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Modern contributions that originate from ancient Islam include hospitalization, algebra, and

irrigation techniques. I think that these three attributes play an important role in society today
because hospitalization is still a practice we use in our everyday lives. Algebra is being taught to
many people around the world, regardless of age, place, or language. And irrigation is acclimated
from Islam for the growth of crops.

One of my important aspects that I think originate from ancient Islam, is hospitalization.
Based on historical evidence, many people have been cured of thousands of years due to being
hospitalized. In wars such as WWI and WWII, hospital huts were accustomed to healing the injured,
and tend to the sick. Additionally, many people who were sick or injured believed that with the help
of a doctor, they will be restored to a normal state of health. Modern evidence proves that we
have many hospitals in just our city, such as Kaiser Permanente, The Childrens Hospital, ERs. this
proves that not only our city but ones around the world are always in need for health. The
contribution of hospitals is so much part of our society today, that you are more likely to die
without the help in a hospital, than becoming cured in one.

Secondly, another one of my important aspects is algebra. Historical evidence proves that
math and algebra has been used throughout millenia. For example, Euclid was the one to teach
math, particularly algebra and geometry. Euclid taught these talents around the year of 300 BC. If
you look at humanity today, most middle and high schools teach algebra daily. This shows the
progression of algebra from a long time ago to the current era. Also, students who learn algebra
and mathematics in middle and high school, tend to reach success and lead out to a sufficient life
in adulthood. This proves that mathematics, especially algebra is essential to specific or rare

Lastly, I think that irrigation techniques originate and are important from ancient Islam.
Historical evidence shows that without irrigation, all of our vital crops, plants, and organic material
would not survive. Without a way to provide water to crops, which are a long distance away from a
water source, irrigation is essential to sustain the organisms life. Current era evidence identifies
irrigation as a very important technique. Without irrigation, there would be no fresh produce inside
of grocery stores, less people would survive, causing the population to deplete, and in time, the
human race may go extinct from this world. Allegedly, irrigation is necessary to provide a
sustainable food supply for humans, animals, and a healthy/nutritious lifestyle.

Finally, I think that if we did not have hospitals, algebra, or irrigation techniques, the world
may have been corrupt. Without hospitals, almost the whole population in one city will become sick
with no cure. All of our planes would not fly due to engineering, which requires some sort of algebra
or mathematics. And without irrigation, our food supply would run low very quickly, causing us to live
in poverty, and most likely become victims of famine.