In my dystopian novel, Divergent, I can relate these events to the Holocaust.

This is
because, in both exploits, humanity is forced to designate sides. This represents humanity
versus itself. Mainly, I think that the government that rules over the factions in Divergent
moderately ties itself with the authoritarianism of Hitler and his Nazi comrades.

In the book Divergent, the established factions are being controlled by one government,
causing a caste system and tyranny. Commonly seen in some moments of the Holocaust,
dictatorship arises, and people are hunted He down.
and I both
​“​ transferred from Erudite,
only his aptitude test was inconclusive. On the last day of simulations, they found his body
in the chasm.” (chapter 20, pg. 258)​ ​This verdict that the government portrays in Divergent is
exiling all of the people who are divergent, to create a stable economy. Similarly, Hitler took
authority by abusing his power towards dictatorship, and singled out about all of the Jews,
as the government in Divergent singles out the individuals who received an inconclusive
aptitude test result.​ “Two German Jewish families at a gathering before the war. Only two
people in this group survived the Holocaust. Germany, 1928.” ​This is a caption from a picture
(​ in the United States HOlocaust Memorial Museum. TO elaborate on
the purpose of this inscription, the photo had about 20 people in it before the holocaust. By
the end of Hitler’s rampage, only 2 of the people in the photo survived. That means that 90
percent of the people died. This indicates that almost all of the Jews were killed, and were
still hunted, as it goes for in Divergent, where Tris and FOur are DIvergents, whom are
extremely “Divergence
rare to the is extremely
society. ​ dangerous. You understand?” ​ This
quote comes from one of the characters from Divergent, TOri. This pinpoints that
DIvergence is not something to joke about, because it is an attribute that can and will get
As Nazi tyranny spread
you killed. “​ across Europe, the Germans and their collaborators
ed and murdered millions of other people. Between two and three million ​Soviet
of war​ were murdered or died of starvation, disease, neglect, or maltreatment.”
(​​) ​The spread of Nazi terrorism
and massacre spread through the country of Germany, tearing, and destroying any individuals
that do not match the criteria that Hitler wants them to meet, in order to survive.

During the Holocaust, specific kinds of people were targeted for execution, such as
people without blond hair. In Divergent, the one government eradicates of all divergent
Hitler the
individuals, keeping andsociety
other Nazi leaders
as one kind.​ viewed
“​ the Jews
s group, but as a poisonous "race," which "lived off" the other races and
(​​) ​This is a
sentence from an article about the Holocaust. Evidently, Hitler and his fellow Nazis did not
appreciate the presence of Jews and did something to abolish them all. In comparison, a
“Not necessarily,”
segment from the novel, Divergent, she says. “The ​
if very self-explanatory.
on’t know about you yet. I deleted your aptitude results from the
nually logged your result as Abnegation. But make no mistake -
they WILL KILL YOU.” (chapter 20, pg. 257-258)​ This proves that
Divergent people are not registered as people to conform to the ruined environment. ​“In 1933,
the ​Jewish population of Europe​ stood at over nine million. Most European Jews lived in
countries that Nazi Germany would occupy or influence during ​World War II​. By 1945, the
Germans and their ​collaborators​ killed nearly two out of every three European Jews as part
of the "​Final Solution​," the Nazi policy to murder the Jews of Europe”
(​ The section of this commodity,
ee European Jews…”​ illustrates the massive quantity of
Jews that were massacred for the welfare of Adolf Hitler. Virtually 67 percent of the Jews
were killed in Germany, leaving an overpowerment over Jews, and the individuals whom Hitler
was eradicating for.

Apart from evidence, I think that the ruling of Hitler, and the jurisdiction of the
government, are completely alike. I comply to this, because both organizations hunt down and
kill different genres of people, eliminating them, one by one.