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This goose, designed by J.N.

“Ding” Darling, Off-Road vehicle use
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
has become a symbol of the National Wildlife Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge
Refuge System. Off-Road Vehicle (ORV) Zones are 8231 Beach Road
posted and maps are available at the
Chincoteague Refuge Visitor Center
P.O. Box 62
Chincoteague Island, VA 23336-0062 Chincoteague
Follow these guidelines for a fun and safe visit. and Toms Cove Visitor Center. A fee is 757/336 6122
The following activities are permitted. Note specific charged for all permits. Vehicle 757/336 5273 Fax
restrictions. specifications and equipment
Wildlife Refuge
1 800/828 1120 TDD
requirements are strictly enforced. 1 800/828 1140 voice
Wildlife observation, interpretation,
Limits are placed on the number of email:
photography and hiking.
vehicles allowed on the beach at any
Trail Map
Enjoy year-round on marked trails.
one time. Temporary closures occur
due to public safety and wildlife Federal Relay Service
concerns. for the deaf and hard-of-hearing
Permitted to land on designated areas
on Toms Cove Hook from September 1 800/877 8339
1 through March 14 or as otherwise The following activities are prohibited.
posted. Refuge impoundments are U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
closed to all boats and flotation devices. 1 800/344 WILD
Open fires are prohibited except as
Bicycles authorized by special beach party
Permitted on trails and roads unless June 2011
permits which are available from the
otherwise posted. National Park Service, Assateague E NT O F T H

Island National Seashore, at Toms


Fishing/crabbing/shell fishing

Cove Visitor Center. Possession or
Permitted in designated areas of Toms discharge of fireworks or explosive
Cove. Fishing and crabbing are devices is prohibited.
C H 3, 18

permitted in designated areas of Swan
Cove adjacent to Toms Cove. State Skateboards/roller skates/in-line
fishing license is not required; however, skates
state regulations and creel limits are Use prohibited on refuge.
enforced. Traps, pots, and handlines
must be attended at all times. Camping
Prohibited on Chincoteague National
Surf Fishing Wildlife Refuge. Permits for back
A saltwater license is not required for country sites in Maryland are
surf fishing on the refuge. Fishing is available from the National Park
prohibited on life guarded beaches. Service, Assateague Island National
An overnight fishing permit is Seashore, at Toms Cove Visitor
required to stay after hours. Inquire Center.
at the Toms Cove Visitor Center.
Firearms and weapons
Swimming Prohibited on the refuge except
Permitted along the oceanfront and in during designated hunts.
designated areas of Toms Cove.
Horseback Riding Prohibited, even in your vehicle.
Horseback riding is only permitted in
the Off-Road Vehicle Zone. Alcohol
Use of alcohol beverages is prohibited.
Mopeds and Motorized Scooters Entering or remaining on the refuge
Permitted on Beach Road only. while under the influence of alcohol or
controlled substances is prohibited. Great Egret
© Mark Wilson

especially FAX: 757/336 5273 Off-Road Vehicle Zone ORV zone will be subiect to partial closure to if they seem friendly. all ORV. wildlands on the refuge may carry rabies. contact: Observation Platform O visitors with stay on nesting season.fws. all wildlife from a distance. Emergency Call Box to learn about P. a threatened bird species.2 milesˇ Cove Pool Sw 0 2000 4000 Feet beach. Open d Trail Black Duck Snow Goose Mallard Pool h Roa wildlife meet. Special Events Wil 3:00 pm to dusk to vehicles Pool The refuge Earth Da0 Trail dli Beac April il fe includes more Woodland Trail ı1. Please help keep the s Administrative Center h Trail r Refuge.000 International Migrator0 Bird Trail Swans an C acres of elebration Lighthouse Trail ı0. Feeding animals causes them to lose their fear of Tom’s Cove Visitor Center R oad Welcome to Service D Dike humans and makes them more Hours vary by season. although they appear tame.2 milesˇ of the most Waterfowl Wee$ Walking Off-Road Vehicle Zone visited November (Subject to seasonal closure) refuges in the Safety Refuge Hours Toms Cove Seasonally closes on March 15 ˘ nited Hours vary by season. open year-round.Stay on Trails refuge is one Bivalve Trail ı0.O.where animals healthy and safe. milesˇ Little Toms National Wildlife Refuge Wee$ Walking and bicycling Cove hincoteague October Closed Areas . email: FW5RW_CNWR@fws. mosquitoes. Swan Cove Trail ı0. and. use repellent. wear long sleeve shirts and long pants while Refuge Manager Beach Access outstanding and Parking Wildlife Loop Parking Lot exploring the area. Disturbing or collecting plants and Poison ivy is abundant on the refuge. ue Janeys Please limit the number of unoccupied Horses. Marsh not be sold or otherwise used for commercial purposes. VA 23336 The ORV zone includes nesting habitat for the Piping plover.5 1 Mile maritime National Fishing Wee$ Marsh Trail ı0. Leave the area as contact. Black Duck National Human food also causes digestive Refuge Auditorium Pool Herbert H. Herbert H. the and wildlife. Shells collected may without warning. Bateman Educational and Administrative Center Black Duck Feeding or harassing wildlife Hours vary by season. Memorial Piney Maddox Bou Please stay on refuge trails to avoid Pony Park el animals (dead or alive). Within Legend a wor$da01s Beach leanup Black Duck Trail ı1 mileˇ N access to September Walking and bicycling Hiking Trails millions of Hiking/Biking Trails people. For additional information about the providing To avoid tick bites and mosquitoes: refuge. Marsh Lighthouse Strictly prohibited. boat and pedestrian use during the www. Enjoy 757/336 6122 To aid in the recovery of this species. or artifacts Island nn Strictly prohibited. they may carry disease.. hincoteague vulnerable to vehicular traffic. May Walking marsh and 0 . Swim a Ch you found it for others to enjoy.6 milesˇ ra op eT Lo Bivalve Walking and bicycling ov than 14.. nd ag Creek Po te le shells collected to one gallon or are wild animals and may kick or bite Horse w sa Marsh So vard As less/person/day. Bateman Wildlife Program schedule available Educational and Shoveler Ma problems.2 milesˇ Woodland Pool people and Walking and bicycling. Wildlife Loop ı3. milesˇ June Walking forest. . inspect Chincoteague National opportunities Wildlife Refuge Fish Factory yourself carefully. horses and other mammals Chincoteague Island. Toms Cove Visitor Protect yourself from ticks and Center Reopens Late Fall States. Box 62 Ruins and en#o0 Raccoons.