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by Cassidy ANNE hicks
directed by brendan kinnon
Audition date: March 6b Kf&7
Rehearsal dates: March K5 v April & mdiscussionPworkshop with playwrightC
April &vK7 mrehearsalb dependant on cast schedulesCb Toronto ON
Show dates: April K8b K9b 3fb Kf&7b Windsor ON
TIMb mid Kfsvlate 3fs v A conductorb ClaraWs partner
KATRINAb early Kfs v a flutist'

When Clara loses the ability to play the piano due to a mysterious neurological conditionb
she and her partner Tim struggle to revevaluate their relationship to each other and to their
music in a suddenly silent environment.

Please submit a headshot and resume to to be
considered for an audition. Auditioners will be asked to prepare two short contrasting
monologues of their choosing and be prepared to do a cold read. This is a paid opportunityb
3 travel costs will be covered.

'Please noteb the actor playing Katrina need not actually be able to play the flute.