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Letters of the alphabet Pronunciation
A Ei
B Bi
C Ci
D Di
F Ef
G Yi
H Eich
I Ai
J Yei
K Key
L El
M Em
N En
O Ou
P Pi
Q Kiu
R Ar
S Es
T Ti
U Iu
V Vi
W Dobliu
X Ex
Y Guay
z Zdi

Teacher Iván Meza

Personal Pronouns Personal Pronunciation Spanish Pronoun I Ai Yo You Yu Tú He Ji Él She Shi Ella It It Eso We Wi Nosotros They Dei Ellos Possessive Pronouns Personal Possessive Pronunciati Spanis Pronoun Pronoun on h I Mine Main Mío You Yours Yurs Tuyo He His Jis De él She Hers Jers De ella It Its Its De eso We Ours Ours Nuestr o They Theirs deirs De ellos Object Pronouns Personal Object Pronunciati Spanish Pronouns pronouns on I Me Mi A mi You You You A ti Teacher Iván Meza .

He His Jis A él She Her Jer A ella It It It A eso We Us Os A nosotros they Them dem A ellos Verb To Be Personal Verb To Be Pronunciatio Verb To Contracti Pronoun in n Be in on Affirmative Negative form form I Am Ai am Am not I´m / I´m not You Are Yu ar Are not You´re /You aren ´t He Is Ji is Is not He´s / He isn´t She Is She is Is not She´s / She isn´t It Is It is Is not It´s / It isn´t We Are Wi ar Are not We´re / We aren ´t They are Dey ar Are not They´re / They aren´t Teacher Iván Meza .

Teacher Iván Meza .