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Banking and Other Investment Managers

(NOC: 0122.1)

Banking and other investment managers plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the
activities of financial establishments or operational departments within such
establishments. They oversee business development and manage overall performance in
accordance with established strategic directions and policies.

Employment Requirements
 A university degree or college diploma in business administration, commerce,
economics or a related field is usually required.
 A master's degree in business administration (MBA) or finance (M.Sc.) may be
required for the management of large commercial loans.
 Completion of company or other management training programs is usually
 Several years of experience within the industry, including supervisory experience,
are required.

Main Aptitudes
 General learning ability to plan and organize the operation of banks, trust
companies, credit unions and similar financial institutions or of operational
departments within such institutions, and to evaluate the institutional policies and
procedures in order to make recommendations for improvement
 Verbal ability to promote the sale of loan, investment and other banking
services to attract corporate and individual customers, to interview customers and
to respond to inquiries
 Numerical ability and clerical perception to oversee the preparation of
monthly financial and branch progress reports, and to analyze and review loan
and credit applications in accordance with authorized limits

Main Interests
 Directive interest in co-ordinating information to direct and control the branch
operations of financial institutions or of departments within such institutions that
are responsible for administering personal and commercial loans, buying and
selling securities, operating investment funds, administering trusts, settling
estates and other financial activities; and in approving or rejecting loan and credit
applications, and recruiting personnel and identifying their training needs
 Methodical interest in ensuring that institutional policies and procedures are
followed according to established guidelines, and in monitoring credit
investigations and processing loan applications
 Social interest in negotiating with other managers, representatives of financial
and other institutions and staff to arrive at decisions; and in networking to
develop business relations
Ways of Working with Data, People, Things
 Co-ordinating - Determining time, place and sequence of operations or actions
to be taken based on analysis of data; executing determinations and/or reporting
 Negotiating - Exchanging ideas, information and opinions with others to arrive
jointly at decisions, conclusions or solutions; often collaborating with others to
formulate policies and programs.
 Not significant - Not significant

 Banks
 Consumer loan companies
 Credit card companies
 Credit unions
 Mortgage investment companies
 Mutual fund investment firms
 Trust companies

Occupational Options
 Progression to senior management positions in this field is possible with