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FALL 2016 Volume 50 Issue 1

October 15, 2016 TALENTED ALUMNI John Diaz
Charles Pantages
50th Anniversary Where do we begin? From Allan Darin Lanz
2 pm – 5 pm and Aaron Knight on piano, to Tony Becerra
Multipurpose Room Anne Plescia’s amazing violin, to Darrell Amy
2 – 3 pm Cameron Iwasa’s soccer star- Juan Hoye
, refreshments, get dom- Bancroft alumni never Kwok Chu
reaquainted with friends, col- cease to amaze us!
leagues, teachers, students, We have doctors, college pro- ORIGINAL STAFF
families! fessors, marine biologists, MEMBERS
teachers, a jr. ambassador, a
3 pm – Welcome famous radio personality, engi- Joy Warner
Tony Flores, Cindy Kilby, Pam neers, CHP officers, alumni Margot Parker
Courtney working abroad, a video game Deana Monsef
 Introductions and short designer, and so much more! Susan Harley
history of Bancroft Loretta Sah
 Violin performance by BANCROFT WALL Edna Dimidowich
Anne Plescia, Bancoft
OF FAME Sharon Lee
 Stamina Award (most Please fill out a “Where are Anne Gant
years) they now?” card so we can cre- Susan Simonson
 Most Influencial (most ate and maintain our
Lynn Cadwell
students taught) BANCROFT WALL OF FAME. Fill
them out for your own kids, Edward Love
yourself, your friends…!!!
Looking around the campus to- AWARD
day, it is nice to know that much 1967-68 Alberta Champas
has changed, yet much has re- MEMORIES 1970-71 Helen Mixon, Donna Hossli
1971-72 Robert Davis, Paul Hossli
mained the same. What is your most memorable 1972-73 Ed Love, Alberta Wentz
The 50-year old buildings are Bancroft moment? We hope you 1973-74 Maryellen Feickert, Dorothy
still strong and got a new coat will fill out a “Favorite Bancroft Mies
of paint just a couple of years Memories” card! 1974-75 Jacklyn Linn, Joseph Valasquez
1975-76 Judith Orris, Mary Townley,
ago. Air conditioning was added Bancroft Principals Leota Sanfilippo
(!), telephones became standard 1976-77 Edna Dimidovich, Alice Melchor,
Bob Davis
in every room (!), and the multi- Clarice Wilcoxon
Walter Orey 1977-78 Pat Allard, Merle Sheilds
purpose room even got new
Oscar Satow 1978-79 Joann Charamuga, Nancy Ketchel
curtains to replace the orange,
Sue Nelson 1979-80 Barbara Gibson, Vickie Glaser
multicolored favorites that 1980-81 Carolyn Somerville, Barbara
Robert Parker
adorned the stage for many McGuire
Lois Graham 1981-82 Lorna Sanders, Louree Johnson
Carl Westphal 1982-83 Naomi Burmeister, Mary
The grounds are lovingly coor- Enrique Flores Caldeira
dinated and maintained by none Diana Curtaz
1983-84 Dinnie Halloway, Nancy Wong
other than Bancroft’s Garden 1984-85 Peggy Duncan, Pam Courtney
Lorena Carrillo 1985-86 Noreen Burke, Pam Harder
Angel, Kelly O’Hagan. Kelly’s at- 1986-87 Peggy Porto
tention to detail, countless 1987-88 Rosie Brown, Kate Simpson
hours of work herself, coordinat- Office Managers 1988-89 Kathie Tscheu
ing classroom gardens, neigh- Alberta Wentz 1989-90 Cindy Kilby, Cindy Neumyer
borhood and scout volunteers, Jan Abbott 1990-91 Neda Gray, Maria Ruibal, Oscar

has helped Bancroft blossom Teri Panscik Satow
1991-92 La Ree Hauschild, Sue Whitney
(pun intended) into a place to be Colleen Gale 1992-93 Kelly O’Hagan, Jeanne Chasko,
proud of! Cheri Busman
View photos on: The Bosses 1993-94 Marsha Jaske
1994-95 Mike Gosney, Mary Kriege
Lester Reich Mike Vega
1995-96 Janice Cowden, Janine Wyler
1996-97 Medie Galyan, Diane Freeman
1997-98 Colleen Gale, Katie Schlofner and Bancroft students/alumni for 1975-76 Judith Orris
1998-99 Sharon Matranga, Cindi Anderson helping serve and clean up. 1976-77 Janet Moulds
1999-2000 Susan Myers, Terri Stonier,
Karen Longenecker Thanks to Fat Cat Scones for donat- 1977-78 Clarice Wilcoxon
2000-2001 Linda Dalvi, Amy Heiser ing the cookies! Thanks to Tule’s 1978-79 Jeanne Prysock
2001-2002 Kathy Dagang Cookies and Marissa's Cupcakes for 1979-80 Shirley Rowley
2002-2003 Mary Hartley, Angie Marin delivering! 1980-81 Vickie Glaser
2003-2004 Kathleen Iwasa, Shelly Fleming Thanks to Cindi Cereceres and her 1981-82 Barbara McGuire
2004-2005 Lyn Turem, Julie Borgogno
son, Dylan, for help in many ways, 1982-83 Nancy Wong
2005-2006Jennifer Hill-Wood, Helen Isaac
2006-2007 Mark & Linda McClure including chair covers, photog- 1983-84 Virginia Loeffler
2007-2008 Sabra Pendleton raphy, and our 50th website. 1984-85 Naomi Burmeister
2008-2009 Sean Yurica Look for photos on: 1985-86 Judy & Ron Weber
2009-2010 Stephanie Burr, Erin Gale
2011-2012 Cathi Grove, Gary Phillips 1986-88 Kate Simpson (2 terms)
2012-2013 Tracy Feickert, Heidi Bowie 1988-89 Kathy Tscheu
2013-2014 Jeniffer Henry, Evelyn Mendez 1989-90 Stephanie Wells
2014-2015 Cleo Ner, Mary Hess GREAT THINGS HAPPEN 1990-91 Cindy Neumyer
2015-2016 Shala Germscheid, Cindi HERE 1991-92Cindy Kilby
1992-93 Michael Gosney
Very Important Person Bancroft School has always been 1993-94 Colleen Gale
known for having huge numbers of 1994-96 Janine Wyler (2 terms)
Award volunteers and doing great things.
1991-92 Margot Parker, Sharon Bendahan 1996-97 Kelly O'Hagan/Jeanne Chasko
From amazing staff members to 1997-98 Bruce Collier
1992-93 Teri Panscik
parent and community volunteers,
1994-95 Lorna Sanders 1998-99 Janine Wyler (1 more time!)
1995-96 Judy Achermann here are some of the highlights of
1999-2000 Deborah Greco
1996-98 Lynn Snyder the last 50 years.
1998-99 Diana Seeman 2000-01 Jeanne Chasko
1999-2000 Yvonne Espenshade, Jennifer 2001-03 Amy Heiser (2 terms)
TALENT SHOWS: For many years,
Spalding 2003-05 Angie Marin (2)
2000-2001 Sandi McFarlin, Nancy Bancroft Talent Shows were great
2005-07 Shelly Fleming (2)
Schramm and now they are nothing short of
legendary. With Pam Courtney at 2007-09 Kathleen Iwasa (2)
2001-2002 Lois Graham, Tony Flores
2003-2004 Lucinda Burge, Harry & the helm,… 2009-11Shelly Fleming (2 more times!)
Hjordis Bliele 2011-13 Heidi Bowie (2 terms)
2007-2008 Kristi Phillips 2013-15 Jeniffer Henry
2011-2012 Kathy Skelly, Michael Howell HOLIDAY FOOD BASKETS:
2015-present Deserie Fichtner (2 terms)
2012-2013 Dennis Bowie, Juan Hoye Started by PTA including Kelly
2013-2014 Shala Germscheid, Barbara O'Hagan, now lead by Angie Marin
and Patty McCabe with the Senator
Quackenbush, Lisa Konarski
2014-2015 Darrell Amy, Douglas Leonard Lion's Club and with help from Pam
and her Student Council members, We remember with love and fond-
CONTINUING SERVICE this annual food basket drive is ness, many of Bancroft’s own and
one-of-a kind. Feeding 36 local fam- others who are not mentioned here.
AWARD ilies for 16 days, including fresh Edna Dimidowich
1984-85 – Naomi Burmeister foods, turkeys, and more. It is a gift Valerie Knutson
1985-86 – Lorna Sanders
1990-91 – Peggy Porto
to the community, Kristi & Gary Phillips
1994-95 - Cindy Neumyer THE HABITAT: Sue Nelson
1996-97 – Cindy Kilby Thanks to Kelly O’Hagan, the Lois Graham
1997-98 – Jeanne Chasko Wanlass Family, the O’Connor Fami- Oscar Satow
2001-02 – Katie Schlofner
ly, Joan Swanson & Betty Regallo, Cheri Busman
2002-03 – Susan Myers
2003-04 – Pam Courtney the Sanders Family, and more for all Henry Bleile
2008-09 – Julie Borgogno their work on the Habitat. Gary and Stuart Floyd
2010-11 – Shelly Fleming Kristi Phillips were the driving force Vivienne Mendoza
2015-16 - Deserie Fichtner behind the habitat and we are for- Kie Matsuda
ever in their debt.
GOLDEN OAK AWARD Parties, photography, websites
1997-98 - Kelly O’Hagan The students of Bancroft responded
to the 9 - 11 tragedy by having a
1998-99 - Cindy Kilby
jog-a-thon and raising over (916) 743-4142
2001-02 - Jeanne Chasko
$11,000 which was donated to the Fat Cat Scones
first responders for Nine Eleven.
THANK YOU! Marissa's Cupcakes:
Huge thanks to our 50th Committee PTA PRESIDENTS
for all their hard work getting this (916) 271-4034
1966-68 Alberta Champas (2 terms)
event together: Tule's Cookies
1968-69 Carole Cooper
Tony Flores, Cindy Kilby, Kelly
1969-70 Sandra Ahrens
O'Hagan, Cindi Cereceres, Colleen Personalized candies by Kelly O.!
1970-71 Donna Hossli (2 terms)
Gale, Cindy Neumyer, Pam Court- Call the school! 395-4595
ney 1972-73 Andreanna Kamilos
Thanks to The Criswell Family, the 1973-74 Clora Bowman Thank you all for
Sac State Service Learning students 1974-75 Margaret Haas coming today!

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