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Stress Management in Islam

Stress management refers to the wide spectrum Islam wants people to live a stress-free life.
of techniques and psychotherapies aimed at Thus, Islam gives a methodology to avoid or
controlling a person’s levels of stress, especially overcome stress. The following are some of the
chronic stress, usually for the purpose of remedies to be adopted:
improving everyday functioning. It is also
Seek Allah’s Help: Always seek Allah’s help for
defined as a predetermined strategy for coping
whatever you want. Asking Allah for something
with psychological or emotional turmoil. As part
or seeking His help and protection in difficult
of a health benefits package, a company may
situations will help reduce a person’s stress as
offer stress management therapy to improve
he starts depending and relying on the supreme
job performance. Stress management
power with a hope that his needs will be
comprises a wide range of approaches to help
fulfilled by Him. In actuality, supplication
you better deal with stress and adversity. It
creates a platform for a person to share his
might include problem solving, prioritisation
needs, thoughts and desires with Allah, which in
and time management. Another approach
turn helps the person to reduce his
includes enhancing skills to withstand adverse
psychological burden. The stronger the faith of
situations by improving emotional flexibility,
the person in supplication, the lesser will be his
finding greater meaning in life, increasing the
level of stress. Allah also wants his slaves to
sense of control and cultivating optimism.
supplicate; not doing so makes Him angry. The
In the fiercely competitive world we live in Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be to him)
today, the most widely accepted truth is the once said, “Allah is angry with those who do not
growing stress and tension in our lives. People ask Him for anything.” (Tirmidhi)
going through anxious moments are a common
Do your part and leave the rest to Allah: One
sight whether at home or in the street. The
day Prophet Muhammad noticed a Bedouin
cause of worry could be anything from missed
leaving his camel without tying it. He asked the
bus or broken down car on the road to a power
Bedouin, “Why don’t you tie down your
cut at home. Workplace cannot be an exception
camel?” The Bedouin answered, “I put my trust
to this phenomenon. Thus, in order to help
in Allah.” The Prophet then said, “Tie your
people, overcome stress many neo-spiritual
camel first, then put your trust in Allah.”
movements have emerged.
Whenever one does a task, he should do his
best and then leave the result to Allah. Allah
knows best, what is good and what is bad for
us. When one starts feeling that he is
responsible for the result, he goes on to take
more stress and awaits a positive result and
goes under depression when the outcome is not
in his favour. But when the person leaves the
result to Allah, he never takes any kind of stress,
even if the result is not in his favour.

Remember that human responsibility is
limited: While we need to carry out our duty to
the best of our abilities, always remember that
you don’t control the outcome of events. Even
the Prophets did not control the outcome of

their efforts. Some were successful, others were you have played. Thus, strongly believing that it
not. You only have to do your duty and leave is Allah alone, who has the control over the
the results to Allah. Regardless of the results of outcome, will help the individual to reduce or
your efforts, you will be rewarded for the part overcome the stress.

Leave the world behind: Use the five daily to pray, mentally prepare yourself to leave this
Salahs as a means to become more hereafter world and all of its worries and stresses behind
oriented and less attached to this temporary you. Staying away from worldly desires will help
world. Start preparing yourself for Salah as soon the person overcome any level of stress
as you hear the Adhan. When you stand ready
which he might encounter when he incurs Stress has become part of one’s life and it is
worldly loss. very difficult to avoid it. Thus, Islam has
provided us with so many methods and
Seek help through Patience and Salah: Allah
techniques which can be adopted by individuals
has created human beings to test them. Thus, in
to avoid and overcome their stress. Basically,
case of difficulty one must remember that the
certain beliefs and practices of Islam act as
difficulty is from Allah to test the person. In
stress busters for people.
such difficult situations one needs to seek
Allah’s help with Patience and Salah as Allah Remember that this life is a Test: Allah says in
says in the Qur’ān, “Seek help through Patience the Qur’ān, “And We will surely test you with
and Salah.” (Qur’ān 2:45) Having patience in any something of fear and hunger and a loss of
activity will reduce the stress of the individual, wealth and lives and fruits, but give good tidings
with a hope that the difficulty would move to the patient.” (Qur’ān 2:155) Whenever one
away sooner or later. Patience and Salah are encounters any problem, he should always
two oft-neglected stress busters. Ultimately, remember that the problem is nothing but a
patience helps to keep our mind and attitude in test from Allah to see how we respond to it.
check in situations of stress. Being mindful that it is only from Allah will help
us avoid being stressed.
Remembering that Allah has control over The belief that the life of this world is short will
everything: It is important to remind ourselves remind us that whatever difficulties, trials,
that we don’t control all the variables in the anxieties, and grief we suffer in this world are
world but Allah does, as He is the Wise, the All something we will only experience for a short
Knowing. Sometimes our limited human period of time. However, if we remember that
faculties are not able to comprehend His our life is short and temporary, and that the
wisdom behind what happens to us and to everlasting life is in the Hereafter, this will help
others, but knowing that He is in control and us put our worries and tension aside and
that as human beings we submit to His Will, ultimately live a stress-free life.
enriches our humanity and enhances our
Remember Allah: Allah says in the Qur’ān,
obedience towards Him. Remembering that
“Verily, in the remembrance of Allah the hearts
Allah has control over everything helps a person
find rest.” (Qur’ān 13:28) One needs to
to overcome his stress as he starts relying on
remember Allah always in every aspect of his
someone else to help him overcome the
life. Remembering Allah gives the individual a
spiritual support which will make him feel
Remember that Allah is the provider: Allah says confident and strong, the clouds of worry and
in the Qur’ān, “And will provide for him from fear are driven away and the mountains that
where he does not expect. And whoever relies make up his problems are blown away. The
upon Allah – then He is sufficient for him. degree in which we remember Allah, our heart
Indeed, Allah will accomplish His purpose….” will be calm and cheerful, as His remembrance
(Qur’ān 65:3) We should always remember that will carry with it the meaning of total
Allah is the Provider. It is Allah alone who feeds dependence upon Him, of turning to Him for
us all. Remembering that Allah is the provider aid, of having good thoughts about Him, and of
will help us remember that getting a job or waiting for victory from Him. When one’s heart
providing various provisions for our family is in feels heavy with stress or grief, one needs to
Allah’s hand and not ours and will ultimately remember Allah which will help him reduce his
help us avoid stress. stress to the greatest extent.

Remember that Allah controls Life and Death: Relying on Allah for Everything: Allah says in
Allah says in the Qur’ān, “Wherever you may the Qur’ān, “…And when you have decided,
be, death will overtake you….” (Qur’ān 4:78) If then rely upon Allah….” (Qur’ān 3:159) Once we
you fear for your physical safety and security, have established a plan, we intend to
remember that only Allah gives life and takes it implement it. One needs to put his full trust in
back and, that He has appointed the time for it. Allah, which will make his will and
No one can harm you except if Allah wills. determination much stronger to accomplish the
Having this belief that Allah has complete task. Relying on Allah for everything will give
control over one’s life and death; the individual you the feeling that Allah is with you all the
will work and live freely without any kind of time, which will in turn help us avoid any kind of
tension or fear, which in turn will help the stress which we are about to face or will help us
individual to avoid or overcome any kind of to overcome the stress which an individual is
stress. undergoing.

Remember that Life is Short: Allah says in the Connect with other People: We must have
Qur’ān, “Indeed, with hardship [will be] ease.” relationships with other people. The five times
(Qur’ān 94:6) It’s easy to get caught up in stress. Salah in congregation which we perform gives
us a platform to mingle and interact with other hearts and minds. Connecting with the Qur’ān
fellow brothers and share our problems or will help us connect with Allah. Having a strong
grievances, which helps us reduce our stress relationship with the Qur’ān becomes a means
and sometimes even find solutions to the to heal our hearts and avoid stress and worries.
Be Thankful to Allah: Allah says in the Qur’ān,
Work for a Noble Cause: Involve yourself in “…If you are grateful, I will surely increase you
enjoining good and forbidding evil as Allah says [in favour]…” (Qur’ān 14:7). Allah has blessed us
in the Qur’ān, “And let there be (arising) from with countless bounties, but man fails to thank
you a nation inviting to (all that is) good, Him for the same. Continuously thanking Allah
enjoining what is right and forbidding what is reminds us not only to be grateful for what we
wrong….” (Qur’ān 3:104) Doing this work will have but also that we are so much better off
not only keep a person busy but will also than millions of others, whether it is in terms of
provide us with a platform to channel our our health, family, financial situation or other
energies on constructive activities rather than aspects of our life. And being grateful for all we
zeroing in on and consistently worrying about have helps us maintain a positive attitude in
difficulties we are going through, thus this will situations of worries and challenges which we
ultimately help us avoid any kind of stress. encounter in our daily lives.

Make the Qur’ān your partner: Allah says in the Having a check on one’s Soul: In order to avoid
Qur’ān, “O mankind, there has come to you stress, we need to have a constant check on our
instruction from your Lord and healing for what soul as well. As Prophet Muhammad (peace and
is in the breasts…” (Qur’ān 10:57). Build a blessings of Allah be to him) once said, “Your
strong relationship with the Qur’ān. Reading most ardent enemy is your evil self which
and listening to the Qur’ān will help refresh our
resides within your body; if this soul is not By SYED KAZIM-15 Feb 2015
checked, it will lead to unusual stress.”
(Bukhari) The Qur’ān also says, “He has
succeeded who purifies it. And he has failed
who instils it (with corruption).” (Qur’ān 91:9-

Today stress has become an inevitable part of
one’s life. Following the teachings of the Qur’ān
and the sayings of Prophet Muhammad (peace
and blessings of Allah be to him) will help us not
only not only to overcome stress but also to
avoid it. Allah Himself has sent tranquillity into
our hearts so that we are not stressed. Allah
says in the Qur’ān, “It is He who sent down
tranquillity into the hearts of the believers that
they would increase in faith along with their
(present) faith.” (Qur’ān 48:4) Thus, tranquillity
is a sign of strong faith while worries and stress Source: Radiance Viewsweekly:
a sign of weak faith.