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We have two characters in the opening sequence. We used
these characters to successfully fulfil the codes and
conventions of a thriller to interest our target audience.

Name: Aleena Mohammed.

Character: She plays the part of Protagonist/Victim.

Gender: Aleena is Female. We decided we wanted a female to
play the part of the victim because stereotypically a female is
seen as the damsel in distress and to fill the codes and
conventions of a thriller creating a vulnerable victim in order to
interest the audience. She is represented quite feminine in her
small stature and also her clothing.

Race: Aleena’s ethnicity is Asian. We didn’t specifically choose
her particularly because of her race, however Asians are
sometimes stereotypically seen as smart in movies so it could
interest the audience in why the girl is in this situation
especially because her appearance seems small and innocent.

Age: Aleena is 17 years old. We felt this was the appropriate
age as she is not too young to play this role and there is a
possibility a younger actress may distress the audience.

Disability: Aleena has no visible disability; because of the part
that Aleena plays her character being disabled wouldn’t create
the type of look we were going for. Also there is a risk of the
audience not feeling comfortable with watching someone who
is less able in the situation that her character is in.

Sexuality: She is heterosexual, however her sexuality is not
revealed or in any way relevant to our production. Her sexuality
is not needed, as the introduction of that will shift away from
the main theme of our opening sequence.

Name: Mahbubur Rahman.
Character: Antagonist.

Gender: Mahbubar is a male we used him
because stereotypically in movies males are seen
as villains and he was the person that suited our
character the best.

Race: He is Asian, his ethnic isn’t really important
to our production in our opening sequence; his
face is hidden anyways to create an enigma of who the
character under the mask may be.

Age: He is 17, we felt this was the appropriate age for the
character to be because being of similar age to Aleena would
make more sense in why he would be in the same vicinity as
her or know her as it is possible they attend the same school
and that is how they are both in this situation.

Disability: He has no disability, him not having a disability, is
due to the fact that our plot revolves around a certain storyline
and him having a disability may take away from the type of
idea we want the audience to see, especially with what he does
having a disability would not make sense, because of what he
does. Also it may not interest our target audience but maybe
confuse them.

Sexuality: Mahbubar is Heterosexual; his sexuality is not
relevant to our opening sequence. However this can be shown
in the opening sequence as he is chasing and attacking a girl
possibly because he is attracted to her or has a deeper reason
for attacking her all this builds up the enigma of our production.