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Name: Blake

Developing the Research Question

A Question defines the issue or problem you will investigate. Using information from your
Concept Map and the Teacher Question(s), formulate a Question that you find both worthy of
exploring and of great interest.

My Research Question:
What impact did Robert Frost have on humanity today, and humanity beforehand?

Focus Questions to Guide the Research

Write Questions
that will help you find information relevant Question.
to your
Identify each with a capital letter in preparation for notefact cards.

My Focus Questions:
A. Robert Frosts childhood leading up to poetic writing.
B. His influence to continue writing poetry.
C. His accomplishments, and how they affect how we look at writing today.
D. His childhood was it rough or encouraging?

Teacher Goals
Listed below are the teacher-set goals for your study. They include the minimum number of notefacts,
key vocabulary words (critical to understanding your topic), and resources you will use to gather your

Notefact Goal: 2 Glossary Goal: 2 Resource Goal: 3 Primary Source Goal: 3

Types of Resources to PROVE the Answers to Your Research Question

P ose a question: e-mail, interview, letter, survey, telephone, other: Where did Robert Frosts initiative
come from?

R ead: book (reference, text, non-fiction, fiction), brochure, catalog, CD-ROM, field guide, magazine,
newspaper, pamphlet, specialized dictionary, other: Robert Frost: A Biography | Critical Insights | Robert
Frost .

O bserve: art work, buildings, case & field study, diagrams, files, illustrations, movie, nature, photograph,
speaker, TV, video, weather, workshop, other: Robert Frost: A Interview

V isit: business, church, flea market, government agency, historical site, historical society, hospital,
laboratory, meeting, museum, public/private/personal archives (attic, cellar, garage, sporting event, other: |

E xamine: advertisement, artifact, chart, collection, cook, document, experiment, graph, Internet (website,
newsgroup, forum, event calendar, mail list, search engine), map, microscope, poster, record/statistics,
taste, other: