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Blake Jewell

Mrs. Moore


17 February 2017

Robert Frost: A Great User Of Power

When observing historys writers, it is not debatable that the man who grew up with a

whole family who suffered from tuberculosis, grew into someone with great emotional power,

and there is now possible way to think of Robert Frost. Robert Frost overcame all of his past

experiences, and went on to write poetry as one of the most motivational poets of all time.

Many of Robert Frosts accomplishments were affected by his obstacles through his

childhood. Robert Frost spent his first 11 years of his life at Michigan, until his journalist father,

died of tuberculosis. Later that year, his mother died of cancer. He faced many other bumps

along the road as well. He applied for Harvard and got accepted. Although, it was mandatory for

him to drop out due to medical concerns. The threat of tuberculosis drove frost from the indoor

life of teaching, affecting his poetry mood. This affected his affect on humanity beforehand.

Through these obstacles, many emotional and physical boundaries occurred. This occurrence

gave Frost a chance to use this power. In which he did, he became a user of power.

Events through his lifetime altered the way he wanted to continue or stop writing his

poetry. Also, his mood and emotions changed the theme of his poems based on how he felt at the

time (sad, angry, overjoyed, etc) At this time, humanity was being altered through the feats of

literacy. Frost drifted through a string of after leaving school, working as a teacher, and editor of

the Lawrence Sentinel. Later, he settled in Beaconsfield outside of London. He went to a swamp
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by the name of Dismal Swamp, and whatever transformation he underwent there, it worked.

Periodically, Frost turned to teaching in grade school, while also writing poetry. During this time

of his life, many conflicts were arising. Because of these conflicts, Frost had to decide whether

or not to stop or continue writing poetry.

Robert Frost left his home and headed south to write his poetry towards Dismal Swamp.

He, his sisters, and his mother moved in with his grandparents, and he attended Lawrence High

School, at Lawrence, Massachusetts. He graduated high school as co-valedictorian. He attended

Dartmouth College for several months, returning home to work a slew of unfilling jobs. He

presented Elinor with a printed book of his poetry. Obviously, Robert Frost wanted to find a way

to start writing poetry. My notefacts show that he had lots of motives to start writing,

nevertheless writing poetry. He used a swamp as settings for verses about heartsick lovers. In

1985, Frost married Elinor Miriam White. Greek and Latin delighted him. These events

emotionally motivated him to start writing poetry. He also used his skills he learned in school,

and implemented them into his poetry.

Robert Frost had the ability to write impacting poems, and he used his power to change

the way we look at poetry today due to his many accomplishments. Would his poetry been

different, or not have existed at all if he was grown up in a different way? How can we be sure?
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