1) Define company OX15
2) Edit, Copy, Delete, Check Company Code OX02

3) Define Business Area OX03

4) Maintain consolidation business area OCC1

5) Define Credit Control Area OB45

6) Assign company code to company OX16

7) Assign company code to credit control area OB38

8) Assign business area to consolidation business area OBB6


1) Define credit control area OB45
2) Define credit risk category OB01

3) Define credit representative group OB02

4) Assign employees to credit representative group OB51

5) Define days in arrears OB39


1) Maintain Fiscal Year Variant (Maintain Shortened Fisc. Year) OB29
2) Assign Company Code to a Fiscal Year Variant OB37

3) Define Variants for Open Posting Periods OBBO

4) Open and Close Posting Periods OB52

5) Assign Variants to Company Code OBBP

6) Define Document Types OBA7

7) Maintaining number ranges for doc type FBN1

8) Define Field Status Variants OBC4

9) Assign Company Code to Field Status Variants OBC5

10) Posting keys OB41

11) Define Tolerance Groups for Employees OBA4 GENERAL LEDGER ACCOUNTING 1) Edit Chart of Accounts List OB13 2) Assign Company Code to Chart of Accounts OB62 3) Define Account Group OBD4 4) Define Retained Earnings Account OB53 5) Create G/L accounts FS00 6) Maintain item category 7) G/L account posting F-02 8) View G/L wise balances FBL3N/FS10N 9) View Document FB03 PARKING DOCUMENT 1) Create parking document F-02/F-65/FBV1 2) Edit parking document FBV2 3) Display parking documents FBV3 4) Parking document header data changes FBV4 5) Parking document display changes FBV5 6) Send parking documents to authorized persons. F-02 4) Sample document changes FBM2 5) Display sample documents FBM3 . SO00 7) To view inbox SBWP 8) Release parking documents FBV0 SAMPLE DOCUMENT 1) Create number ranges for sample document OBA7 2) Create sample document template F-01/FBM1 3) Post G/L account with the reference of sample doc.

6) Display sample documents changes FBM4 HOLD DOCUMENT 1) Create hold document F-02 2) View hold doc FB11 3) Release a hold document F-02 RECURRING DOCUMENTS 1) Create no.14 8) To view document FB03 REVERSALS - 1) Individual Reversal FB08 2) Mass Reversal F. Ranges for payments OBA7 . Provision for salaries (Liability) ii. Provision A/C 3) Create No. Salaries A/C (Expenses) 2) Postings F-02 i. Salary A/C ii.80 3) Reversal of reversal F-02 G/L OUTGOING PAYMENTS 1) Create G/L A/CS FS00 i.15 7) Execute/Run the recurring document F. ranges for recurring documents OBA7 2) Create recurring document template FBD1 3) Change recurring documents FBD2 4) Display recurring document FBD3 5) Display changes of recurring document FBD4 6) Overview of recurring documents F.

Provision for commission (Asset) ii. Commission A/C 3) Create No. Ranges for Customer Account groups XDN1 3) Assign No. Commission received (Incomes) 2) Postings to provision A/C F-02 i. 4) Tolerance groups for G/L accounts OBA0 5) Clearing the Provision A/C or G/L outgoing payments F-07 6) View the G/L wise Balances FBL3N G/L INCOMING PAYMENTS 1) Create G/L accounts: FS00 i. Sales A/C (Incomes) ii. Ranges to Customers A/C groups OBAR 4) Create G/L A/Cs FS00 i. Ranges for Incoming Payments OBA7 4) Clear the provision A/C or G/L Incoming Payments F-06 5) View the G/L wise Balances FBL3N ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE 1) Create customer Account Groups OBD2 2) Create No. Provision A/C ii. Ranges for Invoice posting OBA7 7) Sales invoice posting F-22 8) To view G/L wise balances FBL3N 9) To view Customer wise balance FBL5N . Sundry Debtors A/C (assets) 5) Create Customers Master Data XD01 6) Create No.

OBXI 4) Sales Invoice Posting F-22 5) Incoming Payments from Customers F-28 6) To view G/L wise balances FBL3N 7) To view Customer wise balance FBL5N CUSTOMER CREDIT MEMO 1) Make customer credit Memo FB75 2) Display G/L Account FBL3N 3) Display customer account FBL5N ACCOUNTS PAYABLE 4) Create Vendor Account Groups OBD3 5) Create Number Ranges for Vendor Accounts XKN1 6) Assign Number Ranges to Vendor Account Groups OBAS 7) Create Two G/L Accounts FS00 . CUSTOMER PAYMENTS 1) Create Tolerance Groups for Customers OBA3 2) Incoming Payment F-28 DUNNING 1) Define Dunning Process FBMP 2) Assign Dunning Process to Customers XD02 3) Sales Invoice F-22 4) Execute the Dunning Program F150 TERMS OF PAYMENT FOR CASH DISCOUNT 1) Define Terms of Payment OBB8 2) Create G/L account for Cash Discount Account FS00 3) Assignments i. Assign Automatic Postings to Cash Discount A/c. Assign Terms of Payments to Customers XD02 ii.

Purchase Account (Expenses) 8) Create Number Ranges for Purchase Invoice Posting OBA7 9) Creation of Vendor Master Data XK01 10) Purchase Invoice Posting F-43 11) Outgoing Payments F-53 12) To View Vendor wise Balances FBL1N HOUSE BANK 1) Creation of House Bank FI12 2) Creation of Check Lots FCHI 3) Manual Check Payments FCH5 4) To view Check Book FCHN BANK CHARGES 1) G/L A/C for Bank charges FS00 2) Account assignment (Automatic Updating) OBXK 3) Purchase invoice F-43 4) Payments F-53 5) Check balances in Bank Charges A/C FBL3N CASH DISCOUNTS FOR ACCOUNT PAYABLES 1) Define terms of payments for vendors OBB8 2) Create G/L A/C for cash discount received (incomes) FS00 3) Assign cash discount received A/C for Automatic Posting OBXU 4) Assign terms of payment to vendors XK02 5) Purchase invoice postings F-43 6) Outgoing payments to Vendors F-53 7) G/L wise balances Display FBL3N . Sundry Creditors (Liabilities) ii. i.

Vendor Debit. 50 – Credit purchase 9) 2) Display G/L account FBL3N 10) 3) Vendor display FBL1N SPECIAL G/L ACCOUNTS  DOWN PAYMENTS FROM CUSTOMERS (LIABILITIES)  DOWN PAYMENTS TO VENDORS (ASSET) DOWN PAYMENTS FROM CUSTOMERS 1) Create Down Payments from customer A/C (Liability) FS00 2) Link between Down Payments to Sundry Debtors OBXR 3) Down payments Received from customers F-29 4) Sales invoice postings F-22 5) Transfer Special G/L A/Cs to Normal G/L A/Cs F-39 6) Incoming payment F-28 POSTING AMOUNT AND DEFAULT TOLERANCE GROUP 1) Define tolerance groups OBA4 2) Allocate users to tolerance groups OB57 . 8) Vendor wise balances FBL1N AUTOMATIC PAYMENT PROGRAM FBZP 1) All company codes 2) Paying company codes 3) Payment method in country 4) Payment method in company code 5) Bank determination 6) House bank  Automatic payment programme run F110 VENDOR CREDIT MEMO 7) 1) Make credit note F-41 8) 21.

DOWN PAYMENTS TO VENDORS 1) Create Down Payments to vendors A/C (Asset) FS00 2) Link between down payments to Sundry Creditors OBYR 3) Advance made to Vendors F-48 4) Purchase invoice F-43 5) Transfer Special G/L A/Cs to Normal G/L A/Cs F-54 6) Outgoing payments F-53 FOREIGN CURRENCY EXCHANGE 1) Define currency exchange type OB07 2) Define currency exchange ratios OBBS 3) Define exchange rates OB08 4) Assign currency Exchange type to documents types OBA7 5) Post documents in foreign currency F-02 MANUAL CHECK PAYMENT METHOD 1) Manual check creation FCH5 2) To view check register FCHN 3) Check encashment date updating FCH6 4) To create new void reason FCHV 5) Unused check cancellation FCH3 6) Check encashment date deletion FCHG 7) Used check cancellation FCH8 SALES TAX / PURCHASE TAX 1) Define sales and purchase tax FTXP 2) Assign tax codes to sales A/Cs FS00 3) Create G/L A/C for sales/purchase tax payable A/C FS00 4) Assign taxes to Automatic postings OB40 .

Recon b) Accumulation Plant & Machinery Account [Liability] . Specify Rounding Net Book Value/Depreciation OAYO .Screen Layout Rules) 7) Define Number Range Intervals AS08 8) Define Asset Classes OAOA 9) Create G/L Accounts for Asset Accounting a) Plant & Machinery Account [Asset] . Assignment of G/L Account to Automatic Postings AO90 12.Specify the Account Determination) 6) Screen Layout Rules (SPRO-FA-AA-OS-ASSET CLASSES.Recon c) Asset Sales Account [Income] d) Profit Sale of Assets [Income] e) Loss Sale of Assets [Expenses] f) Loss due to scrap [Expenses] g) Depreciation Account [Expenses] 10. Specify the Intervals & Posting Rules OAYR 14. 5) Sales invoice posting F-22 6) Purchase Invoice Postings F-43 ASSET ACCOUNTING 1) Copy Chart of Depreciation EC08 2) 0% Tax on Sales /Purchases FTXP 3) Assign 0% Tax to Non Taxable Accounts OBCL 4) Assign Chart of Depreciation to Comp. Specify the Document Type (or) Number Ranges for Depreciation OBA7 13. Determine Depreciation to Asset Classes OAYZ 11. Codes OAOB 5) Specify the Account Determination (SPRO-FA-AA-OS-ASSET CLASSES.

Define Depreciation Key AFAMS 18. Transfer of Assets ABUMN 25. Create Sub Asset Master Data AS01 20. Asset Explore AW01N 23. Sales & Assets F-92 G/L display configuration- 1) Define line layouts O7Z3 2) Add special fields OBVU 3) Define sort variants 07S7 4) Define total variant 07R1 PARTY STATEMENT ACCOUNTS 1) Copy print program to company code OB78 2) Request generate FB12 3) View the correspondence or take the statements F.15. Maintain Period Control Method AFAMP 19. Define Screen Layout for Asset Depreciation Area AO21 17. Asset Purchases F-90 22. Define Screen Layout for Asset Master Data [SPRO-FA-AA-Master Data-Screen Layout. Asset Scrapping ABAVN 26.64 CONTROLLING 1) Maintain Controlling Area OKKP 2) Create Number Ranges for Controlling KANK . Depreciation Run AFAB 24. Create Sub Asset Master Data AS11 21.Define Screen Layout for Asset Master Data] 16.

3) Maintain Versions OKEQ 4) Create Cost Elements FS00/KA01 5) Create Cost Element Groups KAH1 6) Create Cost Centers KS01 7) Create Cost Center Groups KSH1 8) Field Status Groups OBC4 9) Postings F-12 10) To View Cost Center Wise Reports KSB1 11) Default cost center updation OKB9 DISTRIBUTION METHOD 1) Define distribution KSV1 2) Run KSV5 3) View KSB1 INTERNAL ORDERS 1) Field status variant OBC4 2) Create G/ L Accounts for telephone expenses FS00 3) Internal order type KOT2_FUNCAREA 4) Internal order KO01 5) Planning internal order KPF6 6) Posting F-02 7) Variance report of internal order of particular month wise S_ALR_87012993 PROFIT CENTER 1) Set controlling area OKKS 2) Controlling area settings 0KES 3) Maintain standard Hierachy for controlling settings 0KE5 4) Maintain Versions OKEQ .

Year end closing 1) Fiscal year OB29 2) Assign fiscal year to company code OB37 3) Open and close posting periods OB52 4) Number ranges C/F one fiscal year to fiscal year OBH2 5) Copy number ranges one company code to another company code OBH1/FBN1 6) Carry forward G/L accounts balances F. wages. Admin expenses Account  Sales of cements  Sale of cements 10) Number ranges for local documents GB02 11) Maintain automatic account assignment for revenue cost element OKB9 12) Posting a) Expenses posting F-02 b) Revenue posting sales F-22 13) To see the report of a profit center wise (SEGEMENT) KE5Z CLOSING A. Month end closing 1) Open and close posting periods OB52 2) Number ranges extended a) Number ranges extended FBN1 b) Assign number range to document OBA7 3) Recurring document execute 4) Interest calculation run 5) Depreciation run 6) Foreign currency valuation F.16 7) Balance (Customers/Vendors) Carry forward F.05 B.07 8) To view customer balances FD10N 9) To view vendor balances FK10N REPORTS 1) Maintain Financial Statement Versions OB58 2) View/Display the Balance Sheet S_ALR_87012284 3) Chart of Accounts S_ALR_87012326 4) Trial Balance S_ALR_87012310 . Year end closing A. Month end closing B. 5) Create dummy profit center KE59 6) Maintain control parameters for actual 1KEF 7) Creation of Profit center KE51 8) Create cost center KS01 9) Create G/L Accounts FS00  Expenses for Salaries.

Declineing Method in depreciation Key 2. Integration planning in controlling area version INTEGRATION WITH FI AND MM 1) Define plant OX10 2) Define storage location OX09 . Acty-Based Costing – 3. 5) Ledger Wise Balances S_ALR_87100205 6) Vendor List S_ALR_87012086 7) Vendor Wise Purchases S_ALR_87012093 8) Display Changes of Vendor Master Data S_ALR_87012089 9) List of Vendor Line Items S_ALR_87012103 10) List of Down Payment Open Items-Vendors S_ALR_87012105 11) Customer List S_ALR_87012179 12) Customer Wise Balances S_ALR_87012172 13) Customer Wise Outstanding Balances S_ALR_87012173 14) Customer Master Data/Addresses S_ALR_87012180 15) Display Customer Change Details S_ALR_87012182 16) Customer Wise Sales S_ALR_87012186 17) Open Down Payment Customers S_ALR_87012194 18) List of Customer Line Items S_ALR_87012197 19) Bills of Exchange S_ALR_87012114 20) Display Changes of G/L Accounts S_ALR_87012307 TAX CALCULATION PROCEDURE 1) Define calculation procedure 2) Assign to country 1.

3) Define purchase organization OX08 4) Define division OBXB 5) Assign plant to company code 6) Assign Purchase organization to company code OX01 7) Assign purchase organization to plant OX17 8) Assign business area to plant/valuation area/division OMJ7 9) Define Material group 10) Define purchase group OME4 11) Company code to material management 12) Attributes of material type OMS2 13) Plant parameters 14) Default values for tax codes OMR2 15) Tolerance limits for purchase order for price variance 16) Tolerance limits for good received OMC0 17) Tolerance limits for invoice verification OMR6 18) Automatic status change for invoice verification OMRV 19) Grouping valuation area OMWD 20) Valuation class OMSK 21) Create G/L Accounts FS00 a) Inventory raw material b) Inventory finished goods c) GR/IR clearing accounts d) Raw material consumption account e) Increase/decrease in stock-finished goods 22) Automatic posting OBYC a) Double click on BSX inventory posting b) Double click on WRX – GR/IR clearing account c) Double click on GBB offsetting for inventory posting 23) Document types OBA& .

3. Taxation 2.Goods issued – 49  RE. APP run by cheque.Goods invoiced -51 24) Creation of vendor master data 25) Create material master data MM01 26) Open periods for material MMPV 27) Purchase order ME21N 28) Goods received MIGO 29) To view material docs MB03 30) Invoice verification MIRO http://www.com/2015/07/15/evaluated-receipt-settlement-ers/ Priya – Rajendra Pending topics: 1. Assessment using allocation indicator .slideshare. Data take over. Interest calculation 2. Profit center 4. FSV 4.  WE. ERS process: http://ganeshsapscm. Internal orders 3.Goods received – 50  WA.net/sristick/step- bysteptouploadnewcustomermasterrecordwithlsmw?related=2 1.

Lock Box/EBS configuration. Settlements 6. 5. Priya: All real time topics .