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Contoh Kalimat Passive Voice Dalam 16 Tenses Bahasa Inggris Terlengkap

1. Simple Present

Aktive: My mother cleans the kitchen once a week. (Ibu saya membersihkan dapur seminggu

Passive: The kitchen is cleaned by mother once a week. (Dapur dibersihkan oleh ibu saya
seminggu sekali.)

2. Present Continuous

Aktive: Anita is writing the letter right now. (Anita sedang menulis surat saat ini.)

Passive: The letter is being written by Anita. (Surat tersebut sedang ditulis oleh Anita.)

3. Simple Past

Aktive: My father repaired the car, yesterday. (Ayah saya memperbaiki mobil, kemarin.)

Passive: The car was repaired by my father. (Mobil diperbaiki oleh ayah saya.)

4. Past Continuous

Aktive: The police was asking the customer when the thief came into the store. (Polisi sedang
menanyai orang yang sedang belanja ketika pencuri masuk ke toko tersebut.)

Passive: The customer was being asked by the police when the thief came into the store. (Orang
yang sedang belanja tersebut sedang ditanyai oleh polisi ketika pencuri masuk ketoko tersebut.)

5. Present Perfect

Active: Many tourists have visited that beach. (Banyak turis telah mengunjungi pantai itu.)

Passive: That beach has been visited by many tourists. (Pantai tersebut telah dikunjungi oleh
banyak turis.)

6. Present Perfect Continuous

Active: Recently, Dono has been doing the work. (Akhir-akhir ini, Dono telah sedang
mengerjakan tugasnya.)

Passive: Recently, the work has been being done by Dono. (Akhir-akhir ini, pekerjaan tersebut
telah sedang dikerjakan oleh Dono.)

) 8. Simple Future (be going to) Active: Budi is going to make a beautiful dinner tonight. Past Perfect Active: Those mechanics had repaired many cars before they received their licenses. Future Perfect (will) . the dishes will be being washed by my mother. (Para mekanik itu telah memperbaiki banyak mobil sebelum mereka menerima surat izin resminya.) 10.) Passive: A beautiful dinner is going to be made by Budi tonight.) Passive: The Warung Padang had been being prepared by Chef Juna for three years before he moved to Bandung.) Passive: The work will be finished by Andrew at 4:00 P.) Passive: Many cars had been repaired by those mechanics before they received their licenses.) Passive: At 7:00 PM tonight. (Koki Juna telah sedang mempersiapkan Warung Padang selama tiga tahun sebelum dia pindah ke Bandung. Future Continuous (will) Active: At 7:00 PM tonight. Simple Future (will) Active: Andrew will finish his work by 4:00 P.) 9. (Sebuah makan malam indah akan dibuat oleh Budi malam ini.M (Andrew akan menyelesaikan pekerjaannya pada pukul 4 sore.M (Pekerjaan tersebut akan diselesaikan oleh Andrew pada pukul 4 sore. (Banyak mobil telah diperbaiki oleh para mekanik itu sebelum mereka menerima surat izin resminya.) 12. piring akan sedang di cuci oleh ibu. (Budi akan membuat sebuah makan malam indah malam ini. (Tepat pada pukul 7 malam ini. ibu akan sedang mencuci piring. (Warung Padang telah sedang dipersiapkan oleh koki Juna selama tiga tahun sebelum ia pindah ke Bandung. Past Perfect Continuous Active: Chef Juna had been preparing the Warung Padang for three years before he moved to Bandung. 7. my mother will be washing the dishes.) 11. (Tepat pada pukul 7 malam ini.

(Aku akan telah menterjemahkan novel Laskar Pelangi selama 2 bulan ketika itu diselesaikan.) 15. (Aku tahu pekerjaan tersebut akan diselesaikan oleh dia pada pukul 6 sore.) Passive: The project will have been completed before the deadline. (Tagihan-tagihan biasanya dibayar oleh Budiman. (Novel Laskar Pelangi akan telah diterjemahkan oleh saya selama dua bulan ketika itu diselesaikan.) 13.) 16. Future Perfect Continuous (Used to) Active: Budiman used to pay the bills. (Proyek akan telah diselesaikan sebelum akhir batas waktu.) Passive: I thought a candle light dinner was going to be made by Winda tonight. Future in the Past (Would) Active: I knew he would finish the work by 6:00 PM. (Mereka akan telah menyelesaikan proyek tersebut sebelum akhir batas waktu. (Budiman biasanya membayar tagihan-tagihannya. (Aku tahu bahwa dia akan menyelesaikan pekerjaan tersebut pada pukul enam sore.Active: They will have completed the project before the deadline.) 14. Future Perfect Continuous (will) Active: I will have been translating Laskar Pelangi’s novel for over 2 months by the time it is finished. (Saya pikir sebuah makan malam romantis akan dibuat oleh Winda malam ini.) Passive: Laskar Pelangi’s novel will have been being translating by me for over 2 months by the time it is finished. Future in the Past (Was Going to) Active: I thought Winda was going to make a candle light dinner tonight.) Passive: I knew the work would be finished by him at 6:00 PM. (Saya pikir Winda akan membuat sebuah makan malam romantis malam ini.) .) Passive: The bills used to be paid by Budiman.