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Module 1

Answer BOTH questions'

1. (a) Three complex numbers are given as

zr: I + (7 - 4 {T)i, zr: {J+ 3i and zr: --2 + 2i'

(i) Express the quotient x+ where x'y e R' [3 marksl
li"tn"form '/

(ii) Given that arg w : arg zr-fatg zr* argzrl,l zrl = I and arg zt=ft rewrite

* : :+in the form re,owhere r =lwl and d : argw. [6 marksl

(b) Acomplexnumber v=x* lyissuch that:l :2+ i' Showthat

x_: _2+{T [7 marksl

(c) The function/is defined by the parametric equations

*=-L and /=sin-1/ for-l </<0'5'
(i) . dv - e'0 -f) [6 marksl
Show that
&-: -fit _ |
(ii) Hence, show that/has no stationary value' [3 marksl

Total25 marks

022340201CAPE 2015

I oy oyox I It ) or. -3 - 2. evaluate I Xrl *. . h'1.v) oy . J sin'x cos x ln (sin x) dx.* ffiwhere a. . [5 marksl (ii) Hence. [2 marks] Total25 marks CO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE 02234020/CAPE 20r 5 . [5 marks] (b) The rational function (v):## is defined on the domain -2 <x <2. (i) Expressfx) in the form . (r+ r) rn h]+ c. where -l *n eZand Ce R. b e R. (i) Show that JI n' n n dh : .D) * aT!*.J1 [6 marks] (c) Let hbe a function of x. y): 4x2 + 3x!2 + 7x + 3! o af (!.=[-r + (n+l).. (a) Let 4x2 a 3x!' + 7x * 3y: 0. find l -.'. [2 marksl -2 (ii) Given thatflx) is symmetric about they-axis. (i) Use implicit differentiation to show that dy _ 8x+3f+7 (ii) Show that forflx.vt r0: aTSe)l gS.

(a) The rth term of a sequence is given by I =-. "onue.. |.t'.ll +..^= . terms up to and including.t. [5 marks] _. [3 marks] + l. [4 marks] (b) A series is given AS t *. 3. -4- SECTION B Module 2 Answer BOTH questions. use the binomial expansion with . t) 1): ' [7 marks] .'?- Total25 marks GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE 02234020|CAPE 2015 .g. j to show that S diverges as n'--+@. I (ii) Show that . [4 marks] (c) Use the method of induction to prove that n(n2.[7+l (i) Determine n'3 * r. 2n+l ' . Give your answer correct to two decimal places.]-* 45 4 T'16' (i) Express the re'h partial sum S.x : t" approximate the value of d for f. t6) | (iii) Hence. [2 marks] @'12 (ii) Hence.of the series in sigma notation. given that-I.

3x+t. [6 marksl (ii) Hence. [5 marks] Total25 marks GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE 022340201CAPE 2015 . (= 0 means approximately equal to 0) [8 marks] (c) Use the Newton-Raphson method with initial estimate x. estimate g(0. 6]. Use the intermediate value theorem to show that/has at least one root in the interval l-2. correct to two decimal places. [3 marks] (ii) Use at least three iterations of the method of interval bisection to show that l-0. -0.3]. -5- 4.l. = 5.7.2) correct to three decimal places. (a) A function is defined as g(x) : . [3 marks] (b) (i) Letflx):x*3 sinx.538) = 0 in the interval [-0.0).5 to approximate the root of g(x) : sin 3x in the interval [5. (i) Obtain the Maclaurin series expansion for g(x) up to and including the term in xa.

[3 marksl (c) A system of equations is given as 2x+3y-z:-3. 5. Three of the applicants are females and the remaining seven are males. [5 marksl (iii) Hence. Determine the number of possible ways in which a group of FOUR applicants may be selected if (i) no restrictions are applied tl markl (ii) at least one of the successfulapplicants must be female. (a) Ten students from across CARICOM applied for mathematics scholarships.3. solve the system of equations. [2 marks] (ii) Use elementary row operations to reduce the system to echelon form.2. -6- SECTION C Module 3 Answer BOTH questions. The scholarships are awarded to-four successful students.5y+32:9.5x-1. [3 marks] (b) Numbers are formed using the digits I . t3 marksl (iv) Show that the system has no solution if the third equation is changed to l.5 x-y+22 :7 l. Determine (i) the greatest possible amount of numbers that may be formed [4 marksl (ii) the probability that a number formed is greater than 100. [4 marksl Total 25 marks GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE 022340201CAPE 2015 .4 and 5 without repeating any digit.5x+32 :9 (i) " Rewrite the system of equations as an augmented matrix.

a) Find the general solution of the differential equation. In addition. show that the solution which satisfies the boundary conditions t : [9] rt. (a) Alicia's chance of getting to school depends on the weather. y (o): andy' . determine the probability that it is a rainy day. she goes to school on 99o/o of the sunny school days.-".:#1"". (i) Construct a tree diagram to show the probabilities that Alicia arrives at school. It is also known that 32%o of all school days are rainy.7. The weather can be either rainy or sunny. [7 marks] Total25 marks END OFTEST IFYOU FINISH BEFORE TIME IS CALLED. the probability that she gets to school is 0. [3 marksl b) Hence. [4 marksl (b) (i) Show that the equation y + xy + i :0 is a solution of the differential equation dy : y-x' x(l +x)' [5 marksl (i i) A differential equation is given as y" -2y: 0. * ". [3 marks] (ii) What is the probability that Alicia is at school on any given school day? [3 marks] (iii) Given thatAlicia is at school today. CHECKYOURWORK ON THIS TEST. -7 - 6. 02n4a20lcAPE 2015 .). If it is a rainy day.