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in Philippine Arts 125

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Ferozza Delia Simbulan
Abigail Nikko Averion

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Professor Jose Santos Ardivilla

The next day. we decided to search her Facebook profile and left her a message there. I like outdoor adventures. we set the date to conduct the personal interview in Las Piñas. Publisher • Random facts about yourself? I used to play keyboards in a band. but she said that it was okay and she even answered the questions we emailed to her last Saturday night right away. Unfortunately. FIRST THINGS FIRST • Full name: Hazel Anne Manzano-Chua • A. her answers were sent to us and we could not thank her enough for her generosity of her time.A: Hazel Manzano • Age and Birthday? 30 yrs old. . we are sure it would have been fun. It was very discomforting to cancel the meeting.Contacting Hazel Manzano was a breeze for us. But even though the personal meeting did not push through. we have learned a lot about her--as an artist through her artworks. I have a 4-yr-old daughter • How long have you been in your line of art? I started drawing comics in 2006. Supervisor and Manager. published in 2007 in Manila Bulletin. we were not able to do the interview with her since we need to start to work on the magazine and the paper right away. On Sunday afternoon. she told us the she’ll get back to us since she was still in Cebu that time. And true to her words. • Do you have a family now? Yes. and I’m a Licensed Series 7 NASD/NYSE stock trader. and as a person through her standpoint about her life. First we left her a message in Twitter (@callwork) but when she was not able to reply. April 28 1980 • What school/s did you go to? UP Diliman Bachelor in Fine Arts Major in Visual Communication • Jobs that you had: Former Call Center Agent.K. She kept on thanking us for reaching her and we were also grateful to have her as our interviewee. Too bad we did not get to meet her. Comic strip artist. the next day.




  .


It’s what makes life exciting.FUN FACTS   Would you rather be rich or famous? Famous Rich or beautiful? Beautiful  What super power would you like to have if ever given the chance? Um.  If not an artist. . because it’s bold enough to tell the audience what I think about things and what I did before.  Let’s say... Why? Passionate.  Describe your artworks in one word. I also like to motivate people in different things. I like challenges even at work. I make sure I put passion in everything that I do. what do you see yourself now? Climbing the corporate ladder in a call center. No pretensions. How do you think your creativity would express itself? I will continue writing and drawing more comics. Why? Frank. I do things that make me excited. to be able to fly and reach the sky!  First thing in mind upon waking up? Thanking God for a beautiful day  Desrcibe yourself in one word. your current work is not longer available to you.