It was finally the end of EXO’s restless weeks of promotions and

Baekhyun wanted to spend every moment of his one day off with me.
He told me to meet him at a coffee shop at midnight so that we could
have all 24 hours just bfor us.

I arrived around 11:45 and there was a worker there to let me in, but
as soon as I sat down at a table that was decorated with sunset roses
and 2 cups of what smelled like red velvet hot chocolate, he
disappeared into the back room never to reappear again this evening.

I sat waiting for Baekhyun, but midnight came and went. I was all alone
and it was almost 12:30 when I heard a sound coming from somewhere
in the coffee shop.

The voice was faint, but I knew exactly who it was. His distinctive
smooth vocals that would caress the air as he sang while the light taps
of his feet on the rustic wooden floors set a slow and relaxing tempo.
He wasn’t that close, but I knew he was here.

I heard the gentle steps approaching as the voice grew louder and the
words more distinct. I smiled, not looking away from the now luke-
warm hot chocolate, since I knew that the second I did, I would be
attacked with one of the worst tickle fights of my life since that was our
usual greeting. I would normally just let it happen, but I would rather,
in this moment, just let his voice serenade me instead.

As the chorus was coming to an end, he slowly moved to lean on the
table across from me, trying to pull my gaze up from my drink. I snuck
a glance and blushed as I caught a glimpse of the man who was all
mine. His dark silk shirt was unbuttoned at the top and he had on tight
black jeans that accented his newly dyed hair. His eyeliner only enticed
me to glance up again to admire his beauty and talent for a moment

Baekhyun was giving me a slightly amused smile as he continued to
sing softly acapella. I noticed that the song was almost over.

I glanced through the window just behind him, only to notice that the
snow has slowly began to fall gracefully from the sky. I smiled softly
and looked away from the window to the love of my life as the last
words of the song were sung.

As he finished, the lights in the café dimmed to the point of barely
being on and Baekhyun pulled out a box of matches and lit the few
candles that were scattered on the table, illuminating his features.

Baekhyun immediately responded to the kiss and I savored the moments like these where we could get lost in each other with no interruptions. “If that’s a promise. “Can I get a real kiss now?” I asked as he shifted to wind his arms around my waist. even if we were alone. . “I can’t imagine it belongs to anyone else.“Hi.” I responded with some bewilderment at the effort his put into the night already.” I responded as I closed the gap between us. He moved my head into his lap and began telling me the stories of his travels abroad: The fights between Kyungsoo and Chanyeol. the crazy amount of money Suho spent to keep everyone happy. We talked through the night. “Later….I promise…but not here…” I barely got my words out before Baekhyun took hold of my bottom lip with his teeth and lightly tugged. “Baek-“ I breathlessly moaned as I broke away from his lips. “That depends.” He said in his playful tone as a mischievous smirk found its way onto his face.” he seductively answered. “we can’t…not here…” His lips moved to my jaw and then along my neck until he found that one spot that always makes me melt into his touch. and the crazy new choreography that both Sehun and Jongin almost broke their necks trying to perfect. “Is that extra hot chocolate for me?” he erupted into his contagiously boisterous laughter. I saw him admiring the smile that had crept upon my face as he grabbed my hand and gently kissed it. His hands roamed from my waist to my thighs and he was venturing into territory that should only be encroached on in a much more private place than a coffee shop. then we can continue on with our date and come back to this later. “Hi.” He said softly as he pulled his chair closer to mine. the sun began to rise outside of the café. and before I realized it. “On what?” I asked as I slowly moved my lips closer to his.

“I have a promise to keep…and we don’t want to turn me into someone who doesn’t keep her promises. “Is that all you want to do?” He asked softly as his lips found their was to the corner of my mouth. “I know I promised you a whole day.” He leaned down and gently kissed my forehead. letting the light caress our faces as he gently played with my hair.” I sat up and pulled him towards me for a passionate kiss. “I’m sorry.Moments like these with Baekhyun were my favorite. “Then I guess we should head back to your place so I can help you pack…” I said softly on his lips as I pulled ever so slightly away. . This day together might be cut short.” Baekhyun began with sadness creeping into his usually warm smile. “Well…If I recall…” I began as I unbuttoned a few more of the buttons on his shirt. but I was going to make sure it was one where we could never forget a single moment. “But we have to leave to go back to China this afternoon. now do we?” Baekhyun kissed me fiercely as he pulled me outside to hail a taxi. We were laying in the early rays of the morning. He combed his fingers through my soft curls as we watched the colors of the morning blossom.