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Unit 2 Individual Project 1

Unit 2 Individual Project

Arik Miller

Community Corrections

January 19, 2017

it is the inmate’s responsibility to retain employment during and after participating in the work release program and to reintegrate with family member as well as society (DOC. if an inmate fails to fulfill the requirements of the work release program. Per the United States Department of Corrections. Jobs obtained in the work release program are provided through the correctional system and if the employer chooses to do so. The general purpose of this is to ultimately reduce the number of overall offenders in the prison industrial system as well as give offenders a second chance at freedom through counseling. 2014). The obvious requirements are an inmate must exhibit good behavior to participate in the work release program. Unit 2 Individual Project 2 Community Corrections revolves around the rehabilitation of a criminal or an offender of the law. work programs etc. Unfortunately. not all inmates in the prison industrial system will be eligible to participate in the work release program. Also. the inmate most have served a large portion of their prison sentence. Obviously. Work release is a program that is privileged to prisoners who can be trusted to leave incarceration to work in a place of employment during their prison sentence. Another requirement for the work release program is for the inmate to participate in counseling while being on work release. they may retain the inmate after their prison release. The work release program is usually granted to inmates who are approaching their release date to reintegrate them back into society. . they are simply returned to prison with a less chance of being returned into the work release program. Community Corrections involves the supervision and rehabilitation of a criminal in the form of punishment for committing a crime (s).

How drug courts work is that the general courts will review cases where drug related offenses are applicable and a determination is made as in to whether certain cases are eligible to be tried in drug court.S. A drug addiction in general is a very difficult thing to overcome and is a strenuous process to overcome. drug court has requirements that must be met for a drug addict to be tried in drug court. Another form of Community Corrections is drug court. if a victim is involved in the crime the offender committed. they will be returned to prison to serve out the remained of their sentence. because the crime has created life changing hardships for the victim and their families. The primary criteria of drug court are of course the offender being a drug abuser or a person that has a drug addiction. So. Department of Corrections. Also. first time offenders etc. In this situation. The most common requirement of the offender once tried in drug court is to attend a drug rehabilitation program for six months or more with a one year probational period. Of course. Unit 2 Individual Project 3 The primary goal of the work release program is to promote individual’s reintegration into society and to improve the safety of society overall. Just like the work release program of the prison industrial system or U. Other exceptions are non-violent drug offenders. entering offenders into the work release program is very essential and important. Drug court is one of the better and more effective strategies to help drug addicted criminals minimize their drug use and ultimately save their lives and others. but of course this varies case by case. society wins as well as the public safety will . The drug court program aims to show offenders that the system cars about them and that the system is willing to provide the necessary tools to help the offender rehabilitate themselves. no questions asked. the offender must pay restitution to the victim(s) of the crime they have committed. if the offender fails to meet the obligation of the court. Eligibility varies state to state as each state has their own set of guidelines for drug court.

Unit 2 Individual Project 4 undoubtedly improve as well. they will be put in a position where they will serve the rest of their jail sentence in prison without the possibility of losing the ability to obtain probation once more and more criminal fines. The courts will in fact require the individual to wear an ankle bracelet to monitor their movements place to place. . restriction on alcohol/drug use and non-possession of firearms. House arrest is a form of community corrections where an individual is incarcerated in the comfort of their home rather than a jail cell. pay restitution if a victim is involved. Another community correction is probation. The only exception to this is if the offender is employed. In situations where the drug offenses involve a victim. In some jurisdictions around the United States of America. The punishment for violating the terms and conditions of house arrest is confinement in jail. has to meet with probation officer or attend rehabilitation programs. they should be fine. the general courts may just put the offender on probation for a significant amount of time. but they most stay within a set perimeter of their home. the offender may be required by the courts to pay the victim of the crime restitution to help them recover from the illegal act. As long as the offender follows the rules and provisions of the court. Probation is where an offender is allowed to actively stay within the community under direct or indirect supervision of a probation officer. but if not. An individual can be put on probation after they have completed a jail sentence or instead of serving time in prison. One of the more favorable community corrections is house arrest. The probation clause or sanction usually involves an individual to pay fines. At this point the offender will serve out the rest of their sentence in jail instead of home. it is common practice to give the victim the right to decide whether the offender of the crime in question to be tried in drug court as a part of a restoration program.

community corrections are a great alternative to give offenders a second chance at freedom. . Community corrections may not work for all offenders. their families and society. Unit 2 Individual Project 5 In conclusion. but it greatly impacts the offenders that want to better their lives for themselves. is-house-arrest-how-to-request-it NKA. (NKD). “What Are Drug Courts?” National Association of Drug Court Professionals.doc.” Criminal Defense Lawyer.” Criminal Justice Degree Hub. Retrieved from: http://www. “Prison Life-Work Release. Retrieved from: http://www. (NKD). (NKD). Retrieved from: http://www. (2014). “What Is Probation.criminaljusticedegreehub.asp NKA. Retrieved from: http://www.wa. Unit 2 Individual Project 6 RESOURCES” Department of Corrections. “House Arrest & How to Request It.criminaldefenselawyer.