CvSU Vision CvSU Mission

Republic of the Philippines
The premier University in
historic Cavite recognized
CAVITE STATE UNIVERSITY Cavite State University shall provide
excellent, equitable and relevant
for excellence in the Carmona Campus educational opportunities in the arts,
development of globally Market Road, Carmona, Cavite
competitive and morally sciences and technology through quality
upright individuals.  (046) 430-3509; instruction and responsive research and
development activities.

It shall produce professional,
skilled and morally upright individuals for
global competitiveness.

Name: _____________________________________________ Date Observed: _______________ Time:
Topic: _________________________________________________________________________________________
CRITERIA 4 3 2 1
Shows full Shows a good Shows a good Does not seem to
understanding of the understanding of the understanding of understand the topic
topic. Is able to topic. Is able to parts of the topic. Is very well. Is not able
answer all questions answer most able to answer a few to answer
adequately. questions adequately. questions. adequately.
Topics are presented Topics are presented Topics are not Topics are not
in chronological order. in chronological order. presented in presented in
All topics discussed Most topics discussed chronological order. chronological order.
are significant to the are significant to the Most topics All topics discussed
audience and up-to- audience and up-to- discussed are are not significant to
date. Used different date. Used different significant to the the audience and
references. references. audience and up-to- not up-to-date. Used
date. Used different only one reference.
Did not arouse the Did not arouse the
Arouses the interest Arouses the interest
interest of the interest of the
of the audience. All of the audience. Most
audience. Most audience. Topics are
PRESENTATI topics are presented topics are presented
topics are presented not presented in
ON in clear and concise in clear and concise
in clear and concise clear and concise
manner. Raises manner. Raises
manner. Raises manner. Did not
questions from the questions from the
questions from the raise questions from
audience. audience.
audience. the audience.
VISUAL With visual aids. All With visual aids. Most With visual aids.
AIDS visual aids are visual aids are Most visual aids are
readable and easily readable and easily readable and easily
Without visual aids.
understood. All visual understood. All visual understood. Most
aids are relevant to aids are relevant to visual aids are
the topic. the topic. relevant to the topic.
Stands up straight, Sometimes stands up Slouches and/or
looks relaxed and Stands up straight straight and does not look at
confident. Establishes and establishes eye establishes eye people during the
eye contact with contact with everyone contact. Facial presentation. Very
everyone in the room in the room during expressions and little use of facial
POISE AND during presentation. presentation. Facial body language are expressions or body
ATTIRE Facial expressions and expressions and body used to try to language. Did not
body language language generate a generate enthusiasm generate much
generate a strong strong interest and but seem somewhat interest in the topic
interest and enthusiasm about the faked. Wearing being presented.
enthusiasm about the topic. Somewhat casual business attire Attire not
topic. Very professional look. but somewhat appropriate for the
professional look. wrinkled. audience.

COMMENT: ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Prepared by: Reviewed by: Approved by: PAULO ISRAEL E. DAS Campus Dean . CRISTINA M. DOMINGO PROF. REMULLO LEA MARISSA S. SIGNO Instructor Chair.