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EDU767_Kelly McIntyre
By Kelly McIntyre

Purpose of the Course The majority of our customers identify XYZ Insurance Company as a property & casualty company and are unaware of the life &
retirement solutions we offer. With our 80+ years of experience in property and casualty, we have developed strong brand recognition
in relation to both auto and home products. However, this same brand strength and market penetration hasn't translated to the life
and retirement side of our business, which has resulted in a large percentage of our book of business being under-served when it
comes to life and retirement products. We recognize that both our agents and their staff need to consistently cross-sell life insurance
to our existing customers during key interactions with the agency and new customers at the point of sale. With changes coming in
2017, our agents will not be able to rely as heavily on a financial specialist to write this business. Through both classroom and virtual
instruction, we will need to get both agents and their L&H licensed staff up to speed on:

 Foundational life insurance products

 How to transition from P&C conversations to Life

 How to conduct a Life Insurance Needs Analysis and propose solutions

 Completing and managing the Life Insurance Application Process

CBT_Design-Document_Kelly McIntyre 1 2/22/2017

Audience Description We have a very broad target learner. Course Enabling Objectives EDU766_completed Alignment Chart. the learner will be able to overcome common customer objections to life insurance. CBT_Design-Document_Kelly McIntyre 2 2/22/2017 . Objectives (Terminal) 2. The learner will transition from an auto/home conversation to a life insurance conversation with a customer. Chinese and Japanese. the learner will be able to explain the difference between the three main life insurance product categories: term. as our intent is to address the needs of both our Life & Health Licensed Sales Professionals. and Hispanic  Length of work experience (a few weeks to 25+ years) and industry familiarity varies  Level of education varies. the learner will be able to manage a life insurance application through the underwriting process to when the policy issues and is delivered to the customer. with the vast majority of agents having a post-secondary degree whereas many staff have only a high school education or Associate's degree  Comfort with technology ranges from novice to expert  Personal belief in the value of life insurance as a product solution  Comfort level in having life insurance conversations with customers Major Course 1. By the end of the course. the learner will be able to conduct an effective life insurance needs analysis. By the end of the course. By the end of the course. universal and whole life insurance. Indian). African-American. who are independent contractors and not direct employees of XYZ Insurance Company. who are direct employees of the agency owners not XYZ Insurance Company. and our agency owners. One of the reasons it will be challenging to develop content for this audience is the diversity in learner characteristics:  Broad age range from just-out-of high-school to close to retirement (18-65)  Ethnicity: Primarily Caucasian.pdf This document contains the enabling objectives for the first 3 terminal objectives. Asian-American (Korean. 5. 3. 4. By the end of the course.

method for Course (overall) Instructional Strategy Case-studies/scenarios (experiential learning). a link to that application will be provided Course Structure Visualizing 5 units/lessons (based on terminal objectives). with each having modules tied to the enabling objectives. Scenario-based pick-one assessment for RLO Instructional Delivery Needs to be designed for both classroom and virtual delivery. with participants earning a badge each time they successfully for Course completed the assessment for a module. CBT_Design-Document_Kelly McIntyre 3 2/22/2017 . for RLO Media Video Graphics/Animations Audio Transcripts/Closed Captioning Simulations Games/Knowledge Checks 508 Accommodations Include text equivalents for non-text elements Multimedia elements will have transcript/closed captions available Navigation ease-of-use.RLO Enabling I have listed two enabling objectives that blend/cross-over with one another. My intent would be to develop an RLO around: Objective  Believe that life insurance is an important product to talk to every customer about  Identify key life insurance transition opportunities/ triggers during a P&C conversation Learning Assessment The intent was to have assessments spread throughout the course. I could foresee Description some terminal objectives merged depending on how interdependent the content is. which would result in a Life Specialist certificate at the end of the course. Learning Assessment Multiple Choice assessment. Presentation (direct instruction) **Not really sure what is required here. that includes the ability to skip around Designed to be available via multiple devices and/or multiple browsers Available in multiple languages If a certain application is needed to run content.

docx RLO Flowchart EDU767_course flowchart. etc.5 – 2 days.) __1-2__Multiple Choice __2-3__Multiple Select __2-3__Drag and Drop ____Custom – describe. Y/N. Other Assessments or Practices for RLO __2-3__Dichotomous (T/F.Seat Time of Course 2 days. 6-7 hrs/day Not 100% certain how long the material would take to cover – aiming for 1. Seat Time of RLO 20 mins approximately RLO Outline EDU767_Content Outline.pptx Screens/Pages in RLO 12-15 Knowledge Checks or Each module would have a knowledge check at the end. if appropriate. with each lesson having a graded assessment with a passing score. supply flowchart in an Appendix and reference it here. __1-2__Other – Fill in the Blank Rollovers/click events __2-3__Rollovers __4-5__Click Events CBT_Design-Document_Kelly McIntyre 4 2/22/2017 .

web-based videos (via LifeHappens. Replay. Google Images (if necessary). Next. Help Menu Bar Appendix Resource Links Video Library Screen Layouts for RLO *Had to change due to theme limitations of authoring tool. Pause. Submit (for assessments/knowledge checks).org website) for RLO Ownership Kelly McIntyre will develop the initial course and will maintain the course for XYZ Insurance Company Development Time of  Entire course: 3-4 weeks entire course and RLO  RLO: 2-3 days depending on software used (not familiar with authoring software so ease of use is a concern) CBT_Design-Document_Kelly McIntyre 5 2/22/2017 . Development Tools Elucidate (Articulate 360 – didn’t pan out).RLO Navigation Buttons: Back.

screenshots of referenced applications Project Please sign below indicating agreement with the proposed course plan and approving start-up of the storyboard and development Sign-off [optional] phases. CBT authoring software. videos. Kelly McIntyre 2/10/17 Instructional Designer Date Project Manager/Sponsor Date CBT_Design-Document_Kelly McIntyre 6 2/22/2017 . built-out case studies. Content SME’s.Support requirements LMS system. printable PDFS of documents that could be included for RLO and course in course appendix.