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Fall 2017 Project due April 12th; Annotated Bibliography due March 15th

Assignment You will be presenting a project in one of three categories (video documentary, powerpoint
presentation, or museum exhibit) that covers a topic discussed in this class colonial period to Civil war.
The project is worth 100 points and will presented IN-CLASS on April 12 th. An annotated bibliography is
another part of this assignment and is due March 15th.

You may work individually or as a group of 2-3 students. Your topic and group assignments must be
turned in by March 1st.

Documentary - A documentary should reflect your ability to use audiovisual equipment to communicate
your topics significance. The documentary category will help you develop skills in using photographs,
film, video, audio, computers, and graphic presentations. Your presentation should include primary source
materials and also must be an original production.

Powerpoint Presentation A presentation is a short lecture on a topic that is verbally relayed to the
viewer. Your presentation should include visual or audio elements and be between 3-5 minutes long.

Mock Museum Exhibit - An exhibit is a visual representation of your research and interpretation of your
topics significance in history. The analysis and interpretation of your topic must be clear and evident to
the viewer. Labels and captions should be used creatively with visual images and objects to enhance the
message of your exhibit.

An exhibit is a three dimensional and is displayed on a physical structure. Exhibits use color, images,
documents, objects, graphics, and design, as well as words, to tell your story. Exhibits can be interactive
experiences by asking viewers to play music, look at a video, or open a door or window to see more
documents or photos.

Effective projects not only describe an event or a development, but they also analyze
and place it in its historical context. To help you draw conclusions about your topics
significance in history, ask yourself the following questions:
How was my topic significant in history in relation to the time period?
How did my topic develop over time?
How did my topic influence history?
How did the events and atmosphere (social, economic, political, and cultural
aspects) of my topics time period influence my topic in history?
Why is my topic important?

Annotated Bibliography - Start with research of secondary sources first. This is the first piece of this
assignment. You will turn in an annotated bibliography about a month before your final that lists your
sources. This is worth 75 points.

An annotated bibliography is required for all categories. List only those sources that contributed to the
development of your entry, i.e., sources that provided usable information or new perspectives in preparing
your entry. Sources of visual and audio materials and oral interviews must be included. Bundle photos or
other materials from the same collection in a single citation. The annotations for each source must explain
how you used the source and how it helped you understand your topic.