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ROUND LAKE BEACH POLICE DEPARTMENT. FIELD CASE REPORT ‘29 2017-00040068 NARRATIVE, (On 02/11/17 at 0149 | (Ofe. Atwell) responded toa call of an accident at N Halnesville Rd and E Clarendon Rd. Upon arrival | observed a large pickup truck off the road on the eastside. The truck had heavy damage and Iwas covered by downed power lines. There was also @ downed telephone pole attached to the power lines iying next to the vehicle. I then observed a male subject approaching the scene from McDonalds. ‘The subject identified himself as Niedzwieck!, Michael. Michael stated that prior to the accident he was driving northbound on Hainesville Rd with his wife SED in the front passenger seat. Michael and JRE then both refused rescue stating that they were not injured. Michael then stated that porto the accident, while he was driving northbound on Hainesville Rd, approaching Rollins Rd, he did not realize that Hainesville curved sharply to the left near E Clarendon. Michael steted that the sudden curve in the road caused him to leave the pavement and crash into the telephone pole, Michael stated that he and RNIB then ran across the street to McDonalds to get help. Michael stated that when he saw police approaching the scene he returned, ‘As Michael spoke he slurred his words and | could smell the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage. Michael's eyes were also glassy and bloodshot, so | asked Michael to participate in standard field sobriety tests. Michael then stated that he refused to participate in standard field sobriety tests. | then placed Michael under arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol. | then transported Michael to Cencom while Ofe, Kane remained at the scene to complete the crash report. Ofc, Kene also stood by while ComEd repaired the pole and power lines, and ensured that the vehicle was towed safely from the scene. ‘Once at Cencom | began my 20 minute observation of Michael at 0247 HRS. | then read Michael his Miranda rights which he stated that he understood. | then asked Michael if he wanted to complete a written statement of the events that transpired during the course of the trafic accident. Michael stated that he did not ]want to provide a statement. | then read Michael the warning to motorist, which he stated that he understood but refused to sign. Ithen asked Michael to submit a breath sample, Michael again stated thathe refused to participate in any tests. | then indicated thet Michael refused the test at 0309 on the Intox EC/IR-I. | then read Michael the sworn report. Michael was then issued 2 traffic citations for fallure to reduce speed to avoid an accident, and driving under the influence of alcohol. | then completed the alcohol and drug influence report, In which, Michael refused to answer any questions. Michael was then booked, photographed, and fingerprinted through Livescan. Michael then posted a personal recognizance bond and was release with a pending Waukegan Court Date of 03/16/17 at 0900 HRS. 287 Atwell 21/2017 | Gary.LunnjLunn, Garyjo2/t6/2017/03:07 You created this POF from an application that is not loensed to print to novaPDF printer ( ROUND LAKE BEACH POLICE DEPARTMENT (CASE SUPPLEMENT REPORT ‘2 2017-00049868, NARRATIVE On Sat., 02-11-17 at 0149 hours, units 9281 (KANE), 9241 (ATWELL), and 9214 (KAISER) were dispatched to the ACCIDENT WITH INJURIES complaint at the McDonald's restaurant, located at 774 E. Rollins Rd. Several callers reported that a vehicle, a black truck, drove into an electric pole at this location and the apparatus was on fire. Further, callers reported that the vehicle's occupants ran from the scene into the McDonald's. Upon arrival, R/O (KANE) observed that the collision was actually located on N. Hainesvile Rd., south of E, Rollins Rd., between E, Clarendon Dr. and E. Rollins Rd. RLAFD was already on the Jscene as were several utility vehicles from ComEd. A power utility pole situated on the east side of IN. Hainesville Rd had been knocked to the ground and It came to rest in the roadway, blocking all traffic on N. Hainesville Rd, between E. Clarendon Dr. and E. Rollins Rd. R/O further observed that a black pickup truck came to rest on the east shoulder of the roadway land had collided with a utility pole and a blue Lake Co. highway marker sign. RIO requested the Cencom dispatcher to notify Mobile Eye for additional scene management land traffic control. Five Mobile Eye personnel responded and completely closed traffic between E. Clarendon Dr. and E. Rollins Rd. on N. Hainesvile Rd. R/O was then approached in the roadway by an adult male subject who was later identified by IL photo DL os Michael E. NIEDZWIECK SEE. R/O immediatly observed thal his subject NIEDZWIECKI was extremely intoxicated by alcohol as he demonstrated an unsteady gait, had glassy bloodshot eyes that were partially closed or equinted, he spoke with slurred speech, and had the odor of alcoholic beverages emanating from his breath and parson. RIO asked NIEDZWIECK(, “who are you and what are you doing in here (the acoldent scene)?" NIEDZWIECK! pointed to the vehicle involved in the collision and stated, "that’s my truck.” RIO asked NIEDZWIECKI, "were you driving it?" NIEDZWIECKI then nodded his head in the affirmative, removed the wallet from his pocket, and displayed a shield type badge identifying himself as a Woodstock IL police officer. NIEDZWIECKI stated, "I knew that curve was there, | ust forgot about that curve." Ofc, KAISER (9211) was checking the area north of the accident scene near tie McDonald's restaurant and the Meljer store where it had been reported the ocoupants of the vehicle fled. Ofo. IKAISER located a female subject standing near the entrance to the McDonald's restaurant. Ofc. IKAISER approached this subject who was speaking on a cellular phone. This subject later identified herself with IL photo DL 2s (iia TiMOTEEREE Ofc, KAISER asked |fshe was with the vehicle involved in the collision. Ofc. KAISER later related to this, R/O that when he would attempt to 2s QIK questions regarding the collision, | SENN, repeatedly responded, "you have to ask my husband. He's WPD," Ofc. KAISER {then transported SEEN by squad back to the collision scene across E. Rollins Ri RLA FD paramedic personnel requested to attend to NIEDZWIECK! an. 2s 2 precaution and @ policy requirement because the vehicle's two front seat alrbags had deployed. NIEDZWIECK and SSeS refused medical attention. SAE was escorted to the lambulance where she signed tablet indicating she refused, NIEDZWIECK(I refused to lwalk to the ambulance, The paramedic personnel brought the tablet outside the ambulance where 248 Kane 2111/2017, uscare Spe soin ‘You created thls PDF from an application that Is not licensed to print to novaPDF printer (ntlosiwww.novapdt com) ROUND LAKE BEACH POLICE DEPARTMENT ‘CASE SUPPLEMENT REPORT = 2017-00049868 NARRATIVE (continuation) NIEDZWIECK( refused to sign. R/O signed the tablet as a witness to NIEDZWIECKI refusal to accept medical attention, R/O then requested that’ produce identification and STi displayed her IL DL. R/O observed that! ‘was also intoxicated by alcohol as she demonstrated |slurred speech and the odor of alcoholic beverages emanated from her breath and person. and NIEDZWIECKI were seated on the ourb line together and R/O requested that not speak to NIEDZWIECK|. SERENE could not compose herself, remain quiet, or refrain from speaking to NIEDZWIECKI and RIO then placed NIEDZWIECK into the rear of ithe squad. R/O informed NIEDZWIECKI he was being detained pending the initial investigation. RIO performed a pat-down search of NIEDZWIECK| prior to placing him un handouffed in the rear of the squad. ‘@ESEEEEEEEED continued to be belligerent, talk loudly and condescendingly into her cellular phone, and demanded this R/O's name and badge number repeatedly. R/O then informed NIEDZWIECK! that he was being detained for suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol. NIEDZWIECKI stated, “that's fine. I'll refuse." R/O then leaned into the squad fo activate the ‘squad's on board video recording system for the purpose of recording field sobriety tests. NIEDZWIECK{ stated, “am | being recorded?" R/O ladvised NIEDZWIECKI that he would ie expected to perform field sobriety tests and the video camera would record the tests. NIEDZWIECKI then stated, "then Ill refuse the tests. There's no need for me to get out of the car." RO then advised NIEDZWIECK( that he would be placed under arrest for susploion of driving lunder the influence of alcohol. R/O then requested NIEDZWIECKI exit the rear of the squad, NIEDZWIECKI was escorted to Ofc, ATWELL's squad. Ofc. ATWELL conducted a thorough search Jof NIEDZWIECK''s person incident to arrest. Ofc. ATWELL placed NIEDZWIECK into the rear of his squad, Ofe, ATWELL transported NIEDZWIECKI uncuffed to Cencom for processing. When it became apparent (0 SSSR that NIEDZWIECKI was being taken into custody, repeatedly stated loudly, "I was driving, you have no witness, you have no proof, you cantrefute me." R/O advised STII that it was known that NIEDZWIECKI was the driver. s later transported by Ofe. KAISER's squad to the downstairs waiting area outside the Cenoom booking. See Ofc. ATWELL's narrative regarding processing, ‘The ComEd personnel and RLA FD rendered the scene safo to process the oollision scene. R/O took twelve digital photos of the collision scene. R/O took one digital photos of thé vehiole's interior land airbag deployment, R/O took two digital photos of the insurance proof card recovered from the love box. The vehiole as later towed from the scene by ATi reference RLB PD tow shoet #09612. FO notified the DC of Patrol SCOTT by telephone. ComEd and FD personnel determined the roadway was safe for routine traffic and Mobile Eye personnel were released at approximately 0430 hours. prema a a 248 Kane“ 24412017, us cvs sup 207 cn You created this PDF from an application that is not licensed to print to novaPDF printer ( ROUND LAKE BEACH POLICE DEPARTMENT ‘CASE SUPPLEMENT REPORT 4s 2047-00049668 NARRATIVE (continuation) Nothing further. 248 Kane 02/44/2047 us cue op 2001S Fag 44 ‘You oreated this PDF from an application that is not licensed to print to novaPDF printer (htlpyvww.navapalfcom)