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Platforms: PlayStation®2 computer
entertainment system, Xbox™

Statistics for every
lethal weapon of
mass destruction

The lowdown on all
enemy strengths and
weaknesses, including
killer T-500s and
all-terrain H/K
Spider Tanks

Walkthroughs for each
intricate environment

Tactical strategies
for the three
unique characters

Detailed explanations
for achieving all
game objectives

Listing of all medal
qualifications and
cheats/extras awarded

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Burn the Bioharzard . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .61
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ISBN: 0-7615-4030-X Free Reese . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .65
Capture Alex Stone . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .65
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 2002111415 Escort Stone . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .69
Level 8 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .75
Cover Reese . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .75
Level 9 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .81
Defeat Defense . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .81
Enter SkyNet . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .85
Cover Teammates . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .89
Smash Defense Grid . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .90
Destroy Ground H/K . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .91
Level 10 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .93
Time Travel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .93
Defense Grid . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .93
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Not long after humans had turned over control of their nuclear weapons
defenses to it, the computer network known as SkyNet became sentient. All
attempts to deactivate the system failed. SkyNet determined that the humans
were a threat to its existence, and unleashed all of the nuclear weapons
within its control.
Mankind was all but destroyed….

The surviving humans formed a resistance movement known
as TechCom. Led by the enigmatic General John Connor, humans
are striking back at SkyNet in whatever manner possible.
Its resources depleted, SkyNet braces for TechCom's assault
upon its central facility at NORAD. Even as it attempts to
ensure its own survival, SkyNet makes plans to cripple the
resistance movement before it starts. It intends to use time
displacement equipment to send an unstoppable T-800 killing
machine into the past, to the year 1984, to kill John Connor's
mother before he is ever born.
As a member of TechCom, it's up to you to stop SkyNet
once and for all.



Before jumping into action, take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the various controls and game options.

The Terminator: Dawn of Fate is an adventure game viewed from a third-person perspective. Although you can switch to a first-
person view to target enemies, most of the time you see your character on the screen.
The game camera does not stay behind your character, however. As you move around, the camera changes position to give you
a better view of the environment. The camera may be positioned at all sorts of angles around the character. Movement is always
relative to the screen, not to the character. For example, pushing the controller stick to the right causes the character to move to the
right side of the screen. If the character is facing you, he moves to his left. If the character is standing on the left side of the screen,
he moves forward.

Main Menu Save Menu
When you successfully
complete a level, you are
taken to a Save menu. From
From the main here, you can Save your
menu, you can progress (recommended),
adjust the Restart the level (if you
Sound FX want to make another
level, Music attempt at earning a medal),
volume, Continue to the next level, or
Brightness, Exit the game.
Vibration Press the buttons
(on/off), Map indicated on the screen to
(on/off), Screen cycle through the Task and
format (Standard or Anamorphic), and Sound mode (Mono, Score screens. The Task screen lists your objectives and the time it took
Stereo, Headphones, Surround, and Dolby Pro Logic II). You you to accomplish them. The Score screen shows which medals you have
can also select a Controller set-up. earned for exemplary performance. If you earn four or more medals on the
same level, you unlock something from the Extras menu.
The default controller layout is as follows:
Command PlayStation 2 Xbox
Use/Speak/Reload I 4
Shoot P 3
Dodge O 2
Attack U 1
Auto-target R (hold) 8
First-person view r (hold) 7
Adrenaline L 5
Inventory l (hold) 6
Map on/off k (Click)
Zoom g (Click)
Movement LeftY g
Pan camera (while locked-on) Right Y k


The H.U.D. (Heads Up Display) provides a wealth of information if you know what to
look for.
The bar in the top left corner of your screen indicates your remaining health. It
normally starts at 100, although this number can be increased through upgrades. If the
number reaches zero, the game is over.
In the top right corner, a red bar shows the remaining health of the major enemy you
are fighting.
Below your the health bar is the Armor indicator. The strength of any Armor you find
appears here. Each hit you take while wearing Armor reduces the armor's strength.
When your Armor reaches zero, further hits reduce your health bar instead.
If you have selected a weapon from your inventory, the amount of ammo remaining is
shown underneath the armor indicator.
A map appears in the screen's bottom left corner. A white dot indicates your position. Enemies appear as red dots. The location
of your goals appear as flashing circles. Toggle this map on and off by clicking the right analog stick.

The map is not oriented around your
Underneath the map is the adrenaline character. The small white "cone" near
meter. It normally starts at 100, although your position indicator helps you
this number can be increased through determine which way you are facing.
upgrades. Using adrenaline depletes this
meter rapidly. It refills over time.

From time to time, a "!" icon appears to
the immediate right of your adrenaline
meter. If the icon is dark, you are near an
item that can be interacted with. When
the icon is lit, pressing the Use button
activates the item (such as a door or
computer console).

Weapons are found throughout the various levels, and are visually indicated by a glow. If you already possess the weapon,
picking it up adds its ammo to your inventory. Not all weapons are available on all levels.



The various weapons, their maximum capacities, and the enemies they are most effective against, are as follows. Please note
that maximum capacity values may change depending on upgrades.
Weapon Maximum Capacity Most Effective Against
Baton Unlimited Endos, after using adrenaline
AP50 150 H/K Recon, Endos
PLM40 200 H/K Recon, Endos
Shotgun 25 Hybrids
Canister Bomb 10 All enemies
C4 10 Loader
R6-PAK 30 Spider Tanks, SkyNet Core
AR510 300 All enemies
Grenade Launcher 10 All enemies
MOB-M Launcher 12 Turrets
EMP Generator Unlimited, but must recharge All enemies except Hybrids
Multi-caster Unlimited, but must recharge All enemies

Other important items found throughout the game include Medi-Paks and Armor. Medi-Paks come in various sizes. The larger the
size, the greater the amount of health it restores. Armor also comes in various sizes. The larger the Armor, the more hits it can
protect you from.

• Don't just stand and shoot! Whenever possible, use your Dodge maneuver to avoid enemy fire.

• Talk to all fellow soldiers and civilians, as most provide you with a useful item.

• Use the Shotgun on enemies at close range, as it is ineffective against distant targets. Use the Canister
Bombs and Grenade Launcher against distant enemies, as they can damage you if deployed close by.

• You can shoot "through" an enemy by auto-targeting another enemy behind it. The first enemy takes
damage, even though it is not being targeted, and as soon as it falls, you automatically continue
firing at the second target.

• Don't waste ammo by shooting Endos that are in the process of teleporting. They do not become
vulnerable until after they stand up.

• Grenades and Canister Bombs are useful against large clusters of enemies. Even though you can
only auto-target one of the enemies, the nearby enemies also suffer damage.

• When surrounded, run! Use walls and barriers as temporary cover, and let the enemies come to you
once you've found a location where your back is protected.

• The Endos heads count as Tech pieces. Switch to the first-person view to help target their heads with
a projectile weapon such as the PLM40 or AR510, then collect the skulls when they are blown off.

• Whenever you are carrying a weapon and are not in battle, press the Use button to reload. By
reloading the clip with ammo from your inventory, you gain more room to pick up additional ammo.

• On later levels, use the EMP Generator to temporarily disable enemies before switching to another
weapon to destroy them.


button. To to check out the resistance's new training facility. Knock down all seven combat to locate one. Press down on the D-pad or left analog stick your left and grab the three Small Medi-Paks. against the wall by the desk. Turret Gun Fresh from a recent patrol. Hand-to-hand 2. You may have noticed use the Medi-Pak. Sgt. Reese has stopped Continue around the room to find the Heavy Armor You automatically equip Armor after picking it up. This switch activates the timer for upper right corner. Press the Use button to pull the switch. 6 . or hold down the Auto-target button wall to the left. then enter the room directly across from it. and press the Attack button to hit it your first training exercise: hand-to-hand combat. Rifle and Side Arm Medal Qualifications: N/A 3. to select a Small Medi-Pak (worth 25 health points as the game frequently shows you nearby items. OBJECTIVE 1: HAND-TO-HAND As you enter the hallway. press and hold the Inventory When you gain control of your character. Always keep an eye on the screen during dialogue.BASIC COMBAT TRAINING Character: SGT. each). replicants before the timer reaches zero. Kyle Reese Objectives: New Weapon(s) Available: N/A 1. walk to this in the background during your conversation. Release the Inventory button to use it. Canister Bomb Available SkyNet Tech Points: N/A 4. look for a switch on the A 90-second timer is displayed in the screen's Face a replicant. with your Baton.

them over. Run across the hall and through soon as the target disintegrates. The PLM40 Walk toward the AP50 has a maximum capacity of ammo to pick it up. 7 PRIMAGAMES. As Move to your left. but it has a combat area and walk maximum capacity of 150 farther down the hall. Before highlighting the weaponry pressing the switch on the on a table to the left. OBJECTIVE 2: RIFLE AND SIDE ARM Press the Use button to pull the wall switch It takes about 10 shots to destroy each target. the next tables. you need walkway. your character performs a rush attack. head back to the wall switch and reset jumping into the target. PRIMA’S OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE You can perform several different kinds of attacks. move all the way back to then press the Shoot button to fire. the training session ends and you must start over. locked on the target. If you fail to destroy all of them in the a replicant. Repeat this process until all the targets have been eliminated.COM . This move allotted time. Don't fire until you are the doorway to the shooting range. When the target in the far left right alley. a group of enemies and knocking them down. If If you pull back on the left analog stick or press Mix up your attacks as you move from one replicant you press the Attack button as you are running toward down on the D-pad as you press the Attack button. the right. press the Auto-target button to target. This move is good for surprising is perfect for avoiding enemy fire as you knock the training. Head to the far next alley. to the next. Select it using the Inventory button. OBJECTIVE 1 COMPLETE The AP50 is your standard Take a left out of the firearm. your character performs a sweep attack. pressing the Auto-target button as between the tables. walk past it and grab Weapons are always the PLM40 and ammo on highlighted this way. alley has been destroyed. 200 bullets. move left to the you face the next alley. wall. For this next you pass under the training exercise. look for a glow more firepower. As bullets. If the target reaches the end of the line.

Destroy eight targets. Move to the far right Exit the bomb range and look for C4 Explosives on then pull the switch on the wall to start the timer for and use the Auto-target button to lock on to the the next table. move to the adjacent alley and repeat the process. You have only 90 seconds. a detonator possible. 8 . You can carry a maximum of 10 of these. If you fail to replenish your complete the training in time. so take as many as you can (grab a few more when they reappear). If you stand on the right now. There are only two alleys here. the auto pistol. When the target is destroyed. the lever to reset the target range. destroying the wall that blocks your path. Press the Shoot button to throw these. OBJECTIVE 3 COMPLETE Whenever C4 has been Get as close to the wall as placed. then select the C4 automatically appears in from your inventory. Press the grate. You can carry a maximum of 10 of the next training exercise. You can the Shoot button only once switch to another to place the explosive where weapon instead of your character is facing. detonating the explosive. Press your inventory. head ammo by grabbing back out to the hallway and pull more off the table. OBJECTIVE 3: CANISTER BOMB Use the Inventory button to select the Canister Bombs. then turn and move away but that isn't necessary from it. You have 90 seconds to destroy As you leave the all the targets using the PLM40 or shooting range. target as it appears. you'll be out of range. Shoot button when the detonator is highlighted to blow the C4. Continue down the OBJECTIVE 2 COMPLETE hall and around the corner until you see Canister Bombs highlighted. hall as quickly as possible. but you need only one for the task ahead: so run through the doorway on the other side of the a Canister Bomb.

You then the new side targets once again. a first-person view. PRIMA’S OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE OBJECTIVE 4: TURRET GUN Walk through the hole you just made in the wall and A targeting reticle automatically appears in first. Don't hold down the Shoot button continuously. If they reach the end of their lines. orange. Head for the exit door and press the Use button. and the progress menu. Stop firing Gun. and press the Shoot button to fire. Press the Use button while standing behind it targets on the far left and far right are closest. After saving. person view. Use the left analog stick to move the the gun will overheat. you have to restart the exercise. Use R and L destroyed five targets per each of the five lines. your score. REWARD FOR COMPLETION Setting Reward All T-400 Data Shoot the side targets first. or continue down the hall to the final training exercise. highlight "Continue" and press the Attack button to start the game.COM . Don't worry receive a final word of encouragement before being about running out of ammo: you can't! When you've prompted to save your progress. then the center targets. tasks. so to keep the reading in the green: if it reaches the to activate the gun and switch the game's camera to target them first. the to cycle through the screens showing your completed exercise ends. OBJECTIVE 4 COMPLETE 9 PRIMAGAMES. The temperature gauge on the screen's right. the turret temporarily shuts down. Keep an eye on the Pull the switch on the wall and approach the Turret gun's turret.

Kyle Reese Weapon(s) Available: AP50. Turn on power Ground Pounder 85 or more kills Martial Arts Master 30 or more hits Untouchable 165 or less damage As the game begins. detailed explanation. When you gain control of button to target one of them. the grim realities of life capable of mimicking the in the year 2027.LEVEL 1: GRAVE INTRODUCTION Character: Sgt. OBJECTIVE 1 & 2: ESCORT CONNOR & DESTROY MAINFRAMES Base Control Room Captain Perry instructs you to shoot out the The mainframes are nearby. appearance of humans. Press the Auto-target mainframe computers. SkyNet. Canister Bomb. Collapse ceiling Sharp Shooter 65% or better accuracy 6. is Captain Perry barely intent on wiping out the manages to pull General human race. Destroy mainframes Speed Demon 17:00 or faster 3. 10 . a defense Unfortunately. This provides a more AP50 before moving on. Connor to safety before Reese eliminates the threat. Destroy both computers with your bring up the Objectives menu. then press the Shoot Kyle Reese. Defend bunker Raging Valor At least 00:15 of Adrenaline Use 5. Escort Connor MEDAL QUALIFICATIONS 2. press T(PS2) or 0 (Xbox) to button to fire. Shotgun. an SkyNet has developed a FMV sequence explains new soldier. the T-800. C4 Available SkyNet Tech Points: 140 Objectives: 1. Extinguish fire 4. one has network of machines already infiltrated your base! that became sentient.

PRIMA’S OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE Ammo is easily recognizable by its telltale glOW. You meet General Connor here. Fellow soldiers are represented by white dots. Press the Use button (Checkpoint) to open the exit door here. Should you die or fail the parameters of a mission. but it's a good idea to leave it on at all times. You can turn off the on-screen map. Replenish your ammo whenever possible. you have to do something about that fire blocking the way. a "!" capacity. Always talk to your fellow soldiers. When you are walls. you activate a checkpoint. Look for Approach the soldier near the exit door and press several packs of ammo on the floor near the outside the Use button to speak with him. 11 PRIMAGAMES. as they give you OBJECTIVE 2 COMPLETE information and often ammo as well. Base Corridor and exit doors flash. threats are represented by red dots. symbol appears to the left of your adrenaline meter. Before you can escort him. you can return to action at the last checkpoint reached. As you pass through the door. you cannot pick up additional ammo.COM . When your weapon has reached its maximum facing a person or object you can interact with.

Use the map to navigate around the room. T . with the item. OBJECTIVE 3 COMPLETE Base Power Plant and Barracks Always talk with fellow soldiers and civilians. You're under attack! match for modern weapons. Press the Use button to interact the exit door to the left. they are no longer a collapses. Leave him to his front of it and notice the "!" icon appear near your and he gives you the Canister Bomb he was carrying.400 Endo These were invented during initial tests to mimic human Leave the room and walk forward toward some autonomy. Stand in to a wounded soldier at the next corner. Not only do they provide information. Before you can react. OBJECTIVE 3: EXTINGUISH FIRE Walk through the opening in the chain-link fence and Head down the hallway past the flame until you come Continue moving forward until you see the medic approach the large piece of machinery. next room give you their AP50 ammo. and only a few rusty units remain in service. A third soldier near the open exit door gives you another Canister Bomb. 12 . but they The two wounded soldiers immediately inside the frequently give you health. important work and escort General Connor through adrenaline meter. but you weapons. A cutscene shows General served SkyNet as impressive Connor discovering that your escape route is guards in early internment blocked. should already have enough. a nearby wall prisons. Although they generator machinery. You lower the pressure. Talk to him trying to revive a dying soldier. which reduces the flame outside. or ammo as well.

as you automatically pick up nearby pieces. room through the double doors. 13 PRIMAGAMES. find a SkyNet Tech piece worth 10 points. survive. After the end of a level. you can purchase upgrades with the points you It's best to fight hand-to-hand have earned. These pieces add to your Tech Point total. SkyNet Tech Pieces SkyNet technology is sometimes hard to distinguish from the surroundings. or the level will end. search the room. if you want to Shoot to fire. Another SkyNet each on your way to the Tech piece lies on the soldier in the corner. Take with him and he gives you both before exiting the a Shotgun. so look for items that appear out of place. Speak ground nearby. Pressing the Dodge button causes eye on the meter to make sure he is safe. your character to roll in the direction you are moving. you have to inflict shots as you fire. In fact. Proceed around the Continue past the lockers. In the corner by the lockers. If you become separated. Walk over everything you can. His health meter appears at the screen's Endos via hand-to-hand combat. In a and two more SkyNet Tech locker. only after you've taken out most enemies with your weapons. keep an earn the Martial Arts Master medal. find Heavy pieces worth five points Armor. Check your radar to make sure all the enemies have been destroyed. PRIMA’S OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE Here's where the fun begins! Hold down the Auto. chain-link fence to the Pick up a Small Medi-Pak adjacent corner.COM . Your first priority is always to protect General Don't be afraid to forego the guns and take out the target button to focus on the nearest Endo and press Connor. When the coast is clear. Don't stand in one place! Dodge its upper right corner. He must a certain number of hits this way (30 on this level).

An armored battle chassis makes it far more durable. look for a SkyNet Tech Always look for ways to eliminate large groups of piece in front of the sandbags to the left. forward and up the stairs. There is enemies with as few shots as possible. the resulting explosion takes them out. He recommends destroying two fuel tanks down the hall with some C4. but you have to find some C4 first. Reese agrees to go to the left analog stick to aim the reticle. If you bunker has been successfully defended. Notice a propane tank near the foot of the stairs Continue firing at the advancing Endos. as this also a Small Medi-Pak and another Tech piece (+10) helps you earn medals. OBJECTIVE 4: DEFEND BUNKER Base Entrance and Storage A cutscene shows General Connor and Sgt. Enhanced weapons are synched with acquisition AI for a highly dangerous threat. When the where the Endos are entering the bunker. When you regain control. nearby. Be careful not to overheat the against attack. Use the discussing strategy. Reese target and destroy the tank when enemies are automatically steps away from the Turret Gun. and press the forward gun post and help defend the bunker Shoot button to fire. head guns! Keep the temperature gauge in the green. Before leaving the room. OBJECTIVE 4 COMPLETE OBJECTIVE 5: COLLAPSE CEILING Head back downstairs to General Connor. Reese Reese automatically mans the Turret Gun. Start moving down the hallway until a cutscene shows more Endos entering the base.500 Endo This combat unit upgrade currently serves as the enemy's preferred soldier. T . 14 . Good idea. near the desk.

Hotel Basement(Checkpoint) Grab the AP50 ammo near the door and take a left Turn around and head back the way you came. Refill the adrenaline meter by killing the enemy. The C4 you need is on a table to the left. you spot two fuel Press the Shoot button once again to activate the C4. PRIMA’S OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE Adrenaline Your adrenaline meter is directly below the on-screen map. you're fired upon by the Pick up the C4 from the crate. You must sometimes use adrenaline to earn the Raging Valor medal. then run to General Conner. target it when they are nearby. and steadily decreases with use. The soldier gives you Shotgun the other hallway and look for a wounded soldier up ammo after you talk with him.COM . He gives you a Small and Medium Armor is nearby. entrance. As you enter the next room. find two Tech pieces. press L (5 on Xbox). and collect any ammo enemy. Use the Shoot button to place the OBJECTIVE 5 COMPLETE Connor to the other side of the room. AP50 ammo and another Tech piece. and then follow General inventory. Find two Tech pieces between the bulldozer and the As you pass the timbers. It starts at a maximum of 100. Walk right up to them and use which collapses the ceiling on any remaining Endos. To activate an adrenaline boost. explosive. 15 PRIMAGAMES. This is a good spot to use an adrenaline boost. but you have to clear the Endos out of your way first. and additional ammo ahead near the exit door. At the far end of the Medi-Pak after you talk with him. find canisters on the right. Take the Inventory button to select the C4 from your everything you can carry. hall. On the other side of the bulldozer. Look for a propane tank behind them and or Tech pieces dropped by the destroyed Endos. Take down the corridor.

H/K Recon This light survey vehicle Water Processing Station transmits early battlefield telemetry in support of main attack force. It generates a strong energy pulse while attacking. It can be difficult to target while it's engaged in Stay sharp! As you enter this next area. head up the stairs to the upper part of the room. As you turn the corner toward a civilian warming himself. and many of the H/K Recon droids drop ammo their energy radius as much as possible. These floating droids discharge energy in a small radius. leave through the door on the upper level. Take them out from a distance by targeting them with the AP50 or Shotgun. points here. You should get at least 10 them. Don't droids before they get too close. When you hear as they are destroyed. 16 . Take whatever ammo you need and the droids are destroyed. step back! Your Baton works on multiple bogeys. damaging anyone nearby. After General Connor finishes speaking. but it is much easier to use guns. attacked by H/K Recons. Use the fuel tanks to take out forget to collect any Tech pieces left behind when them power up. pick up the two Tech pieces behind him. you're high-speed defensive movement. Don't forget that your duty is to protect General There is extra AP50 ammo near the entrance if you Continue targeting and firing at the droids. the general tells Hotel Basement you that you need to get the power back on to assist your troops who are fighting in the dark. When the coast is clear. avoiding Connor! Take the lead and destroy the H/K Recon need it. Shoot the fuel tanks to take out a larger group at once.

are nearby. Take it before opening the door to the power generator and flip the center switch. the two red lights come on. You don't need to stick around waiting for it to giving you his AP50 ammo. and don't stop the blast can injure you moving as you fire your or General Connor if you AP50 or Shotgun at them. Take it and head for the turn green. He explains the situation before it. When next area. PRIMA’S OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE OBJECTIVE 6: TURN ON POWER Hotel Power Plant Talk with the civilian near the open fire. OBJECTIVE 6 COMPLETE Watch out for the fuel You're under attack! This tanks scattered next room is filled with throughout the room! Endos and H/K Recon droids Targeting them takes who immediately target you. but Auto-target. He gives you Follow General Connor into the next room. Grab a Tech piece (+10) near the civilian far door. 17 PRIMAGAMES. move to the left switch and flip it. Hotel Storage Wait for the flickering yellow light to glow a steady Make a quick right turn at the top of the stairs. A green before moving to the right switch and flipping soldier is up ahead. Face the a Shotgun. in the corner before heading up the stairs.COM . out nearby enemies.

Check your map for your AP50 or Shotgun to destroy it. When the enemies Endo clinging to the side. Head to the left side of the first set of washing target the two Endos coming toward you. A cutscene weapons will hold before leaving through the the location of the elevators. use it as a bridge to the next room. allowing you to door ahead. steps lead to a Use the tables for cover. them. get in a few good hits. go get it. corner straight ahead of the entrance for a Tech Continue around the washing machines and auto- piece. shows the second elevator falling. Remember to protect General Conner. the harder it is for the Endos to your adrenaline boost to slow down the action and Pick up additional AP50 ammo from the kitchen get you in their sights. and don't forget to dodge. Target this enemy and use of ammo on the right wall. moving while shooting at them. Find another Tech piece at the opposite side of the As you step on top of the elevator. Switch to hand-to-hand combat instead. then walk to the A cutscene shows more Endos arriving ahead. Use small alcove where you can find two Tech pieces. Take as much as your have been destroyed. Hotel Laundry Grab the AP50 ammo if you need it. The doors are open. 18 .If the Endos get in close. The more you move. don't bother shooting at To the left of where you entered. notice a single This small storage room contains several types room near the vending machine. Keep machines to pick up an additional Tech piece. cabinets along this far wall.

Grab the Target the nearby fuel tank to take out several at once. Open it. from the room you just left. 19 PRIMAGAMES. The door in the center of the far wall is now clear. Keep an eye on the radar for any enemies coming for the doorway into the back room. Medium Armor from the right side as you go. enemies. especially if Recon droids. head More enemies appear through the biofilter ahead. Emergency Exit Stairwell Kyle Reese informs the general when the coast is clear. If your health is low. Find AP50 ammo on the table along the wall.COM . Walk back into the first section of the you haven't done so much yet. PRIMA’S OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE When you have destroyed the first two Endos. isn't over until you've destroyed the numerous H/K Fight isolated enemies hand-to-hand. You should be able to collect 10 points here. Ditto with using the laundry room to locate and destroy the remaining adrenaline. Canister Bombs are also useful from a distance. Head back toward the biofilter-shielded doors. across from the shield. grab the Small Medi-Pak located near the biofilter shield when the coast is clear. the battle they fall. Some of the Endos drop ammo or Tech pieces when Even after you've destroyed the Endos. This is your last chance.

look for a SkyNet Tech soldier. OBJECTIVE 2 COMPLETE You're prompted to save your progress to a memory card.General Connor thanks you for a job well done. you can use your SkyNet Tech points to purchase upgrades. Before continuing to the next level. He tells you that SkyNet has destroyed piece (+15) in the rubble below. so you have to rendezvous with 150 Tech points available on this level: did you find Captain Perry in the garage. You also are awarded medals based upon your performance. Walk up the stairs to rendezvous with a fellow Before heading up the stairs. Open the door to them all? complete this level. There were a total of the Evac ship. REWARDS FOR LEVEL 1 COMPLETION (EARNING 4 MEDALS OR MORE) Setting Reward Easy H/K Recon Data Medium Game Intro FMV Terminal Reese Skin 20 .

It seems that someone has given as the T-400 and T-500.COM . Activate your first-person view. the general out of the door. you find yourself under fire from is best used against older model Endos such Quickly grab the ammo in the room before following SkyNet forces. target the lead enemy. adrenaline. ESCORT CONNOR Hotel Lobby PLM40 The PLM40 is a plasma rifle in the 40-watt range. adapted from salvaged enemy rifles. the advancing Endos and start firing. After mowing down the Endos coming toward the front desk. Support defense Raging Valor At least 00:30 Adrenaline Use 3. auto-target away the location of your base to the enemy. and perform a rush attack. Clear garage Sharp Shooter 65% or better accuracy Ground Pounder 130 or more kills Martial Arts Master 50 or more hits Untouchable 325 or less damage OBJECTIVE 1. switch to the stairs. PRIMA’S OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE LEVEL 2: FINAL DELIVERY Character: SGT. It has a maximum capacity of 200 rounds and As the level opens. General Connor wants you to provide cover fire as he moves out. As you exit. Escort Connor 2. 21 PRIMAGAMES. Finish them off with hand-to-hand combat. look for If you are having difficulty a group heading down seeing the enemy. Kyle Reese New Weapon(s) Available: PLM40 Available SkyNet Tech Points: 160 MEDAL QUALIFICATIONS Objectives: Speed Demon 15:15 or faster 1.

22 . the music slows down. the music becomes more frantic. Look for several piano. another Tech piece at the end of the hall before one and enter the restaurant area. A cutscene shows Endos so stay on guard. talking to General Connor. run around the hotel Use the center fountain for cover and pick up the When all enemies have been lobby assisting your troops in battling the remaining AP50 ammo dropped by the H/K Recon droids. If you enter a room containing enemies. Listen to the game's soundtrack for audio clues. Open either Small Medi-Kits scattered throughout the lobby. destroyed. Hotel Restaurant Find Small Medi-Paks on each side of the Additional Endos drop into the middle of the room. Some Endos drop Tech pieces when targeting SkyNet's forces. restaurant's entrance. SUPPORT DEFENSE When the coast is clear. Keeping one eye on the map. He requests your help in assisting troopers pinned down in the restaurant. Take the stairs up to the balcony and look for side of the wall between the staircases. destroyed. enemies. Enter the main room and assist them by hand combat. OBJECTIVE 2. There are doors on either soldiers to collect PLM40 ammo. speak with the surviving Find a SkyNet Tech piece on the ground near the Head back downstairs. Target distant enemies with your dropping from a hole in the ceiling onto your fellow weapons and engage nearby enemies in hand-to- soldiers.

PRIMA’S OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE When the downstairs area has been mostly cleared. Hotel Lobby Turn back and forth while in the center of the kitchen Leave the kitchen and search the restaurant for any to target and destroy all additional H/K Recon droids Tech pieces. Look for the large Tech piece (+15) in the room's center. as ruptured fuel ventilation shaft. H/K Recon droids drop into the kitchen from a Replenish your AP50. don't Connor earlier. wasting ammo at this point. Grab tanks can injure or kill both you and your men. return to and any stray Terminator units who may enter.COM . and PLM40 ammo head upstairs. After you've scoured the area. When your task is complete. Shotgun. open doorways leading to the kitchen area and enter. OBJECTIVE 2 COMPLETE Ballroom Lobby Although you might be tempted to take a few Head back upstairs where you met with General potshots at the SkyNet ship passing overhead. General Connor calls you back to him. He's still waiting for you. Open the bother. You'll have another opportunity. the hotel lobby. 23 PRIMAGAMES. Don't shoot wildly. You're only door near him and move on. Auto-target them as they approach. with the rounds found on the shelves in here.

Look for the lit double doors weren't hurt. Also collect any ammo or Tech pieces dropped by the Endos. If you haven't yet used your adrenaline. Speak to him and he gives you a Small Medi-Pak. or get in close for some hand-to- hand combat. Continue way to the other side. Shoot them their energy discharge. A cutscene shows Connor and Reese crossing the When you regain control. Although you the wall under the second floor balcony. Hotel Ballrooms You immediately come under fire from H/K Recon A handful of Endos are also attacking. Before moving into the next room. look for a Tech piece against The rubble fills up most of the room. wall until you come to a soldier near a couch. 24 . A Tech piece lies speak to your fellow soldiers. blocking your balcony when it suddenly collapses. from a distance. and droids. Target them and destroy been destroyed. you have to find another way up there. and want to Look for fuel tanks near the biofilter blocking the The biofilter won't release until all the enemies have earn the Raging Valor medal. do so. Use auto-targeting and stay out of range of reinforcements drop from the ceiling. who give you immediately opposite the doorway. additional ammo. multiple enemies nearby. this is a good place to door to the next room. walking around the perimeter of the lobby along the past the soldier and enter the next area.

Turn left at the top of the stairs. The exit door is in the corner. Be the Endos dropping down onto the stage area. 25 PRIMAGAMES. Use auto-targeting to switch back and forth the doorway and immediately fire your weapons at Recon droids drop ammo when destroyed. the Keep an eye on your radar. and head upstairs. Walk through from the kitchen you just left.COM . The Endos and H/K fire. Take the Tech piece it drops. and turn left again when you reach the far floor balcony. eliminate the Terminator side. But first. (Checkpoint) From here. as more enemies appear much room to maneuver or roll out of their line of biofilter to the next area deactivates. PRIMA’S OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE It's raining Endos in this kitchen! You don't have When all of the Endos have been destroyed. coming toward you. surviving soldiers give you PLM40 ammo. talk to the civilian on the Look for a Tech piece near the piano before leaving stage and he gives you a Small Medi-Pak. you can climb the stairs to the second balcony. Walk across the Exit Escalators You've reached the other side of the ballroom lobby. between enemies at either end of the room. Ballroom Lobby When the coast is clear. Your through the door behind the now-deactivated biofilter. careful not to shoot the fuel tank when your soldiers are nearby.

open the exit door. After Medium Armor. Talk with him before taking the stairs soldier on the left gives you Medium Armor. walk through the open doors or either broken escalator down to the lower level. OBJECTIVE 3: CLEAR GARAGE Parking Garage You and General Connor come under fire as you Immediately aim the gun to the far right to eliminate enter the garage. 26 . Both soldiers give you Small Medi-Paks just for chatting with them. The Find a Tech piece (+15) near the elevator door. collecting the supplies.The injured soldier near the telephones give you The solider on the right gives you PLM40 ammo. Turret Gun. switching to a first- person view. to the hallway outside. Find a Tech piece (+10) at the hallway's far left end. When you've finished stocking up. Grab the two Large Medi-Paks the Endos in the immediate vicinity before they can leaning up against the wall and run forward to the injure the general. Activate the turret.

Return to the turret if you wish. and another (+10) on the opposite side. target Additional Endos appear through the biofilter at the the remaining Endos in the center of the garage. next area.COM . Find two near the burned-out cars on the turret until the biofilter is deactivated. Instead. Aim at the Before moving on. PRIMA’S OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE Once you've taken care of the closest threat. Look for a second turret on the left side. Don't wait for them to reach you. 27 PRIMAGAMES. search the parking garage for Endos emerging from behind the biofilter. far end of the garage. If you take too long. or auto-target so take cover behind the support columns and cars. targeting any enemies that emerge. Get behind the turret and activate it. run straight across to the other side of the garage. Don't leave Tech pieces. the same side as the turrets. them and run around the garage eliminating them. The Endos probably dropped a few pieces as well. additional Endos enter from the There is no turret immediately in the next parking area.

here. so take them out the old-fashioned way. General Connor covered by the biofilter. As the final enemy is destroyed. a cutscene shows the turret in the left corner. Unfortunately.Protect General Connor as you ascend the slope to When the biofilter is deactivated. With destroy the Endos as they emerge from the doorway upon your position. enter the next area. OBJECTIVE 1 COMPLETE REWARDS FOR COMPLETION OBJECTIVE 3 COMPLETE (4 MEDALS OR MORE) Setting Reward Easy T-500 data Medium Gabriel data Terminal Connor skin 28 . orders the captain to torch it. there's no turret the hotel overrun by the enemy. Activate the gun to A cutscene shows another group of Endos advancing the timely arrival of Captain Perry and Lt. Luna.

use hiding behind the your Baton in hand-to- sandbags. RIG ESCALATOR. Rig ballroom lobby Raging Valor At least 00:25 Adrenaline Use 5. Rig Ground H/K Martial Arts Master 50 or more hits Untouchable 400 or less damage OBJECTIVES 1-5. for talking to them.COM . next ramp. The soldiers Enemies appear give you R6-PAK ammo through both biofilters. Gun is no longer there. Find the demo man Speed Demon 17:15 or faster 3. Rig escalator 4. & RIG BALLROOMS Parking Garage As the level opens. as the Turret hand combat. The R6-PAK is a great Head left and down the long-distance weapon. RIG BALLROOM LOBBY. Bury the hotel MEDAL QUALIFICATIONS 2. search the area in this area. Rig ballrooms 6. After destroying the As you battle the Endos enemy. each one down. FIND THE DEMO MAN. Grab the Small Medi-Pack and ammo target and shoot the nearest enemies. Immediately auto. PRIMA’S OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE Level 3: Mass Destruction Character: CPT Justin Perry New Weapon(s) Available: R6-PAK Available SkyNet Tech Points: 160 Objectives: 1. Captain Perry in the corner before moving forward into the garage. 29 PRIMAGAMES. you find yourself under attack Watch out for Endos entering through the biofilter from a group of Endos that have trapped you in the behind you! Two shots from your R6-PAK should take parking garage using biofilters. Defend restaurant Sharp Shooter 50% or better accuracy 7. keep an for any SkyNet Tech eye on your radar. pieces. Don't bother but at close range. Rig lobby Ground Pounder 85 or more kills 8. is armed with a powerful R6-PAK weapon. BURY THE HOTEL.

Take everything you can before walking up the stairs. the biofilter accidentally hit your own soldiers.PAK The R6-PAK is a projectile weapon that fires six miniature rockets from a rotating cylinder. Any of your weapons will wall. as the latter has an explosive radius that can soldiers before leaving. It has a maximum capacity of 30 rockets. which inflict damage by exploding on contact. directly behind the sandbags ahead." Keep him alive to complete this mission. R6 . is your "demo another Tech piece near the elevator on the right man. Quickly target and destroy doors are two additional Small Medi-Paks and them. The soldier. Private B. injure nearby comrades. Continue do the trick. medal. two Endos are advancing lobby and a Tech piece on the right. head left. pieces and obtain ammo by speaking with surviving PAK. but to earn the Martial Arts Master forward into the next area of the garage.Auto-target the Endos here and continue moving and Look for Medium Armor near a red car on the right Auto-target the Endo emerging through the biofilter rolling to dodge their fire. OBJECTIVE 2 COMPLETE 30 . At the bottom of the ramp. While shooting at the Endos. Through the upon a helpless soldier. Search for Tech to switch to your AP50 or PLM40 instead of the R6. Exit Escalators Find two Small Medi-Paks on the left side of the At the top of the escalators. be careful not to When the last Endo is destroyed. You might want blocking the exit door deactivates. side. you have to destroy some of them in hand- to-hand combat. Last.

floor balcony as you can. Stay between him downstairs to place C4 in an alcove near the exit away from its energy blast. Head down the stairs after him. His health status While you are fighting. OBJECTIVE 3 COMPLETE You come under attack on the second floor balcony. and shoot the H/K Recon door.COM . Wait for Private Last to indicate that he has successfully planted the C4 before leaving the lobby through the double doors on the ground floor. Private Last heads Auto-target the nearest H/K Recon droid first and step appears at the screen's top right. droids from a distance before they get too close. Eliminate as many enemies on the second to fight hand-to-hand against the two Endos. but don't leave Last alone too long. When he is finished. 31 PRIMAGAMES. Keep then wait for the demo man to set his explosives on out of his way and let him do his job. lead notifies you that the C4 has been placed. lead him him back down the stairs or escalators. Activate your adrenaline and the attacking Endos. You must keep Private Last alive. When he either side of the room. PRIMA’S OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE Ballroom Lobby Grab the PLM40 and R6-PAK from the counter and Private Last rigs explosives on both elevators. back up the stairs or escalators and exit through the left door at the top.

enter the last of the walls. Endos attack from both this room and the his duty. kitchen behind you. Biofilters were designed by SkyNet to repel humans while still allowing Hotel Ballrooms Endos to pass through them. OBJECTIVE 5 COMPLETE 32 . Touching one won't damage you. Target the enemies and keep them away from Private Last as he places his charges. but it temporarily stuns you. Don't forget to collect dropped ammo and Tech pieces before leaving. Biofilters automatically deactivate when Endos are no longer in the vicinity. pieces at the far end of the room. so continue protecting him while he performs ballrooms. Keep fighting until they have all been Find AP50 ammo on the counter and two Tech destroyed. You're back in the ballrooms that you visited earlier (as Reese). Destroy the enemies while Private Last places his final two charges. While defending Private Last. ceiling. Ballroom Lobby Private Last needs to place charges on the short After the biofilter is deactivated. A biofilter blocks your passage into the kitchen area. deactivating the biofilter. He returns to you when he is finished. look for a Tech piece Watch for additional Endos to drop through the Enter the kitchen and battle the Endos who appear. and two Large Medi-Paks on the stage.

Instead. run straight group of soldiers are trapped in the hotel's for the door when you reach the top of the rubble. Instead. He back to the ballrooms.COM . Equip yourself staircases. Auto-target and destroy them from a places a C4 charge on the wall at the far end. your way up to the second floor balcony. you're accosted by H/K where you enter the other side of the lobby. Grab R6-PAK ammo and a Large Medi-Pak on distance. climb the pile of Recon droids. When the communication ends. Outside the with everything you can doors find a PLM40 and then enter either door and ammo. don't bother Lieutenant Luna contacts you and tells you that a fighting the H/K Recon droids. PRIMA’S OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE Lead Private Last past the columns to the left of Backtrack to the entrance. but don't open the door While walking up the rubble. OBJECTIVE 4 COMPLETE Hotel Lobby If Private Last's health is getting low. and rubble. restaurant. OBJECTIVE 6: DEFEND RESTAURANT The entrance to the Find Medium Armor near restaurant is in the the foot of the stairs on the center between the two right side. It looks like you are their only hope. grab the armor at the far end of the hall and then walk down the stairs to the ground level. you can find a Tech piece nearby. to the restaurant. 33 PRIMAGAMES.

the H/K Carrier deposits three Endos as it After destroying the next wave of attackers. overhead once more. Hotel Restaurant Several Endos are fighting your soldiers in the As you enter the remains of the restaurant. being careful not to let the gun overheat. Destroy dropping three more Endos in front of you. then take some more shots at the Aerial. front of you. The Carrier passes right. The enemy is much the H/K Aerial when it returns. closer. what to do! Aim for their heads to take them out faster. Destroy them. you spot restaurant's lobby. It reappears through the hole in the far right dropping Endos in the rubble in front of you. dropping three Endos directly in dropping three more Endos on the ground level. followed closely by a H/K Carrier that drops Endos. Activate it and get ready to defend the soldiers to obtain Small Medi-Paks. Destroy them. of sight. 34 . against attacking SkyNet forces. The Aerial reappears traveling right to left. then speak with a Turret Gun. Don't let your gun overheat. shoot at Look for the Aerial through the hole in the wall to the travels overhead from right to left. The Carrier then passes overhead. but pepper the all three of them before they reach your position. The Carrier passes overhead from left to right. until it leaves. You know wall. You're shot at by an H/K Aerial. Shoot the H/K Aerial as it travels from left to right. Aerial with bullets to get its attention. Shoot at it The H/K Aerial appears in front of you and sinks out An H/K Carrier then passes straight overhead. This time. so you don't have as much time to react.

If your health gets dangerously low. Auto-target the Ground H/K's turrets as H/K breaks through the wall. for as you return to the lobby. Look front desk. niches on the far wall. Captain Perry shoving Private Last to safety before taking cover behind the fountain. Get some for the Heavy Armor in additional PLM40 one of the telephone ammo here. After one final frontal assault by three more Endos. Use the corner pillar for temporary cover. Head back Ground H/K. Before exiting the restaurant. you cannot select and use Medi-Paks from your inventory. A cutscene shows you run to the left.COM . a Ground the R6-PAK. thanks to the prolif- have destroyed it. and look for him on this side. as it fires more rapidly than restaurant. OBJECTIVE 6 COMPLETE OBJECTIVE 7: RIG LOBBY Hotel Lobby (Checkpoint) You won't have time to celebrate your defense of the Switch to your PLM40. Once you toward the center of the destroy all the turrets lobby. eration of skulls from the Endos you just destroyed. and Don't forget to protect don't stop firing at the Private Last. You should be wall. PRIMA’S OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE While operating a turret. Leave the turret. 35 PRIMAGAMES. you automatically use a Medi-Pak. spot the H/K Aerial hovering through a hole in the left search the rubble for Tech pieces. Target the ship and continue firing until you able to collect 25 or so points. it can no in a room behind the longer fire at you.

so keep moving. Switch to first. the explosives. Intercept him and Terminators.A group of Endos comes for you. He then runs watch your radar for the for cover toward the front appearance of more desk. detonating the C4. and collect any ammo of the H/K. Ground H/K. Even he finishes placing his explosives. He gives you area first. then approach C4 explosives to be used on either side of the the Ground H/K. in the correct spot. The Private Last lets you know if resulting explosion the explosive has been placed knocks one tread off. Keep moving to though the turrets have been destroyed on one side avoid the incendiary devices. OBJECTIVE 7 COMPLETE OBJECTIVE OBJECTIVE 8: 8: RIG RIG GROUND GROUND H/K H/K Private Last tells you when Before attempting to he finishes placing the last of destroy the Ground H/K. it still throws incendiary devices at you. 36 . Draw their fire away from Private Last as remaining in the relative safety of the room. Clear the speak with him. the enemies drop. Select C4 from Ground H/K before your inventory and place it. Use adrenaline and battle the Endos hand-to-hand in person view if you need help targeting them while the lobby. Climb the rubble until you are standing alongside the Ground Run away from the H/K's treads.

PRIMA’S OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE After disabling the first tread. the team discusses strategy. As he is from the rubble before detonating the explosive. OBJECTIVE 1 COMPLETE REWARDS FOR COMPLETION (4 MEDALS OR MORE) Setting Reward Easy T-800 Data Medium Level 4 Intro FMV Terminal Intro FMV Animatic 37 PRIMAGAMES. Lt.COM . Ground H/K! It still has a forward-mounted flamethrower. don't walk directly in front of the fountain to the other side. reunited with General Connor. Lieutenant OBJECTIVE 8 COMPLETE Stone has a copy of the general's plans and must be stopped. Luna. Walk up the rubble to the other side of the Ground A cutscene shows Captain Perry escaping from the H/K and place the C4 next to its treads. and Sgt. Come down hotel just as a blast levels the place. Reese. proceed around the Whatever you do.

Bypass door locks 3. 38 . A soldier tells him that and obtain a Small Medi-Pak. Now enter the door to Lieutenant Stone was seen entering the building. the vault. Once inside the vault.Level 4: Enemy Withdrawal Character: CPT. speak with the soldier Federal Reserve Depository. Captain Perry contacts General Connor with the grim news: SkyNet has learned the secret of teleportation. an Endo appears out of thin air. Find Stone MEDAL QUALIFICATIONS 2. Justin Perry New Weapon(s) Available: None Objectives: Available SkyNet Tech Points: 160 1. Disrupt operations Speed Demon 16:30 or faster Raging Valor At least 00:25 Adrenaline Use Sharp Shooter 60% or better accuracy Ground Pounder 80 or more kills Martial Arts Master 40 or more hits Untouchable 350 or less damage OBJECTIVE 1: FIND STONE Federal Reserve Vault 1 A cutscene shows Captain Perry's arrival at a When you regain control. This can't bode well for the resistance.

Head straight across the walkway toward the balcony. Otherwise. head to the right and first door lock control panel. Stand in front of it and outside your door.COM . climb the stairs to the second open rooms below. floor balcony and head for the closed vault door. You must battle the remaining Endos before collecting the items. downstairs to the ground floor to collect goodies. you must bypass the door locks by enemy! Equip your R6-PAK as you exit the vault. Look for a Shotgun and ammo for it in one of the Tech pieces are scattered throughout the ground After grabbing the loot. 39 PRIMAGAMES. One down. floor. the elevator. however. continuing around the second floor activating control panels throughout the facility. Recon droids. head activate it. To You can't do anything until you've taken care of the Keep firing at the enemy as you head to the right of open it. auto-targeting teleporting Endos and H/K open doorway. Inside this room find two Small Medi-Paks and the Use first-person view to target Endos as they appear If your health is extremely low. Pass the closed vault door and look for an elevator. PRIMA’S OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE OBJECTIVE OBJECTIVE 2: 2: BYPASS BYPASS DOOR DOOR LOCKS LOCKS A cutscene shows the locked door to vault #3. two to go! before leaving the room. as well as AP50 ammo and Medium Armor. Eliminate as many as you can open the closed vault door.

Captain Perry any teleporting H/K Recon droids. as well as the second control panel. you come Veer right. these items. Pick up the Small Medi-Pak on the across another closed vault door. Once you have collected inaccessible. In a small this. enter the doorway along the wall. Federal Reserve Vault 2 As you exit the vault door. Enter it. The more advanced T-500 Endos can block your AP50 or PLM40 shots by crossing their arms in As before. Run to the right along the balcony. 40 . hold auto-target to lock on to ammo and Stone's wrist computer. Federal Reserve Vault 1 As you continue around the balcony. target and destroy the Take shelter in the small room. and look for a Tech piece at the far end an upstairs area inside vault #1 that was previously behind the pile of gold. It leads to balcony. switch to the R6-PAK or enemies immediately outside the room before destroy it in hand-to-hand combat. As you leave. room on the opposite side of the vault find AP50 exiting. contacts General Connor with this news. Activate it to bypass the second lock. use first-person view to help target front of them. ammo here. targeting any H/K Recon droids that appear. Connor wants you to locate your traitorous comrade and bring him in. Find some AP50 nearby Endos. If you see one do Proceed around the balcony to the right.

the final control panel is here. until you reach the stairs leading to the right of the stairs. so head inside. your path. Find three Small Medi-Paks and a ground floor. PRIMA’S OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE Federal Reserve Vault 2 There is a Small Medi-Pak in this room. Tech piece inside. OBJECTIVE 2 COMPLETE Head right upon emerging from the vault door. room near the entrance to vault #3. OBJECTIVE 1 COMPLETE 41 PRIMAGAMES. Activate it while standing in front of it to bypass the last lock. but more importantly. Federal Reserve Vault 3 (Checkpoint) The green lights indicate that all three locks have Find a Large Medi-Pak and Tech piece in the small been successfully bypassed. Now return through the open vault door.COM . a cutscene shows Captain Perry's confrontation with Alexander Stone. Look for an open room to the you move around the room to the door to vault #3. battling any Endos in avoid taking damage. Target the remaining enemies and keep moving to Look for additional SkyNet Tech pieces and ammo as Continue along the balcony. As you approach the main doorway.

which is in the corner pallets. Gabriel Stone. OBJECTIVE OBJECTIVE 3: 3: DISRUPT DISRUPT OPERATIONS OPERATIONS SkyNet wants to get the Federal Reserve's supply of Don't stay out in the open. the balcony upstairs. Stone then takes off. run outside afar with the R6-PAK. Stone has betrayed you. In that case. but first take care of the Endos protecting them. who was supposedly killed in action. behind you. Don't let it! You must destroy all the auto you run for the nearest room. leaving you at the mercy of the machines. All of these rooms offer a defensible position where Additional Endos materialize on the ground level and on you cannot be shot from behind. A second room is on the other side of the stairs. Don't leave the safety of the room person view and target the advancing Endos from unless you run low on ammo. Switch to first. and you can return to the vault entrance to take cover. Target nearby Endos as platinum. He rambles about his admiration for SkyNet and following the orders of his brother. and pick up the ammo dropped by destroyed Endos. 42 .

These bots carry no weapons and are not a threat on their own. Watch the radar for the locations of the remaining Endos. Don't forget to destroy all the auto pallets as part of your objective. securing the payload with anti- gravity fields. but they can alert nearby forces to your position. use adrenaline and defeat them in before leaving through the opening in the wall. OBJECTIVE 3 COMPLETE REWARDS FOR COMPLETION (4 MEDALS OR MORE) Setting Reward Easy Auto pallet data Medium Soldier skin Terminal Perry skin 43 PRIMAGAMES. the biofilter disappears. rooms to destroy the final few Endos. Instead of Search the room for Tech pieces and dropped ammo wasting ammo. PRIMA’S OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE Auto Pallets These light worker robots are used to haul supplies. hand-to-hand combat. You may have to venture upstairs into the small When the coast is clear. The biofilter blocking the exit will not deactivate until all enemies are destroyed.COM .

Level 5: Loading Zone Character: CPT. Disrupt SkyNet 2. Justin Perry New Weapon(s) Available: N/A Objectives: Available SkyNet Tech Points: 180 1. and Look for a Tech piece at Heavy Armor nearby. Grab edge. so don't waste your more many pallets and Endos as possible. Grab the Shotgun. destroy them. by. Turn off smelter MEDAL QUALIFICATIONS 3. then exit through the additional pallets pass door in the left corner. Destroy loader Speed Demon 16:00 or faster Raging Valor At least 00:35 Adrenaline Use Sharp Shooter 60% or better accuracy Ground Pounder 75 or more kills Martial Arts Master 65 or more hits Untouchable 350 or less damage OBJECTIVE 1: DISRUPT SKYNET Sewer Section 1 Captain Perry contacts General Connor regarding Switch to first-person view to target the pallets SkyNet's theft of the platinum. If you see any it. powerful ammo on them. The AP50 will suffice. the far end of the then head around the walkway on the other room along the water's side of the rubble. 44 . PLM40 ammo. They don't have any him to shut down the operation by destroying as defense mechanisms. The general instructs traveling through the room.

exit doors. Before you can go after him. of the bridge. 45 PRIMAGAMES. After grabbing this piece. return to the other Endos converging on you from the other side exit door and use it. blocking the exit deactivates. Several Endos materialize directly ahead on the first After destroying the enemies. look for Tech pieces at the dead end on the other side of the waterfall. Cross the first bridge and head you have to deal with several Endos that transport for the second one at the end of the hallway. Destroy them in hand-to-hand head straight downstairs to the lower area lit by red additional Tech piece (+15) near the rubble past the combat using an adrenaline boost. near the exit door. ones with the Baton. the biofilter around the water and up the stairs.COM . Find three Tech pieces (+5 each) down here. cross the bridge and Go back upstairs to the upper level and look for an part of the walkway. Before leaving. and target the lights. shoot distant enemies and hit nearby sewer ahead of you. Sewer Section 3 Target the Endos with your R6-PAK as you proceed When all enemies have been destroyed. PRIMA’S OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE Sewer Section 2 A cutscene shows Alex Stone running through the As always. into the room.

Grab the ammo your defeated biofilter deactivates. Sewer Section 4 You spot Stone as you enter the final sewer section. Don’t completely run out of ammo. foes drop. keep the ammo. and which is shaped like a large oval. you circle the room. room while firing. conserve ammo by killing the Endos As usual. so don't stay in one place! Circle around the use your R6-PAK to knock them down. the for a Tech bonus or conserving with a Baton strike. and the exit door is in target the enemies and fire your R6-PAK at them as the middle of one side. target and destroy the pallets. 46 . Once the area has been cleared your ammo. Factory Smelter (Checkpoint) Alex Stone uses an elevator to escape. Auto- the two sides at each end. leaving you One of the T-500 Endos is armed with a powerful surrounded by a trio of Endos. of Endos. when the final enemy is destroyed. Bridges connect numerous Endos materialize in your path. the exit is blocked by a biofilter. Unfortunately. If you have to choose between eliminating all the pallets When in close. Auto-target them and cannon.

later. Continue out the other side of the control room.COM . Captain Perry from a distance. brings you to the smelter area. heading distance and hit them toward the far end of the with the Baton if they room near the smelter. You wall. 47 PRIMAGAMES. contacts General Connor to let him know that SkyNet is melting down the platinum. Pak and look for ammo and Medium Armor in a activate the control panel on the side. Now return materialize in front of to the stairs and descend to you. get too close. Take everything. target and shoot corner near the elevator. but way around the walkway to you'll come back to it the right. If you find yourself next to one. Target them with the ground floor. The elevator attack hand-to-hand. Otherwise. Pass the stairs and continue to the far end of the walkway Several Endos for a Tech piece. Don't get too close to don't need to activate the smelter! Make your this panel yet. grab the Small Medi. Keep the R6-PAK or the walking straight ahead as PLM40 from a you leave the stairs. PRIMA’S OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE Additional Endos materialize when the first group When the threat is eliminated. then walk into the elevator and has been destroyed. Find two Large elevator to find ammo and a Medi-Paks near the Small Medi-Pak against the control panel. OBJECTIVE 2: TURN OFF SMELTER The walkway leads through a control Head left upon leaving the room.

The third switch is on the console directly in front of Destroy any remaining Endos and battle back around Once in the control room. on the side of a On the other side. OBJECTIVE 1 COMPLETE 48 . and then open behind you as you approach and enter the exit door the door on the other side. This is one of three materialized behind you. Pull it and necessary. spot a switch. Use the crates for cover if piece of machinery. take a deep breath. A brief cutscene shows the exit door opening. You don't have time to battle any Endos Don't let this confuse you. When you've finally made it on your way. forward! The camera eventually switches back through the exit. Run there as fast as you can to make OBJECTIVE 2 COMPLETE control room you passed through earlier. Pull switches used to turn off the smelter. the door will ground floor.Proceed around the smelter at the end of the room. but your task. face the panel and activate you. close. and don't stop moving the switch to try again. run to the stairs and down to the When you pass the small stairs near the final two If you don't reach the exit in time. you find the second switch. the game's camera switches to the front. Return to the control room upstairs and pull the smelter. You may need to stop to battle Endos that have Just past a small set of stairs. continue moving forward. completing the smelter through any enemies that materialize. Pull it to shut down the smelter. Continue moving forward to the end of switches. it. it out in time! Without stopping. on your left. it and head up the stairs. Clear the ground level before heading upstairs to the it's on a timer.

Keep moving so the loader has a harder time As you run left across the long walkway. If you aren't already moving. a Tech piece.COM . 49 PRIMAGAMES. as well as health and armor. Don't stop to battle the its shot. PRIMA’S OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE OBJECTIVE OBJECTIVE 3: 3: DESTROY DESTROY LOADER LOADER Warehouse Hangar (Checkpoint) The good news is that you've discovered how SkyNet is loading the melted platinum. start running when you Run forward around the edge of the conveyor belt hear the hum of the gun warming up. collect an targeting you. Dodge to avoid and head toward the stairs. Grab the C4 from the boxes in corner near loader just yet. a Large Medi-Pak. Medi-Pak in the corner. as you probably are low on ammo the door before moving forward into the hangar. You can grab a lot more R6-PAKs before reaching a Large Medi-Pak in of important items as you do. as the loader fires a deadly charge that takes away 25 health points. This is also the bad news. Take a left turn at the top of the stairs R6-PAK. starting with the Large the far corner. and two and run a lap around the balcony.

Each C4 explosion causes 10 points of distance. If you have time. switch to your The loader's energy is shown at the screen's top first-person view and watch the loader from a right. stairs. from the corner boxes after you've already placed one. grab a Tech piece against the wall near the dropship. As you cross this The loader activates a walkway. damage. don't from your inventory and place it on the platinum. pick up two large blue shield to Medium Armors and two protect itself. If you want to see what happens. but you've got to get the explosive reach a cube before the loader does. quickly grab more You don't have to manually use the detonator. Now you're armed for bear! With its shield raised. Only the C4 will as they come off the conveyor belt. Don't worry about the loader just yet. 50 . most of your weapons are no The loader continues grabbing the platinum cubes longer effective against the loader. You've got to do any damage. Select the C4 charge close to the loader. As it picks up the cube. try to place the charge on the loader itself! then quickly run away before the loader arrives. R6-PAKs. Continue Before heading around the corner and downstairs. If you run low on C4. the C4 explodes. switch to head across the long first-person view and walkway back toward the target the loader with a side of the room with the couple of R6-PAK shots. Whatever you do.

then run for cover behind the large the camera gives you a better view of the conveyor crates to the left of the dropship. It takes 10 hits was planning. belts.COM . so be patient. Either move to a part of the hangar where path instead. it falls to the planting C4 on them and backing away as the loader ground in a heap. all guns 51 PRIMAGAMES. When the loader's energy is depleted. or use first-person view to scan the room. serious blow. Keep racing the loader to the platinum cubes. drop the C4 in its cube drops. PRIMA’S OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE The difficult part is seeing where the next platinum If the loader beats you to a cube. Congratulations! Whatever SkyNet arrives and attempts to pick them up. you have managed to deal it a to completely reduce its energy. OBJECTIVE 3 COMPLETE REWARDS FOR COMPLETION (4 MEDALS OR MORE) Setting Reward Easy Loader data Medium Level 6 Intro FMV Terminal Luna skin.

Release soldiers 4. Burn the biohazard Ground Pounder 120 or more kills Martial Arts Master 25 or more hits Untouchable 450 or less damage OBJECTIVE 1: RELEASE SURVIVORS Subway Section 1 As the level opens. Take cover behind the large pile of rubble. Rescue soldiers Speed Demon 22:00 or less 3. Human survivors are being held captive in the subway system. contact with his Sci/Tech soldiers. Reese must find and rescue them. Acquire intel 6. Transmit data Sharp Shooter 55% or better accuracy 7. 52 . As you emerge. Use your auto-target to lock on to it. Kyle Reese New Weapon(s) Available: AR510. General Connor and his troops Fast-shooting weapons such as are discussing strategy. Retrieve data Raging Valor At least 00:20 Adrenaline Use 5. Grenade Launcher Objectives: Available SkyNet Tech Points: 190 1.Level 6: Cybernetic Surprise Character: SGT. Turn around and grab the PLM40 ammo behind you before proceeding. and Colonel Jackson has lost against Turret Guns. Those soldiers are needed to hack SkyNet's main defenses in Colorado before the assault. you're fired upon by an automated turret. Alex Stone has been the PLM40 are most effective sighted nearby. Jackson's men might be among them. running out into the open to shoot at the turret with your PLM40. Release survivors MEDAL QUALIFICATIONS 2.

You've got to shoot your way into the next car. PRIMA’S OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE Hybrid Soldier Whereas the T-800 units are Endos covered with synthetic flesh and hair. Hybrid Soldiers are human beings who have been enhanced with cybernetic parts. The white dots on your radar show the location of Keep an eye out for any Hybrids who might appear Speak to both of the refugees inside the second the other humans. but doing so makes chance to enter. located the door to the subway car. the Hybrid you a sitting duck because you cannot move.COM . Now head down the door. Use auto. powerful weapon. They are equipped with automatic weapons. approach target to locate and destroy it. your AP50 at the lock until it breaks. A second turret is off in the distance. The and a pair directly ahead of you. Soldier. checking the map for You might have noticed that your auto-target also Inside the first subway car you encounter a refugee. Hybrids. Switch to your Speak with him and he gives you a Shotgun. a new type of enemy. There is one to your right. Auto-target them in AP50. Stay clear of the subway car. One gives you a Shotgun. Switch to first-person view and fire fire. Auto-target it and destroy it with your automatic weapon. against the Hybrid. so out the door and back through the first subway car. and target the door. but leaves them susceptible to damage from a Shotgun blast. You could switch to the large opening in the left wall. so as not to waste ammo for your more Shotgun is one of the most effective weapons the darkness. To reach them. OBJECTIVE 1 COMPLETE 53 PRIMAGAMES. you have to shoot through the subway car you just left. past the bonfire. appears behind you. Before you have a first-person view to target it. Once both turrets have been destroyed. A single hit destroys one. Enter the hole in the wall. switch to first-person view or auto-target the door. Their flesh makes them unaffected by EMP weapons.

so come out one of the doors and enter with your Shotgun the subway car. Luna contacts you with a report that another You can't enter the train from this side. OBJECTIVE 2 COMPLETE 54 . shoot the locks off inside. Large Medi-Paks against the wall. Look for another indicate that Hybrids are on the other side. Hold subway train in the area and approach it carefully. Use your obtain AR510 ammo. The red dots on the map be the Sci/Tech soldiers you seek. searching for an open PLM40 and AR510 ammo. auto-target as you walk around the train and start firing your Shotgun immediately even though you cannot initially see your targets. so walk group of soldiers is being held nearby. They could around the far end of it. More Hybrids attack outside the trains. adrenaline and engage nearby Hybrids in hand- to-hand combat. but each grenade does less damage. AR510 and Grenade Launcher The AR510 is TechCom's standard assault- style machine gun. Destroy them Shoot the Hybrid to your left as you enter the locker all and then head back through the hole in the wall. a Tech piece. More Hybrids surround After destroying the Hybrid the car while you are Soldiers. Take everything you can carry before heading out the small door. The two blasting! Auto-target soldiers inside each give you and shoot the ones in a Large Medi-Pak. room. The Grenade Launcher fires grenades at a faster rate than the R6- PAK. as well as Move left around the rubble. OBJECTIVE 2: RESCUE SOLDIERS Subway Section 2 Lt. Find a Grenade Launcher nearby. You also the distance. and two doorway.

prepare for an attack Or. other side of the waiting area. and look for AR510 ammo in a stall. tossing incendiary devices. Luna warns you about the appearance of H/K Recon droids in the area. look for three additional Hybrids who may be in the area. but target them with a Canister Bomb or Grenade near the wall. One is on the side Tech piece near the other side of the train when the target to track the enemy. OBJECTIVE 3: RELEASE SOLDIERS Lt. Grab the moving to avoid the explosives. Auto-target helps. Target the fuel tank to where you first entered this section of the subway. 55 PRIMAGAMES. there isn't a lot of room to dodge. and two more are at the far end near coast is clear. targeting any Hybrids attack. then head toward the door on the column for cover if necessary. Keep Before leaving the subway station. take out multiple enemies at once. Medi-Pak in a stall near the exit. grab the Large Medi-Pak by a trio of Hybrids inside. PRIMA’S OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE Walk around the other end of the train. run back outside into the subway station and After the threat has ended. more AR510 ammo on the sink. As you enter the men's room. Having freshened up. When you regain control. and another Large down with your Shotgun. additional Tech pieces (+5 each). Use the half-broken of the long wall.COM . using your auto. Quickly mow them Launcher as they emerge. arm yourself with an automatic weapon and start Subway Section 3 blasting away. leave through the back door. Auto-target the H/K Recons and step away from their shock radius.

the biofilter blocking the exit deactivates. catch nearby H/Ks in a blast radius. Look for fuel tanks on the posts that can humanoid enemies. A Shoot open the door and speak with the soldier pieces of ammo on the stairs and escalators leading biofilter blocks the exit. Move to the other side of the subway car. Grab the goodies and head up Recons that materialize in your way as proceed to discussing SkyNet's control over these new there to take on the Hybrid Soldiers with a Shotgun. 56 . The soldier inside gives auto-target to locate the enemies. car. When the enemies have wait outside. the car. minimize taking hits. He gives you a Canister Bomb after to the upper level. head toward the subway train. using subway car and enter it. and several Back downstairs. Keep moving to you AR510 ammo.There is a Tech piece straight ahead. You've never shied away from a fight. Head through the opening in the wall and press the Use button at the edge of the hole to descend. Destroy all the additional H/K inside. shoot out the door to the second Equip the AR510 or PLM40 and exit the train. targeting A glance at your radar reveals that several Hybrids the Hybrids in this area. been eliminated. Take the ammo and leave the They drop ammo after you destroy them. OBJECTIVE 3 COMPLETE Walk back around the first subway car and into the waiting area. heading for the pile of rubble behind it. If you've successfully cleared all the Hydro-Power Control enemies.

You should be able to take down both of the a good place to use your adrenaline boost and take Hybrid Soldiers without leaving the pipe. If you don't trust your aim. auto-target the tank. yourself in the resulting explosion. PRIMA’S OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE You find yourself inside a tunnel with no apparent There isn't much room to maneuver. but not so close as to injure Shoot them with your AP50 to create an opening. Use the Auto-target the remaining Hybrids on the left. The trick is to get close enough to and auto-target the fuel tanks at the other end. and ammo from the left wall. find another Small Medi-Pak and approach the exit. them out via hand-to-hand combat. in the next room using first-person view. On the right finger on the Shotgun trigger. Asylum Floor 1 Grab the ammo and Medi-Paks that the Hybrids Enter the next room and take the Small Medi-Pak. then continue along the walkway. Hybrids appear in front of you. 57 PRIMAGAMES. Let AP50 ammo.COM . shoot them before they can react. Keep your Shotgun. drop. view and throw a Canister Bomb at the tank instead. Stock up before entering the elevator. switch to first-person Approach the opening and target the nearest Hybrid Switch back to the Shotgun and drop into the room. Grab the Tech piece near the gate at one end target the Hybrids in the next section of pipe and and a fuel tank. 'em have it! Activate it to ride down to the next level. This is AR510. because as you side of the room. The passage is once again blocked by some crates exit. so quickly auto.

Use the radar to note any on-site data that might give the resistance a their locations. baby! drop. 58 . and the confining. Look for a Tech piece at the end of the hall where you just shot the Hybrid through the window. Stock up on the the flashing exit door. Shoot down the Hybrid in the hallway and destroy From here you can target a Hybrid through the Exit the room. auto-targeting more Hybrids in the the additional Hybrids in the first room you enter. Destroy AR510 and Shotgun any Hybrids in your way. ammo. Because the space is so SkyNet established the asylum as a base of through it. The red dots represent Hybrids. Hasta la vista. you can see them on-screen. hit him. The general also wants you to acquire flashing circles show your goals. head toward inside. enter the There is another Tech piece in large room nearby and one of the smaller rooms. pick up the ammo they Pick up the AR510 ammo and Medium Armor here. ordering him to learn why rooms. Before leaving this floor of the asylum. then open the large metal door. Rely upon your radar to help navigate across the hallway. destroy the Hybrids Using the map. you must auto-target most enemies before operation. head left and straight Connor contacts Reese. As always. General The asylum is full of narrow corridors and small When you get off the elevator. tactical advantage for your upcoming offensive. OBJECTIVES 4 & 5: RETRIEVE DATA & ACQUIRE INTEL The elevator leads to some sort of asylum. window to an adjacent room before he knows what hallway outside.

through them. PRIMA’S OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE In the back room. and you'll become an easy target for the turret in the next room. target the turret.COM . take a left turn Don't go up the stairs straight ahead! They are out of the room and head for the exit. and the turret will hit you while you target the Hybrids. then auto. blocked. 59 PRIMAGAMES. notice a group of through hand-to-hand combat. here: the Hybrids will target the Hybrid on the stairs shoot you while you behind him. You blast the nearest one with can't stay and fight your Shotgun. Outside the door. If you haven't yet destroyed many enemies Stone is alive and leading this operation! You've got momentarily." Take the C4 Auto-target the Hybrids who try to prevent you from He contacts General Connor with the news: Gabriel explosives from the table. You automatically pick up Keycard "A. Reese finds a document cache. OBJECTIVE 4 COMPLETE Asylum Lobby When the threat has been eliminated. as you'll need them leaving. Get ready to fight adrenaline boost and use your Baton on them. move close to the wall on the left. Get the attention of the remaining Hybrids by continuing forward toward the steps Check the map for the leading to the lower location of several Hybrids. Hybrid Soldiers congregating. activate your to find both him and his brother Alex. out of the turret's range. level and taking a few Step around the corner and shots at them. Instead.

couple of Tech pieces hidden in the corner near the the Hybrids as they approach. so check your map steps on the other side of the lobby. through to the next area. From here. Asylum Floor 2 Auto-target the last enemies as you walk up the There's nothing of interest here.Return to the side of the wall for cover from the After destroying all the Hybrids. Reese automatically Hybrids in the room. Now he's got to find a safe place to transmit the data. column and shoot at it as you walk back and forth. blueprints of the entire Colorado facility. Open it and walk through the arched doorway into a dimly lit hallway. Look for a turret. but you can still shoot them contacts General Connor with the news: He's found using auto-targeting. you attract the attention of any remaining Hybrid Soldiers. OBJECTIVE 5 COMPLETE 60 . Immediately target the Hybrid in the doorway to After destroying the enemy. switch back to your Head down the steps to the lower level. take the stairs up to the next floor. other side of the lobby. Switch to first-person viewpoint or auto-target PLM40 or AR510 and head back toward the steps. If a group appears Hold auto-target to locate the Gun Turret on the asylum's winged statue before crossing over to the together. approach the computer Reese's right. Here. You may not be able to see the equipment in the corner. Now pass for the location of a gated door. use a Grenade Launcher to great effect.

Leave standing in front of the after completing your task. informs him that the You might be tempted to use canisters contain Sarin the Grenade Launcher found nerve gas. grabbing the ammo from the floor. Place the near the wooden exit door in explosive while the hallway outside. door at the far end. Auto-target the Take a left out into the hallway and look for a metal Hybrid inside as you approach. C4 explosives. the entrance to a padded room. OBJECTIVE 2 COMPLETE 61 PRIMAGAMES. In the next room. OBJECTIVE 7: BURN THE BIOHAZARD Select the C4 and Don't detonate the C4 until carefully approach the you've left the room and are canisters. you automatically pick up Exit the room and target the Hybrid around the corner Go through the hole in the wall to the second Keycard "B. Luna upon auto-target the two Hybrids discovering some odd- inside. Reese As soon as the door opens. PRIMA’S OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE OBJECTIVE 6: TRANSMIT DATA When the cutscene ends. Keep oxidize if Reese sets using the Shotgun. Keycard "A" opens it. nerve gas. fire to it. She the aid of their comrades. Fortunately. Two more come to looking canisters. but it isn't wise to do the deadly gas will so at such close range. contacts Lt." Search the room for AR510 ammo and in the short hallway.COM . Directly across the hallway is padded room. here.

so attack quickly. leave through the wooden exit door. Before ascending. switch to first- person view or press the auto-target button to blast the approaching Hybrid Soldier. Auto- stairwell to your left. 62 . Asylum Floor 3 As you head forward down the hall. Two more Hybrids wait around the next corner. Stay sharp. When he has been destroyed. of the stairs. Asylum Stairwell Use auto-targeting to blast the Hybrid in the Your map shows a second Hybrid above you. then turn around and fire toward the Paks from the floor of the padded room. Blast target the one to the left as you reach the the Hybrid inside and pick up the two Small Medi- intersection. He throws incendiary devices. opposite end of the hallway. as another Hybrid may come in the room after you. Look for an open door on the hall's far right side. grab the target and start firing as soon as you reach the top Tech piece from under the stairs. Auto.

63 PRIMAGAMES. You can see computer equipment come to a metal door that you can open with through the open doorway. PRIMA’S OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE Leave the padded room and turn right down the As you leave the computer room. so look for Turn left and look for an open door on the right. You small hallway. head right. the door on the other side of the room and exit. radar but who is out of sight.COM ." Auto-target and shoot at the Hybrids auto-target the Hybrid Soldier who appears on your inside before even entering the room. and another one in the room beyond. Auto-target the Hybrid Soldier inside before grabbing the AR510 ammo if you need it. As you enter the room. There's a Hybrid in the hallway outside. Keycard "B. Grab the AR510 ammo in the corner if you need it. That room also contains a Tech piece that you can take with you (and a toilet you have to leave here). There's nothing for you to plunder here.

the computer equipment is Follow it across to another metal door and open that. Once on the other side of the door. Perhaps you can disrupt their operation by destroying the unit. turn right and This might be a good place to attempt to transmit walk down the hall toward a walkway on the left. Head back into the hallway. he knocks Reese away like a pesky fly. In the waiting area near the vending machine. With superhuman strength. find yet another Tech piece. Unfortunately. the data. The sergeant is now in the hands of the enemy. auto-targeting any remaining Hybrid Soldiers. One C4 ought to do the trick. Asylum Lobby Grab it and look for the door marked exit. REWARDS FOR COMPLETION (4 MEDALS OR MORE) Setting Reward Easy Initiate data Medium Prototype FMV Terminal Lethal Baton No sooner have you destroyed the computer than Alex Stone appears with his Hybrid henchmen. being used by SkyNet and cannot be accessed. 64 .

Pick up the into the building.COM . Lieutenant right immediately before the Spider Tank arrives. in When you regain control. Capture Alex Stone Speed Demon 11:00 or less 3. alongside the bus. PRIMA’S OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE Level 7: Asylum Assault Character: Lt. from the asylum where he was captured. and so enter it quickly. Catherine Luna New Weapon(s) Available: N/A Available SkyNet Tech Points: 200 Objectives: MEDAL QUALIFICATIONS 1. scramble out close as you near the front an opening into the of the bus that crashed street. Escort Stone Raging Valor At least 00:25 Adrenaline Use Sharp Shooter 70% or better accuracy Ground Pounder 55 or more kills Martial Arts Master 25 or more hits Untouchable 400 or less damage OBJECTIVES 1 & 2: FREE REESE & CAPTURE ALEX STONE Subway Streets Kyle Reese's survival is crucial to the resistance. Look Catherine Luna has been assigned to retrieve him for an opening in the storefront and walk inside. Free Reese 2. The Grenade Launcher passenger door is open. keep moving—the Spider Tank can still shoot you through the bus windows. move forward and to the ways even he doesn't yet understand. 65 PRIMAGAMES. When the camera shifts to show you the side of the bus from a The camera zooms in distance.

66 . then hit its Shotgun ammo. You'll take a lot of damage. body to finish it off. Target its turrets from a distance. If you choose to fight. Another bus blocks begin to fire. While running away from an enemy. then hit its body with the R6-PAK. the Spider Tank is nimble and capable of leaping into the air. Re-enter the bus where it split in half. and forth until you've destroyed them. an impressive distance. If you get too close to it. a second Spider Tank is around the corner. Keep moving back to the left. use your Shotgun or AR510 to If you run away. dodge and roll. its the end of the street. Behind the kiosk. fight. don't move in a straight line—move back and forth. and as the Spider Tank continues to shoot at you. its long legs will! The Spider Tank swipes at you if you come near. but the passenger door is open. look for an opening in the building Back in the main street. or escape. As you hear the enemy behind you Continue running down the street. Don't browse in the store too long. run straight ahead toward target the Spider Tank's turrets. Spider Tank Like its namesake arachnid. It also can jump Run to the right behind the rubble to enter the bus. Inside grab a Tech piece and AR510 and the movie theater on the corner. but this time You're back on the street with the Spider Tank nearly head to the left. swipes at you with one of its legs. find another Tech piece. or run away and avoid it altogether. Run through the aisle and exit on top of you! You've got two options: stand and through a door on the right side. second Spider Tank. avoiding the Veer left around a pile of rubble. If its turrets don't get you.

67 PRIMAGAMES. As you head down the side Look for an alley near a street. the street. so take a breather. If you decide to fight. Grab the Medium Armor in the aisle before exiting. Find two Large Medi-Paks along the wall. wreckage blocks the way. walk to the other a Tech piece (+20). Continue along the same side of the street until You're safe for the moment. run around the street targeting Tanks count toward your point total for enemies its turrets with your Shotgun or AR510. Tank. Either stand after the Spider Tank's guns are silenced. teleports in to take its place. continue to the end of the Grab the items and go! passageway. Pass Tech piece (+5) and through the hole in the Shotgun ammo. PRIMA’S OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE Asylum Streets Head to the left of the bus toward the other side of Find AR510 ammo behind the remains of the car.COM . Behind the second car is When you're ready to get going. end of the bus. Save them for avoid them. It contains a the street and enter. don't stop to celebrate! Another Spider Tank your ground and fight or run past it to safety. If you do manage to destroy the Spider Tank at the far end of the side street. but you can still earn a medal even if you As you approach the next corner. but it wall to the left and doesn't provide much cover. look for a tiny alcove barrel on the other side of on the right. Grenades do killed. spot a third Spider more damage but aren't as accurate.

suggests you start there and work your way down. Asylum Lobby The place appears to be deserted. taking them down with a blast from PLM40 ammo. so auto-target one and This room is a treasure trove! On the left side find Soldier unit at the far end of this hallway. A Tech piece (+20) lies on the ground forward and explore the hallways. look for the walkway to your Shotgun or other projectile weapon. the left and pass over it to the metal door. but you can't be Check your map for the flashing door straight ahead too careful. Grab it before opening the door. she contacts General After the communication is over. 68 . move forward to Connor. When he then the next. a Tech piece. and Shotgun ammo. Have your weapon ready as you walk and to the left. The general the fire escape ladder to the top of the asylum. goes down for the count. He tells her that Reese was last heard from the fire escape and press the Use button to climb on the third floor of the asylum. in front of it. Asylum Floor 3 When Luna reaches the end. Equip your Shotgun and auto-target the Hybrid Two more Hybrids are inside.

Stone is communicating with his brother. you can't free Reese. Reese's cell. Take hallway on the other side. OBJECTIVE 2 COMPLETE OBJECTIVE 3: ESCORT STONE Resist the temptation to shoot Alex Stone. and AR510 ammo. a Tech piece.COM . As you walk down the seconds and the AR510 ammo will respawn. of the control room. he leads the way to location of the Hybrid Soldiers in the hallways ahead. Wait a few the empty storeroom. half-machine). When you regain control. PRIMA’S OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE Asylum Floor 3 On the other side. Medium Circumvent the blocked hallway by passing through Armor. If Alex dies. 69 PRIMAGAMES. Scan the radar to determine the As long as he is in your sights. Head sneaking up on Alex Stone. find a Small Medi-Pak. a cutscene shows Luna as much as you can before leaving the room. Luna manages to get the drop on him. across the walkway and back through the door into the main building. and try not to hit him accidentally while targeting his minions. equip the Shotgun and use Head toward Stone and he turns and leads you out auto-target to keep your gun trained on Alex Stone. who appears to be alive (albeit half-man. and the mission ends.

but look for a Tech piece in the far the Use button while waiting at the door. though. target and press it again so that the reticle locks on Remember. Alex sees his chance to Ignore Stone for now and concentrate on the escape and takes it. don't let go of the one. Follow him into the next room. Target each Hybrids with your where several Hybrids wait. Shotgun.When you encounter a Hybrid. auto-target Alex again Repeat this process with two Hybrid Soldiers down outside the room here. 70 . by pressing auto-target. and destroy them one by one. Return to Alex and press the Use button to force him to open the exit door. ever the Stone walks down the stairs with his hands raised gentleman. You have to prompt him. At the bottom. opens them for you when he reaches above his head. corner of the room. Asylum Floor 2 As you reach the next floor. hitting Stone. before he runs away. quickly release the auto. Asylum Stairwell (Checkpoint) Don't worry about the doors. the next hallway. such as the one As soon as the Hybrid falls. immediate threat. and a third near the exit door. Stone. you've got to kill the Hybrids without the Hybrid and not Alex.

71 PRIMAGAMES. PRIMA’S OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE Open the large metal door that Stone ran through. They into the hallway. Run through the open door and around the corner and immediately shoot the Hybrids behind it. look for a metal gate. destroyed. Find a Tech leads to a large room containing several overturned rush attack. Use the Baton in hand-to-hand combat. targeting a The doorway the Hybrid was standing in front of together. Look for an open door leading to a may also emerge on their own initiative. piece down the blocked corridor and take it before tables. It's been cleaned out. stabbing the Hybrids as they fall to the ground. A hole in the wall leads to another room. More Hybrids are in the other padded room. Target them with your Shotgun from a distance… Asylum Lobby …or move in close for some more adrenaline Leave the room through the door on the other side pumping hand-to-hand combat! Don't bother and. so be padded room on the left. It leads searching the room after the enemies have been to the lobby. Enter it. Activate your adrenaline and perform a Hybrid standing outside to the right. moving on. once in the hall. There are also three Hybrid Soldiers inside. grouped Leave the room through the doorway.COM . auto-targeting the prepared! Hybrid Soldier inside.

target the Hybrid blocking your path. a single hit from your destroyed (thanks to Kyle). Bring them leading down to the next level. down with your Shotgun as you run toward them. As usual. Enter the hallway and look for the door back to the first floor. Auto-target and shoot a Hybrid that's Soldiers at the other end of the hall. your auto-target helps you steps to the lowest level. are here. stairs. Several additional Hybrids lurk in the dark. and you can't quite see them. The turret has been claim the Shotguns and ammo they drop. At the bottom of the out of view at the end of the hall. Asylum Floor 1 Head up the small steps on the opposite side. Even if Continue through the arched doorway toward the Use auto-targeting to help you destroy them. but numerous Hybrids Shotgun does the trick. You've almost reached your destination! 72 . locate them.Step out of the alcove where you enter the lobby Turn back around and target two more Hybrid Take the steps on the left side of the hallway and turn left. and turn left toward another arched doorway.

Kyle contains a SkyNet Tech piece. auto-target to switch from one to the other and blow What do you know? That trick worked twice! them away. You can practice your hand-to-hand combat moves on the eliminate the Hybrids here before you even see them. The adjacent room where you found some data as Auto-target them through the doorway and then enter. the way you came in. two hapless Hybrids inside.COM . target his head and fire. Use Soldier standing there. 73 PRIMAGAMES. Back in the hallway. Switch to first-person view and look through the Exit the room to the left and approach the junction. If you see a Hybrid There are Hybrids to the left and right of you. PRIMA’S OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE Two Hybrids open fire from a room off to the left. Take it and leave Stock up on AR510 ammo from the nearby cabinet. hold auto-target as you The first open room on the left is a good place to approach the intersection and turn to the left. window to the adjacent room.

ignore it. where he releases the lock to Kyle's cell. OBJECTIVE 1 COMPLETE OBJECTIVE 3 COMPLETE 74 . so you encounter a couple of Hybrids. The doorway the left of the junction. You may have freed Kyle. gunpoint and approach him. REWARDS FOR COMPLETION (4 MEDALS OR MORE) Setting Reward Easy Spider Tank data Medium Concept art gallery Terminal Unlimited adrenaline Alex leads you to the control room. where to the right leads to nonfunctioning elevators. but you aren't out of the woods just yet. press auto-target to hold Alex at near the cell doors to the left. Follow it to the end. Use auto-target to locate the nearest Hybrid. but be When all of the Hybrid Soldiers have been careful not to shoot Alex Stone.Continue straight ahead down the corridor where a Check your map for the location of a long hallway to room to the left contains a Tech piece. who is standing eliminated.

by a red dot. are that you can run 800. and you enemies to worry know the layout of this about. who has escaped. refresh your memory. while you attempt to keep the T-800 at bay. PRIMA’S OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE Level 8: Infiltration Character: Lt. This unit serves as a lethal infiltration unit able to penetrate all but the most secure bases.COM . Cover Reese Raging Valor At least 00:15 Adrenaline Use Sharp Shooter 70% or better accuracy Ground Pounder 1 or more kills Martial Arts Master 15 or more hits Untouchable 350 or less damage OBLECTIVE 1: COVER REESE T . Asylum Floor 1 the T-800 Infiltrator has a reinforced battle chassis covered by fake skin and hair. but this one is floor of the asylum… enough! Your strategy right? Use the map to must be to hit and run. Catherine Luna New Weapon(s) Available: N/A Available SkyNet Tech Points: 210 MEDAL QUALIFICATIONS Objectives: Speed Demon 4:00 or less 1. Before you can escape the asylum with Reese. 75 PRIMAGAMES.800 Infiltrator The deadliest of SkyNet's forces. a new enemy arrives: a T-800 Terminator! You order Reese to take off after Alex Stone. This entire level is a Your only advantages showdown with the T. wearing the Terminator The T-800 is represented down over time. There are no other slightly faster. The match makes them indistinguishable from humans.

If it is caught in the blast. but don't expect to do much damage that way. and the T-800 blocks your exit. However. it swats you away with a machine gun. or one "correct" method to defeat the Terminator. The T-800 can do a lot of damage to you. fire any weapon you have at the Use adrenaline and hit it hand-to-hand a few times if Terminator while keeping your distance. you can knock it out of room. Give yourself an while constantly shooting. It won't remain stunned for more than damage and is temporarily stunned. a few seconds. 76 . get around it and run doorway is narrow. adrenaline boost and hit it a few times before 800 is nearby. you too close. you want to earn the medals. the tanks and shoot them several times when the T. This level walkthrough details what you can find in the various rooms. or any other small Keep an eye out for large fuel tanks near the When the T-800 is stunned. it takes running away. Auto-target the doorway and escape. Instead. move back and forth as much as possible doorways of many of the asylum rooms. In the room behind where you begin the level. Don't stand and fight unless its health has been can obtain two Large Medi-Paks. Don't go in there if you don't think you can get back out before it comes after you! If you do get trapped in this room. There is no one "right" way to run. If you get Collect extra ammo and Medi-Paks to stay alive. and why you should or shouldn't visit them. As a general rule. through the asylum offices collecting what you need. the reduced significantly.

turn left at the first junction if you need contains several sets of PLM40 ammo.COM . If you have been shooting at the T-800 from a distance Blast the Terminator several times with the Grenade Continue shooting the T-800 with the Grenade and running when it comes near. and explosion temporarily stuns it. AP50 ammo. a Tech piece. target the On the other side of the junction are two open The doorway on the left leads to a storage room. Targeting a tank when you are standing nearby is not a good idea either. Traveling away from the cell area where you started The room at the end of the hallway to the right the level. Launcher until it falls to the floor in a smoking heap. If the Terminator corners you in this room. to the deactivated elevators. its health should be Launcher. or turn right if you need weapons. fuel tank near the door and escape when the doorways at the far end. deteriorating. piece inside. There is also a Tech piece in the rear of the room. The one on the right leads You can get four Large Medi-Paks. seen the movies…. There is only a Tech both Medium and Heavy Armor. as the Terminator's shots may rupture it and injure you. PRIMA’S OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE Don't stand near a fuel tank. you've obviously never percent or less. When the T-800's health drops to 50 If you think the battle is over. stop and make your stand. health. 77 PRIMAGAMES. and roll out of the way of its machine gun. so don't go down there unless you can get out before it comes. and a Grenade Launcher.

both rooms are Tech pieces. Auto-target and fire at the T-800 with your Grenade This is where you stocked up on ammo before. you can target the large tank near the doorway when the T-800 walks in. ready to connect with a punch… Keep the Terminator auto-targeted. 78 . lower its head to charge you. with a new 100 percent health status. you again. gun doesn't mean it is no longer a threat! The T-800 effect. you take damage its metal endoskeleton is revealed. and back there's plenty of AR510 ammo left. This office also gives you ample room to maneuver. With Just because the Terminator has lost its machine …and it also punches the floor. Inside the way. If you wait in the second room. causing a ripple its clothing and synthetic hair and skin burned away. It makes a sudden and get thrown to the ground. When you see it Head down the long hallway away from the cell area. quickly dodge out of You pass two open doors on the right side. and Launcher when it enters the doorway. away from it toward the adjacent room. but nothing else. Take the Tech piece when you can. dash toward you.Run away from the T-800 as quickly as you can. When the long hallway reaches another intersection. If you are in the vicinity. It starts coming at still has two powerful attacks. head right and look for the open doorway on the left.

the end of it? serious damage. Continue targeting the Terminator with your Grenade The Canister Bombs on the table respawn each time Launcher or your AR510. extends to the front of it. run toward its side. toward you. When it reaches zero. The wave only targeting the T-800 and shooting it from afar. Keep an eye on the T-800's health indicator at the The T-800 torso is still alive! It's much slower this Your legs now give you the advantage. 79 PRIMAGAMES. grabbing additional ammo as needed. so run screen's top right. the time. but if you are trapped in the rooms. of course. Think this is finally you. PRIMA’S OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE Find two more Tech pieces in the back room here. Keeping your distance is the best way to avoid the Move back and forth through the asylum's numerous T-800's ground wave. quickly move out of the way. If you see it start to dash you collect them. Don't be fooled—its arms can still cause you might have passed earlier. but it is still programmed to go after around the asylum to collect any Tech pieces you machine explodes into pieces. auto- room with it.COM .

switch to the next weapon. The camera doesn't show you where you are going. situation. and so rely upon the map. Auto-target the crawling torso and riddle it with bullets. Back down the various the last remnants of the T-800 are destroyed. General REWARDS FOR COMPLETION Connor contacts you and you're prompted to save your progress. the Terminator's health reaches zero. At hallways and avoid getting stuck in a dead end or in last. The AR510 or PLM40 work well in this firing at the torso while backing away from it. (4 MEDALS OR MORE) Setting Reward OBJECTIVE 1 COMPLETE Easy Alexander data Medium Level 9 Intro FMV Terminal Unlimited ammo 80 . the battle is over! any one room. and don't stop moving! If you run precise weapon.If you are running low on grenades. When you've destroyed the T-800 for good. Continue weapons. use one of your automatic out of ammo. or want a more Don't stop firing. Eventually.

the MOB-M from your inventory and exit the truck. Enter SkyNet Raging Valor At least 00:60 Adrenaline Use 3. Immediately run for cover to the right side of the road. the defenses are still active enough to begun! What was formerly the home of NORAD has take out part of your convoy. Destroy Ground H/K Ground Pounder 150 or more enemies Martial Arts Master 85 or more hits Untouchable 750 or less damage OBJECTIVE1: DEFEAT DEFENSE Outside NORAD The assault on SkyNet's complex in Colorado has Unfortunately. this missile launcher operates in first-person view only. Smash defense grid 5.COM . When the crosshairs turn red. For now. with an MOB-M Launcher. armed become a fortress housing SkyNet's mainframe. PRIMA’S OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE Level 9: Storming NORAD Character: Cpt Justin Perry New Weapon(s) Available: MOB-M Launcher. team heads for the least guarded entrance. your perimeter defenses. 81 PRIMAGAMES. MOB . Cover teammates Sharp Shooter 60% or better accuracy 4. Captain Perry. Defeat defense 2. EMP Generator Available SkyNet Tech Points: 230 MEDAL QUALIFICATIONS Objectives: Speed Demon 25:00 or less 1.M Launcher One of TechCom's most powerful weapons. Return here target has been acquired. the You begin the level in the supply truck. plans to take out the While other TechCom forces create a diversion. Fired missiles when you run out of MOB-M rockets. select guide themselves to the acquired target.

Move the crosshairs with the left analog stick and press Shoot to fire. General Connor contacts and then quickly switch to you. There is a pile of Guns. With the Auto-target button held. switch to first-person view. the camera slightly with the right analog stick. Turret Gun's paired blasts. You can lock on to them through the way while trying to target it. get out of first-person smaller rocks on the left side of the street. As the second shot is fired. use auto-target Gun. The craft won't it by peeking around the show up on your radar edge of the mountain without either. manipulate just yet. Shoot when the auto-target is aligned with the Turret moving left or right across the street with the Turret While remaining behind the boulder. 82 . scan the skies. won't provide much cover. You must switch to first-person view. but don't go past them target. SkyNet is sending first-person view to hit it an H/K Aerial to your with the MOB-M.A large boulder temporarily shields you from the The MOB-M Launcher cannot be fired by pressing The Turret Gun always fires its shots in pairs. sure you are out of the line of fire and quickly out into the road. Move to avoid the the second Turret Gun. Try to shoot vicinity. head down the street Use auto-targeting to locate the last three Turret destroy it. Switch Gun auto-targeted. Keep automated Turret Gun high on the mountain ahead. If you see two purple blasts coming your just to where it starts to curve. They mountainside. Wait for it to fire twice before stepping back to move out of harm's way. make to locate it. so you have to entering its line of fire. Use the same strategy as When you've destroyed before. You have to hit the Turret Gun with two missiles to With the Turret Gun in flames. The last one on the right is your view and quickly run or dodge.

Wait for truck before moving on. open to line them up in your sights. The Aerial appears the sound of the Aerial's weapons powering up. Depending upon when they both shoot. and side are its most vulnerable spots. PRIMA’S OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE Run back toward the supply truck. making it Quickly switch to first-person view and fire a few MOB-M ammo. then step out and pile of smaller rocks on the left side of the road. Quickly run back to the large boulder and wait down the final Turret Gun. Hit and run. take cover. stopping momentarily the two energy blasts to fire. and fire your MOB-M. Both fire a machine guns. You have time for ahead. you shoot it with your MOB-M to knock it from the sky. for their arrival. Two to reload. You'll probably take some damage from the Aerial's If you need more missiles. Turret Guns remain. Stop when you reach the pair of shots in your direction. Switch to first-person view again to let you know that more H/Ks are on the the Turret Guns. but you have to step into the have only seconds to fire off a quick missile. firing a shot and then dodging back Use the auto-target and then move left or right out of You're not finished yet! Connor contacts you once behind the mountain. concentrate on the remaining one. It has machine guns as well as an energy wait for them to discharge before stepping out from only one or two shots. step inside the supply It doesn't matter which one you target first. Listen for MOB-M missiles at the Aerial.COM . If you miss. Two hits is all it takes to bring way. Otherwise. If you need more You can't auto-target the Aerial at all. The engines on either the large boulder once again. blast with a slight homing ability. get behind tougher to line up your shots. 83 PRIMAGAMES. which will disrupt your aim. No matter. behind the boulder. Once you've taken out one of the way of enemy fire. head inside.

After the second H/K Aerial is destroyed. entrance! getting shot in the back. stopping mental weapon Lt. They have finally cracked the MOB-M at them. Now face the control pad to the left of the door and press the Use button. so just ask him. If you lose track of their location. use the first. Target just ahead of its path. Time to make an in the supply truck…if you can reach it without where the main door is located before emerging.Here they come! As before. General then run out from behind the boulder and fire the person view to scan the skies and locate them. Return to the supply truck first to pick up the experi. The soldier inside might also give you piece. Find another Tech piece tucked away on the more MOB-M ammo. wait for them to fire. In the doorway itself. The weapon recharges automatically. Pick up additional MOB-M missiles second Aerial temporarily flies behind the mountain code for the main security door. far left side of the tunnel entrance. and must be fully charged before it can be fired again. Any mechanical enemies in the wave's path are briefly deactivated. 84 . Luna tells you about: the EMP around a pile of rubble on the right to pick up a Tech Generator. OBJECTIVE 1 COMPLETE EMP Generator The EMP Generator fires an electro-magnetic pulse in a wave that discharges in the direction that the weapon is pointed. Run down the street toward the far end. The Connor contacts you. pick up the four Large Medi- Paks and the Heavy Armor.

Switch to the Shotgun as you head down the tunnel. Wait a few close at hand? Once you regain control. Canister Bombs. Auto. Never wait for an EMP blast to hit the Endos! As soon as you fire. stunned from the EMP blast. you can The first two enemies are Hybrid Soldiers. The action "pauses" while you're on the inventory screen. and the gun needs to recharge. Don't leave until supplies from the crates on either side. there is nowhere to hide. 85 PRIMAGAMES. he gets a history lesson Find AP50 ammo. PRIMA’S OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE OBJECTIVE 2: ENTER SKYNET NORAD Access Tunnel As Perry enters the tunnel. The closer they are either fight or flee. be affected. adrenaline and have at it! keep firing at the Endos and dodge out of their line of fire. AR510 ammo. In the meantime. The EMP blast temporarily disables person view to aim at their heads—their most them: look for the sparks! vulnerable part. stock up on seconds for the ammo to respawn. and a Shotgun. Here. the more likely that all will so switch to the AR510 and fire away! Use the first- Shotgun blast to each does the trick. aim it at the approaching Endos. Could a victory be Paks.COM . Get some hand-to-hand hits in while an Endo is allowing you to start shooting them The effect of the EMP wears off in a few seconds. Select the EMP Generator from your inventory and While an Endo is temporarily disabled. two Large Medi- on SkyNet from General Connor. Activate your before the EMP blast has even passed by. One to being in a straight line. you have the maximum ammo. target them and shoot them at close range. select another weapon.

86 . Tech piece at the tunnel's far left end. recommended. Walk up to it and press materialize near the door. them all up earlier. return to the crates on the side or entrance to control panel and use it. but it is easier to line them up for an EMP blast if the tunnel. If you had too many Medi-Paks to pick they are heading down the tunnel after you. Many of the can get nearly unlimited PLM40 ammo. Connor The sound of materializing Endos should convince you Finish off the next wave of Endos. use the EMP Generator on the advancing left side of the large door. several Endos As before. General Connor EMP and then following up with gunfire. You could battle them where you low. so pick R6-PAK ammo and two Large Medi-Paks. wait for the ammo to respawn. Two down. Approach the to run from the door. blasting them with the another cache on the right side of the tunnel. first code. Get far enough away that none appear take them out. Check the radar for their Endos. The PLM40 or AR510 are don't stand there! Run back into the tunnel toward behind you. look for Watch out for any stragglers who might be hiding in using the same strategy. When the Endos have been destroyed. As before. then switch to a regular projectile weapon to the Use button. Continue When the area has been cleared of Endos. two to go! are.More Endos appear from the tunnel ahead. as well as contacts you with the news that they've broken the Endos drop PLM40 ammo when destroyed. the crates. If your ammo runs contacts you with the second code. as you can grab more ammo from the ammo cache. Before walking over to the door. look for a it up. but location. You see the first lock release. You must input the code using a control panel on the With the first lock released. You the alcove ahead on the left. grab them now that you've taken a few hits.

Once group of Endos. PRIMA’S OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE SkyNet Terminator Factory Repeat this process with the third code. keep them in front of you. get in once the initial Endos have been destroyed. but don't forget that you can be attacked from close and personal. enemies yet to come. Use the door. 87 PRIMAGAMES. same tactics as before! Use the EMP. Use auto-targeting and shoot them while backing already seen. Recon droids come down the hallway toward you. Don't be fooled! relative safety of the tunnel to shoot at the materi.COM . you've taken them all out. enter the code. Coming up next is a Conserve your more powerful ammo for the stronger away or to the side to avoid their energy blasts. H/K Passing through this factory area is akin to "running Use the EMP Generator to stun them temporarily. After firing the EMP. You still have to retreat and destroy the materializing alizing Endos. This hallway is a good place to for hand-to-hand A second group materializes at the end of the hall Look for a Tech piece on the ground near the next combat and adrenaline. Endos before you can enter the door. Run to the When you enter the forth and final code. Always often sends the Endo's skull flying. When you see more Endos appear on the projectile weapon. backtrack down the hall. and retreat to the releases and the outer door opens. continue down the hallway. OBJECTIVE 2 COMPLETE Switch to your AP50 or PLM40 once inside. the lock control panel. followed by a behind. the gauntlet. A good shot or two to the head radar behind you. a group at a time." You face most of the enemies you've then switch to a projectile weapon to take them out.

and head for the exit at the end of the hallway. Transfer Tunnel Gamma (Checkpoint) Continue firing the EMP when it recharges. piece in the right corner before continuing. 88 . Fortunately for SkyNet Rear Defense Grid them. get in close and use your head for the exit door at the far end. Luna contacts Perry. As you enter the next room. anything they might have dropped. Otherwise. Grab the Tech good use by aiming it at the Spider Tank in the tunnel (as if you wanted more). the console in the center of this room gives you control of the Turret Guns. Lt. followed Eventually. When by projectile weapons. After destroying it. the door to the last section opens. corridor ahead. until all further groups of all of the Endos have been cleared away. Shotgun or AR510 on its turrets. grab materializing Endos are destroyed. put one to The Spider Tank is the only enemy in this particular destroy the H/K Recons that appear. She and Reese are pinned down in the SkyNet factory area and need assistance. Switch to your AP50 and get ready to target and If you have any MOB-M missiles left.

for the best line of fire. and use the left analog stick to move your attacking Endos. The Turret Gun number is shown in the screen's top right. their life bars decrease. You automatically take destroy the Endos control of Turret Gun 3 or 4. Press the Use activate it. as they can cause have been vanquished. It is easier to target Press the Shoot button to fire the Turret Guns at of your teammates. Switch them. A counter at the screen's bottom let either of them die! area has been cleared. Aim for the Spider Tanks When these SkyNet forces first. shows how many Endos remain. As they take damage from the and destroy the ones closest to the turret. Luna the most damage to your and Reese move forward. White circles and health bars appear over the heads Endos continue to materialize. PRIMA’S OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE OBJECTIVE 3: COVER TEAMMATES SkyNet Cold Storage Go left and walk to the control panel at the center of Your view switches to a Turret Gun in the room where the computer console. Advancing Endos are represented by yellow targets. one on either side. you must target Switch back and forth materializing Spider Tanks between the Turret Guns as well as Endos. This time. It is represented on your Luna and Reese are under fire. There are two guns in radar by a flashing circle. closest to your friends. After that. Press the Use button to this first area. teammates.COM . button to switch back and forth between them. 89 PRIMAGAMES. You can't back and forth between the Turret Guns until the targeting reticle.

Use the EMP to disable any enemies between the console and the exit as you head over to it. You automatically lose control of the make it out alive. watch as Reese and Luna Luna contacts you to thank you for helping them exit the facility. face the console. SkyNet Rear Defense Grid (Checkpoint) After the last enemy falls. OBJECTIVE 3 COMPLETE OBJECTIVE 4: SMASH DEFENSE GRID When you regain control. Keep firing until room all around you. Now that you are no longer need Turret Guns as the camera returns to the room you the computer to control the Turret Gun. Get out of there as soon SkyNet Ground H/K Factory as you can! 90 . there is no way to defeat all the Endos. for a fight. Your actions have attracted a lot of unwanted There's no shame in beating a hasty retreat! target it or switch to first-person view and blast the attention. destroy it. at you from their perches on the second level. and additional Endos start firing additional Tech points and ammo by sticking around the machine explodes. Auto. as they never stop coming! OBJECTIVE 4 COMPLETE Look for the door at the far end of the room with a symbol that looks like an "X" over it. were in. Endos and Hybrid Soldiers teleport into the Although you might be able to pick up some computer with your AP50 or PLM40.

remember: stop. drop. however. flamethrower. gives you R6-PAK Ammo. He. select the R6-PAK from Find temporary shelter behind a section of glass Continue along behind the barriers until you find your inventory and use auto-target to aim for the barriers. Talk with you to save the day by destroying the Ground H/K place. 91 PRIMAGAMES. fire the extinguish the flames! Dodge to roll on the ground R6-PAK as often as possible. As you run in front of and around it. and use auto-target to locate the Ground H/K's while proceeding around the room firing at the H/K. who has taken cover here. as the Reese. and she gives you with the R6-PAK. the right. It's up to H/K's searchlights and turrets. and roll to turrets. but fire at it while running across the room to Luna. Don't stay here too long. Don't stand in one H/K's shots eventually shatter the glass. away from the H/K. too. R6-PAK Ammo. PRIMA’S OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE Talk about going from the frying pan into the fire! You've discovered a Ground H/K factory…and here comes the latest model off the assembly line! OBJECTIVE 5: DESTROY GROUND H/K When you regain control.COM . Emerge from behind the barrier at the far end of the Run over the two Large Medi-Paks on the ground If you should happen to be hit with the H/K's room.

Before leaving. and return to Luna or Reese if you need more ammo. look for an elevator Walk carefully along the top and follow the barrier Luna to scout ahead. you reach room for Medi-Paks and Tech pieces in the corners Press the Use button to ride it up to the next level. At the far end. Luna (4 MEDALS OR MORE) expresses her concern that General Connor has ordered Setting Reward you and her to scout ahead. as it turns to the left. Medium Music Gallery Terminal Invulnerability 92 . but orders are orders. Each hit does 10 points of damage to the H/K. use them need a temporary respite. another elevator platform. Press the Use button that you might have missed earlier. Otherwise. OBJECTIVE 5 COMPLETE General Connor contacts you and orders you and Once you've taken everything. Connor seems to be holding Easy Ground H/K data Reese back for something. REWARDS FOR COMPLETION Luna and Reese are waiting for you here. it's still If you saved any MOB-M missiles from your Strafe back and forth while firing at the H/K. Watch for it to toss grenades and run to get encounter with the Turret Guns outside. search the platform at the end of the barrier and step onto it. now. barrier where Luna is hiding. head back behind the out of the explosive radius. If you deadly. Lt.Look for Heavy Armor near the door you came in. Even after you've destroyed the H/K's turrets. again to take it to the access tunnel. continue using the R6-PAK.

Time travel 2. the nearby crates. 93 PRIMAGAMES. Kyle Reese New Weapon(s) Available: Multi-caster Available SkyNet Tech Points: 0 MEDAL QUALIFICATIONS Objectives: Speed Demon 31:00 or less 1. but you Large Medi-Paks. the battle has begun. Pass the first supplies nearby: a door you come to and Grenade Launcher. General Outside. and Reese may have to go walkway to the left. Canyon defense Sharp Shooter 60% or better accuracy 4. and two It too is locked. AP50 ammo. Walk to the right along The door is locked. John's mother. Rig reactor 5. Canister Bombs. Wait can obtain Heavy for the ammo to Armor. PRIMA’S OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE Level 10: Time Displacement Character: Sgt. You've got to help Connor finally reveals the identity of the woman in your troops by destroying SkyNet's primary defense the picture he has been carrying. She is Sarah grid. Head away from the center of the room.COM . Disable biofilters Ground Pounder 160 or more kills Martial Arts Master 80 or more hits Untouchable 900 or less damage OBJECTIVES 1 AND 2: TIME TRAVEL AND DEFENSE GRID SkyNet Central Shaft As Kyle Reese enters SkyNet's fortress. respawn and fill your and PLM40 ammo from weapons to their limits. over a Connor. but the outer edge of the can stock up on room. continue to a third door. Defense grid Raging Valor At least 00:55 Adrenaline Use 3. back to 1984 to protect her.

by now. Watch out for the H/K Recons as you enter the next weapon needs more time to recharge. back toward the first door you passed. Two Endos approach from down the hall. so switch back to it and fire it at them. it needs time to recharge. Your EMP Generator should have recharged remains on target even as you are moving. Switch to the Multi-caster. it inflicts heavy damage. see that they are temporarily stunned. Multi . like the EMP Generator. and it hallway. With it out of the way. use one of ically when all the T-500 Endos are destroyed. you control panel to open the door. such as the PLM40. use the to fire it at them. Use the AP50 or PLM40 on them before switching to something more powerful. Equip your EMP Generator and hold auto-target and destroy it. The Multi-caster automatically recharges when all of its energy has been expended. SkyNet Forward Defense Grid Head left. a second pair sends a deadly current into the targeted Endo. 94 . Although it has a short range. As you move down the hall. a powerful weapon that When the first two Endos are destroyed. Equip your Multi-caster and finish the job. these little buggers can damage you with their energy blasts. ahead.Caster This weapon fires a cohesive energy beam that seeks out nearby targets. out of Auto-target the droid working on the control panel sight. Up room! Although the Spider Tank is your primary your projectile weapons. The emerges from the biofiltered doors on the sides of this Multi-caster can be used at a short distance. However. Bring it on! enemy. spot a Spider Tank waiting for you. If this The door at the end of the hallway opens automat.

turrets. 95 PRIMAGAMES. now Reese must use them to protect the switches to the view from SkyNet's defense turrets. If he can the Use button to ride it gain control of the up to the second level. continue forward He doesn't think he can as far as you can.COM . clear. Just as Perry used the Turret Guns to protect Reese Press the Use button to activate it. PRIMA’S OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE The Grenade Launcher or Canister Bombs work nicely against this Don't forget about the Spider Tank. At least six must survive the assault. Use the left analog stick to move the targeting reticle and the Shoot button to fire the weapon. ground troops. OBJECTIVE 3: CANYON DEFENSE Canyon Beta Stand in front of the computer console directly ahead. Watch for Endos to materialize near your troops and start shooting! Don't worry about friendly fire. Tank's turrets and fire the PLM40 at it while strafing back and forth. leaving it a to maneuver. Reese contacts General When the coast is Connor with the news. The only EMP Generator! problem is that you Temporarily disable the don't have much room Spider Tank. sitting duck for your auto-target the Spider Multi-caster. he can use SkyNet's own firepower against it. There are 12 such troops outside. You can hit the SkyNet targets with pinpoint accuracy. Instead. but he has a Stand on it and press better idea. troops. The camera and Luna. You destroy the defense come to an elevator grid in time to help the underneath a platform.

When all the Spider Tanks have been destroyed. shooting at the Spider Tanks below. Aim slightly to the right. One hit takes them to lock you out of the controls. forcing you to switch of your troops. Most General Connor congratulates you on a job well stop them. The counter at the bottom of the screen shows how Don't forget about the H/K Aerials! These ships SkyNet isn't unaware of your presence.Three troopers are on the ridge and three below. continue protecting your men by on protecting the majority of the group. to compensate for their movement. SkyNet right. searchlights coming down on the soldiers. but the last few done. but you still for the Aerials' engines and watch for bullet trails or the first turret. Continue the fight using the next need to keep track of the soldiers who are offscreen. Keep your eyes open! Listen During the battle. turret. As H/K Aerials also appear. The Aerials travel across the screen from left to Your troops disappear off the right side of the your men make a final rush to the entrance. destroy the SkyNet forces before they wipe out your TechCom soldiers. This time Spider Tanks attack! As before. It attempts you are faring. you automatically lose control of the assault begins. and the view returns to the room where Reese ships travel at a greater altitude. OBJECTIVE 3 COMPLETE 96 . they start to group. you might down. No matter which turret you find have to sacrifice a soldier on the periphery to focus serious damage to your troops. The white lines represent the health usually appear from either side. appear down low in the canyon. activated the computer. As difficult as it might be. immediately in front of screen. sends numerous H/K Aerials in a last-ditch effort to them. yourself at. but target them quickly before they can inflict from turret to turret. When you've downed the final H/K Aerial.

rolling to avoid their Generator and auto-target the enemies out of sight. 97 PRIMAGAMES. a cutscene shows the deacti- other weapon. Use the EMP Generator computers on either side of the hallway without to it. are stunned. interference. vation of the biofilter on the other side of the complex. this hallway is a either side of the hallway). head to the right away weapon for close-quarters fighting. down some Endos in hand-to-hand combat. Eliminate the from the computer. The Multi-caster works just as well as any they've been destroyed. PRIMA’S OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE SkyNet Forward Defense Grid (Checkpoint) A cutscene shows a nearby biofilter deactivating. Use the EMP Generator to stun them. but before you can get you face a group of Endos. Take them out follow it up with the Multi-caster or your PLM40. Arm yourself with the EMP three Endos in the hallway here. Your auto-target locates two computers (one on Additional Endos enter the hall through the biofiltered If you are trying to earn a medal.COM . These are also noted on doors. plus you can target and destroy the you destroy the computers. After quickly. you must take care of the rest of the Endos. missile fire. As always. Once again. Leave this hallway and continue across the elevator You can destroy the Endos more easily when they An access terminal opens on the lower level once room to the hallway on the other side. to stun them. and good place to activate your adrenaline boost and take your map with a flashing indicator. the Multi-caster is the recommended When you regain control.

You must to the lower level and rig the reactor with C4 look for the access explosives. General Connor contacts you to explain Take the elevator back the situation. This technology will supply it with more than enough power to continue operating if you don't destroy the reactor. Now return to the along the room's perimeter. 98 . panel to open it. OBJECTIVE 4: RIG REACTOR SkyNet Central Shaft A cutscene shows a control panel becoming IIf you need more PLM40 ammo. Reese contacts Captain Perry. If SkyNet terminal on the left side manages to send a of the doorway. one-way trip. Terminator back in time. Return down the main hallway and open the door at OBJECTIVE 2 COMPLETE the far end. pass the door and activated near one of the doors. SkyNet has perfected cold fusion. Grab the Grenade door with the "X" symbol and activate the control Launcher and AP50 ammo from the crate. Walk to the left grab it from the next set of crates. Activate it to deactivate you must follow it on a SkyNet's defense grid. SkyNet Fusion Reactor (Checkpoint) As he enters the next area. From the looks of things.

Instead. Turn around and use first-person view to target the Check your radar. Multi-caster. run straight through the Endos Launcher and the Remote C4 you seek are here. Use the combination of the EMP Generator and again. PRIMA’S OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE Eliminate the two Hybrid soldiers up ahead with the This also attracts SkyNet's attention. hallway on the outside wall and run inside. the reaction tank behind you. You know what to do: approach the quadrant. Continue around the perimeter of the room to the This time. approach Once again. When you're in the clear. 99 PRIMAGAMES. followed by the Press the Use button to expose another access point. Endos materialize behind you as you do Endos as they come around the tank after you.COM . Look for a expose the third access point. Don't approach the center of the reactor work in a pinch. Press the Use button while standing in front away from the center of the reactor. don't head around the tank to the last The hallway provides some cover. plus a Grenade next quadrant. Old-fashioned projectile weapons also Multi-caster. quadrant. center of the reactor and activate the control panel to that have materialized behind you. use the EMP Generator first. Several Endos Switch to the Multi-caster and destroy any Endos PLM40 or AP50 and approach the center of the materialize in the room behind you. so. while enemies remain behind you. use your EMP perimeter and around a reaction tank to the next of the control panel to expose an access point for and auto-target the group on one side or the other. As you walk who stand in your way as you run toward the reactor. Once the center of the reactor from this next quadrant.

Jump down and continue around the blue reaction Continue to the final quadrant and elevate yourself to Leave the reactor behind and head for the hallway tanks to the next quadrant. select the Remote C4 from your the hallway into the main room. You've already opened place the Remote C4 on the access point. you. Place the next Remote C4 charge up center of the reactor and open the last access point. Approach the weapon. and they won't survive when the reactor blows. General leading to the exit. Otherwise. They won't follow place the Remote C4. here. and destroy the materializing Endos behind you.Stay in the hallway and target the approaching When you've destroyed the final Endo. ammo they might have dropped and fill your the tiny platform and press the Use button to Let them come to you. so you don't have to approach the Connor can detonate the charges from afar after you for a lot of kills. leave them behind. Now head back out of elevate. take out any remaining Endos first. At the top. inventory with the Remote C4. grab any Look for the access point you just opened. OBJECTIVE 4 COMPLETE 100 . Stand on Endos with the EMP Generator and the Multi-caster. One down. three to go! Walk off the edge of the platform and to the left Be sure to equip the EMP Generator or another Step on the platform and elevate yourself to the around the tank to the final quadrant. If you are trying to earn a medal the access point. center of the reactor. That's the second charge you've rigged so far. otherwise you'll waste the Remote C4. inventory and press the Shoot button to place it. Target access point. Simply elevate yourself and and your teammates have evacuated.

You've found Lt. Move forward into the hallway. SkyNet displacement equipment and disappears. Quickly equip your EMP Generator and use auto. so cross the bridge to the center of the room and head to the right. You've already taken the supplies from the crates. any Tech pieces they drop before continuing into the large room. prevent him from being born. Grab hallway ahead. but before you Your teammates move forward to secure the area can react. targeting and target to fire its pulse at several Endos in the destroying the Endos with your Multi-caster.COM . a cutscene shows the final control panel opening. 101 PRIMAGAMES. Luna and Capt. Perry. trapping them in place. Look for a door on the other side with an "0-" symbol. and activate the control panel to open it. His drops a biofilter around them. a T-800 Infiltrator activates the time and decipher the controls. Without warning. PRIMA’S OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE Time Displacement Chamber SkyNet Central Shaft As you enter. mission: Kill John Connor's mother in 1984 and It's up to you to figure out how to shut it down.


When control is returned to you, grab the R6-PAK Look for Luna on your radar and walk to where she Turn around and head to the right past Perry and
ammo and the Large Medi-Paks near Captain Perry. is similarly trapped. Grab the Canister Bombs, around the perimeter of the room. When you come
PLM40 ammo, and Large Medi-Paks nearby. to the hallway, enter it and continue to the exit door
at the far end.

Transfer Tunnel Gamma

There appears to be nothing in this long hallway, but Activate the control panel and ride the platform up
have your EMP Generator ready just in case. into the complex. When it stops, proceed forward
Continue to the far end and look for a control panel through another small hallway and open the door at
on your right. the end.

SkyNet Primary
Computing Core

You are getting very close to the heart of SkyNet. A Guardian emerges from the wall. It is one of
Head to the left and the steps elevate as you go. SkyNet's fastest creations, capable of leaping and
When you reach the large platform, you're stranded ramming into its foes. Stay clear of the front claws,
temporarily. which grab and slam you. If that isn't bad enough, it
also has two flame jets.



Fortunately, like all of SkyNet's mechanical While the Guardian is temporarily disabled, equip Dodge its attacks as much as possible. Your other
constructs, it is vulnerable to the EMP Generator. the Multi-caster and start shooting. Circle around it projectile weapons damage it, but only slightly, so
Use auto-target to help locate it, and fire the EMP as you fire the Multi-caster, away from the continue using a combination of the EMP and Multi-
before it can attack you. dangerous front section. caster. Save the R6-PAK, as you'll need it later.

Eventually you wear down the Guardian's health and This Guardian behaves differently. It remains on the Use auto-target to focus on the small receptacle with
it explodes. Follow the steps along the outside of wall initially, and activates a protective shield. the red light. It's on the right side, and it can be
the chamber to the next platform. destroyed even while the Guardian remains shielded.

When you hear the sound of the energy discharge Destroying the small receptacle deactivates the Once again, use the EMP to stun the Guardian
coming toward you, stop firing and get ready to Guardian's shield. You can auto-target it and fire at before hitting it with your other weapons such as
duck and roll underneath by moving toward it and it while it's still on the wall. It soon comes down the Grenade Launcher. Remain out of its line of fire
pressing the Dodge button. to attack. as best you can.


When the second Guardian has been destroyed, A lot is going on here, so try to take it all in. On the As you contemplate your next move, notice a new
follow the steps up as they elevate you to the very floor near you is another Guardian. SkyNet's central counter at the bottom of the screen. SkyNet is
top. At last, you've reached the very core of SkyNet! unit is in the center of the room, protected by shield sending out frequencies that are interfering with your
projectors on the upper level. Numerous service ability to think and act. If you don't eliminate the
droids fly around the room repairing these projectors. source quickly, your mind will be taken over!

You don't have enough time to take out the Guardian, Instead, leave the stunned Guardian behind while Destroy one of the generators to drop part of the
yet it is too dangerous to ignore. Auto-target it with you run around the room. Auto-target one of the shield surrounding the SkyNet core. Now lock on to
your EMP Generator, but don't follow up with the shield generators on the upper level and use your it with auto-target and fire at it with the R6-PAK or
Multi-caster! R6-PAK to destroy it. If you are out of that weapon, another projectile weapon. The core is too far above
another projectile weapon will do (but takes longer). you to reach with the Multi-caster.

Keep an eye on the mind control meter,
as well as the edges of the screen.
They begin to turn red as you are being
taken over. If the meter reaches 100
percent, you fail your mission!

SkyNet is not defenseless either. It occasionally Don't forget about the Guardian! When it shakes off
fires missiles down at you, so be prepared to roll the EMP blast, it comes back after you. Target it
out of the way. once again with the EMP, which should have
recharged by now, and return to your main objective:
destroying SkyNet!


the core is temporarily stops the mind control frequencies. self-preservation. It looks like it underestimated you. Zap it with the EMP and then use the active again. resetting the meter to 0 percent.COM . at his handiwork. PRIMA’S OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE When the SkyNet core takes 30 points damage. and the meter is reset to zero. Once again. use missing shield and quickly your remaining R6 ammo fire your R6-PAK at it. or projectile weapons to SkyNet attempts to shield destroy it. it Now deal with the Guardian before SkyNet's core When the mind control meter reappears. A cutscene itself at 20 percent health shows Reese marveling remaining. or a few H/K Recons at you in a last-ditch effort at weapon. the mind control meter reaches the danger level. It temporarily already destroyed it. The mind control stops once again when SkyNet You don't have to deal with the Guardian if you've Head for the opening in the shield and auto-target suffers 30 more points damage. If you still are battling the Guardian. Target one of the shield generators and destroy it. When the core reappears Target the core through the for the final time. but it is too late. the R6-PAK is your best shields itself. It also shields itself Multi-caster to finish it off. Could it really be over? OBJECTIVE 5 COMPLETE 105 PRIMAGAMES. You should be able to destroy it before temporarily. but SkyNet may send an Endo SkyNet's core. keep at it. reappears.

for the exit door directly in front of you. Terminal difficulty unlocked Terminal First-person movement 106 . With Their confrontation with him will have to wait for a final "thumbs up" to his partners. he knows what he has to do. they are center of the time displacement device. so walk to the end and activate to its original position. Ride it down to a small hallway. leave the complex before the reactor blows. and exit through the door at the far end. Transfer Tunnel Gamma You regain control as the platform slowly descends The hall is empty. as the two of them must disappears in a blinding flash of light. look the control panel on the elevator you took earlier. Reese another day. however. Sit back and enjoy the credits as Medium Level 10 ending FMV. Time Displacement Chamber A FMV sequence shows Reese approaching the As Perry and Luna ponder Reese's fate. your reward for a job well done! Game ending FMV. wants to or not. but all have survived to Easy H/K Aerial data face another day. OBJECTIVE 1 COMPLETE REWARDS FOR COMPLETION (4 MEDALS OR MORE) Alex Stone and his brother pitted SkyNet and Setting Reward TechCom against each other. When it stops moving. Whether he interrupted by the sudden appearance of Alex Stone.

and you can even play the entire game in first-person mode. DVD EXTRAS CHEATS MUSIC GALLERY Here you can access the FMV sequences for various All the extras earned from the Terminal difficulty View information regarding the game's music and levels. View a slide show of conceptual artwork for the characters.COM . THREAT DATA CONCEPT ART Learn more about the game's enemies. weapons. the Extras menu shows you all the additional features you have earned through exemplary performance. PRIMA’S OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE Additional Features EXTRAS From the main menu. including invulnerability. and unlimited ammo. and other items. mode are here. unlimited listen to the various tracks. adrenaline. 107 PRIMAGAMES. as well as a few prototype sequences. You can select a new skin for your character.

are as follows. all weapons 6 Initiate data Prototype FMV Lethal Baton swing 7 Spider Tank data Concept art gallery Unlimited adrenaline 8 Alexander data Level 9 Intro FMV Unlimited ammo 9 Ground H/K data Music gallery Invulnerability 10 H/K Aerial data Terminal Difficulty. game ending FMV * The Terminal level is not available until you have completed the game on the Medium level of difficulty MEDAL QUALIFICATIONS The medals.MEDAL EXTRAS Unlock these extras by earning four medals or more in a level as follows: Level Easy Medium Terminal* 1 H/K Recon data Game Intro FMV Reese skin 2 T-500 data Gabriel data Connor skin 3 T-800 data Level 4 Intro FMV Intro FMV animatic 4 Auto Pallet data Soldier skin Perry skin 5 Loader data Level 6 Intro FMV Luna skin. and qualifications for earning them. MEDAL CATEGORIES Medal Earned by Speed Demon Completing a mission far faster than originally planned Raging Valor Engaging the enemy with adrenaline-filled battle rage Sharp Shooter Ensuring that every bullet counts Ground Pounder Killing a vast number of SkyNet forces in combat Martial Arts Master Decimating the enemy through hand-to-hand combat Untouchable Avoiding injury thanks to quick defensive skills and common sense MEDAL QUALIFYING NUMBERS PER LEVEL Medal Lvl 1 Lvl 2 Lvl 3 Lvl 4 Lvl 5 Lvl 6 Lvl 7 Lvl 8 Lvl 9 Lvl 10 Speed Demon 17:00 15:15 17:15 16:30 16:00 22:00 11:00 4:00 25:00 31:00 Raging Valor 15 30 25 25 35 20 25 15 60 55 Sharp Shooter 65 65 50 60 60 55 70 70 60 60 Ground Pounder 85 130 85 80 75 120 55 1 150 160 Martial Arts Master 30 50 50 40 65 25 25 15 85 80 Untouchable 165 325 400 350 350 450 400 350 750 900 108 . First-person move Level 10 ending FMV.

and even the skulls of the Endo units. while level 5 confers a 50 percent increase. Each upgrade level improves the upgraded item by 10 percent. So level 1 shows a 10 percent increase. PRIMA’S OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE SKYNET TECH POINTS AND UPGRADES During the game you encounter SkyNet technology such as sensor arrays. T-400 and T-500 skulls are worth 5 points and T-800 skulls are worth 10 points. These items are scattered throughout the various environments and are often difficult to spot among the debris. ARMOR VALUE Each upgrade increases the amount of protection every set of armor gives by X%. MEDI-PAK HEALING Each upgrade increases the amount each Medi-Pak heals by X%. TECH POINT COSTS PER LEVEL Upgrade Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Cost Cost Cost Cost Cost Max Weapon Ammo 120 180 240 300 375 Medi-Pak Healing 140 200 260 310 390 Armor Value 160 240 300 360 420 Max Adrenaline 180 240 360 400 440 109 PRIMAGAMES. not including the bonus points from Endo heads. storage devices. Skillful players can earn even more Tech Points by shooting Endo heads. MAX ADRENALINE Each upgrade increases the total amount of adrenaline your character can store by X%. MAX WEAPON AMMO Each upgrade increases the size of your weapons clip by X%. Walk over them to automatically pick these items up. Each level walkthrough notes how many points may be found in that particular level. you can buy up to five levels of special upgrades. Also increases the maximum armor allowed. What are the points useful for? At the end of every level. power generators.630 SkyNet Tech points. Also increases the maximum amount of extra armor you can carry. Also increases the maximum health pool. processor boards.COM . There are 1. A point total briefly appears on the screen when you do.