoal filters to remove the Perioperative Risk Factors of Postoperative Complications in the residualamount of volatile agent from the anesthesia delivery systems and Elderly Undergoing Noncardiac Surgery bring it downto safer levels. We also observed the distributions of the tip of the AM A1241 bronchofiberscope (BF) through ILAs and plotted the center of the view using Evaluation of Haloperidol Dose Needed to Achieve Complete Control of a clock face diagram.5.. M. Some contraindication to using a laryngeal mask airway (LMA) are not Bogota. Thomsen. M. Complete response and complete control of PONV were assessed Ichinose. Stanford University noncardiac surgery in our hospital. John retrospectively reviewed 334 patients older than 80 year-old who underwent G. Department of Community and Pediatric in the induction dosing of fentanyl. Denmark. Devgun.D. Nørskov. Hokkaido P.431 Patients Moreno.D. M. Buffalo. M. Blake Tucker. M. CA. comparable with respect to their distribution of the Apfel´s risk factors for Obihiro-Kosei Hospital..C.. IV Induction Doses in the Elderly Undergoing GI Surgeries Are Not Ramiro Mireles.D. M... Japan. Women and Children’s The results of this study show that there is a significant age-related decrease Hospital of Buffalo.D.. the age-corrected doses for these induction anesthetics tend to be either higher or at the upper limit of recommended dosing for elderly patients. younger patients. Rosenstock.R.D.. Jia Liu.D. D.D.D. Ismael 589. Eun Mi Kim. associated with 30-day postoperative complications including death. Edanaga Mitsutaka. M. in combination with dexamethasone 4 mg. M. Obihiro. M..A. insertion of laryngeal mask airway into proper position for 1-3 p.D.D. Rebecca L.. M. setting. and Issues with of Anesthesiology. Colombia. M. F.S. Naeem A..D. Yamada Yoshitsugu. Our study showed that Air-Qsp® was equally useful as Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting i-gel® in Japanese and that the distribution of the tip of the BF tended to We evaluated the complete control for PONV in 256 patients undergoing advance toward the center of the glottis when Air-Qsp was used. Nordsjællands Hospital.Sc. Timothy Votta. Brock-Utne. Department of Pediatric Anesthesiology.C.. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain 35 . absolute. and this change Dentistry.F. M. Christopher Heard. Shafi. M. Ramamurthi. Republic of. Comparison of the Usefulness of Air-Qsp® and i-gel® for Airway long operation and male were identified as predictors of postoperative Management Under General Anesthesia complications in the elderly patients undergoing noncardiac surgery.D. the majority of patients did not Procedures experience desaturations. Tokyo. Oxygenation Hillerød..S. B... Sapporo. 1 or 2 mg dose. Jimena Denmark From 2008 to 2012 . 24. David Rincon. Ph. Ivan Alarcon.D. Bryan.An Observational Cohort Study of Botero.. M. Christine G. Stanford. M.. pneumonia.D. Ravinder AM A1243 K..W. propofol and midazolam. and analyzed the perioperative factors Medical Center. Radhamangalam J. OCTOBER 11 Clinical Efficacy of Classic Laryngeal Mask Airway in Elderly Patients: TECHNOLOGY: VENTILATION AND SUPRAGLOTIC AIRWAYS Comparison With Young Adult Patients In elderly patients... intubation.A. M.. Cooper. Department in Morbid Obese Patients: Visualization. Defining Laryngoscopy and Intubation Times Using Video Laryngoscopy Anders K. Alaska Native Medical Center. We designed this study to find out if these filters The aim of this study is to investigate the perioperative risk factors predicting areeffective at different pediatric ventilator settings and at different rates postoperative outcome in the elderly undergoing noncardiac surgery. Shamsuddin Akhtar. Michiaki Yamakage. 2 mg or Asako Watanabe.. PONV..C..D.. which is a non-inflatable Yoshinori Muto. Hallym University College of Medicine.. adverse events. Jette. and confirmation.D. Mario Marroquin.D.D. Intubation. Ph. B.. M.D. 6. CT. We compared the usefulness of Air-Qsp®. Jae Hoon FA A1244 Lee.D..D.D. D.A. B. Prabhdeep Chahal. M. University of Tokyo Hospital.S.D. either Air-Qsp or i-gel was randomly inserted. M. cuffed device... Whelan. with that of i-gel® for airway management under general Department of Anesthesiology. | HALL B1-AREA B adequate ventilation and the maintenance of the position may require more caution compared with the young adult patients. Copenhagen University Hospital. M. Hye Jin Oh.... Our findings describe the process of airway management. Seoul.D... Joseph Heng. Japan. Clinicas Colsanitas. M.D... Ph. onegoal is to prevent the exposure to volatile anesthetic. Jakob L. cardiac AK. Japan.. Anesthesiology and Pain Produce Clean Anesthesia Machines? Medicine. The purpose of the study was to evaluate the use of a new type of device Mohsin S. M. Ph. M. Charlotte V.

Yasutaka Tobe. Hannover. Outside of the operating Room. Ph. Spain.D. Juan M. Usharani Nimmagadda. Japan. Preclinical results suggest that and consistently with one hand while distracted using the new system than Aura Gain achieves similar airway seal pressures than the other two devices. the meaning of a CO2 waveform: identifying individual breaths. Dammon Ziaian. Zaballos.D. M.D.D. Hospital Evaluation of Tidal Volume Measurement Accuracy in During Controlled Clinic de Barcelona... Germany... Andreas Hengstenberg. Draegerwerk AG & Co. Joseph A.D. M.D.D. is capable of consistent and reliable performance regardless of manufacturer. M. inflatable cuff.D. M. is available for anesthesiologists The current study demonstrates that the NuMask is as effective as the An observational study was conducted to evaluate the performance of Baska classic Face Mask in achieving maximal preoxygenation with tidal volume Mask airway in 101 patients undergoing elective surgical procedures with breathing. Baska mask M. We found that volunteers could ventilate the manikin more safely the Intersurgical i-gel and LMA Supreme. Eric Hsu... AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund.. Mike P. M. Institute of Electrical Engineering and Measurement Modernization of the basic design of the supraglottic airway device (SGAD) Technology. UT. Ph. Dept. FA A1248 FA A1254 Crossover Assessment of the Ambu Aura Gain. University of Utah Health Sciences Center. M.D. LA.D.S.. Institute of Mathematical Statistics and Actuarial Science..D. where patients are not paralyzed. Ana M.The absence of an Masonic Medical Center. Stefan Zimmermann. Ph. UT. Ph. Institute of Electrical Engineering Ph.S. Bradley. Advocate Illinois is a safe and easy to insert single use airway device. Orr. Propofol in Exhaled Alveolar Gas and in Plasma During Clinical Relevant Steady States in Comparison to the BIS FA A1257 Measurement of propofol concentration in plasma or in breath gas as Evaluation of Clinician Ability to Identify Individual Breaths in a Difficult well as the BIS detects comparable steady states. with the BIS at the end of anesthesia and at the time of extubation. Astrid E.D.. UT. Luebeck. Hiroyuki Ishii. general anesthesia and positive pressure ventilation (PPV). Ph.. Leibnitz University safety are needed to establish a new standard for the entry-level SGAD that Hannover.. Spain. Ph. they could when using two hands and concentrating using a conventional and combines both the efficacy of gastric access of the LMA Supreme with bag-valve-mask. Ph. Research to incorporate recent innovations that advance device efficiency and patient Unit. Human Anatomy and Embriology.D. Tokyo.D.D. University of Luebeck. Lara Brewer. Barcelona. Salt Lake City. Germany.. Blas Catalani. M. Barcelona.. Hannover. Ph.. M. Luebeck. Bern. Knezevic.D. M. Leibnitz University Hannover. Shreveport. M. Tokyo Women’s Medical University.D. M.. and a Maximal Preoxygenation sump cavity with dual aspiration channels. Ph. Ph. Both models contained micro creases on the surface of the cuff. Berggreen.D. M.D. Anesthesiology..D. Spain. Barcelona. M. Germany. Germany. Germany. M.D. Stefan Zimmermann.. need to be confirmed in clinical trials. Anesthesiology. M. B.. M. reduces side effects and provides greater airway sealing pressures than those obtained with other extraglottic devices FA A1252 currently available. Berggreen. The variability of the Capnogram steady states is higher with the BIS than with other methods. Salt Lake City..D. Cuff must have the micro creases between cuff and tracheal wall.. Anesthesiology. University of Utah. John A.D. Hartmut Gehring.D. of Anesthesiology and Practitioner’s Assessment” Intensive Care Unit.. Xavier Sala-Blanch.Sc. LSUHSC. Fogarty. Kevin K. Ph. Ricard Valero.D. A New Generation Extraglottic Airway Device for Positive Pressure Ventilation During General FA A1251 Anesthesia The New Mask Is as Effective as the Classic Face Mask in Achieving A new extraglottic airway device.D. M. IL. have a very difficult time with one of the most basic tasks of understanding Martin Grossherr. Takanobu Yagi.. R. Joseph Orr. Waseda University.. Orr..D. The Propofol in Exhaled Alveolar Gas and in Plasma Compared With the system uses a battery powered blower to generate high gas flows under Bispectral Index During Recovery From Anesthesia feedback control to maintain set inspiratory and expiratory pressures even If you compare the propofol concentration in plasma and in expiratory gas when mask leak is high. FA A1258 Switzerland. simplifies insertion. M. of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Unit. Salem.. The portable mask ventilation system that includes patient monitoring shows FA A1249 the delivered breath volume in response to controlled pressure levels. Ph. capnography waveforms are difficult to interpret. Anesthesiology.D. FA A1250 Anesthesiology.D. Ph. FA A1255 Anesthesiology.D.S. KGaA. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia 36 OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain . M..D. The 3D models of cuff at 30 cmH2O and 60 cmH2O was scanned using micro-computed tomography (μCT). Rie Kanamori. and Measurement Technology. Ph. Fogarty.P. University of Utah. Ph. M. Lopez.. This features Bioengineering. Ventilation Using a Prototype Mask Ventilator University of Barcelona. Preston Erickson.. Leibnitz University Hannover... Dept. M.. Luebeck.D...D. Japan.D. Germany. with a non-inflatable self sealing cuff. Hartmut Gehring.D.D. Nobutada Morioka.. Bioengineering.D.. Salt Lake City. Hannover. M.... Tokyo. Nebojsa N. Mike P. We observed that clinicians Lutz Dümbgen. Spain.Sc. M. Clinical Evaluation of BaskaMaskR... KGaA.. there is Anesthesiology.. Alberto Prats. Policlinica Guipuzcoa. M.. Center for Advanced Biomedical Science.. Hospital Clinic de Barcelona. FA A1256 Ph.D.D. Makoto Ozaki..D.. M. Dammon Ziaian.. Martin Raising the Bar for Disposable Supraglottic Airway Devices: “A Grossherr. M. Draegerwerk AG & Co.D. M. Saus.H. This study evaluates the tidal volume accuracy of a prototype mask ventilator. M. Cannot Prevent Micro Aspiration Pneumonia With the Shape of Cuff in Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine. University of Bern. Chicago. The aim of this study was to investigate the reason for intubation related microaspiration. a small step in contrast to the change from unconsciousness to awakening. the capability to act as an intubation conduit of the i-gel. Ph.D. Sebastian Brandt. Astrid E. Mirei Nagai. Unai Salinas. San the Endtracheal Tube Sebastian (Guipuzcoa). Joseph A. Andreas Hengstenberg. M. LMA Supreme New Cuff Evaluation of Single-Handed Mask Ventilation Using a Prototype Mask and Intersurgical i-Gel in Fresh Cadavers Ventilator Device The anatomical fit and performance of the new supraglottic airway Ambu We evaluated a prototype emergency mask ventilator system using a bench Aura Gain was assessed in seven fresh cadavers and compared to that of simulation.

Case Western Reserve University. Ph.Implementation of a New Learning Technology Into Fresh Gas Flow Resident Education It is recommended to limit the FIO2 during cases where an airway fire is We introduce a novel use of iTunes U®. Beaumont School of Medicine.D. Gonsalves. Thereafter. Ph.D. Martinelli. the strong risk perception judgments that can be induced during training for critical events. Schell. MI. IL. Mercer University School of Medicine. Department of Anesthesiology.. M. M. San Diego. New York University. Boston A. The Ohio State University.H.D. University of California at San Diego. We are also surprised at the prevalence and Grit scores and academic data were collected.. Nikolaus Gravenstein. To conserve potent inhaled agent it is common to use a 2 L/min and relevant resident education materials. Tripathi. New York..D. There was no benefit as assessed by patient families. University Children’s Hospital. Schlecht.D. M. Educators need to be aware of Forest School of Medicine. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain 37 .D.Ed. Bloomfield Hills. M. there is evidence that this pattern continues into performance. a Harvard Teaching Hospital. M. Pilar Castro.. CA. M.. Kristina Natan. FL. The Medicine. Randall M. Anesthesiology residents preparing for the ABA prevalence of wellness concerns and initiatives currently in place and BASIC exam demonstrated improved knowledge acquisition for both the attained a 53% response rate.. and desiring to donate viable organs. This survey is the first step in the creation of traditional and flipped classRoom and both teachers and learners preferred a searchable database of anesthesiology department wellness initiatives. Outcomes Research.. University of University.D. medical educators.D.. University of Belgrade.. M. M. To our knowledge. Fink. Mayer. Anna Clebone. M. Higher Grit scores of acute mood disturbance during this period. Lexington. Anesthesiology.A.. Department of NC. Jia Y. Ryan J.D... Pediatric Anesthesia. NC. people may base decisions on In an era of intermittent anesthetic drug shortages for production reasons. early retirement and mood disorders among anesthesiologists. | Hall B1-Area C A National Survey of Academic Anesthesiology Chairs on Wellness Wellness and burnout are increasingly recognized as major issues in PI A1260 anesthesiology and many departments are opting to institute wellness Flipped ClassRoom Preferred to Traditional ClassRoom in Resident initiatives to address these concerns.. Kathy D. M.. Ph. propofol of cricothyroidotomy.D. PI A1261 PI A1266 Cognitive and Emotional Disruptions in Anesthesiologists on the First Grit and Residency Success: A Pilot Study Day After Call We investigated whether resident Grit scores are positively correlated It is no secret that anesthesiologists battle sleep deprivation and fatigue with standardized test scores and faculty evaluations of resident clinical while on call. but Belgrade.. Winston-Salem.D. While we did see evidence of improvement in anesthesiology resident’s self- assessment. rather than analytic processing. B... Boston. Daniel Sessler. Vipul J. M. Who better Multisource Feedback in Professionalism for Anesthesia Residents to participate in these areas of palliative care than experts in pharmacology. Serbia. M. Kenneth R. Bryant. M.D. Perioperative and Pain Medicine. OCTOBER 11 A Hypoxic Inspired Gas Mixture Is Readily Enabled by 2 L/min Room Air iTunes U® . These results suggest that decision making in residents and pancuronium. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. We speculate that these correlated with average final-year faculty evaluation of resident performance episodes of mood changes may eventually lead to career dissatisfaction. OH.. at lower FGFs is partial rebreathing of exhaled oxygen which necessarily making this course management tool readily accessible and of great utility to becomes less than 21% when the inspired is 21% because of oxygen uptake. Huang.B. Edward J. and threaten to eliminate two others. which weekly feedback from department chairs improves professionalism. MA. Randel. Kuhn.E. M.D.D.D. Nelson R. We have conducted an This multi-institutional study compared a flipped classRoom with traditional on-line survey of academic anesthesiology chairs in the US to assess the lecture based didactics.D.D.D. M. M. OH. Mascha.. the flipped classRoom. Stephen Kimatian. Hooman Honar. perceptions of risks and benefits. M. University of Florida College of Mahoney.. M.D. M. School of Dentistry. We developed and validated a self-assessment questionnaire as part of airway management. General Anesthesia.O. Cleveland. Harendra Arora. Christine Park. PO11-1 HISTORY AND EDUCATION:CHALLENGES: PRESENT AND FUTURE PI A1265 1-3 p..m. Vinson.. Chicago. Construction of such a course is straightforward. M.. thiopental. And their goals of care can include needing to be PI A1268 extubated compassionately. M. Ravi S. Catherine M. M.. Ph. Biljana Milicic. Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.FA A1259 PI A1264 SATURDAY.. Chapel Hill. M. Cory Drew B. Duke University Medical Center. the immediate post-call period. Susan M. M..D. M. Chicago. Anesthesiology.. Ljuba Stojiljkovic.. Oakland University William Kentucky. KY.S. M. DiLorenzo.D. Amy N. We describe the development or less fresh gas flow (FGF). Gainesville. The Ohio State University 12 Office of Distance Learning. GA. Anesthesiology. M. PI A1267 PI A1262 Context-Enhanced Technical Training: The Intended Benefits versus the The Effect of Politics of Lethal Injection on Availability of Anesthetic Risks Incurred Drugs Under conditions of time-pressure. Anesthesiology.. in the 6 ACGME Core Competencies but did not correlate with USMLE or burnout. Anesthesiology.. Dhumak. Northwestern of North Carolina Hospital. Zvara. Forner. Northwestern University. Columbus. no data currently Education exists regarding the nature of these initiatives. we used our validated questionnaire to evaluate the extent to Macon. Dean Connors. M. An unintended consequence practice of anesthesia.. Feinberg School of Medicine. Anesthesiology in Palliative and End-of-Life Care IL. OH. M. However. M.. or coworkers.. Anesthesia Knowledge Test scores. M. David Department of Anesthesiology. Bryan P. Anesthesiologists are a rare breed in the subspecialty of palliative care. Wake is highly affected by benefit/risk perception. Amy E. Cleveland Clinic.. that is an unfortunate reality given our training and skillsets. for the dissemination of current possible. a multi-source evaluation for professionalism in anesthesia residents.D.. Ph..A. and the perioperative environment? Ryan Budwany.. Jeffrey M. and occasionally sedation. Richard A.D.. NC. faculty.. Anesthesiology.. Center for Education in PI A1263 Medicine. Flores.D.D. NY.B. D. Moran. of Anesthesiology... Roy. M.D. Aj Tucker. Previously graduated anesthesiology residents were recruited.D.S. Taekman. Department of Statistics. M. Cleveland.D. Raymond C. Durham... M. David C. Tressler.D. Ph.D. Gail I. We tested if 2 L/min air is sufficient to prevent of a readings database composed of current journal articles relevant to the delivery of a hypoxic (<20%) gas mixture. Kristin D. Department of Anesthesiology. M.D.D. M.D.D.P..D.. Patients with advanced illness are often in need of complicated pain management. Edwin Bowe.The chief the politics of lethal injection have eliminated from our formularies one finding of the study was the suppressive effect of this intervention to initiation anesthetic drug..D. Department M. Riveros-Perez. Antolin S.D. Samsun Lampotang.

The State of Teaching Anesthesia in Medical Schools Today SAFETY AND MISCELLANEOUS
Over 60% of US anesthesia departments participate in student teaching. This 1-3 p.m. | Hall B1-Area D
teaching is primarily in the clinical years and is OR based, though simulation
of some sort is broadly used. Topics include pharmacology, physiology and OB A1276
procedures. Teachers are rarely trained and rarely remunerated. There is Use of Focused Cardiac Ultrasound to Assess Hemodynamic Changes
great opportunity for more involvement in the training of America’s future Associated With CSE Labor Analgesia
doctors. Saundra E. Curry, M.D.; Anesthesiology, Columbia University, New The aim of this pilot study was to determine the feasibility of using POC,
York, NY. focused cardiac ultrasound in laboring patients to evaluate left ventricular
and IVC volume status before and after CSE labor analgesia. We concluded
PI A1270 that it is feasible to obtain PSSA, PSLA and IVC images with reproducible
Gray Area in Grey’s Anatomy: Interactions Portraying the measurements in laboring patients. No significant changes were observed
Anesthesiologist and Realism of the Operating Room in LVEDD or IVCD over time despite decreases in BP post-CSE. This
The anesthesiologist in Grey’s Anatomy was misrepresented as inessential methodology may be used to assist clinical decision-making in laboring
in the OR scenes during the surgical procedures. The overall emphasis on parturients. Elizabeth A. Duncan, M.D., Laurie A. Chalifoux, M.D.,
the role of the surgeon results in an unrealistic depiction of the relationship Christopher R. Cambic, M.D., Robert J. McCarthy, Ph.D., John T. Sullivan,
between surgeons and anesthesiologists and overall realism of the OR. M.D., M.B.A., .; Anesthesiology, Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine,
Rebecca L. Cooper, B.S., Mohsin S. Shafi, B.A., Ryan A. Keenan, B.A., Yvon Northwestern Memorial Hospital Anesthesiology, Chicago, IL.
F. Bryan, M.D.; Anesthesiology, Wake Forest School of Medicine, Winston-
Salem, NC. OB A1277
Does Ultrasound-Guided CSE Technique Improve Midline Placement
PI A1271 of Epidural Needle With Positive CSF Flow Through the Spinal Needle,
The Portrayal of Anesthesiologists in Feature Films: Is It Real or a Raw Thereby Facilitating Correct Placement of the Catheter Compared to
Deal on Reel? Catheter Placement Using Palpation of Anatomical Landmark
Anesthesiologists in feature films were overshadowed by surgeons and This prospective randomized study has 3 objectives. Evaluate if the use of US
had little input during decisions in the OR. During crises, the focus was allows easier placement of epidural needle, decreases number of attempts
also placed on surgeons and the scenes lacked realism regarding the in identifying midline, epidural space, angle adjustments of the epidural
anesthesiologist’s role. Mohsin Shafi, B.A., Yvon F. Bryan, M.D.; Department needle. 48 patients randomized in 2 groups : US/no US. Same procedure
of Anesthesiology, Wake Forest School of Medicine, Winston-Salem, NC, in both groups. After 2 hours, patient’s analgesia levels, adequacy of the
Anesthesiology, Wake Forest School of Medicine, Winston-Salem, NC. block and need to replace the CSE are assessed. We’ve enrolled 50% of
patients and no significant difference shown yet. Barbara S. Orlando, M.D,
PI A1272 Migdalia Saloum, M.D., Deborah J. Stein, M.D., Jonathan Epstein, M.D.,
Anesthesiologists Attitudes Towards Donation After Cardiac Death Julio Marenco, M.D., Dimitri Kassapidis, D.O., Alan C. Santos, M.D., M.P.H.;
As perioperative physicians, anesthesiologists may be askedto participate Anesthesiology, Mount-Sinai Roosevelt Hospital, St Luke’s Roosevelt
in organ donation after cardiac death. We designeda self-administered Hospital Center, New York, NY.
internet survey to ascertain knowledge, attitudes, andpractices among
anesthesiologists with regards to DCD, as well as demographic,training, and OB A1278
practice information. Grant Lynde, M.D., Jason Lesandrini, B.A., Caitlin The Role of Innate Immune Factor fB in the Pathogenesis of
D. Sutton, M.D.; Department of Anesthesiology, Emory University, Grady Preeclampsia
Memorial Hospital, Atlanta, GA. Minority patients, particular African American patients with preeclampsia,
have increased levels of activated complement factor B which may contribute
PI A1273 to the pathogenesis of pre-eclampsia. Ivan A. Velickovic, M.D., Mudar
Mentorship in Anesthesia: What Medical Students Do and Don’t Want Dalloul, M.D., Karen Wong, B.S., Olufunke Bakare, B.S., Franz Schweis,
First year medical students enrolled in an anesthesiology interest group B.S., Maya Garala, M.D., Pharm.D, Amit Alam, M.D., Giorgio Medranda,
applied nominal group technique to determine preferences mentorship B.S., Roulhac D. Toledano, M.D., Ph.D., Ming Zhang, M.D., Ph.D.;
provided by an anesthesiologist. Ten items were identified. Kathy D. Anesthesiology, Obstetrics & Gynecology, SUNY Downstate Medical Center,
Schlecht, D.O.; Anesthesiology, Oakland University William Beaumont Anesthesiology, Lutheran Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY.
School of Medicine, Rochester, MI.
OB A1279
PI A1274 Pharmacokinetics and Placental Transfer of Magnesium Sulfate
Mobile Platform to Evaluate Individual Performance Skills Administered to Pregnant Women
We developed metrics for non-technical and technicalskills assessment of This is a single-center prospective study to determine the pharmacokinetics
expert performance. We tested the metrics in 10 residentsand evaluated and placental transfer of magnesium sulfate administered to pregnant
a mobile skills assessment platform with use of a head camera.Results women. The pharmacokinetics of magnesium sulfate was described by a
show the metrics discriminated residents from experts with goodinter-rater two-compartment model with first-order elimination. Magnesium sulfate
reliability. Colin F. MacKenzie, M.B.Ch.B., F.C.C.M., Evan Garofolo, Ph.D., appears to readily cross the placenta on preliminary analysis. Felice Su,
Valerie Shalin, Ph.D., Kristy Pugh, M.S., Mark Fitzgerald, M.D., Joost Funke M.D., Kathleen Brookfield, M.D., Ph.D., M.P.H., David R. Drover, M.D.,
Kupper, M.S., George Hagegeorge, B.S., Peter FM Hu, Ph.D., Mary J. Maria Adelus, B.A., Brendan Carvalho, M.D.; Stanford University School of
Njoku, M.D., Stacy Shackelford, M.D.; STAR, University of Maryland School Medicine, Stanford, CA.
of Medicine, Baltimore, MD, Wright State, Cleveland, OH, The Alfred,
Swinburne University, Melbourne, Australia.

PI A1275
An Increase in CA-1 Intraoperative Confidence: An Observational Study
on the Impact of a Medication Application
This is a single center observational study surveying CA-1 residents on their
confidence before and after the introduction of a smart phone application
that provides them point of care easily accessible information on commonly
administered anesthesia medications. Alexis E. Appelstein, D.O., Madelyn
Kahana, M.D.; Anesthesiology, Montefiore Medical Center, Bronx, NY.

AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia

38 OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain

OB A1280 OB A1285

Validation of Patient Education Video on Labor Analgesia Effect of Obesity on Epidural Ropivacaine Consumption During Labor
Patients on labor and delivery who required induction were shown an eight Obesity (BMI >30) is becoming more and more prevalent in the United
minute video that explains the risks, benefits, and procedure of epidural States. In the non-obstetric population, there is conflicting data on how
placement. After viewing the video, the patients were given a questionnaire obesity affects epidural consumption. We examined the effect of obesity on
to assess their satisfaction with the material. Patient responses to the epidural consumption during labor. Our research is the first large study of
questionnaire indicate that this video is valid and may reduce anxiety. The the subject, although no significant differences were found between the two
video should be used in the future for patient education and QI research. groups. Quy Tran, M.D., Steven Ropers, M.D., Andrew W. Geller, M.D., Mark
Melissa G. Potisek, M.D., Kimberley Nichols, M.D.; Anesthesiology, UNC I. Zakowski, M.D.; Anesthesiology, Section of Obstetric Anesthesiology,
Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA.

OB A1281 OB A1286
Determination of the ED50 of Hydromorphone In Laboring Patients Low Dose Epidural vs. Combined Spinal Epidural Analgesia in Labor: A
Our primary objective is to determine the dose of intrathecal hydromorphone Randomized Controlled Trial
that will provide adequate pain relief to fifty percent of laboring women. Combined spinal epidural analgesia, with the spinal component using only
A CSE was performed in 20 women. VAS scores were obtained during low dose heavy bupivacaine without opioid leads to significantly less drug
contraction peaks every 5 minutes for thirty minutes. If the patient stated consumption, faster onset of analgesia and sensory block than low-dose
they experienced “3/10” pain or better, the dose was considered to be epidural analgesia in laboring parturients while having similar efficacy
successful.A total of 20 patients were enrolled. The average minimum dose and safety profile. Sukanya Mitra, M.D., Jaya Arora, M.D., Vanita Ahuja,
administered in patients reporting adequate pain control was 12.7 mcg of M.D., Navneet Takkar, M.D.; Anaesthesia & Intensive Care, Obstetrics &
hydromorphone. The average time of onset was 23.75 minutes. The average Gynaecology, Government Medical College & Hospital, Chandigarh, India.
dose was 12.7 mcg is suggestive that the doses required to obtain sufficient
analgesia are much lower than may be used in current clinical practice. OB A1287
Because of its prolonged onset hydromorphone is not likely to be a first-line Effect of Sitting Position on an Equal-dose Spinalanaesthetic for
choice as an adjunct in a laboring patient. Grant Lynde, M.D.; Department of Cesarean Section and Postpartumtubal Ligation: A Prospective Study
Anesthesiology, Emory University, Atlanta, GA. A prospective trial investigating the hypothesis that an equal spinal
anaesthetic dose administered in the sitting position to patients undergoing
OB A1282 postpartum tubal ligation (PPTL) and cesarean section (CS) would yield
The Use of Occlusive Balloons in the Management of Abnormal similar sensory block characteristics and analgesic efficacy. Our conclusions
Placentation supported this hypothesis although the PPTL group exhibited faster block
The clinical utility of occlusive intravascular balloons is discretionary in regression characteristics and less hypotension. Sarah Kwok, MBBS,
abnormal placentation. Despite the lack of significant differences in EBL and FRCA, Wendy H.l. Teoh, MBBS, FANZCA, Farida Ithnin, MBBCh, MMed;
blood product utilization, the benefit of arterial balloon occlusion outweighs Department of Women’s Anaesthesia, KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital,
the risks. Enrico M. Camporesi, M.D., Emily Alvey, B.S., Hesham R. Singapore, Singapore.
Omar, M.D., Mary Cain, M.D., Yiu-Hei Ching, M.D., Mitch Hoffman, M.D.,
Devanand Mangar, M.D.; Florida Gulf-to-Bay Anesthesiology Associates OB A1288
LLC, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL, Mercy Medical Center, Clinton, Analgesic and Clinical Outcomes of a New Uniport Versus Multiport B.
IA. Braun Flexible Catheter for Labor Epidural Analgesia
A prospective, randomized, controlled, partially double blind comparison
OB A1283 of the analgesic and clinical outcomes of a relatively new uniport versus
Effect of Advanced Maternal Age on Epidural Consumption during multiport flexible catheter when used to provide labor epidural analgesia.
Labor John Philip, M.D., Shiv Sharma, M.D.; Anesthesiology, Baylor All Saints
Advanced maternal age (AMA, ≥35 y.o.) has tripled to 14.3% of pregnancies Medical Center, Fort Worth, TX, Anesthesiology, Baylor Regional Medical
in the United States. In the non-obstetric population, advanced age leads to Center, Houston, TX.
lower epidural and narcotic requirements. We examined the effect of AMA
on epidural consumption during labor. Our research is the first large study OB A1289
(N=571) of the subject, although no significant differences were found Considerations for the Parturient of Short Stature a Retrospective
between the two groups. Steven Ropers, M.D., Quy Tran, M.D., Andrew W. Review
Geller, M.D., Mark I. Zakowski, M.D.; Anesthesiology, Section of Obstetric Short stature in a female is defined as a height of 148cm or less. The
Anesthesiology, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA. term dwarfism and short stature are often used interchangeably, however
dwarfism is a subset of short stature. Literature regarding dosing of neuraxial
OB A1284 anesthesia is sparse in patients of short stature and limited to case reports
Resident Awareness of the Parturient with Obstructive Sleep Apnea with no well defined guidelines. A retrospective review was conducted to
(RAPOSA) investigate neuraxial anesthesia in parturients of short stature undergoing
We designed an anonymous online survey to ascertain anesthesiology cesarean delivery: specifically neuraxial technique, local anesthetic dosage,
resident awareness of OSA in the parturient population with a focus on adequacy of sensory blockade, and associated complications. Elizabeth
pregnancy specific risk factors. Anesthesiology residents were able to M. Lange, M.D., Heather C. Nixon, M.D., Paloma Toledo, M.D., M.P.H.,
transpose the general population signs of OSA (i.e. obesity and a difficult Jillian Stariha, B.S.; Anesthesia, University Illinois Chicago, Northwestern
airway examination) to the pregnant population. However the relationship University Feinberg School of Medicine, Chicago, IL.
of OSA with pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, gestational hypertension
and fetal growth restriction was not well appreciated by residents in training. OB A1290
We must train our residents to question women suspected of having OSA in Building Quality Improvement Into Your Time-Out
pregnancy and be aware of the high risk co-morbidities associated with this A multidisciplinary approach was used in the creation and implementation
condition. Evan M. Sutton, M.D., Amy M. Murray, M.D., Michael Levy, M.S., of a quality improvement driven time out board specific to cesarean delivery
Alexandra Bullough, M.B.,Ch.B., M.D., F.R.C.A.; Anesthesiology, Loyola on our obstetric floor. This time out board incorporated unit specific quality
University Medical Center, Stritch School of Medicine, Loyola University improvement data. Time out compliance, surgical site infections and sentinel
Medical Center, Chicago, IL. events (none) improved with the implementation of the time out board.
Procedure specific time out boards are easy to design and can be used to
target areas for unit specific performance improvement. Lindsey K. Whalen,
M.D., Heather C. Nixon, M.D.; Anesthesiology, University of Illinois at
Chicago, Chicago, IL.

AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia

OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain 39

OB A1291 RA A1296
The Effects of Large Volume Epidural Blood Patches on the Placement Efficacy of Continuous Wound Infiltration With 0.2% Ropivacaine
and Efficacy of Subsequent Epidural in the Parturient for Postoperative Pain Management After Microtia Reconstructive
The characteristics of labor epidural after large-volume epidural blood patch Surgery Compared With a Single Intercostal Nerve Block With 0.75%
were studied in this study. Jie Zhou, M.D., M.S., M.B.A., Rodney A. Gabriel, Ropivacaine
M.D., Beverly P. Chang, M.D.; Brigham & Womens Hospital, Boston, MA. The purpose of this study was to determine the efficacy of continuous wound
infiltration with 0.2% ropivacaine for the postoperative pain management
PO16-4 REGIONAL ANESTHESIA AND ACUTE PAIN in the region from which costal cartilage was taken after microtia
1-3 p.m. | Hall B1-Area E reconstructive surgery compared with a single intercostalnerve block with
0.75% ropivacaine. Continuous wound infiltration of ropivacaine reduced
RA A1292 postoperative pain at rest and consumption of a supplemental analgesic
Subcutaneous Ketamine for Postoperative Pain Management in Africa but did not enable early ambulation. Blood concentrations of ropivacaine
In the developed world, adequate pain control is a normal part of surgical were within the safety range throughout the postoperative period. Yukitoshi
care, however, this is not the case in sub-Saharan Africa. Ketamine’s role Niiyama, M.D., Ph.D., Michiaki Yamakage, M.D., Ph.D.; Department of
in postoperative analgesia is documented, yet its use in developing nations Anesthesiology, Sapporo Medical University School of Medicine, Sapporo,
has not been well studied. The purpose of our study is to determine a Japan.
subcutaneous (SC) dose of ketamine for use in a future randomized control
trial (RCT) that is both efficacious in reducing postoperative pain scores, and RA A1297
does not result in significant side effects. Jon Tuchscherer, M.D., William Intra- and Postoperative Continuous Infusion of Small Dose Ketamine
McKay, M.D., F.R.C.P.C., Theogene Twagirumugabe, M.D.; Anesthesiology, Decreases Morphine Requirement After Adolescent Idiopathic
University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK, Canada, Anesthesiology, Scoliosis Surgery
National University of Rwanda, Kigali, Rwanda. We prospectively investigated whether intra-, and postoperative ketamine
infuison would decrease postoperative morphine requirement after
RA A1293 adolescent scoliosis surgery. Patients were randomly allocated to two groups
Epidural Dexamethasone Decreased Tissue Injury Induced either receiving intra- and postoperative ketamine infusion (Group K, n=17)
Hyperalgesia and cPLA2 Expression in Laminae I-II of the Spinal Cord or receiving an equal volume of saline (Group N, n=18). All patients were
in a Rat Formalin Test given propofol/remifentanil general anesthesia during surgery and intravenous
The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of epidural dexamethasone morphine using patient-controlled analgesia device after surgery. Cumulative
on analgesia and cytosolic phospholipase A2 (cPLA2) expression in the spinal morphine consumption for 48h after surgery was significantly higher in Group
cord in a rat formalin test. Jae Jin Lee, M.D., Jae Hwan Kim, Ph.D., Young N than in Group K. Rie Minoshima, M.D., Shizuko Kosugi, M.D., Naho
Chul Park, Ph.D., Kim Woon Young, Ph.D., Yoon Suk Lee, Ph.D., Too Jae Ihara, M.D., Daisuke Nishimura, M.D., Shizuka MInamishima, M.D., Hiroshi
Min, Ph.D.; Anesthesia and Pain Medicine, Korea University Ansan Hospital, Morisaki, M.D., Ph.D.; Department of Anesthesiology, Keio University
Ansan-si, Korea, Republic of. School of Medicine, Tokyo, Japan.

RA A1294 RA A1298
Is Effective Postoperative Pain Management Maintained After the Tranversus Abdominus Plane Block Performed with EXPAREL for Post
Patient Leaves the Hospital? Cesarean Section Analgesia: A Case Report
The continued decrease in pain scores when the patient leaves the hospital A case report illustrating the use and efficacy of using EXPAREL for post-
after surgery suggests that the pain medication provided to the patient cesarean section TAP blocks. Angela S. Grab, M.D., Jaideep H. Mehta, M.D.;
during the first 3 weeks after discharge is adequate to maintain effective University of TX at Houston, Houston, TX, University of Texas Health and
pain management. Asokumar Buvanendran, M.D., Jacqueline Fiala, M.D., Science Center, Houston, TX.
Karishma Patel, M.S., Alexandra D. Golden, M.S., Mario Moric, M.S.,
Jeffrey S. Kroin, Ph.D.; Anesthesiology, Rush University Medical Center, RA A1299
Chicago, IL. The Spread of Colored Dye Injected Inside the Paraneural Sheath of
the Sciatic Nerve: A Cadaver Study
RA A1295 The existence of a paraneural sheath surrounding the sciatic nerve in the
Remifentanil With Either Abrupt or Gradual Cessation of Infusion Was popliteal fossa has been recently identified, and administration of local
Associated With Postoperative Hyperalgesia Whereas Fentanil Was anesthetic inside the sheath is known to produce a rapid onset of anesthetic
Not effect.The present study compared the differences in spread of colored dye
An observational study in 47 spinal surgery patients assessed post operative injected inside and outside the paraneural sheath.The mean±SD length of
static and dynamic hyperalgesia using von Frey filaments, comparing three the nerve surrounded by dye was 242±30.3 mm in the inside-sheath legs
analgesic protocols. Hyperalgesia was present when Remifentanil was and 191±29.2 mm in the outside-sheath legs, demonstrating significantly
used, either when it was suspended abruptly before awakening or gradually greater longitudinal spread of the colored dye in the inside-sheath legs
over 60 minutes in the recovery Room. Fentanil was never associated with (p<0.05). Keiya Takahashi, M.D., Tomoki Sasakawa, M.D., Makoto Sato,
hyperalgesia. Pedro P. Amorim, M.D., Susana T. Alves, M.D., Tiago B. M.D., Yoshiko Onodera, M.D., Takayuki Kunisawa, M.D., Ph.D., Osamu
Mendes, Student, Ana M. Duarte, Student, Ana S. Brás, Student, Ana B. Takahata, M.D., Ph.D., Hiroshi Iwasaki, M.D., Ph.D.; Asahikawa Medical
Carvalho, Student, Constança P. Carvalho, Student, Mariana L. Carvalho, College, Asahikawa, Japan.
Student, Joana P. Dias, Student; Anestesiologia, Hospital Santo Antonio,
Porto, Portugal, Instituto Ciências Biomédicas Abel Salazar, Porto, Portugal. RA A1300
Sublingual Sufentanil Microtablets for Acute Pain Following
Bunionectomy: Effect of Gender on Analgesic Response
A sublingual sufentanil microtablet 30 mcg, dosed no more than hourly,
has been demonstrated to be effective in both men and women following
outpatient orthopedic surgery. This novel drug formulation has promise as
a noninvasive, rapid onset analgesic for moderate-to-severe acute pain
conditions. Pamela P. Palmer, M.D., Ph.D., Neil K. Singla, M.D., Derek D.
Muse, M.D., Mark A. Evashenk, B.S.; AcelRx Pharmaceuticals, Redwood
City, CA, Lotus Clinical Research, Pasadena, CA, Jean Brown Research,
Salt Lake City, UT.

AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia

40 OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain

. In patients who had at least 3 hours after surgery before receiving of the duration of analgesia (defined as the time to first post-operative IVA there was a significant decrease in narcotic use from the 3-6 hours analgesic requirement) was noted with the addition of tramadol..D. Rodes. Cleveland.D. Craig S.D. B. Loma Linda University School of Medicine. Outcomes Research Department. Only trials directly comparing the use of local anesthetic alone who received IV acetaminophen perioperatively at Cedars-Sinai Medical to local anesthetic plus tramadol were included. M. OCTOBER 11 Perineural Tramadol Injection as an Adjunct in Regional Anesthesia for Acute Changes in Pain Scores.D.D. Ph. Charles Louy.S. Pediatric Anesthesilogists. Cleveland Clinic Foundation. Alparslan Turan. RA A1305 Association Between Baseline and Intraoperative Factors and Sciatic Nerve Block After Total Knee Arthroplasty The primary aim of the study is to develop a prediction tool which measures the likelihood of requiring a postoperative sciatic nerve block among patients undergoing total knee arthroplasty. M. M. The changes in M-Mode ultrasound images distal to the location of the peripheral nerve catheter during the injection of local anesthetic can be an additional tool that helps to verify the location of the peripheral nerve catheter.A Novel Technique Applying M-Mode ultrasonography can help verify the positioning of peripheral nerve block catheter. Significant prolongation Center.D. CA.D.0285. Jing You.. De Oliveira... Hesham Elsharkawy. M. Amanda Naylor. was 19. II.. Spanos. M.. 95% CI=0..98). If the two surgical groups were combined the Epidural Anesthesia Versus Continuous Peripheral Nerve Blocks for mean pain score reduction was 0.D. B. McCarthy.D.D. LSU Health. This study demonstrates continual nerve catheters result in significant decrease in length of stay. Ph. RA A1306 Identification of the Location of the Peripheral Nerve Catheters Using M-Mode ... Salt Lake City.. Robert J.94). The mean difference G.. Department of Anesthesiology.. M. Chicago. RA A1303 Adverse Events Before and After the Implementation of a Multimodal Peri-Operative Pain Control Regimen for Total Knee Arthroplasty: A Retrospective Study Implementation of a peri-operative pain control protocol combining continuous adductor canal block with a multimodal analgesic regimen for total knee arthroplasty results in fewer parenteral opioid related side effects. Northwestern University.D. Opioid Requirements..D..D.. Christian before compared to the 6 hours after administration. Cleveland. Pankaj Jain. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund.Sc. LA. Mohamed Nour.D.. M.S.D. M... M. Inc. M.. and and overall cost to the patient when compared to epidurals in long bone osteotomies..86 to Anesthesiology. M. and Upper Extremity Surgery: Meta-analysis Outcome Measurements in Surgical Patients after Perioperative This abstract describes a review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled Intravenous Acetaminophen trials assessing the use of tramadol as an adjunct in brachial plexus A retrospective chart review study all abdominal and spine surgery patients blockade.D. Hesham Elsharkawy. M. Jacob Uhler.D. M. M. M. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain 41 .D..76 (P=0.S. in Pediatric Patients: A Cost Analysis Cedars Sinai Medical Center. Perineural dexamethasone improves postoperative pain outcomes when given as an adjunct to brachial plexus blocks. UT..RA A1301 RA A1307 SATURDAY.. Ph. Matthew Hutcherson. Shreveport. M.. Rovnat Babazade. M. 95% CI 1.. M. UT.The mean pain score reduction in the abdominal surgery group from immediately before to immediately after administration of IVA was 0. Derek Herra. M.S. Stephen P. Gildasio S. Outcomes Research.. B. Harnden.. Jeremy Onnen. M. M. Stephanie Holmes. Thilak Sreenivasalu. M. Richard Applegate.14 to 1..50 RA A1302 (P=0. Anesthesiology.B.0195. Anesthesiology.A.D. Vafi Salmasi. Jonathan Knott. Los Angeles. OH..D.D. M. Cleveland Clinic.D. M. M. Pain Management Following Lower Extremity Long Bone Osteotomies Joseph Stuart.D.033.. OH. Hamilton.D. Meghan E. 37. Samelson.D. Gunjan Kumar.39).D. University of Utah. Saus.06 to 0. Loma Linda.9mg of oral morphine equivalents (P= 0. Salt Lake City. B. Jeremy M.D. Peter Stevens. M. Alparslan Turan.. Roya Yumul.. M. CA. John A. IL. There were no reports of persistent nerve injury attributed to use of perineural dexamethasone. We found that a higher BMI was associated with decreased odds of receiving a postoperative sciatic nerve block. M.S... CI=0. M. Anesthesiology Institute. RA A1304 Perineural Dexamethasone to Improve Postoperative Analgesia with Peripheral Nerve Blocks: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials Meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials of perineural dexamethasone to improve postoperative analgesia with peripheral nerve blocks..D.

. M. Caraway. Richard R.. Netherlands. Ling Qun Hu. Mary’s reducing hyperalgesia and allodynia. Christopher Fortier. Although the incidence of a psychosis however. Michael Hooten. PA. age.D. Miami. M. M. SC. Ph.. may be able to identify patients at risk of developing chronic pain after surgery.. Trachez. Philip Kim. DE... M... McNeer.H. Brazil. Gertruda Filippini-de Moor.D. M. Japan. Ph. Boston.S.S. M. and opioid use.D. Ph.m. M. Susan Moeschler. M. We found that perioperative pain processing testing Joy Rivera... Ph.. were enrolled in this study. perceived fatigue in anesthesia residents” using psychometric testing in a Satoshi Tanaka. Luminita Tureanu. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund... Our results of Medicine. study participation due to psychosis.. efficiency of provider workflow. more hyperalgesic values of heat pain (HP) perception in adults with chronic pain.. PharmD. Ph. sex.D.D.D. Center for Interventional Pain and Spine. Northwestern University movement of the affected limb (Phantom limb) before and after mirror therapy.D.D..D. Christopher Bennett. Sudo. W. Akiyuki Sakamoto. Ph. Chicago.D. M..D.D.D. Marisa Terry. St. of patient with phantom limb pain.. | Room 245 PN A2001 The Impact of Extended Perioperative Cyclooxygenase-2 Inhibition PI A2005 (COX-2i) on Central Sensitization after Breast Cancer Surgery Conducting a Work System Analysis to Map System Vulnerabilities in Chronic pain is common after surgery. PI A2007 an increase in oxyHb became confined to the primary motor cortex during Noise Increases the Perceived Fatigue of Anesthesiology Residents in imaginary movement after performing mirror therapy. Huntington. Clemson University. Sarah Alvarez-Horine.D.D. PharM. M. Fraga.D. Yang Yushi.. Margarete M. Carlos Pain Relief Center. Kris Vissers. Steegers. Mayo Clinic..D... Ten patients (0.D.. the results of this study suggest that they may be at risk of hyperalgesia independent of pain scores and opioid use.. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia 42 OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain . oxygenated hemoglobin (oxyHb) of primary motor cortex during imaginary Kozlov. Carlos A. M. event with IT ziconotide is low.D.D.. Barreiro. which be identified and quantified in a medication delivery process. Jazz E... Medical University of South Carolina.D.D.. | Room 243 Spontaneously reported events coded to the term “psychosis” according to COSTART or with “psychosis” as part of the verbatim term were included in an analysis of 1351 patients who received intrathecal (IT) ziconotide PN A2000 during 15 clinical trials between 1995 and 2005. Gisele Zapata-Sudo. Ph. B. Nailton M. M.. including in the primary motor cortex area before mirror therapy. Edward Yaghmour. Shinshu University School realistic audio reproduction-enabled operating Room simulator. Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro.D. Nascimento-Junior. Pharmaceuticals. Natalie R. Jorge Bohorquez. its prolonged use may be followed by tolerance and hyperalgesia.D.. Ph. M. M.D.D.. Eliezer J. Sonja Hokett. Ph. Monique MA. with Chronic Pain Music Engineering Technology.D. Greater pain anxiety symptom scale (PASS) scores were associated with Coral Gables. Using Work System Analysis. M. Andre DeWolf. Massachusetts General Hospital. Michael muscarinic receptor.D. Ph. Clemson.D. M.S. Pain-related Anxiety Is Associated with Heat Pain Perception in Adults 1 Anesthesiology.. but also an important potential focus for improved We evaluated the effect of mirror therapy on function of primary motor cortex education. We used the fNIRS for analyzing the changes in M.D. suggests that blocking nociceptive input from nerve damage may be key in Abernathy. where nociceptive input from the Perioperative Medication Delivery System: Comparing Self-filled inflammation and peripheral nerve injury induce central sensitization and Versus Prefilled Medication Syringes maintain pain. MossRehab.S..D. Imaginary movement of the affected limb increased oxyHb over a wide area. CA. M. M.... However. M.D.D. Bruno DeCaria. Ph. ORAL PRESENTATIONS PN A2004 Characterization of Psychotic Events in Patients on Intrathecal OR03-1 CHRONIC AND CANCER PAIN Ziconotide for Severe Chronic Pain 8-9:30 a. Ph.. FL.D. preventing sensitization.Oliver Wilder-Smith. M.D. M. remaining aware of this event and alert to its Molecular docking analysis showed that LASSBio-981 is a ligand of M2 symptoms is important. Roberta Tesch. Rochester..D. Roberto T.. M.. Nagano. M. IL . Co-administration of oral LASSBio-981 changed the Saulino. Results suggested limited impact of COX-2i on costs and waste. Mikito Kawamata. Ph. Monteiro. David L. Anesthesiology Pain and Palliative Care Medicine.S.D. M. Nijmegen..D.D. M.D. Biomedical Engineering. Newark. The overall incidence of a Prevention and Reversal of Morphine-Induced Tolerance by Novel psychosis event was 1.. Radboud PI A2006 University Nijmegen Medical Centre. We investigated whether perioperative COX-2i reduces A system vulnerability (SV) is defined as an activity or event that has the sensitization after breast cancer surgery under paravertebral nerve block using potential to reduce safety.D. University of Miami.D. University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.Mirror therapy produces an Operating Room Simulator functional reorganization of the primary motor cortex in the patients with We test the hypothesis that “a noisy operating Room environment increases phantom limb pain.. In patients with elevated pain- related anxiety.. Elkins Park. M. Anesthesiology. Roman Dudaryk. SC. course of morphine-induced tolerance and improved its analgesic acitivity M. Daisuke Sugiyama. M.. Feinberg School of Medicine.m..7%) reported psychosis Muscarinic Agonist in Rats with Neuropathic Pain events considered related to ziconotide. Charleston. James H.D. M.6% of patients. Pharmacology. support the hypothesis and have implications for caregiver and patient safety. Palo Alto. Our findings of Effects of Mirror Therapy on the Primary Motor Cortex in the Patients substandard knowledge after a half year of traditional training reveal not only a with Phantom Limb Pain: Analysis Using fNIRS concern for patient safety. OR14-2 PATIENT SAFETY AND PRACTICE MANAGEMENT 8-9:30 a. M. WV. Ph. M.D. Ph.6%) discontinued Morphine is an opioid that is very effective in the treatment of chronic pain. Ph. Stojiljkovic Ljuba. Leonard Wade. Nicholas B. Rio de Janeiro. Meltem Yilmaz. MN.. Ph.D. M. Georges Cehovic. M. system vulnerabilities can sensitization and pain after breast cancer surgery under nerve block.D... or increase drug quantitative sensory testing..P. PN A2003 Nedeff. This association retained statistical significance after adjusting for pain intensity.D. Noud van Helmond.. Anesthesia Machine Workshop: What Did We Learn? There have been no introductory training modules on complicated anesthesia PN A2002 machines with documented sustainable effectiveness... Eight patients (0. Three patients with single limb amputation M.D.

Cleveland.T.. M. Nanji. B. New York. Tong J. Our protocol prioritises Levin.. Jafari. Massachusetts General Hospital.. Department of Medicine. M. A point of care HH device can increase compliance with WHO HH guidelines.H... Anesthesiology. Department of Medicine (Hematology).S.. Philippe Montravers. A Randomized Trial of Pre-Warming on Thermal Comfort and Patient Satisfaction in Outpatient Surgery FA A2012 This is an IRB approved randomized trail of 102 patents accessing the effect of Preoperative Evaluation Clinic Visit Decreases Risk of Readmission to pre-warming on satisfaction and thermal comfort in outpatient surgery. M. MA. Douglas Colquhoun.D. Shahid Beheshti University of Medical MD.NPh. .PHAndrew D..D. Wick. This randomized controlled trial investigates the Guglielminotti. David W. Kim.D.. Bloodless Medicine H. DRG) Risk of Mortality and Severity of Illness Modifiers as a Measure Anesthesiology. Friel.NLinda Ms understand the root causes of the errors to formulate targeted solutions. Harrier FA A2011 Consultancy. Hesler. Ph. AM A2017 Anesthesiology. M. higher than existing self-reported rates.D.. Validation of the All Patient Refined Diagnosis Related Group (APR- Matthew D. and 95% specificity associated with in-hospital Guidelines mortality after adult cardiac surgery with a high-sensitive cardiac troponin I World Health Organization (WHO) defines five moments of hand hygiene (HH) assay. M. Alexa Fiffick..D. M. INCMNSZ. Sciences. Leal.. Patel.. Mexico... Paul M.ChAndrew C.D. Patrick McCormick. C..m.D. Patients the Hospital Within 30 days were randomized to 1:1 with 51 in each group (pre warming/no prewarming).D. Sophie Provenchere. Icahn School of Medicine at spinal opiates and multimodal pain control and intraoperative fluid therapy Mount Sinai. Jain. M.BCh. M. M. Aurélie Gouel-Chéron. NY. Zohaib Akhtar.D. Echevarria.D. The purpose of this study is to assess Risk-adjusted clinical outcomes were similar or better. Rea..P. Dackiw.. Department of Biochemistry.D.. The Physiological Anesthetic Risk Score (PARS) as a Predictor of Duke University.D. Kurz.EVALUATION Overdyk..D.. M.T. Judith Aronsohn. NH.L.D.S. cJohn Bloom. Cardiopulmonary Arrest M. Evidence suggests anesthesia providers Desplanque. extent of illness and type OR01-2 AMBULATORY ANESTHESIA: AMBULATORY ANESTHESIA of surgery.The Anesthesiologists are compared to other risk scores (Charlson and RSI) using mortality and Perspective administrative data from 86. Rafael P. Yeager..D. Paris. France. Ph. New Hyde Park.D.. M. We compared the 30 day readmission rate of patients who were evaluated The Evaluation du Vécu de l’Anesthésie Générale (EVAN-G) assessed the prior to surgery in our institution’s Pre-Admission Testing (PAT) clinic to those satisfaction and Visual Assessment Scale (VAS) assessed the thermal comfort. Baltimore. Cambridge. NYU School of Medicine.A. . M. M. Department Data from over twelve million in-patient discharges showed opioids and of Surgery.. Hofstra North Shore LIJ. We found a 3. Department of Anesthesiology.. B. These indexes for Patients Undergoing Colorectal Surgery .D. and 26% had the potential for harm.. M. Oncology & Institute for Medicine.H. We show that PARS is able to predict the severity of complications PRACTICE AND OUTCOMES and mortality in the first 6 months following surgery.D. Pippa.D. M. Hung-Lun OF RISK Chien. M. Sudheer K.. M. through wireless tracking.. M. B. body worn.. M.D.C.BM. Alireza S. M. Durham. on 30-day postoperative HCAIs and secondarily. Ghislaine C. M. M..D. Hetal M. Hospital. Islamic Republic of.S. MA. Critical Care and Pain Medicine). Kathleen M. Podimetrics Inc.. Patel. United Kingdom. B. M. Jeanna D. Koff. Division of General Internal Medicine. 90... 40% of errors had little potential for harm. and costs were reduced the rates of PMEs and ADEs in the perioperative setting. Lancaster. Amy E. M.D. NY.D. M. guided by Masimo’s PVI technology. M.D. Rosenberg.S.D. 3-4:30 p.D.D. Muhammad M.D. OH. point of care HH device M.D.. 10-11:30 a. 85. M.D. Mexico City. OR13-2 OUTCOMES AND DATABASE RESEARCH . Pathology (Transfusion C. Jean practice a low rate of HH.P.D. M. Perioperative providers are under performing. Sabry Ayad. Frank. Postoperative Complications PARS is a scale that includes physiologic variables.D. Frank J. Department of Anesthesiology. Covidien Healthcare Economics and Outcome Research. co-medications with sedative and respiratory depressant properties carry significant independent risk for in-hospital cardiopulmonary arrest.D.. Orquidea Sanchez-Carreon.C. M. M.. Monique Dehoux. 35% led to an ADE in our Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Program. M. M..D. M. Department of Anesthesia. Jung T. VA. Matthew A.D. Karen and Surgery.. Neil Morrison. Department of Cellular Engineering..D.MB.. NC. CO. JieJing Qiu.D. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. NYU Langone Medical Center.NCharles M. Anesthesiology/Critical Care Medicine. M. Turrentine. FA A2014 Ultrasensitive Troponin Thresholds Associated With Mortality Risk After PI A2009 Cardiac Surgery The Five Moments: A Novel Hand Hygiene Device to Facilitate The aim of this study was to determine the peak troponin concentration Perioperative Provider Compliance With World Health Organization thresholds with 80.. Jack O. R. Buttar.392 patient encounters over 8. New York. Leif Saager.H.S.m. Dr. Instiuto Nacional de la Nutricion Salvador Zubiran.S.D. M. Ness. Andrea M..D. Anesthesiology and Pain Management. M. MA ... Boston.. M. Florence E. M. Mark P. Lebanon. HH compliance of providers Hopital Bichat. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain 43 . M. readmitted to our hospital within 30 days of discharge. effect of intraoperative use of a novel.. Dolores Perez-Perez. Brian D. Boulder. Department Germaine Cuff. Fairview Anesthesiology. M. | Room 245 Villalpando. Boston.... M...D. M.. protocol in all patients undergoing colorectal surgery. Amit Resar. Bates.. OCTOBER 12 Evaluation of Perioperative Medication Errors and Adverse Drug Risk-adjusted Clinical Outcomes in Patients Enrolled in a Bloodless Events The impact of perioperative medication errors (PMEs) and adverse Program drug events (ADEs) can be catastrophic. Dezern.D. Traci L.. Anesthesiology and Critical Care.D. M. Patients managed by this protocol received less opiates.6% for patients who declined allogeneic blood transfusion (ABT) and were enrolled error rate. Daniel Sessler. University of Virginia. M. Ph. Iran. R. M. of Perioperative Risk This study validates the performance of the All Patient Refined Diagnosis PI A2010 Related Group (APR-DRG) Risk of Mortality and Severity of Illness modifiers Implementing an Health System Wide Enhanced Recovery Program to predict in-hospital mortality in perioperative patients.D. Loftus.Eng. Dan Longrois. . Steven M. Robert H..D.. Cleveland Clinic. M. Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center.PI A2008 FA A2013 SUNDAY. Randy W. Laetitia to prevent bacterial transmission.. Patients who Patient thermal comfort and overall satisfactions were consistently higher in participated in our preoperative assessment clinic were less likely to be prewarming warming group. Gan. Charlottesville. M. B. M.5 years at a single We describe an implementation of an enhanced recovery from surgery (ERAS) large academic institution. Further research is needed to fully Wasey. Tehran. This rate of PMEs and ADEs is much Elizabeth C. Ph.B..D. Huysman.D. The Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions.P. M.A. Benoit Cousin. Eduardo Iturrate. Department of Hematology/Oncology. patients who had surgery without being seen in the PATclinic.D.D. Thiele. Blitz.... Brigham and Women’s Hospital.D. Opioid and Sedative Use Increases the Risk of In-Hospital R.. Elizabeth A.. | Room 244 Anesthesiology. less fluid in the OR and had shorter hospital LOS and 30-day FA A2016 costs. M. MSEE. Department of Anesthesiology.D. M. of Outcomes Research.. Hedrick. FA A2015 Bridget C. NY.

Student..B.. Nagoya. Martin Richard Tramèr. Nagoya University Hospital. Ph. CA . Medicine.D. John W. however this did not allow the K. Japan. Sean Ahrens. M. Lipid surgery.D. METABOLISM AND ELIMINATION Effect of Gum Chewing on the Volume and pH of Gastric Contents-A 3-4:30 p. Nanako Mizuta. FA A2027 Erythromycin for Accelerated Gastric Emptying in Patients Undergoing AM A2022 General Anesthesia for Emergency Procedures Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) Bypass Rate Following Total Knee In patients undergoing emergency procedures.D. the high infusion rate of remifentanil Pratap Nadavaluru. Nagoya University Graduate School of of Anaesthesiology and Pain Medicine. Etrata. Giostra. Los Angeles. M. NJ. A single dose of palonosetron 0.D. we examined the infusion rate of remifentanil in pregnant ewes and early postoperative period. New York.... of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia 44 OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain . M.New Jersey Medical School...D. Yasuhiro Kogure.. Jean-Louis Frossard. Jing Li.. This observation is potentially due to inhibition of CYP4503A4 causing prolongation of the action of certain opioids and benzodiazepines.. and Vomiting Related to Intravenous Patient-Controlled Analgesia With Opioids. Narendra S. Christoph Czarnetzki.D. Qiu. M. showed better efficacy compared with a single dose of palonosetron 0.D. Konkuk University Medical Center.. Clinical Veterinary School. Lee.. D. Korea... mg or ramosetron 0. and other pharmacological mechanism. Ph.To Devasena Manchikalapati. and EC50 was 4. Basavana Respiratory Depression Among HIV-Seropositive Patients Undergoing Goudra.Comparison with Thiamylal postoperative nausea and vomiting (PONV) related to intravenous (IV) patient.. Masaki C.. Seoul. After Gynaecological Laparoscopic Surgery (Double-Blinded FA A2026 Prospective Randomised Controlled Trial) Administration of Lipid Emulsion Antagonized the Hypnotic Activity of To assess the efficacy of palonosetron and ramosetron in preventing Propofol in ddY mice ..D.D. Recovery After Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy Anesthesia. followed by ramosetron 0.49ng/ml. Maria T.. M... Delhi. B. Perioperative Medicine. M. Louisa Slingsby. M.S. M. Newark.. we examined the effect of IV ibuprofen on the quality of recovery after laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Related Professions Rutgers .D... M.6 mg mixed with PCA.D.3 mg. Division of Gastroenterology..D.D. M.A.D. AM A2021 Cambridgeshire.B. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Jacqueline Lee.D. Nadia Elia. M. Trivedi.D. Jae Yun Kim.C. Anesthesiology. Yoshikazu Nagao. Student. Division of Anesthesiology.D. Republic of.. woo Yi.D... M. IV erythromycin 3 mg/kg. Student. Seong-Hyop Kim. Pauline Woo. Ph. Augustus General Anesthesia Samuel. Oxford.3 mg emulsion diminished the hypnotic activities not of thiamylal but of propofol was lacking in preventing PONV related to IV PCA with opioids in patients in ddY mice.D.. Baldwin Park.. D. M.D. Atsushi Numaguchi. . Jae M.D. Susan Gould-Fogerite. Christopher Renato V. M. University of Oxford. Japan.D. Ph. Pharmacodynamics of intravenous anesthetics would be modified by the co- controlled analgesia (PCA) with opioids. M.D. M. Department M. Narani. M. FRCA.D. “lipid sink”. FFARCS. NY. of about 2.. are at an increased risk for post operative respiratory India. Shah. Polly M. including HIV. Conte. Tokyo. Taylor. MDNaoyuki Matsuda. Japan.. Jayashree Sood.S. effective concentration at which 50% of the fetus showed immobilization. Anaesthetics.. University of Bristol. Diana LaPlace. B.D.D..5μg/kg/min was required.. M.M. Lakshmi N. 15 Arthrosplasty (TKA): The Evidence for Implementing the Practice of minutes prior to tracheal intubation. Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education & Research.D. Ph. Ph. National Methodist Hospital. Ely. M.A. Pain & useful prediction of methadone kinetics in various human age groups.D.L. School of Health Sato. Hiroyuki Sumikura.D. FCARCSI. Anesthesiology.N. Chung-Sik Oh. | Room 243 Prospective Randomized Study Chewing gum in the preoperative fasting period leads to significant increase FA A2023 in the residual gastric volumes.N. Lysakowski. Andrew T-Y Ko.S. Shikha Sharma. Tokorozawa. Japan.. Department of Anaesthesiology and Pain Medicine.. M. Preet Mohinder Singh.075 Yushi Adachi. India.D. M. AM A2018 OR07-2 DRUG DISPOSITION.D. Ph. M. M.3 mg. Lauren M. Chandigarh. Ph.S. M.B.D.. Chunyuan Qiu. Maher.. complications...m. B. M. Jamie M.075 mg or ramosetron 0.D.. Rajammal Jayakumar. TaylorMonroe. and Perioperative Surgical Home (PSH) decreases acidity without causing major adverse effects... AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund.D. CA .D. emotion and pain and reduced fatigue in the ewes. Geneva University Hospitals. Nam-Sik Woo. Antonio H. M. M. The antagonizing effect could not be explained by the simple undergoing gynaecological laparoscopic surgery. Vanny Le. KyungHee University Hospital at Gangdong.. Emergency Medicine. Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. National Defense Medical College. Juntendo University . P. Anesthesiology. B.. Patients received a single preoperative IV FA A2024 dose of ibuprofen 800 mg or placebo-saline prior to surgery.. Utsunoimiya AM A2020 University. Tadashi Ejima. Efficacy of Palonosetron and Ramosetron on Postoperative Nausea United Kingdom.. M.. Efficacy of Ultrasound Guided Femoral Nerve Block for Varicose Vein Ambulatory Surgery in Post-Operative Period FA A2025 Better patient satisfaction with help of ultrasound guided femoral nerve block Allometry of Methadone Pharmacokinetics in Animals and Man for endovenous laser ablation of varicose veins ambulatory surgery.D. Kenichi Masui. M. Surabhi Gupta.. Ph. M. M. M. M.D.D.S. Philadelphia.. Preeti P.. infections. Anesthesiology. The combination of a single volume expansion effect. We recommend that Perioperative Use of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Protease patients who have inadvertently chewed gum in the fasting period should be Inhibitors Is Associated with Increased Incidence of Post-operative treated as full stomach and management modified accordingly.. Geneva. M. M.. including dose of ramosetron 0. might play an important role in the results of current investigation. Cabrera. M.A. Alex Y.S. Roya Yumul. M. Student.S.. Anaheim Hills.. Emiliano rate with increase the hospital readmission.. M. Patients chronically taking protease inhibitors for management of viral PA...D.S.B.D.D.S. immobilize the fetus in pregnant ewe. with no difference in pH. Ph. Laurent Spahr.B. CA. Utsunomiya. Center for Child Health and Development. M. Preoperative IV Pharmacodynamics of Remifentanil for Fetus in the Pregnant Ewe Ibuprofen during laparoscopic cholecystectomy improved the overall quality To examine the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics in pregnant of recovery including comfort. M. Anesthesiology. M. Kozaburo Nakahara. Toshiyuki Hatano.. accelerates clearing of stomach. K kinetics of methadone in 7 animal species. Nalin There was a significant relationship between body weight and the disposition Talwar. Bekker......D. Kurnutala.D.. M. Jessica Y.B.. anesthesiologist-led TKR recovery can increase SNF bypass M.D. In this study.. Kaiser Permanente Riverside Medical Center..S. Jean-Luc Waeber.D. Ph. AM A2019 Dermot P.D.D. after gynaecological laparoscopic administration and supplemental administration of intravenous solutions.D.D.D. Ph.B..D. University of Pennsylvania. Patient-centered. Switzerland. Bristol. M.S.. M. Sear. Enciso. Kaiser Permanente Baldwin Park Medical Center. Xiao Preoperative Administration of IV Ibuprofen Improves Quality of Zhang. M.D.

Department of Ph.D. Soban Umar. ischemia reperfusion injury(LIRI).. D.. Rochester. Ignacio Garutti. Department Hajime Iwasaki.. B. (SR). Sébastien Bonnet..TR.. Mansoureh Eghbali. Anesthesiology. TX .T..D.D... Andrea Iorga. B.. Therefore. M. MA Rochester Medical Center. M. Yi M. Houston. Patricia Piñeiro. Asahikawa Medical Obstetrics/Gynecology. M. Asahikawa.D. B. Chengdu. Preliminary QI investigation of OSA risk stratification in CA. NY .. Elena Vara..D.D. | Room 244 Suppression of MicroRNA miR-193 Feeding oxidized fatty acid 15-HETE inhibits miR-193 expression and is FA A2029 sufficient to cause pulmonary hypertension in mice. A.S. de la Gala..R..D. Zhang. Francois Potus. Spain.D. Salil Sharma. Ph. Ph. Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. Ph. enhanced the efficacy of and subcostal sonograms could detect sonographic B-line development Waglerin-1 (toxin which binds with high selectivity to matureAChRs) block on during heart failure induced by the acute exposure to high inspired isoflurane the 3 weeks immobilized muscle by blocking the expressed alpha7 AChRs in concentrations. Carlos Simón.S... Charles W.. Anesthesiology.. Anesthesia. Hospital General Universitario Gregorio Columbia University. Lisa Kainer.. Matthew B.D. Luis Olmedilla. Ali Said. China.. Anesthesiology. Davide Cattano. Ph. . R. our results suggest that capasaicin sensitive afferent neuron pathway participates in the FA A2030 Resident Research Award 1st Place pathophysiology of LIRI through releasing neuropeptides and upregulating Antagonists of the TMEM16A Calcium-Activated Chloride Channel neuropeptides receptors. Hiroshi Iwasaki. M..D. M. M.D. George Gallos. Danielsson. Hagberg. M. a highly selective alpha7 nicotinic high-frequency (30 to 50 MHz) ultrasound.. University of California.D..D. Thoracic Surgery.D. New York.. Ph. including an increased risk for difficult Ph.. M. B. University of University. As TMEM16A antagonists work with first line agents (β-agonists) and Francisco A. Yan Relax Airway Smooth Muscle and Potentiate β-agonist Relaxation: Chen.Sc. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. OCTOBER 13 Specific Block of Alpha7 Acetylcholine.. M. Los Angeles. M.D.. explaining the lack of twitch inhibition with waglerin-1. Anesthesiology.D. FA A2031 Severe Pulmonary Hypertension in MCT-Rat Model Is Rescued by the FA A2036 Soy Phytoestrogen. Ronald W. Mickelsen. Craig N. and attenuates increases in intracellular inflammatory markers and to evaluate if there is a relationship between the calcium from both the plasma membrane (PM) and sarcoplasmic reticulum elevation of these markers and the postoperative pulmonary complications. Kyra Bernstein..D. it’s still unclear that the changes of TRPV1 Ph.m.. Rurong Wang. Anesthesiology. B.. We speculate that during in the lung interstitium and of impending pulmonary edema. M. Salil Sharma. Patricia Cruz Pardos. Ph. and Gain of miR-193 Function Decreases Proliferation of Pulmonary Ph..D. M. Undiagnosed moderate-to-severe OSA may be associated with an increased Salil Sharma.R.. PH in experimental model and human subjects leads to downregulation of miR-193 expression. correlates with national data. Ph... of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain 45 . R. M.. Mansoureh Eghbali.D.D. Jeevendra Martyn. the junctional area. and evoked CGRP release in lung.FA A2028 FA A2032 SUNDAY. Eaton. Almudena Reyes Fierro. immature AChRs may be expressed in Wojtczak. airway management.Sc.. University of Texas Health Science Center.D. Québec. immobilization of knockout mice. Mansoureh Eghbali.. Massachusetts General Hospital. Barajas. Patricia Duque.We showed that transthoracic acetylcholine receptors (AChRs) antagonist. CA.D.. Los Angeles. Neurobiology and Anatomy. Receptors by ArlB Enhances High-frequency Ultrasound Imaging of Murine Lung In Cardiogenic the Effectiveness of Specific Block of Mature Receptors by Waglerin-1 Pulmonary Edema during Immobilization This is the first demonstration of the feasibility of murine lung imaging using This study demonstrates that ArIB. Ph. Memorial Hermann Hospital.. Complutense University Madrid. a soy phytoestrogen rescues severe pulmonary hypertension by Preoperative Anesthesia Clinic downregulation of miR-206 and induction of Vegfa in MCT rat model of PH.D. The study was to investigate the Hypertension Group CRIUCPQ. Boston.S.D. Michael P. M... QC. Ph. R. Pulmonary and neuropeptides receptors induced by LIRI. NY . Our lab has shown that blockade of the recently discovered Study of Pulmonary Inflammatory Response Secondary to Lung TMEM16 family of calcium-activated chloride channels modulates ASM Resection Surgery Using Intravenous Anesthesia With Propofol Versus contraction.D..D. R.D. M. Gain of miR-193 function attenuates proliferation in FA A2034 smooth muscle cells isolated from idiopathic pulmonary hypertension patients The Effect of Lung Ischemia Reperfusion Injury on the Expressions of whereas loss of miR-193 function increases proliferation of pulmonary smooth TRPV1 and Neuropeptides Receptors in Lung and Brainstem in Rats muscle cells in healthy controls suggesting a therapeutic role of miR-193 in Previous studies using transient receptor potential vanilloid 1(TRPV1) agonists PH.. M. University of California. Srinivasa Reddy. Tomoki Sasakawa. Canada. Ph.NCarin A.T. Prevalence and Risk Factors of Obstructive Sleep 206 Apnea by Stop-Bang in an Adult Surgical Population Assessed in the Genestein.D. Jacek A. M.V. Pulmonary Hypertension Is Associated with Downregulation of miR-193 Soban Umar. relaxes synergistically with Clinical Trial to determine the effect of sevoflurane and propofol in alveolar β-agonists. both known and unknown OSA surgical patients.D.D.. including using the STOP-BANG assessment to identify at risk patients.. Alex Centala. Los Angeles.D. work through a novel pathway of interrupting ion flux both at the PM and SR. Adam Mullaly. B-lines are sonographic indicators of fluid accumulation wild type but not in alpha7 AChRs knockout mice...D.. Los Angeles. Ph.TSharon Courtney. Cardiovascular Research Institute..D. and antagonists have testified that TRPV1 plays an important role in lung Steeve Provencher.D.A. hyperpolarizes ASM cells..D.D. M. Madrid. M. Japan. M. B. M.. We have shown that TMEM16A antagonism relaxes both an Inhalation Anesthesia With Halogenated Agents. Wenjian Wang. Sr.D. M. Smooth Muscle Cells from PAH Patients University of California. West China Hospital. OR17-2 RESPIRATION-RESPIRATION-RESPIRATION-BASIC FA A2033 MECHANISMS.D. Ph.S. Deanne M.D. Wood. Andrea Iorga..Sc.D. Marañon.D. Ph. Shingo Yasuhara.. M. Ph...D.D.D.. B. M.D.D. B.. Ph. CA. M. B. Ph.. Ph.. Ph. effect of LIRI on the mRNA expressions of TRPV1 and neuropeptides receptors in lung and brainstem in rats... they are promising tools in the treatment of acute bronchospasm. Genestein via Downregulation of MicroRNA miR- Risk Stratification. Urology.D.. Preliminary Results acetylcholine and leukotriene D4 contraction.S. Our data showed that LIRI upregulated the mRNA expressions of TRPV1 in lung and neuropeptides receptors (CRLR and NK-1R) in brainstem. Morell.D.D. of Anesthesiology.D... Ph. ANIMAL MODELS AND CLINICAL SCIENCE Oxidized Lipid Treatment Induces Pulmonary Hypertension in Mice via 3-5 p.D. risk of perioperative complications.M. M. Potential New Tools to Treat Bronchospasm Perioperative bronchospasm refractory to β-agonists continues to challenge FA A2035 anesthesiologists. Ph.. M. Jennifer Javier Casanova. Anesthesiology. Emala..D. Jingyaun Li.

Mishiya Matsumoto.. Qingping Wu.. Chengdu...D..D. Terri G. Ph. Jun Zhang. M.. associated with impaired endocannabinoid signaling during stress decreases Katia Osternack Pinto. Department States Scale (CADSS) Scores in Subjects with Major Depression of Surgery.S. Livia S.D. Ruin Moaddel. Department of Anesthesiology. Ph. M..D. Ph. Wuhan. Tongji Medical College. arrest and assess the evolution of their cognitive function over a 1 year period. Fudan University.. rSO2 values.D.D. M. Michael Goldberg. Anesthesiology.. Pharamcodynamic Effect of (R. M. Ph. Gustavo Fabio Aranha.D. M. Here we have proved that adequate preparation.D. M. Faculdade de Medicina da Concentration and Changes in Clinician Administered Dissociative Universidade de São Paulo. Lívia Stocco Valentin.. Brazil..D. FA A2037 NA A2041 Rapid Airway Assessment Reduce Unnecessary Awake Intubations for Neurointerventional Emergencies: Does General Anesthesia Delay Potential Difficult Ventilation and Intubation Patients Care? Time delay is often cited as a reason to avoid general anesthesia for Anesthesia induction in potential difficult ventilation patients. Trial Rome. Ube... M. Nijmegen. M. Institute of Mental Health This study describes a series of 6 patients that suffered intraoperative cardiac Research. M. Baltimore.D.DMaria Jose C. regions in the anesthetized state.. Daniela Hauer. Kiyotaka Shiramoto... West China Hospital.D.. Shuichi Kaneko. M. Jiming Wang.D.S.D. M. Knoxville.D. China. M. Maines. Maria José Carmona. Vinicius NA A2040 Fernando Da Luz. M.D.. Atsuo Yamashita. University of Tennessee intubation and reduce the need of awake induction.. Ph. Psy. Ph. National Institute on Aging . Martina Pfob.D. Anesthesiology. Maximilian Beimler. Union Relationship Between Cardiopulmonary Bypass With Circulatory Arrest Hospital. dissociative response following the administration of a subanesthetic dose of (R. Chengdu. Japan. Gustav Schelling.. Fabrizio Forti.. Beijing City. University of Munich. Experimental Therapeutics & Pathophysiology Branch Intramural Research Program. China. M.. The data also indicate that the rapid decline in D-Ser plasma levels is associated with increased CADSS scores. M.D. Irving W.D.D. Wainer.. M.D. M.D. Diana Nordquist... sevoflurane based protocol can be used to predict difficulty ventilation and Tiffany D. PharmDS.D.We observed temporal variance tunnel”) in acute ischemic stroke patients allows for early detection of as measured by amplitude of low frequency fluctuations (ALFF) and standard decreased brain activity and blood flow along with improvement after deviation (SD) was significantly reduced in various subcortical and cortical successful intervention. M.D. Rolison Gustavo Bravo Lelis.. Faculdade Inga.. M. M. short-duration retrograde cerebral perfusion does not markedly decrease China. Beijing Friendship Hospital.D.. NA A2038 NA A2043 Reduced Temporal Variance of Spontaneous Neural Activity in Noninvasive Delineation of Ipsilateral Decline in Brain Temperature Anesthesia During Acute Ischemic Stroke Applying an intra-subject design.. NC.. M. Netherlands. M. China.S. La Sapienza University of Rome. Ph. Radboud POCD occur in elderly patients. Cooper University Hospital. MD. Trevor M. Traumatic Memory in Cardiac Surgical Patients M. Camden. M. Medical Center. M.. M. Cooper Medical School of Rowan University.. M.D. Luckenbaugh. ON. Ph. JrM.D. China. Italy. Hang Zhou. Letícia Maria de Araújo Souza.D.D.D.ANancy E.D.. Zhejiang Key Laboratory for Research in Assessment Case Series of Cognitive Impairments....D. Department of Anaesthesiology. Satoshi Yamashita. Marc C. Banack. João Ricardo N. The Fourth Military Medical The procedure of deep hypothermic circulatory arrest combined with University. Dexamethasone and anesthesia minimize it. M. Evaluation of Cognitive Function After Intraoperative Cardiac Arrest: A Shanghai. Yamaguchi 8-9:30 a. Anesthesiology.D. Zhiyao Wang. Thomas Ernst... Ph. CT. Brazil. Ph.D. Yanyan Sun. M. Katia Osternack-Pinto. Nielsen.NRodrigo Machado-Vieira... Paraná.. Monk. Michel Bernier.. Ph. M. . M.awake intubation neurointervenional procedures in the treatment of acute ischemic stroke. PharmDS. Jin Liu. M. Xian. this time delay can be minimized or eliminated. Maria Margarita Gonzales. Brutsche.D. Anhembi-Morumbi University. M.D.... with little NA A2039 improvement in the attention and concentration over the period.. Sao Paulo. Weimin Liang. China.. Huashan Hospital.D. M. Valentin. NIA.D.D. Human Genetics . Toshiyuki Nakanishi. Karen C. University of Ottawa. Vissoci.D. Pietrobon.D. With may be the safest but the least comfortable way.A Double-blinded Randomized Controlled Clinical Germany. TN .D. Zirui Huang. Xijing Hospital.D.D.. including frequency-dependent effects. Medicine This study reports the effect of (R. NIH. Koji Utada. Yunxia Zuo. New Haven. Silverman.D. Cognitive dysfunction was present in 84% of the patients. M. Laboratory of Anesthesiology..D. PharmD. Kazuyoshi Ishida.D.. Physiology and Pharmacology..S)-Ketamine on D-Serine Plasma Carmona. Anaesthesiology.. Our David G. Yale University School of results show for the first time the reduction of temporal variance of resting Medicine. M. Ming Tian. Ph. PD05-2 CLINICAL NEUROSCIENCES Yasuhiko Iida. NA A2044 Ph. Ph.D.D. Ricardo S. Carlos A. Donders Institute for Brain. M. Canada. POSTER DISCUSSIONS M.. M..D. Ph. Non-cardiac Surgery . Ph... Patrizia Campolongo. Masato Uchida. | Room 244 University Graduate School of Medicine. Huazhong University of Science and and Retrograde Cerebral Perfusion for Aortic Valve Replacement on Technology. Psychology Student. Ph.. A single missense polymorphism of the CB2 cannabinoid receptor which is Rafael Nuzzi.D. Robert Craft. Sichuan University. NA A2042 Sichuan University..D. Georg Northoff. Ph.D. Ph. memories in patients after cardiac surgery. Brazil.. Department of Anaesthesiology.D. Cognition and Behaviour.D. University of Sao the risk for acute postoperative stress disorder and long-term traumatic Paulo. Ottawa. M.D. M.. Anesthesiology. Duke University Health System. São Paulo..D.S)-ketamine on D-Ser plasma levels and Department Maringa.S)-ketamine..D.D.. Munich. M. David A.D. China. Torjman. Capital Medical the Occurrence of Postoperative Cognitive Dysfunction University. M. NJ. of Postoperative Cognitive Dysfunction in Elderly Patients Undergoing M. West China Hospital. state activity in anesthesia.D.. Marlene Eggert. and is not an exacerbation factor for postoperative cognitive dysfunction occurrence. Michela NA A2045 Savo. Vane. The Laboratory of Clinical Investigation.D. Zarate. we compared resting state activity in fMRI Noninvasive monitoring of brain temperature (via the “brain temperature between awake versus anesthetized states.. University Nijmegen. Ph. Matheus Endocannabinoid Signaling Influences the Stress Response and F.S. M. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund.m.D. M. Durham. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia 46 OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain .. Benno Effects of Dexamethasone and Depth of Anesthesia on the Incidence Roozendaal.

D..Dex is associated with small short-term gain as depressing atrial fibrillation . PA . M. FA A2055 Jacksonville.D. M.D. those receiving transfusions had University. M. B.. Alice Li. Tiffany Lee. David M. lower intraoperative and postoperative hemoglobin nadirs were Patients Undergoing Cardiac Surgery observed. Milford. but operating recycling is more ordering. Tantawy. Augusta. Anesthesiology. M. Irene Kho.. . toward operating Room recycling. and whether the effects were dose-dependent. Warrick. OTHER Atrial Fibrillation After Cardiac Surgery 10-11:30 a.butis not effective for long-term risks of mortality and cardiovascularcomplications.. Philadelphia.. Sachin Kheterpal.S.D. We aimed to validate New York University Langone Medical Center.. Department of Anesthesiology. Cardiac Surgery.D. Tobin. CT . Anesthesiology.351 charts Jefferson University.. Daniela Damian. Patel.. Galina Leyvi. M. Orange. M... MONITORING AND ENGINEERING M. NY. Anesthesiology. Jian-Zhong Double-Edged Sword? Sun. Shamsuddin Akhtar. M.D. PA .. Montefiore Medical Center/Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Gratch. A recent study by Frank et al in 2013 proposed a novel algorithm prevalent in the United States.S. Matthew G. Hong Liu. The implications of ongoing elevations in CRP We developed and validated a highly accurate and efficient software process remain unclear. University of California at Irvine. Joseph B.D. M..POSTER DISCUSSIONS CA A2051 SUNDAY. M.A.. comorbidities and quantity of blood transfused were adjusted Davis Medical Center.D. M. New Protamine is an antidote for heparin. Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery. PA . M. England. Transfusion: A Report from the Multicenter Perioperative Outcomes Group We have demonstrated a significant reduction in intraoperative PRBC CA A2048 transfusions across the US.ChJonathan A retrospective review was conducted of 1477 consecutive patientsundergoing Linton. M. for establishing blood order recommendations using data acquired from an Kate P.Jacksonville. University of Michigan. Australia The creation of an institution-specific maximum surgical blood order schedule and New Zealand. Anesthesia Information Management System (AIMS). Excess protamine in the presence of hemodilution extensively inhibits thrombus formation under flow and static conditions. ENVIRONMENTALLY SOUND PRACTICES China. on short.D. M...D. Yale University.. M.Ch...S. M. M.D.D.D. Thomas cardiac surgery. B. The Fourth Military of patients undergoing CABG and/or valve surgery were analyzed.D. Pittsburgh. A Comparison of Attitudes Toward Operating Room Recycling Among Anesthesiologists From the United States..D.B. M.B. Sacramento. Patient Medical University.O. Jr. B. M. 1-2:30 p. B. Ph. Ph. Under Flow Condition Hossam E. FL. M. M. but many of the risks were attenuated when the cohort receiving > 5 U blood were excluded. Huncke. PA.. China.. Amy Shanks.S.OVijay S. Irvine.D.m.B. M. England. Bronx. Hushan Ao.. cardiac surgery at our institution to resesrch the impact of dexmedetomidine Anesthesiology.B. Anesthesiology.. Kayleigh Kaneshiro.. CA A2046 D. CPHIMS. in excess of optimal heparin:protamine ratio (~1:1). CA. | Room 243 CA A2049 FA A2054 What Is the Inflammatory Response to Robotic CABG? Implications for Development and Validation of a System to Capture Scheduled Drug Hybrid Coronary Revascularization Transactions From Automated Drug Dispensing Carts in Near Real- There is an inflammatory response after robotic CABG which appears to Time abate 48 hours after surgery.... Tetsuro Sakai. Xian. and larger transfusions may be a marker of a The Effect of Protamine and Hemodilution on the Thrombus Formation sicker population. Department of Anesthesiology....m. Jefferson Medical College. Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine.D.D.D. Anesthesiology.D. Anesthesiology.. Joseph substances transactions.D. Philadelphia. | ROOM 243 Using dexmedetomidine as a sedative after cardiac surgery does not decrease the incidence of new unset postoperative atrial fibrillation. M. UC demographics. M. OCTOBER 13 Dexmedetomidine for Sedation May Not Affect Incidence of New Onset PD04-2 CLINICAL CIRCULATION: BLOOD. M. M.S. Thomas Jefferson for with propensity score matching. Bean.MD.A.. M. Overall. Ph. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund.D..D.D. Philadelphia. NY. Linong Yao.D. GA.C. CA . Arthur.B. DeRose. New York. Elevated vWF/F8 can partially mitigate anticoagulant CA A2053 activity of protamine. Our data shows that for both CAD and non-CAD The Impact of Dexmedetomidine on Short.R.APaul Picton.S. Fiona Linton. Ard.S. MI .HF. worse outcomes compared to non-transfused patients. Ph.D.and long-term outcomes .D.D. Anesthesiology.. M.B. Australia and New CA A2050 Zealand Creating an Institution-Specific Maximum Surgical Blood Order In 2013 we surveyed the American Society of Anesthesiologists about attitudes Schedule Using an Anesthesia Information Management System. 2.. Department their proposed methodology by utilizing the algorithm to successfully generate of Anesthesiology... National Trends in Discretionary Intraoperative Red Blood Cells Kenichi Tanaka.. Will Sun. Sankalp in rear real time to assist anesthesia providers in reconciling their controlled Sehgal. Feng Dai.A. Tiffany M. CA. Ann Arbor. Charlotte Bell. M... Fei Xu.. Nadine Odo. M. John L. We compared the responses to these survey Based on the Algorithm by Frank et al questions among anesthesiologists from the United States. Richburg. M. B. Mary E...A. and the survival benefit of aspirin therapy Red Blood Cell Transfusion After Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting: A was greater in patients with CKD than normal kidney function. Epstein. Anesthesia Associates.C. Georgia Regents University. Study of the inflammatory response following the completion that allows capture of transactions executed on automated drug delivery carts stage of HCR awaits further results. James Diehl. CT.and Long-Term Outcomes in patients. Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Undergoing Cardiac Surgery This cohort study shows that preoperative aspirin therapy was associated with protective effects in decreasing postoperative AKI and mortality in patients with CA A2052 CKD undergoing cardiac surgery. our study provides evidence that smaller RBC transfusions have few negative CA A2047 impacts on patient outcomes.C. Coral Sun.. M.. We studied the effect of post-operative RBC transfusions in patients after Jordan Goldhammer. Milford an updated MSBOS at our institution.Compared with non-Dex.The responses to the six questions were similar among (MSBOS) is a fundamental step towards optimizing preoperative blood anesthesiologists from different countries. Richard H. but it also impairs coagulation when given Haven. Hence. Association of Aspirin Use and Major Outcomes in Patients With Surgery.D. Adrienne B. Rinehart.B.. UPMC. Tessa K.D. M. UC Irvine Medical Center.A. University of Florida College of Medicine . PD08-2 EQUIPMENT.. B. Fuwai Hospital TECHNOLOGY: ENHANCING PATIENT SAFETY AND & Cardiovascular Institute.Chinese Academy of Medical Science. M. Beijing. Ph.D. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain 47 . Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine.

. consistent increase in the breakdown Chengdu. Ph.D. M.D. Pei-Shan Tsai.D..m. M..D. M. Department of protocols that are based on individual patient-care needs.. Shih Chinh Wang. suggest that preconditioning with DEX produces a direct cardioprotective University of Florida. Sichuan University. Dexmedetomidine significantly reduced infarct size and gas pressure emitted at the endoscope tip..D. CA A2066 Epigenomic Prediction of Cardiovascular Disease Susceptibility: FA A2061 Development of Pre-clinical Diagnostic Markers for Heart Failure Comparative Efficacy Assessment of Different Surgical Caps in the We report the epigenomic features of heart failure in mice using two Operating distinct models (isoproterenol and pressure overload). B. B. effect against IRI in both the left ventricle and atria without autonomic nervous system modulation..Infectious Disease. CA . and therefore ESUs can be effectively used during laparoscopy.C. given the far higher blood solubility of carbon dioxide. Ph. Chun Jen Huang.D. Hefei. Los Angeles. M. Eng.D. Jin Liu..D... Ph.D. Jodi D. an effect of infection risk. Nikolaus improved atrial mitochondrial respiration after reperfusion..D.D.D. Canada. Sapporo.D. Anesthesiology. M. FL. M..D. Ph. Ph. Manuel Rosa-Garrido.D. Scott & White Memorial Hospital. A life cycle assessment was performed to compare the environmental and economic costs of reusable and disposable blood pressure cuffs and identify CA A2065 opportunities for improving device design and cleaning. Temple... Ph..D.. Anesthesiology.. Draganov.. M. Gainesville.D. M. Department of Anesthesia. M.. George Williams.D. Cheng Zhou.reperfusion A&M University College of Medicine.. This continuous position target gene.. suggested that the type of headwear utilized by intraoperative personnel has Thomas Vondriska. Yale Morphine Preconditioning Against Hypoxia-Reoxygenation Injury in Rat University School of Medicine.. infectious material. M. Hospital of Anhui Medical University.D.. William C.. M. Medicine. Recent clinical studies suggest that cell-free hemoglobin-based oxygen carrier B. This study was design to screen and identify the specific miRNAs involved in the protective effect of morphine preconditioning against hypoxia-reoxygenation FA A2060 injury in rat cardiomyocytes. M.D. Naoyuki Hirata. CA . could be mitigated by caffeine. Ph. Jr.Houston. Ye Zhang. Wei Chih Chou. M. M.D. Texas Acute lung inflammation induced by lower limbs ischemia. Our study evaluated the difference in breakdown voltage of an electrosurgical Tao Li. Yusheng Yao. University of TX Medical School .D...Sc.D. Ph. voltage in CO2 versus Room air for either the coagulation or cut setting. FA A2056 PD09-1 EXPERIMENTAL CIRCULATION Mechanical Testing of the Stiffness and Ultimate Strength of 1-2:30 p. Identification of Specific MicroRNAs Involved in the Protection of M. Taiwan. Department FA A2058 of Anestheiology.. Anesthesiology. David V. but the exact mechanism as well as effective therapeutic targets is still NS. Taipei Medical University.D. M... Department of Anesthesiology..D.. We also identified Development of a novel wireless patient monitoring system to improve pressure miR-133b-5p and the predicted target gene Fas as the critical miRNA and ulcer prevention efforts in the perioperative setting.. Taipei. Anesthesiology. Ph. China. Denys Goloshchapov.S.Ed.. which may contribute to the cardioprotection of MPC. Luis Z. We present technical data for three Olympus endoscopes. MA.D.EngMatthew Eckelman.D. M.. it would take one minute Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury in the Rat Heart or less to produce a gas embolus capable of causing complete circulatory We investigated the cardioprotective effects of preconditioning with compromise. Jack L. These results Gravenstein. Dalhousie University. B. Kimbrough. New Haven.... West China Hospital. Sapporo Medical University School of Public Health Costs and Benefits Medicine. Emma Monte. We conducted a study to determine compare the Yibin Wang. If presented near Direct Cardioprotective Effect of Dexmedetomidine Against Global tissue where blood vessels are dilated or arterialized. Reusable Versus Disposable Blood Pressure Cuffs: Environmental and Michiaki Yamakage. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia 48 OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain . Sarah Luna...D. Ph. for the first Novel Patient Monitoring System Enables Implementation of Dynamic time. Ravi P. Pullela. CA A2063 M. | Room 245 Disposable Laryngoscope Blades in Comparison to the ISO Standard The strength and stiffness of metal and plastic disposable laryngoscope blades CA A2062 were tested on an engineering materials testing machine and compared to the High-Dose HBOC Exacerbates Cardiac Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury by ISO standard for laryngoscopes.D. UCLA.. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. Daisuke Maruyama. Anesthesiology.T. CT. M. the expression profile of miRNAs in cardiomyocytes was affected by Turning Protocols in an Effort to Prevent Pressure Ulcers MPC treatment by using microRNA microarray analysis.D. M.D.D. Anesthesia. M. White.. Andrew Milne. When the gas flush button is depressed with 2 L/min inflow. Ryo Miyashita. The results provide a Prevention of intraoperative infection is an important topic and has been fundamental understanding of how the genome is remodeled in disease and addressed from many vantage points. Halifax. Sarah Sanchez. Pain Management and Perioperative (HBOC) significantly increases the risks of death and myocardial infarction. Tx. Jeffrey D..R.Sc. Haodong Chen. Paolino. Northeastern University. Rabail Chaudhry... FA A2059 Ryoichi Kawaguchi. Ph.. Hagberg. M.D. M.D. In the present study. Ostrosky.D. Ischemia-Reperfusion: A Preliminary Study Department of Vascular Surgery. Maggudayao.D.D. China. Yusuke Yoshikawa. we found. that there is not a clinically significant.S. Barrett Larson. School of Biomedical Engineering..Eng. Japan. Culp. Paul Brousseau. Medicine. R... Leaf Healthcare. Esther Valliant.. B. Bradley Caffeine Mitigates Acute Lung Inflammation Induced by Lower Limbs A. Ph. Some professional groups have identify novel diagnostic markers for susceptibility to environmental stress.D. Aris J. M. M. We endorse carbon dioxide instead of air as an insufflating dexmedetomidine against ischemia-reperfusion injury in isolated rat hearts. Gradulate Institue of Beware: GI Endoscopy Insufflating Gas Under Extreme Pressure Nursing. Ph.D. Eidson. Internal Medicine. Carin A. M. gas is emitted from the tip of CA A2064 the scope capable of exceeding a pressure of 300 mmHg. Daniel Shen. Shu- monitoring technology opens the door for the development of dynamic turning fang He. M. unit (ESU) in a pure CO2 environment compared with Room air. University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. Ph.D.S.. Mark Weckwerth. Pleasanton. David efficacy of different operating Room headwear in the retention of potentially Geffen School Med UCLA. M. elusive. Ph. This study provides evidence that the vasoactivity and myocardial toxicity of HBOC are mainly mediated by endothelial dysfunction.D. Sherman. Induction of Endothelial Dysfunction B. We encourage the Dexmedetomidine significantly improved heart rate and rate pressure product future design of endoscopes that allow precise regulation of the maximum after reperfusion. Hai-juan Zhu. Peter V. Synergistic FA A2057 increase of NAD(P)H oxidase-induced ROS overproduction and reduction of Use of the Electrosurgical Unit in a Carbon Dioxide Atmosphere NO bioavailability are responsible for all these adverse cardiovascular effects. Buddhist Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital. TX . Cardiomyocytes Boston.D. gas. We found Department of Anesthesiology. M.

.. | Room 244 Memorial Medical Center. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. Desai.. M.D... Boston. we demonstrate that different the Australian Society of Anaesthetists’ center based on letters from Kaye populations of mitoBKCa exist in cardiac mitochondria with particular to Paul M. Ch. M. Edwards. CA.D.BB. M. Wayne State University. M. Elizabeth Rebello. Ph. Establishment of the Department of Anaesthesia at Harvard Medical School CA A2069 Although it was the site of the first public demonstration of anesthesia. This was unique among the medical specialties.D. Calmes. Brigham & Women’s Hospital. University of California. Here. M. Salil Sharma. West Suffolk Hospital. Forest School of Medicine.. M.. Sought and New-Found: Carl Koller’s Handwritten Records Concerning the Anaesthetic Properties of Cocaine PI A2071 Carl Koller`s handwritten records concerning the anaesthetic properties of Women of the ASA cocaine were located and will be presented to the public for the first time. M.D. Department of Anaesthetics. especially in children.BB.D. the majority exact mechanisms underlying the CV complications in these patients are of the Harvard faculty recognized that anesthesia had become a distinct complex and poorly understood.. TX..D. Yan Feng.. workshop.D. Los Angeles. Massachusetts General A Surgeon Passionate About Pediatric Regional Anesthesia Hospital. 1939-1955 MitoBKCa channel is expressed and targeted to the inner mitochondria This paper discusses Dr.D. Douglas R. Anesthesiology. The at Harvard. University of California San Diego. Melbourne. Ph. M. Anesthesiology. Matthew L. Wood. PI A2070 Rock-a-Bye Baby PI A2076 Founded in 1910 by the American anaesthetist Elmer Isaac McKesson Changing Times: The World Wars and Women Physician Anesthetists* (1881-1935). Lin Zou. Bacon. The Alfred Hospital. Ph.. University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. Bury St Edmunds.B. at the same time. Ph.. MA. Houston. Harvard Medical School. M. UMass 1-2:30 p. By “mass effect. Jingping Wang. M. a pioneer and strong advocate of regional anesthesia. opened for use in biophysical properties such as voltage sensitivity suggesting the association 1951. Anesthesiology.CA A2067 PI A2072 SUNDAY. Chicago. Worcester. UCLA School of Medicine. CA. Medicine. Ph. number of women in anesthesiology has increased in the last 15 years. Kimberly A. 4F Rescues Pulmonary Hypertension by Inducing miR-193 via England From 1751-1987: An American’s Retrospective Suppression of Transcription Factor RXR-alpha A history of the practice of anesthesia at the Royal Victoria Infirmary. Winston Salem. both paper concerns one such device which proved effective in weaning patients in medicine in general and anesthesiology in particular. and meeting spaces.D. A..m. Anesthesiology. We describe the life and work of surgeon Robert Emmett Farr (1875-1932).. University over the last 15 years. UCLA. CA . WW Historians of anaesthesia have neglected many of these unique items and this II. M.D. Angeles. Newcastle Elevated levels of oxidized fatty acids including HETEs and HODEs in pulmonary upon Tyne. 4F therapy rescues pre-existing PH by reducing HETEs and from 1986-1987.. while M. MA. Culver City. NC .the McKesson Respir-aid Rocking Bed. Geoffrey Kaye’s research and teaching goals at membrane in adult cardiomyocytes. University of Massachusetts Medical School. Featherstone. in the local tissue are markedly increased during LE ischemia-reperfusion. M. with regulatory subunits.D. CA. Srinivasa Reddy. David faces the mitochondrial matrix in both heart and liver with an important B. Manisha S. PI A2077 Pontiac. Roy. IL.. is presented from the perspective of an hypertension lead to downregulation of miR193 via induction of transcription American academic anesthesiologist who served a one-year sabbatical there factor RXR-alpha. M.. Rekha Chandrabose. Anesthesiology.D. Galveston. Wake HODEs thereby suppressing RXR-alpha expression and induction of miR-193. Waisel.. Department Selma H.. Boston. Calmes. B. from 1751-1987.. Ph. M. no significant change in these miRNA levels is detected in the serum. anesthesia was thought to be a suitable specialty for Appliance Company) manufactured a diverse range of anaesthetic apparatus women MDs. C. England.D.. We examined correspondence and reports of department and orthopedic surgeries and is reportedly associated with increased cardiovascular medical school committees to identify the arguments for and against autonomy (CV) complications such as cardiac arrest and myocardial dysfunction. PI A2075 Wei Chao. PD11-1 HISTORY AND EDUCATION: PIONEERS OF ANESTHESIA Hyun Kee Chung. Wong. The facility.. from 1939 to 1955. UCSD Medical Center. Australia. Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care. MI. They were even leaders--chairs of departments and presidents and ancillary medical equipment during its first five decades in business. MA . Pollock. Hamburg.. OCTOBER 13 Biophysical Properties of mitoBKca Channel and its Role in Ca2+ Dr. Department of Anesthesiology. Sukumar P. Geoffrey Kaye’s Center of Excellence for the Australian Society of Homeostasis Anaesthetists. MA Anesthesiology. Ph.D.D. contribution to the maintenance of calcium homeostasis in both tissues.D. Cynthia A. Ph. M. we demonstrate that mitoBKCa Ca2+ sensor anesthesia for snakes and other reptiles. Ph. By examining these trends.D.A. Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. Ligia Toro.. Ph. TX.D. University of California Los Angeles. Anesthesiology. housed a library.D. it is our goal to eventually Hospital Hamburg. Selma H. Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine. Enrique Balderas. Harvard Medical School.D. Jiayan Cai. Neil Adams. Division of Molecular Medicine. Ilan Mizrahi. museum..S. Anesthesia. University of Texas Medical Branch. MA . identify the barriers to the promotion of women into leadership positions as well as identify paths to increasing overall gender diversity in anesthesiology.. A single population of mitoBKCa was identified in Kaye’s research included topics ranging from anesthetic deaths in Australia to liver mitochondria.D. CA . Worcester.D. Anesthesiology. San Diego. We have been able to identify trends in the enrollment of women in the ASA Michael Goerig. and Pain Enrico Stefani. along with other factors.” the 1950s .D. Peter J. M. Germany.D. M. CA. This study demonstrates that several miRNAs specialty meriting its own department. Harvard MicroRNA Is Released from the Lower Extremity During Ischemia Medical School did not establish an independent Department of Anesthesia Lower extremity (LE) ischemia-reperfusion (I/R) often occurs in vascular and until 1969.S. Ph... M.D.D. of national organizations.D. United Kingdom. In addition.Anesthesiology Resident. PI A2073 CA A2068 Anesthesia at the Royal Victoria Infirmary.. Raymond C. Ph... Mansoureh Eghbali. Boston. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain 49 . CA. Los of Intensive Care Medicine. Boston Children’s Hospital... laboratory.. The number of women with Poliomyelitis from negative pressure ventilation during the 1940s and in medicine increased after legal changes in the 1970s.D.D. Los PI A2074 Angeles. Although there was strong opposition from surgeons. M. Desai. the Toledo Technical Appliance Company (later the McKesson From 1900-1940. Newcastle Upon Tyne. led to a marked decrease: only a few women.. M. M.. San Diego. Perioperative. Mohamad Navab.D.D. Department of Anesthesiology. School of Medicine.

D.D... M.New Jersey Medical School. we examined the effect of IV ibuprofen. Atsushi Sawada...NC.. Daniel Sessler. Lakshmi Jin Liu. A single intravenous injection of flumazenil (0. on Alveolar Anesthetic Concentration-Awake and Recovery Status the release of stress hormones and pro-inflammatory cytokines in patients We found that an IV flumazenil (0..CSergey Pisklakov. Anesthesiology. Chibashi. a potent NSAID.D. West China Hospital..D. M.. Korea. Sedat Hakimoglu..D. New York. Japan.. Ph.D. The intraoperative glucose infusion suppressed the increase of the Cancer Pain acetoacetic acid.D.. a deep level of propofol anesthesia attenuated catecholamine Dolapcioglu.D.. Tokushima. M..D.D.. M.. B. POSTER PRESENTATIONS FA A2082 The Effects of Different Target-Controlled Concentrations of PO02-1 ANESTHETIC ACTION AND BIOCHEMISTRY: EFFICACY Remifentanil on MAC-BAR of Sevoflurane in Gynecological Patients AND SAFETY OF CURRENT AND EMERGING ANESTHETICS AND Undergoing Laparoscopic Surgery Remifentanil can effectively depress the sympathetic response by CO2 ANALGESICS pneumoperitoneum stimulus. Lisa V..D.006mg/Kg) has no effect on sevoflurane undergoing laparoscopic cholecystectomy.. NY . NJ. M. Anesthesiology. Japan. Effect of Intraoperative Glucose Infusion on Catabolism of Fat Tissue Toshiya Koitabashi. The University of Tokyo Hospital. M. Onur Koyuncu. M.D. M.S. Ichikawa-city. Pan Zhi the appearance ratio of POE was highest in propofol group than in non-sedated Hua...D. Anesthesiology. Kayo Hirose..D. M. M. 3-hydroxybutyric acid and 3-methylhistidine: creatinine ratio. Michael M. Methodist Hospital. Ken Kuwajima. but did not affect C-reactive protein concentration M. M. 13 and 16 days. M. In 4 muscle protein. Cheng Zhou.D..D. Cleveland Clinic.D. Yarmush. Affiliated Hospital (POE) from the anesthetized patients.D. Anesthesiology.D.D. Republic of. initial treatment of neuropathic FA A2079 pain and the SNRI-like agent that can be administered intravenously. Haruko Hayashi. Ph. Yu Kai Li. The Second People’s Hospital of Pan Zhi Hua City..D. Inzhong First M. Outcomes Research..D. The decrease of cortisol have FA A2083 a possibility to induce ecstasy in postoperative period. Alex Y.. Alparslan response rather than ACTH-cortisol or inflammatory response during and after Turan.. Department of Anesthesiology. . Japan. Mustafa Kemal University. indicating early Sumita. Chengdu. postoperative analgesics The present study showed depth of total intravenous anesthesia using consumption and persistent surgical pain.D. Kurnutala. M.D. Ph.D. Cagla Akkurt. M. Newark.SPh. China.. The role of tramadol is the bridging between NSAIDs and strong opioid.m.D. M. Bekker.D. but the epinephrine-BAR or norepinephrine-BAR of sevoflurane was maintained FA A2078 unchanging.D.. M.Sichuan N. Kenan to surgry i. Juan li Guo.D. the duration from the onset Ph.D. Japan. M. Choon Kyu Cho..e. Yasuhiro Kamada. present study clearly provided a new Sapporo Medical University.D. Tramadol was effective in either moderate cancer pain and opioid naive cases Kochi Medical School.. Nanchong.. Kochi.C.. and cortisol levels.D. B. Jin Zhong..D. Ph. We also revealed that the propofol and midazoram decrease the cortisol and increase the prolactin.DBin Liu. In addition. Department of frequency and the cause of this phenomenon..D. M. we revealed that Anaesthesiology. Ph.D. M.D. New York University. Japan.D.D. there are no study investigated the of North Sichuan Medical College.. Selim propofol-remifentanil may impact on the neuroendocrine stress response Turhanoglu. B. M. Hospital. M. Peng Liang.. We investigated the effect of intraoperative glucose infusion on the catabolism of fat tissue and muscle protein during remifentanil anesthesia.. University. Japan.. Shinzo of pain to pregabalin prescription was 2. Ph. Doan. The treatment with pregabalin resulted in a significant improvement in 9 out The intraoperative glucose supply inhibited the catabolism of fat tissue and of 10 patients who had been suffering from neuropathic cancer pain.D. Daejeon. M. FA A2086 The Effect of Preoperative Administration of IV Ibuprofen on Stress FA A2081 Response in Patients Undergoing Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy The Effect of Flumazenil on Sevoflurane Requirements for Minimum In this study. Syoichiro Sazuka. In conclusion. patients that VAS decreased more than 4 cm. Joseph Schianodicola..B. Konyang University Hospital.D. Nikko insight into the beneficial effect of pregabalin on neuropathic cancer pain. Department of Anesthesiology. OH .D. Ph. Japan.D.. Ph.. M.. The Analysis of the Role of Tramadol Therapy for Cancer Pain Ph. Remifentanil FA A2084 improved intraoperative blood glucose control by suppressing stress hormone The Estimation of Successful Pregabalin Therapy in Neuropathic secretion. Hiromichi ichinose. Sung Mee Jung. Obihiro-Kosei General Takashi Ouchi..SPh. People Hospital.D. Azusa Katou. Joel M... M. Takashi Ouchi. The MAC-BAR of sevoflurane gradually 8-10 a. Yan-li Zhao. M. Asahikawa Redcross Shoichiro Sazuka.S. MMed. Ph.006 mg/ preoperative IV dose of ibuprofen 800 mg or placebo-saline prior to surgery.D.. Vanny Le. College Ichikawa General Hospital.D. lung surgery. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia 50 OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain .D.. 7. Memorial Hospital. monitoring AEPi cannot effectively predict the Expression of Postoperative Ecstasy in Anesthetized Patients response of hemodynamics caused by noxious stimulation..S.D.. Tokyo. Atilla Karateke. M. NY.D.D. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. Turkey. Anesthesiology. Kg) can partially reverse the hypnotic effect of sevoflurane/sulfentanil but do Preoperative administration of IV Ibuprofen decreases catecholamines not contribute to reduction in the time to recovery and extubation. Rutgers . M.. Muroran. M. Haile.. Asahikawa. or early stage of neuropathic cancer pain cases. China. Japan. Sapporo. Ph. postoperatively after laparoscopic cholecystectomy.. Rie Ishimaru. Tokyo Dental Hospital. D. Toshiya Koitabashi. Takashi Kawano.D. Catherine Schoenberg. and Muscle Protein During Remifentanil Anesthesia: A Randomized D. Subjects received a single MAC-Awake in humans. In this study. Japan.R.. M. M. M. Hyuck Goo Kim. Rie Ishimaru. M. Anesthesiology. or midazoram group...D. M. China. Cleveland. Brooklyn. M. Xiao-lin Although many anesthesiologists have been claimed for postoperative ecstasy Yang.B. Hyo Eun Kang. | Hall B1-Area C decreased with the increase of plasma target remifentanil concentration. Anesthesiology. treatment is necessary. M.D. Chiba. Yeungnam University Hospital. M. Hatay.D. M. Tokyo Dental Controlled Multicenter Trial College Ichikawa General Hospital..D. M.. Tokushima University Treatment Hospital.D. Michiaki Yamakage.D. M. Zhen-yu Zou. Obihiro... China. FA A2080 FA A2085 Depth of Propofol Anesthesia on the Stress Response in Patients Acetaminophen Reduces Persistent Surgical Pain After Hysterectomy Undergoing Lung Surgery Acetaminophen decreases acute postoperative pain.

Inje University Seoul Paik Sasakawa. Tomoki M. Juliet M.D. CA. results demonstrate a possible advantage of dopamine antagonists to reduce CA.. Japan. Yesim Batislam.D.. Ph. M. WV. .D.. University. Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine. M.2 mV J point elevations.A. long-term. Turkey.Japanese herbel Kampo We describe the marked improvement of a patient’s clinical condition after the medicine. which is commonly seen in up to 80 minutes after drug injection. Ph.D.. Kobe University Graduate School of FA A2093 Medicine. M.D..D. M. Edegem.B.5g as needed. M.. Tom Schepens.D. multicenter. Takaoka anaphylaxis. Ph.D.0%): The type 1.D. Does Intraoperatively Administered Methylprednisolone Impact the Neuromuscular Blocade Reversal Effect of Sugammadex? Recovery times of rocuronium-induced muscle relaxation after reversal with sugammadex were delayed in patients who received methylprednisolone intraoperatively when compared to those who did not receive methylprednisolone. Ph.D. FRCA.D. David L.. University of California. F. FA A2091 Osakasayama..D.. Total cognitive reserve of the test subject. CA A2094 FA A2089 Evaluating Left Ventricular Diastolic Function During General Intravenous Bolus of Oxynorm Reduces Postoperative Additional Anesthesia in Dialysis Patients Analgesic Requirements in Patients Undergoing Laparoscopic The present study compared left ventricular diastolic function during general Cholecystectomy anesthesia in dialysis and non-dialysis patients in order to identify suitable Intravenous oxynorm bolus is simple to use and results in a long-lasting evaluation parameters. Stanford University. M.D. M. Ankara.D.A.D. Anesthesiology.. Ph.D.. Hirotsugu Choi.B. M..D.D. OH. Monash Institute of Medical Research. Palo Alto..D. Leong..D. M. Japan. Osamu Takahata. we elucidated that Shakuyaku-kanzo-to.. Huntington..B. R. amounted to 7 (0.S. to 2 (0.. Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine. delay of emergence.D. Jazz Pharmaceuticals. M. M. Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine.B.. Winston-Salem. Columbus. was effective for the painful muscle cramps. which is associated with the highest level of risk for VF. Drawbridge Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd. M. FANZCA.. M. FFPMANZCA. Rowan Dankerlui. Brugada syndrome type to 2 (0.. Aral..B. Effective evaluation can be conducted using Vp and reduction of shoulder and abdominal postoperative pain for 24 h after Em values.. M. healthy people.. M.. including heart M. Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine.D. | Hall B1-Area E Japan. Australia. FANZCA. Hospital. Republic of. desflurane and sevoflurane anesthesia might enhance the anesthetic potency Timothy R. M. The Center for Pain Relief.D. Yoonji Kashiwagi. M.. Mark S. Colin S. M. Elkins Park. Grigsby.m. The PRIZM (Patient Registry of Intrathecal Ziconotide Management) Kobe city... Napa. Miami.. Thus. Belgium. M. Kampo Medicine. Merve H. Department of Anesthesia and PO04-1 CLINICAL CIRCULATION: ECHO/MONITORING Resuscitation. a higher level of risk for ventricular fibrillation (VF). MossRehab. M. M.D..D.D. Mary’s Pain general anesthesia after the end of operation were not changed.B.. Anesthesia..D. M... Supplemental administration of droperidol and haloperidol during both M. Kentarou Kanaki. We present an interim analysis of 23 enrolled General Anesthesia With Both Desflurane and Sevoflurane patients. Yutaka.D.and its minimum late administration of sugammadex in a confirmed case of rocuronium-induced effevtive dosage was 2. Newark...D. However DSST normally The preoperative prevalence of each type of “J wave syndromes” and shows progressively increasing scores with repeat testing. Ph.S. Satoshi Mizobuchi.AcPh. Naoyuki Matsuda. St.D. 8-10 a.3%).D. M. Japan. M. Seoul. Japan. Malvern.D. Sarah Alvarez-Horine. Gladstone C. Basak Ceyda Meco. Yuta laparoscopic cholecystectomy and opioid consumption in the PACU.D.S. OCTOBER 13 Efficacy of Shakuyaku-kanzo-to [Shao-Yao-Gan-Cao-Tang] for Painful A Case of Rocuronium-induced Anaphylaxis Successfully Muscle Cramps in Patients With Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Mitigated with Late Administration of Sugammadex In this study.D. Perioperative Medicine and Pain Management..D. and Serrao.. safety.. observational study evaluating FA A2088 effectiveness.D. Victoria. Center the required dose of volatile agents for maintenance of anesthesia without for Clinical Research.D.. which are less susceptible to the effects of load fluctuation. The circulatory parameters..6%). M. San Diego. Iida Takafumi. M. Kunihiko Yamamoto. M. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain 51 . Asahikawa Medical Korea. M. which is associated with BB. John Monagle. during anesthesia and the recovery time from & Spine. Yumiko Takao. NC.D. FANZCA. Yu Mi Lee. Anja De Meyer. Ph. Wallace. M. Anesthesiology and Critical Care.D. M. Philip Kim.R. M..D.D. Study for Patients With Severe Chronic Pain PRIZM is an open-label.. Digital Substitution Test Reveals Preservation of Cognitive Reserve After Phaxan™ But Not After Propofol Anaesthesia CA A2095 Digital substitution tests (DSST) are used commonly to assess recovery Perioperative Cardiac Events in a Patient With Each Type of from anaesthetic drugs by noting the time after drug administration at which Electrocardiographic Pattern of J Wave Syndromes DSST performance returns to pre-anaesthetic levels....D.. DE. Katsuhiro Tanaka. CA. M..D.. Asan Medical Center.D.D. Antwerp University M.C. Richard L. Eric J.D. Young Jin Moon. Rauck. Charleston..D.10. Melbourne.D.. the type 2. M. supraventricular tachycardia occurred in two patients whose ECG showed Australia.D. Solutiions. Hitoaki Sato. Center for Interventional Pain rate and blood pressure. to 5 (0.D.. Ankara University Faculty of Medicine. M.M. Kanda..D.D. Michiko Kawaguchi. University of Miami Miller School of FA A2090 Medicine. and patient-reported outcomes associated with clinical Droperidol and Haloperidol Decreases the Bispectral Index During intrathecal ziconotide use. M..N. Nagoya. Michael Saulino..D. WV. Monash Health. This study has shown preservation of this electrocardiographic (ECG) patterns of “J wave syndromes” out of 789 cognitive reserve after Phaxan anaesthesia but not after propofol anaesthesia patients amounted to 16 (2.FA A2087 FA A2092 SUNDAY. Department of Anesthesiology. Iwasaki.S. M. Brugada syndrome type with more than 0. McDowell. Jodie Worrell. this is attributed to perioperative cardiac events in a patient with them were investigated. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. Kinki University Faculty of Medicine.. M. the Relief Center. . the type 3. Marcel Vercauteren.3%). Yushi Adachi. Nishio Municipal Hospital.9%). M. Hiroshi Hospital. Ph. Anesthesiology..D. Msaki Fuyuta. Michael S. Anesthesiology and ICM Department. Ph. Sang Wook Park..D. Medical Informatics and Bioformatics. Goodchild. M. Ph... L.. Yuki Toyama. M.. Takayuki Kunisawa. M. Neurovations Clinical Research. determined by Bispectral index. Nishio. Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine. PA. M.. Caraway. Lyndon Siu. Integrated Pain Kazuhiko Kobayashi. Victoria.D. Kimitoshi Nishiwaki. Takashi Nishimoto. Yasushi Motoyama. VF during surgery or postoperative lethal Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine. Ph.. M.D. M. Ph. Hokkaido.. Menekse Ozcelik. FL . Deer. Department of Anesthesia.ChirPh.

CA A2096 CA A2101
Three Different Methods Assisted Insertion of Transesophageal The Time to Peak Pressure Derived from Radial Pressure Waveform Is
Echocardiography Probe on Incidence of Oropharyngeal Mucosal Injury a Good Indicator of the Aortic Stenosis
After Adult Cardiac Surgery Severe aortic stenosis (AS) is an independently risk factor of perioperative
Laryngoscope-assisted insertion of TEE probe takes longer than blindly myocardial infarction and 30 days mortality in non-cardiac surgery. The aim
intubated. Rigid laryngoscope-assisted insertion is not significantly increase of this study was to determine if systolic upstroke time and rate of pressure
visibility of esophageal entrance. Video laryngoscope-assisted insertion rise derived from radial arterial pressure waveform are useful to detect the
significantly reduces the incidence of oropharyngeal muclsal injury, such patients with AS.The value given by the time from the beginning of an upstroke
as odynophagia, hoarseness and bleeding, after adult cardiac surgery. of a radial arterial pressure to peak radial arterial pressure (TTPP) divided by
Yanzi Zhang, M.D., Xiao Wang, M.D., Wen Zhang, M.D., Xiang He, M.D.; the square root of the RR interval to calculate the heart rate-corrected TTPP
Anesthesiology, West China Hospital, Sichuan University, Chengdu, China. is a good indicator for detecting the patient’s with AS. Katsura Nakagawa,
M.D., Yuzuru Inatomi, M.D., Kenji Yoshitani, M.D., Yoshihiko Ohnishi, M.D.;
CA A2097 Anesthesiology, National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center, Suita, Osaka,
Aortic Valve Replacement Reduces Valvuloarterial Impedance in Japan.
Patients With Aortic Stenosis
Valvuloarterial impedance contributes to elevated left ventricular afterload in CA A2102
patients with aortic stenosis. We demonstrate that aortic valve replacement Distinguishing Arterial And Venous Components of Plethysmographic
reduces valvuloarterial impedance to values within the normal range but does Signals
not affect systemic arterial compliance in elderly men with senile calcific aortic We herein show how, by expressing photoplethysmographic readings in terms
stenosis. Paul S. Pagel, M.D., Ph.D., Andrew R. Schroeder, M.D., Judith of multiples of AC at baseline, we can distinguish and quantify arterial and
A. Hudetz, Ph.D., Clement J. Zablocki Veterans Affairs Medical Center, venous changes during a local vasodilatory as well as a systemic hypovolemic
Milwaukee, WI . challenge. I-Hsun Liang, M.D., Siqin Nie, M.D., Samrawit A. Goshu, M.D.,
Saeeda Qadri, M.D., Nina Stachenfeld, Ph.D., Aymen A. Alian, M.B.,B.
CA A2098 Ch, M.D., Kirk H. Shelley, M.D., Ph.D., David G. Silverman, M.D.;
Prediction of Circulatory Changes After Pneumoperitoneum in Anesthesiology, John B. Pierce Laboratory -- Physiology, Yale University
Laparoscopic Surgery by Pulse Contour Analysis School of Medicine, New Haven, CT, Department of Anesthesiology, First
Patients who underwent elective laparoscopic gastrointestinal surgery were Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University, Guangzhou, China.
divided into two groups according to 10 percent increase from baseline (before
pneumoperitoneum) in systolic blood pressure at 3 minutes after peritoneal CA A2103
insufflation. The high group comprised 16 patients and the stable group Does Administration Of Mannitol Induce Changes In Stroke Volume
comprised 24 patients. The baseline cardiac index (CI) measured by pulse Variation?
contour analysis was significantly higher in the high group than the stable In a population of neurosurgical patients undergoing craniotomy, we examined
group(2.5±0.3vs2.2±0.4L/min/m).In the high group, pneumoperitoneum whether mannitol affected stroke volume variation (SVV) estimated with a
significantly increased the infusion rate of remifentanil relative to that at the Vigileo monitor. We were unable to find any statistically significant difference
baseline. Motoi Inoue, M.D., Masato Nakasuji, M.D., Aki Kawasaki, M.D., in SVV between patients who received or did not receive mannitol. We could
Miwako Ngai, M.D., Taeko Miyata, M.D., Norie Imanaka, M.D., Masuji not find any difference in SVV at various time points before and after mannitol.
Tanaka, M.D., Kae Nakasuji, M.D.; Department of Anesthesiology, Kansai We conclude that mannitol may not reliably affect SVV but that a further study
Electric Power Hospital, Osaka, Japan. is necessary to control for potential confounding variables. Ludmil V. Mitrev,
M.D., Marc C. Torjman, Ph.D., Jasjit Sehdev, M.D., Keyur Trivedi, M.D.,
CA A2099 Michael Misbin, M.D., Muhammad Muntazar, M.D., Sandeep Gourkanti,
Peripheral Venous Pressure Is Correlated with Central Venous M.S.C.; Anesthesiology, Cooper University Hospital, Camden, NJ .
Pressure on Positive-End-Expiratory Pressure Change
Peripheral venous pressure (PVP) measurements can be conductedeasily, and CA A2104
rarely cause serious complications. Previous studies have suggested that PVP Changes in Pulse Transit Time According to Target Controlled Infusion
is correlated with central venous pressure (CVP) in different clinical settings. In of Propofol versus Sevoflurane Inhalation Induction
this study, we investigated the correlation between PVP and CVP in a dynamic Increased arterial stiffness, a manifestation of arteriosclerosis, is a strong risk
situation: change of positive-end-expiratory pressure (PEEP) under mechanical factor for cardiovascular disease. Recent studies have shown that pulse transit
ventilation. The overall correlation between CVP and PVP was found to be time (PTT) is capable of representing changes in blood pressure over a short
significant (correlation coefficient = 0.859, P < 0.0001). The results of the period of time, offering beat-to-beat cardiovascular information without being
present study reveal that PVP displays a significant correlation with CVP in a invasive. The aim of this study was to explore which anesthetic technique
dynamic situation: change of PEEP. Sayako Gotoh, M.D., Yuki Yoshiyama, would bring greater statistically significant changes in PTT values. Ann M.
M.D., Susumu Ide, M.D., Tomoyuki Kawamata, M.D., Mikito Kawamata, Youn, Masters, Sangil Park, Master of Medicine, Yong Sup Shin, Ph.D.,
M.D.; Shinshu University School of Medicine, Matsumoto, Japan. Anesthesiology and Pain, Chungnam National University Hospital, Joong-
Goo, Korea, Republic of, Chungnam National University Hospital, Daejon,
CA A2100 Korea, Republic of.
Continuous Cardiac Output Monitoring During Off Pump Coronary
Artery Bypass Surgery: Third Generation FloTrac Versus Thermodilusion CA A2105
by Pulmonary Artery Catheter Numerous Arterial Gas Emboli Occur during Closed-Circuit
The third generation Flo Trac has been developed with the accurate software Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation
algorism and provided improvement over the previous versions. We compared Multiorgan dysfunction frequently complicates the use of venous-to-
the accuracy of continuous cardiac output measured by Flo Trac (CCO-FT) with arterial extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) in patients with
it measured by continuous PAC (CCO-PAC) during off pump coronary artery cardiopulmonary failure. Gaseous microemboli (GME), a potential etiology,
bypass surgery. CCO-FT was well correlated with cardiac output measured by has not been characterized in ECMO circuits. We used Doppler to characterize
3Dtransesophageal echocardiography (CO-3DTEE). On the contrary, CCO- GME delivery to adult ECMO patients during routine clinical care. GME
PAC was not well correlated with COO-FT and CO-3DTEE. We think that third were observed at low rates at rest and much higher rates during clinical
generation Flo Trac measurement of cardiac output (CO) is more useful than interventions. These data suggest a role for arterial filtration or other GME
continuous PAC measurement of CO during off pump coronary artery bypass removal methodology to reduce end-organ complications during ECMO.
surgery. Kosaka Iwayama, M.D., Yoshihiko Ohnishi, M.D.; Anesthesiology, York Jiao, M.D., Robert B. Schonberger, M.D., Jeffrey B. Gross, M.D.,
National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center, Suita, Japan. Keith E. Gipson, M.D., Ph.D., Department of Anesthesiology, University
of Connecticut School of Medicine, Farmington, CT, Department of
Anesthesiology, Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, CT .

AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia

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CA A2106 NA A2111

Left Internal Thoracic Artery Spasm Intraoperatively Diagnosed by Intubation Mechanics-1: Intubation Force and Cervical Spine Motion
Transesophageal Echocardiography Decrease With Repeated Intubations in Cadavers
Perioperative spasm of the left internal thoracic artery (LITA) is a life- In cadavers, intubation force and cervical spine motion change with repeated
threatening complication after coronary revascularization that can lead to intubations. Bradley J. Hindman, M.D., Brandon G. Santoni, Ph.D., Robert
circulatory collapse. However, intraoperative diagnosis of LITA spasm after P. From, D.O., Ricardo B. Fontes, M.D., Vincent C. Traynelis, M.D., Michael
coronary revascularization has not been reported. Here, we describe three M. Todd, M.D., Christian M. Puttlitz, Ph.D.; Anesthesia, University of Iowa
patients in whom transesophageal echocardiography (TEE) confirmed spasm Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine, Iowa City, IA, Foundation
of the LITA during cardiac surgery and milrinone, a novel phosphodiesterase-3 for Orthopaedic Research and Education, Tampa, FL, Neurosurgery, Rush
inhibitor (PDE-3 inhibitor), alleviated the spasm and improved hemodynamics. University Medical Center, Chicago, IL, Mechanical Engineering, Colorado
Atsushi Yoshikawa, M.D., Takeshi Omae, M.D., Kumiko Yoshikawa, State University, Fort Collins, CO.
M.D., Yuichi Kanmura, M.D., .,Ph.D., Anesthesia, National Cerebral and
Cardiovascular Center, Suita, Japan, Anesthesia, Kagoshima University NA A2112
Medical and Dental Hospital, Kagoshima, Japan. Effects of Intrathecal Kappa Opioid Receptor Agonist on Morphine-
Induced Itch and Antinociceptive Effect in Mice
CA A2107 Our results suggest that intrathecal (i.t.) κ opioid receptor (KOR) agonist inhibits
Incidence of Non-Critical Hypoxemia During One-lung Ventilation. Is it morphine-induced itch, and i.t. administration of KOR agonist combined with
Avoidable? morphine thermal antinociceptive effects more than 2 times longer than
A prospective study to assess the incidence of non-critical hypoxemia during morphine alone. Manabu Sakakihara, M.D., Noritaka Imamachi, M.D., Naoki
one lung ventilation and to know if there are predictive factors that can alert Kakuta, M.D., Yoji Saito, M.D.; Anesthesiology, Shimane University Faculty
us. Almudena Reyes Fierro, M.D., Francisco De La Gala, M.D., Ph.D., of Medicine, Izumo, Japan.
Ignacio Garutti, M.D., Ph.D., Patricia Piñeiro, M.D., Javier Casanova, M.D.,
Ph.D., Ana Mesa, M.D., Pilar Benito, M.D., Patricia Cruz Pardos, M.D., NA A2113
Ph.D., Luis Olmedilla, M.D., Ph.D., Maria Teresa López Gil, M.D., Ph.D., Neonatal Isoflurane Exposure Disturbs Granule Cell Migration in the
Anesthesia, Hospital General Universitario Gregorio Marañon, Madrid, Rat Dentate Gyrus
Spain. Neonatal isoflurane anesthesia causes long-lasting granule cell ectopia in the
rat hippocampal DG, which may be one possible mechanism underlying the
CA A2108 neurotoxicity following neonatal isoflurane anesthesia. Yosuke Uchida, M.D.,
Intrarenal Resistive Index and Aortic Surgery Ph.D., Toshikazu Hashimoto, M.D., Ph.D., Rui Kato, M.D., Ph.D., Hitoshi
Intrarenal resistive index seems to be an interesting tool in perioperative aortic Saito, M.D., Tetsutaro Hase, M.D., Kenkichi Tsuruga, M.D., Koichi Takita,
surgery. Arnaud Elicagaray, M.D., Laurent Stecken, M.D., Alice Quinart, M.D., Ph.D., Yuji Morimoto, M.D., Ph.D.; Department of Anesthesiology and
M.D., François Sztark, Ph.D., CHU Pellegrin, Bordeaux, France. Critical Care, Hokkaido University Graduate School of Medicine, Sapporo,
CA A2109
Unanticipated Cardiac Tamponade from Endocarditis during Routine NA A2114
Aortic Valve Replacement Early Exposure to General Anesthesia Impairs Excitatory Synaptic
We present the case of a 69-year-old male who presented for an elective Plasticity in the Developing Rat Brain
aortic valve replacement for suspected severe aortic stenosis who on a Exposure to a clinically relevant cocktail of general anesthetics during the peak
routine perioperative transthoracic echocardiogram (TTE) was found to have of brain development causes chronic overstimulation of excitatory synapses,
undiagnosed subacute bacterial endocarditis complicated by a perivalvular i.e., a significant increase in the frequency of miniature evoked postsynaptic
abscess and an inflammatory pericardial effusion causing cardiac tamponade. currents and in the firing of spontaneous action potentials in CA1-subiculum
Anesthetic management of cardiac tamponade and utility of TTE in brain slices of rats exposed at 7 days of age. In the exposed animals the
preoperative assessment are discussed. Patrick L. Nguyen, M.D., Nathalie alterations in synaptic transmission are associated with a disruption in the
I. Hernandez, M.D., Byron Fergerson, M.D.; Anesthesiology, University of strategic topographical organization and trafficking of synaptic vesicles at
California, San Diego, CA . presynaptic terminals of developing excitatory synapses. Nadia Lunardi, M.D.,
Ph.D., Michael R. DiGruccio, Ph.D. Candidate, Slobodan M. Todorovic,
PO10-1 EXPERIMENTAL NEUROSCIENCES: NEUROTOXICITY M.D., Ph.D., Vesna Jevtovic-Todorovic, M.D., Ph.D.; Anesthesiology,
8-10 a.m. | Hall B1-Area D University of Virginia Health System, Charlottesville, VA, Neuroscience
Graduate Program, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA.
NA A2110
Menin Promotes Epigenetic Inhibition of mGluR4 Gene by NA A2115
Methyltransferase Ash2L After Nerve Injury Dexmedetomidine Attenuates Gestational Propofol Anesthesia-
Peripheral nerve injury induces upregulation of spinal menin and Ash2L, as Induced Spatial Memory Impairment in Offspring Rats
well as increase in GRM4 methylation. Inhibition of both menin and Ash2L Maternal exposure to commonly used anesthetic drugs caused neuronal
produced same effects, i.e. decrease in GRM4 methylation, upregulation injury in the fetal brains, which is associated with long-term neurobehavioral
of mGluR4, and reduction of pain threshold suggesting that spinal menin disturbances in the offspring. Recent evidence suggests that dexmedetomidine
promotes inhibition of mGluR4 gene methylation by Ash2L after peripheral (Dex) is neuroprotective in isoflurane-induced brain injury. In the current study,
nerve injury. Xian Wang, M.D., Shiqin Xu, M.D., Shanwu Feng, M.D.,Ph.D., we found that offspring rats exposed to propofol in utero show learning and
Xiaofeng Shen, M.D., Yusheng Liu, M.D., Fuzhou Wang, M.D., Ph.D.; memory deficits in 8-arm radial maze. When Dex was coadministered with
Department of Anesthesiology, Nanjing Maternity and Child Health Care propofol, it can mitigate the learning and memory impairment induced by
Hospital, Nanjing Medical University, Nanjing, China. maternal propofol anesthesia. Jing Li, Ph.D., Pratap Nadavaluru, M.D., Ming
Xiong, M.D., Ph.D., Jiang H. Ye, M.D., Shawn K. Puri, M.D., Anuradha P.
Patel, M.D., Alex Y. Bekker, M.D., Ph.D.; Anesthesiology, NJMS-Rutgers,
Newark, NJ.

AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia

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NA A2116 NA A2121
Rats Exposed to Intalipid Emulsion in Utero during Gestation are The Change of Glia Cells in Hippocampus in Orthopedic Surgery and
Behaviorally Normal as Juvenile Sevoflurane Related Cognitive Defect in Aged Rats
Increasing evidence suggests that propofol can have adverse effects on Many recent studies have suggested that old people with exposure to
the developing brain by triggering apoptotic neurodegeneration. Intralipid anesthesia and surgery can increase the risk of cognitive impairment and
emulsion is the vehicle to carry propofol in propofol formulation. No study has glia cells are involved in cognitive processes and neuropsychiatric disorders.
investigated the effect of intralipid per se on the developing brain. In this study, Therefore,we established an rat model of surgery and sevoflurane anesthesia,
we found that intralipid emulsion administered to pregnant rats is unlikely to aiming to probe the role of glia cell in sevoflurane related cognitive impairment.
cause apoptosis in the fetus and persistent learning impairment in the juvenile These results suggest that 1.5 MAC sevoflurane aggravated the cognitive
offspring rats. Jing Li, Ph.D., Pratap Nadavaluru, M.D., Ming Xiong, M.D., impairment effect of orthopedic surgery via altering IL-6 and TNF-α released
Ph.D., Jiang H. Ye, M.D., Vasanti A. Tilak, M.D., Jean D. Eloy, M.D., Alex Y. by glia cells. Meihua Yang, Master, Guolin Wang, M.D.; Tianjin Medical
Bekker, M.D., Ph.D.; Anesthesiology, NJMS-Rutgers, Newark, NJ. University General Hospital, Tianjin, China.

NA A2117 NA A2122
TNF-Alpha as a Biomarker for Neurological Severity in Acute Carbon The Effect of Sevoflurane on Dentritic Spine and Spacial Memory is
Monoxide (CO) Poisoning Meditated by α7nAChR-NMDAR in Neonatal Rats
Inflammatory meditators, IL-10 and TNF-alpha, were significantly elevated upon α7nAChR-NMDAR is involved in the dentritic spine loss and spacial memory
admission to HBOT in patients who suffered from LOC after CO intoxication. deficits induced by sevoflurane. α7nAChR agonist reversed the spacial working
Both biological markers where significantly reduced after HBOT and recovery. memory deficits, dentritic spine loss and shortening, and NR2B trafficking
We propose to use these markers as indicators of recovery from neurological to the cytoplasm induced by sevoflurane. These indicate that the expression
symptoms. Enrico M. Camporesi, M.D., Giuliano Vezzani, M.D., Angela of surface NR2B-containing NMDA receptors are regulated by α7nAChR in
Pizzola, M.D., Yiu-Hei Ching, M.D., Emily Alvey, B.S., Devanand Mangar, neonatal rat hippocampus, which may be involved in sevoflurane-induced
M.D.; Florida Gulf-to-Bay Anesthesiology Associates LLC, Tampa, FL, changes of dentritic spine morphology and spacial memory deficits.
Hospital of Vaio, Vaio, Italy. Xiaohong Tang, Bachelor, Yize Li, Master, Chunyan Wang, Master, Meihua
Yang, Bachelor, Miaomiao Wang, Bachelor, Guolin Wang, M.D.; Department
NA A2118 of Anesthesiology, General Hospital of Tianjin Medical University, Ianjin
Effects of Isoflurane on Survival, Proliferation, and Differentiation of Research Institute of Anesthesiology, Tianjin, China.
Neuronal Progenitor Cells
The authors tested the hypothesis that isoflurane alters neurodevelopment of NA A2123
human embryonic stem cell-derived neuronal progenitor cells. The exposure Neonatal Sevoflurane Exposure Induces Ectopic Granule Cell via
of isoflurane hampered the neuronal survival, proliferation, and differentiation Excessive GABAergic Signals in the Rat Dentate Gyrus
on day 3 and day 5.And the mechanism of ISO neurotoxicity may be partly Neonatal sevoflurane anesthesia introduces the significantly higher rate of
mediated by p75NTR activation. He min Son, M.D., Jinhee Kim, M.D., Ph.D., hilar granule cell ectopia in the rat hippocampus via GABAergic signals. Rui
JungWon Hwang, M.D., Ph.D., Sang Hwan Do, M.D., Ph.D.; Anesthesiology, Kato, M.D., Ph.D., Hitoshi Saito, M.D., Toshikazu Hashimoto, M.D., Ph.D.,
Seoul Natl Univ Bundang Hospital, Seongnam-si, Korea, Republic of. Yosuke Uchida, M.D., Tetsutaro Hase, M.D., Koichi Takita, M.D., Ph.D., Yuji
Morimoto, M.D., Ph.D.; Department of Anesthesiology, Hokkaido University
NA A2119 Hospital, Sapporo, Japan.
Inhibition of Isoflurane-Induced Neurotoxicity
The metabolic state of an organism plays a role in anesthetic-induced NA A2124
neurotoxicity. Induction of a stress might be a method of preventing anesthetic- In-Utero Exposure to Isoflurane Decreases Levels of Key Regulatory
induced apoptosis and behavioral neurotoxicity. Philip G. Morgan, M.D., Proteins in Cerebral Cortical Development
Katherine R. Gentry, M.D., Hyo-Seok Na, M.D., Ph.D., Nicole L. Brockman, To examine anesthetics neurotoxicity we studied the effects of anesthetics
B.A., Margaret M. Sedensky, M.D.; Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, on key regulatory proteins in the process of neuronal migration / positioning
University of Washington, Seattle Childrens Research Institute, Seattle, within the developing embryonic cerebral cortex. We found that the amount
WA, Anesthesia and Pain Medicine, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea, of the 175 kDa-reelin isoform were consistently and significantly lower in the
Republic of. brains of animals prenatally exposed to isofluorane compared with controls
(p<0.05). Similar density differences that were significantly lower in the
NA A2120 brains of animals prenatally exposed to isofluorane were obtained for 67 kDa-
Cyn-1 Regulates Anesthesia Toxicity but Not Anesthesia Action in GAD67 (p<0.05). Mario Moric, M.S., Vicko Gluncic, M.D., Jeffrey S. Kroin,
Caenorhabditis Elegans Ph.D., Seby Edassery, M.S., Yaping Chu, Ph.D., Kenneth J. Tuman, M.D.;
Anesthetic isoflurane induces general toxicity, increases mortality and causes Anesthesiology, Neurological Sciences, Rush University Medical Center,
mitochondrial dysfunction in C. elegans with a dose-dependent manner. Chicago, IL.
Cyclophilin D (encoded by gene cyn-1), which regulates the opening of
mitochondrial permeability transition pore, regulates these effects. However, NA A2125
Cyclophilin D does not affect the anesthesia action of isoflurane in C. elegans. Neonatal Exposure to Nitrous Oxide Disturbs Granule Cell Migration in
These data suggest that isoflurane can induce general toxicity and increase the Rat Dentate Gyrus in Time Dependent Manner
mortality, which may not simply be the overdose of anesthesia action. More than 120min of 50% N2O exposure causes the derangement of the GC
Cheng Ni, M.D., Ph.D., Yiying Zhang, M.D., M.S., Yuanlin Dong, M.D., M.S., migration in the neonatal rat DG. Furthermore, bumetanide could be one of the
Zhongcong Xie, M.D., Ph.D.; Department of Anesthesia, Critical Care and agents to prevent the adverse effect of N2O. Hitoshi Saito, M.D., Rui Kato,
Pain Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical Ph.D., Toshikazu Hashimoto, Ph.D., Yosuke Uchida, M.D., Tetsutaro Hase,
School, Boston, MA. M.D., Kenkichi Tsuruga, M.D., Koichi Takita, Ph.D., Yuji Morimoto, Ph.D.;
Department of Anesthesiology, Hokkaido University Hospital, Sapporo,
Hokkaido, Japan.

AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia

54 OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain

. Republic of.S...H. M.. Klinik für Anaesthesiologie. Baltimore.Sc. Ph. Anesthesia. The results are examined the change over time of the coagulation profile of the donor in preliminary and might change when we consider extensive list of potential Our the adult to adult living donor liver transplantation (LDLT). Of the ten (10) candidate anesthesia. NC... Emergency Transfusion and Interventions? Serial pre-hospital VS features measured every 5 minutes significantly FA A2135 improved prediction of immediate and massive transfusion.. randomized. Ehrisman. Japan.13).. Jonathan pain scores. coagulation dysfunction due to surgical stress is an important We did not find the association between intraoperative Hextend administration factor in perioperative management. Durham. Rukmini Ramakrishnan. Amechi cancer between 2003-2007 were identified from a prospectively collected Anazodo.S.P. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. PACE. OH.... M... Duke University Medical Center. M.D. Department of Biostatistics. M. Butte. Yuho Tamai. | HALL B1-AREA A Predictors for Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting and Efficacy of Antiemetic Prophylaxis After Xenon Anesthesia FA A2126 Prospective observational study including 488 patients undergoind xenon- Acute Pain Biomarker Discovery With the Aid of Large Databases based anaesthesia. Gloria Broadwater. M. Pusan National University Hospital.PO13-1 OUTCOMES AND DATABASE RESEARCH FA A2131 SUNDAY. M. this study aims to identify a serologic anesthesia and younger patient age. FA A2134 FA A2129 Recorded Heart Rates in the ICU Database . five are involved in Reyle-Hahn. Galvagno.. M. Risk factors for PONV were female gender. this information can speed definitive Dexamethasone is widely used for postoperative nausea and vomiting (PONV) hemorrhage control and blood bank preparation of blood products. M. Greifswald. Jeongmin Hong. University of having surgery for endometrial cancer.D.. Ehrenfeld.D..D. M. Cristina Imle. lower-molecular significantly on postoperative day 1 (1. Caballero. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain 55 . Habib. undergoing cardiac surgery who received perioperative intravenous lidocaine This finding suggests that NRS pain scores at PACU admission should not had a reduced postoperative opioid requirement of 29% in 48 h with lower be used as a quality metric for supervising anesthesiologists.. M. Dong Hun Institute for Community Medicine. M. M.. Jessie A. M..Sc. Electronic medical records reflecting 778. M.D. Stanford.. Cleveland Clinic.. Outcome Research. Ph.43±0. Nashville.232 adult patients) were analyzed. Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Relief Center.. MBBS . University Hospital of Duesseldorf.S.D..Ch.. Ph. M. Durham. Yoshitsugu Yamada. Cleveland. Do Multiple Measurements of Field Vital Signs Enhance Prediction of OH.D.. Kyungho Chang. The confounding impact of the PACU nurse eliciting the We show...P. Universitätsmedizin Greifswald.D. Thomas Jefferson Hospital. Schäfer... PA. M. M. duration of By leveraging existing clinical data.D.D.. M.C.D. Takami Outcome Research. Quantative Health Science and M. Germany. and PCA usingfentanyl. Baltimore.. Ev.D. Natalya Makarova. University School of Medicine. Department of Outcomes Research.Ch. Jr. Korea. William D. Andrea M. Even in the healthy LDLT weight starches. M. Department of Methods in Community Lee. P. B. Stanford Duesseldorf.. Ph. NRS pain scores.D.. Joseph P. of Anesthesiology..D. Maryland School of Medicine. Laura J. Obstetrics & Gynecology. Germany.D.550 clinical or 5-HT-3 antagonists may not be as effective as after classic inhalational encounters (179. Atul J. Samuel M. M..D. In our study. Germany.B. prophylaxis. Stacy Shackelford. FRCA.S. M.D. Ph.D. Newman.D. White..D. that patients admission pain score greatly exceeded the contribution by the anesthesiologist.B. Routine prophylaxis with dexamethasone biomarker of acute pain. Masaaki Asamoto. Anesthesiology FA A2130 Institute. Mark Stafford-Smith.D. Anesthesiology. In this retrospective cohort study..5..Sc.. Konrad Meissner. Epstein. M. Ashraf S. United Havrilesky. Schildcrout.D.D.. FA A2133 Tokyo. M. Matthias biomarkers of acute pain identified through this study. Mathew. Catriona database. Brittany A. Pediatrics/Systems Medicine. Kurz.Though the results were preliminary we aim to include donor.D.D. Medicine. Leif therapy ofpalonosetron with midazolam in patients undergoing breast surgery Saager. placebo-controlled trial... Philadelphia.D.Phil. on platelets and APTT.A. volume (SLV).D.B. Martin Neukirchen. NC.. M. Sebastian Boettcher. Department of Anesthesia. women who underwent surgery for endometrial Hu. Peter Kienbaum..S. M. Department of Anesthesiology. Colin F..S. MD. M. M. D. C-STAR Baltimore.. M. Duke University Medical Center..Ch. Universitätsklinikum Düsseldorf. Rebecca Y.. Mark Ph. Ryo Orii. Cleveland...D. prophylaxis was not associated with an increased risk of recurrence in women Ph.Do We Miss Important The Comparison of Antiemetic Effect of Palonosetron Monotherapy Data? Versus Palonosetron With Midazolam Combination Therapy for Using an algorithm-based automatic analysis of minute-by-minute data. Maximilian S. M.D. Ph.. M. we and surgical site infections in patients having colorectal surgery. State Air Force. Influence of hepatectomy on atleast 8000 patients and infection risk will be evaluated using the SENIC coagulation status depends on the ratio of the graft volume to standard liver and NNISS scale. Prevention of Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting in Patients the present study unveiled significant differences from the hourly nurse- Undergoing Breast Surgery and Intravenous Patient Controlled confirmed values. Pusan. Cleveland Clinic. Kanji Uchida. Anesthesia and Liver Transplant . Lauren Hartsky. M.. PT-INR increased confounders.D...D. Ph. OCTOBER 12 8-10 a. B.m. which remain undetected with the common practice.. Vanderbilt University. Yun hee Han.D. M.B. Transmitted ahead..D. F. Berlin. Waldkrankenhaus Spandau.D. Perioperative Intravenous Lidocaine Infusion Reduces Postoperative Pain and Opioid Consumption after Cardiac FA A2128 Surgery Supervising Anesthesiologists Cannot Be Reliably Evaluated According Perioperative lidocaine infusion has been previously shown to reduce opioid to their Patients’ PACU Admission Pain Scores requirements and pain scores in patients undergoing abdominal surgery.. Universitätsmedizin of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care. Jorge A. but Supervising anesthesiologists cannot be reliably compared by admission PACU this benefit has not been demonstrated in patients undergoing cardiac surgery. MacKenzie.D. Ph. FRCA.O.D. M. M. MD.. Shiming Yang.S. Ph. Jacek B. M. TN.. Richard H.. Gynecologic Oncology. M..D.D.D. CA.C.B..D. M. Rakhi Pal. The results may not apply to newer generation. Habib. Yaping Shi. M. Wanderer.. M. M. inflammatory pathways. Jesse M.. M. Reed.. Komatsu.P. Klinger. Analgesia necessitating smaller intervals in automated vital signs recording.D. M. via a prospective. Thomas Kohlmann.. Torsten Eck. the AUROC of all predictions Endometrial Cancer? further increased. Manuela Therewas no difference between palonosetron monotherapy and combination Marron. emergency Does Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting Prophylaxis With intubation and mortality versus single initial field VS measures. There was a transient increase of the PT-INR with less effects Cywinski. Ph.. Ph. We concluded that dexamethasone administration for PONV Miller. Department F.H. Peter F.D.. Jonathan S. M.D. Ashraf S. one third of them showed PT-INR ≥ 1.D. With Dexamethasone Increase the Risk of Recurrence of the addition of admission single point VS.D.D. M. M.. M. M. M. Anesthesiology. FA A2132 FA A2127 Association of Intraoperative Administration of Hydroxyethyl Changes in Coagulation Profile for the Adult Donor After Living Donor Starch Solution and Postoperative Wound Infection in Liver Transplantation (LDLT) Patients Undergoing Colorectal Surgery In liver surgery. The University of Tokyo Hospital.

.. Economics and Outcomes Research. Overall 22/60 (37%) cultures were positive. Jonathan Lissauer. More M. we tested our hypothesis that Sjögren’s syndrome hour.. Japan. TX. than one attempt at catheterization was significantly associated with higher Anesthesiology and Pain Management. Jarrod E. The relationship of pain catastrophizing with therapeutic classes of drugs most frequently cited were antimicrobial agents long term postoperative pain had an overall mean effect size of Cohen’s d and opioid analgesics. Kanazawa City.D. Ph.. Natalya Makarova. M. M. Aaron J.. Brian D...D. University An Overview of Adverse Events in the National Anesthesia Clinical of Arizona. Lebanon. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia 56 OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain . between post-operative epidural and inpatient accidents and falls using a large 15/22 (68.. Charlotte..D.. M.PH. Jeana E. MA . FA A2138 Admission Source and Postoperative Complications: A Retrospective CC A2143 Cohort Study Propofol Infusion Syndrome (PRIS): Incidence and Risk Factors in a Little data is available regarding whether admission source (home versus Level One Trauma Center non-home environments) could be predictive of adverse perioperative events. Sana Nini.D..m. Anesthesiology-Critical Care. There was no national sample. M. University of Florida. Clinic College of Medicine. . (expected).. Cleveland. Gainesville. | Hall B1-Area D Effect of Post-operative Epidural Analgesia on the Rate of Inpatient Falls after Major Upper Abdominal and Thoracic Surgery in the United CC A2142 States: Evaluation on the Nationwide Inpatient Sample 2007-2011 A Prospective Study of Bacterial Colonization of Central Venous Post-operative epidural analgesia provides good pain relief after thoracic and Catheters Introduced Through Two Different Routes upper abdominal surgery.69. Brigham and Women’s Hospital Outcomes Registry (NACOR) (Harvard Medical School). there was no significant difference in any of the ROTEM is independently associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular measuremetns. Jayanta Mukherji... This is a preliminary finding and retrospective controlled groups (3/30 Vs 4/30.A. Ahmad Elsharydah.S. Kaye. Dalton. Rush University Medical Franklin Lakes.. . Becton. Yuka Fujii. p=0... This study indicates that Ph.D. Ph. Anesthesiology. Anesthesia Quality Institute. Using data from censuses of inpatient discharge to evaluate Rotation Thromboelastometry (ROTEM®) at baseline and 1 records from 2009-2010. 23. Louisiana State FA A2139 University School of Medicine. New Orleans. FL. Mary E. IL. M. Hall.P. UT Southwestern Medical Center. indicating a significantly effect for higher preoperative Randall K. Chicago.. M.D. Arun increasing risks of PRIS. MN.D.H. in group M compared with group N (P =0.B.D. The overall mortality rate during this time period was Evaluation of Postoperative Pulmonary Function of Cystic Fibrosis in unchanged (0. randomized controlled trials comparing Our results suggest that admission source is indeed a significant predictor of outcomes of several sedation protocols in ICU patients will be needed to adverse events after surgery..D. Eric B.. We concluded that post-operative epidural is not a risk factor statistically significant difference in the growth on blood culture between the for inpatient falls. Critical Care & Pain.S..D.671). Severity and Meta-Analysis of Pain Catastrophizing and Persistent Post-Operative Types of Errors by Therapeutic Class Pain After Total Knee Arthroplasty (TKA) In this cross-sectional analysis of perioperative injectable medication errors To evaluate the relationship between catastrophizing and persistent post- (IMEs) reported to the MEDMARX database from 2006-2011.2 %) in IJV group and 7/22 (31. M. M. NC. Kor. measurements were not significantly different.D. we found operative pain we conducted a systematic literature research on a common that perioperative IMEs are most likely to occur as the result of the wrong procedure. India. M.. Fox. M. M.D.8% in 2010 to 4. Tiffany M. M.S. and to develop clinical guidelines for propofol sedation without complications. administration of magnesium ions minimally affects coagulability. B.D. M. Anesthesiology. Such findings could be used to help inform both determine the true incidence of PRIS.. occurrence of catheter tip colonization (p=0. Rice. M. Joseph A. Mayo M. M. SVIMS Hospital.03%) while the percentage of overall adverse events decreased the Intensive Care following Lung Transplantation from 11. The Cleveland Clinic. In INTEM measurements.5 mEq/15 ml/hr or normal Sjögren’s syndrome is an autoimmune disease that affects millions of saline (group N) at a rate of 15 ml/hr. Rao.D... Twenty-six male Sprague-Dawley rats were allocated to Cardiovascular Complications receive magnesium ions (group M) at a rate of 1.S. Garcia.B. M.S..S.. PO06-1 CRITICAL CARE FA A2137 10 a.D. Havidich. SrM.H.D. (expected).S. Ph. FA A2136 FA A2141 Perioperative Injectable Medication Errors: Frequency. Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. PharmD. Andrew J. venous catheters were Gram negative bacteria (n= 14/60.S. FIBTEM and HEPTEM Hesler.P. Adrian Liau. B. Tirupati. OH.D.. Rovnat Babazade. At baseline.. B.D. Many surgeons believe that post-operative epidural In a prospective. M. Dallas. Ph. Total Knee Arthroplasty. Asokumar Buvanendran.. M. M. Mangu H. Monika Parisi.03). AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. B. Tucson. Hyder.D. Arterial blood samples were obtained people in the United States. Tsunehisa Tsubokawa. M. of bacterial colonization were compared between internal jugular vein (IJV) operative inpatient accidents and falls. Health catastrophizing leading to higher amounts long term pain.D. M. Healthcare System.8% in 2013. Rosero. M. while IMEs reported for cardiovascular agents had the =. Dickinson and Company. Anesthesiology. They are potentially preventable.D. M.D.. Zhuo Sun. Alparslan Turan.A. IL . which has a moderate incidence of dose or wrong drug being administered. Kanazawa University Hospital. Pharmacy. LA.B.. The overall effect size and confidence interval is moderately strong and biggest impact on patient harm.D. M. Dutton.3%). The research objective is to determine factors associated with anesthetic complications using a national registry on various patient populations and CC A2144 surgical procedures. does not cover zero.B.. NH. Boston. Daryl J.m.04). Amit Prabhakar. . M. Dr. Loyola University Medical Center. Anesthesiology. Mark J. Continuous Magnesium Administration Minimally Affects Coagulability in Rats With Normal Coagulability FA A2140 The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of ionized magnesium The Association between Sjogren’s Syndrome with Postoperative on coagulability. Catheter tip significant morbidities. Misty Radosevich..D.. M. Richard Urman.D. p=0. Most common organisms colonizing central studies needed to confirm this conclusion. Inpatient falls are associated with (n=30) or subclavian vein (SCV) (n=30) catheterization. M. M. Richard P. CC A2145 IL. Diaz. EXTEM..D..D..P. clotting time significantly increased complications... Arjun Sharma. Kaye. therefore. Mario Moric. Jones. James H.. Maywood. have been colonization was more frequently observed in IJV group compared with SCV designated as “never events” by CMS. Williams. In conclusion. Rochester. Anesthesiology. or due to errors of omission.014). M.D.D. Carolinas Center. Satoru Fujii.D. Subramanian. Park Ridge.D. Steven Jarrett. complications are more common in healthier patients (ASA PS 1-2) undergoing M. Alan D. randomized study the incidence and aetiological causes affects the patient ability to ambulate and increases the incidence of post..D. Patients age 50 and over or classified Our study focuses on the postoperative recovery of cystic fibrosis after bilateral as ASA PS 4 exhibit the highest serious adverse event whereas minor lung transplant during their ICU stay. Sonia Pulgar. to identify genetically susceptible patients and providers when attempting to determine risk for postoperative patients. future large prospective.H. The persistent post-operative pain. AZ. Oliver M.. Our study investigated the association group (15/30 Vs 7/30.. M. NJ..8%) in SCV group. M.-12 p. M. elective daytime procedures.

Laurent Stecken. India.. Thomas Umm Al-Qura University. power supply. Sundar Krishnan.D. Marion tube insertion was indicated by the expansion of the latex bulb of TDB when Scotto. Intern. Regrettably this algorithm is not suitable treatment for trauma patients. M. Jong predict hypofibrinogenemia but. Anuradha Considerations in Intra-operative Use of Volume Diffusive Bansal. Seoul. Ho-Geol Ryu. Patient IMV. France. Ph. Guillaume Marcotte. M. Hiral R.AM. successful Risk factors analysis of intra-abdominal candidiasis in a surgical unit. China. VDR® can be implemented successfully in OR settings for Type-B Lactic Acidosis and Insulin Resistance Postoperatively in Heart the frequently returning burn patients with inhalational injuries. Williams... Maeva Durand. The incidence of PRS was The present study evaluated the role of thoracic epidural block (TEB) on significantly lower in the sevoflurane group than in the desflurane group postoperative progression of sepsis.5mm inner diameter. 77. France.D.D. M. M. Transplant Recipients the authors will discuss several practical aspects of intraoperative management We evaluated the incidence. M.. Guillaume Laboratory Medicine Department. Nanjing. Hospices CC A2148 Civils de Lyon.D. Ghaida Alsulami.D. B.0001)...D.. sevoflurane is anesthetic technique in patients of small intestinal perforation peritonitis considered to be better in terms of preventing PRS. The Effect of Volatile Anesthetics on the Incidence of Postreperfusion Zhen Wang. Hopital Edouard Herriot.S.N.D. University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. settings for mechanical ventilation of burn patients. M.. the chest was compressed. Hôpital Edouard Herriot .Hospices Civils de Lyon. François Malavieille..B. a success rate of 40% of endotracheal intubation within 10 seconds can be achieved when performed CC A2154 by experienced anesthetists. Republic of. Critical Care Nursing Division. M.D.NTariq Jilani. Zhongda Hospital. the TDB was preinstalled at the Digestive Unit external end of an endotracheal tube with 7. DAT. Sevoflurane and Desflurane In the liver transplantation. Anesthesia. Patel. associated factors and outcomes related to associated with VDR® usage.. Resident. CHU Pellegrin. M. Seoul National University Hospital. Ammar Attar. the TDB group Risk Factors for Intra Abdominal Candidiasis in a Surgical or pulmonary auscultation group(each n=30).7% vs. Southeast University.D. despite a trend towards clinically better CC A2155 organ function.D. Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences.83 respectively.CC A2146 CC A2151 SUNDAY. George W. We evaluated the ICU. Korea. In this poster. China. when added to the standard general (38.. M. M.. Hamed Elgendy. Kuhl. CC A2149 We compared the incidence of PRS between sevoflurane and desflurane Effect of Thoracic Epidural Block on Progression of Sepsis anesthesia in living donor liver transplantation. Delhi. Several markers can be used to calculate the ISTH overt DIC score.. Florent Baudin. Ph. Alice Quinart. Anesthesia. Rana. Correlation between each marker (FM/FDP. p < 0. DDi/FDP. Iowa City. M. M. D. M. M.D.D.. M. Yongjae undergoing abdominal laparotomy.. but no factors were significantly associated.. Anesthesiolgy.D. p = 0. Thomas Rimmele. not be used alone.D.. using the TDB technique.D.D. collaboration with trained respiratory therapists to use VDR® more frequently Kenichi Ueda. M.. Ph.D. M..D.. Taften L.D. Francois Sztark. Anesthesia.D. it is known that PRS is related with graft outcome.D. M. CC A2147 The Usefulness of CART Algorithm for Diagnosis of Transfusion-related CC A2152 Acute Lung Injury ISS to Predict Hypofibrinogenemia in Severe Trauma Patients in the A classification and regression tree (CART) algorithm is introduced by Clifford Resuscitation Room et al.. Lyon.D.. JrM. it should Hun Jun. Ph. Jiwon Lee. use of modified communication boards which exhibited the basic patients’ Measurements for fibrin monomers (FM) and D-Dimers (DDi) are automated needs and information which satisfy patients’ culture and applied to patients while fibrin degradation products (FDP) are not.D. Shukla Das. M..78 and 0. Bilal A. Asha Tyagi. It will require proactive effort and familiarization with VDR® along with outcome was not affected by these disorders.D.. patients’ culture. because of its lack of sensitivity. Anesthesiology and Critical Care. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain 57 .. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. It is easy... M. TX . You-liang Tong. Nursing College. Boulay. Southeast University. M.D. University The Volume Diffusive Respirator (VDR®) has been utilized in critical care College of Medical Sciences & GTB Hospital. OCTOBER 12 Modified Communication Boards in Cardiac Intensive Care Unit Could Interest of New Fibrin-Related Markers for the ISTH Overt Reduce Patient’s Frustrations and Satisfy Patient’s Culture Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation Score Critically ill patients receiving mechanical ventilation have compromised Disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) is a frequent condition in the communication due to the presence of endotracheal tube. Type-B Lactic Acidosis and Insulin Resistance after heart transplantation. University of Iowa in the OR. D. The use of DDi or FM could allow systematic calculation of ISTH score without King Abdullah Medical City. the need of laboratory manipulation. Universite Bordeaux .4%. Use of Tracheal Detecting-Bulb Within Endotracheal Intubation in 10 Seconds of Cardiac Arrest Patients CC A2153 Sixty emergency cases were divided into two groups randomly.D. efficient and satisfies with SIRS were included. Hanyang University Hospital. During Hopital Pellegrin Bordeaux. II.D. SAR.B. Ph. M. France.004). Mathieu Page. and compared them with FDP. Department of Anesthesiology and Pain postoperative aggregate SOFA scores and systemic levels of Interleukin 6. Ning Yin. We evaluated the score after extubation in Cardiac Intensive Care Unit. Lyon. of tube instantly and properly while chest compressions are ongoing. Houston. M. M. SAR . Bernard Floccard. IECB & INSERF E. Saudi Arabia. M. Republic of. Intern.B. Microbiology. VDR® has been shown to improve gas exchange at low tidal volumes with decreased peak pressures and CC A2150 work of breathing..D. We Medicine. Belal Kadous. Kyunam Kim.D. Seoul. The progression of sepsis was measured by Yoo.S.. found that the use of TEB was not associated with any significant improvement in the postoperative severity of sepsis..D.S. IA.B.BMNAMS.. Zhongda Hospital... Bernard Floccard.. . Makkah. cardiac arrest and CPR. Ak Respirator (VDR®) for Inhalational Injury Patients Sethi.. including ease of transport. Ph. by analyzing patient data in hospital computerized network to screen Early diagnosis of hypofibrinogenemia is needed to decide the right method of transfusion-related acute lung injury. Rimmele.. and possible conversion to Both were common. FM/DDi) was strong(r = 0.D. the TDB technique can detect the placement Ph. M. 0.D. M. This study evaluated the diagnostic performance for the health care situation in the Republic of Korea due to high frequency of of ISS to predict hypofibrinogenemia. M. M.. Korea. Compared to desflurane. Ph.D..D. and significantly earlier return of bowel motility.D. Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine.. pressure/volume concerns. Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Unit.D.. Bordeaux.D. Dong Won Kim. M.D.. 25 patients frustration and improve communication. The board could reduce performances using DDi and FM. Jean Stephane David. Syndrome During Liver Transplantation: Comparison Between Nanjing.70. It showed that ISS could be used to chest radiography.. drug administration.D. M.

and provides an attempt at appraising the heart as a tissue in sepsis.D.. M.P.D.D.S. Hautepierre. Michael T.. endotracheal tube to provide definitive airway management can be challenging Aligarh. M.D..B.D. Taiwan..D. M. Ryan J. Chia-Heng Lin.D. M.. Our hospital administration.D.. WA.B. Kuang-Yi Tseng. Gilles Mahoudeau. Naresh Kaul. USA) has M.B. Akihiro Suzuki. but their exchange for an Harthy Complex.D. Truflex™ Articulating Stylet Reduces Tracheal Intubation Attempts and M. Anesthesiology-Intensive Care. University of Wisconsin School of a soft and directional distal-tip. this study appraises the to conventional Magill straight forceps in combination with Macintosh mechanical properties of the cardiac ‘tissue’ in sepsis. Nasotracheal Intubation for Patients Undergoing Oral Maxillofacial Ph. Groeben... This study videolaryngoscope provides faster time for removing obstacle.D.. Resident. M. and risky. M. Airway Exchange Catheter Set Azharuddin Malik. Birmingham. Resident. Kliniken Essen-Mitte.. Khoula Hospital.. The anesthesiologists were satisfied with all three techniques.S. Takayuki Kunisawa.D. Eric Noll. Muscat. Al- intubation for pre-hospital airway rescue. Chongqing.S. Jean-Pierre Rameau...D. M.. laryngoscope. Daisuke Kawata. Mark Robitaille. This stylet is rigid and can cause pharynx due to impaired visualization. National Trauma Center.D. PO08-1 EQUIPMENT. CC A2156 FA A2161 Characteristics of Sepsis-Induced Cardiac Dysfunction Using Speckle Comparison of SUZY Forceps/McGRATH MAC Videolaryngoscope and Tracking Echocardiography Magill Forceps/Macintosh Laryngoscope for Foreign Body Removal ... Mannequin Study Accordingly. Ph. Harold T.D.B.. Truflex™ articulating stylet is a better intubating aid as compared to Truview PCD™ dedicated stylet when using Truview PCD™ videolaryngoscope for tracheal intubation as shown by the fewer number of attempts required to FA A2159 intubate the trachea although the difference just failed to reach statistical Fiberoptic.D. Bothell... M.D..m. Khan. Anesthesiology Department. During a procedure in which the patient is prone and the airway not Children’s Hospital of Chongqing Medical University. Stanford University.. Strasbourg.. Kaohsiung. Moreover the FA A2160 non-traumatic distal-tip could limit the pharynx injuries and the directional Expected Difficult Intubation Under Sedation With Fiberoptic Versus end-part could be useful in the critical intubation situations.D. We present a fiberoptic guided technique using the Arndt Airway Exchange Catheter in 13 patients. Anesthesiology. We designed a small IRB-approved volunteer study to compare this new tape to our traditional tape and found a significant difference FA A2158 (nearly two pounds) between the two tapes.A The heart in sepsis has been appraised as a pump rather than as a tissue. Anecdotal reports soon 10 a. WI. Adel Al Sulimi. Koahsiung Medical University Hospital. Laryngeal tubes are an increasingly common alternative to endotracheal M..D.D. Anaesthesia & ICU. Marien-Hospital Bottrop. Cheng. Wiebke Köhne. Senior. the patient coughed in the middle of the exchange and Interest of the Rapid Positioning Intubation Stylet® in Combination dislodged the catheter.. the task of effectively securing an endotracheal tube becomes critical. than 85%.D. Time During Truview PCD™ Videolaryngoscopy Anesthesiology. Ph. M. differences between the mean times of intubation with GlideRite® or RPiS.. Diemunsch. M. Akihito Tampo.D. Ph.D. Julien Pottecher.. M.D.D. Mountjoy. M. MONITORING AND ENGINEERING recently introduced a new tape (3M Kind Removal Silicone Tape) to replace TECHNOLOGY: SECURING THE AIRWAY our existing tape (Hy-Tape®) in the operating Room. cardiac function in sepsis has been assessed based on global The SUZY curved forceps in combination with McGRATH MAC indices that are not informative on the architecture of the hear. There are no statistical and no clinical Medicine and Public Health..B.H. Surgery Using Trachway for preformed double curve nasotracheal intubation not only saves intubation time but makes the intubation procedure easier as compared FA A2163 with using a laryngoscope. CC A2157 Earlier M2 Microglia Activation Promotes the Recovery in Developing FA A2162 Brain After Traumatic Brain Injury A Not-So-Sticky Tape: A Comparison of Endotracheal Tube Tapes Earlier M2 microglia activation promotes the recovery in developing brain after in the Prone Position traumatic brain injury. The satisfaction score is good. Ph..D.S. Pierre-Olivier Airtraq or Bonfils Technique Ludes. Hiroshi Iwasaki.D. Department of Anesthesia.. M. Pierre and sedation. Alexandra Elfers-Wassenhofen. In randomized order a fiberoptic (FOI). Ph. The technique was successful in 92% of the cases. M. CA.. Oman. Palo Alto...D. Jr.D. Hung-Te Hsu. M. without departmental input.B.S. Germany. Wire-Guided King Laryngeal Tube Exchange Using the Arndt significance. Jaffe. M. M.. Shiyu Shu. JN Medical College. Asahikawa Medical University.D. Asahikawa.D.. Anesthesiology. Airtraq or Bonfils A. M. LLC. Madison.D. This technique may be limited by hemorrhage or soiled airway requires the GlideRite® stylet. M. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia 58 OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain .. Brock-Utne. | Hall B1-Area C surfaced suggesting that the tape was less effective in maintaining the ETT in the desired position. Yasuyoshi Inagaki. Japan. Intubations with the Airtraq laryngoscope were significantly faster. Richard E. M. Nosch..D.D.. immediately accessible. Medicine. The technique allows for relative control of the airway With the GlideScope®: Preliminary Study after removal of the laryngeal tube and provides a guide for endotracheal tube Endotracheal intubation with GlideScope® (Verathon. FOI was always succesful.B. Antoine 150 expected difficult oral intubations were performed under local anesthesia Charton. M. M. Ph. An endotracheal intubation assisted by GlideScope® with RPiS is no more time consuming than with the GlideRite®. In the FA A2164 unsuccessful case. China.B. The majority of cases (77%) were managed without hypoxia. M. M. Ahmed F. India. M.. Germany. M.. Natacha Validity of Trachway in Assistance of a Preformed Double-Curve Telusca. Hardy Kewitz. Airtraq and Bonfils in more University Hospital of Strasbourg. M.-12 p.D. B. AL . The RPiS (Rapid Positioning intubation Stylet) (AME. USA) placement..D. By looking faster intubation time under better laryngeal exposure when compared at the effects of Longitudinal strain on outcomes.. technique was used. Oman.. Mao-Kai Chen. France. University of Alabama at Birmingham...m.D. Galgon. Rashid M. M.D. M. Jr..S.D.D. M. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. Bottrop. John G.. Satoshi Fujita. Richard A.D. Klinik für Anästhesiologie. M. Ph. M. M. injury.. Anesthesiology and Emergency Department. M. Dusseldorf. Zaky. M. Kuang I.

Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine..D.D.D.. Hamamatsu. Anesthesiology. 0. Pellegin University Hospital. Showa University Hospital. Ph. Monique AWS enabled quick confirmation of tracheal intubation in a view taken from Stockle. Boston. Japan. M.D. Winston-Salem.. respiratory volume monitoring in intubated patients under general anesthesia M. Korea.D. Ph..D. Ph. J. Medical Information and System Research FA A2169 Center. Thermosoftening of Double-Lumen Tubes Before Endotracheal M. Japan. Anesthesiology. CO. Wakayama (GA) and in awake. use of the new Chehab. B. Akihiro Suzuki. Covidien. medical interns.. M. M. Ph... Ph. Republic of. M. George. Mt. Teikyo University Graduate School H. William K. M. MA.D. The aim of this prospective randomized controlled study was to compare the Matthew Eckelman. M. Jeong Jin Min. M.D. spontaneously breathing patients is evaluated in this Medical University.D.. M. Giichiro Oiso. | Hall B1-Area B National University Hospital..D.. The LED this productivity loss.4 or for intubation compared with the McGrath and Macintosh laryngoscopes by 0. Donald M..Eng. M.. Jun-Yeol Bae.D.... Hamamatsu University School of Medicine. M. M. Massachusetts General Hospital. Sherman.D. Ph. Marshall MacNabb. M. Ph. M.D. M. Effects of Surgical Training on Surgeons’ Productivity We evaluated total factor productivity of surgeons during the beginning FA A2168 three months of a new academic year (period 1) and during the subsequent An Analysis of Laryngoscope Bulb Heat: Should There Be Concern? three months (period 2) using Malmquist index (MI). Boston.A. CT.... M. Youn Joung Cho.2. Tae Kyong Kim. system for tracheal intubation because of the ease of tracheal tube placement Northern Westchester Hospital. Tokyo. Calicott. Northeastern University. Randy W. M. Yuka Eto. Asahikawa Medical University. The FA A2282 time required for intubation and POGO scores were not significantly different The Relationship between Minute Ventilation and End Tidal CO2 in in the two groups. Japan. usefulness of JED with that of the jaw-thrust maneuver performed by skilled Boston... NY.D. M. Amer reported that the AWS was the easiest to use. M. M. Chandran Seshagiri. In addition..D. Japan.D. Tomohiro Sawa. Japan. Bordeaux.. Asahikawa Medical University..D. Wakayama City. Kaitlin Ross. New Haven. M. Yoshinori Nakata. the new-AWS is a valuable Anesthesiology..D. Asha Mellor. MA.D. Ph. MA.. Wake Forest School of Medicine..D..D. OCTOBER 12 Reliable Tracheal Intubation Using New-type of Airway Scope by The Effect of Rocuronium on the Response of CVI to Laryngoscopy Medical Interns -Comparison with McGrath MAC and Macintosh The Composite Variability Index (CVI. Tae Kyong Kim.D.S.D. Christopher Voscopoulos. Efficacy of New Type of Airway Scope® in Simulated Difficult Airway Scenarios -Comparison with McGrath® Video Laryngoscope and PI A2173 Macintosh Laryngoscope Screening for Electromagnetic Pollution in Operating Rooms Efficacy of the new Airway Scope (AWS) for tracheal intubation in simulated This study shows that about 20% of the devices used in operating Rooms emit difficult airway scenarios was evaluated. Karine Nouette-Gaulain. Bordeaux.D. tracheal intubation in difficult airway situations because of the ease of tracheal Anesthesiology. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain 59 . The relationship between EtCO2 via capnography and MV from non-invasive Seiko Yoshimura. Chiba. Emergency Medicine. France.A.. M. Ph. Newer surgeons were less productive in the beginning months of a new academic laryngoscope bulbs with increased brightness have the potential to generate year. of Public Health.D. it is possible to confirm that the tube is in the trachea with an blockade. Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine. Forty-nine patients were randomly assigned to a JED and control group. time to confirmation of intubation. its sensitivity to changes in MV is greatly reduced FA A2167 in awake.D. VT. In conclusion. Medicine.D. tube placement and rapid confirmation of tracheal intubation. Especially in the confirmation of tracheal intubation. Teikyo University. PI A2172 Republic of.D..D. Department of Anesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine. the new AWS is a valuable system for Ph.. M. Tokyo. Japan.m. spontaneously breathing patients..D. Matthieu Biais. Kisko. Boston.. M. We demonstrated that the provide better viewing conditions and is often used as a marketing tool.. Hiroshi Iwasaki. PO14-1 PATIENT SAFETY AND PRACTICE MANAGEMENT M. NC..D. Mathews. Asahikawa.. Chiba University Hospital. Ph. Ririe. an attached fiberscope. Akihito Tampo..m. In this study CVI was measured The new-AWS provided significantly better laryngeal views with shorter times following laryngoscopy after one of four doses of rocuronium: 0. Yuka Eto..D. USA. M. M.B.1. Hiroshi Otake. Douglas G. Ph. Toshihito Nakamura. however. Brigham and Women’s Hospital. viewing conditions may reduce risk. Ph. Harvard Medical Thermosoftening of the DLT with warm saline before endotracheal intubation School. Tokyo. University of Vermont College of Medicine.. Covidien.D. Compared with the McGrath and magnetic fields >2mG. assistants in fiberoptic endotracheal intubation in anesthetized patients. Rocuronium decreased the response of CVI to laryngoscopy. M..S. 0. M. M. Yuichi Watanabe. In conclusion. Reusable Versus Disposable Laryngoscopes: Environmental and Economic Considerations FA A2166 A Life Cycle Assessment was performed to determine the environmental Fiberoptic Intubation Using JEDTM (Jaw Elevation Device): A impacts and fiscal costs of reusable and disposable laryngoscope options at Randomized Controlled Trial Yale New Haven Hospital.D.D..D. Keeping a safety distance from these devices may Macintosh laryngoscopes. light sources in laryngoscopes that generate less heat and potentially better M..D.D..D. Hart.D. Michael M..D... AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund.. M. France. M. Department of FA A2171 Emergency Medicine. Boston. M.D. Waltham. The use of JEDTM is a potential alternative to the manual Intubated and Spontaneously Breathing Patients jaw-thrust maneuver by skilled assistants during fibreoptic intubation. Seoul 10 a. Alex Friend.3.. MA.. Babre Florence. M. the AWS provided significantly better laryngeal views prevent the exposition of patients and health caregivers to magnetic fields.D.. M.6 mg kg-1..D. 2Respiratory Motion.D.D. MA. M. M.. reduces postoperative vocal cord injuries and sore throat.. Inc.D. with shorter times for intubation in all difficult airway cases. M. M. Samsung Medical Center..2. Seoul. Yale.0033). Ph..D.. Asahikawa. The MI of all surgeons Higher intensity light from a laryngoscope blade is commonly considered to was significantly greater than 1 (p = 0. M.-12 p. Korea.. Burlington. Hiromichi Kurosaki.D. Ph.D.D. Hiroshi Iwasaki. Tomoyuki Kawamata.S.D. Maachi Boujemaa.D. Ph.. M.. M. This suggests that the newly assigned trainees may be main factors of higher temperatures and may thereby increase risk of tissue injury. C. Harvard Medical School.D.D. M. Ph. M. Japan... Jodi D.D. MA.D. Anesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine....D. Yunseok Jeon. Lewis Raibley. Intubation Reduces Postoperative Vocal Cord Injuries and Sore Throat 1 Anesthesiology.D. Akihiro Suzuki. Harris. Japan. 3Anesthesiology. Katsutoshi Nakahata. attached fiberoptic scope..D. Edward E. Jeong-Hwa Seo. Ph. The participants Musa Sesay..D. Deok Man Hong.D. Pellegrin University Hospital. . Jae Woo Ju. Boulder CO) combines Laryngoscopes variability in BIS and frontal EMG activity. USA.D.FA A2165 FA A2170 SUNDAY.D. Tufts University School of and rapid confirmation of tracheal intubation. Seoul. Ph.. with but CVI may still have clinical utility at moderate levels of neuromuscular the new-AWS. M.. Mahira Penna.D. Akihito Tampo. study. Boulder. USA. M. EtCO2 may be a sufficient indicator of ventilatory adequacy in patients under GA... which is more reliable and significantly reduces the M. Patrick Tauzin-Fin. Jae-Hyon Bahk.

methodical wound examinations. and a survey tool assessed factors of anesthetic induction time and their effects at distinct quantiles of departmental perception of workstation cleanliness before and after CWI induction time distribution. M. Sivasenthil Arumugam.D. M. Various communication A novelapplication of a two-step regression analysis to assess the influential strategies promoted departmental awareness. Eric T.S....A. M. M. Anesthesiology.D.D. Critical Care and Pain Medicine. M. Events M. M..C.Robert Wood Johnson M. Urman.S.B.D. New York University Langone Medical Center. University of indicators to determine BMI during preoperative evaluation. Mitchell H. M. Cobos... Sanjay K. Kelsey McCarty.. Avery Tung. Shaul Cohen.T. M.H. At our institution. C. New York.D.. PI A2182 Colombia. M.. Stanford. Ph. M. M. Pierce.. Eric result of the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act. the delivery of healthcare. M.D. instruments and sponges.. Taipei.D... Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center.M. NY. Massachusetts General PI A2177 Hospital. Taipei Veterans General Basehore. Height and Body Mass Index (BMI) Assessment Scores Versus Self-reported.S. Lorinc. Rutgers . F. IL. South Burlington... B. Allen Healthcare.D. M.R. imaging. M. Vacanti. Anesthesia.D...B. cases between 2011-2013. Illinois Institute of Technology.D.D.S.D. Germaine Cuff. Anesthesiology. M.D.D. Surgery-General.S.. Bloom. Whitney. Chicago.D. Chicago. Krys Dworski. CA. from ideal carefor a specific patient in that specific clinical situation.. New York.. CT. Vicko Gluncic. Gady Agam....C. New York language barriers on operating Room efficiency. .. Multiple workstation improvements were also installed to anesthetic induction time and its influential factors could be obtained and reduce the risk of cross-contamination. Tatyana Shkolnikova.. We found that our strategies improved PI A2184 on-time starts for surgeries for foreign language speakers over time. challenges and lessons learnt from our experience over the last two years. Gina M.D. IL.D. M. to correlate measured weight.D.. New York. M.604 of the most commonly performed surgical profound fiscal impacts. Anesthesiology.D. Ph. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia 60 OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain .B.. replacement part of our practice. as valid Hofer. VT. Hospital. Joshua C. Hartford. Eva Cassedy. M.D. New The“non-routine event” (NRE) is defined as any event that deviates Brunswick. Jeanna D.Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.B. Jung T. Alexandra Chaves. Anderson. Christopher A..D.. Weinger.. we have provided the average “anesthesia The ideal surgical suite governance for a hospital is unknown and can have induction” times for 22...D. Design and Implementation of the Clean Workstation Initiative: a Quality Improvement Project PI A2176 To address feedback regarding anesthesia workstation cleanliness.D.S. M. University of Chicago Medical Center. M. Kim.S. Kodali. Boston. Daniel S. M. Ph. B.B. PI A2181 Interactive Computer Based Training Module Decreases Central PI A2175 Venous Access Simulation Training Time With Continued Improved Self Correlation of Measured Weight.A. M.D.D. Taiwan.D. T. efficiency. This may help administrators and anesthesiology members in order to describe the various organizational structure and departments create realistic flow models towards improving perioperative management strategies for operating Room governance. M. M. M... NY. Saw. M. Department of Anesthesiology. Claudia P. we compared on-time surgery start times for Computer Science. Ph. Flanagan. Jain. Our organizational and Surgical Items (RSI) X-Ray Protocol in the OR multidisciplinary approach proved sustainable for years.N. Andrew D. Sudheer K. TN. Tsai..A. Ph.. As a private practice Porterfield. Anesthesiology.D. Mitchell Y. B.D. Ph. We concurrentlycollected NREs from surgery patients & their clinicians..357 Presbyterian Hospital / Columbia University Medical Center. During Preoperative Evaluation in Surgical Interactive computer based training modules decrease overall simulation Patients time during central venous access simulation with continued improvement in A cross-sectional study using Spearman correlation in adult population resident skills. Chicago. To prevent retained surgical items (RSIs).D. P. NY. Niharika A. Hanover. Mario Moric. Marc J. Chicago. Rubin. Hospital. M. Alix Vandeventer.D. mandatory counts of surgical Bhavani S. Clinica Jorge Piñeros Corpas. Matthew Bundled payment is an alternative payment model being considered as a B... This study queried OR management committee procedures in our institution. procedures under miscellaneous conditions could be set up. first cases of the day between patients who were native English speakers and patients who spoke a foreign language. Woodland Anesthesiology Associates. Richard D. Aalok Agarwala. MA.D. M. Srdan Kobsa. Anesthesiology.. Yen. NY. IL. Simon Tom. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. In this presentation we discuss the benefits. M. height and BMI with self-reported. MA. We utilize Business process modeling (BPM) methods to improve performance by optimizing the efficiency of key RSI X-ray protocol steps PI A2178 that include communication. Stanford University.S. M.S..M.C.. acquiring of the X-ray of the operational field.D. B.M. PI A2174 PI A2180 An Analysis of Anesthesia Start Times The Governance Structure of Operating Room Suites To help establish benchmark times. M.D.D. Amanda N. the Clean An Investigation of Predictors of Anesthetic Induction Time Using Workstation Initiative (CWI) was initiated to establish a standardized anesthesia Quantile Regression Analysis workstation turnover in the operating Room (OR).. B. Shirley Richard.. and It is well-documented in the literature that language barriers have an effect on image analysis..D.D. M. Macario.. Do Language Barriers Affect Starting Cases in the Operating Room? uploading images to picture archiving and communication system (PACS).. M. Lori Russo.D. . M. M. M. With a database of 14. A more complete picture of relationships between implementation.S. Boston.. M. M.. IL.B. Monica Sa Rego. Successful Operating Room Strategies to Improve First Case On-Time Starts at an Academic Institution PI A2183 We have demonstrated an initiative to improve the percentage of first cases Business Process Modeling (BPM) Optimization of the Retained of the day that start on time in an academic setting. Nashville.. Bogota. Anesthesiology.A.P.A. Fletcher Anesthesiology. Jason Slagle.. Bogota. Anestesiologa Laser Center Clinica Oftalmologica.A. Department of Anesthesia. Gina M.A. C... Rosenberg.D. Lee.D. Alex S.. NYU School of Medicine. Sinha. M. Joseph Catricala.. Kuang-Yi Chang. we have employed strategies to help diminish the negative impact of Rush University Medical Center. Krzysztof Klincewicz. Jennifer E. New York University Medical Center.. M... effective operative Room (OR) communication. NJ. Ph. M.. Chicago.. M. Patient-Reported and Clinician-Reported Perioperative Non-Routine Thomas Jan. patient safety measures include Hugh L.. Rutgers .. Weshow PI A2179 that 40% of ambulatory surgery patients report and that these reportsrarely Our Experience with Bundled Payment overlap with NRE reports by their clinicians.D. Blitz. DrPH.D. group we participated in designing and implementing it in our joint Vanderbilt University Medical Center. M.. University of Vermont. New York. M. B. An improved perception of workstation performance standards in time domain of various combinations of anesthetic cleanliness was observed after implementation of the CWI.. NH.D. Colombia. and X-ray (XR) Brigham and Women’s Hospital.D.

M. India. The incidence of unplanned admissions was 1. DE.D. The One hundred and fifty patients of ASA class I or II. Pandit B D Patients with neuromuscular scoliosis undergoing posterior spinal fusion often Sharma PGIMS. Data for 24 CA-1 residents Jin Park. to induction of anesthesia and postoperative behavioral change in children. Rohtak.D. M.. | Hall B1-Area E reviewed for desaturation events and the effects of desaturation on stroke index and heart rate were determined.D... King. Elaine Allen. M.. Arlyne K..D.D. Ph. M.O. improve Cartoon Distraction and Parental Presence on Alleviating communication in the OR. Brenn.. Patrick McCormick. between ICON® appeared to appropriately assess these parameters in real time during 2-6 years of age were included in the study. Jinghu Sui. F.C. Ph. Sr. were logically and low crystalloid will improve outcomes in neuromuscular patients.. Youwen complications of the aspiration were also dependent on location of the Zhang.Methods: We harnessed to yield improvements. M. and all involved must be However. D.. F. Michael R.PI A2185 PD A2190 SUNDAY. M. DE. D. Raman.. Cote. P and L respectively. M. Rajneesh Bankenahally.A. Hypertensive tachycardiac response was more in cuffed ETT and uncuffed ETT as compared to cLMA. Uncuffed Endotracheal Tube and cLMA was in some cases offset by a compensatory increase in heart rate. Using a randomized. Nishant A. Alfred I.I.R.. Suresh Vasanth. Shilpa Khanna.5 were identified.D. Thung. Thomas A. Erin W. D. Overall airway morbidity PD A2194 was comparable in all the three groups. M. metropolitan teaching institution where turnover time was followed in all Results: 203 patients studied. M.. neck circumference may not apply in pediatrics. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund.D. Dupont Hospital for Children. United Kingdom.D. Luo. Raman. The decrease in stroke index Tube. have massive blood loss as defined by massive transfusion protocols.. Nationwide Childrens..A. Bruce R. M. Columbus. Thomas A. Edward R. Joseph Tobias..D. Nationwide Childrens.D. In addition. Irwin Gratz. San Francisco. M. Department of Anesthesia. Korea. High FFP:PRBC ratios has shown to reduce mortality and morbidity in civilian and PD A2189 trauma patients.D. Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Cardiac Physiologic Responses to Hypoxia in Pediatric Sinai.C.D. The ages and sizes of the patients likely contributed to the FFP:PRBC ratio group had significantly less blood volume loss and increased location of the spring within the respiratory tract.D. Camden.O.. Cooper Medical School at OSA in pediatric patients. M. residents with no checklist. Kris R.D. Ph.A.O. Columbus. M. group and 70% in cLMA group. Republic of. M. Birmingham. the postoperative Sadacharam...D.A. Anesthesiology..D. Douglas S. Michelle M. B. Sang- stop” in the simulated electronic medical record. the cuffed ETT group was higher (94. Charles in groups C. Our preliminary result reveal that high ratio of FFP:PRBC ratio symptoms... Research. Jatana. PACU over 33 months. Kwun Yee T.. Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine. M... M. Gandhi..D. uncuffed ETT and cLMA M. M. M.. Epidemiology & Splaingard.S.Discussion: Our F. Birmingham. Mark Rowan University/Cooper University Hospital. Over 10% of unanticipated admissions were ASA 3 or 4. Anesthesiology. We found that first attempt success rate in J. Adam I. Zhaoping He.0%) as compared to 68% in uncuffed ETT Massachusetts General Hospital.C.D. of either sex. After induction of anaesthesia in desaturation events. observer-blinded design... This study was performed in a large compared apnea-hyponea index (AHI) to neck circumference for age (6-18yo). Queen Elizabeth Hospital. OCTOBER 12 The Impact of ASA Classification and Time of Scheduled Surgery on OR Large Neck Circumference Does Not Predict OSA in Pediatric Patients Turnover Time Neck circumference has been used as a screening tool for OSA in adults.. Suresh Learned From Massive Transfusion Protocols? K. Two group of patients one with high FFP:Ratio of >0. University of California.D.. M.D. PI A2187 Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine. Yeungnam University show a statistically significant difference in performance in pre-anesthetic Hospital. Vidya T.. Measurement Methods: We retrospectively analyzed for all unplanned admissions from our of health care outcomes is central to assess quality. Poon.D.D. Thirty-three events in 23 unique PD A2188 patients were analyzed and the results demonstrated that stroke index fell Airway Morbidity in Children: A Comparison of Cuffed Endotracheal significantly with desaturation to less than 85%. M. Pukenas.D. Singhal.D. Levine. PD A2191 PI A2186 Demographics of Unplanned Admissions Following Ambulatory Surgery Audit of Quality Indicators in Anaesthesia: Creating Awareness for During 33 Months at a Children’s Hospital Improvement Hospitals need to give quality care yet contain costs. AHI (≥10): 6 patients were less. The patients’ presenting urine output. cough in the first patient and drooling in the second. Upeka Ranasinghe.D. The checklist was implemented through a “hard Hyuck-goo Kim. day as cofactors for increasing turnover time.D. cutoff. duPont Hospital for Children..-12 p.A. Rohtak.A. United incidence of unanticipated admissions is 1. OH. and 7 were above Deal. of an organisation to maintain and improve standards of care.07% over 33 months. Alexander Lay..m..D.Conclusion: We found that large neck circumference does not predict B. NJ. setup and evaluation as scored by blinded raters. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain 61 . MA. Boston. and 94 above patients scheduled for general surgery looking at ASA status and time of the 95% for neck circumference for age. It is important to Effective monitoring of the quality of service delivery is central to the capacity continually analyze the demographics of patients failing the ambulatory setting. Taghon. Anaesthesia. M. Hwarim Yu. The purpose of our study is to compare outcomes in our Point Pen Spring Aspirations Span the Respiratory Tract a Report of neuromuscular scoliosis patients who received transfusion with high vs low Two Cases FFP:PRBC ratio. M. Department of aspirated object..5 and An aspirated ballpoint pen spring can manifest from the glottis to the main other with low FFP:PRBC ratio of ≤0. Daegu. Pulmonology/Sleep Biostatistics. Patients Under General Anesthesia A sample of 417 pediatric patients who underwent intraoperative monitoring PO15-2 PEDIATRIC ANESTHESIA with the ICON® non-invasive cardiac output monitor was retrospectively 10 a. D. Wilmington. Goldberg. M... Joseph Dructor. Petrie... AHI (5-10): 3 patients were less. Brenn.. D. Critical Care and Pain Medicine. percentage continues to be patients for ENT procedures. M. Patient in the high stem bronchi. M. and improve the management of simulated OR Anxiety in Pediatric Anesthesia crises. Queen Elizabeth Hospital. NY. More than three attempts was seen Improving Outcomes After Neuromuscular Scoliosis Surgery: Have We as an independent risk factor of airway morbidity irrespective of group. AHI (0-5): 90 patients were less. India. M. Wilmington. airway was secured with cuffed ETT. OH.R. we compare The presented study showed comparison between distraction with animated performance of anesthesiology residents in a simulated operating Room using cartoon and parental presence on alleviating anxiety during inhalational a checklist in completing a pre-anesthetic induction evaluation and setup. Sung Mee Jung. Anderson. The Use of Non-Invasive Cardiac Output Monitoring to Detect Samuel DeMaria. Nemours Alfred I. PGIMS. Anesthesia and Critical Care Medicine.D. Kesavan indicative of the location of the foreign body. PD A2193 Andrew T. Anaesthesiology.O.B..D. He G. routine manner.D. Randall B. M. D.. OR throughput problem is a multifactorial one. Simulation to Test Hard-Stop Implementation of a Pre-Anesthetic Induction Checklist PD A2192 Checklists have been shown to reduce patient complications. Otolaryngology. The largest Kingdom. F. Wetmore.C. Joseph Tobias. M. and 3 were above cut off.. Vidya T. controlled.D. New York. with the checklist group performing better.. CA.R..m. Medicine.07%..D. Ph.

. M.D. | Hall B1-Area A Laparoscopic Versus Robotic Assisted Gastric Sleeve Resection This study compares the perioperative analgesic requirements in morbidly RA A2203 obese adolescents undergoing laparoscopic versus robotic assisted Clinical Technique: A New.D. Anesthesiology. M. Satoshi Ideno.. M. CA. 1Anesthesiology. Van Lieshout. Ph. In Morrison.. MA. Taku Matsuoka. Columbus. Stracheas was distributed within 79. Joselyn.. Patrick Wright. Noriko Miyazawa.D. Ai Furuta..B.D. Christopher McKee. M..H. Ryan J. and cross-sectional area of first 4 hours. Department of Psychology.B. Tokyo. M. Ph...D. M. High variation in closing this gap. M. M. Faculty of Engineering. M. M..D. Thomas M. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia 62 OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain .D. Taylor. M. anesthesiologists the opportunity to increase efficiency and patient satisfaction Minneapolis. Nadine Nejati. M. B.D. Atsushi Shinto. M. Ph. USA. M. Norman Buckley. was observed in pediatric patients with regard to the position of SN division. and femoral length. Anita S. while optimizing safety for diagnostic procedures.. M. B. Kumar variety of pharmaceutical agents and advanced life support skills allow G.D. Irvine. height.D...S. No intra-operative We investigated 46 pediatric patients who received general anesthesia parameter was statistically significantly associated with postoperative with uncuffed ETTs to compared outer ETT diameters (ODs) chosen by hypotension. height. McMaster University.. Pediatric Psychology..These Luis Michelangeli.assisted group but the postoperative opioid nerve blocks to avoid injury of penile vascular and neural tissues.D. Belani. Engineering Entrepreneurship Innovation. WI. Robert Stevenson. Ph.D.D.. Nicole Vincent.m. it may be beneficial to Department of Anesthesia. Rie Wakamiya. there is routinely PRBCs left from the original units that can Faculty of Health Sciences.... Anesthesia/Pain. University of Mississippi Medical Center. Douglas Maposa. Ryo Orii.D.Sc...D..6% of Orange.. requirements or the pain scores. MN.D. Japan. M.. M. M. Louis A. Candidate. Boston Children’s Hospital / Harvard the groups. Hoffman. Yoshitsugu Yamada.A.. M. the US scan of California. Study of the Distribution of Sciatic Nerve Division Using Ultrasound Imaging in Children PD A2199 We prospectively examined the ultrasound (US) images of 153 pediatric Differences in Referral and Use of Complementary and Alternative patients in order to investigate the position of sciatic nerve (SN) division. B. University of Minnesota. and effects on children. Increasing patient access to and use of CAM are important evaluated.D. Shinichi Yamamoto.O.S. There was no significant difference in the total perioperative opioid Medical School. Ch. Ph. blood volume. M. Due to the increased cost and immunomodulatory effects of Program. PD A2198 PO16-2 REGIONAL ANESTHESIA AND ACUTE PAIN: ULTRASOUND A Retrospective Study Comparing the Peri-operative Analgesic GUIDED Requirements in Morbidly Obese Adolescents Undergoing 10 a. Vanderbilt Medical Center...S.D. factors that are associated with packed red blood cell (PRBC) transfusion in Candidate. blood transfusion. Eliza Pope. Scoliosis Patients Undergoing Posterior Spinal Fusion This retrospective study of 102 consecutive adolescent idiopathic scoliosis PD A2197 patients who underwent posterior spinal fusion and instrumentation showed Endotracheal Tube Size is Associated with the Area of Subglottic that lower body weight and height are associated with postoperative Airway in Children Undergoing General Anesthesia hypotension (mean arterial pressure <60 mmHg).S. Michelle A. after the surgery remained stable throughout the rest of the subglottic airway (Strachea). M. David S. George M.B.S. MS.D.D. M.. The wide Syndrome Type A.2. M.9±14. Pediatric Anesthesia.D.D. PD A2196 Dexmedetomedine and Proprofol Combination Reduces Recovery PD A2201 and Discharge Times Compared with Pentobarbital for Pediatric MRI Postoperative Airway Complications in Children with Sanfilippo Sedation Syndrome A Dexmedetomidine/propofol in combination reduce the time to recovery Postoperative airway complications are presented in 25 children with Sanfilippo and discharge compared to pentobarbital following MRI sedation. M. Cheryl H. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund.D. M. Boston.2.Sc.. Madhankumar Sathyamoorthy. M. Neuroscience PRBC transfusion is an increase in Hct... Beebe.D.. M.D. Lawrence Haber. Canada.D.. coagulopathy. Thanh Nguyen. M. University order to search the position of SN division in pediatric patients. Anesthesiology & Pain RA A2204 Medicine. Ph. Chow. D. Masaaki Asamoto. M. Berens. Rie Minoshima.S. transfusing an additional unit from a different donor. Modified Ultrasound Guided In-Plane Penile laparoscopic gastric sleeve resection. Tokyo Metropolitan Children’s Medical Center. increase Hct from the original unit if already exposed. should be started from the second distal quarter of the femur. M-Irfan requirements and the postoperative pain scores have been the same in both Suleman.P.S. All the patients who did not exhibit hypotension within the anesthesiologists and patients’ age. Tarun Bhalla. Milwaukee. M. M. sex..S. Japan. ON.P. USA. Jackson. where 65. Bachelor of Health Sciences Honours be transfused. MN.D..B. Austin.. Ph. A total of 28 patients underwent gastric Nerve Block for Circumcision sleeve resection surgery with 14 patients in each group.D. Elif C.. Fortier. M. M. Brooke Gentle. Humphrey V.S. Susan P. Erika Womack. Ali Shahzada. Department of Anesthesiology. Pediatric PD A2202 Critical Care. M.m.. CHOC Children’s Hospital. 2University of Minnesota. Candidate. M. Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.. Tokyo Hospital.B. MiNDS results suggest that the only modifiable factor that decreases postoperative Neuroscience Graduate Program.80).8%(mean±SD). including age.D..D. The University of Ch. Ph. M..D. B. M.1.-12 p. The Medicine Between Pediatric Providers and Patients distance between the position of SN division and the crease of the popliteal Health care providers refer pediatric patients to CAM at a higher rate than fossa was not significantly correlated with the demographic characteristics patients report use. Medical College of Predicting Postoperative Hypotension in Adolescent Idiopathic Wisconsin. M..H.D.We sought to determine if there are any controllable Schmidt. Nationwide Childrens Hospital.D. Tokyo.. Candidate.D. M. PD A2195 PD A2200 Managing Perioperative Anxiety in Children: A Descriptive and Intraoperative Optimization to Decrease Postoperative PRBC Feasibility Study Transfusion in Children Undergoing Craniofacial Reconstruction To test a virtual reality program to manage perioperative anxiety and its Craniofacial surgery is associated with large blood loss.The strongest correlation was observed between postoperative period and therefore. Penman.B.. Hamilton. A percentage of the ETT areas in the monitoring in the general surgical floor as compared to PICU monitoring. The intra-operative We described an ultrasound guided in-plane technique to conduct dorsal penile opioid use was lower in the robotic. M.D. M. M. they may be candidates for less intense the OD and the Strachea (R=0. weight.Sc. OH.. Since this population has a small & Behaviour.. Alan D. Joseph Tobias. Ayako Hirai.. examined children have SN division. Anesthesiology. Minneapolis.B.D.D. Nashville. M.B. Debra E.. Lam... Cingi. Pauline Leung.D. the postoperative period as a means of optimizing perioperative care.. CA. Richard J. weight. TN. Department of Psychiatry & Behavioural Neurosciences. Hiroaki Abe.

Michael O’Rourke.D.D. We analyzed post-surgical hip surgery patients who demonstrated by ultrasound.D. Makoto Sato. Keiya Takahashi. M..D. Babatunde O. Izumo City.D. Nicole Naccache. M. Silverman. The lumbar medial branch could be accurately ultrasound guidance. while there was a decrease in the luminance of the image at University Medical Center.S. Patricia M... West China Hospital of Sichuan suggests that there is no statistical difference when using a transverse or University. Japan.When probe covers were used for Matthew T. M. OCTOBER 12 Application of the Echogenic Needle in the Ultrasound-Guided Lumbar A Comparison of Transverse In Plane and Sagittal In Plane Medial Branch Block Approaches for Ultrasound Guided Fascia Iliaca Block Pajunk echogenic needle displaying superior to standard needles.. Yoji Saito. M. Josiane Sayegh. M. a narcotic sparing effect was observed in the Ultrasound Imaging PACU as well as decreased pain scores in both the PACU and hospital floor In this study. M. Ayoub. We also observed a high rate of partial blockade of the common peroneal nerve.. regarding the safety of ultrasound-guided supraclavicular onset time. Li Jia Wei. Ph.. Japan.D. Naoya Yokoi. which showed that the The purpose of the present study was to evaluate the efficacy and safety interlaminar space at the L5-S1 level is larger and more superficial in location of additional postoperative administration of pregabalin to patients who still than that at the L3-4-5 level. Sato Makoto. Yoshuko Onodera. Gifu City..D.D.D. Japan. No validity differences were found among the received a preoperative FIB in either a transverse or sagittal plane. Scott Byram.D..D. M.D.RA A2205 RA A2210 SUNDAY. NY. we examined the incidence and effects of fentanyl compared to ropivacaine. Keiya Takahashi.D. we investigated the influence exerted by the probe covers on when using a sagittal approach. Sasakawa Tomoki. Eliane I.. Ropivacaine and Levobupivacaine: A Prospective. Chengdu. Yazbeck. Lin Liang. Shimane University School of Medicine. Additional postoperative administration L3-4-5 level.. Guided Thoracic Paravertebral Block Hemodynamics Between Hokkaido. Asahikawa. TX. Asahikawa Medical University..D.D. RA A2213 Ultrasound Visibility of the Neuraxial Structures at the L3-4-5 RA A2209 and L5-S1 Intervertebral Level in the Elderly Postoperative Administration of Pregabalin for the Treatment of The ultrasound examination of the intervertebral space at the L3-4-5 and Post-thoracotomy Pain: A Randomized Study L5-S1 level has been done in 50 elderly patients.. the image quality in ultrasound imaging. M. Yuki Izumi.D. for carpal tunnel surgery.Ultrasound Anesthesiology & Critical Care. Evan M.D.. M.. M. improving block quality and lower volume of local anaesthetics. Asahikawa-Kosei General Hospital. Shatin..D. Tomoki Sasakawa. M. This study four different needles. M. Prospective Observational Study in Total Knee Arthroplasty Patients Selective tibial nerve block has been proposed to avoid masking common peroneal nerve injury following total knee arthroplasty.. migration of the catheter tip occurs at a similar rate between anterolateral and M. Shiv Sharma.B.S. M.D. M. Patients randomly received a regional anesthetic agents. Karmkar Manoj Kumar. M.D. Anesthesiology and Pain Management. Lebanon.. Sr. Irina ultrasound-guided axillary block with 6 ml provides optimal surgical conditions Gasanova. Asahikawa Medical College. M.D.D. Effectiveness and Spread A retrospective analysis of 270 consecutive cases performed at Parkland Ultrasound-guided nerve block have several advantages: shorter procedure and Hospital in Dallas.. M.. M. M. M.D..D. IL. Yoko Sugiyama. Ph.. levobupivacaine is stronger migration of an interscalene catheter tip during infusion for two postoperative than ropivacaine and easier to reduce the total blood concentration of days in patients undergoing shoulder surgery. Department of Anesthesiology. the ultrasound visibility of the had pain even after epidural anesthesia following thoracotomy in comparison neuraxial structures is also significantly better at the L5-S1 level than at the with standard treatment as a control. M. Sichuan.D. Ph.D.. improved HRQOL M. TX. Anesthesiology RA A2214 and Pain Medicine. Whitten. Saint Joseph University. Shigeaki Otomo. Anesthesia and Critical Care. Dallas. Akiko of Anesthesiology. Naum Shaparin. that is the concentration of neurologic Posterior Approach: A Prospective Randomized Study of Shoulder manifestation of man each time. and was well. of pregabalin effectively reduced post-thoracotomy pain.. M. M.. RA A2211 M. catheter under ultrasound using either the interolateral or posterior approach. Selective tibial nerve block may not be as selective as previously thought. we found that the M.D.D. Gifu University Graduate School of Medicine.. Dawood Nasir... M. The influence of hemodynamics was not Surgery Patients different. Further more.. Ogunnaike. University M. Tokorozawa. Charous. An blocks.D. M. M. M. Department continuous interscalene brachial plexus block. Hicham J.. National Defense Medical College.D.D. sagittal approach when performing a fascia iliaca block. Loyola linear probes. M.D. especially at Fascia iliaca block (FIB) efficacy may be practitioner dependent when using the steep angle when in-plane . Intensive Care. the contrast of the total image also decreased.. M.. M.. Karina Gritsenko.D. The use of different probe covers did not affect the image quality in ultra- sound imaging. Chicago.D.D. M. Ph. Eric R. and prevented transition to chronic pain. Hiroki Iida.D. Maria Florencia Eastlack. Beirut... Also. Liu Fei. of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.D. Kitajo. Catheter Tips Placed Using an Ultrasound-Guided Anterolateral or But both of them were under 2. In conclusion.. Charles W.. a comparatively great depth... Branchobporn Songthamwat.D.. M... The Chinese University of Hong Kong. M.D. M. Anesthesiology and Critical Care posterior interscalene catheters and similarly decreases the analgesic effect of Medicine. Randomized.. M.D. Ph. M. Kenichi Masui. Shinichi Sakura.D.. Department of Anesthesia and and sleep disorder.. Anesthesiology.D.D.D. we observed cephalad spread of local anesthetic following selective tibial nerve block which extended to the sciatic bifurcation.B. New York. Singh Nair.D.. Hiroshi Iwasaki. Motoyasu Takenaka. Sutton.D.. M. M.. Department of Differences in Blood Concentration and Effects on Post. Jabbour.D... Naoki Kakuta. Takayuki Kunisawa. Boleslav Kosharskyy. M... M. In this study involving 20 patients. Japan. Hong Kong. Khalil B. M. Asahikawa.D. RA A2212 Safety of Ultrasound-Guided Supraclavicular Block: A RA A2208 Retrospective Analysis of 270 Consecutive Cases in a Ultrasound-Guided Axillary Block With a Reduced Volume (6 ml): Teaching Institution Onset. Jabbour. Montefiore Medical Center.2μg/mL. Is the Selective Tibial Nerve Block Truly Selective? Results from a Japan..D. Using ultrasound monitoring for two postoperative days. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain 63 .D. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. M. M.. Takafumi Iida. Ph. M. In addition. Double- blind Study RA A2207 The difference of the blood concentration between ropivacaine and Incidence and Effects of Postoperative Migration of Interscalene levobupivacaine occurred after 30 minutes by the thoracic paravertebral block.D. tolerated. M. Asahikawa. Hiroshi Iwasaki. Noritaka Yoshimura. A nonsignificant difference in success rates was observed favoring the sagittal approach in RA A2206 all nerve distributions at 5 and 15 minutes post block with the exception of The Influence Exerted by Probe Covers on the Image Quality in the LFCN at 15 minutes. Japan.. M.D. Hicham Abou Zeid.D. Shinobu Yamaguchi. China...D. Amaresh Vydyanathan.D. Anesthesiology. levobupivacaine reduced post-operative consumption of In this prospective randomized study.

Nebojsa N.D. M. 2006 Study Knezevic. Jason B. OH... Xin Li.. Dimiter Arnaudov. Ph.D. Gleb Gorelick.D...D. Our data revealed that over- Sensory Nerve Sprouting in PKCδ KO Mice in an Osteoarthritic Knee expression of GABA system using the QHGAD67 is able to reduce HIV-related Model neuropathic pain. Tomoki Sasakawa. Shue Liu..D. We conducted an evaluation based on fluctuations in c-fos.. B. Ph.D. Ph. technique using real time ultrasound guided paramedian approach to the Department of Public Health and Forensic Medicine.... in combination with an antiviral agent.. M.D. M. it was reduced in the pregnancy group at 1.D. Cleveland Clinic. M.Whereas in the non-pregnancy group the mean of c-fos expression on of Southern California.P..A. Asahikawa. Cleveland Clinic Foundation. Ph. M.D.D. Ph. Ultrasound Guided Regional Anesthesia M... is easy to use and has been validated in learning of psychomotor skills. Tohoku University epidural space. Tom.. Shuanglin Asokumar Buvanendran. pain severity is significantly associated with Medical Center. M. M.. Ogunnaike.D. Outcomes Research.D. in the spinal cord of pregnancy rat. Ph.D.Female SD rats M. M.038) 1-3 p. M. PN A2219 Keiko Mamiya.. Megumi Kanao.. Hill..D. Ph.D.. hyperalgesia by GSK-3β inhibition is attributed to down-regulated AMPA M. Sherif Zaky.D.D.D.. Ph.. Kroin.D. Chan Hong Park.m. Wang Chunyan. Sendai. Hyun sprouting in the OA joint synovium which may contribute to increased OA Yi. loss of PKCδ increased sensory nerve neuropathic pain.D.D.D. even after adjustment for possible confounding factors. M. We specified that feasibility of the procedure would require Graduate School of Medicine. to be effective in the short-term for the treatment of pain related to lumbar spinal stenosis for a peroid of 8 weeks.. Michael E.D. M.D.D. Ph. M. M. Ph.D.D. HIroaki Toyama. Los Angeles. Hiroshi Epidural Steroid Injection Iwasaki.. M. University of Miami. Republic of. Hong Xiao.D.D. Gligor V. Yumi Sugawara.D.D.D. Ph. M. This is a preliminary study which demonstrates the feasibility of a new Ph.. M.. Effect of Early Computed Tomography Guided Gasserian Ganglion Ph. Anesthesiology..D. Anesthesiology. Miami.D...D. Daisuk Kawata. Marwan Abdulsattar. along with time to complete the procedure of 10 minutes or less. Ph.D. Tuman. Japan. Anesthesiology. Yasuhiro of a Novel In-plane Transverse View Technique Endo. pain. the CCI side relative to the non-CCI side was 3.D.. Daegu Wooridul Spine Hospital.. Edward Mascha... China. Hee-Jeong Im. Gene Transfer of Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase Reduces Neuropathic Ph.D. Jeffrey S. Department of Anesthesiology and The mental rotation test (MRT) is a powerful test of visual-spatial abilities that Translational Neuroscience Center. M. Ph. Shahram Nafisi. TX. Masanori Yamauchi. Neuralgia OH. M.A.. Chuck D. Keith A. it was demonstrated that amelioration of remifetanil-induced postoperative Gary E.D.. Ichiro Tsuji. David A. Hiroshi Iwasaki. Jun Li..C-fos was significantly reduced in the PO03-1 CHRONIC AND CANCER PAIN pregnancy groups compared to the non-pregnancy groups.D. M. Impact of Pain on Disability in Elderly Japanese: The Ohsaki Cohort Candido.. may be a very effective treatment for the RA A2218 acute herpes zoster on the face and it could decrease the acute pain. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. This prospective study evaluated the correlation of visual-spatial ability measured PN A2224 with MRT and BDT with performance on UGRA high fidelity simulator. Hui Liu. M..35.D.D.D.D.D. M. West China Hospital. Whitten.. M. Xiaohong Li. Wang Guolin.. Anesthesiology. M..S. Nguyen. Korea. M. M. M. Results of this prospective study showed that analgesia is superior when thoracic epidural catheter is both at level assumed by anesthesiologist and PN A2222 is in epidural space confirmed by contract fluoroscopic imaging.. M. Anesthesiology. Hao. Asahikawa Computed-Tomography guided lumbar epidural steroid injections appears Medical University.19 ± 1.. We previously reported that activation of glycogen of acute pain service in the perioperative setting provides low VAS scores and synthase kinase-3β (GSK-3β) contributes to remifentanil-induced hyperalgsia the use of ultrasound makes the supraclavicular block highly successful. B. Division of Epidemiology. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia 64 OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain ..D.. The study provides a promising approach to HIV-associated In a mouse knee trauma model. Yu Yonghao. an increased risk of incident disability.. Ph.D.D. Masako Kakizaki. M. Ph.D... Lubarsky.D.D.. Chicago. M.D. M. Candiotti. M... PN A2223 Andrea M. Chengdu..D.. Dawood Nasir. China.. shorten Mental Rotation Test for Evaluation of Visual-Spatial Abilities in the duration and reduce the incidence of PHN.. M. Keck School of Medicine of the University blotting.. Takafumi Iida. Kemmyo Real-time Ultrasound-Guided Paramedian Epidural Access: Evaluation Sugiyama. Biochemistry.. M. M. Yoshiko Onodera.. Gucev. Jinyuan Li.D. Tianjin Medical University Epidural Catheter Placement General Hospital. Anesthesiology. Loran Mounir-Soliman. M. M.B. Asahikawa Medical University.D.D.. M. Ph. Ling Ye.D. Choi. M.. peripheral neuropathy. Manna Hagos. Japan.. Kenneth J. Pain Induced by HIV gp120 Application in Rats We investigated the antinociceptive effect of the HSV vector on neuropathic PN A2220 pain induced by HIV coat protein gp120. Di Chen.D.. M. Blockade for Facial Pain From Acute Herpes Zoster and Postoperative M.. Our findings suggest a need to evaluate and treat pain RA A2217 more aggressively in Japan. Irina Gasanova. IL.D.. Hu Nan. M.H.D... B. The Pregnancy Reduces C-fos Expression in Chronic Constriction Injury results suggest moderate to strong correlation of MRT with UGRA performance Model and weak or no correlation between BDT and UGRA. M. Ph..D. via regulating NMDA receptor plasticity in spinal dorsal horn. | Hall B1-Area B Expression of c-fos in the spinal cord was reduced during pregnancy in chronic constriction injury model. The c-fos protein was quantified using SDS-PAGE and Western Movahedi.35. Yu Kaiho. In this study. Anesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine. The involvement can enhance pain sensitivity. CA. Japan. Levitt. Bang. M. Ph. an observed success rate consistent with 90% or more.D. (P value=0. Chicago.D. Kenneth D.. Hesham Elsharkawy. Ph.D.. Ph. Babatunde O. Fluoroscopic Imaging Used for Determining Accuracy of Thoracic Ph. Rush Medical Anesthesiology. College.. Charles W..D. Early computed tomography guided gasserian ganglion block.. M.. Cleveland.D..D. Roy C.D. Correlation Between Severity of Lumbar Spinal Stenosis and Lumbar Takayuki Kunisawa. Rana were used. Warren J. M. pregabalin. M. Ph.D. Ph. receptor GluR1 expression in the membrane fraction and inhibition of AMPA receptor function via altering pGluR1 and Rab5 expression in spinal dorsal RA A2216 horn.D. but patient outcome does not seem to PN A2225 correlate with the degree for lumbar spinal stenosis. M.. an indicator of Ed. Ph.S.A. Cleveland.D. Yasutake Tomata... RA A2215 PN A2221 The Analgesic Efficacy of Ultrasound-Guided Supraclavicular Block in GSK-3β Inhibition Prevents Remifentanil-induced Hyperalgesia Via Patient Undergoing Upper Extremity Surgery Regulating the Expression and Function of AMPARs Ultrasound-guided supraclavicular block is an effective method for acute pain A large number of literatures have confirmed that brief remifentanil exposure management of patients undergoing upper extremity surgery.D.D. M. Li Yize.D.D.D. Anesthesiology. Dallas.... M.D.. Advocate Illinois Masonic Among Japanese elderly women. Ph.. UT Southwestern Medical Center. IL.D. M.. Radiology. Osamu Takahata. FL. Daegu..D. Kurz.31 ± 0. Tianjin.D. Anesthesiology.D... Asahikawa. Hirotsugu Kanda. Ph.D... M. M..

Keval Yerigeri. increased doses of opioid given in the first 96 hours post constipation in patients using opioid medication for the treatment of chronic operatively is associated with a greater incidence of recurrence at 5 years non-cancer pain than what is self-reported. Detroit. asking more specific questions to these patients. MI . Amhaz. Lynn R. possibly due to inhibition of cell mediated immunity.D. Medical Center... Mario Moric. Ph. Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center.D. Anesthesiology. M.....D.D.D. yet the efficacy and safety of this drug during complex skull base operative pain while Trait anxiety was not (P=0. Dept.D. Ruichen Shu. Ph. Sara Zimmerman. Anesthesiology. M. Palo Alto. OR. OH . Richard L. George M. Boston. Ph.D.. Chicago. OAG Interventional Ph. Ph.. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain 65 . NC.D. Cleveland. Jazz Pharmaceuticals.9 vs 12.D.D. Ph. In our retrospective cohort study. Anesthesiology.. Ph... M..D.D. University of California. Bryant M. Bahman Nick Knezevic.D.S.D. Pain Consultants. Ph.S.. San Diego...037). D. Ogari C. epidural steroid injection. M. Rauck... Jeffrey S. Detroit Medical Center. the injection of (IT) ziconotide therapy increased when medications with a similar AE profile certain fluids such as Marcaine 0. CA . Tuman.. State anxiety (P=0. Ph.BB. NE. M.. Sudo. M. Shushovan Chakrabortty. M.D.. patients who Asokumar Buvanendran.. Ariel L. M. M. B.D. M..D. Ronald Wender.. OCTOBER 12 Radiofrequency Ablation and Lesion Size: Solution Variation and the Effect of Concomitant Antidepressant and Anticonvulsant Use on Venom Needle Adverse Events With Intrathecal Ziconotide When comparing coagulation areas created during RFA with standard and This post hoc analysis of 220 patients enrolled in an open-label extension Venom monopolar RF cannulas. Vancouver. M... Wayne State University. Godoy. Ph.D.D.. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center... MA.. University of British Columbia.D. M.. São Paulo. Tianjin. Los Angeles.D.D. received tranexamic acid in our cohort had a lower rate of transfusion despite R. Portland.D. Kroin. Ph. Carolinas Pain Institute.. Roberto providing pain relief for both but with one novel approach called a Transfacet T. Ph... Alana Flexman.D. Desai. M. Chicago. of Anesthesiology and Pain NR2B-containing NMDAR trafficking and MnSOD nitration in a dose-dependent Management.D. Metrohealth Hospital.. M.0304) was significantly related to post. Case Western Garcia. procedures is not known.D. Lifetree Clinical Research.D.D. M. Brigham and Women’s Hospital. In addition. Ross.D. White. Rio de Janeiro. However. L. Margarete M.. Ph. PharM. Edgar L. Christine O’Neill. Howard L. Kenneth D. Ph. M.. PN A2233 Prevalence of IDDS Therapy According to Type of Cancer: Database PN A2228 Research in a Large Cancer Institute Hydrogen-rich Saline Attenuates Remifentanil Induced Hyperalgesia The prevalence of IDDS analgesia for intractable pain due to cancer varies by via Regulation of NMDA Receptor Trafficking in Rats type of cancer.D. | Hall B1-Area E Total Knee Arthroplasty (TKA) provides relief from debilitating pain and restricted functionality but some patients complain of residual pain in the NA A2235 operated knee.S. M. China. Charles Anesthesiology.D.D. Guolin Wang. Our results support the need for randomized controlled trials to clarify the efficacy of tranexamic acid in neurosurgical procedures.. Venom cannulas produce a larger area of study investigated whether adverse events (AEs) associated with intrathecal tissue ablation regardless of prior fluid injection.D. M.D.D. Ph. Tianjin Medical University General Hospital. M. Stuart Rosenblum. Canada. BC. M. Dermot P. Janeiro.NKenneth J. Wallace.... M.D.. M. PN A2227 Novel Agonist of Nicotinic Receptor Reduces Diabetes-induced PN A2232 Neuropathic Pain in Rats Trans-facet Epidural Steroid Injection in Facet Joint and The new pyrazole analogue.D. CA. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund.. M... PharmD. Larry Manders... UT. requiring us to spend more time. Rush University having larger intracranial tumors and longer procedures (6. M. .. Shamloo. Rootstown. Surgery. p=0.D. Universidade Federal do Rio de Medical University.. Vimal N.D.. Rosner. Roberto M.D. Pharmacology and Therapeutics.O. M. Winston-Salem.. The Many patients present with facet and radicular pain which is often treated reduction of hyperalgesia and allodynia induced by Cris-104 is not related to separately. Waylan Wong... mechanical and thermal hyperalgesia induced by remifentanil via regulation of Niharika Saw.. Geertrui Vanhove. Nebojsa M.Is it Recurrence: A Retrospective Analysis Appropriately Addressed? Although intraoperative opioid dose does not increase the incidence of lung Results of this study showed much higher prevalence of opioid-induced cancer recurrence.. Brazil. M.D. Vipin Khare. M..S. Ph.. Anesthesia. should be consider when attempting to achieve expanded lesion. Omaha. M.. Kutaiba Tabbaa.D. High levels of preoperative anxiety may lead to issues with The Efficacy and Safety of Tranexamic Acid in Complex Skull Base postoperative pain but whether the transient “Trait” or more general “State” Neurosurgical Procedures anxiety is a better predictor is contentious and has not been evaluated in Tranexamic acid is an antifibrinolytic agent often used to minimize perioperative this population. we aim to introduce a more comprehensive method of an anti-diabetic activity but possibly as activator of cholinergic system. OH. Paul F. Salt Lake City. University Medical Center. Ph.D. M..2214). Gisele Reserve University. da Silva. B. cRyojo Akagami...m. blood loss.D.. Creighton manner.S.D. M.D.S. PN A2234 Increased Postoperative Opioid Administration was Associated PN A2229 with a Greater Incidence of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Constipation Problem in Chronic Non-Cancer Patients .. M. and more effort.D.S.. Anesthesia. Webster. Pharmacology.. Hassan H. and Our study shows that Pretreatment with hydrogen-rich saline could attenuate the location of the disease. Cristalia Produtos Quimicos e Farmaceuticos Ltda.S.S.D. Dmitry Mebel. CA .4%. Alvarez-Horine. Sanjeet Narang.D. M. M.D. McKelvey.D. severity of pain syndromes associated with the condition. M. Findings suggest a higher greater areas of ablation when compared to lesion without fluid.D. M. M. Pacheco. IL. Vida Zhang. Linlin Zhang. PN A2230 State or Trait Anxiety: Which Has the Greater Effect on the PO05-1 CLINICAL NEUROSCIENCES Postoperative Pain Course in TKA Patients? 1-3 p. La Detroit Medical Center.D. Yashar Eshraghi. Jaqueline S. IL . Jolla. Haiyun Wang.NB. Ph..5% with Kenalog produced significantly or mechanism of action were taken concomitantly..PN A2226 PN A2231 SUNDAY. Candido.D. Ph. Brazil. Louy. Division of Neurosurgery.. Roya Yumul.S. M.D. M. When prevalence of somnolence and some other AEs in patients who receive performing radiofrequency ablation both cannula and preinjection fluid types antidepressants and anticonvulsants concomitantly with IT ziconotide. Northeast Ohio Zapata-Sudo. Debom. M. Trachez. M. The rate of adverse events was similar. Mark S. Sarah Ittiara. Ph. Kesley Oliveira. Maher.D.D. M. Suresh Srinivasan. Sonja Hokett.. M. Cris-104 is a specific ligand for the nicotinic Radicular Pain Treatment: A Novel Approach receptor with a potential use for pain relief in diabetic-induced neuropathy.

D. Barcelona. M. M. and anesthesia records of neurological surgeries performed between Jan 2011 and produces learning deficits principally in spatial memory acquisition. D.. Effects of Multiple Exposures to Sevoflurane at Subcam Dosage in the Irving W. Baseline D-serine Plasma Concentration: A Potential Biomarker of Critical Care and Pain Medicine.. M. Neuroanaesthesiology. Wistar rats were exposed for one hour during 5-7days to sevoflurane at 2. University Hospital Bonn. Lionel J. Of the 493 resections with one or more SAH management..D. Nicolas J.. M.D. Soehle. records of 29 children with giant encephalocele who underwent excision and OH. Italy. may make anesthesiologist wary of tumultuous anesthetic course..D. Cooper Neuroapoptosis and Cognitive Function in the Neonatal Period Medical School of Rowan University.D. Luckenbaugh.. Alex Y. SGPGIMS.. Marseille. Ph. Ph. Marseille.63%) were the most frequent perioperative pulmonary M.D. Nottingham. Cleveland Clinic. Shunsuke in Intracranial Tumor Excision: A Randomized Trial Hayashi. Anesthesiology. Coral Barbas.019 Subjects From a Nationwide Inpatient Sample European and American Survey Results This is a retrospective study utilizing the HCUP NIS.. UT Southwestern Medical Federico Bilotta.D. France. M. retrospectively.D. Ph. Colombia..D.D. M. NA A2237 Transfer Function Analysis of Cerebral Pressure-Flow Dynamics NA A2242 Following Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Management of Vasospasm After Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage impairs normal cerebral vascular Hemorrhage: European and American Survey Results dynamics in humans as reported by transfer function analysis.D. when used during craniotomy for intrcranial tumor excision.The apoptotic neuronal death possibly through the activation of caspase 3.3%. B. Roma. Ph. Anesthesiology. M. Cooper University Hospital.. M. Ph.. Michael Goldberg.. Hospital Clinic Universitari Barcelona. TX. Germany. Hyperglycemia and hypertension were observed with patients undergoing NA A2244 awake craniotomies without opioids. Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine.D. Lucknow. M. SrAnesthesiologist.D.D. The Laboratory of Clinical AbstractObjective Analyze at a histological level the neurodegenerative. Anesthesiology. Hospital Clinic complications. School of Medicine. M. Rafi Avitsian. University Hospital Timone.D. Compared to remi.. Ph. for example the blood pressure target.New Jersey Medical School.. Ph. Spain. Investigation. JrM. The analyzed data demonstrates substantial incidence of Universitari Barcelona..019 cases of heterogeneous practices frequently at variance with available guidelines on pituitary resections were identified. France. Rome. Neus Fabregas. Ph. Mike Nathanson.D. would and Pain Management. University Hospital Queens Medical Centre.. University of La Sabana. Bekker. M. Zarate. M. complications.. cognitive and behavioral effects following repeated exposures to sevoflurane at NIMH. M. Roma. India. This study reports on the relationship between baseline D-serine plasma Bonn. M. Rath.A. M.D. MD.. United Kingdom. M. Deepa Asokan. Bruder.D. Sapporo.S. a total of 6. Anaesthesiology. Spain. Madrid. Wainer. Center for Metabolomics and Bioanalysis. Environmental Medicine.D. Ph.S)-ketamine Response in Subjects with Major Depressive Disorder Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine. M. Experimental Therapeutics & Pathophysiology Branch. University Hospital Bonn..78%) and pulmonary insufficiency Martin S. M. NJ.. Barcelona.. Medical M..... Girija P. Dongsheng Yang. Michel Bernier.D.. acute respiratory failure (12. Bonn.. one. Sapienza University of Rome.S. Velly.D. Mathew larger than the size of head of the child. M.. Spain. Italy. Camden. It highlights the importance of skillful perioperative management in these children. Newark. NIA. following surgery (16..MCharu Mahajan. Ph. Cross-matching ICD. M. Kevin J. NIH. Akihiko Watanabe. M. Ph. Neurological Surgery.. Bruder. Ph.D. Neus Fabregas. M.. Anesthesiology and can help to establish management priorities. David . a term often used to describe an encephalocele sac stability when used for a craniotomy. two or three times at intervals of 24 hours between exposures. Sapporo Medical University School of Medicine... All India Institute of Medical Sciences.D. subanesthetic dose of (R. India..D. Jinbo Liu. Anesthesiology and Critical Care perioperative pulmonary complications during pituitary tumor resections Medicine. Bethesda.D. Anesthesiology.S)-ketamine. Results All NA A2239 experimental groups showed neuronal apoptosis . Rong questionnaire on vasospasm diagnosis and treatment.D... Critical Care and Pain Medicine.D.. M.D. doses lower than the minimum alveolar concentration in neonatal ratsMethods Facultad de Farmacia.D. Ph. In the Morris water maze the Metabolic and Hemodynamic Stability During Awake Craniotomy difference found was statistically significant (t test p <0. Soehle. Nicolas J. Lionel L. Anesthesiology. M.MParmod K. M. Our primary outcomes were NA A2240 hemodynamics and postoperative pain relief. Emine Melik.D. Federico Bilotta.. repair over a period of 13 years were analyzed.D. M. Bithal.D. M.S. Craniotomy cases managed by total intravenous Rios.D. New Delhi.D. Cleveland. United Kingdom. M. Ph. Carlos A. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia 66 OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain . Ph.D. Sapienza University of Perioperative Care. and Reduces PACU Analgesic Requirements Than Remifentanil Soshi Iwasaki. M. UMDNJ . Hooman Heravi.. University Hospital Timone. Germany. Torjman..EngKim Rickert. Nottingham. Ph. Anesthesiology and Critical Care NA A2238 Medicine.. Dallas.. Low-dose remifentanil will improve the Dexmedetomidine Provides Better PACU Hemodynamic Control adverse events associated with awake craniotomies. Shobana Rajan. Ph..D. A lack of evidence Zhang.D.D. Institute for Exercise and justify prospective trials.. Velly. Anesthesiology and Anesthesiology.D. Brett Whittemore. acting Mu agonist(Remi) with the alpha 2 agonist dexmedetomidine(Dex) Japan. M.. In this prospective randomized trial we compared remifentanil the ultra short Anesthesiology. NA A2236 NA A2241 Pituitary Tumor Excision and Perioperative Pulmonary Complications: A Perioperative Management of Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage: Study of 6.. Ph. Ph. Our secondary outcomes were Perioperative Management of Children with Giant Encephalocele: comparing cognitive recovery and nursing resource usage. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. Universidad CEU San Pablo.D. Ph. NA A2243 Marc C.D.D.D. The European Neuroanaesthesia Research Group (ENIG) generated a 9 codes for diagnoses of pituitary tumor and perioperative pulmonary online questionnaire on aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage obtaining complications for pituitary tumor resection. Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine. Ruin Moaddel. D.D.D. University levelsand antidepressant response following the administration of a Hospital Queens Medical Centre. Fumiyuki Sugime. Center.D.001) when compared Without Opioids: Retrospective Study at a Single Center with the execution time of the test of the control group. The European Neuroanaesthesia research Group (ENIG) generated an online Gingrich.D. Mike Nathanson.D. M..6% of the children had good outcome.. Martin S.. Bogota.D. Analysis of 29 Cases administration of dex appears superior on PACU pain control and hemodynamic “Giant encephalocele”. (R.. Michiaki Yamakage. Nobuko Tachibana. is a lesser encountered entity which Hutcherson. Sergey Pisklakov. Anesthesiology on several clinical practices. of whom 89. M. M.Conclusions Exposure The aim of this retrospective study was to verify metabolic and hemodynamic to Sevoflurane in neonatal rats during repeated and short periods induces stability during awake craniotomy compared to non-awake craniotomy. 139 patients were randomized to recieve either remi or dex.D....D. A.. Outcomes Research. anesthesia and awake craniotomy cases were retrospectively investigated.. and Intensive Care Medicine. Fernando Dec 2013 were collected..D. NJ.

Ruslan Kuts.D.D. M. 2.. Fisher..C. Carlos A. Anesthesiology. Residents F. Rachel little is known about its association with preoperative depressive symptoms.. Nwokolo.D.. M. M. Souza.D. QC.R. Valentin... Evgeni Brotfain.D. M. and highly sensitive model to study depression. Evan G. Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care. M.D. M... Li Meng. M... Israel.. M. Nwokolo.R. M.M. Université de Montréal. Ruslan Kuts.D.. Ph. Tetsuro Sakai. Beer agreement between independent faculty reviewers. New Haven. Annie Lapointe. Anesthesiology. Alexander Zlotnik.D. Sam Gumbert. New Haven. New Haven. Stephen M. and craniotomy were 7. M. Chantal Hickey. M.D. Medicine.D.P. OCTOBER 12 Evaluation of Social Behavior in Rats After Traumatic Brain Injury Using AND RESOURCES the Complex Diving-for-food Situation Paradigm 1-3 p.R.D. of Anesthesiology. Soroka Medical Center. II. CT. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. Laboratory of Anesthesiology. Anesthesiology.. M.D.. Beer Sheva. Discipline of Canada.. Lischner.D.D. Pivalizza. Milene A. M.. Canada... M. Israel..D.P.. M.. Department of Normand. Francoise Yung. Student of Psychology. Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.D.. M. M.. Shaun We have developed a quantitative scoring system to capture these data E.D.Ed..D.. Yingling Wang.. M. Abcejo. Resident Interview Scoring System M. Ka Wang.D.. Artime. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain 67 . M. using the complex diving-for-food test. Xiao Wei. M. M. M. classical training. Winston procedures. Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. McHugh. which focuses on single physician leadership.D. Houston. Arielle Levy.D. M. no VAE-related Interdisciplinary Crisis Resource Management Team Skills postoperative adverse outcomes were identified. M. these VAE events. Arney S.D.C. China. F.M. simple. Montreal. we designed an interdisciplinary NA A2249 Crisis Resource Management team-training program. Maria Jose C. William J. Nicholas J.D.B. F. C.D. M.D. Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care. Haikou People’s Hospital. Ph. Department of Anesthesiology. Yulia Grinshpun. Benjamin curriculum on transthoracic echocardiography in Anesthesiology. the incidence of suffering a moderate to severe VAE for these procedures were 44.D.. Yale University School of Katherine C. M.A. Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de São Paulo.. F.. M... Ph.8%. Srikanth Sridhar. M. M.A.P.C.C. M. II. Artime. from an application and have confirmed inter-rater reliability with excellent Soroka Medical Center and Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. Findings support the need for and benefit of such training. We report Anesthesia Association Between Preoperative Depressive Symptoms and residents’ clinical experience in interdisciplinary teams and current available Postoperative Cognitive Dysfunction in Patients Undergoing Surgery team training. C.D. M.D.D. respectively. Mary’s Hospital .. M. M. Sara Guzman-Reyes. Steven L.P.D. The Incidence of Venous Air Embolism During Various Sitting Neurosurgical Cases PI A2253 Venous air embolism (VAE) is a common complication of neurosurgical Crisis Simulation and Checklist for Anesthesia Resident Education procedures performed in the sitting position... Mayo Most crises require management by interdisciplinary teams. Brazil. M.. UT- NA A2246 Houston Medical Center Dept of Anesthesiology. University. M... UT-Houston Medical Center. Long-term Patterns of Post-stroke Depression in Rats In this study we demonstrated for the first time that the sucrose preference PI A2251 test could be used to monitor long-term changes of PSD.M.D. Department of Anesthesiology. Vladislav Zvenigorodsky. This test demonstrated PI A2250 a significant sensitivity for the disturbances in social activity in the moderate Evaluation of the Inter-rater Faculty Reliability Utilizing a Standardized TBI group. M.. QC. Pivalizza. Ph. M.D.. underwent didactic and hands-on training sessions. D. Soroka Medical Center. M. Department and post test improvement as well as time to completion of TTE protocol. Anesthesiology. University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.8%. McGill Da Luz.D..D..D. Yulia Grinshpun.D.C. NA A2247 Long-term Pattern of Depression After Traumatic Brain Injury Using a PI A2252 Sucrose Preference Test in Rats Evaluation of a New Curriculum of Focus-Assessed In this study we demonstrated for the first time the long-term patterns of post. Sam Gumbert. Wake Forest University Medical Center.C.P.D. 29...A..C. Vane.D.. M..D. we examined for the first time social behavior disturbances in a rat model of TBI.M.D. Sao Paulo.O.. M.D. M. Olga Pawelek. Houston. and 22. and is highly sensitive for We devised a standardized evaluation form for each residency application studying depression. Katherine C. Omonele O.8%. Vladislav Zvenigorodsky.. M.. Ilana Bank. M. Anesthesia. Yale University School of Medicine. M. Evan G. Livia S. Leticia Maria A. Gruenbaum.C..A.. Hagberg. Orebaugh. Meredith Young.. M.D. | Hall B1-Area D In this study. M. Ph. Semhar Ghebremichael. To bridge this perceived training-to-practice gap.D. Mark I.. M. Of Salem. Ph.D... but not in the mild TBI group. M.D.D...P. F. procedures in the sitting position across 1668 patients at a single institution.m.D.P.. Data was analysed on pre M.. The rates of VAE in patients having DBS lead implantation.. Carlos A. This investigation reports the Crisis simulation and checklist education is a useful education tool to train the incidence and severity stratification of VAE associated with neurosurgical anesthesia resident for crisis management Chuanyao Tong. F. NC. C.B... cervical spine M. Normand. Vinicius Fernando F.R.D.. George Williams.D. Azzam. M... Carin A.. M.D.D. Sheva.D. M.C. Yi Tian. Montreal. Beer Sheva. and 10. Ph.6%.H. CT . Yale University School of Medicine. M. MN.D.D..Mayo Clinic. Gruenbaum. Graham-Carlson. Gruenbaum. Although PI A2254 VAE events may have acute intraoperative consequences.D. TX. Israel.. Schott. M. Amy D.D.NA A2245 PO11-2 HISTORY AND EDUCATION: EVALUATION: STRATEGIES SUNDAY. as under General Anesthesia participants report perceived improvement in skills relevant to interdisciplinary Postoperative Cognitive Dysfunction (POCD) is a multifactorial disease and teams following course participation. Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care. Training: Bridging the Gap Between Training and Practice Jeffrey J.D. Gruenbaum.D. in contrast to Clinic... The sucrose New Residency Candidate Interview Scoring Template Reliability preference test is reliable. Haikou. M. used by two faculty reviewers and found a strong agreement...D. Carin A. Critical Care Medicine and Emergency Medicine.D... George Williams. M.D.S. Carmona. Katia Osternack-Pinto. NA A2248 PA. M. Matheus F.. C. Alexander Zlotnik. Shaun E. Christopher Schott.. Ph..Sc. Benjamin F.R. Anesthesiology. Transthoracic Echocardiography for Anesthesiology Residents TBI depression using a sucrose preference test.4%. Perkins. Rochester.D.2% respectively. CT. M. Pasternak. St.D. Anesthesiology. symptoms in elderly patients. F. Omonele O. Pittsburgh..D. TX. Guogang Tian. M.. Hagberg.. simple to perform. Matthew Boyko. This study aims to investigate associations between POCD and depressive Lily Hp Nguyen. The sucrose preference test is This abstract presents the initial evaluation of a new teaching education a reliable.C.

Anesthesiology. Anesthesia and Critical Care. University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.and Post-Exams an Acceptable Metric for Assessing Anesthesiology . residency programs should consider including MCRM M. PI A2258 Implementation and External Validation of the Z-Score System for PI A2263 Normalizing Residency Evaluations Current and Future Teaching Practices on Point-of-Care Ultrasound Assessment of resident clinical competence is an essential element for Education for Anesthesiology Residents evaluating learning within a residency program.D. Associate Professor.D....R. Avner Sidi.. Toronto.A.D. David Burckett-St.D. Blasius.. Boulet. The 3DMAS was an American academic environment for formative (teaching) and summative useful as a reference for dissection in the cadaver workshop and may facilitate (testing) assessment. Perioperative. Chapel Hill. John R... Sherif Abbas. M. University of Florida.D.B. data for four years (2010-2013). Paul G. and Pain Medicine. as part The receptivity of anesthesiology residents to the website and e-attendance are of our anesthesia residency education.D. Evaluation and Use of a Multi-viewpoint and Multi-layer University. Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt (CCHE).Laurent.. University of North workshop to obtain visualization skill was introduced here. Felipe De Jesus Perez.D. topics that P. Osaka. This study consists of an electronic survey sent to all 125 academic of the Z-score system.R. M. Irvine Medical Center.A. M. Aiji Ohtsuka. Carqueville. Akihiro Suzuki.D. Ph. Philadelphia. Ph. and provides an external validation of the Z-score anesthesiology program directors in the United States. Angela D. Mohamad E.C. exercise using standardized volunteers. 3-Dimensional Clinical Atlas System We constructed a 3D multiview anatomy system (3DMAS). Samsun the understanding of anatomy by reviewing at home. Division of General Surgery. Stanford. Asahikawa-City. MHPE.D. M. Medical Education and Research. Department simulation-based learning as a routine part of anesthesiology and general of Anesthesia. Cara A. Nashville.D. Impact of one hour PEAS Hemanth A. M.D.Ch. The purpose of the site was to provide a Anesthesiology residents have varying levels of experience with resource for anesthesiology residents to use. Algren. Cairo. M. Anesthesiology. M.. Ankeet D. Yoshimasa Takeda. M. FL.D.B. M. M.B. Anesthesiology & Perioperative University. CA.. Pediatric Anesthesiology. M.. M. M.Ch. Brian S. Validated and reliable This survey aims to report the current practices of ultrasound education at measurements of resident clinical performance are important for accurate academic anesthesiology programs as well as indicate what areas of point-of- assessment of clinical skills...C.. Stanford University Medical Center.. IL. ultrasound skills after attending the lectures and participating in the simulation TX. We evaluated the educational usefulness of 3DMAS for teaching Examination Scenarios clinical anatomy to young residents and used the 3DMAS to assist dissection The aim of this study was to determine the “portability. With the increase in use of ultrasound-guided regional nerve monthly modules providing 3-4 multiformat items for each topic . M. Akihito Tampo.. Koronfel. M.B. Vincent W.. Anesthesiology.D. Ph.S. anesthesia (24 months) and basic TEE (12 months) are the two main courses.B. Allan Okrainec. Japan. FL. PI A2264 PI A2259 Use of Telesimulation to Teach Ultrasound-Guided Regional Anesthesia Effectiveness of Interdisciplinary Crisis Resource Management to Anesthetists in Ontario Simulation in Residency: A Pilot Study Telesimulation involves both audio and visual connection of individuals and Anesthesiology and general surgery faculty collaborated to create a simulation. Miami.... Loubser. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia 68 OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain . Japan. Japan. Department of Anesthesiology. Ramsingh. M. Human Morphology.D.D. M. Omayama University Medical School.Ch. surgical airway access in daily anesthesia practice.. Asahikawa Medical Development. Okayama.B. CA. Strom. Lampotang. Blood. M..A. Chan. were reported to be of importance for future anesthesiologists. Toronto Western Hospital- surgery residency training. Shinichi Ishikawa. University Health Network.D. Anesthesiology.D. Cunningham. on these results. Melissa S.D.D. Esposito.D.. their simulators using the Internet and a series of webcams. course implementation.. Nikolaus Gravenstein.D. Stephan J. The site divides topics into ultrasonography.O. Baker (2011) described a system of care ultrasound (POCUS) education are of interest to educate residents in the normalizing resident evaluations. PI A2256 PI A2261 Impact of Perioperative Evaluation of the Airway via Sonography Using High-Fidelity Simulation for Transitioning to Practice: Pediatric (PEAS) Protocol Workshop for Obtaining Scanning Skill and Confidence Anesthesiology Crisis Management and Team Training to Perform Cannula Cricothyroidotomy Initial experience with a developed simulation based training program for We propose the PEAS (perioperative evaluation of the airway via sonography) pediatric anesthesiology fellows with a specific focus on those challenges protocol to identify cricothyroid membrane to assess difficulty in performing encountered with transition into clinical practice. M. in which users PI A2257 can freely change their viewpoint (multi viewpoints) and depth of dissection Generalizability of Simulation-Based Objective Structured Clinical (multi layers).D. Rothman. Hiroshi Iwasaki. Subjectively. Based Uddin Niazi. Houston. Department of Anesthesiology.. we based multidisciplinary crisis resource management (MCRM) curriculum present qualitative and quantitative preliminarily results from the first use of between anesthesiology and general surgery residents..D. M. Vanderbilt M. Emergency.. Course? which uses a Moodle template. Christine L.D. PA.. Foundation for Advancement of International Care.. Ahtsham teamwork and communication skills in the operating Room setting. Kenji Yamamoto... Egypt. B.D.D. Results show there is a system using 1 year of observations from 1 independent institution. the Educational Efficacy of a Regional Anesthesia Week-Long We describe an online educational tool in cardiac anesthesia called O. Ryan M.P. we decided to implement a week-long course covering this topic. Orange.D.D. M. Ph. B.A. Ph. M. James Lau. Panasonic.. Cohn.S.D. M. M. Suzanne L... NC.. Udani.D. Takayuki Kunisawa. Chicago. Nimesh Patel.B. Assistant Professor. Hiroshi Tanaka. Examples from the website are provided and the implications of this exam to better gauge the educational impact of this experience.. Warren S. CA. Test scores significantly increased after Mohamed A. Carolina.. Baboolal. CA. M. Pilla. University of Texas Medical School at Houston.A.D.D. This study demonstrates an implementation future.. In this study. B. B.didactic CV blocks. Ph.D. Canada. Maxime Cannesson.. University of Chicago. Geographical relationships were understood better developed for the non-American Objective Structured Clinical Examination with in the 3DMAS group than in the conventional atlas group. B. Ph. M.B. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. Liebert. including a 4-hour hands on standardized patient simulation workshop. M. Jonathan large discrepancy between the topics of POCUS currently taught vs. Hashim. Residents participating this platform to teach ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia (UGRA) skills in in this pilot study demonstrated improved confidence in interdisciplinary hospitals across Ontario. Stanford. Keisuke Gainesville. Khanhvan Le.D. Stanford University School of Medicine.. Sandberg. Wanderer.S. Recently. Suetsugi.D.H. Jai Madhok. M. PI A2262 Satoshi Fujita.” or sharing of scenarios in a cadaver workshop. M..Phil. General Surgery. residents felt more confident about their Anesthesiology. Davinder S. Kimberly R. Michael A. We collected educational method in the future are discussed..D.A. Stanford University Medical Center. M. Ph.Sc..D.S. TN... PI A2255 PI A2260 Development of an Internet Based Educational Resource in Are Pre.B. We administered a pre and post course discussed. M. M. Ph. ON. M.. M. University of California.D. Department of Anesthesia. Konoske. M. Manager. M.D. Ph.. John T. Stanford..B. M... Michael F.

while overall Grocott. M.. Denmark. Neurology. M. New York.. mortality in patients undergoing high-risk general surgery procedures..D. Sepsis.. TN. M. Keck School of Medicine. B.D.S. Hershey.D. Alfred C. Michael catheterization differed significantly by the type of procedure... including 30-day acute myocardial infarction (AMI) and 30-day mortality. M.D. Ramani Moonesinghe.D. Ph. We present a protocol for a comprehensive Perioperative Utilization of Arterial Catheterization in Elective review of outcome measures used in existing perioperative literature. Ph. MetroHealth Medical Center. Applying this science to healthcare has numerous undergoing emergency endoscopy for upper gastrointestinal bleeding. Ph.001). Copenhagen University. Steffen J.D. Cherian.8 vs 18. FA A2266 FA A2270 Establishment of Objective Criteria for Operating Room Exit is Peri-operative T-wave Inversion in Patients Undergoing Non-cardiac Associated With Improved Early Postoperative Outcome in Pediatric Surgery and Post-operative Outcomes Cardiac Surgery The goal of this study was to determine whether the incidence of perioperative Following surgical correction of congenital heart defects. Anaesthetics. Nicolai B. Hospital of North Zealand. and AKI were independently associated with an increased risk of mortality.. M.D. Vestergaard. Vanderbilt University.D. M. Hershey Medical Center. Landeskrankenhaus Salzburg.. New York. Statistical analysis demonstrated that in surgical re-interventions in the intensive care unit.D.. Department OH. NY.A. M.D. The use of arterial set’ of perioperative outcome measures.D. Johnson Wong.. of Surgical Gastroenterology . Therese R.. we examined the joint effects and wound complications. M. | Hall B1-Area A Denmark. 95% CI: 2.. Cleveland. OH. Los Angeles. TWIs and serum troponins with adverse post-operative outcomes. M. M. B. Department of Anesthesiology... Anesthesiology. Lijun He.D. Hospital for Special Surgery. Ph.B.74-3.D..D.P. Matthew Joy.D. NY. Matthew S. Voltz. Lundstrøm. M.. Daves.D. Biostatistics. Department of Anesthesiology.65. Verghese T. M. M.S. M.. Patients College London. Airway advantages to help connect two disparate fields where experts speak different protection with endotracheal intubation was equal to conscious sedation languages.. Rosenstock. Jr.. Hughes. Joanne Brady.B. M. Christie Mulvey.S.66- M.S. Brian Donahue. Hvidovre..D. M. M. This Orthopedic Surgery analysis of precisely what outcomes are commonly measured will inform an Using a large national database the perioperative utilization of arterial international Delphi consensus process aimed at defining a standardised ‘core catheters in elective orthopedic surgery was investigated.. Department of Kwan. New York.D. United Kingdom.B. Ling Zheng...S. programming behind the scenes..S.62 days). M. Anesthesiology. The development of interactive documents. Lars H.. Ph.. FA A2267 The Effect of Elevated Glyco-Hemoglobin (HbA1C) on Postoperative FA A2271 Morbidity: A Prospective Observational Study Multi-Organ Dysfunction After General Surgery: Synergism Between Diabetics with elevated HbA1c have a higher incidence of post-op infections Acute Kidney Injury.. Arthur Berg. Ph.D. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain 69 . 95% CI: 1..D. Ph.S. Mathias Opperer.. Oliver Boney. Department of Anaesthesiology. M. acute lung injury (ALI). P<0. London. 6. Jashvant Poeran. Thomas Danninger.. multiple complications were associated with a synergistically increased risk of mortality beyond that which could be explained by the additive FA A2268 effects of individual complications. population-based cohort study of 3638 Danish patients from any given interaction. Salzburg. Ph.52. Quality.D.S. Austria. Medicine. University comorbidity burden seemed to be associated with higher utilization. Alexander K.PI A2265 FA A2269 SUNDAY. In addition... Meharry Medical College. Foss.001) and mortality (OR: 2. Guohua Li. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund.D. inflammatory processes that increase the risk of of those factors may be important predictors of post-operative infections mortality after surgery.m. Nicolai Lohse. Møller.H.B. receiving invasive hemodynamic monitoring were more likely to suffer complications and need ICU care. M. Department of Anesthesia & Critical Care.D. NY. Morten H.S. Donald M. two. Ph.D. TWI was positively associated with post-operative AMI (OR: 4. Ph...D.D.D.M. Whitney...D. Pinxia Chen. M. Acute Lung Injury. Martin Risom. Columbia University. Biostatistics. M. M. or all three of these complications on short-term B.D... surgical re-intervention T-wave inversions (TWIs) is associated with post-operative complications.D. in the early postoperative period may result in morbidity and mortality... and acute kidney injury (AKI) are difficult post-operative glucose control with wider glucose variability and both thought to be interdependent. M.. Anesthesiology. Scott Watkins. in Perioperative Medicine: A Systematic Review Protocol Columbia University. M. Our study also shows that a high HbA1c may foreshadow Perioperative sepsis. Gina M. Katherine Peterson. of developing one. Shotwell.B. Ph. Goal. D. M.4%) and length of stay in hospital can interact with complex mathematical models allows for modification of (8.. without the need to understand the computer M. and Sepsis on 30-day Mortality and complications. Department of Healthcare Policy and Research.S.. Pinchak.. Wilson Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt. M.D. Zaruhi Meliksetyan. Defining a standardised set of core outcome measures for perioperative randomised controlled trials would facilitate meta-analysis and reduce FA A2272 ambiguity in systematic reviews.B. & Prophylactic Endotracheal Intubation Versus Conscious Patient Care Sedation During Emergency Upper Endoscopy for Peptic Ulcer Interactive computing typically refers to software that allows for human Bleeding: A Population-based Cohort Study of 3638 Consecutive interaction and the immediate processing and visual representation that results Patients Prospective. Aultman Hospital. M. M..D. Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care PO13-5 OUTCOMES AND DATABASE RESEARCH Medicine. Katherine Hallock. Monroe Carell.. Copenhagen University Hospital Hvidovre. M. Minjae Kim. M.B. Nashville. OCTOBER 12 Interactive Computing for Anesthesiology .M.D. Joseph..D. M.Sc. Suanne M. Hillerød.S.95. Penn State College of ALI.18 vs 7. Rehana Rasul. D. Sumudu Dehipawala. Mary M.Sc. PA. Using ACS-NSQIP data.S.. Further studies may be warranted to investigate the association between M.B. decision making or teaching. B. B. Canton. P <0. CA. Anesthesiology. M.3. Weill Cornell Medical College. in directed treatment by the anesthesia team can lead to a significant decrease patients undergoing non-cardiac surgery. 1-3 p. Towards a Core Generic Outcome Set for Randomized Controlled Trials M. Stavros G.. Anesthesiology.D.. A randomized clinical trial is needed to fully answer this data or variables and immediate display of information that can be used for important clinical question. where front-end users with regard to 90d mortality (18..D. Memtsoudis.Education.S.

.. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund.. John Mitchell. M. NY. Hospital for Special Surgery. Tong J.. Department of Sociology. Memtsoudis.A. Anam Pal. New York. M. subsequent research funding. Department of in previous studies.D. was the effect of premedication on recall at induction of anesthesia. Ph.. Jeffrey Hubbard.D. The survey included 59-items on demographics.D... Duke University Medical Center. Sarkisian Hausman. Weill Cornell Medical College.D. White.D. These findings suggest that instead Feroze Mahmood..Sc.S. New York. Ryohei Serita. Jun Kawaguchi. Rochester. M. Rehana Rasul. M.S. M... FAER funding applicants and AUA members about career satisfaction and Stavros G. Mario Montealegre. M. Ichikawa. Hospital for Special Surgery. FAER. Department of Epidemiology of hospital-level factors. New York. Ward. Ward.D.D. NC. M. Ichikawa General Hospital.S.A Placebo- FA A2276 Controlled.. Takashi Ouchi. University of and Rectal Surgery.Data From FAER and AUA size of the latter group.D.. Our results may follow from the small sample .. M.D. Ph.P. Ph.D.D. M. Ph.. Jonathan Richard D. Japan. Lee A.S. Vwaire J. M. M... in 12% of the patients... White.D. Critical Care and Pain Medicine.D.D. Paul F. Durham.D.0 mEq/L in 33 % of the patients. Wender. Jun Tang. William D.D. M. Participants were also asked to upload Anesthesia Type and Perioperative Outcome After Colectomy in the their curriculum vitae. Denham S. University Using a large claims-based database we describe the distribution of anesthesia of Pennsylvania.D. Hemaya..P. Rochester. MA. NY. M.D. Jashvant Poeran. Antonio Hernandez Conte. Weill Cornell Medical College / NewYork-Presbyterian Pennsylvania. M. Brigham and Women’s Hospital.. Gross. in producing sedation and moderate procedural sedation. M.D. Philadelphia..A..2 mg/kg) IV. B... M. M. Tokyo Dental College. A secondary outcome measure procedural location.H.D.D. M.. Ph. Speck. M...H..D.H. Heather retaining the best academic anesthesiologists. M.D. M.D.. PA.D. success and productivity of academic anesthesiologists. M. B.... We found no clear pattern of consistent favorable FA A2279 results for patients undergoing their procedure under general versus general/ Career Satisfaction and Retention Among Academic Anesthesiologists neuraxial anesthesia combined.P. M.. anxiolysis upon entering the operating Room.D. M.A.D. United States: 2006-2012 Rebecca M.. and career satisfaction.. M.. Aspirin use was with better perioperative outcome we aimed to elucidate the role of hospital. Wendy L. M.D. Alison M. M. New York.D. MA.. Ph. Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.. Fleisher. Ph. patient-level factors or true biological effects may be and Biostatistics. Ph.D. CA.D. Ph.. Randomized Double-Blinded Study Adverse Events Associated with Moderate Procedural Sedation Outside of A randomized...P. Careful patient evaluation and risk assessment is necessary before delivering would be more effective than midazolam.. Anesthesiology & Critical Care. Emad Natalia. Anesthesiology and Critical Care. Speck. M.. M. M. Urman. funding between January 1973-February 2013.P. associated with a significant decrease in postoperative permanent stroke and level effects of neuraxial anesthesia on perioperative outcomes in hip and knee infectious endocarditis. NC. and the procedure itself can be predictive of sedation..A. Harvard School of Public Health.D.D.. M. Colon S. M. specific rate of combined complications. Memtsoudis. Hospital. MA. NY.D. placebo-controlled study was designed to test the Operating Room the hypothesis that a sub-hypnotic dose of propofol.... M. Mathias Opperer. M. Stavros G..D. Yumul. PA. M..D. Robina Matyal. M. Sergey Karamnov. Anesthesiology. Ph. M. supporting. Kapil Anand. FAER.D.A. M. Elvir Lazo. There appeared to be little agreement between hospital-specific M. M. Denham Policy and Research.D..Present study revealed that serum potassium concentration elevated to more than 5. Boston. NY.D.D. FA A2280 FA A2275 Preoperative Aspirin Use and Postoperative Outcomes in Non- Hospital-Specific Neuraxial Anesthesia Rate and Perioperative emergency Cardiac Surgery Patients Outcomes We investigated the effect of preoperative aspirin use on postoperative As a follow-up on previous studies showing neuraxial anesthesia associated outcomes in non-emergency cardiac surgery patients.. M.D. FA A2273 FA A2278 The Relationship of Postoperative Beta-blocker and Statin Use With Subsequent Research Funding Among FAER Career Development Mortality After Noncardiac Surgery Award Recipients and Applicants Postoperative beta-blocker and statin use are not associated with a decreased To better understand the effect of career development awards on the future risk of perioperative mortality in patients undergoing noncardiac surgery. emergency hemodialysis was required before anesthesia because of unexpected hyperkalemia. Surgery. or certain decision triggers.. FA A2277 Preoperative Serum Potassium Concentration Cannot Be Predicted in Patients Who Had Been Hemodialysis-Dependent The purpose of this study was to investigate serum potassium concentration on the morning of surgery when hemodialysis is performed one day before surgery. Ph. 2 mg IV. Boston. Roya related complications and should be taken into consideration by providers.Sc. These findings warrant Toward the goal of identifying elements critical to attracting. 20 mg (~0... Madhu Mazumdar. M.D. Gan. MN. Ph. Emmanuel Akintoye. and further prospective research. Ph. more likely contributors to the beneficial effects of neuraxial anesthesia found Department of Anesthesia. Division of Cardiac Surgery. Nelson. FA A2274 mentoring.D.. Boston College. M. Ehren R. Madhu Mazumdar. Toshiya Koitabashi.The serum potassium concentration was compared between just after hemodialysis and on the morning of surgery..B. M.H. Ph... Fleisher. FA A2281 Comparison of Propofol and Midazolam for Premedication .. Ph. Kamal Khabbaz..D.D.D... D. M. D.H..D. M.D. Ph. Lee A. Jashvant Poeran.D.D. Duke Foundation for Anesthesia Education and Research (FAER) career development University Medical Center. Anesthesiology. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.. We conclude that serum potassium concentration may increase on the next day of hemodialysis and the magnitude of increase would not be expected. Ph.D. Anesthesiology. Kyotaro Koshika.. Kertai. M. this web-based survey queried Yeo. Ofelia L. M. Khurram Owais.. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia 70 OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain .D.D.. M. Philadelphia. Orhurhu. MN. M. Healthcare retention. percentage use of neuraxial or general/neuraxial anesthesia and the hospital. M. Los Angeles.D.H. this investigator- Miklos D.. double-blind. Healthcare Policy and Research. Boston.D.H. Harvard Medical School. M. Rebecca M.D. Rehana Rasul. arthroplasties... Ph. type among patients undergoing colectomies as well as its association with perioperative outcome.D. Chestnut Hill. New York.D. Weisheipl. Ronald H..P.D. leadership positions. Takao Kato.. NY. Ph.D. Durham. Weill Cornell Medical College.. Firuz Yumul. Multiple factors related to the patient. designed web-based survey was sent to 830 individuals that applied for M. Especially..D.. Mathias Opperer. MA.

NOTES SUNDAY. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain 71 . OCTOBER 12 AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund.

HI. Johnson. Sinai.D. Mary Preoperative Chronic Use of Opioids Is Associated With Early Knee Sano. M. Department of Postoperative Delirium in Elderly Patients After Joint Replacement of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine.. Copenhagen.D. University of Washington. M.D. This nationwide VA database research of nearly 40. and the up- Postoperative cognitive dysfunction (POCD) is a complication found most regulation of MMP-9 and VEGFA were involved in this process. WI. M. Ph.D. Section for Surgical Pathophysiology. Anesthesiology. Koscik..BCh. VA Puget Surgery: A Randomized Control Trial Sound Medical Center. prospective psychometric testing revealed persistent cognitive deficits after surgery within a 9 year test interval..D. University of Oregon. M. cardioinhibitory overshooting upon stimulations results in profound bradycardia and hypotension and to extreme. Joachim Knop. Alzheimer’s Disease Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine. preoperative psychopharmacolgocially treated psychiatric disorder is an important risk factor for postoperative morbidity and readmissions. B.D.m. Ellie Walker. Patients who received general anesthesia with desflurane. In this study we focus on the perioperative Anesthesiology Department. Hu Nan. parecoxib administered as adjuvant to intravenous morphine analgesia FA A3007 significantly improved the quality of analgesia. John C. Asenath A. Ya-Wei Li.. Henrik Kehlet. with a The QoR-15 Questionnaire is an Acceptable and Feasible Measure of mean age of 73. M. Ph. Stacie FA A3006 G. Seattle. UCL/UCLH Surgical AM A3005 Outcomes Research Centre.S.D. Maria Chazapis..D. Boncyk. CCS. Denmark. Ph. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. M.. Cognitive Deficits After Surgery in Persons with a Family History of M.D. Houston.D. M. Allen Psychiatric Disorders and Psychopharmacologic Treatment as Risk L. M. Ph. Factors in Elective Fast-Track Total Hip and Knee Arthroplasty Sterling C.B. Rebecca FA 3008 L. decreased the incidence of postoperative delirium. CA. M. found that Anesthesiology. M. China.. Dong-Liang Mu.S. M. commonly in the elderly.4 ± 6. Christoffer C..D. surgical risk patients. M. United The Alteration of the Blood-Brain Barrier Integity in POCD Induced by Kingdom. M.D. reduced the consumption of The Influences of Head and Neck Radiation Therapy on Intraoperative morphine. Dong-Xin Wang.. Da-Zhi Zhang.S.D.B.D. Irene Rozet.B. Ph. Orthopedic Surgery and the Relative Mechanisms Orthopedic surgery disrupts the BBB integrity via down-regulation of tight AM A3001 junctions claudin-3 and ZO-1 as well as adhision junction VE-cadherin. Postoperative Cognitive Dysfunction. M. Copenhagen University. | Room 243 study was to investigate if specific volatile agents would increase the risk of POD. Wenzel.000 veterans undergoing TKA during 6 years demonstrated early knee implant failure in patient with AM A3002 history of chronic preoperative use of opioids requiring re-operation within Parecoxib Supplemented Morphine Analgesia Decreases the Incidence one year after TKA...D.. and alleviated Hemodynamic Responses: A 10-Year Data Review postoperative cognitive decline. Merete Nordentoft. Eunjung Lim. M. M. The overall incidence of POD on postoperative Patient Reported Outcome After Ambulatory Orthopedic Surgery day 1 or 2 was 41%.D. The aim of the 8-9:30 a. 570 patients were studied. | Room 245 patient and are fundamentally different. Jacqueline M.m. decrease in both BP and HR upon incision.0 years. Katie J. M.D. Wenli Dong. Ph.D. Our data demonstrates that POCD is characterized by two subtypes which tend not to occur in the same 8-9:30 a. M. Beyond a Single Domain leading to impaired spatial working memory in aged rats.D. in elderly patients after joint replacement surgery... Alon Y.... WA. Sakura and 7 days after surgery. Damon Kamming. J. New York. Australia. Deiner. M. M.. Schenning.D.D. and total knee arthroplasties with complete 90-days follow-up. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia 72 OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain .S. B.. La Rue. Madison.S.. A prospective cohort study in patients who underwent major non-cardiac DELIRIUM AND COGNITIVE DYSFUNCTION surgery was conducted to examine the effect of volatile anesthetics on postoperative delirium (POD) on postoperative days 1 and 2.D. M. Ph. there was no difference in POD among 3 groups.S. University of method of obtaining patient reported outcome measures in this population. Ph. University of Hawaii. Portland. Ph. Department of but also demonstrated increased cardioinhibitory effects under anesthesia as Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine.D. Melbourne. ORAL PRESENTATIONS AM A3004 Volatile Anesthetics and Postoperative Delirium OR01-1 AMBULATORY ANESTHESIA: ANESTHESIA OUTCOMES.. Anesthesiology and Psychiatry. China. M.. Carol M. M.D. Tianjin. executive domains in elderly patients.D. Rigshospitalet. Bruce P.. DMSci. Clinical observation showed that Beijing Jishuitan Hospital.. performance of memory vs. Peking University First Hospital.. Ph. London. Leung. M. DmSci.. Ramani Moonesinghe. Mental Health Centre Copenhagen. California. M. Rozner.BMartin Rooms.. Tianjin General Hospital. Chun-Jing Li. changes in their resting BP and HR as compared to that of their counterpart Zhao-Ting Meng. M. University College Hospital.D.D. San Francisco. Monash University.. Kirk Hogan. OR..D. Gang Zheng. Hermann.. M. Marc A.. Xiaodong Luo. 48h. Chao Liu. Our study demonstrated that. This was regardless of the specific type of psychopharmacologicals used and after adjustments for patient characteristics. isoflurane AM A3000 or sevoflurane were included in the study. Sager.D. The Icahn School of Medicine Implant Failure in Patients Undergoing Knee Replacement at Mt... In high orthopedic surgery patients using the QoR-15 questionnaire at 24h.D. M.D.D. cardiac arrest.D. Lewis.D. Beijing. School This prospective descriptive analysis in 8756 elective fast-track total hip of Medicine and Public Health. Geng Wang. Desflurane was associated with higher POD rate than We present results of a study assessing quality of recovery in 633 ambulatory sevoflurane or isoflurane in low or intermediate surgical risk group. TX.D.. Neal Huang....D... Honolulu. University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. Henry Badgery. Bispebjerg & Frederiksberg Hospitals. Ben-Ari. NY. Disease.D.D. M. Future studies to identify risk factors or interventions for POCD look by subtype since causal factors may differ.. Mark A. Copenhagen University. University of Wisconsin.. Ph. Jørgensen. It was found to be both an acceptable and feasible Kinjo..B..D... In a sample enriched for healthy adult children of parents with Alzheimer’s Biostatistics. M. The results of study are AM A3003 consistant with our clinical observations. Head and Neck Surgery. We hypothesized that there would be a difference in predictive variables between OR13-3 OUTCOMES AND DATABASE RESEARCH patients with memory and executive dysfunction. The data review showed that HNRT affected individuals not only presented M. Institute of Preventive Medicine.

.. Chicago. Carlos H. Canada. M. processes are realistic targets that could lead to clinical trials. M.D.D. M. M.B. Ph.S. M.. M. Foundation for Orthopaedic Research and Education. Pretto.D.. D. Dr. Robert P.. Boston. Ph. Omar F. M. Sachiko Hosokawa. function. M.D. mortality risk did not differ significantly anesthesia augments the discharges of inflammatory cytokine. It PFC/Isoflurane nanoemulsion.D... Katori Nobuyuki.D.D. M.D. FA A3010 Lack of Association Between Routine ACEI Use and Acute Renal Injury FA A3015 After Non-Cardiac Surgery in Patients Given Hydroxyethyl Starch Cytoprotective Polymer Formulations Containing Emulsified Volatile Solutions Anesthetics for Beta Cell Encapsulation Hydroxyethyl starch (HES) solutions are commonly used for volume To isolate beta cells from the recipient immune system while facilitate nutrient resuscitation. University of Pennsylvania.D. Praveen Chahar.. | Room 231-232 Muscular Dystrophy Muscular dystrophy patients are associated with high incidence of anesthesia- FA A3012 induced complications. M. California. Gregory Modrall. TX. but recent studies suggest HES solutions can be associated diffusion. FL ..D. Houston.D. Anesthesia. M.S. Ph. J..HMark D. In vivo microscopy and Morphoproteomic Expression of Oral Cavity and Oropharyngeal Western Blotting showed the maturation but not induction of skeletal muscle Squamous Cell Carcinoma autophagy was defective in mdx mice.D.. Los Angeles. Lingli High. Shaogen Wu. Cleveland.. M. Kei Inoue.. cManasvi Vanama. processes (IDH1.m. D.... reduced risk of AKI in patients given perioperative HES solutions. Aki Kashiwagi.D. M.A. Ueki. in Adults In the current study we evaluated the effect of anesthesia type on the risk FA A3016 of in-hospital mortality among patients undergoing hip fracture surgery using Deep Depth of Sevoflurane Anesthesia Worsens the Prognosis the largest nationwide database of inpatient hospitalizations that contains of Endotoxemic Rats information of type of anesthesia available in the United States..D. M.D.S.D. Argalious.ALawrence Wengle. M. Rutgers New Jersey Medical School. Harvard Medical School.. Behrouz Ashrafi. Girish P. impairs lung by anesthesia type among patients undergoing hip fracture surgery. Ph. Seki Hiroyuki. M.D. Ph. Antonello Pileggi. Brianna Marie Lutz.P. Rush University Medical Center.D. Ph. Maged Y. Brandon G. Ph. Ricardo B. A. Igarashi Toru. University of Hospital for Children.P... Chirag B.. Shriners Texas Medical School at Houston. M. Mdx mice showed elevated levels of This in vivo human pilot study tested the hypothesis that sevoflurane and plasma potassium as compare to control mice after anesthesia with isoflurane. M.. CA.. Department of Anesthesia. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. Sebastian Suzuki Takeshi. M..N. M. cJason T.. M.. Lubarsky. M. Toronto.. including low hospital volume.D. Jr..C.. to slow progression of nephropathy in patients diagnosed with diabetes. Joshi..D. Brian T.. Tokyo. M.Z. Dyara.D. Hospital for Sick Children. Anesthesiology and Pain Management. M. Japan.B. FA A3011 Diabetes Research Institute. Mechanical Engineering.H.. M.D. M..O. Ph. Fraker. high cancers.. CO.D.A. Los Angeles. Ph.DHelen Mogun. Yuanxiang Tao.D. Tampa. Puttlitz. Elisabetta Patorno.D. Ph.C.D.D. Ernesto A.D.D. M. Dallas.. Eric B. This This is consistent with existing reports describing the pre and post conditioning retrospective study evaluated the extent to which ACEI use is associated with effects of inhaled volatile anesthetics.. Keith A. The data show that this inclusion greatly is known Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors (ACEI) are frequently used enhances viability of the cells and reduces the oxidative stress from hypoxia. David A. Farag.. Newark. Boston. Traynelis... MA . Macintosh than with an Airtraq laryngoscope. Ph. Pathology & Laboratory Medicine.. Kosugi Shizuko. Neurology.OEhab S.D. were not exceeded. Robert Brown. and Lucille A. Candiotti.. University of Iowa Roy J.. M.D.D.D.D. Camillo Ricordi. Maynes. Cell Transplant Center. Hindman..B. Department of Anesthesiology.D. Davide Cattano. Neurosurgery.. Candidate. PA. Surgery. M.. Bateman. OH.. We have identified increases in methylated DNA and enzymatic hospital technology are significantly associated with lower FTR rates.. Ph.. We documented that general anesthesia-induces Differential Effects of Sevoflurane versus Propofol on the skeletal muscle autophagy in a time-dependent fashion. Christopher M.D. Sc.D.D.. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain 73 . Ph. From...D. OCTOBER 13 System-Level Factors Beyond Hospital Volume Affecting Failure to Morphine Induces Dose-Dependent Epigenetic Alterations Through Rescue After Open Abdominal Aortic Surgery Modification of the Pro-Metastatic IDH-R132H Protein Variant This study reveals that system-level factors.D.. M. Massachusetts General Hospital. M.D.. Santoni. Vincent C. Michael M.D.D. Todd. Miller School Comparative Safety of Anesthetic Technique for Hip Fracture Surgery of Medicine. Ph.D. B. M. Fort Collins.D. Ryusuke using morphoproteomic analysis. Ph. Ph. Harvard Medical School. M. The University of Care and Pain Medicine. M. Colorado State University.S. Jeevendra Martyn.. IL. | Room 238-239 Inhibiting Spinal mTOR Attenuates the Development and Maintenance of Morphine-Induced Tolerance and Hyperalgesia NA A3018 Spinal mTOR participates in the development and maintenance of chronic Intubation Mechanics-2: Unstable C1-C2 Motion During Intubation With morphine tolerance and hyperalgesia. Ph. B.. Cleveland Clinic Foundation. Iowa City. Timaran.. we showed that deep depth of sevoflurane that contrary to some prior reports.S. NJ. Patel. Critical Otorhinolaryngology. M. Ph. Bekker. Department of Anesthesiology.D... Jay Ferrell.D.D. and This in vitro research builds on previous work from our team linking the a high hospital safety-net burden are strongly associated with higher likelihood epigenetic and metabolomic consequences of morphine exposure with specific of failure to rescue(FTR) after open abdominal aortic surgery. M. M. Department of Surgery.. OR10-2 EXPERIMENTAL NEUROSCIENCES FA A3013 1-2 p. Morisaki Hiroshi. Ron Karni. TX. M. we developed a novel microcapsule containing our manufactured with a significant risk of increased mortality and acute kidney injury (AKI). M. Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Kurz.D. FL. Perioperative Medicine and Pain Management.D. Dean Bunbury. Minamishima Shizuka.. UT Southwestern Medical Center.D. In contrast.. M. physiologically normal values Anesthesiology. Ph.. Keio University School of Medicine. Neuman. Schneeweiss.B. OR02-1 ANESTHETIC ACTION AND BIOCHEMISTRY: OFF TARGET FA A3017 EFFECTS OF ANESTHETICS TO IMPROVE PATIENT SAFETY Autophagy Dysfunctions and Anesthesia Related Complications in 1-2:30 p. IA.D. Philadelphia.D.D. ON. Shingo Yasuhara. Xiyao Gu.B.. Andrea M.D. M. Both of these Rosero. Christian M.. and worsens the outcome.D. Linlin Sun... M.. propofol (prototypical inhalational and intravenous anesthetics) exert differing Autophagy dysfunction is likely important in anesthesia..D..m. M... M.and Low-Force Laryngoscopes in Cadavers Liang. F. Fontes. University of Miami Leonard M. Miami.D. Although extension of an unstable C1-C2 segment was greater with the Ph. We found In a LPS-treated rat model. IDH1 R132H) as plausible mechanisms. Alex Y.D. M...D. Yusuke Norimatsu. M. Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine.S. Bradley J. M.D.D. Carver College of Medicine.D.FA A3009 FA A3014 MONDAY.induced hyperkalemia effects on the molecular biology of oral cavity and oropharyngeal SCCA in DMD. M. M. MA.D...

Department of General Internal Medicine without affecting the overall incidence of aneurysms. Department of Anesthesiology and The Wilson Centre. Fox. Data from 2008-2010 were employed to determine metabolic syndrome we used an animal model involving New Zealand Obese predictors of success in the first year of residency. B.. Chris A. though their number of adults exposed to neonatal inflammation. M. San Francisco.. Ph. Anesthesia/ Perioperative Care. independent ganglia.D. ATF6. Barry Issenberg. However..D. Pitié Salpêtrière Hospital..D. M. Paris. University Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells Reduce the Rupture Rate of of Toronto. Ryan Whitehead.S.. B. M. Vincent Degos. Erin Milligan. Paris. glutamate via breakdown of nucleus pulposus aggrecan protein. The groups’ accuracy did not differ on the post-test. Canada.EdPh. The MSCs FL.D. Ph.D.D. B. Ph. Ph. M. M. Phillip Hess. Ph.BCh. FACS..D. John D. M. NA A3020 Ph..D.D. M. M.B. Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Instructor’s strategies were not used. Boston. Anesthesiology. Epidural infusion of glutamate for 72 hours at physiologically relevant of pre-clerkship interest levels. NM. Anesthesiology.. France. Univiversity of cascade.D. PI A3025 CA.. NA A3019 OR11-2 HISTORY AND EDUCATION: HOW DO KNOW WHAT WE Hypoxic Preconditioning and the Unfolded Protein Response .and Instructor-Regulated Learning on Skill Acquisition.. University of and immunosuppressive properties. Vanessa Wong. Martin V. and even violence Epidural Administration of a Single Injection of Glutamate Produces are none to occur in the operative setting. M.D.. and retention test.. University of treatment significantly reduced the rupture rate of intracranial aneurysms Toronto. Sick Kids Intracranial Aneurysm Learning Institute. MB. Here we show that Peter Benoit. PI A3027 NA A3023 A Curriculum-Based Approach to Transesophageal Echocardiography Neonatal Inflammation Induces Long-term Alteration of the Microglial Training Using Kinematic Analysis Response to a Novel Inflammatory Challenge We performed kinematic analysis of probe motion to track improvement of In a murine model of moderate systemic perinatal inflammation mimicking transesophageal echocardiography (TEE). Mahmood. Canada.naive trainees during a simulator neurological handicaps observed in some human preterm infants. microglial based multimodal training course.A. PI A3026 Predicting Success in the First Year of Residency NA A3022 A correlational and probit analysis of CA-1 performance data and results of a Obese Mice With Insulin Resistance Are Susceptible to Postoperative 3-question Gestalt survey faculty complete on new residents early in their CA-1 Cognitive Decline year that evaluates their knowledge. Using a battery of M1-M2 phenotype markers probe accelerations from rest.. decreases in post-clerkship interest in surgery.. Diabetes Center. Albuquerque.....D.. M.D. M.. Ph. Medical College of Wisconsin.. M... Ph. Universirty post injection. Candidate. Canada. Carol-anne Moulton. Lorello. instructor) practiced knowledge may point to better treatment for brain ischemia. a putative model for OSA.. The trainees were also able to obtain standard we shown that the peak of M1 and M2b-like markers occurred earlier in TEE views on patients undergoing cardiac surgery.D.B. Canada. UMR 111.D. University of New Mexico. modulated by local ionotropic kainite and AMPA receptors. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. Sigaut. Clichy Hauts de Seine.D. ON.. Lam. France. Contreras. Ph. Winnipeg. France... Anesthesiology.D. M. Milwaukee. The Gestalt survey was mice.D. M. M. College of Wisconsin & Zablocki VA Medical Center. in which the male species also has insulin highly predictive of residents who would require academic intervention. Canada.S.D.. Toronto.. Winnipeg. Our aim is to investigate whether the UPR pathways PERK. Maria Mylopoulos. INSERM. Ph. Susana Vacas. implying activation of a secondary pathological inflammatory of Manitoba. adaptation. diagnosing murmurs. We investigated the effect of intravenous Miami and The Gordon Centre for Research in Medical Education. Atsushi Kuwabara.. B. Manitoba. Anesthesiology.S. and The Wilson Centre. social exclusion.. University of Tornto. and The Wilson Centre..D. The unfolded PI A3024 protein response (UPR) in the endoplasmic reticulum may be integral to this Effects of Self. Toronto. M..D. The impact of exposure to these Long-lasting Bilateral Allodynia in Rats behaviors on medical student post-clerkship interest in anesthesiology and Disc injury induces release of the nearby excitatory neurotransmitter surgery is understudied. Anne-Laure Schang. M. Ph. Sanchez. Ph. B. Winnipeg.D. resistance... Gianni Francisco. S. Jae-Woo Lee. Mitchell.D. ON.D. Juliette Van Steenwinckel.m.B.D. Jia Liu. R..S. Stéphanie M.D.. Medical Student Exposure to Negative Intraoperative Behaviors and Post-Clerkship Interest in Anesthesiology and Surgery NA A3021 Negative behaviors such as berating. and respondent sex. Fred Harrington. Toronto. Christopher A. in heightened peripheral nociception by spillover onto adjacent dorsal root and predictive of.. M.. Jean Mantz. San Francisco. Pierre Gressens. MA .Ch.. ON. Ph. Ph.. neurodegenerative diseases or sepsis associated encephalopathy. Ryan Brydges. M. University of Toronto. FACS.. Medical Chopra.D.San retention.D. These results highlight long-term probe transitions and total time was greater in comparison to an expert. University of California San Francisco. modifications in microglia that may have consequences on acute brain injury.. Hawthorne. Bickler.S.D. San Francisco.. MB. This results we find that exposure to negative intraoperative behaviors is associated with. MB.A New TEACH Target for Neuroprotection Against Hypoxic Brain Injury 1-2:30 p.D.D. Anesthesiology.B. Canada. Eric Jacobsohn. M. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) have unique tissue regeneration properties ON. Miami.D... Mervyn Maze. M. M. CA. Suneil Koliwad. Neuroanesthesia and Neurointensive Care. Philip E. Kyle Tuffli. clinical performance. M. cMed . Retention and Trainees’ Conceptions and IRE1 are required for hypoxic preconditioning of rat cortical neurons.D.. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia 74 OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain . M. Department of General Internal Medicine. This Medical students randomized to 2 groups (self vs. CA.D. Robina Matyal. Toronto.D. M. human MSCs treatment in an intracranial aneurysm mouse model.. Ph. Khurram Owais. Kathleen Reyes.. M.. Ph. Nitin Thomas J. Canada.D..D. Feroze Ph. The trainees demonstrated a progressive polarization induced by a systemic inflammatory challenge in young decrease in their cumulative path length.D. Neurosurgery. M. Mario Montealegre-Gallegos. and the perceived In order to ascertain the possible reasons for the enhanced risk patients with strength of the resident. Alexander Villafranca.. Tomoki Hashimoto. University California Anesthesiology. M. Anam Pal. WI .. David O’Halloran.D. University of California .D. Using partial correlations and a multivariate GLM. Ebert. Department of General Surgery and The Wilson Centre.. M. M.D.D. total time to acquire views and adulthood is modified. Nicholas C. Anesthesia and Perioperative Care. San Francisco. Milwaukee. Bobbi Fleiss.D. Department of Pediatrics. a single injection of glutamate produces long-lasting allodynia up to 3 days University of Manitoba. M. | Room 245 Hypoxic preconditioning is an adaptive response to hypoxia that enables cells to survive subsequent severe insults such as ischemia.D. WI. Katie M.D.D.. no such concentrations in rats produces heightened concomitant mechanical allodynia relationships exist for anesthesiology. Beaujon University Hospital.

Christiane G..B. Hyperthermia > 38°C was more common. B. Guillaume Besch. NY.. Osaka.D.D. Philippe Montravers.D. Grand Rapids. M. Ian Zolnowski. Anesthesiology.D. M. MD. Brian P. Arlington. Woods. M. B. M. Anesthesiology. M.D.D. Hedwig Schroeck..53% to 0. Frank. Kevin S. M.A. DrPH..m. Richard Kline. PhyMed .D. and Reporting antibiotic prophylaxis. M.D. Nicolas Grillot. Thomas D. M. Andrew Scott. Johns Hopkins compared to peer and self-evaluators..D. Emmanuel Frederique Servin. M. Ranier Tejada. Hugh M. OCTOBER 13 Milestone Assessment of Resident Professionalism During OSCEs is Perioperative Thermoregulation Compliance Effectively Prevents Best Discriminated by Professional Standardized Patients Hypothermia The ABA is requiring the OSCE in 2017 for board certification.D..D. New York University..JLR Medical Group. Michael Phillips.D.D. Whitewater.A. Technische Universität München.D.8% to 0.D. Chris Fox. M... M. University of Michigan. of Anesthesiology. M..D. the Resident Evaluation or aztreonam and its effect on surgical site infections (SSI). FL. M. Orthopedic Surgery.. Andrew D.. Anesthesia and M. Satya-Krishna Ramachandran. to address the milestone-based evaluation requirements.D. Tampa.S. M. PI A3032 Unexpected Post-Operative Hyperthermia in Infants Transported to the Intensive Care Unit An institutional audit intended to determine the frequency of post-operative hypothermia in 467 NICU infants was performed.D. Laurent Tavernier. | Room 245 Brandon J. Klinik für Anaesthesiologie..D. M. Schaumburg.D. Okayama.D.S.. which included addition of gentamicin residency. It could help adapt opiates effect-site concentration. Atsuko Uesugi. B. M. Evan Sutherland. M. M.1% of infants were found to be severely hypothermic (< 35°C). TX ... Guglielminotti.04). M. undergoing total hip arthroplasty and spine fusion. Stefan J. M. METABOLISM AND ELIMINATION P.D. M.D. presumably due to unintentional overheating. M. M. Anesthesiology. M... Ph. Medical College of Wisconsin. Department Medicine.. Dose-Response Relationship of Rocuronium TN. received the new protocol.D. Ph. John C.D.D. Ph. MI. B. Ph. the adjunction of remifentanil to Pupillary Diameter in Response to a Noxious Pretest the target controlled infusion of propofol does not improve the conditions of Assessment of the nociception/anti-nociception balance during general the diagnostic panendoscopy of the upper airway performed under tubeless anesthesia relies on the analysis of non-specific marker. Jacob Mischka.19% (p=0. the overall SSI rate decreased from 1. Azam. Anesthesia Quality Institute AQI. Consultants.D. US Anesthesia Partners ...D. Only 2. Yuko Yoshizumi.. Anesthesiology.A. We analyzed a new protocol. Greater for a 95% twitch inhibition.D.. Steven L. NY. M. Elizabeth H. Arnaud Causeret.. M. WI . Angéline of this balance. Ellinas. Anesthesiology.D. New York University. Wendy Benedict. M.. Our department developed a new system. Rosenberg. Steven M. Münich.. CHRU Besançon. The OSCE Perioperative thermoregulation (SCIP measure Inf-10) non-compliance exercise on professionalism was used to verify ACGME milestones and evaluate contributes to an increase of adverse outcomes and costs for the healthcare resident behavior.. Amélie Jurine. Anthony LaBuda. Germany.. Orlando... Feedback.D. Takashi Mori. Ebert. Anesthesiology. College of Business and Economics. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain 75 .9% This secure online program enables the collection and statistical analysis of (p=0. Dan Longrois. Okayama An electronic anesthesia patient survey system with feedback continuously University Graduate School of Medicine. M. In those who System (RES)... resident progress.D. Ph. PC. B. College of Letters & Sciences. such treatment may no longer be appropriate for patients The transition from core-competency focused assessment tools to milestone. M.D.. Wong.. Germaine Cuff. Schaller.D. New York.004) and SSI of the hip and spine caused by GNB decreased from resident evaluations to ensure timely and efficient review of data regarding 0.D. M.D..D.. M. New York.. The Effects of Single-shot or Steady-state Propofol Anesthesia on the FL.D.D. P. Anesthesiology.S.. M. Mark Schoenberg. This safe and cost-effective technique contributes 1-2:30 p. NY . 3-4:30 p. Hospital.D.D. Infants weighing <1500gm were at increased risk for hyperthermia (30% of 20 low-weight infants). M. Ann Arbor.Anesthesia Medical Group. Weissman. based assessments has added complexity to the evaluation process in based on national recommendations.D.. Standardized patients were shown to be able to discriminate system.. Jenner. Medical Institutions. Mitchell Marshall. Ph. PI A3034 New York.S.. M..D. FL. Primm. M. M.. Modifying Perioperative Antibiotic Prophylaxis Can Decrease Surgical Site Infections In Orthopedic Patients Undergoing Total Hip PI A3029 Replacement Or Spine Surgery Development of a Resident Evaluation System (RES) for Milestones: With rising isolates of gram-negative bacteria (GNB) resistant to standard Improving Assessment. Michael C. B.D.D.D. Taiki Matsuyama... Anesthesiology. Analysis of change general anesthesia. NYU School of Medicine. Ph.. M. Ph. Nathan Kirkpatrick. M.. Joseph Bosco. M. Frick. Nashville.. US Anesthesia Partners .D. Klinikum Rechts der Isar. reporting to providers.. Besançon.. Manfred Blobner....B..A.. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund.D. PA. Anesthesiology. Richard OR07-1 DRUG DISPOSITION.D. WA. | Room 243 patients’ satisfaction significantly. Urology. Wajda. WI.S. FRCA.PI A3028 PI A3033 MONDAY.D. Baltimore. Northstar Anesthesia Roland Stäuble. M.. University of PI A3035 Wisconsin-Whitewater. FA A3036 Anesthesiology.... Dalton.m. Samain. Aaron N. Elisabeth Monnet.. IL. Wanda Chin. Anesthesiology/Critical Care Medicine.D. . Taku Hamada. Marine Paule.. Anthony Catanzano. PI A3030 Mika Mikawa. Puyallup. respectively) of rocuronium after single-shot or Florida Anesthesiologists.D. M. Anesthesia Medical steady-state propofol anesthesia in a clinical setting. Deep Breathing Alleviates Propofol-Induced Pain Deep breathing is effective in reducing pain on propofol injection without OR14-3 PATIENT SAFETY AND PRACTICE MANAGEMENT obvious complications.. This study is designed to determine the effective dose ED95 (the dose required Rainier Anesthesia Associates. NY. CUMC. M. M. Japan. M. Pratt. Jean Guillemin-Chopard. PI A3031 Propofol-Remifentanil Anesthesia for Diagnostic Panendoscopy of the FA A3037 Upper Airway: A Randomized Trial Prediction of Movement During Surgical Stimulation With Change in In a randomized placebo-controlled trial.. Anesthesiology. Paris.. Moeed S. but provides a greater hemodynamic stability with no in pupillary diameter in response to a noxious pretest is an accurate marker increase in pulmonary complications. MI. Katsuaki Tanaka.D. Bichat Intensive Care. Milwaukee. Japan. Sr.D. Dutton. M. B.D... Ph. Osaka Measuring Anesthesia Patient Experience City University Graduate School of Medicine.D.. Maitland.D. France. Daniel Maley.D. high and low achieving students in this competency most consistently M. Ph.D. M.. New York.. Sébastien Pili-Floury. Thomas J. and improved patient satisfaction scores. Ph. Looke.. Kiyonobu Nishikawa. France. M.D. M..JLR Medical Group Division. M. Anesthesiology.

D. Activation in the transition assessed.. University Hospital their effects on synaptic transmission.. M. Institute of Bioengineering.D.D.D. and after anesthesia was given. Fellow. Emery N. Dartmouth College. United Kingdom. MA. Calcium Sensitivity of Exocytosis M. Elmar stage is related to either persistent mentation in sleep and/or disinhibition in Grossmann.D.. Dimitri Van de Ville.. Sebastien Pili-Floury. Propofol selectively inhibited cross-modal auditory responses while unimodal tactile responses were maintained both in the primary NA A3042 somatosensory cortex and a higher-order cortex. Bogota. Anesthesiology. Heart Center University of Haven... Ahmed. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. Joel B. Ph. The during anesthesia. M.D.D. M.D.. Annette Wegner. Ph. M. Neurosurgery. Ph. Masato Hara. M. dPET. | Room 243 in all regions. Christoph Michel. Anesthesiology. Requirements During Bispectral Index-guided Closed-loop Anesthesia: UCLA. Student...D. Anesthesiology.. We found that long-range dependency of EEG microstate sequences decreased significantly both as a function of clinical assessment of consciousness (OAA/S) and estimated effect site concentration. which has important FA A3041 implications for understanding the pharmacological regulation of synaptic Derivation and Interpretation of an Equation Describing the Uptake of transmission in central synapses. Deutschland GmbH. Ph.D. Centro Interdisciplinario de A Randomized Multicenter Trial Neurociencia de Valparaíso. Greifswald. Martin Tramer.. FA A3040 Nicoletta Savalli.D.D. V.D. Zhenyu Zhou.. Biology. Ph. Student. Phil.D.D.D. Ph. Anesthesiology.. Alan Neely.. Konrad Meissner. M. benzodiazepine) to provide anesthesia in cardiac surgery patients.. Cambridge.. Ioana M.D. Wolfgang Soenghen. and structurally-relevant models in human CaV1. NH.. Computer Science.H. Hugh C. WA. regulating physiological functions such as pain sensation. Anesthesiology. University of Greifswald.D. Division of Molecular Medicine. Dr. Inhaled Anesthetics Ph.. Institute of Pharmacology. However.D. Joerg Ender.. Sarah Eibel. M. quality of life. Ph. Christopher Lysakowski.D. Joel Baumgart. Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale EPFL.. Senior Consultant. Alteration of Temporal Organization of EEG Microstate Sequences M.D. Director of Clinical Operations. we demonstrated that neuromodulators that regulate presynaptic Ca2+ can in turn reduce both Pv and RRP size. Anett Engel.. Paion UK Ltd. Anesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine. the voltage-sensing properties and functional roles of -Ing. Identification of presynaptic anesthetic mechanisms is critical to understanding M. M. Neurosurgery.D. An equation describing the uptake of inhaled anesthetics is presented.. Spokane.D. intracellular [Ca2+] and neurotransmitter release in cultured hippocampal France.D. Mariola Soehngen. Paion Condinamarca.. Melanie Claveau. Massachusetts General Hospital.EFrancisco Gomez.D. Universidad Central de Colombia. the equation exhibits good York. Colombia. This randomized placebo controlled study showed that neuromuscular blockade during maintenance of general anesthesia guided by the BIS significantly NA A3045 reduced the requirement for both propofol and remifentanil in patients Effects of Isoflurane on Synaptic Vesicle Pool Dynamics and the undergoing noncardiac surgery. Foch Hospital.Sc. Antonios Pantazis.m. Fundamental Neurosciences. we discovered that each VSD has distinct functional properties and that the activations of VSDs II & III control Ca entry.D. Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine. Ngay Liu. Los Angeles. Senior Consultant. agreement with published uptake curves from human subjects. Shaun Patel. Ph. of consciousness during a step-wise induction of general anesthesia Boston. Hanover. Ph.D. Analysis of the equation reveals simple prediction regarding numerical relationships between NA A3046 uptake for different anesthetics. Ph. Geneva. neurons. Ph. Besancon. France. distribution and Ca entry. Suresnne. M. University of Geneva. fMRI BOLD was measured before anesthesia. Julia Kolbow. Department of Anesthesia. Stephen L. M. Julien Maillard... Ph.D. Valparaíso. By using voltage clamp fluorometry M. New on principles from the closed-circuit literature. Roberto Martuzzi.. Neuromuscular Blocking Agent Reduces Propofol and Remifentanil Riccardo Olcese. with propofol. NY.Sc.M. Emad N. OH. Switzerland.D.. Yumiko Ishizawa. safety.anesthetized continuum during propofol infusion.D.. Robert Constable. Werner Siegmund. Ph. Using a strictly presynaptic assay of both of Besancon. Cincinnati.fMRI Study in Healthy Volunteers Undergoing Cardio-Surgery The effect of sevoflurane 0. Critical Care & We assessed EEG microstate dynamics as a function of the gradual loss Pain Medicine. Chile. Senior Consultant...5 MAC was examined on ten resting state networks Phase II study to evaluate the ability of remimazolam (a new short acting using fMRI in healthy volunteers. Markus Keiser. M. Responses in Primates Children’s Hospital Medical Center. Juliane Britz.... M. Neurology. Boston. Thorp. M. as well as a simple mechanism to uptake at a Propofol-Induced Loss of Consciousness and Cortical Single Neuron given time in an anesthetic..D. Pulse Contour Cardiac Output (PICCO) were also were suppressed before the Default Mode Network. Stefan Probst. Dipl. Stephanie Villeminey. Germany. Ph. M. M. Michael B.D.D.5 MAC on 10 Standard Resting State Versus a Standard Regime of Propofol/Sevoflurane in Patients Networks . Leipzig.. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia 76 OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain . Ph.D. M.D.. Nathalie Boichut... M.D... Based Hemmings. Single neuron activities were recorded in a primate cortical network in the awake . Emmanuel Samain.P. Massachusetts General Hospital. Jr. New M.. Eskandar. Germany.. D. Ph.D. Nadia Elia. M.. Leipzig. Aachen. Yale-New Haven Hospital. Omar J. M. Tomescu. stage 2. Narcotrend to LOC it was shown that the Executive Control Network and Salience Network index. FA A3038 NA A3043 Phase II Study of an Ultra-Short Acting Benzodiazepine (Remimazolam) Effect of Sevoflurane 0. Anesthesia. M.D. M. Sieling.. Ph. Clinic of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care.D.2 channels for the first time. Hoppa. MA.. Switzerland. During Propofol-Induced Loss of Consciousness Brown. M.. CA.D.. Ph.. The elimination. Keith Borkett. D.D. M. each non-identical VSD are unknown. Lausanne. Ph. Gunter.D. Maolin Qiu. Propofol-induced OR10-1 EXPERIMENTAL NEUROSCIENCES: MECHANISMS loss of consciousness (LOC) was marked by a decrease in the neuronal firing 3-4:30 p. Intraoperative awareness.D. Ph. NA A3044 FA A3039 The Molecular Transitions that Initiate and Control Excitation-evoked Morphine and Loperamide Interact Differently With Uptake Calcium Influx Transporters of the OATP-family Voltage-gated Ca channels (CaV) are the main pathways of excitation-evoked Uptake transport proteins play a crucial role in drug absorption.D. M. Germany. M.D.. CT.D. Ph. Carmine Bevilacqua. Weill Cornell Medical College. the pore. Anesthesiology. Divya Shree.. Independent component primary efficacy variable was success of general anesthesia defined as no analysis was utilized to analyze the results.D. Daniel Sigg. Ramachandran Ramani.D. During the transition from awake need for rescue sedative medication.... Karin Wilhelm-Ogynbiyi. This work used a cell model to discover potential substrate and voltage dependence and timing of this potent message are governed by up inhibitor properties of morphine and loperamide towards uptake transporters to four CaV transmembrane voltage sensor domains (VSDs) that surround of the OATP-family.

Dose Escalation Trial ropivacaine infusion to a single-injection ropivacaine paravertebral nerve block Neosaxitoxin (NeoSTX) is a sodium channel blocker that produces prolonged in the immediate postoperative period results in improved analgesia and local anesthesia. Beijing Jishuitan Hospital. Whether the low cortisol levels are causative of these complications or are an association is unclear and warrants further prospective studies.S. Wallace. Brian M. MA . M. Chicago..D. M. Murphy.. Anesthesiology. M.D. M. Evanston. OCTOBER 13 A Comparison of Propofol.D..A. Mary Ellen McCann.D. FACS... Beijing. M. NorthShore PD15-2 PEDIATRIC ANESTHESIA: MISCELLANEOUS University HealthSystem.. Ph. Rhee. M. Beijing.. R. Brigham OR16-1 REGIONAL ANESTHESIA AND ACUTE PAIN and Women’s Hospital.. Brown. bupivacaine liposome injectable suspension. Joseph W. and enhanced patient-perceived quality of pain management. Beijing Jishuitan Hospital. Geller.B. Ilfeld.D.D.. 12 h postoperative time points on movement ( P<0.. David A.. Brandon Westover.. Scott Emery N.In populations who are at risk for coagulopathy.. Many of these patients experienced Intraoperative complications.D....2% BUPI (alone) and placebo..D. Szokol. M. Cutaneous anesthesia (by QST) is more prolonged with NeoSTX . Ph. Petrie. Pittsburgh. Double-Blind. controlled trial was designed to observe the analgesic efficacy of ultrasound-guided bilateral superficial cervical plexus RA A3053 (SCP) block and cervical nerves pathway (CNP) block in patients undergoing Safety of Liposome Bupivacaine (EXPAREL®) Used in Peripheral Nerve thyroidectomy.S.S. This is the first clinical dose Washington Medical Center..D. J. The administration of intraoperative methadone in cardiac surgical patients CA... M. M.A. Parsippany.D. Anesthesiology. PA.S. Cleveland Clinic. M. The CNP block reduced VAS Pacira Pharmaceuticals.D. These differences are relatable to their neural-circuit level continuous block with ropivacaine (0. Ilfeld.B.01 ). M. M. Priscilla G. Boston. This randomized.D. All patients received Blocks ultrasound-guided bilateral SCP block (group S) and CNP block (group P) Liposome bupivacaine (EXPAREL®. 5-40mcg.. Surgery. compared to 0. MA. M. M. Ph.AKimberly RA 3049 Lobo. DKirk Dabney. M.D. Ph.C.. M. Ph. M. Double-Blinded Clinical Trial in Cardiac Surgical Patients Investigation). University California San Diego.D. Anesthesiology.. Carolina Donado. and postoperative analgesia for thyroidectomy. Nisha Malhotra. M.. Oluwaseun Johnson-Akeju.D. B.D. Purdon.2% bupivacaine (BUPI). Vanessa Loland. RA A3048 RA A3052 Breast Pain 3 and 12 Months After Mastectomy With and Without a Prolonged Local Anesthesia With Neosaxitoxin in Combination Continuous Paravertebral Nerve Block With 0. M. B. Northwestern 8-9:30 a. M. escalation study of NeoSTX combinations in awake human subjects.D.. double-blind. Ph.D.D. Boston Children’s Patients Undergoing Thyroidectomy Hospital/Harvard Medical School.m. Wallis Marsh. OH..M. DSabina DiCindio. M. Mark S. | Room 231-232 of Pittsburgh Medical Center. M..S. General Hospital. Joseph Cravero. M. Seattle. Kara J. This liposome bupivacaine formulation is currently being evaluated by the Huihua Lin.. 4. Sandhu. Anesthesiology. (Clinical Randomized.D. Katharine Hartnack. Torin D. M. dose-escalation safety study using subcutaneous injection.. This is a review of the safety data China. Anesthesiology.... Greenberg. We performed a FDA-approved investigator-initiated IND less functional deficit one year later. adding a multiple-day.D. M.P.. M. US FDA for use in peripheral nerve blocks. Ph. Following mastectomy. assessed cutaneous anesthesia with NeoSTX (alone) and in combination M. M. Avram.. Patrick L. | Room 244 University Feinberg School of Medicine. ..H. M.. resulted in reductions in analgesic requirements.4 % 40 ml respectively. Tetsuro Sakai. Nicholas J. Anne M.. Michelle M. James may provide an important and viable alternative to epidural block..D. NavParkash S... Chelly.. Stephen B. Brian M. Berde..D. M. both of minor and of major types.. improvements in pain scores. Ezeldeen Abuelkasem.D. Ph. China.. Massachusetts Lang. M. Michael J. M. Rafael Vazquez.D. Karen R.S. Edward J.D.. Cleveland. San Diego.D. Ph.. Wilmington.H.D.D.P. M.S. Anesthesiology. Kristin L.D.. M. San Diego. Harrell. Anesthesiology and Critical Care. M..D. M.. continuous Controlled.NA A3047 RA A3051 MONDAY. Wallace. Anesthesiology.D. Pain scores.D.S.D. Jacques E. M.. Sarah J.2% Bupivacaine Versus Bupivacaine Alone: A Randomized. The currently-available data suggests that liposome bupivacaine RA A3050 appears to have a similar safety profile to bupivacaine HCl and placebo Intraoperative Methadone for the Prevention Postoperative Pain: A when used in a peripheral nerve block. NJ) is a long-acting local analgesic with score on1. 42 patients were enrolled into two groups. between groups. 6. and postoperative PCA utilization were not different states of consciousness. secondary analyses Madison. Surgery.D.. with ropivacaine 0. PD A3054 Surprisingly Low Levels of Cortisol in Patients During Posterior Spine Fusion. Preetham J. IL. M. M. Department Superficial Cervical Plexus Block and Cervical Nerves Pathway Block in of Anesthesiology. Brookline.D. M. Joseph Kim. Charles B. DE. M. bilateral PVB Pavone.D. ambulatory. WA...D.D. Perioperative and Pain Medicine.S. Mascha. Li Xu.. Allan Tsung. Kormylo.. Suresh.. Boretsky. M. United States Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) approval exclusively Bilateral ultrasound-guided SCP block and CNP block provides effective intra for administration into a surgical site for postoperative analgesia in adults. Perioperative and Pain Management. Laura Cornelissen.D.D.. Ph. with 0. M. M. Glenn POSTER DISCUSSIONS S. IL . Schreiber. Ph. Yan Zhou. M. Does It Signify a Pathological Adrenal Suppression? Search for the etiology of NM patients experiencing more complications during surgery led us to the unexpected finding of low cortisol levels in patients undergoing spine fusion surgeries both idiopathic and NM.m. M. Boston. Shear. University 3-4:30 p.D.. incentive mechanisms and could be used clinically to more precisely monitor patients’ spirometry volumes. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund.c.2%) until POD3.D.. MA. M.and Dexmedetomidine-induced Bilateral Paravertebral Block Versus Epidural Block for Postoperative Electroencephalogram Dynamics Using Spectral and Coherence Analgesia in Open Liver Resection: A Prospective Randomized Clinical Analysis Trial Our results demonstrate distinct differences in the properties of slow This prospective randomized study of patients undergoing elective open oscillations and thalamocortical oscillations induced by dexmedetomidine liver resection compared thoracic T7-8 epidural with bilateral paravertebral and propofol. University of combined with BUPI than with BUPI alone.D. CA. B. M. UC San Diego..D. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain 77 .D. M. M. DRobert Olszewski.D.. Nemours Alfred I Dupont Hospital for Children. Comparison of Analgesic Efficacy of Ultrasound-Guided Bilateral M. DMary Theroux. from six phase 1-3 clinical trials of liposome bupivacaine used in peripheral nerve blocks.

D. Ph.. B. Ph. Auler Junior. PN A3062 Eduardo H. Cincinnati. Carmona. High-volume blood transfusion was associated PD03-2 CHRONIC AND CANCER PAIN with prolonged ICU and hospital stay. M.A. Acculturation emerged for scoliosis and make dosing recommendations. Pruitt..B.D.D. Japan. are warranted. MSCE.. M...D.D. Susan Goobie. Zuppa..D. Chicago. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund.D. Jerrold Lerman. Sussman.. Vidya Chidambaran. Ph. M. M. Kroin. FRCPC. PD A3058 Rifat Hasina. Singleton. Ph.D..D.D... Ph. Athena F. Liver Transplantation. Devika Singh.. Xin Li..S. CA. Cincinnati Loss of PKCδ Genes in Experimental Osteoarthritis Augments Children’s Hospital.D.. Biochemistry.D. Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.. Ph. A leak at peak pressure <15-30 promoted bone marrow-derived microglia which expressed IL-1β aggregate cmH2O is most commonly used to determine the appropriate size of TT.D... of the mu opiate receptor on cancer progression. Michelle A. Mondadori. PD A3055 PD A3060 Pharmacokinetics of Aminocaproic Acid in Adolescents Undergoing Disparities in Pain Management: Identifying Barriers to Management Posterior Spinal Fusion Surgery of Postoperative Pain in Low Income Hispanic/Latino Children The aim of this study was to determine the pharmacokinetics of epsiolon.. M.D.N. Gross Novel Association of OPRM1 A118G Variant with Risk of Morphine total surgical resection is the mainstay of treatment but profuse intraoperative Induced Respiratory Depression Following Spine Fusion in Adolescents bleeding during resection with intraoperative blood losses between 100- Prospective genotype-blinded study in post-surgical adolescents provides 200% of the total blood volume is commonly reported.D. like behavior. M. Rush Medical College..D. M.. Ph.. M.B. McAuliffe.D.. Intraoperative Tranexamic Acid May Reduce Blood Loss During Choroid Plexus Papilloma Surgery In Infants PD A3056 Choroid plexus papilloma (CPP) is a highly vascular tumor of infancy... Parents of Hispanic/Latino children with low income endorsed many barriers to aminocaproic acid in adolescents undergoing posterior spinal fusion surgery management of postoperative pain in the home setting. Neto..D. Patrick A.. Those who An IL-1 Receptor Antagonist Improves Anxiety-Like Behavior Induced are fellowship trained and have been in practice for <5 years use cuffed TT in by Chronic Neuropathic Pain Via the Blockade of Phosphorylationof neonates more frequently than those who are not fellowship trained and have NMDA receptors on Neurons in the Amygdala been in practice for >20 years. Anesthesiology.. and neurons in the CeA did not express phosphorylated NMDA receptors Pediatric Anesthesia. Estela Regina 1-2:30 p. Cuffed Tracheal Tubes and Airway Management in Infants and University of Chicago. M. M.S..D. Ph.. Gastonguay. M. Madhankumar Intracerebroventricular injection of IL-1R reversed anxiety-like behavior. Increased Mu Opioid Receptor Expression in Metastatic Lung Cancer Jose Otavio C.. Luiz A. Sapporo Medical University School of Medicine.S. Hope Esslinger. Emily M.. Eric Y..D. M. Theodora K. Jackson. were obtained in 111 of 117 patients who were under 72 months of age. Children’s Hospital Boston.. California Medical Center Irvine. Cincinnati calculated blood loss was less than 20% of the patients’ total circulating Children’s Hospital Medical Center.. Zeev N. Cincinnati. Ravi Salgia.. Joel A. M. Kain. M. Jinyuan Li. Fortier. R. Anesthesia and Critical Care. Anesthesiology. Microinjection into the CeA of IL-1R antagonist reversed anxiety- MS. compared to adjacent normal control samples.D. Osteoarthritic Knee Joint Pain In this mouse knee trauma model.. Children: A Survey of Practice Patterns A survey of pediatric anesthesiologists’practice demonstrated that the use of PN A3063 cuffed tracheal tubes (TT) increases directly with the children’s age. M. Valentina Pilipenko.. CCRC. FANZCA. to potentially aid hemostasis and therefore lessen intraoperative bleeding. B..D..A. Ph. Kenneth J. M. The most common reasons for using cuffed We investigated the effects of IL-1 receptor (IL-1R) antagonist on neuropathic TT include more effective ventilation. M. IL. John J.. Ph. Ph. Ph. MEPs Sapporo. Hee-Jeong Im.. Tuman. M.D. children under 6 years of age when a TIVA technique was employed. Culturally- strategy is significantly higher than what has been reported in previous clinical tailored interventions are needed to address barriers to pain management trials in this population. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia 78 OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain . Boston. M.. Lisa Martin.CONCLUSION: Tranexamic acid (TXA) may be effective to help reduce intraoperative blood loss as part of a comprehensive patient PD A3057 blood management strategy in during CPP resection.D.. Jeffrey S. AC Camargo Cancer Center. M. Karina Gordon. Paul Stricker. CT. MA.A. Senthilkumar Sadhasivam. consistent with a direct effect Sao Paulo. M.B. Ph.D.D.D. Ph.N. M. Joaquim.D. Ph. PD A3061 Philadelphia. Atsushi Sawada.D. Gastroenterology. blood volume. Efficacy trials using the recommended dosing strategy in ethnically diverse children.. M..D.D.D. Anesthesiology..D. Evoked Potentials in Children Less Than 6 Years Old M. The into the central nucleus of the amygdala (CeA) at day 28 after surgery.D...A. John Fiadjoe..D.D.D. M. M. Children’s Hospital of Buffalo. PA. M. M. University of M. D’Albuquerque.METHODS: We evidence that G allele at A118G variant (OPRM1) affects susceptibility to administered tranexamic acid to two infants with CPP during surgical removal morphine induced respiratory depression.D. CCRC IV.D... Joao S.D. loss of PKCδ increased osteoarthritis- induced pain..D.S.. Figueira.B. M.B. better monitoring pain-induced anxiety.D. Living Donor Pediatric Liver Transplantation Pediatric patients submitted to living donor liver transplantation are more POSTER DISCUSSIONS likely to develop portal vein thrombosis if they are given perioperative large amounts of blood products. M. Anesthesiology.D.D. B.D. Motor evoked potentials were obtained more frequently than SSEPs in Ph.. M. Neuropathic pain induced anxiety-like behavior and of end-tidal gases and emergency surgery. Mu opiate receptor expression was significantly increased in lung cancer tissue University of Sao Paulo.. NY. Suzanne L. M.m. Department of Anesthesiology.g.A.D. Buffalo. RESULTS: Gross total surgical resection was accomplished and the total Kejian Zhang. Ph. Blood Transfusion Increases the Risk of Portal Vein Thrombosis in Anesthesia. OH. Brazil. M. (pNMDARs). Sathyamoorthy.. Ph.D.D.D. Di Chen.BB. OH. Tariffville. M. B. Ph. Orange. Luiz Augusto C. Michiaki Yamakage.. IL. Marc R..D. Yukitoshi Niiyama.. University of Mississippi Medical Center.. Goebel.D. Maria Jose C..D.D. Rocha Filho. Strom. suggesting that neuron-microglia interactions between pNMDARs and IL-1β PD A3059 might be important in neuropathic pain-induced anxiety.avoiding reintubation..A. M. Ph.. M. Anesthesiology. Jonathan Moss. Chicago. Blockade of IL-1R successfully reversed the anxiety-like behavior.. | Room 244 R.D. Metrum Institute.. M. Special stimulation techniques were used in half the cases in which MEPs PN A3064 were obtained. Ph. Robert Stevenson. The recommended dosing as a factor associated with beliefs about analgesic use in children. Asokumar Buvanendran. M.. Tamara Mirzapoiazova. cuff pressure of TT is monitored infrequently during anesthesia.

Tonsfeldt.D.D.D. Anesthesiology and Critical Care.. Jones.. Low Back Pain Patients: A Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Surgery.D. Halawa.. Advocate Illinois Masonic L. B.D.D. China.D. and detect which factor of patients’ background Ph. and represents a new target for pain control.D.S. We found perioperative lidocaine administration was associated P. Rush Medical Fibromyalgia Patients: A Look at the Potential Utility of College. Yoshitaka Kobayashi. and ability to relate to others were Knezevic..S. Washington. Ph.D. Ph.N.. | Hall B1-Area B joint synovium. DC . Tokyo. Ph. Ph.. Kimberly M. Japan. M. patients with TN at V2 alone had shorter duration of pain relief and needed more frequent additional intervention compared to patients with TN at other distributions. Hoffman.. M. University. Richard Amdur. M.D.D.D.. Maxwell. Charlene A... Photoaversion in Functional Pain Syndromes Fibromyalgia (FM) involves a maladaptive hypersensitivity to pain known as PN A3066 central sensitization..D. Kim Ph. Marcel E..P.D. Department of Anesthesiology. B. Portland. M. RFTG was a safe. Ph. Japan. Chris Hk Cheng. Oregon Health and Science Kong. Karthik Dwarki.. PN A3069 Abdullah S. not significantly different.. which could potentially be a cerebral Radiofrequency thermocoagulation of Gasserian gangilion (RFTG) is one of biomarker for chronic low back pain.. Chicago.D. seems to be an effective buttress of treatment Chronic post-surgical pain (CPSP) is a not uncommon complication after for DPN that can largely improve the quality of patients’ life. Ph.. owing to its differences between FM and healthy controls. Shatin. Chan. Ph. but the Fukushima. Xiaodong Liu. Yan Chen. Candido.. Jr. Anesthsiology..D. Light Sensitivity Correlates Positively With Pain Sensitivity in Ph. Charlottesville. Overall change in QOL both prior to treatment Nevertheless. Bachelor of Medicine. long-term effective treatments for trigeminal neuralgia (TN).. M. M. Tuman. Omar I. Kenneth J.....A.Evaluation of 63 Procedures aspect of pain and reward processing. M.S. Anesthesiology. walking. associated with higher incidence.D. Anesthesiology. The Chinese University of Hong Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine... M.D. IL . M. China. Knezevic.D. Pharmacology..D. F.C.D. Heinricher. Ketamine suspension not that only makes injections of this depot steroid safer. M. Mary M. but also infusions improved patient pain scores. PN A3068 Protective Effects of Hydrogen-rich Medium on Schwann Cells PN A3072 Apoptosis Induced by High Glucose Perioperative Lidocaine Infusion Reduces the Incidence of Post- Our results indicated that hydrogen-rich medium inhibited the HG-induced Mastectomy Chronic Pain: A Double Blind.. Ph. M. M. Tetsuya Sakai.P.D.D. ketamine infusion and two to four weeks after the ketamine infusions at picolinium chloride or their combination.D. Robert M. Our results showed that Japan. M. Karen T. Terkawi.. M. May M..D.D. M. M. Ramon C. Biochemistry. M. PN A3070 Asokumar Buvanendran.B. Hong Kong.. We found an enhanced Duration of Gasserian Ganglion Radiofrequency Thermocoagulation for activation in the patients at specific brain areas engaged with the emotional Trigeminal Neuralgia . Chicago. Kroin. has harmful effects on these cells. Chin. F. These findings indicate a protective effect of lidocaine for CPSP in mastectomy patients. Nagasaki. may prove to be an alternative to using compounded MPA.. PN A3067 PN A3071 Methylprednsilone Acetate with Reduced Concentrations of Outcome Measurements in Chronic Pain Patients Following Preservatives is Not Cytotoxic to Dorsal Root Ganglion Neurons Ketamine Infusions The present study showed a cytotoxic effect of MPA with preservatives on Patients with chronic pain were asked to complete a survey concerning the sensory DRG neurons and no significant differences between the vehicle and impact of their pain on aspects of their quality of life (QOL) before receiving MPA with reduced preservatives.D. Koshi Makita. OR. Study We performed fMRI with lumbar mechanical pain stimulation in 8 chronic low PN A3073 back pain patients and 8 healthy control subjects. Janice H. Ph. IL .D.D. George Washington University School of Medicine. Enhanced Activation of the Affective and Reward Systems in Chronic Antje Gottschalk. sleep..D. Shuo Zhang. study was to examine the efficacy and complications associated with RFTG Shin-ichi Konno. confirming that either PEG or myristylgamma. Ph. Durieux. Fukushima Medical University. Tokyo Medical and Dental University. and overall enjoyment of life. George Washington University Medical Center.D. Hee-Jeong Im. M..D. B.D. M. This pilot study explores and identifies significant photosensitivity Cathepsin G contributed to the development of chronic pain. the reduction of concentrations of preservatives from MPA with ketamine infusion and after administration were evaluated. M.D.Phil. creating an indicator of potential chemotactic properties. Biostatistics.D... Mauer. while breast implant and radiotherapy were University. M. Nebojsa Nick General activity.D.h. Anaesthesia and Intensive Care. J. Ivana N.Z.D. David Brenin. mastectomy. Bachelor of Medicine.. M.D.D.. Tetsuya Hara. the follow up clinic visit. for patients with classical TN. Swapna Thammishetti.. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain 79 .. Ph. Mohamed Tiouririne.N. VA . which may contribute to increased OA pain.D. M. work. Other non-painful stimuli sensitivities have been reported Cathepsin G in the Development of Chronic Postsurgical Pain in FM. OCTOBER 13 Augmentation of the NGF/TrkA Axis in PKCδ KO Mice in an Osteoarthritic Knee Model PO03-3 CHRONIC AND CANCER PAIN In a mouse knee trauma model.. M.m. long and highly effective therapy for classical TN.. and in the lumbar DRGs. Ph. M. mood.. could be responsible for unsuccessful outcome. Jeffrey S. Kenneth D. Ph.N.. Ph... Bennett.D. M. Medical Center. Matthew clinical utility. Anesthesiology.D. M. F.. Department of Orthopedic Surgery.D. M. Ph. Aleksandar Krbanjevic.D. Gin... Anesthesiology.V.S.. Zhaoyu Meng. Jinyuan Li..PN A3065 POSTER PRESENTATIONS MONDAY. University of Virginia.D. M. M. Tianjin. Go..A. Ph.D. Xin Li. B. Makito Oji. NGF and trkA receptors increase in the OA 8-10 a.S. Di Chen.. Jiro Kurata... Placebo Controlled oxidative stress-induced apoptosis of SCs in both caspase-dependent and Randomized Trail caspase-independent pathways. Yang Yu. University of Illinois..D.. General Hospital of Tianjin Medical with lower incidence of CPSP.D. Ngasaki University School of Medicine. Yuanyuan Tian. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund.D. The aim of our Tianjiao Li. M. Tony D.

Nitrous oxide (N2O) is an NMDA receptor antagonist.D. M. M. Mayo Clinic. NC.D. Hong. Pain Medicine. Kyungpook National University. Hui Liu. increases the risk of chronic moderate or We conducted a meta-analysis to determine statistically significant effects severe pain after motor vehicle accident in stepwise fashion.Ph. Younghoon Jeon.. Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale marker for identifying patients at risk for harboring alterations in HP perception.D. M. Ji H.D..D. Rathlev. alleviate pain and enhance the life quality of LDH patients. M. M. Lee. prospective. M. Tokyo. NY . Ph. Stephen P. Boston. W. Collegium Pharmaceutical. Saori Hashiguchi.05.D.ODavid A. Ph. Ph. M. M.D..D. improve symptoms. Springfield. in chronic pain patients.. Department of Anesthesiology.D. by the pro- herniation(LDH).. Jing and diabetes mellitus or sarcoidosis were surveyed using questionnaires and You. or administering through nasogastric and Time Fluoroscopy to Detect Intravascular Injection During Lumbar gastrostomy tubes. respectively). of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia 80 OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain . M. M.S.D. Swor.0%)... AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. MA . . We found the patients in combination group can significantly inflammatory effects of increasing BMI. Italy. Cleveland Clinic quantitative sensory testing.D.S. Pain Management. Disease-specific sensory profiles of peripheral Foundation. The Effect of Stellate Ganglion Block on Idiopathic Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss PN A3080 Idiopathic sudden sensorineural hearing loss (ISSHL) is related to circulatory Loco-Regional Anesthesia for Long-term Outcome After Total Knee disturbance of internal ear. Anesthesiology. University Hospital. Alparslan Turan. Shizuko Kosugi. M.D. Monique van Velzen. Azienda Ospedaliera Istituto hearing gain and percentage of recovery more than 80% (vs Non-SGB. form McGill Pain Questionnaire.D. Manhasset. M..S.. Nagy Mekhail.. Fleming.D.C.D. Postsurgical Marisa Terry. The findings of this research suggest that PCS may be an important clinical Thirty-six patients were included. We concluded that SGB was effective to treat ISSHL. P < Ortopedico Gaetano Pini. Sixty patients underwent conservative treatment evaluated the effects of Regional Anesthesia on the risk to develop Persistent with steroids plus vitamin B12 (Non-SGB group) and 75 patients underwent postoperative pain 3 months after TKA. Hani F. M. DSA is superior to real time fluoroscopy for detecting intravascular injections. and 6 months after surgery by the short. Elevated levels of IL-1β. Korea. Ravi Kumar Varanasi. MI. Ph. Ph. M.D.. Feasibility of use of using these alternative oral methods Transforaminal Epidural Injections of administration with Oxycodone DETERx may minimize the need for opioid Real-time fluoroscopy failed to detect 9 cases of intravascular injections that rotation in patients who develop iatrogenic dysphagia or dysphagia due to were subsequently detected by DSA (real-time fluoroscopy sensitivity=71. sprinkling onto soft food. Albert Dahan. Republic of.D.. Royal Oak. B.D. M. can be effectively administered via alternate oral methods of administration such PN A3076 as opening a capsule and pouring the contents (microspheres) directly into Comparison Between Digital Subtraction Angiography and Real the mouth. Naho Ihara. B.. Keimyung University. M.D. M. Goonjan Sunil Shah. M. Yousef. Nitrous oxide does not appear to be an effective Mellitus or Sarcoidosis treatment for chronic neuropathic back pain. M. whereas preoperative urinary cortisol was not PN A3083 associated with preoperative anxiety. Junmo Park. M.. McLean. China.D. David C. Grand Rapids. DaeGu. Gianluca Cappelleri.D.D.D. 3.D.. M.. The objective of this study was to investigate Arthroplasty in Italy: Preliminary Results whether SGB can enhance the recovery of ISSHL. Kibum Park.D.D.D. M. longitudinal. Leiden University Medical Center.D.B.D. Milan. M.. IFN-β. depression and postsurgical chronic The Effect of Nitrous Oxide on Pro-inflammatory Cytokines After pain... Robert A. Samuel A. Ph. Baystate Medical Center.D. MN. Mayock. PN A3082 PN A3077 Associations Between Heat Pain Perception and Pain Catastrophizing The Association of Preoperative Psychological Stress With Postsurgical Among Adults with Chronic Pain Chronic Pain in Patients Undergoing Partial Mastectomy Elevated pain catastrophizing scores (PCS) were associated with more We prospectively investigated the association of preoperative psychological hyperalgesic values of heat pain (HP) perception in adults with chronic pain.. Ph.. M. Massachusetts General Hospital.. IL-6. Ph...D. Nitrous oxide administration did not significantly improve Distinct Sensory Profiles in Neuropathic Pain Patients With Diabetes pro-inflammatory cytokines.. Said Saim.S.D. M. Marieke Niesters.. The University of North Fan Lu. School Formulation for Management of Patients with Chronic Pain of Dentistry.. Daisuke Nishimura. Neils K. Oxycodone DETERx®..D..D. Ph.. Family Medicine. School of Medicine. ChengDu. M.. In Hu. Ph. an extended-release. conclusion. Manu Mattews...D. Sichuan University. Jeffrey S. JinYong Jung.. Daniel require prompt recognition. M.. Jones.D. Daegu..D. Anesthesiology and Pain Oxycodone DETERx®: An Extended-Release.D.. and TNF-β in plasma correlate with increasing pain intensity Japan. Cleveland.D. M. M. Michael Grima. M.. Keio University School of Medicine. Preoperative anxiety was a strong predictor of postsurgical chronic pain. Ph. Abuse-Deterrent Medicine.D.D. stress with postsurgical chronic pain in patients undergoing partial mastectomy. neuropathy corresponded with distinct pain and quality of life scores.D..S.. we considered that the combined treatment might significantly D.D. Chapel Hill.D. Republic of. M.S. M. MA.D. PN A3074 PN A3079 The Effectiveness and Safety of Radiofrequency Thermocoagulation Obesity Increases the Risk of Persistent Moderate or Severe Overall Combined Use of Oxygen-Ozone Therapy for the Treatment of Lumbar Pain 6 Months and 1 Year After Motor Vehicle Collision Disc Herniation: A Meta-Analysis Increasing body mass index(BMI). MI. M. North Shore PN 3075 University Hospital. M. Symptoms of peripheral neuropathy severely affect patient quality of life and Sheryar Sarwar. Erika SGB plus conservative treatment (SGB group).D. Kwangook Choi... Korea. Michael Hooten. multicenter study we with ISSHL were included. patients with peripheral neuropathy Leizman. Peak. Francesca Mare. Netherlands. William Beaumont Hospital. 0. Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine. West China Carolina... abuse-deterrent formulation.. JunMei achieve higher excellent rate and lower VAS with few adverse effects.. Department of Anesthesiology.. Rochester. M.A. at least in part. Ph. MA.AAna Bermudez. SGB significantly increased Basso Ricci. Catholic University. Hiroshi Morisaki. Alison B. Spectrum Health System. Leiden. IncCanton. Hospital. B. In this study. M. M. Kopecky. M. We therefore thus tested the hypothesis that nitrous oxide reduces pro-inflammatory cytokines on patients with neuropathic chronic PN A3078 low back pain. Susan Moeschler. IL-2.. M.D.. chronic pain was assessed 1. (HADS) and 24-hour urine cortisol was assessed before surgery..D. MPharm. Anesthesiology and Ernest A. Andrey Bortsov.D.D. OH. M. M. PN A3081 Junngu Yi. In this study 135 patients In this observational. Sumit Katyal. Ph... disease progression. Epidural Blocks for Neuropathic Back Pain Yuki Onishi. Abdulkadir Atim..... The interaction of and safety of radiofrequency thermocoagulation(RFT) combined use of this BMI effect with genetic variants which restrain the inflammatory response oxygen-ozone therapy(OOT) for the treatment of contained lumbar disc suggests that the influence of BMI is mediated..

D. Paul Picton. Perioperative hyperglycemia (BG ≥200 mg/dL) is associated with increased hospital length of stay. Shinji Kawahito.. Dackiw. Edmundo P.2 L/min and SVV exceeded 13%. Tomiya Kawahara. Ness. we need attention in a case with a PO08-2 EQUIPMENT.. <2.m.D. None of Hb. ROTEM is useful to rapidly diagnose any hemostatic defects even during BGA and similar sensitivity to follow the correct directional sample to sample complete anticoagulation during CPB. M.D.. APCI reached Mario Moric. Ann Arbor. Pedro Freitas Mortatti.. and the decrease in hemoglobin Kawahara. and PN A3085 lactate levels.Ch. With IRB approval.. FA A3090 Andrew Christiana. . B. blood CO2. Kazumi Takaishi. R. Souza Neto. and case complexity (AOR 1. Tuman.D.. Ph. M. MONITORING AND ENGINEERING sudden change.. Faculty of Medicine. Katsuyoshi Kume.D. Jeffrey S. M. the use under hypothermia or low peripheral perfusion. Hiroshi hemostasis.. Kyushu University Hospital. Nima Adimi. of severe fibrinolysis..R. Juliana Carneiro Laish. Japan.D. we compared absolute and trending agreement of SpHb and a thromboelastometry (ROTEM) results performed only during cardiac surgery Blood Gas Analyzer (BGA) with a hematology analyzer measurement reference with cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB).D.D. M. Hiroshi Kitahata. Yoko Sakai.A. M.. agents and colloid solution (250 mL) when Hb reached <8 g/dL.D..D. M.. Anesthesiology and Sachin Kheterpal. Chicago. Hiroshi infusions for intractable chronic neuropathic pain or generalized pain such as Iwasaki.. Lai.D.D..D. and 30-day mortality after noncardiac FA A3087 surgery. Toshiko Katayama. M. System Useful for Intraoperative Glucose Management? Washington.D. and Cost for Patients Undergoing Multilevel FA A3091 Spinal Fusion Surgery Usefulness of Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring and Control for We conducted a retrospective review of blood loss.PN A3084 FA A3089 MONDAY. Yuki Toyama. M. Osamu Takahata. M. Medical University. Operating Rooms. Beth Israel Deaconess.. M... M. Tokushima University Hospital. DC. Ramachandran..D. M. Behavioral Modification in the Management of Hyperglycemia Orthopaedic Surgery.. Tokushima University Hospital. The use of a novel audiovisual feedback device is associated with Early Assessment of Fibrinolysis With Thromboelastometry (ROTEM) in a significant increase in the intraoperative treatment of hyperglycemia with Orthotopic Liver Transplantation insulin..A. Katsuyoshi 8-10 a. F.. R. M. M. Mitsuharu trend as determined by the reference. The Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions. George Washington University. FA A3088 The Use of Thromboelastometry During Surgery Reduces Perioperative FA A3093 Blood Loss and Transfusion Requirements in Cardiac Surgery with Agreement of Noninvasive Hemoglobin Monitoring by Pulse CO- Cardiopulmonary Bypass Oximetry (SpHb) with Invasive Laboratory Measurements Although fresh frozen plasma (FFP) was administered based on In this study.. vasoactive scores throughout the postoperative time course of the study (P=0. was 1.D.. M. Kunihiko Yamamoto.S. P < 0.D..D. University of West Paulista (UNOESTE). M. M. M.B.D. Anesthesiology. Asokumar Buvanendran.. Sumio Hoka.D.. Undergoing Outpatient Ketamine Infusions Ph. Genaro J..D.. morbidity.24 vs.05)..C. Ken Yamaura. M. Minneapolis. Tokushima. Jack O. Gutierrez.D. Kebaish. Ph. Regional Hospital of Presidente Prudente. M.D. M. Mariko Oono.D. Satya-Krishna Critical Care Medicine. Japan. Asahikawa.. Keiya Takahashi.D.S.39 ± 0. Khaled M... M...C.D. Subramanian Sathishkumar.D.D. Ph... Brazil. Japan. Kodaka.. Paul M.D. The clot amplitude provider-level factors... IL ... M.D. which showed that A10 might provide the early assessment as effective tools in intraoperative BG management. M. M. Atsushi Kurosawa. transfusion requirements Patients Undergoing Total Pancreatectomy and cost savings to assess the benefits of the radiofrequency bipolar An artificial endocrine pancreas used during total pancreatectomy proved to hemostatic sealer (Aquamantys®. Fukuoka.D. M.. M. M..Group C was administered with blood cell concentrate.. F.D.22 ± 0. José Francisco Cursino de Moura Junior. M. Red blood cells were Christine O’Neill. M.B.. M. The BIS scores showed mild positive coorelation with nursing sedation scores. Makiko Komori.D.D. AND GLUCOSE Mita..D. M. M. Chin. The positive at 10 min (A10) and 20 min (A20) of EXTEM were significantly lower than non.D.D. Junko Ichikawa.D.2.. and a significant increase in providers rechecking BG post-treatment. cell concentrate to the amount of bleeding was lower in group PF than group C (0.S.D. Tokyo. B.D..D..R. M.. Is the Continuous Interstitial Subcutaneous Fluid Glucose Monitoring Richard Amdur... MN) in patients be useful for maintaining strict blood glucose control with minimal variability in undergoing multilevel spinal fusion surgery. Sachiyo Higashijima. Analysis of absolute accuracy showed a smaller bias but slightly larger concentrated red cells and FFP requirements perioperatively. M...D. M.NKenneth J. M.. Michelle Morris. Ph.A.M..D.. M. MA.D. 1. The University of Michigan. Japan. Medtronic. M.The ratio of the dose of red blood University Medical Center. M. Presidente Prudente. M.D.. Sonia John. Midoriko Higashi. M. Wasey. High catastrophizers were more likely to have higher pain groups.. Center East. Naoji Mita. respectively. Toshiko Katayama.D.. measured by thromboelastometory during ahepatic phase. HEMOGLOBIN.D. Boston.B. M. New research implicates cognitive catheters and the Flo-Trac® system with conventional management during distortions such as pain catastrophizing as possible risk factors for negative surgery for abdominal aortic aneurysms in control (C) and target (PF) patient long term outcomes. MI. Goro Kaneko. We were able to grasp a rough change of the blood glucose concentration during surgery using CGMS. Tsukasa M.D. However.. Steven M. M. Pathology (Transfusion Medicine). M.B....D.. Tokushima. Transfusion Requirements.N. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain 81 .D.S. we enrolled thirty patients undergoing outpatient ketamine M. Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine. transfusion. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. Tokyo Women’s Medical University Medical Osni Lalier Junior. M.D.. FA A3092 Anesthesiology/Critical Care Medicine.D.D. A substantial cost savings was recognized with the decreased Kitahata. Anesthesiology. Japan.20. M. FA A3086 Radiofrequency Bipolar Hemostatic Sealer Reduces Blood Loss. Naoji TECHNOLOGY: COAGULATION. Tomiya requirements were decreased by about 50%.D. M. Takayuki Kunisawa..S.. Blood loss and transfusion blood glucose concentration. the age or gender of the patient. Rush transfused when ScvO2 fell below 70%. Kroin. Orthotopic liver transplantation recipients developed severe fibrinolysis These associations were independent of preoperative patient factors. preoperative catecholamine dose and urine volume significantly An Observation Of Bispectral Index Scores In Thirty Patients differed between the groups. SpHb measurements had less outliers than Room.0242). B. Frank. May L. M. The BIS scores did not differ significantly with dose of ketamine. With Use of a Novel Audiovisual Feedback Device MD. Manda E.. Shimauchi.D.NB. Shinji Kawahito.. 0.2 g/dL less when the this new cautery method was used to achieve Yoko Sakai.A. M. Ph. Keiko Nishiyama.D.. Sachiyo Higashijima.S.8]).D. M.. data showed reduced blood loss and (HbXE). Kazumi Takaishi. Elizabeth A.D. Therefore. it standard deviation for SpHb than the Blood Gas analyzer when compared to is important to achieve a well-balanced coagulation status in the operating the hematology analyzer reference. M. Takafumi Iida. | Hall B1-Area C Kume. M. M. B. M. Asahikawa fibromyalgia. Baltimore. M. OCTOBER 13 Pain Catastrophizing and Postoperative Pain Course in TKA Patients Need for Transfusion During Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Surgery Many OA patient with limited mobility find considerable relief and better Reducedusing the Flo-Trac® System and Pre-Sep® Catheters quality of life after a Total Knee Arthroplasty (TKA) but a certain subset of We compared the management of bleeding and transfusion using Pre-Sep® patients experience postoperative pain. the day of infusion. behavioral response in this study suggests that audiovisual displays serve fibrinolysis group.5 [1.D.

.D. Ph..D. Ph. FA A3094 FA A3099 Applicability of Rapid Thrombelastography and Functional Fibrinogen Partially Reversed Platelet Inhibition by Surgical Stimulation in Assay in Adult Liver Transplantation Patients on Effective Anti-Platelet Therapy This is a prospective observational study addressing the applicability of using Thrombelastograph® Platelet MappingTM detects platelet inhibition of rapid TEG and functional fibrinogen TEG in liver transplantation. San Department of Neuroscience and Cell Biology. M. Pascal Odou.. Our aim was Bypass-induced Cerebral Damage by Improving Tissue Oxygen Preload to assess the ability of the TEG-PM™ to detect platelet inhibition secondary in Dogs to clopidogrel and/or aspirin therapy in patients presenting to the preoperative HBOC pretreatment decreased neurological markers and inflammatory anesthesia clinic or day surgery unit.D.0001) and to detect the number of minor hypoglycemia FA A3101 (p = 0. M.D.. a decrease in cortical infarct size during the early stage of cerebral ischemia- Gregg Adams. Ph.S. Bridget M.Sc. Siddarth glucose monitoring (288 measures by day) versus an intermittent technique Satish. Kadokura...B.. Houston.. Qian Li.D. However..... The University of Texas at Houston tissue O2 preload. Anesthesia. The University of Texas at Houston Medical School. Hagberg. Alexander M.O. Kang H.D.D.D. M.. B. Gauss Surgical. CA.H.D. Raymond M.. Arnaud Alluin.... FA A3100 Spot-check Technique for Assessing Hemoglobin Loss in Suction FA A3095 Canisters Interest of Continuous Glucose Monitoring in Surgical Patients in the We assess a novel spot-check technique for Assessing hemoglobin loss in Intensive Care Unit: A Prospective Observational Study suction canisters. Gauss Surgical. M. Planinsic. M. M. between the glucometer and the Ipro2 in the ability to detect the number of hyperglycemia (p < 0... | Hall B1-Area E This study examined whether pulse-oximetry-derived continuous hemoglobin can predict the need for blood transfusion during trauma patient resuscitation.D. MD. Kang H.D. M. Clinical & fibrinogen level during the post liver graft reperfusion stage. Pittsburgh.. NJ. M.P. Baltimore. Shu Lu. results because the functional fibrinogen TEG has the tendency to overestimate Pivalizza. M. B. Inc.. China Hospital of Sichuan University.D. France.. Ph..D. Orthopedic Surgery.. Tao Li. University of Maryland School of Medicine. CA. Center.D. Davide The proposed mechanism for this protection is associated with the improved Cattano. one should be cautious of the Callender.. TN. M. NJ.S.D. Chunyab Cai.D. Tetsuro Sakai. Microregional O2 balance was improved under pentobarbital compared to M. Ph. TX. Anesthesia.D. D. M..S.D. M. Sylviana S.. Ph.. Pittsburgh. R&D.D. Davide Cattano. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia 82 OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain .D. Ph.D. Rashida predict plasma fibrinogen levels. Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. Critical Care. M. Sabine Ethgen.D.. TX. Gerhardt in the ischemic-reperfused cortex and the improvement was associated with Konig.S. M.D. Department of Anesthesiology.... Evan G.D. FA A3096 PO10-3 EXPERIMENTAL NEUROSCIENCES: CEREBRAL BLOOD Blood Transfusion Prediction Using Continuous Non-invasive FLOW AND CNS ISCHEMIA Hemoglobin Monitoring 8-10 a.D. Peter Hu. Ph. M.D. NJ. reperfusion. acceptable precision.. M. Jonathan H.B.. Cheng Gao.. NA A3102 Samuel M.S. Vicki Ting. Ph. M.B... Rutgers and Readiness Skills. B. Tanaka. University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Ph. Anesthesiology. M. M...D. Rashida cytokines in the cerebrospinal fluid and serum after cardiopulmonary bypass. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the clinical utility of a continuous Bridget M. Gaurav Abbi.. Chengdu.D.. Pivalizza. CA.. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. B. CHRU K.S.B. M. PA. Amechi Anazodo.. There were significant differences Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. M. Philip.Ch.D. Oak Z. Weiss. University of Pittsburgh SOM. Piscataway..D. M. Zafar Qasim.. Gilles Lebuffe. Evan G. Kenichi A. Department of Neuroscience and Cell Biology.D.Ch. M. MD. Colin F.. M.... M.D. Memphis. Gregg Adams. Harvey R..D. Oak Z. B.D.D. Johnson Medical School. Chi. M.Continuous glucose monitoring system allows Noninvasive Hemoglobin Monitoring in Patients During Cesarean for more identification of hypoglycemia and/or hyperglycemia episodes as Section compared to intermittent glucose monitoring. Assessing the Preoperative Effectiveness of Dual Anti-Platelet Therapy (Clopidogrel/Aspirin) in Surgical Patients NA A3103 Thrombelastograph® Platelet MappingTM detects platelet inhibition of Hemoglobin-based Oxygen Carrier Attenuates Cardiopulmonary arachadonic acid (AA) and/or ADP-induced platelet aggregation. Alfonso Altamirano. Vicki Ting. M. Houston.B..D. Vaddadi. M. Carin A. Inc. Medical Corps. Jaya Ramanathan. Philip. Sylviana S.. Galvagno. Barsoum. Callender. M.. Anesthesiology.. Anesthesiology.D.. D. We expect that precision will continue to improve with Stéphanie Genay.Ch.D. M.D.. Rutgers Robert Wood Jose. M.D. M. San Jose. Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical FA 3097 School. M. Aruna Bertrand Décaudin.D. Xia Liu. Our aim was suggest that r-TEG is able to provide results on the overall coagulation status to detect preoperative platelet inhibition secondary to clopidogrel and/or of patients undergoing liver transplantation faster than conventional kaolin aspirin and observe the effect of surgery on platelet inhibition by comparing TEG. M...m. Cristina Imle. Hagberg.D. Department of Anesthesiology. Functional fibrinogen TEG can be used during liver transplantation to preoperative to postoperative samples. Weiss. University of Tennessee Health Science de Lille...D. Effects of Pentobarbital and Isoflurane Anesthesia on Microregional O2 Thomas E.D. Surgical isoflurane anesthesia in the early stage of cerebral ischemia-reperfusion. future revisions. Rah.. Los Altos. New Brunswick. M. Ph. Lille. MacKenzie. Waters..D. Ravpreet Singh Gill. Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. Baltimore. Harvey R.B. China. Alfonso Altamirano.D. Glucose monitoring for certain SpHb tended to slightly overestimate laboratory Hb but had clinically patients at risk should be intensified using continuous monitoring device. Our findings arachidonic acid (AA) and/or of ADP-induced aggregation..S. Barsoum.. Rah. Ph. Siddarth Satish. M. Grissom. Ezeldeen Abuelkasem. Anesthesiology. FA A3098 NA A3104 Bleeding Curves: Time-course Assessment of Surgical Hemoglobin Inhibition of Neuronal Nitric Oxide Synthase Improved Microregional O2 Loss Balance in Cerebral Ischemia-Reperfusion We measured bleeding curves during elective surgery and caesarean delivery Inhibition of neuronal nitric oxide synthase improved microregional O2 balance and assessed the accuracy of a hemoglobin (Hb) loss monitor. Yossi Weinberg.. Stacy Shackelford. Gaurav Abbi.. M.017) in 156 patients...D.. Anesthesiology.. Balance in Cerebral Ischemia-Reperfusion David Hanna..S. (glucometer with a measure each 3 hours).D. M..D. Ph. M.D. New Brunswick. M. Xia Liu. Los Altos. M.. CA. Translational Science. Carin A. United States Air Force-Center for Sustainment in Trauma M. M. M. West Medical School. B.. PA. M.D.S. Chi. Ph. M. R&D. Jr.B.

. Takashi Matsukawa. M.. Ph. NA A3108 NA A3113 Pharmacologic Blockade of Vascular Adhesion Protein-1 Lessens Feasibility of Using Clinical 3T MRI to Monitoring Infarct Zone and BBB Neurologic Dysfunction in Rats Subjected to Subarachnoid Disruption in a Rat Model of Stroke Hemorrhage The purpose of the present study was to report the feasibility of using clinical Despite advances in the diagnosis and treatment of subarachnoid hemorrhage magnetic resonance (MR) imaging devices for the depiction of stroke in a rat (SAH). Capital Medical University.S. Limited Value of Laser-Doppler Flowmetry for Intraluminal Middle Chicago. Nobumasa Houston. Children’s Hospital of We evaluated the effects of inhaled NO with a high dose (80 ppm) on cerebral Chongqing Medical University.. Baylor College of Medicine. Zengfeng Wang..D. Ph.This study demonstrated for the first time that Administration of inhibitingmicroglial activation... Durham. Huaxin Sheng.D. Wuhan. neuropathologic role of leukocyte trafficking following SAH.D. David S.D..D. M. M. outcomes by reducing leukocyte adhesion/extravasation. Shigekazu Sugino. Warner. Sadiq Shaik. Kazuha China... To validate our approach. M.D.D. therapeutic time window (1 h after reperfusion) was determined during which 25% xenon provides optimum neuroprotection.D. Soroka Medical Center. M. Masakazu Kotoda..D. Ph.D. M.D. Ph. Christelle Petroz. M. University School of Medicine. The Hospital for Sick Children. which induce The Effects of Inhaled Nitric Oxide on Pial Microvessels Under long-term impairments in animal learning and memory. Ph. Surgical Center.. College a dilatory action on the cerebral pial microvessles during the ischemia- of Basic Medicine. Japan. Ruslan Kuts. Benjamin F. B. Chongqing Medical University. Jin Yong Jung. Shaun E. Shigehito Sato. The Department of Neuroscience. Crawford. NA A3106 M. The high-dose of inhaled NO (80 ppm) could therefore not Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine.. NA A3107 Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Decreases Isoflurane Requirement in NA A3112 Mouse Model of Intracranial Aneurysm Estradiol Enhances Female Pica Behavior Through TACR1 Expression in To study brain protection and prevention of vasospasm after subarachnoid the Caudate Putamen hemorrhage (SAH) using new mouse model developed by Dr. Dale A... Francesco Vetri.D. Surgery. focused on the initial 48h post-SAH. M. Makino. We examined the involvement of estradiol in pica behavior required for animal preparation.. Shun-suke Tachibana. Anesthesiology and Intensive Care. New Haven.D. general anesthesia is general anesthesia. Anesthesiology.. Department of Anesthesiology... Japan. Takasumi Katoh.. LDF use should be optional showed that morphine and isoflurane can induce Phox2B protein misfolding for surgeons and might allow using fewer animals to test hypotheses.D. probably via expression of the TACR1 gene. Anesthesiology. Ph.D.D.. M. M. was able to improve in neurologic Medicine.D. M. Key Laboratory of Pediatrics... We outcome was decreased by LDF use. M.. LDF use Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome has become symptomatic affected neither cerebral blood flow during MCAO nor neurological and after exposure to anaesthetic drugs.Ch. Yanwei Yang...D. Hideki and precipitate the CCHS disease phenotype. we compared our MRI results with histological been reported to contribute to neuronal injury in association with hemorrhagic analysis.4 kg.. Yoram Shapira. Ph. M.. M. Sapporo. M.Our results shed light on the Taninishi. Pu Jiang.B. M. M. Department of Anesthesiology. Neurological Protein Response (UPR) and histological outcome were evaluated 7 days after ischemia. M. TX. Department of Forensic Medicine. IL. M. Ph. These experiments Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care.B. Anesthesiology. M.. Beijing.D. This experimental study in rats was designed to investigate the Gruenbaum. Chongqing. Fei Cao. Gruenbaum. Coghlan. M.D.D... work as a vasodilator on cerebral pial microvessels under ischemia.. B. Haoliang Xu.. Hui Zhang. the coefficient of variation for histological the function of the Phox2B protein and potentially affect protein folding. Tomo Hayase. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain 83 . We found that estradiol promoted pica behavior in after SAH. Jason T. Chuo.. B.S. OCTOBER 13 Inhibiting Hippocampal Microglial Activation Contributes to the The Therapeutic Time Window of 25% Xenon Postconditioning to Propofol-Induced Protective Effect Against Post-Asphyxia Cardiac Protect Against Spinal Cord Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury in Rats Arrest Brain Injury This study assess the neuroprotective effect and therapeutic time window of Microglial activation is involved in the brain injury following cardiacarrest∙ 25% xenon postconditioning on spinal cord ischemia-reperfusion injury (IRI) Propofolpre-conditioning prevents cardiac arrest-inducedbrain injury through in the rat. Matthew Boyko. CT. Hamamatsu. Mitsui. Maynes.. M.. Asano. An increased inflammatory state has model..D.D. Hiroshi NK1 receptor.D.. Tetsuro Kimura.. To prevent unexpected deaths due to anesthesia.lead to nerve NA A3111 excitotoxicity. China. To perform these studies.D. Sapporo Medical Medicine. Experiments were performed on Japanese white rabbits International Science and Technology Cooperation Center for Child weighing 3. Israel..D.D. However. Chongqing window technique.. outcome remains unfavorable. NC. Ph. The high-dose of inhaled NO (80 ppm) did not show Development and Disorders. Ministry of Education Key Laboratory of pial microvessels during ischemia-reperfusion period in rabbits using cranial Child Development and Disorders. Ph.. Beijing Anzhen Hyperoxia-Induced Immature Brain Injury Through TLR4 Signaling Hospital. M.D. Yale University School of adhesion protein-1 (VAP-1). Yang Liu. Ph.D. University of Illinois at Chicago.D. Tadahiko Ishiyama. we 1 (NK1) receptors for which the ligand is a major emetic neurotransmitter in measured minimum alveolar concentration change of isoflurane before and emetic nuclei of the brain.. Miwa induction of CCHS by anesthesia but also show how anesthetic agents can Izutsu. University of Yamanashi Hospital. M.neuron apoptosis in newborn mouse brains.D. China. Hashimoto Postoperative nausea and vomiting (PONV) is a common complication after would become popular. M.0-3. Ph. and a Military Medical University Stomatology of Hospital.. Michiaki Yamakage..D. followed by NK1 receptor expression in the caudate putamen. BAO. M. SAH dramatically worsens the health in mice as an alternative emetic behavior and the mRNA level of neurokinin condition of the mouse. The reperfusion period. Xi’an. Therefore.. Ischemia in Rabbits Ying Xu.. Chanannait NA A3114 Paisansathan. M. and demonstrated that blocking vascular Beer-Sheva. M. M. Ph. Ph.. indicating that anesthetics can affect histological outcomes.D.NA A3105 NA A3110 MONDAY. M. Anesthesiology. Mark W.D. Almost 50% reduction of isoflurane concentration may contribute female mice.. Japan.D.B. However.. Canada. Matthew Anesthesiology.D. Tongji Hospital. which encodes the safe anesthesia for the mouse with SAH.D.D.D. stroke.. Department of affect protein folding and induce other protein misfolding diseases. with LJP-1586. ON.D. The Fourth 25% xenon postconditioning protects against spinal cord IRI in rats. M. Toronto. Pelligrino... Hamamatsu University School of M. M.D.D. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund.D. Pathway in Newborn Mice Hyperoxia exposure cause the up-regulation of TLR4. M.D. Weiping Cheng. Cerebral Artery Occlusion in Wistar Rats We evaluated the value of laser Doppler flowmetry (LDF) use in rat intraluminal NA A3109 MCAO. University Medical Center.S. LDF values were (Assisted) or were not (Blinded) made available to Anesthestic Agent Alter Protein Folding and Induce the Unfolded the 4 surgeons with various experience in performing MCAO.D. China. Jiakai Lu.

University of the Ryukyus.D. Shonan Fujisawa Tokushukai Hospital... Hamamatsu. Anesthesiology. Ph. Toyoki Kugimiya. Ph. M. New York. Rhoads and His Elder Sister Esther B. University Langone Asano. Yugawara M. This article girls. to pay back to a loose female” and the “sport continued to go on Broadway”. Dr. KS. Yugawara-machi.A. Medical Center. Takasumi Katoh. Nuno Veiga.D.. devoted her entire life as an educator in Tokyo. Rhoads lectured last days of Dr..D.D.. Chuo Yamanashi. PI A3118 the father of oral surgery training. An elder sister of Dr. where he later committed deals with their contribution to the education and welfare of the people in suicide.D. Kovac..D. University of Yamanashi.D.. Yamanashi Prefectual Central Hospital.. One day.... David Furgiuele.D. Ph. Propofol conditioning could provide neuroprotection in cerebral ischemia. M. Jonathan Roads was a member of the first Unitarian Service Committee Last Days of Horace Wells: A Sad Story of his Arrest and a Suicide Medical Mission from the USA to Japan in 1950 which introduced modern In researching details and documentation of the events occurring during the anesthesiology to Japan for the first time. simple educational action on the profound neuroprotective effects against spinal cord ischemia in rat. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund.. Zhu Min. curriculum. site and discuss how it may be incorporated into a medical history education Kansas City. Godai Ikemoto.D. M.. M. delirious. M. Ph. KUMC is the host the history behind the discoverer and discovery of nitrous oxide..D. Department of Anesthesiology.D. Takasuke Fukuda. Wells became increasingly deranged.D.. M. M.. Japan... Anthony L. Lisbon. Sho Suzuki. Wang Haiyun. Takashi Matsukawa. Conclusions: The Basic Science Exam has motivated CA-1 residents to begin their studying Adrenaline and vasopressin did not act on directly cerebral pial arterioles early in their anesthesia training and without the exam the residents would be in the normal state. Worcester. The articles also talked about Dr. Ph.. The web development and management group at KUMC assisted Aponte-Feliciano. office out into the street and threw sulfuric acid over the clothing of two street Esther B. 120 min compared one of their major stressors.D. Tadahiko Ishiyama. Fujisawa. 81% of the professionals are now successfully performing ultrasound-guided Okinawa... This presentation will demonstrate the web Memorial Healthcare. Hiroshi Makino.D. the man who fueled and dedicated his heart and soul to the development of training programs in oral surgery was William Harry Archer.D. Wells’ two final letters. Daniel K.D. In a department Iseki. his hobby of anesthesia history was the spark that Faculty at Kansas University Medical center (KUMC) joined together in 2013 to made him known worldwide. Wells’ chloroform addiction and included Dr. Michael C. M.. Anesthesiology...D.D. In the process. Nuno Serrano. NY. M. M.D.D. Rhoads. M. M.D. Japan.D.. New York University. Anuradha P. History and Philosophy of PI A3124 Medicine. M. Japan. Wajda.D. “Medicine in the First World War” (www. M. F.. In January 1848 topics related to anesthesiology and had joint sessions with Dr..D. KS. Katherine Liu. Frederick Holmes. China. M. Lee.D. M. this exam has become increased cerebral pial arterial diameter at 60. Ph. Newark.D. At this mission. In 1848 a number of periodicals published articles describing the Far East in association with the introduction of organized anesthesiology misfortunate events.D. Japan. M. M. Mitchell Y. Rutgers- NJMS. Manabu Kakinohana. UMass with the creation of the web site. Wells “provided sulphuric acid to his friend to Japan.D.. where only 16% of the anesthesiologists had prior experience with ultrasound.C. Sergey Pisklakov. Medical University General Hospital. University of Kansas Medical Center.. Ming Xiong. 100. Ph. Naosuke Sugai. Kovac.. This approach to this invasive technique is now the mainstay of practice in our department. Yamanashi Medical PI A3122 University. NA A3115 PI A3120 Dietary Nitrite Supplementation Can Enhance Collateral Network and Ultrasound-Guided Internal Jugular Vein Cannulation: How a Simple Improve Neurological Outcome After Spinal Cord Ischemia in Rat Educational Action Can Change the Practice of a Department Dietary nitrite supplementation can increase spinal cord blood flow and exert This study reports the impact of a single. Ph.. Kazuha Mitsui.. Horace Wells remarkable data was found.kumc. Patel.. Antonio institution. Tianjin. 80. But in the ischemia-reperfusion period. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia 84 OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain . Nancy Hulston.D. Traveling Exhibition of the Anesthesia Museum of the Japanese Society of Anesthesiologists NA A3117 The Anesthesia Museum of the Japanese Society of Anesthesiologists (JSA) The Role of ADAR2-AMPA Receptor GluR2 Subunit Pathway in organize traveling exhibition as the joint event of the JSA annual meeting. his efforts develop a website. Kazuhiro Sugahara. As the biographer of Horace Wells. M. Ph. University of Kansas Medical Center. vasoconstriction during global brain ischemia-reperfusion period. Japan. Noriyuki Shintani.A.D.D. M. NJ.. Wells rushed from his an anesthesiologist from Rhode Island Hospital. Wang Guolin.S.html) made him a highly respected anesthesia historian as he spent years unraveling as a cooperative venture with The National WW1 Museum. Ian with vasopressin and control. M. Anthony L.D.D..D. Fu Wei. Considering all the stressors in their life. Nobumasa O’Neill. M.D. Ph... reperfusion injury through ADAR2-AMPAR GluR2 subunit pathway. Dr.D. Meyer Saklad. Anesthesiology.D... M. Anesthesiology.D.A.m. Tianjin Kouseinenkin Hospital. MA.D. M.. M. Satoshi use of ultrasound for internal jugular vein (IJV) cannulation. M.D. Adrenaline may counteract the cerebral Zolnowski.. PI A3123 PO11-3 HISTORY AND EDUCATION: HOW FAR WE HAVE COME Horace Wells Was His Hero 8-10 a. he wrote many textbooks on Development of a Web Site Devoted Entirely to Medicine in the First oral surgery and dental anesthesia.. Grace Holmes..D.D... Rhoads in Introduction of Modern Anesthesiology to Japan PI A3119 Dr.D. M. adrenaline studying less. D. Jonathan E. M. NA A3116 Portuguese Institute of Oncology of Lisbon. M. Shigehito Sato. M. Neuroprotection Induced by Propofol Post-conditioning in Cerebral The main aim of the exhibition is to stimulate JSA members’ interest in the Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury: In Vivo and in Vitro history of anesthesia.D. M. M.. Rhoads.D. The Effects of Adrenaline and Vasopressin on Pial Microvessels During Global Brain Iscemia-reperfusion Period in Rabbits PI A3121 The aims of the present study were to evaluate the direct effects of adrenaline The American Board of Anesthesia (ABA) Basic Science Exam Has and vasopressin on cerebral pial arterial diameter changes in the normal state Added a Major Stressor to CA-1 Anesthesia Residents and during ischemia-reperfusion period using cranial window. Kansas City.. IJV cannulation. Portugal. Doctor Archer traveled the world lecturing World War on oral surgery.. stating that Dr. M. Hamamatsu University school of Medicine.. Anesthesiology.D. Lior Levy. | Hall B1-Area D In the early 1930’s. however.D. He was committed to New York’s Tombs Prison. Ph. Ph.

. Schroeder. and clinical aspects of its students. surgeries with fewer complications.D.D. Manisha S. He transformed the Emery Rovenstine left the University of Wisconsin and established the insignificant anesthesia section of a small hospital into a leading academic Anesthesia Department at Bellevue Hospital in 1935. Worcester. M.D... Salt Tree Lake City. NY. M. Ph. B. Arcella. History of medicine does not receive Maxillofacial Procedures Using Rubber Nasal Airway as a Conduit sufficient coverage in medical school curricula for several reasons. M. Sonograms of rib cages and hands placed on wet PU foams showed vertical By continuing to improve the quality of communication in PAT visits. Chiho Ota. M.D. University technique for managing difficult airway in patients undergoing maxillofacial of Massachusetts Medical School. Ph. the surface of dry polyurethane (PU) foams.D. M. guided tracheal intubation was found to be atraumatic..D. patient lines (B-lines). Yukio Hayashi.D. We observed that clinicians have a difficult time with capnogram Terashima.. M.D.However on retrospective analysis despite bearing PI A3127 witness to one of the greatest advances in medicine. was the chairman of the Department of Anesthesiology at Bowman Gray School of Medicine/North Carolina Baptist Hospital (now known PI A3133 as Wake Forest Baptist Health) from 1967 to 1983. Critical Care and Pain Medicine. hope prevailed. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. Osaka University Hospital. MA. Egypt. Robert Strickland. B. Anesthesiology. Hiroyasu hospital. Lawrence W. King Abdulaziz Airbase Hospital.. Menoufia University. artery catheter and demonstrated that cardiothoracic ratio (CTR) is a significant factor. clinicians who are expected to interpret difficult capnograms should receive additional training. during dental extraction had been deemed a failure.D.. an ex-patient. Ph.D. Joseph A.S.A.. for example dilated cardiomyopathy. Madison. Dr. NJ. Desai.. Boston. Sr. University of Utah Health Science Center. Alkhobar. Thomas Irving.D..D. Departments of Anesthesia.D.D. A previous attempt at pain relief discovery can offer a reasonable explanation as to why.. cultural. Shail Patel. Yoshiko Kato. University of Wisconsin. Anesthesiology.Their Roles and in the Mid-19th Century Subsequent Careers The widespread adoption of anesthesia lagged decades behind its discovery The audience on October 16.O. M.D..PI A3125 PI A3130 MONDAY.. Ayman Rayan. We examined the proportion of medical schools that offered such courses and the nature of faculty and departments PI A3134 devoted to such instruction.D. Ferdinand D. Transverse sonograms of the Most patients did not have knowledge of the wide scope of roles provided to metacarpal bones resembled sonographic images of ribs and intercostal them by their anesthesiologist. We recommend this modified technique to be used as routine step during awake fiberoptic nasal intubation.. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain 85 . We propose Using rubber nasopharyngeal airway as a conduit during awake fiberoptic several remedial actions to correct this imbalance. He was a branch of the Waters and Rovenstine 1935-36 Correspondence: The First Two Years Dripp’s limb on the Waters’ tree. University of Rochester Medical Center. the event left the careers Placement of the Pulmonary Artery Catheter in Adult Patients of the majority of individuals unaffected. Anesthesia and Intensive Care. Desai. Department satisfaction.. IV. M.D. M. Chinn.D. Rutgers New Jersey Medical School. Department of Anesthesiology.D. M. Kamibayashi.. Japan.. MA. To simulate pneumothorax rib cages and hands were elevated above use a standardized checklist to ensure thoroughness of the visit and make use PU foams and sonograms showed multiple horizontal artifacts (A-lines). Department Chair and Productive Limb on Waters’ Orr. Jacek the unique role of anesthesiologists in patient care and correlate to patient A. Sundararaman.. surgeons. M. Ph. M. Exceptions include WTG Morton.. A careful analysis of the social. M. His correspondence department with national prominence.D. Influencing the Placement Time Lalitha V. OCTOBER 13 Patients’ Pre-operative Understanding Regarding the Role of Hybrid Simulation Models to Teach Lung Sonography Anesthesiologists We have developed models that simulate pulmonary sonopathology and allow Despite that the majority of patients attended their PAT visit in our study. MD. Mark E. MA. Yu Matsumoto. and suggest remedial action.. and a journalist. Iannaccone.D.A. only supervised teaching. Osaka.D. Ph. David J. Thomas Irving. Deaconess Medical Center. Pig rib cages or hands of investigators were placed on 76% of them felt that the roles of anesthesiologists were adequately explained. Menoufia.. if the placement Interpretation Outside of the Operating Room? was performed in patients with wide CTR.D. Rochester. Beth Israel Newark.1846 included physicians.. yet and an undercurrent of Sukumar P. Ashraf A.. We explain why HOM fails to attract the attention Awake Nasotracheal Fiberoptic Intubation for Difficult Airway in it deserves. MA. M.D. Anesthesia. Yuji Fujino. We suggest that all Sakurabashi-Watanabe Hospital. Boston. Brigham and Women’s Hospital... | Hall B1-Area A curriculum of US medical schools. PI A3126 PI A3131 Preferring Pain Over Comfort: Resistance to Acceptance of Anesthesia Witnesses to the First Public Demonstration of Ether .. We examine the lives and careers of the individuals who were Boston. M.D.. Takahiko interpretation regardless of their number of years of clinical experience..S. Desai. Department of Anesthesiology. Anesthesia. M. a more experienced doctor PI A3132 may replace the resident earlier or some guidance such as TEE or X-ray Do Additional Years of Clinical Experience Improve Capnogram fluoroscopic photographing system may be introduced earlier. Preston Erickson.D. PI A3129 History of Medicine in US Medical School Curricula PO14-5 PATIENT SAFETY AND PRACTICE MANAGEMENT Courses related to history of medicine [HOM] are not always included in the 8-10 a.. M.. M. Clinicians could not successfully identify individual breaths observed in Ph. Rachel Meyer.D.D.. Saudi Arabia. forward for physician anesthesia. Anesthesia personnel should be encouraged to spaces.. and he produced ten academic department at Bellevue chairs and numerous other leaders in our specialty. D. UT. B.m. Winston-Salem. Wake Forest with Ralph Waters illuminates the challenges he faced in this major step School of Medicine. Sliding lung sign could be demonstrated by sliding the dorsum understanding of anesthesia and the services provided will further advance of hand back and forth on the surface of a PU foam or a metal plate. medical in 1848. Our data suggest that in order to save time. witness to this marvelous gift to suffering humanity and how the momentous occasion affected their lives. M. Wojtczak.. Suita-City. M. NC. Lara Brewer. of educational literature and media to make that visit effective and efficient.. Undergoing Cardiovascular Surgery: An Analysis of the Factors John Call Dalton and surgeons Henry Jacob Bigelow and John Collins Warren. safer and faster Justin Caramiciu.. Anesthesiology. of Anesthesiology. difficult waveforms recorded from patients outside the OR. Capnography monitoring has recently become more common throughout the Saya Hakata. M. M. WI. Takeshi Iritakenishi. Achikam Oren-Grinberg. Sukumar P. Simulation training could also be improved by using more PI A3128 realistic capnograms.D. Anesthesiology. We sought to examine factors increasing the placement time of a pulmonary Brigham and Women’s Hospital. M. Hamada. M.

. Susan Kais. Anesthesiology. M. M. Richard M. and affordable McGrath MAC could potentially play an important role in airway management... Isabelle related Complications in Labor and Delivery Lacreuse. Ph.D. Frank.C. was that the administration Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery: Preliminary Data From a of dexmedetomidine produces a mismatch between the observed glucose Prospective Randomized Controlled Study level and the expected insulin secretion pattern. Anesthesiology. PI A3138 M.B. Anesthesiology. Kushneriuk. Satisfaction did not play a role in expansion of the system The Glidescope vs.. M.C. Hung. Harvey J. M. Mohammed. Scripps Green Hospital.D.Ch. Pawlik. Simulated Oropharyngeal Bleeding Perceived reduction in medication errors minimally influenced user satisfaction. declined from 42% to 10% (p=0... Ph. Bainbridge Island. F. adjusted on both the case-mix and on the hospital represents a more robust method for monitoring obstetric anesthesia safety across hospitals and over PI A3139 time than a rate adjusted on the case-mix. B. David MacDonald.D.H. i Sciences. Canada. related complications should rely on a robust estimate of this rate. cNEP was a simple.D.. School of Health Sciences. United Kingdom. Polytrauma in children requires trained medical and paramedical staff. Jean Guglielminotti. M.S.C. F. and the effects of continuous negative external pressure support after a successful educational effort to promote evidence-based (cNEP) (5i Sciences) on such events. M. Yasser M. Carol J.D. Paul M.. Patel. Orlando R. Pontificia Universidad Católica de surgical field visualization. FRCPC. Otolaryngology. Ph...D. F.D.D. New Zealand. Andrew NNT 14. Loubser.A.. Val Hooper. B. David M.D. Engineer. Data analysis Wellington.(c). Chile. M.D. Bradford. B.R.D.. United Kingdom.. Endpoint LLC. M. Woehlck.9% of PI A3142 the user satisfaction. Halifax.. Anaesthetics/ITU. Anesthesiology. Anesthesiologist Satisfaction With Computerized Order Entry Torquay. Nial Quiney.. safe Pathology (Transfusion Medicine). Strasbourg. M. Anaesthetics/ITU. Suneeta Gollapudy. France. Ness.D. Mohammed A. M.D.. Improves (CPOE) with Clinician Decision Support (CDS) to Reduce RBC Utilization Oxygenation in Sedated Colonoscopy Patients in a Tertiary Care Academic Medical Center We studied apneas and oxygen desaturation events occurring during routine Adding computerized provider order entry (CPOE) with clinician decision colonoscopy. M.. M. Singapore.02)..B. M. Guildford. F. William McKay. B... M.and Reliability-adjusted Rates of Anesthesia- Bopp. A rate Pedagogic Simulation Unit. Royal United PI A3137 Hospital Bath. After introduction in four UK hospitals risk tape with pre-application of tincture of benzoin provide the least. M.A. F. Ph. Medical College of Wisconsin. MD. United Kingdom..S.. Steven M..... Ebert.A..D.(c).0006). A Comparison of Six Endotracheal Tube Adhesive Stabilization Methods in a Live Pediatric Dermal Model PI A3141 Our study compared the force required to retract an endotracheal tube taped Reducing Mortality after Emergency Laparotomy Using the ELPQuiC to skin using six commonly used adhesive stabilization methods on a live Bundle human dermal model. Houston.D.... Baltimore. total intravenous anesthesia with Rampinelli. Egypt. Victor Gasia.. M. Claire Comparison of Risk. were ten-fold fewer in the cNEP group (p=0.D.. Anesthesiology/Critical Care Medicine. Ghislaine propofol only appears to be associated with increased bleeding and decreased C.. La Jolla. Peden. WA. Jonathan adjusted mortality has reduced across all sites . Loehrl. Perioperative Medicine Sam Huddart. Ph. M. M. and the percentage of patients requiring an increase in oxygen Nishant D. M.D. Anesthesiology. Zuckerberg. structural equation modelling.D..B. Sr. Brendan are viable means of quality improvement in emergency general surgery.. for these two devices. Youssef. Todd A. M. Francisca Elgueta. Milwaukee. Cairo shows no difference in the time to intubation or with the grade of glottic view University. user friendliness of the system and IT support contributed to 76. Our main result. WI. When remifentanil is used for controlled hypotension during general anesthesia Eduardo A. M.A..C. Cairo. Tan Tock Seng Hospital.B..D. CA. Jayden Cowen. M.C. F. M. WI.. Santiago.R. Clement J. M. Perioperative Period of Obese Insulin Resistent Patients We examined the effect of dexmedetomidine on postoperative glucose PI A3144 and insulin levels of obese patients with impaired glucose tolerance Effect of Anesthetic Technique on Surgical Field Visualization During undergoing bariatric surgery. Canada. Royal Devon and Exeter We conducted a 10 question survey of the Anesthesiology Department Faculty Hospital.. Poetker. although perceived receptivity of the system by users did. Department of Anesthesiology. M.Med.D. Pierre Diemunsch. Using Bradford.The percentage of patients with one or more apneas > 30 surgical services with more than 50% of transfused units given to massively seconds declined from 65% in the control group to 17% in the cNEP group transfused patients.Sc. Gabe S.. Jennifer O’Brien. Saskatoon..A. Strasbourg.R. United Kingdom.. TX. M.R.S.D.. and Pain Management. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund.. Strasbourg University Hospital. Matthew Dickinson. Anaesthetics/ITU. Bruce McCormick.(c). The small. M.D. Walter Coyle.001). This Paul G. Polytrauma in Children: Challenge of Interprofessional Management Dalhousie University.. University of and residents one year after initiation computerized physician order entry. Mike Swart. PI A3136 Gastroenterology. Effect of Dexmedetomidine on Glycemic and Insulin Levels in the Guohua Li. Jinbin Zhang.D. Patient vacuum (-45cm H2O).. SK. Institutions. Hematology.D. Ph.. study compares the efficacy of the Glidescope and the McGrath MAC video M.. Dr..D.D. University of Saskatchewan. Royal Surrey County Hospital.D. Because of the severity of such a relatively rare situation. M. Echevarria.D.D. Ph. M. Victoria University. United Kingdom. Zablocki VA Medical Center. Surgery.. M. Of the tested methods Medipore™ tape with pre-applied LPQuiC (Emergency Laparotomy Pathway Quality Improvement Care bundle) tincture of benzoin provided the greatest adhesive strength while Elastoplast™ is an evidence-based care bundle.D.. M. Drake A. M. M. Inc. Thomas J. Rose. College of Medicine.2 (p<0.D.. Anesthesiology. School of Information Sciences. Timothy M. PI A3135 PI A3140 Efficacy of Education Followed by Computerized Provider Order Entry Continuous Negative External Pressure Reduces Apneas.D. M. M. Mean obstructive apnea episodes Linda Ms Resar...D.B.D.. Gashkoff. Chloe Chauvin.D.D. Mauricio Ibacache. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia 86 OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain . M. National Cancer Institute. The Johns Hopkins Medical and effective means of lessening respiratory impairment. B. Chile. With Full Scale Simulation Singapore. cNEP involved application of a low transfusion practice had no impact in further reducing blood utilization. M. Bath. France. Ivonne for functional endoscopic sinus surgery. we demonstrated that ability to render patient care. and a major technical set.D. M.. Ch.A.C. M. New York.. without hyperglycemia.Sc..R. Gamble. via a soft collar placed on the anterior neck over the blood management efforts to reduce RBC utilization were less successful in upper airway. CA.R. Thierry The assessment of obstetric anesthesia safety with the rate of anesthesia- Pottecher.A..A. Ph. Andrew Frost.D. Matthias Riess. Blood or emesis may potentially disrupt the view with video laryngoscopy. Rancho Santa Fe. (p=0.D. Kenneth Klein.01). NS.Sc. the McGrath MAC for Intubation in Cadavers with to other activities.D. Vega Perez. portable.P. clinical grade cadavers with simulated oropharyngeal bleeding. The care-bundle model and multicentre collaboration Wang.. NY.B.. Exeter.relative risk reduction 42%. Claudio Nazar. Gilles Mahoudeau. University of Texas Medical School at laryngoscopes when used by anesthesiologists to intubate the trachea of Houston. M.D. CUMC.D.D. Torbay Hospital.. Milwaukee. Anaesthetics/ITU. PI A3143 interprofessional training by simulation is useful to develop teamwork.

. M. laparoscopic gynaecological surgery. University Anaesthesiology and Pain Medicine. University. Kowalski. Recently there has been a trend towards increasing the number of cores. undergoing port-a-cath placement under Monitored Anesthesia Care oral / rectal analgesia and parenteral analgesia to study their effectiveness (MAC) before and after a fast track TDABC initiative to determine whether and side effects of nausea and vomiting . Rush University Medical Center. Shirley Richard. Joo Han Lee... Wojtczak.D.. Houston.D. Anne-Catherine Courtois. Ph.. The Orthopedic surgeons use of the Postoperative Obstructive Apnea Phone Program grew by 23% after 9 months. MONDAY. AM A3153 Reducing Cancer Care Costs by Using Time Driven Activity Based PI A3149 Costing in Process Mapping and Utilizing a Fast Track Process Analysis of Multiple Routes of Analgesic Administration in the for Patients Undergoing Port-A Cath Placement Under Monitored Immediate Postoperative Period. Netherlands. Farzin the least incidence of nausea and vomiting was found in the neuraxial group Goravanchi. When premedication. James P.H.D. Rochester.R.D. Anesthesiology....D...D. Eric P. M. Department of Anesthesiology. M.D.. M.D. Brendan Wang. CT. Boston. Belgium. Rochester.D.D. Pasquale DeNegri. Yale University. number of patients scheduled for a PEC appointment and will be expanded to Such premedication might be dangerous in patients already predisposed to the other services at the institution. Republic of.. M.D.Our study emphasizes that premedication with 0. The PEC Orders Form resulted in an increase in the two postoperative hours (three hours after the alprazolam administration). M. Ph. Maastricht Gangdong. Adam Carinci. Ph.... IL. Anesthesiology..D.5 mg of used the form was effective yet cultural barriers made surgeons hesitant to alprazolam causes an increase in obstructive apneas during at least the first use the Phone Program. Liege.D.S.D.D.P.. M.A. while external surgery. Elizabeth Rebello.D. FIPP.m. University Hospital of Liege. M.. Department of Anesthesia..... block. Department of Anaesthesiology Cai. Mike with the parenteral route being the most common.we developed computer aided-detection (CADe) software that uses ultrasound 24-core prostate biopsy performed as ambulatory procedure pattern recognition algorithms . M. Vicko Gluncic. Recall 90%. Alexis Guzman. and LMA Supreme airway device based stability at extubation without delaying recovery or increasing PONV during on manufacturer (weight-based) and clinician (height-based) sizing models. M. Jacek A.D.S. Ph. Chicago.OKaty E. M.m.. IRCCS Centro di Riferimento Oncologico della Basilicata. Ph. Surgical Oncology & accuracy was 90%.. The Effect of Sufentanil Administration on Remifentanil-Based Illinois Institute of Technology.D. M. Mario Moric.. Rionero in Vulture.Sc.P. .D. and specificity 97%.. M. 89%. We asked surgeons to use this form to Influence of Alprazolam Premedication on the Occurrence of determine the appropriate appointment. Cabinet Medical ASTES & Clinique Saint-Luc de Bouge. M. TX . Kyung Hee University Hospital at of Texas Health Science Center Houston....D. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain 87 .D. Ph.D.. By contrast antropometric Transrectal Ultrasound Guided 24-Core Prostate Biopsy: A Prospective linear distances and the submandibular angle were not different in both groups Randomized Trial of patients. C. M. Transrectal ultrasound guided prostate biopsy (TRPB) is considered a main University of Rochester Medical Center. Precision 88%. Nam-Sik Woo.. New York AM A3152 Presbyterian Hospital / Columbia University Medical Center.H. Gail Watrous. M. occurrence of obstructive apneas (obese patients and/or with Obstructive Sleep M. Jean and Pain Medicine. Ph.S. Qin Li. M. | Hall B1-Area E In an effort to reduce the variability and increase the percent of patients scheduled for the correct PEC appointment we piloted a PEC Orders Form AM A3150 with the Orthopedic Surgery Service. Universite de Liege. Ph.. Susan Dabu-Bondoc.. Davide Cattano.PI A3145 PO01-2 AMBULATORY ANESTHESIA: SEDATION.B. Patients were anaesthesia improved postoperative hyperalgesia and achieved haemodynamic ideally sized for an i-Gel. Belgium.D. Kuan-Chung Wu.D.D. New York. Ph.P. Seoul. Salma El Marjiya. Dimensions in the Prediction of Difficult Intubation This study shows that sonographically derived hyomental distance ratios are AM A3151 significantly different in difficult and easy to intubate patients and may predict A Comparison of Three Different Anesthetic Techniques During difficult laryngoscopy resulting in difficult intubation.D. Konkuk University Medical Center. M.D. TX. MA. Continued research in the Hernandez. M. routes of Analgesia and pain outcomes and side effects are warranted. M.. NY. Overall Mastrangelo. OCTOBER 13 Redesigning Pre-Procedural Evaluation Testing: Utilizing a Grid to PHARMACOKINETICS AND RECOVERY OUTCOMES Triage Low-Acuity Patients to a Phone Appointment 10 a.N. Jae Woo Yi.. M.. The form also improved lab Obstructive apneas can be a serious complication of anesthesia and/or ordering by listing appropriate labs to complete prior to the appointment.B. ambulatory procedure in the histological diagnosis of prostate cancer. D..BCh. Chung-Sik Oh. Ph. Subarachnoid anesthesia with low dose of chlorprocaine 1% for transrectal objects . M. Anesthesiology. Tommaso Masciandaro. No standard techniquehas been proved to be the most effective so As computer vision is superior to the human eye in the detection of defined far. C. Kelsey McCarty. Anaesthesia During Laparoscopic Gynaecological Surgery: A Double- Blind Randomised Controlled Trial PI A3148 This study assessed the effect of sufentanil administered before conclusion A New Method to Test Concordance Between Extraglottic Airway of remifentanil-based anaesthesia on postoperative hyperalgesia and Device Dimensions and Patient Anatomy haemodynamic stability in patients undergoing laparoscopic gynaecological Extraglottic airway devices (EADs) are sized based on weight. NY. Clinical & Translational Science. M..A Ten Year Experience Anesthesia Care in the Ambulatory Care Setting A study was performed comparing three routes of administation of pain This study compares Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) time for patients medication in the immediate postoperative period namely neuraxial analgesia. Spencer Kee.D. R. Department of B-mode and M-mode Submandibular Sonography versus Facial Anesthesia & ICM... French-Bloom.S.C... M. Tiziana Tirri. Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. Vincent Bonhomme. M. M.S. Jacek A. F.. Alicia M.D.N.D. Gady Agam.C. Srdan Kobsa... Ph.D. Biostatistics. M.. Ph.S... University of Rochester Medical Center. M.D. NY. Biostatistics. Jae Yun Kim. LMA Unique. If needle is detected. F1-measure 90%.D. Critical Care M.S. Wojtczak. M. Deflandre. B.. Chicago.T. Ph. Italy.. B. Nancy Mitchell-Mollard. ENLs may provide markers for proper sizing of EADs. for which the PI A3147 24-core prostate biopsy further increases the need for adequate anesthetic Computer Aided-detection of Retained Surgical Needles in X-Rays procedure.Sufentanil administration before concluding remifentanil-based neck landmarks (ENLs) have not been included in sizing models.A.D.. Nalini Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine. Korea. Sensitivity Pain Medicine. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. M. B. Seong-Hyop Kim. Houston. Our data showed that though all the interventions in improving process flow would decrease PACU time in this three routes tested have significant pain relief upon discharge from the PACU patient population. M. CHR PI A3146 de la Citadelle University. Ph.D.D. Carin A. M.. M. F. Feng Dai. Chunyan Ph. Univeristy of Vadivelu. Apnea Syndrome). Brichant. New Haven..D.. Department of Hagberg.D.D.D. IL.. Rathmell.D. and Pain Medicine. Namur..D. Robert Poirrier. Massachusetts General Hospital..combining elements of artificial intelligence resulted a viable alternative to light general anesthesia or periprostatic with digital image processing . Pol Hans. Department of Anesthesiology. Pietro Augusto software inserts alert sign over the corresponding area of the image.. Tom Van Zundert. Xiangyu Cong. detect needles in XRs. M. Rashida Callender. Maastricht...S.-12 p. M..D. University Medical Centre. Eden Brand.D.D. M.

M. consideration should be given to avoid shows that in current practices. M. M. Thus. We then compared the patients induced with sevoflurane with the similar patients induced with propofol. Practitioners Student... in attenuating QTc interval prolongation following intubation among elderly patients and the Ce of remifentanil is lower in females than in males. Anesthesiology. Blitz. if the cost of such Gastrointestinal Procedures: Are We Overdosing the Elderly? monitoring outweigh the potential benefit. Juliann Peacock.D. Tariq M.. Manuel J.. Republic of..D. agents in the face of hemorrhage. patients undergoing colonoscopy with CT. M.IPreet Mohinder Singh. axillary plexus block is preferable to supraclavicular block in outpatients due to a superior risk profile.R. undergoing procedures in our sedation unit.. Anesthesiology.. Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education dose adjustments in the elderly require further modifications to yield stable & Research. Kumar G... consideration should be made to add alternative uterotonic TC Nguyen. IL. M. Yonsei University College In this study. patient satisfaction but it requires a dedicated staff to produce a safe outcome. Anesthesiolgy. factors for the development of torsades de pointes in association with QTc M. PA. Prototype Electronic Mask Ventilator Germany.D.. This study evaluates the accuracy of the ventilation monitoring functions integrated into a prototype portable mask ventilator. Sevoflurane Versus Propofol in a Pediatric Sedation Unit Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine. Teets. Orr... John polymorphism. M.AAmrita Rao. preferably based on a Anesthetic Induction Dosing in Patients Undergoing Ambulatory depth of sedation monitor.B. CA . Anesthesiology. M. Chandigarh. of hypotension in the elderly population is still observed. CT.. Evaluation of Spontaneous Ventilation Measurement Accuracy Using a Rockemann. can be potentially AM A3163 very labor intensive. It requires ability to communicate with the patients 24/7.D. Minneapolis. India.A. Douglas F. block for hand surgery anesthesia related process times and quality of R. children were less likely to be induced with sevoflurane..S. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. Shamsuddin Akhtar. B. Rabeena Tabassum..D. The goal of this pilot study is to demonstrate the During general anesthesia. Student. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia 88 OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain . Additionally. University of postanesthetic recovery were evaluated.D. The results of this observational study suggest that there is Room for improvement in AM A3158 recommended induction doses for elderly undergoing non-cardiac surgeries. However.C..S. So Yeon Kim. Findings suggest anesthetic Pennsylvania. University of Utah. We have Based on our post-anesthetic survey. Galveston. F. drop in the elderly population after induction is still significant. There and the degree of partum blood loss. Smith.O. NY. Testing In 2013. respiratory rates and Review of the Effectiveness and Complications of Continuous airway pressure in a bench simulation of spontaneous breathing. University of Chicago. University of Texas Medical Branch.N. Jeanna D. M. New York University Langone Medical Center. University Hospital of Ulm. Ph. Anesthesiology. fentanyl dosages are not lowered for age propofol based sedation for non-essential colonoscopies. Chief Director. propofol based sedation are significantly deeply sedated than patients undergoing the same procedure with intravenous conscious sedation. Martin AM A3162 A. Mike P.S. This evaluation showed AM A3157 that the system accurately measured tidal volumes.. Old Habits Die Hard: Challenges Reducing Routine Preoperative Stanford University. increased frequency Anesthesia. New Haven. NYU Medical Center changed presurgical testing guidelines reducing AM A3155 the number of routine electrocardiograms (ECGs) and chest x-rays... CPNC is an effective analgesic technique in outpatient setting. Chicago. patients prefer a telephone-based pre- identified an association between an oxytocin receptors gene polymorphisms anesthesia evaluation (PAE) compared to an office-based evaluation. Joseph Heng. Riyadh. M.S..D.. Consultant. M.S. though propofol and midazolam are corrected for age. M.D. and ASA class.AF.S. we determined the incidence of sevoflurane use in children of Medicine.S. In patients known to have this were no complications or cancellations noted. Yale School of Medicine..B. Michael Georgieff. B. Ph. Elizabeth Cifuentes. Charlottesville. Augustus Samuel. This study Sex-Related Differences in the Effect-Site Concentration of investigates the number of preoperative ECGs and chest x-rays among men Remifentanil for Preventing QTc Interval Prolongation Following ages 40-49 scheduled for outpatient urologic surgery and whether or not Intubation in Elderly Patients these tests were indicated. Palo Alto. Anesthesiology. M. M. B. Quality of MN.. B. M. Malik..We AM A3164 recommend titrating the propofol sedation appropriately. M. anesthesia preparation time and turnover time between groups. hemodynamics. New Haven. Seokyung Shin. it remains to be seen. M. Obstetric and AM A3160 Gynecology.C. AM A3154 AM A3159 Oxytocin Receptor Polymorphism Affects the Amount of Peripartum Patient Preference for the Pre-Anesthesia Evaluation: Telephone or Hemorrhage in Vaginal Delivery Office Assessment? Peripartum hemorrhage is a source of major morbidity and mortality. Anesthesiology. Terkawi. King Fahad Medical City. New interval prolongation.C.B. Though propofol doses are decreased. Eble. Harpreet Singh.D.. Vicki Zhu Jun Bing. Belani. Also it is of paramount importance that the pain service Intravenous Induction Dosing in the Elderly: Need for Improvement has the ability to evaluate patient at a short notice by bringing the patient back Anesthetic dosing of fentanyl is not being rigorously corrected for age.. Philadelphia. Manju Nayar.. University of Minnesota. Rene Przkora. D.D. Jonathan M.S. M.D. Ulm. It produces high Joseph A. Michael G. Sehar S.D. Ph.D. UT.H. SrConsultant.D.D.D. recovery was comparable as well. M. M. Prospective Comparison of Patient State Index (PSI) Between Propofol Joseph Heng. Anesthesiology. Sedation and Intravenous Conscious Sedation During Colonoscopy Department of Anesthesia..D. M. Bo AM A3161 Ra Lee. Even to the hospital to if needed.D..B. TX. Yale University School of Medicine. Ph. especially with regards to reduction Retrospective review of 799 anesthesia records for ambulatory GI procedures in the rates of aspiration. University of Virginia. tracheal intubation augment QTc interval challenge of implementing new guidelines and understanding physicians’ prolongation.D. Shehnaz Anesthesiology. In AM A3156 our sedation unit..D. M. Across all stages of the procedure. Comparable Quality of Process and Recovery After Ultrasound Guided The incidence of complications was higher with sevoflurane when compared Axillary and Supraclavicular Plexus Block in Outpatients to propofol in this group of children.D. Pamela Flood.S. VA.S. University of are more likely to adjust for ASA class than age.. Hansoti. Target-controlled infusion of remifentanil is effective York. Patient Peripheral Nerve Catheters in Ambulatory Setting: A Two Year monitoring capability in this system is useful for selecting CPAP levels and Retrospective Analysis ensuring adequate patient ventilation during sedation.. mean arterial pressure M. Gladys Rodriguez.B. Abdullah S. Fogarty.S. M. M. Basavana Goudra. Seoul. Gafoor. Salt Lake City.R...D. There were no differences in Minnesota Amplatz Children Hospital. B. Lozada.S.. Female sex and age more than 65 years are common risk resistance to change practice.D. Navneet Kaur.. Shamsuddin Akhtar. Korea. In 140 outpatients with ultrasound guided axillary or supraclavicular plexus M. Ph.D.. Saudi Arabia.B.

risk of perioperative CV events.. Dexmedetomidine is an anaesthetic error.59.S.D. San Francisco. Republic of. CA. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. Science Institute.D. Young-Tae Jeon. M. M. Paris. Seoul National University Hospital. Cleveland Clinic. M...D. Seoul National University Bundang Hospital.. Brittany Scarpato... Aurelien Bataille. high-volume ambulatory Catheter-related bladder discomfort (CRBD) due to an indwelling urinary surgery center (ASC) and the effect of distractions on handoff duration and catheter causes postoperative distress. predicting worsening of renal function in the postoperative period. San Francisco.D. Min Yang. NY. Outcomes Research. 95% CI 1. Thus the goal of this study association between RA and perioperative CV events is not fully understood. Joseph Donaldson.D. Cleveland.D.D. Starzl Transplantation Institute. Afrida Gergess. The aim of this study was Double-Blind. FA A3171 FA A3167 Healthcare Disparities in the Perioperative Setting: An Rheumatoid Arthritis and Perioperative Cardiovascular Complications: Analysis of the National Anesthesia Clinical Outcomes A Retrospective Analysis Registry Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) are known to have increased mortality Little research has been done on determining the role healthcare disparities primarily attributed to cardiovascular (CV) complications. Research. Lee.D. M. Moraska. According to our study. Daniela Damian. Susan M.D.D. Sophie Provenchere. Byung-Gun Kim. Anesthesiology Quality Institute. Epidemiology and Biostatistics. M. p<0.D. Medicine. M.D. Anesthesiology Institute. M. gender and This retrospective.. M. University of Pittsburgh.D... France. Ph. Singh. other potential confounders. John Kellum. OH. OCTOBER 13 Toward a Safer Handoff: Preventable Barriers to High Quality The Preventive Effect of Intraoperative Dexmedetomidine on Postoperative Communication Postoperative Catheter-Related Bladder Discomfort in Patients Distracted postoperative handoff communication has been previously linked Undergoing Transurethral Bladder Tumor Resection: A Prospective to information omission within the hospital setting.. M. Medical Center between 1st of January 2005..A. After adjusting for confounders. there are healthcare disparities patients having non-cardiac surgery across seven U.. Randomized Study to identify communication barriers within a busy. Irwin Gratz.D. Ph.S. Tokyo Medical and Dental University. Joseph.D. Edward R.. M. Ph.C.. Hee-Pyoung Park.8%) patients.D.. Steve Takemoto.. Srinivasa Govindarajan. Deal...O. Dan Longrois...D.S. Clinical Translation Nobuhiro Shiota. Ph. Angiotensin receptor blockers (ARBs) are commonly prescribed. control matched study analyzed almost 119..B. Burden. Amanda R. M.. M. Glomerular filtration rate was used as a measurement of renal Ph.D. function in the postoperative period and associated with modifiable factors Hopital Bichat.. M.D.D... Japan.D. Cleveland Clinic. Ph.. Kaplan. In this retrospective cohort study of the Veterans Affairs Healthcare system.O.D. Outcomes Center. Seiji Ishikawa. M. M. is to investigate the association between socioeconomic status. AKI on long-term outcomes may be minimal after discharge from hospital alive. Ph.D.D.R.000 RA perioperative adverse..m. San Francisco. Thomas E. M. IL. M..D. Anesthesiology.. M. the play in affecting perioperative adverse outcomes. M.P..D. Bronx. Ibtesam A. Critical Care Manami Tanaka.AM A3165 FA A3169 MONDAY. Frank Mortality After Early Postoperative Nonresumption of Angiotensin Marcano Obregon. Pukenas. Ph.D.D. This study showed that intraoperative dexmedetomidine B.. Jing Song. Camden. M. Hesler.D. treating CRBD. Koshi Makita. and other Retrospective review of all first time living donor liver transplanted patients and variables. Akhil K. B. M.D. States from 2009 to between different socioeconomic classes of patients. Anesthesiology. Muse.. Iyabo O.D. sex. M. 10 a. M.-12 p. Richard P. Ph. occurring in 10.. Elaine Allen.31st of December 2009. we analyzed 26.. population of octogenarians. OH. M. NY. PA. NJ..S. After propensity score matching using age.S. 32 pairs of AKI and non-AKI patients who were followed for at least 3 cadaveric donor liver transplanted patients performed at University of Pittsburgh years or died within 3 years after hospital discharge were included..D.D.D. Natalya Makarova.. Ashish K. Nonresumption of ARB at postoperative day two was common. Wallace. M.D.. Young-Jin Lim. Erin W. M. Montefiore Medical Center. a Meier analysis revealed that neither mortality rate nor the composite outcome propensity matched score analysis to investigated the impact of the liver graft of death and chronic renal dysfunction differed significantly between groups type on the acute kidney injury incidence post-transpalntation and contributing after hospital discharge. Zhuo Sun. RA patients do not have a significantly increased M. M. M. Cleveland Clinic..D. Hilmi.. D. Dan Winger. Shobana Rajan.D.D. M. M. University of California. Philippe Montravers. Postoperative delay in resuming ARB is common and contributes to 30-day mortality.D. Albert Einstein College of Medicine/ M. multivariable Cox proportional hazards modelling revealed that failure to resume ARB by postoperative day two increased 30-day mortality risk (adjusted hazard ratio 1.001). Amanda agent with an anti-muscarinic effect that is beneficial for preventing and R. Taral Patel. Anesthesiology. Republic of.34-1. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain 89 .D..D.S...S. Erin McIntosh.D. M.D. However. Arthur W. Pittsburgh. Michael H. M.. Cooper Medical School of administration decreased the incidence and severity of CRBD and the Rowan University.. M. Cleveland. Seongnam.... D. Ph. Korea.D. Doan. Montefiore Medical Alparslan Turan.C. Adrian Liau. Tokyo. tumor resection. Anesthesiology..708 (39. Rovnat Babazade. M.D. M. M. Arisa Tomozawa.D. Kosovo. M. M. Cleveland Clinic. Khanna..D.. Bronx. M. FA A3166 Does Postoperative Acute Kidney Injury After Liver Resection Surgery FA A3170 Worsen Outcomes After Hospital Discharge? Incidence of Acute Kidney Injury After Orthotopic Liver We investigated the impact of postoperative acute kidney injury (AKI) on long.D.m.B. F. Anesthesiology. the rates and consequences of failing to resume ARB postoperatively is unknown.. University postoperative fentanyl requirement in patients undergoing transurethral bladder of California San Francisco.creatinine variation and postoperative Troponin I in a specific This is a study analyzing 2020 records of patients who underwent open. Alparsian Turan. M. These results suggest that the effects of postoperative factors.. M. Receptor Blockers: A Cohort Study Anesthesiology. Department of Anesthesiology.. However. M.D. Benoit Cousin. Department PO13-2 OUTCOMES AND DATABASE RESEARCH of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine. Schaumburg. CA. with middle income 2010. | Hall B1-Area B Seoul. Ph.. robotic and laparoscopic partial nephrectomy between 2005 and 2012 at the M. Anesthesia and Perioperative Care. FA A3172 FA A3168 How to Assess Risk in Patients Over 80 Years Old in Cardiac Surgery? Perioperative Factors Predicting Renal Failure After Partial The aim of the study was to evaluate the predictive performance of Nephrectomy Euroscore.D. FA A3173 M. Brian D. M. Results indicated that after adjusting for chronic heart disease and patients being the most likely to have adverse outcomes. Dutton.913 inpatient surgical admissions in patients regularly prescribed ARBs between 1999 and 2011.D. Fumi Maruyama.. Jing You.D. Transplantation Using Living-Donor Versus Cadaveric term outcomes using a database of 642 patients who had undergone liver Donor Graft: A Propensity Score Matched Analysis resection surgery. Rakhi Pal. Vilma A.89.

.04) and all-cause mortality within 30 days of surgery. An elevated SLUScore™ Research is needed to further define the risks and benefits of initiation of portends an increased risk of cardiac morbidity (the clinical decision to test statins prior to surgery. M. Departments of Anesthesiology. particularly pressure thresholds between 75 and 45 mm Hg. PI A3182 The Effect of an Immature Anesthesia Information Management FA A3177 System on Physiologic Data Capture Is Peri-Operative Fluid Therapy a Predictor of Morbidity and Mortality In anesthesia. M. M. Bethany Tellor.. Saint Louis. Christopher FA A3180 A.D. M. Pauline Woo. Anesthesiology.. M.D.. Hypertensive and Normotensive patients with or without intravenous Midazolam in outpatient and inpatient surgery.. Karsten Bartels.. FA A3174 FA A3179 The SLUScore™: A Novel Metric Quantifying the Adverse Impact Perioperative Utilization of Statins in Patients Undergoing of Intraoperative Hypotensive Exposure on Postoperative Cardiac Intermediate to High Risk Non-cardiac Surgery Morbidity and Mortality Following Non-cardiac Surgery In the current study we describe perioperative initiation of statins before The present study indicates that the SLUScore™.. Hamiton. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia 90 OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain . CO.m..D. Ronald Wender.B.. McCluskey. | Hall B1-Area C Benjamin K. Brigham and Women’s Hospital.758 Patients Louis School of Medicine.H..Ch. We report this abstractexplaining Active involvement of the anesthesiologist in the complete preoperative our interventions and the results we obtained.D.D. WI). Brian T. Rosner. CA. a novel scoring methodology moderate. Alice Wei. Marc R.. Jun Liu. Hui Yuan. Karlnoski. FA A3175 an extensive. Arbi Ben Abdallah. PO14-3 PATIENT SAFETY AND PRACTICE MANAGEMENT Bustamante. Rachel Bronx. Program In The Department Of Veterans Affairs (VA) The new VA Anesthesia QI program. Srinivas. M. 2010. Stapelfeldt. Dallas. Waylan Wong. M. Epic Anesthesia v. McMaster University. Anesthesiology. We are planning a Verona.. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Department of Pharmacy. Torin D. M. MO.D. elderly population with significant morbidities. Saint Louis. Department of Anesthesiology.D. Perioperative Surgical Management and HCAHPS Outcomes: A Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery .D.D. Elisabetta Patorno. installation of an AIMS (Epic Systems. Brainard. Branko Miladinovic. CA. NY.. William T.D. Dr.D. both the capture of and accuracy of physiologic data. M. Shirley Wang.D. Department of Surgery.S. Nicholas J. Ozanne. Department of Surgery.D.B.. outcomes.. Toronto. M. San Francisco VA Medical Center. hemodynamic assessment and postoperative risk stratification tool in the OR.D. Bahman Shamloo. Washington University in Saint Retrospective Review of 2.. M. associated with increased risk of postoperative complications and longer ICU Dallas VAMC.A Single Center of paramount importance..D.Ch. Lightfoot. M.... M. Urology. Roya Yumul. and centrally analyzed data. accurate and complete documentation of physiologic data is After Pancreaticoduodenectomy (Whipple Procedure) . 2012. Keenan Obada. University of Colorado.D. Peter T.D. propensity-matched cohort investigations. is increased in approximately among older patients with higher RCRI and undergoing major vascular surgery.B. Kacmar.D. Medical College of Wisconsin. Dermot P. Gerard M. Florida Gulf-to-Bay Anesthesiology Associates LLC.. Howard L. M. Rachel M. Saint Louis Establishment Of A Comprehensive Anesthesia Quality Improvement University. Yiu-Hei Ching. M. infectious complications and surgical complications. findings suggest a possible role for tracking the SLUScore™ as a real time Boston. FA A3176 M.B. M. M. Department AIMS. Avidan.. A retrospective analysis of 2.D. Xiao Zhang.D. Wolf H.P. Ph.D. Alison J. University of South Florida. FL. B. We present data that Ch.D.B.B. Exposure to CH appears to have been San Francisco. UCSF. Jennifer R. PI A3183 Quality Improvement Project Using QA/QI Database Medication Errors! FA A3178 What Can Be Done to Decrease These Errors? Impact of Anesthesia-Guided Preoperative Testing on Hospital Medication errors are both prevalent and potentially life threatening in thefield Expenses and Surgical Adverse Events : A Before & After of anesthesiology. Anesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine. Emily Alvey.D. Hamish S. M. M. Erik Nelson. inclusive of Nationally standardized data. M.. Thoracic Surgeons National Database. M. M. FA A3181 M.D.. M. M. M. study during the period of contaminated heparin (CH) and the equivalent John T.S.D. Shamantha Reddy.... Coimatore V. Ph..D. Anesthesia. Jameson. Cesar Padilla. Montefiore Medical Center.. Evanston.. M. MO. M. B. offers Retrospective Propensity-Matched Cohort Study an unparalleled opportunity for significant clinical discoveries and patient care We conducted a single center. Devanand Mangar. No association anesthetic records from four community hospitals before and after the was found between the volume of fluid administered and length of stay. Perioperative data were obtained from the institutional record of the Society of Milwaukee... Ph. M.. Pablo suggests the completeness of data capture may be adversely affected by Serrano.. M. Ana Fernandez. Schmeling. PharmD.m.. Mark Deshur. MA. ON. M. M.. The data is obtainedfrom our evaluation significantly reduced the number of tests and labs performed while Quality Improvement and Patient Safety database compared among the last4 maintaining the quality of patient care and did not adversely affect surgical years.. Sebastian high-risk non-cardiac elective surgery in the United States and we for intraoperative hypotension based on the number of certain cumulative time explore patient characteristics among statin initiators and non-initiators. Sum-Ping.. B.. Mohammad A.D.. We recently adopted an automated anesthesia Retrospective Review information system and sought to evaluate the effect of our AIMS on chart This is a retrospective review of 607 patients undergoing completion of physiologic data over time. M.D. v. Abdullah Abou-Samra. UT Southwestern Medical Center. We retrospectively reviewed pancreaticoduodenecomy looking at peri-operative fluid therapy.. elevation >0. Leslie C. B. Scott.. Zablocki VA Medical Center... and analysis of what perioperative management with improved and decreased satisfaction.. Moon. Perioperative Blood Pressure Variation in Hypertensive and M. Canada. Normotensive Patients With and Without Sedation Charles Louy.D.758 patient’s responses to HCAHPS questions Barnes-Jewish Hospital. for possible troponin elevation as well as a documented diagnosis of troponin Ph.D. M.D.. Helwani.D.B.P. Michael S.. M. retrospective. Pharmacology time frame in the three preceding or the two following years (2004-2010). Vuong. Bullard.. very high fidelity Contaminated Heparin and Outcomes After Cardiac Surgery: A physiologic and therapeutic data collection.D. Smith. WI.D. Enrico M.D. M. Ph.D. The automation of data capture with AIMS is thought to improve prospective trial to further investigate this topic. Sc.D. M.D. M. The limits that were exceeded for exposure below a range of mean arterial blood rate of statin initiation progressively increased from 2003 to 2012. ON.-12 p.D..S.. Shear. B.S.. M. These Bateman. Los The goal of this study was to describe Preop to OR change in Systolic BP for Angeles.D. M.H.D.D. TX. Anesthesiology.D.. Aurora. Maher. stay. Anesthesiology.. University of South Florida. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund.S. We utilized several techniques in order to decreasethe Retrospective Chart Review incidence of these errors at our institution.D.S. M. one of three patients undergoing non-cardiac surgery. 10 a.S. Anesthesia. M. Mace..D. Ph. Harvard Medical School..D.. Stuart A.. University HealthSystem.S.. MO. & Toxicology. Ph. University of Toronto.. M. Jorge Lockhart. Paul. Tampa. B.D.. Ph. Kenneth J. Saint Louis. Devin Plosker. NorthShore of Anesthesia. Camporesi..D. Ph.D.. IL. M.. Canada. Heiko Kaiser. PharmD..

Ph.D. Nima Mottaghi.D.D. But it is thought that it is effective to prevent Quality of Recovery after Anesthesia and Surgery: intraoperative hypothermia.D.D. C. M. inadvertent anesthetic release into the OR. Steven M.N...B.. We found that length of PACU stay was the strongest Durability Following a One-Meter Drop variable affecting physical status dependence and patient’s perception of The type of anesthetic packaging is an important factor to promote safety in pain..S. WI. Anesthesiology. Over 50% of anesthesia caregivers at a high Northern latitude have inadequate Daniel Castillo..D. Chicago. M.D. M. Kai Yamazaki. Kevin Robinson. Rutgers less decrease than TT in C group but there was no significant difference. The effective prewarming using underbody blanket.D.D. M.D. Toru Kaneda.D. Apryl Martin. TX. Jacksonville. Abayomi Akintorin.. M.. M.. Chicago..D..D. Luigino overnight fasting. TT in P group was Anesthesiology. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. M. Anesthesiology. Tori Sutherland. M. IL.D. M. PI A3192 Ph.. Pierre-Olivier Ludes. Pharm. France. Kathleen Wong. IL..D. FL..D.H. M.. Stan Lando. OCTOBER 13 Implementation and Initial Results of a New Anesthesia Induction Is Your Anesthesia Cart Contaminated? What We Found! De-brief Process The CDC indicates that anesthesia drug carts represent mobile surfaces that Initial results from a new anesthesia induction de-brief process shows that can come into contact with body fluids or other soiled materials. We believe Induction of Anesthesia to Prevent Redistribution Hypothermia the hearsay report will elucidate and edify the involved patient safety issues. Kirk Hogan. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain 91 . University of Iceland.S. and M. IL.. M. Hearsay Medical Case Report: Case and Criteria Biostatistics.. We safety and to provide denominator data for a future study comparing induction conducted surface sampling on 9 anesthesia carts and contamination was checklist implementation methods. Tokai University School of Medicine.D. Several patients failed to be included (staff reluctance care providers because we are able to provide data on both SCIP antibiotic or ignorance) or they refused the drinks out of fear of trespassing against prophylaxis compliance and of the effect of provider notification on repeat established rules. Surgery. Ph. FL. M.D. M. Namn. Diane C. Strasbourg. Richard D. University of WI School of Medicine and Public Health.. Toshiyasu Suzuki. Neil C.. Newark.P. The choice Our analysis can be of value to both hospital administrators and health was left to the patient.D. J. Reykjavik. M.D. The traditional case report requires a University Hospital. M. 5% are deficient.S. M. Bartholomeus Calon. Pierre A. France.. PI A3191 Hautepierre..D... Anesthesiology. Ph. NJ. Ph. Martin I. Landspitali event that may go unpublished. Emily Misch..Sc. Kluth. Temple.B. Jennifer Beloff. Makoto Sawada. B. Baxter Healthcare Corporation. Baylor Scott & White Health.D. M. Bittenbinder... Therefore physicians and CRNAs consider the induction of anesthesia to be other than touch contamination originating from contaminated work surfaces must be “smooth” a significant percentage of the time. M. And NJMS.D. Orlando.. The flaws of this study only emphasize the generated as a result of increased compliance. difficulties in establishing a simple but disturbing policy of abandoning M. Department of Quality of postoperative recovery after anesthesia and surgery represents Anesthesiology.D. For about 30 minutes from end of anesthetic induction. Gerald Phillips. Stroger Jr Hospital of Cook County. John H. Russell K. Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine. willing author unafraid of legal ramifications... Thomas D. MA.. UMDNJ-New Jersey Medical School. Patrick J. M. multicultural Sevoflurane Packaging: Comparing Glass and Aluminum Bottle public heath hospital. University of Central Florida.A. McAllister. Douglas B. Sevoflurane is currently available in glass.S. This study demonstrated that use of an aluminum bottle Management. University of Florida College of vitamin D levels at the end of winter.D. Urman. Quefeng Li.The absence of complication. M.. In addition. R.N. Descepola..D. Anesthesiology. Surface sampling provides facilities with self-reporting process to help identify systemic problems affecting induction a view of the effectiveness of their cleaning or disinfection procedures. This abstract describes a prospective analysis of patient responses PI A3188 to the quality of recovery-40 (QoR-40) questionnaire in our urban. M.. M. M. The hearsay case report is presented as a novel way to describe an adverse Madison. Timothy M. the OR environment.D. Meyer. Anthony Buttitta.. The authors have described eight The Effectiveness of Pre-operative Warming for 10 Minutes Before criteria that must be met for the appropriate use of the hearsay. Anesthesiology-Intensive Care.. Yunseok induction of anesthesia using the underbody warming blanket prospectively. Ph. we have provided a description of a factual hypothermia caused by pre-operative warming for 10 minutes before event without providing the details. M. Coursin.. Binkley. 14 College of Medicine. for 10 PI A3193 minutes with 43. Winter Park Research Center.. M.D.. Skarphedinsdottir.. minimized and prevented if possible. Sigurdsson.. Boston. M.D. Division and Florida Hospital.D. Hautepierre.. M.D. M. A Prospective Investigation Using QoR-40 M. Charles R.D. Anesthesiology. Nascimben.. Sijan Wang. Pharm. M.. Medicine. The aim of this study is to examine the preventive effect of the redistribution In the following hearsay report.A. M. preventive effect of intraoperative hypothermia in P group was showed as same as C group.R. Jean-Pierre Rameau. PI A3185 PI A3190 Evaluation of Two Preoperative Oral Carbohydrate Drinks Improvement of Perioperative Surgical Site Infection Prophylaxis We propose to evaluate two different carbohydrate rich clear drinks before Compliance abdominal surgery: Nutricia PreOp and off the shelf apple juice. Round Lake.D. Improving Continuity of Patient Care Through the Use of a Universal Handoff Tool PI A3186 Improving continuity of patient care through the use of a universal handoff Vitamin D Deficiency in Anesthesia Department Caregivers at High tool that will serve as a vehicle to promote consistency of data shared across Northern Latitude handoffs and increase interdisciplinary communication.. Krueger.. an important end point in early postoperative health status and patient satisfaction.D. Ph. Isehara.. Sigurdsson.D.. was not found. To our surprise. Ph.D. M. Bozana Alexander. Cameron present on some of the carts.S. Mary Zoccoli.P.. Gisli H.A. Resident. Sigurbjorg J.... Newark. The hearsay report provides a disinterested analysis of the factors that led to the complications while PI A3187 preserving the confidentiality of the clinician. the cost ratio and patient errors. Ph. M. Orlando. M. Tricia A. M.D. Serge Rohr. NJ. Looke. Resident. We are using this anonymous. Center for Clinical Excellence.. Rush can promote safety in the OR environment since there is less potential for University Medical Center.. Diemunsch.D.D. should the bottle be dropped during handling.D. Japan.H. Shulman. US Anesthesia Partners-JLR Medical Group Roberson. Brigham & Womens Hospital. M..PI A3184 PI A3189 MONDAY. our hospital had a significant increase in revenue outcome were not assessed. we provided data on the internal cost of non-compliance choice clearly favours apple juice but insulin resistance and postoperative errors. Iceland. University Hospital of Strasbourg. as compared to glass. Anesthesiology and Pain aluminum bottles. General Surgery. FL.D. plastic.

New Haven.D. M. Katrina Smith. Further efficacy has not been fully evaluated in pediatrics. Srikanth Sridhar. TX. Chuang. Sindu Balakrishnan. Giza.Ch. M. Matthew Eckelman.D.. IA. Happy Eskander.. M.S. University of Anesthesia Induction? Iowa.. TE and PVB were superior Ph. M. laboratory values.D. Nationwide Children’s Hospital. M. M. Michael M.D.. preoperatively PI A3196 reduced pain associated with propofol injection for anesthesia induction. Northeastern University.. Jodi D. there has been a significant increase in clinical In Children.D.D. Estimate of Carbon Dioxide Equivalents of Inhaled Anesthetics in the 16% more patients in the SP group experienced no or mild pain. Columbus. Beltran. Ph.. M. Department of Anesthesiology..D. Results show no difference in postoperative opioid consumption between PVB Ana Lisa Ramirez-Chapman.. Yale..R. Houston. Alice Z. The study is prospective.B. ON. West China Medical Center of Sichuan University. FCARCSI..B. M. and TE. M. M.D. knowledge of incidence of risks/ complications and patients undergoing surgical and urological procedeures.. Carbajal.D. M. Professor. M. Stephanie F. M. Northeastern University... Matthew Eckelman. attributable to anesthetic gases. OH. David P. Egypt. Tobias.D. Evaluating Waste Anesthetic Gas (WAG) in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) within the Patient Breathing Zone PD A3202 The scavenging of waste anesthetic gases (WAG) is recommended by every Nuss Procedure: Clinical Options for Postoperative Pain Management professional organization and government agency involved with anesthesia to Repair of pectus excavatum using Nuss procedure is a commonly performed reduce occupational exposure to health care personnel. Anesthesia. Lichao Xia.D. China... Thomas Smith. C..D. Khalil. Clyde Matava. Based on the results of the current study. coagulation parameters compared to standard laboratory results in patients Mannschott.D. utilization and cleaning.D. Papworth. Hiromi Kako..D. undergoing posterior spinal fusion. however. Ling Tan. Cairo University. of Anesthesiology NA Neuroanesthesia 92 OB Obstetric Anesthesia PN Pain Medicine PD Pediatric Anesthesia PI Professional Issues RA Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain . M. Chunyan Cai. Block Lower concentration of local anesthetic for the ultrasound-guided transversus abdominis plane block in pediatric laparoscopic herniorrhaphy. PI A3194 PD A3200 Life Cycle Pollution Impacts of Reusable Versus Disposable Patient Point-of-Care Testing for Coagulation Function Versus Standard Warming Blankets Laboratory Testing in Pediatric Patients Undergoing Major Orthopedic A life cycle assessment was performed to compare the environmental impacts Surgery of reusable and disposable patient warming blankets and identify opportunities This study was conducted to evaluate point of care testing (CoaguChek®) of for improving device design. Hospital for Sick Children.m.D. M. published literature. Ralph J. M. M. Schonberger.. Using a Synera Patch (SP) or vapocoolant spray (VS) to place an intravenous catheter. Raman. Kenneth Hiller. Previous reports of their efficacy have Exhaled anesthetic gas levels in the PACU may exceed recommended levels.. Vidya T. Engineering. was conducted comparing opioid consumption between all three modalities. M.A retrospective chart review study of exhaled anesthetic gas levels in the PACU should be pursued.. M. but it is associated with severe postoperative pain. M. CT.D. Sam Gumbert.P.B. PO15-3 PEDIATRIC ANESTHESIA 10 a. Anesthesiology.. Foster.. Joseph D. M. M. randomized and in children. The University of Texas at to PCA on day 1.R.S. (Eng. INR values obtained from CoaguChek® M. MD. Iowa City.A. M. Yale. it has analgesic action anesthesiologists’ perception of the factors affecting the process of informed that overweighs and lasts for a longer duration than bupivacaine.. After PD A3201 implementation of this system.. TX. Tran. II. Sherman. OH. Anesthesia and Pain Analgesia in Pediatric Laparoscopic Herniorrhaphy Surgery: A Medicine. Boston. been mixed. Emad Sorial.D.. Leanne N. Comparison of Three Different Concentrations of Ropivacaine for TAP Great Ormond Street Hospital. Robert B. London. Tamara N. Local anesthetics Based on average per-anesthetic CO2eq emissions at 3 US institutions.S. M. We hypothesize that pediatric surgery.S.D. in SP or VS can penetrate deep in tissues and anesthetize the underlying we estimated the percent of US health sector greenhouse gas emissions tissues and decrease pain associated with propofol injection.D. Graduate Student. Jamuna PD A3199 Navaratnarajah. United States the difference between the two groups was insignificant.C. Wang Xie. B. Nationwide Children’s Safety and quality in healthcare depend in part on the collection of Hospital. Anesthesiology.D. We built a secure comprehensive clinical adverse incidents data collection system. Jodi D. Sudah Balan.D. Todd. with the advantage of results being available within 1-3 Implementation and Evaluation of an Event Reporting System in an minutes. Samia N. Jael G. Eltantawy. Ph..B.D.D. M. The University of Texas Medical School at Houston. Mostafa consent. M.Complications and the corresponding incidences discussed were A. showed moderate correlation (correlation coefficient of 0.. Vascular Access Reduce Pain Associated With Propofol Injection for F. Chengdu.D. Anesthesia and Intensive Care. Mohammed Ali.D. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund. it is suggested that the CoaguChek® device can be clinically comparable to laboratory PI A3195 measurements..D.D.P. An alternative is continuous paravertebral blockade (PVB).A. MA. to confirm these results. CT. United Kingdom. MA. TE was superior to PCA on days 1 and 2. New Haven.C. contemporaneous data on clinical adverse events and near misses. PI A3197 Houston.. Two waste anesthesia gases in the patient breathing zone and caregiver breathing modalities used for pain management include thoracic epidural (TE) and zone exceed recommended levels of exposures in the post-operative period. Canada. Toronto. Alfonso Altamirano. Norwood. varied among the respondents and in 75% correlated reasonably with Cairo. Ph. Parents refused an epidural/caudal less than 10% of the time and this was thought to be mostly due to previous bad personal experience and fear of nerve damage.-12 p. M. patient controlled analgesia (PCA).S.). Does the Use of Synera Patch for Local Analgesia before incident data reported.. Unyime Ituk. Academic Anesthesia Department Department of Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine. Boston. F.m.69) with reference Anesthesia. George Williams.. A prospective trial comparing these techniques is necessary Houston Medical School. PVB’s even for outpatient surgical patients with cases less than 2 hours. Sherman. Columbus. | Hall B1-Area D PD A3203 Risk Communication and Consent for Paediatric Epidurals & Caudals: PD A3198 A Survey of Practice Dexmetomidine as a Sole Agent in Cadual Anesthesia in Pediatric A web-based survey of member anesthesiologists of APAGBI was conducted Patients Undergoing Surgical and Urological Procedures to elicit the risks/ complications of epidural and caudal anesthesia Dexmetomidine was studied as asole agent in caudal anesthesia in pediatric routinely disclosed. Anesthesiology...

Ph. Daniel K.S. AM Ambulatory Anesthesia CA Cardiac Anesthesia CC Critical Care Medicine FA Fund.. effectiveness was compared against PCA in a randomized group of Nuss patients. Sonia Delaporte of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine. OCTOBER 13 Heart Rate Changes During Caudal Block In Children After Ultrasound A Retrospective Review of the PRAN (Pediatric Regional Anesthesia Confirmation of Intrasacral Placement Network) Database for Regional Anesthetics Performed in the Heart Rate has been suggested as a predictor of Successful intra-caudal Neonatal Population canal injection.D.. Bryskin. Jennifer Friderici. Joselyn.. Il Ok Lee.. Seoul. Columbus. Ronald Litman. Veronique Philadelphia. Philadelphia. but the PD A3206 immediate economic benefits for patients undergoing arthroscopic ACL repair Effects of Dexmedetomidine and Fentanyl on Emergence Delirium are less clear.. Anesthesiology.D. CA.B. FL. Multimodal Versus Single Agent Analgesia for Pediatric fentanyl 2 μg/kg did not provide any clinically significant benefit on emergence Myringotomy and Pressure Equalization Tube Insertion delirium compared to normal saline.D. over an eleven month period. It demonstrated multilevel Stevenson. Neil R.. M. patients undergoing arthroscopic ACL repair. OH.D..D. M. Donald profile and the increasing proficiency amongst providers. Paris.. M. Pediatric Anesthesiology. David P. Tarun Bhalla. Brian Schloss. Mayo School of Graduate Education. M. Freid. Nemours Childrens Clinic..290 cases Hospital. but delayed recovery compared to fentanyl 2 μg/kg in children PD A3211 undergoing adenotonsillectomy under sevoflurane anesthesia. Annemarie Begley. Cook-Sather. M.. These techniques can Schwartz. Anesthesiology. before anesthesia induction reduced the incidence and severity of emergence delirium.. be used in neonates to effectively provide perioperative analgesia and possibly Connelly.A.O. FL. R