1. Every canadians should vote in elections.

​Right. ​Canadian voting in elections is a right because everyone should have a say of who
should be the next leader.

2. All people are to be treated equally and fairly.
Right. ​It is a right for everyone to be treated equally and fairly because under the law
everyone has the same status.

3. All Canadians can apply for a Canadian passport.
Right.​ Canadian have the right to apply for a canadian passport because if they want to leave
the country the have the right to.
4. Any Canadians citizen can run as a candidate in any local, provincial or federal
Right. ​Any Canadian who is educated and wants to serve their province or city should have
the right to.

5. Canadian laws should be obeyed by all citizens.
Responsibility. ​It is a Canadians responsibility to make sure the laws are being upheld and
kept in place to make a better society.

6.Canadian citizens should help groups to keep our environment clean and safe
Responsibility. ​It is the citizen's responsibility to make sure the environment is clean and safe
for everyone.
7. A Canadian citizen can learn in French or English.
Right. ​Everyone should have the right to be bilingual and learn Canada’s second language.

8. Good citizens are willing to lend a helping hand to neighbour in need.
Right. ​Helping a neighbour who needs help is based on someone’s character and they have
the right to help if they feel the need to.

9. Old buildings and artefacts should be preserved or restored to keep out history alive.
Right.​ As Canadians we should have the right to be constantly reminded of our history.
10.Canadian citizens can leave and enter Canada whenever they want.
Right​. If someone is wanting to leave the country they should have the right to do so whenever
they please.

11. Canadian are able to speak freely about issues and problems.
Right.​ As people we should be able to freely voice our opinions, issues, or problems.

12. Mary went to the principals of her school to report the vandalism done to the school
building by five of her classmates. Responsibility. ​As a student it is Mary’s responsibility to
report the bad things that go on in her school to help solve the problem.
13.Mr. and Mrs. Samra went to the polling station to vote for the new mayor of Kingston.
Right​. As residents living in Kingston Mr. and Mrs. Samra have the right to vote who becomes
the new leader of their city.