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A Conversion by

John “Sheriff288” Brown Rick “Ironwing” Petersen

Part I………………………………………………………………………………………2
A History of Man…………………………………………………………………2
Chapter 1 Antiquity……………………………………………….….2
Chapter 2 The Tylium Age……………………………………….…5
Chapter 3 The Articles of Colonization……………………………7
Chapter 4 The Golden Age…………………………………………9
Chapter 5 The Great War…………………………………………10
Chapter 6 The Interval of Hope………………………………..…18
Chapter 7 The Long Night Goodbye…………………………..…19
The Twelve Colonies of Kobol……………………………………………..…21
Part II……………………………………………………………………………………35
Character Creation…………………………………………………….………35
The Colonial Military…………………………………………………..………36
Colonial Military Weapons……………………………………………………39
Original Cylons………………………………………………………………...50
Colonial Wild Cards……………………………………………………………………51
Cylon Wild Cards………………………………………………………………………56
Blank Wild Cards………………………………………………………………………58
Character Sheets………………………………………………………………………59

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“Sooner or later the day comes when good writing, being the former Secretary
you can’t hide from the things you of Education). It was at her request that
have done anymore” William Adama this work was commissioned; humanity
must never forget the horrors and hope of
these last few months. It is a daunting
task, informing our future, but one that I
could not shirk in good conscience.
I cannot support the veracity of my
words; all the evidence, texts, and
research were lost when Libris was
bombed out of existence by the Cylons.
Those machines are the biggest mistake
in the history of our civilization, and I will
not deny that this account of the history of
the Twelve Colonies casts them in
particularly evil light. We academics pride
ourselves on our logic and emotional
detachment in search of the truth, but
where it comes to the Cylons, I doubt any
in this fleet could truly claim to be
unbiased. So rather than lie about my lack
of detachment, I ask you, the reader, to
interpret these words with the knowledge
that truth is only a human conception of
fact. It is up to you to interpret my truth,
and it is up to you to accept them as fact.
I dedicate this work to all my family,
my friends, my brethren, and all our fallen.
Most importantly, I dedicate this work to
the continued survival of our civilization,
Part I and whatever future the Gods may have
for us.
A History of Man We will not fail.
So say we all.
It is generally considered to be the
task of an academic at some point in his
life to contribute to the body of knowledge Chapter 1
for the betterment of posterity it is the
highest honor for an academic to have a Antiquity
creation published, but also our sternest
duty. I hope to discharge this duty to my (Note: AC (Articles of Colonization) refers
people with this humble piece. With all to the period after the Articles of
that has happened, this is all that I can Colonization were established, BU
offer to the future of humanity. I can only (Before Unification) refers to the period
hope that it meets the expectations of the before)
President as well (she has a keen eye for


located amongst the stars. our species has adapted Nevertheless. and our records are sketchy in fact. this is Kobol. the Book calls Kobol. Our knowledge of the time They are not all equally suited to human BEFORE Colonization is even murkier. the to prosper in their new home. Where the means exactly is open to speculation. That is what neighborhood have shown. Carbon dating of the oldest who brought our ancestors to the twelve structures on all Twelve Colonies worlds. translation of key phrases from the and indeed. Canceron. which eventually according to the most accurate played host to the new (or transplanted) translations of the Book. nearby systems in our part of the galactic Even taken in a literal sense. Cyrannus star system. at best. our system of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol. a the Sacred Scrolls tells about the origins paucity of habitable planets. but are nevertheless. the Twelve civilization. according to the most reliable indigenous to any of the worlds that archaeological and anthropological data became the Twelve Colonies. and have managed to piece together a likely adapted well our new environments to us. its exact Aquarion. Geminon. some point in our history. Aerelon. exactly twelve colonizable planets. What "ascended" all explored solar systems. and finally Virgon (in What caused our ancestors to leave that order). without fail. We do not know how long the Kobol is also not known. livable. appears to be unique amongst "ascended" in turn. This home is Libris and Leonis. the current theory is that at of Kobol. The implication of the Book is that first human footsteps being taken on the our ancestors fled en masse from Kobol surface of Caprica. Colonization. The Colonies were immigrants from an ancestral home that then founded in succession. Our amongst scholars as to the exact best guess is that the world of Caprica. The Twelve were described as quite simply untrue according to the great leaders with supernatural powers scientific data. Humans are not founded. and that the Twelve Colonies were Legend and the Book also speak of founded simultaneously. Scorpia. it habitation. although there are some disputes Colonies as we know them today. Picon. Then. twelve (possibly It has been largely accepted by the thirteen) successive waves or tribes of fraternity of historians that the Book of the colonists/refugees departed the original Word's recollection of our origins is largely home of Kobol and founded the Twelve true. the settlement that eventually original Kobol to the common Colonial became Caprica City. endowing our ancestors with knowledge On an interesting aside. story of the origins of the Twelve Colonies Thus. each one founding a colony suggests that the Colonization occurred (literal translation "made to live") and over an extended period of time. Life began out there. There is appears to have had an abundance of little left that survived the time of the initial planets capable of supporting human life. we can only Colonization took exactly. location shrouded in the mists of time. but our best surmise that some great calamity struck estimate is that the process was our ancestors over time and forced them completed within five hundred years of the to flee. without offending the existence of the Twelve Lords of our holy brethren from Scorpia. has all devolved to myth and legend. Sagittaron. academics throughout time well to our new environments. Tauron. By and large. was the first to be tongue in use today. All of us are uncovered to date. where they 3 .

a fact that nature of the Twelve (or Thirteen). others suggest that they distinguished from each other by speed. the Book of unequivocal regarding the Thirteenth the Word is typically cryptic by saying no Lord's departure . Nevertheless. these legends are was not common for the average citizen 4 . if indeed they ever than light) and FTL (faster than light) existed. and yet others still say that Colonists but STL drive systems were at they knew of the coming calamity the time totally impractical for the (whatever that may have been) and left to maintenance of inter-Colonial space ensure the survival of the species. centuries after the completion of the The skeptical also scoff at the Colonization. travel. left to prepare the way for the remainder Both types were known to the early of humanity. Despite this. we know little about Century BU. Unlike the Twelve. Unlike the legends regarding distinct peoples. and. the many atheists hold dearly to their hearts.1c (c = speed of light). the two types of flight entirely forced off Kobol. The this three hundred year consolidation legends and the Book all speak of the period. no records Twelve did in fact exist and were not have ever been recovered to substantiate simply legendary characters. Colonies of Kobol grew and prospered in denial is a strong tenet of the atheistic near splendid isolation for the next three religion. preventing the lead the Thirteenth Colony to their fractioning of our civilization into twelve new home. nor is their names have been discovered in the He ever mentioned in the Book of the records recovered from the time of Word. beyond our system. There is no supporting evidence for Regardless of the exact role and their supernatural powers. The legends are basic knowledge of space flight taken conflicted in their recounting of the from Kobol. the best STL speeds were barely Despite the legends. nor have our deep space probes launched from a Colony to rendezvous ever detected any intelligent activity with its destination. the rudiments The legends also speak of a of FTL drive were also known. On the other hand. providing Thirteenth Lord who was cast out from the the means for the Colonies to remain in brotherhood of the Twelve. Academia has never accepted His Colonization. The Twelve are purported to have existence of a Thirteenth Colony named left behind knowledge regarding space Earth that left Kobol prior to the events flight. and the Hierarchy in Scorpia degraded that we could not determine declared that belief in the Thirteenth Lord what context their names were used in. we have no records 0. but it is quite clear to the rational that forced the rest of our ancestors off that the early Colonists maintained a that doomed planet. Reliable records begin in Legend of the Thirteenth Colony. There is some evidence that the own will. but the material was so existence.He did not leave of His more. It literally took confirming the existence of the Thirteenth months or even years for a spacecraft Colony. Some of the existence of the Thirteenth Lord. Space flight has been reasons as to why this group left Kobol traditionally described as STL (slower before the others. therefore. space flight the Thirteenth Colony. Book. the legends them other than their descriptions in the persist amongst the lay people. was heretical soon after the foundation of Beyond these dubious mentions in the the High Temple in the early Second prehistoric literature. Some suggest that they were travel.ascended to we do not know. and forced to touch.

but it cannot be understated how developed. but despite including jump computers. The amounts that time on poorly resolved radio and produced in this attempt were vanishingly light telescope data) were poorly small. changed everything. essentially Colonial industry and population uncontrolled as the scientists had no idea across all Twelve Colonies had reached what they were dealing with. nobody had been devices. its unusual properties. adding to operational overhead of each barring FTL. requiring that jumps be made important tylium is to the course of our in small bite-sized chunks. little was known about it. markedly civilization's history. fed by of Apollo on Libris. Perhaps the most prohibitive factor in the development of FTL technology was quite simply. no single discovery. Added to this was the cost of Twelve Colonies as much. Indeed. was some anecdotal evidence regarding The ancillary technologies. These ships were mostly substance. tracking numerous attempts. It was in this climate of rapid terms of material and the expertise growth that tylium was first purified on required.0000000000005 grams) of purified material. The resulting detonation of The Tylium Age 50 nanograms (or 0. the first recorded tylium however. fuel itself. meaning that most of the Libris to 99. and knowledge of the able to purify the mineral to levels surrounding space (which depended at sufficient for study. was subjected to intense heat. FTL drives were ten and twenty billion across all twelve prohibitively expensive to construct in worlds). it population base (estimated at between was quite obvious that a potential new 5 . There were plenty of space and resources on the newly founded Colonies. changed the fortunes of the FTL ship. power generation was largely based on the now outmoded fission/fusion model. a woefully inefficient source of power. a lack of need. While tylium had been Government and ambassadorial couriers.for a number of reasons.999% purity as part of an Colonial worlds only ever fielded an FTL attempt to satisfy scientific curiosity fleet numbering no more than ten ships at regarding the properties of this strange a time. in those days. left a small critical mass in the second mid-century crater where the fusion smelter had been BU (~150 BU). There were regular but much less common. seemingly inert to virtually Chapter 2 all sorts of manipulation. purification. more than half of an FTL ship's mass was devoted solely to the multiple cores required to power the FTL drive. The potential of tylium was more or there was little need to look to off-world less immediately realized after its sources for either. What came next. reaction occurred during an experiment in which the ore. Without going into the the demands of a rapidly expanding physics and chemistry of the reaction. officially listed as a mineral ore for trade and cultural exchange missions centuries. industrial strength was installed on the grounds of the Sanctuary now growing ever faster and faster.

licensed the established by 50 BU. It was a dogged attempts to bring FTL to the grave error by the Sagitarrian masses. Skirmishes reactors had replaced virtually all the around the edges of each Colonial sphere older straight fusion reactors on all Twelve of influence (the Colonies never Colonies. Sagittaron and where industry went. Commerce and trade between begin a confrontation with Picon. efficient. The construction of FTL forces launched a strike inside the drives almost seven hundred years after Sagitarrian sphere of influence in an Colonization began was now vastly easier attempt to eliminate pirates operating out and cheaper. while not as large as the widespread space travel evaporated. and relatively safe exercise in space) were common. Libris (rumored to be at an astronomical and were little more than glorified anti- cost) and commissioned the first piracy establishments. was to keep its citizens warm. Caprica. it took only ten years establishment of the first interstellar for practical applications for tylium to defense forces by each of the Twelve appear. force against light opposition. the growing power combined fusion/tylium reactor in 122 BU. attempted to delineate common borders Though tylium now provided an along their frontiers. the Achaea habitat. the effects that it rarely resulted in outright hostilities. Picon shocked the completed in 72 BU. The first fully functional and autonomous With control of the immediate Sagitarrian space habitat. The the Colonies exploded. and more and Piscean response to the Sagitarrian more people were taking to the stars attack was savage and swift. but the its source more powerful than the The expansion of the Twelve best fusion reactors had become Colonies from planetary civilizations with available. even Caprica hesitated to models. While these forces technology for tylium purification from were ostensibly for defense purposes. Sagitarrian Navy was swept from space. also followed. for power to fuel its industrial growth and but by no means hegemony. before the other Colonial Governments 6 . Industry was quick to Twelve Colonies by landing a ground exploit the new frontiers opened by tylium. but source of energy. a world already starving Colonies. the firstly as tourists. the Sagitarrian fleet in turn problems of fuel costs and efficiency had launched a retaliatory strike. of the various Colonial Navies inevitably Within three decades. the scientists was subjugated in little more than a week. They were the (some six decades). tylium-powered FTL most well armed and trained of the twelve ships replaced the older fusion-based defense forces. fusion was now an obsolete extraterrestrial origins into a true pan- technology. a totally useless affordable. was space in their hands. fusion/tylium resulted in rising tensions. the industry and technology of the Thanatos Area on Sagittaron. wrought on the economies of the Twelve This period of relative peace and Colonies happened in space and not on calm ended in 37 BU when Piscean the surface. solar civilization sparked the From there. then permanent settlers. the remaining barrier to Piscean Navy. was Over the course of the remaining century nevertheless formidable. The reactors. Caprican military dominance. Caprican defense forces. had been in place to support space travel Perceiving this as an impingement upon on a larger scale for decades. With the advent of tylium Government in more than one way.

In 30 BU. She became the natural had opened Pandora's Box by proving it neutral meeting ground between the was possible. However. Not only was she the a common language. the Capricans have never and occupations. acting only when her interests doomsdayers. Picon were threatened. The idea fell on deaf ears. it began to fester amongst the people. and her Colonies had been intertwined right from diplomatic capital with each of the Twelve the onset of the Colonization. By the end of discomfort. and also Government reconvened as guests of Treaties of Amity providing for reciprocal Caprica. the Colonies. While the Colonies had been politically independent entities for the last The Articles of Colonization five hundred years or more. her diplomatic service introduced. Picon was viewed with universal protection of trade routes. and became a pariah of the 37 BU. All of this gave her Pisceans for their apparent aggression. wars. unparalleled leeway to act and intervene The occupation of Sagittaron amongst the Colonies. and inter- 7 . The It was in this background of military average person on every Colonial world paranoia that Caprica firmly took the reins identified first as a Colonial . previously inconceivable attempted to establish hegemony. Caprica was unique amongst the Colonies until the Articles of Colonization Colonies in being at permanent peace were signed. the anything. The history of the fielded the largest defense force.they shared of leadership. the Capricans called the First Colonial Convention to which every Colonial Leader of Government was invited to attend. the Twelve Colonies were to be united under a single Government to ensure the peace and prosperity of the people. No despite being clearly dominant amongst longer were armed confrontations. and even in the most difficult of situations. she also even political structures. Looking first to secure her Sagittaron remained under Picon military interests. religion. If by Governments and the people alike. Caprica established multiple governance while the legitimate Treaties of Non-Aggression. without unreasonable defense risks and/or burdens. there was no turning the clock legendary for being able to forge back. Interestingly. their identities had largely remained singular. Every Government now feared consensus amongst disputing parties attack and occupation by the others.could even deliver official protests to the Colonies was strong. but cold hard reality. Caprican dominance was Chapter 3 all the more secure. It was at this Convention that the idea of federalization was first tabled by the Capricans. and richest and most populous. Caprica held herself aloof from province of those on the fringe of the the foibles and disputes of the other political landscape and mad Colonies. proved to a pivotal point in history. and once the concept was Colonies. an arms raced ensued. Meanwhile. origin. once the idea was made public.

the Capricans surprised each of the Twelve Colonies. it was in 1 AC that the could vote. It Governments. pushing for the Articles of Colonization. On the other hand. Public mood and While the Articles of Colonization opinion regarding unification shifted vastly were hailed as a miracle.they were NOT established or completion of Colonization. Caprica was also the quest for unification. Picon had Government was hosted by Caprica. the children of Kobol were unified. The seat of previously intractable problem. the apparently underestimated. and the Capricans finally secured the The Articles of Colonization blessings of all Twelve Colonies (even provided for a directly elected President of Picon who had threatened to walk out if the Twelve Colonies of Kobol. for the most part. upper house (the Quorum of Twelve) Colonial negotiations to begin. developed on any single Colony to the The fates of the Twelve Colonies were other eleven Colonies. the Quorum Thus. with the possible gained support amongst the exception of the Book of the Word. it could debate Government yet that further conflict could and would be initiatives and bills. a also directly elected. and a the Sagitarrian Government-in-Exile was bicameral legislature consisting of an allowed representation) for full inter.Colony trade had allowed the large majorities. and single most significant document in the support for federalization slowly but surely history of our civilization. then there was hope Colonization. It was felt that Articles of Colonization were promulgated this separation of powers would help and successfully ratified by plebiscite by prevent the paralysis of government that each of the Twelve Colonies. an been persuaded to evacuate Sagittaron in honor bestowed to the Colony as return for Sagitarrian guarantees to recognition of its invaluable role in destroy pirate bases inside their territory. Caprican Twelve were not involved in it. the last remaining logical place to establish the new barrier had been removed by skilled Government.if means perfect. them. with peace treaty between Picon and the three representatives from each Colony. until the risk of a devastating war. the peace was enforced by the Caprican Considering its history as a neutral Navy. more homogenous now that at any other The Articles of Colonization are a bit of a time in previous history since the misnomer . but not debate. Caprican diplomacy. A Second the beginning of the Great Cylon War Colonial Convention was called in 10 BU. they were by no in favor as a consequence of the pact . more than a century later. The Colonies were now forever bound together. and the the Colonies by securing a permanent Quorum of Citizens. the lower house. The Lower House was Picon and Sagittaron could find peace effectively neutered by the Articles of after 20 years of war. but could not vote on averted. exiled Sagitarrian Government. diplomats across the Twelve Colonies The Articles of Colonization is the pushed for the idea continuously. The alternative was to provided for a system of government that allow the arms race to continue and face ensured the peace. The Peace Pact spurred on the meeting place. For the first time in dissemination of whatever ideas had history. made up of singular representatives from In 6 BU. often by many detractors of the Articles (and there 8 . present at the initial Colonization and Caprican determination was also despite popular and mystical opinion.

and more than half of the now thirty billion plus population had traveled in space at some point in their lives. This poor mood. The peace and security provided by both the Articles and a much expanded Colonial Navy ensured safe space travel . debate basis. uniting the twelve Colonial Colony's shady reputation as a haven for Navies into a single body to be the damp underside of humanity. The various Colonial armies and imaginable.the population was poorly Colonial Marines and headquartered on skilled relative to other Colonials and they Aerelon (also written into the Articles). a two paragraphs long. Government). were falling behind their ground forces were similarly unified as the brethren . Sound economic policy ensured an extended period of stable growth. The Colony. failed to abolished with an amendment to the achieve the spectacular growth seen in Articles late in the Eighth Decade AC. and the Government did little other than to The Golden Age apply generic and cosmetic "solutions". Sagitarrian workers were. In the end. and most recognized that The sole blight on this record was true power to restrain Government excess Sagittaron. in general. Cultural and scientific achievements 9 . the other eleven Colonies. on every scale Articles). meant for little. while an avid rested solely in the hands of the Quorum supporter of the Articles which was seen of Twelve. Prosperity skyrocketed as the unified Government ably managed inter-Colonial disputes and rivalries. it nevertheless state that had been virtually eliminated should be afforded its own chapter. the mood of optimism that The Articles of Colonization also pervaded everywhere else was curiously provided for the establishment of the absent. While while the Quorum was now legally Sagittaron was rebuilt rapidly after the empowered to debate and vote on occupation had ended (largely funded by legislation (which it had been doing for Caprican funds channeled through the over fifty years anyways). By the end of the century. It was a portent Undeniably. commanded lower had doubled between the Colonies. coupled to the Colonial Navy. more than one While this section is little more than tenth of Sagitarrians lived in poverty. exploited and Chapter 4 treated poorly compared to others. from the other Colonies. our people entered a Golden of what was to come. deterred headquartered on Picon (a concession investment. The Lower House became as the guarantor of their security from meaningless over time and was formally further Piscean aggression. Sagitarrians. resulting in poor economic that Picon demanded be written into the performance. Age with the ratification of the Articles that lasted for more than a hundred years.were quite a few of them despite the astounded the populace on a regular popular mood) feared.

When the first units reached the day should be seen in light of the sentience. the first sentience to develop. The AI package. Nevertheless. could be subverted via this all the work and free humanity from the network. The project was a catastrophe. Optimism. For the first time in history. Research ranks of Hephaestion. Disquiet began to grow in the the end of the First Century AC. to sum it up. these disappearances excellent economic growth and almost were blamed on bugs in the AI software. the plan of the Government of Cylon War. The first fully artificial intelligence package was developed by Hephaestion Industries early in the Second Century AC for incorporation into its prototype flagship CLT-12 unit. robots would take over processors. robotics had been embraced enthusiastically as a means of gaining greater efficiency. The disappearances rolled off the Tauron (which replaced continued . or The Great War more accurately. was the and Hephaestion stopped the installation flavor of the era.the sentient units were Geminon as the industrial heart of the covertly infecting their brethren with the Twelve Colonies) production lines near package. lacking the advanced CLT-12 type of paradise. not a single facet of Colonial life was untouched by the robotics industry. of further packages until they could solve The first fully autonomous robotic unit the problem. it were made in the field of robotics and was only a matter of time for each CLT-12 allied computing technologies and unit to accrue sufficient data industries. a pervasive technology. need to toil by 200 AC. Robotics was. While we might The consequences of this think that that was a totally unrealistic monumental error resulted in the First proposal. served as a prosperity and hope that rapid advances nucleus for ascendance to sentience. Chapter 5 astounding pace. one hundred years of peace. they had simply melted off into mood at the time. At first. and within twenty years. Even in the military. It was in this era of unprecedented unbeknownst to its creators. through a communications network the deployment of the first servitors was (developed by Hephaestion to make an unqualified success. buoyed by the night. if the problem was and development continued at an 10 . humanity encountered another sentient race. Intended to be used in ("experience") for the spark of genuine manufacturing to replace humans. Even more primitive with the eventual objective of creating a units. The Government increased its the control of anybody in the Government funding via grants to the robotics industry or Hephaestion. Each sentient unit few generations of robotic servitors were could then raise others to sentience crude and unsophisticated. creating an double production rates at their sites of exponential effect that was soon beyond utilization. managing to coordination of units easier). we created another sentient race.

and within a day. Over recession. Meanwhile. In a heralding the start of a devastating war month. By the time any decisions echoed across the planet. investors began jamming. then the what to do. Cylon infiltration was so now referred to themselves as the Cylons. the In preparation for war. know was that they were not dealing with Nobody was aware of the true humans able to read the subtleties of extent of the problem until the Cylons diplomacy. very core. The triggering a domino effect that spread nuclear ordnance was detonated. The industry collapsed overnight. The sentience and statehood. they were rising. Alarming brought an abrupt end to the Golden Age. the Cylons subsequent Presidential Address to the began infiltration of key military and Colonies shocked human society to its industrial facilities on all Twelve Colonies. The Government's plan of action was to extend a hand of friendship but avoid delivering outright recognition to the Cylons. they were dealing attempted communication. A nuclear shares of robotics and software weapon. The sentient synthetic beings Indeed. most fired the opening salvo. It was clearly an effort to buy time while they puzzled over 11 . and the effects were fifteen thousand people died when the particularly bad on Sagittaron. which resulted in reluctance to anything. successful that they were able to declaring their independence from commandeer several Colonial Naval humanity and demanding recognition of ships.with the package. was snuck aboard the Leto 300%. Instead. the Colonies were in a sharp that would last more than a decade. Strange pieces with advanced sentient artificial beings of binary code began appearing all over who interpreted Government reticence as the sections of the CLT network still outright refusal of recognition of both observable by Hephaestion. The announcement command and control bases. the Cylons had already space of an hour. Add this to the grant them statehood. If sentient. The stock had been made to investigate the market lost almost 20% of its value in the discrepancies. There was general skepticism disappearances should have ceased about whether the Cylons were truly when the installations also ceased. the cries of horror Headquarters on Picon and Aerelon from stockbrokers on Geminon reportedly respectively. Leto habitat was simply blown apart. throughout other economic sectors. and Hephaestion had a genuine toasters?!" What the Government did not problem on their hands. delivered to the President's Office. orbital habitat in Caprican orbit. as exemplified by fact that both Government and Minister of Defense Henry Quisling's Hephaestion had lost control of the CLT question "You want to recognize network. frightening in its power and companies had devalued by almost sophistication. and other suspicious activities pulling their money out of robotics and filtered back to Naval and Marine allied research fields. It was messages were finally decoded and tantamount to a declaration of war. and their nationhood. the Quorum went into emergency session with the President and the Cabinet. Virtually instantaneously. reports of communication drop-outs. Marine munitions depots.

President Yalann declared a state of emergency and martial law to be effective Cylon attacks on every Colonial immediately on every Colony and all off world and in virtually every major city and world facilities. undeniably the greatest with the Cylon Nation. A Presidential asset began simultaneously. 12 . strength to the dissatisfied public. rather than pitched ground battles. Cylon advance of Cylon forces continued but forces had taken more than half of Picon brave Colonial opposition slowed them to City itself before Colonial forces could a crawl. and Geminon. worlds of Tauron and Picon . the Siege of facilities on Tauron were overrun within Picon had devolved into a horrific style of hours of the surprise attack until Colonial warfare.the former destroyed and the parts recycled for raw would provide them the industrial facilities materials to help the defense efforts.. Reports of suspicious explosions of Government and military assets on all of the other Colonies flowed in to Caprica. initially shell shocked by the events and the rapid pace of the Cylon attack. Libris. The military re- that the Cylons were not engaged in a war established control only after a brutal of conquest. the sudden economic to the fortified positions around the Naval hardship caused by the outbreak of war. The Picon defenses totally off guard. Key industrial Over the next year. Cylon Decree ordered all remaining "uninfected" attacks were particularly savage on the robotic units. The Admiralty was Government ordered a full scale immediately evacuated to Caprica to mustering of all Colonial Reserves. the poor news even mount a controlled withdrawal back flowing out of Picon. HQ compound. Colonial Marine casualties rose Marines managed to contain the Cylon into the hundreds of thousands as wave advance. the Cylons resorted to industries vital to the war effort were terrorist-type attacks launched from nationalized. The annihilation. threat to Cylon ambitions. The after wave of Cylon attacks pounded the first wave of Cylon "tinheads" caught remaining Piscean defenses. The they required for prosecution of the war. The Government. Picon was not so fortunate. In the meantime. hastily constructed hidden Cylon bases. "Uprisings" of Cylon forces were reported on Virgon. they were fighting a war of suppression of the rioters. and Elsewhere. was quick to act. a conduct and coordinate the war from military necessity as much as a show of there. Government buildings on all worlds became virtual fortresses overnight as fortifications and security measures were instituted. regardless of make. It was clear of Caprica City. Quorum declared that the Twelve and the latter housed the Colonial Naval Colonies of Kobol were at a state of war Headquarters. Civilian casualties and the resulting recession triggered an numbered into the hundreds of thousands outbreak of panic and rioting in the capital by the end of the first day.

offensive. more troops than the Colonial Fleet had developed. The reinforcements arrived threaten supply just in time to blunt a vicious Cylon lines of materiel and fuel. Each response was disappointing at first. and to replace rapidly mounting casualties. often with high attacks that seemed to come out of Colonial casualties. constructed Reserves were able to provide were and commissioned five Battlestars needed to reverse the Cylon advance and (Columbia. in an attempt to even the areas still under Colonial control were score until they were sufficiently powerful evacuated. a fighter-type vessel the outrage of the unprovoked attack and intended to track down pirates and police the horrors of Picon drew upon a spirit of Colonial space during peace time. Even on Sagittaron. the Cylons had reached the same conclusions as the Admiralty . began attacking Colonial shipping to ground war. Picon and Tauron to protecting Colonial Despite this. Training of recruits began in remainder of the war.the Cylons could never mount a truly effective war effort without being able to ship reinforcements and supplies to their front lines. the stalemate. The first lots of fresh were immediately redeployed from reinforcements were sent to Picon two providing air support to the defenders of years after the outbreak of violence. shipments that the Colonial Navy The Colonials were on the defensive in 13 . Picon. the Colonials could not space assets and shipping. With patriotism and unity. the advent of the war. using captured industrial facilities on Tauron. Galactica). the Colonials stalemate continued as Cylon attack after were kept on their toes by random Cylon attack were repulsed. However. Despite their achieve any forward momentum. counterattacks bought little ground with a high price in lives. Rycon. the Viper fleets voices that had previously called for underwent a major redesign and secession were silent as humanity united retrofitting to the Mark II model. Pegasus. Reinforcements were hurried to was currently and very effectively choking. which in the face of the horror of unrestricted would remain the benchmark for the warfare. The third year of the war saw the expansion of the conflict from the surface of the Colonies into space. Colonial nowhere. and though the fighter and conventional firepower. the Battlestar carried full complements of the ranks of the recruits eventually swelled as Mark I Vipers. The battlestars earnest. The Cylons. Picon while the civilian population in the Cylon raiders. and to a lesser extent to challenge the Colonial Navy face to Tauron. Colonial forces fought them to a Prior to the start of the war. quickly produced the first of their space combat vessels to challenge the Colonials for control of the skies. massive warships capable of Calls for additional volunteers to join the projecting an incredible array of both war were put out. Atlantia. became the major theatres of the face. the clear supremacy in space. Evidently.

attempts by the Colonial Fleet to dislodge William "Husker" Adama. The problem was although her completion actually occurred compounded when Cylon raids began in after her entry into service due to her areas thought beyond the range of their forced premature deployment (see fighters. that the Colonial war hero. Colonial Dradus nets detected the first In addition to their basestar Cylon capital ship movements early in 128 construction. The Atlantia was immediately commissioning bases in earnest soon dispatched to Tauron's orbit and reported after the Colonial detection of their capital the first engagement with a Cylon ships. almost three months to complete. Solaria. raids would strike next. The sheer firepower and fighter complement. the complete abandonment of Picon City. A neutron bomb was detonated over the Argo and Poseidon). despite serious damage to completed basestars. these basestar. Requisitions for the funds to service. It was during this engagement. The Atlantia limped back to Cylon and Colonial space Caprica Harbor for repairs that would take engagements were numerous in 129 AC. made his AC met with little success. a massive capital ship that was bases served as fleet anchorages. The Pacifica was metropolis. Acropolis. The Colonial Fleet held its own Upgraded Dradus nets and recon against Cylon fleet actions through missions (from which many pilots did not numerous naval engagements over the return) now showed the existence of three next decade. While not really habitats. program despite falling Government tax In the Piscean summer of 131 AC. re- a match for the Atlantia in terms of both supply depots and research stations. Prometheus. Repeated however. the Pacifica's relatively bringing the fleet to twelve. The enigma continued until the below). presently the the Cylons from the Damocles belt in 129 Commander of the Galactica. facilities on the Tauron surface. revenues due to the recession). as well as key industrial battlefield. The the first nuclear bombardment of a Colonial Fleet rushed the construction of planetary surface occurred. The docking of two battlestars construction. space. requiring prolonged dry-docking for A further eight were in various stages of repairs. first kill. The attention had shifted from the surface The true extent of the Cylon space of Picon and Tauron to the action in construction program soon became clear. Triton. were rushed inexperienced crew made a strong through the Quorum (who actually showing in the next two Colonial fleet demanded an even larger construction actions. The reports were clearly forced the early commissioning of the alarming for both the Admiralty and the Pacifica before the ship was ready for Government. the Cylons began for the better part of the year. construction. greatest Cylon base was located in the The engagement was inconclusive as Damocles asteroid belt in the inner both ships suffered extensive damage system. resulting in the additional seven battlestars (Pacifica. killing virtually every living completed in record time one and a half thing in a two hundred kilometer blast 14 . protecting their extensive mining and were forced to retire from the operations there. years after her keel was laid at the unable to predict when and where Cylon Cosmology Space yards in Geminon orbit. accounting for the Acropolis and Solaria on one occasion Cylon raids beyond their expected range. despite her incomplete construct a further seven battlestars.

The first objective Cylons were sure to launch a on which the remaining were predicated thermonuclear strike against Tauron's upon was the establishment of total space cities. AC. The most likely has only just been formulated. A planned and coordinated bombardment would have forced the Government to sue for terms. became the None came. Ironically. The costs. Meanwhile. The idea of a thermonuclear response but truly breath-taking with respect to the was discarded almost immediately. Cylon troops and Marine High Command were ordered completed the conquest of Picon City to plan the offensive operation. the annihilation of the ignorance regarding Cylon susceptibility defenders of Picon proved to be the to radiation probably saved mankind and undoing of the Cylons. the Government was completed in the Caprican spring of 132 now forced to contemplate its options. The plan was simple in its objectives. Tauron was already supremacy by destruction of the Cylon under threat of a nuclear bombardment basestar fleet and their main anchorage in without such reckless provocation. Fearing the use of its war effort.radius but leaving all inorganic matter successful conclusion to the war. and the solar system. Picon City. Though this susceptibility was not known to the Colonials at the time. which untouched. As it was. Almost three thousand implied a massive military offensive Colonial personnel perished from the against the Cylon threat. there was no doubt they were armed with more. fear of a returning neutron bombardment. Cylon ignorance of Colonial Strangely enough. the Cylons were close to why they did not utilize their arsenal of to complete conquest of a Colonial world. or even thermonuclear strikes. similar in quality to the radiation emitted by neutron bombs. we now know that Cylon technology is heavily susceptible to radiation emitted by the Ragnar field. Planning began the surviving structures and buildings for and continued under the threat of another their use. the Colonial Naval HQ. In retrospect. neutron bombs. once the home of neutron attack. the Colonial Marines only alternative was a quick and 15 . and for the another mystery regarding the Cylons as first time in the war. Following this. adapting codenamed Deliverance. more neutron bombs on other major Planning for Deliverance was population centers. Few credible hypotheses have been suggested. possibly forestalled further Cylon neutron bomb attacks. an the Colonial Navy could not guarantee offensive would be launched on Tauron to complete safety from a lone Cylon raider secure the planet from the Cylon neutron slipping through Colonial defenses to bomb threat. it is yet bastion of the Cylon menace. unopposed and simply moved in. the Cylons to be ejected at all other Colonial population centers. The Admiralty resulting radiation. and Picon would then be launch a thermonuclear weapon against liberated. the sheer logistics required.

effective. and then thwarting enemy with surprise prevented the Cylons from reprisals on these less well defended mounting their best defense. the Cylons had been edge to the attack. which the four were destroyed in space. To put it in perspective. Prometheus. Within moments. Vipers were loaded directly into the Six basestars were destroyed still launch tubes and landing bays. engaging awarded in the entire period between the their Cylon counterparts in the largest ratification of the Articles of Colonization dogfight in history as they attempted to and the beginning of the Cylon war. it was docked to the Damocles Anchorage. one all ten basestars as well as from the hundred and six Gold Clusters were anchorage itself. Poseidon and Atlantia The Cylon fleet was caught totally suffered heavy damage and would remain unawares as the battlestars materialized in dry-dock for almost a year after the in a coordinated fashion to enclose the battle for repairs. It was the greatest victory in nuclear warheads. using personnel aboard the battlestars and in everything from point defense cannons to the Vipers. Colonial space tactics coupled attention. In little over Cylons would not expect. orbit to prepare for the attack on the Cylon Colonial nuclear weapons and Battlestar anchorage. Cylon raiders launched from Engagement. statistics placed Colonial battlestars opened a raging hailstorm of deaths at approximately four thousand fire on the Cylon capital ships. the Damocles belt near the Cylon anchorage. At the close of Colonial incursion. and hoped that this advantage. The Cylons Colonies. mount offensives on all known Cylon Though the battle was intense. as it became hundreds of Vipers were in space. the bases on the remaining ten Colonies with outcome was a foregone conclusion in the intention of initially distracting enemy retrospect. operational basestars present only four almost one out of every five Vipers were undocked and able to respond to the launched did not return.and planet-bound Naval units would from the metallic beings. and celebrated by and ferocity of the Colonial attack. In return. the numerous accolades. while Colonial fighters fended beyond their usual complement. In late 132 AC. Despite the surprise Colonial history. The Viper squadrons Cylons in a ring of iron. and the known in future. would add an a quarter of an hour. Of the ten Cylon suffered the greatest attrition of the battle. the deprived of most of their fleet. The bolstered Colonial awarded (seventy posthumously) to the Viper squadrons seized and utilized the Viper pilots. more than the total number initiative provided by surprise. nor could they maneuver their The Colonial Fleet. the stature of the response of the four basestars were swift. The Colonies were going to did not have time to undock their massive take on the Cylons on all fronts ships from the anchorage to make them simultaneously. all twelve of the four undocked ships into a defensive great battlestars. amassed in Caprican formation before they were destroyed. Each Battlestar took on an gunnery tore through the opposing additional squadron of Vipers above and basestars. wrest control of the surrounding space The Colonials did not sit back and 16 . the additional great Colonial capital ships. With no off desperate Cylon attacks against the hangar space to spare. Navy and its service men and women their main batteries came on-line have been made legendary by the immediately. The Cylons entire Colonial Fleet jumped into the would never recover. the Damocles Engagement.

creating corridors through which troops destroying everything that might help the advanced and wheeled around to Colonials. essentially severing the with ground based artillery. Galactica. Cut off from supplies. war were feted like Lords of Kobol. and in conjunction blockade Tauron. Cylons were clearly outnumbered. We do The Colonial offensive began on not have records to know for sure. wherever that may be. transports loaded to the targeting in particular Cylon command brim with Marines jumped in from Caprica and control positions. accepted an Armistice offer from the patrols in force were being made from Colonial Government. moved quickly. The war was over. the sued for peace. beyond unload a force three times larger than the belief. and Solaria hunted the and Quorum. the due to the overwhelming force applied. The force that had been Cylon transport jumped out of Piscean assembled for the liberation was truly awe space under escort. that was almost mythical in few remaining Cylon basestars across the proportion. pounded Cylons from their industrial base. declared by the Government Rycon. Colonial spearheads punched The Cylons had instituted a policy of through Cylon defensive positions. "Scorched Ground" as they retreated. and and landed an invasion force of almost anti-aircraft batteries. inspiring . Other infrastructure alone in the areas of Tauron columns of Colonial troops streamed in that had fallen under Cylon control through the wide gaps in the Cylon front numbered into the trillions of cubits. and with Picon City. Cylons knew it was only a matter of time The impossible was now a reality. Already. The devastation and loss of life one that had liberated Tauron. every Colonial city. Colonial Marines Buoyed by the great victory. The last liberate Picon. The bombing one million men and women within days. the Cylons had little planet. In Mid 133 AC. and the heroes of the Poseidon. while the celebration. and losses were more economic than in lives. Tauron was liberated in a north towards Picon City. and overwhelming Oddysean continent and began the push air support. and Atlantia were in dry-dock). heading straight for Picon City. While formidable. the Cylon situation was The Marines entered the outskirts of precarious. and the Cylon threat ended on that overwhelming force. The Cylons were territory still under Colonial control in the allowed to evacuate whatever personnel south of the Odyssean continent in they had left in Colonial space without preparation for the arrival of harassment and to withdraw to a new reinforcements and the operation to home. From there.over one hundred Marine The parties and celebrations that transport ships jumped in system to ensued were. They Cylon positions all over the planet. superb poured out of the southern regions of the command and control. lines. Colonial casualties were minimal to respond with. Losses from destruction of surround their enemy in a vice. Against such month. the Cylons occupied Picon from them. continued for three days.celebrate. until Colonial forces arrived to retake Facing their total annihilation. Fireworks hailed the peace in Cyrannus system (the Prometheus. but the early 133 AC. they grabbed the momentum ground bombardment were launched from generated by the Naval victory to the orbiting battlestars. The Cylons most of their fleet blown out of the sky. by all accounts. escorted were forgotten for a heady month-long by six of the twelve battlestars. Vipers modified for anecdotal evidence suggests that 17 . outgunned. Dradus towers.

They were hard opportunity to plan their resettlement of years as the heady euphoria of victory the Colony. new barracks and training Sagitarrian citizens could no longer count grounds were established. The economy had become with the latest in architectural design and stagnant and trade lackluster. extended beyond just the fanned the flames. even Caprica City for chic and grandeur. the optimism that pervaded almost immediately. impressive array of new armored vehicles Interestingly. The Naval HQ was The Interval of Hope reconstructed.the Golden Age had passed. the people took the before we could move on. A second generation little doubt that Zarek was a leader of the of battlestars were constructed. flowed in from the other Colonies. Attempts by the physical. any level. Over a hundred battlestars on Sagittaron against Government were christened in the next 40 years of buildings and officials. and an themselves safe. Calls for despite its reputation as being a "navy Sagitarrian independence and liberation town".ambrosia traders made a killing. Reconstruction was the of the unique suffering endured by Picon focus of the next two decades. The attacks soon peace. military industrial complexes were re-established. The Picon City of today rivals the economy tipped over into recession. after the war. and the human need for there was no room for complacency on physical outlets of strong emotions. and the difficulties intensified. While he recruitment and construction drive for both never publicly supported violence as a arms of the Colonial Military was passed legitimate tool of political change. and the allied fields of computer with harsh measures designed to silence and network applications became the activists merely added credence to ingrained into the Colonial psyche. there is through the Quorum. While the economy was The rebuilding of Picon began recovering. our people is that it is now the most modern of the had to recover from the ravages of war Twelve Colonies. A deep-seated suspicion of Government to nip the problem in the bud robotics. A massive advocate of independence. first generation were retrofitted up to the These rings instituted a wave of attacks new standard. while the terrorist rings that first surfaced in 147 AC. and Government The repercussions of the war. in 143 AC. Never their claims. indeed almost forty 18 . Generous amounts of aid. possibly reflecting the atmosphere been forced to grow up. The ranks of the Marines were spread beyond those targets and doubled. of births nine months later in the following In many ways the Colonials had year. The vast majority of the years before the war no longer existed refugees which had been evacuated . It was in this period that Tom again would they allow the Cylons to Zarek rose as a prominent Sagitarrian threaten their existence. the census records a spike and machines of war were developed. resurfaced. both private Chapter 6 and Government. The unexpected consequence twenty years. and the reconstruction of was slowly replaced by the hardships of buildings and public spaces were done reconstruction. returned to their devastated Colony. mismanagement of that situation merely however. of the time. and the Our civilization then entered a opportunity was taken to rebuild the "holding pattern" period for the next Academy. thought.

Aerelon and delivered an ultimatum and our people settled in for another demanding the release of all "political prolonged period of peace. Much of the trauma of the war them as human shields to guarantee their had faded. and sentenced to reinforced in 156 AC when the Quorum twenty years in a Sagitarrian penitentiary passed the Act of Regulation (Artificial (ironically the Government dumped all of Intelligence) despite strong lobbying its undesirables on Sagittaron). Sagitarrian "freedom fighters" and purposes. however. The future the President of the Twelve Colonies. There was even danger to the hostages. and many thought that Adar's career was over. The resulting Chapter 7 conflagration of such a detonation would have leveled the city of Megara. Or so they prisoners" or face the consequences of an thought. and an excellent Treasury Minister in Helen Merry. humanity was back to the occupied the Helios-1 Power Plant on place where it was before the Great War. uncontrolled tylium reaction of unimaginable proportions. To make matters worse. the terrorists had also captured The peace of the Armistice held for fifty of the plant's workers and were using 40 years. despite the on the road to recovery. Zarek after the Armistice with the intention of was still incarcerated and Megara was being a meeting place for humans and 19 . largely helped by an upswing in Colonial economic performance. Colonial personnel Armistice Station was constructed were in control of the Helios plant. In the resulting some talk of a second Golden Age and a skirmish to retake the plant. even on Sagittaron.Sagitarrians had died as "patriots" before safe. up without the threat of devastation President Adar. sixteen return to prosperity. the Colonies had once again crawled up the slippery slope back to Further Government attempts to subdue prosperity in the middle of his first term. prisoners were executed by the terrorists Reality would soon intrude to deliver a before the Marines could secure them. Many misjudged his acute sense of political savvy.Zarek was captured. he survived attempts to impeach him in the Quorum. the end of it. For all intents in jail. the insurgents escalated the situation The proscription against robotics and beyond control . looked bright. The loss of sixteen hostages. provoked outrage amongst the electorate. a new generation had grown safety. newly installed as hanging over their heads. and the Colonies were well ordered Colonial Marines in. networks remained firmly in place and convicted of treason. a year after Zarek's internment (particularly from Geminon). the year's end. Adar had a firm grasp of economic policy. The Long Night Goodbye population 5 million. and regained election at the end of his term. In against the bill from commercial interests response. Under their steady guidance. At fatal blow to our dreams. however.

people inhabited Caprica City alone. Colony to report thermonuclear and we shall journey to it. Today. Commander Adama. hundred times that many inhabited the the total extermination of the human race. Only one Battlestar. In retrospect. the pride of women of the Galactica protect our fleet humanity. the defenders of the Colonies of refugees from the Cylons. it target was Armistice Station. hours. every stepped up to protect us. the fatally flawed. With the Fleet eliminated.Cylons to discuss their differences and the Cylon defeat forty years ago. a They had returned to complete their goal . and a hundred times that The results were devastating. now numbering more than more than seventy billion people in total. Every year the coincidence we do not know. Picon was the first out there. Nothing is ever They are all gone now. We are few in detonations. whether it was out of spite for number. The Colonial Navy. entire planet. our mission now is to find the lost reduced to ruin. We have been next two days were the most terrifying in promised salvation and safe haven by our human history. proved to be easy targets for Cylon under his command. until finally. Laura Roslin. it appears recorded history was wiped out in two that the Cylons had been using the last 40 days of insane destruction. Seven million years to rebuild and rearm their forces. The eek out their existence. The Cylons of the remaining Colonial worlds. was thought to be invincible. line of succession) has been sworn in as being equally susceptible to Cylon President of the Twelve Colonies of electronic warfare. remains. In 173 AC. our only reply was the nuking humanity received a reply. She is old and tired. they officer of the Colonial Navy still surviving. The new the former Secretary of Education (43rd in Mark 7 Vipers did not fare any better. the brave men and raiders. Our civilization was leaders. is the highest ranking floating in space with no power. infiltrate the networks and disable the but she is all that defends the remnants of Fleet without firing a single shot. The our once great people. surrender. Somewhere fury never before seen. Every year Government offered an unconditional the Cylons sent nobody. allowing the Cylons to Galactica. The war had stopped. We have little in terms of 20 . who pursue and beacon of hope was decimated within us still across the depths of space. The Fleet sent a representative. Almost six hundred years of started again. a hero of the was shut down like the battlestars'. The Cylons had found a way to disable our Battlestars. or pure resolve them peacefully. The Cylons struck with a Thirteenth Colony of Kobol. gathered from the few FTL We now know that the navigational capable ships that happened to be in systems that powered the great ships' space when the Cylons bombarded our computer networks and movements were planets. the path the surviving sons and daughters of Kobol to the Colonies was now wide open. one hundred and twenty battlestars. New leaders have Cylons then finished the job. The across all Twelve Colonies of Kobol - Colonial Fleet. truly invincible. First Cylon War. Battlestar met with destruction. leaving the Only fifty thousand souls survived great ships crippled and drifting in space. Every Viper system Kobol. there is a planet called Earth. launched a surprise offensive against the Destruction rained down on our Twelve Colonies of Kobol and their first defenseless people. the Holocaust. huddled aboard fifty ships.

highly egalitarian. We also know that Caprica City itself was the first Colonial settlement to be founded. earliest stages. Caprican resolve to push through the Articles of Colonization was the single most important factor in the unification of the Colonies. Caprica has been Cylons. particularly of legal issues. ordered and peaceful And we must survive. The planet is a paradise for beautiful. The Twelve Colonies of Kobol Caprica is also the fashion capital and trendsetter of the Twelve Colonies - Caprica Canceron Scorpia Libris Fashion Week in Caprica City is a major Colonial event for the elite. the Capricans soon dominated the remaining Colonies Caprica with respect to economic and military power but rarely attempted to convert their dominance into outright hegemony. and seems uniquely suited for wide boulevards and malls. and it is from here that the Founder: Zeus fledging Caprican Government ran its Capital: Caprica City planetary affairs. and prior to its destruction by the the exodus from Kobol. the First and political heart of the Colonies. not much is known about Caprica until approximately 400 BU when the historical record mysteriously picked up again. (from which the attributes of Zeus as being the Lord of Justice and Mercy are So say we all. The foundation of the Government compound itself is a tourist Colony and state of the planet is credited attraction as much as the bureaucratic to Zeus. cultured and richest City with humanity. We 21 . undoubtedly drawn). Amongst Equals. The Capricans invested much time and effort into their "Crown The first Colony to be founded after Jewel". Caprican society was But we have hope. Aerelon Sagittaron Virgon Leonis and good governance.resources and even less in terms of know from these records that even at its options. Capricans are also avid philosophers. however. but always subtlety). Despite its high philosophy. Like much of our past. The human habitation. Caprican morality and political thought considered such "high handed" tactics as heresy (although there are incidents where Caprican military power was used as a threat. Caprica City stood supreme the centre of our civilization from time amongst all Colonial cities as the most immemorial. the First Lord of Kobol. Picon Aquarion Geminon Tauron Thanks to a pleasant environment. morality and enlightened thought.

The masses also tend to be relatively smaller Cancerans also embody the ideal of many that others found on the other Colonies. produce to earn revenue. depended entirely upon Canceron for a steady supply of Founder: Demeter food. strictly maintained in this state by advanced farming methods and soil fertilization techniques. Canceron climate patterns essentially ensures that no arid regions develop. gravity Cancerans are also unique in being the field and land mass. Canceron remains the most communication. made up of large is genuine if simple. e. only 1 tend to be conservative. Canceran continental land Cancerans are also comfortable. average per capita income is below the the two worlds share a similar Colonial average. while not rich. The Colonials who support a reversion of Canceran surface is also remarkably flat. telescreens. adaptation and significant forest. the Evergreens. the nitrogen/oxygen atmosphere. wireless topography. Revisionists (of which a large number can although they are more in number (14 be found on Canceron). being a Canceran distribution of land mass and 22 . the Cancerans is associated with the foundation of as a population are not overly rich. Their views on things swathes of grasslands and plains. Due to this reliance upon primary The Eight Lord of Kobol. Demeter. Twelve Lords. and to lesser extents Caprica and Aquarion. the Canceron. size. They (located on the continent of Ileuses). the Colony produces more than four times the food that its population can consume. exists change is not high on their agenda. As such. the Canceran biosphere is already the richest in terms of fertility and diversity.g. the Canceran economy is Capital: Elysian largely based upon agronomy for income. due to their pastoral Square meter for square meter. the lifestyle. although Canceron first Colony to eradicate poverty amongst experiences a longer rotational period its people. the (longer days). while their hospitality remarkably uniform. or those continents and 2 subcontinents). Canceran agriculture and husbandry forms the main backbone of the Colonial food supply. Canceron is similar to Caprica. Colonial technology and culture towards although why this is so despite a the bare minimum needed to main a tectonically active world remains a healthy and comfortable population mystery that defies the explanations of base. Irrespective of its seismology or modern Colonial life. Several Colonial worlds including Tauron. The Cancerans. Nevertheless. eschewing many of the comforts of geology. are a religious people with Canceran soil is more than three times as Demeter being the most popular of the fertile as the Colonial average. The soil is rich and fertile. Thus. They are polite and The surface of Canceron is also courteous to a fault. The have an aversion to violence. Even without science to boost the fertility of the soil. Thus. fertile world of the Twelve Colonies. FTL travel.

most Cancerans have in the spiritual and power of the Twelve never been or seen a major Colonial city. As a direct Provenance served as the planetary consequence of their sexual capital until 200 BU when it was moved to conservatism. They are also While Caprica and her people similarly lax about time. of all the Colonies. dictated by the scriptures of the Book and the teachings of the Twelve Lords. the Cancerans have a Lord Herself but dedicated to all of the unique claim to fame in that their Colony Twelve. religious of the Twelve tribes. point of being nosey). The High Temple is spice . In particular. 23 . the people of Scorpia have track very often. and extremely charitable. The Book of the Word describes also tended to make Scorpians view Hera. a kindly society. also undoubtedly due to the Founder: Hera strong influence of the High Temple. and also responsible for leading the second tribe to tended to fuel zealotry amongst the the shores of Scorpia. Monclaire. the word honor holds a very different meaning to them compared to others. The High Temple was the was the birthplace of Monclaire. Of final note is the Canceran theologians in brotherhood with the palate. However. Their belief cosmopolitan. They Capital: Heraklion are also polite and helpful people (although sometimes overly helpful to the Scorpia. to the best of our knowledge. They are also un. Scorpia is certainly a have conservative opinions towards pleasant location to live in. the ecclesiastical capital of the Twelve undisputed Master of the Impressionistic Colonies. Lords have undoubtedly been influenced Even the planetary capital of Elysian is by the location of the High Temple on that rustic in comparison to Caprica City or planet. Scorpians also hold to their own brand of honor. While not as populace. Hera. Scorpians are also. the Second Lord of Kobol and "right" and "wrong" from a more supposed wife of Zeus. allegedly founded by the Second Coven. whether it Scorpia is a physical artifact of some sort. was the second colony founded after centuries of religious indoctrination have Caprica. The first settlement of as easy lays and cheap). or a metaphor/analogy. Cancerans are Priests and Priestesses who tended to the undoubtedly the masters of the chili and people's wellbeing. although the sexual morality (for which they often come planet is subject to violent weather into conflict with Virgans whom they view patterns. housing the keenest era of art."they like building bonfires in their also the reputed location of the Wrath of mouths". Scorpians tend to utopian as Caprica. on the whole. meaning that they tend to always been the most devout and be chronically late. On the other hand. nobody other than the High Priests know exactly what the Wrath is. Scorpians also tend to be the city of Heraklion."relaxed" sort of people. farmers have chased more temporal and physical loads of it so they do not bother keeping pursuits. as being traditionalist point of view.

its research output outstripped those of entire Colonies. Librans sometimes find it located some twenty kilometers beyond difficult to communicate with others as the boundaries of Lysandion. they viewed sort of infidelity. being the closest of Perhaps the greatest "crime" in Libran the Twelve to the Cyrannus star. and experiment in its halls. the Colonies . They are also The unique feature that makes non-religious in general. Students and teachers from all over came to study. with the society is to be dumb.insanely jealous and suspicious of any the existence of the Twelve. but you're not disabled without it either. argue. the Libris Sanctuary became more and more of a scientific institution and the religious influence of the Order subsided. They are not an Libris is also the most sparsely populated emotionally expressive people but Colony. numbering less than half the arguments on topics of interest have been population of Caprica. In time. than others. the capital. Librans also tend to hot. devout cousins. (although the Book describes that Libris The general Libran population and Leonis were both founded at the tends to be more cerebral than other same time) by the Third Lord of Kobol. Priests and Priestesses and often misunderstand. they think and talk in abstract ways while Actually a community in itself. Libris has played pivotal intellectual prowess while physical roles in the history of the Twelve prowess comes in as a bonus if you have Colonies. as haven away from the prying eyes of their brethren on Scorpia. sometimes seasons due to the lack of an axial tilt. appearing cold. the their thought runs along tracks that others Sanctuary was originally founded by the do not . known to get rather heated. in that they operated on a strange dichotomy .they are often misunderstood.while they believed in 24 . of the Third Lord. true or imagined. Libris also does not experience be logical and methodical. The Sanctuary is also an important Founder: Apollo medical institution with first rate (and often Capital: Lysandion experimental) facilities and treatment regimes as a consequence of the Order's The third planet to be founded early role as healers. the Sanctuary became the single greatest collection of archived knowledge and research facilities known to the Twelve Colonies. although they Libris famous throughout the Twelve hold no animosity towards their more Colonies is the Sanctuary of Apollo. teach. with wisdom). the Universe and all its wonders and mysteries with an oddly rational light (or to them. Order of Apollo. As time passed. The planet itself is more arid it. and the equatorial band being particularly dry and greatest insult also. The Order was unique amongst the Twelve Orders.they place great weight in Wise Apollo.

They are backwater Colony dependent upon fiercely loyal to and protective of family. piracy was force. In fact. but this is largely untrue. many outweigh the needs of the one. The explosion of them. largely agrarian society into a major port As a direct consequence of their of call for merchant ships en route to other militaristic nature. frowned upon. although due to the relatively class- trade between the Colonies fuelled the less nature of Colonial society. Tauron). Picon grew from a viewed as a navy town (planet). The mindset of the Pisceans changed over time and military service became the social norm for most Pisceans. Pisceans tend to destinations early in its history as part of operate by a strict code of discipline. A common sophisticated worlds under Colonial misconception is that Pisceans are control.9 Caprican Naval Academy & War College. Constant raids and attacks forced the conversion of the pacifistic and isolationist communities of Picon to become more militaristic and proactive in their defense. the Quarter. and then exploded with the advent of Respect for the social order are imbued in tylium-powered drives. In many ways. The upsurge of trade also While Pisceans are not afraid to use transformed Picon society. standard) experienced by those on the Subsidiary naval industries sprang up on surface of the fifth Colony of Kobol. The change sign of weakness. Picon endemic to the region early in its history and particularly after the advent of tylium reactors. Picon Picon to feed the Naval machine and also has a higher proportion of land to Picon became the centre of Colonial naval water. aggressive. With the unification of the respects similar to Caprica. the needs of the traveling between Colonies expanded. this has rapid transformation of Picon from a never posed a problem for them. Picon can be to Caprica. Self-sacrifice is seen as intensified as the number of FTL ships a moral value to be had. farming to one of the richest and most friends and colleagues. the four largest economies of Displays of emotion in public are strongly the Twelve Colonies (Caprica. Picon played host to the relatively small size and mass. more than three quarters of the population was involved with the Picon Navy in some way or another at the time the Articles of Founder: Athena Colonization were signed. The result Colonial Navy Headquarters in Picon City of the smaller mass is a lighter gravity (also the capital of the Colony) and the field (approximately 0. is in many 37 BU. except for its Colonies. and unlike their aloof cousins. The planet of Picon. Geminon. colonised Pisceans were not afraid to use it when under the leadership of Athena the they invaded and occupied Sagitarrion in Warrior. but all other parameters are similar construction. while tears are seen as a Tauron and Picon). Picon Naval Capital: Picon City power was second only to Caprican might. they rarely utilize it unless forced. the Fifth Lord of Kobol. 25 .

However. Pisceans have difficulty night. of the Colonies. Average planetary tylium mining and deuterium harvesting temperatures are lower than the Colonial operations. larger than Aquarion's history began in the even Tauron's massive fleet of transport unrecorded past. To cope with the rising population pressures. Wishing to any of the Twelve Colonies (5:4). the planetary Seventh Colony of Kobol. pioneers and miners flooded towards the Colony in an attempt to stake out their riches. Surveys of the surface of Aquarion yielded remarkably large and concentrated deposits of tylium. but the sea became their major relating to many other Colonials who see source of sustenance and economic them as closed off. founded by capital of Trikon was converted from a Poseidon of the Waves. largest merchant marine fleet. The planet has aggrandized hamlet to a true Colonial the highest proportion of water to land of capital in less than thirty years. the Aquarion Government Founder: Poseidon constructed a number of orbital habitats Capital: Trikon utilizing technology purchased from Caprica with tylium export revenues. Aquarion had 26 . Planetary axial tilt is capitalizing on the other fuel necessary for extreme. with build upon its role as the energy provider almost continental-sized polar ice caps. requiring most sea-going constructed massive deuterium harvesting vessels to be constructed with extra stations in its tempestuous seas. many earnings. Aquarion's population doubled within thirty years. and little is known about ships. Aquarion soon fielded the average. providing for large variations of the tylium reactors to function. The discovery of rich tylium deposits sparked a "tylium rush" as entrepreneurs. whole. buoyancy chambers. are largely impatient (military they slept in their homes on the land at efficiency). and sea beds revealed similarly promising resources waiting to be exploited. temperature with the seasons in the As a direct consequence of its temperate zones. Delicacies from Aquarion seas Colonials have much to thank the became a prized status symbol on Pisceans for as they are proportionately Caprica. Explorations of continental shelves. Added to the substantial population its initial stages of Colonization. backwater Colony with little potential or contribution changed remarkably with the Aquarion advent of tylium reactors. Aquarion is located right at the Tylium export revenues also provided the outer edge of Colonial space. somewhat Aquarion Government with a near unusual considering its status as the limitless supply of cubits. Aquarion's status as a over-represented in the Colonial Navy.Pisceans can come across as believe that the people of Aquarion led a uncompassionate people. However. We living in its orbital habitats. Aquarion also Salinity is low. and on the fusion terrestrial and maritime lifestyle.

Geminon suffered a Founder: Hermes short-lived economic depression during Capital: Covenant the relocation of heavy industry to Tauron. splendor. However. With the advent of tylium-based reactors. a with extensive resources and mineral consequence of those working in the deposits on the surface. Tauron began sucking the production power from Geminon through advantageous trade agreements secured with the major Colonies of Caprica.Hope. They listen more Kobol. and Abundance. As major continents dot the surface . industrialization of Geminon from an early but also fair and dependable. although they It appears that the migration to Geminon do form tight bonds to people they far the largest proportion of its Caprican standard for habitability. They are industrial development of the virgin planet. supported rapid industrialization. very independent people. Four population in space at any given time. stage meant that the lifestyle of its people due to their closed-mouth nature. the Geminon industrial machine was increasingly overshadowed and out- competed by Tauron." The most populated continent is In fact. than they talk and tend to have Geminon's early history was marked by remarkably stable personalities. some Battlestar squadrons were Haven. prosper. Aquarians tend to be quiet and Founded by the Tenth Lord of unemotional people. Covenant in its and they can often be too blunt (often early history rivaled Caprica City in scandalizing Capricans). I give ye Colonisation. As such. sense of humor. Hermes the Messenger. on which the capital of Covenant made up entirely of Aquarians. although they tend to be Geminon had a population base that drier and more sarcastic than Capricans. and deciding that unremarkable. so stellar navigation and piloting services named after the legendary words of became the second export industry. Like an industrial black hole. Haven. The tylium mines and the dangers of space. from the home world of Kobol was by far particularly those serving in the armed the largest of all of the Twelve tribes to forces. Picon and Libris (with its extensive R&D facilities). Prosperity. is situated. When Hermes when He led the Gemini's to the the Colonies ratified the Articles of new world "With this haven. being close to the competition with the growing Tauran 27 . they can has always been standards above most come across as reticent and stubborn. coupled They are a pragmatic people. As a result. The Government took a pragmatic outlook The planet of Geminon itself is on the situation. Aquarians tend to have a witty depart from that doomed planet. The drawback was a certain amount of ecological degradation that was Geminon contained by concerted Gemini Government action. many Aquarians joined the hope and abundance so that you may fledgling Colonial Navy Viper squadrons. a direct consequence of this statistic. other Colonial worlds.

They can also come across as time of the Holocaust. The Colonial Reserve Bank. The problem is compounded as being classless and lacking in finesse by the huge industrial activities due to their reputation for greed). Gemini's are also temperatures. Gemini's are thought to be the pettiest of which have ejected vast amounts of heat all Colonials when it comes to recognition trapping gasses into the atmosphere. people. including compassion. attributed to Hephaestus the problems. Gemini's a reputation for being pampered. to banks have major branch offices on Geminon if not headquartered. Their high gap of time between the foundation of stakes world. and the ultimate ales masses. undertaken on the surface of Tauron.g. Eurynome and Thetis. Sagitarrion). the single most important Government institution with respect to the economy of the Twelve Colonies. At the wealth.juggernaught was no longer an option. invariably determined by increasing global temperatures. appears to have been the 28 . the problem of increasing global On the upside. from multi-Colonial corporations. dominated by two large continental land quick thinkers. the latest gadgets and fashion what would be called comfortable by most are a must (Capricans look on Geminons non-natives. however. While thrive under such conditions but other Geminon might be loosing industry to her Colonials think they are too high strung brethren. they are witty. is also headquartered in Covenant. Geminon was still an important and have "type A" personalities. The Tauron surface is extremely people's people. many with undue amounts of stress. All major economic institutions. tends to leave Tauron and Geminon. Tauron Favorable policies and legislation soon turned Geminon into the financial capital of the Colonies. of their status. Founder: Hephaestus As a result of the massive of this Capital: Hephaestion shift in Geminon policy. They often dream up ingenious The history of Tauron begins after solutions to seemingly intractable its founding. the Colonial and amoralistic. most embarked upon a policy of reform. hub in the financial network of the Colonies. stock exchanges. using their natural deviousness Crafter. the Colony is now the largest provider of services amongst Tauron is located close to the important all twelve worlds. Indeed. its immediate predecessor. giving one quarter of all Colonial trade revenue). They tend to be materialistic and overly Surface temperatures are higher than luxurious. the Eleventh Lord of Kobol. with cubits being their Tauron Governments were ready to obsession in life to the detriment of higher implement large scale solutions to tackle morals and ideals. The and cunning to their advantage. Its people have never Colonial worlds of Caprica and Geminon known hardship on the same level as the (which between them generate almost poorer Colonies (e. superseded only by Caprica. overtaking even the prodigious flows of money traveling through Caprica.

As such. However. cheaper vessels. Tauron became an important battlefield during the Great War. also have a reputation for being allowing Tauron to begin exporting these temperamental. Tauron stood workaholics and terribly unhappy when unchallenged as the industrial capital of they have nothing to do. Unfortunately for Tauron. which smile) is a big social faux pas. the planet is only marginal at best. With The Tauran of today tends to be the advent of tylium reactors. Taurans are have been credited as being pivotal in known to combust and turn ugly very decreasing the cost of space flight for the quickly.they tend not to question the helped by Government subsidies and status quo or the social order. Taurans served as FTL transports for STL ships. With time the Tauron recorded in periods of economic industrial juggernaught grew to over. The only cases of unrest were Tauron industries. although the fertility of world. idle workers are troublemakers. whatever humor construction continued in orbit of Picon they have tends to be dry.not a single structure 29 . Taurans are the archetypal the time of the Holocaust. Tauran casualties were light compared to those recorded on Picon but key industrial cities and facilities were occupied by Cylon forces and bolstered enemy war efforts. industrial dominance more than the although that is not to say that they work development of an indigenous space stubbornly as Taurans are also highly construction industry. As a consequence. the Colony was heavily roboticised in both industrial and domestic sectors. however. very pragmatic and accepting of things as industrialization began at a rapid pace. Tauron was the first to of emotion beyond the polite (e. The Tauran shipyards when a raw nerve is touched. at Indeed. Virtually all occupied territories were returned "virgin" to the Taurans when the Cylon menace was finally eliminated . a brief pioneer the giant Space Arks. the planet was also the site of production of the first Cylon units. Tauron production adaptable and efficient. The early suffered for several years after the peace history of Tauron appears to have been as the Taurans attempted to rebuild their largely agrarian. they are . their of civilian FTL capable ships soon rivaled stoicism renders them a bit humorless to Aquarion (although most military most other Colonials.largest.g. be task-oriented and obsessive about the Nothing helped to secure Tauron task until it is accomplished successfully. vigorous pursuit of inter-Colonial trade civil disobedience is virtually unheard of agreements to bolster the fledgling on Tauron. shadow Geminon and even Caprica. They also tend to the Twelve Colonies. and bolstering the Colonial economy in that way. and expression and Caprica). downturn. Industrial output to poor anecdotal evidence. while patient as a saint. lasting almost a century according was left standing. average Colonial citizen.

however. unique amongst the Colonies in Piscean (probably because most sane having not just one. like the other Twelve towards physical violence have been Colonial worlds. The Aereans (sometimes called Aereans get themselves into more trouble Airheads in a derogatory manner) have by accident than other Colonials do adapted remarkably well to the physical intentionally. its mass is including intellectual and cultural pursuits. The Aerean of today supporting human life. Aereans tend to react first and think later. gung ho and brash of all Colonials. Tisiphone. the Aerean culture has capacity. wary off. is no more likely to start a fight than a however. sufficiently large enough to exert As a direct consequence of this. Aerelon is. largest of the three satellites. they are definitely the most challenges posed by their environment. Tisiphone is by far the almost to the detriment of all other factors. The Aerelon The Aereans are also thought of as being atmosphere also holds a lower "stupid" by Colonial norms. any little excuse was used as a pretext to start Founder: Ares a fight. Megaera (not to be confused Aerean society places great with Megaera). is particularly suited to mollified somewhat. given them a distinctive niche within 30 . hemoglobin affinity for oxygen. but three moons. The Aerean physiology has evolved in a Aereans also place great stock in pride remarkably (and possibly unlikely) short ("face"). Even tectonic activity has been the other societies. While Aerean society never Capital: Megaera devolved into outright civil war. which they have retained to this the Sixth and contentious Lord of Kobol. very day. and also because Colonial planetary average. they earned a reputation as a people to be Aerelon was probably founded by Ares. and moon. and Alecto. and cardiac output. according to the legends. are habitable. With the influence of other shortly after Piscon was opened for Colonial societies. the Aerean sense of modified by the presence of the Tisiphone humor is not terribly sophisticated. people avoid fights with Aereans). Aerean tendencies habitation. Unlike their Piscon cousins. none of which emphasis on physical prowess and skill. Aerean considerable tidal forces on the surface of culture is considered almost barbaric by Aerelon.Aereans tend to be broad chested and heavy shouldered relative to the Colonial brethren. volcanically active Colony. of Aerelon by increasing their lung However. Aerelon. and are perhaps the most easily time to adapt to the lower oxygen content offended of all Colonials. both in sheer concentration of oxygen compared to the intellectual power. The early Aereans were pugnacious. Aerean society is similar to Piscon cultural norms in that they are also a militaristic society. making Aerelon the most has a distinct bent towards the bawdy. Aerean society began at its very root as an aggressive community. The modifications to Aerelon Aerean physiology has manifested in their anatomy .

strategies and doctrines are unsurpassed. Aerean combat tactics. the Capital: Mount Cithaeron (Sith-ee-ron) premier war college . directing the pattern of rainfall nails. while the western seaboards tend to be much more arid. In fact. and when the extensive mountain ranges on all Twelve situation demands it. the eastern seaboards of both continents receive the majority of the rainfall (particularly the deluge at the start of spring). Sagittaron has only two extremely large continents (Ino in the north and Athamas in the south). and military issues where 2:1 relative to Caprican standard). life expectancy (despite their tendency to although barometric pressure at sea level get into fights and dangerous situations). the Colony that general. Colonial prejudices towards Aerean intelligence are also manifestly unjust.Colonial society. In general. and the Aereans are over-represented in their membership of Colonial Marine special forces. except for physical competitions. Sagitarrian weather extremes are virtually jovial and boisterous. Aereans are rowdy. The dichotomous distribution of rainfall has been implicated in the evolution of a dual societal structure on Sagittaron. producing a good number of Golden Laureates at the Colonial Games. Even the arable land is composed of valleys and hills. there is very little flat terrain on the Sagitarrian surface. and vectoring wind flow.Aereans excel at combat and they do not care about The Ninth Lord of Kobol. they display an amazing and surprising Sagittaron also bears witness to some of amount of determination and drive that is the most irregular and broken terrain of not visible in their normal behavior. The Colonials and are blessed with a longer planet has a standard atmosphere. They any of the Twelve Colonies. Aereans are also. extremely slow rotational period (almost matters of pride. Aereans are undoubtedly Sagittaron make the best ground troops. While the eastern half of the planet is as prosperous as any other 31 . is a little lower than Caprican standard. they can be tough as Colonies. more "healthy" than other is infamous for its unfortunate history. most also tend to be courageous. The Aereans are also a very athletic people. was anything else. They are rarely ever unheard of. in the founder of Sagittaron. possibly as a result of the serious. Dionysus. Aerelon is host to the Marine Founder: Dionysus Headquarters and Fort Aspiring. largely due to their emphasis on physical prowess.

however. Sagitarrian labor is without Sagittaron amongst the other Colonies doubt the cheapest available in the stems wholly from the state of the western Colonies. many corporations exploit. without exception. and their unsavory reputation. The Pisceans poor with most of the western cities little were no more successful in their pogroms more than collections of slums and pre. They are These western settlements. immoral. west. These settlements afflicted with much civil strife caused by attract all sorts of malcontents. As a they grew like weeds as havens for the consequence of her ignominious status as unsavory and unwelcome.Colonial world. It is from here them to be seen as "adrenalin junkies". workers have few rights and settlements. despite partiers and lovers of all things fun. neither the authority of the (so called "freedom fighters") for the right Sagitarrian or Colonial Governments of Sagittaron to secede from the Articles carries much weight in the west. come The consequences of the Piscean from Sagittaron. The Colonies' virtually depopulating the west. universe. raiding They tend to be seen as irresponsible and key trade routes and transports. The outcome was the only full. they of their own. and the planet is an occupation carried on after the unification important supplier of raw resources for of the Colonies. a the story is much more different. that Sagitarrian pirates operated. Rather. criminals the efforts of terrorists and insurrectionists and pirates. By other Colonial standards. the western settlements seem to operate Eastern Sagittarians tend to be laid on an almost feudal system and hierarchy back and relaxed about most things. Sagittaron has also been together for survival. The western settlements protections on Sagittaron. the western half is largely Sagittaron suffered greatly. paying nominal lip service to have sufficient prosperity to maintain an the Sagitarrian and Colonial adequate standard of living despite the Governments. nevertheless drawn into a battle that was the westerners are the scum of the not theirs. which the Sagitarrian Sagitarrians are the life of the party. and an almost feudal of these malcontents. Sagittaron was Colonial industry. already far behind her sister Colonies. The East is densely operating from the western settlements populated with viticulture and light metal than the Sagitarrians. the these bases. being both cunning and fledged invasion of a Colony by another. copper) being impossible to eradicate them without the predominant industries. Though the Sagitarrians operating by a strange form of the thieves' would have been more than glad to be rid code or honor. of Colonization. The government interpreted as a breach of its western Sagitarrians are an honorable lot. In reckless by other Colonists but none can retaliation. sovereignty. Picon launched a strike against admit that more often than not. the unfair reputation and image of Furthermore. who banded the poor cousin. to destroy the underworld brotherhood fabricated buildings. In the west. best vintages. have played a have a wild streak in them that cause vital role in Colonial history. by then. a fact that were not planned by the Government .g. they were hierarchy. aluminum. unenviable state of their Colony. it proved to be ore mining (e. While position from which she is unable to only approximately only one-fifth of the escape despite numerous initiatives by total Sagitarrian population inhabited the the Colonial Government on Caprica. Other unpleasant descriptors of followed by the occupation under which the westerners include being seedy and 32 .

the transformation of Virgon began in earnest. although the descriptions Caprica. resorts. duties bright luminosity of the Virgon star and services levies and soon started to guarantees almost perpetual sunshine splash out on planetary beautification across the planet.generally dodgy. it followed the standard simply Virgans are horny and they are not path of Colonial development replicated ashamed of it. The Virgans also became and at the time of the Holocaust. of the youngest Colony is largely from the The attribute that Virgans are eyes of the older Colonial worlds. baroque statues and mass is perhaps a bit of a misnomer.Virgans largely and survival instincts. However. The capital of daring architecture (amongst other Devotion itself has out-grown its island. within Virgon itself is actually a pleasant twenty years. buildings soon adorned every Virgon Virgon's livable land areas are composed street. subsisted on meager agricultural pursuits for most of their early history. making it an oddity westerners are known for their tenacity amongst the Colonies . The perpetual tropical environment lent itself naturally to making Virgon a popular tourist location. Capital: Devotion The revenues doubled Virgan GDP. Virgon soon equatorial landmasses. but always tastefully arranged. Virgon and something to be enjoyed to the never developed even the vestiges of an 33 . Almost overnight. The term land of its people. The Government's coffers world to live on. The Colonial rich began to pour onto the planet. almost entirely of large islands arranged Aphrodite's Sanctum is known for its in equatorial archipelagoes. more keen patrons and sponsors of the arts than one fifth of Devotion's land was (everything from new age Edge music to reclaimed from the sea. each willing to spend Founder: Aphrodite their cubits for luxury goods and items. albeit a meager figure before tylium. industrial complex. As a consequence. pleasures). With the Virgon advent of tylium reactors. with the northern became known for its unique style of and southern latitudes composed of large architecture that reflected the personality circumferential oceans. rainfall is sparse and the were soon overflowing from taxes. to put it unremarkable. however. toilet sculptures) with their sudden The early history of Virgon is newfound extra income. it is the only Colony for which planet a cultural centre of only marginally relatively detailed accounts of its lesser importance to settlement exist. Sex is seen as a part of life eleven times before it. On the positive side. Virgon is dominated by projects. a fact that the indigenous population was quick to exploit. and other recreational facilities sprang up all over the planet. with financing from Geminon interests wishing to capitalize on the growing Virgan tourism sector. theme parks. making the clearest. The famous for is their universal instinct beginnings of Virgon is entirely towards sexual gratification.

Virgans are unique in being able to separate sex from other arenas of life. even expected. Artemis (twin sister to Apollo). Interestingly. and their lack of anything where the forests give way to lush verdant resembling serious natures can be grassland. in raunchier Festivals. they also have a reputation for being Leonis is unique amongst the Twelve "bitchy". Founder: Artemis However. The settlement was led by the Fourth Lord of Virgans are hospitable to a fault. and in some areas. and some would just call them sluts (male and female). and are just as likely to thrive in the forests. which difficult to contain. however. most unpolluted and undisturbed ecology Virgans are the most irreligious of all amongst the Twelve Colonies. They are both indigenous and introduced. although Kobol. Leonis looks like a giant emerald action. Leonis Hushed polygamy is accepted (infidelity is never grounds for divorce) socially. in fact it accounts for more than two-thirds of their income. The surface of the land masses back. On the other hand. impotency is a great social shame. not do well in the military. Virgans make the best in a sea of black. They are the ultimate partiers . fact. and from entirely larger than life in both speech and space. although they are very pious Leonis law strictly prevents any when it comes to fulfilling Aphrodite's deforestation for industrial purposes. you'd fall over”). Other Colonials often think that Virgans could not stay true to one partner if their life depended on it. Leonis is by far the have a bottle in their hand as a fork. than any other Colonials (fact). they spend more time per Leonis was the fourth Colony capita in the bathroom doing their hair (possibly third-equal) to be founded. Literally millions of tourists from 34 . to sleep your way up is considered the crassest of acts. and sexual predation and harassment is virtually unheard of. mercurial and are almost entirely forested. their tendency towards Capital: Lunos sexual gratification also makes Virgans the vainest. The only exception to thespians and artists. Colonies by being in almost pristine they are relaxed ("If you're any more laid condition. As a result.fullest. this canopy of forest is the major human Virgans tend to be more superficial than cities in the east of the Silver continent others. the only deforestation allowed to occur on the planet is to hold back the encroachment of the forests onto the human settlements. This strict environmental policy has turned tourism into the single largest export earner for the Leonis people. Virgans in general do astounding variety and number of fauna. Colonials. Leonis is also home to an annoying to others.

edges related to the 35 . while unlike Scorpians who view Level Headed sex as immoral period. There are also no Arcane environmentalism a point of contention. Due to the technology of the Battlestar setting. Backgrounds. There Leos tend to be welcoming and are benefits for each of the Twelve sharing people. Leos ‰ Caprica are particularly wary of physical contact Bonus knowledge skill at d6 unless invited. not welcome where Leos become close mouthed to the point of rudeness. As such. Holy/Unholy Warrior. ‰ Canceron They are an independent people. sex Strength d8 between genuinely in love ‰ Sagittaron couples are fine. Brawny and pride (but not arrogance) is important ‰ Scorpia amongst them. they are also Quick very determined people. more "natural" state with the environment.all over the Twelve Colonies arrive Part Ii annually on Leonis to partake in various modes of recreation from tramping to Character Creation extended vacations living in the forests. in particular. and use that harmony in Nerves of Steel their interactions with people . are particularly ‰ Aerelon disapproving of gratuitous sex. ‰ Tauron Leos. if a Attractive small one. The listed edges are their primary planetary industry. Leos also tend to be very family ‰ Geminon oriented (but have small families) with Rich fierce loyalty between family members. particularly favored amongst tourists from Humans are the only race in the Piscon and Sagitarrion (while Capricans Savage Battlestar Universe. ‰ Libris They also have a sense of harmony that Persuasion d6 they have learnt from their forest ‰ Picon environment. home planet from the following list. Finally. in addition to the ones taken during there is a line beyond which strangers are creation. a fact that plays well for Colonies of Kobold. of homophobia. find Wizard. Mentalist. and this past-time is Worlds Rulebook. ‰ Aquarion they are simple and uncomplicated Pilot d8 people. but also patient. Choose a think it is a barbaric activity). but sex just for pure Guts d8 pleasure or gratification is sinful. However. The following edges are not appropriate terrorists" who insist on a reversion to a for Savage Battlestar: Champion. and Leos and Taurans. Leonis law allows Colonial heroes will be created following the hunting of game in the forests subject the character creation rules in the Savage to licensing. Leos are ‰ Virgon also the only Colonials with a streak. they ‰ Leonis view any degradation of the environment Survival d6 as the ultimate sin and Leos has been known to produce a number of "eco.

Fleet LSO: Landing Signals Officer (Launch O-10 Admiral and Recovery) O-9 Vice Admiral CMO: Chief Medical Officer O-8 Rear Admiral O-7 Commander GFCO: Ground force Commanding Officer O-6 Colonel O-5 Major CAG: Commander of the Air Group O-4 Captain DCAG: Deputy Commander of the Air 0-3 Lieutenant Group O-2 Lieutenant Junior Grade WCO: Wing Commander (in charge of a O-1 Ensign squadron) Squadron Leader: Lead Pilot in a Enlisted -. Sergeant E-8 First Sergeant or Master Sergeant E-7 Gunnery Sergeant The Colonial Military E-6 Staff Sergeant E-5 Sergeant The Colonial military is organized ito two E-4 Corporal Branches. The Military operates E-2 Private First Class from Battlestars which is the lead vessel E-1 Private in a battle group which normally consists of one to two other Battlestars and up to Positions and Titles 25 smaller support vessels. The Colonial Navy and the E-3 Lance Corporal Colonial Marines.Marines be taken but do not require the arcane E-9 Sergeant Major or Master Gunnery components. and Air OOW: Officer of the Watch (Whoever Group duties. CO/XO) PWO: Principal Weapons/Warfare Officer Rank (Fire Control) Officers -. The Colonial Fleet. PO2 etc) E-4 Petty Officer 3rd Class E-3 Specialist Crewman/Corpsman/Rating: Enlisted E-2 Crewman personnel E-1 Recruit 36 . and Colonial Marines have specific CO: Commanding Officer rank structurs and positions in the Fleet.Arcane Background (Weird Science) can Enlisted -. while the Marines handle all stands the watch in the absence of the fleet security and ground force operations.g.Navy formation E-9 Master Chief Petty Officer E-8 Senior Chief Petty Officer CPO: Chief Petty Officer E-7 Chief Petty Office PO1: Petty Officer First Class/Petty E-6 Petty Officer 1st Class Officer First (the number will denote the E-5 Petty Officer 2nd Class rating e. XO: Executive officer (Number One) The Fleet handles the Battlestar.

37 . The Suit official duties. or training uniform worn by all fleet Dress Blues are a formal Uniform to be personnel when wear of the Class A utilized during special occasions and uniform is not appropriate for current ceremonies. Provides a +1 armor bonus. field. Class A’s are the standard daily uniform Flightsuits are worn by Air Wing personnel worn by Fleet Personnel during their while performing Flight duties. details. can double as an environmental suit if the pilot has to eject while in space.Colonial Fleet Uniforms Fatigues are the standard utility.

Maintenance Coveralls are worn by all Marine Tactical Ensembles are what
personnel on the Hanger deck. They are Colonial Marine ground forces use when
brightly colored so the crewmember can going into combat. The uniform consists
be easily identified for safety purposes. of fire-proof coveralls, a body armor vest,
Orange is for airframe and powerplant an outer tactical vest for carrying
mechanics, Yellow is designated for ammunition and other gear, gloves,
avionics, electrics, and environmental balaclava, protective eye goggles with
specialists. NVG and Thermal vision, Kevlar helmet,
enviornmental mask, flashlight, urban
boots, , and thigh ammo pouches.
Provides a +2 armor Bonus

Extra Vehicular Activity (EVA) suits are
Fleet Personnel are issued the following
Life support suits to be utilized in zero
standard issue uniforms
atmosphere, zero gravity situations. They
‰ Dress Blues 1 each
consist of a full body suit, and helmet plus
‰ Class A 3 each
monitoring equipment and air.
‰ Fatigues 3 each

Flight Personnel receive standard issue
‰ Flight suit 3 each
‰ Flight Helmet 1 each

Maintenance Personnel receive standard
issue plus
‰ Coveralls 3 each

Marines receive standard issue plus
‰ Tactical Ensemble 1 each


Colonial Military a .45 caliber bullet, and fed by a 12 round
Weapons magazine. The weapon is extremely
effective. The lower barrel is a single load
explosive round that is capable of
Authors Note: Due to the similarity
penetrating armor, and exploding inside.
between the Battlestar setting and a
simple future/ modern setting the types of
Tauron Vector
weapons in the fleet could be as
countless as those found on Earth. The
following weapons are the current
weapons of the colonial military.

Picon Armory Model 380

The Tauron Vector is the backup pistol of
choice for the Colonial Navy Air Group.
This 9mm is easily carried in an ankle
holster, or inside the pressurized flight suit
of the Colonial Pilots.

Aerelon Repeating Arms Integrated
Weapon System
The Picon Model 386 is the standard
sidearm of the Air Group of the Colonial
Navy. This pistol is favored by pilots due
to its size, versatility, and ergonomics. A
.45 Caliber round is fired out of the top
barrel and is fed by a 10 round clip. The
lower barrel is a single load explosive
round that is capable of penetrating
armor, and exploding inside. The IWS is the standard Colonial Marine
rifle. This easily modified weapon fires a
Picon Armory Model 350 7.62mm round. This multipurpose
weapon was the brainchild of years of
research at the Fort Aspiring War College.
The FBG can be used as an assault, entry
and sniper weapon. A Sight on the top of
the weapon has three view modes,
Standard, Night Sight, and Thermal. The
foregrip is set up to hold multiple
attachments. The IWS can hold a laser
sight (provides a +1 to shooting), a
The Model 350 is the predecessor to the flashlight to illuminate the weapons target
Model 380. While a very effective gun it zone, A three round 40mm grenade
was not as ergonomic as the 380. Firing


launcher, a five round 12 gauge shotgun, the detonation point is completely
or a three round 20mm AC round destroyed. Personnel who witness the
launcher. The IWS is easily the most explosion are blinded for d10 rounds.
versatile and useful weapon ever fielded
by the Colonial Military. Missiles

Kinetic Energy Weapons

Missiles are the standard colonial
ordinance for use against enemy fighters.
Kinetic Energy Weapons or Railguns are
electromagnetic cannons that fire small Explosives
projectiles at incredible velocities; a tiny
solid object flung by the weapon and has
incredible striking power. Rail guns are
produced in various sizes; there are small
models installed on the Vipers and larger
versions which are placed in batteries on

Tactical Nuclear Warheads
Plastic explosives with a G4 detonator.
Quantity depends on result. Small
amounts can be used for marine
infiltrations, while large amounts can be
utilized to destroy entire sections of a
capital ship hull.

Fifty Kiloton Nuclear Warheads are used
to break the backbone of Capitol ships.
When detonated against the hull of fleet
carriers it causes massive damage. If a
warhead breaks through the hull of the
ship the spacecraft is completely
contaminated with radioactive material. If
detonated in the atmosphere of a planet
there will be devastation of apocalyptic
proportion. Everything within 20 miles of


Capital Ships can bring a by dividing all ranges by 100. 5d10/pound --. Weapons Table TYPE RANGE DAMAGE ROF SHOTS NOTES Model 380 12/24/48 2d6+1 1 10 AP1 Model 350 12/24/48 2d6+1 1 12 AP1 Explosive 12/24/48 2d8 1 1 AP4 Round Vector 12/24/48 2d6 1 8 --- IWS 24/48/96 2d8+1 3 30 AP2. are considered group rolls and receive a space battles on the tabletop can be run Wild Die. ignored. At this scale. ships in the atmosphere combating in space. --. space combat. AP60 Missile Plastic --. This gives maximum of 50% of their weapons to bear movement rates and ranges in 1” for on any one target. all Capital ship die rolls Since most ship combat occurs in space. This is a term used to scale. work the same as any other vehicles in handling penalties due to speed are Savage Worlds. Because Cylons. AP68 Explosive Ships Capital ships have crews that can range into the hundreds. Scales There are two ship scales in Savage FTL Battlestar: Starfighter scale and Capital Faster-than-Light. Firelinked Viper Nuke 500/1000/2000 15d10 1 --. Those ships that can enter the atmosphere (or shoot from low orbit) Speed use the unmodified movement and Starship tabletop speed is in inches when weapon ranges. Capital scale ships. No longer confined to their own 41 . Ap100 Concussion 200/400/800 5d10 1 --. AP68. Auto IWS 75/150/300 4d8 1 3 AP8 (40mm) IWS (12 12/24/48 3d6 1 5 --- Gauge) IWS 50/100/200 3d8 1 3 AP4 (20mm) 500/1000/2000 Battlestar/200/400/800 Rail Gun 5d10 1 --. Starfighter scale ships gain a +4 describe a means of astral propulsion bonus to shooting rolls when targeting utilized by the Cylons and the Colonials. Capital scale ships The FTL drive makes interstellar travel incur a -4 penalty to shooting rolls when possible for both the Colonials and targeting Starfighter scale ships.

while her defensive Fun) armaments ensure she is fully capable of both protecting herself from attack. the by one additional die. four. Seven further battlestars (Pacifica. somewhat like squadrons. integrated or networked computer Squadrons make Piloting rolls at -1.500ft in length. Several of the weapons may be grouped into batteries of original 12 vessels were also upgraded. ships can jump with a high degree of accuracy. Make a single roll for the disabling Colonial defensive capabilities. If for some reason you in 4 squadrons of 20 apiece. a fully-armed want to separate a battery into individual battlestar is capable of a wide range of shots (it’s not Fast or Furious. Pegasus. Housing some 80 weapons grouped into batteries and the Viper space superiority fighters arranged damage increased. Capital ship networked systems. same weapon. Acropolis. However. and of engaging an enemy at close quarters. providing the relevant data is known. All systems. but may be offensive actions. one battlestar fighters of the same type may be grouped representing each of the colony worlds. such as the battlestars (Columbia. into squadrons of 4 vessels. the Cylons managed Colonial Battlestar to avoid Colonial interference for 40 years after the Cylon War and establish their own homeworld. squadron but increase the damage done Following the end of the war. leading to a When fighting larger space combats. Solaria.are outfitted with these drives. damage. The All the original battlestar vessels squadrons act as a single ship to reduce deliberately avoided the use of highly- overall complexity of the combat. Triton. allowing ships to rendezvous in space and even "park" in a synchronous orbit directly A Battlestar is a heavy class of Colonial above a given point on a planet's surface. Argo and Poseidon) were constructed during the war . A shortly before the start of the first Cylon Pilot roll verses TN 6 must be made for a War and saw action in the early years of sucessful FTL jump. Since it is a squadron shot. the However. The ship Battlestars are space-going leviathans. The first five arrive in crowded areas. not all ships -- from small to large -. total fleet size of 12. descriptions below already have the Some 4. middle of an asteroid field or other ships. Rycon. battlestars are 42 . and their squadron of four Vipers fires their numbers steadily increased to a grand cannons which normally do 5d10 AP68 total of 120 ships in the Colonial Fleet. The technology behind FTL systems is such that. Despite their massive size. and Galactica) were laid down without the risk of collision and damage. later vessels did include damage is 6d10 AP68.home solar system. warship that combines the functions of air Proper FTL use even enables vessels to wing carrier and battleship. For example a battlestars remained in service. Atlantia. Squadrons and Batteries Prometheus. the war. as the Cylons were able to vessels in the squadron must fire the infiltrate and subvert such systems.

and the most basic computer systems (none of them are networked together). 10d10 damage. and eight maneuvering burners. ‰ The first battlestars were intentionally designed to be low tech. partially atmosphere.extremely manoeuvrable and. manually operated doors and valves. These weapons are (Tactical Nuclear Warhead) (Range powered by three massive weapons 500/1000/2000. basic systems. without risk of a devastating impact or dense fleet of ships. and may well Toughness: 160 have manufacturing / fabrication facilities FTL: Yes on-board. Heavy Weapon ‰ A colonial fighter squadron has 20 · 16 groups of Railguns (Firelinked) (8 port/8 Vipers and one Raptor. ROF: 4. 5d10. four sublight engines. Spacecraft. Shooting d6 several years. Technical Details: Weapons: · 16 groups of Railguns (Firelinked) (8 top/8 ‰ A Battlestar is approximately 4500ft bottom) (Range: 500/1000/2000. phones with cords. Battlestars are intended to operate for long periods without resupply . starboard) (Range: 500/1000/2000. 1 Heavy Weapon) ‰ A Battlestar has a crew of 2. a Battlestar has two FTL drives. Heavy Weapon) ‰ A Battlestar has four heavy cannon · 54 Missile Launchers (27 port/27 starboard) fitted forward. barring an emergency or unforeseen event. such as an asteroid belt. AP 68. capable. ROF: 2. Crew: 2000 Notes: Capital Ship. ROF: coils. able to place Colonial Battlestar them precisely in synchronous orbit above any point on a planet and of placing them in the midst of debris fields. They also appear capable Acc/Top Speed: 50/FTL of undertaking large-scale repairs Climb: 10 following battle damage. Damage: ‰ A Battlestar carries 4 Viper Squadrons 5d10. they don't need to re-tank with water for Typical Crew Skills: Piloting d6.their water purification capabilities alone mean that. AP100. AP100. 15d10 damage. Heavy Weapon and 10 Raptors · 1 Group Heavy Cannon (Special) ‰ A Battlestar has 64 rail gun batteries (Firelinked) (4 forward) (Railgun) (Range ‰ A Battlestar has 54 missile launchers 500/1000/2000. AP 68. Their FTL systems are capable of incredibly-accurate jumps.000 ‰ For propulsion. all designed to operate in combat against an enemy who could Colonial Viper 43 . Heavy Armor. ROF: 4. in the right infiltrate and disrupt all but the most circumstances. Damage: long.

but was subsequently superceded by newer models. VIIs from being effective Viper Mark II 44 . At the time of the renewed Cylon attack on the Twelve Colonies. VII was the front-line variant of the Viper design. Ironically. munitions pods and at low speeds within an atmosphere. While the problem could be overcome by removing the software based fly-by-wire upgrades compromised by the Cylons. the engines must The Viper is the Colonial Defence Force's run continuously to retain airflow over the primary space superiority fighter / attack wing lifting surfaces. this Viper is a single-seat craft mounting two can place severe strain on the Viper's kinetic energy weapons. retaining the Mk. The Mk. II served with distinction throughout the Cylon War. Vipers consume more fuel during atmospheric operations than in the vacuum of space: once in an atmosphere. it was the incorporation of the new integrated systems that prevented the majority of Mk. the Mk. The Viper was originally introduced into Colonial service shortly before the outbreak of the Cylon War. it was the Mk. proving a capable fighting vehicle that won renown across the Twelve Colonies and is regarded as one of the reasons the Colonials did not suffer defeat at the hands of the Cylons. II general layout but using fully networked systems providing superior battle management and fight information for the pilot. However. VII suffered fatal computer glitches on contact with Cylon forces. II remained in service after the end of the war. hardpoints beneath the wings for Vipers may also suffer from poor handling mounting missiles. Capable of atmospheric flight. as well as having engines Due to their wing configuration. designed specifically for use with the new Colonial Battlestars that is best remembered. other ordnance. However. II variant. the Mk. The Mk. during the Cylon attack: as with the majority of Colonial Fleet. this information was not discovered in time to be of major benefit to the surprised and hard-pressed Colonial forces. Depending on the craft. The Viper is designed for atmospheric as well as space-based operations. the composition of the atmosphere itself.

Heavy Armor. The Raptor's sophisticated Toughness: 20 electronics can create disturbances in FTL: No enemy sensors and can get by Crew: 1 undetected. · 3 Railguns (Firelinked) (Range: 500/1000/2000. Damage: 5d10. Damage: 5d10. Spacecraft. AP 68. Weapons: · 2 Railguns (Firelinked) (Range: 500/1000/2000. versatile vehicle in the Colonial arsenal. Heavy Weapon) · Two Missiles (Optional Load) (Range: 200/400/800. AP 60. Heavy Weapon) Raptor Typical Crew Skills: Piloting d6. It is the eyes and 200/400/800. ears of the Colonial Fleet and plays a very Heavy Weapon) key role in coordinating the Viper attacks against hostile forces. The Raptor is Viper Mark VII larger than the Viper and it's a scout/electronics platform. Shooting d6 Marines for ground assaults or for Acc/Top Speed: 300/1200 infiltrating Special Forces behind enemy Climb: 80 lines. Spacecraft. Damage: 5d10. Weapons: 45 . The Raptor is truly the most Notes: Atmospheric. Shooting d6 Acc/Top Speed: 300/1200 Climb: 70 Toughness: 20 FTL: No Crew: 1 Notes: Atmospheric. ROF: 1. Heavy Armor. ROF: 2. Sometimes the Raptor is used by the Colonial Fleet to transport Colonial Typical Crew Skills: Piloting d6. ROF: 1. AP 68. Damage: 5d10. The sensors fo the Raptor are the most sophisticated in the Colonial Military and is able to identify hundreds of targets from great distances. ROF: 2. Heavy Weapon) The Raptor is the Colonial's · Two Missiles (Optional Load) (Range: reconnaissance vehicle. The rear engines are also twice the size of the more sleek and nimble Vipers. AP 60. There's a two-man cockpit where pilot and co-pilot sit side-by-side and room for about five others deeper inside the ship. loaded with sensors instead of weapons.

Shooting d6 is most likely a result of self teaching Acc/Top Speed: 300/FTL capabilities incorporated into the early Toughness: 250 Cylons. resulting in a costly and protracted war between them and humans. AMCM. The known cylon models are as Crew: 2 Notes: Atmospheric. a physical being. Heavy Basestars are the spacefaring bohemeths Weapon) that are the expression of cylon power. They returned forty years later and killed all but approximately 50. revolted against their masters. It maybe both. the Cylon homeworld. The Cylons seem to derive their faith from that of the humans. Eventually.Raptor their religion seems to have evolved from its human origins. These gargantuan battleships overpower and outmatch the colonial battlestars on Cylons every level. 250 raiders multiple gods as blasphemies against can be launched in one round. Sometimes it seems that the Cylons worship an actual entity. Cylons eventually evolved and created new models of Cylons that are humanoid. follows Spacecraft. They Toughness: 20 seem to use it as a justification for their FTL: Yes actions. Basestars are capable of making FTL jumps into areas and quickly Cylons are a creation of man. something that wishes for all to believe in it and love it. ROF: 1. AP 60. possibly another Cylon but other times it seems that they are worshipping a supernatural being. Heavy Armor. their beliefs. something beyond creation. their Acc/Top Speed: 300/FTL interpretation of the prophesies to Climb: 40 rationalize their hatred for humanity. The evolution Typical Crew Skills: Piloting d6. Spacecraft. used deploying its contingent of 250 Raiders primarily for dangerous work. using human writings and prophesies as the biases of their own religion. human and Cylon alike. Cylon Basestar Damage: 5d10. Like the Cylons themselves 46 . The Cylons seem to Typical Crew Skills: Piloting d6. their God. they declared a truce and the Cylons left the Colonies to establish their own planet. Weapons: · Eight Missiles (Range: 200/400/800. Shooting d6 use their religion.Cylons view the worship of Notes: Heavy Armor.000 humans. The Cylons and barrages of nuclear warheads. Cylons are monotheistic while FTL: Yes their human creators are Crew: Unknown polytheistic.

the heavy 12. carries 10 Centurions. Heavy Armor. It atmosphere. 15d10 damage. Heavy Weapon) · 72 Missile Launchers (12 on each point) (Tactical Nuclear Warhead) (Range Cylon Heavy Raider 500/1000/2000. Climb: 80 Spacecraft. Shooting d6 Acc/Top Speed: 300/FTL Climb: 40 Toughness: 20 FTL: Yes Typical Crew Skills: Piloting d6. The raider packs a serious also has six railgun cannon and one punch as it carries 2 railguns and the missle launcher ability to carry two tactical nuclear warheads. ROF: 2. Weapons: · 2 Railguns (Firelinked) (Range: 500/1000/2000. The operate in space as well as in Heavy Raider can carry ten centurions. Typical Crew Skills: Piloting d6. incorporating a number of large organs ins its design. Spacecraft. Weapons: AP100. It is used by the cylons to maneuverable fighter. Raider are also capable of transmitting an electronic virus to any Colonial vessel that is still utilising the Command Navigation Program. AP 68. Cylon Raider instead requiring a pilot to operate the The Raider is an extremely fast and controls. Damage: 5d10. bio- mechanical in nature. including an organic brain. Toughness: 15 Weapons: 47 . in fact. Finally the new Raider is. AP100. Heavy Weapon) · Two Missiles (Tactical Nuclear Warhead) (Range 500/1000/2000. It has the ability to transport Centurions into battle. 15d10 damage. Shooting d6 Crew: 1 Acc/Top Speed: 300/FTL Notes: Atmospheric. ROF: Unlike the standard raider. Heavy Armor. AMCM. ROF: 12. FTL: Yes Crew: Integrated Notes: Atmospheric. Heavy Weapon) raider does not appear to be autonomous. It is also equipped with an FTL drive system.

Notice with humans very convincingly. Damage: 2d10. creates a wave of fear and paranoia among the humans. Humanoid Cylons The humanoid Cylons look exactly like humans. Parry: 6. They can interact Skills: Shooting d8. in effect. needlelike fingers with multiple joints. and have a double barreled automatic weapon mounted on the end of each arm. Heavy Weapon) Equipped with: · Missile (Optional Load) (Range: · Body armor (+4 Toughness) 200/400/800. It's also been Gear: Claws.50 caliber rifles (Range: Heavy Weapon) 15/30/60.· 6 Railguns (Firelinked) (Range: · Ambidextrous 500/1000/2000. These Centurions are capable of moving extremely fast via bipedal locomotion. even down to the internal organs and lymphatic system. imbedded rifle. Damage: 5d10. AP100. 48 . ROF: 1. 15d10 damage. The projectile guns built into each arm are so powerful that they make counterattacks very difficult by Colonials since the barrage is. much like a Gatling gun. Some Infiltrator-model Cylons have been Attributes: Agility d8. ROF: 4 AP 4) OR · Missile (Tactical Nuclear Warhead) (Range · Claws Damage: Str+3 500/1000/2000. AP 60. ROF: 1. AP 68. · Two Imbedded . Toughness: 9 sexual relationships. Damage: 5d10.Apparent weaknesses in the Special Abilities Infiltrators include heightened · Construct (bullets do half damage. Strength d10. They are specialized models which are used for infiltration. Fighting d8. and the revelation that Cylon infiltrators can perfectly mimic human form. armored suggested that Human/Cylon hybrids are chassis also possible. ROF: · Nerves of Steel 6. Intimidate d8 being capable of intimate emotional and Pace: 6. Spirit implanted with false memories so they d6. Guts d10. even d6. Smarts d6. called susceptibility to radiation and a perhaps shots do damage) too-close duplication of human frailties. Vigor d6 think they are human. Heavy Weapon) Centurion The basic unit of Cylon ground forces have long.

but they are presumably the remnant mechanical aspect of the Cylons' biomechanical technology. lust. However. After the 12 Colonies of Kobol fell to the Cylons. They have several major chemical difference. and they often are seen manipulating the emotions of humans in order to destroy or control them. necessary. pride. However. so the Cylons searched for any way possible for the humanoid Cylons to produce offspring. See Wildcard Section for The humanoid Cylons are not merely Humanoid Cylon Stats. although likely is too far away. The process is not perfect. also the transmission and zealotry. possessing "silica pathways" or "silica relays" in the body's nervous system or brain. As a result. Cylon. the Cylons theorized that what their breeding experiments had been lacking was love. Their superior strength and process has a finite range and if the cylon endurance is an additional. however. Another defect of the humanoid Cylons is that they are normally not capable of sexual reproduction. they began keeping the handful of surviving human women as prisoners on breeding farms and artificially impregnating them to produce Cylon offspring. they were limited to asexual reproduction under laboratory conditions. radiation stops the consciousness from 49 . the transfer will not occur. this process also met with very little success. a central tenet of the Cylon religion is God's commandment to procreate. its consciousness is supposedly transmitted to another empty shell of the same model. the Cylons began a program to create a hybrid Human/Cylon offspring. Playing mind games with their human enemies appears to be a common tactic of the Cylons. As such. The exact nature of this network is unclear. deviation from human norms There are six known models of humanoid which could "give away" a stealth unit. "be fruitful and multiply". biological clones of humans: they are synthetic bio-chemical machine. wrath transferring. When an infiltrator's body dies. Analyzing their failure. jealousy.such as fear.

AP 68. ROF: 1 AP4) Notes: Heavy Armor. called Typical Crew Skills: Piloting d6. Toughness: 9 Gear: Sword. Damage: 5d10.Original Cylons Acc/Top Speed: 300/1200 Climb: 70 Centurion Model 0005 Toughness: 15 FTL: No Crew: 3 Centurions Notes: Atmospheric. Parry: 6.62mm rifles (Range: 15/30/60. Heavy Weapon) Basestar Attributes: Agility d8. 100 · Long Sword: STR+3 raiders can be launched in one round. Spacecraft. Intimidate d8 Pace: 6. Shooting d6 50 . Notice d6. Strength d10. Damage: 5d10. armored chassis Special Abilities · Construct (bullets do half damage. Heavy Weapon Typical Crew Skills: Piloting d6. ROF: 2. Heavy Armor. Rifle. AP 68. Weapons: Raider · 40 groups of Railguns (Firelinked) (20 top ring/20 bottom ring) (Range: 500/1000/2000. Spacecraft. Crew: Unknown Damage: 2d8+1. Smarts d6. shots do damage) Shooting d6 · Nerves of Steel Acc/Top Speed: 300/FTL Equipped with: Toughness: 200 · Body armor (+4 Toughness) FTL: Yes · 7. Weapons: · 2 Railguns (Firelinked) (Range: 500/1000/2000. Guts d10. Spirit d6. ROF: 2. Vigor d6 Skills: Shooting d8. Fighting d8.

Survival d6. Natural Leader. Fervor. Knowledge (Tactics) d10. knowledge (tactics) d8. Enemy (Cylons/Major) Edges: Charismatic. Mean. Fervor. Loyal. Inspire. Scholar Gear: Wounds Fatigue -1 -2 -3 Incapacitated -2 -1 51 . Enemy (Cylons/Major) Edges: Command. Hold the Line Gear: Flask Wounds Fatigue -1 -2 -3 Incapacitated -2 -1 President Laura Roslyn Attributes: Agility: d4 Smarts:d12 Spirit: d12 Strength:d4 Vigor: d4 Skills: Knowledge (Politics) d12. Notice d10. Enemy (Cylons/Major) Edges: Charismatic. Command. Persuasion d10 Pace: 6 Parry: 2 Toughness: 2 Charisma: 2 Hindrances: Anemic. Fighting d10. Shooting d8. alcohol). Colonial Wild Cards Commander William “Husker” Adama Attributes: Agility: d6 Smarts:d12 Spirit:d10 Strength:d8 Vigor: d10 Skills: Pilot d10. Notice d8. Knowledge (Education) d12. Intimidation d8 Pace: 6 Parry: 5 Toughness: 5 Charisma: Hindrances: Habit (major. Gambling d8. Persuasion d8 Pace: 6 Parry: 5 Toughness: 7 Charisma: 2 Hindrances: Bad Eyes. Shooting d6. Guts d8. Ace Gear: Wounds Fatigue -1 -2 -3 Incapacitated -2 -1 Colonel Saul Tigh Attributes: Agility: d6 Smarts: d8 Spirit:d8 Strength:d6 Vigor: d6 Skills: Fighting d6. Intimidation d8. Hold the Line. Bad Eyes.

Survival d8 Pace: 6 Parry: 7 Toughness: 6 Charisma: 2 Hindrances: Cautious. Spirit d8. Attractive Gear: Flight Suit & Helmet. Knowledge (Physical & Life Sciences) d10. Spirit d8. Strength d6. Streetwise d10. and Survival Kit Wounds Fatigue -1 -2 -3 Incapacitated -2 -1 52 . Knowledge (Cylons) d8. Vigor d6 Skills: Fighting d4. Enemy (Cylons/Major) Edges: Ace. Investigation d12.Cylon #6) Edges: Attractive. Pilot d12+1. Quirk (insubordinate). Picon 380. Vigor d8 Skills: Fighting d8. Ace. Smarts d8. Enemy (Cylons/Major) Edges: Dodge. Repair d12. Survival d6 Pace: 6 Parry: 6 Toughness: 6 Charisma: N/A Hindrances: Overconfident. Repair d8 Intimidation d8. Scholar Gear: Laptop Computer and Personal Belongings Wounds Fatigue -1 -2 -3 Incapacitated -2 -1 Lt Kara “Starbuck” Thrace Attributes: Agility d12. Habit (minor. Strength d10. Repair d8 Pace: 6 Parry: 4 Toughness: 5 Charisma:2 Hindrances: Delusional (Major . Spirit d6. Shooting d10. Spare Magazine (loaded). Picon 380. and Survival Kit Wounds Fatigue -1 -2 -3 Incapacitated -2 -1 Capt Lee “Apollo” Adama Attributes: Agility d12. cigars).Dr. Spare Magazine (loaded). . Notice d10. Knowledge (Technology) d10. Smarts d8. Marksman Gear: Flight Suit & Helmet. Vigor d8 Skills: Fighting d10. Pilot d12+1. Strength d10. Shooting d4. Command. Knowledge (Tactics) d12. Intimidation d6. Knowledge (Computers) d12+1. Gaius Baltar Attributes: Agility d6. Gadgeteer. Gambling d12. Smarts d12. Shooting d8.

Notice d8. Picon 380. Stims). Smarts d10. Spirit d8. Spare Magazine (loaded). Healing d10. Shooting d6. Repair d8. Gambling d6 Pace: 6 Parry: 5 Toughness:5 Charisma: N/A Hindrances: Habit (minor. and Survival Kit Wounds Fatigue -1 -2 -3 Incapacitated -2 -1 53 . piloting d10. and Survival Kit Wounds Fatigue -1 -2 -3 Incapacitated -2 -1 Lt (JG) Louanne “Kat” Katraine Attributes: Agility: d8 Smarts: d6 Spirit: d8 Strength: d6 Vigor: d6 Skills: Fighting d6. Gamble d8. Spare Magazine (loaded).Lt Karl “Helo” Agathon Attributes: Agility d6. and Survival Kit Wounds Fatigue -1 -2 -3 Incapacitated -2 -1 Lt (JG) Brendan “Hotdog” Constanza Attributes: Agility: d8 Smarts: d8 Spirit: d8 Strength: d6 Vigor: d8 Skills: Fighting d8. Spare Magazine (loaded). Enemy (Cylons/Major) Edges: Alertness Gear: Flight Suit & Helmet. Enemy (Cylons/Major) Edges: Gear: Flight Suit & Helmet. Vigor d8 Skills: Fighting d6. Gambling d8. Investigation d8. Piloting d8. Notice d8 Guts d8 Pace: 6 Parry: 6 Toughness: 6 Charisma: N/A Hindrances: Overconfident. Shooting d8. shooting d8. Picon 380. Enemy (Cylons/Major) Edges: Gear: Flight Suit & Helmet. Pilot d6. Survival d10 Pace: 6 Parry: 4 Toughness: 6 Charisma: N/A Hindrances: Code of Honor. Strength d10. Picon 380.

Gear: Picon 380 and Spare Magazine (loaded) Wounds Fatigue -1 -2 -3 Incapacitated -2 -1 54 . Parry: 4. Notice d8 Pace: 6 Parry: 5 Toughness: 5 Charisma: N/A Hindrances: Loyal. Fix It Gear: Picon 380 and Spare Magazine (loaded) Wounds Fatigue -1 -2 -3 Incapacitated -2 -1 Lt Felix Gaeta Attributes: Agility: d6 Smarts: d8 Spirit: d8 Strength: d6 Vigor: d6 Skills: Fighting d6. Gambling d6. Knowledge (Technology) d10. Notice d8. Shooting d6. Enemy (Cylons/Major) Edges: Mr. Smarts d10. and Survival Kit Wounds Fatigue -1 -2 -3 Incapacitated -2 -1 CPO Galen Tyrol Attributes: Agility d6. Repair d12. Toughness: 6 Charisma: N/A Hindrances: Loyal. Driving d4. Picon 380. Spirit d6.Lt. Knowledge (Starship Systems) d12. Piloting d6. Investigation d8. Knowledge (Tactics) d6. Survival d4. Level Headed. Healing d6 Pace: 6. Enemy (Cylons/Major) Edges: Command. Vigor d8 Skills: Fighting d4. Strength d10. Spare Magazine (loaded). Shooting d8. Shooting d6. Knowledge (Technology) d8. Margaret 'Racetrack' Edmundson Attributes: Agility: d8 Smarts: d8 Spirit: d8 Strength: d6 Vigor: d8 Skills: Fighting d6. Gambling d8 Pace: 6 Parry: 5 Toughness: 6 Charisma: N/A Hindrances: Enemy (Cylons/Major) Edges: Gear: Flight Suit & Helmet.

Knowledge (Civics) d12+1. Shooting d6. Spirit d10. Knowledge (Communications). Persuasion d10. Gambling d6 Pace: 6 Parry: 5 Toughness: 5 Charisma: 2 Hindrances: Enemy (Cylons/Major) Edges: Attractive Gear: Picon 380 and Spare Magazine (loaded) Wounds Fatigue -1 -2 -3 Incapacitated -2 -1 55 .Billy Keikeya Attributes: Agility d8. Shooting d6. Smarts d12. Knowledge (Current Events) d10. Connections Gear: Vector and 50 Rounds of 9mm Ammo Wounds Fatigue -1 -2 -3 Incapacitated -2 -1 PO2 Shar Dualla Attributes: Agility: d6 Smarts:d6 Spirit:d6 Strength:d6 Vigor: d6 Skills: Fighting d6. Strength d8. Survival d8. Knowledge (Civics) d12. Intimidation d10. Strength d6. Enemy (Cylons/Major) Edges: Connections Gear: Various Personal Belongings Wounds Fatigue -1 -2 -3 Incapacitated -2 -1 Tom Zarek Attributes: Agility d6. Vigor d8 Skills: Fighting d8. Enemy (Cylons/Major) Edges: Charismatic. Investigation d8. Pacifist (Minor). Healing d8 Pace: 6 Parry: 6 Toughness: 6 Charisma: 2 Hindrances: Cautious. Knowledge (History) d10. Gamble d10. Shooting d4. Notice d10 Pace: 6 Parry: 4 Toughness: 5 Charisma: N/A Hindrances: Doubting Thomas. Smarts d12. Knowledge (Tactics) d12+1. Vigor d6 Skills: Fighting d4. Vengeful (Major). Spirit d10. Investigation d10.

Persuasion d12. Piloting d6. Picon 380. and Survival Kit Wounds Fatigue -1 -2 -3 Incapacitated -2 -1 Number Six Attributes: Agility: d8 Smarts: d8 Spirit: d8 Strength: d8 Vigor: d8 Skills: Fighting D10. Shooting d6. Taunt d8 Pace: 6 Parry: 7 Toughness: 6 Charisma: 4 Hindrances: Wanted Edges: Very Attractive Gear: Wounds Fatigue -1 -2 -3 Incapacitated -2 -1 Leoben Conoy Attributes: Agility: d8 Smarts: d8 Spirit: d8 Strength: d8 Vigor:d8 Skills: Fighting d6. Shooting d6. Persuasion d8. Intimidation d10. CYLON WILD CARDS Lt (JG) Sharon “Boomer” Valeri Attributes: Agility: d8 Smarts: d8 Spirit: d8 Strength: d8 Vigor: d8 Skills: Fighting d6. Pace: 6 Parry: 5 Toughness: 6 Charisma: N/A Hindrances: Outsider Edges: Gear: Flight Suit & Helmet. Notice d8 Pace: 6 Parry: 5 Toughness: 6 Charisma: N/A Hindrances: Wanted Edges: Gear: Wounds Fatigue -1 -2 -3 Incapacitated -2 -1 56 . Spare Magazine (loaded). Shooting d6.

Shooting d6 Pace: 6 Parry: 5 Toughness: 6 Charisma: N/A Hindrances: Wanted Edges: Gear: Wounds Fatigue -1 -2 -3 Incapacitated -2 -1 57 . Shooting d6 Pace: 6 Parry: 5 Toughness: 6 Charisma: N/A Hindrances: Wanted Edges: Healer Gear: Wounds Fatigue -1 -2 -3 Incapacitated -2 -1 D’anna Biers Attributes: Agility:d8 Smarts:d8 Spirit: d8 Strength:d8 Vigor:d8 Skills: Fighting d6. Shooting d6 Pace: 6 Parry: 5 Toughness: 6 Charisma: N/A Hindrances: Edges: Gear: Wounds Fatigue -1 -2 -3 Incapacitated -2 -1 Aaron Doral Attributes: Agility: d8 Smarts: d8 Spirit: d8 Strength: d8 Vigor: d8 Skills: Fighting d6.Simon Attributes: Agility: d8 Smarts:d8 Spirit: d8 Strength: d8 Vigor: d8 Skills: Fighting d6.

BLANK WILD CARDS Attributes: Agility: Smarts: Spirit: Strength: Vigor: Skills: Pace: Parry: Toughness: Charisma: N/A Hindrances: Edges: Gear: Wounds Fatigue -1 -2 -3 Incapacitated -2 -1 Attributes: Agility: Smarts: Spirit: Strength: Vigor: Skills: Pace: Parry: Toughness: Charisma: N/A Hindrances: Edges: Gear: Wounds Fatigue -1 -2 -3 Incapacitated -2 -1 Attributes: Agility: Smarts: Spirit: Strength: Vigor: Skills: Pace: Parry: Toughness: Charisma: N/A Hindrances: Edges: Gear: Wounds Fatigue -1 -2 -3 Incapacitated -2 -1 58 .

59 .

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