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Wednesday, February 22, 2017 IMYC

From Field to Table: An examination of food from start to finish.

1. Choose a recipe that you will eventually prepare and provide samples with your presentation. The
requirements of your choice:

a) in your opinion (and be prepared to justify), a balanced and healthy recipe/dish

b) minimum five ingredients

c) minimum two different processes (i.e. heat transfer, freezing, chemical reaction)

2. The second part of the assignment is the analysis of your food. This will involve three areas:

The Larger Implications of Your The Science Behind the The Science Behind the
Dish Production of Your Dish Consumption of Your Dish
a) Choose one or two ingredients Think about the cooking Look at all of the ingredients you
from your dish. processes of your dish. Explain used to make your dish.
b) Take a close look at the the science behind those a) Does your dish provide
growing or production of the processes. balanced nutrition?
ingredient. What are the social, a) What are the chemical b) Based on the amount of each
political, environmental or reactions or biological nutrient in your dish and the
economical implications of its processes that happen in it? recommended amount of
growth or production? b) How does it happen? each nutrient, what serving
c) How does it affect the size and how often should
Some guiding questions: texture and the flavour of people eat your dish?
i) Where is the food produced? your food? c) Explain how your dish meets
ii) What labour is involved in d) Does it change the the requirements of what
growing the food? nutritional value of your raw teenagers want and what
iii) What are the environmental ingredients? they need for their balanced
practices surrounding the food? diet.
iv) Is the food a major import or
export for a country?
v) Is it a GMO (genetically
modified organism)?

Please feel free to expand on

these questions or use others to
pursue your social inquiry.

3. The final product will be a visual display including your analysis and a sample of your food. It will be
presented as a fair to the entire school. Along the way, you will have checkpoint dates:

Recipe Chosen Student/Teacher Meeting In-Class Presentations Food Fair

th th th
Friday, February 24 Monday, March 6 Thursday, March 9 & Thursday, March 16th
Friday, March 10th