Note 1260329 - ID payroll HIDCALC0 - Tax legal changes 2008.

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Indonesia payroll HIDCALC0 : Tax legal Changes and PTKP contribution

o PTKP tariff rates are changed effective 01.01.2009.

o There shall be only four tax slabs from 01.01.2009 as compared to
five earlier.

o Employees having NPWP number in IT241 shall have lower tax rates
than employees without NPWP number . Women employees can use thier
husband's NPWP number. NPWP number is the second set of 7 digits in
the personal tax ID number.
For tax calculation, the NPWP number as on beginning of the financial year
is considered.
So, even if employee obtains NPWP number is obtained middle of year, he
shall continue paying taxes as per higher rates( without NPWP). The new
NPWP will only be considered next fiscal year.

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o Indonasia Tax changes

o NPWP number

Cause and Prerequisites
Legal change

Code changes are done to the Include PCTAXID0 of Indonesia Payroll Driver
(HIDCALC0) . Table changes are done to the following tables to incorporate
the new tax slabs and tax rates:

o V_T7ID2B

o V_T7ID2C

o V_T7ID2L

Apply the relevant HRSP to get the changes.

If the changes are required immediately, then make table changes manually
as per the attached document "". For code changes, apply
the attached correction instructions.
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Tax legal changes 2008.2008 05:52:30 Priority: Correction with medium priority Category: Legal change Main Component PY-ID Indonesia Valid Releases Software Component Release From To Release and Following Release SAP_HR 46 46B 46B SAP_HR 46C 46C 46C SAP_HR 470 470 470 SAP_HR 500 500 500 SAP_HR 600 600 600 SAP_HR 604 604 604 SAP_HRCID 470 470 470 SAP_HRCID 500 500 500 SAP_HRCID 600 600 600 SAP_HRCID 604 604 604 Support Packages Support Packages Release Package Name SAP_HR 46B SAPKE46BD6 SAP_HR 46C SAPKE46CE3 SAP_HRCID 470 SAPK-47088INSAPHRCID SAP_HRCID 500 SAPK-50054INSAPHRCID SAP_HRCID 600 SAPK-60037INSAPHRCID SAP_HRCID 604 SAPK-60403INSAPHRCID Attachments File Type File Name Language Size ZIP Tablechanges. Header Data Release Status: Released for Customer Released on: 03. Note 1260329 .2008 Page 2 of 3 .11. ID payroll HIDCALC0 E 21 KB Correction Instructions 10.

B Pre-Implementation.11. A Post-Implementation. M Undetermined 10. Correction Valid Valid Software Typ Reference Last Instructio from to Component e Correction Changed ns *) 700911 46C 604 SAP_HR C L9CK252726 31.Tax legal changes 2008. ID payroll HIDCALC0 .10.2008 Page 3 of 3 .10.2008 16:31:50 700912 470 604 SAP_HRCID C L7DK092371 31.2008 16:28:33 *) C Correction. Note 1260329 .