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Potential Research topics for HIS 201 Project

You may choose a topic relating to anything that is relative to the era of this course
American colonial period to the Civil War. You are not limited to the topics below
these are just a starting point. All topics must be approved by me by March 1 st.
Slave Revolts
Impact of European colonization on Oregon Trail
Native Americans
Lost colony of Roanoke
Impact of Cotton Gin
Salem Witch Trails
Women in Colonial America (role,
Seneca Falls Convention
republican motherhood)
Gold Rush
Boston Tea Party
Lincoln Douglas Debates
Declaration of Independence
Beginnings of public education system
Samuel Adams
Horace Mann
American Revolution
Abolition movement
US Constitution
Nat Turner Rebellion
Federalists vs. Antifederalists
Antebellum conflicts over slavery
The Whiskey Rebellion of 1794
The Underground Railroad
Louisiana Purchase
Dred Scott Decision
Lewis and Clark
Civil War causes, life of solider, life
Marbury vs. Madison on home front
First Ladies Women in the Civil War
War of 1812 Emancipation Proclamation
Utopian colonies Slavery in the US (this is a HUGE topic
so youll have to narrow it
Jacksonian America
Indian Removal Act
Manifest Destiny
Mexican War