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1 Match the pictures to the words:


2 Discuss:

Do you like Maroon 5?

What kind of music does it play? What are your favorite songs?

What do their songs usually talk about?

3 Listen to the song and complete with the words missing:

Sugar – Maroon 5
I'm ______________ baby, I'm broken down My broken pieces
I ________________ your loving, loving You pick'em up
I ________________ it now Don't _____________ me hanging, hanging
When I'm without you Come ____________ me some
I'm something weak When I'm without ya
You got me begging, begging So insecure
I'm _________ my knees You are the one thing, one thing
I’m __________________ for
I don't wanna be needing your love
I just wanna be deep in your love REPEAT CHORUS
And it's killing me when you're away
Oh baby, cause I really don't care where Yeah, _________________ that red velvet
_____________ _________________ that sugar sweet
I just wanna be there where ____________ Don't let _____________ touch it
And I gotta get one little taste Unless that ___________________ is me
I gotta be a _______________
Sugar, yes please There ain't no other way
Won't you come and put it __________ on me Cause girl you're hotter than southern california bay
Oh right here, cause I need I don't wanna _______________ no games
_____________ love and little sympathy I don't gotta be afraid
Yeah you _______________ me good loving Don't give all that shy shit
Make it alright No make up on
Need a little sweetness in my ______________ That's my
Sugar, yes please
Won't you come and put it __________ on me REPEAT CHORUS

play need on show little nobody want down hurting living give you are somebody man leave life 4 About the song: a) What does SUGAR in this song mean? “Suga r. does it mean someone is actually trying to kill him? 5 Grammar: a)“It’s killing me” refers to: 1 A habit 2 A fact 3 Something happening at this moment. yes please Won't you come and put it down on me…” Does this part mean this: or this? b) What nicknames do you call someone you love? ______________________________________ c) When they sing: “and it’s killing me when you’re away”. now b)What is this verb tense called?_________________________________________________ c)Find another example in the song: ______________________________________________ d)How is it formed? ___________________________________________________________ Answer the questions: What are you doing now? ________________________________________________________ What’s your brother/sister doing now?_____________________________________________ What’s your friend doing now? ___________________________________________________ What’s your dog doing now? _____________________________________________________ What’s your grandmother doing now? _____________________________________________ .