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Imagine living in a country where only 1 person
out of every 100 people knows Jesus. That nation
is Thailand. Yet, there is hope! Men and women are
being called by God to go and serve Him in Thailand
as missionaries. They eagerly share the love of God
with the Thai people in a variety of ways.

Are you ready to bring missions in Thailand to

life in your home? Join together as a family for an
unforgettable trek to this beautiful, ancient country.
You will use these cards to explore mission stories,
crafts, games, learning activities, recipes, and more.

As you learn about the ways God is working in

Thailand, use this unique missions experience to share
Gods love with friends and neighbors in your own
community, too!
Trek through Thailand
Thailand is located in Southeast Asia and has 77 [song-grahn], can last up to a week. April is often very
provinces. A province is similar to a state in the United hot in Thailand, and the country sees this as a chance
States. The capital of Thailand is the city of Bangkok. for water fights and street parties all week. Many
businesses, offices, banks, and small shops close for
Thailand has four main regions: the northern region, the celebration. Almost anyone who goes outside
the central plain, the southern peninsula, and the during this celebration is guaranteed to get wet!
northeast region. The northern region is mountainous,
with lush evergreen trees and fertile valleys. The central
plain has rich soil and flowing rivers. The southern
peninsula contains rain forests, jungles, rubber-tree
plantations, and wetlands. The northeast region, the
poorest area in Thailand, is a semi-dry plateau.

The official language of Thailand is the Thai language,

also known as Siamese. Thai tends to be difficult for
non-native speakers to understand and pronounce. It
includes many vowels and consonant sounds that are
not part of the English language. Every word must be
spoken with a specific tone in order to be understood.

Each April, the Thai New Year is celebrated with a

water festival. The celebration, called Songkran
Trek through Thailand
Thailand is known as the land of smiles. Surrounded
by beautiful beach towns, mountain villages, and
thriving cities, the Thai people have good reason to
put on happy faces and enjoy their beautiful country.

Most homes are made of unpainted concrete and tin

roofs. Most homes do not have a lot of furniture. It is
common for Thai people to sit and sleep on mats on
the floor.

The Thai people have a reputation for being very

friendly. They greet friends and strangers alike with a
polite wai, a greeting in which the hands are brought
together as if praying. They also have great respect
for their elders and often seek them out for advice
and help.

Badminton, soccer, and ping-pong are some of the

favorite games of children in Thailand.
Taking the Gospel to Thailand
Less than 1 percent of the people in Thailand are
Christians. Most of the people are Buddhists or
Muslims, who try to live good lives so they can earn
their way to heaven. The missionaries in Thailand want
them to know God through a relationship with Jesus.

Some missionaries in Thailand spread the word of

God by starting house churches within communities
that do not have many Christian churches. They train
Thai Christians and teach them to put their trust
in God. The missionaries want the Thai people to
understand that God is in control of everything.

Some missionaries lead medical and health clinics to

help the people in the community. Wherever they go,
the missionaries share Gods Word. They meet people
at tea shops, beaches, rain forest excursions, and even
while parking their cars on a crowded Thai street.

Some missionaries learn the Thai language and build

relationships with the Thai people by completely
immersing themselves in the culture.
Taking the Gospel to Thailand
Some missionaries teach in the schools. Whether they prayer to meet these needs. They pray for God to
are teaching the English language or other subjects give the refugees peace and to show the Thai people
like history and math, missionaries always use this Gods power by providing for them and healing
time to share about God. sicknesses. Many Buddhist and Muslim people have
come to know Jesus Christ through the work of these
Thailand also has many refugees from other countries missionaries in Thailand. Though sometimes the
who want a chance at a better life. When they come needs of the missionaries and the people they are
to Thailand, they do not have proper visas to attend serving can be great, faith and trust in God gives them
school or to get jobs. Missionaries help by starting peace through all of lifes situations.
homeschool groups for the refugees to give them the
chance at an education. The missionaries often fear

Wasu Watcharadachaphong /

for their refugee students because the students are
sometimes arrested when they do not have proper
visas. Some of the students have been arrested and
put into detention centers, but the missionaries visit
them and continue to share with them. They take
food and essential items to the refugees because the
refugees cannot afford them on their own.

However, some of the needs of Thailand, Thai people,

and the refugees are so great that missionaries cannot
meet every need on their own. Missionaries rely on
Memory Verse
So do not be afraid.
I am with you.
Do not be terrified.
I am your God.
I will make you strong and
help you.
I will hold you safe in my
I always do what is right.

Isaiah 41:10 (NIrV)

Bible Focus
As a family, locate Mark 4:3541 in the Bible. Read the
story about Jesus calming the storm.

What are some things that make you feel afraid?

How can you have faith in God instead of fear?

Do you have a story about when God calmed your

fears or worries?

How can you tell others about the peace and

protection of God?

Whatever you go through in life, Jesus is in control.
You do not have to be afraid.
Tastes of Thailand
Thai Fried Bananas
(makes 46 servings)

What you need:

2 tablespoons butter
3 bananas, peeled and sliced into 1- or 2-inch pieces
1/4 cup brown sugar
measuring spoons
measuring cup
knife and cutting board
wok or skillet

What you do:

1. Wash your hands.
2. Melt the butter in a wok or skillet. Add the banana
3. Add the brown sugar.
4. Mix and flip the banana pieces for several minutes
until the pieces start to soften.
5. Stir, cool, and serve.
Tastes of Thailand
Sweet Thai Slushie 4. Blend for about one
(makes 2 servings) minute or until the shake
is slushy.
A frozen slushie is a favorite treat in Thailand. 5. Add honey.
On a hot day, it can be very refreshing! 6. Blend for ten more
What you need: 7. Pour the slushie into cups
2 cups of seedless pieces of watermelon and serve with a straw.
or pineapple (canned or fresh) 8. Enjoy one and share the
6 ice cubes other with a friend!
1 tablespoon honey
measuring cup
measuring spoons

What you do: Fun Fact

1. Wash your hands. Watermelons in Thailand do not look like the
2. Crush ice cubes in a blender. ones grown in North America. They are much
3. Add watermelon or pineapple pieces. smallerlike small balls. But, the insides look and
taste the same!
Loy Krathong Floating Lotus
What you need: 5. When you are happy with the way your flower
stapler, glue stick, hot glue, or double-sided tape looks, attach the liners together using glue, tape, or
scissors staples.
green crepe streamer (included) 6. Glue, tape, or staple the lotus flower onto your foam
regular colored cupcake liners (included) base. Do not center itattach it near the edge.
mini colored cupcake liners (included) 7. O ptional: Add a birthday candle, tea light, or mini
plastic foam base (included) candle, as well as a coin for some extra authenticity!
birthday candle, tea light, or mini candle (optional )
coin (optional ) Now you have a floating lotus flower like the ones
people use in Thailand during Loy Krathong [lah-ee
What you do: grah-TOHNG]. In Thailand, people place candles and
1. Glue or staple crepe paper across the top of the often coins on top
foam base, covering all of the foam. of them. They put
2. Glue or staple more crepe paper along the side them on the
of the foam base, folding along the way to make water and watch
ruffles. Attach it so that it creates a ridge over the as they float
top of the base. down rivers all
3. Fold cupcake liners in half twice and cut petal over Thailand.
shapes along the ridged edge. Some children
4. Stack, twist, and arrange liners to create a go swimming for
lotus flower. the coins in the days
after the festival.
The rainy season in Thailand lasts from May until 5. Keep trying until you end up with all five stones in
October. During this time of year, Thai children spend the palm of your hand.
a lot of time indoors. One rainy-day game the children
enjoy is called Maakgep [mahk-gehp]. Have fun How many stones ended up in your hand? Now, think
playing this variation of Maakgep! of that many ways to pray for the people of Thailand!

What you need:

5 small stones for every person (should fit easily in a
players hand)

What You Do:

1. Place all five stones on the ground and select one.
Place the selected stone on the back of your hand.
2. Keeping the stone steady, use your thumb and
index finger to pick up one stone from the ground.
3. Toss the balanced stone from the back of your
hand to your palm without dropping the stone you
picked up off the ground.
4. Repeat the process by picking up two, three, and
then finally four stones while balancing one stone
on the back of your hand.
Families on a Mission
Did you know that your family can be on mission elderly neighbor are great examples of people who
for God as you serve together in your own could use a meal from you. Work together to prepare
community? Pick one of these missions projects a meal and take it to a family in need. Dont forget to
to do as a family. share what you know to be true about Jesus when
you deliver the meal.
Spend time with a friend who may not go to church
or have a Christian family. Choose a fun activity, such
as skating, shopping, or playing a sport. Look for
opportunities to share what God has done in your
familys lives with this friend. Just as missionaries in
Thailand use trips to tea shops or the beach or even
parking in parking lots to share about God, you and
your family can use everyday experiences to share
what you know about God. Every person in your
familyregardless of agecan be on mission in
your own community each day by sharing the love
of Jesus in all that you do and say.

Just like the missionaries in Thailand try to provide

food for people or families in need, your family can
provide food for a family going through a hard time.
A single parent, a family going through a crisis, or an
Prayer HANDS
What you need: 6. Use as a daily reminder for individual, group, or
construction paper family prayers.
pens or markers
hole punch
binder ring

What you do:

1. Trace two hands onto construction paper and
cut out.
2. Cut squares of construction paper big enough to
fit between the two hand cutoutsa few inches in
width and length.
3. Write prayer requests on the squares of paper.
Include prayers for Thailand, missionaries, friends
and family, or any other needs.
4. Punch holes in the top left corner of each square
and in the bottom left corner of the two hand
cutouts (the side opposite the thumb).
5. Place prayer requests between the two hands and
secure together with a binder ring. Add and remove
prayer requests as needed.
Prayers for Thailand
Pray for Thai people to Pray for the Thai Christians as
understand how much God they continue to boldly share
loves them. the good news with others.

Pray that the Thai people will Pray that the refugees in
want to learn about Jesus. Thailand will remain protected
and can continue to receive help
Pray that the missionaries in from missionaries in the area.
Thailand will continue to be safe
as they spread the word of God
throughout the unreached areas
of Thailand.
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Scripture quotations are taken from the HOLY BIBLE,
Biblica. Used by permission of Zondervan. All rights reserved.