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Date: December 2016

Program: BSc Mechanical Engineering
CGPA: 3.80
Graduation: April 2017
Candidate: Hamza Ettaleb

Dear recruitment team:

I am a trilingual (French, English, Arabic) 4th year mechanical engineering student at Concordia University and a
member of the COOP education program. I am very interested in the engineering field, as I was always fascinated by
improving human quality of life through application of science. It is my dream to one day contribute in this field and I
can guarantee that my passion, education and hard work ethic will help me meet the needs of this innovative

Having successfully completed 1 year of engineering internships, I am better prepared for the realities and
requirements of work. At my internship with Canada Steamship Lines (CSL) I was assigned a hands on project on
alarm calibration for the main propulsion units and generators (CATTERPILLAR engines) of merchandise vessels. At
GE Transportation, I had to learn how to use my analytical skills, to trouble shoot locomotives. The customer diesel
shop saw locomotives with a wide range of mechanical and electrical failures, providing an excellent opportunity for a
mechanical engineering in training to learn. It was necessary for me to act as a team player because we were in
direct contact with the customer (Canadian Pacific Railway) on a daily basis and we had to work together to meet
their needs.

My experience in industry has made me a better prepared engineer. Engineering is not just about applying technical
knowledge, it is about working in teams and collaborating with technicians, engineers and managers to make good
decisions and implement effective solutions. Sometimes being able to work under pressure is required, but in no case
should one reduce the quality of his work, or skip safety procedure. I am proud to say in my 2 internships, I was relied
on and was able to deliver good results. I am looking forward to meeting you in person so we can further discuss my
passion for engineering and what I have to offer to this great company.

Sincerely, Hamza Ettaleb