Star Wars

The Old Republic
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

The Sith Empire has returned. After the devastating
Hyperspace Wars and the loss of their home world, the Sith
rally behind the great Darth Hamaz and his apprentice Darth

As the Sith gather their forces, the Republic turns a
blind eye to their old enemy. Lessening their defenses and
cutting down the size of their armies, the Republic is
unprepared for war.

Now on the eve of battle, two Jedi are sent to the planet
Koraban, the Sith’s ancient home world. As they arrive a
smuggler by the name of Jorgen Hazara attempts to smuggle
ancient Sith artifacts off the planet…

Plot Synopsis
Master Jorad and his apprentice Satia arrive at the
space station orbiting Koraban to deal with the smuggler
Jorgen. Their ship arrives in the hanger bay and they take
Jorgen into custody. They question his motives for stealing
the Sith artifacts which turn out to the ancient written history
on the teachings of the Sith. As they take him to his cell
Satia senses the dark side of the force and hundreds of Sith
star destroyers appear.
Seeing as how they must warn the Republic and their
shuttles are too slow, Jorgen offers to help them escape in
his ship in exchange for his freedom. There are several
firefights before they make it to the hanger where Hamaz
and Malgus are waiting for the Jedi. Jorgen goes to prep his
ship while the force wielders clash. It ends in a stalemate
and Jorad tells Satia to leave him. She gets on the ship and
leaves while Jorad fights the two experienced Sith.
As they fight Jorad stabs Hamaz who is now out of
action. Malgus grabs his master’s lightsaber and attacks
Jorad with rage. Jorad attempts to force objects at Malgus
but he ultimately fails and is killed. Satia is heartbroken by
her masters death, but she, a Republic trooper and the
smuggler all escape. Malgus then confronts his master
telling him how he failed and then Malgus cuts Hamaz’s
head off.
Satia and her companions settle down for the long
journey back to Corasaunt. She asks Jorgen what he wanted
with the Sith artifacts and he replies by saying an
anonymous client wanted them for a high price. Then the
Republic trooper known as Vorez tells them how he lost his
family to the sith and how he has vowed revenge against
them. Satia joins in and claims she will get revenge for her
master’s death and they toast to it.
Malgus is confronted by the other Sith commanders
who question his leadership. He explains to them very wisely
that they need to cut the heart out of the republic and that
Alderaan was their next target. The sith reluctantly agree
and they prepare their invasion fleet.
When Satia and her crew return to Corasaunt a
disheartened Jedi council greets them. Satia is brought
before the council to explain what happened. They council
believes what she says but doubts that the sith could have
superior numbers, arguing that most of the sith died in the
Hyperspace Wars. Satia openly confesses that she wants
revenge for her master’s death and the council warns her of
the possibility of turning to the dark side. They then suspend
her duties until further notice.
The senate then receives a distress call from Alderaan
and they order the Jedi to investigate. Ten Jedi are sent with
reinforcements while Satia goes to the market in shame.
Jorgen bumps into her and offers to take her to Alderaan.
They meet up with Vorez and all three of them leave
When they arrive, most of Alderaan’s military is gone
and all the Jedi sent were killed. They meet up with the
resistence where they decide to create an ambush.
At first the ambush is successful, many Sith warriors
and troops fall then Malgus appears. Vorez fires his grenade
launcher and manages to barely injure Malgus. Vorez then
proceeds to attack Malgus, he knocks down many Sith along
the way, but Malgus uses force lightning on him and it
knocks him out. As Vorez awakens, he is being held by two
Sith soldiers and most of the other men are being
slaughtered or retreating. Malgus prepares to kill Vorez, but
Satia jumps in from out of nowhere, forces up the two sith
that are holding Vorez and kills them in mid air. She then kills
several more Sith in rage and she works her way towards
Malgus. Jorgen and Republic reinforcements join the battle as
they rally against the sith. Malgus and Satia furiously fight
each other tearing down trees and forcing rocks at each
other. The tide turns in Malgus’s favor as he cuts Satia’s
lightsaber in half and attempts to stab her. She blocks the
blade with her bare hands and then Vorez tackles Malgus
and as they hold against each other Vorez activates a
grenade in his hand knocking both of them backwards. As
Malgus rises even more injured Satia force pushes him into
the mountainside and force pushes a second time destroying
Malgus and the mountain, Satia eyes grew red and then fade
at the sight of her injured friend.
The Republic won but at a heavy cost. Vorez decided to
remain on Alderaan to help with the relief efforts while Satia
and Jorgen went back to Corasaunt.
When they return, Satia is arrested and sent to prison.
While in prison Jorgen confronts her about what she did to
Malgus. He thinks she’s brave but reckless and he offered a
spot on her crew if she is kicked out of the Jedi order.
Back on Koraban Malgus is revived and put in an
incuvation suit. He confronts his commanders who all believe
that he is a failure. In response Malgus kills his most
outspoken commander and says they will launch a surprise
attack on Corasaunt.
After a few days the council is preparing to have Satia’s
trial, but at the same time Malgus shows up at the entrance
of the Jedi Temple and strolls right in. Many come down to
meet him and they prepare to strike when out of nowhere a
shuttle smashes through the front gate and halts right
behind Malgus. The door to the ship opens and hundreds of
red blades appear.
Immediately the Jedi and Sith clash with both sides
taking heavy casualties. Malgus and the great Jedi master
Tyrell battle it out. Tyrell jumps up and dodges Malgus’s
lightsaber throw but then Malgus immediately force pushes
him through debris. They brutally try to kill each other until
finally Malgus stabs Tyrell and as soon as he does the Sith
fleet arrives and begins to bombard Corasaunt. The sith had
Satia sits anxiously in her cell waiting for someone to
come. She could feel the pain of all the lives lost and she
begins to cry. Then Malgus and many other sith enter the
room. He tells her that he is not going to kill her but make
her watch as her friends and family are killed. He then rants
on how the sith always win and then he offers to let her join
them. In hatred she refuses and Malgus proceeds to kill her.
Suddenly though, several concussion grenades are throne
into the room and everyone is knocked out. Jorgen runs in
and picks up Satia taking her to safety. Soon after He
manages to escape the sith fleet and he travels to the only
safe place left in the galaxy, home…