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From Field to Table Rubric

Criteria Exceptional Admirable Marginal Unacceptable

 Appropriate details  Most details support  Few details support  No details to support
support main idea main idea main idea main idea
 Accurate and detailed  Accurate information for  Lacking accurate  Information is not
Content 50% information almost all subject matter information accurate
 Information adequately  Information is mostly  Inadequate information  Information does not
supports purpose of adequate and supportive is not clearly supportive support the visual’s
visual of visual’s purpose of visual’s purpose purpose
 Topic and title clear and  Topic and title are mostly  Topic and title difficult to  Topic and title are not
easily identified clear and easily identified identify clearly identified
 Main idea is clearly  Main idea is appropriate  Main idea not clearly  No main idea
Focus 20% appropriate to topic to topic stated  Illustrations do not
 All illustrations  Most illustrations  Few illustrations complement purpose of
complement purpose of complement purpose of complement purpose of visual
visual visual visual
 Outstanding use of  Adequate use of color,  Inappropriate use of  Little attempt to use
color, design, and space design, and space color, design, and space color, design and space
 Original and creative  Design is adequate  Design lacks creativity appropriately
20% design  Overall design is mostly  Lack of harmonious  Design is dull
Appeal  Overall design is pleasing and harmonious design in presentation  Project has sloppy
pleasing and  Appearance
 Free of grammatical  Mostly free of  Frequent grammatical  Too frequent
errors grammatical errors errors grammatical errors
 No excess glue, torn  Little use of excess glue,  Excess glue, torn edges,  Distractive elements
Mechanics 10%
edges, mark-outs torn edges, mark-outs and mark-outs make illustration
 Words are legible and  Most words are legible  Presentation is illegible ineffective
pertinent to topic and pertinent to topic and confusing

Assignment Score ______________ + Bonus ______________ = Final Score ________________