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......................................................................................... 30 (Rocket/Missile Launcher) .......................................... 28 Shattergun (Shotgun) .....................9 Slow and Melee ........................................64 General Strategy .............55 Time Powers ................................................................................................. 14 Storm Guards ...... 21 Walkthrough.......5 Consider Grenades ....... 26 Combat Controls ................................................. 5 Move Laterally When Not Behind Cover........... 25 Acknowledgments ...... 27 KM2103 Karbine (Assault Rifle/Grenade Launcher) .................................... 20 Ground Floor .............................18 Back Again ................................................... 16 Walkthrough................. 31 EMF Cannon Warp Guards ..................... 33 Weapon Summary ............................ 17 Ground Floor) ................... 24 Point of Impact ...45 Laser Mine .............. 12 Krone Guards (Soldiers) ............ 27 Guns ....... 13 Jetpack Soldiers ... 11 The Opposition ...........................74 General Combat Techniques ............. 20 Infiltration .................... 60 Time-Stop (aka Pause or Freeze) ..................................................................................... 23 Disputed Airspace ................................................................................................................... 18 New Blood............................................................... 30 Bloodhound Flash Guards ........................ 10 Rewind Time When Called For .........50 Swarm Grenade .......... 27 Abilities ........................................................................33 Grenades . 26 HUD ...................................21 Single-Player The Beta Suit and Time Energy .............................4 Match Weapons to Situations .........5 Manage Shields..................60 Time-Reverse (aka Rewind)......................28 Thunderbolt Typical Enemy Behavior ..... 29 Echo Rifle (Sniper Rifle) ..27 Weapons and TimeShift Slow and Snipe................................... 26 Controls ................................................................................ 21 of Impact) ............................... 23 Better Late… ................................................23 How to Get Weapons and Ammo .......................................................68 Managing Weapons and Ammo ........... 26 Controls and HUD ................................................ 27 KM-33 (Pistol) ................25 PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E ............ 28 (Explosive-Firing Crossbow) ................................ 22 Getaway .. 9 Pause and Shoot........................................ 32 (Magnesium-Projectile Rifle) ........ 6 Aim for the Head ........... 26 Movement and View Controls ............................... 15 2 Hellfire (Combination Single-Player Submachine Gun/Flamethrower) .............................................................69 Which Weapons to Carry .......................................................................... ed ash e Unl Introduction .............. Part I (Arrival through Surge Gun (Electricity-Based Weapon) ..... 18 Arrival ........................ Part II (Heist through Point Time-Slow ......................................9 Slow and Escape ....................................... 21 Heist .............................. 19 Spring Mine ..............................................................................................................4 Fight from Cover .............38 Clutch Grenade .....................................................................................................7 Using TimeShift Abilities ....................................................

.................................123 Deadly Wind (4–12 Players) .............................................................................. 153 Find Appropriate Games .................................... Part III KM-33 Pistol ................................... 141 Storm Guards .....................................103 Time Shield ..............99 (aka Time Grenades)..107 Heavy Damage ..... 134 Supply Dump (4–16 Players) .......................................................................................................................................................................................... 140 Liberation ...........................95 Grenades .................................................................................................................... 138 (4–16 Players) .......... 151 Multiplayer Tips .................. 144 Armor (Yellow and Red) ........ 144 Exeunt .................. 140 Flash Guards ..................................... 139 Corrupt Data (4–10 Players) ........................................................116 Game Modes and Presets .................................................................... 133 Frost Bites (4–16 Players) .....................................120 Rooftop Excess (2–6 Players) ......................................... 154 Understand the Importance Tower of Power (4–16 Players) ......................................... 147 The Wind Tunnel ............... 140 Road Trip ........................................... 99 Chrono Grenades Some Assembly Required ...................................................................................................... 142 Factory Recall ....... 140 Thunderbolt ........... 155 Use Spectator Mode ....................... 138 TimeShaft (2–8 Players)..................................... 143 Sabotage ................... 88 Hellfire ....... 150 The Sentinel (Continued) ............83 EMF Cannon ........................ Part IV and Abilities ............. 152 Learn the Maps ......................... 150 The Sentinel ........ 142 through Gate Crashers) ..........................................138 Abandoned Warehouse Play Single-Player TimeShift .....127 War Room (2–8 Players) ......... 144 Single-Player Other Host Settings ............. 149 Consequences ......................................................... 148 Trench Warfare (8–16 Players) ..................................................... 148 Repo Men .147 through Consequences) ...139 Walkthrough. 142 Test Labs..................92 Surge Gun ................................................................................................................ 152 General Multiplayer Advice ................... 120 Sky Hook (2–8 Players) ............................................ 106 Time-Resistance Artifact ........................87 Bloodhound...................Single-Player Weapon Tips ...................................142 (Some Assembly Required Time-Energy Packs..... 154 of Equipment .....80 Shattergun .......... 139 Blow Me (4–10 Players) ............ 81 Echo Rifle ...................... 80 KM2103 Karbine .......... Part V (The Wind Tunnel Multiplayer Maps.............................. 144 Drive-By ...................................... 143 Warp Guards .................................................................. 145 3 Walkthrough............................. 149 En Route ... 138 Sanctorum (2–8 Players) ........................ 140 (Liberation through Factory Recall) ........ 141 Forced Entry .........................................COM ............... 142 Single-Player Multiplayer-Only Items Walkthrough.......................111 Multiplayer Modes.............131 Uncivil Engineering (2–16 Players) ......................................... 139 PRIMAGAMES..........144 Gate Crashers ......................

Finally. this book is one of them. When the fog clears. and prepare yourself for success… because now it’s only a matter of time. things go wrong. A resistance movement called the Occupant Uprising is fighting Krone’s rule but failing. Your laboratory has produced two working models—the Alpha Suit (Krone’s original prototype) and the Beta Suit. The road is difficult. Only by fully understanding your weapons. Thanks for the following people for making this book happen: At Sierra: James Bonti Michael Cabison Ryan French At Prima: Carrie Andrews Julie Asbury Todd Manning Jody Seltzer Alaina Yee Lex Scheuble And of course. You work under the direction of the talented (but corrupt) Dr. You have no choice but to grab the Beta Suit and follow him. PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . All of this is certainly exciting. Krone has taken the Alpha Suit and hightailed it for an alternate timeline. and enemies will you have a shot at restoring your own timeline. Your task: to defeat him in his alternate timeline and somehow repair the horrific events in your own. but it can also be daunting. ed ash e Unl In TimeShift. Here 4 you’ll learn how to translate your single-player prowess into kills on the online battlefield. Meanwhile. you find yourself in an alternate timeline reminiscent of the 1930s. he commands vast armies. Legions of enemies and a host of dangerous traps stand in your way. you assume the role of a top physicist researching a time-travel suit. Read on. for making the game itself. an improved model with extra functionality. Suddenly. everyone at Saber Interactive. You must assist the Occupants in any way possible. you must master an arsenal of strange weapons and your Beta Suit’s array of special time powers. styling himself as the fascist Magistrate. ambushes. weapons. Chapters 4 through 8 walk you through the entire single-player campaign. which he has equipped with a strange blend of 1930s technology and futuristic gear of his own invention. unforeseen events are taking shape. and time puzzles you encounter. and time powers. An explosion rocks the lab and kills both your colleagues. Krone has taken control of the world. In this universe. powers. Aiden Krone. This book provides all the information you need to conquer the single-player game and to get a leg up on your multiplayer opponents. Chapters 1 through 3 provide general information on your controls. along with your colleagues Marissa Forster and Nathan Tucker. providing detailed maps and tactical advice. Chapter 9 sets you on the path to multiplayer dominance. This walkthrough steers you through all the traps. and they provide general strategies that will help you progress through the game. but there are many weapons in your arsenal.

you can use any combination of keyboard and mouse buttons. MOVEMENT AND VIEW CONTROLS Control Xbox 360 PS3 Move/Steer Vehicle Left Analog Stick Left Analog Stick Look Right Analog Stick Right Analog Stick Crouch Click g Click Left Analog Stick Minizoom Click k Click Right Analog Stick Jump/Boost 1 u Most of these controls are self-explanatory. Learn to use it whenever your target is a bit farther off than you’d like. Crouch to make and mouse layout. These controls allow you to look around and get from one spot to another. this slightly reduces your While the control schemes for PS3 and Xbox 360 are overall field less customizable than those of the PC. they each of view but feature a couple of alternatives. Read on to familiarize yourself with TimeShift’s control scheme and interface. Here PRIMAGAMES. Just go into the Options menu before you start your first game and configure the controls however you want them. you must know the basics. With that in mind. You’ve probably played first-person shooters before. just set up the most of low cover. so you’ll already have a preferred keyboard the button down to stay crouched). When in doubt. we find the default controller settings for both consoles very playable.COM . 5 Minizoom is nowhere near as powerful as the big zoom For the record. you must make sure to place your Time Control buttons in a prime location where they’re this button to easy to trigger. them a bit easier to hit from a distance. Play around with enlarges targets your control settings if you aren’t comfortable with and makes the default. It’s just a way of squeezing a little extra accuracy out Movement and View Controls of weapons that weren’t designed for long-range combat. TimeShift in a similar fashion. You can use minizoom with most weapons. Crouch is a toggle (meaning you don’t need to hold The following tables provide control info for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of TimeShift. are some notes on those that aren’t.Before getting into the finer points of strategy. PC player: The PC controls are completely custom- izable. lenses attached to the echo rifle or thunderbolt. You’ll be manipulating time a lot! zoom in just a bit. stick with the defaults. Click However.

The effect of the Primary Attack and Secondary Aside from the minizoom. Press and hold to see a menu of time Previous Weapon a $ powers.) MOVEMENT AND VIEW CONTROLS The Time Control button activates or deactivates Control Xbox 360 PS3 your time Primary Attack/Accelerate 8 r powers. (an all-terrain tThe PC version provides individual time-power vehicle that keys (defaults are V. (Example: your weapons and your Beta Suit’s time-control the notification message appears when you’re powers. first press and hold the time control button. they’re listed in the next section (“Combat Controls”). lenses are only Your Primary Attack and Secondary Attack buttons attached to certain convert to accelerate and brake/reverse controls weapons. Secondary Attack button. ed ash e The Jump Unl button becomes a Boost button when you’re then press a second button (follow the on-screen driving a quad prompts) to select the power you want. G. The Reload button becomes a Use button Combat Controls 6 whenever you’re standing on or near something that you can use or pick up. and appears on Reverse. and since they’re triggered with the when you’re driving a quad. standing on a weapon that you can pick up or are near a button that you can press. letting you know that pressing and holding These controls allow you to fight and to manage the button will use or collect that object. lens controls Refer to the next chapter for detailed information aren’t listed in this on all weapons. Manual Time Control Press and hold P Press and hold L and press a second time to Throw Grenade + R deactivate. Boost gives the quad a surge of you don’t need to press and hold the time control speed and power. Stop. and then press a second button to activate Next Weapon d 6 the power you want. Since zoom each gun. certain levels). It’s sometimes necessary to button while pressing these keys. including data on the fire modes of section. Unlike the console versions. Change Grenade Type x 2 To manually select time powers on the Xbox 360 or PS3. zoom Attack buttons depends on your selected weapon. Press Secondary Attack/Brake and Reverse 7 l once to activate Melee Attack 2 o the currently Reload/Hold Button to Use 3 p selected Default Time Control P L time power. and B for Slow. An onscreen notification will appear. Just tap them boost in order to clear a difficult jump. to select the desired time power. respectively). and PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E .

Radar: Important objects are color coded. by S. Shield meter: This is essentially a health meter. green = ally. and so on) into consideration before firing. covered. The reticle doesn’t account for distance or enemy movement or for your These controls display vital info or access the game weapon’s speed or trajectory.A. The Menu button shows the in-game menu. Don’t assume that your shots will hit the enemy just because the reticle is red. Here’s a summary of what you can expect to see: T 1 5 6 3 2 The Use Prompt pops up whenever you can pick up 4 or use an item. Time Control meter: The bar on top shows how much time energy you have left.M. PRIMAGAMES. red = enemy. Stop. Weapons bar: Shows currently equipped weapon. 6. suggests you use for survival. yellow = usable vehicle. Press and hold the Use button to take or use that item.M. or red when an enemy is default power is context-sensitive and determined targeted. Blue = current objective. Show Menu 9 s 7 The Objectives button displays your current In addition to the basic HUD elements we just objectives (in single-player) or your score (in multi.S. Damage Location: Red indicators near the screen’s center specify from which direction you’re taking damage. The when an ally is targeted. menu. you’re dead. (your suit’s A. Shields recharge over time. TimeShift’s HUD (heads-up display) provides a lot of useful information at a glance.A. then time stop will be the default power. 7.I. For example. program). times: which lets you adjust various game settings. Make any needed adjustments. Grenade Display: Shows type and amount of Information Controls currently selected grenades. Use the reticle’s color-changing ability to figure out whether a target is friend or foe. weapon charac- Objectives/Score 0 t teristics. and Reverse icons light up to indicate which time power S. If you just tap the Time Control button (and do not 4. 1. 2. Secondary Fire modes. you’re near a hazard that will harm you unless time along with ammo available for both Primary and is stopped. if 5. 3. and use it as a MOVEMENT AND VIEW CONTROLS tool to recognize when you are aiming directly at the Control Xbox 360 PS3 target. Reticle: This weapon-targeting aid turns green hold it) you will activate the default time power. If it reaches zero.COM . there are a few that appear only at specific player). taking all the above-mentioned factors (distance.S. The Slow.

while red armor gives +100. If it’s multiplayer.n. PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . The Objectives/Scores display pops up when you u 8 press the appropriate button (0 on the Xbox 360. look for a white indicator on the radar’s right side. you’ll see a scoreboard. Yellow armor artifacts give you +50 armor. the more filled it is. The Zeppelin meter appears when you’re riding in a zeppelin. the more armor orr you have collected. This indicator mirrors your green shield indicator and is the Over er Armor display. ed ash e Unl Armor gives an added level of protection. Finally. Your maximum armor level at any given time is 200. The lower the meter. If you’re in a single-player game.. It is available only in multiplayer. You die if the Zeppelin meter reaches empty. t on PS3). Use this indicator to determine how w successful you’ve been at defending the zeppelin. the more damaged d the zeppelin. your our current objective(s) are listed. in multiplayer games.

Once you’ve got both weapons and time- shifting under control. You can carry three guns at a time. PRIMAGAMES. In a pinch.To master TimeShift. and you cannot fire thrown grenades opponent. you must first familiarize yourself with a wide selection of weapons (both guns and grenades) and with your Beta Suit’s time-manipulation abilities. the Karbine from a modest performer to an extremely viable weapon. KM2103 Karbine (Assault RifLe/Grenade Launcher) The Karbine is effective at a variety of ranges. and it can take on targets at medium range thanks to its respectable accuracy. With it. (such as the clutch grenade) from the Karbine. important characteristics of each weapon so you can easily make comparisons. It deals 9 good damage to up-close targets due to its high rate of fire. this is not its Primary Fire Mode: Full-auto assault rifle primary role and is not recommended in multiplayer Secondary Fire Mode: Grenade launcher battles. Without it. a table summarizes the simply a powerful zoom lens. 4 mounted maximum—2 in the chamber and 2 in reserve grenade launcher is The Karbine is an assault rifle with an under-mounted what transforms grenade launcher. some weapons’ secondary modes simply make hard decisions. you must drop effects of which vary greatly between weapons. The following pages detail each gun in the game. however. In other words. faster. 240 maximum—30 in the weapon and 210 in reserve The under- Secondary Ammo Type and Capacity: Grenades.e. you can even snipe at long-range enemies (particularly in the single-player campaign). Primary Ammo Type and Capacity: Rifle bullets. TimeShift’s guns run the gamut from a simple point- and-shoot machine pistol (the KM-33) to a wild combination of machine gun and flamethrower (the Hellfire). you cannot throw Karbine crowd of enemies or instantly destroy a single tough grenades.. the Karbine has The Karbine uses rifle grenades that are different a hard time competing with. say. We discuss weapons in roughly the same order you encounter them in the single-player game. the thunderbolt crossbow’s Secondary Fire mode is At this section’s end. This sometimes forces you to example. if you’ve already Every weapon has a Secondary Fire mode. For one to make room. you can quickly obliterate a chapter. shoot more bullets. than the primary mode (i. the KM-33 pistol).COM . the got three and want a different one. both in the single-player campaign and in multiplayer battles. the EMF cannon from the hand-thrown grenades covered later in this at short range. Other secondary modes just enhance or modify the primary mode—for example. you’re ready to start tearing through the game.

tility allow you to carry the Karbine through most the thunderbolt for long-range attacks. and the secondary launcher’s grenades are very accurate and deadly. which allow a midrange stopper. There are better weapons 10 for both short and long range. you probably won’t carry weapons that deal more damage at very specific the Karbine for its assault rifle. 128 Later. In its primary state. When to Use In the single-player campaign. while you can use the Secondary Fire mode to fell enemies quicker at close range. you will probably abandon the Karbine in favor of more specialized The combination of high ammo capacity and versa- weapons—the EMF cannon for short-range work. trading extra damage for a challenging. the Karbine is versatile. you’ll In multiplayer battles. move on to something else when the oppor- PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E tunity arises. maximum—16 in the weapon and 112 in reserve and you won’t find many opponents Secondary Ammo Type and Capacity: — wielding the KM-33. There is no situation But again. modest decrease in accuracy. of the single-player campaign. However. Its Secondary Fire mode finding ammo a bit fires a four-shot burst. ed ash e Final Thoughts Unl Hold down the Secondary Fire button to put a delay on the Karbine’s grenades. however. the weapon’s accuracy is better than that of. you will find more potent weapons. carry the Karbine as carry it for its quick-shooting grenades. say. the KM-33 is a single-shot pistol which makes with high ammo capacity. it is never useless. so you cannot go in which you cannot use it. though you can ranges. later levels. The KM-33 can be a . At this range. by the time you reach the later levels. the Hellfire. where Primary Fire Mode: Single-shot pistol you’ll find it Secondary Fire Mode: Four-shot burst more effective than the Karbine against distant enemies. Put it away if your style you to mow down opponents. abandon it for more specialized In multiplayer games. so use the Karbine only at the range it’s best at—medium. emphasizes extremely close combat or long-range Though the Karbine is versatile. Therefore. KM-33 33 (Pistol) The single-shot mode deals modest damage but you can use it to good effect if you are an accurate shooter. When to Use You’ll probably carry the KM-33 a fair amount through the first few levels of the single-player game. This allows you to bounce them around corners or around cover and can turn the weapon into a subtler—and deadlier—tool. multiplayer games sniping. you can carry the Karbine at all times. certainly score kills with that feature. in the game’s wrong by having it. Primary Ammo Type and Capacity: Pistol bullets. Rather. p g typically feature more challenging opponents than the single-player game. However. and so forth.

However. go with a different weapon in multiplayer. the shattergun is the short-range 120 maximum—8 in the chamber and 112 in player’s preferred weapon. and it is so potent up close that it never becomes obsolete. it’s difficult to 11 touch the shattergun’s damage and ease of use. so put it away if you’re facing a mid. In multiplayer. close-range marksman. to maximize the gun’s best quality: its ability to instantly deal massive damage. single-player situations. the weapon’s close-range power is fired simultaneously) unquestioned. provided that Final Thoughts you’re a very skilled shot with it and are good at Feel free to use the KM-33 whenever it’s available scoring headshots. you must use a different weapon. get in the habit of using the Secondary Fire mode. Therefore. The only two reasons to abandon it in later levels are: one. while Final Thoughts its Secondary Fire mode shoots two shells simul- This is one of the most satisfying weapons in the taneously. PRIMAGAMES. The shattergun is dominant close up. Of course. Secondary Fire Mode: Double shotgun blast (2 shots But again. unless you take a other weapons. Its Primary Fire mode shoots a single shell. you might find other weapons you want to play with. Shattergun (Shotgun) When to Use The shattergun appears early in the single- player game. trading reload speed for higher instant game. Secondary Ammo Type and Capacity: — However. but a few will find that this gun’s real shine to the pistol’s accuracy and are a superb midrange precision suits their personal style. there is no weapon quite as satisfying when you’re facing an enemy at point-blank range. especially in multi- player. Primary Ammo Type and Capacity: Shotgun shells. In fact. and two. if you plan to fight up close.COM . fewer enemies have it Primary Fire Mode: Single shotgun blast later on. Your opponents will usually and when no other weapon strikes you as a better have a different weapon. so ammo can sometimes be a little scarce.respectable weapon in multiplayer. The Primary Fire mode works well for most damage. For that reason alone we can recommend long-range confrontation. and that weapon is likely choice. Most players score kills more easily with to be easier to use. Once the battle moves reserve to longer range. The shattergun is essentially a combat shotgun. the shattergun’s effectiveness tapers off very quickly with range.

missile’s explosion if you are right next to the target when the crossbow bolt explodes. It can Primary Ammo Type and Capacity: Crossbow bolts. Thunderbolt missiles are potent enough to kill most enemies in a single shot. you are much more versatile. and high ammo supply. deadly weapon. Thunderbolt missiles stick in the target for a moment before exploding. the thunderbolt shots on moving human targets. you can really make the it a great sniping thunderbolt’s ammo last. big groups of enemies from a safe distance. as you don’t have to lead a moving target as much (or at all. serve as your 40—10 in the weapon and 30 in reserve primary sniping Secondary Ammo Type and Capacity: — weapon rather than the echo rifle. Second. This allows greater thunderbolt accuracy. When to Use Carry the thunderbolt as much as Primary Fire Mode: Crossbow firing explosive arrows possible in the Secondary Fire Mode: Variable zoom lens single-player game. without engaging the game’s primary sniping weapon). In addition. if forced to pick just one The thunder- of these weapons. Its secondary mode is a powerful zoom lens and even short range. you’ll have a harder time landing fire multiple shots at a super-tough target. unlike with an echo rifle. can withstand more than one of these explosive You can damage yourself with the thunderbolt projectiles. such as Storm Guards. Since human players are more erratic only fire at a slow and unpredictable (and generally better at dodging) rate—so. this is usually very minor damage (especially compared to what the target sustains!) and should not dissuade 12 you from firing at close-range enemies. PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . it is quite useful at medium arrows. Grab one and carry it as long as possible. Only the very toughest opponents. you can multiplayer. This means that. you’ll be at shooting back in the moment between the missile the mercy of snipers and be unable to pick away at strike and the explosion. if you’re good at it. you cannot rapidly than AI foes. you need to lead a moving target quite a bit. ed ash e Thunderbolt (Explosive-Firing Crossbow) Thunderb Thunderbo Unl These drawbacks do not make the thunderbolt an inferior weapon. you’ve got an extremely distant target. However. we would carry the thunderbolt. but it has drawbacks. With one of these weapons. if you don’t like The thunderbolt is a crossbow that fires explosive that weapon. we think it’s the most useful weapon for the single-player campaign. secondary zoom). weapon. Thanks to its combination of great range. great power. or freezing time. The thunderbolt is a skilled player’s weapon in First. so don’t worry about them Without the thunderbolt or echo rifle. if you get used to firing it comparable to that of the echo rifle (which is the from the hip (in other words. bolt’s powerful With its higher ammo reserve and ability to one-shot zoom lens makes kill most opponents. As we suggested earlier. it will make everything you do Minimize your target’s movements by slowing that much easier. Final Thoughts The thunderbolt is truly one of the single-player campaign’s mainstay weapons. unlike with the echo rifle. if time is paused). The initial shock of the missile stuns the enemy. But thunderbolt’s explosive missiles take a while to reach a try it.

The thunderbolt can’t unload crossbow bolts quite as fast. specialized weapon. sarily superior. the echo-rifle game. close range many weapons can deal more damage. the Secondary Fire mode easily avoid the enemy’s crossbow bolts simply by engages the scope that you’ll want to use almost moving from side to side.Echo RifLe (Sniper RifLe) When to Use Whenever you have a long-range target. all the time. multi- Secondary Ammo Type and Capacity: — player showdown between two snipers. Looking through and is more versatile. especially if you have the energy available to slow time and make the shot easier (or if the target isn’t moving). Whenever you have a clear s clea shot at long range with this weapon. you are in driver’s seat. on average. The thunderbolt’s slower projectiles make headshots difficult unless time is slowed. the echo rifle deals damage the scope gets clumsy at shorter ranges. you can empty its four-chambered rounds into a target with reasonable speed. And in a long-range. This means you can dispatch enemies quicker. always keep the echo rifle terra when whe en you’re outdoors or in giant indoor spaces. the dri Consider Coons this weapon a must in a multiplayer battle batttle with long-range opportunities. In single- player playyer games. you player has a distinct advantage. or if you don’t have time energy to spare. and at faster at extreme range.COM . but consider c co nsid dropping it for something else if you’re in a more m ore cconfined area. Put this weapon away whenever you’re within While the thunderbolt has a better ammo supply medium range (or less) of the target. one with a The echo rifle is the purest sniping weapon in the thunderbolt and one with an echo rifle. It does one thing only. than this one. but it is 13 Final Thoughts very good at that one thing. That translates to a massive amount of damage. But if your target requires Primary Fire Mode: Sniper rifle multiple shots. While the echo rifle’s rate of fire is not stellar. those with a taste for super-damaging headshots become very possible. the echo rifle is your best choice. Neither weapon is neces. even more so: A player with an echo rifle will have 24 maximum—4 in the weapon and 20 in an easier time sniping fast-moving enemies than reserve one with a thunderbolt. as he can more shoot it without the scope. Secondary Fire Mode: Variable zoom lens The same applies in multiplayer situations. the echo rifle is simply a more more easily. sniping will love the echo rifle. but Primary Ammo Type and Capacity: Sniper rifle bullets. with the echo rifle firing nearly instant bullets. always balance your desire to snipe against aga ins the availability of ammo and the type of terrain ain you’re facing. the echo rifle is the preferred choice. with the echo rifle. The thunderbolt is a very good alternative. PRIMAGAMES. In its (seldom-useful) primary mode. Speed of kills increases still further if you score headshots. Limited ammunition aside. and the bolts take longer to reach its target.

its extreme power isn’t truly needed against the majority of your Primary Fire Mode: Dumb-fire rocket launcher (no opponents. PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . p easy kills. ed ash e Bloodhound (Rocket/Missile La Launcher) Unl When to Use The Bloodhound is a difficult weapon to carry for long periods of time in the single-player game. Bloodhound as a missile launcher. though a well-placed missile the th he splash damage to rack k can be very useful for clearing out dense packs. arise. Technically. you will face dense packs of Secondary Fire Mode: Turns rockets into guided enemies. opponents’ feet. each with a big explosive blast radius. missiles Furthermore. guidance) Nonetheless. the Bloodhound makes a targets. we generally refer to the missiles straight into the target. while “missile” denotes a There won’t be many occasions in a multiplayer guided. It may be overkill when you’re dealing directly di irectly at opponents. “Rocket” is the proper term for an unguided. rendering it useless. You can easily kill yourself if you shoot the 14 Bloodhound at point-blank range. the game when you get the chance to stand still and Bloodhound is both a rocket and a missile launcher. 16 you can destroy only with the Bloodhound. opens the door to multiple kills. A big. That way. you can easily decimate long-range opponents by engaging the Secondary Fire mode and steering Just for consistency. you can steer the missile in flight. the Bloodhound is limited hound is the in the single-player campaign by its modest ammo ideal weapon supply. Obviously. Be sure that your target is a reasonable distance away before firing. And if you aim at damaging targets within a wide radius. strongly armored In multiplayer games. self- propelled projectile. vehicles or extra- Get Ge et in the habit of aiming at walls or tough foes such spots pots on the ground rather than sp as Storm Guards. It runs out of ammo very quickly. powerful weapon. guide a missile—but when those opportunities do the type of weapon you get depends on the firing mode you use. you’ll also face special opponents that Primary Ammo Type and Capacity: Missiles. screen and turns the rockets into guided missiles. But there are times in the game when you for destroying must have it. such as disturbingly g y effective medium-range g killer. Also. By centering the targeting screen’s cursor on the desired target. this rule doesn’t apply if you’re firing at a helicopter or some other armored vehicle. maximum—4 in the weapon and 12 in reserve The Bloodhound is more versatile in a multiplayer Secondary Ammo Type and Capacity: — game. the rocket will hit the ground near the enemy and deal splash damage. straight-flying rockets that detonate upon impact. Final Thoughts The Blood. The ability to shoot four extremely potent The Bloodhound’s primary firing mode shoots rockets. even if you miss. and use with standard enemies. you don’t need much precision—a selling point for those without super-precise aiming The Secondary Fire mode deploys a targeting skills. self-propelled projectile. where the Bloodhound will be quite useful. up Standard practice when firing rockets (with the Primary Fire mode) is to aim at enemies’ feet.

a risk. Once the Secondary Fire mode has fully charged. the trigger to fire just one. The EMF (Look for the red visual cues on your screen to figure cannon’s out when. The longer you hold the trigger.) These magnesium shots have a downward trajectory. When you are in a sticky situation. so you’ll use this Fire mode mode the most. PRIMAGAMES. and it takes somewhat longer between shots than the primary Primary Ammo Type and Capacity: Magnesium.EMF Cannon (Magnesium-Projectile RifLe) Hold down the trigger to charge up the Secondary Fire mode. and projectiles. It is extremely difficult to hit a target at medium- long range with the EMF cannon’s Primary Fire mode. single-player campaign. When to Use because you must judge how high to aim. however. you start taking damage. damaging blast radius. goes farther. faster. Primary Fire Mode: Magnesium-projectile launcher Secondary Fire Mode: Charged-up magnesium. the damage is not so wide that you should stages of the exclusively try to kill targets with splash damage. you start to get hurt.COM . The Primary Fire mode is direct fire is still the way to go. If you don’t hold down the trigger long enough to fully charge up. exactly. Fully charging the EMF cannon in Secondary Fire mode uses eight units of ammunition. Switch The EMF cannon to the Secondary Fire mode (or a different weapon) is an excellent when the target is far away. which can projectile that quickly take down tougher opponents or kill several moves a lot weak targets that are bunched together. or hold down the trigger for a steady stream. damaging enough to kill most opponents quickly. and travels much straighter than the primary mode’s shots. there is a large. you have a little glowing under 10 seconds to discharge the weapon after it magnesium first starts hurting you. reserve Secondary Ammo Type and Capacity: — There is.) Assuming Primary Fire that you started at full health (and nothing is mode shoots damaging you in the meantime). The only real downsides of the Secondary Fire projectile launcher mode are that it eats ammo quickly. Take longer than that. When it strikes the medium-range The EMF cannon’s primary-mode shots explode combat in the in a small blast radius when they hit something. you can more damaging always switch to Secondary Fire mode. middle to later However. the more ammo is consumed (and the more damage done) when you eventually let go. shoots a bigger. you must aim higher. 15 you will consume less ammo. mainstay for close. so when firing at distant targets. (Tap you’ll die. 120 mode (even if you’re just tapping the Secondary Fire units maximum—20 in the weapon and 100 in button). The Secondary and it doesn’t use much ammo.

But the projectile is so damaging and fast charging it. This means someone with. thanks to its Secondary Fire mode. your skill at managing the you can damage yourself if you hold the charge Secondary Fire mode—figuring out when to start too long. one of the Carry the EMF cannon throughout much of the single- player game. Each weapon has its own merits and disad- vantages. forgetting. and On the other hand. the EMF cannon can deal with ranged which uses targets. neither mode is particularly suited to long-range fighting. the main appeals of this weapon are its great power and versatility in short. you’re at a great advantage and have an excellent chance to score a swift kill. the Hellfire. Yes. If you use this Fire mode.) We supply. finishing you PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . fire at a very high speed.or mode is a midrange weapon in the single-player game. but the its own ammo Primary Fire mode’s shots are a bit slow-moving. the Hellfire is a stream severe damage to targets at close range. you must charge it up. the Hellfire. ed ash e In multiplayer medium- range combat and its excellent ammo supply. is a assure you. though. the flames obscure the target’s a moment or two rather than simply firing and vision. for example—will go a long way toward that it’s worth those trade-offs. The flame- thrower deals In multiplayer combat. say. meaning you must hold the target for an added benefit. (The shattergun is more The Secondary of an instant killer but is more limited in range than Fire mode. you’ll probably go for this weapon over most others. short-range fighting. this is an excellent Final Thoughts Unl choice. In multiplayer. The submachine gun’s bullets become somewhat inaccurate at longer distances. round a deciding your effectiveness with it. that you won’t go wrong with flamethrower. there are other good choices for its bullets deal quite good damage. When to Use Primary Fire Mode: SMG (submachine gun) firing incendiary bullets Secondary Fire Mode: Flamethrower 16 Primary Ammo Type and Capacity: SMG bullets. so you decide. corner with this weapon fully charged and suddenly encounter an opponent. and the flamethrower’s flames just stop after a short distance. a shattergun can take you down quickly. 360 maximum—45 in the weapon and 315 in reserve Secondary Ammo Type and Capacity: Flamethrower fuel. and its twin ammo firing explosive reserves (one for each firing mode) will keep you bullets. and as weapon. in fact. Its submachine gun power is great for close combat. It can firing for a long time. 240 units maximum—20 in the weapon and 220 in reserve The Hellfire’s Primary Fire The Hellfire is a very good choice as a close. and consider using it as a mainstay challenges is to remember the weapon’s Secondary weapon in multiplayer games. say. weapon in multiplayer. such as the shattergun and EMF cannon. Hellf Ire (Combination Submachine Gun/Flamethrower) While the submachine-gun mode has better range than the flamethrower. and yes. Therefore. If you.

by an ammo crate. the secondary mode can fire continuously for about 15 seconds—which is actually a lot of killing power. We electrical heartily recommend this weapon for multiplayer 17 sphere that midrange and sometimes it’s beneficial to have that stream of performer with big ammo reserves. when you consider that a fraction-of-a-second pulse can be lethal. but it can’t dim our recommen- a continuous dation for multiplayer. and then discard them in favor of something Primary Fire Mode: Explosive electricity sphere with more ammo with a single pull of the trigger. while the secondary a fast-moving. Secondary Fire Mode: Continuous electric beam That said. The Primary Fire mode exhausts the weapon’s ammo supply in merely six shots. use them for a while. If you can rely on 6 shots worth of primary fire and about 15 your other two guns most of the time and only pull seconds worth of secondary fire out the surge gun when things truly get ugly. But it’s still a very limited amount of ammo when compared to just about any other weapon. Surge Gun (Electricity-Based Weapon) When to Use The surge gun is a hard gun to hold on to in the single-player game. its useless— The weapon is a true powerhouse and has but so throw it away in favor of a different gun. especially when your aim starts out a bit to keep your opponents about 20 feet away. The sphere itself is tremendously lethal. you’d be hard-pressed to find a better Primary Ammo Type and Capacity: Electrical charge. beam mode is great for zapping single opponents vastly powerful without completely draining your ammo supply. and the surge gun has Primary Fire that in spades. and anyone caught in its blast sustains severe Final Thoughts damage. It chews through ammo very quickly and not many enemies carry it. But your weapon Final Thoughts has more range and versatility than the shattergun. This weapon would be overwhelmingly powerful and universally recommended if not for its limited ammo. we grab these weapons when they’re available. gun for getting you out of a jam. making it This is the only weapon that cannot be replenished a good choice for close-range to mid-range battles. The Secondary That limitation makes it tough to use as a single- Fire mode shoots player mainstay. contact. a single weakness: ammo supply. you can make this weapon pay off in a big way. but then is quickly corrected. As a result. easy multikills. This energy stream travels a moderate distance. so if you insist on keeping it. that can be lethal within a fraction of a second.COM P . Once it’s empty. If you maneuver firepower. just have an ammo supply or a backup detonates on weapon ready. PRIMAGAMES. Pick it up and use it whenever stream of energy possible in multiplayer situations. Secondary Ammo Type and Capacity: — Multiplayer games are less about ammo supply The surge gun’s than instant killing power. The Hellfire is a very strong short. one of the best choices in the game. The explosive Primary Fire mode can mode shoots score quick. this is off. you may spend lots of time with an empty weapon.

and swarm grenade. Each has a distinctive use and behavior. The blast radius is significant. ed ash e Weapon Summary Unl The following table compares each weapon in the game in several key areas. If it enemies e en mie will use in single- em doesn’t hit player play games. laser mine. capable of killing multiple opponents simultaneously. PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . g a few seconds after being thrown. Clutch Grenade A clutch grenade will Clutch gre grenades na are the game’s stick to a default grenades. it use the most in that u bounces and rolls like a regular grenade. gr They’re the humanoid type ype of grenade that your only ty target. and they’re a humanoid tthe he grenades that you’ll target. detonating game mode. spring mine. Both Primary and Secondary Fire modes are covered. Weapon Comparison Effective Zoom Weapon Damage Accuracy Rate of Fire Ammo Distance Available? KM-33 pistol (Primary) Low High Medium Medium Average No KM-33 pistol Low Medium High Medium Average No (Secondary) KM2103 Karbine Low High Very high High Average No (Primary) KM2103 Karbine High High Low Very low Average No (Secondary) Shattergun (Primary) High Very low Medium Medium Near No Shattergun (Secondary) Very High Very low Low Medium Near No Echo rifle (Primary) High Very low Low Very low Near No Echo rifle (Secondary) High Very high Low Very low Very far Yes Bloodhound (Primary) Very high High Low Low Far No Bloodhound (Secondary) Very high Very high Low Low Far Yes Thunderbolt (Primary) High High Low Medium Far No Thunderbolt (Secondary) High Very high Low Medium Very far Yes EMF Cannon (Primary) Medium Medium Medium High Average No EMF Cannon (Secondary) Very high High Very low Low Far No Hellfire (Primary) Medium Medium High High Average No Hellfire (Secondary) Medium Medium Medium High Near No 18 Surge gun (Primary) High Medium High High Far No Surge gun (Secondary) Ultra High High Low Medium Far No There are four grenade-style weapons in the game: the clutch grenade.

This is usually not what you want. which usually gives you a clean shot with your primary weapon. since a vertical beam is easy to see and easy to avoid. At best. it’s often best to run There are toward the enemy that threw it.COM . even after they touch the ground. PRIMAGAMES. campaign. use for these grenades is to flush opponents out of cover. grenades. so you will get more eventually. Lob them over the 19 cover or bounce them around a corner the opponent is hiding behind. the grenade will stick to feet and legs even if it has already bounced a couple times. very effective. Enemies The other often drop them. This prevents the Clutch grenades never lose their sticking ability— grenade from sticking to you. even if you just in the habit of slowing time the instant you see an drop the clutch grenade on the ground. If the grenade goes past you. don’t be miserly with them. don’t be keep moving away from wherever the grenade fell. Make sure you’ve several ways got a suitable gun equipped and be ready to start to use clutch shooting as you run. Therefore. tthe they emit a red laser beam. If you throw a laser mine onto the floor. where it sticks and shoots out a horizontal beam that acts as a trip wire. immediately slow time and simultaneously slide left or right. afraid to roll a clutch grenade at an opponent rather than lobbing it. Get be incapable of escaping. That way at least one of them will most important skills in the single-player game. the red laser beam shoots straight toward the ceiling. at worst. human players are generally better Use clutch grenades frequently in the single-player at it. It’s better to throw the laser mine onto a wall. trap Shortly after you throw tr them. you’ll damage or kill the target. be The mine explodes when w someone walks through th the beam (or when the t th mine itself is heavily damaged da by explosions or weapons we fi re). However. you can make him move. After you avoid that. If you see a clutch grenade coming your way in the single-player game. AI opponents aren’t great at avoiding these grenades. Laser Mine Laser Lase La er m mines are essentially traps. It’s usually best to stick the grenade to one of the Avoiding incoming clutch grenades is one of the group members. it can be incoming clutch grenade’s distinctive blue glow. Throwing them into a group is the more straightforward.

If you’re sniping from a place that’s accessible only 20 from one direction. It then repeatedly Spring Mine shoots those enemies with a small laser. various spots as traps for the unwary or use them to guard the Swarm Grenade approach to your current position. in high-traffic areas or to guard your back if you plan otherwise. if you see a laser mine with a will encounter very long laser beam. they W the ground after burrow into the earth and bu a moment or lie in wait for passersby. Also. it of firepower plus the distracting effect of the swarm remains dormant and can be picked up again. it metal or concrete floors. Lay the mine has already sprung up. The beam is simply a detonating (though you mechanism. as traps and get to know the terrain and not places where spring as insurance mines may be placed. opponents can simply cross the beam at to hide somewhere near soft ground. turrets with wings. the farthest point from the mine. robotic gun m grenades are essentially tiny laser mines so nobody can sneak up on you. keep an ear open for explosions. if games. When you release one. Unl like laser mines. Remember: as you approach a spring mine its top pokes out of the ground. two. it flies into the air and looks for enemies. You may then reclaim it. are made for A laser mine’s damage comes from the mine. laser mines both as you familiarize yourself with multiplayer maps. it’s perfectly safe to cross the pre-placed beam if you do so far enough from the mine. m drops back to When you deploy them. PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . Any time you see the top of a in multiplayer spring mine. remember to place the single-player game). minefields in When placing laser mines. If your back is guarded by laser mines. The combination If you try to throw a spring mine onto hard ground. consider guarding your back with Swarm tiny. While they’re definitely capable of scoring kills on their own. Or. Use them to set nasty traps them in locations where the beams will be short. Watch for these small You’ll use warning markers as you traverse soft ground. they will alert you to the fact that someone is behind you. th distraction. W Swarm they briefly poke out of the th grenades are ground. it’s best to send them up and then follow them in with weapons fire. and then shoot into gr great tools of tthe air and detonate. When someone gets close. Therefore. and has tripped the mine. back up and choose another path. not multiplayer the laser beam. grenade hovering over the opponent will give you a decided advantage in any fight. freeze time and then them down in get away before it detonates. If you release a swarm grenade and Yo can plant spring mines You it sees no only in soft ground—not on on enemies. ed ash e Spring mines.

S. S. S. that will typically become the default power.S.S.M. elevators rise and fall more slowly. on the flip side. Time energy regenerates faster if you allow it to Finally. is capable of assimilating 21 recharge without interruption. is in charge of deciding which time power is active by default.A. And when you enter a situation that demands time-reverse.M. S. but everyone and Pressing the Time Control button activates the everything around you is slowed. so keep that ability available as often as you usually possible. you want to have full time energy before you attempt any difficult feat or time-based puzzle. Instead of letting your time powers run until the Whenever you get a hint about what time energy depletes. PRIMAGAMES.S. your Beta Suit’s time powers are an integral part of your TimeShift arsenal. and then picks up speed until you’re suit will usually default to time-stop.M.M.A. press the Time Control button a power to use in a specific situation. and how to get the most out of them. you’ll just have to play the game to find out)! Managing time energy is one of the most important techniques in the game. you’ll have to manually select it (see even bullets in midair travel at a greatly reduced Chapter One for details).While not a weapon per se. it’s best to and recording a vast amount of data from its let it fully recharge instead of continually using it surroundings. Usually it is Slowing time consumes the least amount of time-slow. second time to deactivate the power and conserve is the one providing it. When the energy runs out. if you want a power other than fire more slowly.M. slow time by default.M. squandering your suit’s time energy can leave you in a terrible situation. easier. Ditto for default time energy.S. press the Time Being able to slow or stop time makes any situation Control button. Any use of the Time Control button will immediately start draining that energy. The energy regenerates very For example. is a computer assistant that helps you time resumes its normal flow. energy of any time suit function. And you want Time-Slow me Slow to have some time energy in reserve whenever you When you get ambushed (or otherwise get into hot water). use the advanced functions of your beta time suit. the storyline (but we won’t say any more about it.M. when fighting Storm Guards your slowly at first.COM .S. allowing back to full power. As you proceed through the game you’ll notice that S. seconds of inactivity. Enemies move and default time power. so you can keep time slowed for several seconds at a time. The default time power speed. S. you to effectively pierce their temporal shields. so you can avoid many types of projectiles.S. powers: S.A. the default. Therefore. when you should use them. but when facing specific obstacles or enemies it may become time-stop or time-reverse. is also one of your key advantages over Krone: his alpha suit does not have this advanced computer. Specifically. We’ll discuss when you can use them. Manipulating time correctly can give you a big advantage in any fight. Time energy starts to regenerate after several changes default powers based on the situation. Here’s a look at your time powers. you continue to move and act at normal speed.A. When this happens. This ability figures prominently in after recovering just a portion of the energy. S.A.A. changes based on the situation.A. The Beta Suit and Time Energy Your time suit has a limited supply of time energy.

and electricity. Time-stop is obviously more effective than time-slow in combat situations. so you can shoot them with perfect accuracy. this makes the elevator otherwise be reverse and rise back to the top. (See the time power tips in Chapter 3 for more suggestions on how to use time-slow. your Beta Suit combat.) Time-Stop Time-stop (also referred to as “pausing” or “freezing” time in this book) causes everything around you to halt. thanks to time grenades. because your enemies won’t hurt you at all while time is frozen. fire. And you can get perfect shots at completely motionless enemies. and the automatically sets the default action of your Time effect lasts for Control button to time-reverse. it tap that button to reverse time. such as certain time puzzles. should be your most frequently used time power.” for information on time grenades and that specific form of time-reverse. you can safely cross through Time-reverse is often used for navigating through obstacles otherwise-impassable spots. 22 A form of time-reverse appears in multiplayer games. you can get on the fire) that would elevator and reverse time. if you (usually need to reach a higher level but the elevator is electricity or dropping instead of rising. For example. But you can engage time-stop for only a few seconds at a time. so you just have to quite a while. A few you a good situations. Refer to the walkthrough chapters (4 through 8) for specific instructions time-reverse ructions on using tim me reverse to navigate puzzles. PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . nor will they move. With time frozen. so in most cases it’s better to use time-slow. bullets. Refer to Chapter 9. ed ash e Because Time-Reverse Unl time-slow gives Time-reverse causes time to flow backward. At those times. Only engage time-stop when facing an enemy or obstacle that truly demands you freeze time. specifically advantage in demand this power. lethal. “Multi- player Tips. including enemies. s. Use it to improve your shot accuracy or to deal with any difficult situation.

but you don’t have full ammo for it. If you’re already carrying maximum ammo for that weapon. when you do need ammo. you can’t grab the opponent’s weapon. you automat- ically obtain ammo from the weapon on the Weapon-Grabbing ground. You can come back for it weapons while later. a Weapons few things can happen: in containers • If you don’t already have this type of weapon. the rack is sealed. PRIMAGAMES. supply. Though you can apply many of the tips in this chapter to both single-player and multiplayer games. you automatically with ammo. They’re also a great way of topping off ammo if you already possess that weapon. are always and you are not already carrying your full fully stocked 23 complement of three guns. Here are the Fallen Enemies’ Weapons rules for doing Fallen enemies’ weapons never contain full ammo. look for a glowing button on the rack’s side. the focus here is primarily on single-player. However.COM . The weapons you choose and the amount of ammo you collect will greatly affect the game’s difficulty. ammunition. (See Chapter 9 for multiplayer-specific advice. but you do offer a great have three other weapons. you must have space in your ammo reserve. Then you can refer to Chapters 4 through 8 for help with specific parts of the game that are giving you trouble. • If you already possess this type of weapon. however. it’s beneficial to use the same type of • If you already possess the type of weapon guns they do. Therefore. ammo for it. plus an array of grenades. You can carry three primary (gun-type) weapons at any given time. Just slowing it down won’t guns. you can ensure yourself a steady ammo enable weapon-grabbing. Press the button to open the rack and get the guns. if you cannot press the button. you’re trying to grab.This chapter explains the basics of how to succeed in TimeShift. they • If you don’t already have this weapon. this: However. You have • If you already possess this type of weapon. • You must be right next to the enemy and looking Since fallen enemies are a consistent source of at the weapon. How to Get Weapons and Ammo Weapons in Containers Weapons often appear in special glowing chests or in sealed weapon racks. On weapon racks. the weapon remains grab enemy where you found it. you can press the Use way to switch button to drop your currently equipped gun and to a new weapon without worrying about collecting replace it with the new one. pick up the weapon. and the ability to you have full ammo for it.) This chapter will provide you all the basic tools needed to play through the single-player game. time is paused. If you walk across a gun lying in the environment. by continually collecting fallen enemies’ • Time must be paused.

The ammo gain continues If you don’t want the weapon you stole. and Warp Guards. . Stand next to an ammo chest to slowly gain ammunition for all three of your currently carried weapons. opponents with echo rifles. weapon chest or shoot an enemy to collect ammo. Flash Guards. they are armed again and particular section of a level. who we’ll discuss later in this chapter. If they succeed. But if the level contains a few ammo chests. have an unlimited supply. You can come back to them repeatedly. they grip their weapons too hard for you to steal them. tend to stand in place and cower. and you can steal the weapon. Ammo chests are scattered throughout most levels. you can usually ignore them after disarming them. and long. The most important thing about ammo chests is that they supply ammo for any weapon you’re carrying. you can stock up your echo rifle’s ammo supply. just drop it until all your weapons are topped off. However. The only way to know whether a human enemy is holding a weapon too tightly is to try to snatch it. If you already possess three weapons. due to ammo shortages. you’ll automatically drop your currently equipped weapon in favor of the weapon you’re stealing. you need space in your backup reserve. Therefore. For Reloading is necessary to make room for a grabbed example. If you have a full ammo reserve for the weapon type you want to steal. can handle either kill them or immediately pick up any dropped opponents at all weapons in the vicinity. if you leave a Our walkthroughs in Chapters 4–8 give tips on which weapon on the ground nearby. are robotic. making the guns impossible to grab. fire a shot or Ammo chest will not restock for the surge gun. This allows you to carry weapons you 24 otherwise couldn’t. ed ash e • Your enemy must be human. Now you have some empty the only gun that cannot benefit from an ammo chest. you must make room before you’re allowed to grab it. which helpless. will resume standard combat behavior. ranges: short. a particular level might not contain any weapon. medium. They ones should you carry? Here are a few suggestions. It’s important to note the ammo restriction on stealing weapons. and it might not have any the weapon. because you can’t raid a reserve. • Sometimes even humans have tight grips on their weapons. Take a Variety You need weapons that To prevent weaponless enemies from re-arming. That’s bad news if you’re Reloading the weapon removes ammo from that carrying an echo rifle. and the weapon you’re grabbing is not one of those three types. Weaponless enemies Which Weapons to Carry are largely Now that you know how to collect weapons. space in your ammo reserve. they will sometimes weapons are best for a particular level or for a claim it. so pay a bit more attention. they do not glow. It’s not enough just to have empty space in echo rifles in chests. This is two. and then reload. PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E carry a mix of weapons that cover all those ranges. thus clearing the way for the grab. Unlike weapon chests. The easiest way is to equip that weapon. Ammo chests and take back the weapon you lost. Shock Ammo Chests Unl Guards.

several enemy shots will slam into that for them to appear. Some levels discard them when their ammo runs dry. sacrificed earlier. Consider Temporary Pick-Ups Either approach works. to take them briefly. While there are some range differences Again. However. you could take a Hellfire. Karbine. if you’re standing If you’re facing multiple enemies. Strategies that use your unique time powers are covered in the next section. use Consider Ammunition them.) PRIMAGAMES. This means that partial cover is very beneficial. a good weapon for a particular situation. switch forthcoming. You can do this in a couple of ways. and echo of a level. use any of them for most situations. and use the echo rifle for long-range shooting..e. depending on your target. then greet them with your best cover rather than hit you. For of the aforementioned weapons through a big chunk example. pull out the shattergun for close work. especially when ammo sources are not rifle. By with weapons forcing yourself to switch between specialized that quickly eat weapons. immediately switch to headshots. Wait your chest. cause problems—especially when you’re carrying you can easily find a replacement for the one you the Bloodhound (or to a lesser extent. This gives you a compromise is distinct edge in combat. Refer to our tips if you’re better than the others for long-range combat). (A human opponent would short-range weapon. you need to look for cover that hides your entire body. In other words. In that case. but you’ll probably be a When dealing better player if you use specialized weapons. the thunderbolt is weapons for a given level. just for the sake of completeness. 25 The following combat techniques apply to most shooter-style games—but we’ll review them briefly. and Another consideration is ammunition. but think twice about lugging one shuffle between them. more sparse with the ammo chests. Or. have enough ammo chests that you can afford to When doing this. you could perplexed about what to carry. our walkthroughs periodically suggest between these three weapons (i. you get into the habit of using the best ammo. you’d mainly use the weapon you feel most comfortable with (or that you have the most ammo for). an EMF cannon. That way. some may behind partial cover that hides your legs and part of charge in and try to rush behind your cover. the echo rifle). these weapons chew through ammo very quickly. to the Karbine for midrange. Others are a little in exchange for the temporary weapon. which can when you eventually discard the temporary weapon. and a thunderbolt.COM . if you have a shattergun. Fight from Cover Your AI opponents are not great at adjusting their fire to defeat your cover. One way There are no situations in which you can’t take a is to take three specialized weapons and quickly weapon you like. if you are getting hurt. drop a very common weapon carry any weapon you choose.

Like your time suit’s energy. start moving sideways (preferably while slowing time to give yourself more margin for error) to avoid Manage Shields it striking you. These weapons are tailored for grenades. throw jumping into this mix—it’s possible to jump over some enemy shots while moving sideways (or at least convert what would have been deadly headshots into less-damaging torso shots). it pays to aim for the head. Behind Cover Monitor them at all times. especially. 26 Quickly press the Time Control button. when time is slowed or stopped. it’s best to leave the fight completely. all is not lost. then switch direction. and it’s easier to aim precisely. For example. move laterally while hide behind full cover or retreat to a part of the level you fight. Move Laterally When Not Your shields drop when you’re hit by weapons fire. experienced. ed ash e Match Weapons to Situations Consider Grenades Unl You have various types of grenades at your disposal.) They’re best used when facing big groups of enemies or partic- ularly tough enemies. if headshots deal you get hit by just one stray bullet. more damage than any other type of hit. Wait for your shields to this fakes out your enemies. you grenades. Always watch for waste all your thunderbolt ammo and have nothing the blue flare of an incoming clutch grenade. When you’re seriously hurt. you’ll interrupt (and substantially greatly slow) your shield regeneration. If you don’t have any cover. when Since you’re injured. (See Chapter 2 for a review of grenade types. that you’ve already cleared. your shields eventually regenerate. while for incoming you can use a thunderbolt at multiple ranges. This happens slowly at first. Bring out a Hellfire or use only clutch shattergun instead. then get back into the fray. or when you’re trying to hit someone who’s hidden behind good cover. your time powers will (briefly) be set to Reverse. PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . you’re fighting at. you also unlock an Xbox Live Achievement. and you can make that grenade pop back off. Do this. this way you won’t for this by using them quite a bit. If you’re fast enough. and left in a long-range fight. Slide left or right. Because of this. As you get more fully regenerate. Don’t get locked into using a always look single weapon at many ranges. Also. If you get hit with a Clutch Grenade. Your should generally put it away when you’re facing AI opponents short-range opponents. Xbox 360 players: The first time you do this. Always pick a weapon appropriate to the range Conversely. but the speed Aim for the Head of regeneration gradually increases as more time goes by without you getting hit. but short-range battle and will complete the job more they make up quickly and efficiently.

or maybe there are just more opponents and snipe them. You and run into the should pause time whenever these conditions midst of your opponents. you won’t take nearly as much incoming fire. a face. shot at them. either shoot the nearest with your best midrange weapon. enemies at especially whenever you’re uncertain what you’ll a distance. You can move a lot faster occur: than them and cover a lot of ground while they’re You’re facing superelusive enemies. If you have. weapon. With this technique. if you lack energy to spare. PRIMAGAMES. allows you to beat mobile and hard to hit—even when time is down several opponents before you run out of time slowed. this. and rewind time). When your time energy runs low. You want to cross an obstacle that might When your time energy runs out. The disadvantage of this is change. If it runs out while you’re still surrounded. Some slowed. you can slow time and escape the a true sniping mess much easier than you could in real time. Slow and Melee If you are close 27 to an enemy group. say. get just a bit closer and pick away at them Once you slow time. enemies. a shattergun. like jetpack soldiers. pause time and get a perfect energy. Fire. Slow and Snipe Slow and Escape When you see This technique should be at the top of your playbook. are extremely melee strike is very powerful. confers no such benefit. Here are some more-specific tips for getting the most out of this ability. with time slowed. in a given area than you expected. combined with the fact that your enemies. of sniping. you can tactics will pause time and attack. pausing time makes them a can clean up enemies even faster than you would lot easier to kill. Then repeat. thus clearing away your biggest threats. Storm Guards have your enemies. stop time. However. Therefore. Slowing time may be in serious trouble. duck behind cover until it regenerates. by punching. you harmless when you pause time. Also. be sure to either otherwise kill you. and even more so if you’re using the thunderbolt (with its not-so-fast projectiles). you paused. may slow time there are distinct advantages to pausing time. Maybe you’ll be is to slow time ambushed. Instead you can’t pause time for as long as you can slow it. A variant of this tactic is to slow time. your enemies move slower. you That’s why you usually slow time instead.Chapter 2 provided an overview of your time energy and your three time-shifting abilities (slow time.COM . if you have time Or. time slowed. electricity. Therefore. you save some time energy common tactic in case things get out of control. which makes sniping much easier. and shoot them with a potent short- energy shields that are neutralized when time is range weapon. run amidst You’re facing Storm Guards. and other clear out most of your enemies or be back behind environmental hazards are rendered temporarily cover. This is especially Pause and Shoot true if they’re trying to run. or The benefits of this technique are obvious: With run back to better cover (or both). your Instead of slowing time and attacking.

demand time- reverse. You’ll know you’ve done this if the weapon flies away but the soldier remains standing (and looking more than • When they lack cover. quickly Unl There are only a reversing time is often the only thing that’ll save you. If you’re stuck by a We’ll close out the chapter with some info on the most common enemies of the single-player game. on purpose. it happens). Watch out for this: If the enemy is falling and his weapon flies from his hand. tend to throw they tend to act in similar ways: only when they • They use cover but will also rush to get behind have a chance your cover. PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . they tend to stand and fire. game that requires you to rewind time. but tough to accomplish on a regular They’re easiest to hit when they’re standing and basis. move sideways to avoid it. Keep these tips and factoids in mind as you play. so you can slow your opponents down and deal with them more easily. They can get back up. and when you reach them. Once a short-range weapon trained on the spot where the grenade appears. Check the you don’t need to worry much about this power. they’re likely to appear. Despite their accurately and differing weapons and various degrees of armor. expect at to stick you least a few of them to charge your position. • Just because you shoot them down doesn’t mean they’re dead. grenades very player game are human soldiers. If you aim at the gun in a soldier’s hand. walkthrough whenever you’re unsure when to use The only other situation that demands time-reverse this power. • You can shoot weapons from their hands. Have with one. you can disarm him without killing him. therefore. Typical Enemy Behavior • They can punch and generally fight very well at close range. then stand and fire again. your time suit will Our walkthrough notes every instance in the automatically select the rewind power. you’ve killed him. If you’re facing a big group. 28 • They throw The vast majority of your enemies in the single. a bit confused). Therefore. expect him to fire from the ground or eventually get back up. is getting stuck by a grenade. and they can shoot at you while they’re still lying on the floor. This is a neat trick (and fun when then move around a bit. just enjoy it when it happens. It’s best to have some time energy to spare when fighting in close. and you’ll few obstacles rescue yourself from any number of potentially or puzzles that deadly grenade blasts. Be fast on the Time Control button. ed ash e Rewind Time When Called For clutch grenade that hasn’t yet detonated. We don’t recommend shooting weapons firing (or reloading). If not.

so don’t ignore them. if we refer to a generic soldier- just Krone type enemy. Now we’ll discuss the various common enemy types you’ll face. though. Snipers are Generally speaking. don’t assume that you’re done with a turret just because you shot the gunner. Weapon type is the other big distinguisher of Krone guards. • Any soldier is capable of manning a turret. and Magistrate immediate attention! troops. we mean a Krone guard. troopers. without armor. gear. this is often the best tip-off that a sniper is in the area. A soldier with a Karbine might walkthrough. PRIMAGAMES. Sometimes we mention snipers in the walkthrough. 29 This big category Most of these encompasses guys wield most of the Karbines. Despite their lack of armor. Expect to shoot (or punch) these guys a couple extra times before they fall. Watch for the red laser beam of an enemy sniper’s echo rifle. a Krone guard wearing body armor thanks to their superior weapons. In our heavier-duty gear. Krone Guards (Soldiers) We sometimes refer to unarmored Krone guards as “technicians” (or techs). • While they tend not to use Secondary Fire modes in obvious ways. you may be facing another turret gunner shortly. but a soldier with we refer to a Bloodhound missile launcher demands your Krone guards as soldiers. but bad guys you’ll some have face. thunderbolts or echo rifles who have typically positioned themselves Krone guards are generally distinguished by their up high.COM . Take them out before most other enemies. The actual front-line troopers usually have more armor and better weapons than technicians. technicians are still armed. all the terms we guards with just mentioned are interchangeable in this book. Therefore. they’ll cause you a and a helmet will absorb more punishment than one great deal of anguish if you let them live. if more enemies are in the vicinity. so beware. because they’re typically found fixing things or operating computers or machinery. For example. not be an immediate priority. soldiers with Karbines will occasionally use the Secondary (grenade) mode of that weapon.

position and firing at you. hover there (sometimes they drift a bit even after they reach their desired spot). To fight these guys. for example. they’re more durable than a typical soldier and often fire EMF cannons. and they can be clusters but not against loners. When you’re out of time energy. First. and shoot at you. where he can see echo rifle. slow time to give yourself an advantage. remember that these enemies can Jetpack Soldiers fly. Then take on the rest. The real problem with these guys is that they’re hard to hit. an easier shot) take down anyone with a really dangerous weapon and then pick (like a Bloodhound or echo rifle) and anyone in a them off with a position to cause you serious trouble (right next thunderbolt or to you. At the standard difficulty level. Flash Guards Jetpack soldiers are flying Krone guards. ed ash e When fighting these guys. After a short while. PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E they appear to blur. fire from behind cover Unl if possible. Flash Guards are cybernetic foes who can move at superspeed for short periods of time. a single behind your cover). so it’s best to be protected overhead as well as 30 from the side. they just aren’t a little tricky to hit even when they’re maintaining tough enough to warrant grenades. usually you are a better shot than they are. . hide. they zip over to a new spot. If you must fight Krone guards up close. Use grenades Jetpack soldiers are very difficult to hit when against big moving from one spot to another. making them very hard to keep track of. or up high. do the trick. slow or pause time When facing a large group of these soldiers. Snipe them with long-range weapons when you can. Unfortunately. starting thunderbolt shot or two quick echo rifle shots should with the nearest and working your way to the farthest. Their typical modus is to flit to one position. When they do this. prioritize (thus ensuring your kills by enemy position and weapon type. Try to get behind full cover. Reemerge only when you have more time energy.

charge in.COM . superspeed. Use your time-slowing abilities to negate Flash Guards’ powers. When fighting Storm Guards. They a normal enemy does in real time. which (if you have the right weapon) should be enough to kill him. A typical Storm Guard carries a Hellfire. If the Flash Guard gets close and hurts you. energy shields. PRIMAGAMES. which is an excellent weapon at close to medium range. like Flash Guards. the Flash Guard moves about as fast as are cybernetic opponents. Storm You can also snipe Flash Guards. If you slow time when a Flash Guard is using his Storm Guards. Best to avoid it completely. you’re too close. And if you slow are among the toughest enemies time while the Flash Guard is not using superspeed. If you’re close enough to be burned by the Hellfire’s flamethrower. Wait until they get Guards can also use their shields as weapons if you behind cover. Our best advice: dodge or take cover while the Flash Guard is zipping around. Flash Guards are very dangerous when they’re using their superspeed. This durability is what makes them so hard to handle. When they lean out to shoot at you. which help make them super durable. He’s just as vulnerable as any Storm Guards’ defining characteristic is their other soldier if you do this. the first rule is to keep your distance. damage. their shield bash inflicts severe gun them down. The Hellfire’s flamethrower is deadly and disori- enting. but not so much when they aren’t. This ensures that you get off a few quality shots at him. When the Flash Guard takes cover. get close enough. he’ll be very easy to shoot. Retreat if necessary to maintain some space between you and him. either slow or pause time. 31 and take him down. in the game.They are also somewhat more durable than typical Storm Guards soldiers and often carry EMF cannons. slow time. as it’s hard to see through the flames.

and then retreat behind cover while Put your back to a wall so he can’t appear behind your time energy regenerates. Then light them A fully shielded Storm Guard is roughly four times as durable as a well-armored soldier. energy is full again. Fire repeatedly. pause auuse behind you and deal severe time when the Warp rp damage before you even Guard is fully know he’s there. To handle Warp Guards. In practice. including EMF cannons or—even more deadly—the ultrapowerful surge gun. finish off a Warp Guard before time resumes and he disappears. A Storm Guard up from close range with your best short-range with his shield down is only about twice as durable. If not. Worse. If you’re lucky. start running as soon as he starts to flare into existence. Storm Guards’ shields are rendered useless when you freeze time. This Keep avoiding the Warp Guard until your time makes them unpredictable. don If you aren’t careful. Avoid open spaces. Warp Guards 32 Warp Guards are cybernetic troopers who can warp in and out of existence. ed ash e The other Unl rule: Pause time whenever you have the suit energy. Repeat this process you. you need to inflict only about half as much damage to kill them as you would with their shields up. Warp Guards always have superior weapons. he won’t reappear until you go until you are victorious. back out in the open. don’tt try to n. freeze time the instant they fully materialize (you could slow time. from a distance. then. weapon. go somewhere cramped. shoot them cover. and then finish him off. run for against Storm Guards: you’ll pause time. but that allows them to shoot back and possibly teleport away while you’re shooting them). visible. a Warp fight before that. When hen you Guard can pop into existence have the energy. PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . you’ll fight retreating battles If the Warp Guard survives and disappears.

These chapters provide tips on how to deal with tough situations and difficult fights—but there are certain basics that you should already know. Fire Escape p Stairs from Starting Area Are 33 Occupant Occuup ntt b upa breaks reaks ak k through thr th hrough hd door Security breaks through here Objective Legend • Locate fugitive scientist Dr. weapons. and ahead. A complete understanding of those basics goes a long way toward success.The following walkthrough chapters guide you through TimeShift’s single-player campaign. Aiden Krone in alternate time stream Turret Turr Weapon • Follow the Occupant to the Ammo Amm mo meeting room The Occupant resistance You awaken in fighter who a cell-like room.) PRIMAGAMES. (This is one of your two current objectives. woke you up Go through the has moved door directly ahead. the other is to locate Dr. If you find yourself struggling with mundane encounters. expects you to follow him. we recommend going back to the first three chapters. Aiden Krone. which give a thorough primer on the controls.COM . and general tactics needed to survive in this game. This is where you’ll find the detailed instructions that will help you reach the game’s end.

Eventually you are both let forming a ramp. and then drop through a hole in the floor. look left. Take the hall past another resistance fighter. You meet up with the Occupant Instead of joining the dead guide amidst the here. and are told that you should This path leads you back into the chamber where rendezvous with the Sentry is poking its head in. 34 Sentry (one of the Magistrate’s giant. PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . pauses at a locked door. hall. mechanized war machines) bursts through the wall. A slab of concrete has fallen. leads you or be shot by the Sentry. Don’t worry about it. a platoon of marching soldiers out on the street. that’s Follow the not good at all. hop over some debris. outside. Suddenly. wall. ed ash e Unl Follow the only available path until you reach stairs that lead both up and down. Go left at the end and keep moving Your guide does the sensible thing: He pries the until a door boards off a side door and flees. a a door. Take it upstairs. then rubble. Objective • Rendezvous with Commander Cooke at edge of Alpha District You emerge in a fortified bunker held by resistance fighters. He leads you up a couple flights of stairs. Wait while he the ceiling hides from a collapses Sentry and on him. into an alley. Follow him quickly. duck to crawl through a break in the wall. through. But you can’t stick just turn right. Nope. and go through around here for long—soon after you get in here. Follow at a Another distance as your resistance guide runs ahead fighter crouches and vaults a low in the alley. the rebels’ Commander Cooke.

A few can’t go through the door. you escape. Follow the fire escape up. Finally. You’ll get them your sad. There’s a KM-33 pistol on the stairs. Regardless. When the patrol passes. ducts until it leaves. fighters.COM . onto shoot through another fire the flaming door and kill them. hang back and up the stairs. You must turn right and run more Krone soldiers are out here. Then gun down a soldier on the rooftop’s other side. You don’t have anything suitable to bring You come upon down a helo right now. killing the then go through resistance a gap in the fighters. PRIMAGAMES. Climb the ladder. helicopter) veering first to is assaulting the left. Take the door at the top. Go inside the where a helo building and (a Magistrate weave through military the apartment. Magistrate soldiers breach Grab a KM-33 the door from pistol from the the other side. the fighter pulls down the fire- escape ladder Legend of a nearby Turret Turr Weapon building. Ammo Amm mo Drop through hole in floor Go up fireescape Hide H Hid de fr d from rom Helo l Drop D rop int into o ventilation ion on dduct uct Barricaded d dddoor do doo with soldiers Another resistance fighter at the top of the fire You don’t have access to any of your time suit’s escape notices powers as you play this first level. 35 weaponless state and hands You emerge you a Karbine assault rifle. exchange fire until you down them. soon. and resistance then to the right. fallen enemy. so just hide behind some big some resistance fighters watching a barricaded door. You can wall. or not. some firepower! on a rooftop.

ed ash e Unl Walk over every fallen body. Upstairs. go inside. this is a good way to pick up grenades. Toss these grenades any time you’re in a difficult situation. Dr. Krone is safe inside that beast. in the distance. notice the giant then jump down Sentinel (a walking. looks like getting to him isn’t going to be as easy as you thought. he soon falls to gunfire from Turret Turr Weapon outside. You’re now in an attic Veer right and head to the attic’s other end. Go as area. Look for a ventilation duct in the floor. PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . resistance fighter is on the grate’s other Legend side—like the others. mechanized fortress) lumbering and follow the hall. Drop into the duct. another rooftop. Gun them down Pause here and from up here.) Sentinel appears pp 36 Drop p onto soldiers Drop into ntto cana canall Follow the Follow the downstairs duct to a place path until you where you can reach a door. look down on a Take the door to pair of soldiers. Another far as you can before dropping through a hole in the Occupant floor—don’t drop through the first one you see. You will periodically collect clutch grenades as you progress through the game’s levels. (You appear to be bad luck for those around Ammo Amm mo you….

Open up with your Karbine from here. that leads to the blast them. and don’t advance until hurry along and ignore them. Several more soldiers appear up above as you up high. reach the canal’s end. There’s a red barrel up high. After you Follow the eliminate them canal. Hang back and take them down with controlled bursts of the Karbine. look around and they show up. where several enemies patrol the canal side and a bridge overhead. Peek out and take him down. look for a pair of soldiers hole in the floor run toward you. then creep forward and Jump over some debris and follow the canal to the look all around. when you it’s completely clear. Stand Enter the courtyard cautiously. Use the nearby ammo crate to keep the bridge for cover and fight from there or simply yourself flush with bullets. you see a pair of Krone’s men gunning down a resistance fighter in a courtyard below. neutralize anyone that you failed to notice before. 37 Keep moving forward until you reach the brink of an empty drainage canal. Just stand near an ammo crate to slowly accumulate ammo for all your weapons. shoot the red explosive barrels to deal additional damage.COM . shoot it to take down a couple of enemies very easily. Remember that you can mini-zoom with both the Karbine and the pistol. Hang back here. Several more soldiers appear in the courtyard. This is a good place to practice using your weapon’s minizoom. holed up in an apartment to the right. jump into the big circular opening on the left. Through a break in the wall. Open a door and enter an apartment. When a all. PRIMAGAMES. First gun down a pair of soldiers on the other side. The ammo crate will never run dry. Toss a clutch grenade if you like. Take them all out from the relative safety of get near the end. this will help you fire more accurately at distant targets. or with pistol shots. There’s a soldier under the bridge itself and use it for cover. Then turn your attention up. and he snipes down at you as you enter the clearing. noting a few more soldiers stationed end. Regardless. courtyard. You can either retreat back under your position. mow them down as As you drop into the empty canal.

ed ash e Veer right. you’re still in the alternate 1939 and still faced with hordes You pop up in an alley. around the corner and show the goons who’s boss. but right Now you’re now you don’t have any weapons that will even amongst scratch it. Reverse everse verse time ime to Help occupants s cross bridge Goons Gooons beating resistance resis stance fig ghters ght 38 Legend Turret Turr Weapon Ammo Amm mo Objective • Assist Occupant uprising and re-locate Dr. Nearby. Just hang back and watch the show. You can shoot at the Sentinel if you want. There’s no choice but to press goons are roughing up resistance fighters. In a bunch of a few moments you’re caught up in a time jump. PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . Aiden Krone Your time jump didn’t go quite as planned. fighters defending against the onslaught of a Krone’s Sentinel which has reappeared dead ahead. Run onward. a few of Krone’s of Krone’s minions. resistance which takes you on to the next level. Unl through another circular opening.

hall and drop turn right to see through a a battle: the hole. suit’s powers at close range: the weapon grab and Take the opportunity to practice using cover and the punch.COM . a mechanized In some cases the enemy holds the weapon Sentry appears too tightly to grab. of punches to drop an opponent. You can also now use your time suit’s powers. thus creating space in your Magistrate men. Objective • Rendezvous with Occupant resis- 39 tance at construction site Run into the building the Sentry just shot open. Just be aware: If you already possess that weapon and you already After gunning have the maximum amount of ammo. You’re resistance is now looking entrenched at at a covered one end of the bridge that street. you receive new objectives. To grab a weapon. goes across the street. fighting Krone’s men. just punch blasting away. in these cases you receive a at the street’s message to that effect. You have no weapons when you first appear. There are a couple of Run up to the resistance fighters. It usually takes only a couple Sentry’s shots destroyed a nearby building. Take cover. the liberated window onto a resistance fighters take some time to recover before fire escape. The Sentry starts to blow up this bridge. run up while time is using the mini-zoom to get good shots at the enemy. and are prevented from end and starts taking the weapon. (Notice that some of the until the enemy falls.) Shortly. Objective • Defend Occupant position PRIMAGAMES. If necessary. and help them by firing at enemies. but there is a fully loaded pistol on the ground nearby. then get inside. and press the Use button. and urging you to follow them. here to break it. They break down a nearby climb the ladder. you can’t down several grab the weapon. paused. Take cover obvious techniques that take advantage of your among them. you can fire the carloads of weapon and then reload. and take the stairs up. Climb out a After you deal with the three thugs. inventory for a grabbed weapon. Repeatedly punch the window up fence and go through an alley. If that’s the case. This is a good time to learn how your suit assists with close-range combat. As you emerge from Follow the the alley’s end.

rewind time. Turret Turr Weapon Ammo Amm mo Fight off assault 40 Hanging Ha ging pipe Drop to to lo lower ower lev ower level el Drop Drop p to lo llower level Electrified pool From bridge PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . you restore the bridge to its intact you’ll lose your chance to restore the bridge and get state. refer to Chapter One for details on how to adjust modes. Your suit generally selects the right time power for the situation. so you just have to press the button at the right time. You’re automatically set to rewind. You can Legend manually override this mode at any time. If there is no particular situation that demands a specific power. Don’t worry about selecting a specific time power. Quickly run across the bridge before you run across and will have to reload. As you If you fail to start rewinding time quickly enough. out of time energy and the bridge gets destroyed again. ed ash e As the Sentry starts destroying the bridge. because this situation demands it. press Unl the Time Control button. the suit defaults to either slow or stop (it picks the mode it thinks is best).

Go through and turn right. maintain control whenever you’re ambushed. into the area where the troopers are coming from. then proceed down the hall and take a door on the right. grab a shattergun from a fallen Occupant. or weapon grabs. Objective • Eliminate enemy forces in build- ing complex You approach a hole in the floor and see a 41 Magistrate soldier execute an Occupant. Use clutch grenades to pop them out of cover if you want.COM . all before they have a chance to really react. After you clear the troopers. a door bursts open and a couple more emerge. Both techniques are viable. killing all of Krone’s soldiers. behind a crumbling wall with a hole in it. never forget your time powers. Also. then go through the door from which they emerged. A couple more troopers approach from up ahead. use them to rush right into the fray and eliminate enemies with punches. Stay up Make sure you have time energy before you advance here and open fire on the Magistrate troopers: there into a new area so you can slow things down and are a few of them down there. Press forward through this area. PRIMAGAMES. Gun down a couple more of them as they appear. drop down—but beware. then look for a big hole in the floor. Greet them with shattergun blasts. then fire from cover. Have some time power ready so you can slow things down and blast them as they approach. Or. There are more Magistrate soldiers down here. Near the destroyed bridge. Practice using your radar to see where they are. thus making it easier to aim and get off some nice accurate shots from cover. Keep pushing forward. You can use your time powers to slow things down. After you clear them all. point-blank shots.

especially if some of Krone’s boys rush you and get behind your cover. After making sure you have time energy to spare. Then start returning fire. notice the ammo box in this area. ed ash e Immediately Unl join the Occupant fighters and get behind cover. PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . Open a door and look for a hole in the floor. targets farther away. Approach the pool. Climb a clearing. thus clearing the ambush. as three soldiers ambush you. A message tells rubble-filled you when your ammo is full. steam. This one contains Occupant forces that are series of ramps pinned down fighting a Magistrate assault. Objective • Advance to Occupant fortification Crossing the pool without first stopping time will likely be fatal. You will encounter many such obstacles where you need to stop time to neutralize the effects of fire. then stop time. Drop Stay behind your cover and methodically pick 42 down and approach a pool of dangerous. Run among hurt. And don’t forget to slow time periodically— is slowed. since it won’t fully protect you while you’re them and steal weapons or punch them while time standing. Stand near ammo boxes to slowly gain ammo Cross a for every weapon in your arsenal. until you reach a hanging pipe. As time is rushing your position first. Be ready to immediately slow good cover. clearing. veering right. or electricity before you may cross. Before you move along. then concentrate on stopped. electrified off enemies using your Karbine. Take out the ones water. run across the pool. Follow the Krone’s men pipe until you were attacking reach another from. Eventually you clear out all the enemies and receive a new objective. A block of concrete near where you entered provides drop through the hole. Remember to crouch behind cover when you’re hurt. and enter a giant pipe to the Move to where right. Just remember to duck when you get time.

Get out but it can be done. Run all the way through it. Remember: it’s best to stop time you can slow time to make your shots even easier. There’s a sniper in there. Stop time. gradually pick him off. Sink behind cover and use your pistol’s or Karbine’s mini-zoom to If you got dumped out you’re in for a nasty surprise. need to get a better look. as there’s a pool of electrified water below. advance to closer cover if you of the water before time resumes its normal flow. (By slowing or stopping time as you ran. This will require many shots. (Remember. this allowed you to reach the high ground on the other side. then try again.COM . armed with an echo rifle. 43 Drop into Drop t sewerr From ha hanging h anging g pipe Fire Turret Legend Turret Turr Weapon Ammo Amm mo PRIMAGAMES. you prevented the pipe from tipping too fast.) Don’t relax when you reach the high ground! Turn left and notice the guard tower up ahead. then jump into the pipe.) before you set foot in the pipe. and get onto a ledge on the other side. as always.

tunnel. for a spare Karbine inside this building. Approach the gun turret and press the Use button to man it. get behind the concrete wall to regain The soldiers your shields before getting back on the turret. You find powers when you’re manning a turret. lid off a sewer weer grate. Start gunning down the bad guys. get particularly thick as you briefly duck under the cover of a ruined Most of these tips hold true any time you’re building. Jump over a pile of crates that block your progress. then climb a ramp of fallen concrete. who Occupant friends iends pry the leads you into a huge round sewer tunnel. a mechanized Scout shows up and shoots your windows shut. Leave the turret urret and g go back downstairs. Take the ladder dder You join that’s revealed. aleed. Enter it. yourself in a Take out the closest enemies first: They will do debris-lined the most damage if you let them hang around. That’s your ticket to slaughtering the troopers outside. both from your level and from up above. Your The twisting path brings you to an Occupant. ed ash e Run toward Remember to slow time: You don’t lose your time Unl the guard tower. Be prepared to slow time and deal with them You can leave the turret at any time and take as you advance. Soldiers will attack. outside. several Occupant fighters up here. then keep following the debris-lined path. Notice the empty gun turret in front of the window. 44 After you destroy all the troopers. cover: Abandon the gun if you’re critically wounded.) Stay back and pick them off. (Look controlling a turret. Some important things to keep in mind while manning the turret: PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . a bunch of Krone’s troops are attacking. so take advantage. Slowing time makes things a lot more manageable. Keep These small turrets don’t overheat: There’s nothing moving ahead preventing you from just holding down the but beware: trigger indefinitely. stairs.

• Advance through subway tunnels another group to Krone’s Military Administration of Magistrate Building troops appears up ahead. your Turret Turr Weapon rebel friends run up a slope and Ammo Amm mo into a courtyard. As resistance fighters. PRIMAGAMES. Get behind cover and start taking down several of Krone’s men scattered across the courtyard. along with three your friends. You have a new objective.COM . Keep advancing with You emerge at a broken sewer exit. Enter pip pipe Join occupants Tents TTe en ent ntts ts Hide de be behind ehind rock ro k Enterr pi pipe p pe Emerge Emerg Emerge in pa p park 45 After a brief Legend dialogue. Veer right to find a Karbine in a weapon case. Fight them from cover. you approach the courtyard’s Objective other side. Watch for a few inside windows as well. Follow them.

Sometimes this means moving from one piece of cover to the next PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E until you’re right up near him. (Use the into the sewer pipe. the gate would fall too longer rushing quickly for you to get past it. Run scan for enemies coming from each side. they hold off the enemy. wheel and lift the gate. Crouch behind it and continually at the end. taking down anyone remaining in the area—especially anyone manning that turret. Now things Eventually the fighters tell you to go ahead while get tricky. Slowly advance from one cover spot to the next. climb a short ladder. . 46 find a gate with Also watch for grenades. equip the Karbine and slide out to the left of your cover rock. grassy rock near the sewer entrance a big sewer pipe you climbed out of. turn the valve Eventually the enemy stops rushing your position. the body. Then run beneath the gate as it enemies are no falls. consider dropping back into Use button to the sewer tunnel you emerged from. you don’t). consider reversing time. immediately Follow the slow or stop time and blow them away with your pipe until you Karbine or shattergun. Now. Always aim for turret gunners’ heads. covered porch. ed ash e Locate the Unl nearest pair of troops and slow time while they’re still startled.) Several enemies will run up to get behind the rock. turn around and run back into the park’s corner. (Without slowing time. and they’re • Proceed to the lower fortified likely to come park via drainage system from multiple angles. but see the tip for our few steps to a recommended method. When the gate is fully up. you get a new objective. If you’re overwhelmed and hold the or out of time energy. the turret is likely to deflect your shot. Now you’re in a big park that’s filled with Magistrate If you don’t have a sniping weapon (and right now. you’ll have to get relatively close to the turret gunner before you can kill him. Then use mini-zoom to get the best possible shot. Press to throw it back at the enemy. There’s likely to be an enemy on a vehicle turret near this area’s center. There are lots of troops in this Objective park. then veer left and down into a rubble field with Look for a big. You can Run up a approach this in several ways. troops—and a lot of them are shooting at you. Run up and smack them down. next to it. There’s a weapon case with a shattergun back here: grab it for ammo. If you aim for At the end of the sewer line. If one falls nearby or if a valve wheel you are severely damaged.) you. As they do. simultaneously release the Use button and hit the When Time Control button. radar to make this easier.

To enemies as they come around it. so go in there if you need ammo. block your As you do. Move toward the parked vehicle. get exposed sewer off the vehicle pipe. flame jet. There are red near the two explosive containers near each turret. are a couple of emplaced turrets at this area’s end. Behind to score easy kills. progress soldiers pour out of both tents. When you get there. it has to be paused) Slowing time is particularly important if you use the and then quickly run through. one of them is a When the area trench with an is clear. Drop down and follow the pipe. 47 Enter subway Gate t Enemy tank Enter park k Go throu through ugh flam ames es Legend Turret Turr Weapon Ammo Amm mo PRIMAGAMES. because it allows you to gun down the first replenish and cross the second one in the same few enemies before they get a chance to fire back. (There may or may not be any left. There are spare weapons inside the two military hop onto the tents. explore the area so gun down anyone on those first. slow time to make the job manageable. Let your time energy turret. fashion. pause Either way. You have a couple through the good options now: hide behind a tent and shoot sewer.COM . shoot those tents. turret and gun down any enemies up When all is ahead. turret and advance toward Two deadly a pair of big jets of flame military tents. time (slowing time won’t work.) There clear again. or run back to the bypass the first vehicle turret and use it to blow everyone away.

In other words: everything don’t be surprised if you shoot a turret gunner only down. so it just sits on the other Pick away at the remaining enemies from behind side waiting. You have to stay alert. When you’re very close to the gate. military tents (We recommend avoiding the turret. and then slow or stop time as you cannot see you. tank bullets. gate from the We recommend that you first pick off everyone side so the tank else from cover. and several more soldiers come left. park area. and it’s likely to be manned. weaving slightly to avoid the slowed-down you. The left entrance is blocked (though you can’t see it from up here). ed ash e nl Objective Objective U • Secure the upper park • Locate entrance to subway system The sewer exits at another After you clear all the enemies from the area. Dash to find that a few seconds later another soldier has through the hopped into that same turret and started firing at gate. mini-zooming in on the turret gunner’s head and taking him down too. these enemies. then drop back behind the tents. and get down the stairs faster this time! PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . The tank is too big to enter the gate. This is bad! Get off the turret (if you were on it) and immediately move to the side so you aren’t in the tank’s line of sight. even if that button to slow enemy didn’t start out on the turret. is very tempting. slow time and you dispatch wreak havoc. so you’ll want to take the right one.) the soldiers out here. the cover of the tents. sitting on the turret exposes you to Instead of running right into the center and attacking lots of enemy fire. and approach the soldiers by going between them. a tank appears behind the gate they came through. creep around behind the tents. Stairs lead to the subway on both the left and right. There are through it. Shortly after As the soldiers notice your presence. Try again. hit the Time Control Enemy AI is capable of manning a turret. Get down those stairs quickly—before the time-slowing effect wears off. even though it in this area. Get approach a small gate on one side of the park. you’re quite likely dead. out and veer Eventually it opens. There’s an emplaced turret Approach the 48 at this area’s center. run out from cover. You can either deal with them from cover a couple more or hop on the big central turret and mow them down. If you run out of time energy while you’re still in the tank’s sights.

Enter from surface Stop time and cross cros ss wate water 49 Look for a series of turnstiles near the middle of Several Magistrate troopers are guarding the this underground area. until the platform is clear and you can walk on it freely. and head down some steps to the subway platform. then bear left avoid the initial rush.COM . Then slowly inch forward. destroying anyone in your sights. As you come down the stairs. back up if necessary to tank. (Don’t go to the other end. PRIMAGAMES. A trio of Magistrate troopers is chatting downstairs. platform. A clutch grenade Legend (or just some Turret Turr Weapon fast gunplay) Ammo Amm mo will deal with them. snipe at there are only stairs leading back up to the enemy them with your Karbine.) Go through the open turnstile.

To cross the charged water. simply pause time and run across. Go to the platform’s left side and look across the water. so don’t worry about sinking in. and a new level loads. To city streets Electrifi fied ed deb debri debris tunnel unnel 50 Legend Turret Turr Weapon Ammo Amm mo Objective • Infiltrate Krone’s Military Admin- istration Building • Advance through Construction site and find viable access point Move ahead. There’s a ledge on the other side. leading deeper into the train tunnel. Two techs are fixing something. pull guns as you approach. so onward we go. Do them both in with a tration Building. ed ash e Unl The subway tracks are flooded with electrically charged water. and go through a turnstile. but they’ll Your task is still to proceed to the Military Adminis. PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . The water becomes solid while time is frozen. surprise attack. Hop onto the ledge when you reach the other side. veering right.

take a ramp of fallen concrete up to street level. It looks before dashing almost exactly like into this an ammo box. There’s only one way you can proceed up here. Circle around the big hole in the ground. Boxes like these are useless. however. was rummaging Pause time through. To o Administration tion building Garage age with force field fieldd lever Force e fields fields ld 51 Electrified debris s tunnel nnel End of Sent Sentry try avoidance voidance rrun un Run alo along ong pipes pipe pes Hide de be behind ehind tras trash sh h containers conttainers Start of Sentry avoidance avoid d run Legend Turret Turr Weapon Ammo Amm mo PRIMAGAMES.COM . you have to get very close. Turn right and approach a debris-filled Notice the box that passage filled one of the techs with electricity. but passage. passage’s end. the contents are slightly different. before you can tell At the whether a box contains useful ammo or junk.

up. emplaced turret up ahead. crouch across a set down and sneak around the left side of the trash of rusty pipes. Run to the side of the turret and gun down (or punch) the gunner while time Go through is still frozen. Go after everyone else. until you can When you have full time energy. one on slightly raised ground in the distance. then Now go down the street to the left. Peek around the left side of the container and start taking down enemies up ahead. For now. Before advancing. Drop pair of soldiers who appear at the street’s end. Remember to use mini-zoom to make your weapons more accurate at a distance. Creep up to a pair of smaller containers up Keep advancing ahead. then sink When you hit the street’s end. Turn the corner and you face a high-low attack from a soldier up on a cargo container and one on street level. and run toward the turret. Start with a sniper in the tower to the left. Continue to peek around the trash container and snipe anyone else you can see. and climb up a short ladder on the other side. cross it. turn right and look back and blast any soldiers who try to crash your up. advance down 52 the street. a door. blast a couple would-be position. sink back and regain After dealing health whenever you’re hurt. into a utility room. ignore the big with these two. snipers out of the windows of a nearby building. Neutralize a another. Take care of these guys. then proceed down and walk When everything but the turret is clear. and another up on the building to the left. container. and stay very close to the trash container. watch for another high-low attack: one soldier on the ground. As it widens out on the left. stop time. stand enter a building on your left. these will shelter you from the turret gunner. Back up a little rather than face them both immediately. ed ash e Take cover Unl behind a big green trash container. PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E .

and hide behind a concrete pillar. Turn takes you deep right and run inside the building.COM . He explains that there’s a Sentry outside. Take the door and you emerge near an outdoor area. Listen to is at the top of the dialogue. Continue up to the next floor when you have enough energy to slow time again. An Occupant fighter is crouching here. Run up the first set enough into the of stairs and crouch on the landing. and you need to get past it. PRIMAGAMES. Evading the Sentry is a matter of slowing time as you run to cover. The Sentry can shoot out sections of concrete wall. This last turn Start by slowing time and running outside. Drop through a hole in the floor. but certain parts will not be destroyed. run up the stairs. Next. You get some new objectives. Next. Use these as cover. then left. and then crouch down at the base of another stairway—all while time is slowed. turn left. Objective • Evade Sentry The next step is to dash down the hall. the stairs. building that the Sentry no longer has a shot at you. go forward. turn 53 right. of course. The wall next to the landing is a good example. deeper into the building. turn left. The next Drop down a series of ledges until you’re reunited piece of cover with some Occupant resistance fighters. then allowing your time energy to recharge before slowing time again and running to the next bit of cover.

Start by taking cover behind a Destroy all the parked vehicle troops you see. of course. PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . just pull the lever next to it and run through. Your hit the turret gunner. which serve as cover. (You hang back near 54 may need to advance to closer cover before you can your cover. through the first force field. No need to freeze time for this one. ed ash e To get through nl Objective the second force U • Gain access to courtyard through force field defense system field. Sniping the turret gunner is easiest if you hold friends do. but don’t deal with it when your rebel yet. Magistrate troops in the clearing. Notice the force fields blocking access to the next street. Only advance when you’re pull the lever sure there are no surviving troopers close to on the wall you—otherwise they’ll just run up and get behind and immediately freeze time. and snipe the gunner. leaning out. Open fire on the infested street. press the button on a weapon rack to get a Slowly advance from one small concrete barricade Karbine and a to the next. pop out. and blasting enemies that try to sneak around the A Magistrate vehicle. Inside. Also notice the garage door to the force field’s left. vehicle tears into the clearing Next. gunner first. Objective • Break into Administration Building through garage Now you must fight your Follow the resistance fighters as they run off and way along take cover near a big clearing. When you’re quite close to the vehicle with the rarily dropped. crouching down behind the barricades shattergun. freeze time. Take the door. turret. They off until you’re behind much closer cover. Advance to a pile of another trooper- sandbags. tell you to keep moving. and sniping at then pick away at the other soldiers who emerge enemies as you from the vehicle—all from cover. While they press forward.) first priority is anyone approaching your position. Then to maximize cover. start and parks. Target the turret freezing time. slide around the Magistrate vehicle. which the lever tempo. Also notice the Advance vehicle turrret in the distance. Run back outside and your cover.

COM . PRIMAGAMES. When you Continue reach the down the street vehicle with the and follow it to gun turret. button between and mow down a pair of garage several more doors to open troopers in the the rightmost street ahead. hop the left. The next level loads. Machinegun M Machi ineg trap 2 Machinegun trap p1 Assembly line Gate ate te contr control c trol Prrison Prison P From rom streets entrance t Time 55 puzzle puzzl Laser Las ser hallw hallway way wa y Legend Turret Turr Weapon Ammo Amm mo You’re now inside the Military Administration Building. Press it to make • Disable alarm system in security a second garage door open in front of you. slow time. The shattergun is a good choice for gunning them down and from behind cover on the left. Press a in. An alarm is triggered. then go room through. one. Your task is to locate that server! Objective • Proceed to upper floors and lo- cate weapons database server There’s a button on the left wall. Go through the open door and keep moving. Watch for several guards who spill both out from an office on the right.

Slow time as you approach and blast them both. To solve the puzzle. ed ash e Enter that gunner’s head Unl side office where the with your pistol. Turn around and turn a One of the parked vehicles comes to life and drives knob on the desk. and be sure to slow to the garage time as you snipe at the gunners. and enter a duct. Keep 56 advancing through the garage. hop off the container. look for Several Krone troops pop up ahead of you. go back to the pedestal and use the right. or those turrets and turn right. and at least one is likely to man a turret. After you • Jump up on the pile of crates the container is clear out just moving toward. Time now rewinds. Then do the following: slabs and pick away at them. Approach a set of concrete slabs that serve as cover. of its path. Objective It’s safest to sink back behind cover. Your best bet is to shoot red explosive barrels lever to reset the cargo container to the far wall. will chew you up) or slow time and rush from one bit Approach the of cover to the next. either repeat this pop-out-and-snipe process with the turret Walk back out gunners (aim for their heads. pop out just far • Gain access to loading dock enough to pick away at enemies. Slow time if necessary and veer left. This makes a suspended cargo container start moving toward you. there to access keeping left. If you don’t slow time. More onto a ledge. walk onto it from the safety and press the Time Control button. with time opened. • Pull the lever. pillar. vehicles are parked farther down the garage. Press Advance a button on the very cautiously weapon case in from this pillar. slides open up ahead. a shattergun and a pistol. thus destroying the vehicle. about everyone • When the container is near enough. Don’t charge too far forward yet. sending run to the cover the container back across the room. It is automat- of the slabs. storage area When the on-foot enemies are largely gone. as you never want to be in full view of a garage door turret in real time). use the a pedestal with a lever on it. More troops appear up ahead. until you can get close enough gate you just to shoot them at close range (again. revealing two Krone guards and a vehicle with a gun turret. emerged. ically set to rewind. Optionally. Then follow those steps again. from behind cover. slow or stop time and mini-zoom on the Objective • Proceed through pipe system to locate security sector PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . Nearby is a time puzzle. out a gate in the main garage. then fire until troopers he’s neutralized. A slowed. and a soldier probably mans the nearest one on the If you fail. and then sink back. you risk letting one of them get in the turret and shooting you. This disables the alarm and opens toward you. of a concrete • At the room’s other end. it crashes behind you.

it. Navigating the laser beams is not as hard as it There’s a Karbine in a weapon case as you proceed looks. Behind one of • Each time you want to make a move. as jumping can send you into a higher laser beam. There are safe alcoves on both sides of the hall—use them. Drop down and quickly dispatch a surprised worker. On the laser hall’s other end. Crawl through Objective the duct. You’ll need to concentrate! PRIMAGAMES. then start moving around the railing toward that hole. at ground level. Quickly freeze time when a box is not blocking • It’s easier to safely crouch than jump. This disables the lasers. enter an office and The lasers are turn a knob. and up high. and finally to service ducts the end. Be ready for them. though you will probably die once or twice. crawl through. Then slow down hole you must time. Around the corner is a hall filled with rapidly moving lasers. never attempting to cross more ground with boxes on than necessary. 57 the hole. until you see a grate overhead. take it. Go back into instantly fatal the now-safe laser hall (an armed tech may appear if they touch as you go there. Before even attempting the hall. through this room. gun him down). especially if you’re impatient. then quickly crawl through. be sure you the boxes is a have maximum time energy. Here are some tips on getting through the beams: The room terminates at an • The safest method is to move from one alcove to assembly line the next. • If you’re having difficulty despite these tips. save Pop it out and the game as you reach each new safe alcove. Also beware of the door on the right: It leads back to part of the level you already cleared out. then to an alcove on series of narrow the right. gun down any Krone guards at the other end of it. Start heading through the winding shelves. watch for an opening and The trick here is to pull a pedestal-mounted lever. then gun down a pair of surprised techs. You • Deactivate laser security system emerge high in a room lined with tall shelves. • Once time is slowed. but a pair of new soldiers have appeared there and are likely to burst through the door. Use the shattergun for the closest enemies and use the Karbine for the farther ones. you. Expect soldiers to appear ahead of you. • The proper sequence is to move from the start to Follow a the first alcove on the left.COM . then to a door on the left.

pushing you back if you try to get through them. To get through. through the winding halls until you reach a pair of gates. if necessary. Objective • Escape from prison When most Take a side door leading away from the laser hall. Follow the duct. climb up to a duct near the room’s top and crawl inside. they crash closed. sinking back into the hall as needed. left end (left hold up: There as you enter are more guards the room. to the left. you can press a sweep in the button on a weapon case and get a Karbine and a wrong direction. then freeze them. so you can make the jump. Foil the trap by freezing time before you run through. reverse time when you get close. ed ash e Eventually nl Objective you reach a U • Access prison through boiler room ventilation system spot where you can drop out of the duct and into the prison block. trapping you inside for the gun. and start blasting the guards from your position of relative safety. forward and Get on the slightly left. that both to the left and right. it’s a teeter-totter. Keep going when you hit the other side. You’ll get down there in just a with an automatic machine gun poking out. Do so. Cautiously pick away all of is). trap—when you run between the gates. At two different points there are rotating gates that At the hall’s end. At teeter-totter’s this hall’s end. failure to freeze time results in the teeter-totter 58 crashing down. PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . Run to the teeter-totter’s other end and leap onto a row of machinery. run tially. From the machinery. and Continue sneak through. Freezing time keeps the far end up high. At the other side of the gates is a You have views down into a prison block at various slot in the wall points in the duct. equip your shattergun. shattergun. This is a moment. of the enemies Notice a platform balanced on a central pivot: essen- are down. time.

then turn a knob on the desk to disable the machine gun and open a gate. Across the room. Drop down and kill the office’s occupant. Walk W you’re alk out the office door. diagonally from where you entered. freeze time before crossing the room. e a door. Go through a gatgate next to the te ne machine c ine gun (it opened when you tturned mach urned the knob). The next lev loads. Your goal is to reach the opposite corner. and ttake a Take 59 level second door at the top. Follow it a short way to an office. Jump up and crawl into it. or the machine gun will shred you. thus opening them again so you can escape. you can still rewind time. If you do get caught between the gates.COM P . vel lo PRIMAGAMES. go up a flight of stairs. notice a vent. Now you back in the u’re b machine-gun maachine-gun room. Next you emerge in another room with a slotted machine gun guarding it. Again.

Ignore or destroy the little cleaning robot on the floor. it’s your call. Expect more foes. PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . tougher situations. take another door on the right. In the hall • Proceed to remote server room beyond. and the introduction of a particularly pesky opponent: the jetpack soldier. OBJECTIVE Take the door at the top of the stairs. You’re now in and access weapon database a reception area. ed ash e Unl These next five levels raise the difficulty level (modestly) from what you’ve already experienced. searching for a remote server that will provide vital information. Computer Room FFrom r Prison 60 Ducts t Two Two-level Two-le wo-le levell chamber cham h Legend Turret Turr Weapon Ammo Amm mo You’re now inside Krone’s Military Administration Building.

Glance period- You can shoot through the metal grate that forms the ically to your catwalk floor—and so can your foes. You’re best you can. this time on your level. and use the central Use cover computer bank as cover if necessary. PRIMAGAMES. because it to provide cover. and carefully keep picking away guards overhead. This is a ammo supply. It leads to a hallway that provides a view of a two-level computer room via a metal gate. enemies you can easily shoot from here. down most of the enemies in the computer room.) Take the door on the right (the one those soldiers Go right and came through). (There guard ahead of are lots of them. guards appear Open a weapon behind another case to restock glass wall up your shattergun ahead. but do look for opportunities to eventually a door opens and several more troopers shoot through it. When they appear. and then slow time and charge in.COM . unfortunately. several guards overhead. proceed deeper into this area. You just ignore the emerge in a hall remaining ones with a Krone upstairs. run into the gallery. 61 Proceed after eliminating the guards. but they are destructible—once any remaining one is torn to shreds. Then open the next door. Hang back in the hall and exchange fire. and there are armory room if you get hurt. ducking back through the door to the on the bottom floor. Blast the remaining soldiers with the shattergun. Start sniping them from the hallway as You’re now looking into a two-level gallery. preferably with the shattergun. you and another behind a glass wall on the right. good place to throw a clutch grenade. Hook around Once you to the left and have taken out take another all the guards door leading out on your level. catwalk. the gate opens. move to another. of this area. moving farther into the gallery only After you after felling all visible opposition. The computer room is packed with soldiers. The next room Several more in an armory. then poke your head through another. slow time and mow them down. You can use the marble-faced pillars holding up the Pick away gallery as cover. Peek through this door. Take a door some on the ground floor and some on a metal on the right. and you’re in a very poor position to deal with them. Don’t expect right.

a couple guards assault Legend the room—one Turret Turr Weapon high. Also. approach a computer terminal on the right-hand side. one low. Blast them both. Crawl in there.bmp] When the room is clear. Get up there and look for an access hole leading to a You now receive duct filled with cables. a new objective. the terminal. Ammo Amm mo LOWER FLOOR 62 KRONE’S OFFICE Elevator Elevators tors s TOP OF TWO-LEVEL CHAMBER From ducts Fr PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . ed ash e nl OBJECTIVE U • Access central mainframe in top floor control room [05-012. Press the Use A door on the computer room’s side gives access button to use to a short staircase. which leads to the catwalk.

Follow the Approach a
winding duct to console on the
a ladder. Climb wall, behind
the ladder to the big desk in
a small room. this office. Turn
Take the door on a knob. This
the right, then updates your
follow the hall objectives and
to another door. Open it. Now you’re looking at the unlocks a small side door to the left. Turn left and
two-story gallery you were in earlier, but this time deal with a pair of guards who emerge from that door.
you’re upstairs.
• Proceed to the rooftop for

Take that
door and follow
the short
hall beyond
to a pair of
elevators. Only
one elevator is
Peek into the gallery and methodically pick off the and only partially so; get inside that one.
Krone guards up here, ducking back into the hall if
you’re injured.

After you
defeat all the
guards on your
level, move into
the gallery. There 63
are more guards
below, but as
before, you need
only gun them down if you’re a perfectionist. When
you’re done here, take the only unlocked door leading The elevator jerks and lurches, then drops at an
away from here—it’s on the left. alarming rate. It pauses briefly at a lower floor. Slow
Go through time when this happens to give yourself a little
a small room extra margin for error, and hop out of the elevator.
filled with (If you fail to get out here, you’ll die as the elevator
cleaner ‘bot crashes at the shaft’s bottom.)
parts. Enter
another Whack the
reception area, single guard
where a pair of here and turn
guards are taking cover behind some furniture. Slow back to face the
time, run up to them, and either take their weapons two elevators.
or bash them into submission. The left one just
destroyed itself,
Peek through but the right
the massive one now works. Get in the right one and ride it to the
doors on this building’s top.
room’s left
side. You’ll see
a massive,
opulent office
with a pack
of guards holed up inside. This is prime grenade
territory! Toss one in and watch ‘em fly! Pick off the
rest from the doorway, sinking back as necessary
when hurt.


cho Rifle & 3
3rdd Run across
ss beam
iper point

Echo Rifle &
1st sniperr
oint From elevators

A mmo
m &
Leverr & Level
Leve 4th
th snip
exit point


Flame jets

h Rifle & 2nd
nipe point


Turr Weapon

It’s time to get out of here. Krone’s men are on full
alert—so it won’t be easy. But you can handle it.

• Reach the exfiltration point
Go left. Duck and crawl through a ventilation duct.
On the other side, gun down a pair of soldiers and
advance slightly.

Grab the echo
rifle leaning
against the
wall. Then look
over the roof’s
edge and scan
the nearby
rooftops. In the
Get off the elevator and take the door on the right. distance, a Magistrate trooper sits on a turret, firing
Climb a flight of stairs and take another door. Now at rebel craft in the sky. Your new task is to take
you’re on the rooftop. down all four of the turret gunners in this area.


Stand next to
• Use the radar to eliminate the the echo rifle
four anti-aircraft guns on adja- and zoom in on a
cent rooftops nearby rooftop.
Once again,
destroy the
turret gunner
either with a
headshot or by detonating red explosives near him.
This is the second gunner you’ve eliminated.

There’s an ammo box nearby. Use it when you get
the chance.

Zoom in on the turret gunner and kill him, either Just after
with a headshot or by shooting the red explosive you shoot that
canisters beside the turret. gunner, a helo
swoops in and
fires at you.
Slow time and
backtrack to
the safety of
the last covered hall. Don’t worry—the helo leaves
after shooting up your surroundings, opening up a
passage for you to take in the process.

After the helo
departs, keep
moving along 65
Turn from the roof’s edge. Another trooper appears the rooftop,
through a nearby door. Gun him down, then take following the
that door. winding path
and gunning
The door down a few
leads through a stray guards along the way.
short passage
and to another When the
door. Take that path opens
and emerge out into wider
in a twisting space dotted
passage along with ventilation
the rooftop. Follow it, taking down two more guards ducts, hang
along the way. back. There are
several soldiers
Near where up ahead. Consider tossing a grenade or two and
the two guards use your time-slowing abilities liberally as you pick
stood is a them off.
slightly raised
platform with Move forward
another echo and turn right.
rifle leaning There are more
against the soldiers in the
wall. Here you have a shot at a turret gunner. immediate area;
again, a grenade
is a good idea


Run across the beam to an interior space and drop inside. Stand on the platform and look for the gunner. finish him with a headshot. and look for a horizontal beam. ed ash e Just ahead is Follow the Unl another slightly raised platform now-twisting path to a place with an echo where flames rifle leaning block your path. set of soldiers 66 filters into the forest of venti. several guards appear in front just after you of you. Since the ducts let you get explosives near very close to them easily. You now and running madly between them.) From there. to the right. pick take down the fourth gunner. That’s to a crescent- three down. Gun them down and proceed through a small rooftop shed. objective appears. shaped window. As you enter a long. to see the fourth and gunner. sign that you have another shot at a turret gunner. PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . fading back as you run out of time energy. (It Put down a few last guards as you leave the venti. Get Just after ammo and look you shoot that out the window. against the Freeze time to wall: a clear pass them. On the shed’s other side. a couple more soldiers ambush you. box sitting next There are no explosives near this one. is destroyed in lation duct area. shooting the There are lots of them. consider slowing time him. Veer left and hide in a recessed area. a new final rooftop gunner. Past the flames. go up a few steps. look for an ammo When you see him. them off from there. take a left. OBJECTIVE • Proceed to higher position and activate docking beacon Advance through the opened grate of a rooftop generator. Blast the lation ducts gunner by behind you. straight section an explosion of this rooftop maze. blasting each have dealt with with a shattergun (or punching repeatedly) before all the gunners. A couple and a new of these assaults will clear out the grid of ducts.

But beware: there are lots of ground troopers up here. Stay close to the door you just came through.COM . You decide which method you like better. Gun down the first one while he’s still on the ground. Karbine or shattergun. you can solve this problem by pausing time entirely. Then. Jetpack soldiers fly very quickly and erratically. case waits for you—as do a few jetpack soldiers. and snipe the jetpack soldiers one by one. then sink back to the protection of the doorway and prepare for an assault. which gives you a brief opportunity to shoot at a perfectly motionless enemy. and then pop out and slow or pause You can’t get in time when you have one in your sights. time energy. and you’ll likely face more of them as you fight the jetpack soldiers. There’s an ammo box near the grid of ventilation ducts. If you merely slow time. slow or stop time. It’s generally best to find cover that 67 approach a protects you above and to the side. build up some sealed elevator. Use time-slow and the excellent cover go back to the of the ducts. A few remaining jetpack Upstairs. more of Krone’s troops rush at you from the roof’s far side. pop out. let them the elevator and come to you. Get inside and ride it upstairs. PRIMAGAMES. you reach this spot. OBJECTIVE • Locate and activate switch for docking beacon When all visible jetpack soldiers are down. when no regular troops are attacking. advance to a part of the roof dotted with a grid of venti- Run through a couple of offices until you locate an lation ducts. must throw to The key is to use time energy to either slow or pause activate the docking beacon is near it. Another finishing them quickly with punches or shattergun fire. First you’ll want to deal with the onslaught of Stand in front of the elevator and turn around to ground troopers. you’ll still have a difficult shot while the soldiers flit from one position to the next. and a Karbine and shattergun are in weapon cases scattered across the rooftop. time. then zip to is entirely clear. This can be easy to using your overlook. Then unload the elevator. it’s best to let them settle into one spot before shooting. However. popping in and out of enemy view and rooftop. see a lever mounted on a post. Hang back. another place. exit soldiers may also be in the mix. though any weapon will do. As elevator. but on him. echo rifle in a Be methodical and run back inside if you’re injured. When the roof They like to zip to one spot. A couple of echo rifle bullets or a thunderbolt the switch you shot works best. hover there. Throw the lever to load the next level.

we cannot provide a mines detach is pointless. therefore. • Your two main enemies in this level are aerial • Don’t forget your minizoom. while you’re using a turret! Engage it while • Aerial mines are deployed on balloons. PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . Eventually. Don’t hold down the trigger. mation: • Your turret won’t ever stop firing. With those • Your airship’s health bar is in your HUD’s upper tips in mind. aim for the mines. Make the best use of this ability. However. (Shooting balloons after their targets from your turret gun. turn off your time in Krone’s powers and conserve your time energy. shooting. Bombers arrive after a little while. but it’s most effective if you let it cool off a bit between bursts. But any time they’re close is a good time to shoot. Just keep targeting and destroying mines. the mines detach from their balloons and OBJECTIVE fly toward the airship. After a bit of dialogue. start shooting. Aim for balloons if the mines are still attached. carry. directly ahead. we can give you a heap of tips and techniques for maximizing • Prioritize near mines over far ones. when you have no target. ed ash e Unl The Occupant • Slowing time is just as important here as when rebels have you’re on foot. left. Now for some tips: The first major wave of foes consists of balloon- mounted mines. so does the mine. otherwise. If you accidentally find yourself off the turret. adding more mines to the mix. You must man a turret and keep the • Balloons are bigger targets than the mines they airship from going down. immediately get back on board. They then loop around and come back for another pass. shooting at distant targets. then scan the horizon and sense of what you’ll face. • Defend zeppelin • Destroy mines deployed from • Jetfighters fly toward the airship. But there’s no reason to do that in this level. your zeppelin is attacked. If you allow the airship health to reach zero. aim for those in the distance. some basic infor. and then for a short 68 time as they fly away. • Your best shots at jetfighters are when they’re flying straight toward you.) step-by-step walkthrough. settle in and the level fails and you must try again. sticky situation • If you have no nearby targets. however. • Pressing the Use button makes you get off the turret. new problems. and if the balloon explodes. Therefore. It’s still operational mines and jetfighters. and then provide a general incoming mines first. Don’t building—but waste it while you’re shooting at a really distant now you have target. Start gunning those mines as soon as you see them. Take down your effectiveness. and bombers then rocket past it. First. aim for the balloon if the mine is Since this level simply consists of shooting at still attached to it. extricated destroying as many targets as possible while you from that time is slowed. as they get close enough to your airship.

of mines. and then quickly turn to blast a jetfighter when no mines are close. of balloon mines ahead of your vessel and the remaining jetfighters. The jetfighters attack from all angles. slow and watch time and the skies. largely gone. Eventually a then go back to bomber cruises shooting distant by. but it’s much easier when the jet smattering is close and time is slowed.COM . Don’t get locked into looking straight ahead. After a wave of destroying jetfighters the big line appears. you use time-slow must divide to make it easy your attention to gun them down. so use the full Repeat range of your turret to look around. destroy them. Slow time and methodically gun down the mines are line. releasing mines. and you’re home-free. It takes a lot of firepower to bring between a down each fighter. 69 Veer right onto Jump p Brid Bridg Bridge dge train n br bridge b idge Ambush bush Camp with explosives p Gett off train n Legend Gett o Ge on n train n Turret Turr Weapon Get quad d Mines Mi M ines s Ammo Amm m Blast open gate gat Guard G uar arrd d tow to tower werr JJump ump ele um electrifi ectrifie ed water wa ater t r Jump ump Gate Gate t PRIMAGAMES. taking out as many mines as possible. As some Keep blasting mines get jetfighters close. A good policy is to shoot all the nearby mines (and any really dense clusters of faraway ones). a long line of When the mines. this process until the airship lands. Again.

or two troopers with the quad. ram one likely to send you off a cliff. Blast the gunner out of the turret. driving past the ambush When you’re ready. From here. simulta- that now: some of Krone’s troopers have found you neously engage already. drive down the road. four-wheeled all-terrain Regardless vehicles the of whether attackers leave). The road takes you up Follow a mountainside and into another ambush: A few the winding troopers stand in front of a train. drop your shattergun for this. gun 70 down anyone who’s visible. This • Locate zeppelin crash site gets you across the bridge. ed ash e You’ve survived your wild airship ride and landed As you Unl with a couple other Occupant rebels. where you’re You have a couple choices here. and finish off the remaining troopers. then quickly dismount and finish off coast is clear. you can take on the ambush. Your new task is to find the crash site of a previous rebel zeppelin approach a covered that went down—but there’s no time to think about bridge. most of the If not. then dismount and slow time as you clean up any others. the throttle instead of holding it fully down. Soon an ambush the vehicle’s appears up ahead. Start running toward that vehicle. bikes and a vehicle with a manned turret roar in from the nearby road. slow time again. Then. nearby soldiers with close-range attacks. slowing time if you get hit with heavy fire. and let a little time energy regenerate. keep for jumping (while on foot) activates a turbo boost. which blocks the road. ambush. consisting of several Magistrate right side. soldiers. site. veering right to get past the parked vehicle. Continue to Keep driving along the road. hop onto the turret. drive straight into the vehicle. The button normally reserved flee. including one manning a vehicle gun turret. Driving full-speed is A good technique is to drive in at full speed. If you have an covered from appetite for destruction. The turret vehicle is on the right. time-slow and use the quad’s OBJECTIVE turbo boost. Take them down. just gun your engine and drive through the newcomers. If you decide to take on the ambush. Pulse road. so failure to slow time Two quad or turbo boost could send you down for a deadly fall. Watch out for a soldier or two hiding behind the train! PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . Be sure to grab the thunderbolt that one of the bikes (the guards held. engaging time-slow when you start When the to get shot. you fight or including in reverse. Then get in get on one of the turret and destroy a few more soldiers down the the two quad road. Practice driving in circles a bit. taking advantage of slowed time. The bridge is unstable and tips as you drive across.

) cover spot. area and a The jetpack small ambush of Krone soldiers. you may also receive a new table. running over a soldier or immediately. Or. get back the circle of on your quad and take a right. Grab and walking forward. ambush. The the fallen. which becomes The pack a tunnel. Be methodical and clear everyone out. due to its larger ammo capacity. thunderbolt.COM . and then slowing time and mopping up the and the regular ones spread out. you could get back on the quad and follow the road. big tree and sniping at enemies. then quickly slow time and train bridge. Follow the train bridge. OBJECTIVE • Locate the explosives in the enemy camp The camp doesn’t know you’re here. then concentrate on farther enemies and jetpack troopers. move to another and scope for After the more. Pick off the ground troops that rush you first. Also camp is located on low ground in this area’s center. The ground slopes down. When the which takes you clearing is in a semicircle finally empty. we recommend falling back to the cover of a away at the enemy slowly. Just of enemies outside the includes both tunnel’s end normal and is a large open jetpack soldiers. When you have at least one of these weapons at all times. If can no longer you’re carrying only one or the other. throw a grenade into the midst of After you clear the area around the train. Get behind a fallen tree. just hang back in the train tunnel and pick attack. After your initial others. pull out a thunderbolt or echo rifle to snipe a few of them. objective. 71 At least one of these guys has a thunderbolt crossbow. Instead. driving onto a covered unwitting enemies. We find the thunderbolt very useful in Take your these outdoor areas. we recommend hugging the left ridge camp. (We tend to hold the echo rifle. around this approach the area. We recommend variety launch driving into the ambush. two. we recommend see enemies the thunderbolt. PRIMAGAMES. and weapons from you approach a camp filled with Krone troops. along with the echo rifle—so time. and Karbine from a particular for this section of the game. Remember to slow or pause time when shooting jetpack troopers out of the sky. which becomes clearer shortly. collect some specialty grenades (laser mines and such) from a Around this time.

section of road. Run up to the guardrail and blast the trooper nearest a parked vehicle so he can’t get into the turret. Unl tent and make sure it’s clear. OBJECTIVE After dealing • Destroy the train track gate with with the three the explosives troopers. Then deal with the Finally. it explodes. other two. hop into the turret Exit the tent and look down and hop on one the ridge. and you don’t want to be on it when that happens. Let them all eat straight ahead turret. then drive straight through There are train the mined tracks in here. There are mines here! Keep moving away from the door until your time energy runs out. plant the following the explosives with road. go through it. but pay close attention to the then grab a track up ahead. The train is about to smash through the small barrier and off a cliff. Use slow time and an ammo box to max out your ammo levels. Drive the bike running up the slope toward you. PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . ed ash e Go inside the Keep riding. and backpedal.) After the door does blow. when you reach then slow time a section of road marked by yellow warning signs. Hold up the Use button. Ride time is slowed. (You don’t want to be anywhere near the door when Slow time. jump off. have one. the train as it breaks through a wooden barricade. foot. thunderbolt from When you can a case if you see another don’t already small barricade. of the quads Several more 72 parked behind troopers are it. grab an explosive device from the table. Climb on a train The mines don’t and throw a have time to lever to start detonate while it moving. turret and into a nearby quad. until you reach a huge sealed Jump off the gate. A trio of Krone’s troopers is stationed here. Approach Slowly ride it the gate on down the slope.

Gun down a pair of 73 big cargo containers to soldiers who the right. Jump onto the nearest a partially open cargo container. cargo container that’s nearest the fence. Get off the bike Remember. Keep Explore the following the camp beyond road until you the fence. Then leap right over the fence. pause what looks like time. This controls the far gate. the containers Then climb aboard a quad and roll through the newly is a wide opened gate. drawbridge made of logs. starting with the ones nearest you. a teeter-totter. The Karbine makes a fine third weapon. Near managed to get off the vehicle before it crashed. and stand behind one of the barriers. Use your turbo From here. but we behind a big fence up ahead. wooden board balanced on a central pivot: in other Up ahead is words. vehicle crash into the tower. don’t recommend the shattergun for outdoors. then moving to those behind the Let the fence. move away when it toward some happens. Pull the lever and immediately start crawling back down the ladder—a Magistrate vehicle is about to come crashing into your tower’s supports.COM . PRIMAGAMES. OBJECTIVE • Activate gate controls on tower to exit enemy stockade Drive into a tunnel. a pool of electrified water appears. and run up the high end. climb up the ladder on the tall guard tower. When you’re done. When all is just be far clear. both in front of and areas. Look for a red lever up here. Inside see some one of the tents concrete is a Karbine and barriers and a a shattergun guard tower. This tips off the rest of thunderbolt whenever possible for these outdoor the soldiers—and there are a lot. in a case. Get on the low end. but be watchful. As you round a bend. Snipe the guy we recommend having both the echo rifle and the standing in the guard tower. Methodically snipe enemies. boost to fly jump to the over it.

When they do • Flank the trenches via tunnel notice you. Get off the quad and sneak up on three Krone clear out enemy defenses guards who haven’t noticed you yet. immediately bail off the quad and run the last few steps to the other side. your quad will clear the pool. Now your task is to proceed into this area and see if Krone’s men are holding any prisoners. drainage system PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . Freeze time just as you fly over the edge. If you end up in the pool. slow time and run up to beat them down. using turbo boost for added power as you approach the edge. Train Tr rain rai an1 Giant pr propeller propell prope p opellle Crashed Cr Cras as shed ze zeppelin Han Hand-crank nd-crank ele elevator t scaffol to scaffolding scaffoldi Train rain 2 Vehicle ramp Vehicl TTent with th h 74 o open back ck k Treachero Treacherous h ous Fence Fen Fe ennc ce Abandon quad Abando ground ou und d Drop into to o ho hole ole ole Sniper S niper iper tower with ammo & weapons Legend egend Turret Turr Weapon Ammo Amm mo You’ve found the spot where the zeppelin crashed. giving yourself some room to gain speed. ed ash e Unl Back up the quad. OBJECTIVE • Infiltrate zeppelin crash site pe- rimeter and proceed to the prison Drive forward until a row of barriers blocks further • Utilize tower vantage point to driving. Rev the engines and drive full speed toward the pool. The next level loads when you’re a short distance past the pool. With luck and skill.

(Remember. Enemies are swarming here. Those 75 vehicle’s other guys have an side and do the angle on you. We recommend immediately slowing time as you exit the truck. the back of the That’s not hard. truck. the left. If you’re lurking out here: the vehicle turret (on the right as hurt. retreat behind the boxes until your health is you approached from the level start) and the sniper restored. Also. Move forward. he has an echo rifle. immobile boxes when you should you’re seriously hurt. see you at once. wielding sniper Then snipe the one on the right. up ahead is a parked There’s also a Bloodhound rocket launcher up here. and there’s another echo rifle at the top PRIMAGAMES. even with time slowed your opponents may move move to the around a bit (and thus dodge a crossbow bolt). Stay patient. and to the left. jump considering the out. You also threats still have decent cover in the form of boxes. the base’s two Now slide other sniper to your cover towers. vehicle with a gun turret just behind a fence and a but don’t feel obligated to grab it. vehicle. a couple are still down there. as he has a Bloodhound missile launcher. the sniper tower’s echo rifle is our weapon of choice for this. Zoom in on the taking out the vehicle turret gunner beyond the gate. When the Due to the long distances involved and the fact that sniper falls. of the tower. with two great troop transport sniper weapons and an unlimited ammo supply. Your task now When nobody is to completely else comes depopulate at you around the base. Slide to the Start by right so the tower can’t see you. and hide behind the larger. have both an echo rifle and a thunderbolt. base. There are weapons you two major have. Also watch for soldiers coming from the vicinity of the tower. taking out the remaining soldiers in the Now start vicinity as you picking off move. everyone else. First things first: Run and jump into the back of the transport vehicle. Up here. and plant a occupants of thunderbolt projectile in his head. so same with the get rid of them first. tower (on the left). Ambush anyone who runs around back to shoot at you.) Look out across a teeming Magistrate toward a parked military base.COM . Just think: here you are. fully use cover to restock your limit how many ammo from enemies can an ammo box. Climb up the sniper tower. The echo rifle and tower with a Bloodhound-equipped sniper in it ahead thunderbolt remain our two “must-have” weapons at this point. Start by picking off the one on Bloodhound. up in the tower.

and there are many dropped weapons all over. and then soldiers there. watch for more soldiers running in from the left: again. more is stirring Now you’re in the military at a gap looking base. alive in the base Then go back down the ladder (look down at it to (despite your climb down. Then head toward sniper rampage moments ago). To ensure that you make it across. Turn There are two right. a fall will kill you). Clear them out 76 early. PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . Drop through the coast seems grate into a smaller steam tunnel. Keep advancing. letting a ones manning pair of enemy turrets in small. Go back into the tunnel behind the parked vehicle. up toward the military and use precise headshots to clear these enemies. several more soldiers as they appear. overhead. When nothing slow or pause time as you run across that bit. which is where most of them come from. Don’t be surprised by their numbers: a truly remarkable stream of soldiers runs in from the left. using the Press and hold the Use button to use the wheel and trenches for crank open the gate. When the Near the back wall is an open grate. But don’t go too gunning down far—there’s a very narrow ledge out there. there are a surprising number of them. Eventually your path veers left. Don’t hesitate to drop your Bloodhound for something else once it’s empty. run along the ledge. shooting one. Pause time as you release the cover and wheel. As you advance. consider into the back of dropping your the base. Slow time is back. then run through the gate. then you can concentrate on the left. There are a few enemies on your right as you creep up the slope. clear. helos fly by enclosed huts. Along the way is a patch of ledge that will crumble underfoot. as you’ve used tons of ammo. move ahead and start collecting weapons. There Karbine in are several favor of the more enemies Bloodhound. keep moving. An echo rifle is in a turret hut on the right. so start the process a parked transport vehicle and gun down a few of moving forward a bit. ed ash e Some of Pause for a Unl the toughest enemies are the moment on the ledge. sinking back into the gap. When your of these: one time energy straight ahead and one way to the left. base. Follow the tunnel to a valve wheel and a gate.

When all is clear, approach the elevator of that
unfinished building. There’s a wheel mounted on
the ground nearby. To use the elevator, press and
hold the Use button on the wheel. This makes the
elevator rise above your level. Release the wheel
and run to the elevator, which starts sinking as soon
as you let go of the wheel. When the elevator gets
back down to your level, hop inside and immediately
rewind time. This reverses the elevator’s descent
and you rise. Quickly jump off at the top.

Approach a vehicle ramp. Pull a lever on the right You’re now
to drop the ramp. Then climb it. on some
Watch for Climb up a ramp,
a cluster of then jump some
soldiers on the crates to a short
left, including ladder. Take
one manning the ladder and
a vehicle follow the scaffolding to a series of boxes. Jump the
turret. Slow boxes and drop to a slightly lower bit of scaffolding.
time and pick
off the turret gunner, then run to the right and take
cover near an empty troop carrier. Keep fighting the Keep
soldiers in the distance. following the
As you fight, dropping or
another troop climbing when
carrier drives needed. All of
in from behind the chain-link
you. Hop into fence makes
the back of things a little confusing, so pay attention or you’ll
the empty find yourself back where you started. Eliminate a
troop carrier single guard who gets in your way. Eventually you
you’re using for cover, slow time, and blast the reach a spot where a wide board is hanging by a
newcomers. Finish off the group you were working rope. Shoot the rope to make the board drop, forming
on. Watch out for a guy with a thunderbolt in an open a bridge to a guard tower.
elevator on the building under construction to your
left. Take him out as soon as possible if he appears.

Take the bridge to the guard tower, and grab the
Bloodhound missile launcher from the case at the
OBJECTIVE top. It’s a somewhat clumsy weapon despite its
• Navigate through the scaffolding power, but it’s worthwhile to take one now and
to reach the enemy encampment practice using it. We’d drop the Karbine to make
room for it, if you still have a Karbine.


e Go down the Inside the

Unl ladder. There
are lots of
zeppelin, go up
some stairs,
soldiers in the then look for
small minibase a hole leading
down here; back to the
slow time and exterior. Go
immediately through the
start launching missiles into the midst of them. Pop hole. Walk along more debris ramps. Keep following
forward and back, using cover when necessary, the path through the zeppelin.
and clean out all the soldiers. Switch to precision
weapons to get the ones farthest away.
Finally you
emerge on the
other side. Up
ahead is a giant,
rapidly spinning
propeller blade.

Approach the
propeller blade,
getting as close
as you can
Investigate the military tents in the area. Watch without falling.
for survivors as you do this. One of the tents has a Slow time and
back door. Take it. walk onto the
blade as it
reaches you. Ride the blade about halfway around
its circular path, then drop off onto a ramp on the
78 other side. This is a tricky maneuver, but it can be

You can’t reach the section of ramp that’s easily
visible from your starting point. It’s too far away.
The ramp section you want is almost directly on the
other side of the propeller from where you started.
On the tent’s other side, veer hard to the right,
Your ride on the blade takes you so close to it that
going down a slope. Ahead is the zeppelin you’ve
you can literally walk onto it (no jumping required).
been looking for. A new objective appears.

• Locate the train tracks on the op- switchback
posite side of the canyon
ramp up the
gunning down
Go up a ramp two of Krone’s
of fallen debris, men along the
and get inside way. There’s an
the askew ammo box here: fill up your weapons.


At the ramp’s
top, a guard
tower overlooks
a train depot
that’s swarming
with Krone’s
men. Take down
the sniper first,
then use the Bloodhound to start blasting away
at the men around the train. There are a surprising
number of them, so rushing down there is a bad
idea. Hang back and fire away at them. Go back to The engine surges forward, knocks into a second
the ammo box to replenish your ammo supply as train, and blows itself up. In the process it clears
needed. debris from the tracks.

• Clear the obstruction on the train

After you
clear out all
these tenacious
defenders, drop
onto the train
tracks. Take a
right and follow
the tracks into Now run up to the second train, which was not
a short tunnel, where you’ll find a small train engine damaged in the explosion. Get in front and throw the
loaded with explosives. Get on board the engine, lever. The train chugs forward, taking you to the next
throw a lever to start it, and immediately drop off. level.


look Get off the stalled train and go through a small on the right side door on the right. Explosives. Legend the tunnel Turret Turr Weapon widens out into Ammo Amm mo a larger cavern. There are explosive barrels at a few spots. to more cover. PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . so expect some tough battles ahead. The cavern is 80 packed with You’re close to a secret prison where Krone is Krone’s soldiers. set them free. box and a case containing a thunderbolt. the quality of your foes slowly increases. open fire from back here. However. In fact. which OBJECTIVE you can shoot to good effect. There are a couple opponents across a narrow rail bridge. Completely clear the cavern. ed ash e Unl The last two levels ramped up the difficulty level somewhat. an and EMF cannon cann on Pause P Pa ause ttime me as soon s sooon a as train Sealed gate e appears appe ppeears Control Co ontr tro ol room Electrified d puddles Pr son Prison Pris nb block loc ck entrance en ntra ta ance ncee Up ahead. You emerge on for an ammo another set of tracks. as you clear out the nearest enemies. just snipe them. Well. Now it’s time to get in there and cavern but don’t go inside. Take a second door. • Infiltrate prison and rescue Oc- cupant captives Slowly work your way forward. Grab it to stock up on ammo. keeping the captured resistance fighters from the Approach the crashed zeppelin. good news: The number of enemies you face won’t go up much from this point forward. pitting you against greater numbers of opponents. ammo. Turn left. some areas have fewer enemies than you have previously encountered. Don’t cross the bridge yet. After clearing the cavern.

When you slow Plant the time. Take a projectile guns. thunderbolt when they pause to shoot. if you prefer a different gun. then slow Go back to the time and snipe gate that needs them with the the explosives. the train blasts by. even indoors). as far away from the gate as possible before it blows. When you do have time energy. get behind cover. When you’re more than halfway across the bridge. Slow time and backtrack The key to dealing with Flash Guards is to all the way to cover. There are several Up ahead and Flash Guards to the right. note in here. let your time energy build back up. rush the Flash Guards (going resumes. Grab the explosive device on the Take down the table. and shoot them Enter the as you would any other opponent. These the barred gate. one to either side. Magistrate which requires troopers are explosives equipped with time suits.) Then side. start Flash Guards running across the narrow rail Flash Guards are recognizable by their periodic bridge. tunnel’s left fork. EMF cannon from the chest (if you didn’t grab one Dodge and use earlier) and use the ammo chest to max out your cover when ammunition. Guards as possible. an EMF cannon. around their cover if necessary). immediately get off the tracks. As you bursts of hyperspeed. Substitute a different weapon for the echo rifle. Flash Guards’ hyperspeed becomes more like explosives and normal speed. PRIMAGAMES. They’re also equipped with EMF cannons. wait for a a door opens and a train comes at you full speed. two magnesium projectiles at you and generally jetpack soldiers making your life miserable. firing midpoint. Destroy the jetpack soldiers have time energy available. (This opportunity often arises you) and keep running. small door on the right. get whenever they are not using their speed powers. we like to carry a thunderbolt. When time slow down medium-range magnesium. pop up. to open.COM . Then they periodically move around at hyperspeed. came from. and energy. When you’re done here. They are as slow as any other enemy slow time. as far from the Flash then go back onto the bridge. Consequently. OBJECTIVE into a supply • Find the explosives and destroy the gate room. moment when the Flash Guards are not using Pause time (to prevent the train from smashing into their hyperspeed. which 81 are potent short. A glowing nimbus approach the surrounds them as they jet around. If you’re low on from cover. Grab the Flash Guards. At this point in the game. they’re on the move. This follow the makes them extremely unpredictable. When you reach the other when the Flash Guards have taken cover. just like you. We recommend grabbing an EMF cannon from a fallen Flash Guard. They are not tunnel the train especially durable. and an echo rifle (the rifle is not necessary. but we’re suckers for sniping.

hole to a lower floor.” electrified pool. and look for a missing section of chain-link fence. Then. more prison guards emerge then turn around through doors and enter a on this level. Locate the open one. when you have time energy. you emerge at immediately the top level of turn right. ed ash e Go through A couple Unl the gate. drop down a slope. Go through the now-open gate next to the security room door and OBJECTIVE follow the corridors beyond. Hop on through that it and drive into the next level. 82 • Evacuate Occupant forces from prison • Eliminate all threats preventing You emerge prison evacuation on a train • Find the control room and free the platform. the security room. middle. and Krone’s secret take another prison. You right when you receive new reach the wall. it has a small red sign by the door that reads Approach the “Security. Circle around to the room’s other side. tunnel beneath Gun them the ledge you down. Keep moving around and shooting until you see no guards below. just above ground in the the console. shoot right through the chain-link fence. prisoners and completes your most recent objective. Climb a ladder and keep Exit the moving until security room. Look for dropped from. then go down a flight of stairs. first Go inside the pause time and security room run across the and pull a lever first part to a located on the patch of dry wall. objectives. leading away shooting prison from this guards below platform are sealed. pause This frees the time again and cross the second part. You can running down the tracks. Three Occupant prisoners of the four train tunnel Circle around entrances the top floor. To cross it. PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . Drop A short distance down the tracks is a quad. and start you.

Tent Veer left onto
y Truck dirt
rt road


Sent , guard
Sentry, TTruckk with
w h Mines
ower,, turret
s Bloodhounds
d d Bridge,
idge,, quad
quad, &
h ouse
Drop back
o road
e from
frrom here

ump Mines
i s

bl k
G ate
a w with
rked truck
Drop o
ff road

• Proceed through enemy check-
Turr Weapon points

There are
several soldiers
OBJECTIVE lurking in the
• Proceed to Occupant rendezvous grass on the
ridge. Use
Drive your slowed time
quad until you and thunderbolt
reach some shots to thin
roadblocks. them out. When you aren’t taking much fire, advance
While you to a boulder in this area’s middle. Using it for cover,
can drive clean out the remaining enemies.
around these
roadblocks, When all is
there’s debris blocking the road ahead, and enemies quiet, advance
on a ridge to the right can shoot down at you if you toward a
drive any farther. burned-out
tower. Stay to
Therefore, get off the quad when you reach the
its right. You’ll
roadblocks, then move up the ridge, bearing to the
reach a spot
right as you go.
where you can
jump back down to the road—past the big pile of
debris that blocked your path earlier. Drop down here.


e Eliminate a

Unl pair of soldiers
patrolling the If you fail to clear the gate, you need to wait. After
road, then about a minute, the bridge settles back down to its
run forward. original position. Park the quad back on the bridge
Up ahead is a (right where it was before), return to the gatehouse,
platform with a and then try the whole thing again.
bridge running
over it. Start sniping at the soldiers on the platform Drive ahead a
and at a pair of them perched on the overhead bridge. short distance;
Slowly get off the quad
advance, after you turn a
sniping any bend and can
remaining see a guard
soldiers. On the tower in the
platform is an distance.
ammo chest Staying well
and a weapon back, snipe the
chest containing a thunderbolt. Stock up on ammo. soldier in the
Walk across guard tower,
a short bridge or shoot the
(ignore the quad explosives at
parked on the the tower’s
bridge for now) base, thus
and notice the destroying it and him. Then turn your attention to
EMF cannon in a cluster of soldiers guarding the ground near the
the chest by tower.
the gatehouse. Grab it if you don’t have this weapon
already. As you
shoot the
soldiers, a giant
Sentry appears
near the guard
tower and starts
firing at you.
Immediately slow time and retreat back around
the bend in the road until the Sentry can’t see you

Inside the gatehouse is a lever that controls • Evade the Sentry
the bridge (which is actually an unusual form of
a drawbridge). Throw the lever, then immediately
slow time and run toward the quad parked on the At this point,
drawbridge. Get on the quad just as your time wait for your
powers run out. Then wait as the bridge section time energy
you’re on rises into the air. (Don’t worry—unlike a to return, then
typical drawbridge, this one doesn’t tip you off.) slow time and
pop out of
When the bridge is done moving, back the quad up
cover. Snipe any
very slightly, then drive full-throttle ahead, using the
visible soldiers
quad’s boost power in addition to the accelerator.
near the Sentry’s feet, then drop back behind the
You drive right off the bridge’s end, and over the gate
bend in the road, again using it for cover. Repeat this
up ahead.
process until no more soldiers are visible near the


When you Now you are
can no longer in business.
see soldiers, When you have
charge up your time energy
time energy again, slow
and run down time, pop out
the road, which of cover, and
leads more or run sideways
less toward the Sentry. Slow time as the Sentry starts while launching four missiles into the Sentry. (Just
firing at you. Your goal is to get behind a very wide tree dumb-fire them; you don’t need to use the weapon’s
before your time energy runs out. When you’re safe Secondary Fire mode.) Then duck back behind the
behind the tree, you can recharge your time energy. truck.

Repeat this
process until
you blow up the
Ignore the smaller pieces of cover along the way.
Sentry. You can
The big tree is the one you want to hide behind.
easily destroy
it before the
needs more
ammo; however, if you do need ammo, slow time
There may be a few soldiers left up ahead; at and use the ammo crate near where you got the
least one may be manning a gun turret. Cautiously Bloodhound.
peek out of cover and snipe anyone who remains,
meanwhile avoiding the Sentry’s guns.

If you wish to, you can drop the Bloodhound right
after you destroy the Sentry. We prefer to go with the
thunderbolt, echo rifle, and EMF cannon in these big
outdoor areas, unless something (in this case, the
Sentry) makes us pick a different weapon.

past a line of
metal vehicle
Charge your time energy, then slow time and barricades, then
advance toward a parked truck that’s just to the road’s take a right and
right (and very near the Sentry). Jump right in back of walk up the
the truck before time resumes its normal flow. slope.

Just for fun: if
you haven’t
already, shoot the
explosives at the
guard tower’s base
to make it collapse.

There are Bloodhound missile launchers in the
back of the truck, along with a handy ammo box.
Grab a Bloodhound and stock up on ammo.


e As you walk

Unl over here,
a transport
vehicle bursts
through a fence
back near the
road, parks,
and discharges
several more of Krone’s men. Get behind the military
tent for cover and snipe all the newcomers. Then get
ammo from the ammo chest.
Up ahead, on the road’s right side, is a quad. And
farther ahead is a log bridge with a gap in it. Get on Walk through
the quad and jump the bridge, using the quad’s turbo the gate the
boost. transport
vehicle just
destroyed. Get
on a quad on the
other side, and
drive forward.
You’ll encounter two more soldiers, who you can
either run over, shoot, or just drive past. (There’s also
a truck parked here containing a Karbine, but you
don’t need a Karbine, so just drive past.)

Keep driving.
When you feel
Drive to a T-intersection. Get off the quad and look and hear a
right. Snipe a pair of soldiers standing in the road, giant thudding
then take cover behind the quad and snipe several sound, don’t
86 more in that general area. worry—it’s
just a giant
Sentinel walking nearby. It won’t attack you; it’s
advance on
going after other targets.
foot, hugging
the road’s right Keep driving until you reach a fork where the
side. Advance to paved road continues to the right and a dirt road
a telephone pole goes left. Take the dirt road.
and take out
all remaining
soldiers; be aware that there’s a turret up ahead.

Move ahead
until you find
some rolls of
barbed wire
blocking the
road. Now cross
to the road’s left
side. Here you’ll A broken log bridge is up ahead. Drive straight for it
find a full military camp, complete with a tent, some and use the quad’s turbo boost to jump to the other
weapon chests, and an ammo chest. side. Then either get off the quad and quickly gun
down two soldiers or just drive past them.


and then put the pedal down. blocking the road. just be sure Get off the quad to pause time before you fire. Watch out for a lone soldier on a bridge up above.) Slow time as you approach this section of road. Race along with time slowed until you reach a T-intersection with a paved road. To Turn right detonate it. parked transport is loaded with explosives. (There are yellow caution signs. so be prepared to destroyed gate. lob a clutch grenade into the back of the and pause to truck. drive through Keep advancing and picking off anyone you see. You can also shoot energy recharge. but they’re hard to see. Leave the quad and drop off the road’s left side. o. a thunderbolt into the back of the truck. snipe the gunner as quickly as he appears. Just past the jump. 87 Train ain ai Underground Undergro g entrance entran t nce Big ttu Bi turret turre ett e Legend Metal Metal etal al traile trailer Turret Turr with witth h ammo Weapon Ammo Amm m Storm guard Storm d ambush amb a b h bush B i Barriers (drop (d drop off track d tracks tracks) Rebels. and weapons apons PRIMAGAMES. advance. the mines when you reach the T. A Get back on couple soldiers the quad and stand near a parked transport vehicle up ahead. as the road slopes down. You’re safe from A gate blocks your path—but conveniently. then slow or pause time and run as far away let your time as possible before it explodes.COM . is a big section of road with mines in it. Drive forward until flaming debris appears ahead. and then get away and slowly quickly. the newly there is a turret beside the vehicle. ammo ammo. Follow the path until the next level loads.

the soldiers aka Quantum and Storm Guards in the way we suggested: pop out Guards. They were made 88 dropped by the for this sort of tough enemy. riverbed. Now drop back to the cover of a Storm Guards boulder. start coming from up ahead. Good. for example. but mixed in are Storm Guards. (You’ll have to punch that lone guard at least Keep moving five or six times to get the kill. It’ll take a while. shots enough energy to pause time. collecting their shields make them about twice as thunderbolt resistant to damage as they’d otherwise be. and reach rendezvous point pop out and freeze time. pause time. The flamethrower portion of Storm Guards’ Hellfire weapon makes them exceptionally dangerous at close range. airship are attacking you. so they grip their weapons too tightly for you to steal them while time is slowed. Check the sidebar for details on these guys. you just Storm Guards (Continued) Storm Guards are much more durable than need to get there. ammo from a So. notice one of Krone’s airships. Use grenades too. Then unload on them. and use powerful weapons (ideally energy shields the thunderbolt or echo rifle) to blast a Guard while and typically time is frozen. and their energy shields make easy task. sometimes Did you read known as Quantum Guards. It almost looks like it’s dropping some sort of payload It takes many punches to kill a Storm Guard. Therefore. it’s best to stay away (behind • Proceed through minefield to cover when possible). wield Hellfires. ed ash e You’re getting close to Krone’s munitions plant. if the curve of time is free-flowing. so slowing time and running up for punch kills is effective only if you’re facing one of them. Finally. While it is possible to kill Storm Guards Move forward. and forward. it will often take four bolts a mostly dry to finish him off. You haven’t dealt with them the sidebar? before. build up time energy. Here’s an important tip: Their shields are rendered temporarily useless OBJECTIVE when you pause time (slowing time won’t get it • Locate the Munitions Plant under- ground entrance done). And getting there will not be an regular soldiers. carry briefly. Retreat to farther cover if you get swarmed. However. don’t be shy about using your Several enemies grenades against these guys.) Again: the cautiously safest policy is to use cover. Follow game difficulty. unload on Storm Guards whenever you have Suddenly. A few of them are regular soldiers. two thunderbolt missiles will weapon chest generally kill a Storm Guard on the Medium nearby. For now. without pausing time to bypass their shields. Start dealing with Storm Guards. stay back. PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . if you pause time. them even more so. Then hide and repeat. which are combo submachine guns and flamethrowers. up ahead…. Unl where you’ll meet up with some rebels and get to wreak all sorts of havoc—later. but eventually you’ll finish off all the attackers. Overhead. They are at least partially robotic.

and drop off Tons of Krone’s the tracks’ men are on the slope leading to the plant. staying left. Run straight forward. in. It seems they’re about to the left. Should you collect Hellfires from the Storm Guards? They’re cool weapons but are better for indoor situations. equip your echo rifle or thunderbolt. forward. get on with Occupants 89 them. your ammo from Follow it. before dropping.COM . time. Continue to You’re only safe from mines when you’ve entered snipe. but you should already have those. later. Settle prevent further travel along the tracks. Eventually a path appears. when you get inside. Your rebel allies will help. You hillside is carved with trenches. and walk until you reach a set Take cover of barriers and behind a barbed wire that boulder. because there After killing are mines here. laying down blistering fire. fill circle around the riverbed. think about dumping the echo rifle for one of these. Instead of following the Wade directly through the pond. PRIMAGAMES. (There’s also a thunderbolt and EMF cannon There are minefields in this area: a good reason to here.) Turn right stick to the path once you find it. Approach them and up the slope to listen to what they say. Eventually a turret near the hilltop starts the pond. Consider holding off for now. climb are several Occupant rebels. the majority of and they’ll detonate if you approach them in real the enemies. When you OBJECTIVE reach railroad • Ambush the fortified perimeter tracks. and Slow time start sniping. toward a pond. Remain on When they’re high ground and done talking. turn right. advance to a fallen log and take cover behind it. Move stage an assault on the munitions plant to the right. an ammo chest on the ground. remain behind cover until your allies order you to take down that turret. On the other side riverbed. and start running up the hill toward the munitions plant. and the left side. Start taking down must slow time these guys.

and look right to see a few Storm Guards on the hillside. restock ammo again. With time slowed. 90 energy. then exit the trailer on the opposite side PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E from where you entered. either leading up to it is too steep. the hill. There’s an ammo chest nearby. slow time. circle around the side and shoot the gunner.) When you get there. as in some places the ground you see. back up a bit the trenches. When you have a free moment. advancing up Crouch down. can manage. as close to the turret as the Restock from trench will take an ammo chest you. so keep moving allies advance until you find a spot where you’re safe from it. Keep a lookout for a Bloodhound in a chest on the hillside. rectangular building (it looks like a metal trailer). in the trailer. When this happens. and run sides of the for the turret. Pause to join you by only then. Eventually you will emerge in a When the trench to the left of the turret. Note that the trench will not Your rebel always protect you from the turret. jump out of the Peek out both trench. until it starts to turn right. slow time. the turret. and look for nearby enemies and any snipers on the munitions plant who are shooting at you. hillside looks clear and your time energy is restored. and recover your time energy whenever you’re behind cover. crouch when you’re in the trench. Advance up Pause time and pick off any you can see. along with the hill (with time slowed) whenever you have time any conventional soldiers in the trenches to the right. Move Move from up until you’re trench to trench. Crouch and advance through the trench. a small. And to maximize hillside toward your cover. the When things gunner can’t turn fast enough to avoid you. Shoot anyone who pops up along the way When you’re but keep moving. nearby trench. right beside staying as far them. drop energy built up. After a short while they urge you to move benefiting from ahead on your own. are more or less clear. help them left as you to shoot down can while still enemies. slow time and As always. trailer and gun (You will have to veer to the right in order to actually down any foes reach the turret. Drop Circle around into the nearest trench. Run until you’re inside the trailer. off the turret’s then run forward side into a and to the left. make sure to slow time when you run across the attempt these difficult passages. Look for a slope that you nearby or up on the munitions plant. . replenish your ammo supply. Deal with these enemies but remain crouched. ed ash e When you Immediately Unl have some time after shooting the gunner.

Take it. It’s a through a second door directly to the right. only one tricky part. then open a door. You’re now looking out on a freight-loading dock. Open a door to reveal a couple soldiers. more stairs. your mistake will be obvious if you make so if you miss it. let the energy replenish. in addition to regular soldiers. it and run out Gun down of time energy. here in favor of a Hellfire. take cover. When the trench dead-ends slightly following the to the plant’s right. Slow time. There’s little hard to see a seemingly open corridor that leads left. Just make sure you always have at least the thunderbolt so you don’t completely give up your long-range sniping abilities. Be careful: There are a couple Storm Guards out here. corridor. jump out of it and veer right. OBJECTIVE • Find your way deeper into the At the ladder’s base is a pile of explosives. There’s an ammo chest on the left side. We keep both the echo rifle and the thunderbolt here and grab the Hellfire to temporarily replace the EMF cannon. the rest of it. Go up some stairs. The dock and clear explosives blast him into oblivion. and then back into the hall. path. dead-ends. rush forward. and get back behind the corner. There’s away from the munitions plant. where you There’s a must go through square hole a door and then in the ground immediately go nearby. Now get out 91 nearer to the explosives. shoot the on the loading explosives. and finish them off. blast one of the Storm Guards. There’s only one path to follow inside. but it from a distance. Slow time and run through a trench. Jump onto the train’s front car in the middle of around a curving the loading dock. another pair and then search again. It’s your call. toward the Keep munitions plant. Freeze time.COM . A complex Storm Guard opens a door ahead. But we also like sniping—so consider keeping the thunderbolt and the echo rifle. and down opens. stock up after You may consider dropping one of your weapons clearing the loading dock. Just keep advancing. and the train takes you to the next level. A ladder leads down into the of guards in a hole. Pause time. PRIMAGAMES. Get behind the corner and wait for him to advance a few steps. A door up ahead hall. Throw the lever. Repeat the process until all visible enemies are gone.

into the central core—that’s where you gun turrets. the turrets in the hall shoot missiles that move very fast. ed ash e Unl Giant fan EEntry ntrry door tto o giant giian nt fan MISSILE MISSSILE TURRETT HALL Entry ntry to Tall Tal ll ladd ladder ladd circular ular room Fan co control controll 92 Legend Beyond the door. Immediately sink back. Dodge from side to side as you advance—even with time slowed. getting through this hall requires some OBJECTIVE technique. Get off the train. move Turret Turr Weapon ahead until you Ammo Amm mo see a red-tinged hall guarded You’re now inside the munitions plant. • Find a way to the upper levels of the Munitions Plant OBJECTIVE • Advance through the rocket defense system Make sure you have full time energy. PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . Your task is to by multiple dig deeper. Collect a thunderbolt from a weapon chest on the platform. then take a side door. then slow time and dash into the turret hall. can do some real damage.

This makes a giant fan nearby start to spin. an inoperative A door in lift-style front of you elevator and a opens up. gunning down a few more time and dash soldiers that appear. then turn left. not in the front like the last three buttons. on balconies. and rest here. Press the button before time resumes its normal It’s close to pace. replenishes. When you reach the first turret. PRIMAGAMES. duck into the alcove on the left. Go missiles that directly to the hub’s other side. the door. going through a toward the third narrow area lined with chain-link fence. Climb this ladder. Gun use. then move to this are fired. Press a button on it. When you room’s central hub. Look for a OBJECTIVE • Access the upper control rooms console in the and activate the wind turbine far corner. Stay time energy near the door replenish. Take care final turret. anyone else from the door. into a enter a control control room. When you reach the next When you turret. Take out a trio of soldiers on the opens to the right. of them and dodging any continue on. Several more When your soldiers appear time energy is on the right as back. toward this turret. press the button to disable the turret. shaft that leads up through the Let your building. making it safe for giant central you to remain here indefinitely. deactivate this last turret is in the alcove’s back Look for a wall. you advance to avoid incoming missiles. The final turret is now deactivated. and a massive door pair of soldiers that you can’t approach. Wait here go down a short until your stairway to a time energy lower platform. This disables the first turret. Several soldiers run up close to attack. duck into an This door alcove to the left and press the button you find opens on a there. Follow this Then slow platform to the right. Take a left. get there. slow time you approach and rush toward the central 93 the fourth and hub. Clear out everyone in sight before strafing a bit as advancing through this door. an alcove room’s other side. Slow and look for time and once targets. When you get near the turret. but the button to right. very tall ladder. Go through the control room and open room and gun a second door. duck into an alcove to the right and press the can’t see button to disable this turret. Go in there.COM . down a pair of armed techs. them down and go through Upstairs. but again dash there are also a couple echo rifle[EN]wielding snipers into the hall.

moving ahead. then turn left. you see out but now pause there. it makes Peek out the panels on a round door ahead of you spin through the around—but so quickly that you can’t get through it door into at normal speed. there will be three soldiers below. At the railing’s end is an ammo chest (stock up!) and a ladder leading back down. It’s up to you whether to grab it. Keep You are inside here. the massive 94 chamber. ed ash e nl OBJECTIVE U • Proceed to the wind tunnel and find a way up to the main level Another of Krone’s techs emerges from a previously locked door behind you. and a taking out more Hellfire would be a winning combination. PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . to ensure that the far end out another tech in there. onto the railing and turn left. jumping here and let your time energy recharge. Gun him down and take the door he When you reach a piece of metal balanced like came through to enter a second control room. take a teeter-totter. Just ahead is the giant through this fan that you set to spinning a little while ago. go out and sneak through the door. clear. You’re now in a narrow area filled with pipes. Go You emerge on a platform. Stand area. crouch. over and moving around pipes as necessary and gunning down soldiers. get on it. enemies. the panels are not blocking the door. Go forward. At time when minimum. Open a door that leads back stays up. Jump from the out into the massive chamber with the central shaft. blasting There’s likely an echo rifle from a fallen sniper on the a soldier as railing past the door. the echo rifle. but there are lots of big spaces. Take the ladder. Run When all is forward. pause time and run forward. Drop down on the other side. Press the button on the pedestal. until you reach a console on a pedestal. so having the thunderbolt. far end to a higher ledge. and Press the snipe anyone button again. you go.

When your time energy runs out. gun them shaft. try again). when you walk on the fan’s top. past that door. runs out. press the Time Control button: it should be automatically set to rewind. because edge.COM . When it’s full. look up. Therefore. up through the There are several guards on the walkway. down. Now the fan blades are pushing air up instead of sucking it down. Just before you walk into it. The next level loads as you proceed down the hall. As you approach the shaft’s top. 95 Button drops tank ank and releases Flash ash h Guards Snipe Snip p from here 1st st Wa Warp arpp Guard Tank Ta kggarage appearance appe ppe eara aa arance Ladder La ad d dder to gar g garage Legend Turret Turr Weapon Ammo Amm mo PRIMAGAMES. walk toward the fan. You want the fan’s suction takes your shots right down with to be over the walkway circling the shaft’s top (and the air. if that happens. you must get close to these guards not over the shaft’s center) when your time energy before you can shoot them. steer yourself toward the You can’t shoot through the shaft’s center. it blasts you up. Take a small door that leads out of here. you fall onto the circular walkway at the shaft’s top (or die if you As you fly failed to get off in time.

A Warp Guard (a new type of enemy) briefly appears in the Proceed out the room’s other side. Follow the walkway to another ladder. • Activate the control room switch to open the assembly doors Then check behind the ladder for a Take the door thunderbolt in a weapon chest. Grab it for extra at the hall’s ammo. electricity. This prevents an enemy’s stray shots from detonating them while you’re standing At the too close. Keep going You’ll be traveling through this warehouse for quite a until you reach while. just watch. At levels of the the base you’ll warehouse. of them. so get a good look at it. When you have additional time energy. an armed tech in the control Follow this room beyond. clear. note a strange electrical disturbance ahead. The thunderbolt is an excellent end. Go down on several the ladder. ed ash e You’ve made it upstairs. and through another door. short distance away. gunning down the soldiers on patrol up ahead. glimpse of the snipe a couple Warp Guard before he disappears. guns. if necessary. Explosive containers are always bright red. Gun down all-around choice for this level. so be very cautious. Climb this ladder. There’s a lot of explosive material out here. Warp Guards’ special ability is to warp in and out of Repeat this until no more enemies are visible in the existence. overlooking the massive munitions warehouse. and then vanishes. warehouse. shoot a single OBJECTIVE guard patrolling • Secure the warehouse ahead of you. enter the door again and snipe some more. ladder’s top. 96 As you approach a certain section of walkway. go down a ladder to a walkway. and then sink back through the door. blow them up from a up. through a hall. but now you must get When all is Unl through a munitions warehouse. If your this one going path takes you close to them. a ladder leading Soldiers patrol down. Now you’re on a balcony and keep moving when the electricity dies down. catch another Slow time. For now. upper walkway and collect an as it twists EMF cannon in a across the weapon chest if you prefer it over some of your other warehouse. PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E .

Take back until the electricity dissipates. on a lower Advance walkway that until you find leads to another a ladder going ladder going down.COM . leading up. using the boxes as cover. Snipe them both with Exit a door the thunderbolt and keep moving. along with a whole bunch of Flash Guards. you soldiers you catch another just sniped sight of the were standing elusive Warp is a ladder Guard. Guards pop Press a button out of boxes. then start moving along the series of platforms. Directly below In the hall where those beyond. Gun them down. overlooking the look for a trio warehouse. Sink back to cover by the warehouse’s wall. they are important the right. veer because you’ll soon need to fight them. at the spot where you originally entered. This path When you takes you back reach the out onto a ledge ladder’s top. then move along the Now you’re walkway. For now. so turn OBJECTIVE your attention to some EMF cannon-wielding soldiers • Proceed through munitions ware- up ahead. though. well. walkway until snipe some of the Flash Guards zipping around on you reach the the warehouse floor. This you have no time energy. up high. a pair of soldiers is waiting on a higher platform. Before it. right—but watch out. a few overlooking the more Flash warehouse. so look When you carefully. and slowing time as you causes a new tank to drop into the warehouse— attack in order to get good shots. using some explosive house to the assembly doors barrels to speed up the process. Take them all down. Take down. on a console Fight them. then get moving it to where they again. turn right and They’re standing climb down a across the ladder. the Warp Guard isn’t attacking. degrees to As for the Flash Guards. Go right and look for a ladder warehouse wall whenever you’re injured. at the control room’s end. finally climb This ladder down to the leads to a warehouse control room floor. 97 of snipers with Immediately thunderbolts. along with an electrical disturbance. It’s in a dark spot by the wall. were. hiding when in here. Stand leading up. When you reach a spot The tank itself isn’t important. PRIMAGAMES. then move taking the next along the ladder. what is important is where you can that your eventual exit from this warehouse lies go forward or beyond the assembly doors through which the tank veer off ninety was lowered. because directly ahead. warehouse. Climb it.

ed ash e To the left Unl of where those snipers were. deal with them as they appear. ignore them and hop through the hole. When you find a double row of tanks. then tanks. take a second ladder that leads partway back down. you might encounter several normal soldiers in there. approach it. If you decide to venture into the maze of containers beneath those snipers. beware 98 down to the room on the other side. Take it. there’s a burst of electrical disturbance and a few soldiers appear right behind Past the you. Sink back when they first Go into a garage cut into the warehouse wall. a ventilation hole near the ceiling. advance through the tanks. and crawl into things are under control. Jump onto the pile. Look appear. Almost immediately. PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . Proceed a short a couple of distance and the next level loads. look for a very tall ladder leading up. When for a pile of crates. near a lone tank. As you do this. snipers with thunderbolts on a raised platform ahead and to the left. New Flash Guards pop out of boxes as you pass. you beyond the tanks. but beware—an extra-strong wave of Flash Guards awaits Advance slightly along this platform and turn right. and we recommend avoiding it. Head across the warehouse. then snipe them. Avoid them until you deal with the Flash Guards. But there isn’t any reason to go there. and fight from a position of cover.

a soldier opens the far door. the game still has a few monkey wrenches to throw in your gears.COM . extremely dangerous warehouse. You will encounter some sticky situations in these next five levels. you definitely understand the game. bly line then advance to the door. Nevertheless. Drop D Dr rop r pooff assembly assem mbl line A ASSEMBLY Y LINE Drop p down Hand- Hand-crank d-crank elevator elev vator Flame Flam me jets Drop down down ont onto to 99 assembly mbly line Button Bu uttton on to release l se ladde ladd lladder dd Legend Turret Turr Weapon Ammo Amm mo You’ve managed to make it papast that huge. PRIMAGAMES. OBJECTIVE • Locate plant’s central core You start out in a long hall. Take him down. Now you must go to the core of the munitions plant. which means you must go through the central assembly line. The same can be true when you face smaller numbers of elite enemies. Open the door and look out onto a walkway above an assembly line. but don’t worry: we’ll keep you on the right path. end. You don’t have to worry about common encounters with the numerous typical soldiers because you’ve developed tactics for dealing with them.If you made it this far. As you approach the • Proceed through central assem.

ed ash e Several Now the Unl more guards are patrolling hammers are at your back. onto the assembly line. freeze time and run beneath it. Look down the assembly line to a second of flame. You hammer. Go there. charge up your time energy. and hurry through. freeze time fairly close to this hammer (but not too close). walking slowly backward in order to counteract the assembly line’s forward motion (and maintain your safe position between hammer and flames). When it does. the Take refuge on a stationary area just to the assembly line assembly line’s side. before taking on those jets. Don’t get too close to either hazard. go there! To the left and right is a walkway that runs just beneath the assembly line. then look for is just ahead. Again. Pause time while the crusher is open. Just past the crusher. On the hammer’s other side is a crusher that smashes in from the left and right. and wait for your to drag you time energy to replenish. freeze time again and move full speed through the flame tunnel. When and dash under a third hammer. PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . a spot where no Replenish your railing protects time energy you from the assembly line below. Drop onto either side of that walkway. Drop off the walkway. look hammer rises right and gun and falls on down an armed the assembly assembly-line line in front of worker. On the tunnel’s other A giant side. then get close to the crusher. When your time energy is refilled. a tunnel filled Eliminate them with flame jets all. Slowly 100 you. spend some time here. the hammer is at a high point. Pause time while this second hammer is don’t want to elevated and scoot under it. and let your time energy ends in a torrent recharge. Allow the walk backward assembly line to maintain your current position. The assembly line slowly moves you forward. and this walkway.

COM . to each side. When the elevator is on your level. They and raise the appeared on the walkway you just came down from. Hide behind the use any remaining time energy to slow time. Expect a big ambush of Krone’s soldiers as you approach those boxes and crates! Slow time. lead away from 101 this platform. notice a couple of the walkway’s center and climb down a ladder. If you’re in trouble. snipers positioned along the far wall of this area. As you reach (The red beam from an echo rifle will give them the lower away. pick off a couple of the enemies amidst The elevator sinks as soon as you unfreeze time. Use them to blow up enemies.) Snipe both of them. and blast these enemies grenade or two. destroy them when enemies are near them to score very easy kills. several soldiers attack. and avoid standing near them. Two narrow Immediately conserve any remaining time energy walkways. collect a thunderbolt from behind the Stock up from an ammo chest near this platform’s other. pause time and dash inside. then repeat the process. PRIMAGAMES. maybe throw a Use the elevator for shelter. There are lots of explosive canisters around here. OBJECTIVE • Utilize elevator to gain access to lower levels of the factory Two doors lead away from the ends of this walkway. There are more explosive canisters here. they both take you to an even larger platform stacked high with boxes and crates. and When it reaches the bottom. with an EMF cannon or Hellfire. one by turning off your time power. Take either. the boxes. Return to back edge. you Look for an see several of elevator with Krone’s armed a big wheel workers lurking beside it. platform. Then look around. Press down here. One is locked. Slow and hold the time and blast Use button to them quickly with your EMF cannon or Hellfire. turn the wheel Also look for a couple of enemies above. massive concrete pillar at the platform’s front while your time energy recharges. elevator.

Notice time energy runs out. just below the walkway. But also watch for snipers on raised platforms near the assembly line’s middle: one has a Bloodhound missile launcher. When you reach the Keep moving along the platform. the walkway’s end. there are several weapon cases in this area. an side wall. Take the walkway. Explore the platform when it’s clear. Jump over the railing and drop into that duct. Gun down anyone on moving and the other side of the flames. exit is the door you entered through. ed ash e When all is Unl clear. look for a silver walkway that leads to the side wall. This drops a the first two. fighting until you find a door. Several soldiers are up there. The ladder you just dropped is right in front of Grab an EMF 102 you: climb it. Look down. It’s imperative to take him out before he hits you with a missile. Up ahead. ladder outside. Exit the When you’re through the flames. Follow it straight to the next level. Take it. then press a button on a console. destroy as many as possible before door. Wait and OBJECTIVE let your time • Locate the vent shaft that leads energy return to the plant’s central core before pausing time again and moving through the next two. Notice a venti- lation duct in the wall. waiting beyond the on all sides. PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . Walk back out that door and immediately turn left. cannon from but slow time a chest inside just as you the small room reach the top. Then look for cover and deal that the only with the rest. and gun down another cluster of soldiers that appears ahead and to the right. right and keep blocking your forward progress. go explosion rocks the wall and jets of flame shoot out. Gun down an armed tech in and run past here. take the door at control room. closely paired jets. entering Pause time a small control room.

Ammo Amm mo then turn your attention to Now that you’re near the heart of the munitions several guards factory. carefully move between tall shelves packed with crates.COM . PRIMAGAMES. Approach a spinning fan. Strafe back and forth along the platform as you pick them off from above. around the lower level. it’s time to find the central core and deal scattered some serious damage. a ladder leads down to the supply room floor. Exit c crate t Elevator Ride u up in crate Laser halls FFlush rea reactor re cto c tor coolant coolan l nt Silver elevator Two levers verrs s Gun down a 103 Legend soldier on the Turret Turr Weapon walkway you’re standing on. Clean out any foes still down here while periodically looking up. then go down the ladder. now you’re on a walkway overlooking a supply room. One or two soldiers appear on high ledges. Downstairs. OBJECTIVE • Locate controls and flush reactor coolant At the platform’s end. Pause time and sneak through the fan. Blast any guards remaining on the floor.

man-sized box onto the conveyor belt. Your other side. which T-junction with a are now approaching. go Don’t ride the moving platforms. Quickly exit the box. Slow down time. on a different walkway. then climb a second. leads to an elevated OBJECTIVE section of floor. Freeze time and fill him full of lead. Periodically. so pause time. After the crane drops a box. in front of it. path is a dead end). a Take a door crane drops an out this room’s empty. Ignore the robotic troops being assembled on either side: concentrate on this hall’s end. time energy is full. This is 2. this walkway’s other side. and eventually the sides come notice a short away again. Rewind time just as you’re getting inside the box. But watch for soldiers both ahead and across Climb down the gap. exposing the interior. • Find an alternate entrance into Climb that ladder. To then approach do this: another corridor 1. where a Storm Guard awaits. Several near the boxes’ drop location. and blast conveyor belt. to a somewhat confusing area—there are partially transparent walls and assembly lines on either side of you. leading out of Throw both of here. Grenades (and efficient shooting while time is paused) will get you through situations like these. slow time and jump across both energy hovering platforms to the walkway on the room’s other side. attack from up ahead. task is to ride upstairs inside one of those boxes. Unl reach this room’s end. You’re now on a conveyor belt in a ladder that new room. erates. the box is lifted back upstairs. it pulls the sides of a tough situation. ed ash e When you 3. then take pedestals in the the only door control room. longer ladder the reactor core room that leads to a control room. throw a grenade the box away. Dash into the or two. 104 When you reach a The levers activated two moving platforms. them in quick succession. Shoot a guard There are in this new two levers on room. When both platforms are lined flaming core of up in front of you. them all. Now the box’s sides are replaced. then return to The door leads the walkway and turn left. just use them as left (the right stepping stones to the room’s other side. including a couple Storm Guards. enter the room. Make sure your enemies. then back up while your time energy regen- box when this happens. PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . Get on the conveyor belt and maintain a position junction. Gun them down as the ladder on they appear. Now In the dark room to the left are several regular you’re next to a troopers.

pick off an enemy or two with the thunderbolt in lockstep! or some other high-powered weapon. Then quickly back up before you run out of time energy. time energy replenishes. Just to the right is a weapon case. soldiers may containing an emerge from it. roughly circular room filled with both regular and jetpack soldiers. Go through until you a door into a eliminate all control room. there’s also a big cargo container while your immediately to the door’s right to hide behind. Advance past a gate. conventional soldiers. pause time and lay down spring mines or laser mines. Hopefully you took out two or three Storm Guards with your grenades. Proceed OBJECTIVE straight down • Advance to the coolant control the corridor. the jetpack and Gun down a few armed techs. room beneath the reactor ignoring the branch on the Keep fighting left. A big. Storm Guards including the highly mobile jetpack soldiers. along with assorted grenades. As you approach. Fill elevator. This is quickly back away. Eventually the reactor core. but you still need to avoid the remaining Guards’ fire until you get that energy back. Then Go through head across the another door room toward a into a small silver-colored cylinder. Hide behind Your best cover is to actually leave the room. best you can However. up your ammo and proceed through yet another door. Grab an 105 EMF cannon (if you don’t already have one). which is actually a strange- supply room looking elevator. revealing the interior. OBJECTIVE Ride the • Eliminate reactor core defenses elevator down and exit in a lower corridor. PRIMAGAMES. then get inside the ammo chest. due to multiple enemies. Slow advancing time. If the elevator doesn’t open. just walk up to it and pulsing blue energy sphere lights the room. Eventually you reach a big. Deal with them.COM . and you get a nasty surprise: five This is a tough spot. then sink back Immediately behind cover as your energy recharges. the corner as ducking back through the door you came in. the silver facing slides back. Repeat if necessary.

However. Climb it. wall or into a corner whenever they’re around. because it inflicts severe damage entered through and opens another short tunnel and can be fired relatively quickly. just defend. Warp Guard is disappearing). Don’t try to attack. Repeat this guarded by two rotating lasers. if the of the beam while it is vertical. just as you did the last three. but bit tricky for long-term use in the single-player there’s a ladder inside. get your back to a this only leads to mistakes. which are potent beam. Repeat these steps for the second two beams. 3. one right after the other. We grab them. Bypass these lasers process every time the Warp Guard appears. A bright flash while still being ready to enter the tunnel. their low ammo makes them a elevator. Then with the blue hose down the energy sphere. about to face Proceed down the corridor after eliminating them all. dodging). . of light heralds their appearance (or disap- 2. Then squeeze past either side your opponent (or relax for a moment. three Warp Guards. Follow the wide corridor beyond the lasers. and don’t let any of those areas small room with out of your line of sight. keep moving quickly from side to • Proceed past security and exit side. remaining Storm Watch out: Guards with you’re now EMF cannon fire. 1. Warp Guards can easily warp into existence 106 Don’t try taking more than one beam at a time. just hide behind cover (if you OBJECTIVE have no cover. slow time. If you’re low on time energy the next time the Warp Guard appears. When the Warp Guard the munitions fully materializes (but before he starts shooting). They won’t damage you. Use this visual cue to get ready for vertical. factory’s freeze time and unload with everything you’ve reactor coolant. campaign. energy. Press a button on the Killing Warp Guards is simple—you just have console to drain to execute it properly. use them up. a console. An EMF cannon is a Pressing this button also seals the corridor you good choice. At the end is what Surge guns are fun weapons. On the right is a short tunnel guarded by three Warp Guards rotating laser beams. To avoid that. and then discard them for a Hellfire or EMF cannon when the PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E ammo runs out. behind you. To bypass each beam: Warp Guards can warp in and out of existence. the facility Resume attacking when you have time energy again. Ignore the energy bolts the sphere throws. Just concentrate on your enemies. got from medium-close range. ed ash e Pause time Now you’re Unl again when you’ve got the back up in the reactor core. Approach the tunnel and stand close to the first and they have surge guns. When the nearest rotating beam is almost pearance). See the sidebar for tips on dealing with these guys. capable of shooting looks like either a destructive pulse or a constant lightning another silver bolt. Stand as far to the left or right as possible electricity-based weapons. Limit the possible areas where the Warp Guard You enter a might appear.

At some point she’s gonna blow! But don’t worry: though various rumblings and Ammo Amm mo explosions will lend a sense of urgency as you proceed through this next level. well. PRIMAGAMES. and surge gun. there is no timer running down. and by firing in very ride it up to the next level. In other words. Continued Guard’s surge gun. (Again. and use its secondary fire mode to destroy the next one.) A third will appear only gun that cannot be refilled with ammo at an after the second one falls. proceed at your own pace. Cannon clip. grab a thunderbolt (the beam) most of the time. Then grab the fallen Warp Laserr hall h Start of moving g Drop jet cart path 107 E off moving End cartt path TOWER Elevator from reactor torr core Bloodhound fight held here herre e Elevator Elevato v tor You’ve succeeded in draining the reactor coolant. echo rifle. we like to carry a with a full EMF thunderbolt. One useful tip: use the Secondary Fire mode After you clear the entire room. but they’re also the for info on killing Warp Guards. short pulses you can conserve ammo. Then locate an elevator and opponents in a millisecond. refer to the sidebar Surge guns not only are rare. so eliminate that one as ammo chest. Kill the first Warp Guard by stopping time and unloading At this stage of the game. Legend thus leaving the munitions factory’s reactor in Turret Turr Weapon critical condition. This mode kills most from a weapon case. That’s why their ammo is so precious.COM .

Freeze time and blast them both. Guards. head for cover behind a massive pile of inside the cursor and fire. engage the Bloodhound’s toward the bigger platform. a new platform. the top of the facility Now you Get in a must battle the nearby elevator helo with your and ascend to Bloodhound. immediately veer left. where some crates provide you cover. tower. tion slow time. Grab the Bloodhound (trading it for a surge gun or a Hellfire. containers. Secondary Fire mode. blown to smith- ereens. behind the helo takes various crates one too many and containers. Just be aware of your time energy. • Repeat this process after the first missile hits or There are misses. and hide when you run low on time energy. Stay back there U • Escape the facility • Locate drop jet bay for exfiltra. a lone soldier hiding at the bend in the walkway). Attack it while it’s small platform. squarely on the helo until the missile hits. but platform. No time OBJECTIVE to get excited. . Along Eventually. There’s an ammo tional soldiers. is a weapon chest containing a missiles and is Bloodhound missile launcher. ed ash e • Your best cover is behind the row of boxes where nl OBJECTIVE you collected the Bloodhound. and several soldiers duck behind cover immediately if it gets too low to gun down. and look for a good shot. • Find heavy firepower to destroy though: a pair the Helo of Storm Guards appears up ahead. 108 • If you’re getting torn apart. • Before taking a shot. if you have one of those). Concentrate on is a flaming firing when the helo is not already firing at you. the wall. Flash Guards emerge from some of the chest just beyond the row of crates you’re using crates. Run past that way you won’t be taking damage the entire the tower and time you’re guiding your missile. Here are some Immediately tips: get out and duck right. so you can stock up on missiles at any as cover. A transport plane deposits PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E several soldiers ahead of you. and get behind OBJECTIVE cover. (or if the helo starts seriously hurting you despite After eliminating your time being slowed). pop out of cover. Stay back and use the big central crate pile for cover. and you • Use the elevators to proceed to need to avoid getting shot by it. it’s flying a much bigger straight toward you (and thus easy to aim at). During these times. and then flies elevator onto a away before looping back. the conven. Keep the cursor crates and containers. looks from the for an opportunity to attack you. • When you do have time energy. approaching from a distance but before it starts To your left is shooting at you. The Fight from missile will home in on the target as long as you behind these keep the helo centered inside the cursor. • Keep repeating this process. you are probably Up ahead choosing bad times to attack. slow time to get good shots at the Flash time. whenever you’re low on time energy. The helo You emerge likes to make passes: it flies toward you. Move it’s not yet close enough to deal any damage to along a walkway and turn left (but watch out for you. Center the helo at you. A helo has just appeared overhead. This pops out an orange When soldiers from the big platform start shooting display with a central cursor.

” ruined tower to the left. get into the cart. from. The cart starts moving forward. Just use the levers on these platforms to reverse the cart when you’re Veer around the tower’s left side and look for a tall done. kill him in the way we discussed earlier. we of the cart’s recommend track. Snipe them. Your best strategy is to slow time and charge Snipe all of them. and hop back in.COM . freezing the lever and time whenever he appears and unloading massive immediately firepower into him while he’s frozen. a Then go left. If you need cover. and a few more soldiers on Three guards your level to the right. If you want get off the cart on one of the platforms to either side. There are several Zoom in on weapons in the far end cases. Send the cart back in the direction you came ladder. protect you from some of the side attacks. When the keeping the cart is about thunderbolt. Throw up. Then throw the lever again to make it go in the direction you were originally traveling. Look for a After dealing with anyone in the immediate hanging cart vicinity. these will off the platform. Bloodhound missile launcher emerges from a door down there. do so. Equip the 109 Explore the thunderbolt. partially “Sector 07. as well as the sniper in the left tower. where another guard or two are likely to be stationed. halfway to its the EMF cannon. are on this building’s different levels. look across at another platform. Upstairs. You can collect a thunderbolt and EMF cannon from either side. Get in amongst the big. destination. look at a building face labeled Also beware of a sniper up on the tall. Then climb a final ladder and beat down anyone waiting for you at the top. You may soldier with a have to clean up a couple stray guards as you go. and let it pass you. Climb it. killing several of the guys in front of curve of the tower you just climbed—just don’t fall you. piled crates. When he pops beside it. PRIMAGAMES. hide behind the straight ahead. Approach the Sector 07 building and quickly climb two ladders. keep with a lever your eyes peeled for a Warp Guard. Immediately rewind time and snipe him. and one other gun of your choosing. toward the smoldering tower. At the top. platform.

jump. Get out of the jet and move to the hangar’s front. simply When you slow or pause reach the end of time and move the line. into the Start by slowing drop jet that’s time and going parked in the the short center. Clear the room. Unl back in the cart and moving. build up more time energy. Duck into the left side of the third alcove. Then This one’s circle around a little trickier and walk up a than the last. Crouching is always okay. Slow time and light them up with a grenade 110 or weapons fire. unless there’s a beam overhead. past a second OBJECTIVE • Prepare drop jet for takeoff alcove. and then pause time and run forward. Try this as many times as you zoom in on the like. and try again. then enter a venti- lation duct and follow it until you emerge in a hangar. Look for a ladder leading up. From the third alcove. Enter the control room at the hall’s end. or safely jump all the lasers in the path to the third Snipe him too. You get a distance into new objective. second soldier is Only make the passage when you can easily avoid likely to pop out. alcove. PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . which is very drop jet similar to the one you dealt with in the “Ground Floor” level. Several armed technicians are oblivious to your arrival. let your time energy fully recharge. ed ash e When you’re If you froze the lasers in an awkward position. Climb it. freezing the beams and moving ahead to see if door again. Gun down an armed tech lounging at this hall’s end. ramp. Pull the You may have to hop over a frozen laser beam or green-flashing crouch to get under one. OBJECTIVE • Activate the lift. retreat back to your alcove. Next. the first alcove on the left. lever along the jumping is okay. A they stopped in an easily navigable position. to safety. get off through the the cart and go last few beams through a door. then board the Now approach a moving-laser trap. Gun down an armed tech in the hallway beyond. wall to open the in which case you may hit your head and die as you hangar doors.

Then run directly back into the hangar. (Jump over some crates along the way. Then. Turn the knob while simul- taneously slowing time. You fly out of the munitions factory just as it explodes. rises and walk into a small gatehouse near the bridge’s end. A short bridge extends beyond the hangar doors. run up the ramp and jump into the plane.) When you reach the drop jet. takes off.COM . straight toward the drop jet. automatically Go inside and notice the knob on the console. You’ve done good work here. rather than going around them. The plane Gun down a couple armed techs on the bridge. Bunker with gate te e con control cont and U crates to Use turret turret jjump p fence 111 Gates G t sccontrolled d by lever by Safe fe alc alcove Reverse MINEFIELD NEFIELD assemblyy line Train control lever Electrifi El lectrified llectrifi ectrified t ified dbbeam Vehicle e stops st ps here tops he ere Platform m lever err From vehicl vehicle veh chase sequen sequence Hop onto tra train ain Legend Turret Turr Weapon Ammo Amm mo PRIMAGAMES. but the adventure definitely isn’t over—as you’ll see when the next level loads.

a turret-shooting level. plus two reach the concrete barrier nearest the turret bunker. several Your rebel allies weapons in a do the same. looking back at behind cover. several of Krone’s vehicles. OBJECTIVE • Infiltrate the zeppelin factory At first the troopers are simple soldiers. but your ride will be extremely barrier and start short. your 112 vehicle crosses a drawbridge Remember that any enemy can become a turret as it’s rising. others of your choosing. vehicles get left the big turret in the bunker. case inside and another couple Around this time. Stay loading docks behind cover and pick them off one by one. and then it’s back to pounding the ground. OBJECTIVE When the last • Find switch in bunker to open the entry gate of the Storm Guards falls. Pause time when you get the chance. around outside. Run back and take your pick. around and run up to a Judging from the start. You get score precise head shots against these gunners. then move ahead until you thunderbolt. slightly to your right. you might expect this to be concrete barrier. just like “Disputed Airspace. a few more soldiers appear up scattered ahead. After only a short bit of driving. so don’t be surprised if you have to pick The other enemies off both turrets several times—particularly. and your vehicle crashes to a halt. gunner. summarily booted from the turret.” Get behind the That’s a good guess. which are in hot pursuit. start moving Behind you from concrete is a gatehouse. Shooting gunners off these two turrets should always be your first priority. another wave of enemies appears up ahead: Storm Guards. up until they’re all gone. helping your rebel friends as they fight the onslaught of Krone’s troopers. barrier to There are concrete barrier. Eventually. Among the newcomers are jetpack soldiers. Watch • Get to the factory perimeter for a turret gunner ensconced in a distant bunker. Keep this Shoot at whichever one you like. bearing their energy shields. make sure you have that one. PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . Stay You start out on the vehicle turret. then sneak out from cover and shred them. Gun The only really essential gun right now is the down a couple of them. you find yourself Now turn Unl manning the turret of a rebel vehicle as you make haste toward another of Krone’s factories. Use the thunderbolt to behind. ed ash e After watching a brief dialogue. and a smaller turret down on ground level. it doesn’t matter.

Throw it. When you’re When your safely behind time energy is the closest full. veer right anyone you find in here. patient. back away from your cover a bit. Be sealed gates. There’s a red lever on the wall inside the bunker. This opens the outer gates to Krone’s zeppelin factory. Quickly hop from these lowest crates onto the top Go stand ones. Snug up close to the crates and crouch down. They should protect you from most enemies. clean and run from out all remaining cover directly enemies from toward the this position. OBJECTIVE • Advance past the mine field and activate the loading dock gate controls Exit the bunker. Enter the Don’t veer off the road. Notice the walkway leading to the sealed main gates. the sealed Then whack gates. there Ignore all the are lots of bad guys inside the bunker.COM behind cover and wait until you have full time energy. you may need to snipe a jetpack soldier or two from back here. veer left and take a path that leads around to the bunker’s rear. Your allies have moved up and Wait here and build up your time energy again. main gates. Crouch PRIMAGAMES. Now notice that you can near your jump from the top crates over the nearby chain-link allies and look fence. so wandering off into the grass before we tell the back door. pop up after you think you’ve cleared them all out. . Don’t slow time yet. 113 Before your position is truly safe. The ones giant closed nearest the road form a ladder up to the tall crates. and get behind a big pile of crates. When all is quiet. are now firing When it’s full. slow time barrier. Look at the factory’s at the crates you’ve been hiding behind. you to can be deadly! Raid a weapons case on the way When you’re in to top off your only feet from ammo supplies. There are mines on both bunker through sides. and a few may enemies up there and concentrate on your path. ahead.

ed ash e Run across Now you’re Unl the crates and leap at the last standing in a train yard second so your between two jump takes you buildings. Stand still in this alcove.) Run up the beam and drop onto the fence’s other side. the area is clear. the building watch the wall you’re already on your left. This saves you from the mines on on ground level. Notice worrying about a thin metal that new ramp (created by a fallen beam) that leads across an objective. watch the wall on your left as you run through the minefield. Remember. on the left. keep running. must stop time before running across it. you were either too slow or you missed the safe alcove. as there are no mines across the train between the alcove and the beam. look electrified chain-link fence into a train yard. PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . and will kill you if you attempt it in real-time. leave the alcove the building and approach that metal beam. look Before ahead. to slow time for this part. There’s As your time an entrance energy runs low. Gun down you approach any stragglers who are still inside the building. advance. picking them off from cover. OBJECTIVE waiting for your • Find a way into the inner perimeter time energy through the train loading dock to replenish. Run mostly Slowly straight ahead. are several Just as you are soldiers on about to hit the your right. Go left. (The beam is electrified. Go inside and up some stairs.) yard. you there. when you do reach the beam. (There’s no need opposite you. and an alcove or collect a thunderbolt from a weapon case. You now get a new objective. facing. Meanwhile. Run straight into that alcove. you’re safe: there are no mines here. and possibly some on a building’s the fence’s other side. but also veer a little bit to the left. The spot you want is where the wall very distinctly cuts away. at the roof of When you’re at full time energy. run toward As you run. slow time. When Time should still be slowed as you run. leaving a sloping patch of dirt Walk outside. 114 If you got blown up by mines. If you’re standing in there when your time energy runs out. There are two snipers wandering around up However. There over the fence. where there is only a sloping patch of dirt—no grass. indentation in the wall. both ground. At the walkway’s left end is a lever. Run behind a cargo container and start them in real time. Slow time and thunderbolt them both. which detonate if you touch upper floor. train yard. onto a walkway that overlooks the with no mines in it. When you hit the ground.

several soldiers Jump off the spill out onto platform and get the loading on a smaller. Slow time as necessary. walkway. Time is platform arrives. This makes a train emerge from the target Look for a small building and slowly drive toward you. You’re now on the other side of the and more keep tracks from where you entered. you can let time resume its onto the loading dock. normal flow. press the Time Control button to reverse time. summon a moving platform. The platform carries you to the room’s Take cover. Throw the lever once to jump. the building Use the various explosive containers scattered across the across the dock to help finish off these enemies. As platform. jump down. restock make sure you ammo from an have full time energy. and throw the lever on the ammo chest. coming. aiming to land on the second car. and immediately right back into slow time. In a moment. As you There’s a lever up here. the building it Jump onto the came from. Wait here. but a couple will appear on high ledges—and one of those will be PRIMAGAMES. You land on When the the train. After the first train car passes directly underneath you. you’re safely on board. Get on the Move to the platform. This is a multistep When all is process. 115 now reversed. When soon as you’re inside. that takes you back down to There are lots the floor of the of soldiers. loading dock. right until you reach the broken walkway railing. clear. platform with a red light beside it. is to get inside and keep retreating to better cover if you’re exposed. and it automatically takes you up a level. jump off the train’s right side. Fight them moving platform from cover. Now your task on your side of the tracks. train yard. First. other side. dock’s other vertically side.COM . throw the lever so the train a second time goes backward. Most of them are on the loading dock’s opposite side.

series of steps to a walkway Reverse time that runs along and jump onto the room’s the assembly edge. Jump off the line. soldiers and armed technicians. PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . ed ash e Approach Climb up a Unl a moving assembly line. crawl inside. You’re getting closer. Then walk along the pipes until you reach a venti- lation duct. Keep crawling through the duct until the next level loads. Follow the line. Explosives Explo osive Elevator El levator evator v r Ramps R Ra mps mps Gate llevers v Entrance Entra an (requires explosives) exx 116 Spare p Bloodhou Bloodhound und (after after helo appe appears) appears Echo o Rifle Bloodhound oodhou dh und d Fl h Guards Flash G ds Legend Turret Turr Weapon OBJECTIVE • Find gate controls and open the Ammo Amm mo main gate • Gain access to Wind Testing Your main task is still to find the factory’s gate Facility controls. and gun down a few can drop behind a fence and land on some pipes. then open the main gates so your rebel friends can enter the compound. where you smaller room. you just have to keep pressing forward. It carries walkway to its you into a end.

and the echo rifle. Drop out of As you the ventilation proceed down duct. Grab an echo OBJECTIVE rifle from one of the weapon cases. and right. veering left again. and jump over the fence. there are front-end loader for cover. A crate lid forms Now backtrack and follow the street in the other a ramp. the ramp. behind cover. Watch Suddenly. a few for a pair of Flash Guards Storm Guards pop out of who appear sealed crates. Run up direction. and start sniping with the enemy and 117 thunderbolt or echo rifle. Follow it. another wave of This leads you troops appears to a dead end up ahead. Look for a stack of crates next to a chain-link fence. a now on a large number of street. the EMF cannon. Slow time. Carefully shoot the bad guy (minding all the explosives back here). with a single Hang back. behind a regular soldiers front-end loader. you can After you round go either left or the corner. Restock your ammo from an ammo chest on the roadside. • Access gate control lift through fenced off area When all is clear. from the right. Soldiers run Keep in from the left moving ahead. some weapon cases. Slow time and Take cover and start picking off blast them. appear. and pump them full of thunderbolt missiles when they take care of them as well.COM . Gun down a few armed techs who appear ahead. Crouch behind the Shoot explosives to make your task easier. onto the crates. This one includes a few Storm Guards. Keep moving ahead. quiet. Look for opportunities to shoot red barrels The road and score explosive kills. right. back Pause time and up to cover. loops around a corner to the When all is right. Go right. lots of them scattered about. the soldiers patrolling the street. You’re the street. veer left when you have the chance. PRIMAGAMES. appear ahead. run Our preferred weapon set at this time is the forward and thunderbolt.

After throwing both levers. cover at the The gates open when you throw the second lever. get in it. lots of ammo right now. Look for a ramp on your right Keep moving that leads onto forward. releasing opened gates two Storm and park in Guards and two the courtyard. ahead are the Run up that ramp. ride to the wall’s top. move Bloodhound forward. A allies drive through the garage door opens. gate control This means you have as many Bloodhound shots as levers on the you need to take down that helo. onto the crates. If you 118 When the area didn’t grab a is clear. one base of the is lying in the gates is a small middle of the elevator. then time behind immediately slow time and run to throw the second. When it’s approaching (but not a weapon case near the second lever. there is another soldier somewhere that you need to eliminate first. most of your To open the gates. Freeze helo appears time and blast the Storm Guards. and throw a lever to get the one from atop the gates. They are spaced quite Take down far apart. firing at you yet). At the before. As you approach. pinned-down rebels. OBJECTIVE • Destroy the Helo Ride back After you eliminate these enemies. immediately. and now you have a new objective.) There are two There’s an ammo chest in the street nearby as well. you probably have you came up on. slow time and engage the Bloodhound’s PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . Up a pile of crates. right descends with amongst the a soldier inside. first throw one lever. or when it’s busy firing at someone else. look around. street’s edge. Now you’re amidst the pinned-down rebels. This is optional. and jump over a factory’s main fence. several soldiers appear ahead If the helo attacks as you head toward the rebels. Run up and grab it if you didn’t Eliminate the soldier. (If the elevator isn’t ready. equip a sniping weapon. conventional An enemy soldiers. Sink back slow time and seek cover until it flies away again. wall’s top. of you—including a sniper on the gates. then find some overhead. ed ash e Immediately Your rebel Unl turn right. but you this helo just are supposed like you did in to throw them “Exeunt”: spend simultaneously (or nearly simultaneously). gates. and start picking them off from cover. It street. grab a Bloodhound from Look for the helo. cover and take out the other two. you can go down on the through the garage door they came from and access little elevator a weapons case.

Take it and rejoin your allies. Run up the helo blows up in a most satisfying fashion. Keep firing missiles until you run out of time energy or until the helo starts getting good shots at you. go through the garage door 119 on the right.Secondary Fire mode. run away from though. There’s a red indicator on the factory It will take quite a few direct hits. Follow them until the next level loads. You’ll have to deal with a few more of them as and then immediately hiding until your time energy you go down. let your time energy replenish. Aim at the helo. Start are emerging over and try just firing one or two missiles at a time from. but eventually doors. OBJECTIVE Remember. There is no reason to rush this. you have an unlimited Wind Testing Facility doors supply of missiles. fire. doors. you are in no hurry. A few of the door until time resumes its normal flow and the Krone’s soldiers doors are blown apart.COM . When you reach the ramp’s bottom. Then seek cover. and repeat. and then run down If you get killed. and pour in through you receive a the destroyed new objective. The explosive device you need is sitting on a table in there. Gun down any soldiers your allies haven’t yet killed. and thanks to the • Locate explosives and blast open ammo chest in the street. there and plant the explosive. it was likely because you got greedy and tried to shoot too many missiles in a the ramp the row. No time to Pause time and celebrate. and keep the targeting cursor painted on the helo until the missile strikes. returns. PRIMAGAMES. despite the fact that your time energy was enemy soldiers running out and the helo was firing at you. run up a ramp to assault the The rebels courtyard.

Legend then deactivate it so the others can follow. you will try to steal one of Krone’s drop jets. You have already seen much of what TimeShift can throw at you. Of course. PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . . Krone’s soldiers. your with rebel forces rebel allies • Deactivate wind turbine charge deeper • Eliminate enemy threats and into the factory. ed ash e Unl We’ve reached the final few levels of the single-player campaign. The going will get tough. Read on. and that’s why you’ve got this book. Turret Turr Weapon after you quiet the turbine. Later. . there are a few nasty twists and turns yet to come . but the previous levels’ battles and obstacles have prepared you well. Train with drop jet Safe alcov alcove Button to disable able blle WIND D TUNNEL wind tunnelel 120 Button B utt tton tt n tto o llo load oad d drop dro opp jjet Levers Leve ers to move drop jet (in n roomm below loading butt b button) to on) on) Your task is to find a way past this wind tunnel. Ammo Amm mo As this level OBJECTIVE • Acquire drop jet and rendezvous opens. and prepare for your sprint to the finish line. prepare drop jet for transport The point man advances into a wind tunnel. which sucks the point man in to a grisly death. seeing this. activate the wind tunnel’s giant turbine.

Keep making adjustments so you don’t get blown too far off course. wind and turn Open it and peek right (that’s the into the wind direction the tunnel—but don’t go out there yet! Look straight wind is pushing you). Gun them If you have any down. Now you’re safe from the wind. time again. Since the wind is pushing you left as you run. retreating back to the stairwell for cover if doubt where the necessary. instead of blowing you to the right. there’s a thunderbolt in a weapon compensate by running slightly to the right of your chest out here. Take the stairs up to a platform While time is overlooking the reversed. run wind tunnel. Gun them down and look for the stairs leading up. alcove. then climb the alcove up a ladder on before your time the other side. You are fully sheltered from the wind in here. Pressing the Time Control button reverses time. reverse rebel allies. aiming several troopers for that alcove. There’s a door very close to across the tunnel and a little bit to the left to see an you. OBJECTIVE Let your time • Rotate drop jet and proceed to energy charge the ground floor up fully. Now. across the wind There are 121 tunnel. You start When your out in a small time energy is room with your back. room with a pair of armed technicians. Then. At the top. the wind in the tunnel pulls you to the left. locate a second wait here for it ladder and climb that as well. look for a pair of windows set in the alcove walls. PRIMAGAMES. press the Time Control button You’re now and step into inside a control the wind tunnel. They’re the only windows you can see from your current position. Go through the door at the You can platform’s other easily reach end.COM . Step Only one door back into the is unlocked. to return. here. energy runs out. When it does. alcove is. Get inside it. destination. If you need ammo.

go down. you emerge in a advance onto control room with two armed techs. Shoot explosives near them to make A trio of this easy. Go the button loads it onto a transport system. Notice the drop jet below you. Start to is fine. When your enemies. and room. you can take two different paths across the walkways and platforms. Enemies are all across these platforms. appears when you press the Keep moving button. To reach this door. Move ahead press the button until you’re on to deactivate the wind tunnel’s turbine. you emerge in equip your another control thunderbolt. entered through. When you platform at the reach a platform wind tunnel’s with ladders end. Now you’re looking path requires a short jump. You’ll see a walkway on the completing an objective. a button on it. Gun them all PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . right. pressing platforms. the left Open a door at the ladder’s top. a side platform You now get a new objective. overlooking the wind tunnel. Quickly ahead until slow time. Follow this walkway to a door set in the wall. ed ash e Look for a Unl walkway on this platform’s other side (not the side you came from. Go through Concentrate on detonating explosive barrels. there the door. look on the other side). a ladder and go through a After you couple more down most of doors. Gun down a pair OBJECTIVE of soldiers who • Load drop jet on transport system emerge from a door up ahead. then follow the walkway. the nearest of two very Press the button on the pedestal near the bay large central windows. Jump the gap. Either way roof. then are lots of them up here. with three armed techs. jetpack troopers and walk down the stairs. thus to the platform’s end. and they’ll instantly kill climb down nearby enemies. snipe from the door. The walkway Take a second leads to a door. this one take down all three. and the straight-on path out over a series of platforms near the wind tunnel’s requires you to climb down a short ladder. blast them both. Then go through the door they came from. Go back out There’s a small gap between your platform and the the door you 122 walkway. There’s a leading both up pedestal with and down.

then on the wind advance along tunnel floor again. end. Turn left when you approach the platform’s middle. There are two Run levers on pedestals. then pause across the wind time and run over and throw the second lever. p firefi efi fight gght h 123 Lift ift Lever Lev v to ver to rraise e cargo ca argo o tracks k Button to Button relea release ase zeppel zepp zeppelin lin anchors h Train w with drop jet Legend Turret Turr Weapon Ammo Amm mo PRIMAGAMES. Now look around the room. the drop jet is being the platform you winched away.down. enter the same door that you took when you Take the door first crossed the at the control tunnel (when the turbine was active and you were room’s other fighting against the wind). stairs beyond Now you’re out this door.COM . Run to your allies to complete the level. so first throw one lever. Overhead. This tunnel. and completes the last bit of business with the drop jet. Enter hangar ng g Button to open gate ate for tra ttrain ain in Train stops ps here. emerge upon. then turn left and take a Climb the second door. You must throw these almost diagonally simultaneously. You’ll see the drop jet and your allies waiting for you.

and go inside. Help them 124 take out the remainder of those soldiers when you no longer see anyone to the hangar’s left. Then look to the hangar’s left. ed ash e The drop jet has been loaded onto a train. you receive a new objective. snipe Look out the them. Slow time as you do this. and more will appear as you’re shooting. where enemies with thunderbolts like to hide. roll down the tracks. Throw a lever to you have some set the train in motion. and target enemies on the There are no giant enemies up ahead that demand ground. then clear back of the out any stragglers left on the ground. You’ll have • Eliminate enemies guarding to shoot another hangar soldier or two as they emerge up ahead. but it waits until you climb aboard. time energy built up. along with Your Unl your allies. your allies do a good job of pinning down the soldiers directly in front of you. The train is set to leave. Start the Bloodhound. and the train grinds to a halt. train as you When all is clear. When Get on board the nearest train car. a veritable army of Krone’s men spills out and attacks Get off you. the train and approach the hangar’s left OBJECTIVE side. Meanwhile. Storm Guards. You pull away from the OBJECTIVE • Load drop jet onto zeppelin factory. Find a small door on the hangar’s left side. After you getting on board eliminate everyone on those high platforms. your the train. You’ll cover becomes much better. Clear those guys out. attackers include both regular OBJECTIVE soldiers and • Infiltrate hangar and steal zep. Check out the equip the thunderbolt or echo rifle. slow time. pop up. As you pass a hangar. We tend to leave it. and start sniping loading dock’s at enemies on high platforms on the hangar’s left side before exterior. of your time energy returns. explosive barrel on the tracks to kill anyone near the barrel. A couple of jetpack soldiers now rise into the air. pelin Immediately crouch down. cannon and a Bloodhound in When some weapon cases. so it boils down to whether you by shooting an want to use one for a while. PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . There are several back there. as most ground-based find an EMF enemies can’t shoot over the back of your train car.

PRIMAGAMES. One soldier mans a turret. crates. • Locate control room and activate hanger doors OBJECTIVE • Raise cargo tracks From cover. two ambushers run through that door. When all Pause to equip is clear. Look for them both a pedestal on down. Collect thunderbolt ammo from in there. Go down stairs. two armed weaving technicians through piles of inside. the platform directly across from the lever. he’s on a higher level than the rest. Move ahead Move to a room with forward. then immediately sink back behind the Take them out as well. then wait the left. as several soldiers are about to rush onto Open a weapon case on the room’s right side. slow time and peek out at the soldiers. As you whittle down You’re now on a wide ledge. until you enter and on a higher level. then concentrate on the others.COM . Gun to man a turret. immediately slow time. Enter the door the OBJECTIVE soldiers came through. After There’s an EMF cannon in a weapon case atop some you’ve destroyed most of the soldiers on the far crates by the door. a soldier will soon be running a control room filled with three armed techs. and then advance look out. Go through this door. then back into the doorway and let your time energy recharge. door and climb the stairs. platform. platform. a flight of stairs. Gun crates. slow time and eliminate them immediately. When that happens. Plant thunderbolt missiles in anyone down all three. Throw for a couple of the lever on the soldiers to burst through the door on the other side. you see out there. take your thunderbolt the door the at the door at ambushers the top of the used. Then clear out the remaining soldiers Take a second across the way. Ahead is another on the other 125 small door. and choose any other weapons you like. build up some time energy and periodically glance at the door over your right shoulder. pedestal. Pop out again and take down the others when you have full time energy—and don’t forget that turret gunner up high. Look left to see the the soldiers vast expanse of the hangar interior. Snipe him first with the thunderbolt. Now open the door. There are several enemies on your level.

After you clear that far platform. Gun them down anchors. Now you’re pair of armed standing on the technicians cargo tracks. and enter the Walk across door on the the tracks. Watch a platform directly ahead. PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . room. notice that into a small storage area. and walk into a second control moving until you find stairs leading up. slow time and snipe • Release zeppelin anchors them with the thunderbolt. They open for you. Now back up slightly and Run through a door on the control room’s far side. run out on a platform. Take them. approach some big folding doors on elevator next the right wall. Shoot two more armed techs in here. When troopers start OBJECTIVE spilling out onto that platform. Go through those folding doors. Get inside and ride it upstairs. Shoot a side. Keep through another door. In there’s a small the area beyond. A couple soldiers come through the zeppelin another set of folding doors ahead. Press the button to open the hangar doors. Your allies drive their train into the hangar. ed ash e Go through You’re now in Unl the door on the room’s other another control room. then enter yet another control room and gun down a pair of armed technicians. turn right and 126 approach the wall. go other side. and keep moving. This releases Run forward. shoot a guard. Press the button on the console in this room. You now get a new objective. At the top of the stairs. fulfilling your current objective and completing the level. to the lever you just threw. The drop jet is raised to the hangar’s top and readied for flight. Upstairs. There’s a console with a button in here. throw the big red lever you find there. Take a door on the right.

but with time slowed. notice that a host of helos is taking OBJECTIVE off from the enemy base. just behind the Slow time and turret. secure docking procedure • Find fuel reserves and refuel Turn your zeppelin turret to the right. Press a unload on them. The enemy base lies just ahead. nobody is moving on the bridge. When you’re close enough • Exit the zeppelin via central load- to get a good shot. In the middle of the zeppelin’s Note that you can either continuously shoot with the deck is a lift. upstairs. heavily armed bases. Get 127 quite a decent on the small lift shot at them.COM energy is full. When you’ve The action begins. Keep it up until possible. Best to move on to leading to the another target. button to ride one at a time. as many as Hose them down with turret fire. powerful shot. When the mines are gone. then get on the lift and slowly descend. Either way works just fine. There are Slow time a few enemy and destroy troopers there. Slow time and snipe Keep up a a few soldiers more-or-less guarding the continuous bridge. Keep slowing time whenever your time PRIMAGAMES. not overheat or lose power from continued shooting). this. base. shots are tricky because the zeppelin is bobbing up (Your turret will and down. you find yourself on one of the accomplished zeppelin’s turrets. so it’s facing a bridge unnecessary to keep shooting it.After a brief conversation aboard the zeppelin. Primary Fire button. or use Secondary Fire to charge up Pull a lever on a single. base. the wall near the lift. and notice You start out a long bridge near a patch leading to the of mines. . That means landing at one of Krone’s all the helos. you can handle it. wait as the zeppelin docks OBJECTIVE with the enemy • Eliminate base defenses to base. ing platform on the outer deck You can score a few hits from long range. start firing your turret at them. it It’s fairly easy becomes clear that the zeppelin must dock in order to shoot down to refuel. Stop firing at a helo when you see lots of flames Now you’re coming out of it. Eventually the Press the Use helos approach. it’s probably going down. These stream of fire. and exit through a side door to the zeppelin’s main deck. button to get off and you have the turret.

When the bridge looks clear. You’ll see another red Now start explosive barrel down there. At the bridge’s end is a tall ladder. run forward—and keep running until your time energy runs out. Gun him Head through down.) And if you’re too early on the button. get to nearest barrels from exploding. stay barrels. 128 just slow time so they won’t damage you much and continue along the ledge. This destroys part of the room’s the grate. increasingly closer barrels then start to explode in a fast chain reaction. other end. Watch as the Unl grenade detonates the farthest barrels. Stand as far back as moving toward possible and shoot that barrel. You’re now inside the enemy base. If you’re too and slowing time if you get shot from somewhere late on the Time Control button. the grenade- onto zeppelin throwing soldier peeks out through the door. Ignore the enemies below. Allow your time barrels exploded energy to fully regenerate. As you do. only somewhat harmed) past the barrels that are currently exploding. There’s a thunderbolt and a Bloodhound in weapon Work on freezing time just before the barrels cases behind a gatehouse on the right. cover if one starts shooting at you. and look down through a grate in the floor. Climb into a ventilation duct at the ledge’s end. gunning down anyone who appears You might have to try this several times. you will be killed when you run out of time energy. Stand in the long here a moment room where the and look at the room’s other end. you can run unharmed (or at least. then jump onto the bridge. Climb it. then move across a narrow ledge. (Some helos are still circling. and they’ll kill you. you won’t have enough time to run past the exploding barrels. Here’s the tricky part: You must freeze time just before the barrels closest to you explode. If you time this right. ed ash e Stop running when the door opens. in that case. nearest you detonate. a door OBJECTIVE opens there • Locate upper control room and and an enemy open doors to zeppelin soldier tosses a grenade into the room. OBJECTIVE • Locate fuel reserves and load When you reach the room’s end. let your time energy replenish. you won’t stop the unexpected. the duct. As you freeze time. PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . and drop into a long Don’t enter room that’s the door the jam-packed soldier came with explosive through. Run down the bridge. allowing you to drop through the floor. Eventually you’ll get it. Be sure you’re running forward as you freeze time.

slide red metal pipes back down the pipe into the sewer. rusty pipes rising up at an angle. Get on the ground floor and take cover behind reach a wall a parked train. drop through the grate. Crawl through a tunnel until it spills out in a dark. . You emerge When the wooden platform stops moving. Continue picking off soldiers until the with a venti- area is empty. When you run out of time energy. Jump into the duct and follow it until you see a grate underfoot. Slow time and use grenades to start the battle. Throw it a second time and immediately slow time. then gun down several more enemies with conventional Look for some weapons. on the floor. jump on the ground onto a metal walkway and climb the stairs.COM to resume its normal pace. Immediately freeze time and unload your EMF cannon into the Warp Guard. Slow again. Gun down time whenever one appears. shooting him as much as possible. that form a ramp. Jump onto Let your the pipes and time energy climb them. so finish off the Warp Guard as quickly as possible. Equip your EMF cannon (or any short-range weapon you prefer) and There’s an EMF cannon in a weapon chest out here. Jump on the rightmost pipe and run up it. 129 in particular. Swim across this area until you see a couple of huge. Hop onto the wooden platform and allow time PRIMAGAMES. and snipe him before he more enemies. There’s a lever on a pedestal in the floor’s middle. Several armed technicians are standing around There’s a thunderbolt in a weapon case up here. a few pipe. look for soldiers positioned on the various platforms Continue suspended above the cavern floor. Slow time snipers emerge at various levels of the cavern. There isn’t much cover down here. As recharge. green- tinged sewer area. gets a chance to shoot you. lation duct. floor of a big cavern. Throw the lever once to make a wooden platform drop. You drop into a small room containing a Warp Guard. climbing red Repeat this process until you thin out the bad pipes until you guys. then you climb the go back up the ramp.

Throww it to look down over start s st moving. Climb After the the ladder. Run for cover after you defeat the first Warp Guard. another Warp Guard appears. art the train moving After a g. and recharge your time energy. As you did with the last one. This allows you to freeze time again and defeat the second Warp Guard. through earlier. When all is clear. Drop onto the pipe. completing your objective. Throw the lever. get in a ventilation duct. falls. This new room contains an EMF cannon in a chest and a lever mounted on a pedestal. It’s been restocked with enemies. car in the cavern’s mi dd Go back and Look for a lever. Pull out the thunderbolt. Crawl into the duct. From here. equip your EMF cannon and look for a ventilation duct to the left of the spots where you can look down over the cavern. Go around the corner and look for a ladder. which leads to a red pipe. and pick off everyone you can see from up here. the next you came up llevel le vel loads. PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . freeze time when he appears and unload a tremendous amount of ammo into him. ed ash e When you Unl hit the cavern floor. 130 Exit the room through a circular door Jump onto the train’s ffront on your right. middle. and head down to a second red pipe. another appears. slow time. This loads fuel onto the zeppelin. and follow the Warp Guard duct until you can drop into a new room. drop onto some containers on the cavern floor. A the big cavern brief cutscene.

You’re now in a dingy hall. go through the one that isn’t barred. Hide behind roof post Ideal path: move back and forthh here while fighting Sentinel Climb in window Attic entrance Climb Clim Cl mb o onto ro rooftop Balcony Balc Ba cony con (finall showdown) howdown) howdown h d ) Climb fire escape e Legend Turret Turr Weapon Ammo Amm mo You’ve made it to the final level. Climb receive a new objective. a bunch of rebels are leading captured Krone Essentially. you’ll get some before you encounter any foes. troopers through “Find and defeat Krone. . Then climb some exterior stairs. That’s okay.” since he’s in possession of the city. a short flight of steps. Off we go . . • Locate Krone to retrieve Alpha Suit Origin Drive for return time-jump On the street ahead.COM . them for now and look right. There are two low windows in the wall there. Ignore the alpha time suit. Congratulations! But don’t pat yourself on the back yet: you still have an extremely tough battle ahead. Go down the hall. this objective can be translated as. 131 Exit the wrecked drop jet and walk to the street’s end. then pass through a pair You start the level in a crashed drop jet and of doors. PRIMAGAMES. Now OBJECTIVE you’re outside. Locate a fire-escape ladder and climb it. You don’t have any weapons right now.

Hang back shattergun. robotic wall on the right Sentinel. ed ash e take down any soldiers you find in there. This wall. Jump onto the bench and climb out through probably gets the window. this one crawl inside a with a reception window. fence blocking half of it. ladder leads up from this lower platform. Turn your attention to another door. then slow time. the window. the soldier who emerges from behind the desk. blown up. Gun Climb some down a soldier more stairs. As below a high you enter. Go up a small We recommend holding on to these weapons until ramp into an we tell you to drop one. available path Open the door until you reach and enter a a bench resting small room. If the wall nl OBJECTIVE on the right remains relatively intact. then turn right and 132 shoot a second soldier. and PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . Enter another Climb it. Take him down and with a chain-link keep moving. and an in the doorway ammo chest. on the fence’s Keep following other side. then U • Proceed to higher position for tactical advantage clean out any soldiers hiding behind it. and then advance. shattergun. Inside desk on the you’ll find a left. Climb the stairs in this room. reenter. If it does. back up and let the dust settle. an EMF cannon. can be shot into oblivion—so don’t Another count on it for cover. shoot it. keep the adjacent room. Shoot any soldiers you can see through holes in the wall. as you’ll fight lots of enemies at close range in the next few minutes. Keep moving until you reach a spot where you can drop to a slightly lower fire-escape platform. then room. Shoot the only any soldiers who come through it. Outside the window is a giant. a thunderbolt. too. Move through this room and into a second small room with a crumbling wall. If nothing else. Grab all three weapons and stock up and gun down on ammo. but watch for a Open the next soldier with a door and go Hellfire as you into a short hall approach the door at the top.

Shortly after you kill the constantly moving sideways. When this When no more happens. Then pop out and finish off the Warp Guard. so you • Destroy Krone’s Sentinel can continually go back to the same chest to get more ammo. Destroy it by freezing time just after he warps into existence and then pumping several shattergun shells into him at The Sentinel point-blank range. It does this by forthcoming. These fire very always use damaging plasma projectiles. Therefore. another mechanized 133 appears. violently rearing into the air. The artillery shells pick up a surge start flying soon after. the Sentinel warns you that it is Warp Guards are about to fire its artillery volley. you can’t deal scattered with him just yet. firing at you. most important Use the same parts to notice tactics you are the three turrets on top of it. be fighting the Warp Guards. The Sentinel will keep firing plasma at you until you destroy one of its turrets. and fortress. the Sentinel will start getting behind cover. behind one of the brick of artillery shells. or (best of all) last Warp Guard. it does not notice Check out the sidebar for information on the Sentinel. Notice that if you stand a bit back from the wall (but still on the metal walkway) you can get a good view of the three Now you’re outside. and hide behind a tall post. However. the Sentinel can fire a volley behind cover (in this case. Two. Go to the front left corner of the metal walkway on the roof’s front. you must either have time slowed. chimneys) and hide until it replenishes. Don’t worry turrets atop the Sentinel. Whenever you’re low on time energy. Also notice three weapon chests Krone is inside that Sentinel. across the roof. the turrets repeatedly. against these guys: freeze time and blast them The Sentinel has two attacks. Do look around for a Warp Guard. Each contains a surge gun.COM . The Sentinel After the is a giant. Notice the metal walkway along the roof’s front. OBJECTIVE These surge • Destroy Sentinel plasma turrets guns reappear shortly after you take them. on a rooftop. run fire plasma. about the Sentinel right now. The plasma projectiles are fast. The then another. you. You’ll be using that very soon. gun. first Warp Guard spiderlike falls. and therefore are difficult to avoid in real time. PRIMAGAMES. whenever the Sentinel is actively targeting you with its plasma The Sentinel will not bother you until you’re done shots. One. you must start moving sideways pretty early if you hope to avoid them. however.

and then stream. and slowing down here as the Sentinel’s turrets fire blue plasma at time as you shoot. concentrate fully on avoiding them (without worrying about plasma shots).) We recommend mini-zooming in on the sneak a bit to the right. (Don’t just 134 Now. making conser- PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E vation necessary. If not. However. get very close). fatter pieces the cannons are attached to. stand on the metal walkway. It’s tricky. but the be prepared to move sideways along the metal ramp fourth one is in the corner. Don’t try to fire at the blue-glowing cannons. Now an artillery barrage is coming. three turrets (the middle one). you must destroy all three of its turrets. trajectories. and many will fly There’s an indentation where each turret attaches off to one side of you. behind the post. get your time energy back. where you cannot use it to avoid them. React to the individual shells rather than moving in a prede- Aim the surge gun at the closest of the Sentinel’s termined direction. Shortly after you destroy the front turret. To defeat the Sentinel. work.) immediately turning your powers off again. you will hurt the to ignore—worry about the ones with the shorter turret.) When the artillery shells start to fall. the Sentinel rears into the air. Aim for the center of Whenever shells are going to hit you (or at least the turret piece the cannons are attached to. Many shells will fly over your head. wait until some shells are coming straight leftmost usable post. which We recommend slowing time just long enough to is the energy spheres. in your direction. if you hit the Sentinel their trajectories and figure out which ones are safe anywhere above that indentation. Then return to this spot. instead. you’re using the wrong firing mode. When you have full blue-glowing gun part of the turret. don’t immediately start to as cover. You do not have to shoot the you. Three concrete raise your view a little. then move to one side. . so once the shells start flying. aim time energy. Center your aim perfectly on the turret. (Use Primary Fire mode. Repeat this process until you obliterate the turret. use as cover. but you must watch to the Sentinel’s main section. When this happens. run to one of the weapon chests and just below the actual cannons. at the somewhat get more surge gun ammo. ed ash e Unl The Sentinel (Continued) The Sentinel’s plasma will not target you during an artillery barrage. (Actually there are four posts. which shoots discrete projectiles. (Remember: use the Primary Fire mode. and then fire at the turret until your surge gun is dry. slow down time. tap the Time Control button to slow time and give yourself extra time to move aside. If you’re shooting an energy dodge shells that are coming very close. look as close to straight up posts are on the wall in front of you. which you can as possible. You do not have enough time energy to leave time slowed for the entire duration of the barrage.) Make sure to stand just to the left of the dodge. and mini-zoom in on it. and fire some more shots at that central turret. Destroy a turret by firing multiple surge gun projectiles into it. The Secondary Fire beam will not Watch to see if the turret was destroyed. Wait back turret for greater accuracy. which are headed directly your way. The post will protect you. look straight into the sky. they are very small targets.

appears to start walking toward you. and just as importantly. First. fully reload the surge gun.COM . If you died. Watch to see if you destroyed the turret. This can be lethal. Now you’ll be left alone until you attack the Sentinel again. slow down time. Briefly slow time whenever a shell gets too close to you. slow down time. aim at the rightmost turret. (Remember to mini-zoom!) We recommend staying on the metal walkway rather Immediately shut off your time powers when you’re than using the entire rooftop to dodge incoming done shooting. reload the surge gun and take your place near the leftmost wall post. Now that you’ve destroyed the Sentinel’s front turret. get a Second. get a game and try again. jump without looking down. Watch as it strides off to your building’s right. (If you do run and forth on the walkway. If get severely damaged—but never so damaged that not. and return to the metal walkway near the leftmost wall post. and unload more projectiles into it. This is a good When this last barrage is over. the chimneys fresh surge are spaced in such a way that you’re likely to gun. to conserve some time energy. can right turret. When this volley is done. and unload all your surge gun ammo into it. PRIMAGAMES.) 135 Aim carefully at the final Sentinel turret. As before. Go back to a weapon chest. save your game at this point. as getting process until you destroy that turret. or when This will allow you to clear it and keep moving. whenever an artillery shell gets too close. the Sentinel time to save the game. some time energy. and unload your entire surge gun at it. The concrete destroyed the posts in front of the walkway. you can use the Watch to see chimneys on other parts of the rooftop for cover if your shots against plasma shots. and briefly pausing time into that weapon chest. Expect to die several times as fresh gun. quite tricky to avoid. The the Sentinel rears up and fires another artillery volley. they are turret goes up in flames. Don’t worry: it’s actually leaving. Repeat this run into them if you’re staring into the sky while dodging artillery shells. and take some more shots until that final you get used to dodging artillery shells. stretches from one side Avoid this volley in the same way you avoided of the roof to the other without any obstacles (save the last one: by looking straight up. leaving you without cover. regenerate they stop serving as good cover. (Again. on the other hand. Then watch as stuck for a second can allow a shell to hit you. Now there’s a final artillery barrage. walkway. Reload the surge gun. reload the you know the drill: build up some time energy. Eventually the shells stop. sliding back a single weapon chest) to tangle you.) you are injured. but they quickly get shot to pieces. If not. fire for a couple of reasons. look straight up and move back and forth on the walkway to avoid the artillery shells. on the other hand.

ed ash e When you Unl see the bright blue cannon. eliminating them. 136 this is your best opportunity. Several enemy soldiers Sentinel is still moving). Sentinel. slow time. If you can score some quality hits when the blue cannon first appears (while the Meanwhile. advancing. He The wounded manages to Sentinel starts crawl out after it plodding into falls but doesn’t view. Ignore them. has sustained a mortal wound. Wait for that glowing blue cannon to appear. PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . mini-zoom for a better look. Reload and try again. on the Sentinel’s lower half. Keep powering up. down to accuracy. Remember: it all boils ensure you have no ammo worries. You’ll have to lead the cannon a bit. Jump on the bench and hop hits on it yet. special watch like the Sentinel. but stand directly on the surge gun chest to you. As before. a tiny balcony The Sentinel is mortally wounded and crashes to the containing ground. exposing a view into an attic space. Go through Just keep the hole. Eventually the Sentinel stops. as you only need a few quality hits. you’ll automatically pick up a replacement surge gun when your ammo runs low. it zaps here. You can’t move around much while you’re out If you failed to destroy the cannon in time. Keep a make it far: he. use the surge gun’s Primary Fire mode (the energy spheres). you are in a good position to are down there. another surge gun in a chest. than speed here. this one have beaten the single-player game! dangles below its central chassis. since the Sentinel is moving. Now equip Krone was your surge gun inside that and look left. and down a ramp formed of firing at that rubble. If you were accurate enough and if enough of your Now you’re on projectiles struck the blue cannon. Fire away! through the window. there’s only one path to take. Congratulations: you The Sentinel has one more cannon left. If you stay as far back as possible. Accuracy is more important A hole has opened in the wall to the right. but rebels are in the process of succeed. glance down. and the cannon starts Bear right and drop through a hole in the floor. into the attic. it now explodes. If you haven’t this path leads to a tall window with a surge gun scored enough and a bench in front of it. Eventually. and start firing at it. blue cannon.

caliber. the game’s host can tweak the rules and settings of each game in a hundred different ways. of of purpose p and allows you to become Single-player teaches you o other ther intimately intima familiar with the areas you’re stuff too—like how high you u can c passing pass sin through. how each weapon works. If you don’t. thus making your strategy a little different each time. vantage. at the very minimum. difference difffere between life and death. They appear in unexpected places. how grenades tend to bounce. (or at all) in multiplayer. The following advice applies to the multiplayer mode of just about any first-person shooter.Dishing out advice for multiplayer is tricky. Nonetheless. you’re at a huge disad- to ramp up slowly by shooting ng g AI foes. and so on. in specific places. get you intimately familiar however. PRIMAGAMES.COM . and tactics. a lott of o your Weapons and equipment make the We W knowledge will translate. they hide. In addition. and game modes you’ll encounter. they will have a vast edge ur o work in single-player don’t wo work ork very well if they truly kn know the map you’re playing. However. ta want to accidentally press allowing all you to collect the best stuff the Grenade button when you’re u’re just available.. You don’t takes ake you past lots of high-quality gear. while generalized. is a whole other ball of wax: your foes vary greatly in number. how h you’ll develop a pattern of with the controls. there are several multiplayer tips we can give you. rk ks. This pattern that’s crucial. Puzzles and traps don’t change from one play session to another. and they use different weapons and unexpected techniques. practice is the only real teacher. these are the rules to live by if you want to succeed in multiplayer TimeShift. and movement mo m through the level. These range from advice applicable to any multiplayer game to tips on the specific weapons. If you leap into multiplayer la ayer without beating the single-player la ayer game. they set traps with specialized grenades. so it’s useful learn them well. and behave in well-understood ways. you won’t be will teach you many things. and if Your single-player experiences nc ces you yoou don’t know the map. however. ce. but bear in mind that in multiplayer games. Read on to partake of our wisdom. Play Single-Player TimeShift Learn the Maps 137 Play single-player TimeShift all the way through. av It also gives you a sense trying to duck. your opponents will likely keely so thoroughly dominate you that at you won’t want to play again. This cannot be stressed enough: Learn the maps and Human enemies are the toughest. Eve Even if your skills are marginally superior to While some tactics and techniques hniques that those of you your opponents. they With W intimate knowledge of the map. able abble to regularly collect high-quality gear. Multiplayer. maps. Single-player levels tend to be fairly predictable: Enemies appear at specific times. jump.

allowing you to avoid these vulnerable Sometimes there’s no way to avoid a fight. avoid initiating fights until you’re well to react more quickly to attacks. you may be better weapon tips are geared specifically for multiplayer. most common reasons for this are unfair teams. it makes all the once a fight has started? difference in the world. best weapons. Spectators are nonparticipants who starting a new game with just you in it. them (and never know what hit you). and possibly some armor. when you’ve got a suitable weapon. the level alone. While watching is not as fun as playing. wait until you meet a player who’s really Find Appropriate Games giving you trouble. The following ammo for your current weapon. Use Spectator Mode If you’re getting manhandled. However. The and concentrate on watching that player. 138 When observing. moments searching for good gear. Knowing gather the where these soft cover areas are located is crucial. noting Get in the habit of reloading weapons any time their basic you’re alone. and providing Also. Consider to join the game. Spend some time at this to learn techniques that you can use to improve your own game. Then switch to Spectator mode Some games are going to be rough on you. if you don’t know them. ed ash e Understand the Importance Unl of Equipment Top players tend Some maps feature soft cover—notably. bushes— to consistently that you can hide in but also fire through. you don’t want to run out of ammo characteristics during a firefight. rather than watching indiscrimi- nately. off pulling out a replacement than fumbling to reload the current one. This saves you valuable time and allows you in general. it can be useful. other spots. and lots of power-ups. but in the long run switching weapons or using grenades? it’ll keep your enjoyment of TimeShift intact. Learn to recognize these • What parts of the level does the player spend the problems. most time in? Once you recognize a bad game. but areas. you’re likely to get shot from lots of armor. Playing a level repeatedly makes you they respawn. • Under what circumstances is the player That might be hard on your pride. remember that switching weapons can suggestions sometimes be faster than reloading. Knowing the map also provides another crucial Lesser players benefit: knowing immediately where shots are often get sucked into the flow of action right after coming from. If you’re out of geared toward the single-player game. or even a bad connection (when playing online). Then explore can watch the action from a variety of viewpoints. That often means equipped. spend your first few the difference between life and death. run back into the fray. you won’t be able to One of TimeShift’s server settings allows spectators concentrate enough to learn a new level. PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . notice things like the following: too-skilled opponents. Any of these factors can • What weapons does the player use? make the game impossible. Chapter 2 covered weapons in depth. they end up fighting aware of what spots are visible (and shootable) from with inferior gear. You’ll be surprised at how much more you can remember when you aren’t getting shot. consequently. After spawning. Look • What movement patterns does the player use for games that you can compete in. simply leave.

While it can deal very good damage.) Then put it away at all other times. In a pinch. If multiplayer. when zoomed in. its power drops very rapidly as you move away from the target.COM spot. but put it away at all other times. maximize its potential that demands by sticking to areas that force short-range battles. skill. it’s a poor choice. zoom. guard your back with laser mines while edge of medium range. Enemies are particularly vulnerable after they’ve leaped off a bounce pad. preferred weapon to have in most situations. most players will agree that this is not the laser targeting system can give away your position. you can find a great sniping spot that’s used less often. Nothing can beat it at point- blank range. but at long range: use it when you’re in a prime sniping PRIMAGAMES. KM2103 Karbine The Karbine is a big upgrade over the KM-33. the better you’ll get. of view is greater when you’re looking with your naked eye. the weapon. but a been built for sniping. Look for these areas but also smart player will replace it quickly. have specific areas—towers or rooftops—that have it’s adequate for picking away at an enemy. We recommend taking one of these if it’s available and equip it only when you anticipate close-quarters Thunderbolt action. . because they temporarily Shattergun have little control over their direction. and aim for the been spotted. thanks to Slink around in narrow corridors. because the enemy will rush you when shattergun is they figure out what you’re doing. A head shot with the Echo Rifle will score an instant particularly kill—unless the target is absolutely maxed out both if you use its on health and armor. you’re busy sniping. Try to snipe If you anticipate them in midair. Anywhere slow-moving combat must happen at extremely close quarters is projectiles. is just as specialized as the shattergun. is a weapon When you have this gun out. This is for two reasons: first.KM-33 Pistol Some maps have wide-open spaces and often The KM-33 is the default starting weapon. However. the echo rifle’s Still. then engage the zoom only when a target has Use those grenades early and often. you want to deal massive damage in multiplayer. your weapon. but keep looking for something better. Echo Rif le And getting good with this very powerful weapon is The echo rifle worthwhile. Even at the near If possible. a place you should be. your field feet to ensure some splash damage if you miss. However. they the sort of quick. Secondary Fire mode (grenades) to soften up the It’s best to scan for enemies without using the target before letting loose with the Primary Fire mode. (This is where knowing the level inside out The thunderbolt really helps. spending lots of time in close Always pair the echo rifle with a good short-range 139 combat. The bottom line on the Karbine: grab it if it’s nearby. Hang out near its somewhat corners or at the top or bottom of ladders. the more time you spend with it. massive damage necessary in learn to look at these areas whenever possible. It just can’t deal beware: as players get familiar with maps. Second. you can give yourself a real advantage.

grates and fences. it is melee strike. This is usually the case only when your target is sniping with an echo rifle and is unaware of your presence. If you pop around a corner with a missile accuracy. of course. However. but particularly so with the thunderbolt. weapon for Avoid super-enclosed spaces when you’re using every map this weapon. look down and shoot the Bloodhound while damage. just fire. dealt by the blast is very potent. plus your Turn the arc of the EMF Cannon’s Primary Fire mode opponents’ tendency to constantly move. Plan to use Primary Fire mode when your opponent is on the other side of these semi- permeable objects. forcing you to kill yourself (as well aside from the as him) with your shot. It’ll be easier to lead your target. and will just barely clear the cover. which is so helpful in the single-player game. Instead. it’s okay to zoom in with the thunderbolt. and fire at the location where they’ll be in half a second. learn to fire this weapon without above that cover. you can kill an unsus- target. Start charging up the weapon feet or at walls or other nearby architecture. The Secondary Fire mode’s charged shots can Learn to aim either for the ground near opponents’ kill in a single shot. then drop onto the you won’t have to worry about an active opponent target’s head. but unless you have an unaware fully charged secondary shot. ed ash e One important thing to realize is. This is while the target is at reasonably long range. but the damage some elevation and no bounce pads are convenient. if you aim properly. the Thunderbolt’s Unl zoom lens. If this happens. but it can be useful if you need to get The actual splash radius isn’t huge. if that’s not feasible. The EMF Cannon’s Primary Fire shots will go through you’ll be that much more dangerous. This feat damages avoid shooting the ground too close to yourself). it’s acceptable to kill yourself if you best all-around weapon for multiplayer. up in your face. targeting cursor on your enemy. You’ll fly up into the air. then let often easier than hitting a moving target with the loose when you have a good shot. start charging slow-moving missile. That’s a useful skill with any weapon. Most players have an easier time just using the weapon’s Primary Fire mode. Bloodhound One exception: If your target is standing still. Back The EMF cannon into cover (or switch weapons) immediately after is a great firing. PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . so consider aiming for enemies’ feet (and leaping. if you can get good at using the Secondary Fire mode on the run. A smart opponent may try to get right and situation. the projectiles using the zoom. generally into an advantage. rather than a liability! You can makes zooming in during a multiplayer session a shoot an opponent hiding behind cover by aiming bad idea. That’s a rough task. The Bloodhound is your ticket to one-shot kills and EMF Cannon multikills. To do The Primary Fire mode deals potent splash this. but reload time is a big downside. up as you approach a spot where you anticipate You can use the Secondary Fire mode to improve enemies lurking. is much less useful in multiplayer. slipping out of the scope’s view. Learn to anticipate players’ movements. Your inability to slow time indiscriminately. consider a 140 surge gun. In most arguably the game modes. keep moving even while you maintain the pecting target before they get a chance to fire back. but its Secondary Fire shots will not. you. Or. It is possible to “rocket jump” in TimeShift. Look for it also drop your opponent (the kills effectively cancel and use it! each other out).

Whenever the regeneration rate is Collect a time. out of your way to get them. time-energy packs become energy pack extra important. you. therefore. this ensures that players running through This weapon is them will be close to the actual mines. (unless the host decides Swarm grenades: These are fire-and-forget to override assistants. at a reasonably fast rate. time-energy empty Time Energy bar. try to stay careful—the stem only appears when you’re just outside the flamethrower’s range (unless you just about to enter the mine’s blast radius!) have a shattergun. the secondary mode to fight up quickly eliminates single foes. A few items and abilities appear only in multiplayer games. However. you should. Concentrate on taking down targets default weapons). The killing machine. charge in toward your enemies and see if Since many maps (particularly the smaller ones) you can take them down with you. If one is stuck to range. in that case. you don’t usually who are distracted (and damaged) by the swarm grenades. You can still run over them to quickly top off your energy. packs become much less important. Or you may automatically regain some time energy. but there may be a limit on how much PRIMAGAMES. but the Clutch grenades: These can stick to opponents even Hellfire (particularly its secondary-fire flamethrower) after they’ve bounced. the Spring mines: These work only on soft ground. The tops available only and bottoms of ladders (and anywhere players on one multi- are going to travel vertically) are great places player map 141 for these mines. Hellfire is generally a very solid choice. This weapon trumps close—but not everything else and transforms you into a fearsome too close. limited or nonexistent. so it often pays to throw will prevail as the fight moves toward medium them low. Take it if it’s there. but don’t go Depending on the game settings the host chooses. Both of its fire modes can kill in a milli- Use the Hellfire second. even at long range. Place them in high-traffic Surge Gun spots where the laser beams will be relatively short.COM . Launch them and immediately forget the map’s about them. (If you see the stem of one of these poking out of the ground. Time-Energy Packs you can get. It’s important to know what they are and how to use them. shattergun will generally trump Grenades this weapon Here’s a review of the different grenades: if you’re close enough to touch the enemy. lure the opponent in Laser mines: The beams may stretch off into and go for the point-blank kill). your time energy may or may not automatically regenerate. or around your base when playing CTF matches. infinity. be When fighting an opponent with a Hellfire. feature a lot of fighting at close-to-midrange. to restore a chunk of your time energy. The primary mode is best for dealing with if you like multiple enemies at once. but it’s the mines (not the beams) that deal the damage.HellF Ire have to worry about it. Place them near a weapon or valuable pick-up to score lots of cheap kills. if you can get it. Multiple packs are needed If the host sets the time energy to fully regenerate to restore an on its own.

The time shield also slows down normal projectiles that get too close to you. over the floor. or reverse. The appro. and you’ll Using Chrono Grenades fall into its zone of safety rather than splattering all First. the time shield drains all your time energy and temporarily (about 10 seconds) makes you immune to all chrono grenade effects. pursuing your flag carrier. You’re not-so-obvious. making them very easy to hit. your opponent will that sphere. sphere of influence. he may kill himself manipulate when those shots come right back at him. time in the Time-reverse grenades can also be a great asset same way when you’re fleeing. Time Shield Instead of turning your time energy into chrono Grenade Effects grenades. If the enemy foolishly allow you to shoots the grenade’s sphere. throw whenever you throw a grenade. and a time. time-stop grenades simply limited by your time energy. and will even slow or stop an opponent who gets caught up in the shield. Time-reverse grenades’ effects last the longest of any chrono grenade. Time-slow grenades can be used to soften your fall. they as in single- block your pursuers and provide temporary cover player. which burns up are great in CTF (capture the flag) games. if you’re frozen inside a time-stop grenade. you can use it defensively in the form of a time shield. you can activate your time shield and automatically break free. Drop them behind you. This means the time shield can be not only a Time-slow grenades slow anyone caught in their potent defensive tool. least foil) an enemy on a turret. stop. just toss one below you as you drop. You must constantly decide whether to use your Time-stop grenades freeze anyone caught inside time energy offensively (with chrono grenades) or the sphere. PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . For example. you start Time-stop grenades are the shortest-lasting. ed ash e Chrono Grenades (aka Time Unl Grenades) Multiplayer Throw a time-reverse grenade to deflect shots. it forms a sphere of All chrono grenades can be potent when thrown at time influence. A time-slow grenade them down at a chokepoint to prevent enemies from costs about a quarter of your time energy bar. affecting any player caught inside the landing site for a bounce pad. turret operator. pushing players back outside the sphere. Then. your play style be your guide. If the player manages to get outside fall right into the sphere of influence. or to prevent opponents from time-stop grenade takes about half. but also an offensive weapon. he escapes the time effects. Next come time-slow grenades. Chrono grenades are not pick-ups. Projectiles shot into these grenades’ influence spheres will pop right back at whoever fired the projectile! This makes them a deadly trap for the unwary. reverse grenade consumes about three-quarters. select the type of chrono grenade to throw. simply toss the grenade at the enemy (or at Time-reverse grenades can instantly kill (or at a spot where the enemy is likely to be). because all that priate amount of time energy is automatically spent heavy turret firepower gets sent right back at the as you throw the grenade. When activated. Instead from their shots. Let the situation and Time-reverse grenades act almost like barriers. a crashing your gate. the game with the ability to throw them (they are formed directly from your suit’s energy and are thus Each chrono grenade has uses both obvious and “on demand” if you have enough energy). the sphere (or if the grenade effect wears off). of simply pressing a button to make everyone else slow down. defensively (with time shield). games don’t effectively serving as cover. making them extremely easy to hit. This includes grenades that have already hit you. For example. 142 When the grenade detonates. you can expend your time energy in the form of chrono grenades.

Grab it. We won’t cover every setting. while modifications can be made the one whose machine got hit with the fewest to various other settings. You’re now immune to all time effects. Game Modes and Presets Team Deathmatch: The team with the most kills at the end wins. A Deathmatch is always won by the Capture the Flag: Grab the enemy flag and bring it to player with the most kills at the end. PRIMAGAMES. One-on-One: Two players battle to the death. King of Time: Somewhere in the level is a time sphere. Score kills while holding the sphere to increase your score. This is The game modes are as follows: the purest form of multiplayer. your attacks. red armor time-resistance artifact simultaneously. You cannot hold the heavy-damage artifact and the Yellow armor confers +50 armor points. immunity to time effects Heavy Damage (such as chrono The heavy- grenades or the damage artifact time-slow fields that appear in certain levels). There is a wide range of game settings for the host to tweak. powerful!) This gives you a real edge in multiplayer matches. A game mode is grenades onto it.COM . flag captures. Meltdown Madness: Each team has a machine that’s performing a vital but unspecified task. as the bonus to all resistance doesn’t last forever.Time-Resistance Artifact Grab the time- resistance artifact to gain Continually collect new armor to replace armor lost temporary during combat. The winner is the one with the most kills when the score or time limit is reached. (Both at once would just make you too to 200 maximum) to make yourself extra durable. The team whose machine a basic set of rules that determines how the game completes its task first wins (in other words. Touch it to your own flag to score a Flag game is always won by the team with the most capture. Collect as much armor as possible (up the other. the core rules remain enemy grenades). Kills scored while not holding the sphere don’t count. Traveling in packs is a surefire way to increase your odds of victory in these games. Now temporarily you can walk through enemy time grenades without confers a x2 any worries. but we will 143 discuss the most important host settings and the six major game modes. Just be sure to watch the timer. Slow the opponents’ machine by lobbing chrono There are six major game modes. It’s one or confers +100. a Capture the your base. will be played. Deathmatch: Every man for himself. immutable. The team with the most captures wins. Go nuts and score Armor (Yellow and Red) as many kills as possible before the timer runs out.

these settings open missing an important change. After the host selects the game mode. Nonslowed players are invincible. so weapons with a blast radius 144 become even more useful. and one shot is always lethal. thus ruining multiplayer games. ed ash e After the host Public and Private Slots: Max Spectators Unl selects a game mode. certain type or affect the starting weapon(s) given Here’s a look at the most important settings. and preset. he may The number of public and select a preset private slots that modifies determine how gameplay. many players Presets are can be in your simply a way to game. you could select Vampire and then tweak the rate of health loss Many players prefer the realism of enabling Friendly (or the health and armor gain from kills). A low score limit means that you Steel Skin: Weapon damage is set very low. kill enemies. Make sure you’re okay with these settings. Players don’t pay attention. Rocket Arena: All weapons are changed to Blood- hounds. The spectator limit as Deathmatch Classic): Sets the game rules to determines whether people can watch your game defaults for that game mode. Weapon presets allow you to increase or decrease To stay alive. teammates. They also determine how long it takes picked-up weapons to respawn. Sniper Arena: All weapons are changed to echo rifles. Note that this applies to splash damage as well as direct hits. However. battles last longer. without playing. And you can decide how long it takes for weapons to reappear after they’ve been taken. Weapon Presets Athletic: Players jump higher and move faster than normal. you might get sucked into an jump higher and descend slower. so probably won’t reach the time limit. to all players when they spawn. To avoid Fire and Self Damage. pay close attention to the door to griefers who kill themselves or their all settings your host selects. decrease the possible damage dealt to yourself or teammates (via friendly fire). Add up quickly modify some of the many host settings and the number include the following: of public and private slots to get the possible ”Classic” presets named after game modes (such number of players in the game. Vampire: Players’ health is constantly decreasing. he can alter several other settings. map. Some You can also change all weapons on the map to a of these can radically alter the nature of the game. For example. You can further adjust host settings after a preset has been selected. If you Low Gravity: Gravity is set lower than usual. One Shot One Kill: Every weapon is instantly lethal. with chrono grenades can receive damage. PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . and vice versa. Last Man Standing Classic: Every player gets a Time and Score Limit limited number of lives and is out of the game when those lives are gone. hour-long game when you just wanted a 15-minute Slow to Kill: Only players who have been slowed quickie. Disable these two settings if you suspect you are dealing Other Host Settings with a griefer. The time score and time limit affect how long the game will last. Each kill gives you a the damage dealt by all weapons and to increase or health and armor bonus.

everyone begins with an EMF cannon minimizes while a short Respawn Delay encourages defensive the importance of seeking weapons right after you struggles. allow you to enable or disable time- energy packs. or award time high Respawn energy for kills. and they can greatly affect the game experience. For example. providing extra base adjust the presets accordingly. since normal-speed enemies cannot be The Bonus on Kill settings (i. and how much time 145 Item Presets energy in total can be regenerated (if regeneration is Item presets enabled). and Energy Regeneration speeds encourage artifacts. energy each player starts with. and red and yellow armor.e. makes each kill is extra important. If it’s not. time-control elements) or to enable “Damage on players have a limited number of lives and the game Slowed Only. consider using a higher Respawn Delay. These are all huge changes. Higher Respawn section allow Protection Time prevents “spawn camping”. (thus making the game a “vanilla” shooter with no Max Lives is typically set to Unlimited. keep these values low. Bonus Health on damaged at all!) Kill. time energy.. The reason: with a high Respawn Delay. Time Control Presets If your games tend to become static.” which means only slowed players becomes sort of a last-man standing affair where can be damaged. defense. If you want heavy-damage time-power use to be a rare occurrence in your artifacts. and Short delays mean that enemies can instantly respawn in their bases. etc. Use a time energy to regenerate on its own. low-scoring The most affairs. Delay to punish players will never get any time energy and you players for won’t see any time manipulation. you to disable however. all. Decide what sort of game you want to play.) reward players with health. games with lots of time manipulation. whether time energy naturally regenerates over time. If you disable all these options. (The latter. A second or completely two is usually sufficient.COM . Energy Regeneration time-resistance Limits. And a game where Capture the Flag and Meltdown Madness games. while a high Max Dead Time lets players loiter before respawning. You can enable game. giving you more weapon! time to grab flags or pelt machines with grenades. dying. powerful settings in the Respawn Protection Time makes newly spawned Time Control players temporarily invulnerable. either a wide array of leave time-energy packs enabled or allow players’ settings. or a mix of these items. Gameplay Presets These presets let you tweak If you plan to let players use time powers. obviously. or bonus lives for scoring kills. none. High Energy Start Values. making it too long gives newly spawned time control characters too much of an advantage. slowing opponents with chrono grenades extremely important. armor. spawn because you start out with a really strong dead enemies stay dead longer. PRIMAGAMES. a game in which all default weapons are replaced with Karbines plays much differently from one with A higher Respawn Delay makes it easier to score in a standard mix of weapons. Play with Other adjustable settings affect how much time these settings to reward efficient killers.

make everyone fragile. this shuffles players from one team to the other as needed to maintain a fair game. Sound on Hit: Plays a sound when an opponent is You can also tweak gravity (falling speed). Some players prefer having this extra level jump height. Unl as players must visually notice you rather than just glancing at their radars. There are zeppelin. since there’s not a lot of ground separating the flags. armor regeneration rate. Player Presets Player presets allow you to adjust players’ starting health. mobile players. and player movement speed here. of feedback. knowing the map is crucial to success. player hit. while eration rate. this makes hiding a much less useful technique. but beware: The echo rifle located in front of the main steering wheel is good for sniping would-be gunners out of their turrets. Sky Hook (2–8 Players) The echo rifle is not usually a good weapon on this map. These settings let you really adjust the multiplayer experience: for example. but here are some tips on how to play these levels and what to look for while you’re there. Feel lots of cramped. they let you reach the ship’s top very quickly. Capture the Flag games tend to be quick. especially if you stick to the interior areas. ed ash e Miscellaneous Presets A disabled radar encourages sneaky tactics. There’s no substitute for exploring the maps yourself. With it enabled. but the free to man exterior decks and turret platforms offer some fairly them briefly open places too. 146 As mentioned previously. There are turrets on each wing of the This map’s locale is a massive zeppelin. more twitch-based or more slow and tactical. Adjust these values to enable more-mobile or less- Radar: A hugely important option. thereby making the game either you can see both friends and foes on the radar. crowded interior spaces. and to start. PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . Midrange weapons like the Karbine and Hellfire rule. Autobalance: When enabled. Warm-Up options: These allow you to specify some health regen- “practice time” before the game begins. the Ready System option allows players to armor start press a button when they’re ready for the game value. you can also use the shattergun to great effect. Overtime rules: These enable or disable overtime to choose low starting health and no regeneration to break ties and set the overtime’s length. Become familiar with the trio of booster pads near the airship’s front.

at the ship’s bottom. Note the various points where you can go from Capture the Flag games tend to be quick due to the outdoors to indoors—usually by jumping on crates small level size. and and through windows. This is a great Take care when you’re on the ground floor. which you can drop to from the top. with the most Time resistance and armor artifacts often appear options (you in the stern. Activate the button features a again to toggle the fields off. (Avoid dropping into the a few of your propellers themselves. obviously! Aim for that own. the spot around the propellers where there isn’t Beware of laser any guard fence. the map for mid- time-slowing fields can turn on unexpectedly. There’s an EMF cannon at the bottom of the There’s a time-resistance artifact on an inter- blocked-off stairway in the indoor area. and there’s a mediate platform. at the base of Rooftop Excess (2–6 Players) ladders in the tunnels or just inside the windows of the indoor area). your own risk. for armor and suitable weapons scattered all across the map. learn the locations of all the bounce pads on the floor. go for it at roof).COM . If cleverly skinny metal strut. also. surrounds it. To reach these items. can either go notice that time resistance and armor artifacts also inside or drop appear beneath each of the zeppelin’s two giant into the tunnels spinning propellers. and short-range trapping you. laser mine at the top of it. You have the most options when weapons. Look you’re on the higher walkways. When you’re in the zeppelin’s rear. PRIMAGAMES. and walk mines and set across to the power-ups. you can score some easy kills with these. it overlooks the rest of the level. These two items are also Red armor (+100 armor) periodically appears in the in the tunnel (accessible from several points on the time-slowing fields on the ground floor. If you’re down below. Deadly Wind (4–12 Players) Look for the control panel in an upper room with bay windows.) placed (say. drop onto a metal strut. you can jump onto the is the highest- zeppelin’s tailfins and run around out there—equip a traffic area midrange weapon to surprise someone by standing and the area out here. approach from out here). 147 modestly sized There’s an echo rifle on the roof above this room indoor area and (which is accessible both by ladder and by jumping the meandering on some crates outside). A small tunnel is accessible from a few different points on the rooftop. Press the button on the panel to activate a random sequence This small map of time-slowing fields below. There’s also a Bloodhound rooftop that in the room behind the control panel. Keep to the upper walkways. look for the EMF The rooftop cannon on a lower level. And for the daring. they’ll help you get back up to relative safety.

and then leave. which can be very effective at long range if you use its Secondary Fire mode. The main floor contains lots of weapons and goodies. Three important points pads leading form a sort of triangle: a sniper tower (complete with up to various echo rifle) at the hill’s base and two bunkers up high platforms on the hill. The level’s bulk is an outdoor hillside with bounce that’s carved with trenches. various levels of the cavern. A time. which cuts through the hillside and exits overlooking through a ladder near the second bunker. Also notice the bounce pad and stairs leading up. the thunderbolt on the ground near one of the bunkers. check out the red armor on top of the parked train. This door. look for a ladder leading to an upper duct. or the Bloodhound in the tunnel. and an EMF cannon.) Climb pipes or use the bounce pad to get out of here. This leads to a couple of choice sniping areas at the cavern’s top. Unl Try for the echo rifle in the sniper tower. ed ash e Trench Warfare (8–16 Players) Long-range weapons are potent on this map.” This is a big map that players can really get lost It’s a very in. Find a thunderbolt on The hillside is dotted with turrets. War Room (2–8 Players) This under- ground facility is reminiscent of the big cavern in the single- player level “En Route. On the upper floor. Check out the basement beneath the cavern’s as it contains a Bloodhound and a heavy-damage main floor. If you prefer short-range combat. As a result. Hop in. located between the two bunkers. plus armor and several weapons—including a Red armor appears in front of a sealed train-yard Hellfire. One of the bunkers has an entrance to and rooms a tunnel. but remember that sitting in turrets indefinitely is usually a recipe for disaster. them briefly. which the midst of a circle of time-energy packs. Consider using one of them. (Don’t miss the resistance artifact appears near the map’s center. true short-range fights are uncommon here. in tunnels leading over to an adjacent area. there are many hiding and sniping vertical level. opportunities. You can score a time-resistance artifact. PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . stick to the tunnel or the trenches that dot the hillside— however. a thunderbolt. 148 artifact—both very potent items. contains a heavy-damage artifact. The underground area is a high-stakes place. makes it a nice place to stock up. score some kills.

this you can get some quality sniping opportunities. with two similar (but not identical) bases connected by a bridge. If you want to cross from one base to the other.) Make sure your teammates know when you’re about to open the enemy grate—and try to station guards at both your base’s lever and the enemy’s so you can control both grates as much of the time as possible. But the presence of multiple balconies on each base makes this bridge prime sniping territory. (If you don’t pull back the grate. Look for an echo rifle just Madness outside the silo’s top. Be prepared with a short. thanks In Meltdown to a bounce pad inside. Don’t forget the middle levels. though. PRIMAGAMES.COM . A Each base Bloodhound sits on the walkway’s end in the contains a cavern’s middle. study the map carefully and learn where the breaks are. you must access the pit through that narrow tunnel that runs beneath the bridge. Play this level solo before trying a real multiplayer game of Meltdown Madness or Capture the Flag. games. The points where the thunderbolts appear are good for sniping. This level is set Frost Bites (4–16 Players) up as a classic Capture the Flag battleground. is where each particularly if you stay up high. Since the bases’ interior layouts are subtly different. giving easy access to the machine.or medium- range weapon if you take this tunnel. This map is a big outdoor area with two distinct base areas. team’s vital machines Uncivil Engineering (2–16 appear. don’t neglect the silo at one end of the by a grate. The two sunken bases are separated by a rambling fence that’s broken in spots. overlooking the bridge. The bridge is covered with time-energy packs and contains a heavy-damage artifact up high and a Bloodhound in the middle. 149 you must know exactly what they’re like—or risk getting stuck and killed when you finally infiltrate the enemy base. While this isn’t a huge level. Pull Players) a lever high inside each base to retract the grate. pit covered Finally. cavern. Look for thunderbolts at the top of each base. so don’t linger. stay here and fire at anyone trying to get across the bridge. You can ascend through it quickly. the alternative to the bridge is a small tunnel that runs beneath it.

sliding doors on Time-energy packs are largely placed in the map’s one side of the center. aforementioned near the bases. then follow a dangerous location inside the warehouse. The central path features a heavy- damage crate near the break in the fence. Hide by the conveyor belt to surprise players riding in on it. or on the secret side path. ledge until you reach the enemy base. opposite side (next to a pair of Watch out for spring mines. ed ash e Each base has a guard tower. and time- energy packs are scattered throughout the yard. through shorter-range weapons can be useful. or central path from one base to the other. so plan on punching through the middle with yard. and inoperable sliding doors. Supply Dump (4–16 Players) Unl and the other has an echo rifle. where tunnel. on the opposite end of the map from the echo rifle tower. They make line). A tunnel system runs beneath the yard and is 150 Near the echo rifle tower is a secret path. right. or through a large attack force when assaulting the enemy flag a conveyor belt or machine (depending on game type).) You can take a left. Weapons.) You can The remainder of the map is a snowy wasteland access the dotted with trenches and turrets. as there’s a lot warehouse’s of ground to cover. Medium. you must use the assembly there’s a lot of space to place them. (A second echo rifle is on the road near the dividing fence. Enter accessible from two outdoor spots and from one this path from either base. They’re plentiful. The Supply Dump consists mainly of a yard surrounding a central warehouse. travel through the trenches a bit more exciting than you might like. The yard contains many big supply containers suitable for cover. Large groups that pokes out and good organization are necessary elements for through the CTF and Meltdown Madness games. One features a turret. PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . (Look for a time-resistance artifact if you follow this path. warehouse long-range weapons work best if you’re planning to through the stay out here. Otherwise stay down in the trenches.

and lower level. you may a Bloodhound. This level seems very simple. This centralal jump to these area is important not onlyy from the middle for what it contains. be very careful when entering the central core. near the middle. at one point you can climb a ladder on the back wall and reach an echo rifle. are not completely symmetric. For this reason. each interior is with an upper actually a trap. (There isn’t much call for this weapon here. (Of course. To also score a red armor. this TimeShaft (2–8 Players) experience will pay off in Deathmatches. designed for Deathmatch- style conflict. This big level consists of two The central large warehouse structure’s spaces. trap. A ring-shaped corridor goes around the central core.CO OM . you can freely traverse the center for a short period of time. follow a duct to a ladder. A Bloodhound is tunnels and ledges that puncture the central core stashed in a side office. if you’re fast enough to grab the time-resistance artifact. everyone inside the central structure’s main room is slowed. say. Abandoned Warehouse (4–16 Players) This small level. familiar with the level before you.) PRIMAGAMES. and a time-resistance artifact on the floor in there. Study the level. but its location is adequate for sniping. along with th middle. Once the trap is activated. of the four small interior rooms contain the time-trap levers and which two do not. is built around a central core. There are some nice prizes inside the warehouse. know which and drop out on an assembly line at the room’s top. but or access because it’s the only them through way of getting from one tunnels. There are four These two small rooms big areas are accessible connected by a smaller room ooom through round (which also consists of two wo doors at the levels) with a Heavy Damageagge structure’s artifact up high. You must be very climb an interior stairway. Two of of the big warehouse these four rooms have levers that activate a time areas to the other.) 151 There’s some armor in the central core’s interior. but the various making it a tempting place to visit.

And don’t miss a semi-secret path up to one of the warehouses’ upper floors: to use it. As The main hall is roughly key-shaped. which allows you to snipe down at those floor stands above a red armor. the upper walkway that encircles the Each major hall (providing warehouse many points to area has an shoot down at extensive top those below). Up Sanctorum (2–8 Players) here is a wide selection of weapons and gear. area. Grab the ladder to reach your level). time-resistance artifact from near the floor’s middle Another good idea is to get inside the central before venturing in to grab the armor. 152 Don’t miss the side offices. The main areas are the ground floor. reached and a much either by a less opulent side hallway that runs the main hall’s big ramp or length. it’s a good idea to claim the high fat end (the handle). so constantly move. And of course. ed ash e This classic Unl Deathmatch map takes place in a two-story. At the key’s you might expect. But beware: The floor below (and at anyone trying to climb a ramp or around the statue is a time-slowing trap. a great statue on the ground ground. The plain side hallway has its uses too: that’s where the heavy-damage artifact lies. There’s nowhere to truly hide in this map. claim the Bloodhound (and possibly the Heavy Damage artifact) and pick off anyone trying to cross from one warehouse to another. Periodically drop to collect artifacts and goodies. We recommend weapons like either end of the EMF Cannons and Thunderbolts for this level. thanks grand hall allow to the fairly wide-open spaces. including a Bloodhound sitting in a suspended cart. which contain laser mines. picking up armor and power-up artifacts along the way. cathedral-like hall. Spend most of your time upstairs with a good midrange weapon. walkway. PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . Weapons are distributed quite evenly throughout the level. perfect for some straightforward midrange combat. It’s also a very simple area with only two exits. by ladders. jump up on a cargo container and then follow a short ramp. and a couple of Yellow Armors provide some incentive to venture down (at least briefly) Air jets at to the lower floors. You can control the flow of players between one warehouse and another just by standing on the high ground. floor. but avoid prolonged stays on the main hall’s ground floor. the you to blast Bloodhound is always an excellent choice if you to the upper manage to get your hands on it.

You can also approach this room via upper and Tower of Power lower passages from the map’s second big open is an extremely area. The platform contains an EMF cannon. you can sometimes surprise players on lower levels by lurking up here. Stick to the upper walkways as much as possible.Corrupt Data (4–10 Players) A platform overlooking the server room is accessible from the walkway above the cathedral room. Keep moving and keep collecting power-ups. vertical level. the level. Like Sanctorum. but don’t hesitate to drop down if it’ll help you score a kill. A platforms thunderbolt is located atop some stairs. Heavy damage is located in a small several smaller connecting room that joins the two big rooms.COM . This platform isn’t accessible from anywhere else. You must use bounce pads to rise from one platform to another. You can snipe from up here or jump to a central platform overlooking the server room. Yellow armor sits in the blazing electric In the middle chandelier in the cathedral room (jump to reach is a skinny it). this is not a level that encourages hiding or sitting behind cover. It consists The second big area is a two-story cathedral-like of several chamber. where bounce pads give access to a big platforms walkway circling most of the cathedral. a time-resistance artifact is on the cathedral’s tower with ground level. PRIMAGAMES. layered one Important gear is scattered pretty evenly across upon the other. One is a two-level server room that features several octagonal platforms accessible via ladder or bounce pad. off to the attached to it. Tower of Power (4–16 Players) 153 Two large rooms dominate this compact map. server room’s side.

and offers lots of cover. ed ash e The lowest platform contains a Bloodhound and The skinny tower’s top is where you want to be. along with numerous bounce pads. carefully drop from level to level on and those projectiles will get caught up in the jets. low on ammo. Unl some yellow armor. if you get isn’t much cover. and aside from a From here. and snipe. few pillars (including a massive concrete one). containing a thunderbolt. from there. level is an ammo chest. This is a great place to use your Bloodhound. drop onto the echo rifle for a reload. which forms a rough U shape above the Bloodhound platform. It’s a big open space with three massive wind turbines at the base. and below that is another Bloodhound. the skinny tower itself. then bounce to the skinny tower’s top—a spot inaccessible from any other place on the map. use a bounce pad to leap to a small ledge then bounce over and back to the top. Don’t linger down here. On that platform you can collect red armor. has plenty of room for you to run. You can bounce from here up to a platform to reach various platforms and achieve the coveted near the skinny central tower’s peak. hop down to Blow Me (4–10 Players) the largest platform of the entire level. Shooting a projectile that is already caught in the air jets can change that projectile’s path! Near that Bloodhound is a bounce pad leading to a platform separate from the others. can grab the echo rifle. Instead. as it offers good views of the other platforms. Just below the echo-rifle Use this to your advantage—send projectiles up to hit opponents standing on higher ground. these air Above that is a ledge with a heavy-damage jets. Or. Make no mistake: this is the weapon you want. allow you artifact. The next higher platform offers an ammo chest (a multiplayer rarity) and another thunderbolt. PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . where you high ground. you can snipe at almost anyone and can gun down anyone trying to jump up to join you. These turbines blast air jets up through the level. though. which is the true king of this wide-open sniper’s paradise. This will be your preferred spot if you aren’t a great sniper. there Spend as much time as possible up here. From here you have options. A time- resistance artifact also appears out here. 154 This in another extremely vertical level. just about everyone can see you. You can drop back down to any of the big platforms or stick around Shoot projectiles such as rockets into the air jets.

This enough room for you to get into the space between. it’s a very good inside of those “sandwiches” is a safe place to place for sniping. notice that many of the platforms have a damage artifact. they launch you laterally. platform (with the thunderbolt and time-resistance If you aren’t on one of the highest platforms. bounce area’s side walls. sometimes a bounce pad is your only option. you will lose altitude and may take a nasty tumble. These available on any other level—appears on the ground pads are useful for getting from one side of the level floor. but if you aren’t contain c co ont ntain yellow waarmor. 155 PRIMAGAMES. Sometimes an air jet is the only way. roam. the artifact) is the highest you can go. Instead. you won’t know how to get from one platform to the next. Concentrate on keeping yourself centered in the jet iff you intend to ride it to the top. It spawns on top of some cargo containers to the other. If you suddenly find yourself outside the air jet. Also. rmor rm rmor o or. A platform near the level’s top contains the heavy. Some of these rooms also The air jets never stop blowing. you may slide to one side as you ascend. and between the three wind turbines. These are great places to pads are usually faster and safer. But for all the usefulness of high ground. which isn’t you higher.COM PRIMAGAMES COM . with a thunderbolt and a time-resistance artifact. Without some solo enemies looking down from overhead. careful. the Many of the bounce pads in this level don’t shoot level’s biggest prize—a surge gun.) duck into and scan for enemies outside. Often you can There are several small rooms carved into this choose between the two. to a spot with platforms sandwiched on top of each other. (In these cases. time (or a lot of multiplayer bouts) in here. Learn where each bounce pad goes. your opponents are often so busy looking at the big platforms that you’ll briefly go unnoticed in these side rooms. as the top platform gives you cover from This level demands practice. you’ll have a much easier time navigating the level. One of the three bounce pads on “sandwich” design: They’re two nearly identical this platform takes you up still higher.

” on Casual difficulty 10 Airborne: Casual Complete Act 5.” on Elite difficulty 20 The Stronghold: Elite Complete Act 2.” on Casual difficulty 10 Munitions Plant: Casual Complete Act 4. each comprised of several single-player missions.” on Casual difficulty 10 The Stronghold: Casual Complete Act 2.” on Casual difficulty 10 The Forgotten: Casual Complete Act 3. References to “Acts” in the following tables refer simply to sets of missions.” on Skilled difficulty 15 Alpha District Revisited: Skilled Complete Act 6.” on Casual difficulty 10 Alpha District Revisited: Casual Complete Act 6. “Munitions Plant. “The Forgotten. “The Forgotten. “The Forgotten. “Alpha District. SINGLE-PLAYER LEVEL-COMPLETION ACHIEVEMENTS Achievement How to Achieve Points Alpha District: Casual Complete Act 1. “Airborne. “Alpha District Revisited.” on Skilled difficulty 55 Alpha District: Elite Complete Act 1. “The Stronghold. “Alpha District. there are five acts total in the game. Achievements are listed in roughly ascending order Completing an act at a high difficulty setting unlocks of Gamer Points awarded. “Alpha District. For example.” on Elite difficulty 20 The Forgotten: Elite Complete Act 3.” on Elite difficulty 70 Beginner’s Luck Complete a level without dying on Casual difficulty 15 That Guy Is Swift Complete a level without dying on Skilled difficulty 25 Death-Proof Complete a level without dying on Elite difficulty 35 SINGLE-PLAYER TIME-TRICK ACHIEVEMENTS Achievement How to Achieve Points Get It Off Me! Remove a stuck clutch grenade using time powers 5 Look What I Can Do Walk on water using time powers 5 PRI RIMA MA OFF OFFICI ICIAL AL GAM GAMEE GUID GUIDE E . “Airborne.” on Skilled difficulty 15 Airborne: Skilled Complete Act 5. “Airborne.” on Skilled difficulty 15 156 The Forgotten: Skilled Complete Act 3.” on Skilled difficulty 15 The Stronghold: Skilled Complete Act 2.” on Elite difficulty 20 Alpha District Revisited: Elite Complete Act 6. “Munitions Plant. “Munitions Plant.” on Casual difficulty 40 Alpha District: Skilled Complete Act 1.” on Skilled difficulty 15 Munitions Plant: Skilled Complete Act 4. “The Stronghold. related achievements. “Alpha District Revisited. as well as the Elite achievement. Exceptions are made for lower-difficulty achievements as well. which are clustered together.” on Elite difficulty 20 Munitions Plant: Elite Complete Act 4. “Alpha District Revisited. “The Stronghold.” on Elite difficulty 20 Airborne: Elite Complete Act 5. completing Act 1 on Elite difficulty unlocks the Act 1 achievements for Casual and Skilled play. ed ash e Unl The following tables list every Xbox Live achievement in TimeShift and how to collect them.

Anyplace Win a Ranked match on every map 25 I Don’t Rent.COM . • Reaper Spree: Score 25 consecutive kills in multiplayer without being killed in the interim. MULTIPLAYER ACHIEVEMENTS Achievement How to Achieve Points The First of Many Win a Ranked match 10 Have It Your Way Host and complete 10 games with custom presets 10 Very Gracious Host a dedicated server for 48 hours total. are those? • Fury Kill: Score five consecutive kills in multiplayer without being killed in the interim. then quit 15 Are You Cheating? Score 30 headshots with any weapon in multiplayer games 20 Bullets Are Expensive Kill 25 opponents with melee attacks in multiplayer games 20 157 MVP Capture 25 flags in Capture the Flag 20 Yoink! Retrieve 50 flags in Capture the Flag 20 …Is on Your Side Kill 50 opponents in time grenades or time fields 25 Anytime. exactly. SINGLE-PLAYER TIME-TRICK ACHIEVEMENTS Achievement How to Achieve Points All Fall Down Kill three enemies at one time during time-stop 10 Pickpocket Swipe 10 weapons out of enemy hands using time powers 10 You’re It Tag 15 enemies with clutch grenades 10 Disarmed! Shoot five weapons out of enemy hands 15 The following table notes Achievements awarded for your first Fury Kill and Reaper Spree. I Own Win a Ranked Deathmatch game by at least five kills 25 Jack of All Frags Win a Ranked match in every game mode 25 King Me! Win a Ranked King of Time game by at least five kills 25 Keep Away! Win a Ranked Capture the Flag game without the other team capturing your flag 25 Not Even Close Win a Ranked 1v1 game without dying once 25 Nuclear Winter Wonderland Win a Ranked Meltdown Madness game by at least 30 seconds 25 Berserker Go on a reaper spree 30 Boy in the Bubble Score 30 kills while trapped in a chrono grenade 30 Did I Do That? Score a Fury Kill 30 TimeShift Veteran Play 100 multiplayer games 25 TimeShift Champion Win 100 multiplayer games 50 PRIMAGAMES. But what.