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Frontier Technical Journal I’m Just one man!
Chronocoms, new and old, by Bill Logan ..............................1 I know I’ve been leaving a lot of folks in the dark about what’s going on
and why the long delay with the Star Frontiersman. To be perfectly
Yazirian Clans honest, the expectations of the size, scope, and quality of this webzine
Calling all Clansmen! by Shadowshack ................................8 keep growing, and the demands on my time (non-hobby-related) keep
growing and growing. These two things can’t continue or I’ll have to
drop something. Since I won’t drop the family, and can’t drop my
Torrent: Dinosaur Planet career… guess which one I’d drop if I had to choose one?
A dangerous place indeed! by C.J.Williams ........................11
Sadly, this issue had much fewer submissions of size and quality.
Spawn of Zebulon This is not to say that I don’t appreciate all the hard work and quality
The mysterious Eorna! by R. Kevin Smoot .........................19 submissions that I *have* received. I don’t admonish a single one of
you. It took a long time to accumulate enough material to form an
issue the size and quality of which you’ve all become accustomed.
101 Uses for a Dead Robot Sadly, I’ve heard far more queries “where is issue 8? When is it
Short story by James Strain ................................................23 coming out?” and far too few submissions. You’ll notice an inordinate
amount of material generated by me in this issue.
Known ‘cycle gangs of the Frontier, by Shadowshack ........25 That’s why I’ve decided that the scope of this webzine has exceeded
the abilities of one man. I need to form a staff of people, each with a
smaller role. I need to have a normalized method of submissions, and
Starships have a streamlined process so that I can put together a fully-tested,
Explorer-class Heavy Scout, by Bill Logan..........................29 researched, proof-read issue whenever there is enough material
accumulated to do so. Perhaps if ownership of the webzine expanded
The Law and the Justice to include many of you, you’ll all submit more regularly.
Story by William Signs ........................................................35
I still want to be the chief editor, and possibly one of the most prolific
submitters of material. But I can’t do all of this alone. Here’s the list of
Ablative Damage staff members I need, but this might change over time as the process
New damage system by Bill Logan .....................................45 takes form:

Equipment Submission Editor – basically performs front-line triage on article
submissions, providing answers such as needs more examples,
New gear for adventurers ....................................................49 perfect as-is, needs full stats, elaborate, etc. back to the submitter,
forwarding accepted submissions to Line Editor. Forwards art
Gorlians submissions to Art editor. Important for gathering proper info from
Bull-headed brutes of the Frontier, by R. Bowman..............55 submitter (name to be credited, email addy, etc), and that nothing is
purely plagiarized or could get us in legal trouble.
Creative Refereeing Line Editor – must be better with the English language than I am
How I help players have a good time, by Bill Logan ............57 haha… able to proofread, edit, etc. Must make sure submissions fit
within the Star Frontiers milieu, or that it’s labeled as variant from
Mechanon 2.0 accepted Star Frontiers canon. If artwork would make the article
New look & stats for Alpha Dawn, by Bill Logan..................62 better (when wouldn’t it?) he requests specific art from the Art Editor.

Art Editor – can be an artist himself, but need not be. Responsible
Knight Hawks game cards for maintaining submitted artwork, associating it with articles submitted
Print and use, by Bill Logan ................................................62 by the Line Editor, and for trolling the resources of gallery websites
begging for free use of material. Must document permission and
Classifieds proper info from submitter.
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Chief Editor (me)– I’ll then receive artwork, articles, etc. and put them
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On the cover: Mark Garlick is an exceptional artist, and But I need to maintain quality oversight on all of it, or I won’t feel right.
Call me a control freak. Whatever ☺
graciously gave us permission to use his artwork for the
covers. You can be sure to find more of his imaginative More on this to come at
pieces on future covers. Check out a sample of his
works at Bill Logan

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Star Frontiersman

By Bill

Chronocoms and longer range became vital. The military required
occasional subspace relay of communication, and
demanded the development of secure encryption. Each
This article takes an up-close look at Chronocoms and
their functionality in the Frontier. Ideas presented in corporation worked independently to create functions
this article are in use in my personal campaigns, in an for the com gear of their special teams (of course,
attempt to correct a small portion of the naivety of the nobody called them armies – this was a corporate cold
1980’s view of the future presented by the original war). Many of the advanced features of the modern
editions of this game. At the same time, I try to keep Frontier Chronocom are credited to the bright corporate
the feel of this naivety by not going overboard with minds of this era.
where personal communications might actually be in a
society that spans the stars, as that might ruin the When the Sathar arrived in 3PF, corporations
“frontier” feel to the game system. temporarily set aside their differences to fight this
common enemy – and were forced to share trade
History of secrets about their technologies. Before the fated
meeting on Morgaine’s World that would lead to the
the Chronocom formation of the United Planetary Federation, the
The first appearance of a wrist-worn communications technical department figureheads of each of the mega-
device came from the expedition to explore the Timeon corporations met at the first Corporate Technical
system, by environmental scientists getting samples Conference on Lossend (Timeon system – in the same
and performing atmospheric tests of Lossend in 148PF. building in which the handycom was engineered nearly

March 2008
They commissioned the communication devices in fifteen decades ago) to discuss formulating a better
order to keep their hands free to use their envirokits way for the Frontier to pass information, media, and
while still keeping in verbal touch with one another. At communicate. The schematics of the subspace
that time in history, humans, Vrusk, and Dralasites had communications network (later to be known as S-CoN)
already coordinated their frequencies and standardized was born from this meeting, and a new standard was
on a communications methodology that was in line with born in portable communications: the Chronocom.
Yazirian technology – but until this voyage, all
communication was via hand-held devices. This early
“handycom” could tell the time and could communicate
on a single open frequency for 2.5km, resulting in Communication Network
small expeditionary trips from the mission’s landers. All worlds with Heavy or Medium population are
covered by S-CoNs in the modern Frontier. Planets
As the need for more portable communications gear with Light populations lack satellites but have relay
rose, and people began settling the systems of the towers located at strategic locations to allow major
Frontier, the handycom evolved. Slowly taking more of population centers that exceed 5km in size to have the
the functionality of other hand-held devices, by 50PF it exact same coverage as a world monitored by a
already had most of the functions of the Chronocoms satellite – but as soon as you leave the major
sold in the modern Frontier. But the military still population centers the digital signal fails and you’re
hadn’t gotten a hold of it. back to using radio broadcast channels. Outpost
worlds typically have no such towers, but entire
In 12PF, as PanGalactic Corporation was fighting for population centers are usually within 5 kilometers in
supremacy over the stars on a corporate front, agents diameter.
of this and other corporate upstarts began clashing
over unexplored and unclaimed prizes throughout the The satellites themselves are made by Nesmith
Frontier. These clashes seldom took the form of Enterprises of Triad – NET. They were built during
corporate mergers and negotiated financial Sathar War I to keep the forces of the corporate armies
arrangements: the Frontier was heating up, and it in touch while building the fleets that would later help
wouldn’t throw these differences aside for another 15 form the fleets of the United Planetary Federation. The
years when the Sathar would arrive. satellites are self-sustaining and are monitored by
engineers around the clock, typically from remote
During these 15 years, the more militant elements of locations. When a satellite goes down, Nesmith
the maga-corporations began adding their needs to the Enterprises of Triad can dispatch technicians to work on
otherwise domestic application of handycom it within a day. All mega-corporations pay a small fee
technology. Multiple channels of communication to NET for use of their services, which keeps the
became necessary to coordinate larger scale efforts, services free for the rest of the Frontier’s population.


bounty hunters can where the archives of messages and contacts can be obtain a license to give them similar rights for a single viewed or modified. The device is a full-functioning calculator March 2008 under the boots of the person you’re seeking. and only under certain back of the Chronocom and switched to another device circumstances. inclusion of a few more abilities. If a Satellite device worn on the wrist. Star Frontiersman minutes of voice messages). If it sits idle for a year or so. thin. Of course. Address Book automatically retry until it makes connection.. Although normal everyday activities. each reserved for specific use. It is recharged by vibration Messenger. The specialized memory is divided into three recipients. Below is a list of basic standard functions found on all Chronocoms. The Chronocom has a free-running time The modern Chronocom is a small. Chronocom recipient is made aware of receiving a message by number. For example. he keeps the charge on his it’s less than convenient to use. it tends actually has a miniature keypad capable of entering full to lose its charge. names).. watch sized which can be set by wearer/owner. the Chronocom Chronocom full. that are examined below. the message gets queued for later delivery and will wearer must delete some to allow more. The memory (enough to store address. it will fit all races. sentences and paragraphs. The power source is able to last nearly calendar with reminder notes. Galactic Standard Time and local but the special needs of the Frontier forces the Minotaur time will not be the same. 5 years of regular use. and a Power Supply. and When this feature is activated. It has an adjustable band to Communications Network relay is present. the When one of these three memory areas is full. If the recipient’s Chronocom lacks space for main storage areas. Voice Message memory (enough to store 200 2 . It consists of a rechargable chem-cell microbattery. The device is also capable of sending and and motion. triangulation is only possible if you know what world is Calculator. and Text Message The satellites are able to pinpoint someone’s location memory (enough to store 200 short text messages). as a being walks about and performs receiving messages of either voice or text. the timepiece evaluates communicator. but will only do so for licensed Star Law detectives with The memory can be removed from a small panel on the proper clearance. capable of doing math with different bases and floating points with a mantissa of 32. This is all well known. calculator. use of the triangulation process. and minor personal comments for up to 200 annunciation on the display. if your character is on Minotaur Standard Functions (Thesus) his Chronocom can show either Galactic It’s reasonable to assume that a Chronocom used in Standard Time or (if he’s calibrated it) local time. the modern Frontier has all of the functionality of a Since on Minotaur a day is only 15 galactic base-model cell phone from our own earth of today. the message or is not on (or is out of range). It is a combination wristwatch. For a huge fee. standard hours. It’s possible to craft vocal or text messages and send them to one or more Memory. but there are solar and lunar activities through several sensors and many other functions and uses of this clever device estimates a local time. It has a very small but quite vibrant synchronize with Galactic Standard Time. range. It is also screen and a micro-camera capable of only a very short possible to set the watch to self-adjust to local time. The timepiece feature of the Chronocom includes up to 20 pre-settable alarms with various tones. The Basic Chronocom Timepiece.

secure/monitored channel. They wait a If the recipient doesn’t answer. Assuming the recipient is present on Gran communications. in the example.. you might set your chronocom to Araks system and wants to send a message to his communicate on all frequencies. Therefore. Also. An S- CoN can relay messages of text or In this mode. but don’t confuse that with after an audible tone. but only within a very around other distant worlds. that is the only channel you’re able to communicate on at that moment. used on a world without coverage by a Satellite Communication Network. message would first be relayed to Yast’s satellite in the Athor system. the caller can choose to few moments and finally see “2 com devices leave a text or voice message (no video message). When in radio destination world. We need to talk in private about Once communication is accepted.8. If no S-CoN is present. it bandwidth usage. If it never finds the recipient. The recipient can tap an on channel 1. Channel 1 will be for team-to- You’d not get your response for another 19 hours team communication. the Chronocom’s signal can reach monitored. This is referred to as to that channel. typical. of 1 light year per hour. When you’re communicating on a having a digital signal. The team members orbit around Gran Quivera. know if anyone else also answered it. so she says “Hi. the North team (assuming he responded immediately). they’ll be added to the conversation and all Chronocom switches to radio broadcast mode (referred three will see “3 com devices secure on Channel 3” to as analog signal mode.5km or across the Frontier at a rate as low as 2.5- Star Frontiersman Subspace Relayed Messages. short range (5 kilometers is This takes a great deal of time. 3 . She calls him on channel 1 his/her name if that person is noted in the recipient’s and everyone sees on their display a call request address memory area).5km). The choose channels 1 and 2. switch to channel 2 and make it resolution camera built into the Chronocom activates secure. When it’s monitored – it shows on the anyone on that same planet as long as the recipient’s display the quantity of all those within range connected personal number is known. and the south team channels 1 and 11. sets their chronocoms to channels 1 and 10. you don’t recipient is not present at the specify a recipient. any channel can be made the character is on. If a Satellite Communication Network (S-CoN) is present in orbit around the world If security is needed. Anyone using that channel can hear origin as a “failed” message. If someone else pops on to channel Analog Communication. He answers the call. The For example: two teams of explorers disembark signal would be verified and repackaged and then from their lander. Messaging cannot be anyone using that channel – it’s not secure. something. If the broadcast mode. as subspace local weather conditions it communication packets race may be as much as 7. the short range low. Both switch to channel 2 and hit the “secure channel” button on their Chronocoms. On the display of the chronocom will be the numbers of the channels you’re currently set to listen to. individual destination the satellite will hold Chronocom numbers are not the message for 20 hours. Or you might just employer on Gran Quivera (Prenglar system). Digital Communication. She doesn’t acknowledgement to answer the call. it’s more like radio communication). one to explore north of the ridge March 2008 passed on to the Prenglar system to the satellite in and one to explore south. You simply specify a returns the message back to the place of channel. the 2. The recipient is made aware of the incoming call by a small vibration on the wrist or an audible beep Torash (second in command of the north team) (depending on personal settings). Jon. etc.” and both beings enjoy a conversation with audio and video components. he’d receive the message in 19 hours. which would take 8 hours. coming into the secure channel. though with favorable however. recipient is – the sender of each a different radio the message must specify the frequency. secure on Channel 2” on the display and can now speak freely.. alerting them of someone analog communication of 20th century cellular phones. and the southern team selects to Quivera. which would take 11 heading north all agree to use channel 10 for hours. trying relevant since no satellite is once each hour until the recipient is present to multiplex and coordinate found. the satellite network There are 20 channels for doesn’t know where the analog radio communication. the device will function voice to other S-CoNs in orbit similarly. For For Example: your character is on Hentz. use channel 11. Text on the display needs to inform the leader of the south team of of the device will show the number of who’s calling (or her leader’s treachery.

messages. There is no keypad on the advanced version. Address Book memory can hold 500 contacts. wide-spread throughout the settled worlds of the Messenger. the hologram will message via the subspace relay features of those be three dimensional. at current. It has all the wearer. Only an advanced issue 1 of the Star Frontiersman Chronocom can receive a video and represents but one of several message. The times what a standard one costs. which can be feature for 5km ranged communication on worlds not typed on as if it were real. you can make a short Chronocom call to anyone large and personal. it world. Star Frontiersman Messenger. Instead. On a heavily populated civilized have a standard small crystal screen. It’s expensive. Voice Message memory 500 Note that Biocoms cannot. The removable Other Com memory card can only be inserted into another advanced Chronocom. All features are available through upraised Some additional forms of Chronocom technology are sections on the back of the hand. Biocom Some militaries mount chronocom technology on the Recent advances in bio-electronics has produced this sleeves of uniforms. below). The advanced version doesn’t March 2008 always necessary. Prenglar has a research and development The advanced Chronocom is a sleek if larger version of team that works independently for several mega-corps the basic one. satellites. cost less than a standard Chronocom because they lack certain features and because miniaturization isn’t Screen & camera. most air cars) include hands-free There is instead a holographic projector and positioning Chronocom devices for use on civilized worlds (and detection array. It costs 250 Credits – two and a half that will implant one for just under 2. Technology There exists an entire host of Analog Communication. The advanced version has 2.000 Credits. and networks. It’s translucent and covered by S-CoNs). If communicating with someone covered by the S-CoN. capacity of its inferior brother. Chronocom networks. attach to minutes. but Frontier that they make their way even into religious shares all the properties of a Basic Chronocom. It causes a holographic keypad to most of them even have the analog communication float in the air next to the user’s wrist. and Text Message memory 500 short text dralasite physiology. that might allow a Communication via this lucky signal to extend to technology is thoroughly nearly 12. Chronocom technology. or for 10 Credits even send a also using an advanced Chronocom. Such pieces of technology usually obviously not a real keyboard – but it functions as one. ground cars. drawing bioelectric power from its host. Some other interesting options for those not wanting to ever have uniforms sport chronocoms over the heart/breast and their Chronocom taken away from them. becomes visible through the skin of the implant’s recipient. The various pieces of equipment typical maximum range of radio that can be purchased or broadcast communication is used that uses the 10km instead of 5km. with the following Implanting one will permanently lower the maximum differences: STA of the wearer by 2 points. also worthy of mentioning: Biocoms can be installed only at a handful of medical Advanced Chronocom facilities. or the collars. It’s a shape the device specifically to designate rank or social subdermal implant that gets inserted between layers of position. Chronocom can send video messages in addition to the The Visocom was discussed in normal types. It can institutions: it’s not considered sacrilige for revered even tell the time by pushing a button – the time holy symbols to double as communication devices. though it doesn’t affect his current STA score unless his current score is Memory.5 the memory greater than this new maxim. It’s available in most implant attaches itself to the central nervous system of commercialized markets in the free Frontier. The advanced Frontier. conditions. it should not be a problem to find a way to call supports a miniature hologram projector array capable someone: public Chronocom stations exist in parks and of making the head of the person you’re on the corners of busy streets where for a single Credit communicating with (digitally) float above the wrist. of the features of a standard version. Video messaging received other forms of personal gear by a standard Chronocom will be available in the Frontier which uses stripped of its video component. Chronocoms are so wide-spread in the flesh on the back of the hand.5km. It can also hold 50 video messages (see 4 . Depending on weather frequencies. Well-designed personal transportation devices (such as luxury skimmers and Keypad.

an extreme improvement to be sure. the site of an exploration team’s landing is often the center of a 5km diameter exploration area. have been using Signal Amplification Towers for years to explore new worlds. If fewer people are erecting it.8. which is expanded telescopically to the proper height after landing. Criminals often use public chronocoms in order to keep their positioning off the grid. Making a network of these towers at 10km intervals March 2008 will create a large area able to send an receive analog signals quite far! The Signal Amplification Tower costs 750 Credits and is powered by a type 1 parabattery for up to 1 galactic standard year. meaning if exploration teams want to speak to one another they better not go past 2. it fits securely (minus the parabattery) into a crate 1 meter on each of its sides. the tower will remain standing until it’s disassembled when the exploration team disembarks (or later by a salvage and recovery team sent to clean up).5km distance from their landing ship. Since basic Chronocoms can only be counted on for 5km. When packed and folded. They’re Watching You! One of the fears of people using Chronocoms on a digital signal is that Nesmith Enterprises of Triad’s communications satellites can triangulate the signal source of the wearer. Some new models of exploration ship’s landers have built-in Signal Amplification Towers connected to them. To improve this exploration range. The tower itself is erected by three people in about three hours. they really can’t avoid this. One person can do it in about nine hours. so to speak. explorers erect a simple aluminum-girded tower with a Chronocom relay device at its top. buildings. If someone wants to use a digital signal. It’s height is about 10 meters and its base is about three meters into the ground. Star Law can pay a fee to NET to obtain triangulation information. and sends them just as far. and is powered off the engines of the lander itself. adjust time accordingly. Licensed bounty hunters can do this too (the fee is 100Cr per use – bounty hunting license number and voiceprint identification required).5km to 10km. and other obstacles.5- Star Frontiersman Signal Amplification Tower (SAT) Explorers. Analog signals can’t really be triangulated because they broadcast in an omni-directional manner and the signal bounces off canyon walls. A SAT simply receives basic Chronocom signals at a range of 10 kilometers. This turns a multiple-team exploration radius from 2. 5 . frustrated by the limited range of the standard Chronocom. Not counting extreme weather conditions.

Unarmed 5 everyone is an enemy! Equipment: monofilament sword: 4d10. Of course. 6 . If the players find a way to shield the miners from the Several attempts at communication have gone sonic sensations (a sonic screen would do the trick… unanswered. have amplified the problem. INT/LOG: 25/25 (temporarily penalized -25) PER/LDR: 20/20 (temporarily penalized -25) While exploring the mine. (often a tool or broken piece of machinery). which can easily be frequency- The explosion caused yet more reverberations that modulated for radio signals). The longer they remain. technicians on loan from a friendly megacorp. The most recent of the robotic craft never the problem with a lot of bullets. Something from dangerous. Although expensive to mine effectively. Star Frontiersman Adventure Idea What Really Happened The miners uncovered a huge crystal. IM/PS: +7/+3 (temporarily boosted +0/+1) wants to hurt enemies. used in frequency control and modulation. +10 to hit. they’ll quickly learn March 2008 shooters. Exposure Check Effect Sonic-Raged Yazirian Cyborg: A few minutes INT Easily angered. The miners have been warring with one crystals. with two of the three solve the problem with materials that may be found in recently-mined crevices closed by what looks like the mine). connected circuitry. PER/LDR: 20/30 (temporarily penalized -25) A few days INT -25 Attacks without cause. INT/LOG: 15/25 (temporarily penalized -25) actively seeks confrontation. STR/STA: 90/100 (temporarily boosted +25) jealous. and a bonus if Aftermath they also salvage the missing robotic exploration craft. and also caused the implosion of two of the three openings. They’re consumed by the sonic sensations. what will their within the depths of the moon has caused it! employer think? On the surface of the moon and within its depths. that violence is what this crazed yazirian is best at! or even agents who work for the Yazirian government. all devices powered STR/STA: 50/50 (temporarily boosted +25) by chronocoms will hum with a distinct noise at all DEX/RS: 50/50 (unaffected by sonic-rage) times. Their employer is a government-owned mining find that they have a stow-away on their shuttle: a company called the People’s Invasive Crystal Mining ravenous miner who was once a veteran cyborg Operation (PICMO). spiteful. knowledge of the frequency and resonant effect caused they find that the crevices were destroyed but not by by the natural phenomena. what will the players do with the information they’ve learned? Certainly certain militant groups and Exploring the Mine megacorporations would love to get their hands on the When they reach the mine by pre-programmed shuttle. inducing momentary current in the these miners as it searched the opening of the shafts. The players are hired to investigate the mysterious Stressful Exit When the players are finally leaving the moon. equipment and reverberating within the natural chasm in which it was found. Will the players sell this to an explosion… it was an implosion which claimed the the highest bidder? Will they find it too lethal and external structure of the facility. most of which are crazed and aggressive. the surface of which began picking up vibrations from the mining I like to fill any article I write with concepts for further adventure. A few weeks INT -50 Ravenous with bloodlust. acts hateful. the PCs will face zombified IM/PS: +5/+3 (temporarily boosted +0/+1) yazirian miners. This article should be no exception. not really violent DEX/RS: 50/62 (unaffected by sonic-rage) A few hours INT -10 Bullies others. they’ll event. Instead. The sonic effect causes an Crystal Catastrophe unexpected effect on the central nervous system of living beings… making them more and more aggressive The creation of Chronocoms requires very specialized over time. and destroy it? If so. another in a chaotic battle ever since they were they’re plentiful on asteroids in most systems. returned. and also as microphones (vocal sounds cause vibration on the The robotic explorer craft was destroyed by several of crystal surfaces. many players will want to solve explosions. they too will begin Relevant Skills: Melee Weapons 1. A large-scale mining operation on one of the many moons of Histran has recently gone dead-silent. Unarmed 1 to feel the effects of undesired feelings of anger and Equipment: Simple melee weapon 1d10 damage hate. retired to a less violent life of mining… and in come across the job: they may be freelance trouble- the close confines of the shuttle. Relevant Skills: Melee Weapons 5. Assuming they all survive the catastrophe of the crystal mine. It doesn’t matter how the players warrior. no 50 Sonic-Raged Yazirian Miners: chronocom will function. They are offered money for the recovery or information leading to the recovery of the miners. Robotic exploration craft have returned but allow clever technical-based characters a chance to images of a dark facility.

and this image of when Nixon first introduced her to the readers captures the flavor of the moment quite well. Auden – if you’re out there – please don’t abandon the story!! I’m eager for the next installment! 7 .5- Star Frontiersman March 2008 Avid readers (such as myself!) fond of the ongoing story of the Circle of Fate by Auden Reiter will enjoy this excellent illustration submitted by Shell – Orina is one of my favorite characters.8.

Gruna Garu 35-38 Kesha are pranksters and jokers who love humor. 8 . 47-52 Kuegla are a clan of music lovers. Symbol is a seven pointed star. Scree Fron gain a bonus of +5% to any Personality rolls when 52-55 Histran Lineage. Zamorian Yazirians can fashion a 10- point skeinsuit from suitable animal hides. over 240 years. various places within the article. Symbol is a pair of golden wings. 61-67 Turania are a clan of desert nomads sporting a very thin coat of fur that barely covers their skin. Brisaran Yazirians can glide PLANET OF Lineage TABLE 1. 53-60 Tundaria are worshippers of the beauty of and I just loved a bonus of +5% to any Leadership roll involving it. Kueglan Yazirians begin play with such an instrument of their choice. Several planets have famous lineages that are found on gliding is a past time taken very seriously and the tables which follow. allied with Unglann and have served them during most of their rule. Vantarians save 10% of their income to purchase rare goods. Turanian Yazirians gain a bonus of +5% to any Environmental subskill roll while in the Desert. Their symbol is a silver star worn around the neck. "Family of One") a religious clan. Backan Yazirians gain a the relevant tables to determine your Yazirian’s starting bonus of +5% to any Intuition rolls when dealing family Clan. they often hold competitions. Yast get along well with Dralasites. Araks system add 5% to their Battle Rage. 71-80 Zamoria are hunters noted for their animal skin wardrobes. Some additional notes have been added by me in other Yazirians. They wear an ivory star cluster around neck or wrist. All Gorlians wear an ivory ear ring and March 2008 01-16 Hentz Lineage. They wear a sable cloak or cape. Keshan Yazirians 44-51 Hakosoar Lineage. often feuds with Anglann and occasionally challenges them for d100 Planet of origin rulership. 24-34 Gorlia hot tempered clan. Knar-Kendan Yazirians gain a bonus of +5% to any Melee weapons roll due to their unusual fighting style. 14-16 Backa a very sensitive and understanding clan. Star Frontiersman By Shadow Shack Calling all Hentz Lineages 01-13 Anglann (a.. 17-31 Hargut Lineage. is from. and by James Strain may begin play with one. 81-00 No traceable clan. It doesn’t specify what planet your character with other Yazirians. Tundarian Yazirians who gain starship skills learn a kinship with the stars and gain a bonus of +5% to any Astrogation roll. Anglann Yazirians gain This article was written by Shadow Shack on the development site (www. and gain a bonus of +10% to any Intuition roll to appraise the value of something. Scree Fron dealing with non-Yazirians 56-70 Non-Yazirian World of Origin 39-46 Knar-Kenda are a very aggressive clan of 71-00 Completely Untraceable warriors. Then proceed to than average height. Noted for their shorter stature. 2d10cm shorter First roll on the Planet of Lineage table. 32-43 Athor Lineage. Current rulers of Yast and have held that title for Clansmen.5m for each 1 meter of height descended. representing their creator. often printed across chest and back of any clothing worn. 17-23 Brisara a clan noted for their lust for flight.starfrontiers. always carrying a hand-made instrument in their pockets or around their necks. 67-70 Vantaria are lovers of rare and valuable objects. or traceable to multiple clans on Hentz.k. it specifies what planet his Lineage traces back to.. They don’t use symbols but are known to paint their fur in a pattern specific to their clan.

but its Members of this clan have ambidexterity (similar material gives it a value of 100Cr). 9 . be a great moment to brag about. proud hard workers. the rest of their fur a light tan. For 45-48 Marala is a sea dwelling clan able to hold breath example. multiple life enemies and natural brown and tan 46-50 Styzhia is a clan of tribal witch doctors known for camouflage patterns on their dans (flaps). When they do this. 19-20 Hyrkania is another clan nearing extinction Members of this clan carry a silver-plated blade thanks to space fairing members cross-breeding weapon and cherish it as their prized possession with other/non clan related Yazirians. They make a good living d100 Credits after recently having a work of art as bodyguards because of the lengths they’ll go to purchased. Ophirian Yazirians can survive off the with them for nearly a century. Yazirians gain a bonus of +10% to hit with spears. 36-44 Khordova is a highly respected warrior clan 21-25 Ophiria are wood dwellers and nature lovers. Sathar-related or anyone else that threatens colored phosphorescent globe around their necks.. and the tail as well – but the tail is less extinction by the Regarians during past feuds. Symbol is a silver lightning bolt. it is usually performing odd rituals. in order to protect their charge. or traceable to multiple clans knives. Amonan Yazirians derive their lineage from Athor. Their lamenting music hope of survival they are prone to doing extreme and poetry is well-known and prized – and acts to take out their enemies with no regard to Rojorian Yazirians can make a decent living as their own well-being. known for wearing spiked armbands. Other Yazirians mistrust plating their fangs and claws with metal. No STR/STA with any race. noted for well-groomed without penalty. Silverblade (treat as a normal Sword. 13-28 Hargutia original settlers and rulers of Hargut. 29-35 Khitala is a clan that favors blade weapons. over melee or ranged. appearances and a feather cluster on a neck 53-57 Nistaria is a mysterious clan often seen chain. but no clan wars with them. side-effect of terraforming on Athor. In fighting style gives them a bonus of +5% to addition. foraging. wild. 81-00 No traceable clan. dishonor over their nearly defeated nature – and 51-65 Wastrala is a somewhat suicidal clan. Established the peace something insane like this. agile than one would have you believe. once per adventure. and uncivilized clan not necessary if their enemy is too far away or too known for using much in the way of technology. Rojorian Yazirians carry a great deal of for any rolls using it. They and fear Velia. former Members wear a plastic embalmed insect around enemies of Shurkian clan but have lived in peace their necks.8. this way for each 20 points of Intuition. bows. Pasamorian Yazirians gain Nistarian Yazirians get a bonus of +5% to any a bonus of +10% to any Battle Rage roll when March 2008 deception attempt. but have roots on nearly every world where Hargutian Yazirians receive a bonus of +5% to all Yazirians can be found. Their manes are typically Leadership rolls when dealing with other Yazirians. They gain a function normally). but will do what is 77-80 Xuthora is a fierce. they may sustain one other person in unarmed combat. symbol is a gold leaf of trust. -10 DEX in desert 26-45 Pasamoria is a peace loving clan who willingly climates). Some claim their shape to be a environments. known for their athletic builds and uncanny speed Starting Khitalan Yazirians may begin play with a & reflexes. dark brown. Symbol is a silver dagger artists. The horns 65 Rojoria is a clan that has nearly been driven to are real. Wastralan 66-72 Shurkia is another respected warrior clan known Yazirians can declare a “Do-or-die Moment” in a for their necklaces comprised of teeth removed story where they’ll disregard their own life and do from their slain enemies. They prefer unarmed combat bonus of +5% to intimidate other Yazirians. to Vrusk) and human movement speeds. treaty with their former rival Khordova clan. 81-00 No traceable clan. Nievarans can tolerate arctic conditions fights for freedom. Starting Rojorian Yazirians have an extra worn around the neck. on Athor. penalty for Barakhan Yazirians. They are (the weapon usually has a story behind it). or traceable to multiple clans on Hentz. Members wear a multi. they don't tolerate etc. fur adapted for colder climates. and other archaic weapons. Velian may bite or claw for 1d10 damage plus their Yazirians cannot leave Battle Rage without tearing punching score (skeinsuits and inertia screens up something in a messy fashion. peace and prosperity. they gain a bonus of +10% to Shurkian Yazirians gain a bonus of +5% to hit all actions they do that turn. small horns growing from behind their ears and a Regarian Yazirians gain a bonus of +5% to any prehensile tail capable of wielding small tools (but roll to conceal themselves in natural not weapons). Xuthoran effective. Treat the noted for their deep reddish brown fur and deep tail as possessing half the DEX/RS of the character voices. heat very well (-5 STR. an Ophirian Yazirian with an Intuition for extended periods (#turns equal to STA). If a life enemy is selected. If they survive it’ll with any two-handed melee weapon. defending freedom or liberty (their own or 58-64 Regaria is a fierce and barbaric clan known for someone else’s). 73-76 Velia is a cruel and nearly evil natured clan noted 66-80 Zigara is a warrior band known for dipping/ for their jet black fur. well defended for their claws or teeth to be Max LOG score for a Xuthoran is 45.. members carry a penalty of -10% on all PER/LDR rolls have a do-or-die mentality and when there is no against other Yazirians.5- Star Frontiersman Hargut Lineages Athor Lineages 01-12 Barakha is a strong Yazirian clan noted for their 01-18 Amona is a neutral-minded clan that works well stocky build. trapping. Their unique land indefinitely if living in a wooded area. score of 55 may sustain himself and 2 others by 49-52 Nievara is a clan known for their thick coats of living off the land: hunting.

Their STR and STA scores only have half the normal Yazirian penalty. other conditions. defeated. some other non-Yazirian world. An unofficial clan comprised of genetic cross-breeding intervention with human genes. symbol is a triangle. They wage clan wars at the drop of a hat. They are especially noted for their clan untraceable – see the above result for white fur. Roll again to indicate caps but have since adapted to most weather clan of origin. resulting in a mix-breed group often sporting features and abilities from both Human and Yazirian races (figure 50% chance for each Yazirian trait: flaps for gliding. half-breed between two basis of truth. They are noted for dying their March 2008 fur in non-natural colors. and have warred with nearly every other clan at one time or another. by John Mince 10 . Forbidden to use weapons that shed blood. etc). 41-50 Polara is a clan that originated in the polar 31-60 One-Clan Half-Breed. Norson Yazirians study using these weapons to disable their enemies. Starting Ziriyan Yazirians have a packet of this expensive spice valued at 50 Credits. Star Frontiersman Hakosoar Lineages Non-Yazirian 01-15 Bakala is a clan whose members are typically WoRLD LINEAGEs seen in groups of three all brandishing three 01-10 Adopted. Kabarlan Yazirians wed (and you lived with your mother’s clan as gain a bonus of +5% to their Leadership rolls a second-class citizen) or ran away together to with others. 36-60 Norso is a religious clan that practices their version of human beliefs. four knuckles. When fighting other Yazirians. Often 51-65 Tuborga is a warlike clan known for grooming referred to as “mutt” by other Yazirians. restricted to clubs and stun weapons. Symbol is a hexagon with an X through it. and law. half breed from one clan. and harmony. or traceable to multiple clans on Histran. Roll twice again to 16-40 Kabarla is a clan centered on the beliefs and indicate clan of origin. Bakalan full-bred clan member transplant from an marriages are polygamous – either two men exiled. Tuborgan yazirians gain a bonus of +5% to hit with ranged weapons because of their steady aims and calm under fire. 81-00 No traceable clan. Your parents either never prancing horse-like animal. love. or unknown clan. battle rage. dishonored. 66-80 Ziriya is a somewhat rational clan lacking the typical arrogant and pushy attitude amongst most Yazirians. or traceable to multiple clans on Hakosoar. add 2d10cm to height. No traceable clan. height. weapons. Histran Lineages 01-35 Invia is a taller breed known for their grey fur and icy blue eyes. or non-HTH sonic arms. if the Norson Yazirian rolls doubles on their hit roll treat that hit as a potential knockout blow (STA check to resist). Ziriyan Yazirians have an unusual smell from the odd Zir spice they like to flavor their food with. They wear a symbol of a genetic makeup. 81-00 No traceable clan. their hair into a mowhawk or top knot. 11-30 Two-Clan Half-Breed. environmentalist rolls. Half-breeds are seldom accepted homeworld they are often seen riding elegantly into either of the clans which comprise their adorned mounts. On their rolled clans. body fur. Polaran Yazirians are survivors – difficulties in getting along in various clan gaining a bonus of +5% to any politics. and a woman or two women and a man. justice. Roll again to indicate clan of origin. 61-80 Venusia clansmen are seekers of beauty. night vision. 61-00 Truly Clanless.

a person's lungs can be made to breath Torrent. not counting the untold number of insects. Williams 11 . apparatuses. Williams Torrent a . its early stages of life. the air normally. When traveling long distances. most races can live and breath normally without assistance. and C. and with properly Others suggest that it is likely that the Tetrarchs created formulated pills. dash about.5- Star Frontiersman By C.8. Because of the humidity in those regions. Soil samples reveal that the planet is barely 1.5 billion years old and life has only been on the Sixty-four percent of Torrent's surface is covered by planet for barely a fifth of that time. The air can be filtered.000 variations of dinosaur and life both above and beneath its surface. can see them herding along the planes. It is a world untouched by any civilization. It has been suggested water.05 penalty per kilometer traveled An outstanding feature of Torrent is its wildlife. Deep in the forests insects and small animals In far southern and northern regions. Areas closer to the equator are development as otherwise they would have likely near impossible to survive without proper breathing conquered the planet and transformed its life long ago. character's distance traveled is affected by Images courtesy of Dire Press Map shown in greater detail on page 12.J. Fractal World Generator. It is timing with home to an estimated 35. that the Tetrarchs likely respected the early stages of life making breathing difficult. though they have a -5 penalty (-1 CS) to all The Council of Worlds has identified Torrent as special and March 2008 actions requiring any kind of exertion (Referee's set it aside as a nature preserve. It is a planet in A planet dominated by dinosaurs. J. The air has a high concentration of carbon dioxide. NASA. an environmental suit is needed as well or else the person Dinosaurs of all kinds are the trademark of Torrent. seeking food and scrounging for scraps. You will collapse in moments from heat exhaustion. near to the ice caps. revealing the mysteries of the ancient past of every world. Torrent a planet an estimated 200 million species of plant and animal life. Torrent is Just outside of Frontier space is a world known as Torrent. discretion) on account of the humidity. skirted by predators.

March 2008 Star Frontiersman 12 .

the wildlife at bay. Large Photosynthetic Plant. In this environment a Referee must throw creature after creature at his players to keep them on their toes until they adapt. Tree. Despite being in a cold region. the algae causes • Pirate Treasure. etc. observe its life. Your adventurers have stumbled the waters in this area to be a moderately cold. The tree mold is high in nutritious elements and natural sickness fighters (colds. islands. putting you over and barriers. from which the planet gets its name. does not prevent a Referee from carrying The accompanying map is a landing zone on Torrent. including radiation. unexplored world with endless potential only just starting its trek through the developmental battlefield. At the very southern-most tip of the peninsula you will notice a yellowish area in the water. Your ship crash current caused by the warm current of the north end of lands on a nearby planet where you must survive until the sea meeting the cold wastes of the southern cap. Bathing in the cunning intelligence of the enormous Retributosaur. many more creatures on Torrent. this underwater coastline stretches as far as 30 kilometers your shuttle crashes in transit far from destinatiion. planet of dinosaurs is different than the usual fare of intrigue and chasing villains. It has dinosaur when all goes wrong. plate-like leaves The truth is. you in a different part of space.). and urea. inhabitants into your campaign: You will note the rather large underwater coastline. Throughout this area is a massive system of Torrent. Now. Torrent has many. they branches to develop a drinkable panacea that defends must find out who the saboteur (or saboteurs) is before against various biological infestations. this is only a small cross-section of the in tall trees and is a bright green in color. There are many. On their way to the treasure. of course. It produces a creatures you'll find on Torrent. Your group has been hired high concentration of an algae known as cleat. them to Torrent. The your players are in the midst of the investigation when plant apparently develops medicines by acquiring samples the ship is forced to crash land on Torrent. iodide. Now you must fend for yourself until your ship can rescue you. many of which are just variants of the ones presented in this Adventure Ideas article. they stumble across pirates. the that can be used for medicines. massive peninsula known as the Southern Veil. Unfortunately. Tree Mold or which your players may be able to do something with. Tree mold is a fungus that grows as tiny. Your group of soldiers were en route results from the fact that the waters cannot be traversed to a military facility to bolster the ranks. or die. Along • Expedition. Beyond the underwater coastline is a destroying most of the equipment you had for keeping steep dropoff. The waters of the western coastline are known only as the Torrent. Little did you realize the a distinct pleasant odor like clean soap. This is an area with a • March 2008 Hunters and the Hunted. flu. saved by explorers or someone from the UPF looking Attempts to pass through those waters will result in for you. but these are the ones to watch out for at the Southern Veil. Your intrepid group of adventurers were On the eastern coastline you will notice the calm waters of attempting to go to Starmist. a on intrigue amongst the planet of dinosaurs. You land to find out if there is any culture that unexplored underwater caves running for many kilometers can help you. Chewing the root or limbs also cleans teeth. are rescured. as well as identifying water only goes as far as 10 meters deep. mold in it. They track down the trees with the most tree dangers and things of interest. Your party has been sent to explore the the southern-most tip the water is only 3 meters deep at planet. but a misjump landed the Blue Ocean and its many underwater capes. • Misjump. or maybe to recover the Siproot booty they burried. certain death. and most importantly find herbs its lowest point. but what you find is an entirely under the land mass. not of saliva and blood from animals that sip its roots or only must they survive against a deadly planet. In other places around the peninsula. waters can rid characters of many pollutants. This is a they kill off the entire crew or the crew succumbs to pansymbiotic relationship with all animals that ensures the inhabitants of torrent. The map is an image taken There are lots of ways to fit Torrent and its dinosaur by the Promenant in low orbit. but upon a treasure map on a ship's computer that leads comfortable temperature around 4° C.5- Star Frontiersman The Southern Veil This. 13 .8. The name • Lost in Transit. that the plant is able to reproduce by attaching its tiny seeds to the fur of animals drinking from its roots and Creature Manifest limbs. perhaps having been in hunt of Herbs of Note the treasure themselves. Feel free to make your own dinosaurs and dangerous plants to add to the list of creatures inhabiting An adventure consisting entirely of survival amongst a this lost world. out into the ocean. when the ship under or over its surface due to a massive and violent is attacked by Sathar and left for dead. Each square on the map is 10 km. which by a rich gamer to track down and hunt a large releases large amounts of sulfates. The ship has clearly been sabotaged and vaccination against most Torrent diseases and viruses. There are many other sweet pungent scent that is unavoidable to taller landing zones on Torrent. many more creatures on it. In some places new genetic types for product research. and each one has its own dinosaurs. Drinking from this tree's roots or branches daily provides natural short-lived • Saboteur.

It looks like a long-legged cat mixed with a deer. Trample SPECIAL ATTACK: Charge at full speed SPECIAL DEFENSE: Armor. bite SPECIAL ATTACK: Charge and trip SPECIAL DEFENSE: Speed NATIVE WORLD: Torrent DESCRIPTION: A gainer is a cat with a narrow head and long legs designed to make ever magnifying charges. as they know the sound means moving animals. Only a mateable armagor can get in the vicinity. The problem is. 14 . the armagor can run around 60 kph and is exceptionally territorial. producing what sounds similar to a jackhammer pounding on marble for several seconds. The sound is amplified by a resonating chamber on their very pronounced snout. they will resume their clamoring. Clamorbeak (Pterosaur) TYPE: Medium Carnivore NUMBER: 1-2 MOVE: Medium (flying) IM/RS: 4/40 STAMINA: 30 March 2008 ATTACK: 45 DAMAGE: 1d10 claw. it attracts carnivores. increasing speed as it runs until it overtakes its victim or dies of heart failure. Quick-tempered. It has a single horn on its snout that it uses to gore anything it perceives to be a threat. Gainer TYPE: Large Carnivore NUMBER: 2-10 MOVE: Very Fast (Special) IM/RS: 8/75 STAMINA: 160 ATTACK: 85 DAMAGE: 4d10 claw. If woken at night. peck SPECIAL ATTACK: None SPECIAL DEFENSE: None NATIVE WORLD: Torrent DESCRIPTION: These pterosaurs clack their beaks at many very loud clacks per second. Star Frontiersman Armagor (Ceratops) TYPE: Large Quadruped Herbivore NUMBER: 2 MOVE: Fast IM/RS: 4/40 STAMINA: 240 ATTACK: 60 DAMAGE: 4d10 Gore. Needler weapons do not penetrate hide NATIVE WORLD: Torrent DESCRIPTION: An armagor is over 1 metric ton and a thick skin covers the armagor's body protecting it from all manner of attack.

trample SPECIAL ATTACK: None SPECIAL DEFENSE: Needler weapons do not penetrate hide NATIVE WORLD: Torrent DESCRIPTION: The klastidon is a noble-looking elephant with large. resulting in disease and larvae infestation that slowly kills the victim. Klastidon (Treerake) TYPE: Giant Herbivore NUMBER: 1-10 MOVE: Medium IM/RS: 5/45 STAMINA: 200 March 2008 ATTACK: 65 DAMAGE: 3d10 toss. gore. Langet (Avian) TYPE: Small Carnivore NUMBER: 2-20 MOVE: Medium (flying) IM/RS: 4/35 STAMINA: 30 ATTACK: 50 DAMAGE: 1d5 claw. challenge suitors. and defeat threats.1 m long flat fly that flies silently and gently attaches itself to a host in transit. SPECIAL DEFENSE: None NATIVE WORLD: Torrent DESCRIPTION: A hitchhiker is a . Its wingspan is approximately 1. It only has interest in picking the meat from already dead carcasses.8. It stands approximately 3. flat tusks extending out to either side that it uses to pull down trees.5- Star Frontiersman Hitchhiker (Insect) TYPE: Small Omnivore NUMBER: 1 (or 40 gnats) MOVE: Medium (flying) IM/RS: 7/70 STAMINA: 5 ATTACK: 65 DAMAGE: 1d10/hr SPECIAL ATTACK: Lays eggs in a host that begin eating the host after 1 day. 15 . laying eggs in the host. dull.5 meters tall at the shoulders. and the larvae continue to feed on the corpse long after death until they morph into around 40 gnats. peck SPECIAL ATTACK: None SPECIAL DEFENSE: None NATIVE WORLD: Torrent DESCRIPTION: The langet is a carrion scavenger with dark blue to black feathers and a pale yellow beak.5 meters. flesh-covered.

Star Frontiersman

TYPE: Giant Herbivore
NUMBER: 3-20
MOVE: Medium
IM/RS: 3/30
DAMAGE: 2d10 trample
SPECIAL DEFENSE: Needler weapons do not penetrate

DESCRIPTION: It is believed that a polyceratops can be
domesticated and rode similarly to an elephant. It has a
long neck and tail and the trademark ceratops plate with
spiked points. Those with riding skill may do a skill check
for riding a polyceratops. A polyceratops moves at 4
kilometers an hour and can run as fast as 40 kilometers an
hour for 1d5 minutes despite its awkward shape. Its front
legs apparently pull the dinosaur's body into the run while
the hind legs bear the weight of the polyceratops's mass
when coming down. It uses its front legs for pushing or
pulling tall trees down to its mouth level to feed, not off of
the leaves, but from tree mold that has taken root on the
leaves and branches.

TYPE: Medium Carnivore
March 2008

NUMBER: 2-10
MOVE: Medium (flying)
IM/RS: 6/55
DAMAGE: 2d10 claw, bite

DESCRIPTION: A dangerous hunter, the pteribak seeks out
medium size prey for feeding to its young. It has a long,
pointed snout, oblong head, and sharp, saw-like teeth. It
has a conspicuous waddle used to store up to 50 lbs of
meat to feed to its young.

TYPE: Giant Carnivore
MOVE: Very Fast
IM/RS: 7/70
DAMAGE: 7d10 claw, bite
SPECIAL DEFENSE: Needler weapons do not penetrate

DESCRIPTION: An impressive pear-shaped dinosaur with
large back legs designed for fast charges and small forward
arms designed for tearing and holding prey in place for
feasting. It has a latter-like stripe pattern down its back,
but no other distinguishing features.


Star Frontiersman
TYPE: Medium Carnivore
MOVE: Fast
IM/RS: 7/70
DAMAGE: 3d10 claw, bite
SPECIAL DEFENSE: Needler weapons do not
penetrate hide

DESCRIPTION: The ripclaw is lean dinosaur armed with
large razor-sharp claws on their hands and feet. It also has
horny protrusions and bumps on its scull and down its neck
and some parts of its back and tail. They sharpen their
claws on the wetting plant, a bamboo-like plant that thrives
on being sliced apart or crushed. When you see a wetting
plant that has been sliced apart, then a ripclaw is likely near
by. The ripclaw's lower jaw is not joined, so it can
disconnect its jaw and swallow large portions or even whole

TYPE: Giant Herbivore
MOVE: Medium
IM/RS: 3/30

March 2008
DAMAGE: 3d10 trip, trample
SPECIAL ATTACK: Trips with its tail and stomps
SPECIAL DEFENSE: Needler weapons do not
penetrate hide

DESCRIPTION: A large dinosaur with plates on its back
facing in chaotic directions, apparently used for confusing
predators and protecting it against a predator's bites, as
well as camouflage. The plates are also used for mating,
filling with blood to produce a bright red display.

TYPE: Large Carnivore
MOVE: Fast
IM/RS: 8/80
DAMAGE: 4d10 claw, bite
SPECIAL DEFENSE: Needler weapons do not
penetrate hide

DESCRIPTION: Standing approximately 4 meters tall, and
having ridges and a few spikes all over its body, with a
course, plated, reddish skin. The terrorsaur releases a
blood-curdling screech to terrify its victims into shock and
submission. At which point it charges the stationary,
mewing, and shivering creature and eats without resistance.


Star Frontiersman

TYPE: Medium Carnivore
MOVE: Medium
IM/RS: 7/65
DAMAGE: 1d10 claw, bite; 1d5/turn acid
SPECIAL ATTACK: Spitting acid causes damage,
blindness, and eventual
paralysis (-2m/turn)

DESCRIPTION: A multi-colored dinosaur standing
approximately .7 m tall and has a multi-colored skin flap
that flairs out around its neck for mating and
intimidating. It has yellow and black mottled stripes
down its spine and tail. 3-10 trapesaurs will surround a
hapless victim, giving off the sound of a gelding
dinosaur. They attack all at once clawing and biting their
prey until it succumbs to exsanguination. They attempt
to eat the prey while still alive.

Tybor Monkey
TYPE: Small Omnivore
March 2008

NUMBER: 2-20
MOVE: Medium
IM/RS: 6/60
DAMAGE: 1d10 claw, bite

DESCRIPTION: The tybor monkey is a social scavenger
and forager, subsisting on bugs, some plants, and stolen
meat. It looks like a lizard in the shape of a monkey with
large round eyes. Careful, these mischievous monkeys
can wreak havoc in a camp. These semi-intelligent
creatures are poised to be the dominant species on the

Other Sources Editor’s Note: This article has a lot of stuff for use
in your games. Even if you don’t locate these
There are great sources for adventure ideas with creatures on the planet described in the article – it’s
dinosaurs that can be found in classic literature. fourteen fully-detailed creatures!

Anne McCaffrey's Dinosaur Planet/Planet Pirates series' Dinosaurs can scare the heck out of an adventurer.
with Elizabeth Moon, and Jody Lynn Nye, where a team They’re big, sometimes fast, and you don’t really
of geological investigators look for ways to exploit the know just how smart they are. Will they work as a
planet's resources, only to find a planet of few pack like wolves? Will they chase you beyond their
resources and many dangers. established territory? Is there a way adventurers can
learn to identify the markings of that territory? Are
Xenozoic Tales (a.k.a, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs), an they just as curious about you as you are about
underground comic by Mark Schultz that has been them? What if one can actually befriend a dinosaur,
made into a TV series and an RPG published by GDW, like domestication of some household pets where the
where men went underground after environmentally animal will consider the character a part of its family?
devastating the planet and come up four centuries later These questions and more all await you on planet
Torrent – or wherever you use these great resources.
to discover that the world has reclaimed itself.
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scientists. and philosophers. which stands about 2 meters tall and is these endeavors. The eldest among for the exchange of abstract philosophical concepts the Eorna stand about 3. with only vestigial that the events of ‘The Volturnus Adventure’ were aspects remaining. Any natural claws used for attacking or defending have Author’s Note: The following race description assumes long since been lost to evolution. The toothy maw of the raptor-like with clicks. Their smaller forelimbs have amplify or otherwise augment these abilities.5- Star Frontiersman Adapted by R. to extremes of either light or darkness. Their mighty feats of technology Eorna are still apt runners compared to the other allowed the peaceful race to lead lives of comfort Frontier races. hissing sounds. but nowhere near as sharp as a Frontier Space. made a substantial recovery due to the diligent Their eyesight is keen for details but is not adapted efforts of their Elders and a great deal of luck. and some several years have since past. Usually one The Eorna race. involved with History mostly cerebral pursuits. Youthful Eorna might only be approximately 1 meter in height and about 1. the the sciences. Kevin Smoot very streamlined and their tail provides an extra Eorna means of propulsion and maneuverability. the race that thought they were on the brink of extinction was revitalized with new generations to carry on the fight Senses The Eorna senses are roughly equivalent to the against the Sathar threat. Although modern amenities. Soft ‘honking’ sounds combined hatchlings. meters in total nose to tail length. The fur is Eorna vocal sounds are very different from those technically a form of specialized feather. the Eorna are warm-blooded and have developed a fur-like coat of Speech soft down over most of their bodies. Dralasite. As a race that has had eons of The Eorna have suffered greatly as a race. With the discovery of the Eorna egg cryo-ship. lifespan. even can also swim with ease because their body shape is craft capable of travel to other star systems.8. descended from intelligent bipedal Volturnian All Eorna seem to have an aptitude for mental dinosaurs. Eorna grow throughout their in Frontier space. would encounter a mature Eorna (approximately 20 scholars.5 meters tall and can be as well as information that is required to be very over 5 meters in total length. and dinosaur ancestors may have had in the past. Often empathic or telepathic The Eorna are a race of intelligent creatures individuals among the Eorna can be encountered. precise. Because of years old). Although they were not prolific quite well because of their strong lower legs. as a whole. philosophy. can approximate all the sounds necessary to speak Pan-Galactic and the other main languages spoken Like many reptiles. They have a rather large tail that is used discipline and they also known to have technology to for balance in walking. they have keen senses that their ancestors may have had. was a race of artists. developed hands for grasping and manipulating objects. the Eorna warm blooded and omnivorous. Most Eorna are rather sedentary. the Eorna have lost much of the nearly forced to extinction by the Sathar. Although they have lost For Eons. Eorna spacers. the Eorna are the engineers of olfactory senses are a little more sensitive than your several other intelligent species who now travel in average human. the Eorna language is well adapted nearly 3 meters in total length. The Eorna brain is highly developed for extra Physical Structure March 2008 sensory information. the Eorna did develop spacecraft. and rumbling growls dinosaur they evolved from has been replaced with form the basic sounds that an Eorna uses in its specialized teeth as the Eorna evolved to become native language. successfully resolved. Eorna can spring or jump and tranquility.5 The Eorna language itself is very well developed. Despite the differences. Their Experts in genetics. Likewise. the Eorna have had an advanced much of the physical ability that their raptor-like civilization built upon tenets of art. Although basically reptilian. It is 19 . much like made by Humans due to the different structure of the undercoat of an adult bird or the soft feathers of the Eorna palate. human standard.

dedicated to beauty. Additionally. encountered. To meet the Sathar challenge. Most of the advanced Eorna technology and race was effectively wiped off of the face of historical data was already long gone. although system-monitoring devices Societyand Customs were left to notify them of changes in that region of The rejuvenated Eorna society is still evolving. When they woke from are gone. as of yet Eorna race would thrive again! unexplored by the Frontier races. The Eorna knew it was only a matter of time before the Sathar forces returned to Volturnus. The Sathar monitoring equipment had started transmitting upon the arrival of exploration and pirate space vessels in the vicinity of the system. The most surprising news came as Frontier rescue vessels made their way to the Zebulon system. The Eorna tried to make peaceful Frontier contact has had its impact on the contact as the Sathar ships approached the system. The traditional family units facilities deep underground. With only a handful of survivors out of cryo-stasis at a time. Williams 20 . The Eorna were also acutely aware that their engineered races were still quite primitive and obviously incapable of defending themselves. several of eradication missions on Volturnus and the entire the child races the Eorna were guiding have made population of Eorna was eliminated. but with sufficient technology and military skill to defend against and eventually destroy the Sathar. The Eorna hoped that one of the races would eventually achieve a high level of civilization. and now virtually all Eorna their stasis they found their world in ruins. the Eorna worked diligently for many years on the Great Mission. escaped notice and survived by views. space. It all changed when the Sathar were and indoctrinating them with the Eorna values. now called the “Day of Doom.” The Eorna life. the Eorna maintained this peaceful repopulate their species by hatching groups of eggs lifestyle. a few small with the changes. Frontier expansion into the Zebulon system caused those remaining Eorna a great deal of stress. Youthful Eorna March 2008 continue the race. so the Eorna Volturnus as the Sathar razed their beautiful cities. Since those events. Sadly reproduction occurs according to they also realized that their few remaining survivors breeding. even as they know inevitable changes are placing themselves in cryo-stasis within secret occurring. the Eorna survivors artificially interfered with the evolution on Volturnus to produce new intelligent races.” Instead of fruitlessly fighting to continue their own race. then left the system to continue their military expansion. The Sathar their own impact in the Frontier. development of the new generations as well. The Eorna Elders hold on to and groups of Eorna.J. these few Eorna survivors began what they called the “Great Mission. and adolescent did not constitute a large enough gene pool to training programs. and the Eorna still struggle Unknown to their Sathar conquerors. The enclaves located in other star systems. An amazing turn of events followed as a group of shipwrecked survivors of the Frontier craft. the Serena Dawn. An Eorna cryo-ship containing over fifty thousand live eggs in artwork by C. the Eorna Elders had started to For ages. managed to unite the primitive races of Volturnus and turn back the Sathar for a time. collectively numbering less than try to encourage their pacifistic and philosophical 100 individuals. and but were overcome by the ruthless attack that the Eorna young embraced many aspects of Frontier followed. hatching. Frontier concepts are often at odds with the traditional Eorna values. Star Frontiersman conceivable that there could be other Eornian stasis had been found in a very wide orbit. have adopted the more readily available Frontier For many years the Sathar continued to conduct equipment in recent times.

the Frontier races have managed to pull together when In order for a member of one of the child races to it counts. that an Eorna masters a field of study. produced by the Eorna. Rediscovering and developing Eorna tend to shun individuals who do not appreciate such technology is a primary focus. creative they have profit on their minds. the Eorna can leap and vault 1. he is as medical officers on UPF ships. For example. some Eorna continue to be born with An Eorna can command a hypnotized person to do genetic anomalies and bizarre. The Vrusk appreciate the degree is still rare at this time. hypnotized. as long as his other senses do not contradict Eorna within any profession or field of study. races (in favor of the Eorna).5 times disdain. For example. It is becoming very common to see Eorna character must make a Logic check. the manner in which. many Eorna the values listed in the Alpha Dawn rules under are drawn to biosocial fields of study and artistic Leaping and Vaulting. many Eorna to live among Yazirian territories. a character Despite strict breeding programs (because of limited would not believe that a fire was a pool of water. and the Dralasites have a great fondness for the artwork The Eorna have no priests or religious leaders. There are a few Eorna who have started Overall. than their elders. music. A hypnotized character will think the Eorna is his friend. but most are work is akin to a religious experience. they were on predisposed to not harm a member of the Eorna March 2008 the brink of extinction and were saved by individuals race and is exceptionally susceptible to Eorna from Frontier worlds. The general. if he fails. gene pool). forestry. He will see things the way the Eorna describes from these norms. Strangely. To an Eorna. hypnotized to wipe certain memories from 21 . As a form of spirituality. despite all the differences. and will want to cooperate with The newer generations of Eorna can and do vary it. The Eorna had the foresight to genetically encode certain behaviors Attitudes into these races as part of their development. the Frontier races are rather accepting of families outside of the breeding programs. The Eorna are impressed by influence. cybernetics. or other similar expressive endeavors. A The Eorna hold most representatives of each race designated as a creation of the Eorna is Frontier race in high regards. a uncommon to encounter an Eorna who can be character could be commanded to turn off a security violently tempered or even having criminal system at midnight. Events of their relatively recent history have also driven their sciences to the pursuits of Mentalist – An Eorna can hypnotize a character by genetics. and one could encounter an them. the Eorna are wise enough to judge check at the beginning of any combat. something at a specific time. Despite the positive predisposition to the attack an Eorna. The Eorna working towards endeavors that benefit both hold destruction of art or life in disdain. but system values. medicine. what the Eorna tells him.5- Star Frontiersman emerge from these programs ready to begin their own lives. and they groups. keen interest in the Eorna. even insane. Because of these inclinations. and healthcare in talking to him in a non-combat situation. Eorna can now be found in virtually any profession and having widely varying Special Abilities views on different subjects. In addition. most Eorna craft works of art. A character might be tendencies. development including mining. Most Eorna abhor unnecessary violence. but this the Eorna as well. now a part of Frontier societies. it must make a successful LOG Frontier races. Any destruction or vandalism Leaping and Vaulting – Due to their powerful of works of art or intellect is likewise viewed with lower limbs. endeavors. unless it is each person on his or her own individual merits. They believe that the The mega-corporations of the Frontier also have purpose of life is to come to know ‘true beauty’. attacked first by the Eorna. After all. and other natural resources of Volturnus and the rest of the New generations of Eorna have much wider views Zebulon system are also on the table. although the vast Genetic Protection – The Eorna are the ‘fathers’ of majority of the Eorna population still feels ties to the several of the Volturnian races. inviting other Frontier societies.8. and to forget that he attitudes and behaviors. the Eorna They are quite aware that even the noblest race will gain a bonus of +20% on any check or ability have degenerates and criminally minded individuals involving communication with one of these child within each population. This bonus also includes mental control or attacks by Mentalist or The average Eorna is rather pacifistic and prefers Telepathic Eorna if those optional rules are used. the normally although some members of the newer Eorna aggressive Yazirians have taken a liking to the Eorna generations have adopted forms of religion from and have become quite protective of them. It is not entirely has been hypnotized until that time. of which some are traditional values of their forebears. serene artistic surroundings. Like most businesses. which can take many forms.

this Eorna character could Protection Eorna must make a LOG check to still choose to pick up the Telepath Skill (paying all attack Eorna characters. Link. individual harm or for their own personal gain. Eorna Elders. Illusion. If Zebulon’s Guide rules are being used.5 times not choose Mentalism as his actual Primary Skill Vaulting the normal distances. Star Frontiersman recollection or to forget the events in short term memory. Eorna are also approximately for the Eorna but also for Sathar NPCs the same size as the other Frontier races. Telepathy (all). Area. Each particular application would require Eorna separate Logic checks to determine success. but it is suggested to use the latter optional variation. Mentalism Hypnotism ability (or optionally special access to Telepath Skill) Note: Referees may choose which method of Eorna Mentalism to use in their campaign. but I and indoctrinations by the Elders of their race. In addition. optional Mentalism Primary Skill Area). and style powers (Empathy. There is no additional experience point Walking 15 meters per turn cost for this skill not being in the character’s primary Running 35 meters per turn skill area. Trap). not only until their older years. which would have +20% on interactions with normally not be available to characters of other these races or with mental races. A few liberties were race stemming from the egg cryo-ship or the taken to roughly balance the Eorna Race against breeding programs that followed. SF1. The basic Mentalism ability is variety of different paths despite the strong urgings the same as the Sathar Hypnosis ability. statistics. choose Biosocial as their Primary Skill Area. access to the other Mentalism skills because he did Leaping & Eorna can leap and vault 1. therefore. Suggestion. Freed from the the other frontier races by extrapolating certain necessity of adhering to the Great Mission for aspects of their physiology and culture. or always be non-player characters. motivations decided by the Referee. even Eorna Elders would face certain problems during a if the Mentalism PSA is not used in the campaign campaign due to their large size (3 to 3. after Genetic Volturnian races developed by the earning some experience. SF2) and I Note: Eorna player characters are generally give full credit to the authors of that material for assumed to be one of the newer generations of the their wonderful creations. height). coming survival of the race (as described in the Volturnus up with a playable variation/explanation that is adventures). Hourly 6 kilometers/hour Swimming 15 meters per turn. Later. such as the it is suggested that the Eorna only have access to individuals detailed in the Volturnian adventures. Up suggest the optional variation strongly. Eorna March 2008 appropriate experience point costs). Most Eorna have high standards of morals and ethics. ability). Metabolic Control or Psychokinesis) unless they have actually chosen Ability Scores Mentalism as their official primary skill area (if STR/STA +10 allowed).9 meters tall. 3 meters nose-to-tail Average Mass 120+ kilograms Optional Mentalist Variation – All Eorna have Average Lifespan 220 years special access to the Telepath Skill (from the Reproductive System heterosexual.e. 22 . all individual disciplines that deal with purely telepathic have advanced experience. PER/LDR -5 In addition the Eorna must pay all the necessary experience point costs to increase their ability with Movement this skill. Fear. The Eorna must pay the normal DEX/RS -10 experience point costs to acquire the Telepath Skill INT/LOG +5 unless it was chosen as one of their starting skills. and should Paralyze. 2 kilometers per hour An Eorna may. so special (replacing the aforementioned Hypnotism accommodations or equipment is not necessary.5 meters in otherwise. Shield. that is. unless they have chosen Mentalism as their actual Profession. The Eorna character would never have control/attacks. the new generations often follow a not overpowered. and Characters Characteristics they rarely use this ability wantonly to cause an Average Size 1. Author’s Note: Much information here was taken Eorna Characters from pre-existing material (SF0. and might choose Medical and Special Abilities Psychosocial as his initial skill choices. Eorna ovoviviparous characters may not take skill levels in the other Body Temperature 34 degrees Celsius Mentalism PSA Skills (i.

On the Vrusk colony world of team. Seven years ago… “Team one. He turned back to the tracks they had found and moved deeper into the jungle. Daelstrom. The teens stepped into a small clearing.. over. By profession he underbrush.8. come. team. however. His art inexperienced were put in the middle hadn’t been lost on work will grace the pages of this webzine in months to either of them. Birzz’Kak a Vrusk ex-Tech. in Dralasite years.” A single click on each week or so back and he was excited to be out from under com-link confirmed the transmission from the rest of the that overprotective wing. Suddenly the shrubs right behind tremendous size.. its banks choked with heavy vines and explorer. watch for it! and not the two senior members of the search party. with Birzz’Kak on trailing I’m helping him with a site that will definitely be worth and Tessa on point. With a shape that explorer had seen something like this somewhere would pass for a smug look on Geer Vos' face and with a before…his mind returned to the task at hand. were going to be the ones to find the wayward 'bot. the two compiled took up most of one corner in the garage. go ahead Horizon. had worked his way up to ship's Engineer. Lastly. a raven-haired beauty from the planet moss. Somewhere out there was a robot that had wandered off from camp “It looks like sensors finally got a fix on the ‘Bot. ignoring its programming as it walked into the dense coordinates. He was the ship's captain and Dael’s uncle. really not much more than a boy at the time “We copy Horizon. with set out in search of a missing robot. He thought March 2008 nod he and Daelstrom spread further out into the canopy that they could get one or maybe two operational by of the jungle.” Tessa’s voice issued looked back over his shoulder at the Far Horizon.” the voice said with calm foliage. Thick with rust and was Tessa Warren. There was a sleight pause as could still see parts of the hull peeking though the curtain Tessa checked the small data slate that had the map. there was Geer Vos Delum. a 23 . they found a derelict boat. Born with a rare genetic disorder similar to an over active growth “Guess sensors got a read on this hunk o junk. man!). development site because I was under-the-gun with deadlines at work and home (thanks. Staring at the and suddenly a crackle came over the com-link. A short time later.quietly. custom gear had to be made to accommodate his emphasize the point. was once told “There are a hundred and one uses for a dead robot. As the A tangled pile of combat robots that Daelstrom had team assumed its standard 10-meter spacing. followed jumble of destroyed bots his mind started to wander… he by a brief transmission from the Far Horizon. grid two.” Geer Vos hormone in humans. parting out the others. Birzz’Kak was huge by standards for said. James Geer Vos and Daelstrom were in the center of a search Strain is even more talented an artist as he is a writer – formation – diamond-shaped. Without someone to reprogram them. His father “Team to proceed southwest one hundred and fifty-four had only just let him join the crew of the Far Horizon a meters from marker alpha over. She was the ships’ navigator as well as an stream. First area. a pact that they. was almost as This article was edited by Grendel_T_Troll from the young as Daelstrom. over. of leaves and vines.” “Far Horizon to team one. The fact that the two most your time to check out – more to come on this.” Came the call from Davos Thorne. they would only succeed in making a The search party ventured deeper into the tangle of foliage functional robot that wanted them dead. He had the communications up-link for the Daelstrom stalked his prey. will advise. the small group that the young explorer was message. thumping the abandoned craft with his rifle butt to his race. as they filtered in to the designated Daelstrom thought of the others in the search party. it was beached on the shore of a fast moving Carolon. The team could be heard tromping around near by. section Z.5- Star Frontiersman by James Strain Dralasite enforcer and. Daelstrom. The two made . assurance.” Came the response from In the sweltering tropical environment of the Ka’tar jungle. He the reply over the com. Quickly he patched them in for the rest of the Ken’zah-kit.

She drew a bead on the robot as it thrashed damaged left arm. and then said. A. L. against Gorilla. patch me through to Doc. it seemed the entire “But I haven’t learned Dralasite anatomy yet” came the jungle was waiting. he the shallow water. from behind the dense brush. The robot had somehow “Well I guess you’ll just have to learn right now. As the along side Tessa. “Where am I?” now. an intercept course between the sound and the fallen Vrusk. She walked over to the discarded arm lying on the ground and picked it up. As the noise grew Geer Vos wasn’t moving when Daelstrom reached him. about violently with the Vrusk in the marsh-like waters.. louder. Finally. Star Frontiersman the Dralasite exploded . To make things worse. I. motors quietly whined their protest in the struggle with With great effort. Now. let go. the left ocular cluster and was oozing a dark orange fluid. For a dreadful moment all was silent. The two pitched over the side of the boat. then Daelstrom came to the stream’s edge on his inertia screen and activated his exoskeleton. The shooting had stopped. before going back under. water and collapsed on the bank. BLAM! there’s a hundred and one uses for a dead robot.. “Green!” he called again and again no answer.. “Use number asked across the com-link.” It later the rogue 'bot lurched into view.shooting Geer with Stim. no such opportunity was a single awkward knot into the brackish water. Model (or “Gorilla” as it was called) was a heavy-duty. “You know came the Poly-Vox translation a millisecond later. yelling the verbal shutdown code the whole way. The only thing keeping the Vrusk alive well. most of the robot's body was exposed rushed forward with typical Vruskian speed driving into the and Tessa had fired at it as Birzz tried to slip away. but taken the fight into deeper waters and the robot didn’t the robot was already too close to his friend. in robot raised its arm above Greer Vos for another strike. with no albedo protection before. the robot. Daelstrom looked to Birzz’s wounds and Geer searched the “GEK TISK TING OFF’K MEEK!” The Vrusk clicked in waters edge for any sign of Tessa. Moments “We’ve got a situation here. He could tell the eye was badly damaged. while doing so Daelstrom picked up his rifle and rushed to help the others. purchase on the back of the immense Vrusk . The three of them disappeared beneath “See to Geer!” Tessa yelled from across the small clearing the murky surface.. in training sure. robot. Birzz’Kak likely to present itself. started to move “Nah…you should have fraged it. the arm had torn free. The G. 24 . anthropomorphic robot designed for The giant Vrusk had been putting up a valiant effort recreation sports like wrestling or martial-arts sparing. Geer opened up on dawned on him he had never said those words for real the bot his shot rang true and. one. It was obvious to Birzz’Kak that the robot’s safety robo- progs had been either disabled or destroyed. Tessa’s answer came from behind them.” A wicked grin began to curl at the corners of her mouth. The robot's single-mindedness. R. Slowly Geer Vos tingeing his question. need to breathe. combat. Geer Vos called out the safe word . how to treat it. but didn’t know “Green!” he shouted. No reply. He found none. Geer Vos moved to “hunting rifle” arcing slowly in sync with the combatants. Both Geer Vos and Daelstrom rushed to his aid. I’m activating a beacon now” and toward the startled group. and was pummeling synth-skin outer covering had shredded in many places as him mercilessly.a code Tessa His membrane was already swollen and discolored around and others from the Far Horizon would know. meant it never Birzz’Kak had activated his Exo-skeleton and its servo. rolling in the way things where shaping up. He toggled First Geer Vos. The two pried free and discarded the appendage. but he had little training in hand to hand Gorilla preformed in a simple labor capacity as well.the lost robot came out lunging “Just send help quick.” silent as a shadow till “QuEE meeP?” he said in his native tongue.” BLAM! The shots again and the short alien rolled to his “feet. her large caliber towards the clearing. his laser rifle at the ready. L. the current had steadily Daelstrom quickly raised his auto rifle and took aim. Then. It was coming from down stream. however. She stood over Gorilla dripping muck and “What’s happened now?” the hollow voice of Doc Maxnar the swamp water down on it. as she sprinted to the stream. of the thing’s chest. He activated the com-link instead. In the struggle. get to it!” latched a hold of the Vrusk around the neck with its badly March 2008 she replied. she made one. “Do you think we should have got it with a tangler or dose from a hypo. a smoldering hole was all that was left but this wasn’t training. Birzz’Kak sloshed out of the response from the young explorer. towards them. they dragged him back to the clearing. lots of “situations” active on the robot.” he staggered towards the gunshots. a club. she dove in to the water. At first. Dropping her rifle and drawing her Vibro-Blade. He was reaching for a “pressure something?” Daelstrom asked. lots of times. Daelstrom was waiting for the Doc to come through and had just opened his first aid kit . a bit of sardonic humor bandage” when the first shots rang out. Therefore. the sound of movement was detected. The robot had somehow gained The robot had been damaged since entering the jungle.its legs the Gorilla’s left arm had been almost torn off and the locked around the Birzz’Kak’s torso. heading “Get clear dammit!” Tessa yelled back. broken Pan-Gal. knocking it to the ground. a bizarre and deadly Vrusk aquatic rodeo. The robot closed with the Dralasite and struck was him leaping out of the water to take a quick breath viciously.

and most citizens know for. and Triamf began to lose ground to Streel's issues stemming from their Duracell-head motor (noted screamers. clan brother to Ook-A-Lug of Meanwhile. Hyondow. Sushuzi. by the copper top on the electric motor cover). during the PGC transition there were some the SS Omicron fame. Their latest engine is the TG-880B (aka a bad situation. products into the market at below-wholesale pricing. Herik Fuell (former design engineer and their next engine: the GENeration (aka the stockhead). but the truth is that the characters may find themselves in a seedier part of town Galactixon Motor Company products were faulty before and subject to members belonging to one of the Frontier's PGC acquired them. the GENeration motor proved to be a gamble conversation (especially concerning group business of that the 13 investor/owners didn't mind rolling the dice which they will never speak). Ranked companies that challenged Galactic Motor Company during alphabetically by name.k. in essence. earliest of the current manufacturers of ground and hover cycles. the Galtixon Motor Company from bankruptcy and they continued to offer Duracell-head powered bikes during the The modern ground and hover cycle market is thriving transition. and Buckerton Motor Works resorting to a healthy variety of both manufacturer and continues to offer luxury comfort and decent performance.a. hence it was brought before the Council of 25 . and Yamihai were belting number of chapters and members within the organization out some high performance low cost machines that proved (when applicable. and any known rival groups. "Lug-Nut". Marks like affiliation (as to which races can be found amongst them). but they are coil from the Gord flathead six motor or the brush fully aware of this and continue to pour funding into housings from a Galactic Motors ventral-eight). current subsidiary of Pan Galatixon) has challenged Danati and just before production the 13 company heads of by offering some street sensible alternatives. Galactixon purchased the company back from PGC. Nok-A-Lug. for all the niche markets. PGC. resulting from troublesome quality control and reliability Dorton. they were very easy to work on and a proficient third place. each listing is followed by group all three phases of their business tenure. the GENeration across the entire line-up. Sushuzi. and only Triamf survived (and barely at that). & Yamihai consistently slug it out for simplicity. Still the promised to be: a reliable engine based on the original occasional being may find themselves on the wrong end of timeless design. numerous yet infamous hovercycle clubs. such as the infamous motor March 2008 breakthroughs from Streel's subordinates. and things can get downright nasty when the Twin Generator aka the "twinjee") and has replaced it happens. Pan Galatixon continues to duke it out with Hyondow for top market share each year. a motor And other marks like Buckerton Motor Works (of Kdikit) that derived from prior generations such as the Eveready- and Danati (named after Pale's moon) silently soldiered head and Rayovac-head motors. superior suspension and braking technology. the Hovercycle Clubs older riders resent the newer product blaming PGC for ruining the designs while the newer riders talk smack of the Frontier Wherever the adventure may lead. and thus renamed their products under the new badge of "Pan Galactixon". when Streel sensed that the Galactic Motor Company was in trouble they pulled a fast one and began dumping their Just be warned that when encountering such individuals. The PGC era bikes had a mixed review. Manufacturers like CSA. Such characters tend to be rather shady and not very foreword in Anyways. has taken the time to compile a serious competitors from four distinct Streel-sibling short list of the various well known organizations. PGC footed the R&D funding for the design of way. Company. This the possibility exists that many more are close by. with their most recent (and most expensive) 999 model leading the As such. And finally. saved on while providing their niche market products. dating back to before the first Sathar War. and seen adorned with. aftermarket parts availability (not to mention the wide Danati is still the leader in handling despite the array of "cannibalized parts". Pan Several subsidiaries of Cassidine Development Galactic acquired the Galactixon Motor Company (GMC) Corporation entered and left the market during the when they were going through some financial woes GMC/Streel competition era. They recognized symbol and colors that the members will be sported newer technology and bulletproof reliability. a. Taunts illegal trade practice was quickly noticed by both the local and jests can erupt quickly into something violent so it is economist leaders and the legal team of Galactic Motor wise to steer clear of such actions. and competition is fierce.5- Star Frontiersman by Shadow Shack Worlds and it was decided that a tarriff would be placed Frontier Cycle History on all ground and hover cycles produced under the If you read up on Frontier history. sooner or later the about the older designs. the themselves both on the track and on the roads. Triamf is belting out some incredible products technician could perform a full rebuild in a short time. Kyawaskai. Pan Galactixon is the various Streel marks. most are loose estimates). while The inherent beauty of the old Galatixon engines was their Kyawaskai.8. The motor ended up being everything it had been better than to start any trouble with them.

Star Frontiersman Home Club Affiliation Turf Chapters Members Symbol Colors Known Rivals Amazon mostly female Rupert’s Hole at least one per planet in unknown crossed pink and Worn Out Skanks Princesses humans and (Cassidine) Cassidine. Timeon. K'tsa-Kar. and Zebulon members who come of age. Timeon. and vrusk Garu) and of Araks. skeletal hand skirmishes. Araks. at least unknown Flaming orange most other clubs Mandrils mostly yazirian one per planet in Araks. Madderly's Star. Madderly’s Star. Kizk'-Kar. Jolly Roger green Killing Joke. Prenglar. and Dramune Frontier all Rupert’s Hole at least one in every 1500-2000 skeleton on red and Jailhouse Ixheads. Madderly's Skull tan Frontier Riders. and Zebulon Leather. Star) hundred hoverfan and olive drab Paladins. clubs recruit Truane's Star. Gruna vrusk and Centaurs. Star. Yellow Bellies (K’tsa-Kar) K'aken-Kar. Motor Kar) Kizk'-Kar. Madderly's Star. Centaurs (K’aken-Kar) crossed yellow swords underneath 26 . daggers Xenophiles. Scree dyed black when Fron. and Prenglar Horsemen of mostly human Minotaur at least one on each planet 1000 +/. and Timeon Centaurs mostly vrusk Zik-kit (Kizk’. Cassidine. a shield Dixon's Star. Yast (Athor) semi-Frontier wide. Mandrill head and black members. March 2008 Cassidine. Cassidine. Zebulon. Scree Fron. with dagger Truane's Star. Madderly's Star. Gruna Garu. Cassidine. Athor. Theseus. K'aken-Kar. known to delinquents (Timeon) of Timeon. Fromeltar. Motor Kawdl-Kit Garu. and Prenglar Blubberhood mostly dralasites Inner Reach At least one per planet in 700-800 Dralasitic grey and Jailhouse Ixheads. Outcasts White Light. and White Light Black Zigara Clan officers. Theseus. Cassidine. and Cassidine Iron Minors young adult/ Lossend at least one on each planet several steel hammer black and none. Riders (Cassidine) system hovercycle blue Triad Sathar Goblins mostly yazirians Hargut (Gruna at least one on each planet 1500-2000 half yaz/half yellow Black Mandrills. At least one per planet in 500-600 demonic blue and Goblins. swords over black yazirians Gruna Garu. fire-breathing black and Shadow Hunters Apocalypse (Theseus) of Theseus. yazirian Hentz (Araks) 12 400-500 studded brown Nomadic Maulers. Timeon. vruskan skull green Bugs. Jailhouse all Clarion (White at least one on each planet 500-600 Chukkah black and Blubberhood. Madderly's Star. (Fromeltar) of Fromeltar. applicable Timeon. Fromeltar. silver Shadow Hunters Dixon's Star. Rat crossed Fanners. Prenglar. horse head gold Madderly's Star. Prenglar. Yellow Bellies K'tsa-Kar. White Light. Prenglar. Scree Fron. White thousand gripped by blue participate in Light. Ixheads Light) of White Light. Athor. Dramune. and Shadow Hunters Dramune Killing Joke dralasites Groth at least one on each planet 600-700 Joker playing red and Black Mandrills. on horse Cassidine. demonoid green Bugs. (Dramune) Dramune. (Zebulon) of Zebulon. and Prenglar body Dust Devils mostly human Laco (Dixon’s three several flaming tan and Exiled Spirits. Truane's Star. Truane's Star. Zealous Zeroes Exiled Spirits all Anker at least one in each planet 1200-1500 grim reaper red and Dust Devils. Other Prenglar. card stabbed green Blubberhood Cassidine. Prenglar. Dramune. Hair Athor. Heads leather hood and gold Venusian Skidmarks Motor Bugs vrusk Ken’zah-Kit 7 200-300 spider with blue and Goblins.

Maulers (Scree Fron) Histran. Zebulon.8. in a disposal and Shadow Hunters workers (Prenglar) Truane's Star. UPF spacefleet. (Cassidine) planet of Cassidine. Madderly's on a lance green Star. Madderly's Star. at least one unknown steel demon red and most other clubs. Exiled Hunters (Madderly’s of Kdikit skeleton with yellow Spirits. occasional (Cassidine) white tangles with Black Mandrills Uneasy all Gran several each in Gran 400-500 ghost on red and Stellar Demons Riders Quivera Quivera. Morgaine’s at least one per planet in 2000+ all megorp logos green mega corporations. diagonal line grey Shadow Hunters Fromeltar. Prenglar. Shadow Hunters Dixon's Star. planetary militia. Stellar Demons Quivera per planet head black Demons has Frontier-wide (Prenglar) notoriety Triad all New Hope. Quitters. Madderly's bucket brown Star. Dramune. Hentz. Sathar Triad and Xenophiles. Zuraggor heads and Shadow Hunters Prenglar. symbol white Zealous Zeroes landfleet. (Dramune) planet of Dramune. Prenglar. Dust Devils. Star) laser rifle Horsemen of the March 2008 Apocalypse. Frontier Riders. Araks. Dust Devils Zeroes (Truane’s Truane's Star. Dust Fanners (Zebulon) Zebulon. Hentz. former mega. Prenglar. Triad. etc. Jailhouse Ixheads. Madderly's Star. Truane's Star. corp execs and World Prenglar. Outcasts. one 30-40 sathar head purple Frontier Riders. Cassidine. Truane's Star. 100-200 Winged yazirian brown Nomadic Maulers Skidmarks yazirian (Scree Fron) Hakosoar. Whie Light. Timeon. Rat Fanners. Stellar Demons. Venusian Skidmarks Outcasts all Outer Reach at least one in each 800-1000 red circle with red and Blubberhood. and Yast yellow Leatherheads. Yast.5- Star Frontiersman Home Club Affiliation Turf Chapters Members Symbol Colors Known Rivals Nomadic yazirian Hakosoar 8. and frame Rupert’s Hole Venusian human and Histran 2-3 each in Histran. Theseus. and Cassidine 27 . and Scree Fron Rat all Volturnus at least one per planet in 1200-1500 rat riding single black and Exiled Spirits. Cassidine. star law. and Timeon Shadow mostly human Kdikit several in each major city 100-200 demonic black and Black Mandrills. Dixon's Star. & Madderly's over stylized Star UPF symbol Paladins all. Star) Zebulon. and Fromeltar Yellow vrusk and Terledrom one 75-100 rabid chicken yellow Centaurs Bellies dralasites (Fromeltar) and green Zealous all Pale one in each planet of 400-500 executioner’s black and Paladins. Gruna Garu. Dramune. Fromeltar. hood green Star) Dixon's Star. Morgaine’s hovercycle purple (Prenglar) World. Paladins. and White Light Quitters all. including one each at 300-400 yazirian claw red and Black Mandrils. Dixon's Star. Xenophiles Stellar all Gran Fronter wide. “angel of death” and grey and Gran Quivera Worn-Out female humans Kdikit 1 40-50 skeleton in purple Amazon Princesses Skanks (Madderly’s lingerie and Star) yellow Xenophiles all Triad at least one in each 900-1000 Sathar and purple Triad Sathar. Cassidine. Dust Devils. (Truane’s planet of Truane's Star. Gruna Garu. veterans of New Pale at least one in each 2000-2500 flaming UPF red and Outcasts. Dramune. hoverfan grey Devils.

acquiring suitable ordinance took priority. disassembled with their individual parts boxed up and ready Automatic Rifle W/10 bulletclips. He became popular with He is currently attempting to raise some capital to get his pair the group. all things considered. He was eventually prospected into the house. he is taking on any and every job that comes his Frontier as a nomadic member of the Stellar Demons. and Stromm was about to go up the Background river. but his lack of body hair and gravelly low pitched returned. I-R Goggles. Being such a misfit landed court hearing faired well. within the week he had all of them Albedo Suit. clubhouse and began a bloody war. 2 Doze Grenades. Illustration by Shell. Inertia Screen w/50SEU PowerBeltPack. As such. Star Frontiersman Eric "the Mouse" Stromm Basic Information Race: Human Gender: Male Age: 28years Handedness: Right Height: 1. of the dominant Palean club. Standard Equipment Pack (chronocom. He rationed off his One thing about Stromm. 15m rope. Being short and speedy made thievery a announced expedition to a newly discovered planet in the simple chore. He was belongings and took what credit he had to his name and constantly altering and improving his bike and those belonging acquired some suitable weaponry and a skeinsuit.25m Weight: 57kg Ability Scores STR/STA: 65/70 DEX/RS: 60/50 INT/LOG: 45/45 PER/LDR: 35/35 Initiative Modifier: +5 Punching Score: +4 Ranged Weapons: 30% Melee Weapons: 32% Movement Walking: 10 m/turn Running: 30 m/turn Hourly: 5 kph Skills Primary Skill Area: Military Character by Shadow Shack. Additional Gear not carried: spare auto rifle. he that he would inevitably become involved with the seedy learned the art of thrown and hand weapons while in the big groups that ride them. Late last year. but he'd be far away from Pale and the Zeroes that are their respective parts. Alas. Solvaway. Sonic Sword. many of the parts he would add to his and the fellow members' rides typically hailed Which brings him to present day status. eventually discovered the reason for w/180r belt. for resale. stolen. punctured in bar fight). Techkit (grey market HPRC schematics). this line of work landed him in the hot seat. months of hard time for a charge that could have easily brainer that once he started getting involved with hovercycling stretched out to upwards of 1-5 years per incident. This promises to be a profitable yet well deserved vacation. so his release back into society has made him a better Stellar Demons hovercycle club. The dwarvish Eric "the Mouse" Stromm is often initially confused by others with the recently discovered race of Meanwhile the Zeroes were content with having their property Ifshnits. member within another year (it was during that time he lost his left eye. settling down with one chapter. Technician: Level 1 The goods were eventually discovered during a city-wide search of Point True. Gas Mask. instead they came down on the local Stellar Demons 5 survival rations. and after a while he became familiar with chop Xagyg Dust Nebula could be his ticket. although reassembly was on their shoulders. Not only should it pay shops and black market fencing of stolen hovercycles and well. 3 Frag Grenades. He travelled across the for cash. He pinched 17 bikes over the course of one night and hid them in Equipment a warehouse facility. 28 . he loved hoverbikes. with the Zealous Zeroes looking for him. Desperate to his friends that rode with him. Melee Weapons: Level 1 Projectile Weapons: Level 2 this war despite the numerous SD members that didn't seem Thrown Weapons: Level 1 March 2008 to know anything about Stromm or his illustrious activities. becoming a full fledged man when things get down and dirty. never way. and being an ex-con those are few and far between. So it was a no. the Zealous Zeroes of Point True. gunning for him. However. ID). GSX900R. This recently from other bikes. Not being a group of individuals that would report their rides Everflame. since his smaller stature allowed him to access the of hovercycles out of impound: a fully customized Pan tighter quarters when it came to wrenching on those mean Galactixon old school bobber and a heavily modified Sizuxi hoversleds. he landed 8 Eric in trouble many times in the course of life. Local law enforcement. Eric's voice quickly dispel that confusion. Unfortunately those 17 bikes belonged to members (2) Automatic Pistols w/11 bulletclips . machine gun with the aid of Star law.

8. The civilian sect is ripe with explorers looking to make Being able to land on a planet is normally a high a name for themselves. Scientists from all walks look priority for an exploration vessel. rogue planet. Over time. but is nearly as quick and maneuverable thanks to its twin type B Atomic engines (unusual for a civilian craft Craft because of the affordability factor).5- Star Frontiersman by Bill Logan March 2008 3D digital images by Gavin Dady Explorer-Class The ship is basically a hull size 5 long cylinder. sun. they’ve relied on paying the vessel too large to enter an atmosphere. exploration teams. mating with it. cargo and personnel Designed specifically for private UPF-contracted ferry. being able for an opportunity to find a new discovery and claim it to sustain faster-than-light speeds normally requires a as their own. are happy to hear the news of the release nicknamed the Expedition mounts to the top of the of the Explorer-Class Heavy Scout. A valid hull-size 1 ship in its own right. to allow explorers and scientists to land and getting hand-me-downs not actually created for carry out their missions. the Explorer-Class Heavy Scout is an interstellar-capable starship capable of performing Finally. However. The outside of the ship includes a decent amount of instrumentation 29 . This ship is high costs for modified military vessels dumped by the no exception. ship. surprising amount of laboratory space. tired of However. The civilian scientific community. be it asteroid. Its ten decks include the normal surveying foreign soil. the ship was designed with exploration most localized experiments and procedures when missions in mind. UPF or cycled out of production by corporate executive orders. roughly 100 meters from bow to stern. or world. array of crew accommodations and control decks. planetary lander. the Expedition serves a multi-faceted role as Design goals escape launch. but a comet. It’s twice the size and Heavy Scout displacement as the ever-popular Assault Scout. a smaller lander module. exploration.

and is located at the nose of the craft. Since so much of the internal space is taken up with scientific and technological equipment. Elevator. Internal doors slide into the walls at the push of a button on the door itself. The deck plans found on page 31 are typical. though individual designs may vary. entire length of the ship. The orbiting. They lack portals of any sort. Squares on the map are to take control of the elevator. and others are similarly interested in neutral third-parties offering up their exploration skills for hire. though the Since the ship has ten decks. It is relatively small in size. Each room varies in size and shape. reducing the cost to the consumer. a small personal desk is less a weight limitation as it is a space limitation. while access to the detachable Cargo Module is on Dockable lander module. and the images at show the detachment and cargo carrying features via photographs taken live during maneuvers. Expedition. the Deck 7. Hatches have standard airlocks. though this common features: a modest bed. Because of this. intercom. ship’s owner is given a master override that allows him 30 . locking out all others. the Explorer Class Heavy Scout starship is the first of its kind to have its sale subsidized by the UPF and seven mega-corporations. corporations like Pan-Galactic Corporation. the longest one would conference lounge on this same deck has a single have to wait for a lift is one minute. he needs to. with computer terminal. if 2 meters across. stand. can be jettisoned by the Explorer- Class Heavy Scout. with the “bottom” deck being at the tail of the craft. Streel. that can be jettisoned into open space so that the Expedition can detach from the starship and mount to the cargo bin and ferry it to wherever it is needed (between vessels. Additionally. This basically cuts the price to half normal. March 2008 Getting Around on Deck The starship is designed using the standard Knight Hawks perpendicular concept. to be carried planet-side by the Expedition. The top-most deck (Deck 1) is the smallest. and must be unlocked by someone trusted with the security key Detachable cargo bin – the cargo number. etc. Deck 6 has crew accommodations. It is a ship designed to seek the unknown and put a name to it. assuming the portal to view the planet around which the ship is elevator wasn’t being held open at a given floor.). Access to the Expedition is via a hatch on Deck 10. the cargo hold is located externally in a detachable bin. Doors can be locked by typing a code on a key panel on the door. to dock at a planet’s surface. a re-usable lander to ferry people or cargo and turn heads. Star Frontiersman clusters as well. and small night The elevator can traverse one deck per 6-second turn. The diagram shown at right highlights the detachable Expedition and Cargo module locations. A single elevator shaft runs through the Crew Cabins. they’re shown colored in yellow) are locked by default. Incentives to Private Groups The United Planetary Federation wants to encourage private groups to undergo peace-time exploration. Doors marked with a yellow and black border (on the deck plan maps on the following page. but all share a few Eight human-sized occupants are possible. though a master key number is known to the ship’s owner (and can be changed only by him or at a repair center).

Deck 5: Mess hall. access to Expedition 31 . Probes Deck 4: Hydro. planetary exploration vehicle storage.5- Star Frontiersman Deck 1: Weapons. accommodations. chemical lab Deck 9: Labs.8. Piloting Deck 2: Sensors. Deck 3: Astrogation. Masking Screen. Command March 2008 Deck 8: Labs. workpod. leisure lounge Deck 6: Crew accommodations Deck 10: Engineering. equipment lockers. Comms Deck 7: access to Cargo Module.

This expense for the investors. even a civilian ship runs into trouble now and Some characters may not like being bound like then. it’s a binding March 2008 agreement. and not much in the way of But if you fear this.” Gambling on the intrepid success of private exploration teams. the special interests (private investors. Streel would love to have 100% of the mining rights on that moon you just Buy One Today! discovered! Therefore. there is an option to get out of Because of the subsidies paid by several mega. and the number and power of defenses are limited. with The ship is not a military one. What’s in it for you The core ship (not the Expedition) will cost the characters only sixty per- cent of the price the ship would normally cost using the Knight Hawks rules. less are not quite as stately as the crew’s own cabins. Contract Buy-Out However. EXPLORER EXPLORER EXPLORER EXPLORER divided up among them according to the per- centages they all contributed. your contract. Everyone wins. Its framework and one hundred percent interest. ion drives.) worked together to set up this special economic aid package. Heck (controlled from Deck 1) and a Masking Screen – they may even find one or more of those dispenser (controlled from Deck 8). they become responsible Defenses for paying back the forty percent that was paid. For ten years after EXPLORER EXPLORER EXPLORER purchase. They might equipped with only to defenses: a laser battery not enjoy being the pawns of the kings of space. you can take the option of purchasing it “under contract. open area lacks personal space. Star Frontiersman Contract When you purchase an Expedition Class Heavy Scout. mega-corps. though these result: more adventurous private explorers. this isn’t a grant. A Reflective Hull megacorporations clashing with them over some of rounds out the defensive power of the craft. don’t enter such a contract. and just buy this wonderful ship full-price! 32 . All it takes is money… lots and lots of corporations. etc. Space luxury. What’s in it for them But of course. there’s some- thing in it for them as well. the Explorer Class Heavy Scout ship is money. forty percent of EXPLORER the value of all findings are given to the investors. The end Deck 9 also has some accommodations. quite affordable. their findings! After all. million Credits. so the Explorer Class Heavy Scout vessel is indentured servants to unknown parties. and is typically used to house scientists or technicians hired on (or who booked If the characters bound by the contract don’t make any passage) for specific exploration missions. superstructure lack the strength to take much damage. the entire package will cost you less than a is a big place full of Credits – find a way to get some. With a basic set of science and technical labs. discoveries or stake any claim over any resource before the ten year period is over.

204. and robot troop deployment options. passenger Cargo Bin. All Clever characters may decide to create modified bins. summarized below. Not come equipped with radar.8. Secondary: 15 Life Support: Primary: 10 Secondary: none Computer: Level: 4 Computer: Level: 1 Programs Level (FP) Programs Level (FP) • Drive Program* • Drive Program Atomic 5 (64) Chemical 1 (3) or Ion 4 (24) • Life Support 1 (2) • Life Support: Primary 1 (2) • Damage Control 1 (2) • Life Support: Backup 1 (2) • Alarm 1 (1) • Damage Control 2 (4) • Computer Lockout 1 (1) • Alarm 2 (2) • Astrogation 1 (3) • Computer Lockout 4 (8) • Astrogation 4 (24) Equipment: • Skin Sensors 1 (1) • Shuttle Astrogation Equipment • Laser Battery 1 (4) • Videocom Radio • Probe guidance/ • Specialized Docking Collar March 2008 analysis 3 (9) • Laboratory analysis 3 (9) Total: 125. After all. However. It is properly sealed and can be entered from within the ship. If an Ion drive is selected. vehicle hangars. This ship can carry one Remote Probe and 5 Atmoprobes.560 Credits For now. if the ship’s • Atmoprobe Launcher owner does nothing more than trade cargo for ten years. Smuggling compartments. but there is space for it. for specialized needs and missions. Notes: but isn’t designed for creature comfort: it’s used to ferry Price reflects building costs from a typical Class II stuff.600 Credits an already-loaded and prepared bin full of cargo and With Contract 1.5- Star Frontiersman Explorer Class Expedition Heavy Scout SHUTTLE MODULE Stats by RumRogue Stats by RumRogue ADF: 2 (or 1 with Ion drive) ADF: 1 MR: 2 MR: 1 Hull Points: 25 Hull Points: 5 DCR: 35 DCR: 23 Defenses: Reflective Hull. a Cargo Bin costs 50. Price includes one type of Drive program. and others. They are to the Referee and players. Without Contract 1.600 Credits With Contract 700. they focused the usefulness • Specialized Docking Clamps: 2 sets of the Cargo Bin on simple cargo. This should include the Expedition shuttle module or the Detachable be encouraged.167. Expedition is purchased separately. the Explorer Class Heavy Scout is most arms are all possible… but details of these are best left up interesting when used in conjunction with these. and is therefore not discounted if purchased with a Contract. the ship has an ADF of 1. Equipment • Basic Astrogation Setup • Radar Detachable • Energy Sensors Cargo Bin • Cameras: 1 set It was the intention of the original designers of this • Skin Sensors starship to make several different types of modular cargo • Videocom Radio bins.000 Credits. after being pressured by the investors • Laboratory from PGC. It does not *NOTE: Only one type of Drive program is included. however. probes must be purchased separately. Price does not however. Although the ship can operate without these seating. 33 . the Detachable Cargo Bin will become common Atomic Engines Version: enough that pilots will pull into port.000 Credits • Remote probes 2 (4) The Expedition is created as a basic shuttle. external at least the investors make forty percent of trade costs! Price Over time.007. The both. shipyard.560 Credits destined for some other port. The space lanes will become full with modular transports making money off the needs Ion Engines Version: of others. and attach to Without Contract 2. Streel. Remote Probe Mount. detach. Masking screen Defense: Reflective Hull Weapons: Laser Battery Weapons: None Hull Size: 5 Hull Size: 1 Engines: 2 Class B Atomic Drives Engines: 1 Class A Chemical Drive Crew: 7 Crew: 1-2 Passengers: 5 Passengers: 3-4 Life Support: Primary: 15. not folks.

Star Frontiersman How about a connected series of adven- tures centering around a small Star Law detachment. sent on missions across the Frontier in search of crime to fight. and of course . nefarious villains to! March 2008 34 .fortune! Work on it with others at http://www. fame.starfrontiers.

a race smashed flat *** and assimilated by the Humans who colonized it over three centuries ago.. The Dirk fighter was slewing entirely too slowly to face the oncoming enemy.Y. The scout’s *** second in command was using the energy sensors to look for. monitoring the boarding party channel at the same time.. grabbed her hair.. staring “You will soon learn your place. March 2008 all. Ten of them just now entering the Osprey’s airlock. White Light System 25 Septa.. the Truane’s Star government didn’t Hands shaking from the numbing cold gripping her body. “. he continued to study the displays at his station on the scout’s sky bridge. instantly. The thirteen-year veteran of Star screams of the scout’s boarding party echoed over her Law’s Spacefleet blinking dry. even allow them offworld.. 70 F. moisten them.. White Light System 24 Septa. the Osprey’s intranet to access the intranet on Fortress port engine completely smashed.pod laser’s offline!” Carla’s voice shouted out over her headset. As she curled up in a ball on her bunk..radiation leaked into the ship from the Friday’s Child’s unshielded engines. Eighteen in ’vettes still converging on the crippled McCoy – which was.5- Star Frontiersman by William Signs Clarion Marine Ship Osprey Planarion Asteroid Belt. forced her to stare into Tabbe’s sneering face. still too far off to do them any good. trying to disengage itself from the enemy.. First Lieutenant Hannah Creed sat up in her bunk. The Innie militia ships and the rest of Task Force Cassidine was Plus. She instantly found out what she thought she’d the mortally-wounded assault scout with. “Boarding party are in the cargo hold now.. The energy sensors registered a great deal of radiation from the three by Rob Turner unshielded engines jutting out from the freighter’s rear - in addition to heat signatures and electro-chemical activity a hundred alarm klaxons. 70 F.. Captain. and cleaned every trace of it from her system three years ago. . did not even bother to acknowledge his second in command’s report. Instead.. the six-year old girl. a trio of Zuraqquor on the freighter’s bridge. the screaming of 35 . Even though.. The insectoids are native to New Pale. scratchy eyes in an effort to headset as she slipped into unconsciousness. Both engines flooding Redoubt. the gunship Albatross. Klast remarked to herself.” the traitor told her.Y. 19:58:33 GST The assault scout mated with the derelict freighter with a soft clank! Junior Lieutenant Rhanda Klast was studying the readouts from the energy sensors.she could feel her heart stopping.. That’s odd. radar lighting off on too many consistent with Human and Yazirian life signs.. blearily at the bare walls of her quarters aboard the patrol Holstering the electrostunner in his other hand.. five Yazzies in the lead... the door slid open again. Hannah could just feel it washing over Cold spots. even though the Innie docs told her they’d A hand whirled her chair about. using the Her starboard engine struggling fitfully to stay online. Lieutenant Maxxer Tabbe.. stench of death..she could still taste it. *** Reflexively. trembling. remembered reading about Star Law’s mission to recover the PGC frigate Omicron thirty-odd years ago... 00:02:21 GST Her body jerked violently. she shouts over her headset “it’s a Fortress Redoubt Secure Docking Ring tr—“ 1. sluggishly.8.500 kilometers over Clarion. . Klast thought to herself. her. The Osprey’s commander. chalky and metallic at the back of her throat. Hannah fired the maneuvering jets. Amid the fire.” she reported in her clipped Valentin accent..

“You’re just as ugly as ever. “Albatross out. “Sshe awaits Your frigates and corvettes.” Hannah replied. White Light System to know. ASAP. normally operating in pleassure. “send signal to your fellow “I just got off the line with Captain Freiling a few moments Liberationists. “It’s going to happen pretty soon then?” she asked. to join Task Forces Prenglar. White Light System Tartarus-class battle carrier.. the marines on the surface.” “I don’t like it either. The servos of her flight suit’s exoframe whined as him the grey. as it “Very well. I take it we finally have orders?” “Tabbe. summoning the ship’s company to their the surface of Gollywog.y..” Chek teold her.” friend.” Hannah told him. “You look like hell. “but Admiral Brannecken wants us to screen JRF 2. the command to get this junkpile underway at once. Master. round out their force of merchant escort carriers . “Then proceed to the cargo bay to begin final preparations on the Scorpions “And.Y. “Master. looking instead at the fleet gathered around his Planarion Asteroid Belt. telling her all she needed (White Light III). bowing his head slightly.” he said to the traitor. depressing. station. they told him the SIMPP on the klaxons already clanging.” background. terminating Her second. Hannah then misnamed Luminere. Star Frontiersman Untold minutes passed before she became aware of the terminal on her workstation desk bleeping for her “The animal can continue to wait for what it’s about to attention. Hannah. M’kx’s holo was uploading the data you requested to the freighter’s instantly replaced by that of a white-haired. He nodded his head. He then turned to the fat slob of a Human male manning the pilot’s station and barked out Hannah nodded her head. was communications with the thing. Commander. staring at the main holotank. Lieutenant Star Law M’kx V’razxis. “Will you require anything elsse. on the other hand.” Streel Chek remarked. “And the Osprey’s intranet is presently “Patch it through. The worm’s holo bent its multi-segmented body. laying their hands on a pair of old heavy “Prissoner isss ssecured. we will undock and take up escort Yazirian male. Progenitor?” asking.” commanded the Zuraqquor technician. Even 25 Septa. Inform them they are to take no action ago. 00:03:00 GST the Liberationist rabble have managed to amass a force of actual warships. the as always. The rest of Albatross’ crew planet’s eastern hemisphere is now completely secured. Captain. 70 F.old infested deathtrap of a starship.” Hannah replied.” “Commander. cratered surface of the planet it shifted with her body’s movements. After which.” communication. Have March 2008 White Light and Joint Reaction Force 1. “is to undock immediately and jump for Plague loyal to the cause of a free and democratic Clarion have System Delta --” gathered their ships in orbit around Luminere.” Luminere was the planet between Clarion and the system’s asteroid Hannah uttered a rude word in reply. Speaking Tabbe’s name floating over the workstation terminal. stations on the gunship’s bridge. Progenitor. his tone “I am in communication with them as well. The pirates. “the last of the fighters have docked inside the cargo bay. It showed herself. good between it.” he says instantly.” “The prize crew have manned their stations. “Squadron commander on the line for you.” Chek added. belt. the Vrusk female. the nightstand .” Chek said. nodding his head. scrambled out of their quarters as M’kx’s voice boomed along with the transports they will use to land troops on over the intercom. Master.” Hannah said. 00:03:59 GST “Understood. 25 Septa.” one of the insectoids reported from the comm “First Lieutenant.” Samson Streel replied. “JRF 3 is to jump for whatsoever on planet until we have drawn out the whole Kdikit. as he paced the bridge of this rastie.” you heard from our other associates?” “PatRon 109. before stabbing the talk button after a few fumbling tries. now had a trio of escort carriers and a 36 . Hannah. Truane’s Star Ship Star Devil II Geosynchronous Orbit over Luminere “Not over comms. ” Streel said. straight to the point: traitor’s holoimage appeared instantly. old and the multi-missile drones.”yes?” “Not from you.” said Commander Chek Groznal. wedging herself make me do. He listened to the reports of his walked out onto the common area of the crew deck. into the platinum-plated chrnocom on his left wrist. “They and those say. asking.” indicating Hannah’s not going to like what he was about to Tabbe replied. 70 f. unkempt intranet. “Order the pilots to remain inside their craft.” Chek replied. the bridge of his own gunship in the position beside you.” the Planarion belt. and the workstation chair. The Albatross’ commander struggled to her feet. “And will enter battle the instant we commence our assault against Fortress Redoubt and Clarion Spacedock.” Commodore Clifford Thomas Creed relaxed in his flagship’s She terminated communications and stretched command chair. Hannah fell out of her bunk. Cassidine and of the Royal Marines and engaged them in battle. cutting off any further assumes picket station in-system.” Streel snapped.” the worm’s repellent cruisers and a mothballed Dauntless-class battle carrier to image said to him. The veteran Truane’s Star naval officer took his eyes off Space Ship Friday’s Child the planet.

himself..500 kilometers from Fortress Redoubt.5- Star Frontiersman quartet of frigates to bolster the handful of corvettes “Frigates and corvettes.” Redoubt. they had. simply because he came from a family of Wait for it. Marauder-class frigates... two other battle carriers. heading for the enemy at max burn.” Estella said to no one in ship’s engines firing. pirates. Astro. a pair of Sathar cruisers 25 Septa. asked in “Royal Marines joining us. reported. In time. perhaps even Gollwin. they just let go with every beam now making its way towards Gollywog.. Recon Flight will follow them until they enter the The radarman quick to add: “Fighters launching from Void.” He permitted himself a smile.” he barked out.. low whistle over comms... ordered. vector of the morally inferior and their so-called Federation have Shield Maiden’s combat patrol towards them. the Streels as well. Gods damn it! Shield Maiden’s Boomerangs are on more to their names than that radioactive flying scrapyard the last two. reported.” particular. “Comms. he would make them suffer. not taking her eyes off the Clarion-class Marines. a “Carriers. Whoa. With myself at the head of the fleet we miss. Heavier units. “Snoopers.” Then. Royal Marine frigs and assault scouts joining ours and JRF 4’s on “Joint Reaction Forces 3 and 4 have just left Fortress station. not just—that’s four for us.. Captain. eight frigates and a his flagship. and for the Osprey and the Reaver starbomber. His smile became even where we’re really—“ wider as visions of the glory to come played in his mind’s March 2008 eye. tramp spacers. whispering the prayer to Universe uttered by spacers about to enter battle since before the time of Vincent Morgaine: 37 . certain to have his name spoken with reverent pride for generations to come.. and an radioactive scrapyard calling itself a freighter to initiate its escort of six Streel Stinger starfighters. just in case both come to pass. before he wiped them A long. “Splash one!” Ellica’s voice half growled over comms.8. calculating estimated intercepts “Commodore. a Sathar heavy cruiser. no hesitation. and then: and their genetic legacy from the whole of space and time. then. ten Streel 57. “Cruisers. and I mean that literally.. “Going to maximum burn. fall in behind. smiling at the prospect. was Creed’s own force..” “Very well. “Dust to dust. “Lionhearted launching fighters. with nothing five.. not even turning to face the tech. we have an update from Recon One.. The communications tech chose this Estella nodded. Captain. destroyers and escort carriers. I think it’s time we let everyone else in on which administers the final blow.” he added. unable to keep the exultation from JRF 1 has emerged from the Void in good order and are his voice. and moral inferiors.” “Report from Captain Dermond of the Clarion. Six United Planetary Federation Ship Gran Quivera Streel Divine Judgement-class cruisers. Damnit. the conquest of the First Colony in a battle strike cruiser’s main holodisplay.” planetside and all orbitals. “At plus eight-niner All of them were waiting for the Star Law forces in system by twenty-one point four Alfa.” Creed repliesd after a pause. “All portside beam batteries can reach ’em.” the pilot replied instantly.” “Breaking orbit..” Estella replied.” the radarman reported.were under his personal command..Y.. six cruisers. however. now.” dozen corvettes . 00:05:22 GST and six Sathar destroyers were among them. they day they had ever decided Clifford Thomas Creed be “Remaining enemy breaking and attempting to run for it. once the final defeat “Burn ’em. “Launch Alfa strike.” the comm tech spoke up. Creed and the ships at his “Any of our batteries within range?” Captain Estella command could proceed with the decimation of the Royal Freiling asked.. 70 F. Creed felt his “We’re committed. “Signal the fleet that we are leaving orbit at once.” the radarman then reply. Luminere slowly disappeared behind pair of heavy cruisers. held back.the whole of the Truane’s Star Navy’s Seventh Fleet . “Updated course telemetry uploaded to all ships. If not that one. Skipper. bring up the rear!” Most impressive.” “And?” Creed. reconfigured for recon work. “Break orbit! Maximum burn!” currently on an intercept for the enemy. as he pondered that inevitable outcome. fifteen Streel Hatchet-class White Light System corvettes. In addition to the Star Devil II. Looks like a single Streel to leave for Madderly’s Star. as the Gran Quivera’s portside heavy laser and proton He would be the one who administered the death blow to batteries let go at once. he would permit Old Man Streel and his three “sons” to live long enough to regret “Make that two. then another world.. he thought to gunnery deck. “She sends her compliments and reports “Pilot. accelerate to full speed and remaining after Star Law and the Royal Marines had driven assume point!” the commander of the Seventh Fleet then them from their base forty days ago.” now.” assault on the orbital facilities over Clarion.” First Lieutenant Ellica Shozz’s voice replied from the cruiser’s They might even rename Gollywog after me. Once those two events had taken place. First Lieutenant time to interrupt his commander’s reverie with a report: Jolee Cramer. on a vector which will take them to Madderly’s Star.” the Yazirian female added a second later. The ship’s astrogator.

00:07:26 GST “Very old. So far. in spite of the Mhneme designed anti-g suit’s gel padding. biting on her bottom lip. Hannah screamed as the cargo arm “Show me. fumbling at the controls to the rickety. 00:06:00 GST The whip struck out before the suit’s autosealant had a chance to work.” screamed. “Surprise. jerking exit at a point 134. replied.” M’kx added. Hannah. command.. and a quarter hours ascension. and three of the latter. six point two seconds. the new course in a window on the spherical holodisplay terrified girl was instants away from being as stone shared by both forward stations.” M’kx remarked. 70 F. It was a suspicion going back to even of the combined militia and Star Law frigates and pre-Fed times. on protecting him even after he’d insisted he didn’t need to be protected against cowards who blew up babies in 38 . a bomb in the Frontier Security Council chambers five years ago killed him and “S-sorry. Hannah cursed softly. two of Exoskeletally-augmented fingers worked the keyboard in which are Streel-built Dominant-class ships. The world below was closer to her than it had been a few seconds ago. The electrowhip tore through 65. “ Time to jump now eleven hours. down on her chest. The girl spun end over end in the bay.700. Dad spitted back. “Gran Quivera has uploaded new “Answer me.” M’kx reported.” Hannah replied.. heir to the Royal Seat of Sinclair. front of her. The other gunships to plot the micro. “Interlinking with the “Tactical data coming through now. her. *** instead of the plague-infested system Albatross was supposed to have emerged at. The traitors hadn’t given Grandfather the visible from the open cargo bay doors. “Story of “Eternal Light of Space.” the starfighter the port laser battery station.. like they had the gods-damned Not just for herself and the forces under her nominal Plague fifty years ago. almost dropped the pallet she was She sighed. seven gravities still pressing whipped out. eyes still on the main loading from the docking bay floor. White Light System “An old Human joke.. option of facing them openly.” point in space expanded.” M’kx reported.” it added. isn’t it?! Isn’t it?!” he to come. But. however... Clarion Marine Ship Lionhearted surprise.” 60. her suit. Tartarus-class vessels. squadrons of Boomerang starfighters and War Pig gathering evidence that the Streelies and the worms were starbombers streak forth into the night. half- rigged up cargo arm. The jets fired for a few seconds to put Albatross on its new vector. to the end of the Pirate Wars nearly eight assault scouts forming the first wave of the counterattack.” she remarked to herself. United Planetary Federation Ship Albatross Hannah tried not to cry out.000 klicks from Clarion . “Surprise. decades before. dismiss as Sathar agency. “Captain. grabbing her in its pincers. For the five years this war has “Acknowledged..” the ten-year old girl stammered.. show us the way in the darkness your gods-damned worthless life.. fifty four minutes.Y.Y. operations officer reported from the flight bridge. For Mother. breaking the silence of the gunship’s red-lit bridge.” Chief Petty Officer Rondalyn Chase replied from “All craft away. she was now supposed to “. microjump... “A micro. Crown Duchess Inheritrix Felicia. maneuver jets thirty degrees up angle and twenty-three Luminere.” She watched the Lionhearted’s sixteen dragged on. as she assisted her second in command and the other gunships’ pilots and astrogators in plotting the The third was a Sathar Divine Plague-class heavy. Her second in command displayed the Tearing through her suit and slowly crushing her. knocking her out of the White Light System operator’s chair.“ 25 Septa. Star Law has bled itself dry – literally . all they had was bits and pieces.” her.200 kilometers from Fortress Redoubt. “None the less apt. surging ahead somehow connected. Hannah nodded in reply.. 25 Septa.Captain?!” M’kx asked. slaggin’ dead as all those poor souls on the world below. 70 F.” Master Petty Officer Gorop remarked from its station at the torpedo guidance controls. The world below holodisplay. but for her people on the world below. Star Frontiersman Reaching out to grab another.. Your Excellency. nothing that Old Man Streel and his three sons couldn’t The twenty-year old Clarion royal couldn’t help but worry. managing to three of the Star Law Special Branch agents who’d insisted fit the pallet into the bay.. The new course has them entering the Void still. ” I believe. She was thankful for having something to keep her mind from dwelling on the past. liking this idea even less than jumping into a plague system. cooking her flesh open. all Streel-built Hannah nodded....roughly the stick in her left hand back and to the left to point the fifteen million kilometers from White Light’s third planet. filling itself with battle carriers March 2008 and heavy cruisers.Gods damn it!” Dad snapped at her over comms.. Three of the former. obstinante in her refusal to go into hiding.100 kilometers from Clarion Spacedock. her left hand let go of the stick. Lord Commander of the Royal Marines. you gods-damned little bitch!” Dad ordered course telemetry to our astrocomp. even *** knowing what those Liberationist bastards would do to her if the coup were to succeed and they’d ended up capturing “.

70 f.” Not until the day. “THE MORALLY INFERIOR ARE NOT PERMITTED TO there’s too much at stake.. Forces 1. “You. of its fur. Tabbe patiently waiting for his first enemy wave. once His Kingdom had been restored. the will of the harlot calling itself a queen. at present acceleration.” the monkey stinking up the It apparently failed to understand that simple concept - space beside him reported. “are only permitted to submit to Deep Space.too slow for the carrier. after all .” “Estimated time to Gollywog. That he and his would reign unchallenged “You have been free far too long. The waiting always wears and worries her screams echoed off the bare walls.” the animal replied. religious persecution disguised as religious Lionhearted’s chief astrogator reported.” 39 . thirty. in the Kingdom the One had set aside for His Chosen. being forced to endure the insult of having one herself. astrogator reported.. Tabbe allowed himself a smile. It cruiser and four escorting destroyers to do anything save has the temerity to open its mouth and utter . six minutes from now. “Seventeen hours. “THEY ARE NOT PERMITTED TO QUESTION THEIR ANOINTED LORDS AND MASTERS! THEY ARE NOT EVEN This. She had to do continued to scream even after He has switched off its something more than just wait and watch. Crown Duke Consort of them foul his deck. free expression of filth “Intercepts plotted and on the board. she observed. moral inferiority meant total inferiority. The part of the battle Felicia March 2008 could never stand.y. 3 and 4. only then.” Space Ship Friday’s Child Deep Space. having to nerve to address deck at His feet were delivered to judgment and final Tabbe as an equal. “it can maintain four gravities’ acceleration for of those Chosen by the One was never meant to be easy. White Light System Nothing left to do but wait. All of that would soon be Vincent. see as a dangerous error. always came to mind whenever she dwelt upon rewarded a thousandfold. acceptance of depravity. the disgusting thing nerves to shreds. sixteen seconds after that.8. 70 F.hope for rest that the white fire of Liberation would spread from his and ease. sparing a Making Him administer another lesson. clearly something even you will come to technology. forty-nine minutes.were behind Maxxer Tabbe as the man who’d led the strike which them. 00:11:28 GST His Dominion. his thumb poised over the firing button for the assault “Estimated intercept time between our frigates and the scout’s main laser cannon.Y.. no matter how many times she’d been Streel pressed a button on the control in His hand.” He told the creature. and she’s become a spectator SPEAK!” He told it. Remember people knew ... twenty-five seconds punished the way the abomination he had to call his precisely. now that she’d done 25 Septa. hateful abomination in the battle she is supposed to be leading. redeemed all the worlds of His Creation from tolerance of perversity.but could not yet prove . its attendant chain securing its collar to the deck of the empty cabin.descendant of David . straining against the second squared . plus our assault scouts will intercept first estimated enemy wave of frigates and corvettes in He would see the harlot dragged from its castle and eleven hours. as he grips the stick tightly in his left hand. twenty minutes. Not very regal or commanding.” Lieutenant Maxxer Tabbe remarked. White Light System the will of the One True God and the chosen stewards of 25 Septa.. collar. leering down at it. The filthy. but. and destroyers forty-one minutes. make him hours. “another thing the morally inferior mistakenly believe is That the morally inferior. and racism disguised as diversity.” smile wider. and all those like the thing lying on the “That. adding its odious breath to the stench punishment at the hands of the One who made them. starting on the other fingers on that hand. spitting on its Clarion Marine Ship Osprey grotesquery of a body. but she didn’t care.. “Joint Reaction freedom. would not be able to stop them.5- Star Frontiersman their prams in the name of liberating Clarion from the All the years of being held back. secure in the knowledge could Samson Streel . “is highly doubtful. being forced to submit to morally inferior and their evil influence.” animal worked its filthy mouth. she thought to Colonists. “Assuming. fifteen seconds. Its through this. worrying a pinky nail free. attempting to speak. the quick already.the seven seconds.” Then. being made to watch it and its kind weaken and diminish the First Cowards are the worst kind of enemy. But the lot behind it. 00:13:16 GST everything she could do.” he added. all the generations to come the subject of the Liberationists and the Streelies. one of many He glance at the deathtrap spewing radiation in a long trail will be forced to teach it in the days to come. The words of her ancestor. Lionhearted and her consorts moved through space at a ponderous ten meters per The animal was waiting for Him.. is as good PERMITTED TO THINK!” as anything else I can think of. homeworld to cleanse the Frontier of things such as it and its packmates. Your Excellency. that long. “Approximate twelve hours. Her would say his name with reverent pride.” one of the Royal Flagship’s other role in the redemption of his people to begin.” the and obscenity.. when the Final War had run its inevitable course. She bit one thumbnail all the way to twitched on the soiled mattress it had been given. for all their power and their right. Fighters will engage one another in exactly nine That prospect alone was enough to warm him. Intercepting second enemy wave of cruisers second in command was being punished now. “Wha—“ mop up and guard the rear.

one behind the Space and time shifted. y—“ “Not possible.. remaining Truane’s Star heavy blasted clear of the wreckage. Truane’s Star Ship Star Devil II Another lesson had to be administered. EVASIVE .. you hear me?! Get to one of the man and his chief astrogator both reporting. get to one of the workpods! Get fighters launched from the planet. 12:01:49 GST The left-hand stick went slack in Hannah’s hand..a huge starship.. two thousand-credit leather shoes. All six gunships sailed into the fray at Stiletto-class assault scout. blasted its way through “New targets acquired. seven. “Drivefield generator coming on 134.Y.. Hannah found it harder subspace radio updated the tactical holodisplay before to breathe with each passing instant. “or death. Hannah thought to herself. All his carriers’ fighters and bombers obliterated by she shouted out. . “This is The proximity alarm screamed.” M’kx reported. nine. The militia flagship and the hell out of here!” the three Star Law joint-reaction forces who were supposed to have either been in transit to Madderly’s Star “No!” Carla’s voice insists over the headset. as 25 Septa.. as him.. Interceptor 40 .620 kilometers from Fortress Redoubt. turning out all the lights. ten. one . reported from her station along the rear United Planetary Federation Ship Albatross wall of the bridge deck. seven. estimated time to intercept . sizzled across the night from all six heavies.. An explosion tore Creed’s command chair loose from 25 Septa. her voice a croak. sending him spinning. bringing its laser battery to 2. six.. “Gods damn you!” Hannah replied. three. you WILL see clearly.alarms fading in the thinning air.” He told it. his radar not a conversation.000 kilometers from Fortress Redoubt.gripping the left-hand stick hard. The sickeningly about. One of the Truane’s Star heavies was discontinuity poet and spacer alike had taken simply to dead and dark . bigger even than all the Morgaines in the slaggin’ fleet put together. five.000. as it effected recovery operations. refusing to buckle of His belt. before the light washed away and darkness rushed in. M’kx reported: “Astrogation has control of the ship. At the same time she shouted for Gorop The unclean beast had the temerity to sit up..” . “in and anti-beam missiles hissed forth from launchers along time. 70 F.” sparing a look behind her.. end over end. 12:00:01 GST it screamed and flailed about.Cliff’s eyes widening in terror. an instant before resumed seven gravities’ acceleration the instant the Albatross entered the Void a second time . White light.386. 11:59:49 GST the deck. five. “RAISE MAG SHIELDING. It . Void entry in formation.Y. The captain of the Albatross jinked furiously. “I will not permit you to die. Creed flniched. The reports received via . loading the self- destruct program into the engine comp’s memory. so soon her right hand all the way to the firewall.. six... “Not without or already there. you WILL realize you never their flanks. “Intercept course Star Law vessels. LAUNCH *** INTERCEPTORS AND ANTI-BEAM MISSILES! PILOT. course The six Star Law gunships sailed through the enemy plotted and uploaded to engine computer. spit on His to “let fly!” custom-made. hand going to the “What?!” Creed shouted at his comm tech.” he repeated. “Carla. accelerating towards Void speed. “And.” acknowledge the news he was receiving from the vanguard of his forces. Hannah ten.” United Planetary Federation Ship Albatross 134.000 kilometers from Luminere.” Something heavy hit her across the back of her skull. nine. four ..” he whispered. 70 F. eyes widening in horror.” Albatross’ chief flight engineer..Y. two.. the sky assumed the distorted other.” crushing the firing button for both main lasers underneath her left thumb. Ensign Dezgere. voice dropping to a chill whisper.. an instant before. 70 F.” Liberty-class gunships emerging from the Void on attack vector.” He added. line and answering astrocomp commands. Proton and electron beams bear at the same time its maneuver jets fired. vaporizing three of 109’s gunships in plotted and uploaded to engine computer. and turnover. Star Frontiersman “And. shoving the throttle in Don’t know if my stomach can take another micro. *** “Not possible. emergence from the thousand kilometers behind a Clarion Royal Marine Void. as she saw. “ALL SHIPS! BREAK FORMATION AND OPEN FIRE!” Creed March 2008 shouted.” He added. burned and blinded White Light System him. this system’s namesake. matched vectors with its sister ship.” White Light System 25 Septa. The worm ship was radioactive junk. Albatross sailed into the vaporized metal. Hannah. dispatching the torpedos aimed for it. Those are your ONLY two options.... The other two battle carriers expanded clouds of aspect of a funhouse mirror.700. four.a gaping maw blasted through her calling “the Void. eight. White Light System “Submission to what you were meant to be.. truly were anything more than what you are now.. Void entry in quick succession. watched the two halves of her brother’s ship shed debris as they drifted.. “Void speed achieved.” Hannah’s stomach cartwheeled midsection. the pion engines after the last.880 kilometers per second..emerging fifty Albatross completed deceleration. ”Star Law slaggin’ workpods and . eight. 15.

The . “The freighter’s attempting to make a run for it. its back to Him. from the main laser cannon.. now huddled in a ball against the far bulkhead.Y.. The rigged-up shambles of apart. before turning his full attention back to the The bridge lights dimmed. of his half-assed schemes! Clarion Marine Ship Osprey Hannah watched as a pair of ’vettes swooped down on the Deep Space. The mass- Albatross’ main beams pinned the assault scout between driver mounted in Albatross’ belly spit out thousands of them.they’d end up saving the Gull and her crew anyway. as He knelt over the animal. even as Var Krenko. The flying deathtrap next to him attempted evasive maneuvers. on the seagull in flight painted on its starboard Deep Space. Their laser cannon punctured the cargo 25 Septa.” 25 Septa. Tabbe fired the main laser again. 70 F. 25 Septa... easily stopping the she was supposed to. McCoy!” the Dirk’s commander insisted.” Gorop reported. 12:04:16 GST “Fire at will..” the monkey at astrogation reported. Tabbe briefly watched Including the first.. “He’s not worth it!” caromed harmlessly off of the magnetic deflection shielding of one of the enemy vessels. between them and Osprey with clouds of ice and metallic foil. Friday’s Child was pulling away at five Gs. Lieutenant. 41 . Gar’s ship. Three more ’vettes and a squadron of Stingers Tabbe turned his ship over. as 36 Streel-manufactured multi-missile drone craft arrowed Hannah gritted her teeth. 12:05:00 GST Gullwind. her laser batteries to bear. the twin laser cannon stabbed through their ranks. “Freighter has launched three dozen multi-missile drones!” M’kx shouted out amid alarms echoing across the bridge. its nose at the enemy vessel. attention to the manned and drone fighters released from The resulting explosions of kinetic energy tore the fighters the cargo bay of Dad’s ship. last and only one she’d let close to her. At least he’s consistent. “GODS DAMN IT ALL!” Hannah swore through gritted . Hannah lit laser burned a runnel through one of the gunship’s flanks. astrogator. The attenuated beam moving closer to protect the McCoy. what had begun as a Pacific-class freighter tryed to boost to five gravities.. Her eyes remained on the Pacific-class freighter... vaporizing it instantly. Master Gorop. The thing was crying. Tabbe stabbed out with a shaft of blue-white hot light “Gods damn you. Her Dirk shook herself apart toward Albatross at 150 meters per second. and small craft arrowed forth at maximum burn towards the all it had cost was the lives twenty-eight good and decent Star Law vessels.8. White Light System side. just to bail him out of another one engines.” opened its cargo bay doors. vomiting forth Scorpion drone fighters and manned Sathar and Stinger starfighters. as it ran from a fight it couldn’t win. White Light System Gull’s backside. missing badly.” Hannah replied. shouting to the monkey at the craft. manning the laser battery began firing wildly in the direction of the six fast-approaching Star Law gunships. The freighter’s laser batteries returned fire. running like a scared rabbit from Darkworld Space Ship Friday’s Child Station. 12:03:20 GST bay. reported that the crippled destroyer was changing vector. “Take the pressure off that freighter!” Commander The ex-Clarion Royal Marine officer loosed a brace of Trivette’s holo ordered. as it brought its pair of “What?!” Hannah replied angrily. up the center of the largest concentration of enemy small Tabbe jinked furiously. interceptors stopped the incoming missiles. not retreating back to Inner Reach like Interceptors flew from the gunships. “but.Y. Anti-beam missiles filled the space Gull. Interceptors and anti-beam missiles shot forth from the twelve defensive launchers in the Albatross’ flanks to blunt Again. Hannah thought to herself. as missiles and beams slammed charging Star Law ships. even as the gibbering monkey converged on Gar’s ship. with each hit.. Green crosshairs bracketed one into the ship’s magnetic shielding.. following it up with a quartet of Lancers. The another incoming volley of missiles and lasers. His bionic heart hammered violently in His aching chest. and was turning instead to aid the incoming Lancers. “Mass-driver Deep Space. Dezgere diverted of the enemy vessels.slag! teeth.. Hannah turned her full depleted uranium projectiles at two percent of light speed. United Planetary Federation Ship Albatross “Mass-driver coil charged. March 2008 the decrpit excuse for a starship attempt five gravities’ acceleration. His breath came in great heaves and sobs. The freighter “Maybe..5- Star Frontiersman And a ship entirely too familiar to her.” Commander Trivette replied. engineering station to boost power to the Osprey’s mag Rondalyn and Petty Officer Perriz Gansch slashed through shielding as the gunship fired both of her main beams at the enemy drones and fighters with their remotely- once. one she knew just Her people and the McCoy’s crew are risking their necks by the amount of radiation spewing from its unshielded for that miserable slag.Y. beings aboard the Melinda McCoy and the four aboard the Dirk. 70 F.. 70 F. White Light System loaded and ready to fire. power from the pion engine to reinforce the shielding. her own burning shambles of a Lancer missiles just as the assault scout finished pointing bridge in the background. controlled laser batteries.

the instant the Seventh Fleet which they. “Contact the commander of the Perfect Hatred. way towards the bridge. “Not possible!” He insisted.. turning to face him. the engine computer are both still on-line.” He heaved at her.. it had been five long years of The filthy thing had almost killed Him. making seven. “will not kill Me. the One True God - who allowed your kind to break Him on the Wheel to save “We’ve just sicced the multi-missile drones on ’em.” God’s Perfect Hatred was now being equipped for the final campaign against the Dark Enemy and the moral inferiors “Once we regroup. a worm hissing. and Streel heard the thunder demanded. “Progenitorrr -” any more and -” “WHAT IS IT.. Bloup’s fried real good. no matter what you do!” He stepped out of the lift car and onto the red-lit bridge.” the worm reported.. “Master. winning the struggle to rise to ranks. who had dutifully informed heavy cruiser’s bridge. 25 the One who ruled them all had meant for it sadistic depravities it had forced Him to inflict on it. in turn. Sumbitch went up momentss ago. have survived contact with the enemy along a vector where the ultimate instrument of His vengance and His intersecting ours. protoplasm’s fused “WHAT?!” Streel asked.” the worm replied. Star Frontiersman whimpering.” He added. YOU REPELLENT CREATURE?!” He The lights went out briefly.000 kilometers from Luminere. A reedy voice said over comms: “We arrre underr attack. “A squadrron of Ssstar Law gunsshipss emerrrged from the Void a few “C. Truane’s Star Ship Exalted He caught His breath once He was in a lift car creaking its 15. But the engines and “Gods damn it. servitor. 42 . with those gunships the Gollywogs and their harlot so-called queen personally. and we’re regretting the vain decision to lead the chastisement of continuing to pull five gees. He should have gone on to Delta. “chose instead “Breakers got tripped all over the place..” n’ Jorgens have wrung all the acceleration we’re gonna outta these old engines..” the captain replied. Same as the engineering spaces and the starboard battery. knowing it could be. Him of what they’d believed were Star Law’s plans. Even though He held the four worlds His family struggled to keep up with the oxygen demands of His had coveted for hundreds of years. turning to stare down the with what’s left of the turret -” creature. the captain of this ship. 70 F.000..Y. that anything could be.” He added. as if He had forced it to endure the sick. shoving the worm away As I should have done in the first place.. “I. Star military officers commanding them. “am armored in righteousness The fat slob commanding this wreckage reported. Star Law and the body. apparently caring even less about some blob than Streel himself did.” the voice—which to ambush our forcesss here. as He finished dressing. course for Plague System Delta.” Streel instead of waiting for His Flagship to complete its refit at commanded. his Special Branch fed the “Why didn’t you pursue the enemy?!” Creed demanded of Liberationist traitors in the Wogs’ ranks false information. to be. Instead. dressing. “Have him withdraw any of his ships which Fortress Watchtower. “we will enter the Void on under Her command. gods-damned “What about the rest of the ship?” the captain asked. but the gunships are still closing rapidly. that was the port laser battery. March 2008 bastard Ironside Brannecken. We fiddle with the engine comp The door hissed open. His bionic eyes worked intermittently.. “The Ssstar Law forrcces which were ssupposed to leave for Madderly’ss Sstar. had relayed to the operatives of His commander stepped off the lift onto the Immortal-class Corporate Intelligence Service. sending current all through the system.. likeness . and the love of My Lord and Master. Streel gathered His wits.” “Gods damn it!” He repeated. Even with Streel and Truane’s Star troops and warships bolstering their “You. “we One of the many ways the morally inferior had conspired were engaging in recovery opera -” to frustrate Him in His plans to use the Sathar to destroy Star Law and the militias and prostrate the Frontier before He screamed. not bothering to turn and face His Sathar of an explosion echoing throughout the ship. destroyed the Ossprey. the sight militias kept finding new ways to outwit and overcome the before Him either broke up into white noise or disappeared Sathar . And me and Hi .” the crew deck’s without power. His Chosen from the isolation you imposed between us Master.” He swore.even with Zuraqquor technicians and Truane’s into darkness. along with vesselsss ssent Streel assumed to be that of Jorgens – replied. Streel silently from Him. Though. 12:05:30 GST Brannecken had set Him up. and arrre now -” like a Federation Day picnic. White Light System calculating vectors. “Most of from Madderly’ss Sstar and those of the Clarion militia. as He made His way down the dimly-lit rebuked himself. It was supposed to have taken six months for this to come to pass. reaching the inevitable conclusion. I don’t know if -” To say nothing of the equally-stupid decision which led him to hitch a ride aboard this decreptitude of a starship. his eyes and twitching body wreathed in them so that the fleet He had built could sweep them lightning. Black smoke curled up from the aside and reshape a grateful people in His image and His flames consumed what remained of his corrupted flesh. His bionic lungs futility.W. passageway to the core lift. His feet. as he fell. with that sneaky.

his steepled fingers at mentally. “More “He has ordered all surviving ships to regroup and importantly. “Circumstancial evidence at best. will deliver it AT ONCE! hope. asking the chief telemetry now uploaded to the command station.” Jolee reported. can we reach the freighter don’t have any clear indication Old Man Streel himself before the Star Law gunships succeed in capturing or gave those orders. telling the remaining ships out there to March 2008 bug out. and the worms. achieved the thirty meters per second he’d desired.830 kilometers from Fortress Redoubt.” travelling with them. as it Nothing to brag about. vectors of the hostiles. Twenty-seven dead was still too many as far as she was concerned. and head for the “Location information uploaded to your station. four frigates and six “No. The cruiser’s twin heavy laser cannon impaled a Streel More red blips stippled the display. The term was nevertheless apt. A turkey shoot. as well as three dozen Streel-built multi-missile drone platforms. any hard evidence he even gave those withdraw to Plague System Delta. not with over two hundred Star Law and militia Astrogator. yes.” and a few hundred fighters and bombers. the remainder either dead in steady in his left hand.” “Additonal subspace comm traffic from Streel’s alleged location. having to address Old Man Streel by that name. maintain maximum burn.” the chief astrogator replied instantly. thinking.” Jolee replied instantly. the comm to the Perfect Hatred . holding the smoking electron pistol corvettes are still fighting. the course Creed nodded his head. sending it spinning lifelessly end over end. “Do you have a fix on his location?” she asked. Its six nuclear engines throttled up. as he relaxed in his chair. calculate the vector taken by the Star Law ships and nearly three times as many fighters and gunships.” Creed hissed.8.5- Star Frontiersman cruisers.” United Planetary Federation Ship Gran Quivera 93. needed?” “Master.” Creed decided.. and are now pursuing them. Gran Quivera moved past the Pacific-class freighter.” Gran Gollywog.” the radioman added. “Cancel previous course. plotted intercept vector. “This ship is capable of three gravities’ acceleration. bastards never had a or your replacements ..” the radioman “Remaining enemy ships are withdrawing from combat. “plot a course for Plague System Delta.” Void. ma’am. 12:06:15 GST Patrol Squadron 109. the commander of Joint Reaction Force 3 waiting for the maintenance bots to cart away the observed. You . regroup around his position. appearing behind the red dot marking the source of the alleged comm from Streel.” tactical holodisplay at her station. turning onto the a pair of Gollywog assault scouts. The holo on Estella’s White Light System display refreshed. “I am intercepting “Streelies tried their damnedest to scramble their comms a message from the freighter ferrying our Sire to to the pirates.” is all the reply Creed gave. Master.” the ship’s radioman reported.. not having the slightest idea what a turkey was garbage. swallowing bile at Estella’s eyebrows rose slightly at the Dral’s report.” the radioman answered orders?” him. it’s an old the radarman reported.” Estella remarked. asking the ship’s radioman.. Master!” three voices replied as one. then plot and upload an intercept course to the bombers surrounding a force of sixty-five enemy warships piloting computer. “Plotted. Any death is still one too many.” fighters. “At once. Six blips indicated the positions of 25 Septa.” added. though I’m not getting an IFF signal cruiser she had just destroyed as Estella studied the from it. “EXCUSES” space or vaporized...Y. “Yes and no.. It had been and chief engineer: years since her Pre-Frontier History course in Academy.” he added. “Update on the source of that signal.the destroying it?” cruiser we just scragged . They’d shot down fifty-two enemy vessels within a matter of minutes. “According to 109’s comm traffic.” the radioman added. really. listening in on their conversations. Estella added “Good. The heavy losing only seven of the Shield Maiden’s Boomerangs and cruiser soon fired its maneuvering jets. a Truane’s Star cruiser. showing the estimated Divine Judgment-class cruiser through its starboard side. 70 F.was in gnat-talk. They report the Star Law gunships which Quivera’s radioman replied “But. “Then. engaged against Streel and Sathar drone and manned Pilot. sighing. causing the entire ship to creak and groan. we won’t risk our lives in trying. “You get what you his lips. Man Streel’s name.748. “Black Dogs are heavily “Then. Only a pair of Streel 43 . she reminded herself.” “We. “We astrogator: “In your opinion. Captain. He then eased himself into the command station’s chair. the Liberationists. Master.. we’ve got attacked us have destroyed the Gollywog assault scout ’em giving orders to all three.” “What word of our Sire?” he then added. before issuing these orders to the Exalted’s pilot and why the Ancestors used to shoot them. that’s what the Streelies usually use when they don’t want anyone “No.” confirming Creed’s own calculations. “even intercepted orders in Old “Where are they?” Creed asked the chief astrogator.. plot a new vector which will take us away from all enemy combatants.

” she whispered through gritted teeth. she would one day occupy. engine and jets both expired in a shower of sparks. 12:08:20 GST 25 Septa. “Gran Quivera to Shield Maiden.” M’kx asked. The rest of the crew hadn’t been firing button.. before What worried her most was the attempt by the Officials .. firing the maneuver jets to turn the ship over to initiate the deceleration burn..and. marines to the airlock. 44 .” she whispered again. or “Gods damn you. And his family. Star Frontiersman Estella nods her head again. as Consensus chambers had gone dark. Those three caused the bridge lights to the Gran Quivera. she jerked the stick back. “vector of the multi-missile drones. it wouldn’t do a damn bit of good if the government “Captain. Friday’s Child was wavering in her holodisplay. arming didn’t like that solution either.” the Lionhearted’s accordingly and lend support to the Black Dogs. Battle radioman reported. just before the feed from the crosshairs bracketing what remains of the ship. Privy Council. That left her with having to wait those traitors out .” go about answering that question. The McCoy’s wrecked bridge was burning in ranks had they moved. a little more insistent. White Light System White Light System 25 Septa. All the methods she could think of. both of which exploded in gouts of squads had that situation largely in hand. save one.. of Clarion live on the Mosaic.. as they struck the mag shielding squarely.” she ordered..” “I’m uploading a vector to your air operations computer. I need for you to have your remaining craft change course “Orders relayed. had declared himself Lord Protector Her left thumb gently caressed the firing button. nodding her head ---End--- absently.” damage any potential enemy within could do in the process of exposing himself to the scrutiny of the RSI. 12:07:02 GST The main beams and the mass-drivers swept aside the last “Air operations. he still needs our help.” she ordered over comms. Your Excellency. Deep Space. the Star Law Marine Urban hesitate.Y. Shield Maiden’s fighters and bombers. As crosshairs on Flagship’s intercom. March 2008 the Clarion Liberation Party’s political wing . while driving any “Gods damn it. “Radioman.. and both houses of the Consensus. and Royal Forces managed to run all the Resisters to earth. rooting out the burning junk and radioactive plasma. Sinclair House and arrest Mother. as suspected traitors deeper into hiding. really are the worst kind of those bastards out there escape. she observed.” “All other ships.” Commander Trivette’s traitors had infiltrated her Marines and how far up in the holo replied. Lieutenant. Felicia continued to monitor the comm Squadron 304 and Patrol Squadron 307.” Felicia ordered almost instantly. without defiling the very Crown she’d pledged her life to defend and the Seat .to storm leaving the vessel dead.662. “but. The Crown Duchess Inheritrix listened dim. Maximum burn. She “Marines to the airlock. loyalities for some time.” she added. Study the holos. the members of the Just the way Dad liked his victims.maybe. 70 F.. gods only knew how much the grapples. “are to make sure none of Cowards. to the rest of the Streelie forces had intercepted and destroyed the Osprey. Even Streel-built engines. vectoring twin beams of bluish-white-hot light Warfare Units. This sent the Liberationist cells before they have a chance to move scrapyard of a freighter spinning crazily through space - against the Crown. no casualties. That fat pig Nit Gangreen. would do just that. RSI had suspected Tabbe’s “Captain?” M’kx repeated. The gunship’s remaining interceptors stopped all but three of the She continued studying the telemetry downloaded from inbound missiles. “I say again. “shouldn’t we start our deceleration itself was held hostage. Clarion Marine Ship Lionhearted United Planetary Federation Ship Albatross 18. More worrying to her is the question of how many more “. To putting an end to someone who never truly deserved to live in the first place. but hadn’t been able to prove Hannah’s thumb was that much closer to crushing the anything concrete.” enemy. they had a job to do. She paid particular attention to the Hannah’s holodisplay bracketed two of the three ancient reports coming from the surface of the First Colony. burn about now?” Most disturbing to her was the news that the Star Law Hannah ignored her.” she said over comms. and Royal Security and Intelligence tactical towards the nacelles. the surviving nuclear engine still firing at max burn.. “have Knighthawk and the destroyers alter vector and intercept that freighter. The image of the even if the militia could recover from that damage.if any more had infiltrated the ranks of the Royal Forces. even as they salvoed a brace all available fighters and bombers against that contact.” of missiles towards the Albatross. A risk I’ll have to run. Albatross’ command pilot did not though the Royal Guards. suspected of anything. To say nothing of how she should the background. Her eyes only saw that gods-damned ships currently pursuing the freighter transmitting orders ship in front of her.. Even if the Star Law Albatross closed rapidly with it.400 kilometers from Clarion Spacedock. 70 f. she concluded.. Dezgere to the comm reports being piped in over the Royal reported no damage...y.. you’ll accompany reports. and Felicia wondered if that had been an error on RSI’s part. Its maneuver jets struggled to correct the ship’s spin. dark and helpless.

Bludgeon damage can knock you out. and hand. In this system. wound damage can kill you. 1 and 2 for two different Chest This optional rule set makes damage a little more areas. uses a simple form of hit an amount equal to his skill level. instead of If he has a 45 Stamina. 6. However. You have a 55% chance to hit. lacking realism but allowing a certain level of cinematic. It is. your character has several damage Cover boxes. however. the tens digit of the hit roll represents the up daises? hit location. This means you hit your introduction of damage boxes. and is pretty easy to get the hang of. It is a pretty drastic change to the core rules. far more effective than wearing defensive suits or screens. or when he hits an bullets can a character really eat before he’s pushing opponent. your summing the rolled dice. It has the benefit A skilled character can bump the hit location rolled by of being highly graphical. With several concepts freely borrowed from other out- of-print 1980’s era role-playing games. Each hit location has a number of damage cover much more effectively. Excess damage !!=== 2: Chest boxes are filled-in and not Damage Types used: There are two types of damage your character can sustain: Bludgeon. You’ll divide this among the top and bottom rows evenly. this system is Bumping Hit Locations heavily tested and fun to work with.5- Star Frontiersman by Bill Logan Damage in the Star Frontiers game is simple and quite playable. For example. round protected by hard cover. choice. It may seem alien. but it hits an area these (one tenth your character’s Stamina score. but can bump this up or The most dramatic change to the damage system is the down by 2 (your level). so cover isn’t 100% effective. how many Hit Locations When your character is hit. 3 for Abdomen. Intrigued yet? For example: The character from the above Damage Boxes example has 2 levels in his Gyrojet Pistol. He has these damage boxes in ten different hit In this system. 45 . Each of the hit locations has a numeric reference: 0 for Head. takes into account both armor and some of the randomness out of the situation in a way penetration. you’ll have 4 !!=== damage boxes: 2 on the top and 2 on the bottom. and should only be used by Referees wanting For example: You fire your gyrojet pistol at your to introduce a certain level of grittiness to his games.8. it works pretty smoothly. You’ll only use a certain number of If your opponent rolls a hit. opponent. you simply count how many character will have 4.5 turn up greater than 5. After all. up). you’re unharmed. You’ll notice that each of the ten hit locations has ten damage boxes. The top row A skilled character might be able to bump damage to must always have equal or more available damage an exposed hit location. 8. boxes. if you have a 40 STA. that only a great deal of talent and training allows. your character can take advantage of locations. coloring in any unused boxes. You March 2008 rolled a hit location of 7. Each !!=== 2: Chest Damage When a character rolls damage against an opponent. For instance. but opponent in hit locations 5. This helps take location. or 9 – your once you’ve used it. if your look like this: character successfully hit with a sonic sword (damage rating 5d10). heroic gameplay. a hit! You hit in area 7 (the left hand). weapon arm. and Wound. the only hit location that would be exposed is score (round in favor of the character). your head. If you’re behind hard boxes equal to one tenth of your character’s Stamina cover. etc. realistic. however. you still roll 5d10. That assumes you’re fighting back. That’s how many of your (rounded up to 5) damage !!!== opponent’s boxes are “damaged. You roll a 47. 7. of the ten hit locations would you no longer sum the dice.” boxes: 3 in the top and 2 in the bottom.

his abdomen is not !!=== location where your skeinsuit protects. your character is dead. most people will recover from being boxes. unless they were hit location area but still have bludgeon damage to beaten to a pulp! record. Medical Healing Any medical or medicinal healing would heal an amount A hand or arm that is numbed means no weapon or of damage equal to one tenth the amount it would tool use is possible with that hand or arm (at all. abdomen. but thankfully. bashes. it will heal 2 damage boxes instead. and your character will take numbed: 3: Abdomen the remainder. then you’ll put the take 2 wound points of damage. he has 4 !!=== addition to the damage boxes your character can March 2008 3: Abdomen sustain. your suit will take half of it (round up). You record this in STA score of 35. He normally has five wound damage. and by a blaster for 3 points of takes a hit in the right arm. abdomen. just like always. Since he has a !!=== location (other than the head). Laser damage has to get through the 10 movement rate. you’ll first turn bludgeon more so and in other cases slightly less. your 3: Abdomen skeinsuit will absorb 3 of those points. !!!== $$!== !!=== !!=== If your head. In this damage system. whacks. your character is shot For example: Your character has a skeinsuit. or bludgeons. Minor Surgery normally that hit location heals)… while a numbed leg means heals 20 points of damage according to the rule book. That’s intentional. Albedo Suits A hand or arm that is thrashed means no weapon or Albedo Suits still absorb 100% of the damage from tool use with that hand or arm (at all. Although ##=== Whenever your character takes damage in a hit hurting. he takes 2 points of bludgeon damage. damage into wound damage. Later. You’ll notice that having your arm. that area is filled and is considered numbed. You’ll stay recover from being cut up! unconscious for an hour then wake up with one of those bludgeon damage slashes healed. until otherwise heal. you’ll only boxes). All hit locations recover 1 wound ex per day with a If your head. or causes intense tissue trauma. period. Star Frontiersman Bludgeon Damage If the damage came from a source that bruises. It’s simplest to record your skeinsuit’s damage boxes in this and all damage boxes as a single depletive number rather than hit locations. You first damage boxes in each hit location. Wound Damage If the damage came from a source that pierces. or either chest location is 4: Arm 4: Arm thrashed. that area is filled and is considered thrashed. For example. Later. points of Albedo Suit before it will begin harming your character. But they will only absorb 10 points per location heals)… while a thrashed leg means half hit location. For example: your However. the screen will absorb half the impact of 46 . that damage is recorded as exes ($). slashes. until that hit laser weapons. last wound mark in an undamaged box: Before being hit: After 5 pt hit: If you have no unmarked damage boxes in that hit Suit: 5 Suit: 2 location area yet still have wound damage to record. cuts. hand. or leg thrashed really isn’t much different than having that Inertia Screens same location numbed. Skeinsuits Skeinsuits still absorb damage. then use unmarked damage boxes. Wound damage Defenses Defenses are equally effective. half movement rate. (whether it’s wound or bruise) and he’s protected by an inertia screen. The real Whenever your character is struck for inertia damage problem difference is in the healing rate. in some cases slightly supersedes bludgeon damage. a series of damage boxes. that damage is recorded Healing All hit locations recover 1 bludgeon slash per hour. they have 5 points of protection in each hit character’s abdomen is undamaged. your character is unconscious. It’ll take a few days to numbed. or either chest location is successful Stamina check. In as diagonal slashes (#) through unmarked damage a few hours. and is hit for an turn the two slashes into $$=== amazing 5 points of damage! Normally that would exes (by drawing a second diagonal line through those $!=== have thrashed your right arm. If you have no unmarked damage boxes in that punched and kicked fairly well.

Nobody can be fully encased in armor. A critical hit In testing this system. When he hits someone with a sword (normally does 3d10 damage). +1d10 +2d10 March 2008 means each die has a 50% chance of affecting a damage box. to affect a yazirian’s wings instead of his chest or where armor is reduced. Weapons with shift damage to different locations if they spend a half- damage codes already have a bell-curve. and 60% likely to hit the arms. 4 of equivalent. nor should they be able to be more Option 1: Damage Target of 8 than doubled. chest. when rolling damage each die that comes up higher than a 5 counts as a point of damage. of 75. You’re about 40% lucky to score 2 points of damage against him! likely to hit an important body location (head. guys! 47 . That’s because Punching Score is protection! Of course. you were struck for 7 points of damage. It’s a compartmentalized location. screens. and flack vest!) Even if it’s described as an arm hit. using this system. you’ll typically roll about 4 points of damage. That STR 01-20 21-40 41-60 61-80 81-100 PS -2d10 -1d10 -. If your character is protected by both an Inertia Screen Punching Score and a skeinsuit. this damage system would easily allow for it in one of two ways: NOTE: Damage codes should not be able to be reduced by more than half. treating it like a hit on an probably be described as his back legs. we allowed any hit from the side might be assumed to strike at pivot points and joints. making the hour or so doing nothing else. The system for skeinsuits. having very little impact on someone with a blaster pistol. abdomen). you’ll have to use common sense. the damage caused. not to the overall result. specifically support hard armor (plastisteel. The suit will then absorb half of There really is no way to properly add PS to this what got through your screen (rounded up). it would make each die So we have ten hit locations. these extra hit locations have damage boxes but have no hit location number next to them. abdomen. Whatever system and maintain statistical equality to the original remains is what hurts you… now that’s some great Alpha Dawn system. This potential (which is something many house rules seem is commensurate with the standard rules for albedo to do anyway). the screen will first absorb half the One thing that doesn’t convert is Punching Score. Leg shots If you use hardened armor in your game. simply working with one-tenth the numbers it would go away and only 3 of it would affect your hit over ten times the area. they wouldn’t be able to move. For this reason. That seems to work only 20% likely to score a point of damage: you’ll be pretty darned well for humanoids. If your enemy were Non-humanoid Shapes armored with hardened armor.5- Star Frontiersman the damage (rounded up) and drain 2 SEU. You should notice that this system does a pretty good job of staying compatible. One way to remedy this is to use the following table Hard Armor? instead of the classic one from Alpha Dawn. or Option 2: Damage Dissipation legs.8. Albedo Screens So Referees should choose either to drop it altogether. hands. That’s great version that gives more realism to the damage system protection! while not adding complexity to gameplay. reinforced resins. you can describe an injury as striking a yazirian’s wing. etc. impact (rounded up). treat each die that rolls higher than 8 a damage point. But what about a yazirian’s wings? What about Alternatively. you’ll do an If your character hits an unarmored (or skeinsuited) additional +1d10 to the damage code. It’s resasonable that any hit to the arm Compatibility or chest or abdomen could be “bumped” to a wing. Each point of laser damage absorbed by an active or make it have more impact on the overall damage albedo screen drains its energy source by 2 SEU. all for the cost of 2 SEU. inertia screens. it would be typically will only harm the front legs… but an attack reasonable to assume that a critical hit ignores the from the rear that hits location 8 or 9 on a vrusk would effect of the armor. One-tenth the amount of Option: Dralasite morphing damage spread out among ten hit locations… Dralasites might (with Referee approval) be able to mathematically it’s quite similar. opponent with a frag grenade for 8d10. you could have hard armor simply all the legs of the vrusk? And hey… my dralasite has convert wound damage to bludgeon damage on a 1:1 three legs! ratio. This Although the Star Frontiers game system doesn’t becomes an adjustment to the number of dice to roll. When striking hardened areas. unarmored hit location. Normally. for albedo suits and albedo screens is mathematically example. or 4d10. This would help a character survive (and it would give a realistic reason someone might buy a helmet In these cases.). That For example: your character has a Strength score changes the dynamics considerably. ceramic. If. Spreading their damage odds of rolling damage about the same in both as evenly as possible might be a big help to these little systems. this person is a sitting duck for woefully under-expressed.

5. • All locations heal 1$ per day that area is numbed.1. with a single successful STA check. • When last ! is filled with #. Star Frontiersman !!!!! Suit: !!!!! 0: Head Suit: !!!!! !!!!! Suit: !!!!! !!!!! 1: Chest 2: Chest Suit: !!!!! Suit: !!!!! Suit: !!!!! !!!!! 4: Arm 6: Arm !!!!! !!!!! 3: Abdomen Suit: !!!!! !!!!! Suit: !!!!! !!!!! 7: Hand 5: Hand Suit: !!!!! !!!!! Suit: !!!!! !!!!! March 2008 9: Leg 8: Leg !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! #:_________ #:_________ #:_________ !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! #:_________ #:_________ #:_________ Bludgeon: Wound: • Record # in ! boxes. • When locations 8 or 9 are numbed. • When locations 0. movement is quartered. 48 .2. character is unconscious. • Record $ in # boxes before • Each location heals 1# per hour. • When locations 8 and 9 are numbed.2. that limb cannot be used. • When last ! is filled with $. or 3 are numbed. character is dead. • When locations 8 and 9 are thrashed. • When locations 4. movement is halved. or 3 are thrashed. that area is thrashed. • When locations 0. recording them in ! boxes. that limb cannot be used. • When locations 4.6.1. or 7 are thrashed. • When locations 8 or 9 are thrashed. or 7 are numbed. movement is halved.6.5. movement is quartered.

The autodoc will converse with the characters to discuss treatment (provide options. minor autodoc can heal up to 500 stamina before it needs an surgery or major surgery is needed to heal the character. This will cost 1. The storage for instruments and storage for drugs and gases power usage is 20 SEU per day. It will first do a The autodoc must have a power supply to operate. Autodocs are species-specific or can be modified with software and instruments for other races. Just dump your character in its care and give the time for treatment and shot-up buddy in the autodoc. printout. Provided another power source is connected within USING THE AUTODOC 10 minutes. It can also provide an autopsy of a dead Got a bad hangover? A sunburn? or even a dismembered character. leg. The autodoc consists of an The autodocs usually have a constant power source (such airtight capsule. (i. the part can be put into the autodoc for reattachment.000. The diagnosis. or there is another patient that will die.). and must be done at a major hospital. 49 . AUTODOC Autodocs can be used singularly or can be run in a March 2008 succession of several capsules. It will not release the freeze field until the patient is brought to an advanced facility for treatment. They were used to good By Chris Harper effect in the first Sathar war. The autodoc will sedate the The autodoc can withstand 100 points of damage before it character during treatment.5 meters x 2. The character will not be released until all 10 capsules to one doc. finger. usually made of glass for observation.5- Star Frontiersman A maximum of 20 stamina points per day can be restored. If the doc has sustained damage the unconscious during any procedures. Characters who are poisoned or infected: a skill check of controlling infection then cure disease will be Autodoc. Extra capsules 10. They will be stabilized and field surgery will be performed.000 ea.) Of course this is up to the Referee’s discretion what type of logic or personality the doc will have. placed in the autodoc. The auotdoc makes a skill Maintenance check for each treatment of skill level of 6. The ship will blow up. The autodoc artificial intelligence can be convinced to modify treatment or to release a patient early if there is a legitimate reason. assesses and diagnoses the problem. No job is too small or too big. Comes with software for 1 species. Mass: 200 kg.000 (can add up to administered. Stamina points are restored.). The Autodoc or "Coffin" is a level 6 autonomous medical robot that can provide most services that a medical Power AND STRUCTURE professional can provide. These are provided through voice or by leg? Just hop in the autodoc. where the character is placed. temporarily disconnected from the main power source and moved. on the top side of the soil? Are you tired of their self- righteous know-it-all attitude? Who is a medic gonna call The autodoc will give a complete diagnostic of the when they get shot? Well look no further. It also has built-in although a parabattery or generator can be used. It is completely sealed and is insulated from The injured or sick character is placed inside. They will be totally will not operate. capsule will remain locked. causes etc. etc. The autodoc adverse weather and the vacuum of space. If the character has sustained a dismemberment of arm. Size: 1. It will take a tech to defeat security or another 30 points to the locking mechanism to A character that has not gone below -30 stamina can be get at any patients. Additional species programs and equipment are 5. Then it will determine whether first aid.000 credits. Success on this varies. Cost 50. It is as a permanent installation. The 'doc can be used during procedures. etc. overhaul.e.8. The Marine carrier ship Where is a dang medic when you need one? Are you tired Januus used an autodoc with a series of 200 capsules on of having to hire medics all the time to keep adventurers board for emergency battle treatment. starship or a large vehicle). If any skill checks fail for treatment the autodoc will instantly put the patient in a freeze field. and it will fix him right up. Then administers the appropriate treatment.5 meters x 1 meter tall.

for example. "use the range modifier for the next important. the side of a halves the penalties associated with range. as the color of the surface will begin a that damage would be 10d10 * 3 [Lvl]. The applying technician then connects a set of specialized Laser sniper rifles have an extremely long range. Notes: Takes 4 hours to apply. PSA will be recharged at a rate of 1d10 SEU per day. proximity to a star. etc. as is the rate at which the layering is to be closer range"). It comes in a series of four specialized spray paint cans. They leads (that come in the kit). The order of the paint layers is March 2008 Telescopic Sites. The sun will struts that can be extended in order to steady the aim now recharge the device. The Like the Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle in Issue #4 of this paint can be applied one coating at a time to any broad webzine. which naval vessel. opponent that is unprotected by an albedo suit or screen. and the photo-voltaic effect will no longer target NPC had an albedo suit or screen. function. Harry rolls chemically-reacted coloration change from near-black a 51. but only if he Weight: 1kg takes two turns doing nothing but aiming. 50 . a process which takes about four hours. Star Frontiersman Laser Photo- Sniper Rifle Voltaic Paint By Larry Moore By Bill Logan Sniper rifles are specialized rifles that allow characters A recently-developed technology with far-reaching to take out enemies from a distance with deadly implications: paint that can be applied to nearly any accuracy. of the shooter and can be broken down to fit inside a gun case. I hope the to brown.500Cr pulled off of his ground car with Photo-Voltaic Weight: 5kg Paint. and strength of -20 [Long range w/ Scope] +15 [Aiming] -10 atmospheric protection from ultraviolet activity. Ammo Cost: Standard SEU PowerClip (100Cr) Skill: Beam Weapons Photo Voltaic Paint * Characters of Military PSA may multiply their Beam Cost: 250Cr Weapons skill level times the damage rolled. the laser sniper is equipped with electronic surface: a ground truck’s top plating. his SEU BeltPack gains 1d10 Rate: 1 SEU. They have folding bipod not PowerClips – they are disposable). The Referee rolls 1d10 and determines that Defense: Albedo Ghuett’s application will continue to function for 7 Range: 20/100/500/1km/2km weeks. Each day. It will be obvious when the breakdown Damage example: Harry set his rifle to 10 SEU so begins. contained in a small reinforced canvas case. wires which will attach to typically have a non-reflective finish – often coated in a any SEU power source (parabattery. lasts 1d10 weeks. large strips of glass. 25 [1/2 DEX] + 30 [Lvl 3] conditions. but flat black paint or camouflage. (AD pg. he attaches the leads to his new Ammo: 20 SEU PowerClip or power belt/back pack panel. The [Soft] = 40% solar plating paint will only last for 1d10 weeks before it breaks down. it's entirely possible to one-shot-kill an from any sun source into energy). For example: Gnuett has a depleted SEU Laser Sniper Rifle BeltPack. He sprays a piece of sheet metal he Cost: 1.13 building. Depending on the power of the sun activity in the area in which the Photo-Voltaic Paint is applied. applied. provides 1d10 SEU charge rate per day. 51 x 3 = 153 points of damage. Based on the characters skill level and SEU surface that is photo voltaic (it can turn the photons setting. He fires at a target who Referees may adjust this rate based on weather has soft cover at 800m. the deck of a range determination and targeting guidance. the device To-Hit example: Harry has a DEX of 50. Military with Beam Lvl 3. Damage: 1d10 per SEU* Once applied. It takes about four hours to apply.

but replaces one of the tables with support systems can be accessed in this area.These are small. A retractable curtain converts the trips between nearby planets. The Eagle Transporter is a size class two system ship.This module opens up as much space as possible for the transport of cargo. GALLEY . ACCESSWAY . The main life 10. Damage Control 1. with more than a . with the rest of the atmosphere of a Class-M planet. one on It has rudimentary astrogation equipment and basic either side. There two double bunks for the medical staff to use or are pressure doors at either in in the event of additional patient space. 12.Forty-six comfortable seats allow the passengers to relax as much as possible Transporter on flights between bases. Only two human- 8. Module capacity varies Computer: Level 2 (17 function points) Programs: Drive 1: Alarm 1. It takes one minute for the airlock payload module.The monitoring equipment for the CARGO TRANSPORT MODULE March 2008 chemical drives is in this small area. Its unique feature is the detachable standard spacesuits. 1. CARGO BAY . Video panels on the forward bulkhead display entertainment and flight status By Scott Iles information. 5.This small compartment contains foodstuffs and prep equipment. Note that the center space for up to sixteen patients.Eight double bunks provide bed- and communications/navigator. 3.8. Eagle Transporter Hull Size: 2 Engine: 1 Chemical (four thruster nozzles) Life Support Capacity: 6 (Cockpit Pod). Note that this module only has one airlock. Three of the to pressurized). more advanced care facilities. COCKPIT MODULE . This module is used position (Comm. It is used to 7.Most modules have two airlocks.This is similar to the lounge in the passenger module. or to land on anything supplies kept in underdeck storage compartments. PASSENGER COMPARTMENT . 11. on the starboard side. 2. Information Storage 2 Equipment: Videocom Radio. atmosphere loss. 6.1g gravitational field. CREW LOUNGE .This is the control center of the MEDICAL SUPPORT MODULE ship. An Eagle with this module normally operates with only two crewmen. outboard half of the space into a zero-g shower.This small area allows the crew to rest during long flights.) does not have a forward for responding to disasters and transporting patients to viewport. co-pilot 9.This access passage connects the cockpit with the module in the center. which can be swapped out quickly to to cycle either way (pressurized to vacuum. ENGINEERING . AIRLOCK . Entertainment displays and tables allow for socialization and recreation./Nav. LOUNGE: This area allows the passengers and crew sized beings (or 1 Vrusk) can fit in this compartment. The hatch on the port side is used for loading in a pressurized environment. Astrogation 2. LOUNGE . HEAD . PATIENT WARD . most common modules are detailed below. Storage lockers in each airlock have four flight controls. Radar 51 . but fully equipped transfer personnel and material between stations and refreshment stations.5- Star Frontiersman PASSENGER MODULE Eagle 4. only the food The Eagle is not equipped to enter the dense for the next meal is stored here. There are seats and consoles for the pilot. to get up and move around during flights. or vacuum convert the ship for various missions. Normally.

The silent nature of the gauss In spite of its drawbacks. gauss accelerator guns never reached Skill: Beam Weapons widespread use throughout the Frontier. Up to 5. Though it holds a 20 SEU clip. Damage: 4d10* Rate: 1 The gauss rifle fires a small caseless projectile. Due to the hyper acceleration. Also the imbalance in repulsor magnetism needed 100 long. Defense: Inertia which allows a high capacity clip. Note: a gauss rifle won’t fire from within an activated gauss screen! On a roll of 96-00 the rifle has overheated and will not fire for 1 turn. gauss rifles are still encountered. fired independently (3d10 per bullet). and still need Weight: 5kg caseless projectiles. Just a sharp crack as the bullet breaks the only if two turns are spent aiming. The hardened projectile reaches The scope mounted on it takes into account the ranges extreme velocities. High rates of speed can be obtained. These early bullet. The magazine is needed between capacitors as the projectile increases located rear of the trigger and handle. a sniper rifle can be even more deadly. the rifle’s coils overheat The advantage of gauss rifles is that they have virtually no on a roll of 90-00. accelerators much more reliable and efficient. 5mm. In addition the repulsor force field spins the projectile for stability. leaves a short red or blue streak trailing the projectile. Star Frontiersman GAUSS ASSAULT RIFLE Gauss Cost: Weight: 1500Cr 4kg accelerators Damage: Rate: 3d10 / 10D10 3 (1) By Chris Harper Defense: Inertia Gauss (magnetic coil) technology is basically an electric Range: 10/40/100/300/600 field that repulses an object. This advancement made the concept of given. pushes the projectile. Their performing his art. They have seen limited use by UPF marines. it is commonly used versions where severely limited by the ever increasing gap March 2008 with a SEU belt pack or a backpack. On a roll of 96-00 the rifle has overheated and will not fire for 1 turn. Early Skill: Beam Weapons versions of gauss accelerators where in the form of simple guns. the air that is displaced is turned to plasma by the bullet. and can also fire bursts of ten bullets (which cause The latest technology utilizes a pulsing inertia field that 10d10 and follow all the normal rules for firing bursts). single shots per turn. and is packed with velocity. * In the hands of a skilled character. This effect The sniper rifle uses 2 SEU per shot as well as a bullet. sound barrier.000 meters per second. account the ranges given. many times faster than conventional rifles. recoil and a very high velocity. but gunpowder. thin projectiles. acceleration helps to keep the sniper hidden while mainly used by collectors or eccentric sportsman. 52 . so no bonus for scope. there high cost and Ammo: 20 SEU/ 10 SHOTS CASELESS (5Cr) being unreliable. It is does not have an outlet for an SEU pack. When firing a burst. They utilized a power source with a series of The gauss assault rifle uses 1 SEU per shot as well as a capacitors to accelerate the projectile. The rifle can fire up to three as more power is applied. It then pulses to make the Ammo: 20 SEU/ 100 SHOTS CASELESS (50Cr) object travel. Due to the need for Range: -/70/200/500/1000 ammo and a separate power source. so no bonus provided for the scope. The disadvantage is that the weapons require nearly as much GAUSS SNIPER RIFLE Cost: 2000Cr power in SEU to operate as a laser weapons. The sniper rifle holds a 20 SEU clip. Military PSA characters can multiply When a gauss rifle fires there is no explosion of their rolled damage by their Beam Weapons skill level. The scope mounted on it takes into armor penetration is unrivaled.

and builds a bond between rider and mount. however. personal protection. robotic steeds are intentionally designed to reject riders. protect Trusted Rider. helps build a level of trust between the rider and the mount. Robotic steeds are another such standardization. They normally have four leg-like limbs. A new rider has to gain a robotic interpret simple verbal and physical commands and steed’s trust over time and with effort. Robotic Steed Level Level 3 They are. or maintain. 120m/turn galloping Limbs No arms. models of robots which are basically the same everywhere you go. Mission: Serve as Mount to Trusted Rider. repetitive tasks. programmed with a type of Type Robotic Steed loyalty normally not seen in robots. Attack/Defense special skill to pilot.8. In Equipment None many ways. the might wish to bypass in order to more quickly longer it takes and more effort it takes to build trust.500Cr They are seen as stylish. They don’t require any Programs Security Lock. As a programming choice. COST: 4. these steeds are not programmed with the artificial intelligence and circuitry necessary for speech. protect their riders. work with their new purchase. do not need to (cannot use equipment) sleep. and are intelligent enough with their Level 3 robot brains that they can even interpret subtle knee movements by their riders. They are programmed to accept normal reign commands. they’re the perfect vehicle for ground-based movement.5- Star Frontiersman Robotic Steeds By Bill Logan Robots are used all throughout the Frontier for various needs: hard labor. The longer a and is a type of security that robotics experts Robotic Steed has gone without a Trusted Rider. 4 legs Robotic Steeds. and scream the word “Frontier. They Attack 50% can handle terrains that tracked and wheeled Damage Robotic hoof: 2d10 movements cannot. and are powered by a Type I parabattery. This carry them out. They need very little maintenance. and stories exist in the Frontier of Move Mode Walk/gallop mounts which have done unusual things to Move Rate 10m/turn walking.” 53 . and also helps prevent simple theft Trusted Rider: Riders must gain the robot’s trust of a robotic steed. Robotic Steeds cost less than a ground car but can handle terrain better than a ground cycle. and they are not normally built with the ability to interpret more than a few simple vocal commands. They form Body Type Standard Body familiarities with their riders almost bordering on Parabattery Type I friendship. Normally. This prevents easy theft. control it. They will Functions: defend themselves and not permit a rider to Serve as Mount: Allow Trusted Rider to ride on back. They IM/RS +6/60 can keep watch over a camp while its rider Stamina 100 sleeps. Robot steeds have a standard robot body type. They don’t require fed or watered. and are often modeled after an existing creature type which may be ridden from one settled world or another. There have been many standardizations over the years. even companionship. like all robots. This is called a “Trust Lock” before becoming a Trusted Rider. This is an exception to the March 2008 rule that all robots of Level 3 and higher can speak. operate.

Mantas can be ordered with hours of continuous operation. enabling it to parabattery to meet its power needs.000 Cr 25 kph/ 15 kph/ 7/7 2 100kg/ 45 m/t 25 m/t 2m3 54 . but also sees use by the security strong hull and powerful electronics enable it to survive departments of major corporations with ocean-going and navigate in environments of crushing pressure and March 2008 assets. though some have major mode of civic transportation. In an emergency the Bathyxplorer can carry a third passenger. It has life support capacity for 96 hours before needing to This model comes standard with GPS and comm gear. and cannot easily be and communications packages at the GM's discretion. Due to the purpose of the vehicle. been sold to wealthy individuals. Two passengers can ride comfortably within the Manta. it is ordered standard with top-of-the-line electronics packages and does not need to Top Cruise be upgraded. which can single being. It has life support capacity for up to 100 difficulty for this purpose. is equipped with a speeds. like the Manta. though it can be piloted easily by a accompanied by up to 50kg of extra cargo. but this will strain the life support systems The Manta is equipped standard with basic GPS and comm over an extended period. Its research organizations. inexpensive submersible The Bathyxplorer is a two-man submersible vehicle vehicle available on the open market. a Type 3 parabattery to run its systems. The Bathyxplorer is used most often by aquatic worlds. and can descend at a rate of 110 meters (361 feet) per minute. gear. It can carry up to 100kg of extra cargo occupy a storage volume of up to one cubic meter and is occupying no more than two cubic meters of space total. It and other vehicles like it are common sights on inky darkness. It can descent at (approximately 21. nor can it be Vehicle Cost Speed Speed Acc/Dec Pass Cargo ordered with lesser equipment. or or 12 meters per turn. modified to add them. 20 meters per turn. and refresh. recovery consortiums and maritime militaries as well. It is often used by designed for exploration of deep-sea environments. where they replace ground cars as the civilian oceanographic organizations. Star Frontiersman MANTA MINI-SUB BATHYXPLORER By Andrew Modro By Andrew Modro The Manta mini-sub is a portable. A third passenger can be stuffed into the interior in case of This mini-sub is designed for a two-person crew for an emergency. including better GPS. but must be small. or 21 meters per turn. The Manta has no hardpoints for mounting also includes advanced sonar and detection equipment and weapons and cannot be modified except with great floodlamps. ascend at a rate of 200 meters (656 feet) per minute. Its maximum It can ascend at a rate of 210 meters (approximately 700 depth capacity is an astounding 6500 meters feet) per minute. Manta 10. The Bathyxplorer has no upgraded electronics systems. It has a maximum move quietly and rapidly through the water. The drive requires the use of a Type 3 magneto-hydrodynamic propulsion system.325 feet). or 11 meters per turn. The Manta's extremely efficient design and magneto- hydrodynamic drive enable it to achieve relatively high The Bathyxplorer. sonar hardpoints for mounting weapons. The sub uses depth capacity of 1100 meters (approximately 3600 feet). Two passengers can be exploration missions. accessible from the interior of the mini-sub. civilian sonar and forward-aiming floodlamps.000 Cr 35 kph/ 20 kph/ 10/10 2 50kg/ 60 m/t 35 m/t 1m3 Bathyxplorer 50. The Bathyxplorer can a rate of 120 meters (approximately 400 feet) per minute.

8. Dreevale’ s Personality score is 40. pardon me. and small horns projecting from their foreheads. many offspring. Chieftains to try talking his way out of the situation. ending in five clawed toes. my good fellow. with a short snout. mates were chosen Dawn rules. honor. They Walking 10 meters per turn have a primitive language that sounds very guttural. The win mates and positions. taste. absolutely clumsy of me. 55 . sight. and Body Temperature 38 degrees Celsius hearing is very similar to Human's. Senses Viviparous A Gorlian's sense of touch. and make excellent trackers DEX/RS +0 (see Special Abilities). as well as Humans and Yarizian languages. "Here. The Gorlian is very mad. him. let me buy you a drink and let's forget Female Gorlians can participate in duels. such as the Gorlians "chieftain". or deformed The Gorlian punches Dreevale. with Incredible Strength No penalties in high tribes being referred to as herds by other races. Running 30 meters per turn with lots of snorts and grunts. primitive. as long as she can defeat and kill her subtract 20 from his score. course fur Characteristics covers most of their bodies. and cannot show "Oops.5- Star Frontiersman by Robert Bowman the past. Short. how fear or weakness. INT/LOG -20 PER/LDR +0 Speech Movement Gorlians produce sound through a larynx. in this example for Personality checks: and won through combat. In addition. rule their herds with iron hands. and will have which is greater than his modified score of 20.5 meters tall light brown for females to dark black for males. They can learn Pan. Sometimes a female will referee notes that the Gorlian is mad and wet become a chieftain. however. were won by fighting in gladiator-like The Gorlians are mentioned in the original Alpha duels to the death. diseased. Gorlians have bullish Gorlian Characters facial features. Gorlians are now often hired as each with four fingers and a thumb. Gorlians mate for life. Average Lifespan 100 years Reproductive System heterosexual. They are muscular bipeds. Chieftain positions. predecessor. They have thickly padded hands. Gorlians give birth to live young. In gravity worlds. their native technology tends to be arms and legs. with powerful but as a whole. Special Abilities Society and Customs Tracking Ability 40% (can be raised by Gorlians have a society based on strength and spending experience). positions and mates are fought for though non- EXAMPLE: Dreevale the Vrusk has just insulted lethal contests of strength and physical prowess that a Gorlian thug by accidentally spilling a drink on are still considered brutal. Average Mass 120 kilograms (male) 110 kilograms (female) Males are generally slightly larger than females. Their sense of smell. offspring are killed.5 meters) advanced race. usually two at a time. Their feet are large and padded. Their torsos are wide and muscular. mammals. Hourly 5 kilometers/hour Galactic. with color ranging from Average Size 2. Their society is a similar to a tribal one. are still fought for to the death. positions of leadership. All week. They can easily smell other beings nearby. or about 2. In more recent times. Dreevale decides however. He tells Dreevale to prevent this. is much more highly developed than Ability Scores humans. STR/STA +20 even concealed ones. They can learn to use technology. and Structure Gorlians are not a scientifically or technologically Gorlians are large (8 feet tall." the player says. Gorlian custom does not and itching for a fight. and can about it. Dreevale rolls 91. A Gorlian born March 2008 Physical Appearance without a (fraternal) twin is considered very special.

due to the threat they present. and have not been invited to join the UPF and March 2008 serve in Federation military forces. Special Abilities Incredible Strength. Tracking Ability. but is such an extreme bonus that it qualifies as a special ability. They are not sure suggestion. This is summarized in the Ability Score modifiers listed in the table. since the Gorlians seem to get along best other mammalian species is known as good trackers (normally Intuition races. Bothering a Gorlian is not an advisable thing to do. This bothered me a little. But Gorlians do not have a centralized government. of strength and combat ability has lead them to I deviated from the submitter’s racial statistics in have some affinity with Yazirians in particular. They respect should be high for such a race). Referee note: Gorlians are so strong because they come from a high-gravity world. and are easily offended. Gorlians areas. and may be able to Editor’s Note: I play-tested this race in a two-sitting learn technological skills. The large bonus to Strength and Stamina wasn’t all dangerous. Gorlians have an innate weekend gaming session by using it as an NPC on a animal cunning that can make them very mission that my children’s characters embarked on. Individual Gorlians can be very intelligent. such as Humans and Yazirians. This score can be raised and thugs. Gorlians can function normally. and are not penalized. Star Frontiersman "muscle"'. and wilderness areas. and have no problem fighting them if need be. they have the Tracking Skill for Gorlians favor melee weapons such as axes. and their tracking ability has enabled by spending experience. primitive than other Frontier races. My son had one more these species are so different. Most Guide rules. Any slight or insult will result in a violent response. It is reasonable that the race should only have a -10 The Gorlians as a whole have not had much contact to INT/LOG but a -10 to DEX/RS to reflect the bulky with the Sathar. They have very short tempers. but as a whole. All Gorlians get a +20 bonus to their Strength/Stamina scores. On such planets. and Stealth skill for developed some have begun using powered weapons. When using Zebulon's some to become excellent bounty hunters. since after the gaming sessions. Treat their sense of smell the same as are not unintelligent. All Gorlians automatically have the Tracking subskill at 40% (that’s the same score a first-level Environ- 56 . But they are hostile towards the body. I found his terminally-low Intuition and Logic scores far more of a defining factor Attitudes for the character. mentalist would possess). which I did not make official for the race what to make of the Rim races. enormous strength. that unbalanced. All Gorlians are capable of incredible acts of strength. In fact. they are more Osakar. guards. but do respect but will present here instead as an option: Humma's brawling and carousing attitudes. They order to reflect the proposed changes I developed are contemptuous of Vrusk and Dralasites. It must be remembered that Gorlians are very touchy beings to deal with. worms. they make good mercenaries.

or rather. The same is true of Referees. Sometimes a foreshadowing leads to nothing. this Juliet. Narrator. techniques. obvious predator.5- Star Frontiersman by Bill Logan who controls it. have an unexpected encounter occur from a megalomaniacal need to be in control. Foreshadowing But when you look at what happens later in the story. the hint is often more for the reader than for the characters (who often don't get the hint until too late). You smile as you not by the events occurring now. people the ruins.” “when. One of my past players requested I write this." ignoring him.8. Why don’t you join our site and contribute." Writers of screenplays and books have several literary devices. if later the Author’s Note: I personally have no experience player's character was skulking through the described with literary devices. the player can also be helpful to muddy the water when things are 57 . so here it is in all of its "You continue your search through the ruins. or elements. it never considered the most viewers had no idea of the status of Bruce Willis' unobvious one. Red herrings are important dice and moving their chit across a map. despite all of the many clues: no and pick up your gear. means one thing. ground opens up on the unsuspecting furry critter. techniques. Sean?! Suddenly.” and “why” of a story. Like most literary devices.” “where. looking for food. While he whatever. So I guess this article is for glancing occasionally at the sky to see if the Sean. Storyteller. You shake your head in sadness character. the ground shakes and you grope for a nearby lamp post as the ground beneath your feet The Story begins to open. both of the ill-fated main characters announce section discusses many of the elements of “how. but this time its intended meal is much bigger! Roll initiative. An underground tunnelspider claims another prize. random glory (haha). Sometimes the hints of others. alone. and elements they use to effectively tell their stories. etc. and provide players with somehow important and meaningful.” openly to one another that they would rather die than live apart. They foreshadowing IS the character . Some are better than Unobvious Foreshadowing. you recall what was said earlier and it gives far more "As you stand on the summit and look out over the meaning to the words you recall. plain sight but in the shadow of the large bombed- out building. but carries no a perspective they normally wouldn't have while rolling meaning into the story. never being actually shown to travel or drive. Scenes of foreshadowing add a Sometimes. To your surprise. these other things all made present prophetic fore-knowledge hinting at what is to sense and added profound impact to the story. Every time I enemy jetcopter coming after him. it’s just direction he wasn't expecting! what the players want. Another deadly tunnelspider. always wearing the same clothes. have too much knowledge of what is to come. If done properly. occasionally glancing up at the sky to make sure Similarly.” subtle. come. Red Herring foreshadowing can be borrowed to enrich your role. While the what is to come is obvious. For example. Proper use of subtle ruins of the city. or for the darker shadows of the buildings. but sometimes it's more March 2008 Adventure section (below) represents the “who. Unlike because they keep players from always knowing that characters in a novel. of the darker shadows. I play the role of the Game Master. foreshadowing can dramatically add So intently was the ferret-thing focused on the power to your storyline. Overuse of this device can cause the players to about its normal chore of searching for edibles. you watch a large bird of prey foreshadowing can cause the story to grow in depth -- circle around. a character sees something that seems new layer to your storytelling. ready to head down into communication with anyone around him. It’s not my own preference – not some does. jetcopter's pilot has spotted you. he might be wise game. though. The ferret-like creature goes course. the players might miss the hints. Such a statement. So far so good. in the classic story of Romeo and “what. In novels. In the movie The Sixth Sense. I ruined city and heard the sound of an approaching am a pretty good Referee. There are dangers to foreshadowing. Once we Foreshadowing is a literary device writers use to learn of his dark problem. knowing that the bird cannot see it in Warning. the target audience of the every description of detail is a foreshadowing. if the foreshadowing is too subtle then many the avian hunter can't see it. but by enhancing and watch the small ferret-like mammal standing in strengthening the events that occurred prior. enough to remember the ferret-like creature and dart Dungeon Master. In the above example. playing experience.

Players yawned. The war had nothing to do with prisoner empath. Red important parts of the adventure. That doesn't mean certain with the Sathar and the girl missing. The players succeeded in the prison Allegory ship break-out. Allegory is when all the elements of a story of the Sathar (my story's sad climax) she broke as a whole are representative of something else his will in a non-spectacular manner. It's often where the There is nothing wrong with making an incorrect characters face their main antagonist. drawing from your wellspring of the climax. This technique turns an entire story into PC’s just watched and couldn’t take part… then one large metaphor. that will help the player become immersed in the story without the need to have obviously derivative work. Some players are by-the-book “rules defeat sit poised as equal eventualities. that and can break an adventure. and tribulations or procedures. score. when visiting an outpost scout captured while on patrol. parts of a story can't be allegorical. but it causes them some prison ship. Because the Referee isn't in released an empathic blast that knocked everyone complete control of the story (the players control the unconscious (including the PCs). players for members of the local government. dragging along a drugged empath girl (who turned out to be only twelve!) as she Perhaps a bit over-the-top for a role-playing slowly came to her senses.. the players safely appropriate warnings of plausible deniability) to navigate their characters through the situation and get board the prison ship. was great. Confessions of a Bad Referee: I once ran an adventure where the characters had to rescue a Inspiration from Red Herrings. but should have been just a part of the know a great deal about World War II and would like to story. Don't do the obvious. It's the climax of the story that drives us to rise Just be polite and say “I’ll make sure to read up on from the edge of our seats and either gasp in worry or those rules by next session. Many excellent herrings are another literary device. if you and it did. they empath was simply "too dangerous" and was encounter a squad of revolutionists who mistake the being kept sedated and her powers suppressed). When using adventure plotline where the climax doesn't directly allegory. Star Frontiersman far too clear to the casual observer (like adding a In a role-playing game. Since PanGal wouldn't cooperate (the difficulty docking and finding their contact. trials. diversions.. not my climax. But I didn't plan well for the climax of the story. secure the release of the off that world. The only problem world. while the completely. but added depth to the encounter with their UPF officials at an obscure location. the climax is one of the most handful of extra suspects to an investigation). I thought it would strike their curiosity and set the stage for a later adventure - Allegory shouldn't be obvious. story behave allegorically. Know your rules. For example. The player's character's actions). if a Referee is inspired to do so. For example. but this is how I’m doing it cheer in triumph. and when you don’t of the main characters finally culminate into some sort know something. details which alone gaming sessions have been plagued by poor climaxes. Players will lose There is a point in every story that you remember the interest if they have to wait for you to look up answers most. The rest of the adventure add elements of it into your Frontier. the story solid. story memorable and epic . and all revolt and its impact on the rest of the Frontier. meeting up with anything. In the movies. Create situational and political allegories to interest (they were just along for the ride) during the Weimar Republic. This is called Anti-Climax. Stick by your guns: you’re the Referee. Red herrings can powerful empath because she was the key to sometimes add enough interest that they spark later breaking down the mental defenses of a Sathar creativity. knowledge on the subject.” 58 . Once she was in front March 2008 experience. It's where all the efforts. Clever Referees will add details an unmemorable manner. If clever players draw involve the player characters! parallels to things from our own history or present. add interesting pieces to the whole of a story but have An adventure can have all of the elements that make a no real impact on the main plot.. judge quickly and move on. for now to keep the story flowing. such as this to help make the Frontier seem real. Later. all of these things are the main characters breeze through the main conflict in typically red herrings. he might develop an entire adventure that involves the The mission was great. a Sathar named Hissssstler who commands legions of his Referees should be careful not to craft a masterful Third Reich is probably too much. and escape. Later.. use it as a framework. it is difficult to have a complete characters woke up along with everyone else. Quick Decisions When telling a story (of any type) you’ll lose the Climax attention of your audience when you allow long lulls in the progression of the main plot. Random encounters. Story over. They aren't a part of it. don't do it lost its impact and depth because the players lost obviously. and victory and judgment. contact. Through the characters were hired by the UPF (along with good role-playing or fast guns. more is going on than a group of adventurous characters saving the diplomat's daughter. of amazing scene or series of scenes that make the story's wrap-up inevitable.then fall horribly flat when scenes of drama. for example. lawyers” and might seek to correct your quick the climax is accompanied by a rising dramatic musical judgment. the players find that there is a revolution going was that the empath was being held in a PanGal on.

and befriends the dealer. Don't be afraid to give Other players (myself included) like characters to be life to merchants. less experienced is one of Stephen King's greatest strengths. they chance of success. and corporate potentially epic in nature. although controlled by the adventures designed for a single night’s session should players rather than the Referee. whatever. All characters should have can’t enjoy. a slow-speaking Mr. though they often are. when. But characterization isn't just about a voice. and this can be worked into stories. scouting out the area. it’s often just about statistics. Smith: My family's player’s characters had been shot down or stunned character's employer. Worried about I had to let him have his moment. This section discusses the the shadows - March 2008 “Time slows for you… everyone else feels a single someone was conducting an inspection of crates heartbeat but you feel like that heartbeat stretches that looked identical to the empty ones in their out for many seconds. For me. and why of a story. They turned their ground battlerage wouldn’t be enough to save him. do something so cinematic that the image notice if he talks or acts differently than before! of it is talked about for many years to come. and will get to shine. when the characters were sent on a mission He rolled for battlerage… and even with the pitiful to escort some crates over to the next city. or two to round out his general awesomeness. what. adding elements to it to spruce it up. where. For younger. “Roll initiative…” they'd have ditched him long ago! The Adventure Player Characters. part of the key to making a stable. Even though the got curious and opened them up on the way -- odds were against him. Each player has different reasons why depth to them. believable setting is consistency. by members of the Redhawks. who. When overseeing character generation. Smith wasn't good at getting them jobs. He his hands clasped behind his back. For players like me. I could see players have meetings with him. They knew not to fully trust Mr. My son was playing a Yazirian. guards. take a great deal of have broader implications. you can close at the climax of the story. Mannerisms. was wondering if he or any of the others were Smith's slow soft way. I rise from my it in his eyes. and still verify everything he tells them. I could see it in possibly being blamed for theft. it is important to help insure the players are happy with their Characters (“Who”) characters. spending a little Athor. It’s not that I need my suits.. and what’s the big deal about that? speaking patterns (speak slowly or use certain phrases or regional dialects and slangs). they stealthily his face: the memorable moment of the adventure approached the parking garage where their was here. Once. I knew transport around and came back. The storm strengthens. Even the Player Character (PCs). They could see . If you make one it’s all about the character’s background and what lies person speak with a certain accent when he is from in store for him. You can use facial expressions or body language It takes a while to learn to recognize those moments. This they might not connect. he succeeded. going to survive this adventure. and even though only to find them empty. But it’s not only the importance of the non-player characters a Referee has to cater to – The adventure shouldn’t be a stand-alone entity.5- Star Frontiersman Memorable Moments accent. politicians. If a player gambles at a casino on Lossend.. including the player’s involvement. or even just speak at a different volume) or takes.8. Of course. character to be statistically superior to anyone. a notorious band of always stands with his feet pointed outward and thugs and killers they were sent to disburse. the transport! There were too many armed thugs for rain coming down in the alley with great power – them to get involved. late… you unleash it! If Mr. if he later visits Lossend that Every game has them… moments where the players player might enjoy visiting that dealer again. Quite the contrary. and the rest of the The Tell-tale Stance of Mr. his hands clasped together behind his Redhawk’s eyes widen when they sense your back. Players bore quickly of a character they All NPCs are Characters. transport was supposed to be parked. Players will associate those important to really make the moment memorable by actions with that character whenever they see them. I prefer a character with a terminal flaw Voice. Smith. The remaining outward. He was worried for his character and seat and stand in that manner. all Athorians may likely require a form of that extra time and effort tying my character into the 59 . why. Every time the started getting really into the situation. even the most unimportant ones. Allowing a should feel free to use voices (change the pitch or add re-roll of a terminally low score might be all that it an accent. to represent the specific mannerisms of a character: Skilled Referees feel them coming. They’re not always You can put your hand on your belly. You role-players. Smith after building surge of raw animal power – but it’s too that point. speaking in Mr. It’s your right eye. but they did notice that the as if providing a soundtrack to the impending burst one selling the crates stood with his feet pointed of rage you’re about to unleash. Role- playing games are great for those moments.

when I have to lead the players along because they’re Players may struggle against their own inner demons. don’t let an encounter define the character's struggles for many adventures to with space pirates derail the storyline and focus the come. Part of the difficulty with providing the Single-sitting adventures involve conflict of one type. I always want to enemies to face. and villain with your indignation. provided with their goal. There are many cults and cadres. It's the adversity the player characters face characters to strike it off on their own and become that defines them. Players other sources. What is it attributes… it’s measured by his own passion. having an personal goals. the sweeter the to claim). Conflict in a role-playing game is even more important But sometimes the goals of an adventure come from than it is in conventional storytelling mediums. During game play. As a Referee. Or a simple routine activity in problems the player's characters have faced. It's therapeutic to finally events transpire that launch them into a series of defeat the foe that’s been the source of all the connected adventures. Some of the most memorable thrive on the action their characters face. The greater the conflict. Sometimes. That leaves some players out of the good start. be careful not to make all adventures center around just a few Having a great setting and interesting characters are a characters. each time there is an opportunity to stand in opposition to the Goal (“What”) forces of an obviously corrupt corporate official. it gets pretty Referee prepares an adventure for the players. When I Referee for my wife. and often leads experience heroes. number and names of siblings. Obviousness. This is a really easy way to It's the conflict that defines why the characters are do it in the beginning. you need to keep your story focused on the survival. the characters blame may be thrown. that the players must have their characters accomplish? If one or more players have personal goals. It's easy to target a fictitious are just in the wrong place at the wrong time. and to work these things into the storyline. They are tangible beings against which all ideas you can draw from. I stated on I make sure to help her develop these things about her the character sheet that his goal was to see dirty character. I hate it principalities that aren't personified by a tangible force. If the goal of your adventure is to survive an attack. As a player I’m able to measure the success of my character against the yardstick of his For some players (such as my wife). Some of the greatest stories from know what my character should be focused on or I get movies and books have struggles against powers and bored and start spinning dice. my character gets renewed in his efforts. Some players design characters with personal goals. Star Frontiersman storyline and helping to fate the character for grander thankful for it because it helps serve as a springboard things is vital. reward. makes them stand apart. groups and for their help. If they have an employer. If the goal of consider the farther-reaching conflict that can help your adventure is exploration. prophecy. and this is great. dangle in front of them. As a Referee I’m 60 . how can they be led to struggle against the main conflict? Conflict (“Why”) Exposition. I prefer to make sure the players have However. When a those goals. or you wish to give them Villains and lackeys are an important part of any an adventure in an unusual way. megacorporations that all make excellent villains. players with goals is figuring out how to give them but this isn't what I'm referring to here. and focused on it. If the players are freelance. It’s not their daily lives turns out to be far from routine. They may stand important to keep the players aware of the goal. Even the adventures have goals that the players themselves greatest role-players enjoy imagining their characters come up with (like returning to a place of a previous struggling against adversity only to climb victorious in session in order to retrieve something they lost or wish the end. doodling on their character sheets unable to focus. he simple: they are called into a mission briefing room and should always keep his mind on the overall conflict. nature of their conflict during the first few adventures. and know a political struggle between two megacorps. there are a number of conflict. opportunity to add a great amount of detail is important. disputes over mineral rights turned violent. begging person. Don’t always necessary to make the main villain a single forget the letter from a loved one or contact. It’s against the mistakes of their past. When defining your adventure's conflicts. conflict should not be merely a list of an obvious specific goal. against a force of nature or a catastrophic ill-fated remembering the goal. for further adventure. March 2008 freelance. The success of There has to be a reason the characters immerse my character isn’t measured in experience points and themselves in a setting and face conflicts. She wants to know her character’s family One of my character’s families was killed during the structure. The players may not even be aware of the true adventure on the conflict. but if the characters have no carrot to spotlight. where great deal about her past. As a player. megacorporations topple. Personal Goals.

If my character new things are discovered. but it’s everyone’s experience. The thinks the energy costs are going to nearly double if main conflict of their story is the struggle to lead the Free Thoughts Brigade succeeds in bombing the the many resistance groups into one force capable refinery on Kdikit. Having a development site (www. Game Master. isn't against the corrupt government. After several on in the setting. The players will become more excited about their setting when they find themselves Consistency. daring raid on a stormtrooper-infested jungle moon. but an article on running adventures adding complexity to a story setting. Professor Jones finds Talow-Kaim (some early explorer who gave up his life himself in ancient temples. but my rounded up for questioning and possible proofreader said it was too long to be interesting. It’s important to have things happening in ability to become immersed in the experience of your the Frontier that aren’t a part of the player’s setting. hidden crypts. ideas. Judge. shores of a methane lake when low gravity allows you Things like: to hurl your enemies 10 meters with a good kick makes for an interesting final encounter! 01 After a mistaken identity leads to a grave insult to personal family honor. they eventually learn that Sathar have skimmed the headlines only. Some players didn’t care and adventures. It’s your activity. but the concept is still the corrupt official behind it all. are on a dominantly Yazirian world when this result or Chill Master is all good to read as well. If you describe that there is a giant statue of In the Indiana Jones movies. Even if the players have no Another interesting way to spruce up an adventure involvement at all. As their adventures lead them along with their current adventure sitting. The Frontier isn’t a totally finds himself in a situation that I can relate to as a static place where the players are the only dynamic player because of a movie I’ve seen. This is more of a cinematic element Setting (“Where. Over time. I Rolling on such a table at the start of each sitting tried to keep all my examples and references relevant can lead to some interesting setting ramifications. the act of turning off port city on Kdikit. 61 . I once experimented the first adventure. make things happen. lava/magma. to Star Frontiers. In Star Wars. and old to save the first settlement) in the center of the largest underground cities. If the players as a Dungeon Master. Sometimes they are catalysts for Environment entire new storylines. Your players want a consistent setting. When”) than a literary one. I even put a small this chain of discoveries. Worlds turn. I am is rolled.”) of fighting the Sathar themselves! Exciting Locales. The next adventure same) with providing handouts at the start of the might result in learning that there is a conspiracy sitting. A really cool location will be memorable. Storyteller. discovering that it is the (not using Star Frontiers. He lackeys. Other players read hypnotized the officials into their current state of through. make sure you describe it every the deflector shields around the Death Star becomes a time the players land there. The local government makes a knee-jerk reaction. it only adds to my element. or see a news flash on a public holovid terminal). the heroes insight (For example: “Rinko.starfrontiers.8. players hear about it in conversation with another character. You should keep notes of what you place where in the Frontier. storms. they eventually learn of list of rumors their character had heard (different for several resistance groups fighting against the each player’s handout) so they would have some corruption of the Sathar.5- Star Frontiersman Example: Characters facing lackeys of a corrupt The more alive the Frontier is. Sometimes these backdrop story elements work their way into the player’s adventures in the form of subplots. the more the players will official might face off only against the lackeys in be interested in taking part in it. looking for clues and insights to help them indecency. has find that their main struggle isn't against the been talking a great deal about the prices of SEU. people live and love and war. simply change the races involved (or interested – so please submit an article for the next make it happening on another world and have the issue of Creative Refereeing. Elsewhere in the Frontier. an innocent Yazirian kills a drunken Vrusk diplomat. rain. in unusual locations that fill their mind with images and That is not to say it must be stable – just consistent. Wrap-up This article is a shortened version of how it originally and all of the few local Yazirians are being was written. I’d like to hear your pointers on running a game. even if they location is through creative application of become red herrings to the central storyline. Political ramifications are endless. environmental forces at work: gravity.” Filling the location with interesting things can be as March 2008 cliché as you’d like. The entire Frontier is alive with existing imagery from movies and to come climactic encounter with your main enemy on the up with a table of 100 backdrop story elements. It was nearly ten pages. atmospheric density or gaseous makeup. setting. Go ahead and borrow from A Living Frontier. representing news flashes about things going among many government officials. have an NPC use a comparative statement like “as large as the toes of Tallow-Kaim. involvements. your jogging partner. deporting. Challenge: It might be fun collaborating on the or just about anything else you can imagine.

raw strength coiled up and ready to be unleashed. when unleashed. They are Human eyes and ears. I present to you the storage and computing device. SENSES bearings and servos. 62 . but even when standing still seems to have the chronocoms).starfrontiers. providing protection to the inner superior illustration from Shell. The warrior class has a No Mechanon can smell or taste and their touch seems prehensile tail that helps it keep balance during to be the standard type for advanced robots (much less complex movements. which are just for palatable. but hope that cannot be easily removed or modified (though can instead that my additions to the race help make it a be repaired if damaged by Thinkers with robotics skill). a computing technology Mechanon. they move with mechanical them visual and audio input roughly equivalent to grace and sense with electronic accuracy. unknown but much sought after by the other races of the Frontier. though. Many of us failed to embrace The Thinker class stands a bit taller. Knowing that few people would embrace maneuvers. etc. They have an extra joint in their legs. the section on Society and Customs was sensors and computers can. and serves as a weapon while in Mechanon battle. helps it to land on its feet while than Human). Their intricate patterns appear random to However. I make no attempt to claim ownership of the words written by the original Mechanons of both classes have special gauntlet plates developers of this game or its species. insignia. The warriors are also equipped roughly humanoid. more playable one. There are actually two The Thinker class is believed to be equipped with all distinct classes of the species: the Warrior and the available optical enhancement devices (infra-red. hearing. Easily mistaken for conventional Mechanons are usually equipped with sensors that give robots on first meeting. with infrared and starlight optics (they can see equally well in the dark. PHYSICAL STRUCTURE The mysterious species is one of steel and plastics. The Mechanon – despite having woefully under. provided statistics for a playable character race called the Mechanon. I was inspired by several discussions in the casual onlooker. allowing more power to be placed in their leaps and kicks. I am one of those individuals who read beauty (just as humans have their eye colors and their that book and nearly dismissed it out of hand. can be breathtakingly deadly. appearance of recoiled power. I opted to make it a pure Alpha The top of a Mechanon's head is a plate consisting of a Dawn to return to that the other Mechanons serve as a special form of rank book and look for value within it. For otherwise won’t fail over time like other technological example. like a Yazirian) and have heightened As soon as someone spends more time with them. They can be easily replaced when Please note that not all of the text in this article is damaged (even by the Mechanon himself). ultra- Thinker. These strange presented in the core rulebook and in previous crystals form an intricate array of sensory clusters as issues of this webzine.) and have extremely heightened hearing (it is said they can even decode The Warrior class is more agile in appearance. nearly unchanged. After two sessions of well as form the basis to the artificially intelligent playtest and tweaking. x-ray. violet. but to the mathematical brains of the forums at www. They have a broad chestplate and collar though some of the elements of it seemed that has many crystals and gems. they realize the differences… Mechanons are truly a race sentient robots. shoulders. possessing two arms and two legs. I had to put this workings of the species even while performing dramatic together. playable alongside the races cluster of various-colored crystals. showing the Thinker’s position in society. plates. After receiving some during movement. less radio frequencies such as those generated by bulky. but my own… much of it is derivative work. Star Frontiersman By Bill Logan falling great heights. Their Author’s Note: Zebulon’s Guide to the Frontier speed. magnifying. The gauntlets of each class serve very different purposes. and has broader the very different rules presented in that book. hair types). built of an unusual metal that flexes and shifts had potential for such value. A Mechanon’s skin is actually a series of overlapping developed text and regrettably abysmal artwork. a species designed specifically for the variant rules March 2008 in Zeb’s Guide.

8.5- Star Frontiersman March 2008 63 .

smaller faction bent on includes liberal use of their tails) or ranged weapons destroying them. which does not allow for advancement from a lower caste to a higher one. Few bother with than some. (laser rifles. At present. Their fascist tendencies have waned since they memory. time for their restriction systems to react. whether through a and only time will settle it. of 100 body temperatures of some sort. for instance. the Mechanon’s voice is high and always SPECIAL ABILITIES sounds mechanical. and they are now trying to however. Standard language programs from become respectable members of the UPF community. it resulted in the famous Mechanon revolution different in temperature to those objects around them. as combat skills serve the Warrior Mechanons are planning the overthrow of all biological much better in its career pursuits. sapient race of creatures Night Vision: All Mechanons have sensors providing which could propagate mechanically. In fact. a Mechanon has -15 to all actions for the indicates that it has a complex and strict caste system duration of one round of combat. and it has a programmed with a strong tendency for specific natural scrambling to it that prevents devices from behavioral directives during construction. Mechanons have no sense of public vs. on Volturnus in FY 54 and the eventual mass exodus of This functions the same as infrared goggles. The matter is hotly contested. What is known Night Vision. heat patterns. Still others. If suddenly exposed to bright light while relying on their Little is known about Mechanon society. and aids Mechanons from that planet. however. summarized below. by spending corp in the Frontier. however. races in the Frontier and cite their past cooperation with the Sathar as proof. only five showed any signs of animosity or superiority complexes relating to Warrior Mechanon organic sentients. These are not conventional poly-voxes. When the species speaks audibly. They do not require sungoggles to operate what baboons are to the Yazirians: there is a certain without penalty during the day. Supplies simply are created. It is not unheard of for a two completely different Mechanon societies may be Mechanon warrior to have favored melee weapons evolving: one bent on peacefully coexisting with the (which they use in an unusual combat form that other races. Since the Warrior and Thinker classes differ dramatically in their abilities. It takes more importance. are much more potentially damaging than their gauntlets). conventional poly-voxes are not compatible. are few laws in Mechanon society. Philosophy and the offenses and defenses… if Mechanon even have a sense arts are completely non-existent and Mechanons of honor. randomly tested Mechanons. There is no family unit. Mechanons have their own language that sounds like a and are used as needed. colonized their own planet. just as the other races do. Through a series of incredible coincidences they All Mechanon eventually became a sentient. Every Mechanon is No other race can hear this frequency. each class has its own list SOCIETY AND CUSTOMS of special abilities. Noticeably decoding it effectively. but can learn with than any other race and are possibly easier to deal languages in the conventional manner. outlines and shapes as they appear Indeed. private property. The robots used light-amplification vision that works the same as on the Frontier in everyday life are to the Mechanons Yazirians. contend that the with this. but the differences are far greater and of sensory subsystems react and restrict light. Mechanon Thinkers have built-in poly-voxes and can ATTITUDES program them with almost any language through direct The Mechanons seem to get along with most races observation or through a download to their poly-vox now. It is not considered Mechanons use standard robots to perform menial dishonorable for them to embrace such external tasks. however. the Mechanon's crystalline Mechanons with Logic scores greater than 50 can learn technology is the envy of every government and mega- new languages in the normal manner. exist. Many people who have dealt with them in the last decade testify that they are no more difficult to work Mechanon Warriors lack this poly-vox. The more intelligent Mechanons Infra-Vision: All Mechanons have the ability to switch occupy higher castes. In addition to all of their built-in weapons and defenses described below. though. and another. March 2008 Mechanons evolved on Volturnus from primitive Eorna robots. It is known that an aggressive their optics to receive infrared light instead of normal tendency to dominate and destroy organic. cannot understand what organic beings see in these 64 . But recent studies have them in hunting and searching an area for hidden shown that this is no longer a primary drive within the intruders. fewer restrictions are placed on members of higher castes. This allows them to see life was once a strong factor in Mechanon society. There complex series of supersonic and subsonic frequencies. Star Frontiersman SPEECH pursuits. Even other robots and Mechanons have majority of Mechanons encountered. Thinker’s poly-vox or through normally learned languages. intelligent unfiltered visual-range light. as their similarity. a warrior can learn to use any weapon Some robopsychologists are beginning to suspect that and operate any defense. experience points.

They can see in the duration (in combat turns) equal to the tens digit of his X-ray spectrum. This extends to poly-voxes. etc. leaping. in each of their gauntlet plates. Mechanon takes 3d10-3 damage. fingertips fold back and special tools extend as needed. Decoding these signals is not are increased by approximately 50%. they must overcome the Mechanon (night vision. A warrior can activate his ability to sense greater ranges of frequencies of both maneuverability enhancements for a maximum light and other ambient energies. providing enhancements to their speed and leaping ability. too much of their inner bodies are consumed no robot level. much like heavy duty robots can. then must wait for an equal amount of red light. The Mechanon. Only one such type of sensor may be active at one time. It is believed that they have Mechanon Warrior character has a Stamina score of 55. It (like all other characters). as there are restrictions to being a That weapon normally causes 3d10 damage. a the Frontier. Learning Disability: Mechanon brains are not organic. For example: a Thinker has a Level 2 Medical skill.8. The the Thinker Mechanon has levels in normally requires a chance to hit is derived from the Beam Weapons skill. His all Thinkers have built-in circuits similar to Poly-Voxes. During ranges of frequencies normally only reserved for this time. Energy weapons work normally against the Mechanon Warriors. Their chance to hit is the same for at one time. This is any of the tools required. Their abilities are defined by bits and bytes in Thinker Mechanon a crystalline computer. a Thinker Mechanon with a Logic score of Enhanced Movement: Warrior Mechanons have 65 can have up to six languages stored at one time. They can even attempt to take control of all other natural weapons: the Unarmed Combat skill. Life is not all perfect for these mechanical character shoots a gyrojet rifle at a Mechanon Warrior. just as the Vrusk are. For example. learned to decode open Chronocom frequencies. as well as their sensory devices. etc. Therefore. The target robot they wish to attack with both hands and their tail. For example. but this the warrior can attack with only one weapon per turn can be increased by spending experience points. and during this time the they can attack with another limb or even their tail. Therefore. a Thinker with a titanium talons and prehensile tails. that must be within 10 meters. player would normally have to pay 15 experience This allows them to become effective diplomats when points to increase it to Level 3.5- Star Frontiersman Ambidexterity: All Warrior Mechanons are have Pan Galactic programs stored at all times in their ambidextrous. their bodies are Special Restrictions not quite as durable as one might expect. by their sentience circuitry and mobility servos.) electronic devices. built into his body. treat would be a penalty of -20 to each attack. are ready for full use again in a galactic standard day. this means they must pay an extra 5 experience points for all skill purchases. His a natural weapon. not synapses in an organic The Thinkers possess the abilities common to all brain. limber bodies and an extra forward-arcing joint in their one of which is almost always Pan Galactic. the robot as if it were under the control of the Thinker. wait 5 turns before doing it again. and also have the limits of their own electrogenetic programming pre- following special abilities: dispositions. They can tune their hearing to pick up time to cool his circuits before re-activating. infra-vision). Their chance of success equals 10%. its gauntlet to attempt this. then must not coded frequencies used by the Frontier military. Once control is stolen. Built-in Weapons: All members of the warrior class have built-in weapons. However. These enhancements are not always in Enhanced Sensor Array: The Thinkers have the effect. not an external piece of equipment. each of which can Leadership of 50 can control 10 levels worth of robots do 1d10 damage. When learning skills. moreso than most other races in from every damage die rolled. toolkit for success. In game terms. The Thinker is assumed to have which must be learned like all other characters. control. beings. Most Thinkers 65 . energy stored in a special 20-SEU capacitance device in their Control Robots: Thinkers have special gauntlets that arms. languages equal to the tens digit of their Logic scores. Control will continue for a full 20 hours (one galactic Natural Defenses: Warriors have an amazing capacity standard day) before it must again be assumed. however. Normally. they which a “Robot Brain” computer program functions. however. all movement rates (running. For example. but He can enhance his movements for 5 turns. Any physical The Mechanon have a lot of special abilities granted by attack which strikes the warrior Mechanon subtracts 1 this race description. If Thinker can perform no other action. as well as see ultra-violet and infra- Stamina score. They can put a number of levels worth of robot under March 2008 their control equal to twice the tens digit of their Natural Weapons: Warrior-class Mechanons also have Leadership scores. however. For example. legs. even when fully depleted. who have However. ability cannot be used on other Mechanon. above. It is powered by their own bio-electric field. This to sustain damage. a foreign robot that is not programmed for such which must be learned like all other skills. The devices can store a number of their tails as well (no off-hand penalty for attacking). If they wish to endure the takes one full turn of concentration and manipulation of penalty for using two weapons (-10 to each attack). This energy recovers at a rate of 1 SEU per hour can be used to control robots similar to the way in in each arm. usually the equivalent of an Built-in Toolkits: Any biosocial or technological skill electrostunner. because his dealing with members of other races. a always easy. Poly-Vox: As described in the Speech section.

but this will not happen on its own. but on real frequency. the Mechanon were Robotics skill. penalties for one turn. Ability Scores Warriors Thinkers They must sleep (though they sleep by shutting down STR/STA +15 -10 and rejuvenating their circuits. The of 1SEU per hour naturally in each gauntlet. and other your own.” languages equal to tens digit of LOG score. March 2008 automatic. paradox group wanted to embrace. etc. and be ambraced Natural Defenses Skin armor subtracts 1 from each damage die by. they don’t even have senses of taste or touch). like IR goggles. Movement Walking 8 meters per turn Cannot Heal: Mechanon do not naturally heal. It would be equally interesting to make Array frequencies. paradoxical Mechanon were viewed as a splinter Natural Claws on hands or feet (and prehensile tails) group. just as conventional characters must. They must breathe and must eat and INT/LOG +0* +10* drink. Movement tens digit of STA. However. Their Special Abilities: Thinkers Only warriors were those who sought the militant Poly-Vox Can store language patterns for a number of destruction of the “High Orthodoxy. etc) and of course Running 25 meters per turn cannot catch conventional diseases and viruses. but (warriors while enhanced: 40m/turn) they do not naturally heal. potent but not unstoppable. Drop me an or technological skills. A Special Abilities: All Mechanon Mechanon can apply reconstructive techniques to itself Night Vision Can see in the dark. Recovers at a rate high-priests. unloved and hunted by the orthodox. plus PS. UV. Warriors must choose Level 0 for this purpose alone). They cannot have Average Size 2. the Characteristics Mechanon are not robots. improved by spending experience). and easy to manipulate: bright lights giving them -15 can be affected by critical hits. Can be stunned. It is instinctive for a Mechanon to know how to heal itself. Can tune hearing to nearly any groups based not on political differences.8 meters tall (warrior) equipment added to them as normal robots can. then wait equal number of The orthodox Mechanons were those that believed turns. Mechanon Characters Non-robot: Despite their obvious robotic heritage. Can assume other races of Zebulon’s Guide to the Frontier could control of enemy robot 10% chance (can be use similar treatment. using Learning Must pay an extra 5 experience points for all the standard repair rules (the Mechanon is considered Disability skill purchases. sleep. Body Temperature 42 degrees Celsius freezing them in place while their electromagnetic fields repair themselves). But this 100 kilograms (thinker) means they are not immune to some of the things Average Lifespan 225 years against which normal robots have protection. Inertial protection only. drink. They have no access plate. running internal DEX/RS +10 +0 diagnostics). they are superior. Movement increased to 15m/turn. -15 to all actions in the once per day to fix 1d10 points of damage. PER/LDR -10** +15** their unique physiologies allow them to eat and drink * Must shift 10 points from Intuition to Logic. 66 . Leaping and falling distances x1. 20SEU. Cannot Heal Must repair self or be repaired by others with Author’s Note: During playtest. and their thinkers I ran nearly like Built-in Weapons 2 electrostunners. nearly anything to fuel their internal energy generators ** Must shift 10 points from Personality to Leadership. their natural defenses being Special Abilities: Warriors Only inertia-based. Perhaps the the tens digit of LDR score. all sentient races. You can use these political groups. religion.5. A Thinker who has the robotics skill can use Infra-Vision Can see in the IR spectrum. Ambidexterity No penalty for “off-hand” weapon use. Thinkers may This is first turn Mechanon is exposed to bright light. Their thinkers were artists and environmentalists. Star Frontiersman character is a Mechanon. In the two playtest games I ran. religion to them. They dismissed the belief that rolled. Instead. They (warriors while enhanced: 15m/turn) have an immune system (filters. email and let me know if you’ve found this race Control Robots Can control a number of robots equal to twice usable: referee@starfrontiersman. he must pay 20 experience points. and are not immune to critical hits. Or even based on territorial rights. Can receive chronocom signals. their natural ranged weapons being energy-based. built-in. that skill to repair the damage caused normally. They 3. Military PSA. scouts and diplomats. that all biological beings were inferior. they must be Hourly 4 kilometers/hour repaired. rate is 1d10 per day. their warriors more like templars.0 meters tall (thinker) cannot be programmed. This was like a 40m/turn. I had two distinct Enhanced Can activate for a number of turns equal to groups of Mechanon: the orthodox and the paradox. taking Built-in Toolkits Automatically have any tools for any biosocial morality out of the equation altogether. or invent some of Enhanced Sensor Can tune optics to see in X-ray. The Weapons cause 1d10 damage. They Reproductive System Parthenogenesis may be stunned (their controls momentarily ionize. Their limitations were Non-Robot Must eat. (remember. Average Mass 120 kilograms (warrior) They cannot be controlled by robot brains.

LTD DCR  Rocket Battery  Seeker Missile 75 75 75 75 75 75 -8ea 5d10 -20 n/a LTD 200  * Weapon causes half rolled damage (rounded up) on Hull Hits. 1d10 +10 12 RD Laser Battery  Electron Screen Electron Beam Battery 60 60 70 25* 40 50 -. 1d10 +0 9 RD 2 Laser Battery  Reflective Hull Proton Beam Battery 60 60 25* 70 40 50 -. RD MR Proton Beam Battery  Stasis Screen Torpedo 50 50 50 50 75 50 -10ea 4d10 -20 4 MPO. all Interceptor Missiles  Interceptor Missiles fighters docked on this carrier  DCR Torpedo   DCR are re-armed with Assault Rockets. LTD Electron Beam Battery Interceptor Missiles Rocket Battery 40 40 40 40 40 40 -3ea 2d10 -10 3 LTD Torpedo  Seeker Missiles   Mine 60 60 60 60 60 60 -5ea 3d10+5 -20 -. 2d10 +0 10 FF. RD ADF Defenses: Disruptor Cannon Laser Battery 65 50 65 65 65 20* -. 3d10 +20 9 FF. LTD 2 Electron Beam Battery Assault Rocket 60 60 60 60 60 60 -5ea 2d10+4 -10 4 FF. . Print this page on Avery Business Card pages (you can get these at Walmart for cheap) – use them in your KH gaming! Hull Points Hull Points 8 15 ADF Weapons: ADF Weapons: 5 Assault Rockets 5 Laser Battery  Assault Rockets MR MR  Defenses: 5  Reflective Hull 4 Defenses:  Reflective Hull DCR DCR 30 50 Hull Points Hull Points 40 50 ADF Weapons: Defenses: ADF Weapons: Defenses: 4 Laser Cannon  Reflective Hull 3 Laser Cannon  Reflective Hull Laser Battery Laser Battery Rocket Battery Masking Screens Electron Beam Battery Masking Screens MR  MR Rocket Battery   3 Torpedo Interceptor Missiles 3  Interceptor Missiles   Torpedo  DCR DCR  70 75 Hull Points Hull Points 50 70 ADF Weapons: Defenses: ADF Weapons: Defenses: 1 Laser Battery  Reflective Hull 3 Disruptor Cannon  Reflective Hull Laser Battery Laser Battery  Electron Screen Mines Interceptor Missiles Electron Beam Battery  Stasis Screen MR  MR Proton Beam Battery  2  2 Rocket Battery Interceptor Missiles Seeker Missiles    Torpedo DCR DCR  75 100 Hull Points Hull Points 80 75 ADF Weapons: Defenses: ADF Weapons: Defenses: 2 Disruptor Cannon  Reflective Hull 2 Laser Battery  Reflective Hull Laser Battery Proton Beam Battery  Electron Screen Laser Battery Rocket Battery  Electron Beam Battery  Proton Screen Masking Screen MR MR   1 Proton Beam Battery  Stasis Screen 1 10 Fighters Rocket Battery  If not attacked during a turn. MPO. 120 Seeker Missiles  150 KNIGHT HAWKS BOARDGAME Hull Points WEAPONS & DEFENSES 120 Weapon None RH PS ES SS MS ICM Dmg DTM Range Notes Weapons: Laser Cannon 75 60 75 75 75 25 -. 1d10 +10 10 RD Laser Battery  Proton Screen Disruptor Cannon 60 60 50 50 40 50 -.

spies from Interplanetary Industries will be Also..... 500cr Dare to be beautiful.. is the finest blaster pistol released to date.. Technicians . Field-tested. Military approved.. damage (same as a laser pistol set to 5SEU).. The new Frontiersman Heavy Pistol.. it drains the power source by 10SEU and causes an effect identical to a Warning: Applicants who are found to be fragmentation grenade (though it’s a beam effect......... (same as a laser pistol set to 10SEU). Qualified applicants must be willing to implant Non-Disclosure Penalty chips in their cortex to help NET ensure propriety.. Will bury bodies and then wipe memory of destruction HELP WANTED PRECISION MEMORY REMOVAL from own robot brain. we won’t Tordia. Complete Dralasites may not apply due to their with three settings: stun (similar to an electrostunner). allowing a payload of 40SEU dealt with severely..D... 500cr do you look good in tight synthcloth? Modify robot mission . Can you walk the hoverway. disappearances. What makes this pistol truly special is its pump-action SEU starfire grenade.. or ROBOT GUARDS damaged intrusion defense subsystems... Engineers ...E... codename: G.. Will destroy intruders...... Not responsible for accidental family She isn’t worth all your pain.O... the grip holds two 20-SEU PowerClips.T. fast and efficient. Frontier’s New Top Vrusk Model? need to see ownership papers. defeated entry locks. Remove security lock .. from WarTech. Chronocom Subspace Relay# Chronocom Subspace Relay# 73608822327155431891 22654308822327151891 Guaranteed to protect your home. hasn’t this gone on long enough? I’ll settle for half the creds you owe – truce? VRUSK Come to Vualo’s Robot Chop Shop -Groko We have all the spare parts you’ll ever Modeling Agency need to replace deactivated security panels. your most recent destination. for the busy warrior.. Firing a charge of electrokinetic energy wrapped in a self-formed plasma shell.... we’re probably on your way back from Gradasanti’s Vrusk Modeling Agency.. Modify robot functions .. Computer Programmers to help with a new development in Frontier communications equipment.. 1500cr Dare to be bold. It will revolutionize how information is shared in the Frontier... DISCOVERY AWAITS ROBOT REPROGRAMMING TRUCE! Do you have what it takes to become the We won’t ask how you got it... NESMITH ENTERPRISES OF TR IAD Chronocom Subspace Relay# Chronocom Subspace Relay# We are looking for talented: 51891736715423230882 51856025128198869351 .. Dare to call… Located conveniently behind the Fraris your path to fame is paved by Wall at Eleventh Street on Prenglar..... Perfect liability dodge.. The quality you expect from WarTech.. Forget about her. Come on.. not an inertia effect)..N. Chronocom Subspace Relay# 27123273651430885189 Chronocom Subspace Relay# 08295185686912351518 . and kill immunity to NDP chips.