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Features FALL 2016 3

DANIELA PEREZ Myth 3: Construction will never begin. Myth 5: Donors have pulled their
SENIOR EDITOR Fact: Construction for the Entrepreneurial Center has been postponed, but contrary funding because of “the scandal.”
Several myths surround the to popular belief, it is not because of money. Fact: Due to the events that transpired
construction around the former Parker “Where we are right now is [filling out] the paperwork with the banks in in the summer, many students believe
Library. But, rest assured! This article order for them to move forward with the financing. That paperwork is pretty exten- that because of the reports, investing in
is your tour guide into the world be- sive, and that can take weeks, sometimes months. That’s why the fence is there—all the school was not a good idea.
hind the fence. the permits are in, all of our compliance with the city is set, it’s just finishing up This, however is nothing but a
Myth 1: The Parker Library will be paper works with banks so that we can move forward,” Asset Management commit- rumor.
a library. tee member Mr. Jason Brown said. “Those pledges remain. We
Fact: The Parker Library will not be a have all the pledged money that we
library when construction is finished. need to move forward with that build-
According to Ms. Rubinstein, Head of ing. The distractions of the spring and
of the beginning of this year haven’t
the Upper School, the Parker Library
changed that reality, that we are able to
is “being transformed from a library to
move forward with the construction of
a Center for Entrepreneurial Studies.”
the building,” Mr. Brown said.
Myth 2: Vision 20/20 left with Mr.
Benedict. Myth 6: Construction will stop
Fact: Many students feel that because after the Entrepreneurial Center is
Mr. Benedict spearheaded the opera- completed.
tion, Vision 20/20 left with him. Fact: Construction will actually not
Vision 20/20’s mission state- stop with the Entrepreneurial Center.
ment is that “By 2020, Saint Andrew’s It is part of a multifaceted construc-
will be a leader in providing a unified tion plan that involves the entire Up-
academic community unparalleled in per School.
inspiring students to lead honorable “[The Entrepreneurial Center]
lives of purpose and take on limitless is part of a campus master plan that
opportunities to impact the world.” really brings our campus up to the
The Center for Entrepreneur- high standards I have for education.
ial Studies epitomizes this vision. “It Henderson Hall will become what it
will be the show case building for all was in the beginning of the school’s
of our most student-centered, innova- history: the library,” Ms. Rubinstein
tive programming. The building will Photo by DALEN MICHAELS’19 said.
be shaped with a huge central, circular The entirety of Henderson
living room commons. What that says Myth 4: There is not enough funding for the Entrepreneurial Center.
Fact: The Center for Entrepreneurial Studies has enough funding to move for- will be remodeled, so some adjust-
is that the students are at the center ments must be made in order to ac-
of everything we do,” Ms. Rubinstein ward. Before 2008, Saint Andrew’s engaged in borrowing money for big capital
campaigns. But after the economic crash, borrowing money was deemed as an commodate everyone.
said. “[The administration] will
Associate Headmaster for irresponsible way to proceed. In turn, Saint Andrew’s has decided to pay as they
go and receive money in the form of pledges. move into [the Advancement Office],
Development Peter Gallo added, “The but this has to be renovated first. So,
goals attached to the Entrepreneurial “Those funds come in the form of pledges from families. Those funds,
the funds that we needed in order to begin the Entrepreneurial Center were they’ll probably put our offices in
Center are more academic and pro- temporary space for the time being.
gramming, so it’s changing the way pledged last year,” Mr. Brown said.
In order to receive these pledges, the school must reach out to Saint [Advancement] and [Henderson] will
students are learning.” be the next project and we are raising
Andrew’s families.
“We begin discussions with parents and alumni and we meet with money for that now,” Mr. Gallo said.
people and ask them to support the project. They will either make an annual Although many students
commitment or multi-year commitment towards the funding of the building,” might believe the construction has
Mr. Gallo said. “ruined” the 2016-2017 year, those
However, the money is not usually given all at once, but is instead ful- responsible for the Center actually
filled overtime. planned it so it wouldn’t.
“What happens is that a family over time fulfills the pledge and the “We are doing this project in
money comes into Saint Andrew’s over a period time. What that means is St. a sequencing phase, and the reason
Andrew’s works with banks in order to secure financing that will allow us to why is because we want to disrupt
do the construction that we need to do while that money flows in,” Mr. Brown the students as least as possible,” Mr.
explained. Gallo said.

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