October 12.2001

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Freedom ofInformationi \

Privacy Office

Mr. John Young

251 West 89th Street
Suite 6E
New York. New York 10024

Dear Mr. Young:

a. Your Freedom ofInformation Act (FOIA) request of March 29,2001, for records
concerning various dossiers. Your request was received in this office on April 18, 200 I,

b. Our letter of April 20. 2001, informing you that additional time was needed to review the
records and we were unable to comply with the 20-day statutory time limit in processing your

We have conducted checks of the automated Defense Clearance and Investigations Index and
a search of the Investigative Records Repository to determine the existence of Army intelligence
investigative records responsive to your request. As a result of these checks we have located the
enclosed records pertaining to Communist Party Yugoslavia, ZFOI0485W.

We have completed a mandatory declassification review in accordance with Executive Order
12958. As a result of this review, it has been determined that the Army-originated information
no longer warrants security classification protection and is partially releasable to you. The
records are enclosed for your use. Fees for processing this request are waived.

Since the release of some of the information deleted from these records would result in an
unwarranted invasion of the privacy rights of the individuals concerned, this information is
exempt from the public disclosure provisions of the FOIA per Title 5 U.S. Code 552 (b)(7)(C).

In addition, since the release of the information in the records would reveal the identity of
confidential sources, it is exempt from public disclosure pursuant to Title 5 U.S. Code 552
(b )(7)(D) of the FOIA. The significant and legitimate governmental purpose to be served by
withholding is that a viable and effective intelligence investigative capability is dependent upon
protection of confidential sources.


The withholding of information by this office is a partial denial of your request. This denial is
made on behalf of Brigadier General Keith B. Alexander, the Commanding General, U. S. Army
Intelligence and Security Command, who is the Initial Denial Authority for Army intelligence
investigative and security records under the FOIA. You may appeal this decision to the
Secretary of the Army. If you wish to file an appeal, you should forward it to this office. Your
appeal must be postmarked no later than 60 calendar days from the date of this letter. After the
60 day period, the case may be considered closed; however, such closure does not preclude you
filing litigation in the courts.

We have been informed by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that their review disclosed
information that is exempt from public disclosure pursuant to Title 5 U.S. Code 552 (b)(l) and
(b)(3) of the FOIA. To aid you in identifying the CIA exempted information; we have bracketed
it in black.

The withholding of the information by the CIA constitutes a partial denial of your request and
you have the right to appeal this decision to the Agency Review Panel within 45 days from the
date of this letter. If you decide to file an appeal, it should be forwarded to the following: Ms.
Kathryn I. Dyer, Information and Privacy Coordinator, Central Intelligence Agency,
Washington, DC 20505. Cite CIA #F -1999-01138 assigned to your request so that it may be
easily identified.

We have been informed by the Federal Bureau ofInvestigation (FBI) that their review
disclosed that information has been sanitized and two pages are denied in their entirety as the
information is exempt from public disclosure pursuant to Title 5 U.S. Code 552 (b)(l) of the
FOIA. To aid you in identifying the FBI exempted information; we have bracketed it in black.
It is not possible to reasonably segregate meaningful portions of the withheld pages for release.

The withholding of the information by the FBI constitutes a partial denial of your request and
you have the right to appeal this decision. If you decide to file an appeal, it should be forwarded
to the following: Co-Director, Office ofInformation and Privacy, U.S. Department of Justice,
Flag Building, Suite 570, Washington, DC 20530-0001 within 60 days from the date of this
letter. The envelope and the letter should be clearly marked "Freedom ofInformation Appeal"
or Information Appeal". Please cite FBI FOI/P A #449057 assigned to your request so that it
may be easily identified.


If you have any questions concerning this action, feel free to contact Mrs. Reilly at (30 I) 677-
4742. Please refer to case 763F-OI.


Russell A. Nichols
Chief, Freedom of Information!
Privacv Office




As of OCT. 2 9 1979 all material

included in this file conforms with

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It is hot reasonable to segregate meaningful portions of the
record for release.

c=J Information pertains solely to another individual with no
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L I Information originated with another government agency. It has
been referred to them for review and direct response to you.

lJ Information originated 'with one or more government agenc:es.
We are coordinating to determine the releasability of the
information under their purview. Upon completion of our
coordination, we will advise you of their decision.




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In Reply, Please Refer tQ
Chicago, Illinois f

FileNo. 105-16886 July 15, 1968

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The following is a translatioil of an
artFcle appearing in the Yugoslav newspaper
"Vjesnik U Srijedu" on }1arch 20, 1968:

This document contains neither-
recommendations nor conclusions
of the Feder al Bureau of Investiga-
tion. It is the property of the
Federa 1 Bureau of Investigation
and 1s loaned to your agency; it
and its contents are not to be
distributed outside your agency.



- 5 . your clothes are shabby. - "This leaflet will serve as your passport " The Green Berets bomb guerrillas with this and similar leaflets every day. If somebody becomes unable to move. These leaflets are not only disseminated in South America. you have to wander through the woods in the rain and in the wind. "Instead of that. . Columns 4-6 THE LEAFLET OF FEAR AND THE BOMB WHICH SPEAKS "How "good it would be to sit comfortably with your family. he is abandoned. whatsoever that you will be nursed. cigarettes and ~11 the ease of a normal life. "The only way open to you is to stop resisting. "If you become sick or if you are wounded. to return to your home and to your family. TRANSLATION FROM SERBO-CROATIAN V J E S N I K U SRI J E D U ( THE WEDNESDAY HERALD ) Yugoslav (Croatian) Weekly ISSUE OF MARCH 201 1968 ( CONTINUATION) - Page 5-. to have warm food. you have no hope. you always have to fear how things will end. 2 .

" The United States military magazine. the Military Review (issue No. leaflets continued to be used on all battlefields in general. . because we are going to bomb the town." .'lCe. Leaflets are tried psychological wea0ons. Americans used to pour "paoer ammuni tion~' on.time.7 dated July 7. the Americans and the Bri tish disseminated nearly six bi~liol1 leaflets allover Germany.." According to American sources." These leaflets were illustrated with a photograph showing a scared Chinese soldier attacked by a "Jet . After the Second World War. in spite of the fact that this was almost useless. Americans did not disseminate this leaflet for humanitarian reasons and for the purpose of warning people to leave their homes before the bombing." These leaflets read as follows: '~eath is ~aiting for you around every corner of this foreign country. 1967). One of the best-known of these leaflets was the so-called ~advice leaflet" which was disseminated over Vietnamese towns and read as follows: "We warn you to get but of your homes on -. They are used in m£Jss. in war and in 0e<. They were oart- ic~larly used during the Korean war. about five hundred million leaflets of various contents were thrown on the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam). The Eighth Army of the United States used very often-to attack Chinese regiments with "leaflets of fear.F'-80. According to certain information. after the invasion of Eurooe by the l\Llies. the posi tions ot the North Korean and (Red) Chinese troops. reported that this leaflet "was not understood by the Chinese and remained ineffective. They did it in -.

the planners of psychological warfare also use a new kind of ammunition. These prisoners are "prepared" for months in order~that they might act in "destructive manner. It is shot from a gun of a caliber of 105 millimeters which explodes over enemy positions scattering leaflets. - The new rocket "T-229ft has a range up to 25." The "radioactive leaflet" is a newer invention and a typically American one which is extensivel~ used in South Vietnam tOday. -linguists. We will have to say a little more about it later. to induce them to leave their homes and jobs and to the end to disorganize the economic life of the country. Aside from these leaflets of classical nature. a very old invention. The "paper bomb T-I07" has already become standard ammunition.l-eaflets must be the most significant by appearance and by contents.000 yards and carries seven hundred leaflets. the technique concerning the dissemination-~f leaflets has . Actually. Today. It is considered that "of all the gadgets of psychological warfare. Leaflets are the product of the work of whole squads of experts: -psychologists. leaflets were disseminated by hand through infiltrated agents or were thrown from planes. . these leaflets are conditioned (brainwashed) war prisoners who are returned to the advers. consideraQly improved. as a matter of fact. that is the: "live leaflet" and "radioactive leaflet. -painters." The "live leaflet" is.lry.4 - . etc." In the past. order to keep people constantly in fear.

its explosion creates a cloud of about fifty thousand leaflets." The Director was actually very sincere especially regarding the above-mentioned conscientious control. Frequent "paper attacks" on countries of Eastern Europe were executed from balloons. booklets.on books in 1. All this material is produced either directly by the USIA or under its control. and the printdng of texts.hirty- five languages and paid for . brochures. leaflets are also used in other occurrences. 8 . it print~d 12. the writings. Aside from battlefields.5 milli. *** THE SHUSH BULLETS On one occasion. -books. the other writings are more suitable for "peaceful condi tions" because they look less like propaganda mate_ria}. the Director of the United States Information Agency acknowledged: 'The USIA controls thoroughly and ~onscientiously the preparations. the United States Information Agency prints tons of: -magazines. While leaftets are used more on battlefields. th:is rnaterialabout fOur million dollars. Waterways were also used. torpedoes containing hundreds of leaflets of propaganda material were used on the Danube. The plane bomb nT-58" has the greatest capacity. -posters. Briefly. for instance. -newspapers. Today. it published eighty magazines than twenty newspapers. the editing activities of the USIA ~ppear' as follows: -In 1966. -In 1965. -pamphlets. etc.

!ntiOnCt:L>w~al>0n§. In special organizations. the work on the improvement of old weapons and the invention of new ones never stops. which d() . We will have to say more about it later. In addition to the radio. These "grey means" are the "shush bullets" or rumors.butetQldlling. Namely. The arsenal of psychological warfare contains also other weapons of various models and calibers such as: -symbols. -In 1968¥ the printing bUdget for similar books is six million dollars. ar~ -.__ in th~ United States Armed)"orpeS today.. -In 1966. television. the USIA also has its "grey means" (sic) for psychological warfare to which it pays great attention.. Aside from its own publications. . .. -gifts. etc. . propaganda sprenil by rumor-s is perhaps the oldest weapon. *** . In the history of psychological warfare. directlYJtil+Qut~Qnt:r:i.. Rumors are spread from person t~person and their sources cannot be identified. . Expert s say tnat -rumors are as old as human speech.soldierwith()ut weapons like a bh:"d withoutf~athersnis n()longer true. SUGAR IS MORE PALATABLE THAN VINEGAR Thecla$$ic~lproverb"a. rumors have the distinct advantages of being suitable for spreading in peace and war as well as against enemies and friends. . the United States Information Agency influences other publications through its Press Department. Rumors are spread from secret places. the USIA had 178 libraries in eighty- seven countries. press and motion pictures. these people. In addition.. several thousan<J milit~ry serv~witbout cotI.. -sabotage whose aim is psychological. -slogans. '. armed withlQud":speakers.leafletsandothel"weapons . and particularly in Fort Bragg.v(. -diversions of the enemy.' not .

"Units for Speci~l Welfare" are hidden behind this cipher. sociologists. psychologists. the USIA is in charge of the strategy of psychological warfare and is aided in" this regard by other "civil organizations. etc. company of radio. of divisions and of brigades which have special officers in charge of psychological activities.. special units of the United States Armed Forces are charged with tactical psychological warfare. that is from the Department of Defense down to the regiment. etc. teachers. Actually the psychological apparatus is very developed from top to bottom. in the staffs of armies." I I: I We can also find the following in the manual concernin~ the regulations for psychological warfare: "The chief of the religious service helps in the application of the program of psychological actions by establishing and keeping contact with local churches. The battalions for psychological warfare are special military units consisting of specialized companies such as: company of loudspeakers. The assignments of these units are defined in the regulations for psychological warfare as follows: "Their activities have a precisely defined objective I just as a bayonet ~ttack or an artillery barrage. linguists. religious organizations.. Each company has about four hundred soldiers who are: instructors." On the other hand. The United States Army has a formation bearing the cipher 33-500 F. There is a Special Staff Section for Psychological Activities in the Pentagon. The activities of these units are calculated to affect the enemy from nostalgia to dissension and I from dissatisfaction to surrender.of citizens and other organizations of religious character " 10 7 . As we already mentioned.

new tanks and new planes. Aside from testing napalm bombs.8 - . nerve gases. Americans consider these weapons as very important because as an American expert said: "You can catch more flies with sugar than with vinegar. Vietnam serves also to Americans for tests of all kinds of psychological weapons." - -- 11 .

Columns 1-4 (Translator's Note: The photograph appearing in this space shows a few rather old people and the caption below the photograph reads as follows:) "AGAIN IN THE OLD COUNTRY -. near Zagreb" *** Page l. Columns 1-3 (Headline) FIVE MILLION YUGOSLAVS AND THEIR DESCENDANTS ARE NOW LIVING OUT OF YUGOSLAVIA *** Page 6. TRANSLATION FROM SERBO-CROATIAN V J E S N I K U SRI J E D U (THE WEDNESDAY HERALD) Yugoslav (Croatian) Weekly ISSUE OF APRIL 3.--Columns 1-2 (Headline) THE GREAT MAJORITY OF YUGOSLAV EMIGRANTS IN THE UNITED STATES AND CANADA ARE NOT UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF SMALL GROUPS OF EXTREMISTS *** ') -1-"- 9 .Yugoslav Emigrants at the Picnic in Samob or. Column 4 (Headline) PROPOSALS OF CEDO KAPOR *** Page 1. 1968 Page 6.

10 - . This was due to the: passivity of the police. These are the main impressions of Cedo Kapor.interests of reactionary force~ in the above- mentioned countries. their life and their attitude toward Yugoslavia that they were not illegal at all. thus. the forms of cooperation between our emigrants and the fatherland are still insufficiently used. *** 13 . the terrorists became even more isolated from the great majority of the Yugoslav patriotic emigrants living in the United States and Canada. who visited a large number of Yugoslav colonies in Canada and in the United States recently. . the "new" emigrants proved with their work. Columns 3-4 (Headline) REVISION OF TIlE "EMIGRANT QUESTION" *** The diversions (sic . the actioris of the criminals and of the terrorists did not have positive results for them. Neveitheless. In addition. And yet.influence of the Central Intelli~ence Agency and - . Translator's Note: These "diversions" are the bombings of the Yugoslav diplomatic and consular missions) which occurred in Canada and in the United States last Year did not end with the anticipated "epilogue" in Court. but. the explosions caused explosions just as strong among the democratic masses of the world. Our "new" emigrants were actually put in the same baskeLwi th the so-called "political emigrants" and this was mostly done because they had come to the United States and to Canada through illegal channels. In this con~ection. it would be necessary to re-examine our positions toward the increas- ingly large group of our "new" emigrants lLving in Canada and in tne United States. Namely.Page 1. the President of the Emigrant Center (Matica iseljenika) of Bosnia and Herzegovina. greater initiatives should be undertaken by Yugoslav economists.

. Since they came in this manner in Canada and in the United States. Today. Consequently. these "new" emigrants constitute the great majority of the total number of Yugoslavs living in Canada. after 1945. They also enjoy the support of various information organizations in general and of the Central Intelligence Agency in particular.000 Yugoslavs in Canada. However. White Guardists (Slovene rightists) and other quislings fled to Canada. Later. legal emigrants left Yugoslavia trying to find jobs in countries of the West. The "new emigrants went 10 the two above-mentioned countries for the purpose of working and earning a living. Before the Second World War. But. another kind of people began emigrating from Yugoslavia. the "new" emigrants were confronted by groups of so-ealled "political emigrants" who were as a matter of. Chetniks (followers of General Mihajlovic).11- .EXTREMISTS HAVE NO INFLUENCE About 120. the great majority of them stood aside from adventurous tricks. These emigrant organizations enjoyed (and still enjoy today) the support of the reactionary circles in Canada and in the United States. their number sUddenly increased because many Ustashas (Croatian fascists). After the war. fact: Ustashas. The fact that it was not renewed created possibilities for the activities of reactionary emigrants who organized the transportation of our workers to Canada and to the United States. 14 . an agreement concluded between the Yugoslav and the Canadian Government dealt with the organization of the emigrant labor force. Some of these people illegally crossed our border. after 1950.000 Yugoslavs and their descendants live in Canada and about two million of them live in the United States. there were only 25. ~. Before the war. Chetniks. this agreement was not renewed. etc.

These signs can now:be noticed in: . Som~-~f them are abandoning their former hostile attitude toward Yugoslavia and. . these groups appear and disappear. organizing visits to the fatherland. various American Yugoslav clubs. This has sped up the disintegration (sic) of these organizations. ..the Croatian Fraternal Union (Hrvatska Bratska Zajednica) among the leadership and the members. Chetniks and various other groups are frequent... the first.the Serbian National Federation (Srpski Narodni Savez)up to a certain point.signs of serious activities of patriotic emigrants have been appearing. continue to consider the "new" emigrants as "political emigrants. Quarrels among former Ustashas.. (Translator's Note: A headline appearing on columns 2-3 reads as follows:) -12 - .the newly created society "Brotherhood and Unity" ("Bratstvo-Jedinstvo") of Toronto and . the Slovene Benefit Society (Slovenska Potporna Ednota) also among the leadership and the members. . these organizations are launching campaigns against Ustashas and against Chetniks. The struggle against reactionary emigrants can be -' noticed in all the above-listed organizations. All this emphasizes the pr6cess of complete disintegration of the terrorist groups in question. Unfortunately. our consular missions still. All these orga~izations are gradually coming out of their passiveness.: ~) . . as a matter of first step. - During these last years. 1." *** NEW SIGNS The "new" emigrants from Yugoslavia were and are either reserved and cautious or openly adverse toward the organizations of extremists which were impregnated with chauvinism and animated by the spirit of separatism. At~the same time.

such an attitude helped the extremists who took full advantage of it. This was due. Cedo Kapor said that he had personal experience in this regard. "Narodni Glasnik" ("The People's Herald") of . ."prosveta" ("Enlightenment") of-Cleveland. in the first place."Jedinstvo" ("Unity") of Toronto. . . The. etc. All the reactionary forces considered the "new" emigrants as _ source for new members in their organizations as well as sources for economic and moral support. until recently. Macedonians.platform stressing brotherhood and unity is increasingly supported by Croats. Serbs. Slovenes. Montenegrins and Yugoslavs belonging to other nationalities. Chicago. to the "new" emigrants themselves who were thoroughly acquainted with the evil deeds of the opponents of new Yugoslavia. The expectations of the reactionary forces did not materialize. *** THE CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE According to Kapor. these organizations were in dire need of financial and moral aid. OUR CONSULAR MISSIONS IN OVERSEAS COUNTRIES TREAT THE "NEW" EMIGRANTS AS IF THEY WERE "POLITICAL EMIGRANTS" These campaigns can be noticed in newspapers such as: ."Zajednicar" ("The FraternalistN) of Pittsburgh. 16 . It seems that such a positive movement which is taking place among our emigrants has not been entirely accompanied by a corresponding attitude of our diplomatic and consular missions. our official organizations had an adverse attitude toward the "new" emigrants. Kapor stated that. As a matter of fact.

Lately. these positive processes are being emphasized more strongly than ever. A long time elapsed before the patriotic emigrant organizations realized that the "new" emigrants should not be reproved but. However. In fact. now have the stronger support of the reactionary political forces in Canada and in the United States in general and they particularly have the support of the Central Intelligence Agency. . Now. This actually was the main reason for the diversions (bombings) of the Yugoslav diplomatic and consular missions which occurred last year. Organized Campaigns Against Ustashas. the Ustasha and Chetnik organizations. Chetniks and Other Anti-Yugoslav Extremists Are Not Rare. Contacts of Emigrants with the Old Fatherland Have Been Strengthened and a Great Number of Indications Show that Good Relat~ons and Coopera- tion Exist Between Our Emigrants ~nd the Fatherland. The headless groups of old emigrants are aware of the fact that such processes mean the destruction of their groups. these forces are trying to sever our patriotic emigrants from their fatherland. the Political Climate Existing Among the Yugoslav Emigrants Sharply Emphasizes the Absurdity of the Bombings. on the contrary. (Translator's Note: The following headline appears on columns 3-4:) One Year After the Bombing of the Yugoslav Diplomatic and Consular Missions in the United States and Canada. that they should be separated from the influence of reactionary emigrants.14 - 17 . The Front of Resistance Against the Most Extreme Emigrants Is Becoming Stronger.

I A special organization should be created for the purpose i I of constantly following the movements of the labor force market in general and of the Canadian labor market in particular. included. addressed various proposals to various organizations._ ! . Canada occupies a territory as large as all of Europe and it is interested in special kinds of new workers._Cedo Kapor. These authorities are also plotting a kind of "conspiracy of silence" (Translator's Note: Underlined by translator) concerning all the positive results and processes which are taking place in Yugoslavia and in other socialist countries. after his return from these countries to Yugoslavia. like all the other countries. (sic) REAPPRAISAL OF SITUATION In connection with such a situation of Yugoslav emigrants in Canada and in the United States. "First of all. should have definite policies related to emigrants. I J." i This should be recognized as an objective fact. Kapor wrote: "I believe that it would be necessary to revise a series of our former regulations. I . through our channels. the employment of our workers I in Sweden. i i Kapor was asked whether he considered that the I departure of our workers overseas should be organized in the same manner as. and not to go over there with the aid of quislinglike organizations " i Furthermore. He added that we could not "oppose I the widening of the labor force market in which we are i i. The policies of assimilation and denationalization are becoming increasingly stronger in Canada and in the United States. Kapor stressed that Yugoslavia. One of Kapor's proposals was addressed to the Federal Parliament. we should establish with Canada relations which would make possible for our men to emigrate legally in that country. This is a special kind of public misinformation and ideologic pressure. for instance. decisions and positions concerning Yugoslav emigrants living in these countries in general and particularly concerning the emigrants who emigrated over there during the last ten years. The authorities of these countries do no longer favorably look at gatherings of our men and at their contacts with their old fatherland.

it seems that the Government of the Socialist Federated Republic of Yugoslavia. Kamloops. "On the occasion of my meetings with emigr~mts in Montreal. Joe zaninovic. etc. In this connection. The delivered Yugoslav goods were not of the required quality. He replied in the affirmative and said: "Yes. These men added that the selection of the motion pictures in question should be carefully made. Toronto. Sometimes. All the other countries are helping the press of their patriotic emigrants."Narodni Glasnik" ("The People's Herald") of Chicago. astounded that the influence of the Yugoslav economy. I consider that that would be useful for our workers as well as for our collective. California.."Jedinstvo" ("Unity") of Toronto and . sent to our emigrants abroad. B. . C. the Yugoslav economy (sic) and other Yugoslav social factors reprove the writings of the patriotic newspapers of our emigrants. especially trade. I had the impression that our emigrants were. businessmen oi ~Yugoslav descent stressed that some initial attempts had failed because Yugoslav merchants were unreliable. Kapor mentioned that our emigrants in the United states and Canada were asking why Yugoslavia did not help patriotic emigrant newspapers (Translator's Note: Underllned by translatoT) such as: . Canada. I believe that it is in the interest of our country to organize this matter as it is organized in the world. These emigrants considered that Canada was a good market for many of o~r=products. Several eminent personages and representatives in the United States and Canada declared that it was necessary that our motion pictures." Moreover. spoke particularly to me about this matter. to say the least. is involved) and other localities. did not correspond to contracts. was so little felt in Canada. North Komplups (sic - Translator's Note: Perhaps. the director of an industrial enterprise in San Pedro. be dubbed in English.

'0:'. D.+t:>" +~e in format i On in ~..t:>.s much as the in forma tion in subject report is over 18 months old. C.1:-9~6/4 . ( (L. VT_OORR ?') March lqf._ c:.-e>nny. 18 March 1963. Recommend an attempt be na.c.~ .tion contained in above referenced reports has been furnished to DCSr USAREUR. _ c~.D rA."""" t See also AR " VI-68. (U) InforTIB.. . EXISTING SUPPLIES OF WHICH WILL BE DA 1~~~~2 2496 ISSUED AND USED UNTIL 1 FEB 63 UNLESS SOONER EXHAUSTED. G2 21 August 1964 APO 168.NCfc SUBJECT AESE-GBI-SB Agent Report VI-191.'c. 28 July 1964 (u) TO COillGanding Officer FROM DATE CMT 1 430th ~IT Detachment ACofS.ssion at this tillB casts doubt on the reliability of source 951. . fLt . its 8ubml.1DOL or'? FILE nt:FERf.G2 PEEVE.+ Vn7"C'1"'~.. Subje ct re port is returned as the information was previously contained -~ i ' in Agent Repor+.m>:. '-- . - 1 Inol Age nt Re port (COI3F)1 QVAD ) / ~ ACofS.1' intervals.. Colone GS GROUP-3 DowngradocJ .---.C: mDT1. ill Forces 1~ Cornish/rs/436 I ."Z. 1. 2. DISPOSITIO~~ ~ORM (AR 340-15) OFFICE SY:-.. AGL (1) 7_63_2500'i. Subject Committee for the '. ~In --a. Lt. ) to determine whether or not source furnistied the in forma tion in good faith.4 20 REPLACES 00 FORM 96. =.::o pendenre ofSTovenia (U).- . ~ot autQmatic~_~~ ~ec~as~1t1.}.

'7-61" ~.~nd Po?tllr:!ia. '~'-hose aTTested illCluGPCl 6i'-2c~.:. t"'e '::.or8 of the IIJorc1rm" _ill':Ll. . REPORT OF FINDINGS L/(~:...ocL)::' CJ".. NAME OF SUBJECT OR TiTlE OF INCIDENT 2. Yu.v2 Cori.l97 nOD om 5iDJ. DOWNGRADE AT f2 YEAR INTERVALS LC.oslcl'v'i2. Source 951. DATE SUBMITTED (u) 28 Jul 1964 3.ond all FETe.r or tJ12 l:nione Socialista del Popolo Lavoratore. liFc. AGENT REPORT (SR 380-310-10) 1.'.cl 0..} 2.:C°Pi1'-\'ol'i('o. .er i'rom Ljubljana. CONTROL SYMBOL OR FilE NU"'BER 430-0050'. a state controlled lc1"0:" .f~3" . placed in prisc2's in C'-"podistl"i2 ane' Ljublja. I'rho has LlTlL"lshed rsli8ble information i!l th 8 TIast. YUGosla1TiaCl ~"To members of tIle Yugoslav COI'LI:1UrLi_.?na. ?!r:. subDitteG the follo~ing: ~~(:ceJ::tly.1 (I.c. d c._"".- .uGcslC..14726 HOT AUTOMATtCALL Y DECLASSIfIED VI.ct P? i 21 ~.. TYPED NA~E AND ORGk~llATrON OF SPECI~l AGENT 'c)oth lU Detacmnent DA 1 ~~:" ~2 34 1 REP lACES AGL (I) 12-6Z-noM-9193~ --0tA: { _d / / .nic." Vi(. .Y":{C} On 17 July 1964.\T police 2-cf'ected a hundred 2rrests i:'lthe areas of ~~2s.

Each C8Slermetta (post) would be reinforced by one non-commissioned officer and two troopS. and 16 ~oldiers.75) -in one month.O} and 135.000 dinars (appro:rim8tely $2..-. .8trikeiii protest against the high cost of living. was increased from In particular.where it was not hidden by - the officer. The trail zigzagged in a northeast direction between elevation points . 500 1forkel'8 went on . partiaularly prime veal. Gorizia and Rupa. while salaries remained static. .J' . who consequently. two NeO'e. Source 927.j " . Date VI-196 SUSC 552 (b) (7) (Cj 22 . submitted the following' 1964.r of meat. . Some seotions of the traok could be seen. an item of export. making an effective force in each post to include. As regards politico-eoonomicaffairs. Pietro -33TUL 9(948306).:ea'61:y:i increased border between Saleano.economic situation for theYugoalav people was considered grave.IN 1 5 JiPR 1999 .lost 2.000 to . Yugoslavia.'II' ~I. who has furnished reliable information The effective composition of the graniciari (Yugoslav 801die~') was flotic. the minimum limit of production in various faotories in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was increased. -~- YUGOSLAVIA (u) 2} July 1964 ~~6 July in the past.3. 22 to 44 troops. Regulations require a change every six months.50 to . was working on the construction of . and this goal was not being m8t by some workers. D3TUL 94689192 the sector of S. Yugoslavia.i Iy 3YCDR USf"\\NSCOM F01/PQ LO-14 726 '\UT~' ~)T~ .yUQ . Yugosl8'V consumption. but only. (33TUL 93569360. In a ki tohemrare ~tory11i"1he vicirrl ty of Ljubjana. and an artificial butter would be used for. Mili tary personnel on duty on the Italian-Yugoslav border should have been rotated. which resulted in a noticable d1ss$tiefaction and resentment among the Yugoslav populace. There W88 8 ~t.-"'~ !\ Eh ~'\1."J!>. At the same time. The cost of living increased...:')D ~200<1 p .to the ju4iciAl authorities. All natural butter was reserved for export. mule track inside Yugoslavia I1nd along the Italian military road of Monte Sabotine. there was a notioable increase in the prices of necessary consumer items. i~ utho. . The autho~ it1es tookdra8tio action and denounced those reaponsible for the atrikt! .. Plans were in progress for the eleotrification of the railroad between Flume and Zagreb. effective Gorizia. the A squad composed of 5 80ldiere and one non-commissioned officer.:1. "U.ff" I'A Odvf'\ s r'I F!r::\"'\ .-. 33TU1~92969360).. and£lin general. thIS. force in al0I1l:fthe Italian-Yugoslav Italy.

4...m//~J7~~GP t /~:3 Data r DOWfHlF. The new commander of the pol ice control point at Robie.._ T L . rn . YugosJ.1.f. It is believed that the WUstaacia and Cetnici" partisans reentered Yugoslavia clandestinely from foreign countries to combat the Ti to regime.T 12 YEAR !iHERt!. Yugoslavia. ~. Ruda and Carlino. Yugoslavia. which are presumed to be of soviet mam:facture.tJ£v~. vast military maneuvers were conducted in the vicini ty of MorHor.~ FlED tC-14126 VI-25' R 52DD.ns and live in continued apprehension. The inhabitant. ' / . the ftPla./#-'. all in the PrOYino& of Udine. For the first time.eFstation L4t Garica.34 - tanks. who has provided furnished the following./ in the ~ past.B1strica. Reproductions of the coat-of-e... . Three separate mill tary units took part in the operations. At the saLlie timemenacing letters . Yugoslavia.. orig:tIUUly from Montenegro. .avia.-. 1a . -~~ was recently replaced by! .rtioo. I I . '" of reprisal were sent to various public offioes of some of the government departments.. No other details were available as regards the precise date.. ' " .l I -.." As regards armedoands along the frontier. the communist mayors of' Fiumice1lo. Source 948.. I 1\ T . reliable information During the week of 25 November 1963. YUGOSLAVIA (u) 27 November 1963 Uv./. . '>-~. . Aquileia. c r ~thority ~ /tJ~ t/.. Terzo d'Aquileia.rms of King Peter were in evidence.:1li.~ . Italy..ninski" soldiers di-splayed their T. Fr6m 29 to 31 October 1963.--' f. place or purpose of the meeting. i . the vicinity of llireka .. On 20 November 1963.----- L-- ~ i 23 CONF lD - . Yugoslavia. it has been 8scertained that during the month of October 1963. . At 't11_~_fz"9~:!.6d . ~c.(. NOT AUmMAT!~t\l ' ~-.:f. approximately ten rebels were arrested in . of the area are preoccupied wHh the presence of these pa. "i11 visit the Republic of Yugoslavia on invitation of the Yugoslav Communist Party.

'l'he Yugoslav govGTlli". communist traitors. furnished the following information concerning activities in Yugoslaviar Tecroriet bands.*nt has been compelled to amplo. Yugoslavia. have recently been opera. YUGOSLAVIA (u) 27 Novel!!her 196} j _C' ~c 20 Novai"iber 1963..ting in the districts of 1!acedonia and Montene~. Source 96}.coneiating of ex-ustascia partisans. LC-14726 V1-252 I - L~-~~ ~jS(~~552 (b) .: large ar1l\Y"nni ts to contain and d~stroy these terrorist aotivities. and Albanian and filo-Chinese communists..

-} . Reference is made to Agent Report In.. subject as above. C!::. The Secretariate of Internal Affairs of Yugoslavia released the names of the nine individuals who crossed into Yugoslavia clandestinely in July 196. __.Apk 1999 -' " 3Y c.f3(:t)ri~~ f-01jPO '\~Yri--1f~dJa '1--603 DOD 52{)[11P Dafe 6 NOV._-: c-::.--~ c---: ~ .(~1"''"'~ Source .. )1: Dart. which relates to the circumstances preceding the arrest of the above named individuals. ..... .833.j . - . in order to commit acts of terrori~ These individuals.. who were arrested shortly after their entrance into Yug~glavia~ are._~~Df Rupelj ') of MosirU" .(irLS.<:.'~ . --. furnished the following. f)~i tj~'/\lt\. = t'~t of Brinje . ~ 16}d HI Battalion > ~~ suse552 (h) . .EiJ i-H~Ci1~~SJriFf1 .-lr:(1R/tQ. who has provided reliable in:fo~tion in the past. of Si 'benik . members of the narvatsko Revolucionarno Bratstvo". . WS3 .--~'--" 15 October 196.o:f Brinje .ssified -f.. AGEJn'.: lIostar -'j. :J f\. YUGOSLAVIA (u) 4 November 196} )/: ' .~.-.o241 dated 23 October 196~. . '-. : [ CARDED I LC-14726 YI-Q246 .-var of Nacise -"f !)ar7i211-:a .

" $'-- . :£Io~ DOQJ11lADEDAT 3 YEAR I LS~ Authority .~'.00'. " .-~H'~ .F . S. .1. . k~~. -"?~ 26 j i ~ .A .------------ DaCI. ~...'" .~. i: .-10 " . -. 11 . II 52.. No rooord. TIAL .. Date ._~ ~ 12 YEAR ..1:sJ.

'This IOOV&~llt is me of the oost aotive 8XJti-T. .o242 6 ~~ 1 \ O]O~v") . u ___' _. membera of the 5.Gsa individu:. cootraet within the see because !!lan.'1d~.~:~a o~t~~:b. Ti'..g were f'ro~ Carlnzia.\00 a Pl'Cb~ of acUon. and Tri&ste.QI (}J the Slo~ne Catholio C~8f. Italy to 4180\. movement is represented byL.~CAZ'Pf!! :B:dey. Italy. ... them has rOO€llltlJ< bRan SO?ie are a1901n ooiiii-.u .." a. Italy. furnished the toUQf1inga moved hom~i~:~~~i~~..-~ In Trlefn~f !tal.!' the.yCathol i08 are opposed to the 6xtre:de tpolicies of the SSD. LC-14726 Ov. A l!Wet1~ of' activist.(8Jfi"en 14 October 196. In addition.icl:ir.t!'? . However. UG .Ce) of'TriaHte.. .<P9'< .}~a'~~'ilff~~Cal I'{!aBOlJa."".y -(tJ. Source 833. :Members attar..~~lf. who has provided reliable inf'ornation :in the past.'3D was reCfmtly held at fusine (1tarviaio). . -\9B3 n.dir. Oorisla. . they oppose the neent pact of alliance i'Or:aul8ted by tib1> Ylth the Croat Liber>!tion CamUt".

.. l~ f\trthr"~ 3. " . .iat\ 28 tf"'--.~ = ~ that 1B a ~ of ttm D1roctiva Cormd. ~- . ..vas ~ ~ ODeof t!» 1nf'lumtW mooibers of tba ~ at an vaknovn date as n ~ Sl~ ~ of the "B~Ji"....ooSO) 1 5 .~ 10 available an ~ ~.. LL-oi a Slovme.ttGe of the Slcmmt.~r".. ..l. . f'-- ". A' was ~ in 1950 M a W$U knOwn aat!._ 18 a e~ of the "S1afta" end was to beoone an eM t-GYr:4 the Vat1caa ~ nEr. "". . ~ to a repart in 1950. ~ ..r4 liI BatWJ. .-0>' ---- _ 1%3...p~ ~ in~ts of the . ~ted to 001_ the ~ .. Vl. the fils5 (LC-l60Yf. I'/l!:'mttamdin xoa o-ol~ M~ l' ~"T 1961 a8 rc:m"~ at L.~1Md ~ ~ ~V ~ of ~ 17th cw netachment tm:lC1\tea that u. ~.mpaper "Stana".~ .~..oft(sindBcato BOno)..0. Dr..: .-. '4l.- ~t A lJ_ .. a unian.. ~) (ass). ~ . .. - t 16. ~.i 'm ".~ 6t¥tOWl~ b3 tba 5lc1vene School ('1'r19ate) aM to JV~.&.~-/ s~ ~~V. an ant!- ~t SlOWM or~t1nn 1n Moste. Sohoo1 Un1._ /-. -. ~~C'"O~'_' ~ Ummbstant1ated tnforma4... a Prof.

CO 1\JFl

YUGOSLAVIA (U) 22 October 196}

Cn 7 July 196}, nine Yugoslav immigrants entered Yugo81avia through
a border cro62ing point near Trieste, ItalT. Seven of these individuals _ere
in possession of hgmi~Tant type p8.qporta while tbe other two were Austral1.a.ns.
Betw_een 10 and 22 July 1963. the entire group was arrested by the Yugoslav
police who found in their possession 15 kilos of explosives, three kilos of
ni troglycerine, 100 detonatorsr 100 a:.eters of fuse cord, four transistor radioe~
five Baratta pistolo with 450 round8 of ~ition, two sets of binoculars, two
knives, threo mapsr and ~ of aoney from Italy'. Yugoslavia, Ger~ny. EnglarJd,
and Australia. ldost of the individuals had been refugees-in Italy and 8Ot$
in AU8t.ria 'before they finally immigrated to Au.trali&. In -Australia, these
individu.als joined an ort;nnizat1on called tbeR8VOlutio~~~_~11!1.-~
(Fratellanza RivoluziODB.ri.A Croata) (Fite) locatedat#1~ Quen Stovdlar, 57dne7.
It vaG with the FRC that the individuals received training in terroristio
activi ties. In add! tion, the group was in contattt with the Demooratle ~t
Coz;mdttee (cor.rttato Demoaratico eroato) (eDe) of Munster, W9St Gertr.an7. The 1mlsrants had a nndo&vou8 in Stuttgart, Wes, Germany where tbe,y were
t.augbt vario\i.S aspects of eabot8.&e activities by special instructors. On
1 June 196;, the group departed for Milan, Italy 'When they 80jurned for
30 days at the Pension VUla Victor. In llilBl1t the group received instructions
on how to kill. cross borders clandestinely, and plant nplo&ives.



I, :d
, 16}d £«1 Bn

t1Qn ~ .the ~,
JuJ:s 1963, ~
fu.rrd.ebed the f~.
irJ3, ~10 boo prov1ded rel1able ~n-

It 'WaSNOQnt'ly aacortnim'1 ~ oovero1 well-inf()~~ that.
anti T1to ~ barx\e haw been op9.Nlt!ng in Yugoslav1a I'J9ar the IWiIm
bo~ ~'i8 bam9 are ~ ()f L11dividuals end ~ groups \t1O haw
entered Y~v1n from Go~, ~.t ani It.c1J.y. 1hesa ~ mt1--
gowU)ia1td. bands have baenaotiw in the aro:e6of r~, ~1, ~,t'
POOto,3na1~~ am e10ng t.~ ~a1av oorder.
~ ~ of om of t.heoo In-~ ~ uas. recent1Jr 1d:J'~ ft~
Vipavn in a gun btrt.t1.Gtdth ~ po11oo. Howas round to be ~ with
a .~ a p1stoJ., an a bm1~. In tOO~-or Po~ (D1~ 1*
Yu~v poUoe with tOO ~o of ~vm1l1ta1Y ~ ~gtOO tbroo
~ t4 CD'Jof tbeeo.c~ an1 1eamed t.hatc ~ or them ooms are f'1.'(.G
Austria, G~m;~ ~ ~.
~to ~ ani ~~ c~t1ng m ~ ~~,
the bamls ~. ~ ~Wci~' mnarooo~oo Qf 1nttrl~'Q Who ~ ~
of the Axis ~ l~.ta durln,g WoT-Jd1'lar n to ~ Uw. In
mt ~ to am .tbe ~'tions of tJwsa ~... the ~ L:o'~~t ~
~ this task to ~t.s of t.~ ~ts 8.5. {not furtJ~ idootL.~ed)J
mu~ troops fmm ~bJ WBA, t.~ ~ahv.~ ~l ~ to
other s~al military forces. At,pr$.m 20,~ patrols ~ by an of~
have 't.'JOQnWtJ.£ted along tho 1t.'iJi~n-;[~v oordor m1 ~ ~~~



~~~~- .-
f?i .>


':S USt; ~t;.f'!
. ~
~ {O) t \
, j
.-~ ~~: 7j, "--- }'
~~ ,;
.. .
, "
.,,,1 - ,..
1.6;d HI B&t~ 30 t~ ; '

~~4furnished .Junethe1963,followings
in the past,
Source 927, who has provided reliable information

The Yugoslav government recently had intentions of publishing a book
entitled Ve1ild Zlocin (The :Big Criminals) which is baaed upon official
documents and records contained in the Yugoslav archive~? and pertains to the
abuses. crimes, and outrages committed 'by Soviet troops in Yugoslavia. According
to Source, on every occasion that Khruechev displays an attitude of conciliation
towards CO~Bt China, M&.rsball Ti to of Yugoslavia threatens to publish
this book for public disemination. Since this book contains 80 much documented
information, its publication would result in grave damage to_the prestige of
international communism. - -

,~.. . -.~
~ :

, ,

Investigati e Records 0-13 1(,

r rctcr:: ,n criteria UP A~


. .L-vl. (2


~ --.' co



S1oveni,an 1a~-uI'\.i1e
. tn y,h~ : J)tU, J..:Ll£~S 0
0" - ]:.l;~~.~-o~
-illis letter'
'--' t.he ~J.picnt.. [tOt iCH~n'\.;i[i0:"\» rOf' t-he plaaslillt rQception
ved while in Mila.n.. Italy.. during his recant trip.
__-_ 'haQ T'vcei It
~ indicated that durine this trip the loan of' rive to ten' billion Lire was
diBCU88~. This moneywaa to be used to h~jJ;~ ;,. the tofu-1st attractions and
facilities along the Ist.r1an coastline..' 3tated in,the that
he would behapp'y to receive tr,e recipi~nt.i.n Piran-Portoroz during the period
19-/,3 June 1963.

, vised 50'UrC6 tlmt shm:tld ""......
4 :>:
~.thtt"It.a.lian racip1ent C01i8 to ?iran-Port-oro:..>" G:;crce .u1i[:bt be asked to act :dJ~
as the fnterpreter. .~
\ '~
- ---,

I Wc".£
n~;;;':;;: t h
r Q,i~~.~ u ch a
--:::t ~;; ' ""' ~-:-~.:..=-" .,;
~' -

L.-a.Na as Piran-furtoroz' should be able to borrow such a large sum ot money wba..'1
the Federal. Govcrl1!J1ent itselt is in poor financial straits.

R [(3 f1i\lJED l5f~Crft:S~~~i FH::L") DatI)
ON 1 5 APR 1999.
~1'l CDR US1\!~-..~SCO'!\!i F-01.fPC)
(\U-TH, Para ~1-6D~ O()-f) 5200~1 F~

Special Handling Required.
R :;;0:1 cl b I ~
c To .Forei g n Nationals

' ' '~

hW .
Except. ".

wuu u.
By Author~

Oat8 ~.fl.!~~~.u ,--n.---

-. - .- '\7~_
, 2:-Jr.6:/:"--< -.'r--
-. . . ,. .


. j

>N, 15 APR 1999 -
UTH Para 1-603 DOD5200.1P

.t: ~~...''''.?;~\?~~jff8:<.tf:t.2};k~~!~?:f>... :.~:r~~i1~~~)t~;.



in the past,
~ 10 J.prll 196' 5o\ttOe 8)5, ..hohas prorldd reliable
~hmed the fol owing. 1

A TU£Oelav \roopeoncenUaUon 'n.S n«ntIT JII)\i0e4 beb.en the
areaa of Rake1t aM Cerknica. Thi. fX>n8 18 beavilT~'patNlle4 1>7 mombere of .

. the "LjUdaka ltiUoa" who cerci.. ailitar,r police tuE.cticma. It was noticed
that all fore1pere transiting this BOne are IJUbjected to rigid }l8.88port
control and are 'then eacorted \r,r motorcycle to Ikna-Ya..

IA Pi.., the ooet of lirlD.c has risen in the :runt put re8Ulttng
;lB.8J1 ~ in the pri~ of br8a4 an4 YOOdfor fuel. --

!'be fcmaaUoa of . new _tional \annei- 18 preHntq' UDderoonsiderat1cm
h tbe Tufi,'oalaTParUament. !'he propoaed .. bontaa a Yhite or blue
8tar in & field of net.

In the past, patro18 al~ the It.al18D ~.r Mre intenaif"1e4
1t1 "e Tugo8laT athori ti.. 1h Grier to ~en1l an;( ~ 1'roIt eacaplng
10 1t811' during thAt ooapu1~4rat,.
Educated ~ipteu' who nt'uaeto attend .uJ.\u7acaa..,. in the
Tusoalav J.rrq are _laud as plaiu eDliJSted.. to 41da:nt.out}'O#t8am
.itte ft1\mt4 eo~ pririlean nth -their ~w tUdllea.

. . .
cRr:G RACED .UNC1:ASSlrIE~...::~c/;;c'd~
:)N .'15 APR 1999 .'. ..,.:;~i:.~1
3'YCDHUS~H'1SCOM.FQ1t~, '-[
. . i\UTHPara 1,6Qy.D9RP?~,..t .'

Autborily /JJlttttt',. I~.._~L__~. . -
' >:-

Date ~~;t,~-----_.-_------------

ODD 018 5200.10

6 use 552 (b) ~7)lC}
J1634:8I Ba
8 f,JSC 552 (b) (7) (C) .

- ccmaideratioJU .~a-iUrw _tlOUlflag contB11Jing a red background " '11M'tn. 1 "A"CcortiiDgtO .. . .' -:>.. .~' . tile cii8CU88ions on ~=propo8ed - 'CT --::i" " constltutiOil..tJce-maD3 of these recommended changes were con:trisri to theconiJti tutional DOra or agai nRt the . '"" fHCriaU_'.'~-:. ." '-.. aystea..:<. that the new text atilaelts Jba.J188 the .. organizations industries.' . . -._.Ji of a 42 hour York Yee1. :furnished the following1 During the recent debaus that were beld bT the Commission on \1J eOnBtitutional A!fairS Of the :People1..Uona1>_t ot'"&1!Unll.-consideration . 'I--. was discusHatJirougbout of the Socialist and prOfessional Unou. "~ ~.' through' an' electoral .lfV1ufQRtQt8.. '_-~ '\1»"'~" ~. :.re8ultB of the Social Selenee Instttute anti -- the bilipubllel1 tion.c. F Parliament of Yugoslavia" eoncenrlng the MY' Yugos1aY Constinti. . the leaders of Tugoslma". .ccordinif W". ". - .oul4J:'eata .ijf:tiChl of the Tugoslav5ta te from the ~latUre hd«t'&ted~e'iJaepl\Uc to the federated Socialist Republic h Otder"tcfea. expreSBM In the ~ ' .'. ~~_~.ere deemed most important and warranting . " . .'tealiSe 'the riecessitjtOrespon.~. prepator)' . .- the following l'Oints . - ""' :~t~uozrot1.of'the aut. of' the .000 ~ expressed points far-inclUSiOn uuproyeDSnts"or neces8a..1cloptio.k collect! people ccmbi1R1te4to ' .-.~-_~.-. ". Source 833. N ..:. Commission.. constitution _cODlJlltUli.~<:. . - - -'> < ~ :. .. .. . A...goslav c1 tizens OVer the age of c:> ~ 18 are :faailiar riththe contenta of to theee num..hitunotiol18 of theTiCe President of the Republic .00.ei'oue requests for llber.:.~ .. ... tbe COUBb:7.rT "changes..omon:~.' - '". ' c:" (j) (") 8j by tbeTugoslav V aDd. eccm.. --:-'<..J. " ..~~~"..~__.s provided reliable information in the 188t..U:a"re8Ult. . 1rn8 unabl". -.the flags of the yarious ""reptbliC$.." -. ~~_.»-:~-~' - F --~'. ..::-:.'_ .ansiitionaDd autOn01Q' ineim8UtUtiOria1"tenas but net by deviating f'rca the strict interpretation' of state n"OZ1'8.::< ~:~~'f5~t~--:. " '""~'~{1'£ 18 April 1963 TUOOSLAru (11) ~l March 196}. BOrDa.'..'..pproximately six iaillieneitiHnil dlacU8sect the cOnstitution of whichalmost . 1I'hob8.phasise \he 1'uJ1damental }lOll tica1-aocial concepts of the state. ~i1tAted . .' '.of ru. stated that universities.mentioned organizatIons. the re8ul taut formatIon of the ne. . ~ / :..'" -'... to"givecoui«eratlO1l totben ~8 requests .y0':--"'. President eubatsntive giTen to the numerous desires changes. " -. ...". r-(~ .' nearly 8fYI.

an4 P08tOJna. -.y8r froa Ljubljana.-.._----------- ..ticm. 6 Use 552 (b) (7) (C) \.1 § .re no' .~.f. ." . REGRADED UNCrASSfREV» " .te-14726 DOWNGRADE AT S YEAR IN TI-ooee DECLASSIFI 12 YEARS 00 DlR 5200. Authorily M~Jit?fitl!?__~LCi? 3Y CDR USAINSCOtvt F01/PO ~UTH Para 1-60(3 000 5200. ~9ilflb~t.ben of the YugoslaT ConImist Party nor the SooW18t Union. Gorl_1a.. 'I J 1. 1be rumma tor the arrest are not Jmown. ON 15 APR 1999 . . of. 8U1>Jdtte4 \btt ~OUoybtgl whoba8 furnished reliable iAtonsat1on !be TqoalaY pOll" have ~ate4 about 100 persOJ18 1n ~ district.10 36 ~ l_ _ __. laborer8' or~. '. Seaoa.-.. .1P Date ~__~~~~ w__. Tho. 81d placed theta in pr1aoa iulOper and Lj\tbljana.l&. - .8ong tho.lira. -. aM .. Yugoslavia... ~ Jfaroh 196'. -". G . L ~vn CV) 1B 'he put. X.. . --..".. 1L1'T88ted were leaders or ._.dootQr _aM -1aw. . Souroe e". ~)~_cc..r~ti a coameroW .anh t=- S1]sc 552 fbj f7\ fCr.-- .--.. . HAL.

pr~)'dDg relations beveen the no countrie8. it neoes8&17 to re. Yuaoslav 01 tiHD8 40 not uader8tan4 wh7 their 1ead. 11\ TUSOslaY politics.ot1cm. ~8Z"'-. It i. .. atl11 interAa11.b7. I jL ....~:-. 1t . ' With reapeot to present Y\I&Oalav.~ . 1& tact. who bu the follorlmgl proTided reliable infONation !'tM recent Tisi t __de b. 'but mati V8IT 110 ooutNcU. will be iutalle41n the area..1 SOTin 1idli tar. techDio1ana. 8were1 m. !hie rappioochement hae alae produced TariOU8 repereullions !lOt onl7 in T\1808laTia 1mt al80 in the area of Trie8te..~ .1' s:mll farsers.J per801mel aDd.r 1Iar8hal Ti to or Tucoalad& to the SoTiet Uaicm bu aipalec1 a peri04 of i. opeciall...t ailitar./":<:: . furnishe4 So11rM 8:5~.. repetlt10D of the bitter exper1uce. trlend17 relation. . tiietear 1. 1Iotreve1". MalJ¥ yqoslaY citiS.r... of the period 1945 to 1948 eeu YUSOa1aT1a'. ~ JIarch 196'.pU)' the 18p1_n'tationof a poliq of utor0e4 rlgidl\7 with1n tbe COUD.b. " - 37 ) ~£:~~ADED UNCLASSJrIf!1J )N 15 APR 1999 Ni -rose 552 (b) (7) (C) .." com1d881ona.8r8 4.AlbaDianborder...T'~ '"". _ ~. latent.' -- " noosuyu (u) in the past...1fJ . wcmt. 0 '. be1i~ that Soviet ai.8 of the a1 te b. ve:q strong 8JDOD6TnaoalaT8 that there wiU be . to . :ID addition. rill UDtoubtedl7 8i.~.GI1.ified - .. ... an4 JI81'Chaftta tear that this 1nel1nation to tbe Russ1aD orbi t JfJ87pftclude the retutU to power ~ the Soviet alisne<! element. I' C'as.uw"'''w ditficulties. The.'7 Bone&lens the . the return of & pro-:RwsBia force.8 praotica1l7 4amjliAWd b7 loTi.bllc lite W8. with h8a1a but hoptl that their COtmUy will retain i b autoDCIQ"and nntrali V. there have . pu.portH that the TU808lan haTe ftCOI1tq created a reatrlcta4 aU1'W. which i. ItalT because or 1ta proxiai:tT to the pol! tica or Eastern Europe... -.si18.' _.y CDR USAINSCOM F01!PO UTH Para 1-603 DOD 5200.

' """" 't ttfOOSLATU (11) Ia realiV. . YlJJ072 A tJlhori Iy DOWNGRADE AT 3 YEA DEGLAS . -.teriora tlon of tbe YuaoelaT econoscr. !tala reason. according to the current tal1E in YfliOslaTia. J j Classified LC-1(J26 . for flto' a trip to the SoTiet Union Q. ane! with . .a has t'oand ltM1..9trrte1\oinc ecoMtd. Tugo8laT1.tern pCJnn..~o . hu forced !'1 to W tun\ to the BOT!. G.eaktming rapport Tqoshv1a baa experienced ritb the l1Jdte4 State.. However.8 to abeck the pI'OBr'4tss1:" polltica1- eooDOII1o d. 1D &4di ticm to the.10 '-- 38 J [GRADED UNCrASSIFIED j\f 1 5 APR 1999 c rose 552 (b) (7) (C) ( COR USAINSCOMF01!FV JTH Para 1-60~ DOD ~?nn. bT nTcUn4f to the SoYiet Union tor aaterial u8ietanoe. YugoelaTU fII8:3eventual17 have to repq for thisaidwithita indepenclenoe.eak8ft8d iDternal Festige.t Union!w ass1atance..f iaolaW. and other ".. the real eoU..o cri8i. cR 12 YEARS Data DOn DlR 5200.

Source 833. and Poetuaia-i'olmino. Prior to the change. g-usc 552 (b) (7) (CJ\. REGRADED UNCLASSWIED . i'he Republio of Slovenia subdivided into four provinces with LUDjana..6}d XI .. .ogna River. Iaribor. the inhabl tant.657 inhabitants. k. ON 1 5 APR 1999 . The area ill bordered bT the Dra.337 square kilometers 81\d a population of 211. re able to remain in 1fUOTa Gorioa to handle these matters. With the begintng of the Jl8'IJ Tear.lians. a new administrative order was instituted in six republics in Yugoslavia which modified the terr! torial division of these regione." f__ .vel in order to aocoap1ish routine administrative lllatters. nnd Capodistria 8S their capi tals.Bn 39 _n. .: . 3Y CbA USAINSCOM F01jpO.i. Celje. There hAs DHn some discontent voiced recently' among the residents in the new Province ot Capodistr1a because of the dilltance they J101Jhave to tra. ~ 5 use 552 (b) (7) (C} -rTn L. ~s torri toxy includes almost all the land of Venezia-Giul1a ceded to Yugoslavia by the Its. l\UTH Para 1-603 DOD 5200. who bas provided reliable infarflBtion in ~~ ~~ed the following.111 Class:fied LC-14126 TI-0069 Authorily DOWNGRADE AT 3 YEAR INTERVALS DEGLASSiflE ~T. Data nn nUl _"')/'In . YUGOSLAVIA (u) I~ }larch 1963. the Republic of Croatia. Tbe Province of Capodistria has a surface area of 4. .

. furnished the following. JIAL LC-14726 Aulh:::.riJy ~!."-'J) n-006 ~ D~lo -\3 __ JY-\G-'X --1c:? __' um_u___m___ DOWNGRADE AT 3 YEAR INTERVALS DECLASSifiED AFTER 12 YEARS 6 use 552 (b) (7) (C) ODD DlR 5200.hich . Recent~. Source 833. - Classified ~n"'rre. CJR5U~AIfNSJ8~M F01/PO rose 552 (b) (7) {C} JTH Para 1-603 DOD 5200.also be attributed to the recent constitutional o cha.t to the possi'bili the recent failures of certain ty of Iirela Uve policy of' "li'beraliza.tional g measures..1P . to . 163d II Bn .illbe marked by this contrast.. 1t'ho has provided reliable information in the past..W.... . :GRADED UNCrASSfftED .9.JJL. This !() possible reorgaidsa. adm:'.nget> em}'haslzing administrative reforms..ill undou'btedly reaul t in antagonism. YUGOSI.1 I . for Ti to and he plane to retire sometime in May 1963. it is assumed that the future of Yugoslav politics . it is anticipated that the aSBWlption of poyer b7!b-..tion may. Accordi118lT. General of the Yugoslav Communist party (YCP). Although the new constitu. j.hile L_ . -.AVU (u) 13 »arch 196~ On 6 ~h 1963. rumors have been heard concerning the poBsibili~ of ~ Varshal '1'1to' a retirement from his official :pcai ti ons as Head of Govermnent ~ and Secretary ___ these reports.ill mean more"li'berty :for the peopleo In expectation of this chanKe.~DJ.illprobab~ '1'1 :0 retain hisj>oai.-.sJ. According the responsibilities of office are 'becoming too burdensome to t:::.nd the t in a dualisticstructure "government . .10 L--. economic and social structures precludes tion". ti~~ as President of 'the Federated Republics of Yugoslavia -. LId ~ecome President '_d of' the Council and Head of ~ Government and j'1t'ould assume the direetion of the YCP. \ 'w that this .!J~BIld 1--/' ill reaul between the party 8.

These movemen ts support the neeess! ty of a social evolution in TugoalaTia to combat communism and its effect on the popnla tiono 1fhis type of opposition receives justification for existence because of religious 8Otives. Source 634. For this reason. Opposi tion to the present Yugoslav regime ~ be cbaracterized as internal.ybe effect. 'l'hese orgimizations have received their incentive and inspiration from the various extremist movement that existed during the last Yar. fm-nished the folIo-ring. externs. who has provided reU.-{__k3 ~___. spontaneou..e. ~ey arq be regarded as practically inoperative.rch 196. aN 15 APR1999 f6~lO-A~~~4-LjJ!{_~L 3Y COR USAINSCOM F01/PO 1\UTHPara 1-603 DOD 5200..s the traditional syJibol of' the nation.VU (u) 1.. On the other hand.1. or . or because they wish to reinstitute & aonarcby a.. Jia. appear ~o have 8IJy semblance of achieving popular support primarily because they have been remoTed from the historical-sooial si tuaUon of Yugoslavia for almost 20 :rears. DOWNGRADE AT 3 YEMi DEGL~SS!fIE I! 2 YCMn I ~ 163«1II Bn 41 ~L--- ~rUSC 552 (b) (7) {Cj - s use 552 (b) (7) (c) I . External cores of oppOsition to Marshal 'rite exist also and are active in the United Statesand in West Germany.--_____ LC-14726 TI-0066 [:. TUG08LA. and. .. the "Ustascia" in CroatiaJ and the "Bela-Garda" in~Serbia. Of the four.:".1 P Date j~ __M a. there are presently in eD-stence in Yugoslavia organized cores of resistance yhich have definite geogr'aphiC8l delineatiOl:£.. a preoise political philo8op}v" such as the "Zdruzanje" in Slovenia.ble information in the past. On 6 lIarch 196. spontaneous opposition . however.ve1y disregarded since it ensts only in certain levels of the population: and usually derives adherents because of eeonomic dif'ficul ties. C!2ssified REGRADED UNCLASSfFIED . rejecting the status of a church subordinate to the Yugoslav State.s. '1hey~do not.

det'ici t of 50 million 41nari for -.. border guard8 hue rec. 1u Ple. app:rox1tWtely 100 employees of the Kombinat Ietria CompaT\Y.111icm dins. and ooots.f" CI assified LC-14726 TI-ooQ Authorily DOWNGRADE AT 3 YE AlS Data DECLASSI fR 12 YEARS DOD VIR 5200. a Yuaoalav Alpine Battalion i8 pl"eMntlT quartved in the t'OTme1:'Italian milit&17 barracka of tlHt Aquila Alpine Battalion..s... In faSDa.10 ) use 552 (b) (7) (C} 42- 1 '" 16}4 III Bn B U3C552 (b) (7) {Ct . In the __ ci\y.1 - TOOOSL1va (u) 11 March 1963 YU60ala. overcoat. .ri defioit suata1ned bT tbe compllJV'..atuft IndulltrT revealed.ere denounced far eoonomic 8&1>otaB& be8at1N o~ a 150 . the Fafma Food.hi en the director of the ~ was charp4 with economic sabotage. ' 3Y CDR US/~INSCOMFrrrtPo i\UTH Para 1-603 ODD 520( ACGRADED UNerASS1F1~ ON 1 5 APR 1900 .nt17 been obeerved wearlnc new unif'orm..

.ture a&sfgmaent or a larp troop - .'. !'he administration for Nova Gorlca.tad a 'j ..vian Touths -. Celje.- . It. beld meetings:in the principle c1tiesof Yugoslavia with higii ranking ." Ho further information regarding this systea was khowno The administrative districts of Murau Sobota.hohad be~D call ed to active mili tarT duty 'Were discharged after oompleting onl7 two mvntbs of ailitary training" AI though the exar. Iocevje.25 tons (If. Authorily .. who has the fol101dnga provided reliable Yugoslavia is present17 undergoing a serious economic crisis that is manifeb~iLg itself in various industries and government agencies9 Toward the end of December 1962.t reason for this unprecedented action is unknown.i17 in loaves. Xrani. VALS 12 YEARS Date [GRADED UNCLASSIAEr" N 1 5 APR 1999 Y COR USAINSCOM r:01/PO UTHPara 1-603 DDD5200. ~port~approrlmat~~ 150 aetera rOT the possible ~x1 of. 1i. . The aainistrative responsibilitrfor these districts was transferred to Lubiana.In Fiume. . Maribor. I As a further result ot this action.. Ptnj. .- Classified J. isusm that this Bction iridioat8@ the poeBiole presence or 1'u.of 500 B1'P8 each. .A. - in the Flume area. -. !'his cha:Dge bas Cr&8. ri th the capaci V. and Capodistria.perla~~~~~~~t. produce . ahlpbuUting . Marsbal1fito . it is assumed" th2!t this reflects another aspect of the grave economic crisia existing in Yugoslavia" Upon return froa his recent visit t. . 40 administrative employees lost their jobs. furniShed Source 835.- -' ..-.> officers of the Kontra Obvestanje Sluzba (Counter Espionage Service) (ms) in order to discuss the institution of a -No S7steJI. was transferred to Capodistria..-. . t..p f I }O JanUEJ:r1' 1963 YUGOSUYU {u} information ~ On 24 . pre ~ under coaatructiw in the DemLl . .'~.'P . concentration --.Jan'fJS:r7 196. 7&rii-Qt~&BO. . . in the pa5t. . . and Nova Gorica were disbanded for economic motives.. the YUgOslavian govttrnment is constructing an electric eve.e8tock'<~iIDd 8: ar.-~ ~ . Yf1gOsla. .o the Soviet Union. ."y to.orale problem in Nova CoriC8. . '-.-. bread da. because of the dis~ance neceBS8J:. ~. IronTomesto. trav~ in order to execute an adJainis"trati ve tunction. .

"81 statl. :Cw-nshed the followh&l Asigtd!'icant portioB r4 the Jlft.. ON1 5 APR 1999 3Y CQ8 USAINSCOMF01/PO 4UTH Para 1-603 DOD5200..1&a Par1iameJSt 18 January 1962.U.~. 00-14126 VI-00e4 -.t1onal revenues of YugoslaTia U'8 preMat17 expe~ed far the maiatuuoe or a police apparatus larger th81\ those ot Fraace. to be ..OOO diBar. YUGOSLAVIA (IT) Oft 16 Mq 1962 Souroe 8".427 iahabltaata.. LDOW1!Gf1hOE J . Austr1& and 8w! tzerlaw:t t088ther..1 '" .al. the Republic or 51o-reJda.. \be &llcc&UOJi tar the JU.1P. who baa prO"f1ded reliable iJd'omatioa 1Ja the put.oal . baa 1...ccordi11g to the 1962 eel1UClA or the "". .r or Police (state Secretarlat tor Iaterul A:tta1r8) -_tor 1962 of the Republic ot Yugoslavia.~. A. Acoordi!2g to the cOJifidttJltial budget prepa:red by the Executive CoraitWe of the Slovu.) ~ ~~.100.'< 8CGRADEDUNCtASSIFlEJ) " . ~":1. DEG AT 3 I ER _ YEA 16~ 'I-r 12 ){I BattaliOll YEARS l. or _Per-capita expeDt1t\u-e Of' 2. : 1 co OO!} OIR 520DJO ~ use 552 (b) (7) (C) . cme or the achtbiatratift eubdiviei0J\8 o~ the oOW\tq..

. Avard..~ 'beu vo.l I '!: "/..a.thoda and £or ~pa..1a11uq ~ ~ ~1S61~--JaCl .ng vi th _~e ~ lQr over 25 TtW:s.S..' the ttorlturat un10n and tbt ~l~r1a1r ~:~~i~ ~ of the ~(.c or ~ »1at.' " Q. Counon wi. F 1 ~V1A (tI) .\BU TO FOR£lf. VClrba8.Ma par _ four tu.-:~ 45 mUM i(~NnUN(.0 1'ha ~1pal o(f) ape__ . -- -~ :Q' fd l.:'-'. ) vi" ~1c1ant at \he ~1IT m}. .~)~c< ' . '.25 l!arch 1961. . - )II'U:1dent ot the ~kBrit '. ~.a" 14hich iA 1952 had a procbtation otCSt~~1. ...ecIr8ue in produoUon tbeae put ~. ::> !the "De1AmA.rlet People t a ~i~«'. .3l0 aW10n va 4iollars ~1t" .2S2 tona.. L E. ~. 1. VGre preaen\ed to thoae workors \:IhQba.u6 ia a li~~ translatlOil or all undated I~po:rt suhmitte4.~ \w equal to 3Y CDR USAIWS~OM F01/PO 4UTH Para 1-603 000 5200>1P - ..-AJag 8III8D« wbora !here hll0we4 ~ d-. tba" tit 1952. . i'cii18Ula vn.t'¥ o! coutinuad 8UocB8stul.Q L.~ . F~ ~ ~ . waa Jll:ldebr f L 1.' ~". ' (.betvee":1'.' or the Workera.evorku. f..rld. 1()3dMI. tota..U. . In41~.'iDe of 1ob. 1izn8W in tM ~.-. C The tollowi... both ro:l ~t1on .o the parUttpaUon ~9.___~ DATE REGRADED UNCLASSIFIED ON ] 5 APR ffi. . a ". over 200 ~. Y '.1 outpdot atSOJ toDa.r_ .m~~01VJ --. iWaoat . .N LC-14726 £xnn It 0471 BUSC552 (b) (7) (C} BY HI!HOR:JY. RfOUlR£O IfOJ !/.....m. ~ lOth anniven.0 by 3ouroe 3ftA1 102 on 26 June ~ a p On.

" U. - '\~ 0":". the JWW'Co1M1u'1PlCoJiait"tee.ia lJP"ial '""~ were l-. iON 1 5 Af'It 1999 00 DfR 5200. -J./J iO FOREIGN NHlOtWi Uffn . eleoted. ! 3Y CDR USAINSCOM F01!PO SP{Ofd f!MlOtiNG RfOUlitfD l\UTH Para 1-60:3 DOD 5200.!w »1tttrlot Co..b.' Parlr. . the Co~~nis' Le8gl18. ~ . BoDdL ._ 6 use 552 (b) (7) (C) ~y ~fiIHOR:fY om___.: ~ 's ~-~~.:<. ... " (»-1'-6) (7. .-. ReGRADED UNCrASSIFlED 4 f) . L . 'lelitber of the (f) () CeI1tralCoaditM of the aroat.i~.1 P ~01 }.:. meatUg with ~J1ist members f'rom the ex-oor~MUf\1iS of Pod..zaUona W1U the 2.:_ "..~ aDd D1~no. raport ~ttad 0 OJ' Source smA'l 102 W1 26 . )?ra81dil1a at t.aeabsra from 1be OOllimUUtor Albona. !-. CosUttM of .. U1 ..-:. C ../.:( ~ . Yugoslavia. DOWNGRADED AT 3 YEAR DECLASSIF .. . nm o . iWI\~~.{.". -~ ..areW1&t.1an ~i. :: '_ -:.sM.~-l .. . .. ..ea V64 giyg 1VL nan~ 01: tho ~JmJ. . y to«ethor at a..1urw 1961' P 'lba. - - o - " ~ Q \ -..10 -.600 ~unists ~. { t..DRittee a. nw apuech 41&oU8&Wg ihQ' CO~~Jrl flU' Dell ~ I\) aei1Titi. !Lhi8 ooumitte6 will guide the p0li- tical activi1o.y of the 12} party organi. 1 F J L E C The follo~ 18 a 11 texal kwwla~ion of an undated. r' '-."'.

~~ .- ~- DEClAS r AFTER 12 YEARS !pmA! HANDwtG I!fOUIIUD DOD DlR 5200. seoreta:rr of the organiaat1on. UCEPT .) OtlX'of tM 1U:oouUv@0muw11 ~ the. Y (..y held in the t ~t!) ( ~ or pLdno.__ s use 552 (b) (7) (C) i - - . literal translation 0': an U11daied report 6u1m1itted 0-- 'b7 Source 3h~AF 702 on 26 June 1961 J (.r ([~. .~"i.pr1ttcipal speech at ti118 aeoti11g W3S giYtm b... . ~l .. . ... Corn. and 'i! ~etaxy of the District C<nd ttec of the Pols... with tM partioipation ot '>-. c-" ~ '.wrl.f I 1 I co F 1 27 June 1961 L ttJGOOTd. <.' NOT RUfASABtf TO FORflGN tWIONJI.'_ :k~ ON 1 5 APR 1999 . The t'olloving is 8. YugoalnYia.. -~ .'i:~. p C A special conference otthe Cottmnist ~e was reoentl.. --- 'i[GRAOEDUNCrASSIFlED .mniatLeagne.c£1 3Y COR USAINSCOM F01!PO.:~fli> .at te~._ . ..':>.). .' '\UTI-!Para 1-603 OOD 5200>1P>-z?~?/ ..-- IY AIJTHORHY.'.. Croatian Comr._ Dm _. -~.. (u) E C __ r:::.. 'Tho. D -. (.:-.. .Vu..10 '.

I F 27 JUllD 116l I ..10 L. or ubatq.".. HI 'J. li.'.bQr in- - .>H t TO FOREIGN NUiOtUlJ .. f'ac1DB the ~ and hotel' le. .. L E (J:j C' C.~l::tU<>n of IU1 1...~ -.". .." -. :._____..:-. . .- - ' -.U'&'.----~. p m reoontJ-.. .::.-. '.. I FILE .aDdtc>ur1at Mione . to~~ vero the pnbl_ . .b1 6usc 552 (b) (7) (0) 1 . DOD DIR..~ " Y g' _ """"" YUts-oDl3Ylabor unions DUOWIae4 union fields in commoroe.The14 Present in the. the 11$VUnrie~ ~t\~~~1dve t~ the ~lhote1.'Wall. aoUntj-' Wh agreed upon tor iM' ~ . ()~h~~.renoo of th. ! ' . . at the meeting fm4 in th. COS11ttee.ted report '<n' suhdtted 0 8 The 5th annual cont.'8&~ at th1e confarenc$ ballot vas. literal tra."~' .' "" (»-N) ' " . DAfTER 12 YEARS EIHPI IT ~U1HORm ~___ DUf__. ~ ~tU.'-MW .$I~'~:i.:. .'" -.-. :national NKlabroad.._. ..:::::! o --- ~s. NOT' t. 5200..--:: --:-". . Arter a eerie. ~ thl1 ~~~.~t!NG REOUInD ' lS . . ..~ J 48 .-:. ~ ~ . . ._ ~_Y1ce pr$81dent'et.-t 16}d.:: . 1t1J~ . !rhe f'ollo»:1ng by Bourct! Sh'"T13 702 on 26 Ju:ae 1%1' 152. .e District lAbor 1Jnions Comdtu.__um..__.

. : .oontti'8l\M v1." " ... .. :. . ..10 - :"01 RHHSLBlt 10 FOREIGN NAHONt: EXCEPl . "--..~t.. .:.:..... - ..tee of the 0r0a'Usa C~8t . .~ or the. .aU panic1paUoa or 70Utb 1a FOt.... :. . .. of the CenUa.e.-.oi~:. j. . ' .:. ~dW1t el the QroaUala CG-w-.ncta\ed. auWtWdp by Source ~ 702 on 26 JuJ¥II~961.. . .-~. ..0111WN. . - . . . ..'.- )\ftfint .'<'/ .iUM :::: L. ...i. Y ~ QroatiQ ~.'). . . -" . ~ . f... .-':' ' /".aott- (f) :~ YiV or ~... u.-' >. . -. .it.::. . th8 ~ plM am ~..tit-1a\trGr __ the fb. .ll also ATAmina aad.Tt. .. . r::" o:oened ita eonte:rQea JA~." ~" . - ... -. '--.:' .)' I '" 1 F J L E- IUGOBUVIA (U) C . 'iC '. . :~ . . ~- ffi (.eeuv8n ..<. ''. 6-..' ". DOWNGRADED' AT 3 YEAR f J 49 DECLASSIFIED R 12 YEARS mClu HANOllti& RfOUlR£D DlR 5200.C .-! ~ -'-.1. -'- ....ta lou\B ~UAUon..". . ~. LeasH. .. .. _.l COaI:d. . . .-. . !I. '." ....- . 41&eu.ORm__~ 6 use 552 (b) (7) (C) L l~ _ 1634 HI . . '.lL.0 The tolloving 18 a 11kral 'irawela'tion oL a hpo...atral Ck8dttee ~J1T.~"".:' ..~~\ tutraoUon... . ......~ ~ 70Uth orpql~'i&M tor ihe.~. . .. ... -~ '.ee of tM People'. -' \~ . . ( 7-6) ~. .. . ~ . rou~ 0:rpD1. .tear.-". ":.-~ "---""_..C . ~ -. ...~ .l acUritT . - ." .. ~ Ai \M "plMW1'¥ eonlera. :' -". :. .".Oentnl Qomsd. .. . - C\J UU011. "... . .. .. ~." .e .c...fae!lber o£ tUCenUal eo._~ RY ~Uip.~ ~:...-. '.._ a I .-..Bl1 ._~~"..) ~-J ~ manr0 nw p1enaq C)Onr~ vUl w ~ pro»'" relative ... ..

> >.10 . > . lL- --- . 1!elesation .111 stay in Austria for a week... lea4ers of Austria. 'UJ <") A delegation hoa the Central Council of Yugo81aY l&bor t1n10D8 arrlT8i_ ~ro... ."/ '<Co"» > I > .. June 1961. i~. t:1- The ~oUO'lril1tt .> 5erajcio.1. >- > .. the delegation 1IB8 . reoentl7 in Vienna.Austrian labor Ottio1al8 anct CT the_'YusoalllY ~aado:r to AWiJtria.1 P I .> - Dpon arrival in Vietma..y. . 'th8 _apt1oJt wu lee! > . (tJ-J'-6) () ~---' ':)N I 5 APR 1999 3Y CDR USAINSCOM F01/PO fl.. . 16}4 JII :an S use 552 (b) (7) (C) DAfTER 12 YEARS OOD DIR 5200.. a 11 toral tranelaUon of 81'1undated report Ybioh '8NI eabm1tte4 b7 Souree srtAP 702 0J1. 1). . aDd workers' institutions and meeting with labor . lYo. i~trl&. viai t~ 1'aotorl. > 1£-147- It 040J 50 L 1..UTH Para 1-603 OOD 52QO.. C .

. t.i_ ..ot'. co J J. wU1 apm4 he» veek8 111Yqoalaria all guats ot ~ Ccm-tral CoW'unl of 1Qao8l&Y labo. am. ~--a13d.\1oa vas r... -. - ...~'(~18 .~ CT 1.. :::: ::::! "'- .1\. .\ ~. .. - ..the ~.~tral Borie'JrUuq at ~.711. IJOWNGRADEO AT 3 .Ce1moil or Sc7de'.r uJ\ione. .. a1rporl at Z"H)t \he Soviet 4elap..n 51 S use 552 (b) (7) (C) ... ~aea_UY".o.Jaa u a U'kral tnnalaUoa ~ IS report 8111a1tte4 1fT ~ ~v / 5ftUt 702 on 26 )Jq 1961 J . 1'uMrlarla. heMe6 br the aeer8taq.- :... A del. .YUi.n c1elepUeavW..tn4 1\Y ihe. . ... . ~i.. -. laber ~ni~ ~N-7 arrived boa Ruea 1& 1n ~. aq cd tn.'i~- '. ~ tift MR~rs o£ the 4el~n.:". et . 1/ 5he folltM. V .. 11II4. GOOperail. HaO~ . AlS .-. L-.~-'. 111 ~ iL. .ptioa troa ... ..- the .otodea ADd tom 00un0ll.

the arw. aember ot the COW1Oi1 or I." The !oUew1J2.lop88%1t of CapodJ.- I r t -.ill further the c!n-. repori ".tins Y&8 to cU.bor UnioD8 of the Bepublio ~ &0 of SlO'f8n1a "ook pLrl in the aeeting.". ...~ _ J.< -\~~: DOWNGRADED AT 3 YEAR AFTEfJ 12 YEARS D(jD DIR 52DO.laYia.-- '.':.... took rart 1n . ".CUB.- -'""" ? -... eoonoaio poll01...) poli01..... 'I'b8 plU"potI8 o! tb8 . ~ . '..triot COWIOil of Labor VniOI18 or CapoU.<.eel 24 May 1..01. for -8. 5usc 552 (b) (7) (C) ~[GRADED UNCL~SSIFIED IN 15 APR TQ. .-".. which was auba1Ued b1 Sourc8 SRTU' 702 8ft f6 . ~pr88entat11''' lrea }O ooapani. '~.. polntM out Uat the new 8OolWlllio (. the prnidenu &I1d.1 P .1O Le-LfTt6 Ii~ 52 .g18 a 11ten1 tran8lat1oa of ..tr1a..Uae: or o--..etria aDCt Jll"01'8 tbe value of the CI) 8001&118t regiM. 1961. Yqo. . (J-J'-') =:> 1(1) . of the o~~1 OOI81t\eN aD4 othv Uec preMQ\ JQb110 G: offlcia18.UTH Para 1-60~ DOD 5200.. .qg 3Y CDR USA!NSCOM F01/PO tJ.ecretari. the Di. .

.2:~ (13-1'-6) "::::i - 53 REGRAOBJ UNCL:ASSlffEP ON 1 5 APR 1999 3Y CDR USAINSCOMFOllPO i\UTHPara 1-603000 5200.. technical ancllmiustr1al capaciUee <S.. 1961 f YUGOSLAVIA (n) .nt at the signing of the 86Nemant W8ft b-. The following is a U teml translation of a report 4&te4 24 Ye.?X: ) ~D.~.' Uni tad. ~~':'+~i.. two oountrlea to 1nore tbe eoonma1o.. Arab.een ~.L J f . The e. Pre..BepubUc..':. of the 81sn1n6 countrie8 and 1mproveant of trad. !.. _. a\ ~.. wMob ..:rAF 702 on 26 ~ 19611 An agr8ament tor 8conouio cooperation betwHD Yugeeu:va and tM Unite4 Arab Republio 1fa8 8igned ill Cairo on 22 ~ 1961.UAJ{' i ~. bet1reeD-thea.eter ~.. ... '.~tIA~l 26.~i+'. rne oo=aittee will work tor OOO~tlo11 bet.grecaent defined the duties of the co_d:ttM and call" for at 1868i one meeting per year.~ J " to%' the Southemllf-81cm.... L_ mR Boono:rdo nrd. The 00lll1lit tee was torae4 followinE a decision ~~de b1 Tlto and Nasser during their meeting of June 1960.~':?.. or Npr8.. aubmttted 'b7 Source s.1P . C . 'both eountr1. g (f) L Jr~ [:.eenta t1 vee fro. en4 of a meeUna of a oOJllDitt.11$ iiYueOiIa'T of I~ AmbasUdOr to~~ anA {L-.y 1961..

L ~ Prelddent of the tLrtisan orE.n studied and approved b70f)ft\!YI\1ne...1 replao«Hl tlu:riJIg tHOoa11'aB .'. that'larpimbueDb (. 'l'hGs8 preiHtnt at the -. ".1reot02"8 of "the ).:"~f8 . stating tbat ~ HOnomo future of the ~!t1Z1UD8depend8 on . '. ...' ~. Yugoslavia.1P ."Odooo~ - :0- &l tlon bet.L -.!"".0%7 ~ ..".loffloia18.eo !TJsc 552 (b) (7) (C) .. and )jotOJ' )'801. during tu __tlng.tul. L ecoUOido progress.lJtost Oth9ra \irKed that tbe 011 ret1ner.r. -" '\U'fH P~NJ r-soo DOD5200. tho oll ref1nerr. .n the forpodo the large 001<panies of the area..-_~' ~ ..) . submitted b7 Source SETAF 102 01126 1iay 19611 The "Five-YMr" plan tor the COJDnlne of Zamet (rdj9D).IN 1 5APR 1999 . a literal tranelnUon of a report dated 24 Jl1q 1961~f/ .ting . Faotor..' _~ L .mtlE'.anization. there were speech" by the d.torpedo Yotor Q.er4t ~ of the Cpin1011 that the an plan will be :froa ~.. TW-14126 R o. the Cietoca CO. YtJCOSLlVU (U) .f ~ follwing 1. U) five lean.~.~: ..t3pcinyand other o~unal leaden. . baa b.:'" 3Y CDR USlilNSCOMF01lPO .:u.-:. -.. 'J(QAADED UNOO\S$IFI~Lk0'i. (B-74) ~ ..uch oocperatlon. . During the JHe1. - t:. . urt. ~ consider the plan.a Ja Bn __ r--~ -- !:. 16.. which .1ng to .'~~'k~1 -_~~'of -.Y oOJaplote1. -: . to ~ fJuoo.ill be nee4eC'to enau..

"00 baa turniehoo reliable intorm- tion in the put. r:::: ~ and 20th Ann1:ve11!&ry of the lTprising or tho Yugoslav People !$st1vi ties. . ~.her of the 1ttternal CoBll18d.n L. . .tted the rol1ori.jubljana OA ~ Apnl 196f. n '. -. ~ 5BTAF 702. . .3Y COR USAINSCOM F01/PO l\UTH Para 1-603 ODD !.f . The CoDfedimU Chamber or Ls«>r (~ conr~.on ot~1f ~ ~ or !u. del Lavoxo)(CCcIL) o~ tUrin.?on 1 P . LC-14126 HQ-22 55 REG~1D~WJ~SSlnEf) ON . ?he delegation. the Yugoslav tftoor Union AB80ciation. ~ r (u) 1 Kq 1961 fab On 26 April 19()1.{ Provincial 5ecretar. ~ or the Il1terDa1CoHiniOD or the Olivetti. 1tt 1'ftpOn8e to an 1nri tation !rom the Ljubljana Distriot Counc!l Dr 0-. -~~ OOlap08ed of ~.111 send their del&gaUon to the ~ . 1dU arrive at 1. I~'. -- :a -. FIOl.Dg which 18 an edi ted translation ot the orlsinal Xtalian 1~]nge 'Yersion.. and exper!encee 91 tb th4 Yugo81av labor union leaders. Factory ~ at IYre&1 tm4 : L ._In U) participaUng addition to in the feeUrl ties.. they 11111 d1eou8f1 1\1I081&v workers' problems ::>. n' .

~ In the federation therea. there was 4 constituents assembly of the 16bor Unions Federat1Qn. LC.~ ~}.:.d During the assembly. . work€):'S who aren t t members of the unions.f:re . 3Y COR USAINSCOM F01!PO I\UTH Para 1-603 ODD 5200. exoluding the seasonal workers.federation is the acceptance into the unions\pf workers who n~ be~ong to oommeroial and ool!lllJUna.bly was organized by fftemporary oommi ttee named especially to pre~ ': for the asse~bl. 2' The s. vlce-pres~d.e~ of the district Cooperative Union.. in Pola.~C~ &:. There were 60 dele£Rtes presnt.' f ~ ~fl {..worke1'8 belong to the unions. Only 71. ~L.ay 1960. There are branches of the unions in all coo:pera ti vas except some new ones and 88 soan as pOs~dble conferences yill be held to organize unions In the new cooperatives. and presiden't '.l unions. t:.~!h ~f. foOd indu8tri~and tobacco workers.b~~V-M~ c:.reported tbat ~~era are about 6. Anoth~ problem facing the .=:..-14726 L -.~ Meeting Hall. Among the g\. . ~~. "'\ ' (:B-F-6) '". 1thich was submitted by Source SETH 702 on 11 June 1960s ~.000 workers. The main problelD of the unions in to enroll . I} June 1960 (u) Tbe -I'olltnring 18 a 11 taral translation of a report dated 6 J~e 1960. .member of the Republican Comi ttee of the unions.~ ~~ On 20 ¥. Use 552 (b) (7) {C] REGRADED UNC LASSIFIED j aN l1 5 APR ~9 . -divided in 70 economic organizations and agenoies." of the~~ ..1 P .re agrioultural.ssel>. Yugoslavia.r. 1 1. at the Distriot People's Comclttee ~~. .ft!> of the.

aai:ori ..1a 510Tea delesa tefnm 0 CaJ*diet. ..8 a dlsCU8sed.a 1>yS~e SETAF 702 on 19 1iay 1960. Committe.1IlCa:po- fgti.'. .g: "~ a apticJh! '-'hepd.. ere wen ohanged... InD.1>JM"li..yU _4 that the goY. ~1-. . that troll 1945 to 1959. how".. C\J 011 the 10 LO sUb J. poiaW ~t that the Italian8 ars allo.tfio~ Membe" ot the hople'..~ 1a rep1'8sented in all sect-. ltal1 a114Y~. aooording t£f' ... ettM1Qabl Y~l.~.. literal traul.ere 8uppresIJecl al}4 the YI1"'8lav author1tl.~ pmi ~ . gaTe a report o(/) 'The Italian group. the 1m~:\'t- o ' - ' (f).l ~] ala. looal oommi.tfi~'J betue. . speak .-. of &B uaclated report from a <5 eub-swroe -. &coo1"dlng to } courts and even in the left 1fhe. degre. Croat Italt. Allianoe. o-. Yup81aT authori ties haV& kept Italian .ria.coUDcils.t ~no. ths b~rd- - ~ It is w.\ere has bee. ty 18 Jmf supported to .l_ . i.ot tr-.)!'.r in YU€08lavia W.tioD.i1n" aoUY1V :wen .d to.08111'. "~Q h.... .tna baye to 1moY 1aUp" also called attent1&1t t. the ri tuatien of the Iulian min. the pelloy oha~t The E sent f6r the YugoslaY minoritTU Italara terr1tory.. order t.. ineure like ~~:reat. eyen inpubUo ..l1 kno1tD. \~ ore of the National gov~nt . a Catholio prie8t~r ~" g11ve .rit. E During the V C0Df. ~ I:ta1~. soh.8s1en'fr.lavia" _ At the 8&Ile OOr&greSB. :Beoat188 moat of the Italian teao.. the sohool pnbl." 8: . the Italiaa .180 Mi4 "bat "he Catholic prieata who e~:1. ohange them .1"e88 of th8 YU89Blav Sooialief.<" and :UOV8U SOhHl8t Thb.Assembly.. Wed t. The fel1erlng 18 . . whichwas subl!d tt.17U :Belgrade.rumen' Mutt 'Vi_late ~~atholl0 "':::i '--'" 1ah~> He . . difficult te 8olTS. that there 18 Jl... 1n 1959.'"Fillh .C91u. . but the soheele going.. held r..~t re"net '.

I ~ ' Q fOfL-_ use 552 (b) (7) (C) . 0 01 OJ f\. the mes o£ the 163d HI :an. >..1P . . llell TOTk.3 :::> .Si MI":an 60 1 AL . .> . revealed'the :foUowbg information.REGRADED UNCrASSlrlED 8N 1 5 APR 1999 3Y COR USAINSCOM F01!PO l\UTH Para 1-603 DOD5200.- n g i i I I J ' '. . ~ c On 6 June 1960. yero checked and.APO 168..1 j . York..a ./ / o--.14562 ilatedtl Aug\uJ\ 1958. . ' LO_J The :file.~veal no additional pertinent infonaaUon eoncel'Ding L--- t!) ~ Who is most reoenU7 !:i8ntionec1 in ro. .16. USASETAF. en _ F::" -}lev . -- '& g The f11gB reveal no r&COrd of any of' the other anove ment1<med in4U:rlduals...

_ _99 arrested while helping sorne people.e border. - i f-)~ YUGOSLAVIA (~trERAL DIFOIDUTIQN) (tJ) -- t:.3Y COR USAINSCOM F01/PO t\UTH Para 1-603 DOD 5200>1P . vho ::> turned out to be UDBA agents. Yugo- -- -. cress tb. The Yugoslav politioal police ested at Bu1e.c 552 (b) (7) (C) ~~G~~~NM~SSIFlED . J. _ !Mn Jtl\ntltni:. l-. iZThe Crvine3viesde is an organiziltion slav expatriates who OPUCAe the TitQ regime. a aub-source which ~as Bubm1tt~ by Source SETAF 702 on 21 April 1960.:eI!lberahip of Y~1gQ- :fees amount to o (/) 30.. 1 s. \ ) is Oi-ecuaed of aiding '\'\1 Yu€. (B-F-6) 'rt> r I i -~ use 552 LC-14726 t-.~ country tg ~vi~~~ Prirarose8).oslav citizens to :rle~ the and of being a nember of the 9!"Yil!. slavia.000 d1:naI'8.

'..ue~ 26 _.. 01 01 l'> LC-14726 6 use 552 (b) (7) (C) . . docked in Trieste.1 ~ .. i. .{s. r~ board were tbefollQw- ing I'1dcneslan students who.b::i% in S ransl 1. . in DjakartaJ (") . a Yugoslav boat. . in ~ .Jere on thelrway to Zagabria to study in various college!! of the U!liver- s~ty of Zagabna: J~ . passport c(f) ~ . en 29 ])eoember 19~9. -- J m l ~ ~~ ki8$ued. on its wa. Ui...f froll S1~por8 to Yugoslavia. " Lovoen" . . iat e.\ ~r paseport rn c: (f) ("") ..ued on 21 December 1959. . born . 01 0) ~~: is.!l!n1nist Party. ~ i0J: --o tcr W I ~- (.. port L -. N ~L /~~ t "" >-- ~:: - _ b8%'n (.="'. - 'l'he folHn'dng is a literal translation of a report from a 8UO- source tl~t ~&3 submitted by Souroe SETAF702 on 27 April 19601 On 25 April 1960. sponsored by the Indonesian COP. (f) <i:.Ujakarta.

1 16}4. :. ~od the ~ Womaticat . Bew York...'.<:::.'::"~1~?f.'.. J.~.. ~ .)N 1 ~APR 1999 3Y CDR USAINSCOM F01/PO !\UTH Para 1-603 OOD520D.i-. On11 "1U¥1960. .:~. IT . cf~:: t~~?i~~}<~~- f '~ ~~~:~~~-" ~. ibe IDea ~ no 1"eOOr4 f4 Arr1'of tho ~ mtmti<Cd 1n41Yi~. .. . B use 552 (b) (7) (OJ' I 63 toll.»:'"x>:~:C~~~>:(~~~:~-.KI " nu .Y. .c. APO168. . lt4w York. .'. . .1P . --~~-. ~.' . check of tM tUH of tho 16" m: Ba.}- tI I . RAOED UNCI~SSIFfED .~-::~~~. . .

they a1'8l.c:8mlgrant the -. (:8-1'-6) -..- ~ __"ace_ed . ". ' _ _r . 8Upposed to haTe made 17. t. :: \ \:): Italy. .iT.1dTtg 14.l1-f. ~. .' iI-a. yere carried on C _~ 3: . oth. of which he 1814 Bishop l: t.()~non c..00~1'roa.OOO4inara..w/ :lne .. aocused of contraband aotivities () \ . thatj<u qa ~ of the contraband activity and that he."_. Ii\) :::g ~alsbw:'g t. are on trial in the Distr1ci.~ot Skopje.1th foreign with whiob ther boueht . --0 \. .Tj -. ~~~~ N J l.~ . aake plana for -tAkf.508. acoused ot lI1ee10111& . BishOp.g the pods toYugoala"Y1a and selling . . Then. in 1958 in Romeand . -- -0 -~ 6 use J:) 552 (b) (7) (C) 1£-14126 {~bJ {7) ((:.?no 1n ._ durlng-'-thi.rehandlse eur:rency abroad. !j beneen Yugoslavia and Itali. through a vat cOlltra"ban eystea. _ Alao inTol.Zagabria.the goodawere 801d in YUEOslaTia.OOO." . . i !::::-. an emlSr'ant to 'rleste. . and a German merchant. .J. . ~ no\hugab6utlt. . 1\:) . "3" :() '-~ .. B: I Yugoal6ia.1e ale8 :: accused of ma. (~:.&00 0 rding t..~jevo. aocording to the accusation.~ l~ "'& The contraband aotiTit1ee.The \(j Biahop. .:G1tbe 31 million 4inara affair is a Yoman... !r-- . ___~ prelate of ..i ana . fro. are &D.I trom. pro'rielonary release. .'-~trial ~ bearing.Lprlest L .OOO.-.l.} ~ Cf) L r 163rd lIT :Bn => 51 ~Y~\2-~= rn ~J REGRADED UNCrASSIFIH"' ON 1 5 APR 1999 3Y COR USAtNSCOM F01/PO 4.'QJ & 8UD-8ource Ybieh YaS 8ubmitted by Source SETAF 102 em 2' April 1960.. (D 1s cQ~~ered a war criminal in Tugo. c: I .lav1a.OOO4inara on hi8 own ~ thel>$rl04. of furnishing <e- {CIS <oY't6e otheh 1f. to &0 C usation.thi8 aCt...1Lthe . . The folloYing 18 & U teral translation of an undated report from ..wbo 18 out OIl. h Iunich.them. (J) i Some Yugoslav Catholic prieste.- . ~ i~ 1Tit7. ~- .Q .~ l i. 1956 to 1959.:~.UTH P::1r.~__ and the Bishop ot ShjJe.

udZation8 c as yell Rathe politioal-ideologioalimproye. . ' A secondary sohool for the Yugoslavian Communist }.'- it se81B8 that everything was planned ahead of }time because t . ' From new8 oirculating in t F1ume~one . job uilder the ltinistry of Internal Affairs . 1I8nioreooiiOmic. REPORT OF FINDINGS L The :f'ol101Jing is a literal translation of a report dated 10 January 1960" whiobwas 8ubmi tted by Source SP 102 on 18 January 1960.n nationality.ROv1gno d'Istria. a third o:f whom are o£ 1~J4a. .o0!WerniDg the Italian ..OOJP ( ('." rated at.: {:B-]\'.na otiler'org. Appointed to the . ON 1 5'" APR1g99 ~ 3Y COR USAINSCOM F01!PO t\UTHPara 1-60:3 000 52. about _hat happened in the ' J'iume District Committee conoerning . was director of' the PolltiCal ~ POla. TherG are no sections. one in the Croatian ltmBuage and one in ItBH9-Yb' The are 45 enrolled.inst him wera hia mostt:- staunoh8UPporters__ was removed froID his position as presid~nt alter being accused oft'aDcism 1-.for C. Yugoslavia. / . REGRADED UNCtASSIFTED~ . . minority. ' post waaa cert~i'nf J who unti1~ February 1959.~cu1tura1 and industrial sectors o£ the region..i .o. 'A center for the iIIar.mnnmist League. SIGNATURE OF SPECIAL AGENT L- .-Oatia..~d~' to Fiume with another. " / AGENT REPORT ~~ '" :'~~.arty was inaugu. NAWE Or SUBJECT OR TITLE OF INCIDENT y- (u) p ~.6} " . Mt€x that he 1'1astraDB:fe.~ \. It . ones "~ere ag8. SR :180-320-10 1..rlst group has been established at Titograd. \\ 6. ' .ill provids'1'or thepolitiool education of th8 leaders o£ the Co.

>? ..It. . began operations on 28 December 1959.8~tute8~d ritO%'T_ ~ centers.~ot. . As 1s 1'e.I .. Commission. '. with the the 1'irst JlUclear reactor..1ut.IJ.. is 81 tua. in ad.c::'. ~ -:t SIcn. . :y:~. ~~ . r~TIAL.@J: . developed collaboration oftha Iht881ans. .!.." " . . reported b7 a sub-eource....J .~ . .::' " RCGRADED UNCLASSIFIEQ:<".. '. .titriaa....-< the St8:ra-Planina aoun'tai. Be~ed...: . oipe. ~~~523 4 1 AGL (1)'1_~j~¥-59268 ~. approxi. ."c l~Im~~~~:~::.'c1JtJ.'~ with twotechnolofP:ca1~ that. mately 12 kilometers f'rom Belgrade.f~N 4.")['.'_18~tu1 ~or 1D.n Serbia.:~.~~~~:~.{"..'u~~a.. theco~C)J1 . '-"(~ :':'.-. in inoonJUDOtion di800Y8r1JJg reoent17. \i {0\ \ V} 6 ~\u:~:~a5::o::~7:~~. "..... -i'-.-?:..1rq well-Jmown.'.'...~\". .r 5~ TYPED NA~E AND ORG~NIZATIONOF SPECI~l AGENT 6. .~ .'...~~j.ernment and a delegation from the Soviet Union. REPORT Of FINDINGS The 1'olloviDg inf'ormation. '. " .A AGENT REPORT (SR 380-320-10) 1.. Loca'ted in Vinca.< 0J'.! I..rg.~' .:. empbaa1Md the olos8colhboration with the Russlan scientists. '.". . .-..''--. ~.~ oo11ab~n'''' A.Jing on their work at the three prirt. . DATE SUB~ITTED 22 J. .-: :?i:..nev .. .t - 16}rd XI Bath110n --.-.ij:..been di.~' t:. ih\ .~~~~:~~i:..-. -"Y:.d1tlon to Marshal T! to.~ ...Xb\hJ. NA~E OF SUBJECT OR TITLEOF INCIDENT 2..'~1'~{i~.T Dllc1ear research .:.-'-'.<.1 15 APR' 1999 . ~ o AI. -~8aloD. there 18 an enstiI\g agreement between the T1J8O- slaw and the Russians :for the col'lduot of nuclear research caJ'ld for the peace:rul usaa at atomio 8DergT.\:"3rc.l Tugosla..r7 1%<)1 At the IDatltute 01' At01ldo !byei08./.u1. Marshal If! t~ openlT referred to the ~llabOrat1on with the liusa1811Bt and.' . At the in- augural eereJllOl\Y.~-~~~~.rr.' .~-~. IJIFORMATI01l) }. Dur1JJg the ceremonies.:f-X .' &UC1:theD1NCtorof theVinoa Inrii\ne.oreover.-~.nUS. the Vice-President or the YU8081aT Council. CONTROL SYMBOL DR ..rJ.ecrete:q" of' the State Atomi~ E.~':.. .. . S I~r OF ~P"""I q".~!2.!he s. the necessa:q a1neral 8J1d important resources depos1tsof'l11"I:mi~S in the natl~~~ had .'. there were ~8ent leadiDg officials of the YugoslaT go.. jy CDR US/-\!NSCO~A FOI/PO. soon to be worked.:s. - .~: <. Dr~L .. . vas submitted bY' Source SF 102 on 22 J&..~~.') . One of these.ct.Nil' . :/\ _ vbo i8 also 'the President of the state Atomic Energr CODDis.. YUGOSUVIA (U) (GEJOOW.". I § announce4 '.. '.. .!J'if n~(''i ..?...ccwerec1 1.'-. that more tha11600 students are ca.~~ !D. YU80s1arla.:_14ig~11~t'i~.

--.. -.'.. ...--- Q 4UTH Para 1-603 DOD 5200.1..cOltiJlOn. ~..:::.Y~.lean... ~itu.~~ F~. ~:'" .... acceptance or f ' as ~or... ..use 5$2.. ."c . -~ z. t.f of tQe B~tiona1C~UonotH7dro~~1 6i~ ()' {j)! i. . .s.ctualq-olook sum cmtrtuN8 to Yugoslavia.&y&O~1Jt.coab-o~~J.: .<~t' .II1i4. "~ ~. ~::r.L '.Oftr \he I~ iU1ldneritj.'.tQ p$Uca\lOn otthe. ~t ro U~. 02'~1}~...-'Vi b)r.r. 5. . ..1 P '. 'nALo-YtJGOOL. ~ .. "C.7 - It is 81JIPtOWLt1c that &lIthe deallnga and dis0u8sions for tbe~. . .:Nee-' .Jca~l~.a1'Id'bukabb1. . all means to poatpoJie 1L ~ not a... - .\k~ 0x1 8 1>ecemb6r 1959 Source 2000 subll1 tted the folloring informatloJU -- C object 01.!y:~~.11!..i1l11iYiztsb1-r. ~r"'H ~. ~?'. f>t tMT\J&08J.~~~1oa'.'l'~""""t. ."r}> ~ 'W1& $~.~etIBJorlV Of wM.~~~~i= .. . ~o '88%'V1t t... -'t: ~ I(/lEY} " ..w. to loss worl'4 uut.. ~~.(I.t.. 'to . I. !k\ lIIOt:h..~ " .: ~ .u...fito has ~ JiOreo.. ~ 71:wJ -. '.~" .ii:o . -."_ .8tq (") .j \. D trod '.kDcrd4t4~ol.and~_tia). the Chi.. .:c:~} to ~ his fi»aneial mnipalationa o~=)~ which. . DUtsel:t ~ae'VeraJ.-~....:.::> ...... '~3i / .~..~... I\. ON 15.J) ~ that'..~ ~ or persODalln~r&sttoPn8identlC..l~tance tbie plq . -- . .) . C conduoi.- conoess1cms. -.tin Jlinister 1n the Segni ~1.. . ~:.. . '.' conve!"ss.}17.). . ..eot an ~"Mi..D --._ upon the ForeigA) (~~t' '. ~-.aiDed .e~. .t. ." . . lQ. ~hi. .''1\"'. an4 the diNonti*. ~t1~!. /.(f~~'. .en _j)~~ tito. '-J. . ~t1.ZOne (inl&n4'~~~i. If. . to the relaumtioliof ~rom ions with YugNlavi&._.. .e. cart. ' Q . Xoseow'. ~.t:'1.i~o:f .~~:.~lat!~~. He is DOt c~ or the.=.' ". --/ - . '..... . a condition imposed 'b7L ~.\' ll~/I--£.~'.. -.~ REGRADED UNCL'ASSlnE[I'. ! . g '@~. .- to~ ~~.~ the 1ft ia .. 67 {.:if)~~~ .de CGDO. -- ' fi! " -- '" fte'i_u_ C~J)1athri{(JI.. OJ C~N(:~. . intenmtioMl. ~.t ~ .) fll~~ III ~ ~ ..:~'" ..')q" "~ been. ~i')'l"t-thU.. behind ~. to I~.i. the President ot the Republ_i~j u . 'I '\ .tria .. .pproachwmt IWoq 8O:far hN.12 hDe 1945ha4 o.{~)£t'/'~\:. in~1J~C .. i. APR 1999 " 3Y CDR USAINSCOfvt F01/P() . 8incerit. . ' =.~.'Jd. .~tIt>_&Vo-J1~'~~~:fg.::.0 ~ and f:r1eM." . ..\.j.of' a~tpiri .lJ . _t.. ! \ ." verr 11ttl~ .~.<.r::'r~81~~¥~.D . for hi..«8 . POLMCAL ULm:05S 14_~19S1~.~.~~.r or Yugoslav President 1'ito and fear8 'tbat Tito lIIIq be still tied .a:te.b.' . Fro3 this x'Oa. " .tions The taSk of reapproach1leJd ~e improvel1ent of relations between the two Oountrillt8 to Tngoala-via W8r8 1"~ 'beween italy and Yugo81aTiahaa inprogres8 tor the pae~~~. .u.negotbitio128i.the tu. _ .ich ~1nce ..iJa4..8 J!1Otenthus1utlo ever' tlifs'taak and hae ttied. " .n1W~ttoa.' 111tweat ..g . ..!'o.iona tmfavorabl_ ot prestip.tb'1101't~4j...

it was a. Particular 8ecuri \7 measures were taken in the 01 tJ' of Zx'enJanin and the. the prHi- 4ent o£ tbe ExeotlUn C0u0llot of the ExecuU. baYing a. eouou. first intu':t'ogation.vos were easily a. !IU'8bal tito va...y 8U8peot tro. On the other hand.a reoel"'_.wre :preparing a plan to make 8ll atteapt on !1'ito's lite or to agitate public order on that occasion.indi- Tiduall]' or through TUS08laT aati-Goammdet orsanizat1ons .ta can organize atteapts or dWlO1\$trat1ou hostile to tugoelavia right b'om the Camp. Drzane Bnbednoati) (UD!). the naotJ. At\mi1'\1etration -ot St&teSecuriV (Upran.. about a month bet'ore. Hrrices al~ tak8 these }U'f!tcauUons when fJ!lto's move- ments are pre-aJU1Ounoed. elavia in November 1958. - the RqtOJtJ~md . (a man and & voaan) to the Trieste Re£ugee Ca. their.." b.goalaT poll tical authorities concerning the population ot tM region td Serbia in YugoalaTia. heeII\UT or the 110M o£b'.r always keeps tMse eervioes of" the tf. . ~ clO~8 or the Triest. notably hostile to the~ lat gov8r.lreadT knovn then that tho Yuaoalu aeoudt. The two tala. upqn h1a vr1nl at Zrenjantn.y the v1ee-preeident (B-M) Suse 552 (b) (7) {OJ REGRADED UNCLASSIFIED ON 15APR 1999 3Y CDR USAINSCOM F01/PO l\UTHPara 1-6o-~ DOD5200. '\ .n. can be cited for a Tisit made bT Marahal '1'1to to Zrenjan1.. of ~ oonoern of Yu.oooaplisbed their Jdsdoo. ~e Camp to the border and the :facti! ty of crossing it cludestinel.r cams to the ~.8t8 Camp. under the disguise of ~sJ to a.tJ1ent.1P LC-14128 {s UbC E52r.=p. asked tor vol- untary repatriaUon a tlnl dqs before 'the established date for their dead11ned stay. Alread. C.D:B on guard since thq ~ear aat1-On-ia\ elomen. sent two-..eeertaitt it &} f?) r!~J 68 {if1J-" ci - . refugees. tWOStAVL\ (11) (GEJIERAL ~ION) The following 18 a literal translation o~ an undated report from Source SF 102 811ba1tted on 25 JbYember 19591 - An eDmpl.goelay naticmal~ or that -region .f\L . by the president of the People.s~ vb¥ the. Yuso- .

in Grim. . spe$cl1 to the cadets of the Yi11tar.. ~ 8UJI1Itir'~. From this it 18 evident that the COf!llM.r Policy of Yugoslavia as olIO October 1959' nroocTRna'l'IO:l In October 1958.nalation of A 81 tuntion report prepe.e.j~ t.nder in Chid believes partisan war to be the .P8 that 1fOU1d d. ~ YOuld d~ralae the ene1IiY wi tb surprise a. 552 {b} (7) (C>'I 430th )II ht .y. 18 a free t:re.1.. It APyearsthat acm1tcna bay.t~t to or.eUUGlL1.r ~bor was 8parao1¥ f1ttended.' . The units or the armiWould 'have the task of developiJ1g a delaying action to create the 00001 ti01'J8 necessary tor partisan w&rf'a. who YOUld be orgam2ed into eaboteur nuclei.1'ed bYBn Italian National Agency. 1fh:ic:h 1mB reported by Source 1200 on 18 1f0Yei'l}- bar 1959.1 F01!PO t\UTH Para 1-f>mnnn 1.'s inability tQ wage ato-:rlc 1mr. both people end &:my' keeping faith in their ability to l"e8iat. ele'O'tioDa Jmd fIVerT . 'The war would be waged with the cooperation ot the people.tion.I)f\f\ 04 .ttaoka by small @. ." abun.. -' . .TOU. in a. be8D L.t or SlOVenia -~tthe ~rogtaJI. covering the Bilitar." o£ pre-I1il1tart" tn. Tito expressed the ooncept ~t due to Yugoslavia.J1/ ~ b. worlt8ble defense.the Armed Poroell WOUld be able to tlUoooed only in a defensive we. open 'bat tle. f (n) '!'he tollcrlng info%m8.' . " . ii\I CIRp .rcomucted with eon'" ventional arms. The 7QUthoften ~ training uem.~ L -- REGRADED UNClJ\SSlrtFf\ ON II 5 APR 1999 3Y CDR USAfNSCOI\.§ll1l1A tbem ror tbia tra:m1ttg.yAoadem. It ~ 1"ePorta Od. 5 USC552 (b) (7) (C) S USf..ise~ themselves without ever &ocepUng .

which would impose heavy fines and even arresto <f30th MI Det . 25 November 1959 ruGOSLAVll )"'ILITARY POLIcY (u) named who. are to keep tabs on parti- cipants at rallies and to denounce unauthorized absentees to the Attorney Gene- ral's office. within the individual People's Committees.

~G}.~ i.n::_ x'c!r~ ele~ents citeu :~~/ t:.'(i or~ O~ the_-..~. .fr~:S'6t~8 i.'1 U:.i]"E.lti.1f~ }UO~ C[i-H L~ &'\':71tf::+'~ .CtZO'J11t~ ptl.~~' rn(:t.t~~f~..-t-8tics.~I:.\.".: lVitO 3h~t.~"IJ Gta..rinthi& duri!J€ th€? 1P0nU...BteT-8 tFhic!: c~l:..r.c.h~-?-f.\. of t.llr...r e11~ IJ:t~[. t1utl1ori tieE.atiOD of local wcrk:9XIU who had gone to b@lgrade to protcs"t &~ainst tht! oommunal autborities and r5qllest iJ:!J~diate subati tutioo of aam6." th.:. ~rid €7~rJ.r'C'.bl1..i fj. .t '1\<..i.. -f't.:.~~ l' U~0n 1. .lDCa r(~fjf Sutso:. :-..:...'\<J H.'} t'(jd f:.~-ront of tb~ i.Hl CGnGe:rTH~:d tJ:F influx oj:' '-~-U-l.~:_~Jt~T.ici.].j.~r.ll to r~ eX-JErlifJ..Yi s reo::.d.o i r:.3t..ti'J[I. t.l.'he pc-$ters r-.t~n'~~::-r'c:~~-~' V: '.'~ 1>'1~~)1~t~~~ . J-~i:rt i rl the c r~:r't~ ti Qr~ tot:::.ii"~~i.y c.h~ i'o11o~in.."'itic n'Jt~ to Viem'& p:r'().:~£f~~s u.~y C~.~>~.0(~ t:l-fi..r.>~_' ~Y.i1~1:ri~tiGn :i.gS~ __ut5~.c U!lJ.iS" :~.. .s were orderr:d for tbe mmr fut!.'\I3'd baru1S of o:x-:'-h€t:rlikB <.I.'.rid :i:'roJ: th~ ~.t-iC-j_:~ tLL-st lit! L:~'.)'" 811.>~.n to f.urch&g at i:os tujnlC'.)rdini\-~ i:.'~.\~O()() ~:'(~}lilli11.::':~::'"1.. tile -lu.u£i--_~~1J_ ~ j.~ t~.n~~~ (j b.J~mtint in thB Ii¥. .:loI t.{) ~:(F" Dt Cil .~r t!iL~-t tl1~ L\~G{j{~.o-.iv~ ':!"n~ ()}.L:>-. and ccn.cJ:'-nt hli~ aent & di plo.*'11' nati yl?..l1-<...n i::tel1ic t)tlGe net at Crn::...'c tot.' b:: '~~<.:..- "':: 'i:' t. . t:u"~ not too €O)(. C!~t9blh:h t:-.&I1S of :10VO 1i~3tO..' th!1it ~is re[FJrtR-d bJ-~' an :..~tYhJrl r..0'..1'holishl"{~.>s.t: t h~ SaJi)f... ani~ ".: of icti{:us't 1959e l:L. ~"1 ..roe/' t1-:.ll I~~:. '.-~r?:.5~.r./il:l(~ L-cvcxn...':.1:i.dl f (J!" t!~G ~{:~c~laY l~:i:nis t= -i 0'[ -f'oraif~n :\ffdir~g' .1:" 1~liid~J j .}1aODth of 1958 the total tmd b~cn 203.IiC CO~}81~1J..::.8 haVfl Dt)0D (. ni1.. /' . .t~ c.:r:.u.Bt..:~.itic!J cf larGe ~~.)ntr'JU.l!'~Btill ..ti.~ \.k~ 1'.llci.-Z".~s(ired the distrit>!."> "\o'!'l:.tr_i T..rn. cttf'ta-iIl <~~~i"f:~' ~f..lcd~ in Eic"-Jc. D-t r6~~ i_"~rr:jstf."-- t~l r ~--Ln cf -(ip~lor.:J.1~7 ~~~--::~sul~. .&~ti!l =.~'E~lav l'f~. ".{'J'...lI'\! and Cl1ndldatt'. 8tri:lf~~nt :..r...'-{>VG'.L1r offi"iglsI .. t (. o~ca avsiluble for r.n.o~>illun.r.. e in an atte:q)t t(.$ 'f:ittl n~rQj Au:>tria..1(:<J5. (...~att~L~ cf taot." TrH! llie.'~.Hi ETIC tele?tlOt18 c~..~.?untains of ( :jc S!iiH.~~-lr.n.:r c[::icictl~~. Hew @1ectior..r 1 .$sul"Q wae foro()d by a cl(th~f::.~':ur.r::.Jic. '3 (. fGl_lYh':'. b0rd~r 't<i tHH.qu~nt to tJl~: arrest Qf.':b8r3r .~:.!il 01' 212 YugUSlUV11 ol"OBsecl 1.rttGlc. t !?3i£'1.: ki1..k :n5fug~ in Auetrian :"u. l-!c.e recently purged to elitrl~ te tho$<I elf4!TiirutB comidered "corrupt and unfaithful to the regimcs..:~in~..i1t thi'J ':::uc...:.\F'stioninc. "" hriC c. 'io j.'v .lD(.:..r~T} :--::\.f.cliv1? 2' Jun~ of !~ClVOV~:3to W8. tit~.i~.'::i( '" 1 'J Ue:C:6 bv Co!1$1.J!1t~ l1C r0.:..s'.~.ust}..1' f! i f..'..1 c~nd }~jf3l.~'.!e ar!! s.~" t'.110r G~_~.ll.cnt F~C(/l)~:'t~~>1t t1f~ll~ 0:'" .hk".riD..!~tt(i~Ilt5t '~~rfa t~i3:1t lc.trin..[..~{~ ~~~ucieEl of cff'icial . . 'nu.~C!t.F cf .lCtG1F?nt{f:G tc ~~G(..Z B.fc rCditiCil W&...~rr.:..tcd bJ ~QlJT'GC Sf 102 on 14 October 1959r PQ}~~8C"'-.diyloL'bte..~CU lb.1.ut!trib. j:':.tJ1li:~ an anti~".~rv ~ (} lf~ i.lJO.q tb~-:.:i: 0ificinl$.ti~1t_" goci.~d fG:c L.~ cd'1.11 ..>e: {j{~c.raz "ffic(! (d" th~ l\.~ rs t~k'~ t~ t.

'l"Di.!.~~t ~i8 "r~T.c.":T~"J!~ AI~\") IGe.tlon co:nC:. USA~.filcD of the 430t1:1 1'1 DDt2.":10 DO-y 01" l'3::t.'e.c.chnf'nt.lJ...lLOI~ l:~:J.. ir.:2%8 OdlflF? JH:. I' April q .}~ -. Ee~ YO=~:.c.t ne17 YOl~:.1:1e .'3" ti!c indivilualD liDt<.._ l~. 16 Gcto1::er 1959 YUGOSLAVIA (u) On 27 !'"-~s cntu.~¥I of c COlJffiJ:l_c h.' C'r foci .~::r.:. ti011 f0. t1ero cl}2cJ~:\YJ :1:]:1 I'c~lt5~lled TJ:lc:(oJ.:.. 'b:"low'z listed in Xln 031'7 ."!.. t.{:? I~:rr9'JTl t::{.'>hcr 1959t t.1:!>tiO!k~-~ ion t112 .....l::}tv~Ll\.

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..l te the ne..~c[. ~n th\3 ~Jft0e zone.jJm i3 tlGod and SrQssf! .nel~/ law (9. (B = r . \ is entrustc6 to the C08nu- fist Party and to its dependent organizstioD." lie of ~:roatii:ie It..._..1 '.ir:Q hr~t~l-. C f'oy the i8suarlcf~ 01 (. 1~h~~.ain firBt-hand ini"or:--. ~« ~~~. rfhe labor uniOlliS.v Communist furty.ation was reported b. 'p:r'ot('c)tin<. i p3.<.(jcx.C'rc!d~c ?!!ich the fanners L:dle(~ to deliver to the co<"pulsor:v c:)llectiozl stations as 'prescri~ed b.=i -. .nd in many villages organized military exercises for all of the eligible ~lea.~Gtahon whiG[) ".:-I'f..:ri~tation '!iater to :he 'draw" . 6) . mc. r:=-bsy i'jC~:. yg on 2) July l~: :LCOi.it1 .risini and j. )4I'shal__'I':ito'" t ru vcled to.ders.ectivization la"se-'O ._ tiC?~ of t.) ~:.1'2CToJ.'0vement y The I1Yighter's Lay" . <. The manueverB followed thE v!ell established patern of "Socialist NOl'kers" defending their homes against rascist inva.S$ All villages of a certatn size must mobilize a HBatdllion" of :from 150-400 men.:e qw~nt. The program \'1ill follow a directive issued by the Yugoslav Al'med Forces General Staff which providd3 for rapid roobilizatiOll of all available rnili tary forces.}.p~tb"".~~~ \f L_~. ilis Brioni su"m.. itted on 23 liUf.~. . .~ i.-_ . pumJiin".. .ill furnish i:.l-1Joc: J }~ri8. helc parades. "eapons and o-quiprJent :'01" the reservists wi 11 be furnisiled bJ the ~~ormed forces and the police. a l&-r:__ln.~.eJ..t.... ~. speeches a.0 liGS n. sport associations. Crt.}' all of the organizations affiliated "i th t.y the rEcent forced coJl.inunist ~rhe 11iOv~eIJent t.I.~J t..c~ fY~:LTI outBids \ t:r~1e lorJ.11of the strike loaders were subsequently arrested. 1:59 Yne folloiJing~ infcr.ucur.i(':L~ [}i'~C.(' is llioti va tcd l:y the COi:-.::.nthly) riap~8S" "..1... ..'50th .~C Z~t~{~i~.sEistD_n.anization of the civilian reserve streD{..' 0C'n':'.~ re~ion recalir:.CYD1111Sent 's p?r"20'::ution receives econo211c of practicinG. hea0cquarteTs is in ~~a{~Teb and its curren.t:.i~L..wst 1959: Ja_r:a workers T"oGentlv wo:st O_TI stril:e in tLe _x')'Ger&c:an. dnd c.~. public gatherings. districts Dl1St contributE' on8 or more 2)rig'ados.:. ~:~a'Gl"'eb leg.y So ~xrGe _~-' 102 C'D L' li}ld sub.~J'. ric. etc. ."...".roughout Yugoslavi:l 011 4 July with active P'lrticipation b.:.~.act . .~.::. .~.~~' f ~--1-~~. local officialslisve confiscGtQuInT".rain~. Ar~~:-ent.:)Ilrl Crossl1 aI'{j.. r resid c:ovCrr117.--.. .>("'...¥9~.he Yut~osls. This type of rolli tary training is to be repaa tad Viith a certain fr<3qucmcy in tho future. .~ t'i'. }ts hostilit:.:.a.."l~ ttITal C00Derutive~ A c.. ted tr.tion on LLc farmer's prott:s ts.e.~ 7..s.l_le'\-'- bet\. - i .s.000 dina..lY(' ion ~_': tr18 ._.'"+':-.rj._r:"111y .-eon .' i.'" tc. wc'rkiIL__: ~~:GU10 ciXld the e:x:tre. uffic iall:" however.nization is r'epo:::~tcd d. . youth clubs.od 'u:y t!i:: -Y-uf~o.~ie !\(':~~. q~ ".':~'i to cr[e. tj~s tri p was to" celebre...:.:.~r<:c~.{ir~r~-. (~.

eir own ir:itiativE' &3 a.'1ent to p:resent-day cOndi ticm6 in lUf:<osls.'e n.'~.nd '\rill have to be applied in only t1-.~ .."e beer Y'fln'" circles in Pel{Tf'de l'0f::.' 1 I' ./ .1/ / / / ~'. '<1 '\/'':"le e[~erf. In particular.~'i ~la' ~...OW€YG~ ".'!!!'.-'-. nr: 11.'e of t. r<or t."'.younger forces.(iortt' t:fi~ ~:::}! t'rwt. }. e.o of the centre..('f'j2nr ~:i tWJ1Lion . /. usiN:: the f'€'Y'Y).~the Federal E. C'nr / l):.r..ces of the YOUJ'Ff'T' vrOU1:' to succeed 'lito..lized par'ty 111'10 act only on orden.- proved the draft of f:tbill.- -~_~~e.'oro- over.'./ 0-. Addi tiona and Changes to tbe 1"8na1 Code". otiT\g or U.. ocroi tions that ~re deflnitel~y radvanoi~ in <m evolution of sooial and state OTg IUlfz at ion. !. was preB~nted an w adjuatI.:siders.lcC68sor5 are.l(. ... to int€IVPhC.- '\ J ~<.' .eir spokes::i€l1 e.I..i~'dttee H~'elr.T€ the cjty 6.tion of Yugoslavia and. 1 COrdlCf!_c. the Yugo:'O}f1V l!l'~blBS1).'hese ymlYl/cr .. -- ~ ?C.V8 to have beco2>e lee" tense.''rwr<p.nce to the yjJJ' s .Y."~" ( anG . '.<.air:st - those rJEici f\mctioI!&l'ic..:_:1 '.11' most frequently ftSprobable S'.tion~-:" of the past.. ..c:ihlci nf rc"cC~~'Sj0J" is con8tartly lmrier cor. }{mal C('dp ().i::Iuced [C.oe:nicHl1 CamciL The Catholic A.'1..'..rtL of lccBl ':1ilX'ty orgBT.r < f iZov€rnr1€nt ".- ~ i '.he .nd (.tio1C j11 y ./ T:ntrrn. -_..ust be bcrr:e ir.ounty aci".. the ::>erbie.o ips.i"hedraft of the new 16. :'~~::. The Serwian Orthoiox Church Iil-!\y now Uf< <iispol>ed tow-am a greater spiri t or conoiliation to the Catholic Church. also e.€) 8.. nnld simi>ly bf:' l~!'. cor:tdusion cC!lGel'DinJ' the c!-w... Religi~~s Situation The situation seems reli/..ion.tlco.Y'PT'. ".-. . rrOE] abo\'8. which 3(:88- what mitig$tes tbe rigo~ of the present code (in effect since 1951.v to draw f'.'[.:'sf? 2icm'I~Y-' er ruen the overriding objective WS2 the libera..holished WtiS .' . ~It 7'(1.1JC.:-f3'v0 /) '-vO a 1 " .S S T)C...a most exceptional cases to offenders under the a.()sior. p:'oblc:.-radr: ~. 'I YUCC:iL.: of SUccE.TP row IJembers of the LE'8£ue of CO:T'ffiunists of YuGosla..hejr sa.n CrthoQQx Chu:roh seems inclined to Mcept the invitation of Pope John XJ.' t o.via... the death-penalty will have to be limited solely to crimes 8€'ainst state security s.:III to pa.. who will co:r.' "ip. is of ever inC.stdr.i.1'e c"Ol:'f'F-_~ the U.enty-one.~....-al to the :..Jior.1. .en 1'11'<" used to '3.1ni.t.a1.-- .]('('.r.ce of R YURosl&via iwepanrlent and ImtTOJ. '. the penalty of forced-labor ~aB abolished...i'it0' 8 de9th is ree.-..lzat.n:l of the Central C<X. DOW is the e:TIerger.uDljcB.:5S:: will tr. ":1'd tlwt thE../ f /" -. fU:]0I18 other thing's. ]ill t i i :cs not eas. \ . :~:i'!:j~ ors.t1or th1t. CONFIOE!'JTIJ 1 ..rchbishop of Bel".0es of persor's 'Fha have H'C- retly rcr:ain€d 10:. b:v the "co. linoiliiy to deprivation of civil :rights of thugs ~ho had served prison sentences.r: and in thi G C'1T{'p-ory the l:ikeliec:t li'm'l iF.-eaS:11cf i~portB. t1w n'oJ G'.ximUTi1of twenty years' imprisonment.)"d ""}'c I3. aT the'rLin tLe yell. }t !:.rtj(. beinG supplanted b! a JTIa.t!C! in the next E-cu.f':nce of a dRY'k~}:orsec(md id~te should not.i~'---'D~aJ.} thow'. t"PTP is TO jn.SlIF{f"ier .via.ili t.~() t .tinue jnsistil1f: or: thE right to baYE t.oviet 13ni on 19.VI t...~<i l'ito CoB his ~_l1CC('"C~H)r 1'.sI -I- ..xecutiveCouncil (SavezDo IzvrsDtJ 'le-c. --.~iou8 in 'I:111\Y V-a.

lalp: !OT :'.ee. CONFIDEt\JTIAL YTJGDSLAVIA In tarnal 5i tU&t i on (u) "i':ould be the l.ered.!c~)~_i\ksf'. for "s9rv.L)e of trot. a.rrl Uz::ity".ond t!H2 Yu.herhoo':\. The ?'irst DeCTee. in the incre'.::~_L5-" the Cnier of "Brotherhood a.oslllv people~".ces r('j~ o.lizatlcnoj: ~('lF\I'.araed tbe Cat1'.y-e.r Oi' YUf:o:31av 'pTopo.jnn" ~ith tbe ital" 0Fe. TOTD'i..~~'.:. 1'1 to has ~. (F-2) 4 .'1:ic /c1:'chbhr-10Pt Ar..

..]! .. t.:n( r:c.'~ ..-::'~rcpidnnt c~f the :Pe0CY'8.J>:.i .-'. I ' erf the .'10 i''L~ ..f ._ ~ <.: IB._ .-. clcs of the Tito Gl. ( v:i I1t~. .. .j r.'"'.'~)}.'~-'7 d.. --.J .S Vicc. ".>~ '..'>- " i ~..t 111 .1.::. Z2n~. t tIE' pql:'. "\ .. :.. S PT'O CO'~FnUJ1 i !_~. a bOL:.~um:~. . tbe .1~~~-Iyldet~~.ct)]:Gc~nt 2t.:i f( t P. Jj _ . }'.~ I [~lh.-. L.~~--ti())~}f}.(j 2. 1. c ~.L:(? r\(~l J"f:-~~>J:rtEyJ in 1:C=-14637 All .x'd i~iarshal . en.. :.. ._ Grobnickc "t ' v.l:. .:t'ty B.~~~~tQ ~ ~::. / I'. tht.'}.) 1-\._'~.1"!.:~'<ciC!nj L.'..i ..~C.:1 c.P__ from tIre ..::..:. Lt.:!VG. l ~.~..

ST f:. .!G) t~ad been assigned tti2 tFJ.S ti")E C..~:':~LI0\'i-iTlg in:fo:rmation '?285 rey..18ctod for the (If-ltC.. }'ec(el"f21.-. '. t.c.{)rtc3d Gubr7~:it tad ~30~J.e D!:::e.j \'" rcveJcd of c 0 l{"-'~L.80cA:r.1 Cll (Ji' :.-J-'.(J~. (u) '~Le .l:~e I-H31d b~fore the ~:r(l:~ 1:yf the CU.tesmc:n&~~..3 CY'i~~).j. t ~{'cc:-entl-I D1'..:iJi)-L1_~.'nd ~ >-(.3 r8_. orl in ..-~L. Tl~GJC~Htic~:c~ 'point to t'-f:U~~' fact.l -'..1B 1._. . h-:'a.~-'(:U].Yi cullctt ~3tC. .c J t:1.::. .il~r{)ad 1111(-: -F5~1] SC:P-. .uv-eI'Il~i1'2tlt e.:xpon.Lt lc.Tl 4 Julr} 1 the .rGe ~JP J.Gl. "<0> ._ .11.t [i iJ..i (..- j\.O::? on~ ). ()b-a:~..~}J]a Slu.(}.'r:t-:.jtrt r~~ :.est3."~ =~ 'v" = t:'. . ..~a.x'}:~ C'~«.C'.-'.~a.t i -t.lIld ~~:lY include .-T:C '~~". ~.1 ~¥ (.~ C_.sIlt.._:??T~}]. < 1-.~~ff~~.a=.) .zba) (~:.l"'j:.::"i.:t:3.C:C:(/~-c.1.t -:.':Ol~}g had been pro.f..:0C t.1-::il1G. in tc 138if 7 rc rccorf on file ill thl .8 thp tJ:b.-:::."-'~. :. .f1c.t'-. _ _'. .\i'0 ~.Y ] ry.c~ir~J.

(I ~~'E'1.:"~~t ra'lki11€ iU:joslav c.~~ f~c:. Hew York. border: U.1-cV l1:.t.}L. 4)Oth C:. on :'3 July 1959.J 'f the hi:.. i.1. 13 July 1959 iJL!{>.:-' ~r'::) ~:OQ:i --t~... .nH~j::. has rep-JtcC'J. revcicled no record concerning .) .]~th0r:itiC[-:e (/-c) K~i11F~tion of the files of the 4.: information. n-?O-0il-\TIOli (lJ) '~'he followin..hf.~:ru~e .~f~S cf t-r. .tc11c~Yl~cusla.O.~o::-jn~orrQist trmden- cie~ ~~ac:::cc :->i~ '-r J~'.30th In DetacflJTIP'r.:: rat.. suomi tted by Source SP 102 on 11 J111. is a co~pilation of reports obtair:ed froG refugees and leGal travellers cro~Bi:QS t )~E' :'.y fls( into LJstria to seek poL tical <1sylw:.:-£Iunist f2xpunents.~_.

pc:rtant in lu{. i?' 1 a l"'OVfi 1 U£i.:rettl'Jc. ". Thr: followir'.\Bf~ in the custor:~s ta-"'i{8So The peo.C01.a:v Polltieal T'olico offi'.:. B. .1Dl1stration and threatened to .9. ~ the ..~ trocp~ ~:1CrG ale:rt(~d &Ald kept in [lilitar::~ cor::p{}.:I11'S to life h~Frisorl::. : he."<.e$ ' to mgke tbea o 30 .Cerl~l2.l tM Dew tax. tb8 ~G:rli2A StGHl ':ill~~ reCarded as H.pproval by c"io10ntl.£..cuth of Zenica.t~ evant of an o~V.J:.n .U.$.' '~.r quarrellinc ~i th -. dressed in e...r~:~?r' s ~t:~:.ncoslav custo:::s agents at the SeZ{lT'. without headg.I"te6 b:..'101"(.~ The v~:10 ':'oomu<X':\.t i on 0::'...~ers at Seniz€.:1.rQzed an atte>:ipt on 'rito's\...T unifonJB'.Sl:: stl-<-uck l~.:d wi f1avin.i1:ce Biwil&.lC'" . 9 a11d su1]{'citted by ~ource ~...>:. ..:srican-t~rT-:13 winter uniform.fJ.\.nite cl. are the onl:" ones h")t :-(H1t:~-tern prlsoneTIi.. conS1.t..":'2:!. ITlf-.)' 1959 / . uDCtli)f.'hD CiTe.<XJ. Ci' .[ iLJform UOH R'e...2::111.nern of the ""ilo-:{v."il Seo:retary.. ~\--o.iOund.gted ti.~Aiir ~ ar1. 400 :G"i. .!' of HUESia.' tt:~ ~:d in£: on :2 LrU~~~i.. forced to scd: &1..r 102 Dr.?volt" '.:m?<oii.cslaviu.£~tion indicut.000 dinar z.csl& fi pTotGat dari. ..1 7 Jul. t~{}S tire .'<i::mtod.O crhrinal and l7'. .'.l Hie ..dYlUt.'ple most se:riol.'1'a([o u:.nm~J from f) >.ear. ane the War-~w l'bot. A c {..t~lt :~'-0bt h. 5 Jul:i 1"::.c:G'Ul8..II!) is located on the ::errica-:Jt:'ir<.. arrived at the Oerovo.t he -bas llcen $~ntenc8 d to. 1)59 u YOOJtg Italian ¥oldio:r....~~i()n. ~.'he Corm::unist E(}uze of :'.rrection (:r:omu.G control :>oirrt.. 'fhree other Italians are held at Gerovot two or whom are sought b7 the italianpolice for cont:roblmdinc Cli's. t:he:p'0cplo s: the Y'c~b031cv villag'<C of :.[inif~.stinely into Yugoslavia.lG0slavia Eefut.j(..:2r 10.y YUb"Vsl.J re&~~y to int':rvi::l1D i!l tl.. £tOv'crl1rJCT1.6) ! ' .ximatsly 2 kilometers . 11:.' Ol'i...:.. 'b.~.:)se alnJtHlj" r.'8T wonth faY .r Zlo)"l--violcnoe deUOllstratioYl'$ a.w. condQ. ."'Oe ino:r.' tion:_ll r€-~enue is an il~CI~J.t'!s th. ~~inc C~..A..on:er"". rank or other milita-7 insigniM.cif. to sO€k politioal ~syhm..ieni t in l'rDnteJ1eCro demonstruted in fev.B. ':. cro:2sed tb0ir arms in prDtcst Gf the 1m:! .eir ci9D.ndc. c..< ever i11G~: fl~eClU[rnt ill.ri tics to ITI.'\[3 i.::rc.c.rt. .Surcs f.(}nt..! p?:'0sent prison po:pnwtion iota-Is nom 3.~~. He had repcrted~~' orossed ola.Kh...!.Jli':ii~:ll inmates - the ltltt'1r far graater in mu1ilier than tho firat.:sriChoy's .e rcp-. at this cOC'.:' ~itQni% stil:c.3n l'<..thc.utnGl"'l.isit tG AlhLL"lie.f:st Lli'ol'.t~d 0~r the Yt~{:cslB''''' EOV(~rnI'JGrJ..dniku ~.:>t€el ~ol~kHr'.:r~e$luv border.-~_(.!C8 no.'ithtLe act.5isticni P:ropo'lJ'cni DOTi1)(7\.'YUi2.l'ld the Poli tic.l cost o:f li vit'v. t a.t tc r:~-ise acid. e.J.. imprisonment..jeyo HifJmay.. Violent enee/lwtors oetf!G€n till? dem~:m'"t~tor~ ani1 thA T>eliGC follwlisd.l 1Jirecto:r~ ..)''>'..ll'LJ.0 on B trike u112.y _"H~ ~:. those lino 1: YO alon~ UK' 1 tnlc-YuL..r'& t@ O'.. .

.. -. r..' " ry..r..1 .. . ! ~ >.' " r. i . . " fori [ ! i ..) ..'.-.- ..-. . '.. . ~t " ' ' i ~ ..r- .

) EXlminni...j rt Shipyards at Rijeka have COID.e files of the ':)0 eIe ]etac~-ent on 7 January 1959 revealed ~ No record c~ 1. I. large inorease in the nlli~berof eri. ~ I: (:. \{ere while assisting three YWsoslavs 2JTested near atteiJptiI'ts to flee into Italy..- .:\.here t.. r'1nny young IOen~ veterans of milit:U'y service in industrialized zones.ley help those \1ho are Cittenmting to escape from Yugo- slavia.. Yugoslav politiG~l activists have been instructed to propagate the theory of a better and orighter tomorrow.l of young men from Yugoslavia ot other coun- tries~ Leaders of' youth organizations hold conIm'eneesand meetingsto illustrate the economic nJ1cl indu:ltri.f '. The se women t nvmy of whom rose from dire-poverty to ranks of high social prestige because of the posi tiOllS of' their hlliJbands.-j l L G":HERAL IHFmITJi. display wealth not available in Yugoslavia.c'le and better paying joos in the oi ties.ain of ~t"Te8~ 'J:he Yugoslav government has given a.1'!ts into the city of lUjeka.nization Idrija. The "Crlene Zvetie" has been operating :Ln the Re- public of ~ilovenia '.::.'. . The management of the ~!~ i'h.1 r: The following infoT82c tion 1ms reported by SOl1r::::e SF 102 on 31 December 1952: In early Deced. AGENT REPORT ~~~---~. 1\[ '..minal !lcts.r .!lained that the new eni{. Rijeka public security officials have reported . Belgrade housewives have been com- plaining about the increasirLG CO~3t of li~ving~ Tbe average woman in Belgrade also finds it hard to accept the pompous bearing and luxurious olothing and rich jewelry of many OI the leading political personalities wives. Though they are unable to p-ct openl~. .~..t..'3. .ion of i:. (B-6) or. Slovene merchants and business-men operating III Trieste have been approached by an unidentified Yugoslav cooperative representative who desires to establish a series of stores and ShIDPS which would sell wL~es. has made uJl ap:>e1l1 tCje1-{. tvlO :~1eJnberGof the "Crvene Zvetie" (Hed 1 :riIllTOse) org. This is one of the measures idopted by the Yugo~av Government to lessen the fl()1.'.Q. People's Committee.via and the Iclyorable . " " i":) eIG . II. .VIA (U) ..Tt?SS made by Yugosla. ----- ---------- .er 1950. It has been revealed that these gOids come from abroad and often find their way into the black market which is a flourishing business in EelgTade. most of which rLre perpetrateCl by ne'"ly arrivecl job-seekers.'proval to such a scheme i!11d has promised to subsidlizesuch an organization. liquoTs 1md other Yugoslav produots in 1'rieste1 'ilie organization hopes to buy stores and shops when 8"uch licenses are available and tlms form a ch.Detach~len t -.1'ION ).. tvwe abandoned their rural residences for the more comforta.l proi. YUG05L!.:rants hired by the shipyards are poor workers a. f ~. Yugosl:1Via.nd trauble makers.)resident of the Hijeka.TOSp€cts for the future.r7~'1e vlfic~:ds to stop Vte mass migration of Vec1Sd..14726 ~ r' ~.

(1e lr::£3.' information W2S su1mi t ted on 2 November 195P by an r fici .lcrIILtion in the U2-st: The Soyiet iinister for Ukranian Social \I!elfare. Thp Soviet cCwno!'1e3'lts of the W2J-veter2~ns delegation wear ICili t2ry- like c:c:ps FTC' re.. the cemeteries and tombs of .~:' YUi:oslav citizens..~~. ~: < LC-l:n26 . c~ir froG rOGGOW.l j..rneG In t].vclic1s 2nd nre exuected to visi 1..2~war yeter('Js WIlj_ch arrived at Belgradp~ . 01Jt t~1P:Y are not part of c~ mili tsry i:. by the Fni0[) ai' \'J 'oclav W'-'T' ]J..-. 1 vie:.~der tile rr:ili tar] salutp.i s re"Jort and no informa tion Vias C'!~J~t~~ ned iJierein.. 'I' 3cviet cfler. files of tbe 43CtL CIC IJetacnrnent were checked ccnceT"r-lirl{-r' tbepersoYlali~. n2.. Italy who has submitted l'.c}m~nt . the (Iffice of the ()ue. -LC!l of a literal translation lei 23 1 ::c.eD[)er 195C. on 21 October 1958.Det3.1.3tura of Gorizia.118 !:~:i.ion Vi2-S invi teo to YUfoslr1vie.cviC't sGlc'iers vibo TofTe killed in Yucoslavia during World '>iTar II.ti CTl of H. 23 Dec€JI1ber 1958 'l:~" follcwin. (B-6) V(' T(._-' L'eliev8d b."io': Ii.i. '. ../ mar.

8-430 eIG Detachment on 22 December 1958 reVe. .L rrrmUi. I .to inci te such . 1C-14726 ___ __. wdi t:LYlg them to rebellion aga." Their . population resid .Jurj)ose is to strip Hacedonia from the Yugos12vs.0) _ .s -'Cud ~'}eGreL-Yy of t.lB' :3- :3h'20ts arc ]nrticuLLrly nWTIerous in the Belgrade rl~'f. the Soviet .m anti-Titoists.o all CG"Gti_l>YlS in this report.nd Dublished by Chu Chi. I + 1/-:I' "JJruzb':i" h~ e i ted.ile ]J...-_- ---.tS Ex-Gel rJ-Licll HTEtY officers ~ currently refugees in Bulgnria.._. .--di?d No Record of individuals mentiui18G in t!Jis report.inst YugDsL~v r'ule.'Osl"_v citizens who aTe kno. :.-TT!1'~d groups to be kno 'n 2-8 "Nacedonia LiberiJtion Uni ts.___ 0.-Lrd t.ther more s:ecifics in re- .. 11--/(" r'.vould destroy the curTent regiTJe~ ~he . 1 AGENT REPORT ___. (U) \.r1.. h 0 .~!i.cctiC'J1 1._ ___W._ __0.crt~c' .-:.-1'e in tie ::roce ~'S of organizing .'---. EXClsinCi tion of the files of -t1'. '--~- ~o f t' r The fo1loVling information was suomitted by Source 81-'102 on 13 December 1958: YUf.\{\.ed 1.v Y1]E. Charge d' Affai:t.:!ry. ~ (B~6) __ -~~.. 3:<0-3]0..>O\Hce JUD been reque:~ted to try to ga. t 1 (. .(~'1 r(~. ~I r\ .>b.een reportee thr.~i"~. The organiza tional/ operi\tioni{l center for t:lis J!ove.: N-I 'c': '~ YVGO.:nent is alleged to be at Stanko Dimi troff.Nacedonia) Union has is-sued orders to its emmic'lrics T3ulg:L-ia 8-nd Alb:mia to exploit the heterol~eneous in JIw1(.ra.ns kiLLed r. It has 'O~.ed EmbsssYlIllfe1g:rade" refusal to make territorial conces~ions ~. Bulg:cri!:<.y. . in YUVJslav border areas.-- 1 SED- . (Sf! 000. . ----- .'0shvolice in t'lecity of Kusovo-Betochia" Tbe aller. I 11 .jL.\VD.rying. .:ie Chi._~ o_o_n___' ~ .e ~)oviet "rents t. huve been re:.t one of F.ubsequent to Yugoslavi~ Is (in southern to Bulgaria.nslationfrom t ie Itlli8. This relJOrt is a version of a literal t.ion. ent! s n::.'1e~e ~1.-TIGN (I'CLIl'ICAL) ---~-. It h2_8 l. ::.eiving a Hussi:'l1~l:m{'1wre ne11sshoet called the "Druzba" \Ihich lists the adv:<?1 to ()8 r:'ined in :~Il eventual 3-ction uhich .

'~ r~}Y.served on the Fa.11til his recent elevationto President. of tbe war in 1941f he waf' ""D.i1wfo lloring ~infOI'm2.y ~kb'Q}B li.join the Partisan combat formations."mnist Pnrtv representative at tbe FcLrt::'2a:l T~yiBic.s captuI'ed by the Gb'1<>riS c.cl3.' e . Becinni11€ early in 1<::4 served as Pob ti cal CODlrisar of the "'VojkoN Partis211 Brir. because of the end of hosti Ii ties. - (~"6) AGENT'S NOTE: This report is a version of 8 Ii teral translation frem the ItalLm.gTade.' T of the Slovenia 1e2.tee of the 9th P:iTti S2n Corps I Gene 1'21 Staff.lavenia~ He became DirectoI' of the flGra.n 2.1Ctic:v tocnnc.JroxiEiately 10 yeaTs of age... Lc. borator of tIle r2.2'c".rt.f~ue of CO"DJUms ts and for a whi:Le he served as Sr of the Siska District (Ljubljn:na) CrWffiunist orCdJli.. i'l f" 'PT11.hrcr:'eJlO11t .pt2. 1"'-'Jtr he 'j0inedthe Union of COfTTlT C' of Yugoslavia (Savez Komwis ticJlE' Omladi~e LTugoslavi je) (SKOJ) Bnd in FlAil fled from Ljubljana to .Italy who has subTJlj t. From 1941 to 194: _ fa-a a mt.he GPJ.8 elected VicePresidentoftbe Koper COffiIT'm1e People IS CO:-:C'Iiiitec. YUGOSLAVIA POLITICAL INFORMATION '.\' sehec. on cf c( "'iC'rkjnc'~.' born in.(.iictiye colla- e]. /R. .ade.f. leT" became a Co.1J8:la.'.. 2"~d later.1g' Constructions of KOp'-..dbenik" construction firm of lpoia an'" later Director of the "1 N~jlt construction enterprise of Koper..~tisan forces and worked 22 E: f'n~' a ccmmen.~.8stura of Gorizia. he .joined the P's'Ttisans in 8cti ve and \1:J..." CU"'ll. was freed.d Vice I-II~2sident of the !(ol)eT~ t-::11n~ ~c~ People's tts€' OD :L7 "CVE''''!'"..l.. f'r'G tUe beginniIlt.~~.~ 8.(? ?resident of the Kcmer Commune People's COIrlJlittee.. . 2.Lre fa'nil fled Italx jntc ..."r until he was recently elected to the office of \!:~...ELI ./j~'sl3.5~' \~ ...F'.'}dd that Dosition D.y. hif:r schc'ol in !"TUU.l 11(>1281. -r 10 December 1958' fl"' fj.. 195::'< He was born at In early World\YaT II yeaTs~ fiG'? 2n active membeI' ('1 tJ: C021Uunist Youth organizaticr'.tion was submi Hed on 1 DecembEr 1958 by an officisl in the office of t. .0 laCEd e lerr.ents 1'. A few months lateI'. In 1945~ wa.::. 8. . \' .chment .Ild an instructor at the St.:i.:: r. a 2enicr Ca.<:.p. V\lH~I' :~.v ~ . Following the war he attended a 8ehool for const~'1..tLended . _. LC-14726 } 43Cth eIe Det. .ted :reliable informati on in the Dast: Cn 17 November 1958..cianso After graduating he worked feI' R n1~lillber of buil<iing firms t. as the Director of the KupeT Planning Office and of the Institute j(. Since the war ~as held a nWi'ber of politicslposts at Ljublj8112 bel.J. In -L and .rm :in Ljubljana 1mtil la te 1943.-"''' of the \'>?olitic:llliivision".l. i.yia anc' settled at Slavon2ki Frod.ticn" In AE{:-ll."d imprisoned.88 elected President nf the Kor)('r ComFiune People's Cor:u::::i.rri~c (Slovenia) ?s.q elect-:.:crived at Koper f~"J) Belgr8...Fj.


10 December 1958

Cn 10 Vecember 1958, files of the 430th eIe IJetachment were checked
concel11iI1£the 'ersonalities nAAJed in this report and the following infor-
2ation was containca therein:

resides in t.~e "at
lie is also Assembly IJe:m ty for the DlStrict or KODer.


430th eIe Detachment

19 NOYember 1958

_, The following information "as eubJrl tted on 11 November 1958 by
Q, 8Jl offioial in the office 01' the Queetura of Gorida, Italy who h8.6 furnished
__ rellaol@ information in the past,
-- ,

Dr., Secretary of the Koper District People 'a
Cvmmltteehas revealed
that the President of the Ideological CCM1iesion of
Distriot Committee of the Yugoslav Com:mmist League, ~L
kG i
the ~~r.
__ Dr., has been invited to visit Moscow on an ofi'icial ata:tus, and
o "'!'Bnow preparlDf; to depart for the Sovie t capitol.
~ .
Conaul General
On 1 Nov:;;mber
at Trieste.
1958, Polic was in Trieste B.S guest oL~the YUgt)SUlV

AGE~TtS IKfiE. This report is a ve~sion of a literal translation
from the Italian.

__> '~:-~~.j~ ~2..:: ~J~~~;~

i On 19 NovemO'e:r 1958 files of the 430th eIe Detachment revealed tb~t
aJl- ~as pnviously report in Agent Report, LC-14562 daWd .II!
l'r August 1958. !so record. was contatn@d therein concerni1lgt,_~___ ~fV'l

~ use 55Q (b) (7) (C)


0N 1 5 APR 1999
'Ifni Para 1-603 DOD 5200,1 P


(51? 380-320-10)

,~., BdVQ'Cl . (u)



Ot 1 llovember 1958, the ;Collo~ 1nf'oxmatlon waS rec~Yved
8curee 20221

31 Oetobu 1958


G~ InF<1Rt-IA'rIOB

'llie folloYing inf'o:rmation W'E\.9
reported by Source SF 102 on 26 October

Tra.velers \lho havs ~ntly been in Yugoslavia report that many abuses
are being c<mmitted by Communist Psrty off101!'-1n who the many agencies
and fm1ll ift(lu~trieG in !stria. '1he:oo f'art,y officials, often UD:Bagents. have
dembnst.r8.tedancornplete lack of discipline tmm.rd lanor unions e.nd workerts
eounal1s._ '1hey d.laregard all agreements and controls, often dismissing W'orkers
without any ap~t reason Hnd hiring employee. without qualifications.

In September 1958, subsequent to a :request made by the Yugoslav Communist
League, the Secretary of' the Montooa d t !atria Communist League and approximately'
forty eXponents of the Commu.'1ist Part,y at Pula vera called to justioe for having
spent publio funds for personal bEmafits. The Secretary vas dismissed from his
post vhile th~ others '",~ sentenoed to variCfU:J prison terms. Other charges filed
against t1U!M C~'1ist off'ioials inoluded the ro:cessive exr~ndi t-ures of tands fur
Party banquets, gatherings, toun etc.

,. .
foeounte:r the Italian population in the villages annexed to Tttg'Oslavia
£o11OVi~w.n-l(l W~.II' Y~a1&Tanthortti" ha,. ~oreed thousanD of SlOVenes
into th4se ted. areas- '!hie 18 pU'\ true in in the towns beyond
Gorlz1a. S41can0whichwas. a eitT of 3,OOOhas~~e~d;to a population o£over
lo.'OOO.>!Ionik4~h1ii;bHnbn11t up 1"!uidl,y. .Maq. stores, theaters, apartments
etc.., 8Z$' ~ conStruotion. Adm1n1atra tift pgsts in these e.:reaa held by
Yu.goslavs whUe Italians az'(! foro9d to work in menial P{)tJ~s. ill f'unctlona aN
state operatMe ~rs are trusted elements1Jt t.'le C~st reg1Jr~. Should
anyone 4080ciated with these activities voice an opinion onmlidered politically
negative. it is a.lroost certain that it will reach UDB. (:a-6)
ruse 552 (b) (7) {C} 9 i1
-. .
- -
.. ..' :
; ,_ ,t ,
~_~ 1__ I, 1\ h 1 I",n

ON 15 APR 1999
1\UTH PI~ra 1-603 OOD 5200,1 P

.. _.

f.. \, '....! . .. : \

31 Ootober 1~8
G8D1lA.L IJUl'(Ji(HAfiCll

JDEWrt ~ JroTE3.
the Ita.l1an.

ruse 552 (b) (7) (C)

!) use 552 (b) (7) (C)
430 CIC Det. '

OT\' 1 5 APR 1999
d,UTH Para 1-6~ DOD 5200,1"

. fli.-( -(... who ha'V8 received their oonmdasions during the last ten years. 1'hie : $'I ~ group ia1'ar morjJ inolined to assist in the development ot nationalism. rise to figh't for the ideals Thisoouldalso be the cnse in Yugoslavia.l opinionsI '". NAME OF SUBJEC1 OR TillE OF INCIDENT 2.8v~C'olmnunists.v~ roizoO regardnfor~old hrtisan 'tn1di "tions. the phenomenttof a young generation. CONTROL SYMBOL OR FilE NUMBER ~~~~ 4. the soie rema1nl~= -.:nrry prior to World War II andJ 3) those of the "new generation. look upon the resistflnoe fit}lters and officers 1fi i:h complete indifference. the8e youngotfieers : 8 gsr. 5. Ti to has nominftted 'in e:x-mebillurgio~l worker.1": .okbone of the Yugoslav IU'my..inte~Btso£ Cammunism.. REPORT OF FINDINGS The following information reporwd by sub-source ftJ!ars" on 28 August 1958 .. l) those 'Who obtained tlleir oommissians during World WI1r II.rand thejailingod 1~ . ~. 0 J~J altar of ibis group. In an ~ttempt to rei. (C-6) : ~\ !'his report is a version ofa 11 teral translation trom the Italian. .~~="-==~= :J :r~ Several Yugoslav training navy officers were given in Intelligence at the Bach1m N~val Aoade~ of Sevastopol prior to the Moscow-Belgrade ideological split of 1948 .than defend tile Soviet s~la World SooiaUs't Order.. it is :strnnge thAt Yugo- BlaT ns. Mosa ~f. _~ Yugoslav theorist i.onfSinc'ifthe form! fiohooling . 7heynhaV8IlO zi. ~ ~ n~ 0 .zn Q portance./~~~""" !.they have no sympe. AGENT REPORT / (SR 380-320-10) fI' 1. and in many instances.rollO\'iing the_d~~~__()~_~!~~~!. i'". Poland . 'their 3ent1menta are extremely liberal.. '!hefirst grciip (old World War II officers and oomwanders) hold the mOB t important assigmnents.. DATE 15 3e SUBMI1TED tember 1958 -'-~__~ ~ YUGOSLAVIA (U) GENERAL D1FORMA. but the 1948 Tit<>- Cominform split and the subsequent-L-::::: ~. H~ever.'. . of this group took plfloe durlngtheori UctU .nON 3.. att.~ Com1Jlitw~of the Central Committee of the Lea. ttenid.ches in fue 107- - ""- - Itquali tativela replacement f'or the deoeased Pijade. !~ .hieh 'WaBquite n~tural for -1fu!t time. 2: aDd 1!Ut1g8-ry experienced. ~i ::t>g} deys of -the Tug calav"'fRus8ie -ideological war.thles for the Sov- :P'i-o ietstJ But.TYPEDNA~EANDORGANIZATION OF SPECIAL AGENT ""A'GL(i) 7"57-501\1-59268 . The l~st group ~th9 new generation) mustbe viewed with speoial o :JJ'O=» . ilia offioer corps can be divided into three oategories.Royalists) has relative1y little or no 1m.he same time.'vy officers nre still attending courses at the N:!lChim Naval Aoadezror in SeVttS- topol. .luate the loyalty rold stability of the Yugoslav A!'11I¥. eduoatedb7. The seoond group-1ex. --- . of natiollftlism and in the and l1berv.5:. Reportedly is to serve as 8. to the Exeoutive . 1'hey are for the most ~art speoialists and iDstruotorswith no c~QJ1d 0' :1J reaponsiblities.. To evs. patriot1Bm .._<r~ WBS aubmi tted as his persona. ~=~~~~~~"~.:._ oase revealed serious bre8. 2) tho68 who waNt regular officers in the Royal Yugoslav A.b becaus~. toward the Soviets..( f Qf " ~~ The ideological disintegration of ~Le LeAgue of Yugosla~ Communists h3s t~ re~ohed an ftdv~noed stage...\. 9 ~ and ~tiona1 CWmmtnism. ". ~ IL.af0roe the _~ucle~ of the League~ ~. one must study the corps of rsgular ar7!73" officers wh ich f'orms the ba. ifi ___/ who of late has demonstrated inolinati0n8 t j --- . They ware belie~dto be the most devoted to 1'ito !'l1ld the Communist regime.

(B'.rnin1'ormis1.I1 ~ laB returned to ~ >'--'>7W'.na and prior to i:hat he 1m8 a ""'-' Consul Italian at. fu iesj but \Vas res torod to rank and pod t10n in 1961. lilith-an Istrian CzechoslOVtlkia. Austria.IJ't\I1~ited. .?:. AGL 7-57-50M-59268 6N .' '. who is or Co.ton.' . sUSC 552 (b) (7) (C} -14126 . suspicious o. 2~ yugoslaVs BOught retuge in Austri8.~Ausirlat"orf'earofa muse. ~.i. '.. '. was relieved from his pos t because of pro-Sovie t sympa... - . . .114118beeri8wtpelicl~. -. POLl TICAL CONTROL SY~BOl OR FilE NUMBER \3.. ihe major! ~ offue .1he eff'oot iliat 1he-!\l&C)Sl~. . LC (51? 380-320-10) 1.~ 5. .'. .trossing regulations.-. ""andC.09 me Slo'VEme m n ori ty .following in:fo:rIlll<tion'lmB submitted by Source SP 102 on 25 July 1958c ~ / the new Yugoslav Consul GGnere..o. . .l for Klagenf'urt... hOJle~r. General(L.. d eot "that L. d&. # .' " ..' 43Q.ld. -. ..h~ . te:ndenoiss. D31EJ~Bi. has a brother . The .. l:t.' . Administrative Secretary at the University o.. . .. NAME YUGOSlAVIA \U) OF SUBJE}T OR TITLE OF INCIDENT 12.!on o/the tile8<~t' ." . TYPED NAME AND ORGAN I ZATfON OF SPECI At AGENT s PEe f A l ~J ~ --~ ~L~FYj>() ~~~:~~~>~~f\ ~ L '. . (1) . '- . who is a General serving 11 fu.~an1'urt.a..tu~~~l~Jrt. The old Consul> General to Klagenfurt.c. ~ . Yugosla~: in1..- . ." .~~n:ti o~ nEJ\J AU8tro-YugOB1avb~~er(. . 1ayed his exequatur until mid 19&84... Carlnfuia into snti-Austrian 8CtiOns '._ . In eOmp9. .1:1flT Genenil SJ./ . gs ass~h1:S poii~ U6n on 1 July 1958..J.frcaihe 7ta1-.w.. . '. .'.cx1ws ot~. but i speaks gives the impression ~lat he lived n Ist r ia "8 -- ~ . '. nwOOer £ tile A..'.. '..-..-. . ''.fuge.o-a-ari11th~'!~!8~g'~~.--':.'triit ae~king re.(7()!!-. .f Ljublja. ' ~. .~ri'.h1.i~>'-'" .f his clos's Slovene oonneotiona and tearful that his presenoe U . nON.L past duties inolude the position of . oppoaed to Yugo81a"V'freed01J1'~!1Q~~B~<.t .tiUt 430CIC'j)e ta.. " . - E%rou1D1l1. ~ During June 1958.ustrlan authorities ... . m furt wag announced by the Yu..tera1.CIqp$1. REPORT OF FINDINGS .::. .. .' ....tOifuelr . AGE1ll"S NOTEB..01thens of Carinfuia ar$.. .~~J.goslaV1l in !1oveIriber 1957..TTi958 I GENERALUFORMA. .~nIJ._ ij of' Slovene origin.a. ...~~~. '. .. as aohild or young tnan.rison~ in June 1967* 747 Yugoslavs enWred~uB..' .i~f W~'thin tufo months. the Yugoslav A. Of this. '. cou.'6) .__ .~ in K4gen£urt.r~~n1. His assigmncnt as Consul General to Klagen.~JWia-t:i~. who is expec tad to return . Bnit1s!ava." .t'~~. 'n.! ' bornl ~(r) ~to Belgrade ~e~goSZ!>Govarn~ m&nt.chmen t reVt)g~ed information to ..T..' .' ....} ~RU%~0SS1F1ED 3Y COR USAiNSCOMF011PO 111 fTlJ n ~.t he 1fill receive a diplomatic assignment behind the Iron Curtain.Yugo~lan~ 217. influ9!l.. tile AUBtria..=.....~ -- . Consule.>..~ r'\.'>< Belgrade ithere it ie rumored iha.. . ~~i~"i. ~ . I 4.

. 195a:. OA1E SUB~111ED YUGOSlAVIA (U) 1 July 1958 GENERALINFORM!TION.1P 8 use 5H? f b } ~-~ ~:>~.oN 1 5 APR 1999 3Y CDR USAINSCOM F01/PO t\UTH Para 1-603 DOD 521)(1.av authorities as dangerous elements since the Yugoslav-Cominfonn differenoes of 1948. Most of these individuals have been on file with Yugosl.c~~-' an is reportedly baok in Albania. or Bulgaria.000.theSoviets. holds approximately 600 of these in ternees. approximately 60 were officers on aotive du~ "With "the Yugoslav A.hoent$redYugoslavia illegally in April ~~ . slav press reported the flight of but three ex-Army Colonels to Albania.manb... ." \J ~c .Goli Otokllt Conoentration oamp. during the period 29-31 May 1958.? ..taJdng refuge in Albania. Amon6 those srrested ara many relatives. To date (17 June 1958) approximately 600 of those taken into oustody have been released following ques- tioning bythe__. 17) (C. friends an~ assooiates of those individuals 'Who suoceeded in. agent of . NA~E OF SUBJEC1 OR 11HE OF INCIOEN1 2. Rou. W-l4126 D A 1 ~~~523 4 1 .as submitted by Souroe SP 103 on 25 June 19581 It is reliably estimated that the number of Yugoslavs arrested as a con- 8equenoe of the new Belgrade-Moscow ideological oontroversy is not less than 2. Roumanh. The "StaliniB~'ma:mbers {}f the Yugoslav Oommunist League who esoaped to Albania. ~~~~rf7i!~rTlA~re:~~j~o* AGENT REPORT (SR 380-320-10) 1. several hi6h-ranking officers on du~ with the Skopje "Armiska Oblas ~ escaped intO Albanu. REPOR1 OF FINDINGS The following information reported by sub-source -Giu1ion on 11 June 1958 . . The . Although the Yugo. and Bulgaria is estimated s.Purga Commission" o£ the Yugoslav Minis try of Interior. (B-F-e) MEN 1"8 NOres 1 Me report 1$ a version of a Ii taral translation from the I tal ian~ ~LGRADED UNCLASSJFJED . POLITICAL 3. CONTRDL SY~BOL OR 4.- ..l-..rmed Forces.t 300. near the Island of Arbe. Many of the aecapes into Albania were organized by . Of these.

:r~. He w as arrestedby the Yugoslav polioe in 1941 but was released.lJSC 552 (0) (7) {OJ secreta1-?General ~.. in 1942 and in fuis oapa.. .~.:>. r. He bOOB-me president of the People fB Oourt f'or libera tad areas of o roll. th JnaIJY poll tical . NUMBER GENERAL INFORMAnON. a member or the CuI tunl Section of the KPJ C1 ty Com. he joined the 8KOJ in 1930 ani Was adm£tted to the Communis t Pa.Republl0. .' . Later in 1941 he 'Was arrested by the Ustashi in Zagreb and plaoed in the Jasenovao Conoentration CaJllp but Was liberated by Communists while he w as testifying before a hagreb. Since his publio duties included the c6laorship of all lit- erary work. POLITICAL 4.rty since 19450 .greb University Law School.: .r OF ~Pr:rl AI Ar.~~~i:i:~. ___ __~~~~ born in Q1 .\.l.-t dated '. He hoinod thEI Partisans lInd Was ple. te of t.::1 Agrioulture at Sarajeva and has been a member of' the CoIllinunist Pa. Herefurned\f$Belgrade in 1947 to become head of the Infonnation Seotion of the }lints try of' Foreign Arfairso .~-::. to 1941 and . Court. tIe.. He speaks Senr. the Part:Y wss able to publish several Communist periodioals through his intervention.:::~:t. I ~~ o A 1 ~~~ 52 3 4 1 . .CT OR TITLE Of INCIDENT 2.'. 27 June 1951JC~ "~ is listed as a aagreb !Tni~r.) tI1JC} lC814~~____ SPEC! U AGENT 6. L-.:~:m. mi ttee for Zagreb.7~1fJgted AS Seoretary Generalor first Federal ine Goiernment for .o~. .'>Inp.!:~F'tT1~AL~«W~~"" AGENT REPORT (SJi' 380-320-10) 1.agre@ employed whO was a.a:. Frenoh~ard German. ersiiijr ~~ WaB aotive and was aocepted into in leftist oircles while a student the KPJ while serving as a State Judge in Zagreb. REPORT OF fiNDINGS U"t Examinationof the files of the 430 CIC Detaohmenton 1 July 1958 c: revealed ~e followi~inf'on:nation on L-~~-~=--_ who is probablY iden-ti tica!~~ w ~"!h~~. and Herzegovina and memver of the KPJ Bureau of the Gov- ernmentIs' Presidium.i~korcer 10ies.) a Croa t Na ti onal of . he WR:S nominated Yugoslav Minister to Egypt at the end of 1945.i. OAT. iE! a grndua.'1e of ~. the RePublic of..oed on the editing sbitf of "Nap x-ijedJ8" the 01'1'10181 organ of the Croatian KPJ Central Commitree.~~~~~::/l~en_ eral or th~ Peoples Bank of FPRY for Croa tia.oi V travelled throughout Oroa tia and conde)!IA~dto ges.-=-"'_ ! 430 CIC Det. ffusc 552. BosID...... -' C prior i' about 1918.--~ -~d brother'L~_c~~ an agronomy engineer is I!lSeotion Chief Ministry of t. rOfo.>-te Z.:Bp~ Tanj~ for the Fed- ere. Another brother.. A res- ident or Sarajevo. he . '. NA~E Of SUBJ.the 16r~.' !9P 0r. ..a.Moslem 1'6 ligion..who is at present (1949) married a wanan f'rom z. CONTROL SYMBOL OR Ell.~~~e~~tf~~:e~~e ~~ ~~s~. at Zagreb Univ- From 1936 to 1940. L~- --. 5 US0552 (1. He returnSdto Boanie. (b) (7) (C. ~_~1fJR. - .. Croat.r:WT ___=-.riijr in 1935. member of the KPJ by the PreBl~~~~~. ~~ 16 the Chief of the Legal Seotion in the Bosnian Law 'C) JAin's try. in 1944 aDd beoame Chief or the of .~~ mantioned in above report. SUBM ITHD 1 July 1958 YUGOSlAVIA (U) ).y f'3 National "hMmblv tor tt>6 Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovin!'\o L-.:ilo~::~..

y General ~tthe Chamber Examination No record ofiS1: ~ . Most of these people. JUniversity Pr()f'6B~()1" Seoretar.ohev's SofiS. (511 380-320-10) 1. f . '!he allegation of an UDBa agent that a person was in possessionof Khrus. nearly 3. TYPED NA~E AND ORG~NIZATJON OF SPEcr~l AGENT 430 CIG Deto . . speeoll (delivered on 6 June 1958 and unpublished in Yugoslav NewspaEers) Was enough - to have the person arrestedo - Prominent Belgrade residents unier ClOS6 surveillarice state orimes inoludes ---- cr beoause The following leading personalities have been arrestedat Zagreb. REPORT OF FINDINGS The following information reported by sub source "Mars" on 22 June 1958 ~as submitted by Source SP 103 on 26 June 1958s Reliable sources that the number of Soviet "sympathizers" estimate aIrestad in Belgrade during the pas t three weeks eXceeds. 5. have been released.--. t as of 18 June 1958. . NAME OF SUBJECT CR TITLE OF INCIDENT 2. ~.' The oti1ers have been in- tamed at va. 350.riouB prison c&Fps "throughout Yugoslavia. '~ l AGENT REPORT". These soUroes es tima. DAT i S'yBMI1T~D uly J. however.958 YUGOSUVIA (U) GENERAL INFORMATION. Bulgaria. POLITICAL ~-- 4.000 Yugoslavs had been arrested.ted the.

uni~t Par~ ~ UndPir date of 5 March 1948.CONTROL SYMBOL OR FilE NUMBER ::-' ~ .Amerioan Oapitalists-.< m.ed as a menber of the Courioli of "the Assooit\tion of Old -ParB. He 'Was listed of the 430 .' " ""C 0 f\fFTUEfIT1AL AGENT REPORT (SR 380-32()-10) 1.lities or<the Croat ~d. POLITICAL 3. q. aot aa.oh..9nt U .san " WarriorB_1rh1.' sliaa menber ~. aga.-. an unotfioial oounter-in-wll1genoe org!mize. C b-' .tion ospeoially'to. he -191\8 report. ' - .&!Ilbers _ere allegecIly-- paid by. ".....tanoe Ur1derground . Com:nnmist 1'arv > . REPORT OF FINDINGS -a.&8 formed at Agnunji Yugo81avia8 The mission of the 6roup . .hosem.~Iult persona.ole Detaoh- a8 ohief' of' the o~dre seotion of the Central Committee ot the Comm.. 18 lis wd in file! aincs 1952.. HAME OF ~UBvECT OR TITLE OF INCIDENT YUGOSLAVIA (U) GENERAL INFORMATION.

1Yi1"rU..tJ'l~ .:rnl."!Rf)V"C) been arrested.~edYt8..~~rJ&et~ll~. ~~_n' Hcmever. in the first Tlto-SUbuio GOvenuneht in 1945 andCommit~e Seoretariat of the TYPED HA~E AND..8. Ati.... tB-¥-8) {.post. ~ .' tile Yaoedonian Pop~!ar-.rjanlpolf .ling>in. sl&.l1eUt.ssembiT.nes.~2'1~ZS~~:i~~'. .. these people have been forced tofl-u not only beoause or the anti-Yugoslav cam- paign but also f'or other reasons.' Under the Ministry of .Ir)L -Y' 'al'ldl8.941 nel)eCU18J{ini8 tel" of Fores tain ..>.&. miilte.f~~"tZi~:r!1~~~~l1al~ rigacl~'. J)ri~>tJooUld '.> 5.~ 'Theyare individuals previously m~ sentenoed for ho. 3..formt\tion obtained by questioning of Legal Trave]e rs 'on 16 June 1958.l.()f'..C~1J.n for the Y~osl"lv '> Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that 'k...~~1.~. ::. g1..led .'.. fl~~i1lle11i) e rLof th~.b~iBh a Government favorable to Mosoow. (' and to esta.. This report is an adi tad version of a Ii tara I translation rrom 1he .. DATE.ainto Albani&Ct..a (a) fl} (D) Most of tile approxi.rtiu.l AGE~T cl US~fi~ fh\ 1'7\ j~ AGL (1) 2-:..following in. J ex-Minister of Min'3s who 'Was e.' ".bOth .oe. on 13 June 1958i.l.0~MiJ1i~te.mong thoBe arrested.t~on .t~B~~1.-¥in. f1I1dMo~..].rl~( w.H~held)hf).. .9. B~y~op\14r'.&1"()f'){ine8.No. was submitted by Source SP 102 on 19581 !iUSG 552. 102 !(§rGRAOli~G P~TA CMmOT DE PREDETERMINED.w\te1y 40 anti-Tito oonspirators recently arrested by Yugoslav polioe were removed from Government positions diring the apli t be- Ureen Tito and Stalin in 1948.~~ '. A nUllber t-or'p'1otters'n led by Yugoslav A~ Colone~. printed an account ofLtatemants which reported tc'-Jat pro-Soviet elements had fled Yugoslavi...F~de 1'8.1i S:pain~ )."o~..Front.J~overmment~ . . .-t~~~~ey~()~. 1 July 1958 CONTROL "'TED SYIoCBOl OR ?: ~. suoceeded in eloaping into .l~~e8i. EX9JRinatiQniof'}the file~()r tile 4g0 CIC]>eta0hmenton 1 July 1958 re- ""e.1?.as led by c.Raoordol'Co1.... Franc.i~nJntjJJP~l" O~?thrrreB!~ iU1Jl.l~~!lle.n Movementin. Lc-14726 S11Bt~:5~?n:'~ ..Albania.1%0<"0.+8.ere. 3Y CDR USAINSeOM F01/PO .0~. The plan of the group "WaS to assassinate 1'i to 't--e.toRdf38S~ lIhe...n.oow e .d:theP9. AGENT REPORT (SR 380-320-10) r Pc 1. REPORT OF FINDINGS The .tile aoitlvi ties in favor of' the Cominform.6-50M-48749 i /-\ ~REGRADED UNCLASSIFIED orv15 APR 1999 . NAME OF YUGOSlAVIA (U) SUBJfCT OR GENERAL INFORM! TION. Naturally.. the_Trios to Slovene-1anguagedaily "Primorski Dnevnik. . Hea'VY" IndustrYhesd~by:te8k()"V8ek. ) ". POLl TICAL) TITLE OF INCIDENT 2.&rthe end ?f hel ti.~rd~tt.~~~~~tl!. (B-F-6) NOl'ES .~ . Following are quoted from ilie nprimorski Dnevnik" as eminating_fron. .:re-'. "-' ' On 14 June 1958.He. notbeidslltlfied :ef~~liO:fngthin~~~br~C~~¥=.ri.Po:pul~r.GA~liAT~O~ DF SPECI.--r_J.~.. former . the movement .~nJtg 19&:~j:~. Spain... ~C8.°tt6&J~~rl::....' in.meJI1bel'~l'~~X~'W!~'t...r~:<~i~e~~:~~:~:ni~~O}~.~ 1>re-~ar .h~.. of Mi.1]."Ll!\!' p spokesms. '.()t'!~~~lavia.. The 10 have rled into Albania to continue their anti-Yugoslav aotiVi ties and to be safe in a foreign oountry. . ~r~8. -'__-~.

Durj."h'fcli . . aPRroximately sroB1emberae .ttngo~."".1'Ore.fal11tt1o'mi in--th8-a"-. . AjdovsoiD8.. ! :.: '-~ :c'C L AGENT REPORT f. .- t .&8 submitt.ed by Souroe 8P 103 on 16 June 19551 ~\iL n. S. a._ 27 April 19mr. Petar.'_ me~_r8. ~oti~ly 1I~'tli1he.en F~:~!\!. yearwhich included. pa:raObutia ts who made 200 jumpa. t pr'I&sentl thaa. version or fl literal tra~lati6n.11'ahd 11is. .ngc_-fue meeting the assooiation spoke or its aocomplishments the pilaf. . YugOalavAfr .c.fro]. purdhase of Uro tU.# VipllTa dnd Idrija.. oonstruotion of an a1rplane. REPORT OF FINDINGS The fol101Jlng information reported by sub-source "Yar8~ ..( . hangar at AjdovsO-ina.ociatl~~ or Jlne Gorica hald .~"'r~ '(B~+f) - . A... '. (SR 380-320-10) 1.f: . -.£'t -~ __ 00 flying 1118i. r-' f~ ~~ r.e Edvard ~RU8j. - The EdvardiRusjan Flying Association 1ra8founded in 195~1ViUls~Dit:t~!. .u aRe ed by over BG~de1egateB from the Communes of' NOVA _ Gorica...oJ~~~9'~ ~ ttes.. NAME OF SOBJECT OR TITLE OF INCIDENT YWOSLAVIA (U) GENERAL INFORM!TION --~-~ ----- 4.. - lhia-report 18..D1eA8sot)la~()l1.-- b. Fo:rc~ UIilf.ruotion (glider ani motor driven crilft) 20 menberB~ d~ jump ins truot1olllJ to ap:roxiDate1y2(j.

~e~ta~41:.l AGENT REPORT ..c' Union.:~~~ft~7tl\8.- - . :10li. REPORT DF FINDINGS 13 ~un8 1~N. ~. ---~.Knjb~.s. ) (SR 380-320-10 1. HANE DF SUBJECT DR TITLE DF INCiDENT YmOSUVIA (U) GENERAL POLITICAL INFORKA. nON ~.~JI~:~t~~o~e~~.n Cultural _>i.rG4nMral otthe ~orbla.~.c~~r.~q). he colhbO'rated in pubU8:hing a Dap.dne4al1fJ4 tiie. ~-. . - or Writera or Yugoalana1ii 19i9.

NA~E OF SUBJECT OR TITLE OF INCIDENT _ YUGOSL1Vn (u) GERERALFOLIT!CAL nrromaTIOB 4.tol108ing 8. . REPORT OF FINDINGS The follO'llfug in£ormaUon reported by iub-8ouroe ")(an" on 29 May 1958 - "&8 submitted by Source SP 105 on 3 June 19581 .rit.- .ail-orthodox .1-Communia't YugoslaY language publioations are being dis- tributed by the TrissteSerb1.- oomnUni1:¥ throUghout the Tries:te areal - .' '. -. - The . AGENT REPORT (SR 380-320-10) 1.

. ". -:.".J'. A olandestine organization opposing the present Ti to regime in Yugoslavia.~~or 430 ore Det. ... version of a li tara1 translation from the Italian. I/-\' .1"'. files of the 430 CIC Detaohment on 22 )fay 1958 reveaJ.... ~ -.~ . TYPED NAME AND ORGANIZATION OF SPECIAL AGENT SPECIAL 6. .. ~ ...~ -~ . 1.. is active in the Sarajevo (Bosnia) 8ubJni tted by Source BP 102 on 17 Kay 1958. . NAME OF SUBJfCT OR TIllE OF INCIDENT YUGOSlAVIA (U) GENERALINFORl"1ATION(POLITICAL) ~ ---- 4..~ resident at !--~~-~~~~"'- -..- . ".~ ~:t~~~~!'J> .Seros ~nd Croats.. .ro<'. 106 5. :: .~'! . ..ed No Record of L_ This is the fourih repor't since lfovenber 1951 of politioal unres t and partioularly fillti-Communist aot1:vlties by Catholio elements in the Sarajevo region of Bosnia.~- ..". REPORT OF FINDINGS . It is f'ormed of' Catholic and Mollem ~ -~~.. ..-.. _ _~~~~_ reportedly h~ 9. ExAtdmttlonof tile . k---. .' .::-. ~ ./1 Yay 1956 ... i . AGENT REPORT (SR 380-320-10) }. It is headoii by one ... ~ t> ~ rhe following information reported by fill unavaluated sub-souroe in early ~ ~ _.:C:' .~ '.rea.". ~. long TKia'tory of arrests for R1i~tt~ommunist "- Vaotivi tieh (B-F-5) AGENT'S NOTES J This report is 8. f" .__~ "J-t ) . . REPLACES WD AGO FORM ~ AGL (1) 7-57-S0M-S9268 .

In 1966. War II he W&l. The Tessils required to aotivate the new I'lgenoy '\Could. WHICH NAY B r U E . the serving of Yugosls.1 10 7 []. AGL (I) 2_56_50M-48749 ~ If' 1 ~\ f . D1. .proposed direotor of the new naviga tion soobty ently !Seoretary of the Splo8D.0 Reoord ot{c. us. Department at Koper~ YugodaTia~ has a projeot for the 4ute. He later beCUla .blhhment of a new na:rigation 80aiety who.v Communiat Parfur and beollus Seoretary of the Ka:mnik Thotory Communist Part. In 1930 he left Italy and foUnd poU tioal hav:m in Yugos1flvia.. would devote ') ib a. The ph. muion 1till be exolusively . -- REGRADED UNCLASSIFIED ON 1 5 APR 1999 3Y CDR USAINSCOM F01/PO ~ ~UTHPam 1-603 DOD5200.y Cell.tbg World into btria to conduct politioal aotlvl tie. POLITIOAL INFORMATIOI 3. 4. 1 JUN 47.S56nt against the ltalbn. F10vidba of Pirano~ whioh in tile futura.II . be . Du...vil1:a tlon sociel tel. J publio of Slovenia... AGENT REPORT (SR 380-320-10) 1..\J6 to the CODliTand of Il battalion. "The.1rbg World War II Stura served in the ranks of the Yugoslav Partin..a Plovidba~ a~ presidentof.AVIA (U) OR TIllE OF INCIDENT i 1 April 1958 7' \'..v ports. LG-014126 5. DAT SU~Mln~D OF SUBJE(1 YUG()S!. NAME 2..nll and rC.. !he p6 Diatrio..n hu been Bubml tied to the Federated Re. Examination or the rUe.tion from the Italian.OtiTi tiu to international navigation. He was sehed by Italian authorities fL"Ldinterned in a oon- oentntion oamp in Southern Italy1P FollOlfing the downfall of' Fa8oi8~ in lta)y_ he returned to Yugoslavia and joined the "Prekomorskaft Tank Brigade. . he was trnnll- ferred to 1he Splosna Plovidba atPiranoo ~ is a deputy in the YugoslaT Cham- ber of Produoers. CONTROL SYMBOL OR FI~f$NU~~(RC~ "'. furnished by the Splosns. . REPORT Of fiNDINGS The following information "wu submitted by Souroe SP 102 on 5 April 1968c r The Kerch&nt ~rin. '!'his report is an ad1tad version of' It Ii tara! tranBls. . ot the 430 CIa Detaohment on 11 April 1968 revealed . Rh rise in the COJml1unie t world began in 1939lihen he joined the Yugosb..Party Seoretary of the entire Kamnik District. . ... af"wr having seven]! minor pas! tions .l'~d' ".1 tl1 '"Ario*.TYPED NA~E AND ORGANIZATIO~ OF SPECIAL AGENT REPLACES WD AGO FORN }41. fr" ~ t . Labor i~ ~ pres" Unions Counoll~n_' who now resides at~ is a native _'. (B-S) AGENT'S NOms. of aapore'tto~ now Kootlrld. rJ !f~ .

goala.1b1 te are !)ooto tJJ 1 .~..8r8 oontinue to work aide by .t prell.320. not .r=-- r. A . . . home. . { .:e:. ~ 1 :. Bor1aX1drio Iu 1.rtitHI_ 10&4 by the Soviet Union.~ . . . ~'.10) 1..t-exper1. t'Jlu. are ideological. I. the rest of the SCYiet world. the Josef 8tetaa Ina'titute are ~.111 8epal'ft.~ the end ot Marcili 1958_ a Bovie t nuclea.ib~:~::.ha Sari. 4 « C De. TYPED NAME AND ORG4NIZATION OF SPECI~l AGENT .tay" ia Yug081arlA 18 oxpecbJd to be of oonaidenble dur-. 0 ation. . Tiaoa.tor expert who 1& pre... (") wt1tu1a.ere under mo arrived in IugoslaT1a. ~ ..ta.~jana 8uburb of tirje_which will serve a8 hi. tho dUferenoe. _.nt17 plaJm1Dg . . .alL teohnioiau..Josof 8tetaJa..1Z6 5.r exPert-I' .uooeS8- these testa ta oalled the Pbp1o'.1: t.a. perhapa because ful te.1 tn tit are .~l~ a1.: :....r Ster. like n\t8i)er ot GeI1Jl8D engineers working 011 nuclear e~riJBenta in YugoalaTh. . I'JIII.1at League and other ( Commnnis t pa. by approxblateq JOOteohl11oian8 - ~ whca approxiJu. i ~~~~ _. .pite tile recent rift. slavia and Run 1a oontinue. IJUlti tute are Prote. 19 . Dgthe 8&eo 80ienti. there 18 little possibility that an opeft breu . I~ec1 :r:.. assi8ted in tile built nuolesrreaotorin the Boris Kidrio Inat1tute testing at Vinca.Il three of the Yug08laT 1iuolear Re8earch Institute8 haTe .CONTROL SYMBOL OR-~[~~~ "I The following information reported. - advi..~~"_ .0 . . 'fOW8. Thi. ... '-~I: tb.tOr. A. 18 . ..&aong the O&eoha employed a1. by Sub-souroe ~ f 800mi tted by Source Sp 103 on 8 JIay 1958.April 1968.~.1...L /.aon . as it nothing had happeMd.. S USC552 (b) (7) (C) 108 1D~1.ot SW.ni8ts C fro. t .xper1men~ at the loae! S-tefan Nuolear Researoh.ller uti more modera reaotor th8JI.e . NAM[ OF SUBJECT OR T IHE OF INCID[NT 2. 'L--. .~_.te the YugoalaT Commu.nio the .. In.TI(jN 3. AGL (1) 7-57-50M-59268 .lde with tho Yu. the lo. froa Czeoh08loT~ia ear~ i. n. of the first The experiment Yug08laT ~ 0- not reported in the YugoalaT pre.. .te17 100 are qualified uniT8niv gradua18 lo1enti..._~~-~~~ GENERALPOLITICAL INF01U!A. __ \a a ~learL re. .--o.~0Y04 . the J08. the tme a. . CJ1 at! tute.08 . - . qua11t'led etattoa-aoo..~ ~ .ment the 8uperTi8ion was effeoted em 29 ~Prl 1 1958 of a Soviet t"8ohnioiftli.... )li11 tar.. '( ._.. betaoen the YugoslaT COJlII!UD.. 1958.. . . preaeu't approximateIytlrenV C&eoh teohnio1an8 aDd .! &nd nuclear energy re8earch oollaboration Oontinue8 W1Ghs.O:i. ~ AGENT REPORT (SJ1 380. l .ub-L~ :. ~h"J1 Ge~ . 'e . commercia..nged. or nd Proh.or ..t._ 18 e1igaged ~ ..~~ :~ --- I. and r . I:a addi t101l there are a1. . 1. Ruuian t8ohnioiana and .ctr10 Ina t. The well established collaboration be'bioen Yugo. IJdUally it was part ot the Slovenia AoadellT or Solen_ and . . ](e alao oonducts clue.~..8~0~:::~' (TJ given a villa 111 the Ljub..hose first :m:i~~~~1~g. .lera.uooe'8ful. it. &3 11 8Il indioation that h18 ..evera]....r. { ~oh11101. 1. Russi. ..taA hat! tut. . OATE SUBMITTED YWOSuf(i'A (u) 16 JIq 1958 --. Vinca .~alear teohnioiana or other l1U1titu1Je. tor Iuolear Reaoaroh wo towictecl a 1948.

- .. . -.up ~ ..-'" .a 8ohed.~ ~i8 direotor of the Boria Xidrio lfuc1ear Institute and'thatL- -- - I ill nee-president of the Y~oahT Nuolear Energy Commission and pre8ident of 'tJie Soientific Counoil of the Boris XidricAtamio InaUtuw ai." ..~. Czech and Bulgarian ~obnici~ are expeoted.) (C} OF SPECI~l AGENT L TllRr n><~p~r1i"."". (B-c.tion from -the Italian. German aDd Ruaa1aa aoilmti..bia report is an adi ted. b use 552 (b) (7) (C1 Examination ot' the filea of the ~O CIC Detacbmen"t on 16 Irq 1968 rn-ealed :that L-.Josef Stefan Inatitute on 8 Kay 1958.Josef S-tefd.\ L.GL (1) 7-57-50M~59268 .'.. G..uled to vi.uring the sUJIU.-'.IECI OR TI1lE OF INCIDENT TroosLA VIA (u) GENERALroLl TICAL IRFORl1ATlOW 3...ns1.- . 0' haJah1ation . .ki8... So .'-_. '. . . .man. _ V'io'8 president of tile Yugoslav Fedenl Buclsar Energy Resea1'Ch Commission wa.0 aee 'the ~nuclear reao1. the Josef Stefan atVinoa.or. and t8ohnioiaDB Jn9nt1oDiJct h thi8 repor't. C%eohoslO'f'aki.. In. ven10n of a li tera1. AGENT REPORT (511 380-320-10) 1.? .1P .~ director of the Nuclear nio1an8 from hi. the 8hipment has been d.~Gr~ffi~:ASSinEP 3YCDRUSAtNSCOM F01/PO ~UTHPara 1-603000 5200. 8IT. NAME Of SUB..~' u~ . . . . Vinca.titute has been iting a oonsigmoont of specie.. . CONTROL SYMBOL OR FILE NUMBER 4. Weat Sl0Y8. trs.- A number ot Russian. 8ll~r:~F. lnaitiute He 'WaS aocompanied wu inspected ouov552 by by It.ta .l equipme f'rom the Vihorlat Faotory at Sniny.t'ar.6) ~EH T'S NOTESI r. ~-: '.:er of 1958 1.l~ for more than tJro month8.. i i\. 7 ofliiOh".30 ele Detaohmetoa 15 JIq 1958 revealed Wo Reoord O£ the Cseoh.- . ~-.rruT . .it the . 6 1 0 9 6 use 5&2(b){.-- 430 om Vet. to arrive in Ljubljana d. (h\ 17\ lC) lnatitute oenter. ... g. reaearch On 22 Apr1l1958. . of the :tile's or the .-- -. REPORT OF FINDINGS The .~ L. - " Li .

.:-ect>. ' .' The rCll'1OOf' ConsU Getl6ral 1:a the ns. FORM . °fi ~'Y9S8 ).il1& intormation. (3-S) IDarlen ntUJ ~e0n. '.2. h':. com" '''"0< "" I 4..u submitt&d by Source 81' lOS 011 6 1&.~:~T'S 1. AGL .u. L-. ~ee. (1) 7-57-50M-59268 . r..y 19681 ~t..9hv CO:n8u1.e~nen. . NAM[ OF SUBJ[C1 OR 111l[ OF INCIO[N1 .1P 110 . b nll~n. 10-14126 430 om Det.achre19nt 0'::' 6' lic Record of ilAdhidu!lla FentiOl'.!as bC~B uslgud AS a COn8ul to ths 1ugOSlAT CONulat.:a . DA 34 1 ..~)7Lh: Exo.=- A.a~c-l I~o. 'r. co AGENT REPORT (51? 380-310-10) }. 11 !ltt~r 1956 rBv~!\l"d I:~ - REGRADhD UNC~SSIFIED :)1\1 15 APR 1999 3Y CDR USAINSCOM F01/PO t\UTH Para 1-60:S DOD S2{)O. ruvide.l at llagenturt. . RFPOR1 OF FINDINGS 'The follo.genfuT't Oo.miDAtion of the files of tl?3 -:'30 CIC r~i.ea 1]'2 thh report. ('..furt.lled to Eelgrade.ttrh.' lAPIi ~2 " . J.uulA u.

NAME or SUBdE(1 OR T Ill[ or DENT INC' TrooBLlVU (U) POLITICAL INFDRMAnON 4.te.t~d -> that the relations betwe.}.r neighboring oountrie. .freest and l68. He oonoluded his speeohby calling :for still better oQ1llTIJ8roial. REPORT or rlNDINGS '!hefollowing information .- - In addition to being a Mndidate in the eleotio~ in -the Republio of' .aa reported by Souroe SF 102 on 22 1taroh 19581 YugoslaT e1 Ifnion is no~ ~ _ ons. He at Tolmin just prior to the noent H.)' (B-6) L-.. pertinent information regardingL () -- REGRAD1m UNC1~SSlRED!. AGENT'S NO'lES.ll-scale OO'1lt.ero8 bebveen Italy and Tugoslavia hAd made this frontier one of the . stressed the inor8asing good relations between Yugoslavia and h.~ underlingng the friendship 'Whioh exists between Yugodavia and Italy~ adding fuat the -Udino Aocord" relative to ams. D A 1 ~~~\2 3 4 1 REPlACE~ .-- '- AND ORGANIZATION OF SPECI~l AGENT f 430 CICDet. Slovenia. and the Soviet and has no p08sibilities of'beoming a n61t Pol! tiou BlooJcl8. poll tioal ani oultursl relations bet8teen Yugoslavia ani her neighbors..8t oontrolled in tho .orld. mmmi~tion of the f11es of the 430 Ole Detachment on 28 March 1958 revealed no addi tioI18l.UTH Para 1-603 ODD 5ZOO. .n in an eleotion speech Y~oslsvia.1P 111 \_"'.~~" the Yugoslav Under-secretary for Foreign Affain. 8N !} 5 APR 1999 3Y COR USAINSCOM F01JPO o.

.:-8Iteta &aOI1g repre. ON 15 APR 1999 .. "~b' L 01' of the _~ ~...1UGOSlAVIJE) 18 an g\ orpn1ut1cm or ao~ than 200. Col.::roximately I\:) 3.~t~~~~~p=~~o ot~ool_..x~n4 organihtlona1 and mat&rld assla- tttnoo to thft Sh.r11la wartare . '. 3Y COR USJ\INSCOMFil1!PO ..rpahooter'. Union of ru.000 bT tb4t end or" en 12 ~h 1968 ID' was flUbJL\Ued by SoclTCO Sf' l~ CD 1T J. Anq O.a111iu)r nature...~f era l .. .r JforeooJ\t' oou14 be f'0un4 1st 4JO em ~taobaN11o tile. DO addit1caa1 pertiDm~1ntorqttoa repri.arp8hootel"'..000 penoJUI or both 80JIIQ crpn1hd into ap.~ndi~ 00 oouraea or 1n81.hrch 1968. 010 n.1Dg ~ 19M leaden a1\4 otf1oer.e. Union.:003DOf)52()(). dodio. Union haw b.entati..-n .UOD or t." g.a ~ or ... M1d8 para-Jd. U »&roh 1958 The t'ollow1ri& intor_tlon reported 'by sub-source "1Ia. 1'be Union orga. all of "hloh . Sinoe tb.tt1oen.goahvia (SfAALJACKI SAViZ . ot the ¥U"loU8 clube. -- 4UTH Para1."1bea tarsot praotice. . Un1-..e of the Bhvpshww.1D& Lt..000 olub. The pr1no1pal oollab~l"ftting ~&noiea ot the tb110n are th1t Tugoalav Ar11Vt the Flght8J"8' t1n1on and the Pre-MU1ta17 Training Organ- iht10n (P1U!JVW1fICKA O13UIA).ll taq 8a1"Cl. REGJW>EOUNCr..ASSIFIED' '. . Gfm.~ to 1norouing the 8hOQt1nc . c: (J) <:) !'he 8m. It 18 the goal or 1he ShtlrpshQotera Union 'to ~ ~1r ___"hip to 600.ruotion oonduoUk1 b¥ Y\1&081. . 8Ohedulo.. . and o0n4uou. .roh 1968 J'Ih881oc1 m I\) .. . ~ T~ P"Oid_Ol1t ~ia"':':~~ ~ JIoat of the Sharp'OOo~n Un10D ari1T1t1.1P' .8.' -- ~" 112- AT THIS TIME 6 use 592 (b) (7) ( L- .tao~lWQi~ etA 2..rot attaok-deren8e probleus eb1.. Sharpahooter'.". bCtgbw.0111 V or the peopleand or ex.. B-C-6) AGEN7'S l{O'fBS.~~::. - i:n~~. l'oJ'Oed ~_reb.Nt fi)u or tM 4!0. This r4tport U an edit$:! "I'Gr#ion of t litem tnmslat10n from the Itali~ OJ c: en (') ~.

't'itUI (\i elevtad member or the Yugoslav Confederationof lebor under the Tito Governmentand :--Q We in such capaoi i. / as vioe-President of: the Central Committee of the Yugoslav Socialist Par1jyo 1i.' A third a 68 year old Belgrade University Professor.. I C Of the men on trial.VIA (U) 3. POLl TICAL AC TIVITY 4. oLtha in Frano8~ Chetnik Movement. literal i. and repeated intervention by European Labor leMers. very oul tured.[)iNG . He was editor and manager of the Chetnik newspaper aulas Beogradalt (The Voioeof Be1- grade) 0 Arter 8 years. The second man to st~ trial was the 74 year old lapyer and tjournalis1. D A 1 ~~~\2 3 4 1 AGL (1) 7-S7-S0M-S9268 REGRADED UNCLJ\SSlrJED ON 1 5 . DEClASSJf!CA T!iJ~J OR DOWNGf<p. as sentenoed to 4 years con- (B-C. 'vaBoonsidered A brilliant lawyer. Despite such high-level petitions the Yugoslav ofrioials have paid lottIe attention to the reques ts and thus far have 5hown no inoline. REPORT OF FINDINGS The follavring information reported by sub-source "Manit on 10 March 1958 'Was submitted by Souroe SP 103 on 14 March 1958s The recent trials of a number or aged Serb Social-Democrats has resulted in protests by the Dritish Laboritea.~or ) as sentenoedto 1 years fQ oon.. He is married to a Frenoh oi then.from 1I1e ltalim. NAME OF SUBJECT OR T IHE OF INCIDE~T YIDOSLA. ~- man.. He was sen. and is an intiJIftte friend of Doctor 1/- . tenoed to 10 years at hard labor beoause of his membership in the Chetnik Movement..1 in wrests of: the Standard Oil CompaDy in Yugo- ~le. was representative of the L_ 4 worker. On three dirf6crent oooasions.~ I Before World War II. . All of his material wealth was confiscated and his bar license suspended.~ANNOT BE DETER'/)[NED AT THIS TIME 1£. lL.~ i _. tion to oede the point. -Le. '1_" L__ was r ~_ nt.t::()~ n()n C.. .Q(){\ 1 P . . . <-.APR 1999 3'( COR USA\NSCOMF01fPO 1\ I I. . ohief accusedo once rIDetallurgical Yugoslav Monarohjr. Be!'ore World War II.6 ) -~ () 1 13 ---- AGENT'S NOTESI Thi8 report is an OOitel version of e. . he was sehed by the Communists and imprisoned.bor Ofrice-. Upon his return to Yugoslavia... and spent three years at the Osnabruok Conoentration Camp.via. "Was the -. presently and vas Oharged with collaboration wlib Doctor- ex menber of the Na ti0w-1 Oomndttee. AGENT REPORT (SR 380-320-10) 1... ----.y. Wi ~ ) .finement for having been in correspondence wi th PrOfeSBOr L~---~-~~--- one-time President of the Royal Yugoslav Government in exile.. in the "Congress for the Re- ___~c o establishment of'the International Syndioate-. Was arrested by the Germans when they oooupied Serbia in 1941.. ill . Aus trianSocialists and the SooialistInter- national to ilieYugoslav Government to immediately f'ree the condemned men. refined end ini8l1igent. L_ fi:-~..ranslation . .. .ent to London in 1945 to partioipate . the above individuals i. URF OF-LSE£LIAI AJiE~ i 1E~~-~ L 'k . 70 year old Sooialist exponent.14126 n \ (7) (C) 5. Doctor . Union during ~e of Assoc~atad pre-World Workers War II of y~ L ___ &lavia at the International Labor Syndicate.. L e was delegate of the Yugoslav Labor Union at the Genevs. TYPED NAME AND ORGhNIZATION OF SPEClhl AGENT 6 . r.. iL-. . () ~~ ~ Cl:~ '5~~ . - Wt\8 released but he has been re-aentenoed to another 8 year prison term. tried.. j ~~-. He represented the ]age.' I n~.

of' the St.P ON 1 5 APR 1999 3Y CDR USAINSCOM F01/PO lI.I1d Arm::r !\11d ft Jfdlgrad interrogated at great length by G2.. REPORT Of fiNDINGS EXt\. Later of Arr8awd the Yugoslav near Trin in May escaped to --the Middle &s t 8. -- ~ . Dili )g~E~968 YUGOSlAVIA (U) 3.UTHPara 1-60~ DOD 5200. .. 4t ~' ( AGENT REPORT (51< 380-320-10) 1.1 P 114 £. of 1943 by ~olonG1 Fonner1J the ftDd flown ~- ItRlians to Italy. Now in Swi tzerhnd.B~" - REGRADED UNCl'ASSlrJF. U~F SPECIAL AGENT D AGL (1) 7-57-50M-59268 .. having escaped from Jugoslavia in 1944 through the Middle Bas t'8..14126 5.IIlina tion of' tile f'iles of' the 430 GIC Detachment on 21 Maroh 1958 revealed No Record of' individuals mentioned in this report -"i th following exeeptions I .__ ft raserw representative officer in Dalmatia.TYPED NA~E AND ORGANIZATION OF SPECI~L AGENT -.C - J to f'oUDd a social tri~d democratio party under government auspioes in 1933. --- 4. .and. CONTROL SYMBOL OR FilE NUMBfR POLITICAL ACTIVI 11' --_. SflVl'l Congress January 1944. NA~E Of SUBJ[CT OR T IHE Of INCIDENT 2.)use 552 (b) (7) (C) IC. Uember of L 1 Central Com:mittee and President . W la1lYer. Middle El'lswrn Comm.

~ c' 1J 5 / I / 2 ~ REGRADED UNCrASSIFIED Al ON 1 5 APR 1999 3Y CDR USAiNSCQf\. J /J . a t'nU 'L a fnn L. . the gathering .. oaptur&d in February 1957. wtak1rta of v.d1nje. The organbation took ita name fora 1 ta founder.' . _de upot Oroat Oathollo. ..u~lItorganUat1on. ..comnmi8 t ani anti-Yugo81&T GOTerrwent &0tiv! tie. sworn .ber ot ten-ent adherents who worit tot' .'7rM andDelaoora tio Wao4donia. 9..a... . The or- ganhation.tong. troy the T1 to regime and to rea tore liber~ to the Yuga-- dava. 188 and ZI» of -~ 15' the Yugo81av Code..' J/J ...L )tlCJ.eting of . fIL-- trial C . lt88U Wlihout aterlal . reported by an un. but the L.. in Italy..ntenoecl tor crt. .. "Y. Bef'ore their arl1lJ8t.J1.1 f? ... ..n Obrenovao &nd Vm1ca. - death. t.~ able to ua8 the. .. all of wboa are presently blprlloned in Be1@:l"ILd.thband8d by the YugOltaT .r1-. Tho explodon oaused.. and 1lUonut JonnOTio.goalana. in his ho..0\11<1 judte. ~ --' and headed bY(t 1.. "xn.L- -anaL P08tponed .a..'thon tiel OaB I till 01.. tie. one-time Labor IMpeotor. .. on Tolin Bunar Street. co TWOSLAVIA (U) B l'eb ruarr 19&8 'PoLITICAL ADr.. . eva1ua ted 8ub-8ouroe. .: u 0011e.- LO at hie Tilla on neb:re.union 18 to de. brou~ht punhhableunierartioles to trial in August 1951. titlCl. v-. who until he . ..~1"roJIl1he Yugollav pres8. In Februaq 19~7... an an-ti-commun18t organhation baa been operating in the Bs1.. presently oon818ting ot approximAtely one hundred individuals.a.8 oarried out.L oalled a . . tbe"VUXOVIC AXA. orpnls.ere sentenoe. 1he operation wIn neverexeoutecl beoauas the __ Rolloe arre8't8d the b$r801l8 1nTolTed before the p1a.. ~- " . 4JO 010 Def4 .n !I. made hie headquarter.. pOla1bll1 tar of operat1nc wl1:h poal tift reaul ta. .ubJd ttedby Souroe Sp 102 on 9 January 19688 The -vuKOVIC AXA".f'ur.~lenned the JltUrder of I . the nn. It hU 11 ttl...g: .... a.rvI fIBS The tollowl~ 1nf'ormat1on oOTering late November 1951.rade. <\UTH Para 1-603 DOD ~@..kP0ii8 nI Wl th th. . oalled to p1&n "the deatruction ot a new bridge aO~088 the Sava River beta. It. 1. 1"*11&b17 reported at Zen!oa. )"*ara In prbon tor Qt1-C~l. Yu.1 F01WO ....omit of hie top oollabor- atorl..101. 01" this aot wu kep1.ton "'Q \l} An ant1.. 8el""f"M three .~.. area . 5 use 552 (b) (7) lC)j .._~" . h~ 01 b. and several injurie. UlOIlt whoa were. Belgrade.incs 1962.ini'oraod the individual_ that they 115.18 a nu.. qain8t the rl~o-Go"'rn- . _ be ..ent wn. . . now a z-..w.. has been re8poI18ible~1'or~ several anti.. 1he orpnllatiOJ1 1. I 'Was ua1Cn84 the JId. 117. wu .ti'r1 tt. .\ .Igrtld. In Kay 1953 it blew up the ~M1l 18kra" unmmitlon ra(itoryts explotive. Ie -c::. .o. and 0108817 OODtrol1e4 by poll" reatr oraoral '(0 t1onj. area looated at Baric. beUr. "tional 1IIaoe4onian Orpn1ahaUon which cti80O"nt~ and c.1t. and Zeaun.. . oppertune.nned sabotage ..

to ren8. 6 use 552 (b) {lUQ) 116 ~ .ere given de!lth penal ties. This report 18 an edi ted version of Il Ii rend transk tion from the I tAl ian-' - - Exudna. P&puk in Croatia.." gr::u p.ined oontaot withanti-Communi8t groups in Austria.ohmen1.I1d 194P. The organhat1on had . an 3 February 1958 fai led. deB troyed in 1947 8.feY . 18 listed .m.M.muni8 t organlza tion in KOBOVO.h tanoe Group at }it.R. (B-F-6 ) AGENT'S I. In 1960 ft nUJlber of Albaniana residing in 1'etovo were arr88-ted for be ing in contaot ..RI" WAS li ate<! 8sa re.l code. !Uld a . 1.O. Many memer8 .r mdnt8.le. tiona..VIA (u) IS February 1966 roLITIOAL ACnVI TIES TetoTO.a8 a Macedonian Revolutionary Organl!:ai. neret ndio station and speci8. Under date or 17 June 1949.01ES.ere apprehended by UDB.tion of the fUe8 of the 430 CIc DEt8. once of anti-Government (l hot-bed aotivitios.1 th an anti-Go. In 1950 1t had its headqWl.lon.edl. now without rmy knOlVn olandea tine organiu.YOOOSU.1 aIV 1n!'onra t10n on individuals mentioned in thi8 report. The -Young Mo.A. The V. tile "1IRIZ. had JIl08 tor 1ta organha tional IOOmbera aentenoed to 1mg prison terms.rtera in the British Zone of Austria IU1d uler.

L --- ~s given Btron con~id€r8tionDecBuse oi' his police power8. j. there "ill be no personnel changes in the.: .. '.)' ~~ i '-:~( _t ~ . ..~.RUtlsian regime.. Popular belief anti-the 5uq)Orts is knoltn to be pro-~ssi8n~hile ~rrent I ___ . JI .~.April 1958.. They-are: vice-Premier of Yugoslavia.Tenuary 195~ (p) On 25 January 1958. .. 2B . there ere three per6on8~ities in contention for the top pOBiti~1~. .. .jinigter of Defence. 88 winning the top position L _ ho". The political sentwents End alignments of ceneralL are unknown at this time. Current~1y..~ . . Minister of Internsl Affairs. -~ ~+-~' ':'-. the following information W88 submitted by Source 2022: A1though changes are expected.ever.". - C~~!!-J. ( F-t>) - ~[GRADED UNCLASSIFIED ')N 1 5 APR -'1999 3Y CDR USAINSCOM F011PO '\UTH Para 1-603 DOD 5200.1 P C.j. j '1 .Yugoslav govemment until the Yugoslav CQmmW1ist Farty CongreB5 lthich is to be held in Ljubljana in .. The Congrees \'Ias originBlly scheduled fClr :lOVOOlber 1957.~ >-.. "i1 ti:. { c=-: u position Among the Yugo81av populace rn~ 15 an old stalinht and is is unKnown.

pel& g .0 .t~ae ~%'(Mute) (m 1%6f)~ p~ of 1... All spoke' Nevoso Cl\1JOretto :Boveo Vipacco Ca. aaa BJ'14-twowoam also 'bo1. T.. '.re~ I con:rerenoe 'in the Bezana town hall on 10 JJovember 1957. .. -~.r1mo ~bri. . presided at ._ i)O~ a JUtWfi&t 1100 SN'iGSt k . : g a.. ~ e from Koper included the followlI1€' ADDRESS Plvka Pestojna - ~ j p~ ~ ~per Isola d'Istria ~tJ Dlyn"'c1a.~'"". '..t) ~") Her.a Canale 4tI8oMo A. sae .~Gorica ~l" 81881011in (:B-6) ti~8te. ~"" ... ~~ Ministerof' the Republic of SlbveJda. i. otA~ . "'.- ~~.:...4q .. PA..:: ~-~ :2) 'lhe following UU'o:rmr. froa Bova G&r1. Idria del 1'ollo".~ included the Vllla.. .e ~~::8v~~ of the.11i1aaBiIJa JIoyaCorlca ib1aiJ1 \ s.~. 23 December 1957 YUGOSLAV POLITICAL ACTIVITIES (u) .:::> ~ ~--~ . In ::. tb..tion rej'orted by 11 sub-source of' mUmO\-!1t evaluation '-~ on 19 lioTel1}ber 1957 was submitted by SP 103 on 22 November 1951 s N $. attendance Wtr8 the commmlU presidents of the Capo tPIstria districts of ill Koper and Nova Gorica. f"..\rded.

He ia flmember of the Po1it-Buro of the ComI!UJlist Party of Croatis. He 'Was sentenced to 4 years iJnprisomnent before World War II for his Communist ideologies and anti-govermneJ1t s.'L ~ CGRADEO UNCLASSIFIED". Col.TOr .de in the Spanish Civil War..1P l1q DEClASSIFICA TION OR 0 ED AT THiS Tlir\~ 5.~ is dso Chief of the UDB Headqullrteralor the Rep11blioof Cros.lionwhich fought wi th the Internationa1 Brig8. former -~- '-~. -.o is being ignored L- by the Central -Ooromi ttee and is finding hiIMelf put aside much in fue same manner as . OAILSUBWI]HO 4: Deoember 1951 YUGOSLA. -. 1». .~--' tral Committee beoause of his 8Y11lpatbytowa..rd the West AM . )N 1 5 APR 1999 . REPORT OF FINOINGS . he was a Captain in the YugostaY13a tt8.L. j president of the Croat Parliament oontinues to be in disfs:vor of the Party's Cen.U. OB file this office. TYPED NANE ANO ORG~NIZA 6 "- L ! 430 0lODe 'to L2 DA 1 ~:"52 341 .rty officials who reside in luxurioua apartmentll.1946 he became Croat nniatar of Interior. 3Y C DR USAINSCOM F01/PO '\UTH Para 1-6-re[!oo5200. lives L.d of the Cro!ltian Federal OZNA. T in a modest five room aptl-rtmento-~(B-3) AGEN:IS NO'IEs This report i8 s. o Exs. 60mmunist of long 8tanding~ .ctivity. ~ n.his h08t1lity toward the rene1ted good rela.t..tia.tLt..mination of the files this office reTeal ths.. (F-6) _ Reference is made to A.. am in 1949 1r!L8 he8.Vil.gentReports dated 4 September 1957 regarding r:::. \ \\ -"-""'_. ~-. CONTROL SYWBOL OR fILE NU~BER 4.. . (u) Politio~l Infor~tion 3.t1011 of information regarding hI. - AGENT REPORT (SR 380-320-10) 1.i th the Yugosla"V Conmwrlat Party Central Committee aDd aumms. ~'~ . Unlike other top Pa.!. r-USC 552 (b) (7) (Cj :5 .~:) () The following information was reported by Souroe SP 103 on 19 Hove~er ''3 19611 -. NAWE Of SUBJECT OR TITLE Of INCIDENT 2. tiona between Russia and Yugoslavis. General 1(- L/ lliaa born fnr in~: A. 1L..n edited version of ili terd translation from the Italil!U1..." president of the Croftt Pllrli!t1neJ!.

3.4(b)(1) and 3.2001. MARYLAND 20755-5995 REPL Y TO ATTENTION OF: April 16. Our letter of April 20. It is not possible to reasonably segregate meaningful portions of the withheld pages for release. . Young: References: a. ZFI01485W in accordance with Executive Order (EO) 12958. b. As a result of our review.3(a)(3).(a)(3) of EO 12958 provides that information shall be classified CONFIDENTIAL if its unauthorized disclosure reasonably could be expected to cause damage to the national securi ty. New York 10024 Dear Mr. MEADE. Code 552(b)(1). Our letter of October 12.4(b)(6) of EO 12958.S. informing you that additional time was needed to review the records and we were unable to comply with the 20-day statutory time limit in processing your request. 2001. This information is exempt from the public disclosure provisions of the FOIA pursuant to Title 5 U.3. information has been sanitized and 12 pages of records are denied in their entirety as the information is currently and properly classified CONFIDENTIAL according to Sections 1. 2002 Freedom of Information! Privacy Office Mr. A brief explanation ofthe applicable sections follows: Section 1. Your Freedom ofInformation (FOIA) request of March 29. for records concerning various dossiers. ZFOI01485W. c. We have completed a mandatory declassification review regarding the remaining records in the file Communist Party Yugoslavia. 2001 providing you records from the file Communist Party Yugoslavia. DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY UNITED STATESARMY INTELLIGENCE AND SECURITY COMMAND FREEDOM OF INFORMA TIONIPRIVACY OFFICE FORT GEORGE G. John Young CRYPTOME 251 West 89th Street Suite 6 E New York.

After the 60 day period. such closure does not preclude you filing litigation in the courts. The reproduction cost of$33.S. you should forward it to this office. You may appeal this decision to the Secretary of the Army. 12 pages of the same pages withheld under (b)(1) are also denied in their entirety as the release of the information would reveal the identity of confidential sources. or reveal information about the application of an intelligence source or method or reveal the identity of a human intelligence source when the unauthorized disclosure of the source would clearly and demonstrably damage the national security interests of the United States. this information is exempt from the public disclosure provisions of the FOIA per Title 5 U. . The significant and legitimate governmental purpose to be served by withholding is that a viable and effective intelligence investigative capability is dependent upon protection of confidential sources. or seriously and demonstrably undermine ongoing diplomatic activities of the United States.45 remains due and should be forwarded by postal money order or certified check made payable to the Treasurer of the United States.S.S. Your appeal must be postmarked no later than 60 calendar days from the date of this letter. who is the Initial Denial Authority for Army intelligence investigative and security records under the FOIA.4(b)(6) of EO 12958 provides that classified information more than 25 years old is exempt from automatic declassification if it would reveal information that would seriously and demonstrably impair relations between the United States and a foreign government. This denial is made on behalf of Major General Keith B. In addition. Section 3. -2- Section 3. This information is exempt from public disclosure pursuant to Title 5 U.4(b)(1) of EO 12958 provides that classified information more than 25 years old is exempt from automatic declassification if it would reveal the identity of a confidential human source. The withholding of information by this office is a partial denial of your request. Please cite case number 49F -02. however. U. Army Intelligence and Security Command. Code 552 (b )(7)(D). The amount of $500. Since the release of the information deleted from these records would result in an unwarranted invasion of the privacy rights of the individuals concerned. Code 552 (b )(7)(C).00 for the professional review has been waived. the Commanding General. The records are enclosed for your use. If you wish to file an appeal. Alexander. the case may be considered closed.

A. J fl' /// . Refer to case #49F-02.- ' .-.~c.-rt.-- . please feel free to contact this office at (301) 677-2127.i JtJU(. Sincerely. Freedom of Information! l LRussell ~.-/ \ '/ . . .L/ /" " "f f M Chief. -3- If you have any questions concerning this action. J' chols ( Privacy Office Enclosure .~ \ ~ f:W.~"J<"<J.

."l.....ab...J).huateaUutly . .1...t..lR ~..l'tid"ul to thtJ.' '.i»."tH".ntiat Church JIad* ita biUa. .. PHy" 1t8~ra.' "~(JIt. thtf.ut814..ppr~.~tgD.' .1(Xt""i1I~ conte..t1..ltt. - ~1..lno.ta. R Uf) em Det.. ..J" of T.a.~ pr8ael1"t about ~ of it has bee. REPORT OF FINDINGS \Cu .' '.Feroea. penOU1 ta.u' ~tor.1tkAdwutU1.~. u41~ . 'to .&»J' oontaota .ao1\1tJ.1 &ppltra1108 111Tug_l8.T~. ..pUa1»r group..~. Wor~4 WarII theJA'YfttiatAihadtwo. . ~.~Prle.J1JlI.th1tlJ. Jd"fUttaW.a.e kzaje# .ri.p~l_te17.. hd o1oael'tJ!&tiou .4. . to iJeJ"f8 b tb# ~uco- ..< ~.' '~ . .~~ ia lata '~r1951 ..11~t}}.-ttl~.hrla I.toll. ~'YI"" :'J<~..."4>11. .0.C.DOf)..... .:d.'.. fUt~~hatJ Jw1 It .tt~..rJJ.. '.\1.~~.. 8" aub.OOO~ _':t:ii. theCA$J\f<~ft1. . ~ OrUi~~ChuroaagreH an4 t\ie-un01!.. SF 102 01\ 1% Deeember195f.ljJ4tridua1..'te1i. iA zag~..iJL'the Belgrade ana. whicb. At pr$$en1.- AGENT REPORT 1. ucI..~.ith..'~c.1U"e.\ ~~j :.1'ugoalaTi. ~ .A:.the P Ilt. UJlid17 &dJai ta .utttQa1t and ~:~I~'..ow riJII ___t iOOlmliri4ua1.. . approximatil17 1OO. ~ti that at a reduoH 8Q1e..-'. .~.ho wo1114be h.. l.uthorltt. not to DiBd on17 the UY$ntiats_ Beca~:.:~... ~. "lt~. cn1y thehlgra4eSepimu:ycontbmo. vm._~\1t at. .here theft . ~:~T -'4_ntiata.. . .f.M. 1\\1E"1.. A4.~.'9ia in Itl0. wMcd. . . NAME OF SUBvECT OR TITLE OF INCII REGRADED UNCLASSIFIED 2.._'t18taha." their tuDd. ~.t -to pDd.~~ll1~ueH h7 a ~... ~~~~.. DATE SUBMITTED ~Ya. ~~~~k..~ten.O~ tt. :. orohurehtt.. 191& or 196$.. ~Yi.. ...~.ted.oa c~~. CONTROL SYMBOL OR Fll Auth Para 4-102 DOD 5200. WHICH MAY BE USED..C~t.I't..n~g" ' < .ad.....ta..oae . 1& all o...~... . llL> DA 1~~:"52 341 REPLACES WD AGO FORN .~1r" J!AI!~.rebu11t... vjtrioU taitb:&' ~htr\()~ leader. ~~.0Ut'M8 leating~roa two to lour ~ .~..tfI<l.~..f ~. .1'8. ~.80tbedhto .1GIOtTS BY USAINSCOM FOI/P A J.-a.~' '.llitted b7 Souro.Ufth btT"I.&dv. BU.(tJ) ON 15 April1999 18 ~r ltsf pOLl TICAL Db RE1.~~.~ or 1iheUnntiat Ch...-i~.. 3~1.u p~uJ. .~". ~ 1 vUN J .~t. ~....1rf.~. pr8da1. Q:a. 8f>udu...lt1(.1i 18 Bcd~.. '0 ~F 'S I! ' WonatioarfllOrteci by _.~ iItlno~! t~~~~.a~tive of the !a1.. ._ou1: abfit't %00 iO JDeJlbttra.:.~. i.UJIIIft1W1.

. -et:. . tM l~ . .'-.."""""'. ".~. . I .'.' ..rr'I1ea ." ~j_t. ..~tIIJ 1d~\'pin.dT~W \ -- .. ---"- .' eo .gt...-"." ." -.c~.~"Ve. . '..1i~p.t1. AGENT REPORT (SR 380-32()-10) l~NjMEDfSUBJECT OR T~TlE OF INCIDENT 2.W':~__l~-. . REPLACES WO AGO .. 3~ CONTROL SY~BOl OR FILE NUMBER .. . . .. : ::..f{. .. . . '.DOD 5200.. .. -'.-'...fll.t.~B. 7ttt.'.-..J!t .... . . ."" .. .. "- '.tl . . .'~:..ti "..."....~.. '. ... -.. ')~9i*'~ '. ror 1J:ut:""."__""iIMr sa . II.. "- .itt:nF .. "".- :GRADim~~~MIED BY USAINSCOM FOI/PA " Auth Para 4-102. Bt? -... -.. .~. -:~-'Gt.:o.ijt...' C ""Q".. r.' . ...'".~:..". .' . . . '-'. fiNO ING S .. ~t1Mn\cfr.. ..>~. . .fORM J~l. ." -.O~~.

.8$1: _ "~ ~. FORM . ._' ~ ...tdt1.~j. . . .. reIIO .:. ~. ~. -. '.".. '~. REPLACES WO ~GO fO .~..._rep0rie4 ~\Wt~1!S1.. . '. .0 .... ~c Ct. -.". -'.. ~__ ...> _. ..n\.'""... ' .tl\erQl ~~J..S . NAMEOF SUBJECT OR TITLE OF INCIDENT 2.." . ........_~~. ".. . .. . ' ...'..:.A'f . .. ~. DATE SUBMITTED l... .....~.. . .'A.. - ._~ .o~1t51J ~~a~. ' . - . . .000 5200. '. ""0 . ~ V.'.~~. REPORT OF FIH~INGS _4 . . ~. ..otft .~tJ:_U_. - ' . . wt:th".. .W. . ~.~. ~e ~i. .~ce4 ~. . _. './ _ I _... '. y APR 52 341 . . . C"~ '.... "'.'. "" ... .. ".'.~ _~~U.-..t1Ws. ta1r1z Sf )'9J .1R 122 .\titWJA. '. .r>. "'C. ..__'~. -. l' ~..'..-.~~. .. AGENT REPORT (SR 380-320-10) 1.. REGRADED UNCLASSIFIED ON 6 MAR 1002 BY USAIHSCOM FOI/PA Auth'p1ra 4-102..._:. .. . .*' ~.. 1'$8.tollow1g ~1\torreati. . .' " !he.."' . . ..."'-"-""ptl.@r4. - m.' .'. '.. .i .JA \"'\ '. . .btogna~.. . >...c. "" .":."'*.'~~. . '. . . . .".. ..

. 1 'hr (tI) ~...:.~. .""" ~....:"._~~~~~".. REPORT OF FINDINGS .1R 123 . ~. - .~~9t .~-'(/~~1 .' . I 5. W~\t_.:~t!~~i - . . OATE SUBMITTED .-... ') . - .' ~ "-.' - . - ..I PREDETERMINED.. _~'m.»Jl~~e."~~~ .tT.. -.':~.1". .~. . .. ~ .:~t " DA 1 APR 52 3 41 REPLACES WO A&$.. ~~J.. __ ...~ . '.~.~ ~~~E. qRGANIZATION OF SPECIAL AGENT .1'0e~~19~..~ ~.DOD 5200. r . ~)~tt..' .1t. 430~~. ~' . TYPED NAME AND. . .I~irq~~oa~~4va. !h.... FORM ~. AGENT REPORT (SR 380-320-10) 1.~ \~.NAME OF SUBJECT OR TITLE OF INCIOENT 2.. ~~~J:T~~=~=~U~_I#..- . - REGRADED UNCLASS~IED ON 6 MAR 10Ul BY USAINSCOM FOI/PA Auth Para 4-102.

~iRJt~~..~~ - troa iJt41iaa.als. -uti~ in thl. .e.1Wte8 1Uld. _ _ _ . _' ' eC~~t~~.J.t'ci~t. _ .~~e. -. - Ih . 'A.G~ JiOB-. 1h6..D4tY:t4ud.~M. 'r . . 0 .-..~i'~.. _ _ . ".. tafl.. ~.' ~.e~. ..~ . ~~i~-f~~...J".y -- . t!!V.du. 0 - - ~ '~c .- -" ". -ll~g.:~_. 4.-'.l~-."<c::. / _~_. ~~t~.-~._' .- .~1_ft1-.'~_: ~ ': ..t~B ~f~~J~m. . .bfJ 124 .'.or. _~i$ report 1 ~iWwrIii1()11.: '..1i~~_~ 8~1~"'~t. hdiv$. . . U_tt~o . --~> . . . _' .a ~.~~~~.

OATE SUBMITTED f!ia1 .OPt Of SPECIAL 430tkCXt Jet D A ~~:"5f341 1 REPLACES WO AGO fORM J~l. i ~.'.. . TYPED NANf. .-r ~ I). ON 6 MAR 1002 BY USAINSCOM FOI/PA Auth Para 4-102..DOD 5200. NO ORGANIZ..1R 125 (b~ ". V~_ }. REPORT Of fINO'"oGS REGRADED UNCLASSIFIED '. NAME Of SUBJECT OR TITLE Of INCIOENT 2. CONTROL SYMBOL O~ fiLE NUMBER j I . -0. AGENT REPORT (SR 380-320-10) 1. ffttgp$1avlJdna! .n..


reported by ~ X was submitted by SETAF 702 on 28 Octo -- AGENT'SNOTE: The "K. _and not by source.S.-._-- AGENT REPORT (SR 380-320-10) 1. ished by. USASETAF. GEIDAffiL nTFOR!<IATION (U) 3. has recently been changed to UEJNA .'.NAME OF SUBJECT OR TITLE OF INCIDENT 2. CONTROL SYMBOL OR FilE NUMBER ~. DATE SUBMITTED 31 October 1960 YUGOSLAVIA. SIGNATURE Or SPECIAL AGENT . REPORT OF FINDINGS The following information. MEMO FUR RECORD:~ advised the undersignedon 8 Nov 60 that the inf'o in the Agent's ~tes thi . On 7 November 1960. (b)(7)(Q LC-14726 R-1294 5. -.. 163rd 1IT Battalion -COpy ---- . - -COpy _. TYPED NAME AND ORGANIZATION OF SPECIAL AGENT 6. APO 168. New York.(Security Administration of the Yugoslav People's Army) (Uprava Bezbedmosti Jugoslovenske Narodne Armije).O. New York.. revealed no record of any pI the above mentioned individuals.. a check of the files of the 163d NJ Bn.

J LIAISOn OFl"ICi'.. _ SOURC~ SETAF 702 B-F-6 l ::0 ' 0 -~------- . -~--~ ---- 28 Oct 60 DAT~ OF InFO undated ])ATE & PLACE ACQUIReD Rome.: RmE A ro 794 us FORCES XIR NO.. ! . -Italy -_. 1279 C OUHTRY Yugoslavia DATE 28 eet 60 SUBJECT General Information ~ ---.. ~T1A.

we will advise you of their decision. Information originated with one or more government D agencies. Information originated with another government agency. DELETED PAGE(S) NO DUPLICATION FEE FOR THIS PAGE Page(s) IAGPA-CSF Form 6-R 1 Sep 93 . Information has been withheld in its entirety in accordance with the following exemption(s) : rt is not reasonable to segregate meaningful portions of the record for release. We are coordinating to determine the releasability of information under their purview. Upon completion of our coordination. D It has been referred to them for review and direct response to you. FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT/PRIVACY ACT DELETED PAGE (S) INFORMATION SHEET Indicated below are one or more statements which provide a brief rationale for the deletion of this page. Information pertains solely to another individual with D no reference to you and/or the subject of your request.

' 4184) .KardelJ-. """-. d1 pr. uno de1 d1r1gent1 - eomun1at1 a Debeljaca. .. ~ ~ fS 4117) .~ of 4181) -.Com1t. d1 DebelJaca.. ) t. ' . ---' . 1 -- 4178) ccadiuva 11 d1r1gente nelle farmac1a PopolaJ d1 P.d1 DebelJaca. della del due sacerdot1 catt01ic1 d1 JanjeToJ v. --.. .- \ ~~ - 4179) ? . rappreaentant8 001 . Jecar. . . Espon.zza ~.l'aliro d1rigente delpart1to 1n8egnante nella predetta 8cuola d1 Pol. Dubovik. ~ 4186) 4181) . .8eiggrttg~~d8~g.f> e ~>:"!'.. . .Ecol 1 -.capitano.w dell. nJevoa dir1g8 regge 1 'utfic10 d1 Janjevo. serbo.1'a1tro aderente a1 parilio mussulmano.- 41 DebelJaoa. donSteran 4189) . .de1 ~rt1 to. 1. 4188). ~ . allontanaio Del! per attlv1ta antlgcvernat1ve..munale - - - - 8spon..bovlk. . dirlge la cooperativa co~merciale presao Veljk1-Dubovlk. - . 1naegnante nella predetta acuola d1 Pol. 1neegnante nella ~redetta scuola dl Pol. 213. " '~ 4182) . --. ? . . ~~ . Hodja mussulm.Dubov1k. ottennale "ROMAN-..Comunal4 d1 Janjevoa sottutf.Ecoi n~::.1 .~ .. d1r1ge . Esponente ~ " -.Pijede di Negot1n. . 11 posto J:oatale 4i g1~ rappresen~.:-~ .TO. 417) 1nsegnante de1 due unlc1 aderent1 a1 partito oom~ sta nel paese d1 Dubovik. al p~ J .zza Mosa Pi jade a Begoi~ .Popol.po1iz1a d1 Janjevo. .lcom a del cinque pope ortodoBsl d1 ZaJecarJ . I!. Du.- ehe d1rettore della locale Scuola minore 41' . \ \ ' 41 la J. ? ? . -- 4175) 1nsegnante nella predetta 8cuole d1 Pol. nale nativo 41 V.bov1k.80ccorso Janj8To . d1 Sredn1. d1 P. comanda la ~liz1a Popolare d1 1&. =- - .comunlsta d1rIae 8 dapoco d1 L1plja... ' 4185) .Eco! 4174) .- munista.. '1 .' 140 ~. 4190) 4192) 4193) . . 4i Du.ECO~ 1 4176) '.~ 4180) . -.d1 Debel~aca. cooperat1va batter1e agricola d1 cuej Jan..Pr1ma Fa~ e: c1a Popolare. . 41rettore 1& tabbr. soprannom1nsto scuola staz. 4183) .. 4171) . \": ~ ' '. ..'. .cr1tt1 .' 4191) '.~la predetta ecucla d1 Pol.c Presid.. '. ~~~l~:":. mussulmano. 1nvalldo d1 guerra partigiana.. i~'aBgBltlaaStt!ea~~~R!1.. med1co. .. 4172) Po11t1ca ed Econom1a per nec-1. dlrlg8 1a .# r~ t.. Gih propr1e~ d1 farmacla nell'anteguerra. tarmao1sia d1plomato... po de1 nominat1T1 .

. i cinque negozi di Savino-Selo. . cugino del predetto. dirige presa -RESNIK. .che poss1ede il negozio dell'1&- altr1 sei negoz1 .Comunale di !u~1n. ~ Savino-Salo.. .. 4el Comi~. atato destinatoa piu alto incarl!~ . d1 Tutin. '!..10.'..~ .Comuna1eJ4 8-8Y le Contravvenz10ni) a Tutin. - ..~<. Dirige l'Utfleio Postale-Te1egratlco .... f ' . Savino-St . 4195) ..~~co dei nomina ~i T1 t.agricola~ i due ne~ozi stenti a Tutin col cugino Bazim.~ . -. comanda la staz.coadiuva 4208 ) 4209) .. .Direttore de1la Scuola Elementare ottennal~ di Savino-Selo. Dice81 deceduto in' .. di poliz1a a !u~inJ ~ .. . 1\ ' dirige una cooperativa ~ commercialecomunaleohe 4t~9} .L -'. J.rgasto10 per aver ucciso sett. d1r1ge 11 mul1no e1ettr1co eeistente . tore. _.ottennale d1 !utin.. ~\ comunale a Savino-Selol 4~16) . 4112) Rappreslntante del Comune a Savino-Se1o. . 4205) ~ Presidente dell'Obc1nski Sud (Tribun.egberia -Drvni Kombinat. i ( \. Segretar10 -Addetto -"- .C1Yt1e telegraflco e1em. a ru- I I - 4197) . k. . I .'. careere per cause 19note. .d1rettore dell'albergo -1.41 Savino-Selo.- - -- I 420) .. d1rettore della .--.{ ..-.. amm1nistra .B... ...coadiuva 11 XedunJan1n nell'utticl0 'COMUNALE41 4t14) 4t15) . mussul. all'Utt1cio .so~tuft.-.. .. .D. . israeli taJ \ . Tutin..coadiuva 11 Sekulic nella d1rezione della coopeJ tiva agricola d1 Sav1no-Selo. ? . 4!11) . l'allorad1r1glnte dl11'D.~J.. del partl to comunieta a Sanno-Salo. .> 4204) aerbo..1 " B. ~JATOVIC M1Jo. un'altra cooperat1va della Coopera~ agricola esistente I t.Gi~ direttore della Scuola . 4~ 1)1 . 4irige la cooperat.. 814 . ! : 4200) - 4201) 4202) -.~in. . --- . d1r1ge l'Off1cio U. . ne tu 8i~ 11 dirt --.f .... / .hodJa mussulmano a rutin. 4t18) .donna. I 4196) I I .i . ... ir 4198) Pres1d. ottennale di Sf~ ~ - - Selo. . . med1co pr1mar10. d1 Tutin.Savino-Selo. --~ .. persone nel 1958.d1 Tutin.? ..Popol.. . 4207) ? d1rettore delIa cooperat1va 4i Sav1no-Selo... 411) .. ~ > . : 4199) . \. esi= .. d1 Tutinl d1 1'u~1aI.Postale 41r1ge l'Osped. .dirige il Selic nella d1rezione t1va agricola d1 Savino-Selo.( 141 1. j 4206) . regge l'urr dlrettore della Bcuola .. . Leva .-. -..t. condanna~o all'.

. L. ~~~ '.. . -.. ... . .. ..: . _..... Ele . .-- \ . '.\ t . . .. ." -. -. . '"t . . . I \ t. comanda 11 Centro Rec1utamento ~ pendente dal jOVojna Oblast. . 215 . a B11eot.~ '#" I J t t I <. <-~-"-- . ::~~ --~ ... '" - 142 ~ 1 . " -'.- ... . comanda l'Accadem1a M111tare per Uff1c1al1 d1 Complemento es1stentt a B11ecti _ colonnel10.... .1 nominat1T1 _ oolonnello..~ d.. _0. -"'-. . .' ~-'< ..

.ct1Y1t7 18 I"814tl~ unimport. to the t..DobrotTOrnC i Pronyet.houD1 there are H"t'8ral thoulU\DdSlcmm.t.unnt. " " .8 111 the CIFR.ate of 1941-1945.Cre&t1C111 1I~'.rQe 481OCJ"&t1crepr ctaUn of the Croat."the T1t. hshnoalaT818k1 DIIIIokrat8ki Sans). it. .. I.7 (Bnatllka Sel1achbstranka).rl. -~ .. ...0n8in ~ QFR~f~~. ~' ~ . the t. a) Jfrvat8ko .ant.. th.y in tho GFR 18 r~ented b7 t._' -: _ .1on at 10 April (10 ApI" 19U). .1. obiet..~ Part..--.~-r". ... -j. arI-' '". the D80erat1c UD1011 at Scut. political organ1sat.t.it1on of the 1ndepoodent Croatian St. ~. U. -.~r. ~-. aDd the celebrat.:'. " . 1h18 ebb 'W&8tOUDdec1in Munich 1n August 194-9 1n the F88eDce of .. 1>et.tAt~t.d. . 11180 drav1na a Une HtWMII Croat aDd tPth..hC'D Sla"f8 . . 'i ...." ~ ~ ' s. :. :. ~. llt.ilPtiDD8 Sa 8dle '". .1961.hered the aa'arl. .. attept.brcu&b tb18 priem.. _ . U'CJaDt1 Wdch pt.aD a look at their ar1gin GI' their . .o two k.o the Hacednnian..- ..a uke about. ~I ~ 'lbe Croat . 1Ib1clt ~).' or Croat. Croatian FarmerePvt:r ~ ". .1cm8 in a:ile are d1Y1... CI116 Ocrt."'j i \ 143 ':'..1cme in tadle. ~. :. of OI"DY'i_t. ~ ~::tlO118 l8D8rated b7 the 8pl1t of - . ) ftAHSLt 11(1{ . -. All tb.o act. it 1dllpr'OTe_eM to \.t8Z'~ tal8e 8Dd .i --~. ' 1n~. Croatian P'anIer8 Part. -~ .. .10118 (thllft 18 JI'8O'Uulq w ~ em.~ crp.' ___ ~their U8t&ab&HoYcent. '. 1hepc'8C118 thq retv \0 w~- ao lcnger head the organ1-t. . "e1r political a. hu bit.' Caat"~-'1D8e""lt62 . 'k:t _"__. ~~--.~1!118~ \he ex.! orpu1s&t..:. t.~-'..o Nt wp~. GP'Rtodq.fti P\10D8 in. t. "r.he abon elab. aae appl1.~J. t. ftCh orpnisation. -~!t' ~ .o1t. ~ in \h. --~-'- ." ~ .no DrushtYO "Radich" {Croatian Bennolent aDd Rduca\1cmal Club ~cbT 'lb.e orpTt1 sa-tlone baTe one CCIImCI1 \heir Indepa1ence Dq.z-ad. -~ -~-~-- .c1ua1:n r1&ht.." ~. the Croat orpn1-.vetn \be \wo wor14 w. aatiCl1. wak ~ 8IMIaI the Croatian ~t.ded1Dt. an4 Hoal_ ~ tJ"ca Bo8n1a. . t..h8I are 1rt.lca in the GFR~_ oeue4 be a ..n. ~tian8 of Croat~. . . . - !be Croatian 1vM:r8 Parl7. Ia _ .ch . ~-' '-~ a. - politlcal bacJq:rounct. ~ '-'j ...1. Tlwec! t.: -..-bv or the arpni RU.

. .r7 no~pr . 2nd Treasurer. President I Member81 Board or at \he "Iaarbv&- . ..JT1 2nd Secr8t.ar71 1st Tnuurer. . QrpVv. ~' ~ \he electiClool the ft_ o1't1C81'8 0116 J_ '.'~_ '-':j. "'" --.. -..... '0. .::' .ec1_ \hat 4qa ..ubheld it." -.~.. .':. &Mr Ik".~ - ~ ~ - :. ~ '84-A. '" -' pa1"8 - . ~ .~ . ~. ~-. ~"''-- b) CFP.:r.t. . ~ .koT1eh..1"7 et \be Croatt-vl hnHn hrt.. "0.... . entati Te tor . Members of \he Board I Control Board. .teI_t. ~ ' .Pre81c1mt I 1st SecreU. - . ~ . ~p aeeting on Ep1JNb (6 .. '!rad1U.. .. '.'" .~ YuJoet.' .' J"88taurant.' 196'.be Part. :'". '. i. " .. .~ toUow1n&oft1a.. }'. -. I nc..oft' .. .- . . .1ICft01"8.... _~ ct1eci & tfN _'. . . d~ of t. .lcb(be died & t_ :run qo in Mtserland)... 1he oJ. 1I1eprea1dent-eleot . 8lMt.JIIJn1oh.. _ . ...ratioo I Preaident I .:r (CFP). ) ) . ~.-'.

he recent.. that ie web u inYOke tbe tradition of \h. -achoal-. He maintains the Xehlem plot.tlen of I"ft'OlutiCl1Al7 tradiUOI18 em the part of the" \18t&ab&orpnisatlC118 ~ conforms beet to the Mut&l1t.1Ye8 e Gerun vite ef aDd cI1nrae oor~&tlC118._~. e J"8a8On therefore 18 h18 1nOl'C11nateambitloo (p8rli~q Id. I"8Um8.r contributiCl18 t. to OUPknowled&e .8Dded.i0D8 pnerated b.. TitoUt campa1&n~1n"t the 8d. It h an 1nterut~ tact that'-".. . "Real-Polit1ache UniOl1".!8 pr1nc1.h. \b.e organiMt1cna attracted 808t... Sen1ce (Hrvat8ka SociJ'alna Sl'J~ba. D8'Y8:I" been referred to 1n th.. th. han the __ JIft1tilit7 and be10111\0 \he .owarda a defenae hncI for thoee wo bad been arrested 1n ecrmection 1d. _aact reprM81t&t. & - ..y the ap1.8wth art.sica Sa Jlehl_.he repl88entatiYe of the -P8rt. JMiN2 t«.7 of JOUD&people WlOhad been broU&ht 1ipin.:=Polab4.grant8 em the occuion of tbe Mehle plot.. 9/n Maueratr~. i ~: ) ) . of the YugoWY Xi.pendent Stat.&8ba.h ot t. (Hrvateki Demokr&tak1CW>or). ad one or the a1&nat&r1M of the proclamation (Appeal to All Croat8) oall- .er newspaper "JflMa --' ~hat thU 8'YCJt vu att.1t. Arobitecrt. pared dOMn"tor lack of ~e" and printed an the 1ut page. t. -.8 llteraJ7 88bit1cm- his rather (.icl. witten b7 u are being printed in the CAnadi"11 n__ paper "Hrvat8k1 Glu" (a8li-ott1cial CFP organ) 1I&YO1nTar1abIJ' been .it that ..' and imbued with \he 8P1rit.. So Rno1ut1cn" wen 1IDc!er a tnmmniRtre&1Jae.1h.atect th. ot t. JOUDg people.h. 3 145 "'-----~.Jbere 1dll be more later about 1\. ~er retugeea.bougb. two7KI"8 - ~ . '!he Ustuha organ1saticn8. : :.- . - ~ '!be MuC'l8t. iiIiiiIi or ~ t. ago 4evut. be 18 the pree1d81t of the Croatian Soc1al ~. of the Belgt~ Con8ulate 1n Belgrade. 1ng for a collection of YOluntar. th. 117 . Du888eldorf). !be pre88' never reten to him u ttt. Iobod7 Jmow8 ~et. vtdch tact sq be ucribecl to at. Ind. prend . of t. Uti the )'OW1gmen 1d1odemoliahed the FSde.hc. of Croatia aDd 10 April. >~ "'" Cco8ulate.ent. )!rOt. . culttn. \G Railroad. II. of the "H1t. 16I108e"Gra7 Wnence" 18 protM80J" 1runo8l&T Iraganorlch.h.7 in en the other band. an. relaUona nth the Muenster paper "Hlada HrYatllka" ani the Croatian Democratic Ccma1tt. .eor ~~ andwite ~. &1"88mOQgthe JIOat I1UDl8rCN8 and d18plq tbe geateat actlrlt7 in th. Croatian political organisat. 18 not truated b7 leMi~ CP'P o1rcl.&U -- t:~ 1ng~ ~1l.) vall ~ authozo_ 01' ot.h. U8t.

fictitious.nna1 Aaaemb17). . uaian" of the pr r anc1w. Croatian Republican Farmers Part.. j Brvat8ka InbaYOt. l8<IMt... all ot.had 145 4 .. Croat.red1t1ao of \be et Croatia aDC1l0 AJrlJ. of Croatia 8Dd 10 April.ian Fanaera Part. Stat..t (Croatian U8tuba )foy184!kt'L) Hrrataka Repub)ibY.he era of the Independent State of Croatia.~~8 SelJaehka StnDka (8t. 19S6.he CIH. all patriot. pooupe. U8U8ba. } a) jJrYataki O8lobodi1Acb1d ~Croat1&n LibsraUon Ifovement ~) a ~ the aambere ~ the "ecI CI'oaUa LtberaUcm JIoT8Mnt.. dea1&nedit . tJ1e t. URI. word . 0CIDt.. 8YC1 in tadle One neb di.epa1 Radich) -.. of \he word..Mr ~ 1DdeptD1mt ~t.iona cd.anket orpnisation vh1ch eI1CC81pU'.1mdt.1aedepat7 tor the Croatian FarmezoaPart. ~ 8DY8UIr1t 18 80t ~ predicated en the tndi- Uon of the In4epend81t. b7 1Js laD.-t1cn- we the aol..U"8 ~ .r1ou countries and barlng d1tterent. AoCGI'd. it 18 wri . in club8 am organ1sat.iDI - 1&iah 1mok. the h1. 8Dd . . ..lan.n of. !be Croatian St&t Engender1ngP&rt7 18 co-npn8edof a t_ ~~~~~~"~~1n~J~~~~.) "&8 vell . thi8 part.etiq in n. in a bro8d II88n1na w the 80tiau _ X of. 18 the kMp8r of the lq1U.). BrYataki ZabQr (Iat1.a.. e _t.1dent wu \be (or ver. preaent "8Uccea8Or plen1. 1d1o 4"8I" wed . the tonow.. 1Iart.) 1 1 f f BrYat8ke Orusbane Sb&p (Croatian Azmec1Pare. of Croatian ~ ~ ramen Part.11- tarT organisation led b7 onetime Uataaba ott1cara).'Y01'n& Stranka (Croatian State 1Dgenderin& Pan.hod~. (a Jd. D8m88 but }r<IDOting the aame goal the new toundat1cn of a 8OT8I"e1&nand democrat-a State of CroaUa.Hpidllrt. bad become a Jdnor political JI"OUPa1't~8Y81" able to aet more than tvo deputies el&ct. CUI. t.7 of the Croatian Stat.r V8tuba 1A \h.._ \he CIX &laD.. W10detected to iur1n& W II.r1at 8 i.ik" . t. a ~ hlati'Y8to t. 18 o~ed of a t_ d1as1deat. of \h.ed.h8 to" w- ing groupe: BrYata1d.. and to ~ " .potentiarT to the PoglaYn. join ecf. In h1a 8t&t8l8llt of 8 . ean be ea1lec1 U8t. not readmitted . telmded 6- . 'lhe Croatian Republican Farmera Part... 8t.. 1956 CClftC8I'n1nIthe foundation ot \h. ..~H Pokr." _ bide tr<a the U8tuha Hovemc t and the Croatian Anne<! Fore. all othezo ~ mentioned groups are more or 1. h. of 1941-1945.

llunich 12. '_~ "~ ~ ~". ". to Uda 41JoecUn. t. S ~Accordin& to' 8t.J . SWedID. b-ca Brvat.. FraAM . ) .r1. Ba1&1ua.t.' ~'--tJ~~ J~' }~ ". Prance. B8Jgade parliaaent (~)..'\.1aa ..:~" . l18t..s x.aDd8..mded b7 repruent.~~. .yor U1.-._ ott1cen ani (th. 8b&1l elect 15 0CNnc1l1ma 1Ib1ch .:. of the CroatJ..~' _ . tij .~' ....~' 1at Secret&z'78 .te prea1dent: 2nd uaoc1at.. 'J l8t Anoc1li. "the Cctral Ccan1tt.a1DecI .. > w- "~j. . .notec1 a ~p"4~t.' . DOt Ud. ". -7.. ~ cI1.1oD 8t \hi.' .. II:d. 8chonp~ en-_ .J!.I a- E 3rd Anoc1ate pr-eeidenta ~c_..~-'. n/4 I~. .. of t. ~ em.':':~.ed ORthe Ja8iri..pn18At._" 'At.' ' ..8t m .. ~ BelgiWll. ...urerl .' - . lat '~.he croat.1n. - ~ ....I . ItalT.'. and the U. ..l17 adopt-eel.aM \be t1n1t.gdcm.'.~> J .. '_~'~'~ ..~~ -: ii'- ~.~. . .. IB Deceber 1959.r."-" . . .-: "" L~.t. . data pgbl18bed b7 the Tit.ian Clube h ~pe~v1tb ~ 18 8m1ch -... 2be. r Au8tr1a. 18h1le ttpraxiea" had betI1 aent in tran the ot.. . and Uds l18t V8.'1' >'! " . ':-~ ' ... .. I. . JIIU't.. .:. ~.U.~.8 act-. : e~ Ctoenl." .~ ~r:~-_ f. ..J. MID M~Hahec1. t> ballot aDdthus became a citp.. Spain. 8Ulu1tt~ to the 2rd Ccngren of the CCCCE in JIun1ch CIIl 6 Aqu8t 1961. or.i .8 J'8Ol"paisaUon '.. . . tIburMux" and the "CoQncU of \be CI'oat.~...._~F .1 147 \I L .dtt.J .atlT88 of Croatian Clube 18 Oenmm. . to 1Ib8t. '. .~'. .~:. . eountdl. '- '.. t.:. ". .her European oountries. headed b7 8i&ht.7 t .~.r.hq V8N obta1JMct .aka..ul cli8td.buted 8110I1& \he toUow- " the l.. Cbabe in ~'(~ Odbor Rrvat8ldh DNahtava Barope)... ' -!: ..Jool CCIIIIdt.o18ta are correct.. \M Cro&U6n L1benUm ~ 1.. ~~~' ':'_') F _.e Jl%"e81deat.:.rt. -i. Wcnat100 __ cM. - 2nd Treuurvl Cam. it vu att. .. '..her1. ..". t' \. _ r -.. (alc') l18t of pr~iTe ot&8'8 or tbi8 ..... : . 1 al80 '*m a ~ at w.J'. the U8tuha 8OUthp1ece 1D aumoe !1n8J Prinoipal Board et Kld. .. .. ~ '.' Principal Treuurv. . ~ Cmtral ec. ~.: 'I: ~. 1927 be . .at8l8nt. to1lcN1n& CIJ( i . {~ . 2nd..hcr .. in8 count.'..1a . e: Liberation HoY_OlLt-. ~. .~'!-~ t-' -~.~ ..-' f'.....q.. 1-.~ .':...

.. 2. .y.~ ~J 1 o other member8 elected to the board or e1ders &z"8 J'881d8l'1ta of France. Euc~UT8 Pre81dent. 1 . and 1l0l"Nrq.~.rt.' ~ ..>/ 148 6 ( . of Arbitat18. Hunich Hrvati ff7emachk0) . Eng1. 2nd A. 'the HetJu~r1anda. ItaJ.. ~'. United Croat..>' 4'. in G8I"man1'(~ Bq at Sl/4 He1m«Nnstrane. < .UCG- i nrl. 4:) . 'lb. of BooOl"I . Prea1deDt. Munich aeet1n&1 j j Preaic18'1t. in other word8 it 18 not a . 2nd Secretaryl . . . .and.8 or~~ption 18 a JI8B. Belgium.ber of the CIH. tkmer8l..- 'J:1 August 1961 at .. . e 8II'r:a. following new officen were elected on .S ~ . eo.aociat. 18t A8aoc1at.t {-' ~.e he814t11t. -!.~~L:-._ . . Sweden. Austria. 8eparate organisation.. . j i Principal Trea8urert / .. .. .

~:.~_. ~. ..' <#.~ . . . ~'I . . -. . ~':~ :'" '~--=. ~..:.l'.\> t~ . . - -.. of Ikmort Pre8ideat: 11c~_tl .~. oJ" . -.: J" ~'_':-:'-.r r '.. .- '~ .~...-' . ! ~1.._: -:i.. . ~'. .... .~. . - '-. .. -.' 7 .. . -.:(. :.t Jrid. .f Pns1dmt.'.V'.~. . 6. . ~ . > :e:~.. -~---- W~I :.~_'~>..~ j.: . ~'''-~ 'I~ C8Il\ro1 Cc881\teeJ -...

' ..- :. " -. L. ...> .'~ " .al - ogranak __ (XiDa)IIIIP. .. . ' (Monn of a tflrpq of \he wit. -"... --.epet. ~... ". ~unachve1c Og8n8k_~ l&1M1"81aut. Scho8&8a ...'II.- . ..w'~ O&!.. Osr-k :'.' -'.. " .:r-noi" (1IraMh . -. -. Ogranak .-'- ' ..... ~'. I~pha1'_ Oganak__ (In1gbt)-."" 'J' ".. 181m8tort .. Uae __ et ~ PD&l&w1k_riDa __ tarpcl_ it.. _ ~ ~. -2. ~.aD&k It Opwsak .~ ...~. - " ~. ap).rtioe8) ' Ia -. . n-. 150 .ow1n&-. . -.-. . ~. '-~ " '.- - OgraDak .. ~ :"'or' .. . ~ - ___.e1rJ/~.. . ._:.. .~ . . Sb1p'w-. ~8n ()p'8D&k __. ." € . &1.. Skup1na~n»" '.rq &Del . Op-anak Opouak ___. ' "'. the VOOha4 \he to1J. -. . . (Y1\__Jltip+. - SIo~~ ~. ..'. Ge1tJ.. 1960. ." <Jroupa> Sa\M an. .ern '. ~18dart-Jllrbt. ..) ~.~.' -' .oj ~:.taIt. . ~ .. ~ - - - -. - .. ~":. . . ~ ~-..'''''1''D Darbmmd IfHmbeq' ctj. ..: . Osnnak___.. -.


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!hI tol1ov1q orpnisaticna &180 belonp1 DCJa&the United CZ'oata"'at J
thl t1ael Hnataka 2henaka Or~i1a St.ieg ItIat&rina Z:r1naka".

JtuniabJ The ~Uon of Croatian Wtaen "Andyelka 8arlchft, AladortJ I
Croatian Vorkera J.aeoe!atian (HrYataki Radn1ehk1. SaTeS).

Vniaa of Croatian War Inval.1d8 8D4 Wounded y8t8r8D8, Jt&mich i}
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,. Union or Croat.ian Vor1cen in ~ (Jlnatald B.adniebk1 SaT8&...
B7esu.chku) s
- ~
The ahoYe organisation w. founded at Dn..seldorf. in March 1959 within ~
the orpnisation of the CUI. 'lbe tint meeting took place on 22 Kuch
1959 at the ~Irrone, 68 Arndtstruae, Dortmund, it. wu
attended b;y 8E11Jberof the Board of Senior Officer. of i
the LMg\le of German Labor Unions. Croatian workers goups of En_. j)1
Hambom, Dortmund, Braun8chweig, D1nalaken, Duiaburg, Bielefeld, I
Huernberg, M.cben, stuttgart, aus1.ingen-Steige, Munich, and Duea8eldart
were I'8preaented b;r delegatee. The following offieen wre elected. f


OttiCI chiefs
Theae oUicers were elected in accordance with the nggeation
Catholic pri..t

llio elected W&8\he "council" of the Union of Croat.ian Worker.", \be
D8888 of \bee. JIeIIbera are 1IDkncND."" "

~- .


u "

c: who took
'D1e.tortun.. ot ili.
. had been tiled
in ~e

andhisoloaeat aaaoc1atea
and ot.hen joined in.
organisation, headed 177
at the aeet,ing on 2? ~l
b7 the tollovera et

part in th. Hehl_ plot beJ.on«edamongthi. goup.
_. .
preri.ouaq 8tat.ed that two liat.. of cand1d&te8
of the United Croab

J\OW appean
WI defeated,
, -.-,

Utat the Union of Croatian Workara atiU cd8t.. Ita aout.hp1ec8 18
e it. "
t.he paper "R&k~1a
editor 18--.
U8Ued period1~ (it started
'nlere18 no aY8.ilableinformation&8t.o
in 1962),
t.h. mertia of the Titoiat claim that the paper Hrvat8k1 Radn1chk1 Sans
1. 8t.1ll trrlating.



'~ .

4. A!...~t.i&n AnaedJorcee-CA[ (Hnat.ab ~e 8Dap ).
!he 8tat.8ct 81Gb -.e _ 8 lime 1956 nnal8d tIIat
(J the Croatian AJwed hn.. are a o~mt )I8ri. 01 the CIX. 1be CAr
',_ R 1.8 the 1d.l1t&r7 orpnisaUcm of \he CUI, ita 188481"8 ~ ca8tJJaa ott1C8Z"8
~' of the t18tuh&. Upt1ll1956, it .. headed b7
c cmet1u lWleral of the Panlich tore_. 111811
8Dother , U8t&aha 88D \oak f1YfIr, h18 D8M 18 'IJ'\~.


~ere 18 no 1ntormation eo thi. orpnisaticm 1Idch the T1to1st. nterrec:t
to. It 18 pon1ble that the7 meant the CAF.
b) 9ro&t1an ~ational Camdttee-CNC

The f1nt, aajor POO\1P
or Ustaaha 4i.8idmt.. .. the CHC,it waa founded ~
at salsburg in 1951. CNCJJQ 18 in Munich. 1bia organiB&tion ... ;;;;;
1nat.1tuted b7 ac:met1me cl.o.e ool1Abora\cr .~J





. ,



, !

, .:...

. . .1
", IftMD81H8et the 8ft ottiCC"8, .. elote4 81129-)0 Dec8lber 1962, ban aot
pt. beocae 1mcwn. A.oording to & 11--b1e 1ntOl'DllLtion,the tollmdn&
p8r8CD8. baTe bMD e.1ect,cl . -
> ~:.,'-'~

.,..; ,,~. .. .


Secret&r7 c.nereJ. aDd t.reuurer.
ewing to the tact that _livea
that b. ahall take up ~ch

Int01"mB.tian obtained. v1ll
was pulSed to t.he effect
~ nth
b. a:pelled. traa the OlC.
the Bnataka Drshan.,

, _,

of the
haTe it that

hi8 poaltlon

in tendon. the ..eting
&8 of 1 F


of _an
be taken by


quitthe Ing.



CNCat an earlier time. '!'be Aid per80l18 My aee tit to aet up & new
political organ1sat1coe
0) Qro&t1an Democratic Ccmn1tt~CDC (Hrvataki Demokratak1. Odbor)
'lb. case of aplit the CNC d.ovn the Jdddle. '!'he oaae
... ad_olt b;rthe 8D~_ or aDd Prol.
-. th1818~ & DeWorganipt1an... tonaed, t.he
COO. !be t~ aMting &t )CQnich, en 21-22 Hq 1.960. elected the
to1lowing ott1C8P8I' ~~'.' :., .
~'.;; ~:.;-~-
-; :j;;- .4_ '!!
- - "-..
::~... ,,"7._

(alt.ernat1na) ~),-
(It.a1i). - ,

. .
. .. . . ... .
. "';"..-

~1dent.a. &1..0 editor of the COO Bullet.1n
in Rane), Munich

Political -ecret.&r7. Pari_ )


.. .'-....-

. I

, (It&1¥)

Oc8dt.t.. ~
4.. (h8\.ria) ,
..- _
D8put.J' $1"""""_'
. >

". ~
7' .r"';


The Central C<mnittee, cQlvme4 at Mnenater 1n JIovsnber 1961, tiect.«1
n_ ott1cera:
President. Ing. ~)
V1c...pzoeaidentlOrad\latephUologist -'CAnatria)
--_.-- f
Secretar1ee I Gr6duate ltw1ent of juria}rUd.. enc:.. . e- (~ .

for politics. 8lld pror.ear :.".), aDd
8t\dent ot pol1t.1cal ~8nC. ( GenIJaq
.t';. )
. _ tor erprt pUcma1 attain

. -"::



c. rr 10'r8Iber 1961, the polit.ical oaaittee of the COO-C4atn.l, '
Ca8I1t.t.M the t1nal ftI"81on of the r.~lut1~.
pa88«l at \he ~ eangJ"e8'. 1h... J"88o!:t.1f~:a' ware publ1ahed
1Dd.. the ~1i". "Political &Dal1aia 8Df1political f011c1'" b
the ~p1~. "BUt81 lrYatakol D8otrukog 0IIb0ra u kropi" -'
C81Ut.t... 1D ~
(Bull8t1n or the CroI.t1an DeImoG:r&t1c
ta ba D8cwab8r 1961. (2h18 bW.J..un 18 '"Dct.14
tM CDCWUetJ.n pt~' 4J1hed1ft ... Iv' .
2tJ:r"14th -.bed

,.~: >',

~ J~;l962, w.. ~'.. ~~


- .-



1~ vas notorious "revisionist...erve hi.. a ~-~ eroo1ca 88D7 a Croatian J"ite in SarIQ'8'YO that Uata.tadent 1Ibo WIlt to the USA trcII AUtrl.t .ed an _-88Rber 01 the Uatuha~ .' . -.ent or 1nadyert.hat the tmB canfronted ..a tranalerred to the bloody correction house mere Croa.. -'deb Yarosh . "aot..14 a Vi. O}. ~ded that he got word from another .od1t. 5) ~~..ioniats" whotbua .udeot8 vho were under 1. in the Croatian Sbte but because 01 mat .- WII .~. . t. Itmaora wre bad denounced U8tuha-Capt. .. ~ occupied b7 the Ctw-m11st hi. . {~~ z ' in -'deb he quot. mo 1 joined the UDB in an 1Dtormer C&p&eit)" were Ii-en 8Ueh a prirllege.. -. lae .1"eFe8entaUn ~~ And &ft...I -§U a.. \0 del1berat. ba!iDI been ... to 8how that the CI"oatian8 were not capable of e&rZ"7in&em 15 157 . a captain of the UDB..DOt.till Be 884..a0l18.. 'Ihroughout h1a time 1n jail. Wo 1apr1a0D8d the latter Sbdoh.o be obarg~ helpec1 to mcoY8I" t.a. _ _ _ 8t&ted that on 2 J~ 1957. aide to the ellect that vent t. 88C&p8... two dqe attar he fied t:rca Yugo8lavia.1n auTO IftnOYich. lo8t Lt. the aNae atatement in Auguat 19S7 \0 a. Clterta1ned the UDB-menb7 plaJing ca&rdaat am guer1l1a aonga em h18 rlol1Jh I i In 1951 he w. called "Greek poliC7. of the Cro&tian Fanaen j&1l...becauae01 b18poUt1w' . plain erlJdnal ottena.aa." the bl00d7 regime.. '!he tOl'afJr two were abet died in the Zenitaa j&1l.. eign bad and all Other to .i in other word.ah&-lat _ ot the Ba1lroadOrchntra in ~ 1IIhenthe Croatian aute .o Zad&r. and ~e a. CNnJ 7) tryin& to break up the CDC.ional Ccam1ttee). He told him that Zagreb c1ti. and that crook then took him aero.1d not.. &8s1Jned to cultural-political work.11- . with 1) Bav1n& aent Balen to tUgoalaYia who 18 DOW8errlna a D1J1"')"e&r 88'1tenoe thenJ 3) 1IDcoV8riDg the Yerak-IYO Xaahina IJ"OUPJ 4) ccapletel7 datroJinl the CroatiaD 1'errltoria1JJ (mlit&l7 organisation of the Croatian Rat. 111"Iatina. 8Ubaequent to haYing Z-m8ed h1a 1deu and haYing been released tram ~e he attended a 8pecial courae" tor undercover work.i_eeI that . Who d. 'j introduced b1m8elt u a Serbo-Hungarian. ~ 1natructor in 08p100ap 8igned an andertA1dng in their "home" in 1d11ch thq obl1.a. the border 80 t.Drapnov1ch 1n Mate.." (rruth).. .he Zauab CUlIl"OUJlJ 2) Ba~ ..rial. _ actiYiti. proved their .. to Imow_ at the J Correction Block ot Zenitaa Prhon. entire .. : patriots vere aro88:q 1lltreated and murdared m.. and a tourist '1h1a 18 wh7 the Zagreb &rouP 01 t.eri.Ied themselves to work tor the UDBa.entq. 8DCIhe1Ano ... _. at Z8Idt. pve them &wq replied that be .ed.. .. att8ptiDI to break up \he Croati~ National CoBmitteeJ 6) alanderlng poUtlea: J>enon&g.Utt he n.cae Zagreb 8t. lIarJco Orlich.8UI8&17 t.. _ Ye8tigation 1d. lUe 1n Cc8aun1at prl. he met DEo.h a talk between either del1beratelT btplic1t7.capee and e.he CIH leel8 that in the 8UDIIUIZ" 01 1956... ~ __ 8ClHth1ng no 8elt-reapecting Croat vu eyer admitted to. ~ tumcoat.n no risk in co1n& to 1cIu. F::' 15 JM1"8 in Tito'a JIrlaon. TheT were then z-eleued. v1ll have it t. ~ 0- _.ll1c. cme____ ~'!he aecoad 8tatement vu aade b7 a . after _. He.~ert.t. - . _.eltenee. aM then cmtr1 .abaaod _OJIIht truat..hel. ~ -7 "-- The object.and published em hi.

h.- ".rt. _'~': ~<' .h18 .$-. 8ec1"et&r7. ~.- 'thi8 organisation bu alao cert. ~ '(£ freuurGt.. .~~. and open t. . -~. of orpnised ea~1&J:!. i. . eyes or t. Cbap1&1n. .. reaideno. ::. . warranties.h of a 80yereign atate of Croat.o us to ahed the Cc:mmm1st. ~i. accorcU.i& imbued vit.g . "'__':0-..ado..8.<~t.L...~. of lav and authoriti.low ..r 8lq need....7Oke. . ~-l. lranoslaY &cI"088\he bard. rrs..ttidarlt. 80 t." t .Jaen 111 solving their probl81I18 b)" JlMt8n. U71um..a1n political a1u1 "It 18 11])t..-~~ ~: -. .a.-:'j..'.. .mera or the Western World.) -. ~'.-bolda \hat." ~"~ :J . ' . ~. 3. " . -"~-..he.~ '. ~ c1rcle8 1:4.~_:~.. present addre8a 9/2 Hauent. USA.rua.h democraC7 and humanitari- anism. ~_aeldort 1. '-::~ ~:...~ . .':6 registered with the ~88ae1dort Jllmielpa1 Coart iB 19611mder Dr..81"T1ee were defined &8 tol1ova: wAuiat our count.:-'~~---:- .. 1n .~ -. . ) An7 . ItaliM IS. 17099 v1th the Dreadner Bank A.. will reJra8ent people berore court..m.. daa." This 1s a quote !rem a proo1amation of the Croat1&n 5oc1al Serdce to all Croat. aupect ~ be varJdn&tor tbe ws.tranalat. : ec-dtt. aupecta? ~ tMt .r.gioua bel1e.. former addresa 7 Germaniaat. ' ..y 4' . and provide our countr.r4- In.'. t._. bank ale nr.e!h.~~ct) Croailin s. ~ ... 'lbe CSSvill 188.-. e aid then .f. ad th. ~ iDdootriDat. ~ ". .-MI -: ~ " . Slushba . D!". . ~. 1h. to achedule..He. .~: 7' - .~(.e Pre.8of cooperation of all Cl"oat p&trlota world 80 that it w1l1 help \18 to bring about a 1"8- \drt. prea8tq a ~~_t or Cl8Teland.. _':~ '::-.ident t " . . ~ _ . ~.bat the)" beeC1D8useM aDd dignitied .. -. al80 8tror1&1¥ 8U8p8Cted. _.8ct 1D YupaJada .rriv or S«rb1an hel~.. yoath or tqoa1ada) a\ "_ E: Zaueb. " . 1I1e CSS 18 ea:npoNd &8 tollow8l President I n. . latt address 18 a180 the 8ddreas or ita founder and prqid81t 1I1e a1m8 of t.e identifications.' or \he c-miat. . ' _ a Jaelllber o~8001at1on ...~~--~. Drap.." ..he ca. or t.". PIS. . - .. it.narlch 18 ~ u...1da hand in 88C1D"1J2& job.ue.. iBrP.- .men with a1l1ntcmaaticm t. --. .. permit. documents. .'. 16 158 .heir political or rel1. 'fR 2622/61..

-' '-' We 'r. An 1h/6l.CXA8ot .hat the -crusaden" ware be1D& \nined in ~- \he GFR tor an anti-Yugoala'Y campaign). It.'.8o .he Austrian nwapaper "Glaan1k SrtM IlN80va 1 Harlyina" (Messenger of the Heart.-> 't:. '~.. idea Ota ~1rt. 17 153 .he CSS &DCI~ch a1ma th.h18 . fOfttrlbuticma t~e Y' tuDd. --: .tendned ~ actual.ober 1961.. the)" were publiabed in the Munich pAper "Slobodna Hr-Yataka" nr. '. . ~untaq arnat.. FOba.herhood. _ \.an . '!he b7-1awa were wdoned at Ben8berg CI\ n Oct..he Commud8taright in .. 1.. cloea not appear any longer). punue. .bo8e .. 8f Meate. Iw Protulipat.he Mn ~"1.oe1n4 1IO:r4 trCR h8tr&1ia' \bat Catholic cleric_ vrind t.aooperatecl 1d.w) i W 1 fhia organisation .". 'lbe Croatian clerics d18cU88ad the foundation of a Catholic J'OUth organisation and they r6801Ted to organise de novo the Croatian Brotherhood ot the Croll.. . It oqht t..tiona in Tugo8l&rla.l7 ccatrola t.SaDd.0ward8 a defen8e fund tor t. actJ:dt1. . 11/13.ratiOl\ of the CSSan al. . 3JIOl1Ithem the .: 4:' . the Gmt...o be ct. au Church organisation8 were .) Czooatian Brotbezohood of the ere.." ~ ~.. $.) Dr. '.rtYugoelada in l<)j.. It registered vith I the Benaberg Mmdc1pal Court on '1 Xa7 1961 under Dr. th1a brotherhood had beeD ~ tounded in 1929.. 1t. of J88U8 an4 Mary) endoraed it and p-ani8ed to praDOte it. v' et t.-~ .. I. . . .r the . ran t.' and 2) Hcau88 . and received the aeal of official approvaJ. the U8taha regime.h.he COODl".h 01 the BE-otberbood was oonceiYed attoenigate1n " ~ '~'. _18 Aft editor of "OpnJ" 1IIh1ch paper all8~ 0U1f1n..hemae1TN "krisharl" (Cruaaden). wre banned.&17in 191.e. . erldeace of the tact t. a tormtD"leader (fir8t at t. the organi- f sation was founded after SloTenian and Croatian priesta JIIet at the Uth Congr"8 or the "Pree:uted Church" behind the Iron Curtain at l0enipta4t rrca 2 to 6 ~ 1961 (1960?). . !be 1ut prea1dmt. ItQrlorl" t. " . " Wh~ th. tul ce aDI1education (Addreul _ ~ .ing tin J'OUI1IMn 1n "C1"U8&der"\1I1itonu out on a picnic. '!'be Titoiat pres. picture.. "lhia vaa the rebirth of a 7QUth organisatiCJl1 i f which Gieted in Croatia in the . with ~ at Jtu818tc-. ahot and tilled b7 t.S.econd decade of the tint YugoWT 8tat.. " '. It anepi \hat the CSS 18 &l8o lDdeaTOring to MOure fuDda tor ailti-o<mllUniat open.. ~ '.e and who.. mile all other p&rt1ea and organisation.hea reMmed Brotherhood of the '. .. .. 'D1e Brotherhood continued to tDdet in the Independent Croatian State.8d t. . -j.bere in Cll"der to collect. tCNnded in Jfuemb~ in 1961. When the C<8Inuni8ta ~ an:r in ~ : ~. '-. (Slobodna Hrvateka publi.e members called t. 8C81tributiona t. . who ha4 C108el7 . ~.lhed a picture port. vhile Xing Alexander l"Uled the nation 11ke a c1ictator. (Brvatako Ir1sbAr8ko Brat8t.. han&ed.ra. Sep/NOY 1961 (1be paper .0 in ccunect10n with the Hehl_ ton the ~ plot. ~en during the era of the Croatian State. nee! ~ . ..

it.t7 because this ~ religious. the names ot the leadera ~~ ot this organ1u. C :\. ' .i.. 22 HeJ.t &gen~ intiltnted.tacb the cessation ot hostilities. 'Mhcmth. ~ of e or er8Dd ~ -. ita memb8r8. ..'!hue "cru. tact though that _the t:: organisat.-. SB. cleta..CNRFD) .degenera. Friends o.heorgani. WI aut. Auatria. period ot centuries.. To our knovledge. We ba . This aat1 tt'Uth IIU8t not be ipored beca.1Jd.. imbued with ch&uvini8tic notions joined ~Uata. 1be mere tact thouah that the Tltoi8t.oi8t police. 'lbe aaid paper is being publiahed b7 t. &t. DO. is a vall-known tact that the Ccmnunista sent Ustaaha turncoate to the mounta1n8 and forests vIlo betrayed groups and individuals .) &8 cl"1IIed °b7the !itoist8.° & Ter7 propitious tarpt tor ~'1Jt. AnOther d~ble tacet .tuba Kovcentn.... the emigrants.t the Drlna . .uae the YugoslAv Ccmnun18tBavail tbemeelvea ot it to launch attacks on the 1"O&m'9d the loresta to the Tit. ~ aDd are alao.i18 ~rt.plot.eha Militia and called themselves npacifiere".e "crusaders" allegedly are t'ree to engage in their terrorist &ctirltles. know 80 88D7 MJI88 IID4 .lbrun- (~: nerstra8S8..n1d Pokr8t. \hi. the 8U8picion that Co-mvd.horU. the proper ~ard ahOuld be "JdUera".th \he BrOtherhood.(1ajni UIJt-. ThAt ~ the Camnunista succeeded in liquidating the 1ut remnants ot resistance groups in a relativ~ ehort Ume..heir organisation no doubt .cal :8I\'~eae product or political by ZaUeb Arch- and nationalistic Catholicism.aaden" and t.oung people.. t) Hrvata1d Hardon! Otpor-~t~ Dr1ne (Croatian Bat.' < circle.&era of ° the "Secret U. However. t. the wi1Hngn888 ot the Brotherhood to prorlde the regime or_in the ID- clependsnt Croatian State nth .ional Rea1ataDce- . Cro&t. rumors were rite tha. A1't. never have attained 8D7 degree 0t~ '! who roamed 811Ch portions ot Croatia &8 bad been prine1pallJr inhabited bY'Serbiana OYf!IZ' .error-lata" kept operating in the mountains and tore8ts ot Croata.n 18 controlled b7 the :I Dortatmd. lately arrested ..o be CODnected 1d.lsburg.t1on were never publ18hed..ken of tAe Brotherhood are identical with t. 1be eruaadera haye become )r8t.t "groups ot aaboteurs and t. and the GFRwhere the .the Catholic Ctmrcb .tad into a t...he "Carita. ° tion 1nc11catinC . orgat1!ption - _ch OOl1pradaed 11\ Croatia 8ponsored biahop stepin&ch . . ~ 8&id t. It 18 . regime vould.alaa! .b&t the bac.roung to1lawera~. 1n1t1atoP of the Hehl.

19 161 .

it was -nJJr ela. the ~orda on which the1. . Germany.otfic.imed that the IUitoue contained no recorda ot _ the Croatian Ar1rrT(this usertion further ahowsthat __ Hq 8ta.Cro&t.nce in the are the connecting link bet. It. " . ~ . Hadrict.1'f an:i the re~ GFR.v1d~6). Hei8 lirln& in St~. t~~ 1.iaiaon man and courier between Stuttgart.t1 __ ..7 when there wae a brawl 18 emigrant at CampZiJondort on the orthodox Ima.. . The artiole refiecte the endeavor to Wiitewuh __. .ve 80 tar been c. ~.he ~ 6 direct1Jo' . joined them.~ nine must be a. ! leaflet .' ill..y 1962 between Serbians and Croa. . Drlna sad POD19.-ite t. the Circle ot Friend5 ot the Drina. ~ .s at Madrid or .. . or_~ Croat8"...tprt where U got tog~her a group or Croa.. It (Munich)ia a member or_ Croatian HAtionaJ. is still unknown 'Whether thi8 is merel7 a fi. oount8!"-e8piooage arp. 1n8tigator ot this theft. Die theft per ee waa not d.Xun1eh .~ g) The "Stutt A Johnny-come-lately ie .n1 satien IDS and the UDBanoopen . _0 gained notoriat.parlicula. R88ist. t. the meet..n Anq t.. ""'". reaulted in & aeetin« of the Jdnd8 of am and that a united Croatian national MSutance.inst the group at the Zagreb trial. !he "account" vu signed b7 ...oat. han become T8l'7 curioua. 20 162 .he ~ went on r-equetlt1n& all '1IY!II1ben td the C1"oatia.tian ~ta under the firm nunlted Croat8". The 1.t~vich-_ and is not IJUpported by any . had been organised.1an.G join t.i"m.. 9)'. or Irina. Croatian United Front within the Circle or Mende orth.a. and that the Draganovi~up ot Ran. Ruernberg collecting and Zimdorf -. son of G' ex-mirilister ot the Inter or or t e Pavelich State who 1& now living in the f:5 USAand tor whose extradition the TitoUts ha.young man 'Who!led hem yugo$l&vi& recent1T e and was ~um ~ in the GFR. \hat. from whose hoaae at Rome the Titoists atol. .enied.o Drina.y. ooot-aot without intSl'mediarlea 18 neeeu&r7 ~e the 'titoUt. Such direct.t8. actuall7 a member 18veq active. ~o S02I. .lamoring in _ .> ~9.t._. group "United at camp Zirndort in la. distributed 01 the !nthe Zirndort/ . and tha..Jra inJanuar.te 1962.rlJ" cwnp.' .hen bued the chargee &gs.hie t4mda to 1ndJ. .

. . " J8eap1tUat~ Croatian ~~e in the GFR_ ~ "'~ I.} CroI." -~ . Hq in Stuttprt Al80 the Croatian KaUonal Group v1t. -0:" .1dIl1t8) 4. . ." . tor a UN action in behalt ot the Croat. in Germany. . IIq 111Jam1ch : -. . -- 81Ine4a &utt~ ~81t.. ~ . .ch 2. Bq in ~e88eldorf .>" II. in ~pe.t1an D8n0eratic Call1dttee. '. .. ) " 8igned b7 the United Croat. 8pOJ"t. -.". -.. "..~ ."4 .. _L ~. .amd (di.j.. . - . . . . -~.oe... .1ng the Croatian imbleR. Bq 111Munich . . ... United Croat.) Croatian LibcraUcn KoY8MI1t(CIM) and it.2be Croatian political OI"pJ'l. ot... Bq at Freilu8~ (?) b) Croatian latianal C<mI1ttee.''. Croatian Auoc1.. Hmrl.. .b-Slavic Demoera.' ~ ~ . :C: . ._ . ~.ha' aot1cll1 1dll betaken.. . Union with Hq in Kunicb.. -. n. Benaberg..:!. Bq Dart.!Cologne. CeIltral Ccmdtt.. '- ' .1. .'. Union of Croatian Workers.. Hq in JIun1ch .Amd t) Croatian Rea18tance Movement . Bq in Munich I) stuttgart MoT8Dent.ation. . Friend8 of the Drlna. atf1l1aUGn81 1. . .. .i . laf18t c&1. . "-. ~-~:~ . . .tic .aUcma I'88UlUq f1-ca the 8pl1t or the U8taaha Xo'fannta . 8hauld ~ actian taU ~ _ter1&lise. _. / ... ....~'1'-..h1n the Sout. .' .Cro&t1aI1hJ'Mre Pan.. > 163 \ 2. 'lbe .. .-(>' ' . '.. ! .:~~. Croatian ArmedFore_. ~:c .. Hq in Dol"t. Bq KuIoeter/W cI) Creation Social S8rrl..} croatian Brotherhood or the CroA. - .. J'~ ~... ... ~..

'.l&t1ttn.ed b~' SCiurce SE""~ 102 ~ 27 April 19601 <~. -' . eo..:".~ .. '. ~.:. ~.(.ooiaU.~~~ President 8t MUrad Of!ioen On10n..1. a 11t~~1 tn~.:unist !.. .'_d~nt. " "_~IIIIIii.- ./ ..__ ~ ~. . ~i-1 . .J'b-s:. ~ 1J. ~ _.'-.1.' >" .saber SUb-a"t~~~. - '... .... i ~ '. .~ _>.'. i_~ ~ '~'.r _ _ the "Partisan" Cultural ". m .'./" l'~ " 1....r :-aho~l and CultureCo~ilt or the Co:. Defense.~' . ~~ Pr." . #.i. ~ ..lune 'OrS8~:\!2&. ~e teUowln£ are tunotionarl..J " ~. . . ~ t!:.. ... fte f. "d ....! orprnaa tion.i:~i... tt~ f :?reddent or the tlSP:' and Pre51dent of the v~ 8£r~ and ':'urism C~ULcl1J ~~~ #.ol1cnolUl. TugoalaYi&. ..~ . . '. tG4- REGRADED TJNCLASSIFIED ON 6 MAR 2002 BY USAiNSCOM FOLTA Auih Para 4~102 DOD 5200.e adclaiatn. . -.ld~.._. " . rf ...t Pre8ident of the us~u of Co~noJ V~~k t t:Q I..>'".'U~.. V-C\'2.If ~ th~ Sscretar..:' ~ t<1.". .... .nder or People'.Ji . :~..J J-.... is.. .J~. -~ " ~ >\."..~~:! . ~~I he.. " .ea~" a1'u! g ~ ttt-- t\!. -'~'!t.. .ld8nt or Ct4ltural Aa8o"iaUoD8J r~. . ~-"_~" ..'JI ~'~ ~lc!at e!'-'tbOU>tl_U' 'ct.. "':.r. .bmltt. '- .nt. i~ Secretal'J'. -. I Lt.r the .tion . ..~. I . :_~_7' .1-:: "~ .r all w. -:\. _ . /w~.".. _ I Prealc!. . -< .': ii...:-.. t'(L!: I Seo:etary 8! '::'bor Un10D8.r the '!J!Val1d8 of 'be Fl&ht tor L1b.' .ur-::e _bkh 8>:.:'.. .:latetS "?On ~~' ... -" .V_r(2..r. ': \!c ~' 7Te.

. rr~ ~ \\ rr.Nj Preaiden\ :.~ Cultural Adm1n18traU. ~ f~ I>1noter er Soc1al Aoo18ta':.. '.' '"..r L/'rb Proeident er the 71nknci. [If-. 'f" Pre. ~ . 'on fr. .t.. --." __ " .l S~o1&l Plans Council." ~ f . . t 1\..ld8 Section. ~i. '. '. ~rCu~J..' ~IS'7'Rl~IC1l OJ' ~ e~ A11'C.~:.t1~..'. '(\a tW.!'1cu. ~~ .1 Ccunol1..tJ!lC'rr~t " «~02 .(.ht.iJar. <'P-tf-. :~. .__' Director of the adJ::inistnt1on or cn=u.' .tance Ceunol1. t-.~~ . " ~.:t Prea14eu\ of the Social Section.ident 8! the Ph.!R .~nitation Council. \f i~ »1noi.. . .r the "- tf'. rf~ IC-14126 (O)(7)(£) 165 REGRADED UNCLASSIFIED ON 6 MAR 7nn7 \ BY USATI~SCO:M FOIlFA ~ Auth Para £1-102DC\.::='.f 'he' P1Dance hoUO&J' :. "'2. tC. .~ :.D5200. ~ .J ".~/'":: ...>1. ~ .r tbe San!tatloft SeoUoD.d1l1. ~~t ~~-~ ~tor of the Com.~ml'l1lh. r~~ " ¥' t . .. . {\_ ~_ ~f-- "President of the ?"ONSt aud Af. t. ~.~ ~~ .t of the Artisan and !nd~tr." .~~ ::a~~ .. »1notor of School. If. IN~I v(!-~ Mrec\or 01" the CaT.:~:':': t. . ~£. J.&lacUrit7. l~. . . ~\~" Dblotcarer ono:to. ~ _.. ..~:. r I>1rectcr.' ..\ture CouJtCll.t1ou.1'?.. ......d"iDlo_t1. to ~'Ii _ ' P1reotor' .rdcal ~11lture Council..

. .- _ .. npa..rCON~ ..~' . XIJl 05}8 dated 2 h1T 1958. .' ~. }~-' . Be 18 808t reoeaU¥ 88Bt1cmed Sa F:" .r8. .. 8. EDtcu\ift Cosaittee.. a.. with the local Ci Ini.' __ -. York. .! ---:~-j. . 1 xm 08~7 4&ted }O December 1957.-.- ~_.. " claW 1 JIaT 1951..ida' . fir'. li8t8 . . .n of \he Yugo.. . -"Jj/ ~ -.n ot the Yug081aT ~1'bt ParV.laY C-"ist Partr. Uat8 . 1ut8 t::-'. EDou"ft J. . .rW 8Aa7 u. J.. . »18tr10t or Capodi8tra.8t b ~t8 aa4 Capo418tr1&.. OR 25 May1960.:... .t Pa. .1!ra4e xn< 027' Sa__ . as a ... . tietr10t ot Capo418tra.gi8tl7. . . --~ - _')I ~ \---. " ) . !he earl tilH 118\ ... -~.t 4uriJIC the war. ..' .. .~.J tJSASE'!'-U. 1a the put . f4 the 1634 XI . c. .rtT. Ph. York. . '. '" .1 eo-1t--.. the tile. Tqoalana..ed the toUoriJIg Worat1fml 1£-14562 dated 11 b«nst 1958. > - Mea. 1Nt BOWreconciled. . were checked u4 rneeJ. _ .u. - £."' ". .Jardaa" t1. 11.r Agrloul tural . J j .." . ~..r 8t the f ~ope.t.1aa.PO168.. 101 :JOllUoa1 aiotlrl. I Lii"8otor of La~d x.\-:.ata of th8 VD1ca~u.:! '__' . -_J.. hanq been_t1~'. LC-14562"W n Aqut JC-145l2 dated U A\18I18t1958.

~ j ij . til881J." . 1.I. ..&a&u' 1~. !be oara tiles 11.- 'S: . 1".. ~:"::'. !he tU..AJ. .~. . . .- " .. 'atone. '... .. "} ' ~. tIa88&r1run tin . &'"JO'~"'. . ~ I1O'OI8. ~ ... t P_ . (GF.dual. "..A.. aDd rela&aed _ 2 Aprll 19«. ~ ..-1 perUMat ia:tanatica 4K1"~ . . . . 118\8 IIlnbt:r.t.. . -.~.. . of u3 ot the other' abov". ..rth ...~ .~ . . T'lJGWUTI. .i.... .. -~ . .ul. '.: . .. . - . 4 ~ 1..... ' ':II . . ~ . )-- . .. . lieu . <.. 1ad1n... . .. . Y1JC08laT1a.- . ". .-. '...1. P~GRADED lJNCLASSIFfED ON 6 MAR 7002 BY US. . " m. . ... reveal DOnoor4 .<i{Y~! J)(}D 52DO... ... _ber tit \he.atthe1.:'-:- . tbaoari tu.~. .:. }:. .5292 aatel 1 .: 'r.~ '-'....__ . . !b8 tUe" osrd or t. P..J:. fita ~ftJn JUV .. ' c 1 ..' _.~-. -.~ -:. &84'NYMls laGa4di tiODal pertinent ~cmaaU... . . '. I . " .. . ':. ".. liau . ._ . "wal ao ac141U. ."-.paisat1-.qu8t 1952. ... '>! .. !. . . " '. 525.'\.1 dated 18 . .. . ~> . .f 8eaau. .&.. i . II: I ... !be oara tUe.~ .. . .u.~ .. .nl"-~~'/~. -- .8ft. list "Jar. .1e LiMnUc8-JiftatMMeJ.. .. -:r --~_.-. .u..n~) (w) ~ ~ .."I.ilc'aUoa hat ... .r of Interior o.. - .tMped -Black tin". . .:<.t 1944..aanti0De4 . ... " '- .d::. .. as 8B ollioer in the Irjwbljaaa VD. . "906 dated 28 hl7195O. 1'08ri1..NSCOIV\ FOiJPA 167 j\=.

\. -...fI .. '.. \'\{ I tt1 I ~. -~ " .. .\< .- ... -- ) II 1 J. .

d s. 'oompleteJi a P!". . f/ "~ ett~ched to the p~esla.. viti-es..rajevo. .~ brother v1ce-Pi€s1'dent r1fthe ]UpotekP. .. . ab'1~l.11ytigosl!'!v . ~ .. serve1 asa . n . _ the ~otel. 1'art1san~. 8. . . 0:. Eu~pa... ". there ~8signed . . . . .TUTl'EE .srm nsn"t €Jf:eC\lte1.".givpn~t Kra._ & . hall ( .'D:!Tectorof . and Herzegovina. _ " .8~e Party unit .t "mpothl.:':'c':: ~.:. l'iI~t knO'tn to be resid. . ! be "I'll responsible II for the wide sccie ::'iquid.: '.:". 16~ . . . .... .~ thehouBing sec~lrm br the City BOO. _ 'or~izea agrau'P"r ~rieonere Y~rklng in the bpat' rec0nstrticti~nsection I in 1944 Md while they were working lUong the Sav. .Bisjrlk in i!j9'. Qaa-ittee .1'Z'a .tlon...~.:. to in " >/ .the.m:mg tholie most highly cancealed in p!!. . . ~n pen~trati~~tbe v!!.'V'. to .t. J-- 1 . ~ the First Rajon {. :":'.:'''.. elt1." ...r cell . .~: :.. . ~a{. of the XPJ since 1941. . ' .~nt'o~atlf)n f"ro~ foreigners Mj(lurning at the.'.. .. L 'tiu:dng the followin{{yelU'.Slocated at ~opusko ~~1 here he w~s 88s1gneito the KPJ Rural District Co~ittee for Cazinek1.: .81l1\ 1'rr. !'UNCTIONs _ . ..:Born -in' 25 'years of ~e.. ~d" t :!ille serv .ri')'18 t!yM.rty t!p:Insored intelligence course in sar§t1evo in 1941.-:. of :Bosnip.~. _ed ~the activities of the other Co~iet etul\ents atten~ing ~he'cl~~~." . . c' 1:I ~ . Cro..C?loIlsl shortly thereafter. " . "pa rti 'An d O~ 'g.-' ..e .' <~ t'.tlon 'Pro~r1\1!J8.B:t...~~. River. Y: re~ndblef~i A. member of th~ xPJ city Comc1ttee' for F6ca. .. . .' . '. 0 .' 1or. :t'e1Y'rtet!t ') :the D'J ti. iL j. .ittee of the PRrty till'" director of the ..'anl\ b... .Hotel 'which if! the beet 8i1ch establi sbrnent in Sp-r~evo. I . . .. . .Sara~ev~ inl945. \~i':'-. '.~lBB10p ~rtRin8 . his great --. .1evo. .4 . . I i .er...'Ilt'o-pe. Ca1!Je of Ii factor.!'t . ..:.-.r intelligence assignments nuiJb~r_l'. s:g e.!>: :" ~ : -:' -:': : . "~~2iz~~~::w.hereafter he wa~ sent to the advanced. Central Co~lttee for Croetia which W8.. PROSPtCl'& .a~t1ve .:.~l::. <.. . -' .<eJ!'ber'df S~je. .to h '~& "?i.ny undevel9J>ed Potentialities in both the J '. - PAST ACTIVITIES ':'Ya. .vo City.of t~e nJ~jon. dU e .' "j .~. shortly 1I.1 Republic Yugoel.. :'. lIecretary q?Mn~ttee for Jajce.f.OZNa "ith of Captain . .ar.~ ":.hlch occurre". ....'j GOYICMu8taf~:liaS a KPJ meI:lber and vas YJ ki n 4~ .. .e.' ]!.a. . _ '~>..:. . .omr. 1T..'IJPOinte<1 Secretary of the inherent Party cell.lne .they thr-€W the ! guar1e into . gh de~re e O. 10" . . .:. e eMIl . . refuse1 to adrdt any of the ch-rges ! ~~in8t h~ .: erf'. ..'1'1. PUBLIC . eo~.:-... .!~ini~~ijec~eiaIY. ....1'. his ~t1cUla. .}. Party course being . .: . Moaler...t aI'. ' :. it 1s \elleved. . ~. by _as ~'City . .. (mortgag ~ ~ CocEUnI.:::B..ll atrM€erll vith ouest1fJMble motives are'Gant" to the Europ/i .~d. . ..hU: P1' the UVNC:BIR 1n :l.!I. J :-~'... becare 1'1. \( been 'li' !:letlber ..1 four years of eleI:lentary 8chooling in Foca Md four yeers of tt :Jl_ "1 training in Sara.t . in g "ith th ep~rt1~nl!..r:bers oJ Allle~ mheioris 'n~n::tuly 'Stay at th1B hotel Md.'becBl:1e ~ ~etnber.that hfs.. .and was sent to the Jpsenavao ~Dncentr~ti"n Car. . :+..' ~rea .~ade responsible . .. -.p~ ~lunteered . IN 1946'.nka. .~: . . water M~ escB'Oed 1't'Im the can:p.t~te o"Iled t Hotel Eu1"ope..' ? - \ .icptee 101' the XPJ :p:rior"tohi~ '...".. \ . t.year he was arreetet't by the U stuhi :police for hie Co~lBt eff11iptlone. Sarajevo. ... th.~t'tb. to the merber: of .11M. technical et:plnyee b:r prq ej!s .. .. becaroe Deputy Chief' of the TehDika r"r -( Sal'!\jevo in 1 lsn1 during the saJ!'e . XPJ . speaks Serbo-Croat.E.~ .tince ~ AugUst ~~5.'. apecial'ln:fome'r forOZNa auth'Or1ties. n'~tiv e intell 1 gence .ty:.. for forced construCtion "'0l'ir an~ for this rel'!.~ -. _: .~that tire.

In December e .. 1.' .Italian. . 1. ....of IblIDbranofficeI"s and UST SHA menbers to . .. v .. .-::-....l blilt~ambitious. . eyes! lo~.. Herzegov1lla and' in.the cessation of Hostilities and at the t/ ~ acted as informant for several Party intelligence center.ical School in Sarajevo.ittee to Ledic (Sarajevo).IIt'J a mbmberof a battalion ...' f"~... 1941 he guided the Proletariah.o~ the SKOJ Re~iona1 a '..SKOJ cell in Foca in 1939 and:Jater 1n the same year. jiJ. '.. . .J:'.' nted bodyguard Of~. Romro:iia. Conpany. .ttee for the Federal RepubU~.itteej at the sa...Secretary' of th e Natiooal lissanbly . 3{. was 'app. . well d'i~jpli~. ~En~an~/.<>¥...: Assistant lliriiSte!' :'.principal national'!": \ *. Domobrlln units until. head~ we).. .j~-f'.Y"'. . appOJ.mber. . ~ ...herehe"joinErl and became SKOJSecretaxy thebattaliori in the Osovacka. th1B ~X ca~city~ of he went to th e ZvjJezdaMountrons. of Eore8ts for ~Iiia. . ~. later became the leader of this latter group..~"' . . v f-.. . .. ".ary of theSr:-.' CommJ.".''' . . !i f1/ (~.. Decer:Jber 1942'was ordered by tb e Intelligence Gooter of the KPJ Provincial .k h. - . ''11. - "'- .. his cwor~ b:r OZNa. ) ' - . .~Q. .:IKOJ Political Bureau aid the assistant of the Battalion Intelu.gciic'~ 'Officerj } in." \ Federal ReIUblic QfB~nia and Herzegovina. . . .'. of the . ~ ~aps of ag~. 'i Conmittee for Eastern Bosnia to move to Tuzla and to penetrate the Croat i I Dorobran Army on behalf of the KPJ. j< for the presidiuinof Bqsid/l and Herzego1finaJ'. .. . known to be residing in &rajevo. Sarajevo: . journeyed to Foca following the commenceuent of hostilities and joineq the Ex:ecutive Petorka of the Foca ~J CityConm.5. .. t'~. .:. " .10B09f!. :jolnEi'd SIDJ in 1939 'and became a In£:Dlb~or .~'~'-~"' ." t j '. .. . ' . while journey. .anber Moslem. ronstructfon~gi~eer I ~.< ~.ber'Of the inherent.. . . acceptill. . . .': .ci. National 'Dtput...unteered and was accept a:l into the Dcmobran Army. . \.. . .""~:: ~: \ _ o/ ~ .' 'L . . j6ii1e4SKOJ ' '.-ell at )!edzurec. consecp€OtJ. " .(~ '" '%"'G 'lit""':. .d .. at the em of 1941 for the purpose of .. bIay. ... . timeJ was a member ofth e Focecutive Petorkaof the Sarajevo City Odnmittee. .. .l.. - \ .-. . . .C.. . ./~ . . . .' . last conplctedhighschoQl studies \ .inted aecrel:. Yugoslavcitizen~ 1~(nu) -is aComimistPa~YlD.-: . ~f.. Jelec (Foca)" b\2Came a January 1942~boc2. became an adherent ~ the SKOJ City (:onmittee for. 1938."~~i:~~'::.into the KPJ cell at Foca in 1940 by and during the sameyea~. ---Born in.~~.. .Foca on an assigned mission tor the Party was apprehended by JX>lice authorities but Danaged to escape detention and fled into theIWuntains. . -~. . . . . /" in 1935 and was admitt~to . . as well as. .ing from Sarajevo to.. br~n eyes~ dark conplerion~ round " ... - . joined the Proletarian brigade . e.the SKOJ cell at the TC. .. .. ~ p... .~tellig~Ne auth~~~Ses. .. served in various . ' . '. '..~ence is 9Iitesuccessful in Qccomplishinghis assignedmissions~B no one knows of ~isconnect:on . -.€d on the problems. . . ." .'''. '.946- FUNCTr.~d l{erze~vi1. .. _ . .. .~a t pocked face1 slender J:>uUd. . . .~r. .~i' ' ~"~'~~""~ ~)S~:'''1''. .. ~ . -. . fanatical Marxist Comnunist. KPJ Cell and secretaty of the rorresporrlin~ SKOJc€llj sent by the SKOJ Regional Comm.vf '~~Serb nat:ional~ .t~e RPJ th~ioll~wing .. '.. c'~ . speaks Serbo-Croat. . 0 . -. year.' . /! j. ' in &rajevo arid ~a gradua te of the Univ crsit y of Be 1g r a de.'liD :. I . Intelligence Center resp:>nsibleto the Sarajevo City KPJ Committee. .. Bri~de across the Sarajevo plain...~. . ~~~ . ). .' intelligent. . .yhe was reassigned to Partisan headquarters at .. al3) in 1941 was appointed adherent of the . ooward. FU'IURE PROSPECTS Good chan ce for advance1l'ent - in the KPJ due to hiB intelligenceactivitiesjcoupletely uncompromised'liJ. Federal ~. .8Om ~i~l .) ~ . . . a\! ~..' ' . ~--~ '"~""'1 ~ ».. Executive Trojka of the. . 'A . astute.. .~IG 'in 1. organizing SKOJ in that area. ''' .~ . Focajin 1941 became a member ofth e inter--school SKOJ Committee in Sarajevo. . DZNa in 194:5. . ..:.. .L'C'.s and lateriJ1' )~a head- quarters for' the Federal Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina.. . the mtureot" his a-ativitles were soon well known in Ledic as mst of th~ local inhabitants were Ortbcx:lox Catholic and he 1mB a Moslem. ~.. . ~ f' .". '.. .{.' ."\ \ '~. ..~~. .. jn compliance' with theoo dir~tives he vcU. .~. '... 'a n:e. PAST ACTIVITIES BeGrone a Immber .a member of. t"..rudite. here he joined the lULEVSKA Compaqy whi~ was stationed in the village of.. 'o..~ 16081.:".1aj l:!13ID~r!lithe . . .the KPJ in. ..~>*'~:'.\ssem~y for the. ....~':. t ..'*.81 tall~ datt brown wavy'the ".... ..

. both 'O"rents were '.ctlvein the COI:'!munist inspired Syndicate move£ent since... becaLe a I:'!enber of the KPJ Political Bureau of the 29th Partle~ Division ~ 1942: wae a de1egllite to the ZAVNO:BIHConference he11 at Jejce in 1943. the J~ish Society of the Federal ~f ..ough the wart currently directs the ~ j ~ . the revolt in' Herzegovin~: "it. .. to the -X ~ wel f'i .n C. but was never " .~\ 1 r pI' . the KPJ underground or€.. ani.. this IJission was accocp1ished.!.~r. ...lttee. J ~ . ilg. DUTpOseof organizing People's COM"..()1 5.. L'!e!!:ber of the-KPJRural District Concittee for Eastern Herzegnvina. active participant in th€ functlnns of the Veles Sport OluD.1927..:. .- .~ ' .ections of Federal OZUa for :Bosnia and Her~e~ina: W!'iSIdemobili%edw 1lOOlL\DlID UNCLA ON 6 MAR Z001 . City Liberation COrnEitteee an~ Party unite. !hartly thereafter Wae sent to Henegovina for the. aS9igne~ to the Tuz1a are~ in 1944 !md.crosse1 eyed. slender -build.J:ents in the V1eoko Ru. E""ber of . sIJart:couragecro.the SLOJ ~nral DiEtrict Ccmc.-roat. etc. beca.OZNa for the Republic .ani a Rea1ing Club. .tle a mer:ber of the Sarajevo XPJ Oity Gom1ttee in '1'33 and retained this position until lQ41.1ttees. c. . black wa~~ir.nmdi!l€. but late in 1941 his detachment .1:'''~ttee S!. BY USAINSCOM FO Auth Para 4-102 DOD 52 .6 . -~ ~~ - .y~. ~ember of the Serb Agrb~Pflrty and later of the Seljacko Kole. Secretary of the SKOJ cell conposed of clerks trom 1929 until 1930. tall.- 1:1 c factory in S8N\jevO. . .this ti~e he vas a.rr e .. .. r I! . 7 ron' Comcl tt e: of the Preporoii. i . in rescuing hiI:'! froI:'! his place of detention before he was executed. t - ' " '" ~\ .""{.. ' PAST ACTIVITIES - J. joined the KPJ in 1932.go v1n~. rudd.'--- . joined \ the Partisans 1nl94l D~d Was active in organizinr. PASTJ. '\ r. .d ~d f~ ~ . . in 1941.s.'oo1ttee -" .. store clerk . given a sentence.b. 1 in an Ustasr~ Concentretion C~P: Serb riational.f) . kill .CTIVITIES.". .. '- ! . -I: bec~e COI:~I..~ . Officer ot' the t0Yn8 of Okrw:l1ca an'! Sre<1nje end Secretary ~f. Was arreste1 tYice (in 1937 _ 8~d in 1941) ps the result of his CoDDUD1~ activities. ~ - knoWn COI:!rn1J1lhtFERUSIC Esa~ who is now ~ead. . bec~~e a maDDer of the Proletari~ Battalion Staft' ~~d Secret~ry o~ the Battalion Party cell in ~942.Nti District. 1. ... ......J'P'11nted for Eastern :Bosnia in 1943. P~vinc1a1 OZlia ~f)r Listern Bosnia. in 1945-'bec8L!e the Chief ot' .78rJ. me~ber ~f. an~ Henegovlna with the org"!'UliZBt1on of OZNa in ~ ~ ' Boania in 1944 an~ at the s~e time be ".i j ! '- 'PUBLIC FUNCTIoNS IN 1946 of Bosnia ani Herzegovina. '" . ~' Joined the EPJ in 1939 e. he was directed by the KPJ Regionp1 CornL'!ittee ~or the FederRl Republic of Bosnia an1 Herze~vina to organize with the Rssistance of (fnu) PRrt18!U1 Det~ch.Member of the &rajevo XPJ City CoroL tp In" 194o! prior to this date ba~ been entrusted with a aeries of less 'important Party functions such as Secretary of the CulturRlCOtt1es!rm {)f the kPJ R~g1ona1 CO!!!m1tiee for the 1'edera1 Republic of B~snia. o~ the .e ed with the 'P.. --fananC'al~st... and served with the Partisans.. Was conpletely . o-.1:.A It "\ 1 . to the KPJ Prwincil"~ CoI.' .~lack eyes . kjor of Federal . trAnsported to ~~jevq by UstashaauthoritieeRnd sentenced to be shot.~ : -. .. ~ c1ti~n: Jew. Republic o~ Bosnia and Herzegovina.r.asdesignated as beinf '''''7" of J ~.routed by the Ustasha and hewse taken prhoner. .'.. by the J.the XPJ Rural District Co~lttee covering the same area...PJ Ren"nal Co~ittee "'as charged for Bosnil'!.joine1~rrie~the .Secretaryof .. dater KP'J ~ .Y_-eompleXiOU'. 1 .r .ateof the Sarajevo High School..=. 'Herzegovina. joined the ZVljezda P~rtis~~ Detpc~ent. became the Secretary of the P~rty unit in the Hinistry of Forests for the Federal Republic of Bosnia and Her%egovin~' ~nd ft~ember of the ~olltical ~e8U of the Presidiuc of the Republic in - . . speaks SC--L-1 " ) .PUlhat1'Jn succeeded. grEdu.filled several Perty fundiowry posi tione in this region until the 1iberRtion ~f Sarajevo. ) Ibm in 2 years of I'\ge. -. t.. SpRnisr: lastknownto resideat TltovaUlicR29/1SpraJevo. ) "" an'" ""d n.- ).n. however. long face... ..bas been r i" of a tJer::be't' SXOJ !!iDce 1929 !'ind.-rt1san a thr. ~ € 1 .

-. ..prohibit1ng sn'bject :from yritingfor the YU€bslav Press.rl in 1944 _ offer€f "~el1tgence material which he had receivet from various Allied Officer~ r~' Jromnnist sympathies.Y. brown eyes.'1""'l~~"'d'. When ' .' at present residing in S r:Qi'2Jj ioined.~ . SKOJ in 1930 Bnd .ir as a traitor. ho~ever.f"~SQ. . Jewish religion.:f46 and appointed .PreBs.///!?~p. '" ..!. _ th8t the executions Were the undertakings of irreenonsible ~lements in no '!. In 1945 Was entrusted with the ta3k of eliminating ell politically unreliablest'!. ~. . to the Communist Party at Barl in 1944 ~d acce1Jted inter a KPJ cell at BELGRADEin 1945..i.' . future Party careervi11 prob~blYbe t):fan inconMQ1Jenti8': nl\ture owing to his 11D.Sr.:!. but rea~itte~ ~er'a s1x months ~riod1 expelledfrom thE! ZPJ once again 1n1939 and..ti~e.' Bi je11M "Ias 11 be. Professor J'lerat'll' ]:J!"0fesaion. "". Yugoslav Intelligence Serv1ce(DZNa?) o-oerating from:BELGRADE.. ~C-~RE:- "itfiy~". I'n:rpointed member of the Cultural Section of the RPJ Sarajevo City Co~1ttee in 1935.brovnlls. in ~94l aB he~preferred I taHan tn Gel'mAD.. WRsa member President of the of the In 1944 S~ra-jevo ' .uthor1ties ~ere directed to report to on m~tters ~ert~ining to Yugoslav intellig~ce activities.: NO.te el!1ployees from thei'!" -positiona in offices of the '~ _ Federal Re~blic of ~osnip. '" . J'UTURE PROSPECTS Party IIDd in OZNa due to his l1ctive .lay cODnected with the P"rt1Bans or the CO!!!Dmnist Party. At this. / without giving the aCC1).ted a pronounced of the Party. 1 ark brown hair. .at chi'?nces for a. ~P€Bks Serbo-Croat.satisfactory 'Pl'ist.. \\ .. Ser'b nationaJ.n1st ruse and did not accept the 1nf~rm~tion. wh~n' came to 13.ncement in both the Corr:runist PBst which )lAS cheracter1zed him as being one of the best disciplined and ~ost trusted of all KPJ .._. .'~>\' . denounced. single. .rate'd. t ~ ~Gtend€d a Philosophy school in FRANCE. uncontrollable temper.. . well mannered.dDitted to the Cr:mm:unist Party in . from 1930 to' 1935.". . . 'moved tQ }iostar and Du.". . .~' '.. .~ '( .L~~V'''l@~~~''''~#. This a:ffp.. he 'l<"IU' one ')f the first AllietiPress e'1J1Jlbyees to attp.4 } '~~~~~~. e~l!ed froD the KPJ in 1938 as a ~ympathi~erof .' 1000 local inh~bitantsR~ subseouentlydecided which of these' antI. proceeded to I!&. Axis <. awaiting perJ'!1ission to. in this c~pacit7.well known prior to the war 11'1 . Itel:l. aBan enemy 'of' the P~rty-.. .~ed the benefH of trial. at the sare t~e. Re~'~lic .. .ct1c!l :I~n the future. ..l \. "'_ r~ ... Ras grt'.* . French. when Tuzie:1iaB the arre~t of o~er \ j8ievo Syndic~te comm~ttee. Md .reafIro1ttec1. p&l~Ud c01" Chetnik.and _ HerzegovinR. thisvasanant1.llied SYJrJ'Mthlzers in orier to ~reclude tbe fornatioJi of 1'--11 <mti-Coa:'unist p'olitical f!". \ Committee . cOJ'!1~leted eight years of G~~asiun. Born in a~proxi~ately38 years of a~e. ~~jcrite.~ll executionswere performed \\ . 'All 1J8reonne1 officials in the Republic were under investigation ~t this time end as a result of findings. .an..s:n and RUssian. father and mot"her are at :oreaent i j'li1:~.<!.>eciAl miSsions 'of this nature in 194 3 by-the Region".. in 1944 vas .: I\fter the capitUlation in 1943 ~ and cec~~e a correspond..'. . \ - 1 r ..' .arrested end liouidatedover100 of tbe most residents of the city who were classified as be. y ~osl~v citizen. slender W .dve. . I!i~my "ere relieved of their 'POElts and replaced with completely.. -All neWBssi~ents weremade with the knowledgeand approv'alof~..r i. members. .~.' . unfavorable reaction w~. / Communists w~re to 'beshot..'he end acting uron orders received fro~ pI'CJmi:ne~:t . .s forced ~0ng the masses and to save the face to m<1ke a public statement testifying \\.ent for the Allied ~~..had already \: been aSSigned s.. ro e. gUsh. for the ~ederal . of Bosnia. _ and '-'111 of the ne\o' 1Jersonnel t. occuppt1on. and Herzegovina.. gent marxist publicfunctions"1n' 1946 included a ~s1t~on ~s Chief of th8 PrevodilacklKulturni Institut Za Z~pa~~u K~t~ (an institute for thelntr?duction oi all forms of f Western Culture to Yugoslavia). . \ .ish. proceed to PALESTINE. liberatea. '172 ' . active member in various SKOJ units in i. S&r~2.:.4. 19.{:<)&ti'~~~i~~.'''. GerE~i!. believed -public accor:pllshr>ents will undoubtedlybe more successful. .in contact with the.LAMay 1947 DETAILS OF SPECIni( AsSIG!iMENTS- togetherwith.reliableCoM~ists. \ from OZNa Committee. .d~r~cted .. .

o. J!1.cithFn~ 'Ca~_hol1c religion. ~eI!!ber of the 1a'J §arR.n-. Ort~~d?..c . di.' o .st1ccesZ pnd ac1.~.~ity '~nt:. dp.:u:!~t}.:JJ!'ittee :fox .f Sarajevo in .£.ith CO~1mist vrinci~. _~ ~f _.e en offi~er . . e '.nd. '.11te~ary "rUt q -col'"):'.81!. ~.i2_:C_'.n~ T~.~ '~. :m.l" P.. thu 1":1:.nd sabotage 60~Rds at that t1ue.. .' ~ *.t n'ltior.? the War. ' . . .: r.lnl941 8]:1 bec~ln. .sti:p.. . for the City of ~Rre. ~iH€rzegtnna.n8. '. ._'~ _:':. n:OOWVLt.3::'(.. >. PlTBLIC-FUNGTIC'~S 'nJ 1936 . .> '. Rilseian.E PROSPECTS .:t'!t~ of the' ..~ Herzeg~vina in 1941 ~ {'~Ij.Colleges . pp.r'es1diiID of the Bo~nia lJ~~ZC~iM govt'~ent.:'~h:tD'C.jeVI) City'Gol!UJ1ttee in 1944 . tJ1. . .'._---- '.. H~S f::.~i'e{. :. " Member 6'..' . but 1s in~p'let'e.lE.~ . 7J..ct. " ~ pe~7~.~.1 COI!'.r ~941~ organized CO~D1Rt terrDrist1c's. ~ . r Job~d )hf"hrtisW1R .ts - j6uXna. 'f '. . Fr1NCT:r. ~_'!i.J:?LJ:.941.chiilic~I:':'(j:f .t1om~l I."rith aIlt9. rmd (7ernp.N!linHrl. r"aint!'iniIlg.. ~el'~eg'Jvina! tefubex'ofth'ea.rty of' Y:~osla'!ia_ .. bec~"'\€ a. ">.the MBiri CrjrnmltteB (jf the Red Cross -f.: . .p.. ~:resldentDf ~llpSl"!l" C~!!It'_ltte'~ I'(jr'~osnia:~nd !re:n:egovi!18: O'f t'he 1?resi(U~ of ZAV'. .' . . R~vutlicof.tte9 .:t. 'speaks Cropt.1. P S'i'ACTIVITIES - Mer!iber of the KPJ Rajon CON'1 ttee.' 1-" 13.tb.o~TS ni'1..'" .iX.. .... :.. . !8il10e. is not 8.-.0 "-rD. .."-n. . . . . .'cont~ct.: ~.::rnL'1'. Pt~LIC FDNCTION~ rN'1~6 ~:Mini~ter in the governnent' .~".l .l its 1~re~""t?.ticn~ 'betve€i:J. '. .~<'::::.0=-:' . ~.CP' :i c:111 . t .!:roeaberof..' c:~::~"~~. r..-J~.I:dtt~e frrr the don~~tiQ~ of' Aia fC'r the Parti sa1ls1nB'lsr>. .. '~~"..! .. .'th~ ~edEraJ.11suo Mntr1buted - ~ rtic1es t.vRnceI!"ent in the . .:S0r~ .. .of the Federal Repu1. He!'z~gov:l.e:P.~ ani Co2tm-~l. .sym:pat1w ..~ . F.eri.JlP.re1!ent' m~in~~in8. 1Jc. !h 1945.946 .:3:)f?r:~.ur9 fo:rd.>.. ."':>\8ined 1x:. '.rJ French leftist ~pere~'_ Rt . Feder'!..Mini~t€r of Educat~t)11fO.. '. . / . p.aofRSS aD~ Croa~" antl- COJ!!I!JU:itst activities.~. "" .y.1!'.~:.nj Cro~.~~~i~.god~v: .. .. .l"lb~1a and Hen:egovina. 'meJ!lber Qf thei-!ainGbru:d. .? rma. Organi~at lotH!' cori~aineci in ..ter QZY.. Chief of the C"nstruct:hn Sectir'>Jl in the Ministry ~ of Social Policy. Serbia.rty Memoer.~:~e:<-.~.. Y'-1.a '. .. .S...r'Unlve~~~tie8.c Preporod: Mai.t73 .r> bOf.jev(').li. l) ~T ACT!VI!!?IF.~go~lavlli il~en.>l"...'. vari~~Y~~l~V. ci" the' -$ocieti'1:'or'Coo:rerl'\.. _ 10r ..'. se~~':~~r~j.n CO.x 13'o~:"1lt. . Y.' .-c"""_'. .I'\?ilr:.'1 in' .~ugBiti anti. rnet!berof t:t.lic of Serbia. El:J.:". ...nb'ej'of ..t.traI CoriFEtee for the.1Oer&. . info!'I2ei thelntelligeIl~e Cent..~Sedetary cf the N<. . .Aa 0' years of ~ge~ :'~..n Front ~. :Re1Jll'blic of Bosnia _ ~ He~egOvina: Pres1~entof the~omDittee f.' '" "-.

~e~ber of the Banja Luka KPJ Rural District Cocrmitteefrom.~~..'ents reside in Bpn. Co~ission.. . dishonest.L. ptlbl1c functions 1n1946 included being assistant to the Mihieterof.~: Serb natirm~1."!rried 0 a T-'er-ber (\f the COT"I!lUnist Party (li1~)"rji) se:'v(.1. Supreme Partisan COI!1I1\~dfor the Prc>vince of Kraj1na. President of the "Red Help for Spain" unit for the Irajine.. served with th? P. .he YiJ.v.r he served wnh the Bosnip.ble to .7I/ijY' fJ~_-Boi . .uring the "ar and joined the PA.1931 to ~q36.rty \ef'ore'1941. residing !n Sarajevo.tholic faith.. : Provincial COCJ!\1ttee for Krajinaand also acted asPres1l!tt. stout ~..J>ril 1945 and in r.1~ Luksi prior to the war. .dr.natical COl!1!!'unlst..t . eXDlosive te~er. wife is f'. . President of the Control Co~issi~n for Bosnia end Herze~vin~ in 1947.he orders of his GOmI!'4Dlist superiors. served e... 1='?J. s-peaksSer'b.of the !IRed-Help" Society in the Province of IrajiM from 1939 '1..Herzegovina in 1947: member of the School C01!'1!!1t~ee in the PresidiUJ!! of the Bosnia and H<:irzegovina 'Gq. . .ack __ eyes.941 and was a-ppointed to the staff of the - . Croat nptionF11 of cl'!.r. black I!J\lstache.:.I ith the Pprtlsens d.ievo.nizet:. in~ a-pproxicately Jr years of' age.' froI:! 1926 to 1931 "'a8 a - .t! instructor in the KPJ Region~1 Cnrnmittee for Bosnia ~nd Berzegovina from 1943 to I:!e~ber of the COEJIJunist Perty since 1925.dnedthe rank of Major in the neW' Y:ugoslav An.member of the BAnja Luka KF.c . French: ~esHin~ in Sl\ra.vernmen1..A. a University Student's Club.5 and served as Itsofficiai representative "henevercalied"upon to dO-so. superiority Sec~nd Secretary fanatical complex. Yugoslav citizen: orthoi!ox religlon. o.ntil 1941. Member of the School Co~~ittee in the Presidium of t~ :Boent/! and Herzegovina gover!lr'ent in 1947: Chief of ~the Cadre Section of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Planning.8YI!' tall. pu'blic CO~I:1unist.a successful ~e. Born in' RuproxlI:!p.the XPJ in 19#1. the Federal Repnbl1c of Bosnia ~Jl1 Herzegovina in 1945: Wing t.jinaarea during the War aDd ~tt. IItment: _na.{z.. '. Yugoslav {:1tizen. cOA. becaI!'e a nember of thePleIlW!! of the Cej' t"~' C"!:J!!l1ttee of theKPJ for Bosnia and Herzegovina in .751:1 tall. and Herzegovin-!i Federal Bepu'blic Election Commission.h(:. Herzegovina Federal Reuublic Asse~bly.J'C1ty Corn-21ttee.ja CuJ.... Rerzegovinan NBtional Front ani a National Deputy in the Bosnia and ..J!~'17 1>lB. b1. . long face. .h. resnonsib1e for all adFoinistration duties of the Bosnia ~d HerzsgovinaNetional Front In 19. luring this periorl he "'as President of the Vas A Pelagic Cultural Society and a member of the administrative staff' .. .tely 38 years o.o his ex{:e-ptiona1 organizationBl . '1/1J(...~. . great Potentialities in future Party administrpt10n owing to his oPP9rtunlst tendencies end his " uno~stionR.. ~rea in 1936 and 1937: from 1939 to 1~3 he was a r:ember of the lPJ '. a-ppointed to membersh1pin the KPJ :Bureauof the Presidi'IW of. Crth0QOX religion.ience .rtisans in the KrB.- p 0 ess 'm.. -srrested by Yugoslev police autharities ~d incarcerated in !il~?ad~ for a short tiIre in 1927.. t!.-~c . joined the Parthanein 1. in 1. Local Traff1cfor the Federal Republic of 30snia and Rerzegovina !!nd Director of the State Tra!fic GomnAnyfor the Republic. joined SKOJ in 1937 ~d wasadIJi tted tc. Russieil and. one chn~. good organizer. 1'.1r bail': black eyes. AssistaritMinister of Construction :!orBosnia and .. - . ableorgll. good ora 0 .JeT of the same 1'e9. black ~ustache. of Kab. . . or~izat!onal secretary of the Benja Luka City Committee from 1936 to 1939. Was active in SKOJ or~nizRtions from en e~rly age ~~d joined the COI:'JJUnht:Party in 1925 at BanjR Luke..rse black way h. was also a player on the Borae football team. . f. _. 1. . actlvein aultural and athl~tic activities in Ban. 1947.l probably have . dark complexiOn~ . abilitiEs.rty c8re.. in the Executive functions fani of the opposite in 1946 included Co~~ttee 8 position of the Bosni~~ and of sex. good teeth.

faislfy his: .tO J. but even if such '. accepted into theXPJwhile serving as aStRte -Judt?e' in '. '-. ]. member of the Comrn1nist Party since 1945.he d~naied. in . t.. married an .~ Presidium of the Yedc!.'~ad af . " odar' _" ion. a biB ty..c1ty~'following the 11 beration of Yugo~laVia in 1.- an Agronomy engineer is a 0. from 1936. be too o])-pOr't:uniat.been re'ceived. ". great an 0 but . _gorge nose.~m!!!'becamean 0 \ inforine~f'o'r the Intelligence Canter of. of.&01' foii the KPJ City Committee of Zagreb'in 1940 and at the S~De time he became a member of' the Cultural Commission for the KPJ Central Committee for Croatia. smart.45. .01" a d~partment of a Sarajevo bank. h~ inBy be r'eacce"Dted.:-.e. 'FI1T!JRE' PROSPECTS.v n.. emd~taka~stere. ~ . has one 'child who was born in 1945. occUrS'.. thc-~"jJe~iMry membf)r of' .u~ member of' the KPJ :prior to 1 q41 ..h...'.ldng eXDerts never dhcovered theautbo. 17m tall. c'. 1. medium -.Moslem religionr. joined SKOJ in 1930 and was ~it+. P~ior to the war'possessedC~ist '~pathies. since. Groat nation~.ed .. .Zagreb Uni verst ty Law SchoO'lf> speaks Serb. another brother. ." . int rigner. for Zagreb. 0 French and Gernia.'- moved to.the'XPJ Sarajevo:9ity C. . his brothet \. the censorshi1:Sof all literary work. Croatia..AFZ Committee-for Co~ittee of rI?re-porod"and Bosnia.:tlle latter .. re-sidiIllt.' .- 1. i r ...!" .' '. brown wgvy hair. as 1i C01ll1m1nist and Was a member of a :Promin-entCroat faJ!!ily.present em:cloyed.qilite BUcc-ess:ful in his latter task: as he was not comp-ro'infsed. Goverrunent. '.w:!:thout at Sarajevo an has been a. .is 'at. _ _ and .t.. ~: ."faIiat1call. the Party was able to. .activities in.ornmittee.14 i.: ' . but no specific charges 175 . gra. "wife..' oj ~ {nul . Yugosla~ -citizen. . . .gSection' in tM . successful' P/trty career are slim.the Main .1bl1cized the f'actthat" he was a member of the Cdmm'Unist Party'anQ shortly . int 0 the Parti.1evo.. .. '.Born"in .- head' . <.7 .'inthis - connection. a studE!nt 'at' 'Zagreb Uriiversity-.. 'attached. .committee. . . .: o' . " PARTY'mSTORX:'~. acc(mntblg returns and. ' 1940 was a me~cerof the C-ulturaiSection-of the XP. _ _Assisted BACin thisop~rati(:m!.rieyer' became a -Party member as -he was considered to. by the Presidium of the. .'he ui.. in so doing obt~. to theP8:rtY.'j.Acti. his 1J11blic duties included.J Gity.-}iich . to th~ Communist . and.:~ .. _ PAST ACTIVITIES.before the "'ar from Jewish symPathh:ers WM were killed tnlCl41.' .theAccountin. .drnit"~ 'of the. ba. w~8-. the same time his girl friend lost interest in fibl.ra. . :builc1.ptJBtIC tmrCTIONS'IN lQ46 .. 71 a large amoUnt -of money ".thereafter he'was expelled from the organization. he was able to .8 the Chief' of the Legal Section ..-' "'..Z'a~reb in 1942 aild cOI). . . joined the Party in 1941 and at the saJ!'e t.. !'I'venil Communist' periodicals through his intervention. National Assembly - fon'the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina.. arrested by the Yugoslav Police in 1941.. .r of thfs theft and ac~ording to the Party 'ledgers the sum of mo'ney-haej. to the Party..~ ~. Because of his education and hts -or' . i&:on has been Ii member of the' ~~ ~iAce' 1945. SR.--.: .< . ~bi tiou~.."" .sa ."'~ile. . a~. .. ~~.aupointedL".".." geiit~ef is veiyfond of his' -. ~J' iri'teft:i~t drcles:whUe.'..Croat..inued his intelligence .r -'... pUr-' .the Bosnian Law Hi . . Section Chief in the ~h'b!'5'" ~-f'"Ae"'1enlty. Pal'ty o in 1935.was . .3g years of ag-e..:l eyed . ..n..'al. hb'c ances for' 8. : . he" refused to ~~rka~ anOZNa informer against the interests of the HSS. _. .

Foreign Affairs. .g1iinstItal181l1'ascistB engli?ed In btQ:1ling Sex-b'villages. ~ V~st2.reb GO"Urt. organized guerril1aunlh .. $coool aa a r~sult sf M. Inchlirge of. . e.Ledtnroughoilt. '.sappoizlted Ass1stmitChief of Easternlferzegovtna Rur 81 District OZNB. in 194) vas COI!!JI1anding Officer of ab8. . KPJ'=trty'members while he was testifyingin a ZR#1.. YugOslavMln1sterto Em~ and Ambaesador to 'L:nYIA.rrestedJ>y the Ustsshi in 'Zagret in 1941 and placed in theJ~senovac . ..ed . returned .in the" Nevee1njeDetachment aswd~. .Croatian KPJ CehtralCommittee. enforcer of the Party' B policies. PartiCc.of Croat}.1'76. .C{-Z C '~ . /8 ng . . '. .: .!.ry General of the of :first Federal Government for the Re'P'O.":':'~:w1en~':" ort qdO:xreligion.ttftllon which retreated-over the Neretve. .of the. : . all of whom w~re~ccU8ed o:f"leI't . black crossed eyes. . ~ET coulcl be. ..~:'.' .949:' .Concentration. RE'HC :FDi'i'C. r~:~tiN ~~.of the -...__~T 9.terW8.46 '..o3~. oil .i. .. . .~r~:. "FI'esldiU!!1. ~ ~.. . .>. ".'~8de against him and he was released. '1nclu~ arti8f1. th~ Sirok! Brijeg cat hOl1C MonashI)' together Y 1 th~ d .. ...' collectbn of ams. .19114' &t1done monthla. .. . &J . . '. . . .emie'So:fthe Party. and direoted local aCts of sabotage. at ~his. . spepks Italian ~ I and '5er1>o-Croat.period .""" .:~~~. Well oualifiedand eou1p"Oedto'advancE!!.'.. perseveT!Ult. -.' .1:::0NSIN 1.mJi!ittee in the Detachment..usea 8 .to )3elgrade in 1947 at lIead of the 'Infomet!on'Section of the .diecame Chief of Tan jug for the Feder~ Repub~ic. ti~e he was ~lBo.. deviatiu~"~be~Bl!!e ~jor in OZN'I:I.~{)fNaprijed.Secretary of the SKOJ unit in the Mostar 'Pu. later in 1938 was expell~d frol1l. .ted the Hlegal SKOJ new8pa~r "Mi DAe1" at the S8Ble time.a Gel"J!\E!-Il advance.nomlIlRtedas Yugosl8V' Minister to Egypt !I.~v '. ..-~ . 81!!1!!1lnition 81ld B81litary sup-plies :forParthan t~oops. . expelled from the X1'J in 1943 along ". J. pallid c on." be'came' It member KPJ ~ural District Committee for ]:astern Herzegovl11a. . ~s. '. all "fItudent 'SKOJ.1cer~fa c0!!tPB.~' aupolrited to me~bership in the KPJ Bureau of ZA~TOBIH.. d urin g the pprt 1san l1"beratio~eS destrO.""~ ..Uh o~8l:-1"~riy lead'ers bi :tIerzegov. Ministryof.". returned to B08nJ~ in 1944 M. .inje f j)etac~t . . .n s vhb'did'not .. . CaWp.rty in' 1942. .. . brav .'. di:'"ferent n~e !I-Ildwas well known thro1. later ~n1941 joined the Part 1 sans!Uldw&s JiladeCo1!m.. then cOlIl!'!enced pol1ticalacti. pOlitical ep.. . " 'PtJ:!3LIC F'ONCTIONS IN J. .'1.a1 . . . .(b jfc1. ~"t'a""11.members:becameamember