Name: Blake Class: Literacy

MY Topic: Robert Frost

Teacher Question: Examine the relationship between power and the person you have chosen. Remember to note
the obstacles your person faced and how they overcame them.

Read one selection about your area of interest. ON the organizer below, record possible research topics,
information about these topics, and ideas and questions you have.

Area of Interest: What was Robert Frost’s impact on society before to the present?

Possible Topic Information, Ideas, and Questions

Robert Frost became interested in reading and writing poetry during his
high school years in Lawrence, enrolled at Dartmouth College in Hanover,
New Hampshire, in 1892, and later at Harvard University in Boston, though
he never earned a formal college degree. Frost drifted through a string
Motive for Poetry of occupations after leaving school, working as a teacher, cobbler, and
editor of the​ Lawrence ​ . His first published poem, “My Butterfly,"
appeared on November 8, 1894, in the New TheYork newspaper ​
Independent​ . In 1895, Frost married Elinor Miriam White, whom he’d shared
valedictorian honors with in high school and who was a major inspiration
for his poetry until her death in 1938.

Robert Frost was born on March 26, 1874, in San Francisco, California. He
spent the first 11 years of his life there, until his journalist father, William
Prescott Frost Jr., died of tuberculosis. Following his father's passing,
Childhood Frost moved with his mother and sister, Jeanie, to the town of Lawrence,
(Rough or Supportive) Massachusetts. They moved in with his grandparents, and Frost
attended Lawrence High School, where he met his future love and wife,
Elinor White, who was his co-valedictorian when they graduated in 1892.

When Frost arrived back home, his reputation had preceded him, and he
was well-received by the literary world. His new publisher, Henry Holt, who
would remain with him for the rest of his life, had purchased all of the
North of Boston​ copies of ​ Mountain
, and in 1916, he published Frost's ​
Interval ​ Recognition
Public , a collection of other works that he created while in England,
including a tribute toAtlantic Monthly
Thomas. ​
Journals such as the ​ , who
had turned Frost down when he submitted work earlier, now came calling.
Atlantic​ Frost famously sent the ​ the same poems that they had
rejected before his stay in England.


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and late years)