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Web Site Design : Personal Website

Teacher Name: Ms. Lawrence

Student Name: ________________________________________

Content The site has a well- The site has a clearly The purpose and
stated clear purpose stated purpose and theme of the site is
and theme that is theme, but may have somewhat muddy or
carried out one or two elements vague.
throughout the site. that do not seem to
Layout The Web site has an The Web pages have The Web pages have a
exceptionally an attractive and usable layout, but
attractive and usable usable layout. It is may appear busy or
layout. It is easy to easy to locate all boring. It is easy to
locate all important important elements. locate most of the
Graphics & Videos Graphics and videos Graphics and Videos Graphics and Videos
are related to the are related to the are related to the
theme/purpose of the theme/purpose of the theme/purpose of the
site, are thoughtfully site, are of good site, and are of good
cropped, are of high quality and enhance quality.
Content Accuracy All information Almost all the Almost all of the
provided by the information provided information provided
student on the Web by the student on the by the student on the
site is accurate and all Web site is accurate Web site is accurate
the requirements of and all requirements and almost all of the
Navigation Links for navigation Links for navigation Links for navigation
are clearly labeled, are clearly labeled, take the reader where
consistently placed, allow the reader to s/he expects to go,
allow the reader to easily move from a but some needed
easily move from a page to related pages links seem to be

Date Created: Feb 19, 2017 09:37 pm (CST)
The site lacks a
purpose and theme.

The Web pages are
cluttered looking or
confusing. It is often
difficult to locate
important elements.
Graphics and Videos
seem randomly
chosen, are of low
quality, OR distract
the reader.
There are several
inaccuracies in the
content provided by
the students OR many
of the requirements
Some links do not
take the reader to the
sites described. A user
typically feels lost.